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can we have a thread of pairs wearing lolita being cute and doing soft yuri (holding hands, hugging, kissing, etc.)?

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Sissy detected

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This, honestly.
Just say lesbians

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This is so cute! Not op but I can see what they meant with yuri, not all yuri pics are from lesbian people.

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Yuri is the female version of yaoi but with 100% more minors

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>thinking yaoi isn't made up of underage fujos

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My gay lolita heart is singing. Thanks OP for starting this thread!

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sounds kinda gay anon

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Yaoi is mostly minors consuming and creating porn that has adults in it. Yuri is mostly adults consuming porn that has high school girls in it.

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I was reading the statement as referring to the consumers not the characters. You right.

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lor looks so uncomfortable

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I'd be uncomfy if I stuffed myself like a sausage into a dress, and also if I was like double what I used to be. being fat is uncomfy.

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You're either a sissy or a 12 year old weeb

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>soft yuri
Why can’t you just say ”post photos of lolita couples”? This thread seems gross and creepy.

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Why does lor always shave the bit of her hair near her ears?

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holy shit, how recent is this pic? how much weight has lor gained? poor girl

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Maybe she doesn't like her sideburns showing with light wigs

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This pic is from last week. Never noticed till now that she is so big.

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>soft yuri

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how can it be "soft yuri" or anything similar when that's a guy?

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I see op who got shit on for their competing straight thread is here kek

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this thread is kinda creepy (Yuri???? Seriously???) but I also get the vibes someone is desperate to derail and bait with how people are only posting couples like the ones above. if you're gonna be weird at least post diversity and don't bait for "boy/trans are gross" argument bound to happen desu

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OP is a sissy creep so I'm just giving him what he wants.

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That's fine, but it always looks so odd. It reinds me of that god awful cyberpunk hairstyle where they'd have the fringe, weird shaved bits then dreads coming from the top.

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We get it, you’re assblasted because the fags called you out on your shit thread.

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taller person is a dude (i think). you should've posted in this thread >>10086030

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Everything that person posted contains a dude.

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The one in black bodyline is a known brolita

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See >>10085946

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I hate everything about both the OP here and the OP of the straight thread but here we go

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Some VERY old lolita pics. I think this she said this was from the first BTSSB store opening?

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>holding hands, hugging, kissing, etc.
I thought you wanted soft stuff

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These are so cute and I had never seen them before! Are there more pics like this?

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not lor but i shave around my ears bc i hate how my hair gets in them

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It reminds me of that ugly hair style that Yolandi has. But I guess she also is kinda cyberpunk style in a sense. It’s a stupid hair cut no matter what. But to each their own I guess. Lor has been crashing in her appearance for years. I’m not even shocked she’s looking this bad any more.

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So when they likin daht vegana? So much cloth. Poop is golden barrel till pioneer festival.

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Me neither, I had to expand the pic to notice that it was Lor even.

Hope it's weight gain due to being happy and content rather than stress at least.

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Are these two still a couple or did they break up and stay friends?

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yuri feels ultra fetishy. aren't we allowed to just say lesbian or wlw or whatever the fuck?

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They broke up, not sure if they’re friends anymore

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I feel like I still saw them in pictures together and whatnot recently so I guess they stayed friends.

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Anon you just broke my heart on this cold January day.

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these two had the worst breakup

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probably because the thread was made by a "female" troon

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They are friends still for sure. I think they may be dating again from some subtle stuff they post.

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Are these two in a relationship? Their instas always make it seem that way.

>> No.10089616

No, sadly. They have a lot of chemistry and have really sweet and romantic friendship where they affectionately call each other wives, but they're not together.

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anon why

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brah, I think's a mother and daughter.

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Whoops. How did that get in my romance folder? You're right, big mistake, very sorry

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Going to dump that one big gay frilly wedding now

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Going to post more of >>10086837 now. They may not be dating but their pics are so romantic. Nobody activates my
>tfw no lolita gf
feels more

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Dropped pic

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And that's the last of those

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>tfw have a lolita gf
>tfw nobody ever believes we're dating because I'm a tall goth/classic and she's a short sweet
I love my gf but sometimes I wish we matched as well as these girls. We live together and can't even share a closet

>> No.10089718

Appreciate what you have anon, contrasting styles are just as cute (if not cuter) than matching ones.

>> No.10089720

Anon, if you're dating and live together, I'd hope you're not in the closet any more.

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Cheer up anon! >>10089718 is right. Have a mismatched couple pic for inspo and please consider posting yourself and your adorable gf. (Inside another dump if you're worried about people knowing it's you)

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I want a soft loli gf T_T

>> No.10089870

What happened?

>> No.10089873

please leave

>> No.10089884 [DELETED] 

I unitonically hope both of these people get gassed or labor camped

>> No.10089938

connie moved to japan to work for atepi and they had a bad break up

>> No.10089939

>tfw no romantic lolita friend to take really gay pics

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op is odd but good thread nonetheless
>inserting obligatory 'i wish i had a lolita gf' comment here

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>> No.10089987

source on the dress the black coord girl is wearing? New DD alert

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one of my favourite lolita drawings of all time

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>> No.10090007

I'm jealous desu.

>> No.10090022

>itt: queerbaiting

>> No.10090538

I didn't know, I don't keep up on personal gossip. Sorry, won't post again.

>> No.10092291

It's just weird how some of these pictures are people just holding hands? Can't friends hold hands? Is this an American thing?

>> No.10092296

I mean there's not a whole lot of pictures of Lolitas making out and tearing each others JSK's off...

>> No.10092305

That's still cute though. You two should at least do a shiro-kuro twin thing

>> No.10092379

wow, thought >>10085905 was the same couple in >>10086354>>10086383
>>10086373 before expanding the image....lor looks completely different

>> No.10092415

Do any of you have a crush on any other lolita? Who?

>> No.10095491

Do either of them have insta? I really like their style

>> No.10095586

merkades and issis_starlust

>> No.10095612

are they really together?

>> No.10095613

They're literally married. There's an article in Offbeat Bride and everything.

>> No.10095679

>some trans lolita or brolita in a lesbian thread
Shit tastes.

>> No.10095959

That's Lor? I barely recognize her.

>> No.10100035

He is so cute... Fuck I want a brolita bf now

>> No.10100307

I had a quick crush on another lolita when I saw her coords posted here. Someone linked her IG and I went lurking only to see she was getting married.
But they look cute and happy together and thats what matters!
I do have a bit of a crush on someone in my comm, but seems that's the sort of situation to tread lightly on.

>> No.10100439

my actual dream...
Lonely oldschooler searching for fellow oldschoolers to hold hands with. sad.

>> No.10100482

this is so cute