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Old thread: >>10076981
Keep it /cgl/ related, ignore bait.

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>comm meetup supposed to be happening this weekend
>member suddenly wants to bring child to meetup
>another annoying comm member says 'sure!' before anyone else can respond
>no one else wants to be the bitch who tells her no
>fuckthat.gif, guess I'm not going
I was looking forward to the meetup too, but I guess it gives me time to work on school stuff.

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I got 2 nice chiffon petticoats off of WW's lacemarket. Some minor stains and the elastic was all stretched out. ((couldn't even stay on my hips))
Stains came out in bleach and the wash and I replaced the elastic, so now theyre snug on my waist.
I'm pleased with myself.

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Forgot to mention that the were $10 each. So got a real good deal

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are you bragging about buying used undergarments

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I hardly classify petticoats within the same category as panties and bras.
They touch no more than your average skirt does.
Do you never buy used clothes every because they touched someone's skin once?
Because- Oh no! The waistband touched someone's waist!
A used blouse has touched more of someone's bare skin than a petticoat has.

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>find job but if I take it I'd have to wear a uniform
>would also have to move to buttfuck nowhere
>pay isn't awful but the thought of above makes me want to kms.

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Do you not wear panties?

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Forget just panties. Most lolitas wear bloomers on top of their panties so who know what anon's hang up with used petticoats is.
Unless they're not really a lolita. Which this is the feels thread on /cgl/. So it's likely.

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I wear petty coats but no bloomers and a thong.

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I actually like my body nowadays after struggling with body image issues all my life, but getting back into lolita/j-fashion again makes me feel like a massive fat fuck since I can’t fit into a lot of brand.
Also, I feel like I have a shopping addiction lately. I am constantly checking Lacemarket, Mercari, and TaoBao for listings and spending money left and right. I don’t have any sort of savings right now because my dumbass self can’t show some restraint and not blow all my paycheck money immediately.

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I've had trichotillomania for almost all my life. For the most part I've been able to not pick too much at my head. My hair is damaged and thinner, but I was careful not to pick out obvious bald spots... until a few weeks ago. I accidentally picked out a super obvious bald spot on the crown of my head RIP

>I'll never be able to have kawaii natural hair
>have to rely on uncomfortable wigs for lolita

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Man I just really love cosplay

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>not using the superior .gif version

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>tfw alopecia areata
>hair falls out when stressed
>to me it's really fucking obvious
>takes months to regrow
>doctor just tells me I need to calm down
>It's just an infinite cycle of gets stressed, lose hair, get stressed over losing hair, lose more hair
>People apparently never notice it until I point it out that hey my hair is fucking thinning like crazy and you can see my fucking scalp
>I think they're just being polite

Any sort of hair condition which afflicts someone who really loves their hair is so damn awful.

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I got paid a week ago and I'm dying to go shopping for makeup and j-fash (living in Japan) but none of my friends are into this stuff and I feel bad dragging my bf to Closet child again. I wish I could befriend local lolitas or something but I'm a total noob so I'd be out of place.

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I don't have any advice. I have the same issue and on the top of my head too. I'm trying to grow it back out to be able to cut my bangs for lolita but I've been pulling there for almost a decade. I've been able to shrink the spot significantly but it's hard.

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Drag him to cc!! What else are boyfriends for besides carrying your shopping bags?

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I let a poor friend live with me because it was their last your in Uni after like 8 years going on and off. Let them bring their nightmare cat that destroyed my property and harasses my cat. Tell them the cat cannot come back after winter break.

I just know that they will self sabotage over the cat and blame me for another failed semester.

Another close friend lost a job out of stupidity, and suddenly is really interested in my finances. Made the mistake of buying them food on multiple occasions. Its starting to get creepy and predatory how this chronically poor person wont stop talking about money around me.

I just wanted to be nice to other since I climbed my way out of poverty. I thought I would give those around be a boost so they could make it too. But no poor people are poor for a reason.

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Eh I feel you. I mean I have like a 3 strike policy with my poorer friends I will help twice but after that they get to figure shit out on their own

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i have dermatillomania and it makes my already blemish-prone skin so much worse :( i don't feel truly kawaii unless my face looks good but picking over the years has made numerous scars all over

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Since you must be either in Tokyo or Osaka if you’re close to CC, why don’t you join the local comm and make friends?

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I dropped my laptop yesterday and only half of the trackpad works, it's been wonky in the past but not that bad, and I can't afford a new one

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>been through multiple relatively expensive phases in my life
>never had the heart to sell/donate/part with the stuff I acquired during each phase when I moved on
>have plastic totes full of rilakkumas, anime dvds and stuff, fairy kei, and Nintendo handhelds in my closet
>now I give my hoard items to girls in my comm when I hear they're into it
>I love my friends and somehow it feels okay to let things go as long as it's to them

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If the trackpad is your only problem, why not just buy a cheap usb mouse and use that instead?

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I let my poor friend stay with me because I was lonely
She mows the lawn, cooks for both of us, keeps the house clean, washes our laundry separate and uses my good detergent and fabric softener in mine
I have to say, I totally understand all those asshole sitcom dads now, this is the life

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But his idle body will block the alleys in the store and bother the kawaii locals and I'll be covered in shame.

I'd like to, but I still don't have even one proper coord yet (hence the need to shop) so I feel I'd just look like a roleplayer if I joined now, with most of my wardrobe being just normie stuff and some otome. Maybe I'm overthinking this.

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>tfw more and more people are getting frustrated at the power abusing janitor

Discuss here because janny will powertrip and nuke thread again.

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>most lolitas wear bloomers
I don't.

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Are you disabled/unable to go out without an attendant?

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They are nuking it because you can't keep it on topic for a single fucking thread.
Also stop samefagging.

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Newfag. This isn't Reddit or Livejournal.

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women basically stay children forever

40 year old women still collapse into a ball of tears if they face violence or significant stress, girls never have any real hobbies or interests beyond clothing, makeup and whatever their boyfriend (surrogate daddy) does. All women pretty much fetishize their boyfriends as their fathers.

Women truly are children their entire lives.

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>hurr hurr u new
It isn't your personal blog either.

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Sorry you got called out for being new. Feels thread is a containment thread. Moderate it at a minimum and the overall board health is improved.

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I went to Angelic Pretty in Yokahama. While the shop attendant was clearly nervous at first because I was some gaijin just in otomeish/normie fashion, she relaxed when I was clearly looking for things to buy and actually bought something. She was really nice by the time I checked out.
I figure as long as youre clearly not some tourist oggling the "omg weird japanese fashion!" And are actually there to buy, theyre more than happy to help.

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>Sorry you got called out for being new
I'm not the one who thinks there's only one janny at cgl. They don't have to be containment threads. Sorry your dumb shitposts get deleted now. Guess you have to go back.

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Never said there was one janitor, but there IS a new one who's being too strict. My posts aren't even the ones getting deleted, though some people I try helping end up getting their posts deleted.

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Tfw I decided to finally decorate my room properly instead of having all my stuff just awkwardly placed on shelves. In the process of buying frames for the art I get at cons, proper lighting and shelves for my figures, getting things so I can store my Lolita but not have it hidden way in my closet when I can't wear it. Invite my basic bitch sister in because she's always pinning decorating shit on pintrest and I got some of the display ideas from it. She says she can't believe I'm 'wasting' so much money the display stuff alone, not to mention the stuff that I want to display before walking out.
Tfw I'm the financially responsible one who has never over drawn her bank account and I actually take care of my shit. She has a four hundred dollar prom dress that she wore once, smells like booze, and is now lying on her filthy floor with a great deal of other clothing, dirty dishes that are developing ecosystems, and rabbit crap because she's 'to busy' to clean it up and take it outside.

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>mfw lolita gf

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I'm pretty sure my SIL stole one of my out of print OnS pattern books when she was over at my apartment for NYE, but I can't prove it. All I know is that it’s missing, she’s ridiculously immature for her age, she’s been ogling my lolita wardrobe and pattern books for months while whining about how poor she is and how she can’t afford nice clothes like me (though she can afford dozens upon dozens of overpriced fandom plushies and other merch), and that she was left alone in the living room for a good ten minutes because she arrived much earlier than agreed and we hadn’t finished preparing. Joke’s on her though, she’s way too big for all the patterns and not good enough at sewing to alter them to fit her. Usually she comes to me for help with altering and drafting patterns, but she can’t very well do that with something she stole from me.

>> No.10083694

>she can’t afford nice clothes like me (though she can afford dozens upon dozens of overpriced fandom plushies and other merch
I really don't understand why whiny lolitas at heart are all like this.
Stop buying your over priced, autistic, fandom, weeb shit and maybe you can afford lolita.

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In her case she also wouldn't be able to fit anything except maybe some fully shirred Maxicimam Lovely pieces, but her excuse for not being able to lose weight is also that she's too poor for healthy food and a gym membership. Plus she supposedly needs the fandom junk for her mental health so giving that up is not an option.

I used to prefer having her visit us rather than the other way around because her apartment is a disgusting mess, but if she has developed sticky fingers I don't know anymore.

>> No.10083726

That sucks, have you thought about renting a party room or going out so she isn't in your space and you don't have to go to hers?

>> No.10083728

Fuck that. If I were anon, Id just cut her off. She sounds obnoxious.

>> No.10083739

Yeah, but I'm assuming she still wants to see the sibling married to the SIL, which I'm assuming means sister-in-law

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>tfw thin
>tfw great savings for someone my age
>tfw i can spend whatever on lolita with 0 guilt


>> No.10083744

i tend not to buy used clothes because i'm not poor lol

>> No.10083749

Absolutely disgusting

>> No.10083750

I want to buy a petty coat

>> No.10083756

I'm so glad for you.
But the rent is too damn high and god forbid I be frugal while still looking nice.
Just don't complain when you see some ita complain that she's not going to buy second hand because she's poor.
Your attitude is also reminiscent of onision.

>> No.10083761

Thanks for reminding me that he still exists

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I suffered with trich for years, and my doctor put me on escitalopram for 6 months and it took away my symptoms and I never started again. Apparently it's an off-label use for it, so that's something you could possibly look into?

>> No.10083835

>someone my age
>i can spend whatever
so you're a trust fund baby or you have a sugar daddy?

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I noticed the Taobao and Japanese SS generals are moving slowly. Are gulls being affected by the bad economy and government shutdown?

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Different anon, but i would say i have great savings for someone my age as well, hence why i can blow £1,000 on brand every now again. This is because i live with my parents and I go ham on overtime when i am not studying.

>> No.10083955

It seems like those threads have been slow for the last couple of months, surprisingly.

I ordered from Taobao and my package shipped out three days ago but tracking says it’s been stuck in the same spot...I was hoping to have it by Thursday so I can give my friend her stuff.

>> No.10083957

Shop staff, especially CC, give zero fucks who you are or what you’re wearing. Some local comm members also wear otome

>> No.10083962

somebody sounds mad lol. no, i just wasn't stupid and saved a lot of money throughout my lifetime and from my first few jobs. i also busted my ass to get a scholarship (meaning more money to spend/save since school is covered) and continue busting my ass at work and school so i can drop mad money whenever i want.

newsflash, hard work yields good results!

>> No.10083964

"Savings" don't count if you don't have real bills, sorry.

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>petty coats

>> No.10084015

I figured it was just that Japanese brands are more accessible to buy directly from...So there isn't as much need for taobao and SS

>> No.10084032 [DELETED] 

How do I convince my wife to leave her lolita on when we "do the do"?

>> No.10084035

not mad, just curious. by "spend whatever" i assumed you meant you could drop thousands on brand a month. otherwise what your situation sounds pretty typical

that also sounds normal

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Buy her bodyline to do it in so it's not an issue that you ruin the dress.
Literally no one wants cum stains on an expensive and well loved piece of clothing.

>> No.10084048

Get therapy and meds that match the treatment for ocd.
This is coming from a trich and derma anon who is doing a lot better since starting on medication.

>> No.10084049 [DELETED] 

Man I just really love hating women

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>went to a con recently
>too fucking anxious to talk to anyone
>saw cool cosplays
>didn't even ask for anyone's picture
>tried to enjoy but had too many fucking anxious thoughts in my mind and no one to talk to
>no one that I meet would want to hear this nonsense in my mind anyway

That's why I come here. I remember thinking "wow I'm really getting worse and worse with socializing" last year, and it's just gotten even worse.
I'm letting it get the best of me and I think "well at least I didn't bother anyone" but then I also didn't get to enjoy it as much as I could have because I didn't take that risk to try and talk to people.
I feel like I'm stuck in a vicious, horrible cycle.

>> No.10084078

I've started wearing my cutsews at work and I couldn't be happier!

>> No.10084079 [DELETED] 

Man I just really hate whores (all women)

>> No.10084080

I have agoraphobia pretty badly and I should point of that its a cyclical disorder that feeds into itself. It sounds like you have something similar?
You need to force yourself to break it a little bit at a time.
Most people aren't bothered if you ask for pics (unless they're eating). Start with that next time.
Then maybe go to a photoshoot of a series you like and hover around the back, and maybe talk to a couple of people.
Then talk to more people at the photoshoot.
Just do steps at a time. Eventually, you'll be able to have a friend with you which lessens agoraphobic symptoms. (Kind of. an inability to go out/do things alone in itself is an agoraphobic symptom.)

>> No.10084088

This is actually good advice.

>janny actually deletes your post even though you only implied and never outright stated anything


>> No.10084089

>limiting yourself to new releases instead of getting older dresses at better prices to own the proles

>> No.10084109

I love my SS

>> No.10084123

Who is your ss?

>> No.10084130

>caring about better prices

>> No.10084135

>scoffing at the idea of saving money
lolwut? I can't even wrap my head around this mentality.
So if two things that re exactly the same are listed at $1000 and $100, you'd go for the $1,000? EW BETTER PRICES, NO THANK YOU!

>> No.10084156

>Be anon posting about how I can't sign up for lace market
>Try every way conceivable
>Contact Lace Market
>Their last response was on the 8th
>The skirt I want is on sale, big time
Life is suffering

>> No.10084158

I can see if I can nab it for you and have the seller send the invoice to your paypal and shipping address?
Do you have a throwaway email?

>> No.10084163

If it's easier, you can have the seller contact me. I have question about the skirt, but I'm ready and willing to buy it.
You are a very kind person.

>> No.10084164

I went ahead and sent you a message.
It's nearly midnight here on the east coast and I'm coming down from a bad migraine, so if I don't reply tonight, I will when I wake up in the morning.

>> No.10084165

Thank you anon, I understand how migraines are, I hope you feel better.

>> No.10084172

Sometimes there's things more important than saving money. I buy some things from a local business when I could get the exact same product from China for less because I want to support the guy who runs the place

>> No.10084173 [DELETED] 

Where do I find a nice girl to tie down and fill her womb with my cummies?

>> No.10084178 [DELETED] 

On /soc/, not /cgl/

>> No.10084181 [DELETED] 

I'm looking for advice, not solicitation you fucking whore bitch.

>> No.10084182

I'm a guy, fuckwit

>> No.10084183 [DELETED] 

A man is the company he keeps.

>> No.10084186


But seriously it’s pretty refreshing to see gulls nice to each other for once :^)

>> No.10084197


I'm really surprised to hear meds work! I didnt think there was much to do besides just trying to correct your behavior. Thanks for the info anons. I'm already on some meds so I'll bring it up next time I'm at the drs.

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Oh I just googled escitalopram and realized it was cipralex. I'm already on that medication for anxiety

>> No.10084201

You can always ask your doctor about possibly taking something else that may have some efficacy regarding trich.

Sending good feelings your way as well.

>> No.10084216

At this moment I regret my entire life

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You too, buddy?

>> No.10084237

I would double check the dose with your doctor, I was told that the dose for OCD/trich was much higher than the usual dose for anxiety.

>> No.10084401

Are there any lolitas that want an intelligent asperg-y/nerdy female orbiter-type sidekick friend?

I'm female, and at university, having zero luck making female friends.
I grew up with a really overbearing narcissistic "I'm the center of attention not you" mother and then ended up being the sidekick to a similar narcissistic girl from grade 2 to grade 12 graduation.

Now that I'm trying to be independent, making new friends just isn't working. I guess I'm just really socialized to be the backup to someone else and not be the center of attention myself.
Friendships with local regular people aren't working out, I don't do the bar-hopping scene, so I figure I'll try looking for long distance friends who actually share my interest in lolita fashion.

Does anyone want me?

>> No.10084402

How do you deal with someone who is trying to latch onto your cosplay and do a 'group'?
I had a cosplay from a game planned way in advance and someone from a friend group decided to do someone very closely related to her, saying "oh anon, we're gonna be such a great group"

I don't want to look like some kind of bitch and tell them to fuck off, but I really don't want someone latching onto me and trying to say we're part of a group all weekend, especially since every group I've been part of, we all message each other and trade off work on pieces to make sure it's all the same quality beforehand.

>> No.10084405

Stemlords can have moderately expensive hobbies at a young age Anon

>> No.10084429

I'd look into why you can't make friends in the first place before making other friends first, anon.
People with narc parents rarely make it out without narc traits themselves. And your autism is probably making the intensity and lack of awareness of those traits worse.
If you cannot hold onto any friends locally, it's probably you that's the problem.

>> No.10084435

Shit why not I’ll take you under my wing and care for you as my friend

>> No.10084448

Get out more, you're literally drumming it up in your head more and more every time you go out and you're making it worse because you're not engaging.
If you need to use your fear to motivate you then use it, but I'd just recommend relying on the fact most people don't give a shit, teach yourself not to give one either.

>> No.10084472 [DELETED] 
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A coat to keep her butt warm while she walks around in just a thong.

>> No.10084476 [DELETED] 

Why do you gulls walk around in thongs while wearing Lolita

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When gull friends ghost me, should I just be honest about how much I miss them?

>> No.10084478

drop throwaway/discord? also a lolita in university figuring out how to exist for myself lol

>> No.10084480

yes! if they just got caught up with life stuff and y'all were cool before, it's never a bad idea to shoot them a friendly message

>> No.10084490

We have a friend finder thread for that.

>> No.10084508 [DELETED] 

They're specifically diaper thongs and they're a requirement. If the comm mom sees we don't have the standard diaper thong on during butt hole inspection day we can be kicked out and then barred from every other comm.

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File: 301 KB, 774x774, 1542660487152.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw you do this and they still don't reply

>> No.10084581

This is a long one.

>Make friends with this guy through a mutual in the con scene and hit it off, we hang out at the cons and do some panels together.
>Friend has a tendency to be very hardheaded and always tries to get the last word in. I’m not bothered by it initially due to it being hard for me to make con friends at the time and he was a good person and was always there when I was having problems with work or family.
>I start to see a therapist to work through my issues, become more confident and social.
>We decide to do a panel on a shared interest, we’re both big fans and he has done a panel on it in the past.
>Friend’s identity almost completely revolves around this shared interest and he always has to prove he’s the biggest fan compared to everyone else.
>He shoots down all my suggestions for this panel we were supposed to do together, he feels the panel is perfect as is. Decide not to start a fight over it because I still wanted to contribute in my way and I would get a free badge.
>Con rolls around and we do our panel. During the panel every time I open my mouth to talk and share my thoughts and experiences my friend says something snarky to put me down or prove that he’s the biggest fan in the room. I fight the urge to get up and leave and finish the panel. I say a quick goodbye and leave. I try to avoid my friend for the rest of the con and hang with my other friends instead.
>After the con I decide to create my own panel on this shared interest. I’ve never done a panel all on my own from scratch and I really wanted to not only test myself, but do the panel my way and use all the ideas my friend rejected.


>> No.10084584


>A small local con is looking for panels so I put in an application. My panel is accepted and I get to work on it. Great chance to try this out before I submit it to any big cons. My friend asks if I need help, politely turn him down, citing how I wanted to challenge myself. Still afraid to tell my friend about how’s he’s been treating me.
>Hanging out at my friend’s place with some mutuals the week before the con. Mutuals ask about my panel. Friend then goes out of his way to shit talk the con and the quality of their panels and they’ll take just anyone who applies, including me.
>Really hurt by this. Our mutuals stick up for me and he refuses to back down and continues to shit talk the con and my panel, which I haven’t even done yet.
>I message him on fb and finally let him know how I feel, how I’m sick of him always putting me down and how I wanted to do this panel on my own because he didn’t want to use any of my ideas. I tell him despite all that I still want to remain friends but there are things he needs to work on so we can keep our relationship.
>Friend doesn’t respond, instead he removes himself from the fb event I made for my panel and posts a passive aggressive “woe is me, I need friends who love me for who I am” update on his fb. That is clearly about me. He didn’t want to talk about things at all.
>Con comes around. My panel is a huge hit. The room fills to capacity and I get tons of compliments and positive feedback.
>Friend comes to my panel halfway through, sits there seething, and bolts the minute I’m done. without a word. Guess we’re not friends anymore.

Tbh I’m glad this relationship is over but I still feel sad about how things went down. I gave my friend every chance to respond and even set time aside so we could talk at the con but I guess that was just asking for too much.

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There's no point in having dream dresses with my level of patience and poor luck. Why go on!!

>> No.10084686

Holy shit the admin to the con creeper tip line fb page is a fuckhead

>> No.10084717

Those post con anxiety/depression feels mmmboy

>> No.10084719

Turn them into pre-con excitement for your next adventure!

>> No.10084722

sounds like some sweet payback for his b.s. to me. you should savor it.

>> No.10084723

^ Has the right idea.
Do some good feels stuff and get thinking about the next convention!
I always try and get fired up by thinking about what cosplays I saw and want to do post convention.
Its either that or cry and drink heavily.

>> No.10084739

If every board is allowed 1 off topic thread then why do we need to keep it /cgl/ related? Shit's retarded

>> No.10084740

I'm scared to go to cons now cuz this crazy af dude that likes is gonna be there. He flew to another state and burned down someones house over an online dispute and he generally just has a horrible temper and gets offended by dumb shit, so I'm scared of making him mad by telling him to fuck off. Guhhhhhh.

>> No.10084741


>> No.10084743


>> No.10084744
File: 163 KB, 1080x1080, 37182277_242840839664597_9160590747542487040_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I bought so much stuff from japan, but I'm so happy, it's been about 2 months and i had a lot of self control. I'm so happy because one of my dream pieces came up for a good deal.
shipping is going to be a bitch :^)

>> No.10084746 [DELETED] 

My medicine makes me skinny and makes my body look good, so i take so i can look good in cosplay. It's an amphetamine, so it has the added effect of making me super fucking horney and I can't focus on anything. Like, i can't allow myself to think about sex AT ALL when i take it or my day will just be over. I really wanna be skinny, tho.

>> No.10084747

Because they aren't allowed. Just go to /trash/ if you want to post off-topic. Where is the problem?

>> No.10084749

why come to this board if you don't even want to talk about cgl

>> No.10084756
File: 126 KB, 362x296, AS0004123_02.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Been watching the skirt for awhile
>It goes on sale and I still can't get an account
>Tfw a kindly gull swoops in to my recuse
Based lace market anon. It will get here in time for my birthday.

>> No.10084757

It sounds worth it. What is it called?

>> No.10084758

Really nobody cares about your shopping addiction.

>> No.10084759

NAyrt but where did anyone mention STEM at all?

Because they are thirsty crossboarders

>> No.10084765

poorfag i assume

>> No.10084770

Vyvanse, do u have add? It doesnt effect everyone the same way.

>> No.10084771
File: 294 KB, 902x526, HscN5VS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What medicine is this and where can I get some?

>> No.10084774 [DELETED] 
File: 848 KB, 960x910, Metronome.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you showed me this song before and I never looked up the translation

it's very fitting. on the off chance that you still browse these threads, i hope you see this.

>> No.10084797

I'm very happy because I got my first two brand dresses in the mail today. One of them is my dream dress!! I'm very very happy, and it's as you anons say. The dresses are of lovely quality, are surprisingly quite light so I'll be able to wear them in summer, and they're so nice to look at. I'm so very excited!

>> No.10084803
File: 32 KB, 345x437, 1547061097524.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Want to break up with bf
>Entire lolita collection at his house
>He'll be sus if I try gradually moving things out

>> No.10084807

Somewhat good advice but if the dude has any tastes at all he won'r want to fuck in bodyline.

>> No.10084826

I miss drama threads so fucking bad. It's just not the same without the spontaneous dramu and people coming into threads to defend themselves.

>> No.10084829

>friend finally plays a game i've adored for years so it gets me thinking about it again
>game is pretty old and popularity for it died out in like 2011
>still really want to cosplay one of the characters years later
>every single cosplayer i've seen/met for him is cringy af due to people depicting him as an uwu pwecious bean flavor of the month kind of character for a while
>too nervous of judgement of strangers to go through with it

why am i like this gulls. should i just say fuck it and do it anyway??

>> No.10084831
File: 1.92 MB, 400x224, cryingdog.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw no con horror story thread in a while

I fucking live for those but I've never started a board on here myself before and my horror stories probably aren't interesting enough to share to be able kick it off.

>> No.10084843


>> No.10084848
File: 144 KB, 1080x834, distracteduranus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Comms only require thong-style diapers if they don't trust you not to shit yourself. Our comm uses regular diapers, and you're on the honor system not to poop in them.

>> No.10084852

Do it, it’ll attract more. This board is slow enough.

>> No.10084853 [DELETED] 

Why are cosplay girls so hideous?

>> No.10084855

Whomst? I must know, I hate when characters get precious bean fagified

>> No.10084863

Tell him you want to lay everything out at your place to take pics for the wardrobe challenge, and show him the insta tags and such so he sees lots of girls doing it and such

>> No.10084864 [DELETED] 

All girls are whores who love being treated like property.

>> No.10084874

>Be me
>Make friends with a cosplay group in my area. I’m several years older than them but we get along
>Cosplay group gets a new member named L
>L and I hit it off right away since we were both “older” cosplayers
>Cosplay group starts inviting me to hang out outside cons
>Eventually I get invited to join the cosplay group for real, do a few groups with them, for a few months everything’s great
>Hang out with all the members for work nights and hangouts, but visit L the most, since we live really close to each other
>L starts off friendly, but the more I hang out with her the more I start to notice bad things
>She’s very opinionated and gets angry easily
>Talks about the other members of the group behind their backs, gets angry when I don’t agree with her about how “X is so annoying” and “Y is such a bitch”
>a few times this ends with her screaming and crying, and then I have to calm her down
>Other group members start to have complaints about the drama she keeps causing
>L whines about how I’m the only person in the group she likes, and how much she hates being in the group
>I ask her why she doesn’t just quit
>She stays in the group anyway
>I end up moving to another state for work, L gets kicked out of the group a few months later
>L cuts all contact with all members of the cosplay group
>I’ve taken a step back from cons bc of unrelated life issues, still talk to cosplay group members sometimes but really just don’t want to see L anymore
>Still friends with the cosplay group and want to hang out/cosplay with them, but worried about seeing L since she still goes/competes at the same cons I go to
>I’m going to start going to cons again soon and I’m worried she’ll start shit if she sees me still hanging out with the cosplay group
>Don’t actually care what she thinks, I just hate the idea of her starting drama over it
>Don’t want to actually cut her off/unfollow her for the same reason

Drama sucks

>> No.10084879

Oh hey an actual cgl feel
I think you should really cut her off anon.
I know it’s hard but cutting off a person like that is better for you in the long run.
I recently just cut off a long friendship with someone who was terrible and I feel a million times better. Hope you can find some peace anon!

>> No.10084889

Zacharie from the game OFF. I get that he's a pretty chill, light-hearted character but I never really understood why people on tumblr always made him out to be some sort of oversized hoodie over the hands moe nekoboy type character. I get that he doesn't have much of a personality people can go off of but it's just... strange to me idk lol

>> No.10084890

honestly I would just cut her off

>> No.10084896

Eh that’s always been a thing on tumblr
Usually happens to characters like Zacharie because people find him cute
I do miss when OFF was popular, it’s a cool game

>> No.10084902

I hate how I can exactly picture that kind of art by your description lol.

>> No.10084905

I didn't think Zacharie was a character that could be "uwu precious bean"-ified
From what I remember he was just the cool shopkeeper who had some kind of meta awareness that he's in a video game, but that's it, though I do remember liking him too.
In any case... yeah, if you like the game and still like the characters, absolutely go for it. It's kind of interesting cosplaying stuff whose popularity has long since died out since that makes you stand out more, I think. Sure, a few people might have that misunderstood characterization in their minds when they see the cosplay, but I'm almost certain more people would just think "well that's a pretty cool looking mask dude, wonder where he's from".

>> No.10084908
File: 44 KB, 640x640, 1545064311003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Living abroad in Japan
>Didn't have room to bring my Jfashion stuff and also was taking some time from it
>Visit Tokyo and Harajuku, and see girls in my local mall wearing Axes Femme and other Jfashion brands
>Sudden intense longing to wear Lolita again but I don't have the room or money

>> No.10084918
File: 70 KB, 400x400, 1491265466778.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want more new brand releases to ooh and aah over. I need the thrill, gulls, I need it.

>> No.10084930 [DELETED] 

>Failed at everything I've ever done since leaving highschool because of underlying mental illness from abusive childhood which came to the surface with a fucking vengeance
>self-harm, anorexia, lots of crying, panic attacks, agoraphobic, social phobia, anti-social behaviour etc
>Only thing that I like is watching anime and watching edits
>Hate myself, everyone else and everything in this world
>Not ugly face and I take a lot of effort in caring for myself to be physically appealing so have people interested in me and every time I push them away because I hate myself
>thrown away so many nice girls because of my own self hatred and hate of them trying to understand me
>try to dress myself up in jfash because I thought it would be nice
>feel fucking stupid and throw all of it in the trash
>really wanted to go to cons
>buy tickets, book accomodation, organise my schedule, save money to buy things
>time comes to actually go and I panic and never go
>spent thousands of dollars on cons I've never been too
>regularly drop off the face of the earth for a few days every month or so and just curl up in the corner of my room watching anime

I just got accepted to studying chemical process engineering because I did will on the entry exams. If this doesn't work out, I'm actually going to kill myself.

Sorry if it's not /cgl/ related but I need to vent. I'm so fucking unhappy and angry at the world. It feels embarrassing. I got life handed to me on a plate, I do well academically, I'm not ugly, somehow I have a personality people like but I feel so empty, vapid and sad because of the constant horrible thoughts in my head.

>> No.10084934 [DELETED] 

I’m not a psychologist or anything but you definitely have classic symptoms of depression, anxiety, and maybe some other mental health issues too. Try to get those things checked out asap, as if it were a physical health emergency

>> No.10084937 [DELETED] 

Shut up incel

>> No.10084940
File: 55 KB, 500x430, A7CC84AF-E8A5-4BF9-9B50-51692E108DA8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don’t know how to feel about Ryan Kopf and his cons and circle of friends anymore. I’m involved with their staff team and as a result I interact with him, Erica, and others when it comes to the Midwest conventions. I had only ever heard very vague rumors about him being creepy or whatever, but this was pretty much always dismissed by my (his) friends as being false accusations and harassment towards him. But after seeing his name on the Broken Staircase spreadsheet I started looking into it and found a lot more detailed accounts of how exactly he’s bad news, including a police report about a rape. I’m really at a loss here since I have so many commitments and friends in the AnimeCon.org scene, and I also feel stupid as fuck for not actually looking into this stuff earlier. I dunno. I think part of me doesn’t want to believe it but at the same time it’s not something I can just ignore. I don’t know who else I can talk to about this either.

>> No.10084950

Trust your own judgment, not some glorified rumor mill.

>> No.10085031

I'm not a psychologyst (yet) but that sounds more like Bipolar type II disorder or a Cylothymia, but if I were you I'd still seek a professional, as anon advised.

>> No.10085047
File: 96 KB, 579x444, 1542753250885.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Tell friend I wanna cosplay adult Punpun
>"Oh, I can be Aiko!"
>Jokingly say that Aiko's so plain looking that people won't recognize who she is, but don't wanna discourage
>"No problem, just punch out my front teeth, give me a black eye, and let me carry a bloody fork around. Maybe strangle me for pictures or stuff panties into my mouth!"
>Can't tell if she's joking or not

I'm going to fucking kill this girl.

>> No.10085061
File: 235 KB, 562x562, tumblr_nf3ns3SDPD1rat2azo1_1280-3875.jpg?rect=0,0,562,562&q=98&fm=jpg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ngl I really related to aiko more than I should have. had to take a break midway through that part of the story because it hit too hard.

>> No.10085078

1) You can't control other people.
2) Going no contact (feel free to tell her why but honestly, you are not required to justify yourself.) should speak for itself that YOU are not causing the drama.
3) If she starts anything and you remain out of it, you will quickly find out who is worth your time because those that latch onto drama will just stew in their own shitstorm and it will soon blow over.
4) Enjoy that now you have nothing to do with them, and those that already knew better benefit as well because you aren't dragging that relation back into the fold, even by proxy.

>> No.10085079

Same here anon, I've been holding on to stashes of clothes (particularly jfash stuff that's no longer my style) that I didn't want to part with even though they weren't being worn, but giving them away to friends feels somehow fulfilling.

>> No.10085128
File: 43 KB, 474x600, 1547247809117.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Assuming the details are exactly as you told them, you already did more than enough.
People can change, and I think you believe that, so don't find shut yourself off to this person if you think they still can, but the next step needs to come from them. You already knew that though.
Others will tell me and you that it's a needless risk to let someone who's demonstrated being that toxic back into your life, but you and I both know how hypocritical doing something like that would be.
You handled things well gull, I think you've got this, and I wish the very best for you in the future
>this is an esoteric post directed to the original commentator, those of you who lack similar ethical or moral codes will not understand it

>> No.10085139
File: 22 KB, 260x476, 1522684299689.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you showed me this song before and I never looked up the translation

it's very fitting. on the off chance that you still browse these threads, i hope you see this.

>> No.10085152

I actually try really hard not to be narcissistic, especially not histrionic or anything.
I try really hard to be a nice person too, to the point that I've been told I'm boring because I'm too nice. It makes sense though, I'm kinda tame.

It isn't so much that I can't keep friends, but that the friendships never start, or with other girls at university, they'll get to know me, and then be like "Aw, sweetness, *you* shouldn't hang out with us and go to the club, you'll just get some weird pedo or something after you!"
(And they're right, I usually do, and I'm socially naive and it never ends well)

Like you said, a lot of the problem with finding friends actually is my own fault in a way, because I have social phobia, but also a crowd phobia, PTSD, and have a physical disability/chronic pain that reduces my mobility. I'm not in a wheelchair, but I can't walk long distances, and a lot of people find that hard to be friends with because I can't keep up, or I can't go out most places.
I think that's possibly a common experience for people who have trouble with mobility though.

I'm also in a small city in a rural area, so there's not many places to go or meet people, and the general local weekend pastime is either being posh at the clubs or partying on the beach doing drugs.

Sorry for this being really long, my point was that I really do try not to be narcissistic, but friendship-wise everything goes wrong anyway.
It seems like that's not uncommon though?

Thank you for replying! <3
My throwaway email is SugarRose at protonmail dot com.
I had to think up a name just for this since I didn't have a throwaway at present, so hopefully I didn't steal some well known person's name there.

I had no idea anyone would answer, at least not sincerely! Thank you! <3
I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Sorry. I was sort of howling at the moon, didn't think anyone would legitimately answer.

>> No.10085160
File: 315 KB, 603x543, 1544383703941.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Sister is out of town for the week
>Asks me to watch her dog
>I hardly know the furball but sure
>He isn't fucking house-trained
>Pees on my storage box that I hold my petticoats in

Jesus Christ, they all smell horrible now. Can these be saved or will I need to buy new Pettis? They're currently soaking in a tub of detergent water for now.

>> No.10085169

Is this BMT?

>> No.10085180

If that doesn't work get an enzyme cleaner. They are formulated to break down urine/blood. It should come out fairly easily. Don't worry, anon.

>> No.10085199
File: 81 KB, 340x344, Wapol_faic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Two of my dream dresses show up on LM this weekend
>Miss out on both of them while I was trying to count my pennies
>"It's okay, I wouldn't be able to afford them anyway without taking a dip in my savings"
>Learn today that I'm going to get paid 3x my regular salary this week because of reasons
>Excited about this months pay, but feeling bitter that I didn't know about this last week

>> No.10085206

i'm trying to konmari my ugly boring normie clothes i've had for years, and my mom keeps trying to guilt me into keeping things that i don't care about AT ALL because she wants me to dress how she wants
> thin horizontal stripes and bright colors give me a headache but it's half my wardrobe because she likes them

>> No.10085230

That's why she says to not get input from anyone else during the process

>> No.10085233

i don't ask her opinion, she just butts in when i'm sorting and says "oh but this is so cute :("

>> No.10085283

Tell her he can keep and wear it then.

>> No.10085294
File: 21 KB, 259x224, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Thank you, kind gull. That's exactly what my other friends said. I'd like to hope that he'll be willing to talk about it someday but I got other friends I'd rather focus on for now.

>> No.10085310
File: 135 KB, 560x560, 4013183_09082014.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Same, I managed to pack five whole paper bags of clothes that I don't use to be thrown away. My mom started to go through them being all like "these are nice shouldn't you keep them?" and I'm like "hell nope" even though she bought most of those clothes.

I'm a guy, and if it was up to her I would be walking around looking like a literal fedora lord.

>tfw you got a whole lot more wardrobe space to accommodate more costume articles
>tfw freshly painted wardrobe and new hangers

Feels good man.

>> No.10085353

lol, i wish. i'm tall and skinny with a flat chest, and she... is none of those things.
my mom also bought most of my clothes. there's nothing WRONG with the clothes she buys me, but they're so... bland and normie. i like lolita/dolly-kei/otome, but she thinks it's a silly anime costume thing.

>> No.10085396

How old are you that your mom still buys your clothes and dictates how you should dress? Genuine question, not asking to be mean or start a fight, it just seems bizarre and wrong if you're an adult.

>> No.10085398
File: 115 KB, 599x401, 1514577256125.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>make meetup
>invite only certain comm members
>not invited ita finds out and invites herself out anyways
How the fuck do I tell her she wasn't invited in a way that won't cause drama?

>> No.10085402 [DELETED] 

Flat tit bitch I hope you get cervical cancer and your ovaries fall out, if a tranny like you even has ovaries.

>> No.10085403

Say there's limited seating/tickets sold out and she didn't join in time

>> No.10085404

For weeks now I've been planning to wear lolita out. Each Tuesday I've chickened out. Tomorrow I'm going to fucking do it.

>> No.10085407

Maybe explain to her that it's a meetup for close friends? I assume she's not your friend so that might work, but she might pitch a fit anyway depending on your comm's dynamics and how emotionally mature the girls are; also if your comm is one of those weird comms that have a rule against "secret meetups".

>> No.10085409
File: 614 KB, 440x237, momoko tell em.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do it anon! Dress up and be cute, I believe in you.

>> No.10085411

Since you did not make it an open invitation you can say that there was only limited room for xyz part of what you are doing, or lie and say you pre-paid for something and reservations were already final?

>> No.10085412

>i think my boyfriend is a women
What makes you think he won't respect your property?

>> No.10085413

People need to stop trying to bring kids to meets. If they adebt old enough to be in the fashion, they arent old enough for meets.

>> No.10085417 [DELETED] 

I hope all ugly girls die.

>> No.10085418

Do it anon! I chickened out for a whole year but now I've been wearing it at least once a week for a few months, and it feels really nice.

>> No.10085419

Just keep your chin up and keep your eyes forward not looking at onlookers faces. Helps me.

>> No.10085431

well I'd assume you want to live but alright

>> No.10085432 [DELETED] 

Same except I’m still depressed.
Deep down I know I shouldn’t be that my life is not bad and would be considered good by most but crippling depression takes over and tells me I’m worthless either way.
Even buying more dresses doesn’t take it away anymore like it used to.

>> No.10085445

Anon, don't talk about yourself like that. Talking bad about yourself leads to low self esteem, you know?

>> No.10085447
File: 1.23 MB, 1821x2368, 1547166029653.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>fall in love with HL during original release but didnt have money at the time
>buy for a pretty penny second hand in 2014
>super proud of it
>fast forward
>its been rereleased 100 times
>its a fucking meme
>mostly stopped wearing it
>still love it but everyone else is over it
>decide Fuck it ima wear it to a meet
>fucking bodyline clad diaper chan in comm laughs at me because I'm wearing HL

I beg for death

>> No.10085449 [DELETED] 
File: 716 KB, 720x1616, F03AAE1B-3BE8-4228-9CCE-F2F1C4648A04.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hello rider pals how is it going today?

>> No.10085450

Do what you think is best anon. Do you know anyone else that is having similar thoughts? talking to someone you know who understands can really help you work through this kind of thing.

>> No.10085456

You already know you're better than her. So don't worry about it. It's still a great dress regardless of what some ita thinks.

>> No.10085460 [DELETED] 

I am cold, because it's hit 5° here making my paint brushes literally freeze when I try to paint something

>> No.10085466

Fuck this cold, I just want to be able to prime shit.

>> No.10085469

You should go by yourself! It's so much nicer shopping alone, especially without an SO that has no interest in what you're doing and just wants you to get it over with. You have the opportunity to actually shop in person in those stores and find amazing deals. Dress your best and strut confidently on your own. Take as much time as you want in everything you want to do. Make lots of stops in random shops you pass by. You need to learn to be on your own.

>> No.10085535
File: 2.13 MB, 1440x810, Grave time.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The cold makes me want to fall into my grave

>> No.10085537

Wanna swap, northern hemispherians? I hate the 30c weather here

>> No.10085562

What’s your job? How are you living in japan?

>> No.10085565 [DELETED] 
File: 862 KB, 1200x826, Evol babe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes please anon, or you can warm my bed

>> No.10085575

women? what?
My best friends ex boyfriend threw all her stuff out his 5th floor window when it was raining post breakup. I think anon has every right to be concerned that he might do something radical in his anger.

>> No.10085610
File: 105 KB, 568x531, 354131567410520.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm too fucking autistic to have long hair. I'm more than lucky to have thick, easy-to-deal with hair, but I just want to shave my head every time I feel hair on my neck or on my face. I only keep it around because lolita just looks better with it.

>> No.10085627

Hell yeah, please! I love hot weather and have a whole bunch of hot weather coords

>> No.10085668
File: 1010 KB, 1417x1890, whip.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just want more chocolate jacquard. Is that so much to ask? I feel like it's been years.

I feel like no one liked Whip Jacquard and that's why AP isn't putting out much because of low sales with this, but I absolutely love this and it looks so nice in real life.

>> No.10085670

Whip jaquard is so beautiful irl! I'm still on the hunt for it, because I was so stupid and didn't buy it at the sale.

>> No.10085677

>want to work on the armor pieces for my cosplay
>I work outside because of the fumes and dust and not having a suitable workspace inside
>for weeks it's been raining whenever I have time to work
>it finally stops raining on a day I'm supposed to be free
>I get called in to work

>> No.10085678

"Sorry, I have an appointment booked for today that I can't miss."

>> No.10085685

I bet you call into work because you have a runny nose. People depend on other people, you know?

>> No.10085686

> gf got me Brilliant Misty Sky as a gift for our anniversary
> dick waving first release
> tfw I always wanted the basic bitch lavender piece
I mean it’s cute, but idk not quite what I was thinking of all of the time

>> No.10085687

NAYRT but work is not your family. You are a cog in a machine to them. If you have a day scheduled off they are not entitled to your time.

>> No.10085695

You sign up for these unexpectancies when you sign on to the job. Shit sucks but if it means people are more likely to come in for you when actual important stuff happens then it’s worth it

>> No.10085709

They won't come in for you when you need them to. They take advantage of the fact that you're willing to go in when no one else will.

>> No.10085716

Nayrt, but anon is responsible for their job to be done. Like it doesn’t matter how much time it takes, people are relying on them and they just have to provide the result. It’s actually called responsibility lol.

>> No.10085726

Just because you’re too jaded to come in when you’re needed doesn’t mean everyone is.

>> No.10085763

Anons keep posting about a certain dress in the DD thread and every time I try to offer it for sale since I want it to go to a gull, I never get any replies. It's happened a couple of times over the past few months and I wonder if they just didn't check the thread often enough to see my reply or if they didn't really mean it when they said they were actively looking for it.

At this rate, I think I'll just post it on LM instead of trying to let it go to a gull.

>> No.10085771

How's the NEET life treating you?

>> No.10085857
File: 571 KB, 500x281, HappyFeels.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I did it gulls! I'm all dolled up and heading out the door now. My makeup and hair turned out great, or at the very least different since I dared try some new techniques. I'll be seeing a friend who's able to take outfit photos too! It's a good day to really love lolita!

>> No.10085877
File: 1.04 MB, 222x255, 588034557789.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm proud of you, anon! Have a great day!

>> No.10085914

Just do it. Tons off ppl here aren’t actually committed to getting a DD so don’t wait for them to care enough.

>> No.10085943

>cgl related
The net idol threads belong on /jp/ and I’m not sure why they’re tolerated as on topic here when feels threads are debatable

>> No.10085948

This is reason why it took forever to finish my cosplay for January cons. It sucks not having a dedicated hazardous working area.

>> No.10085949

Imagine sucking capitalism's dick this hard.

>> No.10085963
File: 1.30 MB, 500x255, 1487961390533.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Love waifu so much I cosplayed her
>Love waifu so much that I have a shrine of merch for her
>Love waifu so much that in addition to checking fril/mercari/YA! for lolita deals, I also check up on merch for her every day
>Love waifu so much that I commission custom made projects inspired by her, including custom made jewelry from professional craters that fetch a pretty penny
>Thinking about cosplaying other characters, but want to cosplay her more and keep thinking about how I could try to get the look down better or do different outfits

>> No.10085966

Capitalism rules, now go heat up your pizza rolls, no income dependent

>> No.10085987
File: 20 KB, 207x207, 1520755628863.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>First date coming up
>Date knows I occasionally wear lolita
>Really tempted to wear it on the date
Should I do it?

>> No.10085990
File: 81 KB, 379x364, 1546096581924.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Homoru is shit
>Don't let it get too obsessive ok gull? It's important to have since self identity

>> No.10085993
File: 159 KB, 1154x1199, 1534343577402.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wear it on the date. Unironically, if they can't accept that part of you from the get-go then you're just waiting for a dispute to happen. You should be comfortable with who you are with your partner. Wear what you want to wear and express who you are. The point of a date is to get to know someone and gauge compatibility, so it's kinda moot if you're holding back so much. Unless you're not serious about it and just wanna hop on his bones for a few weeks before getting out of there.

Stay mad, Sayaka.

>> No.10085994

Depends on what your date thinks about it. If they like it and would like to see you wearing it, go for it. I'd still keep the coord toned down as much as possible if I were you, at least for this first date. If you're unsure, you should ask your date what they think about it and if they'd like to see you wearing it to your next date.

>> No.10085995
File: 117 KB, 1440x1389, FB_IMG_1539367328750.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I went to the idol show and some thot was dressed as the hit or miss girl. Fuck everything.

>> No.10086001

>You should be comfortable with who you are with your partner.

Slightly ranting here but too many people neglect this rule of thumb. Then they wonder why the feels thread is filled with "my bf doesn't like my fashion but I love him aaaaaaaah" posts. If they just cleared out this stuff properly at the start of the relationship, they wouldn't have it blowing up in their faces once the butterflies quiet down and the honeymoon period ends.

Your partner should ideally be your best friend. They don't have to like everything you like, but they should at least be accepting, approving, and encouraging of your passions. The person you date should be someone that you really feel you can be your most unedited and unrestricted self around - someone who you feel you can express yourself more with than anyone else. Someone that you actually enjoy the company of and don't feel like you're obligated to spend time with. Someone you wouldn't feel guilty farting around. You gulls should be dating ME BECAUSE I LOVE LOLITA FASHION, NOT CHAD WHO LOVES FOOTBALL AND IGNORES YOU UNLESS YOU'RE IN BED. FUCK YOU, CHAD, YOU DON'T TREAT HER LIKE I WOULD. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

>> No.10086007

>implying that throwing a tantrum like this is attractive in any capacity
lol I'd rather date my wardrobe.

>> No.10086011

You're not that deranged Homura fan who broke up with her boyfriend over Homura, right?

>> No.10086018 [DELETED] 

>what is a joke
Women. Am I right fellas?

>> No.10086019

Yeah, a company taking advantage of you by ignoring the agreement you had of time off and using their pressure as your employee to guarantee you'll say yes to come in sure is awesome.

>> No.10086022

i'm 18. i know, it's really bizarre. i'm going into therapy soon to help deal with how emotionally enmeshed my mom is. it's just easier to let her pick shit out for me a lot than have her get pissed about me dressing in a way she doesn't like, i guess. i'd rather let her give me some room to grow but that's not happening until i move out.

>> No.10086026

I always get weary of people posting that they're EXACTLY 18. Not just for 4chan either, there are too many things like Tinder profiles of girls who conveniently say they're 18 but don't look or format their profile as if they are at all. Not saying you're lying, just a 4chan feel.

>> No.10086027
File: 201 KB, 473x290, EEA43293-DC6B-45D7-9FA8-6CD2FDDCC9DB.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I actually got back into lolita after a 4 year hiatus in part because of my bf. I thought it should be something I grew out of after college to focus on my career, but he’s still passionate about his hobbies (some weeby) while having a good job, so I felt encouraged to do the same. I pulled my dresses out of storage, reopened my dream dress folder, and started adding old DDs to my wardrobe — easier now that I have a real job. My bf really admires the fashion, likes to subtly color-coordinate with me when we go out together and has made an effort to learn about brands, trends etc. so that we can talk about it together. For my birthday he surprised me by buying my top dream dress, which I’d been looking for for ages, from mercari with the shopping service he usually uses for car parts.

And actually, I met him on Tinder, where my last picture was an old snapshot of me in lolita. So I’d say it’s a smart move to frontload with the fashion.

>> No.10086037
File: 167 KB, 840x614, nicoyazawa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I mean, to be fair, it is an actual anime character and not just "The hit or miss girl costume."
Kind of odd she'd wear it to an idol show that isn't Love Live though.

>> No.10086052

Does putting it up help any? It'd keep it off your face and neck, and there are a lot of tutorials out there for cute ways to style your hair.

>> No.10086075
File: 1.19 MB, 1242x1850, 1545343700250.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"hit or miss girl"
Fucking hell.

>> No.10086106

> likes to subtly color-coordinate with me when we go out together

I do this with my gf. It's a very nice feeling to get compliments from people who realize it and comment on how cute it is that we dress as a pair.

>> No.10086127

>be me
>sitting at menial, seasonal, desk job making butt
>owner hires all her church friends who all stay the winter
>only office staff who isnt in the church circle
>only one who is seasonal
>they still call me off season to fix their computers when im working at mcdicks because seasonal
>get fed up
>made dice.com profile yesterday
>get call today for job to make twice as much as I do now being a STEMlord
>its 1 mile away from fave teashop that does takeout
>gonna buy so much burando

>> No.10086139

>Dream skirt pops up on my country's sales page (I have push notifications for this group jsut in case something good pops up)
>Commuting home so have no signal on the underground
>Sold in ~10 mins
>See this 10 minutes after


>> No.10086156

I'm going to college rn for software engineering and though I have friends I don't feel ok going out with them in not super-casual lolita(I wear sweet) bc I don't want them to get any unwanted attention,but I still want to wear lolita. The comm here is awful and full of itas. I'm seriously considering creating a liveme/younow/twitch/periscope account to stream while I code in lolita just to have an excuse to wear my dresses.

>> No.10086161 [DELETED] 

Sounds like a great way to attract a fanbase of total creeps.

>> No.10086166 [DELETED] 

>to stream while i code in lolita
i don't mean this in a mean way, but... it sounds less like you're finding "excuses to wear your dresses" and more like you're looking for a way to get attention. why can't you wear your clothes for yourself, without needing other people to witness it?

>t. fellow compsci lolita

>> No.10086172 [DELETED] 

Link me to your Patreon and MyFreeCams when you make it.

>> No.10086173
File: 29 KB, 300x400, 61146697-e75e-5a98-b096-049653e387d6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw gemgem is bidding on rainies auction so she can scalp even higher

>> No.10086174

Scalper 69

>> No.10086176 [DELETED] 

Streaming just to have an excuse to wear the fashion is a hilariously bizarre idea, and like >>10086166 said it does make you sound like you wear it for attention. Do you never leave the house on your own? Do you not like wearing it around the house for no reason? Why do you need people to see you wear it to have fun?

>> No.10086186 [DELETED] 

>Do you not like wearing it around the house for no reason?
Nayrt but I love just wearing lolita in my own home and doing light housework and feeling cute as hell.
I feel better knowing that other people do.

>> No.10086192

scalp-ception. How sad, it's such a pretty dress as well.

>> No.10086199

I get a bit nervous going out by myself(slight social anxiety) but fuck it you're all right I'm going to go and walk the streets in my AP. Also I guess I could ask my friends if they are ok with the attention. They are super supportive.
Also glad to know there are more programming/compsci/software developer gulls!

>> No.10086203 [DELETED] 

Yea, just wear it outside. Nobody is going to be watching your program streams to see you code. They're going to be watching for when you get up to get a glass of water and give them a glimpse of your brand covered feet pattering across the floor out the room to make webms of and post on >>>/gif/

Don't do that to yourself.

>> No.10086206

adding onto the comfy feels: putting on a cute cutsew OP, donning fuzzy slippers that match, and hanging around the house doing your favorite alone-time things

10/10 would recommend

there we go, that's the ticket anon! and maybe sometime you can wear it to uni when you're comfortable. i roll up to my engineering campus in OTT sweet all the time. brighten up the monotone environment with your clothes.

>> No.10086241

I'm doing a PhD in Mathematics, all of my friends in the department are fine about wearing lolita. My supervisor was a bit confused at the start but he's now fine (I think!). I've sat and done FORTRAN (yes, it's still used!) in a cafe and did get looks and one question for a guy who was kind of odd, but honestly - you just have to get used to it. My department friends joke at when people (usually middle-aged men or awkward creepy undergrads) stare when we're out and about but don't find it any way annoying. Most people honestly do not care!

>> No.10086262

Like oldschool bitches would buy this scalped

We got into this substyle BECAUSE it's frumpy, doll like, and (had been) cheap

It's only a matter of time before oldschool goes out of style again and the only ones wearing it are the ones who really like it

>> No.10086301

Anon it has already been 5-6 years. I doubt it will go out of style anytime soon.
On a related feel, I really want to bond with other oldschoolers but all the existing groups are so far up their own ass while simultaneously talking out of it 70% of the time, it's hard to like them.

>> No.10086351
File: 74 KB, 753x700, E96DC7F3-EEA0-42DF-9AA8-E2AC7D798D6B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is cute. Also, based Asumiko Nakamura.

>> No.10086382

>Need Beading frame in order to work on Katsucon cosplay. Technique is time-intensive and need several weeks.
>Locate the right frame on Etsy. Shipping time is "varies." Message seller to ask about lead time.
>Get a response within an hour - "Oh it just says that in case I don't have them in stock. I do so it'll be 1-2 days to ship."
>Purchase item immediately.
>8 days after purchase, item still listed as "not shipped."
>Politely message seller. No response.
>12 days after purchase, item still listed as "not shipped". Message seller again explaining the situation.
>One day later, still no response so far.

I'm so frustrated about this. This seller has tons of positive feedback and claims of quick shipping. It's now so late that ordering from somewhere else will still mean I may not have enough time to make this, and I can't even do that yet because I'm not up to the Etsy dispute date.

>> No.10086411 [DELETED] 

>tfw you're coming off of a 3-day ban
What the hell did I even do?

>> No.10086421 [DELETED] 

one time i got banned because some jackass posted their dead ex's nudes and had the same IP address as me

>> No.10086452 [DELETED] 

I get banned on mobile all the time. Sometimes apparently for shit posting, sometimes apparently for posting legit CP.
I just have to wonder what fuck wad in my area has posted CP on 4chins that my phone's IP is permbanned.

>> No.10086498

>Most people aren't bothered if you ask for pics
It's not just that, as a cosplayer myself I LOVE when people ask for my picture. It means that all of my hard work is going to be treasured by someone and I might get a decent looking pic to post for myself. If that's a bit too hard, you could just tell someone in passing that you like their "x" costume. If they hear you, they'll be happy that you said it, if they don't, no harm no foul.

>> No.10086548

Right in the feels. Oldschool trend riders are so annoying it's hard to make friends with a lot of them. And in my comm no one else wears it besides one girl who's never at meets so I feel obligated to wear modern sweet dresses like everybody else

>> No.10086597

>I feel obligated to wear modern sweet dresses like everybody else
Wtf? It sounds like you're a trend rider. Wear what you really want.

>> No.10086607

>feeling obliged to wear modern sweet
that is so pathetic, buying modern sweet even though you don't like it, to impress your comm? Feels like a lie

>> No.10086608

why on earth would you feel obligated? All of my lolita friends wear gothic and classic but I still wear OTT sweet

>> No.10086631

>tfw burando shoes in size S are too big for my feet

i don't get it, why does AP have size LL shoes but not size SS?

>> No.10086635 [DELETED] 
File: 93 KB, 313x382, 1515371829277.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well maybe if you weren't a fucking footbound little chink ass bitch, you wouldn't have this issue.

>> No.10086639

Anon, are you okay?

>> No.10086685

??? Modern sweet isn't a trend, it's mainstream lolita

I like my comm and want to fit in with them. It makes me happy, sucks if you don't like it

>> No.10086695

...where did I say I didn't like it? I literally said I wear sweet. if the style you wear is the only way you can fit in with them, then the problem lies somewhere else.

>> No.10086702
File: 41 KB, 371x474, Cu-mw1bWEAI0-bv.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Life can be disappointing sometimes

>> No.10086777 [DELETED] 
File: 178 KB, 1280x720, 96152C81-A368-4B8D-A385-16E1F4017A72.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10086859 [DELETED] 

Do people really do that? Lol

>> No.10086860


>> No.10086870 [DELETED] 

They’re flattering themselves. No one cares about other people and what they do as much as they think they do

>> No.10086873

Seconding this feel.

>> No.10086876


>> No.10086891


>> No.10086894 [DELETED] 




>> No.10086897 [DELETED] 

Christ... a FEMALE thinks she can comprehend computers.

>> No.10086907 [DELETED] 

Except footfags do watch girls' streams just to make .gifs of their feet when they happen to be on cam.

>> No.10086910 [DELETED] 

Do you have experience with this?

>> No.10086914

someone who abused me is in financial ruin and had to sell off most of their wardrobe and belongings. i have never felt so satisfied before.

>> No.10086924

Just go out to more events. You'd be surprised at what you can find in your area for sweet lolita. Fashion, Japanese Culture, any type of con setting is really safe, Renn Faire since it's costume safe, getting a friend or two to dress up alternatively with you, etc.

But for the love of god, don't do that to yourself. Anyone who watches you on webcam will be some 40 year old brazillian man. You will not get a good audience. Start a lolita youtube channel instead if you want to be on camera so badly in lolita.

>> No.10086939 [DELETED] 

>Anyone who watches you on webcam will be some 40 year old brazillian man.
I'd probably watch, at least briefly. I'm certainly no 40 year old Brazilian man.

>> No.10086948


>> No.10086949 [DELETED] 

Ok but the girls have to be cute if this fearmongering is to be believed

>> No.10086975 [DELETED] 
File: 58 KB, 680x639, DxPoqnDX0AA3QiB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cute is subjective. I'd say that like 92% of women in porn aren't cute at all, but I have high standards. But there are definitely people who like those women enough to admire them. If you fill some weird fetish niche, most people probably won't even care about the face either.

Watching a Lolita program is most likely enough. I can tell you that people would pay. Especially when she does an "accidental" flash of undergarments (whether she chooses to bloomer or not is on her) while adjusting herself. The "subtle" stuff.

>> No.10087000 [DELETED] 

Men would fuck a tree if it only cost them a few splinters. No matter what you look like, there will always be thousands of men trying to fuck you.

Just remember, videos of little girls doing gymnastics that have the slightest hint of sexual appeal get millions of views. A fat girl in a lolita cosplay would get hundreds of guys recording her stream jerking off.

>> No.10087279 [DELETED] 

I don't stream, but I like to follow twitch drama, and I've seen plenty of these kinds of .gifs floating around.

Most women who have an audience on a streaming platform are cute. But you're also giving men a lot of credit, as the two anons above me pointed out.

>> No.10087368 [DELETED] 

Riding off this topic, I like watching streamers on twitch and have considered streaming Hearthstone or something similar myself. Would wearing lolita while streaming make me stand out enough to actually gain traction and become popular? I have a decent job but I've always considered it a cool idea for a buck on the side.

>> No.10087375 [DELETED] 

i think "becoming popular" might be a little optimistic, but there's no harm in trying. lolita is just a gimmick though. unless you're the kind of cute that incels like (see: belle), you'd need something else to make people stick around. good content, hopefully.

this is something i've lightly considered doing myself as the typical skinny hafu archetype that appeals to that lonely demographic, but desu... i'd much rather just go to school and get a real career lol.

>> No.10087388

This kind of stuff is about luck, persistence, presentation, and having the right personality for it. If you're into it, give it a shot. Don't expect a large following at first, but keep going and you'll most likely get an audience. It's an unfilled niche, and even though many of your viewers won't understand the fashion, they'll probably be taken away by it because most other girls streaming are in cleavage tank-tops and booty shorts.

>> No.10087421

Wear it out with friends! I find that being frilly makes me less anxious in public since my big deal thing is overhearing laughter from people walking by me and being completely irrational that they're mocking me for something I'm doing/have done. But if I'm wearing something that's weird and eyecatching then I can take the viewpoint of "I'm wearing frills, of course people might stare and laugh but it's not at me personally and it's on them for being dickheads". It's a very weird distinction and I know for many people it's the act of drawing attention that makes them anxious - and of course I only do this in the safe parts of town where I wouldn't get targeted for theft or assaulted for wearing alternative fashion.

With friends, I think you get less attention in a group with people in regular clothes because you're with someone else, so there's no questions like "what are you all dressing up for/are you in a play" and people are less likely to yell things like "hey Little Bo Peep" to a larger group with 'normal' people in it.

>> No.10087462 [DELETED] 
File: 223 KB, 1440x683, Screenshot_2019-01-23-15-48-04.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why the FUCK is this braindead ass Janny deleting cgl related feels from the thread? God damn. This is every fucking thread now.

>> No.10087464 [DELETED] 
File: 398 KB, 1440x1382, Screenshot_2019-01-23-15-50-43.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Like, someone take the car keys away from this power abusing newfag janny

>> No.10087466 [DELETED] 
File: 325 KB, 850x1202, lewd_neko_418.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Time to cunnyspam.
Fucking dumb ass cunt.

>> No.10087476 [DELETED] 
File: 304 KB, 637x812, 1531534997373.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine the advertiser's faces.

>> No.10087480 [DELETED] 
File: 181 KB, 848x1200, 1530026389395.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Took her 45 minutes last time, let's see how long it takes her now.

>> No.10087481 [DELETED] 

You need help for your assburgers, anon

>> No.10087487 [DELETED] 

Pretty sure it's the insane incel pedofag anyway.

>> No.10087493 [DELETED] 
File: 398 KB, 1440x1382, Screenshot_2019-01-23-15-50-43.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stop deleting cgl related feels from the feels thread you dumb cunt. I already have you my second warning. I can dedicate more time to spam this entire board so hard you'll need to work a double (for free) just to scrub it clean.

Dumb piece of shit cunt.

>> No.10087496 [DELETED] 
File: 731 KB, 1280x720, eventcg_text004.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nah, I'm not even a guy.
I just care about this board more than the newfag ass Janny

>> No.10087497 [DELETED] 
File: 200 KB, 860x1214, IMG_20190120_080355.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10087502 [DELETED] 
File: 401 KB, 842x1100, ae19fe1e3d1cd886070fc5bc4d44e74a4385c537.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10087507 [DELETED] 
File: 264 KB, 864x1080, 1538229797691.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Janny as bitch can't stop me.
Just do your fucking job properly and I'll stop myself. Stop power tripping dumb ass. You're not helping clean the place up.

>> No.10087509 [DELETED] 

Be my gf please

My dream is to have a cute, sick, loli-posting gf.

>> No.10087511 [DELETED] 
File: 84 KB, 692x1024, 1545683501890.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Janny can delete THIS fucking post.

>> No.10087512 [DELETED] 

im not gonna post loli but new janny you're doing a shit job

>> No.10087514 [DELETED] 
File: 116 KB, 1038x766, IMG_20190121_112251.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Jen trying her best to sterilize the thread but I can outpost her deletes

Awwww, poor lil baby. I've been free to post cunny for over an hour now. I hope you enjoy cleaning my shit up and rethink your fucking life.

>> No.10087516 [DELETED] 

Dear sick girl,

I dont care what you look like as long as you're biologically a female. We can make it work - be sick together. Take the chance.


>> No.10087517

Why were all these replies deleted? They were all on topic.

>> No.10087523 [DELETED] 

She's a power tripping little whore, so don't be surprised they your post will 100% get deleted.

Because janny is fucking retarded.

>> No.10087527 [DELETED] 

shes too stupid to realize that SHES the reason why theres so much crossboarder spillover in the other threads

thanks a lot. youre useless

>> No.10087563 [DELETED] 
File: 317 KB, 1280x1057, 1547106516826.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because the janny is:
Gobiln looking tranny
Jealous of other people happiness

>> No.10087565

Just gave 18000 yen on a dream dress that is not very popular with other lolitas, a baby hello kitty dress from 2009 that will be hard to sell if I ever want to. I have mixed feelings about this dress, I got into j fashion through a friend that 10 years ago gave me a hello kitty bag, ever since hello kitty was important to me and that is why I bought the dress even if it does not fit my lolita style at all.

>> No.10087593

What is the best place (maybe online?) or best way to go about cultivating proper ladylike behavior and manners and such?

>> No.10087597 [DELETED] 

>doing it for free

>> No.10087600

Aww that's lovely anon! I hope you enjoy it when it arrives, despite your mixed feelings.

Maybe pick up some books on etiquette? I don't have any titles to recommend off the top of my head but iirc F Yeah Lolita has a post about it that you can check out.

>> No.10087625
File: 95 KB, 960x960, 2234.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Honestly, it wasn't that great of a meet. You didn't miss much. The worst part was that the venue wasn't even it's own little restaurant anymore. It was a shared mini marketplace and very noisy. Really not cute. We were seated right by the corner of the restaurant in the windows, and people were looking in on us like we were at a zoo. The view outside was ugly too.

The same person who brought the child made an offer for people to order off menu if they wanted to come last minute. I tried to ask about the menu before going and the host assured me it would be christmassy. (Because I can't eat most generic high tea food thanks to an egg allergy) In the past that place was really good about doing a traditional christmas dinner so I thought I would be fine. But no. It was just high tea fare with a couple dried cranberries on a scone and turkey meat in one of the sandwiches for the theme. As usual, I ended up paying way too much for a slice of crustless white bread with cream cheese and cucumber slices, a scone, a tart, and some tea.

>> No.10087629

Aw! I love that dress too! I bet you could get that price on the Western market eventually, it's just not a current popular one but hello kitty is always in style

>> No.10087645

the emily post institute has a podcast about modern day etiquette. they're the family of one of the oldest etiquette writers

>> No.10087651

was dumb and showed kindness to one of my comm members now she seems to think we're besties and wants to hang out. she's such a downer because she just complains about disabilities and not having money its understandable but such an emotional drain on me

>> No.10087661
File: 22 KB, 541x459, 1502942172250.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Go to get a haircut
>get a hime cut
>think it looks super cute
>go to work
>keep having old men tell me I look like Cher
Kill me

>> No.10087829

I dealt with similar several times, anon. It really sucks.

Fuck people like this, it’s manipulative. Just get away from her asap. People like this are just looking for someone to pity them and that’s it, they don’t care about you or what their whining does to others.

>> No.10087838

Disengage. Having a disability doesn't mean that you should be an emotional leech and it's not a reason to stay in contact with or hang out with someone. Next step will be the guilt trips and then financial leeching.

>> No.10087877

I meant that you're the old school trendrider that you are complaining about lol.

Also agree with >>10086695
Trying to fit in with your clothes is very ironic for a lolita I think.

>> No.10087914

>had a chance at having a lolita gf
>slipped out of my grasp
Hold me gulls

>> No.10087917

I weep for u anon

>> No.10087930

Different anon but I have similar problems and all my local friends hate lolita. My wardrobe is super toned down, like would-probably-get-deleted-off-COF-for-not-being-lolita-enough toned down but any time I wear it around them they either make snide comments the entire time or make an excuse to dip out early. Even when I wear super plain everything with no head accessory and a long shapeless cardi on top they treat me like a cringy weeb dressed up for an anime con.

My closest lolita comm is pretty far away. Where do I find local friends who wouldn’t mind me dressing weird? I’m in my late twenties and not into anime so hanging around anime cons just to make friends seems like it would be super awkward.

>tfw the only non-lolita who wants to hang out with me when I wear it is my mother

>> No.10087933
File: 920 KB, 750x750, MsEwl6B.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm making a petticoat to go over a 1860s crinoline and gathering the tulle is killing my back, it's warping left and right and I'm having to work on the floor, plz send help

>> No.10087939

Ty very much

>> No.10087940

Oof, your friends sound awful. If you went out there dressed to the nines full knowing they hated it, it'd be understandable, but having 0 tolerance for it even when toned down, to the point of mocking you for it, makes them sound like retarded children. I'm sorry anon.

>> No.10087951

Same desu.
Theres two comms over an hour away from me each.
One is a hard drive over interstate highways, turnpikes, and bridges and the other is full of itas

>> No.10087990

...sounds like you are probably a very stylish dresser then regularly, however

>> No.10087995

are you fat or ugly in the face? probably why desu

>> No.10088006


>> No.10088007

Shitty friends, change them

>> No.10088037

Make friends with other alt people.

My friends dress pretty weird themselves so my clothes is never an issue. They like and encourage my weird fashion and have even said they tend to dress up more if they know I'm coming. I'm honestly so lucky. I hope you find friends who are better suited for you!

>> No.10088038

>work so I can afford dresses
>now have all my dd and hate work
>work keeps me too busy, can't even enjoy said dresses
>all other jobs seem just as miserable
I'm not sure if I'm depressed or if something else is going on. I feel trapped and unable to move forward with nothing driving me anymore. Work itself isn't bad but at the same time I don't know what I'm working towards or why I'm doing it.

Lolita used to be such a big part of my life and I've really drifted away from it in the last couple years. My favorite brands seem just as directionless as me and none of their recent releases interest me. I still love the pieces I do have so I know I don't hate the fashion or anything like that. But without some kind of 'reward' for working so much I feel miserable and drained.

Part of me is thinking about quitting my job, selling my huge wardrobe, and taking a couple years off to figure myself out. I know it's career suicide and I might miss all my brand once it's gone, but maybe I need that push?

>> No.10088039

Don't sell it all ifyou do sell anything. Just sell a quarter of it. Honestly i wouldn't reccomend selling any of it. It sounds like you do need a change of pace. Maybe downsize your work hours to part time and try to change up your daily life? It's a way to avoid falling into depression, which can become a downward spiral faster than you can imagine.

>> No.10088047 [DELETED] 
File: 200 KB, 704x528, seppuku.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey, newbie question. If I wear thong panties in lolita, do I need to wear thong bloomers as well?

>> No.10088053
File: 62 KB, 650x433, sadkermit2.original.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I feel pathetic for saying this, but as much as I love wearing j-fashion, I don't feel safe wearing it in my daily life due to my circumstances with school and transportation. I've been followed and approached by really strange and creepy men around my school's city while wearing the clothes, and I feel like it makes me a magnet for freaks who don't take "no" for an answer. I have to take public transportation to and from my college classes as I live almost an hour away from campus, and my classes frequently go late into the night, making scary train rides home with drunk men unbearable when I stick out. I work every weekend, leaving me unable to wear the clothes for more than 3 hours before putting on a work uniform.

You may be thinking, "anon, why don't you just use your damn car and get a parking pass?", the amount of money I would spend on gas and the parking pass itself just isn't reasonable with the amount of money I make working part time(and I'm not going to spend that kind of money just so I can wear clothes in peace, that just feels wasteful). I'm a full time student, and I drive every day to the train station, which quickly drains my gas. I also can't afford to live on campus.

Anyway, that's my rant. I got dressed up nice yesterday was followed and harassed again. By the time I got home that night I just wanted to cry and give up. My campus is in a more freaky part of the city and I've taken to carrying mace with me wherever I go.

>> No.10088059

Don’t feel bad. Your safety should come first. If you feel like your clothes are making you a target then you are completely in the right to stop wearing them.
Do you know anyone you’d be able to travel with? Having an extra person or two there to back you up could help scare off creeps.

>> No.10088063

Jesus saves.

>> No.10088064

I've started to only wear it for errand days where I take my car or for dates with my boyfriend/friend days, but this is usually once a week, and later in the day after classes so I only get to dress in it for an evening. It makes me feel sort of fake for some reason, if that makes sense. I just wish I could wear it daily as I want to and not reserve it for "safe" occasions

>> No.10088066

Saves what? Saves 15% or more on his car insurance when switching to geico?

>> No.10088076

I was in the same boat for a long time, but i just really got better at toning down outfits. However I still get frequently harassed and people still take my photo without my permission. I had to quit for a couple years because of how bad it got. If jfash makes you happy, you should try to deal with it, but if you feel like it's not the biggest deal, then going normie is fine.
I'm sorry you're dealing with that.

>> No.10088099

i hate that wigs are such a staple for most lolitas, at least in the USA. it doesn't help that the people wearing them are typically fat or poorly coordinated. it's so costumey. from the comm pics i've seen, bad wigs (which, let's be real, is most wigs in the western comm) take us from street fashion to cosplay territory.

this probably stems from my salt that, for many, lolita is a costume they put on once a month for a pithy number of likes on the gram. unless you wear the fashion for yourself, regularly and without the need to flock to others, you're no lolita to me.

>> No.10088107

how do i cut off without being a huge bitch? comm is pretty small and i don't know how much i can keep saying i have to work

>> No.10088111

i feel this, wigs make it seem more costumey than fashion. i don't match my haircolor for non lolita outfits why should i with lolita? it doesn't help that most don't know how to trim or style their wigs either

>> No.10088151

>tfw too much of a depressed and anxious mess to reply to message
>tfw not replying makes you even more depressed and anxious
I hate myself.

>> No.10088159

You know I'm always there

>> No.10088160

No one in the idolfag thread can say how the thread relates to any of the categories in the sticky and it’s hilarious. Im actually surprised at how on topic feels threads have been recently. Less unrelated degenerate sex stuff no?

>> No.10088169

I don’t like wigs either. Wearing them to more fancy events like tea parties makes sense, but i’ll never think of them as being everyday wear.

>> No.10088173

>50+ wardrobe
>no motivation to wear lolita
>no lolita friends, no comm, nothing
>not even posting on social media gives me joy
>love the pieces but might move depending on a job offer
there’s no way i’ll be able to bring even 1/5 of my wardrobe if i get the offer
i’m tempted to start selling it all now
i love looking at them and am glad i have them but i’m literally not wearing any of it because i don’t go outside
feels bad

>> No.10088177

>unless you wear the fashion for yourself, regularly and without the need to flock to others, you're no lolita to me.
Some of us have to have jobs, dude

>> No.10088178 [DELETED] 

This kinda doesn't even go here, but I just need to say it somewhere...

As a lolita I try really hard to take care of my skin and hair and stay in shape and look my best.

My boyfriend transferred to a new job and now has a super-crush on his female supervisor. I called him on it, he admitted it, and he says he just can't help it, he just is really physically and emotionally attracted to her.

I just recently actually saw her and she looks *AWFUL*
She's blonde and thin but is 24 but looks 40 easily, she's perky but really trashy and low class, she gets drunk and high on various drugs, and goes on weekend long binges.

I just don't get it. What am I doing wrong? Why does he think she's more attractive than me?
I'm just lucky she's not reciprocating his interest, or he'd be gone.

This might sound minor but we're even considering separate bedrooms because he insists on masturbating about her.
I've tried holding on through problems before, but I think this is the beginning of the end, and I'm starting to be really annoyed that I've wasted five years of my life on catering to him in this relationship, and it's going to end like this.

>> No.10088180 [DELETED] 

maybe he just has bad taste? that sounds shitty and i'd say you're better off dumping him but i don't know what is keeping you there. if my partner did similar i'd be gone in a minute.

>> No.10088182 [DELETED] 

Jesus Christ dude, dump his sorry ass. You don’t deserve this shit. Yes, break ups are awful, especially regarding a long term relationship, but do you really want to waste more time catering to this douche? No way.

>> No.10088188 [DELETED] 

my vagina has leaked fungal blood mucus all over my fave frilly underwear again #relatable #cosplayfeels

>> No.10088197 [DELETED] 

I think he does have bad taste. I guess I shouldn't say "think" but "know" because all his sexual fantasy stuff focuses on really stereotypically "slutty" and promiscuous behavior that I'm not really comfortable with.

I think I stay because he has a chronic illness that's needed surgeries in the past, and just the other year there was a mix up with a generic medication and it was awful and he couldn't eat solid food for a month and was bedridden for a month, and it took almost four months for him to recover back to normal. He went from 130lbs down to 98lbs, and I just felt like I had to be there, but he still managed to be ungrateful and nasty.

I think really though, if she did ever reciprocate, I'd let him go. We used to be best friends but now we can barely stand each other, and the separate rooms thing sounds, just so free and great to be away from having to follow his rules.
(He has a lot of rules, he's almost turning into my father with a self-serving rule for every situation)

Argh, sorry for the TMI dump.

He wants to start eating dinner separately because we aren't getting along and our schedules are too different and I was surprised how relieved I felt once I thought about it.

>> No.10088200 [DELETED] 

Stop putting effort into it. Leave. He's a big boy. If he wants to be shitty at you after everything you've done for him, he doesn't love you and isn't making it a secret. It's just simply not worth staying any longer.

>> No.10088201 [DELETED] 

Sounds like you need to bail, ASAP.

>> No.10088207 [DELETED] 

Yeah, I think it's the break-up I'm afraid of.
We used to be super best friends, but he just said he started losing empathy for me, and when he did that he started getting really nasty and mean with stuff he said to me, and then I just started saying screw you and your "rules" about my life, and it went downhill from there.

Like I said in >>10088197 I don't think it's been great for awhile. If he wasn't sick I wouldn't stay, if he legitimately had someone else, I wouldn't stay either.

I'm honestly thanking any divine authority figure that'll listen for birth control and that we never had a baby, or even a cat. The break-up will be hard enough as it is on the rubber tree plant.

>> No.10088212 [DELETED] 
File: 599 KB, 500x500, 1536449747772.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It sounds like neither of you love each other any more. Have a grown up talk about it and separate. If you're that relieved about avoiding your boyfriend by schedule it means you're subconsciously uncomfortable with him already, simple as that. The five years you had together might have been "good", but you've already recognised that this is the beginning of the end. Most likely it will only get worse from here on out.

Pack your brand and leave.

>> No.10088213 [DELETED] 

>He has a lot of rules, he's almost turning into my father with a self-serving rule for every situation
What the fuck anon, is this a recent development? You should have considered dumping him when he started with that shit, he's your s/o not your parent.

>> No.10088217 [DELETED] 

This is getting into realy TMI territory now, but last term I took a course about working with women who've experienced abuse, and he was trying to help me study for it, and we were both separately reading this one module and verbal abuse, and everything just clicked about his behavior, and he even admitted he realized he was being abusive.

We just sort of sat there in silence for awhile, and he asked what he should do, so he's trying to see a counselor now, but yay waiting lists.

He still gets really vicious when he gets mad though, it's like he can't actually control being a bitchy little brat half the time. It's really weird because he's so friendly when he's feeling okay and everyone at his work thinks he's this awesome little sweetheart and they don't realize what he's like when he comes home.

Yeah, that's way too TMI, sorry. Talking about this feels really good though, this is the first time I've said most of this outside my head.

>> No.10088218 [DELETED] 

Should say "module about verbal abuse" sorry.
Guess I'm getting a bit emotional.

>> No.10088222 [DELETED] 

Ouch, yeah, this one and probably every post leading up to it is going to be deleted. But know that your story have been heard, gullfriend. Say it out loud, write it down, screencap this thread and leave. Whenever you're feeling uncertain, read what you wrote again and how everyone agreed that you have to get out. You're worth more than an abusive bf who's thirsting for crusty sluts.

He wants vinyl, but you're luxurious velvet, love. Please leave him.

>> No.10088223 [DELETED] 


This whole thing is making me tear up. You deserve more love. Please dump him and find someone who will care for you and respect you.

>> No.10088225 [DELETED] 

Yeah, I've told him if he ever raises a physical hand to me I'm going to break his knees and leave, and he agreed.

A couple months ago though there was an incident between us and he started throwing things and like grabbing stuff off the kitchen counter and crashing it on the floor.

I had worked with an autistic kid who used to do really violent physical self-harming behavior and I was taught these "aggression reduction" moves where you basically police tackle the poor kid to the floor and pin him until he calms down (I don't think they recommend doing those anymore, this was years ago).

When my boyfriend starting throwing things that night and he wouldn't stop, it just went through my head to pull that move on him, and I caught him from behind and really crashed him to the kitchen floor.

You're supposed to pin them by straddling their back (I can see why they don't do these moves on kids anymore) and it worked and kept him down, but I just had this moment of clarity, sitting there, straddling his back in my nightgown and thinking, I just had to use a non-aggression move on my own boyfriend because he was pissed off that I didn't follow his bedtime routine rules.

I knew then that something had been wrong for awhile.

>> No.10088228 [DELETED] 

Funny that they get deleted, but I can see why.

Thank you, even I'm surprised how much this meant to me, so I'll follow your advice.

>> No.10088230 [DELETED] 

I should say too, he's actually going to be home from work soon, so I have to go anyway.
Thank you though, this really meant a lot and gave me some clarity <3

>> No.10088234 [DELETED] 

Don't get hurt.

>> No.10088249

Cher is a style icon, they don't mean it as an insult or even that you look like her really. Just that you look stylish and mod and remind them of her in that way

>> No.10088252
File: 237 KB, 1200x900, Greetings.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's been all of a few weeks anon, how are you guys doing and how's the progress are your cosplays and dresses?

After a month I'm finally getting most of my pieces together and can't wait to show off

>> No.10088255

>been sewing clothes for a decentish time now
>have a large amount of knowledge about sewing
>usually do 1-2 revisions since I self-draft everything
>still get that "over the top lads" anxiety right before I start the final draft with the good fabric

it's both exhilarating and nerve-wracking, and I dread doing difficult/tricky actions with good fabric.

>> No.10088281 [DELETED] 

>healthy weight
>keep doing fat person things like eating handfulls of cheese at 3AM
Why do I keep doing this to myself? I could be 50kg if I didn't snack so much. Instead I'm 56 and I feel like shit.

>> No.10088472

>lolita meetup tomorrow
>want to wear the dress I’ve been sewing
>plan out workday so I can leave an hour or two early and finish the dress without stressing
>find out every single other person on my team took today off literally last minute without telling me so my workload is doubled and I’ll likely be home more than an hour later than usual even if I skip lunch
Gee thanks, guys.

>> No.10088660

>Day trip errand to another city
>Going by train because I enjoy the ride
>Decided to make it a lolita excursion
>My lonelita life needs these thrills
>Overall day has been good
>My coord looks nice, my shoes don't hurt
>Time to take train back home
>Suddenly everything's delayed because of an 'accident'
>Friend back home got a report it was a 'personal accident'
>Somebody jumped in front of the train
>All the delays are because of the cleanup needed
>I'm stuck in errand city and it's great terminal
>Right now I'm sitting down and trying to ignore the stares
>It's different when I'm on the move
>Then I can just walk past and go about my business
>Now I'm stuck like an animal in a cage
>All the happiness of today is fading
>I swear some kids just laughed at me
>Please, I just want to retire into my train and go home

This is a complicated and sad feel. Rest in peace, lost soul who died tonight.

>> No.10088818

I just want the items in bidding for on LM to expire so I dont have to constantly check my email.
I've got a few days left and it's agonizing.

>> No.10088824

turn on notifications for lm emails, it’s what I do

>> No.10088848
File: 29 KB, 567x434, 00007.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no general j-fashion thread or menhera thread but too dumb and pussy to make one

>> No.10088855

I really wish LM had an option for 3- or 5-day auctions. 7 are just too long and everyone forgets about them.
If only we could use yahoo auctions too..

>> No.10088859 [DELETED] 

I'm not losing weight fast enough and my colleagues keep trying to make me break OMAD. I don't want to go drinking with them after work but if I don't I inevitably get a cold shoulder from them.
This wouldn't be a big deal except for the fact I'm 21 in a job that pays way more than I ever thought I would make at this age, and several of them are "cool bosses" (they are to be fair) that expect the whole team to go drinking and shoot the shit.

>> No.10088860

Im not gonna forget. I set an alarm an hour before the auction ends to watch for snipers/scalpers.

>> No.10088861

You can do it anon. We believe in you.

>> No.10088867

Barely anyone snipes on LM (party because it doesn't work sometimes) unless it's a very popular item.

>> No.10088875

It's not difficult, you can do it! Leave the name field blank, type the thread name into the Subject field, type up some sort of description so people know what the thread is about and what sort of content it's intended for (if you want discussion try coming up with questions for people to answer), and attach a relevant pic. You can also open the thread with a small dump of inspiration pics of the styles the thread is intended for.

>> No.10088887

You can go out and limit yourself to coffee, tea, and water.

>> No.10088895

i snipe any bid to lessen the chance of the price unnecessarily rising :)

>> No.10088898
File: 122 KB, 1382x1553, 1541127826453.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They'll make fun of me :(

>> No.10088899

As a seller, I weep. But you do you.

>> No.10088914

Hue. Youre the reason I have anxiety about the shit I bid on lmao.

>> No.10088917

So a girl i used to be inseparable, bffs with always had a bad habit of copying me. I know usually it's not intentional, and often i copy friends without realising when we are close. My problem with her was that she stole my ideas constantly and then claimed she came up with it. She cut her bangs, stole some of my art concepts and designs, constantly complained that my coordinates got "more attention" than her and tried wearing clothes similar to me despite the fact she was hot topic trash.
We stopped being friends since she got a boyfriend and she basically lost her soul. I tried hanging out with her a year ago and she barely said anything and kept insisting her boyfriend (who already doesn't like me) come. She basically abandoned me for him, she's a complete gold digger, and he was willing to pay for her. She even blocked me on facebook for no reason because she thought my posts about attending conventions and events were a way to spite her. recently i've been active on instagram and i noticed she slowly started liking a bunch of pages i already like, and she saw i was still into yumekawaii. she always claimed she hated it but she wore her own coordinate the other day, all hot topic items. She also constantly makes vague posts about her "ex bestie" and it really bothers me, since i know shes never had a bestie besides me. I'm really tired of this. I want to block her but i know she will get mad. uuuuuuugh

>> No.10088919

Have one actual drink but make it something mostly clear, minimally flavoured and sparkly like vodka + soda + lemon, or gin + tonic with cucumber/lime/lemon (not all 3, obviously). Sip slowly. Then offer to pay for a round of drinks (ideally people will have had 2-3 to your one), and ask just for sparkling water with cucumber or lemon in it with yours. Say that you don't hold your alcohol very well and two is enough for you, make an excuse and head home early. Calories mitigated, work social connections maintained.

>> No.10088933

Block the bitch,
Out of site, out of mind right?

>> No.10088947

don't do it anon. Creating a thread on 4chan is like eve eating the apple. It changes your life for forever.

>> No.10088994
File: 66 KB, 1440x495, 1542330386739.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Did you do it, anon?

>> No.10089012

ffffffff this is what i get for not reading

not even joking

wear gothic. something about wearing all black and looking sort of alternative must be a little intimidating, because when I wear gothic i don't seem to get as many bus-creepers.

>> No.10089015

Speaking of...
New thread

>> No.10089235

I had someone similar to that, she used to copy my outfits, my art style, she had a furry oc that looked just like me and at some point i found out she was copying my tweets and fb posts on her tumblr as her own. She also told me she had started wearing lolita like me and had just ordered several dresses but she never posted pics or wore them.