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ALA 2019 review time! Was it worth the annual destruction of property?

Better yet, is this the last straw that kicks ALA out of Ontario? Will any convention take ALA after this? Because let's be real, their property destruction list keeps growing and growing.

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East coast fag here that just saw the aftermath of that car fire
What the fuck is wrong with you all

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to be honest, we don't know who did it yet and the motive as to why this happened. we don't even know if it was one of the con-goers as of yet.

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The rumor is the squatter living at that hotel lit the cars up.

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this year's anime Los Angeles was the worst. My friend literally got raped at one of the parties please don't go to random parties on the third floor of the gateway hotel you will get raped.

It was the one with the cardboard cutout she said?

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Regarding about the staff purge, this is what happened the fucking group that destroyed Anime Conji and Anime California took over Anime LA. Basically they spent years networking with various people from various cons to reach to the point where they are well connected. With that power they wanted to run the con their way and to do that they got rid of majority of the staff that are “””problematic””” and left the ones who would not say shit. However they removed to the point that they no longer had the numbers to support the con of this size and thus really relied on volunteers. Here’s the kicker: the perks of what was offered was removed. No more pass on badge, no more hospitable food aside from lunch and working for “””exposure””” it’s total bullshit. Also they wanted to cut cost because it’s too expensive to run a con.

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>that pic
I heard ALA was wild but not like this.

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If you're talking about the homelss guy in the dump, I don't think they had a way to get any fuel. Yesterday afternoon, I talked to the guy when he was sweeping his area with a broom.

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Rumors was that it was a love dispute. Ex boyfriend shit.

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Rainfurrest got killed for less. They melted a bunch of cars, ala is dead.

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Fires were within the community. I wouldn’t blame it on the con though as it is an act by a fucked up individual rather than rowdy attendees.

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Trap here. Whoever exploded inside my boupucci, should i get tested????

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Nah, I can tell you you got 2 strands of HPV

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Man, girls do sure smell nice

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It's still going to reflect on the con since the people were there for that reason. I'm sure there were other damages as well as there usually are at anime cons. If they wanted to get rid of ALA, they now have an excuse to.

It will be interesting to see what comes out in the next few days.

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this is ALA we're talking about here. They have history of property damage (Radisson lobby, LAX Marriott jacuzzi, broken table at Burbank). Whether it was con-goer or some rando, this is still a bad history on their record and will work against them if they're ever looking for new venue.

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Matt Toyotame is in custody and apparently had been stalking the girl who's car he originally torched for a while now . Allegedly of course

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You’re right on that part I guess. We’ll see how this unravels

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enough talk about fire, post your cosplays

you did cosplay, right?

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Knew it was a pool tard some dude in the last thread was saying it was an LGBTQ person

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I fucking hope they move out of Ontario. The convention center was ass, the Ratchetson was even worse, and the whole area is just one big disaster waiting to happen.

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I need details.

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Surprised security wasn’t more strict this morning. Bag check didn’t even look through my backpack.

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Like AX, they give less fucks after Saturday.

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I need you to elaborate? What staff purge?

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and where will they go after moving out of Ontario? LACC and Anaheim Con Center are too expensive for con the size of ALA. Their options are severely limited if not non-existent at this point.

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Riverside Convention Center. It'd be great to see homeless people harassing weebs.

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Yeah but this is after the car fires. Hell they were chatting about it right before letting me in. You’d think they’d take it a bit more serious or get drilled by whoever’s in charge to take it seriously after that.

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>Being close enough to a girl to smell her
Fucking chad

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I woke up early AF to get in line for the My Hero Escape Room. The line was pretty long but i was at least one of the first 14. With 8 or more per session I would at least get into the second one. But the first 4 people in line filled up the entire sheet. They just wrote in all their friends. I was pissed off. One smelly weeb even held the pen in his hand while he texted friends to see if they wanted a spot while people where in line. There was no staff regulating this bullshit. Needless to say most of the people in line where pissed off at this. I don't think i would come back to this Con. It was ran kinda shitty.

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The week after the staff recruiting the higher ups decided to get rid majority of the staff because they’re cutting cost and fired a number of division heads for stupid reasons but it was because they wanted their positions. Anyway when December rolled around that’s when they started to plan out the con with the new staff. This con was planned less than a month with majority new staff headed by a group who are known to hijack successful cons and running their way because they think that they’re always right.

Where’s the hospitality room that was a part of ALA for the past 14 years? Where were the people when it came to setup the panels? Where was the badge check outside from the convention center?

This con is a total shit show and was not worth the $55. Fucking hell majority of the dealers didn’t sell well. A lot of them said that this is their worst ala sales and that’s coming from last year which was their best

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The room that was renamed Blue Rose Cafe like, years ago? It was there, but it's been relegated to Gateway for so long, everyone forgot about it.

>planned in less than a month
The fuck you get that info from? There was a huge-ass staff meeting over the summer getting shit put together. Are you friends with one of the division heads that was fired because they were stealing or something?

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How many years are left before it shuts down?

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Lol get fucked weebs

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Hospitality room for the staffers, right? I thought program ops was overstaffed this year due to the expansion. Yeah, no badge check aside from getting into the convention center seemed fishy.

I'm going to ask around for more info at the staff dinner.

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Yeah no, this con was not planned less than a month. That said, majority of mid-to-low-tier staffs are inexperienced with running conventions and they're still suffering through 'growing pain' to this day. Couple that with this con's already instilled 'party convention' mentality, ALA's gonna keep hurting until they're done.

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I doubt cutting costs was a reason, as no one got paid. They just got free badges and hotel reimbursement.
However, I agree that the dealers hall sucked. It's way too small for a con of this size and they need to get some industry booths. If Aniplex will vend at Chara-Expo which was a fraction of the size of this con, I'm willing to bet they'd vend at ALA. I know some companies got rejected, so it's not a matter of them turning it down. But it was literally the same booths of ali express itabags, figures and nendroids and plushies over and over again. No real variety.
I agree that it wasn't worth the price and they need to step it up if they're going to charge so much. Also the "no outside food and drink" rule is bullshit. I've never had any other convention center be like that. You'll still sell shit to people, but I'm still not going to buy overpriced food/drinks from your con center if you wont let me bring in my own.

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There's also a big problem with some staff having been there for years but never changing how they do shit. That and a major lack of professionalism.

Too many staff/volunteers show up ready to party and not ready to run an event. Then they get pissy when shit doesn't go right.

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Chara Expo was run by Bushiroad, company with WAAAY more bank than ALA. Also, ALA has very little industry connection and their overall attendee numbers don't warrant any industry attention.

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oh yeah definitely. Hell, some of these staffers talked mad shit about artist alley artists on their facebook last year when the tent fiasco was brought up.

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The amount of internal drama is insane, too. People straight up talking shit about each other all day long. Someone makes a decision they don't like? "Ugh that fucking bitch Britney, she always does this."

It's fucking exhausting. At least a few of those people were purged in the last three years.

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This con sounds like literal hell on earth.

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Part of that is because some of the remaining staff members came from 4chan cgl roots. From the sounds of it, looks like they never grew out of that phase.

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AX went to shit
ALA went to shit
Fanime went to shit
No AoD
No Krakencon

CA is a wasteland

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>ALA going to shit
What went wrong lads? I thought /cgl/ looks forward to this shit show every year.

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Hey guys! Catch me in the con security didnt check my knife lol

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How was it the cons fault? From what I heard from a friend that went, the car that caught on fire belonged to a staffer and her now ex-boyfriend started it, sounds like a bad break up that the guy couldn't get over.

I didn't go, but it sounds like this is the worst ALA ever. Ontario wouldn't let this con easily go, since its their huge annual money maker.

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That no food or drink policy was hot air. I walked in with a drink every time. I did hear they were strict on the artists tho.

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>majority of the post after the fire are ala staff
>mostly shitting on each other
Really makes you think

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ngl, the con wasn't as bad as people are saying

>attendees aren't reaallyy affected by the absolute retardation of the people that run the con
>lot of decent/great cosplays
>good amount of food places in the area (compared to AX and a few other cons)
>parking is easy (compared to AX)
>ribbons were cool
>fun events
>fun and good amount of meetups
>smaller con is easier to make friends and not as balls to the wall hectic as AX
>hotels are very close and walking distance to con
>the fire didn't burn down the hotels or kill anybody

>bad organization shows if you're there for a few days. food vendors in the con ran out of a lot of food on day 2/3, etc.
>con is small and it shows, artist alley is relatively small, exhibit hall doesn't have very diverse vendors, etc.
>schedule wasn't particularly packed, if you're more there for events instead of cosplaying/merch, you won't have much to do
>hotels were a little gross and dated
>ontario is a weird city. parts of it feel developed and modern, other parts feel stuck in the 80's and run-down.
>fire destroyed 7 cars and people had to leave the hotels at 2am
>you absolutely got pozzed if you were stupid enough to go to the ala orgy

tl;dr overall a fun con regardless of all the nonsense. if you're surprised by any of the drama that happens at a fucking anime convention you need to reevaluate your life lmao

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This is accurate.

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>ala orgy

explain further

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lonely weaboos host orgies every con
some anon in the last thread hosted this one i think

also a lot of different traps wanting to suck dick or people wanting to get their dick sucked by a trap

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Ontario is a city that is surrounded by industrial towns. Outside of the airport and Ontario Mills, its just warehouses and meth addicts.

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I remember Viz doing a small industry panel back at the LAX Marriott, maybe because it was a short distance to the airport.

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>TFW all the hotels jack their prices north of $200 a night during ALA thanks to that fire.

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Time to let it all out for good

>ALA 2019 Highlights
>ALA 2019 Regrets
>Plans for ALA 2020

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Nice. Fuck the weebs, get them out of my city

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>based skeletor winning cwf
>yaoi bingo was fun
>not dying in the fire

>not dying in the fire
>wanted to meet a few people but too autistic to talk to them

>more cosplays

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Are you the futaba that posted a pic of themselves here?

>> No.10078797

ya thats me

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I just got drunk in the hotel room with a couple of friends because we're too autistic to go somewhere.
And I need to lose the spaghetti and take more pictures

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How much money would it have taken to fuck you for an hour?

>> No.10078804

eh, wouldn't have done it for any money
i'm not too keen on fucking rando weebs and getting stds. sorry anon. a lot of traps itt that i'm sure would love to tho

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Reminder that Senpai Squad called the cops on their own party

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You say that now. Aren't you tired of being lonely?

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he's actually kinda cute though.... he'll be fine

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Lol what a bunch of losers. Senpai Squad more like Basedpai Squad

>> No.10078814

i appreciate it anon
i'm a girl(female) tho

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The not for money makes way more sense now

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Just be my girlfriend then

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no me

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I liked it but there was this dude in a blue dress constantly asking wtf I was doing when I did some drive by photoshoots. Fucking retard trying to get pics from my car dude

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> highlights
Tabletop was fun
e-gaming was an improvement compared to last year
didn't get as many photos I though I would
> plans

>> No.10078832

> weebs
> stds
Come on, son.

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Drank a lot
Got through the con without a badge
Hooked up with a trap

Whimper out with the trap
Sperged on a qt
Failed to talk to anyone

Not killing myself

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>ALA 2019 Highlights
Hanging with friends, drinking, and looking at cute cosplayers
>ALA 2019 Regrets
Not making new friends or talking to any cute girls
>Plans for ALA 2020
Cosplay more things and talk to more people

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I only feel this con had no business being 4 days, 3 days could have helped with these supposed logistical problems.

>> No.10078844


And who the fuck puts AMV contest on a Thursday? Despite all their tech fuck-ups this year (the guy running it didn't even test his fucking videos with tech before the contest, lmao) they barely had like, 300 people in there when it started.

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We're you taking pics of people from ur car wtf

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>ALA 2019 Highlights
Getting laid three times at the con, not at that STD riddled orgy
>ALA 2019 Regrets
Spent money at Okamoto Kitchen and taking two Lyft trips to and back to the hotel to see Modest Heroes
>Plans for ALA 2020
Not even sure. AX is a bigger priority right now for the time being. But making ribbons are definitely involved.

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Pics of said futaba?

>> No.10078860

damn I just had steak dinner there (yes, I'm well off and can afford it)

>> No.10078861

Lots of costhots/traps to eyeball fuck

No arcade games
Too nervous to talk to qt traps/other people to even make friends
No real cosplay
Fucking fence and TSA security checks

>> No.10078867

go on....

>> No.10078871

Not after fires they wouldn't, if anything crazy happens in any security field everyone works five times harder.

>> No.10078874

I vote Garden Grove, it's called Garbage Grove for a reason, it's the perfect place for a garbage con.

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didn't host any or go to any, so idk

>> No.10078879

sorry for rotation, i'm posting from my phone

>> No.10078880

>Call the cops on your own party
>Get your car towed
What an idiot.

>> No.10078881

>get hit up on dating app
>on sunday

Why did they wait till last minute?

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Is this real? That's fucking gross.

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I need another LA con ASAP

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>ALA 2019 Highlights
I got action from 3 traps.
Panels were fun.
>ALA 2019 Regrets
Not making friends
Not cosplaying
Not winning Yugioh tourney pass prize because too many people dropped
>Plans for ALA 2020
Cosplay and figure out how to talk to people.

>> No.10078886

Not a good excuse.

>> No.10078887


just wait until AX like the rest of us

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If your going to AX, you can stay in my hotel room close to the con for free that weekend to be my con gf.

>> No.10078891

Speaking of AX, what cosplay is going to be popular?

>> No.10078892

very tempting, but I already got friends i'm staying with, sorry anon

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will I see you at AX?

>> No.10078894

Bunny girl senpai

>> No.10078896

Anime Impulse next weekend in Pomona, anyone else going?

>> No.10078900

this is a good pro/con list. as someone who has been going since LAX hotel days, this was overall one of the best ALAs because social and shopping reasons. Can confirm as ex staffer that last minute staff firing is common practice. Got evacuated but other than that, had a blast, no pun intended. AA had a lot of quality artists, in both art and personality. Only benefit of Dealer Hall being the size it was helped keep aisles from getting as crowded as the AA. Tons of great cosplayers, lots of friendly people. Car arson was fucked up. Overall, mostly worried this might be the last Ontario ALA, but hoping for the best for 2020, if we all make it through 2019.

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>> No.10078917

I will be at AX
no guarantee you will see me

>> No.10078921

Do we have confirmation that it was a stalker involved?
I talked to some people near the area and heard that it was a bunch of drunks lighting fireworks.

>> No.10078922

fireworks don't melt through 7 cars

>> No.10078924

Why doesn't see block commentors like I do?

>> No.10078928

So you think it was an inside job?

>> No.10078935

I had a lot of fun despite only going to one panel. Got some stories to tell and got to hang with old friends. Met some new people on my first Denny's bar experience.
I completely let a chance to get a qt girl's number go. Accidently lit my car on fire.

Not sure when ill get another chance to go to ALA.

>> No.10078937

I thought that too but I didn't see how bad the damage was at the time. I mean, it's possible but you need a shitton of fireworks to do that kind of damage.

>> No.10078941


>The night manager told Eyewitness News that surveillance video he looked at showed a man walk up to the main vehicle, pour two cans of gasoline all over it and then he flicked a match on it. The manager said the match didn't start the fire, so the man in the video then pulled out his lighter to set the vehicle ablaze.

>> No.10078946

still wouldn't add up

video has a fuckton of fireworks lit INSIDE the car, and even though it was definitely cooked all the way through, it wasn't nearly as bad as some of the cars I saw in the parking lot. some of the cars I saw were literally torched black and barely recognizable at something that was once a car.

also >>10078941

>> No.10078949


Confirmed to be a stalker. Arsonist was Matt Toyotome. He is in custody.

>> No.10078951

I'm not disagreeing, it was just what I heard moments after it happened.

>> No.10078956

ALA had so many great moments this year. Meetups & discord peeps were homies, werewolf was chill, overall i had an amazing time.

However....no tall girls in lobby party so shit con fuck this garbage fucking conve

>> No.10078957

Anyone wanna be my con gf/qt trap friend for AX

>> No.10078959

I can tell who posted this. Lol

>> No.10078961

What's in it for me?

>> No.10078962

> two Saber cosplayers were goofing around
> big tittied Saber gets caught off guard when the other kissed her boob

>> No.10078966

Free hotel

>> No.10078967

Denny's had a qt brazillian waitress who had to have been 6'0"

>> No.10078970

Maybe. I'm not touching your dick unless you bring recent HIV test results.

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Keep going....

>> No.10078980

That, and they’re not ultra-corporate like Phoenix Comic Con is - they don’t need to worry about corporate branding after someone nearly lit up the place.

>> No.10078981

you laugh now, but when you realize that you'll never surpass kakarot you gon cry like a bitch

>> No.10078985

There’s always Wondercon, LACC, and SVCC. :^)

Real talk, though, I don’t know if SFCC is coming back.

>> No.10078993

Im crying

>> No.10079001

how do we know it was him? this is another instance of women crying rape with no proof.

>> No.10079004

>t. incel

>> No.10079005



Suspect identified and arrested.

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>mfw I encountered a slim attractive girl with BO

Kowalski, analysis.

>> No.10079022

Can I see pics of your futaba?

>> No.10079026

My dick could not be any more solid

>> No.10079028

I wonder if the guy was a platinum tier patreon supporter

>> No.10079030

i'll be the one to ask, have you hooked up with anyone at any cons?

>> No.10079032

Im going with some friends. No funds for cosplay this time around but i'll just be wearing my all might compression shirt. friends are cosplaying tho

>> No.10079037
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What are you even saying?

>> No.10079039

Now I'm scared to talk to grills for fear of being accused of rape. She wasn't even hot.

>> No.10079040

Matt is that you?

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>have to go to work tomorrow

>> No.10079043
File: 341 KB, 1365x2048, IMG_20190111_224741.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is some quality content right here!

Here's my cosplay this weekend!

>> No.10079045

>soliciting for free cuddles/sex
how do you fucking losers even live with yourselves

>> No.10079046

you have got to wax those nipples or something, man

>> No.10079049

posted it earlier in the thread
lmao thanks!

>> No.10079051

It's a parking lot on fire, anon. Maybe you need to go outside for some air and consider mass property damage as something other than base female drama on social media.

>> No.10079052

I was disappointed by this too. If they do allow 8 players per game over 6 sessions, they're only providing for 48 players per day. That is a very low number of players for the cost of developing the game. They should make it shorter (like 30 min), or multiple rooms of the same game running. I hope they see the popularity and improve it next year.

>> No.10079054

oops, switched back to my computer and forgot to put my name on

>> No.10079058

It's probably already been discussed, but I'm new to ALA. Anyone else bugged that it's not actually in Los Angeles city or county?

>> No.10079059

>on suspicion of arson

INNOCENT until proven guilty. We've seen this happen too often.

>> No.10079060

You got laid three times but took the time to go see normie films during the con lmao

>> No.10079063


Only one option left, kill yourself.

>> No.10079064

Those pepperoni nipples are the worse

>> No.10079065


Nah, hang the fuck.

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>> No.10079070

wow you sound like a bigot right now

>> No.10079072

aww how cute, you think you're so smart and 'woke'. Stay ignorant, incel

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>decide to fly out from east coast bc get told ALA is the best west coast con
>decide to book at the gateway hotel
>hotel literally falling apart
>wallpaper in the elevators is ripped off
>rooms' card scanners not working
>smashed windows in rooms
>garbage and trash lining the hallways
>ppl crowbaring rooms open and stealing shit
>alcohol bottles just thrown about the surronding area
>multiple cars literally exploding in parking lots

>> No.10079074

jeez, and i thought the Folk was rough
hopefully this is the last year ALA is in Ontario

>> No.10079077

I believe it use to be in the LA area years ago. It really should just be called Anime SoCal now. They don't want to call it Anime Ontario, because people will think it's a Canadian con.

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It used to be a Radisson and it was called the Ratchetson for a reason

>> No.10079080

might as well kys if you're gonna keep relying on anime cons

>> No.10079082

Whoever told you that prob told you that its sooo much better than AX. It's just the losers who go to cons for parties rather than for weebiness.

>> No.10079083

It was Anime LA because it was in LA county when Chaz ruled. Ala was supposed to end when Chaz stepped down but Alec took over and moved to Ontario because cheaper and more hotel space for scalability. It's just Anime LA for the brand name.

>> No.10079084

Oh hey, you were at Folk too? It smelled funny but it was okay.

>> No.10079088

Still wishing ALA just stayed at the old location, embraced its identity as party con, and went 18+.

>> No.10079089
File: 12 KB, 411x369, 1da.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This year was my first ALA, but it was great.

The highlight of the con was definitely the fire. I didn't expect the convention itself to have much content, but at least the convention center was pretty nice and they gave out free water. Dealer's hall was a joke. There was pretty much no reason to buy a badge at all.

Apparently there was a lot of drama but I'm disinterested enough and autistic enough to not be able to form quality bonds with people here to be involved in that drama. Parties were nice. Alcohol flowed freely.

God I wish I had a cute girlfriend to go to the con with though. If you're a cute girl and single and ready to mingle please apply to be my girlfriend at app.memes.moe

>> No.10079090

con should've really ended when chaz stepped down. Alec was a mistake.

>> No.10079091

uguu get back in the box

>> No.10079093

Reads like incoherent shitposting, but it does raise a question I have about the con: what happened with the staffing? I overhead from a staff member that 107 staff members were gone. That sounds really concerning when that fallout happens in a short amount of time.

>> No.10079097

My biggest regrets were not talking to the blame! Astolfo who was a qt and narancia, who was a qt.

>> No.10079098

As an ex-staffer as of last year, I can confirm there was a massive amount of staff resignations. As far as I know, dealers hall, artist alley and con ops was running on fumes.

Also fuck ala for not giving out comp badges after people dedicated 10 years of (free) service to this con.

>> No.10079099
File: 70 KB, 388x299, IMG_1547451564838.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10079100

Any hotel is better. The gateway only survives because of the convention center.

>> No.10079102

At least Alec doesn’t make me feel like I’m talking to a pedophile

>> No.10079106
File: 176 KB, 894x599, 1546739438479.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

American education, everyone.

>> No.10079107

ok racist

>> No.10079108

holy fuck, there's an anime convention in my hometown???

>> No.10079112

Not anymore.

>> No.10079116

he was literally caught on HD hotel cameras. stfu

>> No.10079118

what does this picture even mean? john oliver is from fucking england lmao

>> No.10079132

ala won’t die because the con center needs it. ontario convention center is a dead zone otherwise

>> No.10079135
File: 37 KB, 514x536, 6E8EB5D2-AEA3-45BC-8E93-4EBB3520D18B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So what other happenings happened at ALA this year?

>> No.10079139

I touched a trap pee pee, that happened

>> No.10079142

so do you like dicks now or are you still likely to say no homo?

>> No.10079143

Go on...

Found the virgin.

>> No.10079144

>ALA 2019 Highlights
.Met up with some old friends
.partied the nights i stayed
.found another artist from AA ill buy from frequently
.got the ribbons i wanted
>ALA 2019 Regrets
.didnt get that girls number
.didnt get that traps number
.could only stay for 3 days
>Plans for ALA 2020
.Residence inn and bring more food for grilling.
.more cosplays

>> No.10079149

> Highlights
I get to room again so I don't have to drive back and forth
Got some artbooks at a fair price. They obviously hiked up the price but it was still a better deal than what I found online
Didn't get to check out more panels
Didn't get to do a meme cosplay while it's still trending
Nothing at AA really caught my eye
> Plans
I have an idea for a cosplay and ribbon combo but I think it might be too complicated at my skill level
Want to get in AA

>> No.10079160

I mean, the arson is 100% a bullshit thing to pull on anyone and should never happen to anyone ever, but I'm trying to wrap my head around the fact that the GoFundMe for the main girl involved is 25k. How do you not have more than liability insurance on a 27k vehicle? I just expecting too much from weebs?

>> No.10079174

She just laughed as it came out of nowhere.

That was pretty much it.

>> No.10079178

>going with futaba-anon and not alibaba
for shame

>> No.10079179

>he actually stayed at the gateway

>> No.10079180

show us your ribbons, ya goober

>> No.10079181

Cute! I love couple cosplays. Prof. Burnet's make-up is really nice too. Good swoop.

>> No.10079184

Are you retarded? Even after blocking them more show up

>> No.10079186

I'm going to agree. sucks you lost your 27k but goddamn when a car costs that much you put comprehensive on it. my 3k beater I only have collision on but that's because the damn thing only cost me 3k. also asking for another 25k to assumably buy another car that costs that much without comprehensive again.

the other fundraiser i've seen they're only asking for a fraction of that, if only because they were smart enough to have comprehensive. even said if they went in excess it'd be donated to the other victims.

>> No.10079195

Honestly that’s my hot take, like if you have a car worth more than 5K you need comp and collision unless you have 35K in the bank to buy a new car.

>> No.10079199

moo is fucking gross. Don't lie

>> No.10079206

I'd fuck her, but I wouldn't ever consider dating her. She's not terrible for a random pump and dump.

>> No.10079211

Damn you look fuckin gross. Aren’t you like 35?

>> No.10079212

Tim Ho and Masa

>> No.10079298

I agree with this. No one should ever go through this arson bullshit, but 27k for a car is too much. I think she’s also getting additional money from her insurance. You can get a decent used car for 3-10k. I will never understand why people fall for buying new cars.

>> No.10079303

Because some dealerships do not offer a warranty for a used car. Some of them are sold as is, and if anything goes wrong, the customer is stuck with what they bought.

>> No.10079310

That isn't what insurance is, bud.

>> No.10079313

I also feel like it's kind of insane to expect around the same cost you put into the car. Everyone knows how hard they depreciate.
My worry with the whole thing is the other 6 drivers that we're dragged into this bull. Will they get a fair shot at getting funded? Because right now, this girl is the main topic and can totally take advantage of the situation if she wants to.

>> No.10079316

I'm surprised they would do this at their age, but then again they wouldn't set a car on fire over a girl.

...maybe Masa if you insult him on which is the best girl from One Piece.

>> No.10079333

Cons bring the crazy out of people
I’ve seen perfectly normal people vastly less fucked up than Is typical become total monsters. Yelling, making messes, destroying stuff/ punching walls
It has to be something about a hotel that says “fuck it we don’t live here let them clean it up”

>> No.10079337
File: 35 KB, 1000x500, animeimpulse-logo2-1000x500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone going to this on Saturday in Pomona?

>> No.10079345
File: 141 KB, 1024x685, 34A8D9A3-145D-47EA-BAE4-F6CF7DDEA5A0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10079379

>Have to go to work today in the rain
Fuck SoCal

>> No.10079380

Me and you know that there are better cosplay thots than this sack of junk.

>> No.10079389

Nope, just an obsessed stalker

>> No.10079391
File: 75 KB, 600x1080, makedavis.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Got to love idiots trying to take advantage of an active crime scene, like this guy (cosplay page is Mike Davis)

>> No.10079392

Most of the cars had nevada license plates too. Even if there weren't from out of state, man that is really shitty.

>> No.10079393
File: 546 KB, 1080x1039, ALA sat morning.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Scoring with a Kakashi cosplayer. Here is pic as proof. I know you bitches are jelly. :P

>> No.10079407
File: 367 KB, 1448x1125, EACD80EF-CB6B-469A-B7EF-D0F4B3516875.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What’s your swag and ribbon report, ALAfags?

81-83 so far, ribbon wise.

>An anime film from a studio from former Studio Ghibli animators is considered normie
Fucking how?

>> No.10079410

get out roleplayer

>> No.10079414

Do we know if the other cars belong to con-goers?

>> No.10079416
File: 73 KB, 1200x1600, FB_IMG_1547489472056.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hope this guy is going to enjoy real prison rape.

>> No.10079418

At least three are, the target and two others already have links for donations

>> No.10079431


>> No.10079438

I talked to one victim, at least one and I want to say 2 were rentals so the rental guy said he is whole since he had the insurance (and his credit card had insurance), so that isn't too bad. One other person only asked for 1K for a down payment , and up to 3K for a rental for a month which is very very reasonable.

>> No.10079452

I swear to god I literally saw this exact same picture last year. I know I've seen this same shitty post, but I don't remember when I saw it.

>> No.10079466

3k for a rental is a bit much. For a month from Costco you can get a car for $600 from LAX

>> No.10079491

Uh oh, what about the ones that are non-con goers? I'm sure they are going to look for a lawsuit against ALA.

>> No.10079497

If they can find a lawyer who advises them to chase after the con as being viable and not the crazy guy I'll eat my proverbial headdress

>> No.10079510
File: 132 KB, 1080x1920, FB_IMG_1547495349294.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Only $250,000

>> No.10079514
File: 13 KB, 311x309, 1543909121379.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Send money and care packages to this inmate

>> No.10079521


>> No.10079541


>> No.10079545

I only went to AX 2017, how has it gone to shit?

>> No.10079556

Every year, the shit show goes up in price with little in return.

>> No.10079566

We should send him pics of this thread and his dug up pictures

>> No.10079569

5'4 and 5'04 are different

>> No.10079571

>insert death note cosplay image here

>> No.10079572

No wonder she rejected his sorry ass

>> No.10079573
File: 61 KB, 636x511, you disgust me.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>having sex with naruto fans

>> No.10079574

AX went to shit the moment it moved to LA.

It was already going downhill post 2005, tho

>> No.10079579

kakashi is based tho

>> No.10079580

Jesus, my roommate's bail last year was nearly double that for lesser crimes than that.

>> No.10079604

Anyone going to Anime Impulse on Saturday and Sunday at the Pomona fairgrounds?

>> No.10079609

No you didn't. This is from a post several months ago. Gtfo virgin

>> No.10079610

Same.. At least the rain didn't start until after 5am

>> No.10079678

Does anyone know how much longer is their current contract at Ontario?

>> No.10079683
File: 84 KB, 625x621, huge mistake.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> quarter million dollars

>> No.10079684

Chaz is a pedo? Doesn't he have a wife and a good job being a computer science teacher or something like that?

>> No.10079686

Crowded more than ever, prices getting hiked up. It's a weeb version of SDCC at this point. AX18 might as well be a fire hazard. 17 was somewhat enjoyable.

>> No.10079687

That literal poorfag will never pay that bail in his lifetime. He may as well commit suicide in jail now.

>> No.10079690
File: 62 KB, 800x600, 49828867_1173886066113742_3128537131404754944_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10079697

IIRC it's up this year or next for resigning, dunno if it will be at the same place but honeslty this was my last ALA I feel

>> No.10079714

You clearly don't understand how bail works.

>> No.10079726

You know that bail is just a holding of funds/assets until court date/hearings are had then you have that money returned to you. Bail bond agencies usually lend the money at a fee to you, so if your bail was 250k they may charge you 2.5k + interest on that cash. If you don't show up or break their policies your ass is responsible for that whole shit

>> No.10079729
File: 50 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10079755

was it actually them or are you just trolling?

>> No.10079759

Honestly I can't see them losing the contract over the arson. That was an incredibly specific vendetta case that could have happened anywhere at any time, independent of the convention. The Senpai Squad party car accident and the other bullshit that went down in regards to that, however, is something I can definitely see fucking with rooming matters, as that was explicitly the fault of congoers getting drunk and acting out of control. There's also the matter of how many tensions there always seem to be with the Ratchetson, considering they are aggressively too incompetent and lazy to do anything with their hotel while expecting congoers to treat their shitbox like a 5-star mansion. I didn't hear any actual issues with the facilities housed in the Doubletree, so I see that hotel being more utilized in the future, if future ALA's are going to remain in Ontario. Other than that, this really isn't enough to completely can a con, considering how extremely specific and personal the worst offense was.

>> No.10079760
File: 168 KB, 640x531, 153C1648-5718-4909-ADD7-68DF34CB6538.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>a Studio Ponoc film consisting of animated shorts is considered normie

>> No.10079761

ALA isn't going anywhere, it is Ontario Convention Center's biggest money maker. Ontario will fight to keep ALA there until the con can't fit any more people and they HAVE to move to Anaheim.

>> No.10079765
File: 889 KB, 500x375, asuka.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

in the climate of school/public space shootings
>yes im going there
most management would want to avoid that kind of liability and risk.
not to be a bummer but security was incredibly lax and they'd be fucking insane to reknew whatever agreement they made.
>they have insurance
premiums yo

not a good look.

>> No.10079766

It was like 1K for down payment, 1K for a rental and the other was for assorted expenses (which isn't too bad)

>> No.10079769


>> No.10079774

>security was incredibly lax and they'd be fucking insane to reknew whatever agreement they made.
That's the fault of the hotels, as well as convention center security details not having power over every single piece of surrounding property. I'm not going to defend this degree of laziness at all, but just point the finger at the right asshole.

>> No.10079782

I'm just thankful they got a second security team on the north side.

Having to go all the way around back to the front entrance and stand in line if you so much as left for a north courtyard/rose garden shoot was absolute ass.

>> No.10079789

The dude in question wasn't associated with ALA outside being a ticket holder, the convention center was not damaged and the fire did not take place in it.Thinking they will lose the contract or some shit over this is silly, most con places like this require insurance and stuff for reasons such as this.

What is more likely to happen?
>more security in con center next year
>possibly sticter rules on shit in and around the con area
>stricter hotel rules and more security
>increase of ticket prices for additional staff
>more linecon next year

I just see ALA being no fun allowed next year in the amount of shit they let slide

>> No.10079795

What I'm afraid of is that will start happening to all cons. And it's just security theater, it won't prevent anything.

And one day, hopefully never, but it's quite possible there will be a mass shooting event at a convention. And there's no easier targets then a huge crowd of people conveniently all lined up waiting to get through security.

>> No.10079797

am i the only one who was surprised on how light the security was? all ppl had to do was have their bag checked for 1.5 seconds

>> No.10079803

Security like that is usually to deter most people, that's it. When you show a security checkpoint, anyone who isn't determined will be scared off.

>> No.10079805

There were a serious amount of complaints thrown at the administration last year because security was absolutely agonizingly slow, even at times when almost nobody was in line. This year I don't know anybody who was upset by it. I'd say that was an honest step up.

>> No.10079827

ALA is probably the largest con I tolerate. AX just kept growing so large and now is so large that the actual neat things are watered down to appease the masses more and more. It can't move because no other place can handle that amount of people, everything you want to buy is a stupid premium, outside some very specific guests getting in to the panels are just stand in lines: the con.

For the price of going to AX without a group to split costs for the hotel you could probably fly to japan get your weeb fix in and fly back. I know I've done it since in spring a lot of tix go on sale for ~500 bucks and capsule hotels are 20 a night, I can spend a little over a week there for the cost of 4 days at AX

>> No.10079834

>I only had liability insurance, so my insurance will not cover me and I got it for $27,000. It was a really good working 2015 Subaru Outback.

Confused by this right here. Unless she paid off cash right there and then most any car under a lease would require full coverage right? or did laws change recently

>> No.10079850


Security footage is out. Wish he would have lit himself on fire, too, fucker.

>> No.10079852

Probably got it financed paid it off, and decoded that it was too much of a hassle, so switched to liability.

>> No.10079858

is that you in the pic? if so you guys did great at CWF

>> No.10079864

Registration was quick but weapons check was ridiculously slow, at least on Saturday morning. They were spending about 2 minutes per person, when it should take 30 seconds max.

>> No.10079874
File: 1.36 MB, 1125x1454, 11454606-AB1D-4447-A9F4-FC48A52819D2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Back home from a long ass drive.

Final tally. 88 ribbons in total. Sweet Jesus Christ.

10/10 would bang.

>> No.10079881

She may have taken out a loan, not a lease. But in either case it is absolute insanity to not have liability on a $25,000 vehicle. Either she's an idiot or she's fibbing to the internet to rake in a whole bunch of cash.

Also, even if she paid $27,000 for a new or newer Subaru several years ago, that is not what the car is worth now. A quick googling puts that car at closer to $19-$22k. I felt bad for her and all of the victims, but this gofundme is fishy.

>> No.10079887

She did have liability, but liability doesn’t cover arson. Maybe should have looked at that while you were googling.

>> No.10079894

Sorry I meant "more than" liability. Without collision or comprehensive insurance you're basically assuming that the only thing that will ever happen to your car is that someone else will hit it and be at fault; you're SOL for no-fault accidents, you causing accidents, or shit like this. It's not a smart thing to do if your car is worth a lot of money.

>> No.10079902
File: 105 KB, 1920x1080, 1543338245933.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Remembering the cringe shit you did

>> No.10079904

So you’re talking about comprehensive, which in many cases still has picky exclusions. Insurance is not a magical solution for all shit.

>> No.10079905

Yeah I mean not trying to come off as victim blaming or anything but being able to afford a 27k car but doing like what 20 bucks a month on top your insurance for full coverage seems really out there. Shit situation all around just hope the go fund me is going to something actually useful.

Unless you did something that got you kicked out of the con or what not, no one is going to remember outside you and maybe like 2-3 people. Especially with car fire being the highlight thing this year

>> No.10079909

like trying to offer warming up a girl wearing skimpy cosplay who had evacuated from the azure due to the fire and who refused you straight up which you then proceeded to call her an up-tight bitch and storm off.

>> No.10079911
File: 366 KB, 326x464, 1536478337218.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Falling for the "ALA is good" meme

ALA has the cringiest crowd of any convention and offers nothing to offset it.

>> No.10079912
File: 411 KB, 1462x1462, 1491112328490.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Sang my ass off at Karaoke
>Got more ribbons than should be legally permissible
>Met up with my friends and hung out all con
>Got head at the Residence Inn
>Fucked at the DoubleTree
>Fucked AGAIN at my hotel
>Got to sperg out about Monster Hunter, Made in Abyss, and My Hero with a bunch of like-minded autistics
>Worst thing I did was dance a little too hard and get exhausted quickly because I'm out of shape

Boy if you didn't do enough fun things to outmatch whatever few cringe things you did, you're really assed out of a good con experience.

>> No.10079917

>And that's how I got herpes

>> No.10079918

No one will remember but that girl and you.
However you should feel bad for being a cringy ass incel

>> No.10079920

How do I guarantee that I see you?

>> No.10079921

>decide to fly out from east coast bc get told ALA is the best west coast con

ALA is a fun party con but for actual content it's mediocre at best. Sakura con mops the floor with what it has to provide compared to ALA.

>> No.10079923

Post your ribbons, pls.

>> No.10079925

I would, but my specific way of putting them together will out me, and I don't wanna implicate other people in the process. I got 192 by the end of the con though.

>> No.10079929

For you people that don't believe it was matt.


>> No.10079932

Nice long link, faggot

>> No.10079933

I'll be doing a yellow diamond cosplay with 3 others cosplaying the other 3 diamonds. We will almost certainly be the only group cosplaying all 4 diamonds and we'll probably be at the SU meetup, so you can see me there if you want.

>> No.10079934

Your welcome, you stupid cunt

>> No.10079935

Anon you are about 4 years too late. The last good ALA was in 2015.

>> No.10079937

How many other skinny manlet long haired asian dudes at the con?

>> No.10079939

what does this have to do with race?

>> No.10079948
File: 52 KB, 640x637, 1525806179762.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It begins. The rising has begun and the Chads that go to ALA for easy pussy will be driven from ALA by the oppressed.

>> No.10079951

>that feel when spent entire con flirting with girls and luring them away from their asian boyfriends or orbiters, and said guy started sweating buckets.

I am not even a Chad. But I did start getting /fit/ before AX 2018.

>> No.10079958

Implicate other people in what? They're just ribbons.

>> No.10079966

and a college age daughter

>> No.10079981


>> No.10079984


>> No.10079987

You seem like you're gonna burn some cars too m8

>> No.10079991

>that spelling
seriously, the word 'you' is only three letters, how do you get that wrong?

>> No.10079995


Video of the arson act

>> No.10079998

If only you had seen that it's already been posted twice.

>> No.10079999

did he not realize there are cameras? facemask, problem solved.

>> No.10080000

Don't recall doing any cringy shit other than give out ribbons in character

>> No.10080002


Can we please move this to Reno, Nevada?

>> No.10080003

It's his stupid hair. Not even his face. If he had gotten a haircut or hell, had a hat on, you wouldn't have easily identified him. Never mind the stalking thing.

>> No.10080006

He set a car on fire because a married chick wouldn't fuck him. Clearly he's not the brightest light on the string.

>> No.10080013

Arson, digging up old chan memes, same thing, right?

>> No.10080015

Were you the dancing black guy from that senpai squad party?

>> No.10080019

Nope. I'm white as fuck

>> No.10080028

Are they?

>> No.10080030

Fuck, the fire spread so quickly

>> No.10080032

> and then a trap blew me
Finish your stories at least, dude.

>> No.10080035
File: 204 KB, 1871x523, He is fucking your waifu as we speak.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just took this anons advice/admonishment and never looked back.

>> No.10080039

Yeah. Everyone knows a man's height= his worth.

>> No.10080041

>Tfw no trap blowies

>> No.10080045

please move this shit out of Ontario. It's bad enough seeing you fucks walking around our city dressed in the shittiest cosplays, but now you literally started a fire

>> No.10080046

please stop being autistic

>> No.10080047

A nostalgic throwback to when ALA was at the LAX Marriott:

>> No.10080050

Migrate here in case of autosage.

>> No.10080067


The gateway is messy. Fun to visit, not to stay

>> No.10080135
File: 74 KB, 563x470, CIStwits.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10080227

Move this shit back to "LA", preferably to Pasadena or Burbank.

>> No.10080249

Theres high definition footage of him basically looking right into a security camera and then walking over and setting a huge fire. Absolutely zero doubt.

>> No.10080284

Leo please no

>> No.10080299

Actually flying anywhere for a tiny shitty con in Ontario.

Holy crap people believe anything

>> No.10080345

The con's headquarters is in the OC.

You bet your ass when this con moves, they will move to Anaheim.

>> No.10080372

>ALA at the Anaheim Convention Center
Sounds kino. Could be like what AX was during its time there.

>> No.10080386

ALA having a permanent home in Anaheim would be a dream. Lets see if they get big enough to outgrow Ontario before the contract is done. The big tell is if they start capping ALA attendance again.

When that happens, expect to hear rumors about another move.

>> No.10080387

Yeah. It sucks that we brain farted in the last round but the blood stopped going to our heads. Nearly passed out as soon as it all ended and my throat is still trying to recover. It was our longest and most exhausting show, but also our best I think

>> No.10080439

> Pasadena
> implying that's a bad thing
Less driving for me

>> No.10080509

yeah you guys did really good
will you be at AX?

>> No.10080574

Ex-staffer, can confirm that the old comp policy (to staff you still paid for your weekend badge, but if you decide not to staff the next year you get your paid badge rolled over) ended and I had to pay full price at the door. This was after asking via the web form of the policy was still in place and not getting an answer.

>> No.10080681

idk, I like the Ontartio area because it's pretty isolated and semi-comfy.

The hotels are desperate enough for money they leave us alone most of the time. I assume if we move to ACC, the hotels will get more strict, and also hotel prices will be higher since Disney area.

>> No.10080696
File: 100 KB, 741x960, kaho shibuya.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My dudes, did any of you go to this?

Apparently tickets were $200

>> No.10080700

I didn't even know it was a thing. Too bad.

>> No.10080702

why do you people pay for this shit

>> No.10080711

I assume to lose their spahgets.

>> No.10080754

That's the plan! Maybe Fanime too

>> No.10080761

I want to know what the souvenir was

>> No.10080782

Eh, its kinda fun to blow money on a chick you normally blow a load to.
A polaroid signed by her, plus a couple of pictures and and an item of your choice autographed.

>> No.10080802

Oh if you went, did you see a really awkward small filipino guy there? It wasn't me, but tell me how he was acting.

>> No.10080805

ooo nice, i'm not going to fanime but i hope I see you guys at AX

>> No.10080913
File: 203 KB, 1536x2048, FB_IMG_1547649151676.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I say this every year .. but please stop damaging the hotel (Gateway). They liked their facade in the elevator - and they cannot replace it - and they couldn't have one elevator look different - so the Maintenance guy spent somewhere over 6 hours pulling all of it down today. The facade was damaged on Thursday for reference (was fine at 3pm checkin, and damaged when i returned), some one pulled/ripped a good section off. Furthermore, the housekeepers aren't paid if you don't let them in, they are sent home. Even if you never used housekeeping try to give them $1/person/day on the day you leave (because after you leave they do have to reset the room) if you can spare it. Lastly, we heard the manager make multiple calls today telling people they lost their damage deposit and some where charged over $200 more for damages. We are not a fun time for that hotel... just enjoy the con, and try to be less destructive. Since the Gateway will be a Marriott next year we can only hope they allow people to stay year after year and do such actions. This is more of a PSA, that any kind of acquisition - you can consider it nothing more that one persons ramblings not targeted at anyone specifically.

You cucks fucked it up now

>> No.10080920

Saturday or Sunday? apparently there was another group for sunday but I was in the Saturday group.

>> No.10080948

>Since the Gateway will be a Marriott next year
RIP any parties at that hotel next year

>> No.10080965

Fucker somehow didn't light himself on fire too. How does he get to be the lucky one?

>> No.10081012

You guys did great! This was the best AnnihiLAtion in a long while, best CAF since last Fanimania. Hope to see you guys at Fanime!

>> No.10081026

>implying that wallpaper wasn't already falling off before the con

>> No.10081044

>The former Rachetson, and now ghetto Gateway is turning into a Marriott.
Maybe it might be worth staying in once they spend some money on that place.

>> No.10081335

I think Saturday. Not sure. I didn't go.

>> No.10081358

There was a small maybe Filipino guy there, he didn't seem that awkward though, in fact he was buddies with kaho's booking agent.

>> No.10081387

Sounds like the one. Thanks anon.

>> No.10081435

>the Gateway will be a Marriott next year


>> No.10081503

The dude must be new, those wall paper shits in the elevators are meant to be rip and replace. They are made for luggage constantly bumping and scuffing it, like a table cloth on a table.

>so the Maintenance guy spent somewhere over 6 hours pulling all of it down today
Did you hire the fucking laziest mexican possible?

> Furthermore, the housekeepers aren't paid if you don't let them in, they are sent home.
No they aren't paid by room, no place does this. They may go home early but always something to do often most work slower.

>Even if you never used housekeeping try to give them $1/person/day on the day you leave (because after you leave they do have to reset the room) if you can spare it
Get the fuck out of here

>Lastly, we heard the manager make multiple calls today telling people they lost their damage deposit and some where charged over $200 more for damages. We are not a fun time for that hotel... j
Oh yes I am sure this is not fun for you because you just explained how you had to put up with a shit load of shit already, yet charging for obvious damages that get this, house cleaning MUST SPEND EXCESS TIME/OVERTIME REPAIRING, is heart breaking. Weren't they just going home earlier?

>This is more of a PSA, that any kind of acquisition - you can consider it nothing more that one persons ramblings not targeted at anyone specifically.
More like someones shitty bait that is looking for "muh feels", wanna know shit hotels? work on a beach front hotel during holidays/spring break

>> No.10081514

Also people don't give a fuck about the gateway because no one cares about it being a 1.5 star hotel charging 2-3 star hotel prices, even the motel 6 has better stuff and if the econo lodge had a shuttle it would get most the business.
The gateway
>constantly has issues with plumbing
>hot water is a lotto if you get it
>never working ice machines
>staff gives no shits about anything
>the interior is dated to shit, walls molding, floors uneven, electircal lines may or may not go to an outlet
>the "bar" is a fucking joke 5pm to 10pm! mama mia thats a good bar!
>prices are almost always cheaper in surrounding hotels, gateway just gets booked because the less shits if gives and main party scene
>gotta love walking outside to get to your room

>> No.10082328

>will be a marriott
Finally, that place is a rats nest.

>> No.10082602

So there was no gangbang involved? You paid 200 bucks to eat a meal with someone?