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Keep it /cgl/-related! Cosplay or J-fashion like Lolita/Brolita, Aristocrat, Nanchatte, etc.!


ITT you may post:
- Useful guides that can be applied to crossplaying/crossdressing
- Questions, help, sharing advice to improve your appearance to pass temporary as the opposite gender (Male -> Female, Female -> Male)
- pictures of crossplay/crossdressing coords, selfposts
- personal experience/stories regarding crossplay/crossdressing

NOT allowed:
- Anything in sexual context/fetish stuff
- Anything related to gender transition like hormones, operation etc.; >>>/lgbt/ might be the better place for this
- Casual crossdressing without any /cgl/-context

Link collection:


Contact for suggestions or contribution: [email protected]

Last thread >>9994866

Link to the Crossplay Discord: https://discord.gg/JXPvMe

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There's a brolita's post over here, he's adorable >>10076889

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I’m going to be attempting a gothic maid lolita cosplay for the first time and I was wondering if any of you guys knew of good places to get clothing for it and if theres anything I should avoid buying or wearing. I’m trying to be more of an elegant maid and less of a porn maid, a lot of things I’ve seen so far favor the latter.

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>gothic maid lolita cosplay

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Shutup cat its a good idea

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Dude, you're either putting together a lolita coord or doing a maid cosplay. "Lolita cosplay" is inherently ita, you can wear it if you want but you'll look like shit.

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>lolita cannot come in different styles

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Oh honey nooooooooo

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1. dont

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Fuck off newfag. This is why sissy gay men need to stay away from lolita

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1) don't use the word "cosplay" with it or you'll have a bunch of frilly salty bitches jumping down your throat.
2) There are a bunch of old-school-style dresses that look very "maidy", like pic.
3) MAKE sure if you don't want to end up in the hall of shame that your pieces are all high quality/ brand. The lace needs to be very high quality; if you see any netting in it, it will look terrible against the black of the dress. With these kinds of coords, I really like the classic black and white headdress like in the pic, but you could probably wear a black/ black and white bow and it would be fine. Make sure to include a petti! You can also add a white apron (also good quality, bodyline actually has some okay ones) for a more maidy look.

The biggest thing is quality, quality, quality, and a petticoat. If you don't do this and include anything "lolita" in the name while showing it off you will be shamed forever.

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me again, something I've been wanting to do if I could find this freaking dress or something like it, wear this with plain brown shows and lace socks and an apron. I think it would look so maidy and adorable!

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I can't imagine wearing lolita clothes, if someone wants to brawl with you or you need to run away your clothes will be your first obstacle

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Thanks for the advice I will definitely make sure to purchase quality clothing and these seem like very good guidelines. I appreciate your time and thought.
But Lolita adds fluff and fluff is basically armor.

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You're either doing lolita or cosplay. Not both. Lolita is a fashion, cosplay is a costume. There are lolita coords that use aprons, but don't call it lolita maid cosplay especially if you're trying to be more elegant on the lolita side.

You're probably looking for something like this:

There's also a black colorway, if you're lucky enough to find it second hand.

The other style you're probably looking for is oldschool, like what >>10077250 posted.

If you wear brand, don't wear cheapass shit. It will look tacky and ita. A reason why you wear a nice petti is to achieve the correct silhouette, like the left pic in the OP.

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Now imagine how women feel on a daily basis when men constantly harass them.

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No problem! Lacemarket, wunderwelt, and lolita desu are great places to find reduced priced authentic lolita dresses. I'd recommend avoiding the "brand" Bodyline for any dress, as these dresses are often cheap. Baby the Stars Shine Bright and Angelic Pretty are the "top" brands, but they also have very high prices. You might also find good pieces from Metamorphose and
Cornet (on second-hand sites).

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My biggest concern is going to the bathroom in one. Lolita outfits look like a pain in the ass, and as a crossplayer it'll be even worse at a con.

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ach, cons are free-thinking places. Just go in the women's room and you'll be fine

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Can i be a terf while still keeping a tranny trap as a sex slave? I dont wanna stop liking what I like because of my ideology.

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I disagree. What is nune themed lolita? So long as he isn't dressed as an actual character i think he's fine. And characters u cosplay as can be lolitas.

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Lace market, bodyline (be carefull with them). Second hand lolita is good.

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That dress is either Victorean maiden or Mary Magdeline and both brands are expensive as fuck

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Thank you so much! I really appreciate this.

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mary magdalene, claudette OP. This is for me, fuck the anon. I will get this and live my life as a lolita housekeeper

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Using a MM dress for a cosplay is not a bright idea.

Mana frowns at you.

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All lolita is cosplay. Y'all playin off rulebooks from the Victorian era. Pretentious bum ticklers.

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it wouldn't be a cosplay you elitist fuck, I'm not the original poster. Hopefully this is just bait, because you obviously cannot follow along

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Just FYI, the dress is not kind to the ribcage as the (unshirred) waist rides there. Just wanted to give you a heads up. If you can fit into a 66cm waist and find it thought, more power to you.

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WHY do so many MM pieces have to be unshirred are they TRYING to give me agita *kicks metal trash can*

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He didn't say maid themed lolita though, he said
>gothic maid lolita cosplay
Which is the epitome of ita trash.
>characters u cosplay as can be lolitas
>inb4 a plethora of ita anime characters are totes lolitas
Few characters are legitimate lolitas and I highly doubt anon knows any of them.

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Hey austimo does that amount of sperg generate tendie coupons?

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Lmao. The actual state of you "brolitas"
This is exactly why the lolita community does not like you. You either are ita messes or disgusting sissy fetishers.

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Back to crossplay related things.

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begone terf

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Im gonna fucking kill myself, meant to reply to >>10077290

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Gonna link back to what Iposted last thread because it was completely ignored.

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Does anyone have any experience with this fake tiddy? How soft/firm is it?

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The "chart" in your post was drawn by someone who doesn't understand bra sizes.

Buy a bra according to the measurements you get, obviously.

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(The anon from >>10078329)
I can't speak for the "whole torso vest" type, but the set I got are listed as made out of silicone, and they're honestly are far more fun to play with off of the chest than on, kinda like a softer stress relief ball. I'd say pretty close to the consistency of actual fat. Don't know how they compares to actual breasts, but they seemed to deform reasonably realisticly.
I figured that'd be the more reasonable answer, but they truly don't look like a G anything. Given the wide array of natural breast shapes it seems hard to believe you'd get perfect sizing from just the two circumfrences.

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Different bra manufacturers will shape their bras differently. Some have more depth, some have more surface area, etc. Generally speaking, breast forms are a pretty typical shape, and you shouldn't have much issue with your regular mid-priced bra.

There's no way for something to simply look "like a G" because it needs the number to mean anything at all.

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What I gather is that different manufacturers use different materials for filling. I've had some experience with a similar tiddy vest thing, but the breasts felt way too firm.
So if anyone knows anything about the one from eyung, I'd appreciate your thoughts.

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Many of them have the actual breast be completely hollow, where they're expecting you to fill it with your own forms. I don't know how the extra thickness of the vest would affect softness, but they give you some flexibility at least.

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The idea of "looking like a G" is in itself a flawed concept. The two measurements are a starting point and the wide variety of bra styles you see aren't all just for show, they also help take into account variations like root spacing, shallowness, full on top vs bottom, shape, etc. Many women also don't realise this and just keep wearing the wrong bra size and expecting their bra to be uncomfortable, which isn't helped when shop staff try to "fit" you into their size range rather than your actual size. For one thing, it's pretty hard to "aim for 38DD" when the 38 actually should refer to your underbust (+4" sizing for women is outdated unless you like a really loose band, but given that men tend to have broader ribcages you may want the looser band and possible wider cup spacing to help account for shape differences)

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Thanks for the insight, frankly womens clothes sizing is a complete mess and I'm astounded anyone would be able to find things that fit at all without disregarding it all together and just physically putting everything on first. Probably why womens clothes shopping is still popular to do in person.
This does leave a bit of a tight spot given I'm in no position to go out and try bras on, relying entirely on internet shopping. How does something like https://www.amazon.com/Bali-Womens-Comfort-Revolution-Wirefree/dp/B00AK7Q73M (of course this only sizes up to DD, so who knows what the right size is) do at functioning like a normal bra? I don't like the idea of wearing something with a wire embedded in it right on my chest, and shaping via harder cups isn't too much of a issue, because fake forms.

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Buying any bra that comes in sizes like small, med, large, etc is going to guarantee that it doesn't fit. Obviously this is less of an issue for you because they aren't real boobs, but this is basically a glorified sports bra and is going to flatten out your chest.

Buy something with an underwire.

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or perhaps new to something interesting and unsure of the terminology to use? you spiteful gatekeeping cunt.

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Aww, did the sissy get upset that a girl won't spoonfeed him?

>> No.10078589

Yeah shes mad

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Any reccomendations?
While looking (on amazon) there does seem to be a range of different properly lined wire free bras, frankly given that I'd be looking for something explicitely non-frilly and the choices become fewer fast past DD, I'm not having much in the way of luck.

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Get off of amazon and onto a site that specializes in undergarments. Jesus Christ.

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No. Use asos, they have a good returns policy. Why the fuck are you on Amazon for underwear already?
Also, most bras in the "large cup" range tend to be non moulded cup which is better for fit, but to get the support they need the underwire. Why are you so anti underwire anyway? A well-fitted underwired bra is not uncomfortable just because it has metal in it, ffs.

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I know literally nothing about womens clothes shopping, and amazon was readily available. Any reccomendations are appreciated.
Am apprehensive about the underwire because I hear nothing but complaints about them from women who have them, and I figured I didn't need to pigeonhole myself given I'm coming from this from a outsiders standpoint instead of having it thrust upon me in my tweens.
(reposting image from last thread) And in full honesty, I'm not sure if a bra is 100% nessissary, from a support standpoint. It would help immensely with covering the weird edge lip thing these forms have going on, but the forms aren't really that heavy and don't seem to move about too much when they're properly attached. Support may become more of a issue in longer wear sessions at most, but past that, a good bra for aesthetics under the eventual zentai would just be a bonus.

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And cis bitches take over the fashion for their own ddlg purposes. No one should like Lolita because all genders use it for their fetish aims, QED

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Most men go into it with all the wrong ideas and don't bother to do any actual research. Like despite posting on cgl, they spend zero time actually lurking the real lolita threads. They're just interested in fulfilling their stupid fantasy or fetish. The least we can do is tell them to stop calling it lolita or calling themselves brolitas. You're not a brolita until you can prove you're in it for the actual fashion and not some ulterior motive. Until then, you're just a very poorly dressed fetishist.

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who is the pic of in the op?

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Because they don’t want fatties and sissies in it, obviously.
I pretty much only wear MM because it’s small and expensive enough that I can generally avoid twinning with disgusting itas.

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As I said, most women haven't a clue about how comfortable a good fit is. They accept this idea that a bra shouldn't be comfortable and usually end up in too large a band/too small a cup size, so rely on the straps to hold up their boobs as opposed to the band supporting from below, or get the band/wires digging in because the cups are also too small. Abrathatfits on reddit probably has far too much information for the casual breast form wearer, but it does have good links to large cup stockists. As I said, I recommend asos due to their returns policy (send stuff back, no reason needed, and get a full refund) and also because they actually stock G cup bras. If you just want to cover the edge in a zentai, you may be okay with shapewear underneath to cover that edge.

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The plan is to get shapewear with a full back but exposed bust so I didn't have to worry about the shapewear squishing the forms, which while that looks like it'll do a good job of covering the forms outer sides, it'll do nothing for the bottom and especially the top areas, where the lip thing is most noticable. Might just go a bit harder ham on the top with the tape and leave it at that.
After going to abrathatfits, yeah far more info then I think I'll ever need, but it does help to show how complicated getting a decent fit is. There's a couple options on this asos site that look kinda promising, but it won't be for a long time until I'm in need of getting one, if I bother getting one at all.
There is the issue that the forms have nipple nubs that show through like a sore thumb through the t-shirt though, and people can get a bit hyper sensitive about that sort of thing. Might just use some duct tape on the under the zentai to cover them or something.

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In that case rather than open bust shapewear it might be worth looking for something more like a high neck shapewear swimsuit which should solve the issue

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I went looking, but was having a hard time finding much choice that was reputable and covered everything from the knees to the neck. This is the closest to what I was looking for, but I'm still worried that it's gonna be too much of a squeeze in the chest to make what volume I do have in the bust look decent.
Ultimately I'm probably just gonna stick to either exposed bust shapewear + a proper bra or just tape over the exposed form edges and not worry about it.

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Everyone already gave you good advice so I'll just say that you look good and that if you put enough effort and study into the fashion you will definitely reach good results. Good luck.

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For hair removal, I'm think about investing into one of the higher end epilator. For those who own one, what's your opinion on them? Does it replace waxing?

>> No.10081749

I have a high pain tolerance, it feels like a hot knife on your skin and really damn hurts badly

>> No.10081822

It hurts at first, but not too bad after your leg goes numb. I have a high pain tolerance though. Used to tweeze my hair strand by strand, and had laser removal without any issues.

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Anyone just know any good online shops for clothing, kinda in a shopping mood rn

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