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Keep it /cgl/-related! Cosplay or J-fashion like Lolita/Brolita, Aristocrat, Nanchatte, etc.!


ITT you may post:
- Useful guides that can be applied to crossplaying/crossdressing
- Questions, help, sharing advice to improve your appearance to pass temporary as the opposite gender (Male -> Female, Female -> Male)
- pictures of crossplay/crossdressing coords, selfposts
- personal experience/stories regarding crossplay/crossdressing

NOT allowed:
- Anything in sexual context/fetish stuff
- Anything related to gender transition like hormones, operation etc.; >>>/lgbt/ might be the better place for this
- Casual crossdressing without any /cgl/-context

Link collection:


Contact for suggestions or contribution: [email protected]

Last thread >>9994866

Link to the Crossplay Discord: https://discord.gg/JXPvMe

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There's a brolita's post over here, he's adorable >>10076889

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I’m going to be attempting a gothic maid lolita cosplay for the first time and I was wondering if any of you guys knew of good places to get clothing for it and if theres anything I should avoid buying or wearing. I’m trying to be more of an elegant maid and less of a porn maid, a lot of things I’ve seen so far favor the latter.

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>gothic maid lolita cosplay

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Shutup cat its a good idea

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Dude, you're either putting together a lolita coord or doing a maid cosplay. "Lolita cosplay" is inherently ita, you can wear it if you want but you'll look like shit.

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>lolita cannot come in different styles

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Oh honey nooooooooo

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1. dont

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Fuck off newfag. This is why sissy gay men need to stay away from lolita

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1) don't use the word "cosplay" with it or you'll have a bunch of frilly salty bitches jumping down your throat.
2) There are a bunch of old-school-style dresses that look very "maidy", like pic.
3) MAKE sure if you don't want to end up in the hall of shame that your pieces are all high quality/ brand. The lace needs to be very high quality; if you see any netting in it, it will look terrible against the black of the dress. With these kinds of coords, I really like the classic black and white headdress like in the pic, but you could probably wear a black/ black and white bow and it would be fine. Make sure to include a petti! You can also add a white apron (also good quality, bodyline actually has some okay ones) for a more maidy look.

The biggest thing is quality, quality, quality, and a petticoat. If you don't do this and include anything "lolita" in the name while showing it off you will be shamed forever.

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me again, something I've been wanting to do if I could find this freaking dress or something like it, wear this with plain brown shows and lace socks and an apron. I think it would look so maidy and adorable!

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I can't imagine wearing lolita clothes, if someone wants to brawl with you or you need to run away your clothes will be your first obstacle

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Thanks for the advice I will definitely make sure to purchase quality clothing and these seem like very good guidelines. I appreciate your time and thought.
But Lolita adds fluff and fluff is basically armor.

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You're either doing lolita or cosplay. Not both. Lolita is a fashion, cosplay is a costume. There are lolita coords that use aprons, but don't call it lolita maid cosplay especially if you're trying to be more elegant on the lolita side.

You're probably looking for something like this:

There's also a black colorway, if you're lucky enough to find it second hand.

The other style you're probably looking for is oldschool, like what >>10077250 posted.

If you wear brand, don't wear cheapass shit. It will look tacky and ita. A reason why you wear a nice petti is to achieve the correct silhouette, like the left pic in the OP.

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Now imagine how women feel on a daily basis when men constantly harass them.

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No problem! Lacemarket, wunderwelt, and lolita desu are great places to find reduced priced authentic lolita dresses. I'd recommend avoiding the "brand" Bodyline for any dress, as these dresses are often cheap. Baby the Stars Shine Bright and Angelic Pretty are the "top" brands, but they also have very high prices. You might also find good pieces from Metamorphose and
Cornet (on second-hand sites).

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My biggest concern is going to the bathroom in one. Lolita outfits look like a pain in the ass, and as a crossplayer it'll be even worse at a con.

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ach, cons are free-thinking places. Just go in the women's room and you'll be fine

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Can i be a terf while still keeping a tranny trap as a sex slave? I dont wanna stop liking what I like because of my ideology.

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I disagree. What is nune themed lolita? So long as he isn't dressed as an actual character i think he's fine. And characters u cosplay as can be lolitas.

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Lace market, bodyline (be carefull with them). Second hand lolita is good.

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That dress is either Victorean maiden or Mary Magdeline and both brands are expensive as fuck

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Thank you so much! I really appreciate this.

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mary magdalene, claudette OP. This is for me, fuck the anon. I will get this and live my life as a lolita housekeeper

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Using a MM dress for a cosplay is not a bright idea.

Mana frowns at you.

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All lolita is cosplay. Y'all playin off rulebooks from the Victorian era. Pretentious bum ticklers.

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it wouldn't be a cosplay you elitist fuck, I'm not the original poster. Hopefully this is just bait, because you obviously cannot follow along

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Just FYI, the dress is not kind to the ribcage as the (unshirred) waist rides there. Just wanted to give you a heads up. If you can fit into a 66cm waist and find it thought, more power to you.

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WHY do so many MM pieces have to be unshirred are they TRYING to give me agita *kicks metal trash can*

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He didn't say maid themed lolita though, he said
>gothic maid lolita cosplay
Which is the epitome of ita trash.
>characters u cosplay as can be lolitas
>inb4 a plethora of ita anime characters are totes lolitas
Few characters are legitimate lolitas and I highly doubt anon knows any of them.

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Hey austimo does that amount of sperg generate tendie coupons?

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Lmao. The actual state of you "brolitas"
This is exactly why the lolita community does not like you. You either are ita messes or disgusting sissy fetishers.

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Back to crossplay related things.

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begone terf

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Im gonna fucking kill myself, meant to reply to >>10077290

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Gonna link back to what Iposted last thread because it was completely ignored.

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Does anyone have any experience with this fake tiddy? How soft/firm is it?

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The "chart" in your post was drawn by someone who doesn't understand bra sizes.

Buy a bra according to the measurements you get, obviously.

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(The anon from >>10078329)
I can't speak for the "whole torso vest" type, but the set I got are listed as made out of silicone, and they're honestly are far more fun to play with off of the chest than on, kinda like a softer stress relief ball. I'd say pretty close to the consistency of actual fat. Don't know how they compares to actual breasts, but they seemed to deform reasonably realisticly.
I figured that'd be the more reasonable answer, but they truly don't look like a G anything. Given the wide array of natural breast shapes it seems hard to believe you'd get perfect sizing from just the two circumfrences.

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Different bra manufacturers will shape their bras differently. Some have more depth, some have more surface area, etc. Generally speaking, breast forms are a pretty typical shape, and you shouldn't have much issue with your regular mid-priced bra.

There's no way for something to simply look "like a G" because it needs the number to mean anything at all.

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What I gather is that different manufacturers use different materials for filling. I've had some experience with a similar tiddy vest thing, but the breasts felt way too firm.
So if anyone knows anything about the one from eyung, I'd appreciate your thoughts.

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Many of them have the actual breast be completely hollow, where they're expecting you to fill it with your own forms. I don't know how the extra thickness of the vest would affect softness, but they give you some flexibility at least.

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The idea of "looking like a G" is in itself a flawed concept. The two measurements are a starting point and the wide variety of bra styles you see aren't all just for show, they also help take into account variations like root spacing, shallowness, full on top vs bottom, shape, etc. Many women also don't realise this and just keep wearing the wrong bra size and expecting their bra to be uncomfortable, which isn't helped when shop staff try to "fit" you into their size range rather than your actual size. For one thing, it's pretty hard to "aim for 38DD" when the 38 actually should refer to your underbust (+4" sizing for women is outdated unless you like a really loose band, but given that men tend to have broader ribcages you may want the looser band and possible wider cup spacing to help account for shape differences)

>> No.10078491

Thanks for the insight, frankly womens clothes sizing is a complete mess and I'm astounded anyone would be able to find things that fit at all without disregarding it all together and just physically putting everything on first. Probably why womens clothes shopping is still popular to do in person.
This does leave a bit of a tight spot given I'm in no position to go out and try bras on, relying entirely on internet shopping. How does something like https://www.amazon.com/Bali-Womens-Comfort-Revolution-Wirefree/dp/B00AK7Q73M (of course this only sizes up to DD, so who knows what the right size is) do at functioning like a normal bra? I don't like the idea of wearing something with a wire embedded in it right on my chest, and shaping via harder cups isn't too much of a issue, because fake forms.

>> No.10078554

Buying any bra that comes in sizes like small, med, large, etc is going to guarantee that it doesn't fit. Obviously this is less of an issue for you because they aren't real boobs, but this is basically a glorified sports bra and is going to flatten out your chest.

Buy something with an underwire.

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or perhaps new to something interesting and unsure of the terminology to use? you spiteful gatekeeping cunt.

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Aww, did the sissy get upset that a girl won't spoonfeed him?

>> No.10078589

Yeah shes mad

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Any reccomendations?
While looking (on amazon) there does seem to be a range of different properly lined wire free bras, frankly given that I'd be looking for something explicitely non-frilly and the choices become fewer fast past DD, I'm not having much in the way of luck.

>> No.10078616

Get off of amazon and onto a site that specializes in undergarments. Jesus Christ.

>> No.10078625

No. Use asos, they have a good returns policy. Why the fuck are you on Amazon for underwear already?
Also, most bras in the "large cup" range tend to be non moulded cup which is better for fit, but to get the support they need the underwire. Why are you so anti underwire anyway? A well-fitted underwired bra is not uncomfortable just because it has metal in it, ffs.

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I know literally nothing about womens clothes shopping, and amazon was readily available. Any reccomendations are appreciated.
Am apprehensive about the underwire because I hear nothing but complaints about them from women who have them, and I figured I didn't need to pigeonhole myself given I'm coming from this from a outsiders standpoint instead of having it thrust upon me in my tweens.
(reposting image from last thread) And in full honesty, I'm not sure if a bra is 100% nessissary, from a support standpoint. It would help immensely with covering the weird edge lip thing these forms have going on, but the forms aren't really that heavy and don't seem to move about too much when they're properly attached. Support may become more of a issue in longer wear sessions at most, but past that, a good bra for aesthetics under the eventual zentai would just be a bonus.

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And cis bitches take over the fashion for their own ddlg purposes. No one should like Lolita because all genders use it for their fetish aims, QED

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Most men go into it with all the wrong ideas and don't bother to do any actual research. Like despite posting on cgl, they spend zero time actually lurking the real lolita threads. They're just interested in fulfilling their stupid fantasy or fetish. The least we can do is tell them to stop calling it lolita or calling themselves brolitas. You're not a brolita until you can prove you're in it for the actual fashion and not some ulterior motive. Until then, you're just a very poorly dressed fetishist.

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who is the pic of in the op?

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Because they don’t want fatties and sissies in it, obviously.
I pretty much only wear MM because it’s small and expensive enough that I can generally avoid twinning with disgusting itas.

>> No.10080486

As I said, most women haven't a clue about how comfortable a good fit is. They accept this idea that a bra shouldn't be comfortable and usually end up in too large a band/too small a cup size, so rely on the straps to hold up their boobs as opposed to the band supporting from below, or get the band/wires digging in because the cups are also too small. Abrathatfits on reddit probably has far too much information for the casual breast form wearer, but it does have good links to large cup stockists. As I said, I recommend asos due to their returns policy (send stuff back, no reason needed, and get a full refund) and also because they actually stock G cup bras. If you just want to cover the edge in a zentai, you may be okay with shapewear underneath to cover that edge.

>> No.10080542

The plan is to get shapewear with a full back but exposed bust so I didn't have to worry about the shapewear squishing the forms, which while that looks like it'll do a good job of covering the forms outer sides, it'll do nothing for the bottom and especially the top areas, where the lip thing is most noticable. Might just go a bit harder ham on the top with the tape and leave it at that.
After going to abrathatfits, yeah far more info then I think I'll ever need, but it does help to show how complicated getting a decent fit is. There's a couple options on this asos site that look kinda promising, but it won't be for a long time until I'm in need of getting one, if I bother getting one at all.
There is the issue that the forms have nipple nubs that show through like a sore thumb through the t-shirt though, and people can get a bit hyper sensitive about that sort of thing. Might just use some duct tape on the under the zentai to cover them or something.

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In that case rather than open bust shapewear it might be worth looking for something more like a high neck shapewear swimsuit which should solve the issue

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I went looking, but was having a hard time finding much choice that was reputable and covered everything from the knees to the neck. This is the closest to what I was looking for, but I'm still worried that it's gonna be too much of a squeeze in the chest to make what volume I do have in the bust look decent.
Ultimately I'm probably just gonna stick to either exposed bust shapewear + a proper bra or just tape over the exposed form edges and not worry about it.

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Everyone already gave you good advice so I'll just say that you look good and that if you put enough effort and study into the fashion you will definitely reach good results. Good luck.

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For hair removal, I'm think about investing into one of the higher end epilator. For those who own one, what's your opinion on them? Does it replace waxing?

>> No.10081749

I have a high pain tolerance, it feels like a hot knife on your skin and really damn hurts badly

>> No.10081822

It hurts at first, but not too bad after your leg goes numb. I have a high pain tolerance though. Used to tweeze my hair strand by strand, and had laser removal without any issues.

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Anyone just know any good online shops for clothing, kinda in a shopping mood rn

>> No.10085693

What are you looking to buy?

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is 5'6 a good height for crossplay? is there any good costumes for this height? was honestly thinking about just doing 9s cosplay instead of straight crossplay first.

>> No.10086988

Thats a perfect height and well within female range, perfectly suited to crossplay.

>> No.10087365

just clothes and cosplay looking for anything really

>> No.10087429

Any makeup guides ?

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Suck my labia you shitty ass janny.

This is going to happen every fucking time I see you nuking shit. Delete properly and I stop.

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i have some

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Buy something nice for yourself, then. Get some good Japanese fashion and support those stores.

Also, brands like Listen Flavor are great since you can wear a few things crossdressing or not.

>> No.10089776

hurts like hell, but its worth the pain
take a short hot bath before, long enough for hair to get loose but short enough that skin doesnt, it will make it way easier
also, the first time you use it, shave with a razor 24-36 hours before, you really do NOT want to use an epilator on long body hair, the shorter it is the easier
also do not expect for it to let you 100% free of hair as a razor would, its more like 90% hair free per use, so , youll need to epilate at least 2 times (with at least 36 hours in between of rest) to see "full results"

>> No.10089780

Depends where you live
For a 1rst world country yes, that is a pretty good size
for a small 3rd world country, thats the limit, any taller and it would be too tall, i am also 5' 6'' and i look tiny in comparation to my male american cousins (and on par with my female cousins) but i am fucking masive compared with girls of my country

>> No.10089814


Height really only matters if you take photos with other shorter people, when it's just you alone in the photos there's no scale for other people to guess how tall you are. And even in group photos you have the option of doing forced perspective so that the shorter people are closer to the camera and look bigger.

Though I guess going to conventions would be a mixed bucket, you never really know if other nerds are going to be skeeved out by some tall girly person.

Better question to ask is whether you have the proportionate figure to suit your character, and whether you can find/make a decent enough costume for your size.

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What are your thoughts on muscular but really lean men crossplaying? like, a body youd expect from a bishounen or a fujoshit male.

Like, I wonder if the shirtless rightmost guy would look good in a felix outfit.

Seriously look at those fucking shoulders/deltoids, they are literally popping out youd think he was on gear or something.

I mean, I guess it beats out "average" bodied men by a country mile, and its not too imposing.

>> No.10089857

Ive been slimming down quite a bit recently. im at 180 and used to be +250 many many years ago, i wouldnt do something like geurdo link anytime soon. im a soft boy and kept a plush rump, could probably pull off a more covered crossplay soon. thinking that homura would be fun and because most of the body and face will be covered, might back down and just do 9s to play it safe. being only three inches taller than him is nice. its great that my clothes are getting looser to the point i need new belts but i really want to get down to 160 or so before i commit. i miss jogging outdoors, but i really should go to the gym in the meanwhile.

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I'm not into cosplay at all, I'm just looking for an easy outfit to wear for an event in a couple weeks. Not looking to hand make anything, preferably a full set I can just order off the internet. What's a good go-to? I figured Sailor Moon would have a ton of options


then I would just need shoes and a wig (and nair)
5'7" 130lbs so I can fit into most outfits and I have a girl doing my makeup. is this my best bet? I don't even know of any anime girls to google for outfits

>> No.10093027 [DELETED] 

lel, the female cgl mafia needs to quit being so racist against men interested in the fashion. Seeing "sissies" lurking behind every tree is pure delusion - those freaks are real, but not exactly the chan demographic.

>> No.10093029

lel, the female cgl mafia needs to quit being so racist against men interested in lolita fashion. Seeing "sissies" lurking behind every tree is pure delusion - those freaks are real, but not exactly the chan demographic.

Remember, a man invented the term EGL.

>> No.10093052

The correct term would be "sexist", anon, but yes, this is true.

>> No.10093058

>inb4 b-but he doesn't count, because he's different!

>> No.10093112

Why you lie

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Besides my mom and gf helping dress me up as Sailor Moon for Halloween a couple of times I have no experience with crossplay. I want to crossplay as Nagato from Kancolle or Mako Mankanshoku but I'm not sure how short is too short for the skirts.

Is it worth the time to learn to do make up?

>> No.10093493

Lie about what?

>> No.10093524

Probably at being a healthy weight. 4chan (cgl less so) is inundated with fatties.

>> No.10094058

>Is it worth the time to learn to do make up?
i am just starting to learn, my girlfriend promised to teach me saying "yeah if i can do make up for myself i can make it for you"
needless to say, she was a disaster, it looked terrible
so i went into the internet and searched for guides and tutorials
and i can say that even my half assed atempts as a noob gave quite good results, and that being that i only have put a few weeks of work into it
i made my Stereotipical Jew nose (wich is my worst facction) to look like an almost normal nose on my 3rd attempt and i still have a lot to learn

so, yes, it is worth the time

if you know nothing about makeup its really anoying that if you ask here people will just say "just look for tutorials" without getting a real answer, but make up is something so diferent to what one is normaly used to do that there is no easy explanation, and there are almost no good tutorials for MtF crossplay makeup (but there is a ton for padding and other things), and the few ones are buried under piles of shitty ones and tutorials for FtM crossplay that any search engine will force as the first results

also, its not like one can say to you "just get some base, primer and etc and watch this tutorial", you need the one for each thing that fits your skincolor and type, and youll need to go search what does every thing is for, wich variants are, the benefits of each oneand how to chose the one best for you (just for the base it took me almost 8 hours of work to find the rigth one and yet i dont think is a 100% perfect match)

the best tip i have been given is , look to any normal girl makeup, investigate what every thing that was used was for, then search for some trans or drag makeup tutorial for every single part and compare it to the normal way and practice it until you find the perfect point inbetween for you

>> No.10094100

107.1 lbs
Would crossplay but UK sucks and no point going outside in this dull and boring place

>> No.10094328

Wow it seems like make up is a much bigger deal than I thought. I just avoided because it seems so intimidating. Thanks for such an in depth post anon, I'm going to use it as starting point for make up.

>> No.10094935

So, from what I see it seems that if you want a decent looking cosplay you're going to have to make it yourself. Am i right or is there some hidden website that sells really nice stuff that i just haven't found?

>> No.10099223

The current invite link listed on the OP is currently dead. Here's a new one: https://discord.gg/29R6uy

>> No.10099623

what is the point of this post

>> No.10100501

Telling people they're a skeleton and think it's good for cross play when in reality they're probably skinny fat af and can't get hips

>> No.10101450
File: 64 KB, 600x525, Yui_scared_profile.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Imagine being this upset over someone wearing clothes

>> No.10101745

A poor attempt at asking for inspo.

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Saving the thread from death

>> No.10106739

low quality bait

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not the poster but how do i get rid of skinny fat and get hips?

>> No.10108945

For optimal body fat there's just diet and exercise. The hips is mostly a bone structure issue, so you're out of luck unless you want to invest in some padding.

>> No.10109098

Is there a specific type of underwear I can by to prevent swinging. I like to wear loose, flower skirts and...yeah. Things can be made quite obvious.

>> No.10109120

Get a dance belt

>> No.10109981

You may be interested in this video:

Also, a quick bit of investigation shows that the specific link from that page might just be a reseller of "eyung" or "roanyer" stuff, so you may get a better deal from one of them.

>> No.10110084

Even the Lolita Bible was made by a man, you retarded cunt. Nobody has to prove shit to a random bitch.

>> No.10110086

Contouring depends on the shape of your face so for anyone thinking of following this, make sure you figure out your face shape first.

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>comparing yourself to Mana
>being this delusional

>> No.10110130

Im not surprised you are that dense, but I am not comparing myself to anyone. Im stating facts: You bitches are delusional and completely irrelevant.

>> No.10110135

If we're so irrelevant, why are you getting so mad? :^) Typically when someone is irrelevant you ignore them, but you're clearly looking for validation and are upset because no one is willing to bend over backwards to accept you.

>> No.10110346

I see, I have to explain things slowly since you have some sort of disability:

I am simply pointing it out, since you dont know your place.

>> No.10110347

>is trans
ok pal

>> No.10110354

There are many sorts of disabilities, you should know, since you obviously have several.

Besides that. Who the fuck said I am trans, you mentally ill bitch?

>> No.10110355

>a man coming in to a fashion style made by women for women
>"y-you don't know your place!!"
Serious question, are you retarded?

>> No.10110360

You clearly are retarded. There are no frills and dresses comming out of your vagina, at least I guess. But I am not going to assume.

Its just a piece of fabric, you are incredible dumb. You dont know your place because you are a petty and sad imbecile that thinks she has any say in how people should wear, and that is up to her to decide who is "a fetishist" or not. Its pathetic.

>> No.10110362

Okay, AGP then

>> No.10110364

Accelerated Graphics Port

>> No.10110366

Nope, Ambulatory Glucose Profile

>> No.10110369

>autogynephiles in denial

>> No.10110371

Wow, you are such a filthy cunt.

>> No.10110374

Dontchuknow that entitled hags have the copyright of dresses and vitorian fashion? WOMYN JUST MADE IT, WE VAGINA FARTED IT ALL, WHY DO YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT ABOUT SEX? YOU FETISHIST >:(?

>> No.10110378
File: 1009 KB, 498x279, B73CDCC5-0DB4-4C8A-9F28-CABFB94B0E8B.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10110381
File: 491 KB, 400x190, kyary.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Thinking that lolita was solely made for and by woman
> Having the nerve to call someone else retarded.

>> No.10110387

Not at all, just being accurate ;)

>> No.10111116

Wow you are such a fucking idiot

>> No.10111316

are you out of your mind? he/she (idk) is in the right

>> No.10111321

Ofc it is out of its mind, its the same dumb bitch.

>> No.10111333

I have a weird question.

Do you guys tell you are male? (I am asking for the ones that people cant usually tell)

I have no problem with that, but I dont have a lot of patience with the trap hype, and how people act like brain-dead retards about it.

At the same time, I also dont like when people just assume I am female either.

>> No.10111428

Implying woman arent into it for fetish reasons, it's all just attention whoring.

>> No.10111529

I dont see lolita as attention whoring desu (cosplay tho, its cancer nowadays, ironically, thanks to women and the fetishist that feed them). Anyway, you are all giving to much attention to the ugly troll. Dont sink to her level, there are better and more important things to talk about.

>> No.10111530

they turned that word into "desu"? how shitty

>> No.10111537

Imagine defending creeps in Lolita

>> No.10111832

>You, an poorly dressed retarded faggot walking into a lolita comm
"Know your place, women!"

>> No.10112049

I don’t think your man shoulders will fit. Do you realise how small it is? >>10110354

Okay sissy

>> No.10112085

I’m doing a crossdressing cosplay for the first time tomorrow and need to either shave my leg hair or cover it somehow. Any tips? I’m cosplaying Nico from Love Live. This is also my first time cosplaying in general.

>> No.10112088

Forgot to mention it’s also the first convention I’ve ever been to

>> No.10112098

why is this needy whore still here tho

>> No.10112099
File: 10 KB, 225x224, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10112105

What a noob.

Exfoliate > Shave > Moisturizer. Dry skin is ugly a hell.

>> No.10112129 [DELETED] 

I'm just reading through this thread, and wow. This is exactly why men aren't accepted in J-fashion like Lolita. For every 10 good female Lolitas, there are maybe 3 dd/lg itas who get buttblasted when anyone rightfully points out they look like shit and/or are fetishistic embarrassments. However, it's the other way around with "brolitas".

For every 1 non-disgusting, non-sissy, non-AGP brolita who actually looks decent, is respectful and wants to learn, there are 10 hideous sissies who push their gross fetishes onto the fashion, use photos of Lolitas for their TF fetish stories without consent, slide into underage girl's DMs under the guise of "learning about Lolita", talk about wanting to do "gothic lolita maid cosplay", and call Lolitas who actually know how to dress and how this fashion works "cunts", "TERFs", "bitches", "hags", "attention whores", etc who "don't know their place" for not bending over backwards for them, or for just being brutally honest (which we are to other female Lolitas, too).

You are not Mana or Novala, and those two would be disgusted to be associated with you. We don't owe you shit. You are creepy, entitled, ogre-like men who don't get that this alt fashion was made for women. It's meant to suit our bodies, 99% of the designers are women, and it's made with a decidedly female gaze in mind. But since you've been raised to think you're never truly in the wrong and women always need to coddle you like they're your servants who "know their place" (I'm still surprised and amused at this blatant admission to male entitlement), you will stay delusional and throw tantrums whenever anyone dares to tell you you're wrong about something. And this is why you get thrown out of comms.

>> No.10112147
File: 643 KB, 817x1226, brolita.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok hold up lets be fair and post bad and good male lolita comparisons so we know what to do and not to do.

>> No.10112189
File: 85 KB, 564x805, 7c63cd2c37cd2bce820b2da1781bcdef.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>know what to do and not to do.
Cmon anon, it's not >that< hard. And the rage here is not entirely aimed at looks, but moreso about general attitude some guys approach the fashion and it's community with.

You're supposed to:
>learn the appropriate lolita terminus
>learn the basics of the fashion in general and how to roughly distinct each substyle
>figure out how to flatter your own bodytype
>learn not to settle with the cheapest shit you see first on amazon, aliexpress or some costumestore advertizing their "goth loli maid look"
>learn to use basic make-up to flatter your face and soften proportions

and more generally:
>learn that everything has a time and place. Many people might have fetishes or things they fantasize about, but just because they have them, doesn't mean they're supposed to publicly show them off. Just be a decent human being and learn what is socially acceptable and what not (and when)

And to be quite honest, the latter point is not really lolita exclusive, but something ideally every human being should learn during the early stages of life. But I'm not surprised that it's not the case here. Cosplay or lolita fashion are likewise hobbies that draw a lot of attention of people that are elsewhere considered outcasts or socially awkward to various degrees.

If you need examples of what not to do, strictly about lolita fashion speaking, just look into the ita threads. You will be surprised how many guys and individuals you'd consider guys judging by their looks there are. People that just settle for the cheapest tacky dress they can find online, people that completely miss the mark regarding basic lolita aesthetic or silhouette, people that are lazy about their looks and don't even consider styling their wigs or care using 2-3 make-up tips to polish up their looks. In the end the majority of these just smell of laziness.


>> No.10112191

No it fucking wasn't and a 2 sec google search would show you. Way to prove OP's point.

>> No.10112192

I'm not a lolita, and I've never really understood the disdain lolitas have for most men getting into the fashion, but seeing this thread and some others over the last little while, I kind of understand. Lolita seems a space to celebrate and feel confident and beautiful in femininity without a need for men whatsoever, and then guys who are apparently "trying to learn about the fashion" come in and treat women like this? In what world is it okay to call women cunts and bitches? Especially when you're coming onto THEIR turf and trying to be accepted? Yall need to reevaluate yourselves because that's gross and you deserve what's coming to you.

>> No.10112194

Anon I get your point and I agree, but this is 4chan. None of these sissies would dare to say this irl.

>> No.10112199
File: 81 KB, 800x1200, 1460463048854.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



And to get to the point of the previous discussion:
What this anon >>10077197 did was just the same, showing off his laziness, that he doesn't bother to care about looking up the right terminus, that "gothic maid lolita cosplay" will more than likely rub experienced lolitas the wrong way. And assuming that people will help him out with his request to get spoonfed while showing such an attitude is just delusional.

And exactly that is basically the core problem many lolitas on this board and outside have with guys that want to go into the fashion. Coming in all uninformed, showing no genuine effort on their own and expecting to get everything handed over on a silver platter. That's neither how it works in lolita or cosplay, nor how it works in life. You're just coming off as an idiot like this.

Or to put it into an analogy:
Imagine running to a car enthusiasts club and telling the people there you want to buy one of those nice racing cars with four wheels and 8 holes in the engine, and expecting them to tell you right away how to do that and where to buy the things.

The enthusiasts might understand what you are trying to say and what you want, but you're nevertheless still coming off as an idiot who happened to see nice racing cars in a car magazine during their dentist appointment. You will probably just getting told to get out of their place and inform yourself first before you expect them to help you out.

And that's pretty much the same what anon did here.

If you show that your interest is genuine, if people see that you are putting in actual effort into your hobby and that you're not having ill intentions and not showing off your entitlement (or in lolita context more often called "male entitlement"), then people will be more than likely open to help you out with your problems and lend you a hand.

>> No.10112212

>cis bitches take over the fashion
Cis women were always in the absolute majority and it was meant for us in the first place. What are you smoking?

>> No.10112223

I honestly don't get it. How can you put so much effort into looking as female as possible but if an actual women gives you advice or points out mistakes, you resort to calling them bitches, whores, terfs or whatever other fucking ad hominems and treat them like shit?

>> No.10112280

All the women = bitch thing is getting way out of hand.

If you go anywhere and start to say shit, you are obviously going to be called out for that, and you might hear what you wouldnt like too.

Dont play the victim, its not going to work.

>> No.10112283
File: 51 KB, 500x375, female-201.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Sureee ...

>> No.10112286

This is not what happened, at all.

>> No.10112288

Where did they say shit? One anon said lolita is not cosplay, another complained about men not doing enough research and the other made fun of the idiots who proved the previous anon right.

>> No.10112290

>still seething

>> No.10112291

Im not talking about that. Im saying that you cant go around and call people fetishists, sissies and faggots and play the victim once you get called a cunt, or something like that.

I wouldnt play that card.

>> No.10112297

Just stay away from the weebs.

>> No.10112318

>>10077250 calls lolitas who don't want to associate the word cosplay with lolita "salty bitches". No one called them a faggot, sissy or fetishist.

>>10077364 called out the same thing and says lolitas in anime are often portrayed incorrectly, which is right. Gets called a sperg and autist in >>10077430

Mentions what I said in the previous post and that men have to show their interest in the fashion to not get labeled as fetishist, which is true (if you like it or not). She called no one a faggot, tranny or called all brolitas fetishist but still gets called retarded cunt and bitch.

>>10110097 makes fun of the idiot who states that it's a fact that Mana created the GLB, didn't namecall him in the whole exchange. Still gets called a retarded, mentally ill bitch who has to "know her place". Only then he gets called AGP, sissy and idiot by other anons.

The only post where your "victim card" argument would be accurate is >>10078116

>> No.10112323

I'm saying that they wouldn't have the spine to say that, let alone to their local comm who would kick them in a heartbeat. Not because I'm a musclewoman who would beat them or some shit, idek what you're trying to make fun of.

>> No.10112335

> No one called them a faggot, sissy or fetishist.

Yes they did, is all over the thread, and that why the person was called anything in the first place, and you are doing exact the same.

You shoudnt really be that offended that you are being called a dumb bitch. You are.

>> No.10112337

They are literally replying to gratuitous slurs. I dont think they should be the ones kicked.

>> No.10112349
File: 157 KB, 454x408, 1550325366067.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Once again, obnoxious homosexuals and sexual deviants ruin crossplay again.

>> No.10112355

>Yes they did,
Where? The two I didn't quote didn't get any replies.

>is all over the thread,

>and that why the person was called anything in the first place
Which one are you talking about? Are you aware that there are several women in this thread?

>and you are doing exact the same.

>You shoudnt really be that offended that you are being called a dumb bitch. You are.
Good job at confirming >>10112129 and >>10112192

>> No.10112399 [DELETED] 

Somehow, other women can take criticism and snarky advice without calling everyone cunts and whores who need to "know their place". But brolitas can't.

Sounds like men are trash to me. Disgusting aggression, and then blubbering "dOn'T pLaY tHe ViCtiM!!1" when anyone calls it what it is.

>> No.10112401

Im sorry, but I am not buying that. If someone treated me the way they were treated I wouldnt react that differently, and I am not (and never was) a male.

>> No.10112411 [DELETED] 

That's you. Maybe you just have more in common with entitled men than seagulls (or women in general)
Look at /cgl/ as a whole. We are brutal to each other, but when we fuck up with stupid posts like declaring our desire to do "goth lolita maid cosplay", we don't double down and become disgustingly vitriolic. We take the L and fuck off. Those that don't do that are laughed out of the thread until they graciously stop posting.

In this thread, multiple men doubled down, defended each other, and outright proclaimed that actual, experienced practitioners of this fashion, need to know their place. As if they aren't the outsiders trying to squeeze their way in with a shitty, entitled attitude. And now, people like you are defending them, as if they weren't in the wrong.

This is directed to any angry posters who were called sissies:
If you can't handle being called a "sissy", fetishist or AGP by women when you behave like one, and it's to the point that it literally sends you into an entitled sperg rage, don't post on /cgl/. We have had too many examples of just those people messing things up for us, so it's ridiculous to expect us to give every male with questionable tendencies the benefit of the doubt. Think about why you were called those things, and resolve to do better and prove yourself.
If that's too much, stay off /cgl/ and post on an FB group about Lolita where the handful of women who actually bother to reply will be nice to you, even if they think you look disgusting. Also, don't check ita threads, because one of those nice girls may just post your kawaii desu gothic lolita maid cosplay that you absolutely refused concrit on, since we're just dumb bitches and cunts who don't know our place, but also need to help you get into Lolita because reasons.

>> No.10112423

It's no use and you're preaching to deaf ears. They think they get called sissies or AGPs because women are hysteric and overreacting. They would rather defend any man than listining to and admiting they're wrong to one woman and we both know why. Let them go on, it's not our problem, I just feel bad for the sane brolitas who just genuinely love the fashion and want to improve.

>> No.10112425
File: 111 KB, 500x500, pan on head retarded.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Thread goes from crossplay discussion and suggestions to two girls arguing with eachother in a male thread

>> No.10112434

It's been a fun read. I'm shaking my head at both sides, as a lolita that's seen plenty of threads derailed over nitpicks and stupid arguments/drama, too.

>> No.10112437

I dont think that anyone was defending the " "goth lolita maid cosplay".

Multiple people pointed out the fact that a anon was calling male lolitas fetishists, sissies and I dont know what else, and that is really not their place to do so.

That the person was, in fact, being the one acting like a entitled moron.

Besides that, they are behaving like "sissies, AGP and fetishists" just because they are not being nice to someone that wasnt nice in the first place, and just came spewing offenses?

I dont think that this is what lolita is about, and I also dont think is what being female is about.

>> No.10112464

What if the Japanese view white weeb girls into their fashion the same way the "muh sissies brigade" looks on crossdressers?

Really makes you think.

>> No.10112473

The point is, if you come into a fashion that is a majority female and is meant to look as feminine as possible... you should probably do some fucking research on your own and not get upset when someone tries to spoonfeed you a little by telling you not to call it "gothic lolita maid cosplay" bullshit. Nevermind sissies, your attitude isn't accepted anywhere in any community if you're going to be like that.

Actually the Japanese love it, if you spent any amount of time looking at the fashion and stopped being a retarded troll.

>> No.10112475

I do lol

>> No.10112476

That was probably not even the same person. Its time to let it go, creep. For all I know you are not even a lolita, you are just a stupid troll that is making women look bad.

>> No.10112478 [DELETED] 

They don't, they just make fun of the fatties like we are and openly admire our best dressed lolitas on twitter and instagram.

>> No.10112480

They don't, they just make fun of the fatties like we are and openly admire our best dressed lolitas on twitter and instagram. White lolitas also aren't known for creeping on minors or getting off of wearing our fashion.

>> No.10112486

>creeping on minors or getting off of wearing our fashion.
Has an actual "sissy" even been spotted in the wild in connection with lolita, or it this mythical beast just the product of imagination and hysteria? I suspect the latter.

The Japanese are pretty reserved about their xenophobia too, and tend to have a public face and a private one. I believe many of them do indeed accept appropriation of their fashion - but some are probably as bad as the sissy patrol with men in their opinions of white women.

>> No.10112523

This is just baiting at this point. Yes, it has, several times for years, it's well talked about, documented and you would know if you'd actually be in the fashion. I'm not sure why you're so eager to discredit those experiences.

>> No.10112617
File: 96 KB, 796x588, 1534643931851.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there any kind of crossdressing cosplay that a guy can wear without putting too much effort in, like maybe something that doesn't reveal any skin at all, or even maybe just something a guy can wear as a joke "low-effort crossplay" type of thing?

>> No.10112619

seifuku is the usual low effort go-to, just buy one for a fatty chan and wear some tights if you dont want it to be revealing.

>> No.10112625

>in a male thread
Hate to be that person, but I am a female cosplayer who crossplays males. Crossdressing threads for both

>> No.10112844 [DELETED] 

0/10. Fuck off, male interloper.

>> No.10112936

This thread is about crossdressing. Are you an FTM cd? Any relevant content to add other than whining? If not, take your own advice x10.

>> No.10112940

first rule of interacting in a lolita community is to quietly take crit without defending yourself and getting nasty. ego gets you nowhere when you're still a basic student.
learn some respect and humility.
I've been in lolita for 4.5yrs and my first 2 years was full of ita disasters that got posted. I took the crit and worked hard because I love this fashion. I have the exact opposite body type from the average Japanese woman but I put in the work and found my way, without being a disrespectful ass.
come on now.

>> No.10112944

>wearing lolita makes you a weeb
You're not even a lolita, got it.
Also no, even on 2chan's cgl they don't shit talk us and they hate male creeps too. Sorry to ruin your fantasy.

>> No.10112945

I'm a sometime /pol/itician, so old habits die hard. Women who out themselves over there usually get shit like topless requests, so I shouldn't complain. It's hard to have respect for a nasty person like >>10112844 but everyone else is cool.

As a crossdressing hobbyist, actual sissies have always disgusted me with the stupid shiny pink, million square dance petticoat, quasi-gimpsuit abominations they parade around in. I have yet to see any of those...things post on 4chan.

>> No.10112949 [DELETED] 

>accuses women of "hysteria" for recounting experiences we all know and recognize
>calls others nasty
This is why you get told to fuck off.

>> No.10112954

>I have yet to see any of those...things post on 4chan.
They are posted in pretty much every second ita, cof or comm thread and sometimes they very badly defend themselves. Please just lurk more or cut it out with the "hurr sissies are not real" if you have no idea what you're talking about. It's a serious and very consistent problem for the lolita community AND for brolitas whose reputation get tarnished thanks to them.

>> No.10113086

> Not an idiot, so must be male

The sexism ...

>> No.10113089

You are slow. Everyone said at least ten times that they were not defending the noobs, they were calling out a bitch because she was calling brolitas AGP.

>> No.10113092

> I am woman, you should be nice to me even if I am being completly foul. Otherwise you are saying women all over the world are suffering from hysteria, kay?

>> No.10113102

If you have the right look, anything can be easy. I dont know much about make up and I am quite satisfied with how I look in simple cosplays.

But if you look too masculine, you will probably have to put on more effort.

>> No.10113115

>they were calling out a bitch because she was calling brolitas AGP.
Where? There's only 1 conversation itt where brolitas didn't start with the namecalling.

>> No.10113205

Is it necessary to wear a padded bra when wearing lolita? I feel like it looks weird when some brolitas are completely flat-chested, but I don’t want my chest to look fake or fetishy either.

>> No.10113208

Not 100% necessary but if you are going for a womanly look, having at least some visible breast mounds under your clothing will go a long way.

>> No.10113215

It depends on how things are cut. A lot of AP and some MM looks better with a bit of padding because their princess seams tend to be pretty curvy. But most of the other brands cut their bodices straight enough that you can get away with being flat-chested.

FWIW I never pad and nobody's complained about it yet.

>> No.10113253 [DELETED] 


>> No.10113278 [DELETED] 
File: 37 KB, 640x480, oniisama misaki.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Being a male here feels makes me feel like Nanako in Oniisama e. Mean!

>> No.10113282
File: 37 KB, 640x480, oniisama misaki.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Being a male here feels makes me feel like Nanako in Oniisama e. How mean!

>> No.10113623

Not necessary and it depends on the cut of the dress. Some dresses will look weird if you don't fill out the bust a little. Otherwise, a lot of lolitas will be jealous of your flat chest. You can see that some of the best brolitas don't wear any padding at all.

>> No.10113862
File: 8 KB, 299x168, 426.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> seething

>> No.10113864

You are probably right, since the chicks being mean look as busted as the girl that tried to bully Nanako at the start of the series. Even in anon, they just seem very dirty and disgusting.

>> No.10113866

Flat is justice.

I know that some dresses "ask" for something at the chest area, but most just dont. You just have to pick the right one for you, so it will suit you naturally.

>> No.10113974 [DELETED] 

At least we're not gross men walking around in shitty maid cosplay and calling it Lolita.

>> No.10114056

I see you are very offended by the truth. Its okay, I would be too, I am happy Im not you.

Are you still insisting in the "maid lolita noob" thing?

Nobody gives a shit about that person, you stupid cunt lol

>> No.10114076

Oh no, you poor poor bullied man in a dress uwu How dare these rosties prefer not to have creeps in their fashion!

>I am happy Im not you
>literally whole thread is about men trying as hard as possible to look like women
lol okay

>> No.10114113

Do you really think that they want to be "you" just because they like to wear lolita fashion?

Its funny that someone so unattractive is so full of herself.

>> No.10114117

Do you enjoy having to go through so much work just to look remotely feminine?

>Its funny that someone so unattractive is so full of herself.
This isn't facebook, you have no idea what I look like lmao. But whatever helps you sleep at night.

>> No.10114124

Of course this is not facebook, you wouldnt dare to say such things showing your little, ugly, deformed face.

I dont really have to put work into it desu. But I am sure such a barbaric troll has to do a lot to look at least less disgusting while wearing lolita (if you even know how to).

Is that why you are such a foul being? Nothing is going to change, sorry lol

>> No.10114138

>Do you enjoy having to go through so much work just to look remotely feminine?
Hate to break the news to you, but Asian men can look more feminine than the typical white woman without even trying. Seeing a Chinese brolita would probably cause your head to explode.

>> No.10114143

Im not trying to shade women, or men, or anyone, but she does sound like she is fugly and she knows it.

>> No.10114158
File: 79 KB, 477x477, 1529057365922-477x477.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>continues to treat it like facebook
Dare to say what? That I don't like creeps and sissies?

>hurr I bet you're ugly
>hurr I bet you're ugly
>hurr I bet you're ugly
Go on, maybe you'll find some more synonyms to make you feel better. But this time, at least try not to sound like some kind of cringy rp character.

>I dont really have to put work into it desu.
Sure I bet that beard, manface and linebaker bodyshape automatically disappears in seconds.

>> No.10114162

Because this website is full of asians right. And no, I disagree. The average asian looks like a man too.

>> No.10114188
File: 9 KB, 300x168, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> still seething

>> No.10114192

> u dont kno that me ugly in real laifu, kay, you big bearded meanie, i bet you have the body of a linebacker

Omg, how salty.

>> No.10114194

>When you're out of arguments or rational replies but still want to have the last word, so you resort to some more childish name calling
Idk what I expected

>> No.10114196
File: 42 KB, 259x224, 0b2ea3afe18855ea493293df2a4a53a0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I see they really struck a nerve.

>> No.10114205

This is actually what you are doing, creep.

>> No.10114209

Is she really expecting to be taken seriously?

>> No.10114213

I'm not out of arguments, neither I am avoiding answers or calling you creep for not liking creeps.

Why don't you ask her herself instead of third personing?

>> No.10114219
File: 48 KB, 401x600, ladybeard-401x600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

more like

>> No.10114225

> Actually third personing

Is that you "argument"? Im sorry I am being insensitive to your mental retardation. Do you really think you are saying anything valid lol?

>> No.10114227

I would tap dat

>> No.10114233

Still better than the bitch-anon

>> No.10114244

Ain't no use repeating myself if all you want to do is spit as many ad hominems as possible in one sentence. Why are you acting this offended and defensive over someone saying that male sissies and creeps exist and aren't wanted in lolita?

>everyone who disagrees with me is the same person!

>> No.10114248

Sexual deviates leave lolita fashion and go be disgusting perverts in /soc/

>> No.10114251

You do have a way to twist things, no wonder, its all you have going for you, since you are not very bright.

Nobody is "offended" because fetishists exist, they exist, in both genders. People where just answering a rude anon (probably you) because she was being extremely disgusting for no reason.

>> No.10114258

The whole point was that an idiot was calling male lolitas fetishists, tho?

>> No.10114301

This is a blue board, please don't fetishist lolita.

>> No.10114315

I'm >>10112944 and said none of that, yet still you somehow fell into your namecalling meltdown. Again, not everyone who disagrees with you is the same person. Even "bitch-chan" originally replied to the one who said sissies in lolita are a myth and tried to deny it like his life depends on it, which of course is suspicious.
Besides that, >>10078116 is the only one who even called you fetishist and that's not even the anon you replied to.

>> No.10114374

The amount of creeps that try to join lolita is insane.

>> No.10114383

If you are >>10112944 , you dont really have to answer to their comment refering to someone that is actually resorting to a childish namecalling meltdown.

>> No.10114568
File: 181 KB, 767x1024, yohio.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This guy is a fucking Swede that went to Japan and became a loli rockstar. That fact must be like dividing by zero in the mind of the naysayers in this thread.

>> No.10114669

No one said guys can't be lolitas. Keep up.

>> No.10114675

Lmao, that picture is him at the age of just 16. Nowadays he would never pass for a girl, no matter how hard he tried,
So no, you won't look like this as a dude, unless you're underage and 40kg.

>> No.10114678

Thats pretty impressive, hes good with makeup.

>> No.10114815

It's not that guys can't and shouldn't be lolitas. It's that they should be doing it for the right reasons (a true love for the fashion) and have respect for the women who layed down the foundations of the community. It's not that fucking hard.

>> No.10114843 [DELETED] 
File: 129 KB, 1080x1350, y27576431_546878905680800_3772216389633310720_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Nowadays he would never pass for a girl, no matter how hard he tried
Is that even the point? Mana was till modeling dresses in GLB way into "old age" (haha) and def not trying to pass ("b..but that's different"). Yohio is still looking pretty good in the present day - not the linebacker gorilla men are supposed to magically morph into after 16.

>> No.10114853
File: 129 KB, 1080x1350, y27576431_546878905680800_3772216389633310720_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Nowadays he would never pass for a girl, no matter how hard he tried
Is that even the point? Mana was still modeling dresses in GLB way into "old age" (haha) and def not trying to pass ("b..but that's different"). Yohio is still looking pretty good in the present day - not the linebacker gorilla men are supposed to magically morph into after 16.

>> No.10114878
File: 153 KB, 500x741, tumblr_m7lovlwYBU1r9pu6wo1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10115248 [DELETED] 

>more projection
You will never be a cute girl, and you will always be a dirty, ugly man.

>> No.10115253 [DELETED] 

Yeah, but you're not a 16 year old Swedish twink or an Asian visual kei musician with immortal aging genetics and a naturally feminine build.
Face the truth.

>> No.10115388 [DELETED] 


It looks like he actually studied the fashion and cares about it instead of seeing MM on a milanoo pic and going 'I want to be a maid loli uwu uwu owo'

>> No.10116057 [DELETED] 

>Yeah, but you're not a 16 year old Swedish twink
That's a present day pic of Yohio, and he didn't mutate into a hulk of a "dirty, ugly man" all these years past 16.

I wouldn't be surprised if the nasties in this thread are more Pixyteri than lolita princess in appearance too.

>> No.10116065

>Yeah, but you're not a 16 year old Swedish twink
That's a present day pic of Yohio in >>10114853
, and he didn't mutate into a hulk of a "dirty, ugly man" all these years past 16.

I wouldn't be surprised if the few nasties in this thread are more Pixyteri than lolita princess in appearance too.

>> No.10116087

For that he sure dresses like shit in the 3 lolita pics that exist of him. In two of the 3 pictures he's wearing costumes, not good lolita. I know the difference is hard to see for a crossdresser with 0 knowledge about lolita but a high interest in shitposting.

>> No.10116597

Especially if you call it "loli rockstar"

>> No.10116746 [DELETED] 
File: 20 KB, 337x450, 1350200662906.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This gets weaker and weaker the more you cope.
In the pic you linked, he's no longer crossdressing, most likely because he's grown into more masculine features, and he knows trying to keep up >>10114878 would make him look like a hon if he tried. In the first place, he's wearing Milanoo-tier shit and not actual Lolita in the images you posted, but I can't expect a crossdresser/sissy who just wants to be an "uguu goth loli maid" to actually know the difference. It's all the same to you, because you're not here for fashion, but to fulfill your gross sexual fantasies. You reveal this more and more with each post.

You can pretend we're all PT if you want, but even PT looked better in Lolita than the average man ever could. End of story.

>> No.10116891

I would say that's a fair enough term. It's been pointed out that outfit does not comply with cgl fashion police standard - no shit, it's the stage clothes of a jrock star, hence the bling or whatever. I know Mana is superior in this respect as a stage musician (i.e. old MM videos), but that's expected. The irony of "loli" was meant to trigger as well.

Still obsessed with "sissies" and maids...sigh, that was one fucking poster and an effective troll if he triggered you that badly. Why project your own perverse outlook on others? Don't you know that a near equal number of women are into "gross sexual fantasies" like ageplay and adult baby shit? I see endless web stories with shit like grown women in diapers sleeping in cribs in that lifestyle - you could have female ageplayers in your midst, but would never acknowledge this in your misandry.

>> No.10116896 [DELETED] 
File: 41 KB, 600x800, adult baby.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For example.

>> No.10116898 [DELETED] 
File: 41 KB, 600x800, adult baby.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For example, this female sissy. Imagine that, women can be sissies as well yet they get a pass.

>> No.10116899

I miss our queen so much.

>I-I was only pretending to be retarded!!
You can't even call him a "loli rockstar" if he barely wears "loli" with his costumes.
> Don't you know that a near equal number of women are into "gross sexual fantasies" like ageplay and adult baby shit?
Keep moving goalposts and proving how little experience you have. Idk what you get out of this, it's just embarassing. If you want to help brolitas and crossdressers, you should stop with this and actually post something on-topic.

>> No.10116901
File: 40 KB, 634x523, article-2246506-1679FE85000005DC-847_634x523.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For example, this female sissy. Imagine that, women can be sissies as well yet they get a pass.

>> No.10116907

>you should stop with this and actually post something on-topic
The hysterical "muh sissies" poster keeps polluting this thread with man hating. I'm only responding to that, but perhaps it would be better to ignore that troll as responding to her nonsense only breeds more.

>> No.10116950

Anna House has an extended size range for many pieces if the Japanese brands are too small, without being bodyline. Getting into brolita, I have an AH blouse and plan to add one of their jsk as well.

>> No.10117038

Isn't their style though pretty archaic?

>> No.10117047

Also last time I looked through their shop, the blouse section was basically just a sellout of leftovers, very few sizes and colors available.

>> No.10117249
File: 163 KB, 700x700, 235805_b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was inspired by picrelated to make a Miku crossplay, but when I tried putting on the wig I got for it I felt too awkward to continue. How do I get past this initial awkwardness? I really wanted to be Miku ;_;

>> No.10117301

Cheap, which is good, esp on the sale items.

>> No.10117339

I mean, just do it.That pic is super awkward and cringe already, I'm sure you couldn't make it any worse.

>> No.10117646

Bah don't bully anon, the pic makes sense given how hes driving on the wrong side of the car.

>> No.10117953

You were inspired by an awkward photo to begin with. Just embrace the cringe and own it.

>> No.10118029

Yo jannies you guys need to do your job and get this autistic lolita out of the thread this shits been going on for weeks and has made this thread unable to post in

>> No.10118031

Well she is right. Don't drag your low effort cheap sissy shit into a Lolita meet up.

>> No.10118233

This thread is not about some sissy who may or may not have hurt your feelings at some point, it's about crossplay/brolita and similar. FFS, you and your friend (or samefag, I suspect) should just whine on a feelz thread and leave this one on topic.

>> No.10118628 [DELETED] 

No one's discussed it since Thursday, but here you are dragging it out again because you're mad that screeching "hysterical females don't know their place!!" didn't get anyone on your side.
Just let it go, already. You lost.

>> No.10120655
File: 20 KB, 219x320, z100718s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone remember Dai?

>> No.10122214

Anyone else into school uniforms, either cosplay from shows, the real thing, and maybe nanchatte? I'm in the ongoing /jp/ uniform threads and love the diverse styles.

>> No.10122411

leave ladybeard out of this, he is a good man.

>> No.10122444

Right up there with the sailor fuku ojisan, ManFaye, and HardGay in awesomeness for sure.

>> No.10123376 [DELETED] 
File: 3.71 MB, 4128x3096, 20190305_202452.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Carnival selfpost

>> No.10123380
File: 895 KB, 1564x3956, 20190305_202452_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Carnival Selfpost

>> No.10123384


>> No.10123389
File: 160 KB, 502x502, 1294692364.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.10123432

Pretty good!

>> No.10123620
File: 83 KB, 791x1024, 032f38462df26e76e280c0e7afbfb0364b48ac96r1-1583-2048v2_hq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cosplay get.

Bought a cheapo Azur Lane Enterprise costume. It's actually nice for being cheap and that, but the hat is pretty shit. Skirt is too big too.

I can find lots of similar or matching hats but not above 56-58cm.

>> No.10123683

Is there some kind of magic tights or stockings that makes my legs look thicker ?

>> No.10123689

It's called padding. Frequently makes use of leggings / stockings to keep it in place.

>> No.10123833

Polish too? Nice.

>> No.10123896

why would you want to make your legs look thicker tho?

>> No.10123911

Thicc legs are infinitely superior to stick skinny legs. Plus for cosplaying, a larger lower body helps offset a wider male upper body to achieve a more feminine look.

>> No.10124008

Otakon staffer here. All you cross dressing faggots are now on notice. You make the slightest mistake at my con and you will be black listed. Drunk im a hall. I'm not giving you the normal verbal warning to go to your hotel room. Black listed. Causing michief in the halls. Black listed. Seem high at the dance. Black listed. Keep your faggot asses out of our con.

>> No.10124035
File: 145 KB, 1031x876, satania_laugh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nice pasta dude

>> No.10127592
File: 65 KB, 214x252, jazz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do guys find it weird if passing crossplayers use the men's bathrooms at cons? I didn't consider this and it worries me.

>> No.10127607

cons are more open-minded, you could probably go to the ladies room to avoid discomfort. plus we don't have urinals, so you have a closed door and no one has to see your dick. though to be fair you could just go to a stall in the men's bathroom if the thought of being in the ladies room is too much

>> No.10127612

since its a con you could go to whatever makes you most comfortable. Just don't make a big deal and close the door behind you.

>> No.10127845

You get the best reactions there though.
Also I found it's much easier to tell if you are actually passing as well as you think you are. You can tell apart a "wait what" from a "I knew it!" or even "yea no spurpise here" pretty easily from how they act. Being able to see through them trumps having to rely on honesty.

In all seriousness though, if you get staff called on you the defense "but I'm afraid of being molested in the men's room" isn't going to do much for you.

>> No.10127963

This question confuses me.

>Man in dress in mens room
This is somewhat fine, they are establishing it is just a costume.
>Woman dressed as male in mens room.
Okay this is getting creepy.

>> No.10128063
File: 593 KB, 662x901, __midare_toushirou_touken_ranbu_drawn_by_ui_majiwi__17d598403a4c721bcd01b7ecd0eac2df.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

imagine being so worried about men in dresses and if and why occasionally sometimes pp gets hard that every thread turns into a shitfest instead of people just acting like professional adults

>> No.10131982
File: 188 KB, 407x743, 1552935478200.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10132477

this is my first time wanting to crossplay, would this be good measurements in general for a skirt dress costume or do i actually need a size down?
>height 175cm/73in, chest 107-112cm/42-44in, waist 88-93cm/35-37in, hip 112-118cm/44-46in
im 5'6 so im not sure if its actually too big. my belt size is 35-6, but my butt messes with my pants size, even after losing lots of weight. do i use my belt size for waist size or my actual waist? will my butt mess with the hip size, or will tights help? should i just get some measuring tape for my sizes and report back?

>> No.10132498
File: 688 KB, 245x165, 734CB37A-C18E-4A61-AAB4-5186C86F58BE.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>height 73in
> I’m 5’6

>> No.10132502

For any clothing:
>Measure all relevent body parts
>Order clothes to that size.
Waist is "Smallest circumference around your lower torso, typically a little bit above the belly button". Waist size includes your butt, for crossdressing how wide your hips are (not just the circumference, the distinction's important) compared to your waist's width is probably the most important proportion you need to account for.
Also 175cm is 5'9".

>> No.10132509

*Hip size includes your butt

>> No.10132531

>tfw 5'3
>chest 32"
>waist 30"
>hip 36"

>> No.10132561

depends...I'm a cis female and my hips are above my buttcrack and quite wide. I wish I had a rotund ass to blend with my hips and make me a showstopper but alas I do not. just an upside down trapezoid back there...

>> No.10132585

I should specify better, the greentext is generic measurements of the costume size, Not my personal measurements.

>> No.10133301

>tfw 5'6
>chest 38"
>waist 36"
>hip 42"
im dummy thicc.

>> No.10133812
File: 133 KB, 847x1200, 1553289284388.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>want to be the cute girl(male)
>flabby and hairy and generally very masculine overall

>> No.10134053


Where'd you get that bunny suit? I've been looking everywhere for a good one.

In general, my question for this thread is do most people make their own cross/cosplays here? If you buy, who are some vendors you trust/have done business with?

>> No.10134122

It's just a black swimsuit. The collar, cuffs and tail are self made, the bow, ears and obviously the stockings are bought.

I've been meaning to buy the whole thing, but I also couldn't find a single decent one.
Seriously, is there no demand at all for these things?

>> No.10134805

Does anyone know what happened to Phanty? Didn't hear anything from him.

>> No.10134947 [DELETED] 

A brolita on /r9k/ is seeking advice: >>>/r9k/51641235

>> No.10134948
File: 676 KB, 680x1216, 1553604545494.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A brolita on /r9k/ is seeking advice: >>>/r9k/51641235

>> No.10134951

That's not even a lolita danshi that's a male wearing what appears to be a Sakuragaoka uniform

>> No.10134952

Imagine browsing r9k

>> No.10134963

post nudes in my Discord

>> No.10134966


>> No.10135696

Yup, bought one from Conami in Harajuku, in person. When I went shopping, I was already wearing women's clothes and they were super helpful / suggested a nice color coordinate. The catch is that it's stupidly expensive.

>> No.10135808

I don't really consider it crossplay for me since,i kinda pass off as/live as a girl 50% of the time.But it would be really cool to have a female friend give me critiques since all my friends aren't really into this kinda stuff

>> No.10135829

Post the uniform you got anon! You have me very curious what you bought

>> No.10135839
File: 248 KB, 776x554, Mio_akiyama.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Sakuragaoka uniform
Those have plain grey skirts and thin bows. So it's not a K-ON! cosplay.

>> No.10136209

What exactly are you asking for? I wouldn't mind giving advice. And yeah, that's not lolita that's just a schoolgirl stuff.

>> No.10136293
File: 114 KB, 640x760, 50035D8A-5649-4F4F-95E2-0DF95E56FA38.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks like Alice alternative from sinoalice.

>> No.10136331
File: 2.82 MB, 2765x1536, Collage_Sml.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there anything about this that reads as anything other than “That Zero Suit zentai you see every low effort ZSS cosplay use.”?, given the thread this is being posted in, I hope it's pretty obvious what's outside the realm of 'normal' with pic related. There's a couple other images and some .webm's if it's wanted.

>> No.10136335

We’re your friends, anon.
You can show us~

>> No.10136693

Please learn more about Lolita.

>> No.10136716

Many brand dresses are tight. There is too little room for boobs.

>> No.10136738

What makes you say that? Brands sell maid aprons.

>> No.10136743

if youre not fat then the boob room isn't an issue. its why japanese women have no problem with it

>> No.10136832
File: 122 KB, 667x889, 1523360357820.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel awfully "broad" or "wide". Is there anything I can do to really hide that or am I just fucked? I'm really short at 5'4 but I'm fairly heavy framed.

While I'm working on lowing my %body fat, and I have plenty to lose, I'm thinking muscle mass will have to go too. I don't know how much that can do though.

>> No.10137014

Shoulder posture can play a little into it. Forward slouching shoulders definitely look more wide and they do make braces designed to help correct posture. Do you think one might help?

>> No.10137741
File: 356 KB, 1000x1424, wqy1s4gyl1p21.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

give it to me straight cgl please...
is it possible to not look ridiculous in lolita or crossplay if you're over six feet

>> No.10137743

Tbdesu I don't really think its compatible. From an outside perspective lolita seems to be for shorter, small people. I feel much too tall for it even at 5'10.

>> No.10137751

Can't speak for lolita, but for cosplay of any kind the height of the cosplayer is completely inconsequential unless you're absolutely anal about being accurate to the source material. Making sure you're properly proportioned relative to whatever height you are is far more important.
There are some canon tall women out there if you are anal about the height thing, Samus being an example off the top of my head.

>> No.10137753

I don't know about crossplay, but lolita can be done if you're very tall, as long as you wear things that fit you well. Unfortunately many sweet pieces will be too short, but there are plenty of other options. This video has tips for wearing lolita when you're tall, and it includes a gorgeous, well dressed (and tall) brolita too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHMpXGg8-HI

>> No.10137760

If you go the classic or gothic route you’re absolutely fine.
Sweet will be a little harder to pull off. You didn’t want to wear sweet, did you?

>> No.10137763
File: 1.83 MB, 1920x1080, 194cm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

personally i dont care about being accurate to the character, just looking cute desu
although im sure theres a few characters female characters that would work
thanks so much
the brolita in the video is so cute!!
sweet is cute, but i prefer gothic
i did always consider sweet as an option tho

>> No.10137946

Have you tried waxing in combination with “bleaching” your hair using hydrogen peroxide? I feel like my body hair has become much less... uh... overwhelming since I started doing that.
t. hairy Mediterranean

>> No.10137950

>need to practice my makeup
>don’t want my parents to call my a fag and kick me out
Does makeup remover work instantly? Can I practice and erase without a trace?

>> No.10137951

yeah but when you put more on, it might be a little oily/greasy and not stick as well. you'll have to remove and wash after each time which might irritate your skin unless done with gentle soaps.

>> No.10137953

Yes. But use an oil cleanser instead of abrasive makeup removers, it's more effective and more gentle.

>> No.10137955

Ok thanks. I guess I can stick to practicing once a day, using makeup remover, then showering and turning in.
I just need to get to the point where I can hide coarse facial hair stubble well and I’ll be happy

>> No.10137994

Gothic is perfectly fine for taller people as long as you choose the right length dresses. Atelier Pierrot makes some pretty good ones. Then wear tights because otks might be jarring at your height.

>> No.10138006

>using the word cis
>catering to the mentally ill

>> No.10138317

imagine knowing this little about the lolita community and trying to talk about it

>> No.10138871

Anyone have a new invite link for the discord?

>> No.10139003

will post when it's time for a new thread, which is imminent.

>> No.10139730

This webem would be nice it's hard it say without motion. think you mat not to push the hip proportions a tiny bit more

>> No.10139775

so i got my homura costume in the mail, xl seemed to be the right call.
it fits really well, actually! i spent almost an hour trying it on and checking to see if everything fits right. the skirt fits perfectly and the jacket doesnt seem too tight. i feel like it could be slimmer in some parts if anything (the chest of course, could use some padding) but it is the best i could ask for in such short time with something not custom fitted. maybe the collar needs a band or something to keep it held up, and the ribbons are great even if they are just bobbypins with it to stick them on. the socks and hairband are lackluster. going to look for a better hairband, see about sticking some purple diamonds on some stockings, and make some small accessories.
i was nervous about wearing something like this for the first time, but now im so glad i got it!

>> No.10139813
File: 2.79 MB, 405x720, Video1_720.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Since when was there a video limit of 3mb? Had to drop this to 720p, though you're not really loosing anything. This video's more of a bland turn around while the other one's a bit more pose-y.
What do you mean by "think you mat not to push the hip proportions a tiny bit more"?

>> No.10139838

Good taste, I'm a bit jealous haha

>> No.10139943
File: 407 KB, 1017x2065, 7BD72982-DDEB-4D20-831D-739E755169B3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I finally got all the pieces in the mail for my first lolita coord. When I tried it all on, I felt really ugly and ita. Does anyone have any practical advice on how to make this look better? I know closet of frills or big sisters of lolita fashion would be a better place to post this, but I’m paranoid about posting on Facebook because I don’t want my family seeing me in a dress.
I’m ordering an underskirt, so I’ll be able to adjust my hoopskirt to be poofier without the dress being too short. I’m considering getting a waist cincher to wear under it, but I don’t know if it’d help because the “waist” of the dress sits on my rib cage.
But any styling tips (including wig styling and makeup tips) would help! I’m not wearing this officially until a tea party in June, so I have plenty of time to make changes.

>> No.10139993

Is the dress's skirt meant to look like that, or more of a bell shape like most other dresses I've seen? Maybe a longer petticoat to get the shape to work?

>> No.10140032
File: 2.40 MB, 2880x3840, 18551BC3-26A2-4DFC-A9A4-A9BEA7AA921A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’m not sure desu. The skirt seems to have a slightly different shape in each of the official pictures. I think it’s supposed to be either bell or a-line?

>> No.10140034

I think either way, the lower end of the skirt needs to be fluffed out more

>> No.10140129

Yeah that looks more like a bell shape one.

>> No.10140175

Pad you hips out a bit more to avoid looking so boxy. You don't need to do a lot but I think even a subtle change would help quite a bit.

>> No.10140273

ha thanks, shes my favorite and she is mostly covered save for some of the face and hands so i think i can pull it off. might use some light makeup after i shave my face, but i can always rock some aviators and get a muffle mask. might use some padding in the chest. i'll post some pics with a wig when i get it.

>> No.10140482

My hips are already at 43in to a 30-31in waist while padded out like that, but I'll see if adding more might help in the future. Honestly I just need to straight up loose some weight and tape down the back of the Zero Suit and I think it'll look far better than what it does now.

>> No.10141727

The lolita facebook pages are closed groups so you'll be fine.

Skirt needs more poof. I don't know how your makeup looks but I assume it's fine. Otherwise, your coord looks like average lolita so don't worry about it.

>> No.10142029

should I wear a corsett under my cosplay to give my hip-to-waist ratio a boost for that feminine figure? Would that run the risk of the corsett being seen through the cosplay? Any one have experience with that?

>> No.10142187

A corset is more meant as something you wear over other clothing and/or for if you want to train your waist to be really thin. For crossplay I'd suggest getting shapewear instead, can personally recommend https://www.amazon.com/Rago-821-Womens-Waist-Trainer/dp/B000BIDG48/ as it does a really good job of cinching the waist instead of just squeezing everything equally, though you'll may want something to sort out fat rollover on the top.

>> No.10142308

My measurements without any special equipment on me is like 34/31/36. 16 inch shoulders. How are my ratios right now?

>> No.10142320

You're pretty close to my measurements +/- a in or so, and with padding, I look like >>10136331. Though I'm 5'9" so your mileage will vary depending on how you decide to pad youself out and what height you are.

>> No.10142330

Oh okay. I'm 5'6, not sure how much that changes things

>> No.10142346

Take those images and imagine them vertically squished ~95%. Basically ever so slightly shorterstacked, if you were to pad yourself out as much as I did.

>> No.10142813

Your petti doesn't really fit and gives your dress a weird shape. As another anon said, it should poof out more around the hem.

Where did you buy your wig btw?

>> No.10143530

What can I do to slim shoulders and work hips? Exercise-wise maybe.

Have a rowing machine for working glutes, but not sure what to do about the rest.

>> No.10143561

New thread when?

>> No.10143589

Any time now haha

I don't think there's a way to slim shoulders? Just bulk up your butt and hips to make the ratio look better

>> No.10144119

Does anyone have suggestions for applying makeup for a natural look? I don't want to apply so little that people immediately know that I'm a guy.

>> No.10144238

Shave your beard to as short as you can possibly get it.

Find foundation that matches your skintone and rub it all over your face.

Get coty powder at walmart or something, puff it all over your face (the powder puff that comes with it is crap, consider grabbing a new one at a wig or makeup store) do it until your face looks dry from the foundation. These two steps will help make your skin look smooth and hide your stubble.

Apply light contouring to your forehead, right below the eyes, down the bridge of your nose, and your chin.

Suck in your cheeks and smile at the same time and apply dark contouring with a contour brush. Like go over your cheekbone with burgundy or whatever shade is darker than your skin, go over that with a slightly lighter dark shade to blend it. Also get the edges of your jawline, and the corners of your hair line to make your face look more round overall.

Blend that shit together until it's less obvious. Consider going over it with slight blush.

use an angle brush with burgundy to go over your eyebrows.

If you did this all right, it shouldn't look like you have much makeup on once you get a wig on.

>> No.10144246

Hey, I'm trying to do a cosplay that has cleavage. It seems like Nubra is the best cheap option for that, short of masking tape to bind the chest, but there's a ton of different nubra variants. Has anyone tried any of these? Which one is actually good for crossdressing? I'm thinking silicone 3d, or one of the silicone pushup ones, but I really can't tell and it's just pricy enough that it's annoying to buy.

>> No.10144416

Thanks for the reply. I appreciate the advice

>> No.10144757

if you don't mine could you or anybody recommend me what you consider real lolita threads? I'm a dude looking for places to learn about it and I would really appreciate the help. I swear it's not a fetish I just want to feel pretty. Thanks :)

>> No.10144950

You're welcome, be sure to follow your cheekbone when you do the dark contouring (with your cheeks sucked in and smiling), and blend upwards once you're done.

>> No.10145475

new thread >>10145473

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