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/cgl/ Idol Spreadsheet - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1w3peD9VtAPM9cuIjYlexb7nHOkUfFs_Fcyv21UYakV4/edit#gid=0

/cgl/ Resources Spreadsheet (RIP) - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19XZ308_3yoOKiTmgUA_DfgeqW4ddTCB_e6Zz1wnIJA8/edit#gid=827059689

Last thread is well on its way to dying

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Since they're in the OP, what are you guys expecting Stellure to drop soon?
I'm assuming they're about to release a new winter themed single, but now they're using their ~creepy text~ promo thing on photos of them from Embers of a Phoenix. They've also changed their emojis from snowflakes to flames.
Are they already having to recycle old content, or do the two singles link?
Mimi's also working on a winter(?) themed dress right now on her personal instagram story. Does anyone know if it relates to Stellure?

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Don’t know about you but I love me some idols

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Haha it would be really funny if someone raped and beat her up haha

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is stellure finally dead? can we move on?

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not funny

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I feel like this has been promo-ed for months

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i kinda hate this just because the numbers have obviously been decreasing but they started at like 40 something. why start promoing something so far out in advance? its not interesting to tease people for that long especially if its not with new content relevant to the release

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So my dumb self just found the "Events" section on OIC. Kind of nice seeing everybody in one place and keeping track of what everybody is doing?
Making me realise how dead February is though...

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Realistically it’s like, at most 10/11 days more. Freezing temperature in °F is 32° but it seems like they aren’t counting down to that (maybe?). But I also doubt they’re gonna count down to February/March.

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I mean I'm not american but wasn't katsucon or whatever in the number of days that they display as Fahrenheit? Like they're counting down to I assume the masquerade

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It seems like it? Or maybe they’re doing something the day before Katsucon? They’re about 1 day ahead (it’s 34 days until Katsucon) unless Instagram is lying to me again.

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Posting a few videos from the last thread and just from the past few weeks!
What have been some of your favorite uploads lately? Least favorite?









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Why did you even post that last one?
It's all out of sync and frankly just terrible.

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There should be two basic requirements for if you do idol dances, 1. if you have a short skirt please for the love of god wear safety shorts 2. if you have a large chest wear something really compressing so your entire being doesnt bounce up and down when you do any kind of movement

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I've seen worse, it's definitely not that bad. They seem pretty in sync compared to their past stuff.

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First one doesn't work for me


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I'm curious how many of you who follow this stuff are just fans? Like have no interest or intent to get involved in preformances?
I don't mean to be rude, I am just curious because I have seen this becoming way more prominent in my local Texas cons and I don't fully understand the appeal. Everyone I know who talks about it is a preformer.

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How do you guys find out about auditions and stuff? I'd love to join something in online or in my area, but I also hope it's not shitty quality.

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Just follow all idols online/in your area and stalk Instagram

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You are kidding me right?

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the problem i have with mosuri and quite a few other idol groups is that the girls learn the dances all on their own and then just perform together when the time comes, without rehearsing (or very minimal rehearsal time) TOGETHER as a unit. its exhausting to watch these groups look like garbage because they never bother to spend time practicing like a proper group should. i get they dont all live near each other, but then dont make plans like this, or make better plans to get together more often. its just embarrassing at that rate if youre not even going to try. this imas cover looks like shit and its not even a reach to say that because this was one they did BEFORE they were all in mosuri doing that weird neapawlitan thing they disbanded after like two months.

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i follow calina on twitter and i know she wishes they could practice more and i’d have to dig to find it but when they shot the first cover they did she was tweeting how she drove 10 hours or something crazy that weekend so they could get together which is insane i guess you cannot expect someone to do tht extremely often

i think a lot of groups are doing what they can with the people they can get which sucks ass but i wouldn’t tell them to just give up and do nothing

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She also loves to complain about her members on her public twitter too

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Everytime I watch a Mosuri video i cringe at the awful opening

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Have you seen their past stuff???? Definitely worse

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Really? Do you have screencaps?

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Honestly if this is the best some groups can do and videos like this are considered an "improvement" then I can't understand why they are even trying
I understand idol is about the "journey" but even this is a little ridiculous

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I have a pair of bloomers but half of the time they’re too freaking long :(

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Just go scroll her twitter
should still be there unless she saw this thread and scrambled to delete

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I don't know what her Twitter is

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Same. Glad it's not just me. I feel bad because I've been following them since they started, and I really did have hope for them, but that opening is the cringe cherry on top.

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Her twitter is https://twitter.com/esbeetalks

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Dude it aint that bad calm down

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I agree, they must have a vendetta out for Mosuri, like yeah the cover isn't amazing but i've seen SO MUCH WORSE. They look like they're having fun and the audience is enjoying it.

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Yikes, these are awful to read. Having you complaining about your own members and saying you know how bad your own cover is is A BIG BAD YIKES. I haven't even seen the cover but shit man, she should have more faith in her group. Knowing she said "haha they'll probably think IM the one messing up when in fact I'm the ONLY ONE who did it right" makes me not want to support her at all. That's childish and gross of her.

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Her personality on stage already irked me, so seeing these sealed the deal. She just seems so far up her own ass.

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how old is she?

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I think she's 25. Way too old to be acting like a high schooler

>> No.10078954

Just scrolled her twitter and she has a photo from her prom taking a selfie with an old digital camera from way back when. So clearly too old to be behaving this way when you’re the leader of a group.

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I kinda understand this but also I wouldn't make it public?

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Jesus, 25 and the leader of the group. She should probably chill if she wants any kind of following.

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just needs to make her twitter private for godsake

all of these are relatable to me in a way and read like she's just venting to friends but she did it on a public account which is really stupid

her twitter seems a mess- is it a cosplay twitter or a personal twitter or her mosuri twitter whats going on?

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Venting on a public twitter about your own group should probably be on a private twitter, like i understand venting too and it's not like it's that big of an issue, but yeah! it seems like her account is just an everything account idk lol

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Given the above, I find these more recent tweets very....contradicting. I wonder if she's actually told the member(s) to their face(s) everything she's said about them online publicly, or if she really is just a hypocrite.

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desu people like this should just be soloists. too big of a control freak to handle anyone else interfering with ‘their dream’.

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okay, being a leader myself i can understand partially how she feels in terms of being frustrated. Being patient yet honest when it comes to helping your members get better is tough if you aren't used to it.
However, publicly venting this out does not make you nor your group look well.
Expecting your members to be "just as good as you" just sounds wrong. Instead, the mindset should be that you want your members to be "the best that THEY can be". Not compared to anyone else.

I wasn't really a fan of her since i found her to be cocky even from just watching her performances. Now I'm convinced. Such a shame.

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Now that she is going private, she’s probably just going to become more effective at being fake. Her true self is clearly someone who has her head up her own ass and thinks that she is superior to the rest of her group. I feel bad for her members. She talks about them as though she is some superior being who is shepherding them.

>> No.10079109

I wonder if any of her members even know that she’s said some of this stuff about them? A lot of them are younger and look up to / respect her because she seems like a person who has all this knowledge and skill and to have her shit on them behind their backs would probably be devastating to hear. I feel bad for them honestly, she really should have just been a soloist but she’s chasing the same lovelive dream as half of these other shitty groups.

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A deep and profound lol. Good for her, growing can be hard.

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Or how about you don't subtweet people and just have a proper conversation? You're 25. If you have issues speak to them! How can your group get better if you won't speak to them?

>> No.10079127

Holy shit...to think I was considering auditioning for Mosurii. She needs to go solo rather than trying to force everyone to live up to her own unrealistic expectations.

>> No.10079151

I can’t imagine that it wouldn’t be crushing to see someone say those things about you, regardless of whether or not you looked up to them, so I bet it would be doubly so for them. It’s one thing to express concerns directly to the group, but to talk about them as though she is so much better than them is just awful and I hope that they confront her if they do see them.

On another note, I’ve just caught up on their channel... If you’re going to rag on your team so badly then you should only be showing your own best, and I’ve got to say that her singing content is... lacking. Maybe work on your own shortcomings instead of talking shit about your team’s.

I hope that she actually learns and grows from this. And I agree that she should probably go solo.

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I’m not familiar with mosuri member wise. She’s the one who did Yurushitenyan right? Who is she to talk about dancing?

Making a vent account isn’t even right regardless of how you look at it. Vent on or two people personally or do private messages/notes to yourself, don’t go “I think I’ll just vent privately to a different group of people.” I hope your members see it because that’s just hurtful....

>> No.10079216

if anyone was wondering how the leader of mosuri actually performs here’s a... pretty rough solo video https://youtu.be/pLf5QD3OkOY

>> No.10079219

funny that this girl has to sing badly translated japanese songs because she cant pronounce japanese

>> No.10079224

oh, she tries to sing japanese. it’s just a pitchy mess is all

>> No.10079225

Her pronunciation reminds me of an american stereotype in an anime

>> No.10079234

When she’s singing Jera, she literally says “yosomi ha” instead of wa because she just read the lyrics from the wiki instead of realizing that the character は isn’t read like that I’m— how do you fuck that up?

>> No.10079238

this is what im waiting for, i feel like stellure is overrated

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even when i wear a sports bra my chest still bounces up and down... does anyone have any recommendation for someone who's big chested? I really want to dance again and i dont like how people mainly notice my chest more than my dance moves

>> No.10079242

When I performed at a younger age, there was a girl who literally wore three sports bras over a regular bra to keep herself from moving. You might just have to take the initiative to do something like that to be covered, even if it’s not super comfortable. It worked for her though, those things never moved.

>> No.10079244

i so want to join an idol dancing group in my area but they're all full/ characters are taken. There isnt even that many idols around my area.... i would create one but people always drop out

>> No.10079250


She has no reason to think that she's hot shit. I hope the other members ditch her and go on to do something without her. Nobody should have to put up with that kind of toxicity.

>> No.10079253


Auditions for SIF are open.

>> No.10079254

Besides AWA what cons in the East Coast have idol festivals? I kinda want to try my hand at singing

>> No.10079256

catty woman

>i don't like attention
either stop being an attention whore or lose some weight rofl

>> No.10079260

If you don't want to create one then it is kind of just a waiting game unfortunately. I'm assuming you're looking for a LL group considering you said characters - in which case you probably won't be waiting for long. Groups are constantly dropping members and finding new ones so i'm sure there'll be one in your area soon.
Until then, just keep practising so that you have a better chance of being accepted!

>> No.10079280

wait is this the same Calina who's part of the SuperRareproduction thing?

>> No.10079282


Hi Calina.

>> No.10079283

Do you like, know how breast work?

>> No.10079291

i dont like the attention "on my chest!" like i cant help but have a big chest! I dance because i love to express myself to the music, I dont dance to show off my body.

I am currently trying to loose weight (though if i do loose weight it wont do much about my chest size, it will probably go from big to above average size)

>> No.10079294

I did try and join some LL groups but they're all over the place and most people who are in LL groups don't know how to dance decently. the LL groups around my area either have really close people in them or they're really inactive. anyways id love to join an idol dance group so i can dance to other songs, like some idolmaster and j-pop songs.

Thank you anon i will keep practicing until then

>> No.10079314

I know Holiday Matsuri did an idol festival this past year but I don't know how successful it was or not.

>> No.10079315

I thought the spr one was from Australia

>> No.10079320

That's more for dancing than singing, but thank you
The same few mediocre groups keep getting in as well so it's left a bad taste in my mouth

>> No.10079321

Holmats idol fest did very well, but it’s cosplay idol cover groups, not real idols. It’s a bit of a shame since the groups aren’t the best, but the performance was well received and they had to cap the room due to occupancy issues.

>> No.10079329


Ignore them anon, you can't help it and I doubt anyone thinks you're doing it on purpose. If you didn't express yourself when dancing then you'd be criticized for not going at it 100% so you're doing just fine.
Keep dancing, it'll help you with the goal of getting in shape too, don't feel put off because of this.

>> No.10079350

What is it with these people checking 4chan
Just FYI smart idols don't check threads about themselves. This isn't a place for constructive criticism, or to be taken seriously. I guess good on her to be doing something about that but if you're going to be upset by this kinda stuff you probably shouldn't be on here reading it

>> No.10079352

Peachy Parade held one a few years ago at AkaiCon, but a different group held on at the same con last year and it was a Love Live circle jerk..

>> No.10079366

I mean, I check to see if anyone has any comments about my latest stuff so I can improve, but then again, I’m not doing anything that would cause drama

>> No.10079368

She said someone had alerted her to the news, not seen it herself. However, pretty sure it had to be one of the mosuri girls telling her since they seemed to get talked about a lot on here.

>> No.10079445

Sure but there have been several instances where ppl provided concrit before. Its also easier for those to give out raw and honest comments here rather than it being done unanonymously.

>> No.10079458

No one is a pure fan. Everyone is some kind of wannabe idol. I know. No otaku men come to see these people perform, it’s all their friendlies in the hobby and enemies who want to best them.

Can someone explain how these threads are board relevant? Honestly.

>> No.10079486

There’s a pretty big wota group where I live that’s really passionate! It makes me happy to know that people are enjoying the performances

>> No.10079503

This is why people make private accounts just for venting out whatever that desire

>> No.10079548

A lot of idol groups cosplay. What a dumb comment. There are many other threads that have less to do with /cgl/ than this one.

>> No.10079565

Not that other anon, but me too. I just want a group of people I can do some cute covers with.

I once tried to make a group for a LL cover and it worked out well enough.. But that was end. They said they had fun, but most have lost interest, it was just that they liked LL at the time.

>> No.10079584

Now that’s a dumb comment. I’m sure a lot of people who play video games also watch anime but that doesn’t mean anime threads are allowed on /v/.

>> No.10079594

Are they not dressing up in cosplay? It's allowed loser

>> No.10079632

You guys don’t talk about their cosplay. It’s an afterthought to you.

>> No.10079653

These threads are the only reason I come to cgl anymore desu. Where else would you suggest we have these threads?
Most of these "idols" are involved in either cosplay or jfashion in some way or another.

>> No.10079654

And /v/ doesn't talk about videogames. Very poor example Anon.

>> No.10079694

I guess jp, but wouldn’t discord be enough?
Is this a board to talk about cosplay, or a board to talk about people who cosplay? Pretty sure it’s the former.

>> No.10079703

Go to >>>/tv/ for 10 min and tell me what you've learned

>> No.10079708

Why don’t you go harass the room thread or the larp thread, which are even less /cgl/ than this thread.

>> No.10079731

The only Western groups that cosplay and aren't love live, idolmaster, or wug were usually a Miss matched cringefest

>> No.10079735 [DELETED] 


>> No.10079861

yeah its crazy how someone can be motivated to join dance groups and song cover just because they saw a bunch of high school girls in Love Live do it. My friend who hates dancing joined 2-3 Love Live dance groups just because she loves LL (which is sweet and inspiring of her but she cant dance in sync at all and has no flow in her movements) I can imagine my friend being ripped to shreads if a video of her dancing gets on here....

Hopefully one day anon we can both join a cute cover group...

>> No.10079863

Bitch a massive chunk of LARP threads are about the costumes and crafting them.
Go to jp and look at all the idol threads there. You’re gonna let some otaku men scare you away? Isn’t that who idols perform for anyways?

>> No.10079969

Any vocaloid groups?

>> No.10079971

Ll is all I see. People say idolmaster is overrated but I never see that.

>> No.10079972

Welp. Not sure. There were someon lolcow but they died

>> No.10079975

Not any good ones, sadly.

>> No.10080005

fellow big chested anon here. Make sure you have the correct size, it really makes a difference! Also straying away from baggy tops or tops that move a lot when you move helps, it just adds even more unwanted attention to your chest.

>> No.10080009

you're probably thinking of san, I mixed them up too at first

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Could we maybe stop infighting about whether net idol/odottemita threads belong in /cgl/ or not? These threads have been going on for years now. If it bothers that anon that much, they can just report the thread and let the janitors deal with it as they see fit, or better yet, do pic related.

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File: 1.74 MB, 1242x1221, 849AB90F-2506-46FA-8AED-A592092B8C1A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stellure finally announced the single and anons who said Katsu were right. Seems there’s still more countdown to go though based on the post that followed this.

>> No.10080168

ugh when will they learn no one cares anymore

>> No.10080187

No one has yet to explain to me how it’s board related. “They cosplay” doesn’t cut it.

>> No.10080236

I don't hate this, I think the art and concept is pretty cute!
And you have to hand it to Stellure for still going. Most groups would have given up by now

>> No.10080244

I like that they're getting criticism for Tauri never participating. If she "doesn't have time" to be a member but still has enough time to go to all of the cons Stellure performs at and not even acknowledge them, she should just quit.

>> No.10080275

What about the itabag thread? The Love Nikki thread? Skincare thread? Room thread? If we're going with the literal title of this board, any jfashion besides lolita should be removed, and so should all the threads about conventions.

Just deal with the fact that this board is the best place to host some of these threads because the interests have a big overlap with what this board is about. If they really bother you, hide them.

>> No.10080286

personally i was indifferent to stellure, but then i saw them while also participating in the katsucon masquerade last year. All of the other groups chilled around in the green room (myself included) but they continued to practice and go over moves together up until it was their time to go. They have the right mindset honestly, and I hope they continue to improve and learn how to pace themselves.

>> No.10080294

groups that are practicing up until the last minute tend to be the ones who need to work harder. theres keep your routine fresh, and then theres still learning your routine the day of the performance. there was a group at holmat who did a hallway live, and people saw them practicing their positions and moves minutes before they were supposed to be performing in their area with their leader screaming at them for doing things wrong. i wouldnt take practicing until the last minute as a good thing.

>> No.10080310

>Big boobs, must be a fatty
Please come back when you know how anatomy works.

>> No.10080313

Practice until the last minute only means they don't know really well the dance.

>> No.10080317

Honestly I think Stellure keeps getting posted here more than any other group because they're putting out the most content. Original songs take a lot of resources and time, so most net-idols in these thread only have a few to their name, if they have any at all. Stellure has enough members and outside support to continually put out songs, content, plans, photos, and art, so it only makes sense that they'd get shared more cause let's face it, there's not always a lot of fresh content to see here. It's a slow moving community.

>> No.10080336

Whataboutism STILL doesn’t explain lol, and even then, those threads have to do with fashion and looking good.
See these threads are all just about wannabe idols tearing other wannabe idols down when they get compliments lol. At least it serves as a containment board for you narcissists.

>> No.10080354

Not necessarily. I believe it depends on what they are doing. They get together once a month to practice since they live far apart from each other so the only thing they should really focus on is formations and switches once they meet up. If they were focusing mainly on memorizing the moves then yeah, that is a problem.

>> No.10080356

correction on my last post:
once they meet up at the con*

>> No.10080369

I feel like this is going to be Stellure’s downfall. If a member isn’t going to be active, regardless of how close you are or how long they’ve been around, they either participate by force or leave. There should’ve been some kind of benchmark in place.

>> No.10080402

I think the same. This board can be suuuuper slow, and posting a ton of dance covers often isn’t nearly as interesting as original music.

>> No.10080405

Tauri has never seemed like she actually wanted to do idol activities. She’s been inactive since day one, and it shows. One member of my old group was too afraid of what the rest of the group would think if she left, maybe that’s Tauri’s deal?

>> No.10080414

Do any of you listen to original net idol music casually, and if so, what songs? There are a couple of songs that I think are nice, but don't really leave much of an impact on me (Interlunium's Intergalactic Disco, Akiba Idol Emily's Rainbow Colored Reality) but I listen to Honey Hime's Honey Hype practically everyday and Bouquette's Dream Out Loud has been stuck in my head since I first heard it.

I don't imagine anyone has any Flusay Girls in their playlists? lol

>If she "doesn't have time" to be a member but still has enough time to go to all of the cons Stellure performs at and not even acknowledge them, she should just quit.
She really should. She never really contributed much of anything to the group if I recall, and she was also the weakest vocalist/dancer whenever she did actually perform.

>I think Stellure keeps getting posted here more than any other group because they're putting out the most content.
Sounds likely. When they were first starting out, I actually used to look forward to Stellure's new releases hoping to see them improve over time. As for now, sure, they release content more often than the average net idol group, but it's all consistently mediocre with consistent mistakes.

>> No.10080453

Itabag thread, Love Nikki thread, and the room thread aren't about fashion or looking good, and even if they were, that's what /fa/ is for, no?

>> No.10080481

I don’t currently listen to any but I appreciate those recommendations, anon! Anyone else?

>> No.10080498

I like anything posted by 4TE, I listen to their songs almost daily.

>> No.10080503

Quantity over Quality seems to be key here

>> No.10080513

You’re retarded if you think Japanese fashion is the same as effay. Itabags are literally fandom fashion, love nikki is putting together jfashion coords to possibly use for inspiration (I don’t browse those threads though), room threads are the only questionable one. These idolfaggot threads are much more suited for /jp/. They fit actually 0 of the bullets in the /cgl/ sticky.

>> No.10080517

Conventions are “gatherings”, illiterate-chan.

>> No.10080520

Who gives a fuck? Just hide the thread you big baby.

>> No.10080536

I think we should just stop replying to them, they're shitting up the thread.
Unfortunately groups like this are never gonna look clean no matter what.

>> No.10080538

I just like seeing you bitches scramble to explain your thread lol. Clearly you can’t...

>> No.10080539

Itabags aren’t cosplay or elegant gothic Lolita. Love Nikki is neither aside from a few choice elements.

>> No.10080540


Yuyu's intro for SRproductions got posted. Thoughts? Maybe get the thread back on track.

>> No.10080543

I love Phoebe, however the way these lines are written are so creepy to me? And not in the usual Japanese phrasing to English way.

>> No.10080545

Itabags are things you put together to wear - absolutely fashion
Like legit how is this related to anything in the sticky.

>> No.10080546

That voice is like nails on a chalkboard.

>> No.10080553

someone else said that too. its just weirdly overdone and not in a good way. its like, she tried to write really characterized lines and they just turned out cringey
i think its manageable hopefully she wont sing them same pitch.

>> No.10080555

Stop replying and let the argument die already. You don't need to justify the existance of these threads to some willfully ignorant rando deliberately derailing the thread. Let them be mad about it, that's their problem.

>> No.10080572

Apparently Interlunium is going to be doing performances at cons now? I have to wonder how that will play out.


>> No.10080580

I was thinking about this today actually. Predictions: they'll either look and sound great and it'll be a standard for everyone, OR.
They'll sound NOTHING like what they sound like in studio versions and it will be an absolute riot.

>> No.10080585

I'm pretty sure they're not going to sound bad, I just don't know what they'll look like, if they'll dance, or have stage presence at all. Singing is one thing, being an 'idol' is another.

>> No.10080591

I got Interlunium's level up stuck in my head, i so wanna sing a cover of it! i sometimes hum to myself the tune. Is there any Netidol music that people can recommend me?

>> No.10080593

still no one has said why these threads should remain, they’re not included under anything in the sticky. ツ Stay wrong or go to /jp/

>> No.10080594

It would've been nice to hear some voice samples. and im having a feeling that the people who got into this are going to be decent Youtaites

>> No.10080595

very true. definitely a difference from being a utaite on youtube.

>> No.10080597

"I'm OK!" by Kuro Hime and "PhEri Dust" by PhEri are my recommendations to add to your list!

>> No.10080610
File: 56 KB, 640x426, aikatsustars.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If anyone is in need of inspiration for some really good amateur "idol" performances, I'd suggest checking out UNIDOL, a Japanese dance cover competition for university students


Sounds interesting... I wonder whether they'll be cosplaying as their characters, or perform like seiyuu representing their characters?

Here's actually a playlist of (all?) original net idol songs, good and bad

>> No.10080633


Or the countless Chinese Cosplayer Covers. They seem to be consistent in quality and have also done cover dance contests

>> No.10080636

I wonder if Kami will have any actual idol guests or performances. It’s nearby but I’ve never been, this is tempting me to attend just so I can see if they’re good live at all.

>> No.10080656

If there was a ranking who would be your top 10 overseas idols and why is #1 your first pick?

>> No.10080689

So who’s your favorite idol in japan? Mine is Yui Yokoyama. She’s a member of AKB48. She’s just my style- cute!

>> No.10080699

I think this is going to be their first time performing and meeting as a group, so I'd assume they don't have choreography and just plan on singing and having small movement. Either way, I'm gonna drive up since I'm a big fan of Hikaru's voice.

>> No.10080709

Holy fuck, this person has done their research. They have nicely organized playlists for everything o_o

>> No.10080834

Honestly a while ago, the same person tried to make a forum for all net and IRL idols to kind of hang out, chat, exchange info, collab, etc. It didn’t really take off but then OIC happened recently. I love their dedication to keeping up.

>> No.10080839

Wow. This is pretty amazing.


>> No.10080885

I'm just wondering, is there any Idol dance/ Singing groups in the UK? I did some research earlier and I found out about Furi Furi, Crystal Rose, MK dance, One wish and Minty Pop Girls but they all seemed like their either inactive or they stopped altogether.

>> No.10080894


MK wrapped things up at Amecon last year because they were all becoming more spread out and adult lives making things more difficult to plan things and Minty Pop Girls imploded on itself because of drama and the manager being a dick. Not sure about the other groups mentioned but I haven't seen them at the usual cons they'd turn up at.

At the moment though we have very little to show for ourselves aside from Chekiss, even the Love Live cover groups are dying down significantly.

>> No.10080944

I go to a lot of cons in the UK and I do think One Wish is just 3 members now and they're performing at a con in London. There is also Chekiss they're really fun to watch and very talented! There are also some LL groups as well but I'm sure you're meaning more original idol groups?

>> No.10080971

Not in any particular order... but here would be my top pics
Honey Hime
Pinku Project
Kuro Hime (but idk if she's dead)

These groups are not only talented, but they're very good at being entertaining. They have strong personalities and cool concepts.

>> No.10080986

i love peachy parade so much

>> No.10080994

This group is really good! I don't remember seeing them posted when they actually released this in September.
I wish they had more content. So far their channel only has a teaser posted 6 months ago, an MV, and lyric video from November, all for the same song.
Does anyone know more about this group, besides the fact that they're French?

>> No.10081041

Wow, that IS good. Cute cute cute

>> No.10081078

Just a fun fact, IceQream’s little intro music they play with their logo at the beginning of their videos is the intro from a never released Oishii!Project song.

>> No.10081081

Looks like Leah/Clover is starting a new group, but word on the street is she tricked a naive designer into giving her the logo before payment and then ghosted her.

>> No.10081087

It’s hard to really rank in a specific order, but the ones I follow the most are

Tokimeki Jump
Peachy Parade
Parfait Party (love their voices, wish they would wear more flattering outfits)
Honey Hime

>> No.10081129

Oh wow really? How’d you find that out?

Wow what the fuck is wrong with her?

>> No.10081143

I have my sources, the full song was actually pretty cute and well composed and produced. Sad it never got a full release.

>> No.10081179

Yeah I was gonna say this. One Wish and Chekiss are the only ones that seem active. There's a few solo idols too I guess? Eira, Grace Mellody, Jenny Hayes all did solo stuff last year that I remember. I don't know if Holly does anything solo other than online videos. Would be nice to see more UK idols pop up.

>> No.10081205

In no particular order:

Tokimeki Jump
Natsuiro Party
Peachy Parade
Aidoru Sozai
Honey Hime
Seishun Youth Academy

>> No.10081256

Wouldn’t it be great if there were idol showcases in smaller states? All I see is either Texas, New York, California or Florida getting real idol stuff

>> No.10081277

Be careful what you wish for. Florida idol community is garbage

>> No.10081301
File: 35 KB, 475x550, e7c033d3f904b4cb2a2869216e01c9d29a34cff9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mine is Kaga Kaede from Morning Musume currently. I also love Rikako and Ayaka from ANGERME.
That would require the smaller states to have some sort of incentive or a big name to bring people in/ have really big idol comminutes to begin with.

>> No.10081341

not to be that person™ but you really cherry picked a bad video of her. All of her other stuff is pretty good.

>> No.10081382

>but if you're going to be upset by this kinda stuff
She's not though, seems like quite the contrary. And I disagree, if you have thick enough skin not to overreact, reading stuff said about you by the most savage people can be very helpful

>> No.10081386

okay other mosuri member

>> No.10081531

4te, pinku project, peachy parade

>> No.10081622

I haven’t seen the Florida idols. Just Texas. But what makes them garbage

>> No.10081630

I use to cosplay as Miku by the wig was a pain in the living butt.

>> No.10081636

It’s just hard when you can’t really afford to travel and you don’t have anything in your state

>> No.10081675

Word on what street??? lol

>> No.10081679

what idol community is there other than Texas?

>> No.10081818

I have zero interest in performing anything and I feel like that's the smallest minority ever. That said, I'm barely a fan, mostly watch performances due to curiosity or boredom.

>> No.10081862

but you need to practice more than once a month not just formations but timing and synchronization.

>> No.10081880

Florida has
Citrus idols
Project Shooting Stars
Triad regality
Mahou kiss idols

Just to name a few

>> No.10081888

A lot of them have massive egos when they have no right to have them. Almost all of them complain about the oversaturation of female idol groups, so they practically worship anyone who dares to do male idol covers, even if they aren't that good. A lot of groups in Florida are started out of pettiness. Someone will audition for a group and not get in or get kicked from the group they were already in, so they'll start their own group to 'get back' at the original.

Additionally, they all keep blocking the damn hallways at cons by holding "hallway lives" that nobody really goes to see unless you're just passing through.

>> No.10081896

Interesting. I went to look this up and realized I can't see her account on any of my "real" Instagram accounts anymore (just one old one that isn't associated with me). We don't interact at all, I don't follow her, and I stay out of her drama. Does she just block anyone she's vaguely connected to in the hopes that no one calls her out on remaining a toxic plague on the dance community despite all the "reform" she's done?

>> No.10081897

Three love live groups, a shitty male cover group (you can check their holmat performance and compare it to the other i7 group that was there), one barely passable group that’s already scouting, and then a group that actually deserves being mentioned. Citrus is the only group that should have been on this list to represent Florida.

>> No.10081903

Citrus is also the only idol group on here that aren't cosplaying and have ACTUALLY debuted. Mosurii has only ever had Calina perform, the rest have only appeared online.

If you're going to go down the list and name all the love live groups that "scout" for a new member every 3 months we'll be here all day.

>> No.10081907

>a shitty male cover group (you can check their holmat performance and compare it to the other i7 group that was there)


This is so boring

>> No.10081940

Citrus doesn't really do anything though

>> No.10081946

Meant to reply to you, but again so what if they're cover groups?
They're dancing and they're presenting themselves in a certain way, are they not allowed to call themselves idols?
This is bringing back the whole julily argument, but ignoring the work that the other groups put in just makes this niche community even more inaccessible.
Case in point, if we only want to consider "ReAL AutheNtiC AidorUs desu!!" You've made the pool so small that it's just an inactive group that just.... covers dances... except not in cosplay. So that makes them idols? But because the other groups cosplay they're not?

>> No.10081949

The other i7 group isn't even that great either lol. Absolutely horrid people to talk to

>> No.10081954

What's the other i7 group?

>> No.10081958


>> No.10081961

Oh wow yeah, I have had the displeasure of talking to them both online and in person and they were so awful. They need to get their heads out of their asses.
They're dancing isn't that stellar

>> No.10081967

Yeah, they think they're gods when they just rip off other people's choreo and dance it passably. There's nothing wrong with using other people's choreo, since that's what most people tend to do and it seems okay, but they really do act like they've done it themselves

>> No.10081970

To be fair even the "original" idol groups are just covering popular idol groups songs... who cares if they do it in a costume or their own homemade skirt. If it's good, it's good.

>> No.10081974

>literally all female
I must be double dumb today and incapable of understanding English.

>> No.10081976

I think the difference lies in how they present themselves? Covering real idol groups but saying you’re xyz (which a lot of true idols do) is one thing. You’re stull you. But being in a costume as a preexisting character is totally different.

>> No.10081979

Anon that was my whole argument lol
To me they're both the same thing. If anything the cosplays show more dedication to bringing the performance/ characters to life and not making it about the person doing the cover.
You're right but I still don't think it's much of a difference.

>> No.10081987

I think it’s the goals that make the difference honestly. If you only ever aim to do covers, just be a cover group. You don’t get places by illegally performing songs.

>> No.10082000

Vancouver has a large one... all the groups aren’t necessarily active online though and the vast majority you’d only really see in person performing at cons (like 80% of con programming is dancing here)
Shining Pri
Boyish 7
Natsu Heroes
Shooting Stars
Girls Secret
Seishun Youth Academy
Aurora Idols
Ragnorok Project

I think that’s all of them although not all are active.

>> No.10082030

I saw lots in Florida and in Canada too

>> No.10082042

Well I see your point there by would it make a difference if someone covered the same song in cosplay and out of cosplay?

>> No.10082069

There's a big one in Michigan but everyone does hallway lives or panels at cons because the cons don't really support performers, and no one really does the net idol thing, they usually just dance. But there's a few groups and soloists

>> No.10082071

Then there's like the four sketchy individuals that try to stir the drama pot when there isn't any like Leah / lovely clover and the last of the nebula kiss girls.

>> No.10082073

Good Lord why does she constantly need to be in a group. This is group 3 now. She always has to crutch on other people, can't do it herself apparently.

Also I heard it too but you know Leah won't give a damn as she never does unless it's about herself

>> No.10082136


How is Leah starting drama or stirring the pot? Girl seems to be keeping to herself just fine not gonna lie.

>> No.10082137


I think Ragnarok disbanded last year and Girl Secret went inactive after one of their members got scouted by SYA shortly after their debut

>> No.10082138

3 groups really isn't that much, I've been in the same probably.

>> No.10082142

I like Project Shooting Stars. They seem like they work hard on their dances. I just wish they'd upload more on youtube and instagram.

>> No.10082225
File: 581 KB, 1068x874, Screenshot_20190117-153947.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I haven't seen these outfits cosplayed before, does anyone know what they're called?
I watched them perform at a local con and they were honestly quite engaging and pretty in sync for the most part.
The Kotori apparently has problems with her legs or something so some parts of the dances looked awkward though.

>> No.10082268

Theyre from the arcade game not sure the name of them but thats the source of them at least.

>> No.10082273

She's been quiet recently, thankfully. But she does pm girls trying to trash talk the "MI dance community" me and my friend being one of them

>> No.10082275

It's one thing when you're just casually in then but it's about when it's because you start them because you've been kicked out/ caused drama

>> No.10082277
File: 455 KB, 400x655, 20_honoka.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh wow, I didn't think anybody actually remembered my old forum from like a few years ago! Yeah, it didn't quite take off like I had hoped at the time and trying to rally a community isn't really for me, but it was fun while it lasted! I'm glad OIC is where it is today and hope it continues to grow.

>I love their dedication to keeping up.
Thank you!

This is the Nine-Star Venus set from SIFAC.

>> No.10082339

Love live after school project is what it’s called

>> No.10082342

>has problems with her legs or something
it's called being overweight. puts a ton of stress on joints, limits mobility, and makes the body work harder when doing strenuous things.

>> No.10082352

Casually in them but it's different when*

>> No.10082382

Who are the four?

>> No.10082393

>They were honestly quite engaging and pretty in sync for the most part.

Yeah. They seem polite and down to earth, which is kind of rare for love live groups in florida, except maybe L-Nav. Didn't know about Kotori's legs, but still, she seems to try her best.

>> No.10082429

Where's the sauce though?

Word on the other street says that the supposed naive designer actually joined said group in August and volunteered the commission as a group member. Another personal project was talked about with likely naive designer and payment was brought up and work wouldn't be done until payment in full was received, and that project never got off the ground.

I don't really understand the fascination people have with keeping shit going with Clover. She literally minds her own business and has been doing pretty well on her solo projects. Stop being bitter and leave the girl alone.

Like if you honestly spent the energy you do starting shit on actually practicing your performance then you would maybe start doing well in comps.

>> No.10082435

Does anyone have good DMV groups to follow? Also do you know of any looking for new members?

>> No.10082446

Out of curiosity, who do you think made the post? I just saw a post about this on Instagram and passed on what I had heard. Are there competitions in the area though? I haven't heard of any.

>> No.10082447

Hi Leah

>> No.10082449

Shut up Leah

>> No.10082453
File: 130 KB, 750x552, F4F0AF60-7D23-49BC-87FC-9A3CB84AF6DB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10082461

Before this whole argument starts again, please nobody bother responding any of this anon's desperate butthurt pleas for justification as to why the net idol threads are on this board. They're just badgering to derail.

I might be able to help, but what does DMV stand for?

>> No.10082468

DMV is the DC, MD, VA area

>> No.10082491


I heard the exact same thing, I heard one of the members was also a former Nebula Kiss member.

>> No.10082495

There is no justification, that’s why no one can answer.

>> No.10082498

I'm not the OP who initially posted, but wanna throw in my two cents as someone who is/was her friend since there are always the comments of "why don't you mind your own business" "why are you obsessed with her" or some cringe to that effect. I'll clear it up right now. As a normal friend, she is actually pretty nice and funny. Which feels awesome to have a friend who lives in your area into weeb stuff too. However, with dancing, she's another story. She has to get involved with other people or other people need to be involved with her business. In ex, when she is fighting someone, everyone has to know. She's bitching on her FB, telling all of her friends, slandering who out whatever happened and those who don't know anything about it jump to her side like everyone is a monster. Thing is, she's not careful about what she says in her PMs to people. She'll shit talk you up and down to someone else, but be your best friend in person and I don't think most of her friends realize this. Anyone she is currently talking to will drag into her current issues. In example, why on Earth do I know about her sex life with her boyfriends and how her photog bf she's probably with for clout is falling out? Bc she doesn't keep her mouth shut. On another note, whenever anyone has an issue in this community and she catches wind, she's in your DMs and sending you friend requests faster than shit. Most problems these girls solve on their own and are cool, but she HAS to know the tea. She comes in with the "I've been in this community forever I'm like the mom you can talk to me" when she's pretty infamous for being shitty and then take about the tea because again, can't keep her mouth shut

>> No.10082510

I am 100% everyone in here is an OIC member or affiliated somehow with it. Ya'll are too obvious.

>> No.10082512

There's an aquors group called aquamarine and then there's another LL group that hasn't debuted yet I think? I saw them scouting a while back in the usa cosplayers group. For non-LL groups I'm not sure.

>> No.10082514

Anime USA did. I unironically like them for one big reason, they keep the kids and the wota nerds in a containment zone, and I want all cons above 15K to have them, they will fill at least a 50 seat room and from my cross country travels, if a tiny con like ALA can have Aquarius fill a 20 seat room your 10K con can fill a festival.

>> No.10082517

I'm a pure fan, but I come from the musical theatre side so watching the kids sing and dance and have fun is why I like this. I don't want to be an idol at all nor could I be, my real world job is too serious!

>> No.10082518

She will run her mouth or do something she shouldn't since she is incapable of doing anything on her own, and once people catch wind and call her out: Y'all won't leave me alone, I'm minding my own business you guys are just trying to ruin my "dreams"
If it's anybody else: "oooo girl come get the tea, fuck this bitch up" for a lack of better words. Everyone in her eyes is an idol scandal but when she herself does anything, suddenly the universe is in her business and everyone is out too get her as if she doesn't do that herself. If you don't believe me then I'm assuming she doesn't PM you.
Leah would be redeemable if she just left people alone and focused on herself. Moving to every new / unheard of (for her) person every time she does something stupid and loses more friends needs to stop. Despite dragging other girls and then decides to "go solo", she comes out with almost no content and when she does, it's someone else's art or photo work. She can't do shit for herself yet when she leans on others, she can't help being inappropriate or dragging them or getting into their own personal drama. It's like she feeds off that shit. She's a drama leech. So, as a normal friend, she's alright. As someone in this community, she's a shit starter in denial. And look, I'm not calling her a bitch or insulting her or anything. I really don't care. But this is the reality check she and her friends need if they actually do care.
Leah, assuming you read this, you need to keep your shit to yourself. Just do you. People will befriend you and trust you when you stop instigating this unnecessary bullshit.

>> No.10082519

How so? Care to share your findings, i mean, assumptions?

>> No.10082526

And on another note, she's SUPER friendly with you if you have some cosplay/idol clout. She's your best friend. If you run something, have followers, a talent (sewing, photography etc) she'll be your bro. If you don't or if you are upping her in a way she doesn't like. Your ass is being dragged whether you like it or not. If you're sitting here thinking I'm wrong, then you probably either aren't that close to her, or don't have any clout. Sorry bro.

Also, I'm assuming by comps you mean competitions? Which is hilarious, because none of us complete lol. That's another issue we take, she's so competitive for no reason. Everyone in her eyes is "a shit dancer" which is fucked because she'll say that behind your back and still pretend like you're great to your face. Also, she's into idols because of other girls. She was just dancing and "didn't do idol stuff" until she figured she could one up them because she thinks she's better than them. But here's the thing, idols aren't known for good dancing (or singing). None of the girls in this state give a rats ass about how good you dance. They like to have fun and dance she other people who know what they're dancing. It's a side hobby for these girls, it's not that deep. Unlike Leah. Because supposedly hanging around 16 year old girls and dragging them behind their backs to pretend to be an idol is a "dream". I don't mind her dancing, just her shit attitude.
But that's me tho.

>> No.10082528

A girl posted on her IG story
It's deleted now though

>> No.10082534


Afterschool Activity*

>> No.10082542

Clover/Ame/Norae (maybe that kelly girl idk but she seems to enable the other two nebula kiss girls)

>> No.10082545 [DELETED] 


and brit

>> No.10082547

Leah and Teya who also started a new group are people to really watch out for. I think teya is either in Michigan or Missouri but after all the racist shit she’s said and backstabbing to girls in her group I would really say to watch out for her. I’m in the texas community but I’ve heard horror stories about Leah / clover too who is old as hell now still trying to get young girls in groups with her. Don’t work with either of them. They only care about clout and both are hella toxic.

>> No.10082549

Who is teya

>> No.10082550

Hm. I'll try looking into them! Let me know if you find any other groups.

>> No.10082558


I think there's 3 idol performers in Michigan... Chiri Girls, Rira, and Shiro. Shiro seems most active. She's got a long way to go, but she seems super sweet and pure. No one has a real net presence though, that's for sure.

>> No.10082580

I have personally worked with clover before and i don't care what people say, I think she's done a lot of growing as a person. I like her as a friend

>> No.10082649

Ok, so let me get this straight.

One of your biggest complaints about Clover is that she talks shit behind your back and smiles in your face. But here you are posting on an anon board that I can promise you she doesn't read about her.

Like you don't even have the balls to send it in a DM because you're afraid to get screenshoted by your other backstabby friends.

Nobody in MI has any clout. Maybe that's why you're in your feelings. But the closet groups to having clout either fell apart because their leadership sucked or they throw tantrums because they put on the most unemotive performance possible and lose at casual con comp.

Outside of Brit who everyone including myself has warned Leah about giving a fifth chance at friendship she doesn't talk to any of you in MI. She does mind her own business. She doesn't give a shit about you lol.

And like instead of letting her just do her videos and her photos you have to keep making her relevant in your world because you can't think of any other reason as to why you're trash.

I'm not Leah and stop taking out your bitterness on her. If you want to squash whatever beef then either 116th & union or southfield & joy.

But in the mean time put out some meaningful content. Don't be mad she has friends that can help her do that. If you weren't so cringey then maybe you could convince other people to collaborate on creative projects with you too.

>> No.10082654
File: 21 KB, 339x339, 63F1F38E-7E53-4204-ABF1-162ECED35023.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Smells awful high school in here

>> No.10082659

I mean, no different than the EGL boards

>> No.10082814
File: 1.29 MB, 1242x2069, 8E5D0020-4877-4BA6-B089-E26E11E1D630.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There has been an awfully high amount of people saying things like “how dare you say these kinds of things” lately and I don’t like it. It’s nothing new and most times it’s not unfounded. It’s in the sane vein of telling someone who was in an accident that you weren’t in an accident at the same place during a different time so they couldn’t be telling the truth.

Anyway, I don’t know about clover but this is Teys’s new group. She looks different but not in a bad way.

>> No.10082840


You may like her as a friend but I'd be careful in case that doesn't go both ways. I don't want to see you getting dragged through the mud, anon so look after yourself.

>> No.10082859

It's not just that she talks behind your back, it's what she says/how she says it and the fact that she puts shit like that on blast pretty often. Whether to her friends with bigger follow bases in DMs or just to get Facebook. And not civil like this, this is an all caps swearing and ripping apart mad kind of girl when it could be something small or untrue. Idk about you anon but being called a DUM ASS BITCH and then act all sweet and helpful when someone else she was DMing sends a screenshot is something else. If me posting civilly on a board explaining why people avoid her somehow compares to that to you, idk what to say to you lol.

Like I don't have the balls? Lmao sweetie I did DM her and then stopped talking to her because she can't confront any of this. She cannot take any criticism, any backlash, and even if you come to her from a friend to friend calm perspective, she'll still scream at you in all caps and cuss you out if she doesn't like what being said. She has no self responsibility, and cannot react like an actual level headed adult, so I was like nah chief I'm not playing these games anymore. None of my friends are backstabby, sorry you feel that way about yours. Can't relate.

I can think of a few people but I'm not dead naming anyone in case she's still friends with them. I'm not referring to dance groups here, no one cares that much enough to genuinely pursuit anything. Which is fine, but she latches on to people who do things better than her or have a following. But your response sounds super salty anon lol, a lot of groups keep popping up in MI because these dancers are inspiring other people to start, and then those new people become friends with the old people, so idk anon but you're sounding a little salty.


>> No.10082862

Who? And no one wants friendship with Leah so idk what you're on about. Leah approached us several times, stirred some shit, people started distancing themselves, then Leah whines that "such and such group is petty" or some shit, until she realizes that the entire state doesn't want shit to do with her, and then it's "this community is trying to tear me down" when almost everyone but probably 2 people don't do a damn thing but about her. Also iconic that she doesn't give a shit but will unblock you to ask you for shit she needs or to start shit (:

You guys really love there fantasy that someone out there just cares about her so damn much that they gotta hault her from doing what she's doing. She's not a super hero trying to save Civilization lmfao. No one says shit about her until she does something to someone. No one just randomly brings her up. I know she wishes she was that relevant, but she isn't. I also love that anyone who doesn't like her behavior is suddenly a shitty dancer or unsuccessful in your eyes. Idk because it sounds more like jealousy to me. None of these girls even post that often because they have actual lives outside of this shit that is a lot more important, but I guess when you're a salty 28 year old grown baby without anything else to do, you've gotta drag somebody.

I know you're not Leah, Leah can't hold a conversation without getting heated and can't speak English worth shit. It's not that deep as you guys like to make it out to be. I'm sorry, but it ain't that deep sis. I know you guys really wish people cared that much, but they don't.


>> No.10082865

But in the meantime, how about she takes care of her kid and fixes her relationship falling out, gets a job and fends for herself and maybe pursues a meaningful hobby other than harassing teens online and calling that "putting out content"when she's maybe made two videos in three years, and actually minds her own business for once. And how about you guys LET GO, like ACTUALLY LET GO and stop getting all in your feelings that people don't like when you act like a child, and I promise no one will say shit about her. And I know you guys hate this but I have no issues collaborating, I do my thing and have a great time with all these people. Idk sis but sounds like you guys are salty that no one wants your drama so you guys have to get more and more desperate for collabs. How about stop worrying about people and trying so hard to get involved with people when you claim "she lives her own business" and just do your thing. There's no reason Leah can't post her own covers or dance by herself. None of the rest of us are that desperate for the attention or acceptance of others. We're pretty happy. Idk why that bothers ya so much lol

I know it's hard to accept but unfortunately most people just don't give a shit about her. I know your really WANT people to just be sitting here seething that she's succeeding or some shit, but sis doesn't look like she's succeeding. She looks like an adult pursuing a child's hobby and starting shit along the way. I know you really want it to be everyone else vs her, bit unfortunately that's flipped. Sorry sis but that's the tea


>> No.10082897

Can you guys quit shitting up the thread with your personal bullshit? Nobody cares.

To get us back on topic, what do you guys think about groups who make original costumes like Stellure? I do like that they do it, but it can't be the most cost effective thing to do if they also cosplay outside of the group.

>> No.10082923

Okay Brit calm down we know you hate her lol

>> No.10082925

Y'all are about to get the thread shut down again. Fucking chill.

I really like original stage outfits! I think Mimi designs great costumes on paper, but they're really complicated so they don't always translate to 3d well. I'd love to see Stellure in some simpler, pretty, well made outfits instead of the over complicated Love Live stuff. On that note, creating something completely from scratch can be really difficult but there's lots of base dresses and skirts that can be dolled up with minimal sewing skills to create nice outfits. I'd like to see more groups doing stuff like that, but that's also my personal bias for poofy skirts and member colors speaking.

>> No.10082947

Original costumes are so much better than crappy cosplays. It shows more originality in members

>> No.10082954
File: 1.22 MB, 1242x1533, 36A8EB20-F230-4FD9-86BA-92CE93FC7289.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I believe ice qream is currently in the process of making outfits for their live this weekend. They look super cute so far so I hope they pull them off.

>> No.10082960

I love original costumes, and highly prefer them to cosplay. They help you get a sense of the personality of the group. Of course, they do need to look somewhat decent

>> No.10082961
File: 264 KB, 2048x1365, 38411857_687982471548419_2915209296973135872_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


A Michigan anon here: Mirai Wish, Chiri Girls, and Rira all had original costumes at Dokidokon. The other dance groups have shirt uniforms and I think Nebula Kiss is doing street clothes now. Nebula Kiss and Hime Project used to have member color uniforms though.

>> No.10082965

this is so cringey. looks like they spent all their time on the skirts and didn't have a top to go with them.

>> No.10082967

Jesus god the chiri girls outfits are always so bad ugh. They're so cringe

>> No.10082979

Teyaberri she’s from Missouri and starts a lot of shit in the local scene. she just started her third group called dot bless. All her other groups fell apart because of her toxic behaviour

>> No.10082982

>using the word “clout”
>I’m not Leah
>mentioning ghetto ass hood streets like Joy lane that only a detroit hood rat would know

Leah please stop. This is so cringe worthy. You’re damn near 30 now

>> No.10082984

If anyone is curious about Teya watch this video. I doubt any group she associates with will be allowed at conventions considering she is notorious for shit slinging in her local community and called a Black girl a porch monkey and the n word. That’s the same as using the F word for a gay person.... https://youtu.be/6XrpEZMuch4
If you’re thinking about joining her group watch that video. Everyone in Missouri knows how toxic she is to be around.

>> No.10082989

If you’re not Leah why are you getting so defensive

>> No.10082994


I'd heard about this drama back when it went down but I'd never seen this. Shit people always think they're good people and flawless. Anyone who is even slightly decent is able to admit that they fuck up and do bad things occasionally.

>> No.10083009

Lmfao "back on topic"

>> No.10083011

Why is that girl always the cop out when Leah has problems lmao she's not the only person to, and as far as I'm aware she's cool with Leah. This ain't her though. But if you really think it is her, lemme just sit back and watch these flames you start

>> No.10083024
File: 180 KB, 1200x822, fDr40wP0XQAA2m7q.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love original costumes, it makes it feel more like a group

>> No.10083043

These look good, so far.

Honestly, original costumes with good craftsmanship are a definitely plus for groups, especially if they fit the theme of the group/members individually. Even for the Love live groups. So many of them just buy their cosplays and it makes them look like one in a million. I'd love to see an ambitious group make original designs or make a set instead of the same taobao cosplay a thousand times.

L-nav did tearaway skirts for their show at Holmat, but I was wondering if they made them or bought them. It was a nice touch.

>> No.10083044

>Anyone who is even slightly decent is able to admit that they fuck up and do bad things occasionally.
Ironically this was part of why their beef was revived in 2017. Neither girl wanted to admit they’d done anything wrong and keep insisting what they did was okay.

>> No.10083106
File: 129 KB, 750x422, 6581FCFC-9988-47D3-B931-E96920EC2A76.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Peachy Parade also has original outfits made by one of their members! Seeing original outfits that are well made and cute makes me really happy, and I feel like it makes a group stand out more.

>> No.10083147

Yeah my bad. I’m sick so I can’t think straight

>> No.10083152

Are there any good patterns for costumes like those? I want to try to make one

>> No.10083177

@heycutsew on insta has REALLY a good jfashion patterns for an affordable price. They’re super sturdy and the instructions are easy for beginner level sewers. Highly recommend for stuff like this. Otherwise, simplicity has gotten some more cosplay/jfashion inspired patterns recently that would work too!

>> No.10083214

It's not that deep but here you go trying to make this shit more personal than what it has to be because you failed at groups, you don't have the wit to go sololololololo, your photography sucks, and you can't find anyone to pay for your entry level graphic design work.

Brit, come on. I know you're not better than this but at least pretend for the camera.

Leah hasn't done anything to anyone. Like asked earlier, where is the sauce that she actually stole art? Post the screenshots.

I'm not being defensive, I just think that if you're going to try to call someone out then you need to have your shit straight. Don't try to sabotage someone because you can't figure out how to not suck. Elevate yourself. Level up.

>> No.10083224

Any simplicity patterns that are like skirts I could wear with a petticoat?

>> No.10083226

I would try a circle skirt. There are patterns online that you could use

>> No.10083239

You mean threads? Yeah no

>> No.10083255

If you want poof, I’d suggest looking into a basic gathered rectangle skirt!

>> No.10083262

I agree with the other comments. A circle skirt will sit nicely with a petti. Otherwise, look into a tutorial for a pleated "skater skirt". its like a circle skirt but its got a bit more body/shape to it that would give you a bit more than just a plain skirt. fabric choices are everything tho so a plain skirt might look good if you pick a really cute fabric!

>> No.10083283
File: 95 KB, 640x502, DxBcnQ_U0AAd-ru.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, they definitely overthink things! I love WUG for how simple and punchy their costumes can be. Also, almost every live I've been to has a segment where the girls come out in the live exclusive T shirt but i rarely see cute T shirts used by these groups even though they should be the easiest ever?

>> No.10083285
File: 194 KB, 730x486, wakeupgirls_live01_fixw_730_hq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More WUG, it would be so simple for a group to put something like this together and so much cuter than a bad cosplay

>> No.10083353

Honey Hime did this same thing with their more basic Honey Hype costumes, it seriously is the easiest thing!!

I personally tend to stray away from t-shirts, but I love it when girls wear nice, collared tanks with full skirts. It gives me real classic vibes, and I don’t know why

>> No.10083356
File: 6 KB, 260x320, 91A9FDF7-5CA2-4579-AABC-EAB12ACAFA31.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Like this, it’d be super cute with the right skirt over it

>> No.10083359


What sort of details would look good with the tops? Bows or collars, that sort of thing? I'm always creeping this board looking for helpful feedback, but this time I wanted to ask directly.

>> No.10083392


Looks like superrare just posted the reveal for Hitomi’s VA. Thoughts?

>> No.10083413

> posted literally within minutes of the video being posted on YouTube.
Hi San

>> No.10083416
File: 1.78 MB, 1242x2010, 559CB2FB-49B1-4EE2-88E2-977930B5C6BE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I kind of like the idea of custom tops, that way everyone can find something that looks flattering for them and like other anons have said, adds some personal flare to the costume and makes it feel more like a real group rather than cosplays. Natsu is local to me and while defs some parts look messy (especially up close when I saw them dance live), I do like that they have a somewhat cohesive theme with small individual details to each costume.

>> No.10083420

This is so cute

>> No.10083426

something like the girl in orange, maybe? The girls wearing just a basic wifebeater look like they were too lazy to do anything, or like they were just trying on their skirts. It's highly unfinished looking and looks very sloppy. Something with more detail, for sure. It basically looks like their wearing an underskirt or pajamas and just put on the skirt to see what it looks like so far, not finished in the slightest.

>> No.10083428

was meant for you.

>> No.10083430

I had the displeasure of running into Ally Vega during a con last week. I wanted to offer her a ribbon but when i went up to her, she said "my name isn't ally vega its ally yada yada yada", scoffed at me after apologizing if I was bothering her, then left with her beta orbiters. Never met someone so rude and fake.

>> No.10083436

Pattern for that please!!

>> No.10083437

I have a book with a tutorial on that! It’s called the Oversteeet Guide to Cosplay.

>> No.10083442

Okay, I'll look into some ways to dress the top half up! Those are actually white dresses with the skirt and torso parts attached over the dress, everyone was a bit worried about looking too gimmicky by adding "too much" detail. The outfits have sentimental value so I'd rather improve them than scrap them completely, but I'll take what you said into consideration for improving them and when we make our next outfits. Again, sorry to out myself, I just really appreciate the honest feedback.

>> No.10083491
File: 95 KB, 960x720, Zeus!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Charm points also helps in adding personal flare in a group. Zeus' members have something like a head dress to help make them stand out along with their penlight color embedded to their outfit

>> No.10083513

Literally who

>> No.10083527

gross, and try hard

>> No.10083529

Or people get notifications because they follow the project? Sorry that’s a silly ideal. Anon is totally San.

>> No.10083532

I don’t get why she matters. All she does is crappy choreo for Idol Academy. It also kinda sounds blown out of proportion but maybe that’s just me.

>> No.10083534

NTAYR but apparently Ally Vega runs an "idol training academy"

>Idol Academy...offers the training and opportunities needed to take the first step to becoming an idol!

This is even more stilted and awkward than Yuyu's intro

>> No.10083536

I hate how everyone sounds so typical kawaii anime girl with no distinction whatsoever. It’s copypasted and nobody has any personality or variation at all.

>> No.10083560

The voice really bothers me with this VA, as her actual voice clips through a lot, and sounds vastly better then the voice she's putting on. 0:11 - 0:14, 0:38 - 0:39, are parts where you can kind of hear her real voice, with what I can hear of her real voice jesus christ it would sound so much better if they just let her use that.

>> No.10083593

Teya used racial slurs and former group members broke all ties with her. I doubt that dotBless will be allowed into any cons. Not to mention she went to Japan to become an idol and quietly failed onky after two months and moved back home. Hopefully that humbled her

>> No.10083629

Nope, try again

>> No.10083637

lol surreee

>> No.10083645
File: 19 KB, 567x319, IMG_20190119_094450.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10083648

I have actual sauce of her harassing people but they're all screenshots on my old phone unfortunately.

You guys really like to pretend she's done nothing wrong lmfao, then pick a random girl to try to roast in her place... You guys are really sad lol. "Leah ain't do shit wrong" "also everything you do sucks because we have being wrong". Go ahead and have your last word lmfao, nice of you ever prove she actually hasn't done anything wrong. You can come in here trying to insult people to defend her but it doesn't change the damage she's done and you're not changing any minds.

You do realize people like Amina have spoke out against Leah too, right? There are quite a few people who know what Leah's done and avoid the fuck out of her. She's stolen outfit designs, insulted members to take their place, insulted girls into quitting dance groups, bullied girls, etc etc and these are things with receipts. There are way too many people who have different experiences of her being a shit human being for you to be on here looking like a clown, adding on to the insults instead of being like "okay my friend literally has hundreds of people who don't live her, wtf did she do and can I help her clean up her act". Y'all are a mess lmao

>> No.10083656

So you conveniently don't have access to any old screenshots lol ok.

Nobody is saying Leah's never crossed the line. However, it's been nearly two years since she's apologized to the people it mattered to for any misunderstanding and she has since distanced herself from the MI cesspool and done her own thing. And while minding her own business she's had Jordan or Brit occasionally pop up on some random bullshit, Chiri Girls try to get her pulled from a judging position because they don't "feel safe", and now allegations that she's stole art without any proof of a contract violation.

Like I'm not making it up that over 2 years people have consistently failed at slinging mud at her because no one that matters in the world has time to participate in your high school bullshit.

No one is ever going to change your mind about Leah. I'm not trying to. You are such a disturbed individual that the only thing that will help you cope is counseling. Just when you come with or have your shit together otherwise continue to fail.

She's happy minding her own business and doing the things you can't.

And who gives a shit about Amina? Literally the queen of Toxicity. Point is you're stuck in the past. To anyone she might have hurt their feelings she's apologized and moved on.

Just stop. Get a life. Get better at your performance. Do anything but waste your time taking out your frustration on someone that hasn't interacted with you, unless you're Brit, in at minimum 2 years.

>> No.10083672

I regret not auditioning with a squeaky voice now, maybe I would have had more of a chance to make it in.
If anything I thought only yuyu would have that type of voice

>> No.10083684

Leah just stop. Grow up and handle your baby daddy issues. Stop posting here

>> No.10083687 [DELETED] 


Former NK member here. I do not hate Leah, but she did hurt me. A lot. I'll just share my opinion on some of these points though

>it's been nearly two years since she's apologized to the people it mattered

She put everyone but Jordan, the person she hurt the most, in a large group chat along with one or two of her friends and did a group apology. That's not the same as going person to person and apologizing for her actions. It personally wanted to believe it was sincere, but I admit it did largely feel like a cop-out, like she did it not because she was truly sorry, but because by doing it she could now say "look! I apologized!!"

>MI cesspool

There has been almost no drama in this community. The little there has been largely at least involved Leah in some form, though she was not always the cause of it. She did, however, almost always participate or contribute to it.

>Chiri Girls try to get her pulled from a judging position because they don't "feel safe"

That isn't in the slightest what happened. Now, there may be more to this story, but as fair as I am aware: Multiple individuals, I don't even know if either Chiri Girl was involved, felt that her previous involvement with the community would lead to unbiased judging. Maybe the con guy said something different to Leah, or maybe someone said they felt unsafe around her, but it was entirely just a "we know stuff has happened in the past and we want to make sure it won't impact things going forward" It reads more like "please talk to her and the other judges about this for things are fair" than "please kick her out"

Now, me personally, I want to like Leah. I used to consider her one of my dearest friends. I'd forgive her each time she hurt me, but it's to the point that I'm worried about trusting her. She's never made any direct effort to make things right with me, and I would be open to making amends to her! I just... feel like I've never been more than a pawn to her...

>> No.10083698

I regret not auditioning ontime, my voice is pretty unique but i dont think it would fit the sterotype of the cute anime idol persona

>> No.10083721

Former student of Idol Academy. This is how Ally treats people who seem "unworthy" of her. She is really snobby towards anyone who hasn't given her money, sees them as a threat because there doing more than her, or just flat out dislikes a person.

I've seen her get bitchy at my classmates, always praising PhEri, and quietly complain behind our backs about how none will live up to her PhEri expectations.

She is so toxic and i'm upset people still take her Idol Academy class. Not suprised you got that treatment.

>> No.10083866

New thread >>10083863

>> No.10083902

It’s been 9 days what.

>> No.10083906

This thread is autosaging already

>> No.10083985

Get a life? Lol. I don't even perform. You're the one spending all this time constantly checking these threads and arguing lol, log tf out if you don't like it

>> No.10084676

same, i auditioned with more of a natural voice since i thought it'd balance things out. ohwell

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