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Tell your horror story

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To make it clear: not only replicas thing, but also when seller sent a pile of garbage or nothing at all or buyer refused to pay in full. Or maybe you yourself have prettified the item description although it was well worn. Tell yo stories.

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To make it clear: not only replicas thing, but also when seller sent a pile of garbage or nothing at all or buyer refused to pay in full. Tell yo stories.

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First... That's just creepy how close it looks.

Second... The only time I was outright scammed was for a $25 bodyline skirt on LM, which I thought was a weird hill for that account to choose to die on (really? for $25?).

Beyond that what I've experienced most often is a LACK of disclosure, or not honest disclosure. That is to say someone says they have a cat in the house, but their brand is "kept safely away" and then I get a dress covered in cat hair and smells like litter. I have pets, it's not a health issue, but learning that now I have to pay out an extra $40 in dry cleaning isn't fun.

Another issue has been the mention of minor damage without good photos of that damage. A lot of the time I ignore the mention of "minor damage" because it's easily fixed (fun fact; a lot of the time you just need to wash the dress and it's back to new) but at least twice the "minor damage" was actually "you will need to severely alter this garment before wearing" and that's been a bummer.

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Not really a horror story but still an extremely embarrassing incident for me.

Back when Hanayoku was first starting out on LM I asked her about an ambiguously named dress that looked like a Taobao dress I really wanted at the time. At that point I had no idea there were replicas of it, but since she hadn't listed the brand's name with the dress I inquired about it. She would never give me a straight answer as to whether the dress was genuine or not ("I can't find the brand tag but I can guarantee it's made from the same exact fabric"), and I was a newb so I had no idea whether or not most Taobao dresses had tags or not, or if this particular brand would have tags. I should've taken all of this as a huge red flag, but I wanted the dress badly enough and wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt.

I learned how to reverse image search on taobao a week later and plugged in the images she used in the listing to find that there were tons of replicas of the dress on taobao ranging from $10-15 dollars. I contacted her about it since I had paid her $60 for what I thought would be the genuine article and she quickly apologized and offered me a $40 refund.

The dress was pretty abysmal quality when it showed up, naturally, and I was a bit upset about the whole ordeal. It shouldn't have really been listed to begin with since it was a print replica, but it was honestly my fault for being an idiot.

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Most of it is me doing some basic mistakes at the start so I brought the situation on myself by being stupid, but it all got sorta resolved at least.

>Gets a message about an WTB I've posted for a dress I've been looking for for 1,5 years
>Chick tells me she has the girl for sale, and is willing to sell it for me almost $60 bucks cheaper than the regular second hand price
>Me, stupid enough to not see the red flag, jumps on this deal in case this chick just simply has lost her damn mind about pricing her stuff and want to get in on it before she realizes that she is underpricing it
>Does a quick check of her profile, and she seems legit and searching her name doesn't show much. But at least no bad feedback on any sales pages or groups on facebook (yes I was so fucking stupid I didn't ask if she had an LM page so I could on f check possible feedback there)
>She first tries to get me to send her the money through the "friends and family" function on paypal
>Oooh no no no my seller-friend, you send a proper invoice or the deal is OFF
>After what seemed to be a bit reluctance at first she sends me an invoice for the sum we agreed on
>This is when I started to get slightly worried, but decided that she might just be inexperienced or stupid
>Everything is paid and I hear nothing from her for a week
>I hit her up asking for updates on the package and she tells me she has sent it
>"Great! Could you send me the tracking number?"
>No reply

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>I keep writing to her on and off, asking for the tracking number but she either ignores me, comes up with excuses or acts like she doesn't understand english all of a sudden
>I keep giving her benefit of the doubt, I was surprised that she didn't know enough english to know how to give someone a fucking tracking number when she's living in the U.S. But I thought that maybe she's fresh off the boat or just simply retarded
>After a while I start getting concerned, and decided that maybe I should hit up the mods in any of the sales group she might have found my WTB article in, in case they know if there have been any previous issues with her
>Can't find her in any of the groups, but pms a mod anyway in one of the groups so they know about her in case someone else runs into trouble with her in the future.
>1 month go by without any tracking number or a dress in sight, I'm now getting really fed up up with this. I know the shipping time between the U.S. and Scandinavia do take a long time but the lack of proper communication from her and lack of response on my questions had made me quite angry
>Sends her a message that if she doesn't send me a tracking number before a certain date I would open a paypal dispute
>No response, I remind her of my warning when it's closer to the said date. Still no response
>Opens a paypal dispute, and they receive no response from her either
>Everything is settled and I get my money back without any fuss

It's been months since then and still no dress, so I think it's safe to say she's an idiot that tried to scam me.

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I saved up to buy Daydreaming Goldfish off a seller on Lacemarket. When I got it, I just had a sinking feeling that something was wrong. The listing had warned that the buttons on the front of the dress had been changed out (fair enough, that's not a defect I really mind), but every single button on the dress was wrong. The sewing was shoddy with loose threads everywhere, the trim wasn't even, the front bow was sad and droopy, etc.

I ended up taking pictures and comparing it to photos of the real deal. I sent these to the seller, who said that the dress was actually her friend's, and she was just selling it as a proxy. Then she said she only had $50 in her account at the time, and she could refund me that for now and send the rest later. So that's when the scam alert bells went off in my mind, and I declined the partial refund. This girl then simulates a fight with said "friend" telling me about how their fight came to blows etc. So I pretty much ignored her after that and let the paypal buyer protection do its job. LM also banned the seller. I got a full refund and ended up keeping the dress because it would have cost far more than the dress is actually worth to send it back to malaysia. I still have it, and I will probably turn it into a mini dress for a doll, or maybe a bag. I was able to get the real version later, thank mana.

TL;DR--if you're planning on buying the Daydreaming Goldfish replica, DON'T. It doesn't hold a candle to the real thing. I know it has great advertising photos, but it's not even close to the same.

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A e-famous Lolita once sold me a replica. She didn't address it as such but as if it was the real deal. I felt trapped as I knew she'd get white-knighted it... so I had to accept it as a loss. it was really gross under the armpits too.

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Gosh, my English usually isn't that bad. Sorry!

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I’m pretty sure they’re a scalper, and I’m wondering how legit their shit is. Who the fuck owns so many princess cat dresses? I swear they list one every week

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Name and shame anon

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K8te? Damn now I know better

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Nope, I wonder if she'd do that though.

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Not scammed, but I almost got scammed.

>found DD on facebook being sold for scalped price
>don't care because DD
>seller has proof pics, has sold in the same group in the past
>message seller I want to buy
>she says somebody else already bought it but I'm next in line
>disappointed but better luck next time
>a few days later she messages me that it's available again
>excited, she invoices me and I pay right away
>says she's going on vacation so she'll ship next week
>message her a few times asking if she shipped yet
>she says she'll ship on Friday
>go to message her on Friday
>she's blocked me
>get her banned from the lolita sales groups she posted in
>get refund through paypal

I believe she's still active in lolita groups too. I don't know if she goes on /cgl/ but JA if you see this, you're an awful person.

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Nothing huge, but I did purchase a dress "NWOT" and it came with a torn-out zipper. It only cost me $15 to get replaced (since I'm usesless with a sewing machine) but it was still fucking annoying.

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mine is totally tame but i bought a cutsew that i was told was h.naoto. I didn't even question it because it literally said "h.naoto" amid the writing on the front of the cutsew. But when I received it, it had the tag of one of those like...mall ghetto stores inside? it was not an h.naoto tag, i actually had one of those stores in one of my local malls. they probably replicated a print from a real h.naoto cutsew and put it on a shirt

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My first dress was a replica. I bought it thinking it was AP and payed 200$ on a local second hand platform ... never started wearing Lolita until 2 years later

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i once bought a sugar fairy cake op from a seller on poshmark for my first brand dress. I didn't realize the back was supposed to have partial shirring and just assumed it was a weird cut. It wasn't until i started looking into the lolibrary page that i realized she had sold me a dress with unlisted damages. It also didn't come with any of the original accessories and was fairly wrinkly

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IDK how much of a scam this is, but when I first started in Lolita, I bought what I thought was a cute and reasonably priced innocent world bolero off of yj auctions. I ended up getting a random off brand bolero that was way too small that I couldn't resell bc it was worthless off brand and somehow i paid like $80 for it.

The worst part is that I was a pretty seasoned yj buyer at the time from another hobby, I just didn't know enough about Lolita to watch out for stuff like that.

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Everytime I see this pic I get annoyed at how ugly the rep is.

Not a scam scam but I once received "NWOT" OTKs whose feet were so grubby I threw them away. Never buying from USA again, there's always lying in the listing. "Minor damage" turns out to be ripped lining or shirring stretched to high hell and other stuff like that. I don't trust them anymore.

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funny bc all the euro sellers always have pit stains in my experience

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Would that be ok? I don’t want this thread to be nuked

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lol I'm in the middle of a pita transaction right now.

>buyer pms me about a dress, my timezone I'm dead sleep
>I wake up to the pm, but also she already bought the dress without waiting for an answer
>now she wants a payment plan
>it's cool, I don't need the money right now anyway
>Her first instalment is an e-check that doesn't clear
>"yeah something's wrong with my bank can you cancel and I'll resend"
>okay, I can understand that
>doesn't resend payment
>a lot of hemming and hawwing about her bank and she drops a shitton of hints about needing more time to pay
>at this point I don't really know what to do because this is a buyer who clicked 'buy' and then proceeded to dick around about payment, even if I were the one that decided I'd had enough of her shit and cancelled it seemed unfair to leave her bad feedback without giving her the chance to fix things.
>Tell her to either pay up or deal with bad feedback
>she tells me she'll pay by the end of Feb
>nothing since then

This started way back in Nov-Dec mind you. At this rate I foresee she's just gonna sit on her ass until Feb passes and I finally give her negative feedback along with the full story and possibly relist the dress.

Funny thing is, I liked the print but the dress never sat right on me and I was really sad to see someone had bought it. So no big deal if she never pays for the dress since I was going to alter it if no one bought it anyway.

I could do without having to deal with whatever her mental baggage is, though. Now I realise why some sellers have so little patience with buyers who request things after buying.

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When I first got into lolita I bought a dress through lacemarket from a girl in my country. It was a 70$ oldschool Baby jsk and I was really excited to get it as it would be my first brand dress. However, the girl wanted me to use a bank transfer instead of paypal (which is non-refundable unlike paypal) and just disappeared off the face of the earth after I sent her my money. I had no way of contacting her anymore and I even filed a police report on it not knowing what to do, but predictably that did nothing.
It really discouraged me from buying online secondhand lolita for a while and I'm still kinda pissed about it. 70$ was a huge deal for me at the time.

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Isn't she super rich? I don't think she would need to do something like that

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Honestly, she deserves a negative for purchasing without telling you about payment plans first. I would have contacted the mods about it already and left her negative.

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Inside euro I usually only buy from my friends and they are very careful with their dresses, what countries specifically so I can avoid? Sounds equally disgusting.

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Her first pm was actually asking me about payment plans, and if I were awake I would actually have agreed anyway. I guess that led to some complacency on my part. Now that you mention it, there were several red flags and I really should have reported it earlier.

Oh well, live and learn, I guess.

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You can put their LM username

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Well, as I wrote in my posts this was through facebook and I was stupid enough to not ask if she had an LM I could check out, which is partly how I stupidly got myself in that situation.

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Damn she scammed yo ass good.

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>what countries specifically so I can avoid?
None, that anon is generalizing because they're retarded. By that logic I shall never buy from japan again because half of the simply as "used" described items I got had undisclosed pit stains.

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I'm okay with generalizing a bit if it saves me grief. I do it with USA since 9/10 items bought from there have had something I've had to cash out to fix. At some point I had to generalize, I'd feel truly rarted if I bought from that country again after my experiences. I'd rather avoid countries that have a high chance of being dishonest about the state of their items.

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What factors of living in a different first world country determine how individuals treat their brand? I mean by all means go ahead, more brand for others I guess but pining uncaring lolita sellers down to where they live sounds stupid to me.

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I hate reciving something with pit stains. I always clean them to the best of my abilities but with some delicate fabric you can't get rid of some yellowing. When selling those items I always feel bad because people most likely assume I was the one who made the pit stains. Even though I so careful about my items.

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Buying from americans is hell

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Damn could I know who in Malaysia did you buy from? It’s a pretty small Comm so for someone to do something that disgraceful is absolutely horrible.

>> No.10076832

Idk? It has just been my experience. I've bought from America plenty and it's been a shitshow so far so I'm gonna assume something is up with the way they treat their clothes and I'm gonna chalk it up to how they've been brought up. Cultures are different so I assume in American culture being careful with your clothes is not a given.

Yeah, it's the worst, feel like I have to explain myself in those situations. I'd never allow something I own to get so dirty.

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>Sees really cheap AP dress from my wishlist
>Price is too good to be true, but misses pretty much everything it can miss
>Checks to see if replica’s exist, can’t find anything
>Buys the dress
A month later the dress arrives
>No tag
>Poorly constructed
>Smaller than the original dress

Only the poor construction and missing tag revealed it was a replica, everything else looked completely identical when I compared it to my friends dress. Was able to find some minor differences later, found the listing of the store that is selling the replica as well. Luckily I never overpaid.

Have to say I have had too many sellers who ended up never shipping items. Said the post lost it, but never gave tracking and such. That’s why I will always ask for an invoice from now on. (Have to say I barely buy from Lacemarket and such, as I always seem to have some kind of trouble with sellers.)

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In America there's a mindset of it's it's broken throw it away-not if it's broken fix it. Everything is disposable here. It really is a culture thing.

I bought a cheap F+F OP and the left cuff was stained all along the inside. When I confronted the seller they claimed they were selling it for a friend. They thanksed me for not "making a big deal". Some people, I swear.

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to me too but as you said
>more brand for others
let them believe idiocy

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Out of interest, how do you get rid of them? I've had a blouse for round 8 years and it has gotten yellowed underneath the pits. I didn't want to risk trying conventional methods that one would do on t-shirts.

>> No.10076908

You do the same thing as you'd do on a men's button-up, which is essentially the same thing you do on a tshirt.

>> No.10076951

So instead of helping anyone else not getting scammed you just... keep quiet? Sorry, cant feel pity for you.

>> No.10076953

I used some heavy powder for stains on white clothing and it got everything out. (Did spray it with sweat stain remover first.)

>> No.10076954 [DELETED] 

On the brightside you don't have to do it often because they're all too fat to fit in brand

>> No.10076955

i use oxyclean and oxyclean sticks they literally make all my whites beautiful. clorox also has a bleach gel for fabrics less delicate

>> No.10076961

Bought a pair of fake Dr Martens (for the price of secondhand real deal) while being able to carefully inspect them in person. Still ashamed af
Got a wet burando dress smelling like mold in mail. The seller probably had it washed right before the dispatch and never dried the item properly. While she paid for the cleaning services, she denied everything despite the case being pretty obvious. I was still able to wear it, but the experience is far from being pleasant

>> No.10077010

oxyclean only can do so much if the stains already are older. I soaked some blouses multiple hours, tried backing soda and all that but it didn't do nothing. So all that's left is selling it with the stains

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How do you gulls avoid being scammed on LM?

>> No.10077204

literally just dont be stupid

>> No.10077209

Check the sellers feedback, and read the comments thoroughly. As you should do on ANY site that provides feedback on sellers (and buyers).

>> No.10078505

I heard Lor is horrible at selling ob Lacemarket or Depop but for sure it was not her she seems honest, I can think only of one single famous lolita that had plenty of replicas but I think she is to cute to sell replicas as real ones, I am really curious, you should have filed a refund case and if it made you unconfortable not give her a negative feedback, but at least get your money back

>> No.10078514


Ha no money got tight and she had to sell all her dresses.

Her dresses are gross and often have stains or damage that were undisclosed. Her feedback is positive, but if you look at the details, most people are disappointed by the state it arrives in. Absolutely disgusting. I will never respect her.

>> No.10078515

Do you know by chance if Yoruhime from Malaysia is a scalper? Something I bought of her listed as brand new has some pretty worn out lace with a little hole. By the number of sales in only 2 years I suspect she is a scalper and overprices some stuff

>> No.10078584

lol @ gmegem always bidding/winning things she can't even physically wear...

>> No.10078593

It wasn't Lor, no. It was a British lolita.

>> No.10078599

She’s not even remotely wealthy, anon. Her “money” came from her mom and her (ex?) husband. They lived in a teeny apartment in LA that had no furnishings and she only appeared rich because she bought up every cheap, damaged dress she could find on auction sites. She now resells all her shit for double, even triple what she paid or what it’s worth just because ~*she*~ owned it. What money she had went into lolita and traveling to cons and it really showed given how shitty her normie wardrobe and apartment looked.

>> No.10078606

i purchase a dream dress on lm for nearly £400+ from person in the US. it took months to arrive.

i later found out the dress had been purchased for under £60 with urine stains that were removed but seller never disclosed this in the list for the dress. i can’t get my money back now and it feels so icky to even look at dress.

>> No.10078608

This is best practice, but this can only protect you so much. I've had sellers send me black items with glaring white, almost paintlike stains all over them that they never mentioned in the description or photographed. Some people are just shitty.

>> No.10078610

it makes me ashamed that someone from my country would do that, but the US really is a huge place. i'm ashamed that a member of this community in general would do that, but there really are a bunch of shitheads among us, aren't there...?

>> No.10078649

I can think only of one famous british lolita and I think she only owns one single AP dress from a lucky pack bag the rest of her wardrobe is made of replicas, she seems very cute and nice :-( I am sorry about what have happend you if it would have happend to me I would have been pretty dissapointed becouse I liked this skotish girl a lot in the begining of my lolita days.

>> No.10078656

>it makes me ashamed that someone from my country would do that
Let's be honest the country you come from doesn't tell us anything about how good of a lolita you are or how well you treat your clothes etc etc. When I see people believing generalisations it really makes me sad. But yeah I understand what you mean, my country has a scalper and I'm ashamed too.

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I found someone selling a fancy sweater a few towns away with Facebook’s marketplace function and I jumped on the deal. The listing says just says “size four” so I assume it’s a women’s size four and buy it pretty much immediately. Only after I’ve paid her does the woman reveal that this sweater belonged to her daughter and proceeded to send me a picture of a three year old...

To make things even worse this was over a month ago and she won’t respond to any of my messages and I haven’t received an item. I should have paid her through PayPal but instead she wanted to use Venmo. Turns out venmo doesn’t have a claim function. I reported the seller to Facebook marketplace but I’m sure nothing will be done. I just want my $30 back man...

>> No.10078690

Yeah, I really liked her too when I started - hence why I jumped on the dress. My thoughts were "she seems sweet and she's well known, I'll be fine".

>> No.10078718

Out of interest, I've never had pitstains before, how does that even happen?

>> No.10078721

So who was it?

>> No.10078731

not a total nightmare but i decided to post my sales on insta and someone contacted me offering to trade for my taobao jsk, she seemed pretty chatty so i didn't think to request her feedback since it was a trade and not a purchase.

I paid $18 to send it over to canada, at first she claimed that she had sent her baby jsk and asked me to wait a week. i did and began to ask her for the shipping number and she claimed her mother lost it. found this odd but then she disappeared off the face of the planet.

i didn't think to save her name and address, which she used and made me wonder if this was an intentional scam or not. it was a couple of years ago and i had gotten that jsk in a lucky pack so even now i didn't feel like it was worth fuming over, i wore it many times. however, i do know better now and don't accept trades unless it's someone i know irl. still miss that jsk occasionally

>> No.10078735

nyart, but there's only one well known Scottish lolita and that's peachie.

>> No.10078775

I can't believe she'd do something like that, that's kinda shocking.

>> No.10078781

Wtf name and shame anon that is actually horrific

Peachie a scammer? I'd chalk it up to her seeming to be mentally handicapped in some way. Still, good to know.

>> No.10078812

She is the last famous lolita I would have thought does such a thing :-( I remember she sold her dresses before a trip to Japan and I think she kept only one AP Jsk to wear in Japan for Harajuku Fashion Walk. I am not eveb sure she is into lolita anymore, I loved her a lot and now I am dissapointed.

I would have expected stuff like this from other famous lolitas but not of her, but I supose other famous lolitas don't buy many replicas like she did and promote them, I think even wish lolita dresses are better than buying art theft.

>> No.10078819

Honestly same but I guess she's really good at being a snake in disguise. She wears mostly generic kawaii pastel fashion now. She looks so bad compared to before, her thinning hair looks awful in pigtails.

Did you try to confront her?

>> No.10078827

Peachie seems sweet and all, but let’s be real, she is ita as hell. She has that wardrobe tour from a few years back and it was 90% replicas.

I could see her lowkey not giving a shit about selling it to someone and not fully disclosing its authenticity

>> No.10078839

I can give you as much info as I have
LM name: kisakihiro (now banned)
Email:[email protected]
Name on package: Chow Lye Yee

>> No.10078869

How did you go about trading, anon? I want to trade something and I figure that if both of us purchase equally priced items from eachother we both end up covered?

>> No.10078904


It happens when the aluminum in antiperspirants mix with sweat. Sweat alone will not cause the yellowing, but when it mixes with the aluminum causes a chemical reaction that yellows fabrics.

>> No.10078914

To add to what that other gull said...

It's not just the chemical reaction from aluminum, it's also just the sweat and oils from your body in general staining your clothes over the long term.

I never even knew they were a thing that could happen to clothes, until I moved to Texas. Then it seemed like they were inevitable on everything I owned. The same discoloration happens around the neck of my shirts as well.

Thankfully it's not hard to get rid of, and not noticeable unless you were looking up close at the inside of my clothes.

>> No.10078927

ah, I avoid aluminum

>> No.10078991

>Tfw Asian and have the non/less stinky sweat genes so I've never used antiperspirant
Well that's another problem I didn't know I dodged. I've always wanted to get those sweat shields that stick to your clothes for really hot days though, has anyone tried them?

>> No.10078997

No, I know this for sure anon, no worries - it just makes me feel ashamed because I don't even like the thought of being lumped in with them. I try my utmost to describe my items as accurately as possible and make the experience as good as I can for buyers.

>> No.10079010

I’ve worn them last summer and they’re pretty good. I’d say make sure to get 100% cotton ones, otherwise you’ll just get even more sweaty and none of it will be actually absorbed, and the type that clip onto your bra - the first pair I got kept sliding off throughout the day. I also tried single use pads and they seemed pointless and unnecessarily wasteful to me.

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File: 197 KB, 249x699, 1544674385646.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>See AP blouse for a good price
>"Selling because I dont know how brand sizing works NWOT"
>Decide I shouldn't be so bigoted towards fat itas and buy it
>She disappears off the face of the earth without leaving a tracking number
>Decide to message after two weeks with no answer
>Says she's super busy with holidays and couldn't send it but will soon
>More silence
>it's been a month
>Finally sends it and I receive it yesterday
>Stained and smelly
I'm never buying from a fat ita ever again

>> No.10080363

The worst I've gotten was undisclosed pet hair all over dresses (several times from various sellers), up until my last LM purchase that is.

I bought an ivory JM OP, didn't get around to cleaning/wearing until like a week after I got it. Initial inspection just revealed a detached belt loop, which was an easy fix even with my shitty sewing skills. Then, as I'm wearing the dress at work for the first time, I notice the orange stain right on the boob. Looks like sauce/dressing spilled on the dress and this certainly was not disclosed.

I've managed to get 90% of it out (over several treatments/rinses), which is a miracle considering that stain could have been there for years potentially. No one would ever notice it now unless I pointed it out like "hey there used to be a stain right in this spot" but it's still irksome that I did not pay damaged-dress pricing (and since I didn't catch the stain on my initial inspection, I already left positive feedback for the seller)

>> No.10080392

we sent each other photos of what we wanted to trade for.

i don't recommend trading at all unless it's someone you know personally and can just do a physical trade with. to trade items equal in value with a stranger is basically roulette; you're not making a real purchase so there's no insurance to cover you should the person back out and go ghost with your item.

>> No.10080393

Instead of trading, shouldn't people just sell their items to each other for the same price via PayPal so they can have buyer/seller protection if one person flakes out?

>> No.10080395

Paypal eats some of the money in that case. I guess it's up to the two parties to decide if they want to pay for protection and peace of mind or not.

>> No.10080399
File: 1.57 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190115_161640.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ironically I just got this in today. The owner said it was Angelic Pretty....it says this on the inside though.
Is this a fake? I bought it on Yahoo Auctions, and it was labeled as Angelic Pretty.....

>> No.10080413

Jesus anon, get a life and stop hating people on the internet. Work hard and you'll have money too.

>> No.10080424

I think I agree. I bought a white blouse from someone one time with yellow staining listed in the description as damages. I threw it in the washing machine and it came right out, I was super disgusted that the seller was too lazy to wash a cheap blouse from taobao and leave her nasty ass neck sweat stains.

This also reminds me of some chick in one of the FB groups I saw who was asking about how to clean her socks. Put them in the fucking washing machine you dirty bitch. They're made from cotton or polyester, not cotton candy. They're not gonna disintegrate nor will the pattern fade after 1 wash with mild detergent, cold water, and the gentle cycle.

That said, personally I think it's a lolita thing in general. I've gotten dirty items from both Americans and Europeans with things that were fixed by a very gentle washing. For some reason people think their lolita will get irreparably fucked up if you try to wash it.

>> No.10080428

I'm not sure personally, but here is a lolibrary listing of the item. Perhaps you could try searching the name on lacemarket for current and past auctions and see if people have photos of the inside of the beret to compare?


>> No.10080430

Are these stories even real? like, how you all go through these horrible experiences but when we asked you to name and shame all we got are cheap excuses. It only makes you look like fucking rpers.

>> No.10080431

>Disgusting seller for not washing, but I'll totally wear this seller's items
>Lolita who asks about proper washing care is a dirty bitch

You sound like a delight

>> No.10080432

If there's no AP tag, it ain't AP

>> No.10080444

It has an AP tag on it

>> No.10080446

Because blasting people's real name on cgl is a guaranteed way to either get your posts deleted or the thread nuked, why else do you think people censor everyone's names in screenshots?

>> No.10080450
File: 1.27 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190115_170954.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Some closeups. I'm so confused. It looks so legit....but the logo in the middle. So is it a fake?

>> No.10080461

Cool beans. I washed it. You should too before you sell your clothes. No one wants to pay money for rank clothes.

And yeah she was, because she insinuated that she never washed her socks but keeps wearing them over and over just getting them dirtier and dirtier.

Buy some woolite, anon.

>> No.10080475

similar thing happen to me last year but I was at a point where i was super busy so i didnt really care. it took the buyer 5 months to buy a 100 dollar dress... then of course it didnt fit

>> No.10080484

I hate berets so I don't have any and can't check, but many of my brimmed hats have both a designers label and a makers stamp. A lot of designers buy bulk hats to decorate and sell.

>> No.10080515

It's not fake. Literally all of their older berets of wool are made by that company. It's just the base beret that they make anyway.

>> No.10080569

Tbh I’m wondering that too, bought a NWT headpiece and a moment later the front of it fell off and I had to glue it on. They ship on time and stuff but they underestimate the damages on their shit

>> No.10080570

That’s not happening stupid kek

>> No.10080587

Seconding this. The phoenix logo is the maker of AP's beret bases.

>> No.10080600

Thanks anons. I was worried! Feeling much better now. Kek

>> No.10080612

omg, i had seen that dress on lm and thought "thats weird as hell, every single button?!"
it was pretty pricey too, im so sorry anon.

>> No.10081085

>I will never respect her.

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