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Tell your horror story

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To make it clear: not only replicas thing, but also when seller sent a pile of garbage or nothing at all or buyer refused to pay in full. Or maybe you yourself have prettified the item description although it was well worn. Tell yo stories.

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To make it clear: not only replicas thing, but also when seller sent a pile of garbage or nothing at all or buyer refused to pay in full. Tell yo stories.

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First... That's just creepy how close it looks.

Second... The only time I was outright scammed was for a $25 bodyline skirt on LM, which I thought was a weird hill for that account to choose to die on (really? for $25?).

Beyond that what I've experienced most often is a LACK of disclosure, or not honest disclosure. That is to say someone says they have a cat in the house, but their brand is "kept safely away" and then I get a dress covered in cat hair and smells like litter. I have pets, it's not a health issue, but learning that now I have to pay out an extra $40 in dry cleaning isn't fun.

Another issue has been the mention of minor damage without good photos of that damage. A lot of the time I ignore the mention of "minor damage" because it's easily fixed (fun fact; a lot of the time you just need to wash the dress and it's back to new) but at least twice the "minor damage" was actually "you will need to severely alter this garment before wearing" and that's been a bummer.

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Not really a horror story but still an extremely embarrassing incident for me.

Back when Hanayoku was first starting out on LM I asked her about an ambiguously named dress that looked like a Taobao dress I really wanted at the time. At that point I had no idea there were replicas of it, but since she hadn't listed the brand's name with the dress I inquired about it. She would never give me a straight answer as to whether the dress was genuine or not ("I can't find the brand tag but I can guarantee it's made from the same exact fabric"), and I was a newb so I had no idea whether or not most Taobao dresses had tags or not, or if this particular brand would have tags. I should've taken all of this as a huge red flag, but I wanted the dress badly enough and wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt.

I learned how to reverse image search on taobao a week later and plugged in the images she used in the listing to find that there were tons of replicas of the dress on taobao ranging from $10-15 dollars. I contacted her about it since I had paid her $60 for what I thought would be the genuine article and she quickly apologized and offered me a $40 refund.

The dress was pretty abysmal quality when it showed up, naturally, and I was a bit upset about the whole ordeal. It shouldn't have really been listed to begin with since it was a print replica, but it was honestly my fault for being an idiot.

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Most of it is me doing some basic mistakes at the start so I brought the situation on myself by being stupid, but it all got sorta resolved at least.

>Gets a message about an WTB I've posted for a dress I've been looking for for 1,5 years
>Chick tells me she has the girl for sale, and is willing to sell it for me almost $60 bucks cheaper than the regular second hand price
>Me, stupid enough to not see the red flag, jumps on this deal in case this chick just simply has lost her damn mind about pricing her stuff and want to get in on it before she realizes that she is underpricing it
>Does a quick check of her profile, and she seems legit and searching her name doesn't show much. But at least no bad feedback on any sales pages or groups on facebook (yes I was so fucking stupid I didn't ask if she had an LM page so I could on f check possible feedback there)
>She first tries to get me to send her the money through the "friends and family" function on paypal
>Oooh no no no my seller-friend, you send a proper invoice or the deal is OFF
>After what seemed to be a bit reluctance at first she sends me an invoice for the sum we agreed on
>This is when I started to get slightly worried, but decided that she might just be inexperienced or stupid
>Everything is paid and I hear nothing from her for a week
>I hit her up asking for updates on the package and she tells me she has sent it
>"Great! Could you send me the tracking number?"
>No reply

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>I keep writing to her on and off, asking for the tracking number but she either ignores me, comes up with excuses or acts like she doesn't understand english all of a sudden
>I keep giving her benefit of the doubt, I was surprised that she didn't know enough english to know how to give someone a fucking tracking number when she's living in the U.S. But I thought that maybe she's fresh off the boat or just simply retarded
>After a while I start getting concerned, and decided that maybe I should hit up the mods in any of the sales group she might have found my WTB article in, in case they know if there have been any previous issues with her
>Can't find her in any of the groups, but pms a mod anyway in one of the groups so they know about her in case someone else runs into trouble with her in the future.
>1 month go by without any tracking number or a dress in sight, I'm now getting really fed up up with this. I know the shipping time between the U.S. and Scandinavia do take a long time but the lack of proper communication from her and lack of response on my questions had made me quite angry
>Sends her a message that if she doesn't send me a tracking number before a certain date I would open a paypal dispute
>No response, I remind her of my warning when it's closer to the said date. Still no response
>Opens a paypal dispute, and they receive no response from her either
>Everything is settled and I get my money back without any fuss

It's been months since then and still no dress, so I think it's safe to say she's an idiot that tried to scam me.

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I saved up to buy Daydreaming Goldfish off a seller on Lacemarket. When I got it, I just had a sinking feeling that something was wrong. The listing had warned that the buttons on the front of the dress had been changed out (fair enough, that's not a defect I really mind), but every single button on the dress was wrong. The sewing was shoddy with loose threads everywhere, the trim wasn't even, the front bow was sad and droopy, etc.

I ended up taking pictures and comparing it to photos of the real deal. I sent these to the seller, who said that the dress was actually her friend's, and she was just selling it as a proxy. Then she said she only had $50 in her account at the time, and she could refund me that for now and send the rest later. So that's when the scam alert bells went off in my mind, and I declined the partial refund. This girl then simulates a fight with said "friend" telling me about how their fight came to blows etc. So I pretty much ignored her after that and let the paypal buyer protection do its job. LM also banned the seller. I got a full refund and ended up keeping the dress because it would have cost far more than the dress is actually worth to send it back to malaysia. I still have it, and I will probably turn it into a mini dress for a doll, or maybe a bag. I was able to get the real version later, thank mana.

TL;DR--if you're planning on buying the Daydreaming Goldfish replica, DON'T. It doesn't hold a candle to the real thing. I know it has great advertising photos, but it's not even close to the same.

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A e-famous Lolita once sold me a replica. She didn't address it as such but as if it was the real deal. I felt trapped as I knew she'd get white-knighted it... so I had to accept it as a loss. it was really gross under the armpits too.

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Gosh, my English usually isn't that bad. Sorry!

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I’m pretty sure they’re a scalper, and I’m wondering how legit their shit is. Who the fuck owns so many princess cat dresses? I swear they list one every week

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Name and shame anon

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K8te? Damn now I know better

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Nope, I wonder if she'd do that though.

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Not scammed, but I almost got scammed.

>found DD on facebook being sold for scalped price
>don't care because DD
>seller has proof pics, has sold in the same group in the past
>message seller I want to buy
>she says somebody else already bought it but I'm next in line
>disappointed but better luck next time
>a few days later she messages me that it's available again
>excited, she invoices me and I pay right away
>says she's going on vacation so she'll ship next week
>message her a few times asking if she shipped yet
>she says she'll ship on Friday
>go to message her on Friday
>she's blocked me
>get her banned from the lolita sales groups she posted in
>get refund through paypal

I believe she's still active in lolita groups too. I don't know if she goes on /cgl/ but JA if you see this, you're an awful person.

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Nothing huge, but I did purchase a dress "NWOT" and it came with a torn-out zipper. It only cost me $15 to get replaced (since I'm usesless with a sewing machine) but it was still fucking annoying.

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mine is totally tame but i bought a cutsew that i was told was h.naoto. I didn't even question it because it literally said "h.naoto" amid the writing on the front of the cutsew. But when I received it, it had the tag of one of those like...mall ghetto stores inside? it was not an h.naoto tag, i actually had one of those stores in one of my local malls. they probably replicated a print from a real h.naoto cutsew and put it on a shirt

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My first dress was a replica. I bought it thinking it was AP and payed 200$ on a local second hand platform ... never started wearing Lolita until 2 years later

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i once bought a sugar fairy cake op from a seller on poshmark for my first brand dress. I didn't realize the back was supposed to have partial shirring and just assumed it was a weird cut. It wasn't until i started looking into the lolibrary page that i realized she had sold me a dress with unlisted damages. It also didn't come with any of the original accessories and was fairly wrinkly

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IDK how much of a scam this is, but when I first started in Lolita, I bought what I thought was a cute and reasonably priced innocent world bolero off of yj auctions. I ended up getting a random off brand bolero that was way too small that I couldn't resell bc it was worthless off brand and somehow i paid like $80 for it.

The worst part is that I was a pretty seasoned yj buyer at the time from another hobby, I just didn't know enough about Lolita to watch out for stuff like that.

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Everytime I see this pic I get annoyed at how ugly the rep is.

Not a scam scam but I once received "NWOT" OTKs whose feet were so grubby I threw them away. Never buying from USA again, there's always lying in the listing. "Minor damage" turns out to be ripped lining or shirring stretched to high hell and other stuff like that. I don't trust them anymore.

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funny bc all the euro sellers always have pit stains in my experience

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Would that be ok? I don’t want this thread to be nuked

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lol I'm in the middle of a pita transaction right now.

>buyer pms me about a dress, my timezone I'm dead sleep
>I wake up to the pm, but also she already bought the dress without waiting for an answer
>now she wants a payment plan
>it's cool, I don't need the money right now anyway
>Her first instalment is an e-check that doesn't clear
>"yeah something's wrong with my bank can you cancel and I'll resend"
>okay, I can understand that
>doesn't resend payment
>a lot of hemming and hawwing about her bank and she drops a shitton of hints about needing more time to pay
>at this point I don't really know what to do because this is a buyer who clicked 'buy' and then proceeded to dick around about payment, even if I were the one that decided I'd had enough of her shit and cancelled it seemed unfair to leave her bad feedback without giving her the chance to fix things.
>Tell her to either pay up or deal with bad feedback
>she tells me she'll pay by the end of Feb
>nothing since then

This started way back in Nov-Dec mind you. At this rate I foresee she's just gonna sit on her ass until Feb passes and I finally give her negative feedback along with the full story and possibly relist the dress.

Funny thing is, I liked the print but the dress never sat right on me and I was really sad to see someone had bought it. So no big deal if she never pays for the dress since I was going to alter it if no one bought it anyway.

I could do without having to deal with whatever her mental baggage is, though. Now I realise why some sellers have so little patience with buyers who request things after buying.

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When I first got into lolita I bought a dress through lacemarket from a girl in my country. It was a 70$ oldschool Baby jsk and I was really excited to get it as it would be my first brand dress. However, the girl wanted me to use a bank transfer instead of paypal (which is non-refundable unlike paypal) and just disappeared off the face of the earth after I sent her my money. I had no way of contacting her anymore and I even filed a police report on it not knowing what to do, but predictably that did nothing.
It really discouraged me from buying online secondhand lolita for a while and I'm still kinda pissed about it. 70$ was a huge deal for me at the time.

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Isn't she super rich? I don't think she would need to do something like that

>> No.10076783

Honestly, she deserves a negative for purchasing without telling you about payment plans first. I would have contacted the mods about it already and left her negative.

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Inside euro I usually only buy from my friends and they are very careful with their dresses, what countries specifically so I can avoid? Sounds equally disgusting.

>> No.10076792


Her first pm was actually asking me about payment plans, and if I were awake I would actually have agreed anyway. I guess that led to some complacency on my part. Now that you mention it, there were several red flags and I really should have reported it earlier.

Oh well, live and learn, I guess.

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You can put their LM username

>> No.10076805

Well, as I wrote in my posts this was through facebook and I was stupid enough to not ask if she had an LM I could check out, which is partly how I stupidly got myself in that situation.

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Damn she scammed yo ass good.

>> No.10076807

>what countries specifically so I can avoid?
None, that anon is generalizing because they're retarded. By that logic I shall never buy from japan again because half of the simply as "used" described items I got had undisclosed pit stains.

>> No.10076808

I'm okay with generalizing a bit if it saves me grief. I do it with USA since 9/10 items bought from there have had something I've had to cash out to fix. At some point I had to generalize, I'd feel truly rarted if I bought from that country again after my experiences. I'd rather avoid countries that have a high chance of being dishonest about the state of their items.

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What factors of living in a different first world country determine how individuals treat their brand? I mean by all means go ahead, more brand for others I guess but pining uncaring lolita sellers down to where they live sounds stupid to me.

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I hate reciving something with pit stains. I always clean them to the best of my abilities but with some delicate fabric you can't get rid of some yellowing. When selling those items I always feel bad because people most likely assume I was the one who made the pit stains. Even though I so careful about my items.

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Buying from americans is hell

>> No.10076831

Damn could I know who in Malaysia did you buy from? It’s a pretty small Comm so for someone to do something that disgraceful is absolutely horrible.

>> No.10076832

Idk? It has just been my experience. I've bought from America plenty and it's been a shitshow so far so I'm gonna assume something is up with the way they treat their clothes and I'm gonna chalk it up to how they've been brought up. Cultures are different so I assume in American culture being careful with your clothes is not a given.

Yeah, it's the worst, feel like I have to explain myself in those situations. I'd never allow something I own to get so dirty.

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>Sees really cheap AP dress from my wishlist
>Price is too good to be true, but misses pretty much everything it can miss
>Checks to see if replica’s exist, can’t find anything
>Buys the dress
A month later the dress arrives
>No tag
>Poorly constructed
>Smaller than the original dress

Only the poor construction and missing tag revealed it was a replica, everything else looked completely identical when I compared it to my friends dress. Was able to find some minor differences later, found the listing of the store that is selling the replica as well. Luckily I never overpaid.

Have to say I have had too many sellers who ended up never shipping items. Said the post lost it, but never gave tracking and such. That’s why I will always ask for an invoice from now on. (Have to say I barely buy from Lacemarket and such, as I always seem to have some kind of trouble with sellers.)

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In America there's a mindset of it's it's broken throw it away-not if it's broken fix it. Everything is disposable here. It really is a culture thing.

I bought a cheap F+F OP and the left cuff was stained all along the inside. When I confronted the seller they claimed they were selling it for a friend. They thanksed me for not "making a big deal". Some people, I swear.

>> No.10076858


to me too but as you said
>more brand for others
let them believe idiocy

>> No.10076894

Out of interest, how do you get rid of them? I've had a blouse for round 8 years and it has gotten yellowed underneath the pits. I didn't want to risk trying conventional methods that one would do on t-shirts.

>> No.10076908

You do the same thing as you'd do on a men's button-up, which is essentially the same thing you do on a tshirt.

>> No.10076951

So instead of helping anyone else not getting scammed you just... keep quiet? Sorry, cant feel pity for you.

>> No.10076953

I used some heavy powder for stains on white clothing and it got everything out. (Did spray it with sweat stain remover first.)

>> No.10076954 [DELETED] 

On the brightside you don't have to do it often because they're all too fat to fit in brand

>> No.10076955

i use oxyclean and oxyclean sticks they literally make all my whites beautiful. clorox also has a bleach gel for fabrics less delicate

>> No.10076961

Bought a pair of fake Dr Martens (for the price of secondhand real deal) while being able to carefully inspect them in person. Still ashamed af
Got a wet burando dress smelling like mold in mail. The seller probably had it washed right before the dispatch and never dried the item properly. While she paid for the cleaning services, she denied everything despite the case being pretty obvious. I was still able to wear it, but the experience is far from being pleasant

>> No.10077010

oxyclean only can do so much if the stains already are older. I soaked some blouses multiple hours, tried backing soda and all that but it didn't do nothing. So all that's left is selling it with the stains

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>> No.10077154

How do you gulls avoid being scammed on LM?

>> No.10077204

literally just dont be stupid

>> No.10077209

Check the sellers feedback, and read the comments thoroughly. As you should do on ANY site that provides feedback on sellers (and buyers).

>> No.10078505

I heard Lor is horrible at selling ob Lacemarket or Depop but for sure it was not her she seems honest, I can think only of one single famous lolita that had plenty of replicas but I think she is to cute to sell replicas as real ones, I am really curious, you should have filed a refund case and if it made you unconfortable not give her a negative feedback, but at least get your money back

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Ha no money got tight and she had to sell all her dresses.

Her dresses are gross and often have stains or damage that were undisclosed. Her feedback is positive, but if you look at the details, most people are disappointed by the state it arrives in. Absolutely disgusting. I will never respect her.

>> No.10078515

Do you know by chance if Yoruhime from Malaysia is a scalper? Something I bought of her listed as brand new has some pretty worn out lace with a little hole. By the number of sales in only 2 years I suspect she is a scalper and overprices some stuff

>> No.10078584

lol @ gmegem always bidding/winning things she can't even physically wear...

>> No.10078593

It wasn't Lor, no. It was a British lolita.

>> No.10078599

She’s not even remotely wealthy, anon. Her “money” came from her mom and her (ex?) husband. They lived in a teeny apartment in LA that had no furnishings and she only appeared rich because she bought up every cheap, damaged dress she could find on auction sites. She now resells all her shit for double, even triple what she paid or what it’s worth just because ~*she*~ owned it. What money she had went into lolita and traveling to cons and it really showed given how shitty her normie wardrobe and apartment looked.

>> No.10078606

i purchase a dream dress on lm for nearly £400+ from person in the US. it took months to arrive.

i later found out the dress had been purchased for under £60 with urine stains that were removed but seller never disclosed this in the list for the dress. i can’t get my money back now and it feels so icky to even look at dress.

>> No.10078608

This is best practice, but this can only protect you so much. I've had sellers send me black items with glaring white, almost paintlike stains all over them that they never mentioned in the description or photographed. Some people are just shitty.

>> No.10078610

it makes me ashamed that someone from my country would do that, but the US really is a huge place. i'm ashamed that a member of this community in general would do that, but there really are a bunch of shitheads among us, aren't there...?

>> No.10078649

I can think only of one famous british lolita and I think she only owns one single AP dress from a lucky pack bag the rest of her wardrobe is made of replicas, she seems very cute and nice :-( I am sorry about what have happend you if it would have happend to me I would have been pretty dissapointed becouse I liked this skotish girl a lot in the begining of my lolita days.

>> No.10078656

>it makes me ashamed that someone from my country would do that
Let's be honest the country you come from doesn't tell us anything about how good of a lolita you are or how well you treat your clothes etc etc. When I see people believing generalisations it really makes me sad. But yeah I understand what you mean, my country has a scalper and I'm ashamed too.

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I found someone selling a fancy sweater a few towns away with Facebook’s marketplace function and I jumped on the deal. The listing says just says “size four” so I assume it’s a women’s size four and buy it pretty much immediately. Only after I’ve paid her does the woman reveal that this sweater belonged to her daughter and proceeded to send me a picture of a three year old...

To make things even worse this was over a month ago and she won’t respond to any of my messages and I haven’t received an item. I should have paid her through PayPal but instead she wanted to use Venmo. Turns out venmo doesn’t have a claim function. I reported the seller to Facebook marketplace but I’m sure nothing will be done. I just want my $30 back man...

>> No.10078690

Yeah, I really liked her too when I started - hence why I jumped on the dress. My thoughts were "she seems sweet and she's well known, I'll be fine".

>> No.10078718

Out of interest, I've never had pitstains before, how does that even happen?

>> No.10078721

So who was it?

>> No.10078731

not a total nightmare but i decided to post my sales on insta and someone contacted me offering to trade for my taobao jsk, she seemed pretty chatty so i didn't think to request her feedback since it was a trade and not a purchase.

I paid $18 to send it over to canada, at first she claimed that she had sent her baby jsk and asked me to wait a week. i did and began to ask her for the shipping number and she claimed her mother lost it. found this odd but then she disappeared off the face of the planet.

i didn't think to save her name and address, which she used and made me wonder if this was an intentional scam or not. it was a couple of years ago and i had gotten that jsk in a lucky pack so even now i didn't feel like it was worth fuming over, i wore it many times. however, i do know better now and don't accept trades unless it's someone i know irl. still miss that jsk occasionally

>> No.10078735

nyart, but there's only one well known Scottish lolita and that's peachie.

>> No.10078775

I can't believe she'd do something like that, that's kinda shocking.

>> No.10078781

Wtf name and shame anon that is actually horrific

Peachie a scammer? I'd chalk it up to her seeming to be mentally handicapped in some way. Still, good to know.

>> No.10078812

She is the last famous lolita I would have thought does such a thing :-( I remember she sold her dresses before a trip to Japan and I think she kept only one AP Jsk to wear in Japan for Harajuku Fashion Walk. I am not eveb sure she is into lolita anymore, I loved her a lot and now I am dissapointed.

I would have expected stuff like this from other famous lolitas but not of her, but I supose other famous lolitas don't buy many replicas like she did and promote them, I think even wish lolita dresses are better than buying art theft.

>> No.10078819

Honestly same but I guess she's really good at being a snake in disguise. She wears mostly generic kawaii pastel fashion now. She looks so bad compared to before, her thinning hair looks awful in pigtails.

Did you try to confront her?

>> No.10078827

Peachie seems sweet and all, but let’s be real, she is ita as hell. She has that wardrobe tour from a few years back and it was 90% replicas.

I could see her lowkey not giving a shit about selling it to someone and not fully disclosing its authenticity

>> No.10078839

I can give you as much info as I have
LM name: kisakihiro (now banned)
Email:[email protected]
Name on package: Chow Lye Yee

>> No.10078869

How did you go about trading, anon? I want to trade something and I figure that if both of us purchase equally priced items from eachother we both end up covered?

>> No.10078904


It happens when the aluminum in antiperspirants mix with sweat. Sweat alone will not cause the yellowing, but when it mixes with the aluminum causes a chemical reaction that yellows fabrics.

>> No.10078914

To add to what that other gull said...

It's not just the chemical reaction from aluminum, it's also just the sweat and oils from your body in general staining your clothes over the long term.

I never even knew they were a thing that could happen to clothes, until I moved to Texas. Then it seemed like they were inevitable on everything I owned. The same discoloration happens around the neck of my shirts as well.

Thankfully it's not hard to get rid of, and not noticeable unless you were looking up close at the inside of my clothes.

>> No.10078927

ah, I avoid aluminum

>> No.10078991

>Tfw Asian and have the non/less stinky sweat genes so I've never used antiperspirant
Well that's another problem I didn't know I dodged. I've always wanted to get those sweat shields that stick to your clothes for really hot days though, has anyone tried them?

>> No.10078997

No, I know this for sure anon, no worries - it just makes me feel ashamed because I don't even like the thought of being lumped in with them. I try my utmost to describe my items as accurately as possible and make the experience as good as I can for buyers.

>> No.10079010

I’ve worn them last summer and they’re pretty good. I’d say make sure to get 100% cotton ones, otherwise you’ll just get even more sweaty and none of it will be actually absorbed, and the type that clip onto your bra - the first pair I got kept sliding off throughout the day. I also tried single use pads and they seemed pointless and unnecessarily wasteful to me.

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File: 197 KB, 249x699, 1544674385646.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>See AP blouse for a good price
>"Selling because I dont know how brand sizing works NWOT"
>Decide I shouldn't be so bigoted towards fat itas and buy it
>She disappears off the face of the earth without leaving a tracking number
>Decide to message after two weeks with no answer
>Says she's super busy with holidays and couldn't send it but will soon
>More silence
>it's been a month
>Finally sends it and I receive it yesterday
>Stained and smelly
I'm never buying from a fat ita ever again

>> No.10080363

The worst I've gotten was undisclosed pet hair all over dresses (several times from various sellers), up until my last LM purchase that is.

I bought an ivory JM OP, didn't get around to cleaning/wearing until like a week after I got it. Initial inspection just revealed a detached belt loop, which was an easy fix even with my shitty sewing skills. Then, as I'm wearing the dress at work for the first time, I notice the orange stain right on the boob. Looks like sauce/dressing spilled on the dress and this certainly was not disclosed.

I've managed to get 90% of it out (over several treatments/rinses), which is a miracle considering that stain could have been there for years potentially. No one would ever notice it now unless I pointed it out like "hey there used to be a stain right in this spot" but it's still irksome that I did not pay damaged-dress pricing (and since I didn't catch the stain on my initial inspection, I already left positive feedback for the seller)

>> No.10080392

we sent each other photos of what we wanted to trade for.

i don't recommend trading at all unless it's someone you know personally and can just do a physical trade with. to trade items equal in value with a stranger is basically roulette; you're not making a real purchase so there's no insurance to cover you should the person back out and go ghost with your item.

>> No.10080393

Instead of trading, shouldn't people just sell their items to each other for the same price via PayPal so they can have buyer/seller protection if one person flakes out?

>> No.10080395

Paypal eats some of the money in that case. I guess it's up to the two parties to decide if they want to pay for protection and peace of mind or not.

>> No.10080399
File: 1.57 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190115_161640.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ironically I just got this in today. The owner said it was Angelic Pretty....it says this on the inside though.
Is this a fake? I bought it on Yahoo Auctions, and it was labeled as Angelic Pretty.....

>> No.10080413

Jesus anon, get a life and stop hating people on the internet. Work hard and you'll have money too.

>> No.10080424

I think I agree. I bought a white blouse from someone one time with yellow staining listed in the description as damages. I threw it in the washing machine and it came right out, I was super disgusted that the seller was too lazy to wash a cheap blouse from taobao and leave her nasty ass neck sweat stains.

This also reminds me of some chick in one of the FB groups I saw who was asking about how to clean her socks. Put them in the fucking washing machine you dirty bitch. They're made from cotton or polyester, not cotton candy. They're not gonna disintegrate nor will the pattern fade after 1 wash with mild detergent, cold water, and the gentle cycle.

That said, personally I think it's a lolita thing in general. I've gotten dirty items from both Americans and Europeans with things that were fixed by a very gentle washing. For some reason people think their lolita will get irreparably fucked up if you try to wash it.

>> No.10080428

I'm not sure personally, but here is a lolibrary listing of the item. Perhaps you could try searching the name on lacemarket for current and past auctions and see if people have photos of the inside of the beret to compare?


>> No.10080430

Are these stories even real? like, how you all go through these horrible experiences but when we asked you to name and shame all we got are cheap excuses. It only makes you look like fucking rpers.

>> No.10080431

>Disgusting seller for not washing, but I'll totally wear this seller's items
>Lolita who asks about proper washing care is a dirty bitch

You sound like a delight

>> No.10080432

If there's no AP tag, it ain't AP

>> No.10080444

It has an AP tag on it

>> No.10080446

Because blasting people's real name on cgl is a guaranteed way to either get your posts deleted or the thread nuked, why else do you think people censor everyone's names in screenshots?

>> No.10080450
File: 1.27 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190115_170954.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Some closeups. I'm so confused. It looks so legit....but the logo in the middle. So is it a fake?

>> No.10080461

Cool beans. I washed it. You should too before you sell your clothes. No one wants to pay money for rank clothes.

And yeah she was, because she insinuated that she never washed her socks but keeps wearing them over and over just getting them dirtier and dirtier.

Buy some woolite, anon.

>> No.10080475

similar thing happen to me last year but I was at a point where i was super busy so i didnt really care. it took the buyer 5 months to buy a 100 dollar dress... then of course it didnt fit

>> No.10080484

I hate berets so I don't have any and can't check, but many of my brimmed hats have both a designers label and a makers stamp. A lot of designers buy bulk hats to decorate and sell.

>> No.10080515

It's not fake. Literally all of their older berets of wool are made by that company. It's just the base beret that they make anyway.

>> No.10080569

Tbh I’m wondering that too, bought a NWT headpiece and a moment later the front of it fell off and I had to glue it on. They ship on time and stuff but they underestimate the damages on their shit

>> No.10080570

That’s not happening stupid kek

>> No.10080587

Seconding this. The phoenix logo is the maker of AP's beret bases.

>> No.10080600

Thanks anons. I was worried! Feeling much better now. Kek

>> No.10080612

omg, i had seen that dress on lm and thought "thats weird as hell, every single button?!"
it was pretty pricey too, im so sorry anon.

>> No.10081085

>I will never respect her.

>> No.10081248

>Anonymous 01/13/19(Sun)23:27:54 No.10078690▶>>10078721
>>>10078649 #
>Yeah, I really liked her too when I started - hence why I jumped on the dress. My thoughts were "she seems sweet and she's well known, I'll be fine".
Peachie listed all her replicas when she was selling them. Sounds like you just ignore it. Unless it was a few of the other Edinburgh comm, they happily stab you in the back without blinking.

>> No.10081249

The word part about pit stains is that they can be avoided or outright eliminated all together if people just learned not to use cheap ass dollar store deoderant and washed regularly. Most stains come from shitty deodorant though.

>> No.10083895

In 2018 nobody should be selling replicas that they bought 10 years ago when people could not so easy get brand and the general opinion about replicas was different.

>> No.10084056

Most of my euro transactions have been in good condition. But I can say my disgusting ones where mostly from various sellers in France and Italy. I have bought from all over the world and have had some nasty items sent to me from other places. Just not as persistent as France and Italy. It’s mainly why I stopped buying from those countries. Too many times have I had clothes with pit stains, and B.O.

>> No.10084064

I know, they should be burn but if you are dumb enough to buy from someone known for owning and stating the item is a replica and end up with replica, surprise you’re a muppet.

>> No.10084072

Rainies buys the cheap damaged ones so no wonder about italians on lacemarket. I do not understand how that girl can catch all bargains of japan market , I lost some very good offers on dresses I loved, becouse of a to slow SS, I am pissed of when a scalper fiinds and gets everything instead.

>> No.10084073

You are right, Peachies never lied about buying replicas, so it was obvious what she was selling.

>> No.10084075

Mine happened a few years ago.
> I saw a moitie blouse I wanted for a pretty reasonable price.
>I read the feedback from the seller and the ToS before hitting the buy button.
>Feedback was all positive “ lovely item, in perfect condition” type of stuff.
>ToS said that she was a smoker, but didn’t smoke in her lolita.
>hit buy and the transaction goes smoothly.
> 5 days latter blouse arrives packed nicely and usual for a good seller.
> open package and get smacked in the face with tobacco smoke smell
>caughing and gaging.gif
>close the package and carry it outside to air out and breathe.
> let blouse air out for a few hours.
> no improvement
> hand wash blouse in regular laundry soap
>no change
> vinegar bath
> getting better.
>several vinegar baths and days drying outside make the blouse bareable but still smell like a casino ash tray.
>leave neutral feedback because it was in fine condition just horrible smell.
> two months later seller has several neutral and negative feedback for same issue I had.

This person obviously smoked in the blouse and never washed it. It was horrible. I ended up selling the blouse later but warned the buyer multiple times that the blouse was owned by a smoker and washed several times to get the smell out mostly but it still lingered. Also through the washing, faded the blouse out a bit but could be fixed with some black dye to redye it.

>> No.10085355

This is a perfect example of people who say “ you can’t tell I smoke because I can’t m smell it”. Girl we can tell you smoke we just are polite and don’t say anything. Pot smell is even more comical and worse since it is soo skunky.

>> No.10085664

It’s legit.AP goofs hard on berets here and there.

used to have same one and it was the same.

>> No.10086087

Yes, both of you send each other Paypal invoices for the same amount. You'll lose a bit of money due to fees, but this way, both of you will have buyer protection.

>> No.10086100

Not sure if this falls under scamming, but Hanayoku has THREE separate lacemarket accounts that all use the same Paypal email address: chestnutlili (scalps Wunderwelt sets), hellousagi (scalps Jane Marple items from Wunderwelt sets), and hanayoku. I only found out because I happened to purchase something from each of them at some point, and they all sent invoices from the same email.

I have proof photos of hellousagi selling JM items that were in Wunderwelt sets purchased by chestnutlili, as well as caps of my paypal invoices from all three accounts. Just gotta dig them up.

>> No.10086134

No matter what, if someone smokes, their shit is going to smell like smoke. It doesn't matter if they actually don't smoke in or around their clothes; the scent lingers and sticks to skin, fabric, paper, plastic, everything. Sorry that happened to you, anon.

>> No.10086138

Honestly tell LM about this. Get her banned

>> No.10086144

Oh that explains some things... I noticed they are selling some Sleep Doll stuff, just a reminder that charging $70 for something that was literally 59rmb on Taobao is a bit excessive. No idea what the quality is like but a margin like that is exploiting n00bs.

>> No.10086249
File: 42 KB, 924x613, lm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have, and they left me on read, haha. It's skeevy, but technically not against LM's terms of sale unfortunately.

>> No.10086260

>hanayoku is chestnutlili
Holy shit, please show caps. I'm sick and tired of her clogging up search results with her reselled 10$ petticoats and her snatching WW sets for profit.

>> No.10086261

I honestly think having multiple sock accounts is very dodgy, it should be reason enough to terminate at least 2 of those accounts.
Cause seriously, LM invites trolls bidders, shill bidders and scammers if they allow this.
You shouldn't need more than one account unless you have something to hide, right?
This way you can basically sell things in much worse condition than you represented them, get a bad rep and then start a new account so no-one knows what a lousy seller you were.
Pretty sure they never allowed this back when we still sold our crap on the LJ sales comm, now to think of it.

>> No.10086267

Who owns LM anyway? For all I know it could be the owner making all these accounts and scalping, and why they won’t take action against similar users.

>> No.10086275 [DELETED] 
File: 447 KB, 1234x1436, peisichen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Caps of three separate purchases I made

>> No.10086276

Dude you are going to get this thread nuked with the name and email address visible.

>> No.10086277 [DELETED] 

Sorry, I kept the name and email to show that they were the same. If a janitor could please delete that post, I'll reupload the image with proper censoring.

>> No.10086288 [DELETED] 
File: 444 KB, 1234x1436, pchen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reuploaded caps with name and email censored properly, sorry about that!

>> No.10086292
File: 441 KB, 1234x1436, pccaps.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reuploaded caps with name and email censored properly, sorry about that!

>> No.10086297

Haven't you still got one showing next to the Oct 14 under "Completed"?

>> No.10086310

That happens, no worries.
This is good proof btw, thanks for sharing.
I'm hoping everyone will hesitate buying from her.

>> No.10086331

Yikes. Thank you anon.

>> No.10086340

Yikes, but also you missed a ton of names anon LOL

>> No.10086921

Thanks for the info! Contacted the mods in my country’s FB groups to spread the word

>> No.10086931
File: 83 KB, 562x372, 36F2E228-7233-490A-B6B8-305FD71666C6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’ve asked before I’m a lolita general thread, but since it’s related to the subject I might as well do it here too.

Does anyone know anything about the LM user kawaii_items? They seem to be selling items for very...’interesting’ prices and a lot of Vibienne Westwood so I can’t help but be s bit suspicious.

They mostly have positive feedback, but I find the one negative one interesting

>> No.10086938

Why are women so dumb?

>> No.10087087

It's not against their TOS so they should update their TOS. That is scammy behavior and they know it. God why are they so lazy.

>> No.10087315

Bought from her recently for about 250/300$, with no problems.
Imo she's probably a reseller, seeing how many things she's selling.
Item was in good condition, albeit slightly wrinkled because of being in a package, but otherwise nothing to say about it.

>> No.10087325

An admin popped up in one if the scalper threads in the archive and said the site owner is the lazy one.

>> No.10087376

I'm not surprised. They won't fix bugs and issues with the site. Of course updating their TOS is sooo much harder.

>> No.10087402

Oh my fucking God. Hanayoku is the most annoying seller, like how does one have 5 princess cat dresses for sale at the same time! HOW.

>> No.10087800

Someone once sold me the An Tai Na glitter shoes as Angelic Pretty glitter shoes. Like all the pictures on the listing were of AP shoes but the ones I got in the mail were An Tai Na.

The seller's account was gone before I could send a message, though I did open a claim through paypal and got my money back. But I'm still pissed about it desu.

>> No.10087906

That user currently operates under the name mrk. I bought from her once and the invoice came up as Chow Lye Yee.

>> No.10087907

Oh damn, I was considering buying from them. Thanks!

>> No.10087924

So mrk sold replicas and is constantly breaking the 3 indie item rule. How is she not banned yet?

>> No.10087950 [DELETED] 

also i found out that she lists her items under incorrect brands so she does break the "3 indie items" rule... so she's lying. report report report

also update:
Chestnutlili, hanayoku and hellousagi are the same person apparently

>> No.10087953
File: 3 KB, 652x64, mrk.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

its because she's listing them as other brands so they fly under the radar. report.

>> No.10087954
File: 135 KB, 611x827, fo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I also am pretty certain chestnutlili wrote this.

>> No.10087957

Mrk is a known scalper. You either have been living under a rock, or are new to the second hand sales side of lolita to not notice that she’s over pricing things.

>> No.10087958

>check profile
>9 negatives
>17 neutrals

>> No.10087960

someone needs to make a masterlist of known scalpers/scammers and their multiple aliases across platforms. the big ol sh*tlist of lolita sellers

>> No.10087962

Everything we'd need for it is in the archive, but real names are hard to post because of the singling out rule. I don't think jannies would care but if a butthurt scalper/scammer would report posts because of it, they'd have to delete them.

>> No.10087963

google doc?

>> No.10088194

Scalpers time will come soon to an end becouse j market is having now the same prices as western one. Someone like rainies will no longer have a place where to get the dresses, only the east asians will be still around becouse the j second hand stores they have over there

>> No.10088195

We could do the same thing that they have in the creepers thread. That’s an option. There is more places to archive then /cgl/

>> No.10088226

Sunbunni overprices the dresses she sells, she bought a dress of LM with 160$ shipping included and sold it a few month later with 220$ plus shipping

>> No.10088235

Innocentgrey is selling an AatP La Priere JSK for $145. They bought it for $100.

>> No.10088240

>see horns online
>buy horns
>they get sent snapped in half
>dude refuses to refund
>discover hes a serial scammer
>sad at lost $4

I'm pretty lucky after like 10 years.

>> No.10088241

You mean Twinkle Mermaid, right? I just looked at her feedback. That wasn't a few months later that was 1.5 years later...

Yeah, also two years later. It also isn't selling.

I don't think these are as big of a deal as Rainies or chestnutlilli. It's not like they bought them on purpose to resell.

>> No.10088242

Couldn't you have pulled back the money by filing a dispute with Paypal/your card distributor?

>> No.10088987

Yes, I was searching for twinkle mermaid and could trace the path of one pink jsk through three wardrobs, only the last seller sold it for more than she bought it

>> No.10091116
File: 136 KB, 696x995, 0908837F-4670-4D5D-8259-7FC21A48A20F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anyone know if kittyk8 on lm is a scammer or scalper? she constantly resells her stuff bought for way more than worth and i seen she upped the price on this item multiple times. its much cheaper than that on j auction sites.....just seems fishy.

>> No.10091142

>i seen
You sound retarded.

>> No.10091150

>how to deflect

>> No.10091156

lmao k8

>> No.10091202
File: 1.00 MB, 1812x655, chesnutlilihangers.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Speaking of Chesnutlili and her scalping...

>pic related

You can literally buy a 10 pack of these on Taobao for under $5. Bitch, get the fuck out.

>> No.10091289

omg yes please can this please happen?

>> No.10091346

>pretty sure they’re a scalper

can confirm this. I check fril, mercari and yauctions almost daily for my dream pieces and have seen multiple cheap brand pieces sell out there and appear on her LM profile shortly after

>> No.10091382 [DELETED] 

Same, anon. If she’s scalping then she’s likely to also try or has tried scamming people too. I’d avoid buying from her.

>> No.10091386
File: 159 KB, 302x245, exasper8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw about to buy from a Japanese scalper
I am sinning anons, but I didn't know this dress even existed until I saw a sold cheap listing and it got put up for over 10k more yen. I doubt I'll ever see it again once this one's gone so I have to just bite the bullet.

>> No.10091396

Do japanese scalpers exist?

>> No.10091401

In lesser numbers but there are a few, specifically one gothic scalper on Mercari charging 32000+ yen for taobao dresses and 50000+ for Moitie. Hisausa_sirayukihime is more of a scammer than a scalper, she starts up 1 yen auctions as clickbait and always cancels them last minute when they don't fetch the prices she wants.

>> No.10091402

On this note:
Are both stores pretending to be a person, though that's not so much scamming as being dishonest about what exactly they are.

>> No.10091403
File: 5 KB, 225x225, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She didn't scam your ass, you kept bothering her while she was on vacation and threw a fit.
All you had to do was wait. Don't act like you got some victory over her, she refunded you willingly with no problems.
I would have blocked you too after that.

Before you ask, no, I'm not her, but I bought from her at the same time you did, and unlike you, I waited and got my stuff plus a gift.

She's not awful, you're just an impatient ass.

>> No.10091406

On the topic of scalpers, what’s the consensus on people who resell from Mercari but don’t scalp the prices? I’ve been thinking about doing something similar but just including shipping and a small fee on top.

>> No.10091412

Yes. I’ve seen one on fril trying to charge $500 and up for btssb sets worth around $120-$300.

>> No.10091442

There are many that do this I think many of the private profiles I bought from lolita items were stores and I buy a lot of fril and mercari both lolita and kimono, allmost my entire lolita wardrobe is made of things bought from Japan and I think some small stores sell as private persons to avoid taxes. As an example for kimono all sellers have that 8% store tax and a list with hundreds of items but for lolita only once I paid that tax and sellers usually have fewer items but still many for one single person.

>> No.10091447

Just don't do it. We can buy from mercari ourselves.

>> No.10091461

I'd be fine with that. Especially if you also offer a shopping service and will mark down packages...

>> No.10091471

If you are in Japan just run a shopping service that buys also of mercari else like >>10091447 said, we can get our own stuff of mercari through other ss. For example I hate rainies a lot and she sells at the usual Europe price so not really a scalper but I still do not buy anything of her becouse I know those dresses were cheaper on mercari or frill and she got them just for profit

>> No.10091517

At least pot smell usually goes away after a while/if you wash it enough. Cig smoke keeps that shit smelling like a dive bar for years.

>> No.10091613

called the fuck out

>> No.10092007

It doesn't matter when OP asked a question. Short of being harassed, it's shitty behavior to block your buyer before the item is successfully received. If she shipped on Friday she shouldn't have blocked her before even shipping. What if it had gotten lost in transit or had a problem?

Also if she didn't want a bunch of questions, she should've given her a shipping estimate after the first ask. If you tell your buyer "next week" and the buyer then messages you next week, that's kind of on you.

>> No.10092258

I don’t think it’s a bad idea, a lot of people including me don’t like using shopping services for buying things off mercari because it’s a lot harder to ask questions about about a product or get problems resolved regarding condition issues, etc.

>> No.10092264

I've seen bodyline for 10000 yen.

>> No.10092269

She blocked her AFTER the money was returned.

She never sent anything out prior to her trip, and she explicitly stated that in the sales post that she wouldn't until she came back. All of us knew that.
OP was being a brat.

>> No.10092319
File: 175 KB, 608x1568, 740D3E92-C0C5-46F3-8768-B34BA60E4264.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not her
Sure Jan, but ok.

She blocked me BEFORE the money was returned. She also didn't refund me, I had to escalate to paypal for a refund. The post also didn't explicitly state she wouldn't ship until she came back.

Also, I messaged her ONCE asking and was nothing but courteous. Thanks for being an asshole though.

>> No.10092322

We know you're the seller. Come on, don't expect us to fall for this "I'm not the person, I just happened to be there!" ruse. Your best bet is to stop coming back to this thread, you're making it worse for yourself.

>> No.10092341

And again, N O. I'm not. I bought a dress from her but nice try.

The post did say she'd be going on vacation but ok senpai, so you say.

>> No.10092353

its time to give stop, seller. you just got proven wrong, you fucked up, now fuck off

>> No.10092399

I mean if multiple sales group admins had enough evidence to ban the seller, then you (totally not the seller gaiz!) probably got lucky.

Scalper and a gull.

>> No.10092449

What was the price before?

>> No.10092458

There are literally screenshots proving you wrong, seller. Why don't you post your proofs to counter claim if you want to hold dignity?

>> No.10093019

You only ever bought a dress from her but you know all the details of the seller and feel the need to be up everyone’s ass white knighting her because why?? Sounds like you’re the seller imo.

nayrt but I seen it too. 1st listing was around $350 then a 2nd listing was made for about $400. This is the 3rd listing.

>> No.10093170
File: 565 KB, 981x705, dontberetarded.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

imagine trying to reach this far

>> No.10093188
File: 77 KB, 600x589, 5DC3C297-BFCA-4940-AE5F-21F813A1DF4A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not related to the drama but her image kinda looks like creepy ugly guy.

>> No.10093319

I think everyone that sells replicas is a bitch.

>> No.10093439

There's only two listed in lace market search??

>> No.10093452

>I seen
>nayrt but I seen

Anon, you don't have to lie about being a different person.

>> No.10093497

WHY are you all hating on peachie suddenly? Are you all that new?

>> No.10093587

This post I think was to help her becouse a girl claimed peachie sold a dress and never stated it as a replica.

>> No.10093598

What kind of deodorant doesn't make the stains? I've always used mid-tier brands like Secret or Dove and if I don't do something to cover and protect my white blouses/shirts from my sweat they always end up with stains

>> No.10093603

Oh, that makes more sense.
Personally I only know peachie from youtube, but she never seemed like a scammer or dirty?!

>> No.10093638

Look for deodorant without aluminum. That's what causes the stains. It's cheap but effective.

>> No.10093640

Peachie is ok. I don't like replicas but she got hers when most people had them. I guess she sold those dresses even if it was not very ethical, becouse she needed the money for her Japan trip.

>> No.10093700

Sorry to hear that happened.
As someone who grew up with two smoker parents to lazy to go outside, its easy to see how she missed the smell.
Even when i bury my nose into clothing items i still cant smell it.
Definitely glad she got some reviews on the matter or else she could of gone on not realizing it. Its honestly crazy how you can go nose blind to such a powerful smell.

>> No.10094172


>> No.10094448

Common mistake for esl but ok assume everyone on here is English

>> No.10097219

I had a good laugh at you recognizing your 'seller' by reading a random green text

>totally not the seller tho

>> No.10097239

>Sold a jsk on ebay a couple of years ago
>Gift wrapped the jsk and add a cute little note
>Receive an item not as described case a week later
>The buyer's reason for return is that I listed the jsk as a size S but it's clearly a size L. All wrote in capitals and followed by several exclamation marks.
>Inform the buyer I clearly listed the measurements in the item description
>Receive several more angry messages from the buyer. All in caps.
>I realise I'm not going to get anywhere and accept the return
>Receive the jsk in the mail a few days later covered in dirt, dog hairs, paw prints and stinking of perfume
>To top it all off the jsk's straps and seams had all been stretched out.
>I quickly gathered up the jsk and the parcel packaging and shoved it outside in my garage
>Apparently ebay's policy is to automatically refunded the buyer when the return arrives.
>I appealed the case and called the buyer out
>The buyer didn't respond.
>Ebay ruled in favour of the buyer again
>I phoned Ebay support and got through to their overseas call centre
>The agent looked at the case and was so appalled she refunded me and removed the negative feedback from the buyer the same day.
>I got my money back but the buyer wasn't banned.
>I thought about assassinating her but my bf said it wasn't worth it
>I threw out the jsk after I received my refund. The whole case took a few days to resolve. I had to look at the sad little lump of fabric for 3-4 days.
>I never sold anything on ebay ever again.
>I'm still salty about it.

>> No.10097316

I know this is very late, but I don't think anybody replied yet. Yoruhime is one of those people who resell taobao for a markup as a "business", similar to mrk. She's not as bad as mrk is since her margins are smaller, but she does overprice. She's faster to reply than most other taobao resellers on LM and she's usually pretty honest about item conditions, but she is a reseller at the end of the day.

I bought from her once since she had a dress I wanted that was no longer available on taobao and the experience wasn't awful, but I spent $20 more on that dress than I would have if I waited (but I'm impatient so whatever)

>> No.10097367
File: 104 KB, 795x344, CgHDmyZUIAAe_CB[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>all those exclamation points
OP you got scammed by Jack Kirby

>> No.10103720

I saw really cute and cheap overalls they were like 20 pln (5 dollars??) so I decided to buy them ok I paid she "send" so ok I waited 3 weeks and asked where they are (she said they would be in 3 days, her city were like 3 h away so yea) she said that I should go to post office to ask but I needed what kind of package that was she said " I think it was THIS1 or THIS2???" So I asked whats the number of package she said that she didnt get it but if she would choose THIS1 she would get it so there was no other way so she say that she can give my money back it was like 2 months ago and still didnt get my money

Sorry I cant translate :(

>> No.10104891

>mfw the left looks better than the right ...

>> No.10115438

Not terribly interesting of a story, but I ordered a Souffle Song headband from Devilinspired. Not only did they not ship my order months after purchasing (I'm pretty sure they wouldn't've done it at all had I not contacted them) but they also ended up giving me a headbow instead of what I ordered. I want to sell it but the quality of the piece isn't great, somewhat concerned it might be a replica.

Moral of the story, stick to reliable sellers.

>> No.10115491

Leave a review for them on sitejabber, they really care about that bc it pops up on the first few site results

>> No.10124113

I paid 80 bucks this year for a Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown prop. I ended up getting a top heavy piece of junk with the remnants of hot everywhere across it. It broke under its own weight when I simply tried to even hold it. The clean breaks that resulted revealed that the only structuring holding it together was the hot glue with no attempt what-so-ever to reinforce them. Not to mention, the above price is after several increases of the "I used a lot of materials" excuse. Bringing the crappiness up with the seller simply resulted a half-assed apology with a side of victim-blaming.

>> No.10124485

Smokers usually ruin their sense of smell so don't even realize how strong it is.

>> No.10124490 [DELETED] 

I remember a few months ago (maybe longer) someone told a story about buying a dress and getting a refund after she received the dress in perfect condition, because the seller sent it out late. I think I know that seller and she was really ill, that's why she couldn't send it out herself and had a family member do it instead.

>> No.10124495

I remember a few months ago (maybe longer) someone told a story about buying a dress and getting a refund after she received the dress in perfect condition, because the seller sent it out late due to illness. I think I know that seller and she was really ill, that's why she couldn't send it out herself and had a family member do it instead. She told me about it when we were chatting about mistakes (I mislabeled something) and it really reminded me of that story but I can't find the thread anymore.

>> No.10124576

That doesn't really make sense. You can get a refund through Paypal or Etsy if the seller misses the deadline and you receive the item too late, but you don't get to keep the item - you still have to return it even if it's on the seller's dime. Or if the deadline passes and you open a not-received dispute before having the item in-hand, the buyer just has to show the tracking number.

>> No.10124586

Paypal doesn't really look into things that deeply afaik

>> No.10124599

Maybe the family member who shipped it didn't know that the buyer filed a claim? They could have shipped during the claim/after the claim was closed. Even if you provide a tracking number I don't think claims can be reopened after they're closed

>> No.10124845

This. Paypal is scammer paradise for buyers for that reason, they barely enforce their rules when it comes to protecting sellers.

>> No.10129928
File: 923 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190319-132102_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gemgem is bidding on this. It has a red stain on it so if she relists it without the damage- shes scamming

>> No.10130660

She will never fit into it loool

>> No.10133830

its a cosplay story but someone traded my high quality 2B cosplay for this DVA cosplay. it looked great in pictures but she took those when she got it.
she sent me this sweaty, never washed, period stained, probably shit stained too, makeup covered, torn ass gloves body suit.
she purposely didn't tell me any of this until i sent my cosplay out and until she sent hers out. she literally said, "oh btw the body suit actually looks like shit lmao"
she also used some filter to make her wig look brown because she sent a red wig.in which she said, "oh btw its actually red not brown and its tangled to hell lol im sure u can fix it"

that was my last cosplay trade

>> No.10133831

but the seller stated it in the sales post

>> No.10134194 [DELETED] 

Not even OP but I still don't get why seller can be defended?

"Friday, Saturday latest!"
>Sent on the 19th, a Thursday
>OP asks the 24th, the TUESDAY after if there was a ship
>"Oh not yet, Friday/Saturday!"
>OP politely says she was confused by the wording, because seller's wording implied the same week

OP, please post more of the chat so we can see the "fit" you threw according to totally-not-seller-defending-herself chan. Cause the chat log doesn't look like there's any issues between you two at all. I feel like there's another part of the story being omitted.

>> No.10134203

Her sales post was on the 13th and stated she had a vacation the next weekend, so I thought she'd be gone for the 20th-22nd and be back by Monday or Tuesday the 24th. When I contacted her on the 24th and she said she'd ship Friday/Saturday I guessed the drive was longer than I assumed and she was still on the road home. Even if she was home and didn't have time to ship out yet that would've been fine too, I'm not unreasonable and understand delays. That's the last of the messages, I tried to message her again on the 2nd and she had me blocked. I immediately filed a claim and messaged the LM and sales group mods because why would she ship out after blocking me? If she didn't block me and was just ignoring me, I wouldn't have gone to paypal.

I don't know why she did that. My best guess was that she wanted extra money for her trip but payday was later, so she decided to scam somebody instead. Her sales post also said she MAY not be able to ship out before she gets back not that she wouldn't be able to at all. Regardless that doesn't even matter and I don't know why she's focusing on it, the point is that I messaged her once asking about shipping, then checked in a couple days after her projected ship date and she had me blocked

>> No.10137189

>See someone on FB offer to pick up requests on her trip to japan
>she's a frequent seller at some local conventions, usually recognizes me when i come by, generally really nice and has my trust because i kinda feel like i know her
>message her asking if she can look for a penlight
>she remembers me and says yes, offers to let me pick it up next time there's a convention so i wont have to pay for shipping
>pay up front for it so that she'll have funds to make the purchase, of course
>a month or so passes since the date she said she'd be back home from japan by
>i message her and ask if she was able to find the light or not
>she says she thinks she might've bought the wrong one, and that i'll still have to pay for it even if it isn't the right one.
>also says that she had to ship them back by boat and it could be a month or two longer until they get to where she is
>paypal refund period passes
>never hear from her again
>see her boothing at the convention i was supposed to receive it at
>she refuses to look at me, intentionally looking under the table every time i came by
>i'm too non confrontational to get the balls to say something to her
>ended up settling to just make a public comment on the original post about it and talking to the group's mods. never got anything back, i hope she at least got banned.

>> No.10139549

Do you have a listing? I was considering buying these.

>> No.10144228
File: 489 KB, 750x1207, C90C2079-1C40-4BCA-BD27-15B5380F4C52.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For some reason people think it’s okay to buy lolita from this girl, I bought a dress from someone without realizing it was originally from her

It’s fucking covered in uv splatter

I don’t know what to do cause I paid too much to just throw it out, and no one will buy a dress that was used like that (i would of course be honest about it if I did ever try to sell it)

I washed it very well when I first got it, and quite a few other times since I’ve owned it (I had it for probably 5 months before I realized) I just feel nasty that I ever wore a dress that was used like that and i don’t know what to do with it

Please do not buy from her or anyone who bought the dress they are selling from her she probably used it as a cum rag

>> No.10144265

That's shitty, but you should at least try to message her about it before posting her in a scammer thread.

>> No.10144267

>full face
>full LM bio
>no way to prove claim
This reeks of vendetta

>> No.10144270

Especially because it is a sex stain one.
It would probably washed out, too.

>> No.10144276

I can post the pics of the dress under a Uv lamp

>> No.10144283
File: 397 KB, 840x1947, 6F9CBC0B-09E1-4C16-843E-7ECC8A772D95.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Plus if you want a dress with jizz on it you can buy from her I don’t care, I only posted this because I don’t want other people feeling as gross as I do for wearing a dress she did that in.

her name literally has daddy in it so what else would you expect

>> No.10144285
File: 480 KB, 1107x2131, 5833C354-5108-4DFD-BB03-C33B5B14617F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10144294

I also looked at all of her feedback to make sure she didn’t buy it from someone else first and she didn’t, there was no feedback from her buying this dress, she either got it new or she got it from a different second hand site (which doesn’t seem that likely because she has a lot of feedback from buying things on lacemarket so it seems like that is the main second hand site she uses)

I should’ve guessed that people would call vendetta but I’m seriously disturbed about this because it was one of my dream dresses for a long time, now I’m stuck with a disgusting dress that I will never wear or be able to sell,

Like I said if you want to risk it you can but I don’t want anyone feeling like I do right now

>> No.10144393

Holy shit anon, this is disgusting. I'm so sorry this happened to you.

>> No.10144394
File: 253 KB, 411x616, 1503109027249.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy fucking shit. What made you check for UV splooge? Do you do that with all your dresses?

>> No.10144409

I went to an arcade meet and it was uv lit, I’m literally crying everyone in my comm probably thinks I’m a lying freak

From now on I’m going to check all my dresses when I get them, I just didn’t think someone would sell something like that, and I would’ve never bought from someone with daddy in their name, I just didn’t realize that the person I bought it from originally got it from her and I feel so gross and awful I don’t know what to do

>> No.10144413

>I went to an arcade meet and it was uv lit
Shit, this would be a hellish way to discover jizz stains on your dress.

>> No.10144414

Shit, that sounds fucking awful. Maybe try to get it professionally cleaned? Sell it to another ddlg degenerate or something... And thank you for the warning, I hope no one else experiences shit like that. May you find all your DDs in awesome prices soon, anon

>> No.10144433

Even if all the stains came out I’ll never be able to wear it again without feeling disgusting, if I did manage to get the stains out (idk if I can) would it be wrong to sell it, idk where to sell it to make sure a real lolita doesn’t buy it

>> No.10144441

Don't dry cumstains look different?

>> No.10144443

As long as any residue is there, it will show up like that. Iirc semen is the bodily fluid that glows the brightest under uv light.

>> No.10144472
File: 2.16 MB, 4032x3024, C7855E46-0E51-4D6C-ADCF-B93DA1BE44C3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For reference this is why I didn’t know until now, in regular light the dress is in perfect condition

>> No.10144482

If you tell them you bought it second hand, i'm sure they'd understand. I think all of us have wondered if the person we're buying a dress from is a sex creep. Please don't worry, i don't think anyone thinks poorly of you.
still I'm sorry this happened to you, holy shit. I agree with >>10144413

>> No.10144486

It is a cute dress and not that easy to fiind I feel sorry for you :-(

>> No.10144507

You know that multiple things glow under UV light, right? Not just body fluids.

>> No.10144511

Think about it though, it came from a user with a ddlg username and the stains are in patterns like someone came on it

>> No.10144518

Nyart, but I think all of these would either be removed by washing or visible not only under uv.

I hate the thought of someone having sex in brand. You're most likely gonna sell it at some point, why ruin it with your bf's cum when you could've been fucking in some bodyline shit or something.

>> No.10144528

Are you saying that body fluids aren't being removed by washing then? Because if that's the case you need to up your laundry game.

>> No.10144541

Shit now I have to check all my fucking dresses

>> No.10144552

Not to be too blue, but is semen that ....uniform?
That would be a lot of semen.
Isn't it more reasonable it it from like a Tide pen, which also glows under a black light?
I think anon has valid concerns but it looks like it might have been spot treated.

>> No.10144574

No, I'm saying semen specifically can't be completely removed from fabric by just washing it in a washing machine, that's why I suggested getting it dry cleaned.

Wouldn't that damage the fabric? From the pics anon posted it looks perfectly fine, I think some spots would be visible if that was the case. I really do hope it was something else that fricking cum though

>> No.10144576

Like I said, you need to up your laundry game. It can be removed if you haven't set it by washing in hot water (you shouldn't be using hot on lolita clothing anyway). Maybe you're just nasty and unwashed?

>> No.10144577

I also don't think it looks like cum unless the guy was loading off in the same places over and over again

there's just too many very large spots.

Certain detergents and anything with quinine will do it (like if they spilled a drink with tonic water)

>> No.10144580

Sorry for the retard question, but do cameras catch these kind of UV lights too? Wouldn't the room just be dark in the picture? Or did you do something with your cam?

>> No.10144581

>You're most likely gonna sell it at some point
Says you.
I will grow old and die in my brand.

>> No.10144582

It’s not, and from those pics it looks unlikely to be cum.

>> No.10144598

Huh, didn't know I was talking to an expert in removing cumstains. My apologies, I was wrong.

>> No.10144617

I just turned off my main light and turned on my uv lamp

>> No.10144636
File: 338 KB, 1678x1970, F993AFF9-5AE8-4700-85FF-926A13119615.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Idk I’d like to think it’s not semen but to me it really looks like it

>> No.10144642

hahaha holy shit

>> No.10144699

Seconding France and italy, also the Philippines

>> No.10144724

You don't exchange money in a true trade, only a partial. The sales price is just there but the LM feedback is the protection

>> No.10144783

stay nasty with your unwashed dresses then.

>> No.10144785
File: 29 KB, 338x600, f668831b-0dd0-4fbd-bd45-a394717e9645.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why in God's name would someone fuck in brand, I'm so sorry that you got a degenerate's old dress anon, that's disgusting.

>> No.10144790

dude not everyone is getting semen in their dresses, it's just you and the other disgusting fetishists in this community

>> No.10144791

FUCK. EBAY. Hate it so much, it's bad enough it attracts a cheaper normie crowd and has fees, but their buyer protection is awful and both the mobile and regular site are difficult to navigate. Never selling anything lolita there again

>> No.10144809

oh my god can we report that bitch?? And get her off LaceMarket?! Can you show that to the mods please?? Damn girl get you onto Paypal and get your money back. Show this to the damn seller. Show this to LaceMarket!!!

>> No.10144816

I want to but I literally have no idea how to even report someone on there, even less how I would be able to get in contact with lacemarket mods or whoever it is to show them the images

>> No.10144830

If you have fb you can message them on there

>> No.10144833

I’ll do that! Is it it’s own page?

>> No.10144840

I contacted them, I’ll report back with wether or not they can do anything

>> No.10144842

>using lack of sex as an excuse for never washing your nasty clothes
keep justifying your filth

>> No.10144881

Good luck! I hope they can do something. I can't even imagine how mortified you must be after that meetup.

>> No.10144929

Stay angry, semen queen. Hope no one ever buys your cumstained dresses. Maybe you were the one who sold it to anon, huh? Why would you be so set on insulting everyone over it otherwise?

>> No.10144934

Nayrt but why are you so obsessed with cum?

>> No.10144939

I'm not the one who's trying to justify getting their bf's cum on their dresses but okay

>> No.10145065

So far they’ve left me on read for like 12 hours :(

>> No.10145074
File: 19 KB, 425x425, windowvalance.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon, could you wash the dress and then use the skirt part to make really cute window curtains (or window valance)? I know that might sound weird, but I was trying to think of how to not throw something out but yet it's something one does not want to wear or have near their body (like a pillow cover).

>> No.10145079

I would but my room is the only lolita themed room in my house and I don’t have any windows in my room

>> No.10145082

Maybe it’s because they can’t guarantee she damaged the dress? Even if it looks like lacemarket is where she buys everything and her name has daddy in it, there is still a chance she bought it like that and didn’t know

>> No.10145084
File: 210 KB, 790x1193, embroideryhoop_walldecor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

One more up-cycling idea and then I'll stop; maybe buy some embroidery hoops of the same or different sizes and then cut out chunks of the fabric to place into them and arrange them on the wall as art?

>> No.10145086

That would be a cute idea!

>> No.10145094

If anyone can help me with accessory ideas for the fabric that isn’t ruined I’d appreciate it!

>> No.10145102
File: 1.03 MB, 950x713, specialgullunit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anon i'm sorry this happened to you but everyone ITT trying to figure out if it's actually cum stains on the dress has had me in fucking stitches

>> No.10145107

That you for this image anon it made me laugh

>> No.10145109
File: 18 KB, 304x320, 81M3SDjdIUL._AC_UL320_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You could also try making a Lolita themed lampshade cover, or using the non-splattered parts to make a scrapbook/diary cover.

All I can think of is a handbag, if you have the sewing skills.

>> No.10145111

The handbag is a good idea but I already own the matching tote for this print so then I’d just have two

>> No.10145120

has anyone ever had an experience getting bed bugs from a parcel? i'm really nervous about getting bugs, and i found something in my house that looks like one. it was just a single bug, and i scoured my bed and couch, and since i literally never leave my house and have no friends the only logical solution is via a package. am i being paranoid? how would i even handle that sort of situation with lolita in my house? how would i even trace who sent it to me, since i order mostly from japan. i'm terrified gulls

>> No.10145126

Bugs can always find their way through open doors, small holes in walls, etc. Unless you live in a sterile hospital environment or biohazardous containment facility, you are not immune to bugs. Also many bugs may not last high altitudes and low temps of such long distance travel. Packages are less likely than just local pests. Lastly, bedbugs are smaller than you think. You likely saw something else. Welcome to spring.

>> No.10145139

Bedbugs generally only come out in the middle of the night, so unless that's when you saw it it's probably fine. If you're paranoid you could try treating your items immediately when you get them, but unfortunately the hot water wash + high heat dry recommended to kill bedbugs isn't great for delicate items. I've also seen people recommend putting items in a trash bag in a hot car for up to a week to help, which is still harsh but not as much. But, like >>10145126 said, it's probably just spring.

>> No.10145144

If someone attempted to "wash" a spot of semen off by rubbing at it with water, couldn't it just spread the semen into splotches like that?

>> No.10145146

It was actually around 11PM and compared to pictures of one it looked very similar. i'm hoping it is just a random bug out and about during spring

>> No.10145183 [DELETED] 

It's just clothes. I do it all the time. But then again it's not like I ever get jizz on my body like that. My bf only ever finishes inside of somewhere.

>> No.10145188 [DELETED] 

How do you know the original owner didn't wash it out with hot water?

>> No.10145190 [DELETED] 


Ask them with the pics you took. They'll most likely help.

>> No.10145193

Yeah, only it's not. You most likely won't be selling your t-shirt and jeans for $100+ on a very specific market. I guarantee you 90% of lolitas wouldn't buy your shit if they knew you fucked in it. Gross.

>> No.10145287
File: 134 KB, 372x334, 1525899956751.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yea it is. Maybe YOUR wardrobe outside of lolita is cheap ass Macy's shit, but I sell designer clothes on Grailed that I've fucked in all the time as well. It's just clothes. Jesus Christ, you people come off as UwU snowflakes. Lolita isn't some holy sacred ground, it's just an alt fashion, and not even an expensive comparatively. You want to say lolita isn't a costume yet you people treat it as such.

>> No.10145292

>admitting you don’t care about wearing a stranger’s dried jizz
What an awkward self-own

>> No.10145294

The truth has been spoken. So long I've only fucked in Bodyline but I don't really see the big problem in fucking in brand if you're at least a little careful with bodily fluids. Jizz usually ends up inside *somewhere*, not all over clothing, unless you're into it like the seller of the infamous dress.

>> No.10145296

Disgusting. No wonder people don't want to buy secondhand clothes. People like you are nasty.

>> No.10145297


>> No.10145298

Never said that, I just s aid there isn't a problem with fucking in brand. If you're getting bukakke'd in Milky Planet and wanna sell it after that's pretty ick, but if you're just ridin a cock under your petti then I don't see the issue. Sex doesn't usually get messy, and I say that as someone with some pretty quirky kinks.

>> No.10145299

I’m not going to freak out like some people in the thread because I get fucking in “normal” clothes, but not lolita. Too many layers to engage in an already sweaty activity in. Seems like it would be really unpleasant.

>> No.10145301 [DELETED] 

>Getting sweaty during sex
Have you tried not being white?

>> No.10145305 [DELETED] 

Idk what kind of sex you’re having or if you’re bone dry down there but it usually is messy. Saliva, sweat, cum, vag fluids, etc. all are plentiful and that’s just the natural fluids. Then there are add-ons like lube, oils, etc.

>> No.10145306 [DELETED] 

>not having an intense fucking session where both of you are sweating

Sounds like you have some pretty lame sex desu.

>> No.10145307
File: 479 KB, 527x609, Gull please.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Jizz usually ends up inside *somewhere*, not all over clothing

Thank you. I never said the dress being posted wasn't gross, I just said there's no problem with fucking in lolita. For the record, I wouldn't want to get jizz all over my regular clothes either, but every partner I had much preferred their jizz be in my body and not on it. I paid good money for an IUD for a reason.

>> No.10145308

nayrt but normally during what would be considered “good” sex your body temperature naturally rises and you flush/sweat for pheromone reasons. it doesn’t have anything to do with race but level of arousal

>> No.10145309

>ITT: two anons try to justify their degeneracy to a bunch of gawking gulls
It was a good thread for a while at least

>> No.10145316
File: 204 KB, 437x392, misadko.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Maybe YOUR wardrobe outside of lolita is cheap ass Macy's shit
Maybe yours is? I have no wardrobe outside of lolita, you fucking clown.

>I sell designer clothes on Grailed that I've fucked in all the time as well
I'm sure you do, you disgusting gremlin. And you're trying to tell me I'm gross.

>You want to say lolita isn't a costume yet you people treat it as such
I'm not saying don't fuck in your own clothes, I'm saying don't sell them to people who would never buy them if they knew. Also, if you wear "designer clothes" daily and only fuck in lolita, then I got some news for you.

Holy shit anon, you're disgusting. You're making my skin crawl from just reading this. Misako would be dissapointed in you.

>> No.10145317

Adding something new to the thread.

Didn't happen to me, but to someone in my country's comm. A quite infamous girl (let's call her Girl A) sold a "modified" Dreaming Macaron OP for 70€ (~$79) to Girl B (the unfortunate buyer). The modification listed was only removal of the sleeves.

After a month and a half Girl B received the dress (Girl A told her she had shipped it, then the parcel was apparently lost, then it was lost around her house...). When she opened the package there was a very very strong smell. The dress had the sleeves literally ripped with scissors, really stained with... something, armpit stains, GREEN mold stains, dirt in the pockets, the elastics were broken (Girl A is quite "plus-sized"...) and a few things more. Turns out Girl B only received a portion of the price she paid.

Girl B rescued the dress, professionally cleaning and heavily modifying it, avoiding the unremovable stains as much as possible.

>> No.10145330
File: 25 KB, 623x651, 1498251706103.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No issue with this being on clothes.

No issue with this being on clothes. Are we also going to be afraid of buying second hand from Floridian and Texan lolitas because they almost certainly sweat more in those on a daily basis than someone that occasionally has a heated night of fun?


>Vag fluids
Again, how? No matter how wet I get, I'm never literally dripping a stream like some kind of hentai. Not only that, but your petticoat should catch this even if you were spilling out. Is this bait from a male poster?

>Lube, oils, etc.

Imma be real with you here and don't give a dogshit if this is TMI. I casually fuck. I've throatfucked in lolita and straight up vomitted all over my own face in the process a handful of time (comes with the territory). Despite how messy that is, I've never once gotten my dresses dirty from sex. I've literally had a threesome before in lolita, got spitroasted and DP'd in a dress, and it didn't get dirty. The worst that's happened is a pair of tights getting something on them upon pullout, and that's definitely something I don't think I'd be comfortable selling even after washing them. I've had a guy request a footjob in lolita before that I denied not because lolita is holy ground but just cause I didn't want to get nice footwear dirty. I wouldn't do it with non-lolita legwear that I like either.

So I'm going to ask you - what are you doing in the bedroom that you feel lolita is going to get dirty? Because I'm pretty sure my sex life is more active than yours and I've never once had an issue with dresses getting sex related dirt on them.

>> No.10145339

>Also, if you wear "designer clothes" daily and only fuck in lolita, then I got some news for you.

What's with all these implications? I never said I exclusively fuck in lolita. If I'm hookin up with someone and we're making out on a sofa and getting into it, I'm doing it in whatever I'm wearing. I'm not stopping the action and saying "hold up, these are special clothes. Let me undress."

I wear whatever I'm in the mood to wear that day. I don't have designated "lolita" days. Because they're fucking CLOTHES. I'll go to work in them, I'll go to dates in them, I'll eat greasy ass pizza with them, and I damn well am not going to turn down a hot dicking in them. Just like any other articles of clothing.

>> No.10145344
File: 51 KB, 429x571, IMG_20190324_154457.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok I'm with you anon-chan but that last part was waaaaaay too much information

>> No.10145442

they won't be getting my cum stained clothes because unlike you I actually WASH them, you nasty cunt.

>> No.10145445

no, you're the one trying to justify the fact that you never wash your clothes. i bet you smell lovely.

>> No.10145512

I think it’s pretty normal that people have sex in various clothes

>> No.10145753

Contact pp, see if they can help. If not, file a charge back with your CC. Tell everyone you want to return it for a refund. Provide pics. You will get your money back. If you need more help let me know, I am happy to post more info/specifics on what to do.

>> No.10145762

This. I mean you say you didn't even buy it directly from her, how do you expect them to do anything. Let alone you cannot actually prove it is a cum stain and not a pod exploding on the dress. If this person is really doing this on purpose, I'd like to see them removed from LM too, but you even owned the dress for 5 months, after you bought it from another person after they bought it from this user. We can't even know this isn't a personal vendetta. Be reasonable

>> No.10145763

If they contact paypal they will be screwing over the previous seller that allegedly didn't know about this. Not the person they are posting about.

>> No.10145867

Yeah they said they can’t do anything, I just hate it because this is why people think our fashion is a fetish

>> No.10145977

So someone, potentially, had sex while wearing a dress, in their own time and privacy, and this makes the fashion a fetish? People have sex in their clothes, lolita or otherwise.

Even if the stains were indeed cum stains, whoever did it washed the clothes before selling them, and you could only see the residue due to UV light.

And I bet if this person had an appropriate description like "beware, I've had sex in this dress but I have washed it" it would have been considered TMI by most people and they would have called the seller a special snowflake attention whore.

>> No.10146013

No. I think people wouldn't have bought said dress.

>> No.10146078

Quit roleplaying, sissy.

>> No.10146085

Or they could just message the seller about it first instead of posting their name and face on 4chan.

>> No.10146135

The fact that someone knowingly resold a dress stained with cum is what makes it foul. It's fine if people want to participate in their kinks behind closed doors, but once you involve unwilling outsiders (by publicly posting about it in inappropriate venues or selling your stained clothes to the public), you're crossing a line.

Maybe you would have bought cum-stained clothes from a stranger, but most normal people would never go near that listing. If there's still UV-sensitive residue on the dress, there's still cum on the dress.

>> No.10146444

Except this is not how residue works, you could throw it in the was machine and think you are done with it and it could still be there.

>> No.10146505

Just cause you threw it in the washer doesn’t mean it’s not disgusting to sell an unknowing buyer a dress you used as a cum rag

>> No.10146637

>ignoring all of the other things that glow under uv light
I love how /cgl is full scientists who have absolutely verified that the stain is semen. Oh, wait...

>> No.10153364

Please leave the fashion and never come back

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