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Old thread >>10064900

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Her shit was ugly anyway. Funny to see all the fatty-chans baw about this.

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>deep discounts and releases
Well time to finally buy one I guess.

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What will Andrea wear now?

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Hopefully nothing so he'll go away.

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Her gothic stuff was much nicer. And she does small sizes too. I'm petite and I love the Lovely Memories jsk I have from her

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pls no, give him a potato sack at least

I liked her gothic stuff too, when the prints weren’t too busy.

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Still has that awful Frozen dress I suppose

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His sissy clothes and that stretched brand

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Never cared for her releases...I always got excited when I saw preview pics, but then there was always something off in the final product. They were either too loud or too tacky

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I'm going to miss her. Her comics about her work life were adorable and she was always such a great guest at events.

I wish her a happy marriage!

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I knew zero about this brand so I browsed their webstore and it looks ridiculously overpriced. An overskirt (attached pic) 70USD *on sale*? Like, seriously? The main pieces look kind of pretty but they're all *at least* 265USD and I can't even understand whether the material is really cotton. Is the quality really that good or what? Maybe it's just me being a poorfag but I've bought *new* brand dresses for much less than this.

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Your poorfag is showing yes because that is brand prices so it isn’t expensive at all. What new brand dresses you are buying that is far cheaper than this?

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Paying for a brand, complex patterns, exchange rate, higher costs for a small company, etc.

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Yeah that is brand price but Haenuli wasn't "brand" last time I checked... or are you really comparing Haenuli to historical Japanese brands?

Secondhand stores often have NWT pieces for less than 100USD.

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That makes sense but I can't understand why one would be willing to pay for that when brand is available at the same price (or even lower, many AP pieces go for less on the Paris webstores for example). I guess it really is a clothing line for plus size lolitas who don't fit brand. Unless you fall in love with a specific dress... but I can't see the reason for buying many Haenuli pieces at that price, if you fit brand.

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Nayrt but fuck I KNEW you were talking about but secondhand "new" brand pieces.

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sorry meant to answer to >>10076735

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I didn’t say they were brand I said it was brand prices. Are you really comparing new from the store with second hand? Disgusting

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>can't see the reason to buy haenuli when you can buy brand
bitch you can't even see a reason to buy new brand you penny-pinching hypocrite lmao

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It sounds like you're being salty with me because you can't shop for good deals but honestly that's not my fault. They were new, not "new", but feel free to believe that if it helps you feeling better. Also, you should know a lot of brand pieces cost less than 265USD. IW, Meta and even AP I've seen all for less than that, even sold by the brand itself. Study a little more...

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The sale hasn't actually started yet anon, she said it'll start in feb.

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I noticed that but some items are already listed as "on sale". Maybe she will discount them more in February?

Ps. I hope it didn't sound like I wanted to shit on this brand, I actually like most of the designs/patterns, I just thought the price was a little too high.

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>only buys secondhand
>asking Qs about haenuli, a popular brand that's been around for quite a while
>immediately gets defensive when it was her that low-key insulted the brand first
>telling others to educate themselves
Your personality is ita

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Those are standard prices for a lolita brand, even a so-so one. There isn’t really any reason to expect an independent designer to charge less than bigger companies, especially if she fills a plus size niche that is in demand.

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I noticed that as well but as someone who follows the brand I'm pretty sure $70 was the original price. I think she just started flagging the things she wants to put on sale but hasn't put the discount yet

Agreed. Manufacturing prices in S. Korea aren't really that different than those in the US

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Nah this stuff has been on “sale” for quite a while

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She marks 'on sale' as 'in stock'

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Well, that's one way to announce how young you are, I guess.

Haenuli is Korean indie. Lolita isn't just "taobao" vs "Japanese brand", Haenuli belongs in the same tier as Lief, Baroque, Cloudberry Lady, Dear Margaret. Most of them are above taobao and below burando.

As for why people are willing to pay those prices, this
Indie brands have way smaller circulation numbers. It's not like there's always another unpopular AP dress that you can haggle down until it's cheap enough. There's only a few handfuls of her dresses in circulation, so if you don't buy it when it's available, you may never see it again. Thus, if you really like one of her designs, you need to buy it as soon as it's available, if no one buys from her, she just never makes any dresses and then you don't even have the chance to look for it secondhand.

Also keep in mind that by the time a "secondhand new" dress turns up for less than retail on the secondhand market, it's already old, unpopular, not trendy, etc etc. Secondhand prices can vary wildly depending on which dresses are trending (Sugary Carnival had a brief period where third hand dresses were trading for three times their retail price. Madness). So it's always a bad idea to ask why an item's firsthand price is higher/lower than another items' secondhand price, as popularity has way more to do with the pricing difference rather than quality.

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Not new, simply not interested in Haenuli. I've never wanted to buy their pieces so I've never really researched. Thanks for explaining but as I have already mentioned, I was not referring only to NWT items. Lots of Japanese brand dresses are less expensive than Haenuli even when sold by the original brand itself. But yeah you've made it clear that even if Haenuli's quality is good, it is not worth those prices. Rarity and popularity are things I can understand people being interested in, but I personally couldn't care less, that's probably why I didn't think about them in the first place.

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It's not your newness to Haenuli, it's the fact that someone had to explain to you why you don't compare brand new to secondhand new, and your seeming inability to understand anything outside of your narrow self-centred view of the world.

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nayrt byt they compared brand new to brand new, is your reading comprehension ok?? following this discussion and it's honestly much fun how some people can't even understand a simple english sentence lol

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They compared nwt second hand brand and second hand they got for 100 to brand new from the store. Everyone knows second hand prices are don’t mean anything compared to new.

What you are going to say AP overcharges because I bought a skirt for 50$ once?

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ayrt but can you even read gosh >>10076841

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Yeah they are lying. 265 usd is like 28700 yen. So what is cheaper than that? Most new brand dresses are around that price, with Moitie at 35k and Jetj is always higher

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you really have to be spoonfed that hard ? you don't even need to go to ap paris even the japanese store sells cheaper stuff https://angelicpretty-onlineshop.com/

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Ah yes, 20 dollars cheaper. Oh no you ruined my arguement.

But then holy wolf is higher than that. It’s almost like it’s a similar price. Hmmmm

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Dude... what?

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>this is cute and I want it but don't want to pay for it
A time wasting, non-serious buyer, if you can even call people like this buyers.

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Why did they even bother commenting? /:

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there's esl, and then there's barely comprehensible.

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The thing is, the dress was quite a plain dress and there are many up on Lacemarket from European sellers right now (simple black JSK).

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Why are we defending Haenuli's prices. We know they're overpriced. We know brand is overpriced, but we know Haenuli's stuff is not worth the money and people buy it for the novelty, not to mention you can possibly even get a different dress from the picture if you're buying nonprint. It's ridiculous how much people lick her ass. I'm glad she's done.

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>tfw I like the "what I got" pic more

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Are there any better pictures of what she got?

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Do you know anything about economics or economies of scale? Do you have any fucking clue how much time and skill and effort and money it takes to make small-batch high-quality clothing? Have you ever made anything in your life before? Try sewing a dress with high-quality fabric you drew up and had printed and sew it into a dress you patterned yourself and then tell me that's not worth 300 bucks. I see people selling shitty amigurumi crocheted bullshit on my FB for 40 bucks because "it took me 5 hours plus materials and would YOU get paid $10 an hour?"

Seriously, fuck off back to Walmart if you can't tolerate handmade, ethically made, small-business quality for prices the makers deserve

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And if you want something indie that you can't afford right now, maybe budget and hold off on flipping "like new, I swear" second-hand for a couple of months and you'll be able to afford it

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Haenuli is actually more akin to a real brand than indie, since she had more than just her in customer service, a factory, another designer, etc. Those prices are very justified. If you're an entitled poorfag, just get out. It's not fast fashion.

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>t mad fatties

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You can choose to believe we're fatties if it makes you happy, but it's your choice to ignore how exploitative the fashion industry is and how much we undervalue art. Personally I'd consider that a meaningful discussion even if it was fatties discussing it. Also,
>mfw people circlejerked on here about whether I'm an ana-chan recently

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That is... extremely sad.

Either the same salty gull or Haneuli's salty cult. I'm sure you have some kind of issue even if I'm not sure which.

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I don't even own any haenuli. I just think that she gets too much flack for very old drama that has long since passed and that we are in general way too hard on indies especially when it comes to their pricing

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I don't even like this that much. Mustard yellow never seems like a good color to me.

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Sorry it's so tiny, I don't know why my phone does that. you can find her blog post about it here: http://livlotte.blogspot.com/2016/10/review-haenulis-promise-of-eternal-jsk.html?m=1

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... FR? Is that you?

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> I guess it really is a clothing line for plus size lolitas who don't fit brand.
God, you are insufferable and probably too green for the fashion. People who say that about Haenuli really haven't followed it from it's beginning. She didn't always have XL large sizes either and that was only after being pressured.

She's always done prints before brands would hop on them and even a lot of taobao. This is how she became well known. She'd also be more forgiving than brands, such as having payment plans, markdown of packages for countries that desperately need it, actual customer service, and just many different sizes, which most brands don't even attempt.

For what made her iconic and well known initially, she did many themes first before brands and even a lot of taobao. She did a Sailor Moon inspired one before AatP and AP's mediocre attempt. She did Disney Princess inspired ones before brands did their collabs. She's made very directly inspired prints like Phantom of the Opera with characters on it instead of just a vague theme like Krad did. A lot of people dislike her galaxy print, but she was way before AP. She didn't start the fawn print trend, but her fawn print dress is the only one quite like it.

Like it or not, she really carved out her mark in the market in terms of creativity. You're also really insulting because she did some of the best gothic prints in a while when brands like Moitie are stuck in the past. Just One Bite in jacquard was phenomenal compared to any other brand gothic print in the past few years.

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Sorry, I was annoyed because I didn't expect being attacked like that for asking a honest question. Thanks for your explanation.

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Oh wow, how can she be happy with that dress?

>> No.10077080

It doesn't look bad quality but yeah... not like the stock pic at all. I would have been mad tb.h

>> No.10077084

So she thought the dress was gorgeous even though it wasn't quite what she wanted, and Haenuli fixed the situation and got her the dress that she had actually ordered anyway. Idk anon that sounds like a pretty common fuckup followed by good customer service. If anything it makes Haenuli look better.

>> No.10077092

Did you read her next post about this whole thing though? Not saying Haenuli is a bad person, but all the mistakes that followed when she got the lace replaced did make haenuli seem quite stupid and unprofessional
Not to mention the fact that she only got offered this option when she started posting about it on her blog and Facebook

>> No.10077096


also anyone notice that the final dress she got wasn't even the OP, like she was wearing in the first post?

>> No.10077098

ohhhh nvm the sleeves are detachable. Phew.

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It's alright. I think not everyone follows every brand and knows details, especially indie.

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What the actual fuck wunderwelt

>> No.10077140

Maybe they're using an auto-liker ?

>> No.10077148


That's probably it, but they should really be more careful. Nonetheless I reported the post for nudity.

>> No.10077149

things make sooo much more sense now

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Sissies need to be exterminated

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I got this sponsored add this morning. Why is this a thing?

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Any chance for a cap of the comments? For morbid curiosity's sake.

>> No.10077925

To be fair, 43 isn't that old, but the behavior is cringey regardless of age.

>> No.10077927

I didn't think of that, sorry! I'll try find the page.

>> No.10077928

I found the post but it's an absolute shitstorm and would take ages to screenshot.

>> No.10077930

so does anyone have an estimated date for when the rufflechat admins are going to ban the aggressive ddlgers defending our harassment for the sake of their fetish or

>> No.10077933

Maybe when enough people report it.
>Hey [admin], X is a [sissy/ageplayer/fetishist], they post harmful content that doesn't belong in this group
Or something along these lines. Admittedly I'm not even on Rufflechat so I don't know what exactly is going on there, but I'd like to hope that reporting this shit would be effective.

>> No.10077935

I hate this. I read the post and I've never thought or identified with lolita being involved with feminism. Yes, it's a fashion targeted at women, but if anything, lolita is about individualism and self-preservation.

>> No.10077942

I love how many people used the laughing emoji to comment on that.

Also, who did this?

>> No.10077943

This has to be a Russian bot or someone with some kind of ulterior motive. Who would pay for ads for this?

>> No.10077947

43 is too old when you're a guy trying to pry into womens hobbies where men of that age have a 99% chance of being a fetishist.

>> No.10077948

they're not wrong about the original intentions of the fashion being feminist, as in it was created as a form of rebellion when japanese women were shunned for not fitting the submissive housewife mold. but an ad? that's weird and sus

>> No.10077959

This. Especially if the guy “loves” Misako’s painted nails and is commenting on her unladylike behavior lmao

>> No.10077960

Samefag, meant to say that he didn’t want Misako to give the middle finger lol

>> No.10077965

>reports a picture because of boobs, let alone cartoon boobs.
A nipple is a nipplez

>> No.10077996

What is he asking her not to do? Context?

>> No.10077997


Go back to deviantart.

>> No.10078039

did anyone get caps of the recent rufflechat thread where that moron was going on about "if you don't want your personal photos reposted without credit or reposted to kink sites don't post them"?

>> No.10078040

Conversion is nowhere near that good right now, esp after the scummy PayPal conversion rate

>> No.10078041

I wish I did, what an absolute shitstorm. Why weren't they immediately banned?

>> No.10078045

Handle it yourself, Marisa

>> No.10078050

I like what she got better than the stock photo. It's the exact colour of candle wax

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This pose. The pic is from the recent amino confessions.

>> No.10078059

But that pic is edited, and very badly at that.

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What thread was this in? Did it get deleted?

>> No.10078067

"Gross ig warning". It's still there, only the comments have been turned off by an admin

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Either way, that's what he was complaining about.

>> No.10078120

Half past never.

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>> No.10078360

This basically is the reasoning of those who post in the ita thread. You can understand it's wrong when someone reposts pics in a fetish site, but you somehow can't understand it's wrong when you repost it to offend someone. I just wish people, all people, in general, would stop treating others' pictures like their own.

>> No.10078365

It doesn't have to be a coveted piece, some people will do this with anything that simply catches their eye because they're not there to buy, just ogle and complain about how poor they are.

>> No.10078370

It’s the same with the cof thread though, people won’t post to there anymore because of it

>> No.10078380

I don't think FR even owns anything from Haenuli.

>> No.10078390

some netflix meme

>> No.10078413

Because context doesn't matter...

>> No.10078419

Because indie brands still need the same time and effort to make the same quality stuff as your burando, and indie brands can buy less bulk at once too making cost possibly higher, not lower? Lolita isn't cheap, and Haenuli is one of the more pricey indies. But their prices are around brand price and their dresses are more complex when taking everything in acvount than most indie designs.

Haenuli is also hard to get second hand, unless you are extremely plus sizes. Smaller sizes in good condition is kinda rare.

And even tho yes, Haenuli has some big misstakes in the past releases, overal no dress was unwearable bad. And Japanese brand has made misstakes too so it's not like that's always save, not to forget rereleases which saves a lot of designing cost. If you don't like it, you're free to not buy haenuli. But the prices aren't that weird. You're newfaggism is showing.

>> No.10078426

>the makers deserve
Do you know anything about economics?

>> No.10078479

While it's disgusting that people would steal pictures to post them in a sexual context without consent and I don't agree with that at all, the person is right in saying that if you don't want your pictures reposted you shouldn't post them to begin with. It's naive to think that people won't take your pictures now that they're out there on the internet, no matter how much you put "do not repost" in their descriptions.

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She did get this fixed, which she has made a post about on the same blog as this picture comes from. Haenuli apologised and you could send the dress back and get the promised lace overlay instead.

This also only happened once. The bigger problem with this brand is sometimes fabric is lower quality than expected/promised. But that's the only thing I heard. Issues like this one aren't common with Haenuli either.

Well, there is also Haenuli using other brands items, adding their own logo, and selling it as their own stuff with a huge make-up. But when people got mad, people found proof Metamorphose, BTSSB, and I think a few other Japanese brand had done the exact same thing, so I don't think you can blame Haenuli for that when saying "you could buy brand for that price". Fair complaint if you blame all guilty brands tho.

>> No.10078493

How nice you use the picture of her blogpost where she said the dress got fixed >>10076978 and then only send the blogpost from before it got fixed on cgl, in a way you can't click on the second part as easily... You seem biased.

Here's part two people:

>> No.10078494

>You look bad in the fashion you choose to say you wear.
>You are trowing sexual activities into a fashion community without everyone's consent.
How exactly are those two the same thing?

>> No.10078569

The issue with Haenuli re-selling stuff is she explicitly said she had made the items while the brands never did. Once people found out they were just pins she bought in bulk off of Aliexpress, she was still trying to say she bought the materials and assembled them, but it would be impossible for her to buy all these pieces and just so HAPPEN to have them look EXACTLY like the Aliexpress ones.

>> No.10078580

So youre jelly, ok

>> No.10078614

Does anyone have any images or info on those taobao bonnets she stole? I don’t have them anymore. She even said she met the original creator at some tea party in China. Must’ve been incredibly awkward confronting the girl you stole from.

>> No.10078631

>using other brands items, adding their own logo, and selling it as their own stuff with a huge make-up (...) people found proof Metamorphose, BTSSB, and I think a few other Japanese brand had done the exact same thing

(kind of) newfag here, can someone tell me more about this?

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I didn't have any but found this one on warosu by googling

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So I just saw this. Any info where this came from?

>> No.10078636

It’s for people that take coordinate photos infront of trash and on toilets

>> No.10078637

There where tons of comparison pictures posted on Rufflechat at the time of this drama.

>> No.10078638

Oh yeah, just saw it's a tag group. Didn't know this existed. Interesting.

>> No.10078643

ewhat is a tag group?

>> No.10078647

A group you tag on FB to make a point.

So in this case, you tag it when someone talks like they know all about the fashion (generally actually talking bullshit) and there is no trace to be found they actually own any clothes. Like lolita at hearts who think they know much more about the fashion that all the seasoned lolita's.

>> No.10078653

Thank you :)

>> No.10079062


Anon, it's almost as if engrish is your first language. I'm impressed.

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Fresh from RC.

>> No.10079101

>people in 18th century France had sex so it's okay to use people's photos for fetish fuel without their consent

haha wow

>> No.10079110


There isn’t a lot of wank right now about anyone else other than Spiro, and the person’s English is too good. I actually think anon must have taken a comment way out of context somewhere, I think I know who it is but I’m not 100% sure. Not FR though.

Sage for pointless speculation.

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The “ fuck you I’m leaving” and the constant roast is the best. This is possibly the best Sunday ever.

>> No.10079114

Editing the screenshots right now. I'll post them asap.

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What? Is this a bot response?
>nasolabial folds!

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Has the post been nuked already?

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A longer comment reply thread opened up

>> No.10079129

Anyone who unironically cries about “kinkshaming” is someone whose opinion can be safely disregarded.

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File: 1.15 MB, 810x4202, sissiesgtforee7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Sorry about the messy censoring.
I have more of the main thread but it was more of the same "stop defending the sissy ree" so I didn't bother adding it. I also left out all the reaction images here.
The opened up sections had more replies in them right before the post was deleted. I missed a few of them, including a part where A replies to V, saying something along the lines of "oh I didn't realize the sissy wasn't actually outed or doxxed, thanks for patiently explaining this to me" and says that V and K were the only respectful commenters on the post. If anyone has that screencap, I'd like to add it to my folder.

>> No.10079134

I wonder if this is going to be on LWLN and if she has enough screen grabs of it to make a episode. Hopefully she saves these because I want to hear her roast.

>> No.10079148


>> No.10079162
File: 136 KB, 486x869, 2019-01-13-085319_486x869_scrot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

surprised caps from this dumpster fire haven't been posted yet, here's the highlight
red is truly a dumpster fire

>> No.10079164
File: 683 KB, 892x726, 2019-01-13-085405_892x726_scrot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

bonus from """"her"""" (red's) profile
i have to give the guy credit he's certainly improved his makeup that he passes for an ugly girl if you don't look closely at first glance in his recent pics
some really bad cringe on there though, posted on the ita thread too >>10078277

>> No.10079167

Thanks for the dump, anon. What a mess. Looking forward to the LWLN for this.

>> No.10079196

What a sight for sore eyes. Love seeing the community stand up for itself so openly for a change. Thanks for the caps, anon!

>> No.10079239
File: 444 KB, 1055x1154, Screenshot_20190114-080756_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hope this stays up long enough to get some good replies.

>> No.10079246

>inclusive spaces like lolita
>inclusive space
Lmao is this the same retard who defended sissies on Rufflechat?

>> No.10079249

Wew I just got caught up on this shitstorm and yes, it’s the same person. It’s always funny how the sissy/ddlg defenders are up that late on a weeknight to stir the pot, must mean they don’t have a job to go to in the morning k e k

>> No.10079251

Damn, it's gone.

>> No.10079252

these people need to be banned from RC as soon as they start spouting this garbage. we should have a zero tolerance policy on sissys/fetishists etc

>> No.10079257

I agree, I'm tired of people thinking Lolita is a hugbox for their nasty shit. We don't want it.

>> No.10079259 [DELETED] 

You forgot to censure a name, be careful not to get your post, or even worse, the tread nuked. (At least, Merisa Lesperance sounds like a name).

>> No.10079266

oh shit you're right, mb
can't delete it now though, am i supposed to report it?

>> No.10079267

>inclusive spaces like lolita
Eh, nah. I see no need to be more inclusive than in any other community I'm in. I include only those who fit both in mentality and subject (in this case, fashion). They can make their own lolita group with different mentality if they actually wear the fashion and you won't hear me complain, but then don't bother us and stay far away of me/my groyp and related content (photos/videos/communities/events/etc).
>healthy and valid means of SJW
Do people even realise SJW is an insulting term used against them by people who disagree with that all-inclusive, hugfest mentality? There is nothing healthy and valid about it, ever. If there is, you use different terminology.

>> No.10079269

Delete it on the same internet connection with the same device you posted it (unless they gave you a new IP, but that doesn't happen that often generally). Else either report, or hope no one notices I guess. I'll delete my comment now, as I mentioned the name to tell you.

>> No.10079277

yeah i tried that, says you can't delete a post this old unfortunately
plz no bannerino mods, it was an accident ;_;

>> No.10079318

I love planetary dreamer, but all of her other releases not so much.

>> No.10079326

It's not exactly overpriced though, with her business model there really is no way to sell her stuff for much cheaper without making a loss.
That being said, I'd also rather invest into other brands.
I got one of her releases because I loved the print and the quality was okay.

>> No.10079335

Even her small sizes are huge though. I ordered on of her dresses in, I believe, 2013. There were like 2 sizes available, no XL. The bigger one was sold out but since I really wanted the dress I got the smaller size and was a little nervous about it. But if anything, it's too big on me.

>> No.10079377

Anybody else having a big laugh at all those plus-size Lolita’s, who think they can no longer buy Lolita dresses now Haenuli is going to stop?
I think it’s really funny, there are so many options nowadays! Also cheaper options, but people really tend to ignore those. I am in a group with other plus-size Lolita’s and all they can talk about is Haenuli.

>> No.10079381

I’m enjoying their tears. I never bought from Haenuli and now know I never will. But defiantly not looking forward to the “ I got the replica because there’s no other option for a plus size lolita like me can be in this fashion now that Haenuli and Dollbe are gone”. But it does provide content to put into ita threads.

>> No.10079382

funny cuz the ones who are gonna complain i bet ur ass have complained about haenuli's & dollbe's price point.

>> No.10079386

More content for my “ this dumb bitch” folder.

>> No.10079406

>inclusive space
What does she even mean? She's spewing senseless buzzwords.

>> No.10079424

A "space" (in this case a community or subculture) that's supposedly open and welcoming to everyone, which lolita isn't, especially when it comes to outsiders who use our content as fap fodder. This concept is beyond this person, apparently.

>> No.10079488

I wish people would stop seeing Lolita as a safe space.

>> No.10079494

God that reminds me of when you list something on lacemarket, and some idiot comments publicly on it that your price is too high,then publicly demands that you lower it, and just keeps commenting after you stop talking back and report her to lm

>> No.10079499

>that KEK 4chan meme
she's here with us right now, isn't she?

>> No.10079527

What's the best she selfposted knowing we'd hate on her to stroke her humiliation boner

Same for this idiot. Sounds like a troll who gets off to this shit

>> No.10079533

No, because none of the plus-sized lolitas in my comm ever bothered to shell out for Haenuli. They all wear cheap Taobao and 2nd hand AP sack dresses hiked up above their boobs. I don’t think anyone here will even notice she’s gone.

A place where everyone is lovelies and women aren’t allowed to have boundaries whatsoever because it may hurt someone’s feelings.

>> No.10079913

not a self post, i just found the irony in a sissy going off about wah wah lolitas kinkshaming me needs to be an inclusive space and the fact that he surrendered his masculinity to become not even a trans person but an outright sissy, yet still a “kekistan” supporter epic “trad”/rightwinger enough to publicly display it. kekistan is fuckin bad and cringe enough on its own but a sissy kekistani? why?

>> No.10079950

who is Marisa

>> No.10079955
File: 125 KB, 750x762, IMG_2494.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Funny how he went off on how "anything on the internet is fair game", but when people came back at him with caps of his FB likes, he sperged out. Irony is sweet

>> No.10079957

One of the group moderators iirc

>> No.10079960

Yeah, I have the original phantom release in small and I swim in it.

>> No.10079964

lolita is a safe space for lolita
as in
we post and talk about lolita fashion, and the fashion only, without the harassment of outsiders

so for example if you're a dumbfuck who can't differentiate between a kink group and a lolita fashion group then it ain't gonna be your safe space when we drag you for being a fucking idiot

how these """kinksters"""" don't understand that they can have both and keep them separate is beyond me. Tbh most of these defensive ddlgers aren't even in the actual kink community. Bc the real kink community for this is 100% about consent, and being able to separate. I'm not a kinkster but I have friends who are who are into this.

The people we're having issues with are the little girls--mostly young women age 22 and under, who are getting ""positive"" attention for the first time and are beinf manipulated by the daddy doms, who are older men preying on the fact that these younger women are clueless and desperate for attention. Which is a MASSIVE issue. The chances of every 17-19 year old on Tumblr or Instagram (who are likely lying about their ages) knowing about consent and safe kink practices are so slim it's not even funny. There's no way they have informed consent when they barely know what they're doing. So it's no wonder why they jump so quickly to defend it, because they're insecure and unsure about it in the first place.

>> No.10079967

So while the little girls are annoying it's mostly the daddy doms and sissies who are the real issue, for their constant abuse and fetishization of women with zero interest in consent or safe kink practices. They're losers who likely aren't welcome in their own local kink communities because they're stupid disgusting pigs and any decent kink community would see that and wouldn't touch it with a 10 yard pole. Thus the fact that they resort to saying we're ""kinkshaming"" and not being ""inclusive"" is as hilarious as it is infuriating. They just don't fucking get it, no matter if it's us telling them, a therapist, or the admin of an actual kink community.

Can we please nuke these creeps off the planet. Ugh.

>> No.10079974

how do we know which guys are sissies and which guys truly genuine in wearing lolita fashion? who should we watch out for?

>> No.10079980

Some red flags you'll see with sissies may be:
- deliberately wearing outfits that show heavy amounts of skin
- very little effort is put into passing as female, quite often sissies like being able to be identified as male
- maid costumes being used for lolita
- no clear improvement in coords, even over many years
- a weird interest in befriending minors or people who are very new to the fashion or just generally naive
- asking to borrow clothes

These are just a few indicators off the top of my head. Most genuine brolitas will put visible effort into improving coords, selecting quality main pieces/accessories, and they'll usually (try to) pass as female.

>> No.10079982

Bad signs are
>no makeup
>makeup in garish colours
>unkept natural hair
>bloomers or otherwise feminine underwear
>shows more interest in looking “girly” than actually passing as a woman
there’s probably more or some i got wrong lmk

>> No.10079986

-Get overly defensive with the response along the lines of “Guys it’s my first dress”
-Starts out posts with “ hello lovelies”, “hello ladies” or “ hello darlings”
-Become defensive when you try and help better them and constantly saying “ I like how I look. I think it’s
- usually wearing overly kiddy lace socks
- Walmart child section hair accessory
-greeasy unkept hair and usually trying to hide their face behind it.
- hairy legs showing and refuses to wear tights to cover them
-cheap lace eBay dress
- and “ I’m new, please be gentle with me”

>> No.10080029

If they use
> uwu

>> No.10080034
File: 229 KB, 512x589, 1510937048495.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's dangerous to go alone. here, take this.

>> No.10080036

You have some pretty decent lists put together with >>10079980, >>10079982, and >>10079986, and they're great general points to look for.
I'm a shameful closeted kinkster myself, and I used to make money being a cam mommydomme. Sissies have some major things in common, most often being:
- drawn to OTT dresses with tons of ruffles
- loving the feeling of petticoats (not caring about shape)
- not caring about the care and condition of their clothes
- not knowing how to act around women/always looking for guidance from "older sister/mommy" types
- skimping on basics in favour of main pieces, consistently
- neglecting to style wigs properly
- not approaching makeup as a face improver, but rather as a face coverer (garish)
- being overly delighted about being dressed up by someone else
To a sissy, wearing lolita is about living their uwu maid princess dreams, and the lolitas around them are their best girlie tea party friends. Befriending younger and more naïve lolitas is a symptom of their lacking social skills, and not necessarily their desire. Keen, socially aware lolitas are simply not interested in this strange man's friendship, and tend to steer clear. Help your younger comm members by restricting men's attendance at meets if you can.

>> No.10080111
File: 433 KB, 1365x2048, 75CCEBD2-5772-4274-8D01-F19306FB2D44.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10080158

I can here him saying “ I like your pantyhose “ from here anon. Why post this?

>> No.10080179

Just showing an ideal example of a creep who tries to infiltrate the community

>> No.10080277

kill it with fire

>> No.10080300

common theme here is being old(er) and just generally looking like shit

also tbf like. most trans women I know are actively doing therapy or trying to get HRT. not to say that there aren't sissies who are so far deep they try to get HRT but, most sissies get off on the "man in a dress" thing like another anon mentioned, so very few of them actually actively express interest in any sort of gender reaffirming therapies/medical treatments. at least that's my personal experience.

>> No.10080303

Loving that airport comment

>> No.10080330

>- skimping on basics in favour of main pieces, consistently
Whelp, looks like I'm a sissy.

>> No.10080331

Honestly I wish a new lolita group would pop up that’s like Rufflechat, but with zero tolerance for itas or gross kinksters. CoF and RC pat way too much ass and it’s infuriating, like when someone posted a coord with a tulle skirt and corset everyone was like “uwu so cute” instead of “what the hell.”

>> No.10080335

COF is full of non-lolitas and normies, unfortunately that's one of the causing factors of shitty unrelated content receiving positive attention.

>> No.10080384
File: 178 KB, 424x475, Screenshot 2019-01-15 20.53.50.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10080401

Wholesome, if drawn by a literal child.

>> No.10080408

If you scroll down further in his profile there is super cringe shit about conspiracy theories. Literally meantion Rothschild.

>> No.10080421

If this is the extent of some people's vision, I suddenly understand the pictures in the Ita Thread better.

>> No.10080436

this is lolcow level and cringe

>> No.10080469

Me too. Just can't pass up a good deal on a new jsk even though I KNOW my blouse selection is lacking.

>> No.10080478

Are you being purposely obtuse? That's one sign of many that a person may be a sissy, no one said that if you buy mostly main pieces then you're immediately a sissy.

>> No.10080495

What size do you have, if you don't mind me asking? I got the new Phantom release in white, but I still prefer the original in black but I can only ever find M/L on secondhand markets.

>> No.10080501

It's a sign, and not diagnostic. At least you know and care that you may be lacking in basics and would enjoy higher quality basics. Sissies tend to pick the cheapest basics as an afterthought rather than selectively choosing pieces that will last and work with other parts of their wardrobe, consistently.

>> No.10080607

The JSK in S

It's still loose. It's wearable, but I wear it with a corset belt and I need a flowing loose-fitting blouse to disguise the gaps around the bodice and beneath the arms. On the bright side, you can wear a mighty pushup bra, no problem.

>> No.10080723
File: 17 KB, 220x327, 220px-Jamie_Fraser_(Outlander_TV).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is the first thing I thought when I saw the sissy... an uglier Jamie Fraser in a dress.

>> No.10080778

RC: uncensored doesn’t allow fetishists or people who don’t wear lolita, but it’s been a little dead as of late

>> No.10080797

The biggest red flag IMO is when they can’t respect boundaries and seek out lolitas who are less assertive about their boundaries, particularly young girls or girls who are very deep in SJW culture. These guys will continue to talk about or do inappropriate things (like how nice their underwear feels, or getting (un)dressed in full view of the group) even after being asked to stop, may try to organize private meetups with aforementioned vulnerable young girls and might even try to invite himself over to their homes when their parents aren’t around (because he’s so shy and adults are scawwy UwU). Look out for fixations on stereotypical “intimate female childhood” things like girly sleepovers, makeovers, getting ready together, bathroom etiquette etc. When he keeps coming back to these subjects over and over it’s very likely that they’re a masturbatory fantasy of his and openly talking about them with unsuspecting girls gets him off.

In my experience they’re often defensive and paint themselves as an innocent misunderstood victim from the start, before anyone even says anything to him. Then when people question his behavior in any way it’s because those people are horrible closed-minded intolerant bigots, never because he crossed a line. This strategy usually works on well-meaning but naive girls who will then jump in to protect the poor marginalized brolita from unfair prejudice. This is the first step to breaking down their boundaries. Once they’ve accepted that he’s an innocent victim and that bigotry is the only reason why anyone wouldn’t feel comfortable around him, he’s in.

>> No.10080808
File: 95 KB, 745x223, 728F7B62-D6D9-4713-B837-6B72527530C8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It’s always the fatty-chans...
> yes, this petite fashion worn by tiny Japanese girls will fit me
> oh no, this petite fashion worn by tiny Japanese girls doesn’t fit me

>> No.10080811

Don't forget her next comment. Kek

>> No.10080815
File: 159 KB, 513x400, 39BB296D-DC56-42FF-B8EB-906C9BDA4CE8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10080819

one whole freaking metre

>> No.10080820
File: 195 KB, 1063x1279, photo_2019-01-16_12-02-46.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It doesn't look that cringy imo, she fucked up but didn't blame the dress.

>> No.10080821
File: 49 KB, 1280x355, photo_2019-01-16_12-02-49.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10080822

Did Frances Prussia write this?

>> No.10080826

Isn't that the London ILD meet location? I thought he was banned from the comm.

>> No.10080832

Is this the dress she's talking about? As a fatty, I know better than to order any brand OP. Even if it says it'll fit you in the bust, you're going to run into issues with shoulders and arms. Just get the skirts and JSKs.

>> No.10080836

>OP with narrow shoulders that’s clearly intended to fit very loose on small-framed girls
>Huh why can’t I comfortably squeeze my 100cm bust in there??!?
Why are people like this?

Is this a lolita or a random lost middle aged lady

>> No.10080837

Oh for the love of Mana, why do these idiots not know you need to be at least 5 cm's under the listed max measurements if you want it to fit well and comfortably? So many idiots in this fashion.

>> No.10080854


She posted in big sisters that this is the dress.

>> No.10080858

Okay, it is just a JSK. First, serious doubt that her bust is 100. Second, I bet it doesn't fit her in the waist either. Third, if it came with waist ties, she could do what the rest of us do and have it let out with that fabric under the arms. I hate it when other fatties make excuses, especially when there's more than enough helpful tips for fatty-chans online. Either quit whining and learn how to make this fashion work for you, or gtfo.

>> No.10080864

It's pure desperation. They so badly want to fit that they delude themselves into thinking it will. Or they're stupid and don't know how clothing sizes will fit relative to their own size (since op stated it was her first brand dress). For example, I have a 81cm bust, and I very strongly prefer blouses/JSKs with a bust of 90+cm, simply due to comfort and fit (especially since I wear undershirts religiously). It comes down to trial and error and really understanding your personal size.

>> No.10080865

I had a look at BSOLF and honestly she should just sell it... unless she loose some weight, I don't think that dress could ever suit her.

>> No.10080876

At least it’s not an OP, but it’s pretty clear from just looking at the cut (bodice without curves, only partial back shirring, non-adjustable straps) that it’s not meant to accommodate very large busts. Even if she could zip it up her bust would obviously fill out the entire bodice and hike the waist seam up to her underbust or even halfway up her bust, which obviously isn’t how it’s supposed to fit.

She’s probably used to Western main street brands that range from XS to XXXL and are designed to accommodate bustier body types. Figuring out how Japanese one-size clothes will fit you may be difficult for a newbie but at the same time I think a bit of common sense would have told her that this wasn’t going to work...

>> No.10080880

>More fat friendly than AP
>Actually makes dresses that are both small and large

Hahahahahaha nice one

>> No.10080883

I think he was banned from the original TPC, but when that dispanded he was let back in and then removed again? I’m not sure, he’s banned now.

>> No.10080908

What I don't understand is if it is really just her bust measurements and not ribcage/shoulder measurements why she isn't considering just losing some weight?

>> No.10080910

He wasn't at the meet and he's definitely banned.

>> No.10080925

He was at that meet

>> No.10080982

From the other two posters it sounds like he creeped on the comm photos and went to the same place as a kind of I'LL SHOW *THEM* kind of thing.

How healthy and well-adjusted.

>> No.10080987

>>10080982 is me and >>10080925 whoops I commit an error. Sorry.

I feel bad for the girls at that meet though, he made my skin crawl moments before I even knew he existed at DMC.

>> No.10081025

I know that's everyone's answer, but that isn't always easy. However, if she's as close to fitting it as she claims, she could cut the snacks and exercise a bit to lose the last few centimeters.

>> No.10081030

No he wasn't? The naval college ILD? Why even say something that isn't true.

>> No.10081031

You didn't block out all the names btw

>> No.10081039

If she's anything like some of the delusional gulls here, she would say that uwu I'm not chubby I just have big boobs. Completely ignoring that they are noticeably fat and could actually lose weight all over if they tried

>> No.10081045

Story behind this person?

>> No.10081050
File: 541 KB, 750x801, F92B3BC6-C049-4B23-A520-2D7282E76F8F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10081051
File: 327 KB, 750x490, 399056E3-1232-4365-8195-D037964F917D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10081053
File: 232 KB, 1024x663, A6A7FEA9-8926-4861-B906-318E0A582FFF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10081054

Wait what's going on

>> No.10081059

The picnic meet in the summer? No, that was a different weird guy who is now banned, and that guy didn't show up in lolita. Lee wasn't there... And neither were you by the sound of it.

>> No.10081061

This isn't the ILD meet, confirmed. There were a lot more people at that and we didn't have a professional photographer. Not sure when this photo even was desu.

>> No.10081077

>it’s been a little dead as of late
Any idea how/why that happened? I may have missed it, but it was suddenly silent far as I recall, with only one post once every month if not less.

>> No.10081080

Delusion together with only being used to wearing stretchy fast fashion clothes

>> No.10081082

He's British? Fuck, I hope he doesn't turn up at my comm.

>> No.10081083

Because it's most likely not really just her bust. They often claim their curves are the problem when we all know it ain't curves.

>> No.10081099

Where is this? Am I blind or has it been deleted?

>> No.10081122

Well they're fatter than they're letting on, because I'm about 5cm fatter than the max measurements for most average btssb dresses, and I still fit in them decently with a single piece of shapewear

>> No.10081139

he looks better than funk brothers

>> No.10081152

>Let's all get changed together and have a professional that I met at my makeup course do our makeup teehee

The more I learn the less I like.

>> No.10081155

People just aren't bothering keeping it alive. Looks like experienced lolitas are more private and antisocial than loud itas

>> No.10081160

I'd rather marry funk than spend another meet in Lee's company

>> No.10081165

I hate to be that person, but...
I read it more as
>I keep hearing people say they don't want to do a lot of traveling in lolita, so here's a place with a private area to change so you feel comfortable coming to an event
>Also maybe some of you want professional makeup for the event, so here's a resource

Sounds dumb, but well intended to me

>> No.10081167

Yeah, I always see him drifting about at hyper japan. Caught him stood staring at my friend and I (we were both in lolita) when we were sat down eating. It makes my skin crawl when I see him and I can feel him looking at me when I look away. I always move away quickly to avoid him trying to make conversation with me.

>> No.10081169

Tbh I might have just though he was an ugly girl if I didn’t know. Aren’t as obvious of tells as a lot of the sissy people I see posted on here.

>> No.10081171

This picture is hilarious. You can almost see the shunning.

>> No.10081177

Don't see anything wrong with this apart from someone who has nothing better to do than shaming the unfortunate one

>> No.10081258

He'd love to hear you paint him as an innocent victim, but he's a belligerent creep. He was so rude to the TPC organizers.

>> No.10081262

Hrs banned for a reason, he was incredibly obnoxious at a TPC event, as well as being rude to the organisers at the event, complaining about his tickets, the photography and the running of the event. He’s also been known to perv on younger minors in the community and is basically a confirmed sissy.

>> No.10081266

Aw I like funk bros. I don't know much about him but he seems nice. Some sort of make-up artistry class would do him a world of good.

>> No.10081267

hi lee

>> No.10081293

>Posting 4ching shit on social media
>Year of our Lord 2k19

For real

>> No.10081542
File: 274 KB, 1440x800, Screenshot_2019-01-16-20-16-54-1-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>being this late
Boy, have I got news for you.

>> No.10081582

I'm laughing so hard. This is like a way funnier version of the old Slowpoke memes. Thanks for that

>> No.10081687

Had to check her out but everything says the fabric? She tends to use linen, do you know what that even is since you're asking about cotton?

>> No.10081735

Two things, one is this girl hasn’t shut up about Mary Magdalen, yet her dream dressn is the bodyline skull print in a 4XL. Second is I’ve seen her claim to already have CTP.

>> No.10081742

what have they done that is obnoxious or creepy besides being assigned male at birth?

>> No.10081755

He wouldn’t stop screaming during a raffle because he wasn’t winning anything, he told the organisers everything they did was awful, and he was actively harassing several underage Lolitas, one being 11, at a convention and wouldn’t leave them alone. Stop defending him.

>> No.10081762
File: 522 KB, 1242x1862, D873E9B2-CD72-4A45-9D54-EA91D5282CC3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What the FUCK is this? The entire group needs to be burnt to the ground and never revived. It's a shame it got overrun by itas because there are some really good seamstresses in the group.

>> No.10081764

You replied to >>10081262 but did you read it?
>perving on younger comm members
>has liked sissy fetish pages on fb

As well as being extremely rude to the TPC event organisers, having a profile picture that wouldn't look out of place in an article about serial killers, being a mouthbreathing cretin who has no concept of personal space, and being extremely hard to ban from anything due to his "how 'bout I come along anyway" attitude.

So let's review:
> Inappropriate behaviour towards younger and more vulnerable girls
>Aggressively rude and critical towards people who worked hard on events
>Makes people feel wildly uncomfortable and either doesn't realise or doesn't care
>Dresses and styles himself poorly, not improving over time
>Tries to bypass his bans by essentially sealioning anyone who enforces them

Sorry, but that's more red flags than a military parade in Moscow. And no amount of "But what did he/I do wronnnng, transphobia!!1" is going to change that.

>> No.10081788

I like how she wants to preorder it because it's "highly valued in the community" rather than because she actually likes it

>> No.10081795

does she even wear Lolita? Hasn't she complained about being too fat for brand?

>> No.10081841

>Being this dumb

The reservation was even on AP USA. I don't know about Paris but I like using the US site

>> No.10081957

this. I have no idea why she asked that when all she does is complain. her "dream dress" is a 4L bodyline trashbag.

>> No.10081962
File: 703 KB, 732x558, jfash.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

has a shitfit on amino after not getting the answers she wants about some ugly shoes, now she has a whole fb page dedicated to her "j fashion" where she just rambles about youtube drama. big cringe.

>> No.10082010

She also posted these pics to big sisters i think (might have been a different fb group) and had a shitfit there too. Said she wanted concrit and when anyone said anything other than a compliment she would go "i don't have money to buy new stuff" or "my toddler stole my x" or "not everyone can afford lolita abloobloo i just spent all my money on repairing a car". I think she also said her friend hid her lolita socks in their toddler's room lmao

>> No.10082018

Is this what female autism looks like

>> No.10082051

Pretty much anon.

>> No.10082066

"Nymphet Fashion is based off 80s style cloths from the Movie Lolita. How ever the idea behind this fashion is unsettling. The idea behind Nymphet was a Japanese comic basically with an 8 year old in love with her teacher. The style came off of that and the Japanese in love with Vintage style cloths and, the possible idea of the love for the movie. Only indication that Nymphet and the movie Lolita are similar are the cloths. How ever threw my digging it was never really a J-Fashion that took off and is still really new. Most of the cloths are worn by models not very many people roam the streets in the fashion and, threw this I don't think the Japanese find this type of wear tasteful at all. That concludes my research I am sorry for anyone I offended and have a good day"

>> No.10082077

I… if she's referring to the manga I think she is then she's absolutely full of it.

>> No.10082089

Is she genuinely retarded?

>> No.10082093

card captor sakura?

>> No.10082097

She made a video about Jenny Nicholson’s Halloween costume video, because she described a sexual baby bear teen costume as comming across “fetishy Lolita” and it’s the best thing I’ve ever seen.

>> No.10082098

No, most likely she's referring to Kodomo no Jikan which was titled Nymphet for it's very short lived English release. The manga was pretty controversial because (like Lolita) it had many possible interpretations. Basically every character is messed up, with the only sane adult being the teacher (although I never finished the story and it might have gone sideways later on).

>> No.10082377

The teacher ends up fucking one of the 6 year olds iirc.

>> No.10082459

Her videos are terrible.

>> No.10082485

God, this woman looks like a beast. I 100% thought she was a sissy at first.

>> No.10082577


How bad is the rest of the group? I kind of feel for this, because I've made some pretty funky things myself, and it looks like a fair amount of work went into this. She just kind of needs to double down and figure out some other shit and then won't suck so bad.

>> No.10082591

I feel like if she lifted the waist to fit at her smallest part, added princess seams, used more fabric in the skirt, and had proportionate proof it would look better. As it stands the fabric looks nice, and I like the colors a lot.

>> No.10082745

She said it was a first attempt and she took con-crit very well, hopefully she makes something good in time!

>> No.10082786 [DELETED] 

That manga never got released over here, so where did she find all that information?

>> No.10083563
File: 96 KB, 1280x983, photo_2019-01-19_10-55-15.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to answer this so bad but I'd like to avoid drama on the group because it normally is a chill and relaxing community.

Everyone was kind with her but she flipped out anyway, probably because in the mean time she realized she was being mocked in outher communities. Even if you fucked up, mocking someone is never right in my opinion, but she can't take it out on those who have been polite and just wanted to help her. I'm sure she understood she's doing something wrong but just won't accept that she basically throw away 8+ hours, money and materials. But yeah that can happen when you do something without researching a bit first. It's not like you are evil or you did the worst thing in the world but you still made a mistake. Without accepting she fucked up she will never get better at it. Does she really want to settle for a ridiculous outfit? Or is she so blind she can't tell how she actually looks? The fact she tried lolita in the first place meant she liked the style, but now she's decided she doesn't even care anymore. If people didn't shame her online she wouldn't have reacted like this I think. We should just stop shaming people like this. But her attitude is also shit, honestly.

>> No.10083564

Is this the tacky anime villain who’s the face of the current ita thread?

>> No.10083594
File: 582 KB, 1440x1972, Screenshot_20190119-061640.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes. The comments are full of delicious cringe. My guess is, she knows it's bad, which is why she's immediately defensive on the original post.

>> No.10083598

Sorry for samefagging, but I just read the entire post and anon said what I said. Sorry to be redundant. Maybe she'll get to that point where her skills (sewing and coording) become better, and then she can look at this abomination she made and, instead of scrapping it, fix it. There's a good idea in there somewhere, and fixing hideous first-attempts isn't unheard of.

But she's got to get off the denial train.

>> No.10083599

The most ita thing about her is her attitude. Most people’s first attempts suck, goodness knows mine did! There’s always room for improvement when it comes to sewing and designing and most people do improve a lot with time and experience. The only people I know who never improve are the ones with this “I can do no wrong and anyone who doesn’t think I’m already amazing is just a jelly hater” attitude.

>> No.10083674

what the fuck

>> No.10083675

... how on earth are mary magdalene and the skull print even in the same universe? there's no correlation. what the fuck

>> No.10083686

sissies and true trans women are worlds apart. a huge part of the sissy fetish is being a "man in a frilly dress" stereotype, and not at all attempting to pass. of course some go for HRT but from what i've seen it's mostly because they have a "transformation" fetish

>> No.10083700

In my country sissies and AGPs can make themselves legally female without needing to undergo any therapy/HRT/SRS so there’s no way to legally differentiate between them and actual cis/trans women. I’m honestly waiting for the day we ban the wrong creep and he tries to sue our comm for hate crimes and human rights violations. Wasn’t there someone in the US who tried to sue her comm for banning her? How did that turn out?

>> No.10083714

That would be Goose who actually GOT sued, not the other way around, for being an all around evil human being. And no new updates yet, I imagine since its an actual legal case people involved have been advised to keep quiet until it's finished by the lawyers.

>> No.10083717

They'd be laughed out of court if they tried. Banning someone from a group on social media for being a sexual predator is hardly grounds for a lawsuit.

>> No.10083805

Not if anon’s in Canada

>> No.10087303
File: 328 KB, 1242x1479, 4EC8861B-6DC7-400F-9C66-D0DBA82C82C1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can’t just make a tag for yourself on a group that has rules about tagging. Why do this?

>> No.10087306


>> No.10087307

why would use that ita photo for a profile pic. you look deviant...

>> No.10087316

oh no I didn't notice it was her... kamisama save us

>> No.10087319
File: 932 KB, 1067x800, 1475968841790.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Never forget what comes out of the Lolita Amino.

>> No.10087320

I'm cringing.

>> No.10087327

Every time I say "it can't possibly get worse," and then it does.

>> No.10087328

I see they changed their name to a creepy innuendo

>> No.10087331

This is years old. Is she still doing this? I thought she flounced.

>> No.10087510

She flounced and then resurfaced on I wanna say kiwifarms? To dredge up her old drama and insist she is TOTALLY NOT LIKE THAT ANYMORE GUYS, REALLY, but she's on kiwifarms and found a thread about herself so...

>> No.10087520
File: 191 KB, 726x403, A53265E1-1F35-4B8F-981F-B52785B31745.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10087571

>I wanna be ita, I wanna wear skirts
>I wanna be indignant and defend myself until it hurts
>I wanna be frilly, I wanna pick fights
>I won't take concrit, I won't wear tights

>> No.10087614

How to spot a ita: someone who starts of with “ I’m doing a thesis, a report, a documentary, a song, a panel on lolita. Help me with my work so I don’t have to research it myself because I don’t know the difference from hot topic and moi meme moitie”

>> No.10088263
File: 762 KB, 1078x886, 1540819562191.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Found it, her defending herself on KF

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