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Who's going? Anyone started planning coords?

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I'm going to post this here too, just so the information is accessible. Model call will open up in Feb.

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VIP is sold out, but it looks like there's also a waitlist for it?

Anyway. I'm going as a vendor with GA on the second day. There are so many coord ideas I have! And I want to stick to the theme.

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I'm thinking I'll go big for the big events and tone it down for other times. I don't usually wear OTT (I like gothic and oldschool classic) and the idea of a giant coordinate on for eight+ hours is not a fun one. I'm definitely focusing on losing as much weight as possible so that I look my best in my brand.

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I was so fortunate yo get a VIP ticket. I've been planning my coords for months already lol. Not really going to stick with the theme personally. All my best ideas have been with pieces that don't really match it.

I've never been to such a big, long Lolita event like this before. Is it normal to wear the same coord all day or change in between the events? I won't be getting a hotel room (I have family in a town nearby that I will be staying with) but I don't wanna be wearing the same coord all day if no one else is.

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I've been planning my coords for months already lol. Not really going to stick with the theme personally. All my best ideas have been with pieces that don't really match it.

I've never been to such a big, long Lolita event like this before. Is it normal to wear the same coord all day or change in between the events? I won't be getting a hotel room (I have family in a town nearby that I will be staying with) but I don't wanna be wearing the same coord all day if no one else is.

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It's not really big enough to warrent multiple outfits in one day I believe. But if you want to, go for it. Last year there was an after party on day 2, some people changed into more casual clothes for that.

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I’m going, I’m glad VIP sold out quickly. Might get some new shoes or make something fancy for my head.
I’ve got several things I can wear. Easy choices with one guest being AP.

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I somehow got a VIP ticket?

Debating if I wanna wear my Aqua Princess fullset or do a more traditional OTT gothic coord with AP's Princess Victoria and a 3F bonnet for day two. I don't know, the possibilities are endless!

Definitely saving up for this and bringing an empty suitcase to bring back a haul with though. :')

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def thinking of bringing third or even fourth outfits for changing into to be more 'comfortable' just to be on the safe side here

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Both day tickets are running low! Less than 10 left apparently.

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So I just bought admission for both days but this is my first big lolita event I've ever been to...

How do I get my ticket? They didnt ask for an email or anything. Is my name just on a list now?

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I got a VIP ticket but man that shit was stressful. Never seen a site crash that much in my life. They really need to load test their site.

I've been coord planning for about a month now and trying to go on theme. I think of decadence I instantly think OTT classic.

I'm really hoping I can model for AP but I won't hold my breath.

Where's everyone coming from?

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The website said there aren't physical tickets. Read the ticket terms at the bottom of the ticket page friendo

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Then you're fine. They'll just check people in at the event.

agreed. honestly i was pretty concerned when i noticed that the site itself isn't secure. I'm glad they connected with paypal, but I'm usually anxious if I see a site involving transactions that don't use https

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I don't plan on wearing AP even though they're a guest. How bad of a Lolita does this make me?

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I'm an idiot.
Thanks for spoon feeding me anons!

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Why go?
There is still time to buy an AP piece for the event, provided you fit in AP.

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I have and fit AP, I just kinda wanna wear something else.

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Who is wearing Triple Fortune?
How many Cats Tea Party will we see?
Rarest AP print we are likely to see?
Gothics wearing Gothic anyway or trying something AP?
Replica spotting. Yes there were some last year. Yes we noticed.

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Damn I feel like modeling for AP is going to be super competitive

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I only bought day one, since tea parties aren't really my thing, but my birthday is that weekend so I'm ready to spend way too much money. I'm probably going to keep things pretty simple, I recently bought a low key dream dress that I'll probably try to coordinate in some less-generic way than usual. The pressure to go big is too much for me, I'd rather not overshoot and miss my mark, which is a big fear of mine at such a large event.

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I'm going and i'd really like to apply to be a model but... what do they look for in a model? do you have to be tall?

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No. They want between 5'3" and 5'6", waist of 22-28 inches, cute round face.

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>tfw this is you

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I feel that way too, even though I do own AP, just nothing spectacular and I don't really do ott coords.

I'm sure it's fine so long as you do your best and not wearing a replica. It's not really a brand hosted event iirc. As far as we know, it's only AP San Fran doing a pop up shop and part of the fashion show.

damn. I was hoping that my friend would be able to model since she loves that brand so much and it suits her in spite of being model height.

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If I see some bitch ass ita in a fucking replica I won't be able to hold my salt this time.

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You don't say....

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Will this chick please fucking stop with this, you missed out on VIP deal with it

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I don't think I'm wearing AP either, like bitch I didn't buy all this OTT JetJ to rot in my closet.

I might wear to the tea party though if AP turns out to be hosting it.

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Since 3F is choosing the best coord on the same day as the tea party I kinda doubt it'll be hosted by AP. Could be wrong though.

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I've modeled for a couple different brands. Portportionate measurements and face are most important. If you don't know how to do your own base makeup and well, you better learn. Also have a variety of well kept wigs and shoes. They'll want to see pictures or in person.

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What if instead of having well kept wigs, my natural hair is immaculate?

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I have seen immaculate natural hair accepted as a part a show look, so yes, you’d be good, but it has to be truly immaculate.

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Is anyone planning to go alone without knowing anyone? I’m a lonelita and I know my bf wouldn’t like going.

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I'm probably not going to wear AP either, I'm just not a big AP fan. Unless I can find one of the handful of older AP prints I actually like between now and then in good condition. I don't think that makes us terrible, it's not *only* an AP event and we should wear something we love and want to show off regardless of if it's AP.

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Ah, so another reason to shoehorn my 3F bonnet. Sweet.

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who wore replicas of what? i didn't notice but there were so many coords to look at

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A few months ago she sold her Paradiso ticket that she bought at Paradiso 2018

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i did this last year, it was very awkward at first but i met a few nice people and just milled around taking pics and chatting

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Why??? She is so strange

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Not sure. But she's part of the second lolita comm in that area so maybe something to do with that? Does anyone know why there's two? It's weird.

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I'm exactly in the same boat, anon. I'm a little nervous desu but I'm hoping to use the opportunity to make new friends.

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I'm dragging my non-loltia friend because she cosplays and likes to dress up (and will fit in my wardrobe)

But if she gets bored, I'll likely be on my own if she decides she wants to leave

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I am. I'm actually looking forward to getting out of my comfort zone and meeting new people.

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Except you don’t get to choose which brand you model for. You get tossed in a general pot and they pick which models they want from there.

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Who cares? AP USA is doing a tiny little booth and a few models of old releases. It’s not real AP.

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There was a Holy Lantern at the tea party, that's the only one I noticed because it was teal before AP actually made that color.

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I know, but on last year’s app you were able to give preference of which brand you wanted to model for.

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oh yeah, i remember that one... she was proudly telling everyone it was a replica like we didn't already know. any others?

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If it arrives before the event, I plan on wearing CTP on Saturday

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Ties into the drama with Eyebrows-chan. After Eyebrows-chan was caught stealing, the ones who defended her went on to make the second comm. It's a bunch of itas and replica-chans

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I'm dragging my friend along who likes the fashion, I'm making an 18 hour drive so I can't go it alone. Can't wait for him to awkwardly shuffle around behind me when I'm shopping. I'm going to send him some f+f links so he can wear some aristo and not stick out like a sore thumb tho

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AP only has a small booth and a shop girl coming, they aren’t hosting.

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AP isn't hosting, it's a Lolita event lmao, plus triple fortune and smaller indie brands are also present and selling shit/participating in the fashion show. AP fags are a riot.

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I'm going both days! Friends are planning an airbnb group and carpool. Looking forward to it since this is my first j-fashion convention.

I know my OTT coord will be some goth shit with my Sweet Devil jsk in black, maybe do some crazy hair and accessories :)

As for the other day...it's a toss up between an ero coord with horror garden jsk or a cabaret coord with my rosy night's masquerade jsk. Decadence = sinful to me. I know they're going more for the sweet route with AP and chocolate themes but that's not what I'm about. Hope to see plenty of goth people there

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don't wear ero, you fucking ita.

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I'm torn, gulls.

Should I wear a coord with a less popular/more obscure print that I'm somewhat confident in?
Should I wear my most coveted piece that I havent fully coordinated yet and work really hard to make it into something I'm proud of?

One is lazier and cheaper but I feel like I'm really going to regret not wearing my highest valued main piece.

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Going to also mention that coordinating the coveted piece makes me nervous cause I dont wanna fuck it up

>> No.10078805

I wouldn't wear a super popular/coveted dress because odds are others will be wearing it too. On the other hand, you have like 5 months to make a coordinate and it could be a fun challenge.

>> No.10078809

Wear the piece you love and want photos to treasure in!

>> No.10078833

That was another thing I was thinking but it's like a 10+ year old piece so I'm not sure how common it really is?

Thanks for the input anon. Kinda leaning in that direction

>> No.10078889

18 hour drive? Why not fly?

>> No.10079011

Sounds very tacky. I’ll look forward to your train wrecks as added sideshow entertainment.

Unless it’s something like Puppet Circus, no one will really care much so I say that you should dress to best please yourself.

>> No.10079012

It literally is puppet circus

>> No.10079015

nayrt, but if you drive you can pack more stuff...just sayin'

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I thought so, anon.
Seems like it’s an easy profit for AP to just pay a cheap plane ticket and ship items to the location knowing how much they’ll make.

>> No.10079247

In sure Paradiso is the one that pays their ticket even.

>> No.10079330

I'm in the still comm, so I'm either going by car, or if worse comes to worse, bus
But I'm really hoping I can car pool with and split a room with other girls
I just don't know who, unfortunately

>> No.10079446


thanks salt-chan, i don't see you posting your coord ideas but have at it. im trying to have fun, not please a rando

>> No.10079447

Wear what makes you happy, anon. One of my coords is with a meme-level main piece... no regrets.

>> No.10079449

Is there going to be a swap meet? Anyone planning a nighttime gull party or meet?

>> No.10079450

less popular/more obscure doesn't equal lazier and cheaper, give your pieces a bit more credit. do whatever you enjoy the most

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I've got two huge AP op's for each day
I'm really excited, I've already got one coordinate completely ready, and I'm working on the second one
For travel on Friday, I'm wear Lolita then too, but just a casual coord

>> No.10079539

I'm arriving Friday afternoon and would love a nighttime meet.

I hope they mention swap meet info soon. That's really going dictate what I bring. Even if it's just saying yea they're having one.

>> No.10079823

I’d probably wear it if it were mine. Unless you will go to an actual AP event or to an event where there is a brand tea within a year’s time. In that case, I’d save it for wearing to that instead.

>> No.10079859

Meme level main piece? now I'm curious....

Oh, I was talking about just cheaper to go with a coord that I already had lol, not that the piece itself is cheap. Thanks for the reassurance though!

Paradiso will be the only big Lolita event I go to this year so I'll probably be safe in that regard. Thanks for the input.

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It's HL.

>> No.10080734

I might wear HL on day 1, because it seems like a roomy and comfy piece to be sitting at a table with for hours. I haven't worn it before, but I'm getting it in February. So excite for the teal green.

>> No.10080787

It costs like 3x more to fly, its Memorial day weekend

>> No.10080799

That's great! Mine is wine.

>> No.10084735

I can't speak on replicas, but I was shocked by the amount of bodyline. Not that the coords were bad, I was just really surprised at the contrast with past lolita events I had attended.

>> No.10084737

Nayrt but I drove last year from the east coast and it was much less stressful than flying. No deadlines, no worrying about luggage weight restrictions - plus it was nice to be able to stop whenever and grab snacks, hit the bathroom, stretch, etc. Plus I transported a designer/vendor so our car was packed to the max and it was very nice to not have to worry about condensing her wares and displays into tiny luggage.

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Has anyone modeled in past years? What's the application process like / what kind of photos do you need? The weather is going to be nice for a few days and if there are certain pictures I should have that I don't, I'd like to maybe go take them while I can use the natural light.

>> No.10087576

Its a mess and the choosing process is biased. Ive done it twice now. lots of scrambling around because the ones in charge of the fashion show aren’t prepared at all.

>> No.10087578

any Kansas City or MO lolitas here, what is the weather usually like there this time of year? In certain parts of the midwest it can still be really cold and raining, so I'm not really sure what weather to prepare for...

>> No.10087599

It was hot as balls last year

>> No.10087621

Start getting good full body and close up shots of your face now. Have good lighting. Avoid selfies if you can.

>> No.10088084

Will visible tattoos be a problem? I have one in my forearm, it's easily covered with long sleeves, but it just dawned on me that I should maybe order some dermacol

>> No.10088093

They're hours away from each other, in the Midwest, just because you're in the same state doesn't mean you're close
That said, one of those is populated by exclusively by fat itas who wear visibly dirty accessories out in broad day light in public

>> No.10088103

How big is this event actually? Do you think it would be more popular if it was in a more accessible city? I think because it is less of a common destination the airfare there is relatively expensive.
It is too bad these Lolita events always seem to pop up in weird locations.

>> No.10088135

It's nice that there's finally literally one thing for people in the midwest, pwease no takey

>> No.10088174

In my past experience modeling it wasn't a problem because my arms were covered.

>> No.10088316

I think a lot of people are going this year since rufflecon is dead. I'd never been to KC before last year and...it's not really somewhere I'd go again just for fun, but the city is nice enough and very walkable. It's also really inexpensive, so you might consider that expensive airfare coupled with inexpensive meals and lodging will all even out.

>> No.10088335

I booked a room at the venue hotel with the room block and it's still gonna come out to over $700. Granted I haven't found someone to share it with me and I'm staying through Monday, but that still doesn't seem worth it for KC

>> No.10088337

Chances are it's going to be hot. I'm planning on wearing OPs to cut down on layers.

>> No.10088339

Post in the paradiso event group and you might find someone to room with!

>> No.10088498

This, I literally came here to ask if anyone is looking to split a room with other people, definitely share on facebook!

>> No.10088523

wait what happened to Rufflecon? I clearly missed something

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Ya sure did

>> No.10088560

"Paradiso: A J-Fashion Gala Group" is the page for attendees! Somewhat separate from the main paradiso page

>> No.10088905

Second comm predates eyebrows, it was from drama about another ita.

>> No.10088909

Who is eyebrows? What's the tea?

>> No.10089190

An entire conspiracy by the KC mods because they didn't like some teenage girl. eyebrows chan was an underage girl that was accused of stealing from Lolita Collective at Naka. She was dogpiled but the entire community just about along with her personal info and pics being posted here to shit on her. Naka staff didn't end up booting her because she explained it was a mistake. Another KC member made a lengthy vid on youtube about it but did a shite job at it but girl accused seems innocent to me. KC mods banned her from Paradiso without telling her and she bought a ticket to Paradiso so they had someone else break the news to her instead.

tldr; KC mods harassed an under aged kid online for how she looks due to a misunderstanding.

>> No.10089192

What a biased opinion. She admitted to stealing.

>> No.10089260

proof then?

>> No.10089350

She's still a minor though, being persecuted by grown ass adults for something she did by mistake.

>> No.10089410

god damn, well I'd rather be in the fat ita comm than the child harassing comm then lmao

>> No.10089423

How do you steal something by mistake?

>> No.10089430

How'd she accidentally steal something?

>> No.10089453


Nayrt but something could have gotten knocked into a bag or something, or she could have gotten distracted by something and walked off with something she as holding without paying, or something like that. Yeah it sounds kinda silly but it's not totally unheard of especially for, say, an absent minded teen having fun with friends or something.

Either way, I don't know if someone that's underage really deserves to be harassed for it even if it was on purpose. Barring her from events and such, sure, but adults going out of their way to harass her for her eyebrows? C'mon....

>> No.10089482

If it's what I'm thinking of, the claim was that she concealed something in a parasol. I don't know how that could be an accident

>> No.10089743

so where’s that proof?

I don’t recall her saying it was knocked into a bag or parasol but that the items were inspected by naka staff were in a shopping bag because she had purchased a few things from Lolita Collective. Personally I think LC had the wristcuffs set aside for someone else and accidentally bagged them with her items. I’ve been to big cons where LC had a booth multiple times and everytime it seemed like they had a tough time keeping up with everyone in and out. Either way KC mods handled the entire ordeal like shit.

>> No.10089748

She was caught putting taking them with a friend and tried to pass it off whoops I forgot to pay even though she was trying to hurry away.
Kid or not, stealing shit is just pathetic. If you can’t afford it, don’t touch.
This is why all kids should be with someone responsible at events like this. They try and use age as a reason not to get judged.

>> No.10089878

Never heard this variation of the story. what proof is there of this? Even if that was true accidents happen and it’s still not an excuse for grown women to verbally attack a child online. I hope this idiots never have kids since they can’t seem to figure out how to deal with them.

>> No.10090065

Will Kansas City ever be free of this scourge....
This drama is honestly the reason I stopped going to casual meets from either comm.

>> No.10090418

My issue isn't her getting called out or punished for stealing things, but that grown ass adults thought it was okay to then go and harass her for it and make fun of her appearance. Like we literally call her eyebrows.
I mean 4chan is the cesspool of the internet and even we have rules against harassing minors.
Teens are dumb. They do dumb shit. They should of course be called out for dumb shit they do cause age isnt a free pass for stealing. But it's still not an excuse to harass someone whose brain literally isn't physiologically developed.

>> No.10091284

I've got the navy OP, maybe we should coordinate something haha

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They're a lot less bitchy and not filled with 30 yr old elitists. Not nearly as organized as KCL though.

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File: 43 KB, 640x386, BCC51CB9-7462-4D4F-B0C4-BF572168C1C8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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>> No.10092372

The hashtag smexygirl is killing me

>> No.10092528

I mean if she admitted to stealing and Lolita collective is going to be there can you blame them for banning her? Good on them for having a ban list and sticking to it, so many cons where I live could benefit from doing the same! I heard about a girl who's boyfriend harassed attendees last year and she can't attend either.

>> No.10092580

They aren't even together anymore, there's no reason she shouldn't be able to attend. That's just Paradiso getting banhappy.

>> No.10092588

Yep. There is a LOT that people don’t know about this particular situation. Dude was a fucking piece of trash but she shouldn’t have to suffer.

>> No.10092600

we should all tell them to get rid of the dumb fucking ouji pageant
no men allowed unless they're in full lolita and makeup, like everyone else
men who hang around lolitas who aren't lolitas keep turning out to be predators
no boys allowed unless you're into hardcore roleplaying as a girl and never mention anything even vaguely sexual

>> No.10092622
File: 147 KB, 869x746, sadseal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What about us girls who wish to roleplay as the cute prince? I need the pageant, anon

>> No.10092624

>no men allowed unless they're in full lolita and makeup, like everyone else
Newsflash, anon: Most men who weasel into our comms and call themselves "brolitas", are actually sissies, which is imo worse than creeper oujis.

>> No.10092628

Fuck you, ouji is great. I'd rather have dudes in ouji than in dresses running around out of their league anyway.

>> No.10092635

The ouji pageant has always been mostly girls in ouji though?

>> No.10092657

Agreed, i like looking at the pictures of the pagent when cute androgynous girls are involved.

>> No.10092659

They're probably referring to that creepy guy from last year that looked like a homeless man that walked into the event.

>> No.10092663
File: 93 KB, 1011x1011, FB_IMG_1548885866004.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Dropped pic

>> No.10092677

I totally forgot about that dude.

>> No.10092682

Welp, never mind

>> No.10092725

I'm not a fan of the ouji pageant, but not for this reason lmao. Any kind of event where people are put on a stage and judged based on how attractive they are always ends up super cringey. It just makes me think of those date auctions they do at anime cons sometimes, and then someone really meh or unattractive walks out onto the stage and gets no votes or bids and you can just see their confidence shatter.

Idk if it's like that at all since this is my first Paradiso but that's what I'm assuming desu.

>> No.10092835

It’s more of a planned and rehearsed, intentionally for entertainment performance. But it can still be cringe depending on the contestant and what they planned.

>> No.10092843

Hope he doesn't attend this year. He's known for making girls uncomfortable and making awkward attempts to earn people's approval by showing off his car.

>> No.10092950
File: 188 KB, 2048x976, badouji.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At least the vanity plates are a good description of his hobo looking ass.

>> No.10093002

if it’s who I’m thinking of then she deserved being on that list, too. she harassed multiple girls while attending.

I don’t think she ever admitted to it desu. I could be wrong but I’ve never heard of it or seen evidence of this.

>> No.10093026

long time lurkfag, first time poster. this will be my first year going, I'll be attending the first day.
I'm nervous to put myself out there again after taking such a long break from the fashion so I'm putting some pressure on myself to put together a suitable coord, but I think it will be a nice time.

>> No.10093071

I don’t recall her being the one harassing anybody. Her (now ex) boyfriend was, but she wasn’t. Did you witness it first hand or something? I have a hard time believing she would do that.

>> No.10093137

I'm sure you'll have fun, anon.

>> No.10093207

Yes. She harassed several of the girls her ex had harassed for speaking up about it. Multiple people also witnessed her saying nasty comments about other attendees during Paradiso including models during the fashion show. She was banned because of what she was doing and saying to others not for her creepy ex.

>> No.10093403

Wild as heck how you happen to post in the same timeframe on you insta story as this post. Quit wking this dumpster fire.

>> No.10093495

alfas look fucking stupid

>> No.10093752


Leasing cars with a double digit salary is so tacky.

It’s not even the cool one with the original lights.

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