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2017/01/28: An issue regarding the front page of /jp/ has been fixed. Also, thanks to all who contacted us about sponsorship.

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Last thread died after trolling.

Useful (Active) Links:
>JP Newssite - http://www.lafary.net/
>Shoplist - http://fairy-tips.tumblr.com/shops
>Brand Updates - http://yumekawa-updates.tumblr.com/
>What is Yumekawaii (feat. Spank!) - http://tokyogirlsupdate.com/yume-kawaii-girls-20150855504.html

If you want to see the latest jp coords, indie brand releases or need general inspo,make sure to check out Twitter's ゆめかわいい hashtag.

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New at LF.

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Kera's pastel japan collab event is still running until the 14th.

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Some new jp yumekawa indie brand collab store (also stocks Starmii):

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First LF 2019 sneakpeak.

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Seems like most is animal based.

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What is this?

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Cafe and bar with Fancy Surprise merch.

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Hot Topic x Polly Pocket 80s collection

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ok that handbag is actually adorable. hot topic does something good for once.

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Fairy kei discord server is still going strong

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Where to get trousers for fk that don't look awful? I have a 68cm waist and 94cm hips. I don't feel like wearing skirts all the time

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WC often does cute pastel trousers.

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I thrift mine. Thrift shops around here always have good pastel pants

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Release was confirmed for the 25th.

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A lot of people seem to go for pajama bottoms.

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Check your local normie stores when spring rolls around. Lots of them have pastel jeans and occasionally other fairy kei-able items. Hell, check outside of spring too, sometimes you get lucky and find something good.

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Manamoko Fancy Surprise avatar creator!!!

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Love it.

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All of Listen Flavor's collabs with Rumiko Takahashi series were re-released as she won Grand Prix at Angoulême International Film Festival.

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Domiel will release an interior goodie collection in february, including mirrors and makeup storages.

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This reminds me of Swimmer stuff, I love it

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New LF is out.

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New Miracle.Com is up.

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What the hell does the top text on this say? Weird font.

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Wait nevermind I'm an idiot, it's in the name of the hoodie.

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oh miracle no don't do this

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A new fairy kei shop did open in Nagoya today!

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Their Twitter is https://twitter.com/anirshop

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Ank Rouge and its subbrand Jamie have a clearance sale, includes loads of pastel stuff.

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Wasn't sure where the best place to ask this was but since LF is being discussed here I thought I would try here. Has anyone ever missed out on a LF release and had trouble finding it on the secondhand market later? I missed a piece I wanted from 2017 and I'm worried whether I'll ever find it for sale again since I've never seen it pop up secondhand.

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So far I never had issues finding items I wanted, unless it was an instore-only release but people often don't post them under the correct names so I just browse the Listen Flavor brand category on Mercari by newest in general.

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Anyone know what happen to this etsy shop called "Starchaser clothing?" She did some fairy kei inspired designs and she just totally vanished? I was really looking forward to buying some t-shirts from her...

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It's really strange as all her social media is gone too and she was still around two months ago, wouldn't know about a name change either.

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Update: Found her personal accounts, apparently bought a house, started a family and simply doesn't have time anymore (her username is mothgoggles on Tumblr and Twitter).

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I've been looking for that Magical Syringe Love Injection oversized sweater for years and still haven't been able to find it for sale secondhand (hard to find + the ones that I DO find are already sold out)

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Oh Jesus anon I'm sorry. That's my fear right now with my dream item. If you'd be comfortable sharing a picture of which style/colorway you're looking for, I'd be happy to keep my eyes out for you. Hope we both find our dream pieces soon.

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Thank you, anon, this encouraged me a bit. Do you mind me asking, are the pieces you like popular ones? The one I'm after isn't, so I'm a little worried.

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You have bad luck then as it was a limited edition instore-only release just like its hoodie version.

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yeah, I went to tokyo rebel to buy it (RIP) but someone bought the colorway I wanted right before me, and the other colors besides pink were sold out. And I keep missing it secondhand as well, so I'm pretty unlucky.

for this kind of niche jfashion stuff I recommend just buying it while it's still in store, save yourself the hassle of looking for it secondhand.

either mint, or lavender, or yellow colorway, not too picky, all 3 are cute. Having trouble finding a stock image so here's a pic from a mercari listing I missed

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Zettai Ryoiki is back

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i previously had it bookmarked too, but the etsy store had a lot of really bad reviews of poor communication, sales cancelled, items not arriving etc., so it's probably for the best.

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Eh, I bought from them before and never had any problems besides that the tees took a while as everything is made-on-order, never saw bad reviews either (nor are any in the archives of her etsy shop). You may be confusing her with someone else.

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Pic related, was still at 4.5 stars rating before she closed with the last reviews still being the usual 5 star ones.

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anon I'm not sure if you're cool with the shirt version but it just popped up on mercari in the yellow coloway! https://item.mercari.com/jp/m70259855086/?_s=U2FsdGVkX18Mc0G3qtho36iAjAPmoAp80VGodb4F94-rxcu7nTpPXExUyDJkjhcQPEOm0cxB1FJbB9D65uL5H7jY-4qpP3aKgp58eo6dr-rZEGyY79tw0BZ5rNJAtC7I

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Tomichan made some cute hoodies, coming up after CNY.

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Coming to cherrypop tomorrow.

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Has anyone ordered from Keep It Secret UK recently? How long does it take them to ship out your order?

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I saw, but I really want the hoodie version though...I just like having my arms covered

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>widely inconsistent art style/skill level between every piece
>faces are all at 3/4 angle
why does it feel like this person traces

>> No.10097939

They're artistic skills probably just aren't consistent.

>> No.10098655

>local seagulls not knowing cherry
It's just that 90s shoujo manga art has been popular lately so she cathers to that to that.

>> No.10098668

Couldn't possibly be that someone changed their art-style over time and adapted to changing popularity of looks.... Maybe check their Instagram or something before throwing out accusations.

>> No.10099043

doesn't change the fact they can only draw the same thing over and over again

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Did you even read what I was responding to?

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Does anyone know what happened to Cute Can Kill? I loved their stuff back in the day...

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Went Vaporwave which failed and dead ever since, that's just happens when someone tries to get even more money with hopping on fads they don't suit.

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New LF this friday.

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Did anyone get this and can confirm quality of the heart bag?

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There's plenty of reviews on YouTube, everything is kid sized tho.

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She should of went menhera. I'm not a big fan of it but at least it's not a meme.

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The thing is that Menhera wasn't well-known when she announced to change her style in march 2016. Not even sure why she did it in the first place, instead of doing "this" she could've gone for Larme.

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Anyone know where I can find Dreamy mel mel jewelry? her website only have baby stuff and interior goods. what happened?

>> No.10101091

>>Last year in November, the Dreamy Melmel shop closed to be replaced with her B.A.B.Y. shop-- I'm not entirely sure why she decided to change after all these years, but I'm willing to bet it was because she was pregnant and starting a family soon (I wasn't able to read her reason why, was anyone able to? I know she gave birth recently.) In any case, she seems to have moved her focus to baby and home goods for the time being, although she did have vintage lingerie listed on her website with the last update.

>> No.10101093

Whoops, I guess I accidentally deleted the post number I was replying to and it all got greentexted. Anyway anon, your best bet right now to find Dreamy Melmel jewelry is to look on Mercari and Fril for listings- not sure how much Japanese you know, but using the term of her shop in katakana ドリーミーメルメル will usually pull up results for her older goods like the jewelry. Hope this helps

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I wonder how long it needs until Listen Flavor notices that they disabled their international shipping on Rakuten for the last two collections, all their english advertising ends in errors.

>> No.10102579

I wish they had an online shop! There are a few "select shops" that I like and have nice stuff but they are usually physical-only. If I knew Japanese I could maybe contact them to ask if they could ship something to me, but I don't :/

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Marianne will reopen their online shop at valentine's day.

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Problem is that stock is often so limited that it sells out faster than they can do any changes online, Tenten originally had an online shop and it was killed by that.

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They actually have one but it's closed most of the time as stock is highly limited and sells out faster than they can put it online, they do have the link to it in their IG description.

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New collab.

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Any of you use a lot of badges? Do you have any tips on storing them, I'd like to put them all on display but still have them easy to grab for use.

>> No.10111459

>>10111438 I've also been wondering how to display them cutely; for just storage if you have a ton you could use hardware boxes, they tend to be much cheaper than storage boxes and better made though they are essentially the same thing

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my boyfriend wants to get into jfashion, he likes future funk a e s t h e t i c kind of stuff but I dont know where to look for guys clothes outside of MILKBOY. any good taobao reccs? I'm a lolita and so rather useless at this style

>> No.10111544

Eh, most Harajuku brands nowadays are unisex oversize so most things sold at Galaxxxy, AnkoRock, Funky Fruit and so on should fit.

>> No.10111552

Listen flavour also do good oversized unisex shirts, I own some of their older designs and they're really comfortable

>> No.10111807

>he likes future funk a e s t h e t i c
tell him to grow up

>> No.10114049 [DELETED] 

mm ok... it's not my thing but he lets me enjoy lolita so why cant i let him enjoy his thing?
we're in our 30s, we can enjoy whatever we want...

>> No.10114050

thank you! I'll look into those shops~

i mean, it's not my thing but lolita isnt his so why would I do that...?

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about >>10111807 's comment, some people think future funk/vaporwave is cringy, but don't let it kill your boyfriend's fun.
as for brands, galaxxxy should be up his alley. they've collabed with classic 80s/90s animes like dragonball, dirty pair, dr slump and evangelion before.
general colourful vintage clothes might be cool too.
pic related is galaxxxy's dirty pair collab. as far as i'm aware they're not exclusively womens' fit, as long as you're boyfriend isn't chunky he should be alright

>> No.10114299

How do I order from this site anon?

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Anyone know if cases like this are available for iphone 6 anywhere?

>> No.10114399

Agent, like all shops that don't ship intl.

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File: 286 KB, 800x533, TB2DPQ1mJnJ8KJjSszdXXaxuFXa_!!1119410950.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not sure how many are into fuzzy seifuku pjs but leaving the link either way

>> No.10115631

Yes, bless you anon
I will never forget that one handmade set of two blue and pink fuzzy seifuku coats

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toalice is doing straight up AP replicas now? bummer.

>> No.10116736

That's not the same "To Alice" as the brand "To Alice".

>> No.10116773

I have a mighty need

>> No.10116968

What are these replicas of?

>> No.10116976

Anon is talking about the listings with pics stolen from AP as preview.

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New LF again today.

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File: 72 KB, 640x640, D0kKWUPVYAA6Jz7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mostly black this time.

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File: 73 KB, 640x640, D0kKw1fUcAIqA0J.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Listen Flavor's drops feel so weak nowadays. It's all very.. samey, in my opinion. Not horrible, just. Eh.

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You haven't been around long then considering LF up until 2015 was almost only tees with generic punk rock cartoon prints.

>> No.10118676

I enjoy this
But this just has the ruffle in a really awkward place, especially if you have noticeable boobie.

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Listen Flavor is completely moving to ebay.

>> No.10122896


Bad news, I hate this.

>> No.10122918

Because Rakuten fucked up and bans foreigners for newer collections of shops which is why the listen flavor releases from this year never showed up.

>> No.10122922

Also Rakuten is switching to mobile app-only later this year.

>> No.10123728

I was questioning if I should post this here or in the Ali thread. But considering I'm specifically are looking for clothes in the Yumi kawaii style, I'm asking it here.

What are ypu guys favourite aliexpress reseller sites?
I love those sites because the curate all the best of aliexpress. You only need to take a screenshot and run it through ali images search.

I know Syndrome, but I'm looking for more cute and less sexy clothes.

>> No.10123799

I don't think there are many considering taobao's international shipping (europe aside), only other ones that would come to my mind are spreepicky and himifashion.

>> No.10125808

What site is this? I'm a complete/cgl/ newfag and I've only lived on /ck/ all these years

>> No.10125859

listenflavor com

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>> No.10130074

Spreepicky, they used to have loads of sponsorships.
Youvimi,cutiekill. Just go to every "general kawaii" girl's ig profile and check the stores they tag.

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