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What are your thoughts on shirtless cosplays?

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They're great. More girls should do them.

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>What are your thoughts on shirtless cosplays?
They're great as long as the person looks good shirtless.

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I don't mind if the character is also shirtless like Kamina for example. People should be able to cosplay who they want regardless of body type. But when it goes into the realm of 'check out my body' like OP's pic related and their body isn't good, then they're pretty annoying.

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They need to go away

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Brown nipples disgust me and so do dyel chinks.

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>dyel chinks
>barely 5 feet off the ground
>thinks he impresses anyone with his manlet musculature
>can manhandle the faggot with one arm

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Not that anon, but nice arms. What are your stats?

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The virgin dyel chink vs the muscled chinaman

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They're fine but if you're gonna do one shave your fucking armpits- both men and women.

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Men: dont shave your armpits, just trim them so they dont stick out and end up looking soggy and clump and disgusting
Women: Shave. Unless you're extremely attractive and slim and clean, fucking shave. Just do it.

Armpit hair on women is like a fedora on men. Attractive men can wear one but it will never make them look more attractive.

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>them gyno + trash chest insertions
Yikes sis I hope you don't actually find genetic dead ends attractive

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>them body dysmorphia

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