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Starting with Miss Lumpy. I used to love her blog, I much preferred it to parfaitdoll's. I never found out why they stopped being friends, but I was really sad when it happened.

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I remember spending ages on the Sweet Rococo site putting together my dream dress, but now that I think about it, I’ve never seen a photo of anyone wearing their dresses. Were rhey a scam?

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Doubt it, it was just crazy expensive for a ita item. I don’t think many people would spend the money on the clothes it was fun to play around them.

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No, they were legit. A girl from my old comm had one of their dresses, and one of theirs was my first DD. I never owned it though. I think their business model was too ambitious though, they didn't get enough buyers for what they were selling sadly.

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Oh wow the black and white dress in that pic is the one I meant, my first DD. I'd still buy it in a heartbeat if it ever came up for sale.

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She's still on Etsy! She sells some of her fabric designs as Sweet Rococo Fabrics though she doesn't make dresses any more.

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I think it was ok? I saw a girl wearing a Crowns and Keys JSK at my first meetup back in 2012, and I remember being really impressed. The brand may have already shut down by then though.

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>reposting bc new thread
When I first got into the fashion like around 2009 or so, I was scared of egl livejournal because I was used to forums but it didn't feel anon enough. I was part of a fairly quiet lolita forum. I think it was a euro forum? I remember there being a very beautiful girl with extremely long straight hair, an older girl (maybe a mod) who was very into Django Reinhardt and gypsy guitar, and a girl whose DD was pic related. It was a very friendly and small forum, mostly classic and gothic lolitas I think, and they were very kind to me as a useless noob who just wanted to understand. I know it's not much, but does anyone know what that forum might have been?

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I found a review on egl livejournal.

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Oh man, I forgot about this site. I never bought anything from them but I played around with the editor a lot.

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dumping some random photos from my old inspo folder

i think this girls name was miyu? i remember she got a lot of flack for having dyed hair before wigs became the norm

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this girl was very pretty but i remember there being controversy over her snakebite piercings, and her username which i think had the world bulimia in it? she changed it to bunbun something.

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vintage albinwonderland who was never really a lolita, she just wore lolita pieces

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i believe this is riona, one of the girls from the infamous graveyard shoot

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i remember being a babylita and looking at the yumemiru magical paradise/pmx meetup photos and wishing i was there

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vintage rinrin

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>username had bulimia in it
Fucking Yikes

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Shooting in graveyards has been a goffic staple since before lolita entered the scene, what made this one infamous?

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I don't think it's ever REALLY been fully acceptable, it's just that goths tend to not give a shit, whereas lolitas fucking love drama.

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egl was scandalized at their ~slutty posing ontop of gravestones that showed a bit of their leg. i remember people thinking the poses were too sexy and disrespectful.

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About Vivcore, she currently calls herself Miss O Kissed and is a burlesque dancer. She doesn't work for Candy Violet anymore, a pity because I loved her creations, now she has a shit store where she sells panties and little else called Booty Knights

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I do remember her posting semi-regularly in the getoffegl comment section, though.

A lot of people had dumb edgy usernames back then. I remember when LJ and its offshoots were starting to turn SJW (“you can’t say something is stupid, that’s ableist!!”) and much of it was coming from people who were making “surprise buttsex” jokes only a few months earlier.

IIRC it was because they sat and laid down on the actual gravestones, which is a bit different than just posing next to them. If I went to visit my granddad’s grave and saw some weird gothic doll girl pose next to it I wouldn’t really care but if she were sprawled out on top it would ruffle my jimmies a bit. Their reaction to the initial criticism was in the vein of “lol fuck the haters” too and I’m sure we all know how well that goes down in most online communities.

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I remember a friend did a shoot in a graveyard and had a picture were they were lying in an empty stone coffin and that pissed of some people and got posted to loli secrets despite it being ok in my country to do that at the place.

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If anyone remembers Sae from the AP clone days, shes married and has a baby and doesn't seem to wear lolita anymore, which makes me sad. She had a popular blog, a big wardrobe, and friends she frequently hung out with and one day she just stopped. it makes me worried if one day that will happen to me. does anyone else have these fears?

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I actually did a little looking and it turns out she switched blogs after awhile. I found this comment, google translate shows its someone asking her if shes worn lolita recently (this is a post from 2011)

"さえさんのロリィタ...(01/19 00:51)サン

I don't know any Japanese so I don't know exactly what she's saying, but if any gulls could translate that would be cool!

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I had the post that this pic is from bookmarked and would look at it weekly when I was a kid. I forgot about it until your post, thank you anon.

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it says "I haven't worn lolita in a while. i prefer to wear lolita in warm weather, so maybe i'll start posting again then."

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I love seeing bonnets without bangs so much. It really reminds me of historical novels.

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No one replied but I found the forum! It was gothiclolitafashion(.)1talk(.)net, called International Forum for talking about Lolita. The mods were called Lowen and Mitsuko, there were only 45 users. Reading through it now, was anyone else here on this forum?

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Are there still pictures you can find?

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Just realised that that forum was actually an offshoot from another one at domaine-des-lolitas(.)forum-actif(.)eu
Domaine Des Lolitas is the one I actually have more memories of and was more active. Yes, there are some photos still available there! What kind are you interested in?

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My friend recently shared a link to an old Youtube video, it was a clip from a TV program that featured two Lolita’s from my country. In the comments people were reacting stuff like how one was too fat and the other too ita, and that they both were a big disgrace for our community. It surprised me that the girl was not hiding who she was, but then I remembered that back in the days people in our comm just publicly shitted on other members. Can you imagine something like that happening now? If you do not give someone asspats, your pretty much bullied out of the community with all those SJWs.

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Eh I think it's not necessarily about social justice, but that we are becoming more aware of being kind to other people. Kindness in and of itself is not necessarily related to social justice. I for one am glad that our Communities have come down a little bit, I remember back in the day people like Celticfreefall picking on people who were younger and prettier than them just because they could. Nowadays we wouldn't really stand for that. Yes, we're more shady and salty, but we're less actively malicious. I think that's a good thing.

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I don’t miss that kind of drama, but I do dislike it that we have to be careful of everything we say. You can’t even tell someone something isn’t Lolita, without getting attacked by the knights of friendliness. Pretty much no one in my comm dares to say what we all think/gossip about.

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There was this sweet lolita with a wardrobe full of only ap on youtube. I think her name was Lisette, but i can't remember her yt screenname.
If anyone remembers?

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nyart but that sounds like a your comm problem

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In my comm you can always give concrit on coords

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Yeah it is, but that’s why it’s so funny to look at older stuff and see how vicious people were back in the days.

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Ugh, I meant to react this to >>10076165

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Omg, thanks!

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does anyone remember insecurelobster? i always thought her coords were so simple and cute, and she was adorable. there was another person like her too, i think her name was alice but i don't remember her username, she had a really offkilter face but was adorable

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also loved tsu_ and her novelty-theme wardrobe but almost all of her d_l pictures are gone...

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I miss this one girl called visual ichiko (finnish,i think?) who stopped posting on daily lolita pretty early (she was totally gone by around 2009/2010 and posted in 2007/2008). Idk why i just found her so cute.
I also miss the whole "lifestyle" aspect lolita had (and how people weren't as SJW-ish as today so you could make jokes without somebody crying about it).

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To add to your comment, I'm pretty sure the reason she stopped Candy Violet was that she and her husband divorced. She put the shop on hiatus when she was moving then just abandoned it. And as you said, now she's a burlesque dancer making bank on burlesque clothes.

Shame, I really did like her vintage inspired designs.

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Ugh, I’m getting major nostalgia for all the old sites I used to visit. Princess Portal, Hello Lace, Avant Gauche, Poupee Girl... I wish I had more pictures saved...

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I weep for Pupe. The dress up only app Dolly Collection is only fun for about 2 minutes

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Does anyone remember what drama led to milkyfawn quitting bc I cannot find it anywhere

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I think it was partly creepy fans overstepping boundaries, and partly because lolita was giving her worse hoarder/shopping addiction problems iirc

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Yeah I always wondered why they fell out so hard but no one ever talks about it or gives a straight answer

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I mean, happens all the time. Could have been that they entered into a business together--anyone else remember their brief shop where they were selling 'lifestyle' nighgowns aka nightgowns with a ruffle--and it went sour. Could have been clashing personalities. Could have been feeling like they were competing for lifestyle points. Or all of the above.

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I remember her. I was really sad when she decided to move on from the fashion as her outfits were really kitschy and quirky towards the end.

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Wasn't she shopping addicted? She basically went minimalist to kick her addiction to shopping, I think...so now she can just be obsessed with reusing everything instead.

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This is pretty much the whole of it.
Her fans were super creepy, buying dresses from her just because "milkyfawn wore this dress", and the real ugly shit emerged when she stopped doing deerstalker videos. Fans acted like they were entitled to her as a public figure but she just didn't want it and people talked real nasty shit just because she wanted to step back from it. Her addiction to buying lolita was pretty publicly apparent and materialism was even very noticeable in her videos.

Last I heard, she hasn't worn lolita in ages and is living a minimalist lifestyle. I imagine it's a good change for her, I hope she's doing well.

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Is this lady still around? I quite liked her and her hair.

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This is beautiful. Do people think the stone will just crumble beneath some girl? As long as you're not goofing around on them or damaging them, it's a waste to have no one take pictures of these really beautiful historical cemeteries and do respectful photos in them.

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Iirc she's on tumblr, I don't know how active she is though.

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That’s the issue though, they were laying and jumping on top of them and some of them were “sexy” poses. It was pretty distasteful, especially as we had plenty of tasteful graveyard photo shoots in the past before that one.

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Does anyone remember those two lolitas that would take loads of pictures in abandoned buildings?

Their names is just at the tip of my tongue but I can't seem to remember...

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Briony and Alyssa? One of them was Listerinepree or something on LJ. They were UK lolitas, iirc both left the style and had families.

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Listerinepree who had a Conan icon. Can't remember the other girl

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This was legit one of the first images that got me into the fashion

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>tfw the Go! Go! Lolita-chan! page still exists
I love you Meta. Thank you for posting this anon, I'm going to browse it all day now

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Last posted around 2 weeks ago

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I browse it every now and again, especially when I feel sad. Love seeing the older coords again. Miss older lolita so much, but I do my best to keep it alive in my own ways!

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She has a private instagram

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She was a troll but I miss her so much

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she was actually super cute too, she had a blog for a little while that i liked and i bought some japanese merchandise from her once

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Her level of autism was off the charts.

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I miss In the Starlight, especially when they would let you get custom pieces in any colors you wanted. A lot of their designs were... garish, but they had some good staple skirts, blouses, etc, that were great for building up a wardrobe. I'm still kicking myself for not keeping most of my ITS pieces. The dress I have from 2008 has held up really well.

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i still have one of the old cupcake petticoats, i think i got it in 2007. it's way too big for me now since i lost a lot of weight since then, and it's hella deflated so it can't be worn on its own, but i pin it and wear it still occasionally on top of a bell petti to give it a little cupcake shape oomph.

i don't think i'll ever be able to bring myself to throw it away because it was the very first lolita item i ever bought.

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Looking back on it, I can't even remember what she said/did that was so bad. I know she started shit under the wu_chan moniker, but what did she say as sniper-nyan that was so bad?

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Stuff about black people, Muslims, Hispanic people, poor people, etc, basically any slur she could pull out of her ass about them and how only lily white European princesses like her were acceptable lolitas, aka stuff considered unacceptable outside of containment

>> No.10084063

she'd say a bunch of edgy shit in like 2008/2009 to get a rise out of people, i think her getoffegl tag is still there

i felt kind of bad for her for a while because she seemed to grow out of her edgelord phase but never could really be accepted into online communities, and since she'd posted her face as sniper_nyan it's not like she could make another account just for posting outfits etc. she's been pretty active off and on, on the blogosphere and social media, since then. i think she's a software developer irl

>> No.10084069

i do remember that she insisted she was the sockpuppet account of an efamous lolita, but then when she was exposed as wu_chan nobody knew who the fuck she was and she dressed terribly.

>> No.10084133

This. She also made a paypal and said if people donated $5000 she'd reveal herself, and "you know who I am". So basically a light scam since it turned out that she was a nobody in the comm.

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So who was lunagoonie anyway? The person with the mushroom avatar that constantly was on getoffegl and all over any lolita drama. They claimed to be two people under one account, but I doubt it.

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