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previous thread: >>10025310

>post accounts you follow
>ask for/share advice
>keep it civil

>act like a retard
>insult other people

*don't self-post if you're going to shit up the thread trying to defending and/or insulting yourself

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Also, I started a FAQ of sorts. If anyone wants to contribute, lmk.

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in regards to the engagement rate, engagement will tend to go down once you hit the double digits; accounts with 50k+ tend to have around 10% ER. there's a sweet spot of exposure and engagement between 5-10k, so make sure to be very active during that time if you're aiming to grow your account!

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Some more potential questions :
>how to remove ghost followers
>better list of pros and cons with doing that
>how to get to that first 1000
>is it worth selfposting on cgl, is it different for cosplayers and lolitas
>how to not be an ass when you selfpost

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>post accounts you follow
I follow this account

>ask for/share advice
How do I make her my wife?

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>How to remove ghost followers

I downloaded an app to find all followers without profile pics or 0 posts, then unfollowed them. I still have a fairly low follow count, >1k, so I check the profile of new followers and determine if I should block them or not.

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10% is very high engagement rate for that size account. 3% is a good number.

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That would only be 1500 likes per post, that's pretty low for 50k

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It does seem low but Instagram really limits your reach when you get up into the higher numbers of followers.

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Women are all whores so why not just whore yourself out with private snaps?

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Do you know approximately where that begins? I'm about to hit 30k and ER is ~25%, now I'm worried about a drastic decrease happening

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Thanks for your help anons! FAQ's been updated.
I'll try to think of some more stuff to add to the FAQ as well.

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This is completely incorrect. 3% would mean your account is stagnant.

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What is the algorithm doing recently? I've seen several posts from people under 500 followers recently get hundreds and thousands of likes without these likes translating to follows. Most of these likes are from private accounts with 0 posts. These pics are not posted by people who I would think bought likes. Are the bots going crazy at the moment? What is happening?

Also is it worth continuing with an older account that has over 1000 followers but has only gained 300 in the last year or should I make a new account

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Why would someone remove ghost followers?

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I mean numbers attract people. It’s easier to reach 20k having 10k rather than 1k as a new comer.

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Same. I have a very little amount of followers, and at one point, I got between 50-150 likes instantly when I uploaded a photo. Hopefully, that stopped, they were those kinds of accounts.

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Has anyone noticed a difference with posting at specific times of day? I’ve read that 5 pm EST is the best time to post in the US, but I don’t know if that applies to something international like lolita.

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ive heard posting at 9am us is best haha idk if there is a *best* time but posting early or evening seems to be better than midday or late

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Do putting hashtags in the second post hurt the reach of those tags ? Or should I add them to the original post ? My engagement is literally cut in half and I have no idea how to get out of the hole D;

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It literally takes seconds to google it but ok

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Sorry but "one thousand thousand" made me chuckle. It's just a million/1M, wtf

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absolute bullshit, the only 100k+ accounts with a 1.55-2.57% ER are those with bought followers or those who have become inactive. Even <4% for a 5-20k account is really low.
At the very least the jfashion and cosplay communities on instagram see much higher engagement than this in general.

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Yea, that's bullshit. Random articles written by who with what proof?
If your engagement rate is seriously 3% at 50k, you should just start over because your followers are dead and your account is dead. You'll be stuck at 50k, because you don't have enough engagement to ever get on explore.

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There is no reason why instagram would publish their algoritm’s details or mass data of users (unless you are Cambridge Analytica and pay shit ton of money) so all graphs like this are more or less bullshit.

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Out of curiosity and I’m not anon who posted the graph, but is there anyone we can trust other than by “well my account gets ____ engagement as well as my friends, therefore I think ___ is normal.” I would love to see stats but seeing as IG probably charges a premium we won’t. Anything that could get a close estimation at least or somewhat trustworthy?

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I can offer my own anecdote I guess. I'm a small account at 1000, and I get 200-300 likes per post, as do most of my friends at that size, so it seems fairly normal. Comments vary a LOT though, anywhere from 2-50, it totally depends on the post.

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meanwhile, also only a few over a thousand but getting 800-1500 likes per photo and 5+ comments on everything. the disparity is strange, but it's probably a difference in content or tags or something

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For what it's worth, the percentages and numbers I see people cite on CGL are also far higher than I see in any other kind of cosplay discussion and on any other platform, so this is likely not rhe most reliable source, either. I doubt we're all high quality high engagement popular accounts like these threads tend to make it seem.
(Though I'll annecdote anyway because may as well, 12k follows, average around 1k likes and 10-20 comments per photo. I seem to be doing better than most accounts who cosplay the same kind of stuff as me, but worse than "typical" cosplay girl accounts at same follow count and quality level as me.)

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Are there any accounts for plus size lolitas? Pls no bully the girls if you post them, I just want to get some inspiration.

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Hot damn, now I'm jealous. What sort of stuff are you cosplaying? Do you find that others in your circle are around the same range in terms of likes? Like I said, I see others in my range with the same amount of likes or less, so your case seems strange (in a great way)

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i'm a lolita/jfashion account which might have something to do with it! other lolitas around 1k seem to get 700+ without much fuss if they're coordinated well and the pic is good. but, i also notice them getting 200-300 on pics that are unrelated to lolita or don't show their full coord or something. interesting how content seems to affect interaction.

also an observation, my pics tend to blow up overnight (CST) from like 500 to 3x that. trying to figure out if it's a timezone thing or if lots of people are on insta at 4 AM lol.

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This is probably a stupid question, but how do you gulls take cute outfit pics?

Even if I look cute in real life, I have trouble posing in a way that doesn't make me look frumpy af.

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I was hoping for more concrete data but thank you.

Also I don't think the estimates are entirely wrong. There are fake accounts for instance with thousands of users but extremely minimal interaction, and vintage instasale accounts I follow often have 50-100 likes per post even at thousands of followers (but their stuff still sells out in 2 seconds). I'm a little tired of other anons chiming in that x is bullshit because their one account has experienced more, so I was hoping for something a bit more concrete to come out.

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My buddy my friend
U gotta do the Innocent World point
And get the other person to hold the camera/phone/pet artist at ur boob height
That'll make ur legs look pretty but still let ur face be at good angle
Google mintkismet posing tutorial for more advice
Good luck anon
I believe in u

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So how do you get to that first 1000? I want to see if I can do it without abandoning the rest of my life.

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Post at least 3x per week.
Have a cohesive theme, stick to your niche.
Aim for hashtags that have a small amount of posts (under 100k, under 50k if you can)
Actively comment on other accounts with a similar theme as yours; have an eye catching icon.
Try to have unique accessories, props, or something else that will make your photos stand out.

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Good advice, horrendous execution

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put # in the original post. putting them in the 2nd is bad and is going to get you less engagement

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my instagram was slowly growing, but I took a break because uni and medical stuff. Is it not worth contiuing if I'm only posting a few times a week instead of daily? Daily content is just....so time consuming that I can't keep up with it - especially as a jfashion blog where the best cords can take an hour to put on a style.

I also occasionally post 'kawaii' cute themed things I do like cute food, cosplay and crafts. These are pretty rare between the lolita stuff but I still worry about it not looking cohesive in my feed. In saying that, I see a lot of accounts with high follower numbers do it anyways so is it ok and will still grow?

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I used tags under 50k and saw way less reach than using the ones over 100k.

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The only way you'll see zero growth is if you stop posting entirely. You should keep trying! Lots of accounts do fine without daily posting, just don't go silent for weeks and you'll be fine.

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Why are women such narcissistic whores lads?

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Another Anon here looking to get to that first 1000, currently around 300 and working on posting 3x a week with a more cohesive theme. My engagement is luckily very high (28%). Any other things I can do other than just be patient?

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I only post weekly and get a good amount of likes and follow. I don't think the proportion of follows and likes is worth it for the extra effort.

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The graph is from a 3rd party site that tracks influencers. It’s called hypeauditor, go sign up and check out your own stats. There’s also socialblade which you can use to track other users engagement and compare similar accounts to yours. That’s the best way to see where you should be at.

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Isn't that a little bit rude? I created an Instagram account a few weeks ago only to follow cosplayers I like and have no intention of ever posting anything of my own or uploading a profile picture. It doesn't mean I don't comment and won't donate a couple dollars here and there.

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Typically if there is no icon or posts the account is a bot. If you're liking and engaging I think that's fine, but you should at least add a profile pic to look less "bot-like". Many of the ghost apps will auto remove any profiles with no profile pic or posts.

>> No.10075949

Alright, I guess I'll add something then. I had no idea

>> No.10075978

It's not rude, you just look like a bot. Add a profile pic, make the text on your profile say "I'm just here to follow cosplayers who I think are cool". Post like two con pics and a food pic. Done, now you are a human.

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can we bring back lolitas of instagram thread? its honestly so much better than CoF

>> No.10076421

just post lolitas you see on instagram with their handle here

>> No.10076445

I meant a whole thread dedicated to dumping anything with #eglcommunity or #lolitafashion or some similar tag + discussion.
Wouldn't want to drag this one too off topic, since this thread is for cosplayers too.

>> No.10076447

I'd say bring it back if it gives y'all something to talk about.

>> No.10076448

Ugh, no. I had hopes for it last time we tried it, but it just became another opportunity for people to nitpick and call each other ugly. It was shit.

>> No.10076451

There are too many posts in those tags to keep up with though

>> No.10076479

That's the good part. CoF threads are dead. Is there even one up right now?

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How cringy is it to “promote” posts? I haven’t done it yet but on the business feature it sure is tempting. Can people see that you’ve promoted one of your posts?

>> No.10076724

Pretty cringy in my opinion unless you're open about it.

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I did one a while back but the cof people kept ruining it.

We can keep it positive so they can’t use the “oh cgl are meanies that’s why we shouldn’t post pictures from there” slant.

>> No.10076815

People can see that you've promoted your posts. When it shows up on their front page, it's marked as promoted.
Imo it's silly to promote one of your posts if you're not actually a business. If you're selling something cos related (ears, patterns, etc.) that's different because then you're basically posting an ad for your goods, but promoting a post of yourself is weird.

>> No.10076834

>We can keep it positive
How? I genuinely want to know. You even acknowledge yourself that people kept ruining it. I don't get why people keep playing dumb like these threads will be totally fine and somehow not go to shit, like do you seriously not know better by this point?

>> No.10076839

Alright, if no one makes one in a few hours, I'll dig a bit and maybe make some gifs too.

There were more gulls hyperventilating about meanies and discussing if the thread is valid than actual mean comments, nitpicking or other low quality posts. Ironically, the people complaining about the thread were the ones who ruined it. Next time let's just ignore the "delet this thread!!111" crybabies and share some good shit.

>> No.10076845

I'm honestly so done with people spreading pictures wherever like they are their own property. You're all against replicas because the brand owns the design/pattern, but who cares about a people owning a picture with their face on it, huh? I wanted to post a pic on instagram but at this point I'll wait until this dumb idea is over. Also, good luck on "keeping it positive". The only reason some people are here is to shit on others' coords.

>> No.10076846

Idk anon, some people were calling a girl from my comm ugly and arguing over whether another girl was an ana-chan. I'm glad that you have a positive attitude but there was the exact same bullshit that ruins CoF threads there.

>> No.10076918

Selling replicas is not the same as reposting public pictures. Are you okay?
>I wanted to post a pic on instagram but at this point I'll wait until this dumb idea is over.
>until this dumb idea is over.
The last thread was back in August.

I just looked through all the threads in the archives. There were only 3 people who were called ugly in the entire threads together. There were way more people calling others beautiful and complimenting coords. We should really give it a try, you can't police seagulls to stop being asshats but you can encourage better posting to minimize it.

>> No.10076925

This. Every time an Instagram thread gets made I hold off from posting until it dies and I usually wait a day afterwards until I'm sure another one isn't going to get made instantly

>> No.10076927

There have only been 4 threads over July and August. You guys are ridiculous.

>> No.10076930

I wouldn't say I'm ridiculous. Just a massive coward

>> No.10076940

Did you just Ctrl+f the word "ugly" because that's taking things extremely literally. I looked through the threads in the archives too and there were plenty of insults and nitpicking. All the usual stuff from people's faces and weight to trashing e-famous girls. I appreciate that you want to be optimistic but I'm not sure why you're acting like these threads were some amazing den of positivity. We all know they weren't.

>encourage better posting
What is this even supposed to mean.

>> No.10076963

>Selling replicas is not the same as reposting public pictures.
Both are illegal (and no, the fact that the pic is public doesn't mean you can suddenly do like it were yours). People like you act righteous only when it's convenient. I don't fucking want my pictures reposted wherever. Post yours if you really feel like sharing stuff.

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I hope a thread like that don't get made because I see it becoming a mess really quick. The reason this threads are made in the first place is because people want to nitpick like crazy.

>> No.10076971 [DELETED] 


It was people whining.

If we post under the term 'coords you liked recently' it usually keeps away the nitpickers with a few asshole exceptions, but that shouldn't keep this or other threads from being made.

Thank you. I would but I'm sort of busy and it takes time to get an archive going.

>I'm honestly so done with people spreading pictures wherever like they are their own property.

It isn't your property either. It's instagram's.


That's fine. I'd make my instagram private if I were you desu.

I think again, if we characterise it as good and clarify no nitpicking we should keep things to a minimum.

I just would like to see if there are any lolitas I miss in my feed that I'd like to follow, because I'm getting a little bored of the same people being posted every IG thread, and it's nice to put a face to the name.

>> No.10076979

Don’t you guys hate on the dude who did make his insta private because of this? You guys also wish you could see his stuff now but you fucked up.

>> No.10076983 [DELETED] 


He clarified it was comm drama, I'm so sick of this story being passed around because it's speculation. We don't know what happened.

>> No.10076987

There's no reason to be, I hope you'll find more confidence in the future. Some normies think worse of us than anyone could post here and there were mostly nice coods posted or pictures gulls found inspiring.

I didn't say they are all positivity, I said you and plenty other anons are completely overreacting over typical gull behaviour. From thread one anons were making assumptions about how horrible "these threads" were or would be without giving them a chance and then bitching so long until they were dropped. If you want all 100% nice hugboxes without any negative comments, 4chan is not and will never be the right place. If you want to share and discuss nice coords without stupid nitpicking, be a good example instead of bitching.
>What is this even supposed to mean.
Ignore what you don't like and support discussion and posts you like. Instead of whining about the thread, post things you would like to see. It's not that hard.

> The reason this threads are made in the first place is because people want to nitpick like crazy.
They were made because anons wanted to share interesting coords and instagram posts. And again, you're basing your assumption on the total of four threads.

>> No.10076989

If you're going to make one, just make one already. You're not going to convince people. Stop waiting for permission that's never going to come and just do it

>> No.10076993

Well, I have to tell you, this is a really bad idea. And to be honest, whenever I see anyone insist this hard on having this kind of thread, especially when so many people clearly hate it and they've gone so badly before, I strongly suspect that they're actually just bored and want to invite drama. Otherwise, if you're being honest about your intentions, there are plenty of other avenues for you. You can ask here for account recs. You can make a "X substyle inspo thread" or just resurrect the old good coords thread. Or you can even search through the tags and enjoy the coords quietly on your own.

>> No.10076995

>It isn't your property either. It's instagram's.
Wrong, it's still yours. Inform yourself better nex time.

>> No.10076997



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You have a point, I'll go back to digging thorugh tags.

>> No.10077001

wow you're making a thread only two people want probably both just for the drama of it? people saying 4chan sucks really are right lol

>> No.10077003 [DELETED] 


I actually suspect that people who want to bring the thread down post drama into it so it fails, but whatever.

Wtf, anyone can make a thread.

>> No.10077004

You are free to leave whenever you like.

>> No.10077005 [DELETED] 
File: 71 KB, 628x249, ig photo rights.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Ooh good pointer! Thanks anon for having me look it up.

>> No.10077019

It can be shared only through instagram sharing settings, genius.

>> No.10077021 [DELETED] 


This was in an article of an artist making profit off of taking screenshots and taking advantage of the loophole, Einstein.

>> No.10077029

Just out of curiosity, why do you even want this thread so bad? It's clearly an unpopular opinion to make it, the way you are insisting so strongly on doing it makes me wonder if >>10076993 is correct about your intentions

>> No.10077032 [DELETED] 


NAYRT but why are people not offended when clearly instagram photos are posted without other peoples' permission? CoF photos? Twitter photos? Instagram photos to the IG thread, tumblr photos? They don't care because it's another lolita, with their photo saved into someone's file, but it's not them. If they had any objection to photo sharing the way they are now, they wouldn't be here.

It's fucking hilarious and hypocritical to see the passing of photos around like it's no one's business, but take it off your own IG and it blows your fucking mind.

>> No.10077033

That was a copyright infringement, Popper. He was sued. He made it only because he edited the image and because he probably had enough money to hire a very good lawyer. See how they used the word "STEAL"? Does "STEAL" sound like something good to you?

>> No.10077034

A lot of people don’t post to COF but will to insta and so they are scared they will be judged finally.

>> No.10077037

To be fair I ( one of the anons who are complaining) never shared anyone's picture. When I knew people shared here all CoF pictures I even stopped posting there.

>> No.10077038

This. People avoid posting things to CoF that are casual or more relaxed on the rules because they knew it will end up here and get ripped to shreds. Normally that stuff is ok to post on Instagram, but if you are going to start bringing Insta posts here and nitpicking them the same way we do with CoF, people will stop posting them there as well.

>> No.10077039

Also nayrt, but clearly unpopular based on what? Why are you treating that anon like they're the only one who would like to see the thread? Are you aware that this is an anonymous website?

>> No.10077044

>Isn't afraid to be judged by 200 normies on a daily basis
>Is deeply afraid of some noface nonames calling them ugly
How? I'm genuinely curious, I never understood that mindset.

>> No.10077046

Ok, why do you want that thread then? I am genuinely curious why anyone who had been on this board for more than 5 minutes would want that thread as opposed to an inspo thread or an old fashioned "good coords" thread.

>> No.10077047 [DELETED] 


Yeah news sites would never use attention grabbing, clickbait and untrue headlines to draw audiences in.

>> No.10077049

Who cares what normies think? But the people posting you here could be comm members or people you'll actually meet some day or people you look up to. An anon may seem like nobody but they also could be anybody, and that's kind of terrifying

>> No.10077052

Actually I couldn't care less about strangers' opinions. I just want to keep track of my pictures. I know they are in one place, and I want them to stay there. I would be totally okay with people sharing a link to my pictures and discussing them. But reposting means creating a duplicate.

I wonder if there's some way to have a picture erased from here? I mean, could I report a picture I own for copyright infringement? Would 4chan take it down? I had never thought about this and I'm not that hopeful but I guess it is worth asking.

>> No.10077060

I doubt you even bothered reading the article. Fuck off.

>> No.10077064

Because inspo threads are more confined to one topic and often post the same coords over and over again. A good coord thread is heavily based on personal taste and automatically invites people to visit it just to nitpick the ones they think don't fit into the thread. An Instagram thread is broader and more easy-going on topics, plus we can post pretty detail pictures, photoshoots and gifs.

>> No.10077063 [DELETED] 


Right back at ya.

>> No.10077065

Thinking someone from your same comm could criticise your picture online behind your back or even saying bad things about you is really sad :c
>inb4 "such innocence etc etc"
Yeah I know, what can I do

>> No.10077068

You want to see pretty coords, just use instagram. I agree not everything is gold but having to repost all the pictures is a lot of work and many people are not/wouldn't be happy with it.

>> No.10077069

>I wonder if there's some way to have a picture erased from here?
Anon please lurk more oh my god

>> No.10077070

>thinking you can get something erased from here
Maybe if you blow a janitor they'll delete a post for you

>> No.10077072

Maybe you have a good reach but most of my insta followers and likes are other Lolita’s so it isn’t normies. And so it’s a more relaxed way of sharing outfits because it’s my insta and my look and you choose to follow me.

That being said I do post on cof too so I am fine with cgl judging but I get why others don’t. I won’t pretend that insta threads were positive if anything I got more hate from it than cof

>> No.10077077

So you basically want to play at Tumblr and "reblog" the pics from insta into a thread here? I don't believe it. Why not just comment on the person's Insta saying you like the pic and start a conversation there? I don't buy that you want to post these pics here unless you want to start some sort of anonymous discussion about the pictures you post. Surely you see that any such a discussion is more likely to turn negative even if you post it with good intentions

>> No.10077079

Well it looks like the admins will delete almost whatever gets reported.

>> No.10077082

they just want more drama

>> No.10077083

this thread started off good and is going to the shitter, itas and cos drama thots get out reeeeeeeeeeee

>> No.10077088

Might as well close this board all together, since we can have every discussion on Facebook. It's like you said, there's a lot but not too much is nice.

>I don't believe it.
I don't care, I told you my answer and everything else I would reply was already posted ITT. You're ridiculously paranoid about being posted and no amount of good talking will change it.

>> No.10077089

I hope they hurry up over to the stupid questions thread then, because there's some incel posts shitting it up at the moment.

Looks like it.

>> No.10077094

>implying you were only talking to one anon
Going by how the posters number has changed since I came in here there are at least 3 of us disagreeing with you

>> No.10077100

I didn't, I forgot to quote >>10077077
And there are at least 3 others wanting an insta thread. This debate is useless as fuck, a thread will be made anyway.

>> No.10077103

Guess my account will stay dead for a little longer then.

>> No.10077106

Well why haven't you made one yet instead of circkejerking for hours about it with people you're completely unwilling to listen to? >>10076989 was my first post here and I still stand by it. I think it's a shit idea. But if you're so convinced that you want one, go make one. The way you keep talking about it rather than doing it makes it look like you have doubts

>> No.10077113

No one cares.

>> No.10077119

Not everyone who disagrees with you is the same person.

>> No.10077431

I’m still kind of a baby with instagram, but what’s the deal with other cosplayers who will follow you/unfollow a week later? I get that they’re trying to get more engagement, but even when I do follow them back/like their posts but get unfolllowed it makes them look like complete asshats playing that shit. Does that just not hurt their reputation?

>> No.10077432

I wonder the same thing. These kind of people follow me on, like, a daily basis, I don't understand how no one ever says anything about it. It's super annoying.

>> No.10077451

This has been annoying me lately too. I've noticed some people follow and then unfollow me multiple times. One person followed me, then unfollowed me but proceeded to keep tabs on me (going through and liking multiples of my posts regularly) for whatever insane reason. I always just block them and move on since yes, the general advice is to not care, but kind of curious if anyone's called these losers out or dealt with them in a more satisfying way.

>> No.10077453

Some of these people also have bots that will follow up to thousands of accounts a day and then unfollow them at a later date for them. These bots can also target specific tags like #cosplay or #eglcommunity so that who they "follow" is more targeted.

I tried calling out one of the people but they're a well-known cosplayer among costume makers so no one gave a shit.

>> No.10078465

Honestly this is going to sound ridiculous but I'm hoping to get some advice.

I'm looking to grow my following, as a "kawaii" aspiring Influencer with a shamefull 200+ following (trash, i know)
I mainly post J-fashion/Alternative fashion.
I'm looking to improve on how best to present photos, Best times to post, Best tags to use and similar.

Not expecting a hell of a lot but I'd be open to advice if people are open.

>> No.10078483

If you can't do research yourself, especially on presentation and tags, you're ngmi.

>> No.10078541

They are hoping to get follows back, but want to hide that they do this by having a much larger follow count. Someone I knew did this daily or with bots until she had 20k followers for a very bare account. Now they have all completely disappeared.

>> No.10078709

Did you even read the faq

>> No.10078798


Might be an unpopular opinion but I think people who do this should be named and shamed. There's really nothing holding them back from this scummy behavior other than occasionally getting blocked, and that's apparently not enough to send the message. I don't care for being caught up in their shitty games, and personally I would love if there could be some kind of "blacklist" so that everyone knows who to instablock and shun in general.

>> No.10078870

Blocked by all 39 people posting in this thread

>> No.10078878


I'm >>10077453 and literally no one gave a shit here and neither did the cosplayers that I'm friends even though I posted proof of her using a bot. Even though I agree that we should be calling people out, doing it doesn't make a difference at all.

>> No.10078915 [DELETED] 

Are women so fucking dumb and entitlef they don't realize that following isn't a pyramid scheme and sometimes people will subscribe to see content they want then realize they would rather not see it?

>> No.10078919

Thats not what follow/unfollow means in a social media growth context you moron

>> No.10078945 [DELETED] 

Only to retarded women

>> No.10078986

desu I hate people that do it on a regular basis but it's made me paranoid now. I exchanged info with a handful of people at a con this weekend and added them back so we could find each other but now looking at most of their feeds I would not follow them normally since they don't post content I'm interested in. Now am trying to figure out if I suck it up and keep them on my feed or wait it out for a few months and just keep a list to unfollow them then.

>> No.10078988 [DELETED] 

Literally all problems women have are created by their own stupidity.

>> No.10079036

God, this happens to me all the time too. They're usually super nice people, but we just have totally diverging interests or tastes. Also happens with people I follow because we're in the same upcoming group, but I never would have followed them otherwise. I usually keep following them though because I'm paranoid of someone confronting me if we run into each other at a future con, since it happened once before.

>> No.10079113

Just mute them

>> No.10079296

For some reason I didn't know this existed for instagram posts (as opposed to just stories) thanks!

>> No.10079299

Hi everyone. I want to change my cosplay name to my nickname; I’ve used it in staffing cons for years as well as my gaming handle. Many people IRL know me as this name. I would have used it for cosplay from the start but my ex boyfriend didn’t want me to use my real name as part of the handle (it’s a play on words with my real name). I’ve been very inactive and haven’t posted a ton with my current/old cosplay name so the change wouldn’t be a big deal on my end.

The only thing is, now two years later, there is someone else using that name (_____cosplay). Is it shitty to still use it? She’s active and has around 850 followers. I have 150. I’m not trying to get efamous, but I also am planning on posting more frequently. I have such an attachment to that name and I know it’s not “mine”, or anything. I don’t mind there being two of us at all, but I don’t want to start a war or something in the future if she sees mine and gets upset at me. Since we’re very different (she’s a Disney pinup sort of person and I’m an idol/animu cutesy sort of person) I’m not worried about confusion when giving out my name. What is proper etiquette here? Could I throw in a number or something to make it different?

>> No.10079411

Idk, to me, there isn’t anything wrong with that. I follow some people with almost identical names but I’ve never thought that one was stealing from the other, or trying to ride on their coattails. You’ve both clearly arrived at that name from totally different places, so I don’t really see any reason you shouldn’t.

>> No.10079425

I see like 900 variants of Black Cat Cosplay or Okay Cosplay or whatever a day, as long as it's clear you're not trying to impersonate this girl I wouldn't worry about it, especially if you're not in the same area. Consider adding something extra like The_____Cosplay or Happy______Cosplay or something simply so people don't get accounts confused when you tell them your username, though.

>> No.10079511
File: 1.27 MB, 417x233, 1FC646D1-7AC2-4707-8E3D-594778EAB4A7.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Thank you both so much, I’m so relieved! I appreciate your answers.

>> No.10080977

Has anyone used later or minter for their instagram and made the plunge to upgrade to any of the paid plans? I'm really liking later for the auto post option but am really trying to grow my insta this year and would love to hear if anyone has found either of these having the extending features worth paying for

>> No.10081058

curious as well

>> No.10081271

Are there any hapa (mixed asian+white) lolitas on instagram? I’m just starting out and I want to see what makeup and hair styles will work for someone like me

>> No.10081283
File: 659 KB, 981x974, 1_51_167.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't post super often, but here's mine. Mostly just posting things I make.

>> No.10081287

Shit I meant to message you... Do you still do commissions?

>> No.10081289

Yes I do! Did a custom apple recently, too.

>> No.10081658

I'm curious... cgl, what do you consider to be the threshold for a "popular" cosplayer on instagram?
I personally consider it 10k+ follows with polished/high effort content and/or average over 1k+ likes per photo and polished/high effort content. I understand that those numbers may need to be higher in a more cosplay-heavy region too.

>> No.10081694

Tbh I split "popular" into 2 categories: popular cosplay models and popular cosplay makers.

Cosmodels refers those people whose accounts revolve around kawaii/sexy photos of them in cosplay like eeelyeee or Rinnie Riot. For those accounts, 50k+ is considered normal and popular cosmodels have followings upwards of 200k followers.

Cosmakers tend to have very small followings since they post more infrequently and their photos are focused on the details of their cosplay and construction information vs. looking kawaii/sexy. For cosmakers, 5k seems to be the level at which you become "well known". However, this kind of "well known" is only among other cosmakers. Cosmakers tend to not become super famous even if they're attractive.

>> No.10082118

>I want to see what makeup and hair styles will work for someone like me
Hair and makeup are very subjective to the person though. What looks good on another hapa lolita might not look good on you. I suggest experimenting with different styles and seeing what works best for you.

>> No.10082185

That's not how hair and makeup works, even within single ethnic groups there's a wide variety of eye shape, face structure, face shape, hair texture/curl etc. You need to figure out those things and then look for both lolitas with similar features, what styles are popular in lolita (e.g. often hair volume is important to balance hairpieces, classic hairstyles can take a lot of historical inspiration) and then also just learn your makeup and hair basics. You're going to have to experiment, and there are some points at which you'll be like "I look awful, how do you even get this style to work on anyone" unless you have an expert friend to teach you, but that's pretty much how everyone learns.

>> No.10082462


I’ve been using Later for about a year, and bought a year’s worth of the paid service about 4 months ago. I have a pretty active art account, and post at least once/day, but I live overseas and have to fight timezones so I use it to post while I’m asleep.

I bought the paid service so I could schedule more than 30 insta posts per month- the limit got on my nerves when I wanted to post multiple things in one day. It’s nice that I don’t have to worry about going over my post limit. Also they’ve been adding more features recently that I really like- just this week they added auto-posting for videos and scheduling story posts. Still waiting on automatic multi-photo posts, though. Maybe someday.

I haven’t really used their analytics tools much, since the basic paid plan gives you almost the same data as Instagram’s analytics would. If you’re considering going paid just for the analytics, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Honestly, though? If you want to build up your insta following, the best thing you can do is engage with other folks. Sounds intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be anything intense- I go into hashtags throw likes at other artists and cosplayers. Occasionally I leave a comment if I really like something. You’d be amazed how many people will give your page a look from little things like that- and if they follow you, it’s because they genuinely like your stuff (rather than people who follow you back as a courtesy if you follow them first, and then don’t engage with your posts at all).

>> No.10083178 [DELETED] 

At least 75k with 10% average interaction (aka at least 7.5k likes per photo). I know people with 150k who barely hit 6k likes, and no one knows who tf they are at cons. On the otherhand, there's people with only 50k but they're well known. It really depends.

>> No.10083184

At least 75k with 10% average interaction (aka at least 7.5k likes per photo). You have to keep in mind that some people buy followers, too. I've seen people with 150k who barely hit 6k likes, and it's painfully obvious that a good third of their followers are bought (especially since they went from 100k-150k in 3 months, but still only get 5k average likes; if you're growing that fast, your interaction should be amazing). As expected, no one knows who tf they are at cons. On the otherhand, there's people with only 50k but they're well known and get over 15-20k per post. It really depends.

>> No.10083741

This is very helpful thank you! I find that I'm feeling the restriction more so with not being able to post carousel posts than the post limit as I'm starting out and will keep that in mind.

As for building the engagement I'm struggling more as a cosplayer because of how oversaturated the market is and I'm not sure if it's just how my profile looked/is looking or that I'm not liking/ engaging the content I need to turn it over into followers. I've found that over the last couple of weeks, on days where I sit down and try really hard at engaging with likes and comments I do see results, but it's very much an uphill battle for me with the time and energy I'm putting in on those days

>> No.10083978


Yeah I get you, it’s especially bad bc of Insta constantly changing their algorithm. My follower count increase slowed waaaay down around the end of summer, and engagement dropped too. I guess one more piece of advice is to target who you’re engaging with- if you post a cosplay from XYZ series go like/comment on other cosplays from the same series.

>> No.10083990 [DELETED] 

I have a very small insta (<300) that have been trying to grow. It's really just a place where I post outfit pics, which I think is a lot of fun because it encourages me to dress up more often. I'd really appreciate it if you would take a look, the link is http://www.instagram.com/life_of_gizby As you can see, it's mostly various jfashion styles with a bit of lolita. Although it is still quite small, I find it to be a fun hobby and enjoy finding ways that I can improve :)

>> No.10083995

Your account is super cute and aesthetically pleasing. I'd suggest that you work on posing and facial expressions though.

>> No.10084003

What are the primary lolita fashion hashtags?

>> No.10084014

Eglfashion, eglcommunity, lolitafashion, "substyle"lolita, ott"substyle", brand name

>> No.10084540
File: 674 KB, 1536x2048, DB5A881F-1CAF-4BFD-9588-8420976A2071.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Makes me mad, insta is the ONLY thing that I couldn’t get my handle for but it’s the platform I use for cosplay. Irony.

I try to follow the lesser knowns because talent likes to hide and get lost among the tiddy. I also follow tiddy.

Pic related, judge as harsh as you want, it was just a quick makeup test to see if I’d want to do it for a con next month.

Tattobot (not so much cosplay but aesthetics and runs ATS with mf)
Sleepyclaudie (our former underageb&)
Ukrainekraine (another seagull, does great commissions)
Kurustein (surprised she’s not more well known she’s one of the best junk rats and was in a blizzard book)
Magicalgirlfab (think she’s a seagull? Lolita)
Nefferinthia (goth Lolita)

>> No.10085955

>talent likes to hide and get lost among the tiddy
>follows claudie
haha ok

>> No.10086251

well he did say he also follows tiddy

>> No.10087796

Does anyone know if IG changed their algorithm again? My posts would get the bulk of all the interaction for 2 days. Starting this month, my engagement tanks after 1 day. I haven’t changed my posting habits so I’m wondering if this is happening to anyone else

>> No.10087799 [DELETED] 


You’re not alone. My interaction has tanked to about 60% of what it used to be, and my peak is indeed shorter with less engagement after... 18 hours? It’s really disheartening since I feel like my quality is about the same. I have no idea either how to combat this since my posts have been getting more comments so idk what is up.

>> No.10087816

Are you fucking stupid?

>> No.10087818

Consider: you aren't putting out quality content that your followers like

>> No.10087823

But for an entire month? It seems weird. My numbers are still normal, those haven’t drastically tanked. It just seems like people don’t see or like the photo as much after one day

>> No.10087890


Well, your content could definitely be a factor here. But yes, the algorithm changed recently again, a LOT of creators are complaining about how it affects their reach.

>> No.10087896


I don't think it's her content, most instagram users like stuff randomly/automatically and wouldn't even notice a slightly worse content. It's instagram shitty algorithm for sure.

>> No.10087899

I've had the same issue. I used to get 4-5k likes on average and now I'm down to 1-2k... It's embarrassing honestly, I don't know what's going on because my content is still similar to my other posts

>> No.10087974

As a user I've seen this too. I'm constantly going into tags and checking my explore feed, but the content literally isn't updating for days, just moving it around in different order. I've been focusing on trying to like and comment on people I already follow as well and done that I've missed 1-2 posts from them not showing in my feed

>> No.10088469

Same, back when I had 1k followers I'd regularly get 300 likes. Now with 2k+ I can barely get 200...

>> No.10088632

Do you have a business account? You can see how many people are actually seeing your post in the analytics.

>> No.10089280
File: 408 KB, 1440x2269, 20190126_023302.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nayrt but holy cow I just checked and reach seems to be tanking hard. These pretty much go in chronological order, the newer it is the less reach... whereas my reach in the last 3 months is much more evenly distributed, averaging about 50k. What the hell happened and is anyone else getting these results?

>> No.10093093

I have a business account and can see info on my posts. The amount of shares and bookmarks have gone up for me in the last ~3 months but the reach for posts just isn’t there anymore. It’s getting as bad as Facebook Pages. I remember when posts would be seen by a lot of people and I’d see other people’s posts on my feed too. Now I’m lucky to get 100 views and I have about 3k followers on FB

>> No.10093105

I just started an instagram account, so sorry for the newfag question, but I heard something a while ago about instagram more or less burying posts which had a tag containing the word "lolita". Was that ever/is it still true, or is it just for "lolita" specifically and not tags like "sweetlolita" or "lolitafashion"?

>> No.10093131

The tag lolita has been banned on most social media for years. If you’re curious if a tag is banned or not just try searching for it.

>> No.10095163
File: 110 KB, 640x1081, 505376F4-5612-4DCA-863E-4330F07125A1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Seconding this, why was post reach nerfed this much? This is from a recent post of mine and with that amount of shares and comments, normally it would have gotten a minimum of 2K likes and more follows. But less than half that? Come on now

>> No.10096388
File: 153 KB, 1080x1630, Screenshot_20190204-032059_Instagram.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm outstanded at your discovery and reach to those not following you. It's clear you have more followers than me but the sheer difference in percentage is nuts

>> No.10096481

I'm in the same boat as you anon. I'm a small account with around 1k followers, but only 300 people saw my post from yesterday, and only 10% weren't following me. What the hell is going on with this algorithm? Ive seen everyone being affected by it but there must be some way to work with it.

>> No.10096561


Considering literally everything on a “business account” is geared towards ads, I would hazard a guess that they really, really want you to go the paid ads route. Which sucks. This will be another FB pages in a year or so the way they’re doing this.

>> No.10097262

Anyone else have problems posting comments?

>> No.10097274

Girls (and guys), I'm done. I'm not caring about reach, likes, comments and shit anymore. FUCK YOU INSTAGRAM I'm not gonna pay your shitty app for visibility so you can keep sinking my already dying account. This is a farewell.

>> No.10097805

No one curr

>> No.10097829 [DELETED] 

Lmao at these dead accounts bitching about reach
put out better content, find outhat's it

>> No.10097862
File: 72 KB, 200x226, 15683235_1314838571921756_1747865760_n.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I curr
I agree anon instagram is becoming shit lately, if you don't already have a huge following you can kiss your reach goodbye

>> No.10097906

People pull from Insta all the time for the ita thread, as well as CoF, Amino, tumblr... no place is "safe."

>> No.10098116

This is what all small to medium sized accs should do to be honest- I see a lot of you trying hard to get your following back but it just won't happen unless you pay.

>> No.10098149
File: 398 KB, 750x1111, BA77F9FD-E5F6-4F77-9D85-CEA5863A9D25.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can I get an honest opinion - is this cluttered or hard to look at? I like to cram two or three coord shots into one photo but now that I’ve posted enough I’m afraid it makes my grid look like an ugly mess.

>> No.10098156

Two shots is fine, three is too cluttered.

>> No.10098172

But people are more hesitant to post them there because if it doesn’t scream ita it looks like a vendetta

>> No.10098175

Okay, now I can't even like a post anymore without insta saying I am posting a non-permitted link???

>> No.10098330

Should I separate my accounts? I have a sewing themed Instagram where I ONLY post sewing projects, no random food or pets, but they fall into 3 distinct categories, costumes, normie clothes, and lolita. My costumes get the best response, but I don’t really have enough costume content to post as often as necessary. I also feel like I tend to lose a handful of followers when I post my normie/vintage stuff, but those posts still get a fair amount of likes. I don’t know a ton about how Instagram works so I’d love some insight.

>> No.10098441

I'd say you should use less cluttered backgrounds, just a plain light-colored wall would keep the focus on your coords and create less visual noise

>> No.10098626

You. I appreciate you.

>> No.10098656

Thanks, I’ll be careful and do two from now on
The thing is I have no good lighting in my place. It really sucks. So I have to rely on whatever mirror I find and friends taking my pics. Maybe I should try mosaic’ing or blurring out the background?

>> No.10098673

nayrt but after ~2 years of taking pics of my coords, I can tell you that LIGHT IS EVERYTHING. Buy a tripod and take pics out of your house/apartment if you have bad light inside. The outfit will be so much clearer and pretty. Also, when you take mirror pics you're doubling the distance between you and the camera. Which is not good.

>> No.10098699
File: 450 KB, 500x1028, 2019-02-06 11.47.12-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Censored; but could I get some feedback on my recent feed as well? I've been trying to curate my posts a little better this year, and while it worked at first I've stagnated and seen no growth for the last 2 ish weeks

>> No.10098712

Closeups of a presser foot feel kind of pointless to me.

>> No.10098726

What do you mean by that last part?

>> No.10098737

Honestly I'm kinda baffled at them because they have some of the highest engagement/impressions for the year so far. I made them as info posts for tues/wed tags since my basic tips did decently in the past (literally just telling people to iron my seams)

>> No.10098865

Buy some decent lighting then. Either that or go outside. Stop with the mirror shots, they're fugly.

>> No.10098873

Idk how a full body mirror shot is fuglier than a full body tripod shot but ok anon

>> No.10098946 [DELETED] 

Kind of salty I switched to a business account. Apparently I'm making 0 interactions despite getting new followers and comments on my posts in the past day, and they keep schilling ads to me to 'reach more people.' Fuck you instagram for throttling my engagement and selling it back to me. I'm hella fucking salty.

>> No.10098993

Lol seeing this now it’s overly snarky on my part, but it was because I didn’t ask for critique on my way of photographing...and arent 50% of insta ootd’s mirror pics anyways?
I live in corn world which looks really tacky as a background. Like my house is literally surrounded by corn fields. I’m thinking now to sneak out past my dad so he doesn’t make fun of me, get in front of the garage, and blur it out for posting.
>job and therefore apartment hunting is suffering

>> No.10098997

Cornfields sounds like a lovely bg to me, especially at golden hour. But the running past your dad stuff is so cringy — maybe you should invest more energy in your job and apt search and less in having ig backgrounds that are aesthetic enough for cgl.

>> No.10099026

Different anon but mirror shots while holding the camera looks dumb. I’d rather see coord pics in front of a garage or corn field. My area isn’t the greatest either but I make do with what I have

>> No.10099032

>you must dedicate 100% of your time to work and have no fun
What backgrounds do you work with?

>> No.10099075
File: 38 KB, 540x648, 8feG3YK1si4l5v_540.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

With instagram going to shit, I'm seeing more cosplayers move to just make videos on tik tok
That app is already over saturated with enough garbage

>> No.10099151

Welp if you can't see that I don't think you can be helped.

>> No.10100205

You asked for critique on if it looked too cluttered, and people answered you that it does and gave solutions for fixing it. If you don't want listen to them that's fine but don't act like there is another option where it's less cluttered and you continue to use the same mirror shots.

>> No.10100212

Mirror pics don’t make it look cluttered though, the critique was unrelated to what was requested. Non mirror shots wouldn’t magically make it less cluttered, it’s still a full body shot...

>> No.10101492

How to become as popular as @genesisoftheend?
Her last outfit post got 6K in a few hours

>> No.10101539

She was featured in a really big web series which likely gave her a boost.
That said she's only around ~13k followers right now which isn't remarkably high. Just have a pleasing feed with nice photos and good coords

>> No.10101542

For lolita, that's incredibly high

>> No.10101543

Wear 20 petticoats always

>> No.10101581

i posted some posts on my photography insta and one of the tags i used attracted a ton of bots like atleast 30. is there a way to figure out which tag attracted them or is it just trial and error? does that mean whatever tag i used was a good one? i just want to get views but also not spend forever blocking bot accounts.

>> No.10101590

Is it better to have your account listed as business or personal?

>> No.10101592

Are there any like these for non-business accounts?

>> No.10101598

And three underskirts. And have a fivehead.

>> No.10101746

be attractive

>> No.10101767

The mirror shots in the image are cluttered though. And generally yes, non mirror shots will magically make it less cluttered because you are no longer tied to where the mirror is hanging in order to take the photo.

>> No.10102928

while she is the first well-dressed lolita to be in one of those webseries, I can't help but see her as a sellout for agreeing to filming a video for normies to gawk at

>> No.10103005

Lolitas are sick of having ita representation, I'm sure she thinks the same and figured she'd try to make a change in the way the fashion is presented since she dresses well and doesn't have an obnoxious personality. This is probably one of the videos I've seen the least negative normie comments on and even lolitas are praising it. It does seem like selling out, but I appreciate that she took the fall so that there's a good representation of the fashion out there.

>> No.10105026 [DELETED] 

Instagram is fucking up again and people are losing followers now apparently.

I'm just about done with this site. I'd be more than happy to even return to the wasteland of Tumblr.

>> No.10105042

My account was affected by this but it was temporary. Even checking my unfollow app no one was actually removed, but it still gave me a heart attack

>> No.10105115

Am I the only one who actually has been doing better lately?

>> No.10105116

The stuff that I don't tag has had more reach with my existing followers than my tag spam stuff. Even if I tag spam, my posts only get about 10% engagement but I posted a bunch of stuff recently with little to no tags and got up to 60% engagement. Idk how IG works at all now.

>> No.10105388

Found a cosplayer on Instagram with under 5,000 followers but her photos consistently get 5k+ likes. I went back and they were getting under 200 until they jumped to 5k+, how is this allowed? She even gets legitimate looking comments, I thought these likes/comments boost things were all bots

>> No.10105449

I have less than 3k and I often get 5k if my pictures hit trending on a decent tag.

>> No.10105457

There’s apps where you can post your picture for people to like for x amount of coins, and in return for you liking other people’s photos that are posted in the app, you get coins. I’m pretty sure that’s what most of the accounts use, because their follower rate should grow proportionately if they can consistently get more likes than the followers they currently have.

>> No.10105460

I thought this was the case but it's just every single picture after a certain point.

>> No.10105736

that’s because it’s full of faggoty influencers. if you aren’t using it to shit out paid ads for too faced and abh or selling ass pics then it’s pointless to use anymore

>> No.10105902

So many accounts that ask me where my stuff is from turn out to be male. I really don't know what to reply in fear of sissies trying to work their way into the fashion.

>> No.10105905

Send them to milanoo

>> No.10105911

I have an account with less than 2000 followers but I get 5000 likes every now and then and 4000 consistently. But if I post at a different hour or with a post that isn't that interesting I'll get 400-800.

>> No.10109857

I just started using instagram, can anyone recommend good gothic lolitas to follow? Doesn't have to be exclusively gothic, as long as there's a decent amount of it. Gothic-leaning classic also works. I'm already following rosenocturnalia and marietuonetar, but I'm terrible with names and having a hard time remembering more of the names I've seen on here.

>> No.10110445

How do you achieve this regularly or as more than a one off? I never see this on genuine looking accounts

>> No.10110463

this happens a lot now that instagram introduced hashtag following. many people will follow a hashtag and never bother to follow accounts.

it does happen, if you have a business account you can look at your analytics. itll tell you where your engagment is comming from.

for example, i have an account with 7k followers. my posts can get anywhere from 200-400 likes, or during a good day, 4000+ likes.

for example, heres the stats for a post with 300+ likes
>reach: 1,520
>impressions: 2,769
>from home: 2,527
>from hashtags: 153
>from profile: 66
>from other: 23

to compare, hes the states for a post with 2,400+ likes
>reach: 20,000
>impressions: 23,422
>from hashtags: 20,469
>from home: 2,393
>from profile: 227
>from other: 333

you have to play and figure out what hashtags are bringing you in the best views. the tags i used in the post with 300 likes were obviously poor and not helping me. the hashtags i used in the more popular post were more successful.

>> No.10110526

what web series?

>> No.10110550

Would you mind giving some examples of successful hashtags you've used?

>> No.10110551


same one that did poopchan, hooked on the look

>> No.10110553

loli, lolita, loligirl, elegantgothloli, etc.

>> No.10110556 [DELETED] 
File: 18 KB, 500x410, is-this-bait-19556929.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10110560

My most popular and succesful posts seem to be lolita related outfit shots or halloween related posts. i also tag #kawaiifashion, #lolita_world, #kawaiigirl, #kawaii, #pastelaesthetic, #pinkaesthetic, #cosplaygirls, #girlswhocosplay, and regrettably #livingdoll, which i hate but hey the algorithm sucks and i like seeing good engagement on my posts so you do what you gotta do.

as for seasonal posts, look at popular posts in christmas or halloween related hashtags and pick a few that suit your post. that was my time with the highest engagement.

i try to look for hashtags with a decent amount of posts, but not too many. a lot of people use tags like #instagood and #Instadaily but those have millions of posts, thats useless. but a hashtag with only a couple hundred posts won't help you either.

its a process of trial and error, see what hashtags accounts similar to you use and play with things

>> No.10110566

Different anon but kawaiifashion is littered with random shit and kawaii is a huge hashtag. It would be hard to trend from a tag will millions of posts

>> No.10110571

told you, bait chan.

>> No.10110576 [DELETED] 


Oh, you're just retarded, never mind.

>> No.10110578

yes but #kawaiifashion has under 500k posts, which isn't bad. theres also #kawaiioftheday and #kawaiistyle. kawaii is just a tag i use, i don't know for sure if it works for me or not, but i do know that my more successful posts have used that tag, along with many others.

hashtags are only half the game, engagement matters too. the faster and quicker your posts get likes and comments, the better your posts fares of trending in the hashtags, but its really like russian roulette. sometimes the most random posts of mine get high engagement and i just can't quite pinpoint it down to a science yet.

>> No.10111058

What's the point of instagram and other social media? Do people give you money?

>> No.10111066

People need to stroke their epeens somehow.

>> No.10111073

Is that all they get out of it, some internet upboats?

>> No.10111673

If you have a large following, at least 100k, you gain social influencer status. Companies may send you free shit/money to shill their products on your social media. It depends on your content and your followers demographics though. Cosplayer and lolita instagrammers are kinda fucked. For example Versace would probably more likely offer these types of deals with the indie urban fashion model hipster blogger types than to a cosplayer in a Miku wig. The best a cosplayer could really hope for is to leverage their instagram follower count to lets cons accept them as official cosplay quests. So normie instagrammers get free high end designer bags and shoes and you get to be a cosplayer guest at BumfucknowhereCon.

>> No.10111684

I’m a very small fry fashion/lifestyle journalist and I get stuff sent to me all the time: shoes, clothes, snacks, gift cards etc. mostly from startup brands. I don’t even have social media attached to my journalist name, just a portfolio website. My jfash insta is under a pseudonym and I’m not expecting to get as much as a coupon through it — I just like sharing my hobby with people who care about it.

>> No.10111730

Big truth, I have 300k+ and I get jack shit compared to normie lifestyle accounts. The amount of brands that want to collaborate with you is very low too.

>> No.10111737

Cosplayers can get sponsorships of like, wigs and contacts and pre-made costumes but you're probably getting way less than a makeup or lifestyle account at the same follower count.

>> No.10111749

>I have 300k+
How the hell did you get that many? Please share tips

>> No.10112090

It really depends. I only have 7k and still get some free stuff sometimes, mostly especially from small indie designers, but lately also from my favorite brand because they like how I styled their clothes. But then of course my insta isn't nearly as sickly kawaii as many other lolitas' and could maybe be seen as a lifestyle account if you squint a bit.

I think the trick is to link the brands you hope to get stuff from, talk very positively about their products and being genuine about it.

>> No.10112101

I want your job. How do I get a job like yours?

>> No.10112296

Sometimes you get lucky and start trending on a hashtag. Then you'll get to be a top post for that tag a few days. For example you could start trending for the anime you are cosplaying. or for random word like "apple". Using a lot of tags helps this happen as there is a higher chance to start trending on one of the tags. A short sentence with a shit ton of tags is better than long story with three tags. People don't come to insta to read long stories, they come for pictures.

Also think about what kind of pictures people want to see from your account. My make up is shit so I never post selfies because no one is coming to me for any pictures of my make up. I wouldn't post a selfie even as a filler post because I know I wouldn't follow an account that frequently posts pictures I don't care about. Same thing with pictures of random cute things like a freak shake or a restaurant meal. If you are a cosplay blog or fashion blog people aren't interest in pictures of food. Keep it to the point.

>> No.10112314

Be cute, honestly.

>> No.10122346

I also believe it would be cute

>> No.10122482

I've been doing great, too. I noticed that the follower count/interaction for lolitas with more followers than me has stagnated, and I've even surpassed most of their numbers in a few days. It's strange.

>> No.10126474

Would it be reasonable to just block people following >1500 accounts? I just can’t believe someone following that many people, even if legitimate, would even see my post.

>> No.10126500

I mean, some people are into a lot of different things? Why block them if they seem like actual people and not weird bots or advertisers?

>> No.10126507

I follow over 2000 people and I'm genuinely interested in all of them, it would suck if one of them blocked me just because I follow a lot of other people

>> No.10126530

I follow close to 1500 people, but I have a lot of interests. Plants, lolita, computers, cosplay, gaming, cooking, fitness. Not sure why anyone would block someone just because they follow a certain amount of people. I get blocking bots or advertisers, or even people who post random creepy shit like sissies who post pornographic images on regrammed photos, but not actual people who have a lot of interests.

>> No.10126555

I'm following 1.2k accounts. I like always opening my feed and seeing stuff I like.

>> No.10126682

Stupid question but I don't see it on the FAQ, is it possible to hit trending on more than one tag? I seem to hit it on one and not the others even when the popularity of my post is above the trending ones of that tag.

>> No.10126943 [DELETED] 

Yes it is, especially if you use less frequently used tags. >>10126555

>> No.10126944

Yes it is, especially if you use less frequently used tags.

>> No.10128157

Is the lolita ig pod a myth or is it real? Who is in it?

>> No.10129390

would anyone be interested in following my instagram? it’s gigafoxcosplay

i typically always follow other cosplayers back and love to receive advice on how to make myself better! my account isn’t “super new” but i sorta neglected it for a while. now that con season is back, i’ll post a lot more!

thank you!

>> No.10129486
File: 2.42 MB, 1125x2188, C432803A-6C4C-4FB5-9BB2-EF7428984163.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shameless self post: it’s all sewing related and I do lolita, some random fantasy costuming, historical stuff, and the occasional normie outfit.

If you’re a handmade lolita plz drop your handle so I can follow.

>> No.10129489


Huh. I first encountered you when i still browsed imgur but did not imagine you would lurk here. small world.

Unfortunately I don't do handmade stuff but keep rocking on. I love seeing handmade.

>> No.10129494

Pods don't work anymore. Instagram got smart about people using it to hijack the system and reworked their algorithm.

>> No.10129509

It seems like leaving comments on anyone in your pod won’t increase views/visibility anymore. You could give a like (more likes when the picture is first posted = small visibility boost) but otherwise pods do seem dead for the most part

>> No.10129512


I don't know how algorithms work anymore. Does anyone? Or do we just have to buy popularity from IG to hope for consistent results?

>> No.10129517

Yeah it's all about paying for promotions now. Facebook really ruined Instagram as a photo sharing platform and it's become Facebook 2.0 now.

>> No.10129551

>9 AM US

There are 4 times zones in just the Continental US alone (Pacific coast, Mountain, Central, and Eastern). Add in Hawaii and you can be something like 9 hours different from Honolulu to New York

>> No.10129860
File: 813 KB, 1183x2103, 26D27768-26E8-45F1-9263-966B01EC11B6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oof forgot to post the page

>> No.10129874

What's the fucking point? Are you trying to get popular to be a paid model? Do you make and sell shit online? Or are you just a sad person who needs a thousand likes for validation? If you're not any of those then why give a shit about consistency?

>> No.10129889

You must be 18+ to post here.

>> No.10129917

I think this is heresay, because getting comments on your post is still crucial to visibility. I think the Instagram algorithm just ignores comments too short or with many emojis. It needs to be a real comment.

>> No.10129934


What’s the point of posting if even your own followers can’t see the fucking post without you coughing up coin? I’ve been on the other end and it’s fucking frustrating to suddenly see you missed 20 posts from someone you really like.

It’s not about likes, it’s about the concept that you now apparently have to pay to have people see your post.

>> No.10129935

im 26! :)

>> No.10130538

Problem is, people know if you've paid to have your post boosted and that can bring back backlash too especially if you're a smaller account

>> No.10130541

There were a few but they're mostly useless now. Clicking Instagram links can flag you as a member of a pod and get your posts suppressed. The best thing to do is to post a lot of stories, talk to people for real, and just like and comment on your friends' stuff and ask them to comment on yours when they see it. That or pay Insta to boost you...

>> No.10130733


I hate that as well. I see so many random IGers being recommended to me of the stay at home mommy type in between stories and it's like, damn, that is not the audience you want to target.

Inb4 I get accused of following those types of blogs. I follow other lolitas, resin crafting, and twee type instas.I don't get how they think I'm into caring about what my nonexistant kid is teething on.

>> No.10130810

Why are all my friends obsessed with instagram and likes and engagement rate?? I hate doing anything with them nowadays since all they do is take hundreds of selfies, outfit pics and food photos and all they talk about is instagram algorithm and how they don’t understand how someone gets more likes than them.

>> No.10130816

This is bad desu

>> No.10130821


You need better friends.

>> No.10130852

oh yeah? whats your page look like? :> id really like to learn how to make a quality cosplay account.

>> No.10130876

holy yikes

lmfao this sad defensive emoji remark
please lurk more newfag

>> No.10130877

lmao what are you even talking about

>> No.10130879

Stop filtering yourself & your pics so much. It does nothing to help you. Just leave Snow and stickers alone. More shots showing off the costume. Less selfies. Delete your lineups once the con is over. Your page has potential but you have a long ways to go.

>> No.10130882

thank you! that helps me so much more. so less filters, less stickers, and delete line ups. would you advise no filters at all? maybe just take full body shots?

>> No.10130892

>big yikes

Post yours you fat fuck.

>> No.10130893

Seriously, do what you want and be yourself. it's more interesting when someone is themselves and does what they do rather than being just another copy cat.

>> No.10130898

I think people are just more drawn to authenticity? Filters and stuff like Snow that clearly and obviously change your features are just very off-putting. Selfies are great once in a while, but people are most likely gonna follow you because they like cosplay, which you do. If they don't get to see the cosplay, then they're not gonna have incentive to follow.
Full body shots can be great, but make sure they're clear & not too cluttered in the background.
If you can afford to pay for a photographer at a con, that would definitely get you some great content. Otherwise, try and grab pics with people wearing from the same franchise as you (maybe even posing in-character), and you can post stuff like that.
(sorry lol I went back and read my original post, I hope it didn't come off as harsh. i really just want to help out)

True, but she's directly asking for how to improve her page. I think there are some very clear things she's doing wrong, and that changing them can help her reach her goals.

>> No.10130901


So pretty much you're saying she should take creativity out of it?

>> No.10130908

Too cute! i really want to cosplay!

>> No.10130913

don't worry about it! you weren't harsh to me at all. ive never actually considered getting paid photos of my cosplays. i know some photographers can charge a lot of money but their quality is (hopefully) better.

and i do need t get into a group with people! normally it's just me taking a selfie and having little to compare to.

>> No.10130916


I'm really sad for you if that's what you think creativity is.

>> No.10131026

Is anyone ever going to make a longer version of the FAQ? Needs more information on gaining likes and reach. Its insane some of the reach some small accounts are getting I want their secrets.

>> No.10131046

this is a vendetta

>> No.10131055 [DELETED] 

>when you have to samefag to defend yourself
y i k e s

>> No.10131070 [DELETED] 

>>thinking that two different posts are same fagging

y i k e s

>> No.10131073

i wasn’t trying to vendetta myself if that’s what you’re saying.. that is legitimately my account

as for the people insulting me? eh i figured much lol i was just hoping someone would offer actual advice

>> No.10131091


Stop being a douche canoe

>> No.10131094 [DELETED] 

>still going at it

>> No.10131096

>still going at it
if you wanted advice, you shouldn’t respond so defensively. your account looks like shit because you constantly use filters to the point where your hair is blurred. your selfies are way too close and your costumes are poor qualit, inaccurate, and badly done. the reason why people assumed you were underage isn’t because you look young, it’s because your account looks like that of a cringey 14 year old, vampire fangs and all

>> No.10131102

man just go to bed

i understand like my account isn’t that good. all i wanted was some ideas or maybe to follow different people. idk why wearing fangs on Halloween was a bad idea but aight then

thanks anon san

post your account so i can look at something quality if you’d like. i genuinely wanna see it.

>> No.10131107

lol your true colors are coming out
you wanted advice and anons gave it to you. stop taking shitty closeup selfies with snow filters turned up to the max. actually style your wig right and wear the right clothes for the costume. your account looks like shit for the aforementioned reasons and the sooner you stop getting defensive, the sooner people will stop insulting you. if you seriously can’t understand why making a rawr xD expression with your camera inches from your face makes you look like a cringey 14 yr old, you probably have a mental deficiency
btw it’s painfully obvious you’re samefagging bc these types of accounts get shit on relentlessly since the dawn of ig threads

>> No.10131108

idk how to convince you im not samefagging but believe what you want. you’ve yet to post your account or anything so...?

thanks to those who really did help me!

>> No.10131109


Can't fathom the fact that others disagree with you?

Also wtf do you think a anime cosplay page is supposed to look like? They're all cringe, you just can't get around that.

Don't be so butthurt and unnecessary with your anger

>> No.10131113 [DELETED] 

>p-post urs!!!
kek, another sign of a newfag samefag

>> No.10131114 [DELETED] 

but you won’t lmao so fuck off

>> No.10131115

>*don't self-post if you're going to shit up the thread trying to defending and/or insulting yourself
Can you two shut the fuck up.

>> No.10131116

anon, have you never seen another cosplay account before? just go into the #cosplay tag. most accounts do not look like yours. there are plenty of tasteful cosplay accounts.

>> No.10131117 [DELETED] 



Come on man, you really need to stop reciting the same ol things. It's cringy

>> No.10131121

im gonna gfto but yeah i have. would you have others to share? i follow some accounts with 100k followers and really admire their work.

>> No.10131123


Not the cosplayer, dude. As much as you want me to be

>> No.10131155

lol i hope you know people don’t talk like this here
just check out the cosplay maker thread, christ

>> No.10131167

Wowwww you're really being a dick. There's nothing wrong with giving advice like I did above, but there's NO reason to be this rude about it.

>> No.10131169

Great page! That dress with the lights is absolutely stunning.

>> No.10131171
File: 760 KB, 1400x2560, 46A325F5-20DD-468F-95CB-F2926F9E9FFA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

babying people gets them nowhere. the truth hurts but it’s the truth; she looks like she has downs in some of her photos and she could at least bother to get the right color uniform and style her wig in a simple hime cut instead of whatever the fuck this is.

>> No.10131172

dropped the rest of my reply
not to mention she doesn’t even have the right ears.. seriously how low effort can you get.

>> No.10131185

Who fucking cares. It's a hobby. She can do whatever she wants. She hasn't done ANYTHING to warrant rudeness. She obviously knows her profile's not up to par and wants to improve, which is why she asked for advice. We owe it to each other to be kind in life, unless you're literally an irrational 14 year old.

>> No.10131210
File: 1021 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190320-232354_Instagram.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Self-posting, I've been focusing a lot on my internship so my feed is not as cohesive. But I am trying to get back to posting a coord and whatnot on a weekly basis :) im also always looking for other gothic lolitas to follow <3 instagram.com/users/marcytee.png

>> No.10131217

goddamnnn girl I NEED to know what polish that is in the nail pic

>> No.10131294

for this year, you’re right. I brought the wrong wig and tried to do Takao but the original cosplay was for Atago. I don’t have Down’s syndrome lol.

>> No.10131337

It's actually Nexgen with a cured gel topcoat! Most nail salons carry it; recently my salon got the colors for chrome and holographic. It's more expensive but super fun :)

To stay on topic, I was wondering if it's worth it to re-set my feed and make it primarily lolita-based. I always thought it would be nice to hit 1k, but I know a part of why I don't is because there isn't cohesion. Also wondering if it's worthwhile to make a backdrop at home for my coord pics; I notice a lot of people tend to do mirror selfies or that really annoying mirror filter, but it seems to have moderate success.

>> No.10131344 [DELETED] 

>Ugly boring hoe

>> No.10131359

>boost mobile
Hah omg

>> No.10131390

Yeah I know, people always laugh at me for having boost but hey it works everywhere and is like $40 a month xD

>> No.10131401
File: 914 KB, 720x1280, ig.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nayrt but no shame buddy, my uncle uses Boost too. Saving money is important!

Self-posting as well. I just started using Instagram a couple of weeks ago. Just gonna be posting coords and things I guess. What is this social media thingamajig?

>> No.10131610 [DELETED] 

Holy samefagging newfag. Anon, if you’re going to try this in the future, please note:
>Emojis aren’t used on 4ch, it’s an image board.
>This level of cuntiness for low quality content is expected, no one is going to wk a random autistic anon.
>Clustering all your replies in twos and threes make samefagging obvious.

>> No.10131640
File: 157 KB, 720x1280, kEM-EN-Y.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i've found a lot of nice gulls to follow through these threads so might just selfpost as well
I post my coords, mostly lolita, mehera and similar looks

>> No.10131732 [DELETED] 

Stop defending yourself, christ, Your cosplay is bad, just accept it and stop whining.

Atago's wig is easy to make into Takao's wig because all her hair pieces are longer. All you had to do is pull it up into a ponytail and cut in the hime bangs. Your wig is wrong for almost every single cosplay on your page. Tamamo doesn't have blunt bangs, and Kaga doesn't have wispy bangs. Cutting your wigs properly is the minimum 10% that you should do. Stop making excuses and expecting asspats for shitty cosplays.

>> No.10131751

That was me, the one who gave her advice originally, not the girl with the page. I just think you're being a huge dick for no reason.

>> No.10131755 [DELETED] 

Lol, nt but I’m not the same anon. Her cosplays are bad.

>> No.10131756

She's not defending herself. When she got criticism she took it well and thanked the person. Stop being an asshole.

>> No.10131839 [DELETED] 

>Took it well and thanked the person

>> No.10131903

what benefit do you get out of this?

>> No.10131943 [DELETED] 

entertainment from a selfposting cow

>> No.10131957

ah you must be underaged then

>> No.10132011 [DELETED] 

>u-ur underaged because u don’t like my cosplay and samefagging!!1!1!

>> No.10133226

I like your casual look. Hope you don’t mind me leaving comments regularly!