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Old thread is kill

I'll start. I still buy wigs from GLW.

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I haven't worn jfash in probably a whole year (and haven't worn lolita for maybe 2 yrs) but I can't leave this board

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I use an empty AP shoebox to hold my sex toy collection

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I really really hate selling on LM/FB but I need the space.

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I am too fat for lolita so I buy brand pieces as art instead of as clothes. I love being able to look at the details in person and seeing pretty things cheers me up a bit. I dont think any of the dressed I own would suit me even if I did lose weight so I just have a closet of frilly art that will never be worn.

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how long does it take them to get to you, anon?

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I cam to afford conventions and I always secretly hope someone who's fapped to me will recognize me.

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i'm going to start selling feet pics and used goods to pay for my cons and fashion, i understand

do you show face while camming or is it anon? might just try it if it's working for you as anon

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Bit of both. Haven't tried selling used stuff though.

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do you make noticeably more when even part of your face is shown as opposed to none?

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Not really? In fact I've had people tip me just to show my face.
I don't wear a mask since some sites have rules against that but just pop on a wig and slather on the makeup and no one will know it's you. How I look on cam and off cam no one would know it's the same person.

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thanks for responding and being genuine, i really appreciate it. and that does make since about incentive to tip more to show face.
maybe last question, but what do you do in your shows? when i think cam girls, i just think of a girl using a dildo for over an hour staring at the camera absent-mindedly touching herself and talking to her donators.

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I'm broke, entitled, and unwilling to work. I just mooch off my girlfriend and scalp my brand

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sense* ugh sorry i'm sick and half-awake

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I started seeing a 50 year old man I met on fetlife and he buys my underwear. He gave me 100$ Victoria’s Secret gift card as an Xmas gift. I would also like to cam one day but idk if I have the confidence or the time ..

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Yeah I'm definitely not a "professional" so I don't have the time to sit there for hours like they do. Most girls won't tell you what they do in their shows though because they don't want anyone to take ideas but really it just comes down to being yourself.
I don't have a lot of regulars but the ones I do have tell me it's because of my personality. I like to have fun and just talk and joke around while being sexy as well instead of outright ignoring people and faking moans when a tip alert goes off.

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100 is chump change go bigger

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seconding >>10072326 $100 is very little for Christmas from somebody you're seeing, especially not a sugar daddy

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To be fair he only bought from me once so far. I wasn’t expecting it, is all.

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I want to start a good coords thread where people can post cute coords they've seen recently no matter where they're from, but I'm not going to because I know it will descend into nitpicking within 100 posts. I love you gulls, but your salt levels sometimes get really frustrating

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i follow yumi king tutorials. only for bjd clothes though. i like how her tutorials allow for that size customisation. even if the results look like garbage on a real person, it's easier to make it look better on a bjd.

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i've made a good coords thread before and i was surprised by how civil it was. no harm in trying

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We had this a while ago with insta threads but anons bitched so much about how it would become cof 2.0, they eventually stopped.

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I've seen "recent coords you like",threads that were pleasant

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>get a weird comment from a fairly well known person

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This is honestly the biggest reason I'm afraid to cam. I'm afraid someone will recognize me from a cosplay pic or something and somehow link it back to me. I'm afraid of getting a stalker or someone telling someone I know.

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More like someone posted an unflattering picture of some lolitas, people went ham, said lolita went completely private, and that's why we can never have nice things.

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Honestly GLW are the only quality wigs I've been able to find. Dreamholic is absolute shit and even Amazon is better.

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>people went ham,
They said he looked different, which was true. I think one person said he looked ugly and others defended him. The cof anons started bitching as soon as the thread opened, way before that.
>said lolita went completely private
Had to do with a vendetta in his comm, not because of the thread.

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adopt me and write me into your will?

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Hi Jahr

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Honestly any thread created here as the chance to go to shit because salty gulls, maybe try that anyway or open one on fb?

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All my petticoats are from ali

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Just ignore them and don't take the bait. It's actually quite easy anon.

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You could try adding a rule or something stating that nitpicking is not allowed and that the CoF and ita thread are for that. Maybe someone will listen

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Same tho.

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I just started cosplay to find girls i could smash

And i was successful. I dont regret anything. Still: I am a bitter cunt and never feel like i am part of something.

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I don't like JSKs

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I don't like high waist cuts.

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You and me both anon, I only own skirts and ops ngl

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eyyyyy, I've done similar stuff to this as well.

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I hate women.

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I can't trust people with lots of friends.

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I used to whore myself out and I used some of the money for brand

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Don't be so hard on yourself. All women are worthless whores.

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I'm sorry your mother hurt you.

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I'm not sorry you're a poor whore lol

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I think women are dumb and inferior. It's so obvious why they were historically property because nobody with a right mind could consider them equals.

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I feel good when "sex positive" people cry about photographers taking cosplay photos only of skinny white girls in sexy costumes. This is what you wanted.

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I think it's funny when "sex positive" people support all kinds of sex until it's with a person under [insert local age of consent here].

Oh my God, just imagine the pain and suffering and trauma and horror of touching a penis :|

I want to blame all my issues in life from my obesity to my bipolar disorder to my narcissism to my dandruff on touching a penis when I was young... what a joke.

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sorry you can’t get a girlfriend

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Don't give him attention. It's a pedofag who clogs up the board with his shitposts everytime his ban expires.

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Seething molested roasties

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>be woman
>see thing that makes you upset
>brain short circuits because all of society caters to your every desire
>cease functioning
>thread dies
I wish it was this easy to shut women up in real life lol.

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My parents happily revealed that for my Christmas gift they got me a super pretty lolita dress, that'll come to me in February. They won't tell me which dress, only that its from my fave brand, which is AP.

They got me that damn teal HL, I just know it.
I feel so bad that they spent money on brand for me and I won't be able to fully enjoy and appreciate it cause they got me THAT dress. I'm so ungrateful

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I feel you so much ): I always get sad when someone puts effort in a gift but misses the mark. Especially if the category is right (like a lolita dress or a brand bag) but the gift is still "wrong" (wrong lolita dress, wrong kind of bag)... and it's not like you are ungrateful, because you can't help liking something instead of something else. It's just called taste and preferences and it's normal to have them especially when you have a hobby. What is the full name of the dress? Sorry I'm not keen on AP. I hope it's still good quality and you like it more than you thought.

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Yeah I just feel so bad for my parents, its a lot of money and if they just picked any other I'd have been happy! But its the teal Holy Lantern (at least I'm 99% sure since I know that pre-order was last year and the date for it is February). It's an official AP recolour but the issue is that it has long been a replica (oo jia I think) colour too...

Quality wise I have no real concerns, just bummed that my christmas gift my parents spent so much on for me will always have a bad connection for me

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Its depressing that parents bother buying their disgusting whore daughters clothing they dont deserve.

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different anon here, honestly the saddest part imo is that if you decide to sell it or trade, even nwot, with all the rereleases (and desu it being slightly known as an ita dress) you're never going to get your real value back out of it

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Beat me to it, lol. But honestly watching her videos is just heartbreaking now. She doesn't even enjoy the fashion anymore, barely talks about it, forgets the pieces she already owns even though they are right behind her in a cluttered mess but still buys more just to own them. Girl really needs to see a therapist soon.

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Oh I see, I should have guessed it was Holy Lantern lol. So it's not like you don't like the colour, you just don't like that it might look like a replica? Did I get it right? Maybe I've lost some background story about Holy Lantern but I think you shouldn't worry this much, after all it is NOT the replica one and I'm sure it will be evident by the higher quality. I honestly like it a lot at least in stock pics. I hope you will learn to appreciate it as well (: and hey maybe they didn't actually buy you that one and you will have a surprise, who knows? Good luck (:

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>teal HL
If it's the actual teal/green-ish JSK, and not the replica, I would be so happy. It's the only holy latern I care for enough that I might actually spend money on it. I'm not an AP fan normally, made that release really made my day.

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I get unreasonably salty whenever girls in my comm (or online... sorry anon) complain about lolita gifts they got from their loved ones for Christmas or their birthday because nobody close to me has ever gotten me anything remotely lolita-related in the 10+ years I’ve been into the fashion. The closest anyone has gotten was a book on Victorian etiquette even though I’m not a lifestyler at all and I mostly wear sweet. Last year my boyfriend let me use his credit card to buy an accessory from Maidenclothing but he wanted me to pay him back right away. Then for my birthday two weeks later he got me some plain tea towels. I feel like an ungrateful ass even complaining about this on anon so I don’t really understand how anyone can complain about their loved ones getting them a brand dress, even if it’s not their preferred color. Anon said she does feel bad about it so I’m not too mad but girls in my comm complain about the same kind of thing all the time without a hint of shame and it really bothers me.

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I feel like I have no style despite being into lolita and jfashion for years. I’m envious of girls with a consistent cohesive style, even if their wardrobe is much smaller than mine. I’m lucky enough to have a good job where I can afford jfashion easily, so there’s that, but nothing I have goes together. My closet is full of items that go with one other thing. It must be nice to be able to mix and match and put coordinates together so easily.

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I wonder if your parents will notice if you quietly try to trade it for the navy. I mean, it's an option, if you really can't live with green.

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I'm with you gulls, my wadrobe is all skirts and one jsk that I'm seriously considering turning into a skirt (I like looking at it, but don't wear it because the shoulder straps look weird to me on)

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I don't get salty about this but I quote... if someone gifted me something lolita I think I would be happy no matter what. I honestly would be happy with taobao too...

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>teal HL
If it's the OP, I'll buy it off you.

>> No.10072810

I hope she's not giving away such a thoughtful present though... even if it's not in a colour she likes much

>> No.10072821

I'll buy it off you or trade if you want!

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Same anon, it's so mentally draining sometimes and I can't understand how so many people are so flakey when it comes to payments.

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I know my parents, IF they really got me that HL pre-order then its 100% the teal one because they know its one of my favourite colours (because Slytherin haha)

Idk for me it really is fear of having other girls immediately branding me as an ita/looking down on me because the replica is so well known... I know that when the image of AP was released so many people were already like OMG AP WTF that's the replica colour whyyy and omg this is how we'll recognize the itas... Even the whole HL range is seen as a staple ita dress because of the many rereleases making it so accessible it tends to end up as a 'my first lolita outfit!' dress.

I know its stupid and I will definitely keep the dress and wear it and love it as the wholesome gift my parents got for me! But at the same time I feel like I can't ever post a picture online without people going 'is this the replica? Are you really wearing that and tagging it lolita?? PROVE its AP show the tag!' or sth

and then at the same time I wonder why I even care that much pfff

I guess what I'm saying is I wish my parents would have gotten me any other dress, just for the sake of not feeling this stupid/ungrateful/conflicted because I know I'm being stupid!

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What would you do if I recognized you? I've recognized porn whores from my old high school. If I said, "Ey, you fuck for money," how would you respond?

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That's okay, anon. Dont feel guilty or weird; all women are worthless whores.

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I'm a grl who masturbates to non-erotic cosplay pictures. I feel like a creepy rapist but I can't help myself

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Just getting a gift worth that price tag is already a big thing to me, lolita or not. At least where I'm from, it's not normal to expect such an expansive gifts unless they give things like that to everyone (generally only rich people). It's quite extra ordinary here to spend so much on gifts. Gifts aren't about price tag the way I learned it, but about someone showing care (which isn't just "I got you something" but also having kept in mind what you like and what not). Expansive gifts are rare and very special generally. The most I've spend was a 140 euro on a necklace for a loved one, but generally 10-50 euro is the norm depending on income.

Honestly, I can understand feeling bad about getting a gift you don't like from a loved one. But if they really tried I wouldn't be mad at them. It's just a bit disappointing but I would also to be grateful as I do care about that they tried. Doesn't make me like the item, but I like them for giving the present, so to say. If they just didn't care enough to actually think about what I like and just got the first thing that seemed sorta like it, I would get pretty annoyed tho. Especially those close to me I would get annoyed or even mad at.

But it seems teal HL anon her parents did try to give her something good, and just didn't know she'll dislike it because of the connection she mentally made to the replica version. It sounds like teal HL anon does like the dress itself if it weren't for the connection. I can understand parents who don't follow lolita communities not knowing that.

To teal HL anon -> There for four colours in that release. Even if the date is right, how are you sure they got teal for you? Maybe it's one of the other three? Or did they ship those out more early (I don't follow AP much, so dunno).

>> No.10072891

I think you're missing something here kek

>> No.10072893

I don't have consent, so I guess it's sexual assault. But still horrific.

>> No.10072895 [DELETED] 

So what? I'm masturbating to the thought of you masturbaring to cosplay photos right now.

Do you feel raped?

>> No.10072896

I definitely understand them not knowing that, they know AP is my favourite brand and so they did some searching online and were looking right at the time that AP were announcing the HL release with those colours. They told me they got me a lolita dress, a preorder which will arrive February which is the date for HL. I know 100% if they went for HL it's going to be the teal colour because they know green shades are my favourite.

I love them for getting me a lolita dress, they went big with their gift this year because I've moved out in December so this was (supposedly) our last Christmas together at 'home' and they wanted something big to give me. Which is why I'm so salty with myself for having those stupid replica thoughts bother me that much, but sadly I can't just switch off my brain from overthinking about it. As I said I still love their gift, will wear that dress with love no matter the connotation, it just sucks that this stupid little thing is like a stain on what is supposed to be a great gift and really I'm mostly angry at myself for letting it get to me so much pff

I'll get over it I just needed to post about for a bit

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Yes, especially when you inform me about it.

>> No.10072898 [DELETED] 

Good. I bet you love it, you slut.

>> No.10072944

Misty sky also comes out in February!

>> No.10072959

Everyone (who would care) knows AP released a real teal colorway, so I don't think people would have a reason to assume it's a replica unless the way you are wearing it makes it seem like one (ie bad fit, very cheap blouse and accessories)

Many people were happy ap made this color because they like the look of the teal one but would never buy a replica. The people against it are a vocal minority (like with many things)

If your only issue with the dress is what you suspect some people might maybe think about it, try not to let that spoil your enjoyment of a generous and thoughtful gift. It's just silly.

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i hate the bitches who manage to snatch up the moitie off of LM before I can...but it's only because i'm so jealous of you.

so in that sense, i guess i respect you as well. please do it justice.

>> No.10073014

Dude, you write expansive instead of expensive and people always call you out on that shit yet you still do it. If you continue to spell it incorrectly, you're likely also pronouncing it incorrectly. Look it up, pronounce it correctly a few times, and you'll learn how to spell it correctly. Expansive and expensive mean different things.

>> No.10073024

people who publicly post their pictures online absolutely know at least 1 person, most likely male, will get off to it. even if it is simply a headshot to make as a new icon.

don't beat yourself up, it's way more common than you think, and as long as it's for personal material and not like... a creepy stalker thing, i think you're ok and normal anon.

>> No.10073028

maybe they're doing it as a joke

>> No.10073030

Highly, highly doubt that.

>> No.10073056

No lolita would do that though. We know all know AP released green. Plus replicas are pretty obvious especially for HL.

>> No.10073069


You need a chill pill.

I don't even particularly like AP or HL but if I had to pick a color, teal would be my obvious choice, ignorant newfags be damned. Take a deep breath, you'll be fine. It's a very pretty color, and the hallmark of this print is that it's flocked meaning it's damned easy to catch a replica which usualy doesn't have the flocking.

>> No.10073151

I sometime enter costumes into the cosplay contests that have no chance of winning, because it's great to talk with some of the people inside of them.

>> No.10073153

Some girls have told me they've done that to a couple of my cuter cosplay pictures before. It's definitely flattering, but I'm not sure my experience makes you feel better. I hope it does.

>> No.10073156

bandwagoners deserve NOTHING

>> No.10073163

I do too, and my favorite wig is from there.

I would cam for brand.

I make $$$ but I still blow most of it on Lolita. Which is why I keep considering camming to pay for my spending habits...

>> No.10073172

whether you've been a diehard moitiefag for years or not, it comes to whether you're in the right place at the right time...what does bandwagoning have to do with it?

i love moitie and i'm gonna buy it if i get there first binch

>> No.10073199

I’d rather have the bandwagon and keep the brand alive.

I’m only bummed when the buyer is too fat to fit it and I will never seen the item worn.

>> No.10073238

Probably "Ey, how much did you pay me to watch?"

>> No.10073246

$0 from ripped videos

You have to remember that no matter what, if you do sex work, nudes will be easily available for all to see on google images.

>> No.10073359

Nah, like >>10073024 said, you're quite normal. The only ones who complain about it being sexual assault are attention whoring idiots who don't want consequences for anything they do in life. But they complain about anything, so I wouldn't care too much about them.

>> No.10073364

>expansive instead of expensive
>you're likely also pronouncing it incorrectly
nyart but many European foreigners learn English a is pronounced e, because it often is in American English. I guess they pronounce it well, just type it wrong.

>> No.10073402

I actually like shifting trends in lolita. Feel free to call me a bandwagoner or whatever, but trends like the height of OTT sweet and now the resurgence of gothic helps me fall in love with the fashion again and (re)discover aspects of the different substyles that I like. I don't like all trends equally of course - I like my classic lolita scaled back and understated rather than OTT with shoehorned underskirts, for instance. But I will admit that I've recently rekindled my love for gothic, sorry not sorry to all you TRU DIEHARD moitiefags.

>> No.10073410

Sometimes I see people posting floordinates and they're obviously too big for their dresses. What's even the point of having so much Moitié if you cant even wear it? I weep.

>> No.10073421

I think doing something similar after resisisting it for sone month, have a friend that does it and she likes it

>> No.10073426

i call almost all lolita shoes "tea party shoes" colloquially

>> No.10073428

I agree with this, also to me the resurgence of a particular trend means some styles/pieces will be more readily available and I can stock up on them. Also I'm into sweet, classing AND gothic so no matter what I always find something I love

>> No.10073434

Diehard moitie fag here. I hope you enjoy gothic!

>> No.10073445

Because that kind of attitude is typical for new people obsessing over moitie now or any other trend per se. I was half joking though.
It just feels nice to already own almost anything moitie I wanted because I didn't spend the last years trend hopping.

I wouldn't call it alive and more zombified with no soul. A lot of those bandwagoners unfortunately don't buy new moitie anyway and only turn to second hand just to bitch about how oh so expensive it is later. But I do agree that it's nice to have more people talk about moitie in general.

Same. Why not spend the money on lipo if you don't have the willpower to diet?
>What's even the point of having so much Moitié if you cant even wear it?
To "collect", to hoard and/or own them for the sake of having something people want. It's just sad, but in lolita it's really easy to excuse and even support serious issues like this.

>> No.10073487

I'm not Momokun who's dumb enough to put it under her real name. That and the site I work for handles my DMCA claims.

It's good money for "easy" work. Easy being the fact you don't have to interact with anyone in person and you can just turn the camera off if you want a break. For someone who's a shut-in and only leaves for conventions and groceries it's really nice.

>> No.10073498

I’m 99% sure that poster is someone from my comm because she’s very consistent in her various misspellings and tendency to ramble in multiple paragraphs. She does it on RC and her personal page, too. Has a lot of feelings about Taobao, thinks Asians are “overrated” and at least once bragged about the hot kinky dickings her bf gives her on the reg. I might be mistaken about all these posts coming from the same person because of course it’s all anon and I’m not psychic, but it amuses me to think they do, since it fits how she is IRL (which is annoying and loud as fuck).

>> No.10073502

I only wear gothic and don't follow trends much beside checking if there are new releases I like (sometimes, new trends can give me new stuff to like, I just keep wearing it after it stops trendy). But I don't mind this behaviour at all.

The only thing I mind is when people use trends just to attentionwhore, only wearing it because it gets them likes. Same when people act like they know all about whatever style is trendy atm while they never worn it before and don't really know as much as some other more seasoned people. Those people are just annoying.

>> No.10073547 [DELETED] 

Don't feel guilty, all women are worthless whores.

>> No.10073665

I fap to old cam vids of ikuy.

>> No.10073700

I thought I bought a Lolita bag for a cheap price on taobao, but it turned out to be a DIY Lolita Bag. I feel like an idiot, never read the description until today! I might have a shopping addiction...

>> No.10073712

>a DIY Lolita Bag
Did you just get materials for making your own bag or something? It's an unfortunate mistake but honestly I'm curious.

>> No.10073732

Yes, it’s a pack with all the materials and such. It includes a description of how to make the bag in Chinese.

>> No.10073734

Please link?

>> No.10073743

This should be the one. They had two listings when I bought the item. (One was probably the finished project.) Should have read it more carefully...

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File: 362 KB, 500x289, judgingyou.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can't believe how spoiled and self-absorbed you are, anon. That's my confession. How old are you? And you're expecting this, like, $200 dress from your parents? You haven't received it, and you're already complaining about it?

I literally had to SIT on the VENTS on the FLOOR when I was a child growing up because we couldn't afford to heat the whole house and I've been paying my own way since I was 19.

Grow the fuck up, lolitas. Yes, it's an expensive hobby, but this is what you signed up for. But if someone gifts you one of these fucking brand dresses, be fucking grateful for once.

signed, realest anon

>> No.10073871

Everytime I do something here to make people disagree with me or get too salty, and people think they know who I am (or make a guess at it) but are wrong I'm getting very joyful.

Similar feel when people think I'm a crossboarder. I'm generally not even trolling or anything beside maybe rare cases, but I know some of my opinions aren't that popular, so I generally keep them to myself unless someone asks me specifically about it. Beside here, where I tell them whenever it's relevant.

Like, I'm not having such discussions all the time at all, so it's not like I completely ruin it or so. I mostly have nice conversation and am always feeling extra nice when people actually agree to my not so common or nice opinions which is rarely admitted without being anon. But every now and then it happens that people horribly misjudge and I think it's hilarious how quickly people draw conclusions about anons, especially when I can know they're wrong. I guess I'm not nice enough to care about other anons reputation. If they think bad of you because of how they dislike what I say I doubt it's much of a reputation anyways.

>> No.10073874

Agreeing with you. Even if you don't like a gift, you can always tell how much effort someone has put into getting it for you.

If your parents have put in the effort and think you'll like it, act bloody pleased to get it. Even if your dumbass thinks that people are really going to think it's a replica (obviously they won't, because the actual colourway exists), be pleased.

>> No.10073877

I also grew up poor, but honestly, I can still understand it. Knowing someone spend so much thinking they got you the perfect gift, yet they didn't and you don't want to dissapoint them while being so sweet for you so you can't even express it.

The price just makes it worse, as it's a bigger deal so if you show even in the slightest that it isn't amazing and what you wanted they might feel even worse, and you don't want to make them feel like they did a bad job choosing a present or that your being ungrateful.

Just because it's expansive doesn't mean you like it. It's the struggle of knowing someone is willing to spend so much for you, yet you can't fully appreciate their kindness because you don't like the object they spend it on, and feel guilty about it BECAUSE they are so good to you.

>> No.10074116

I don't trust anyone who uses cosplay aminos, there is nothing wrong with them in practice, but in reality it boils down to who's a bunch of people all patting each other on the back for piss poor work. No joke, some of the photos on there end up on the bad cosplay thread here, it's great

>> No.10074150

I don't mind most of the time when lolitas have boob loaf. Especially if it makes them look like anime girls irl.

>> No.10074151

I don't have a problem buying and wearing replicas if I can't find brand items I like at a price I'm prepared to pay. As long as I look cute (and I do), I don't care.

>> No.10074165

Fucking same. I didn't even grow up poor and think OP is an incredible whiny pissbaby. It's not only that she gets a $200 dress, but the fact that her parents go the extra mile to buy her not only brand but also her favorite brand. That's really sweet and thoughtful but all OP can do is bitch about the color because there have been replicas of that color and others MIGHT think hers is one? Who even cares, your parents made a big effort to make you happy. Just yikes. Imagine having a daughter like that.

>> No.10074169

Do people really think $200 is expensive for a Christmas present from their parents?

>> No.10074176

depends on whether you're poor/middleclass/rich and whether your parents care about you or not

>> No.10074180


I feel like I would have felt like the OP... at age 7.

There was an embarrassing incident where I was super ungrateful to my cousin for getting me something she thought I liked. Years later and I still cringe despite knowing I was spoilt during childhood and I had a lot to learn.

But that's exactly who OP is reminding me of, my piss spoilt 7 year old self.

>> No.10074181
File: 108 KB, 800x450, E711C5E9-FB63-458E-AB96-32F9F8828B3F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The last time I've cosplayed I had zero enjoyment. I used to love it. It's the only thing in life I look forward to right now.

There's a con coming up and I'm mortified I'll still be depressed and have no fun there, despite spending all this money and making this cosplay that I'm giddy about. It's really draining my hope and excitement. I just want to have fun.

>> No.10074197

You all seriously can't read can you. HL anon has literally said she will tell her parents that she loves the dress, that she will wear it and show them etc. You're all acting like she said she's going to throw a major tantrum in rl or sth.

I get you're all jealous and seething cause your parents never had the money to buy you burando but going REEE spoiled brat with 1st world problem!! is taking this out of context and putting words in her mouth.

That said HL anon I admit I don't get why its such a big deal that it could be the replica colour. Stop caring so much bout other's opinion and desu if you don't make an ita coord with it people won't call you ita. Plain and simple

>> No.10074228

u sound like a guy I traded nudes with... are you buff by any chance

>> No.10074233 [DELETED] 

Romance for men
>young love is a special bond between two people that will last eternity

Romance for women

>> No.10074241

I know you think you're just doing "le epic trolling lul" but based on all the posts you've been making lately I seriously worry about you. I'm not even trying to be mean or facetious when I say this, but you really should see a professional.

>> No.10074244 [DELETED] 

I know you're just trying to be mean with this reply but I do this because I genuinely care about you. See a plastic surgeon and have those labia fixed so you don't secretly disgust your partners. Its gross. Nobody likes the roast beef in your pants.

>> No.10074250

does the quality bother you? i used to think the same as you and then i got both a DoL and an Oo Jia replica and was horrified by the crunchy, papery fabric

if replicas were actually nice i wouldn't give a fuck but in actuality they're just awful

>> No.10074253

you sound like someone who uses the word Chad unironically

>> No.10074259
File: 38 KB, 736x727, bf6f387ceabb405f124ad094286a0da6--kawaii-background-wallpaper-kawaii.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I caved and asked my parents for a little hint, just a word. I expected to hear a color or that they'd say "crosses" or sth

but they smiled and said CLOUDS "Because you're always daydreaming"

I'M GETTING MISTY SKY aaaahh I'm so happy

>> No.10074261

I think people who post collages with like 20 different dresses in the dream dress threads don't know the meaning of the concept, and I refuse to help them if I do see the dresses pop up. It's the dream dress thread, not the WTB-thread.

>> No.10074263 [DELETED] 

You really think women can appreciate or attach themselves to one thing? Their whorishness pervades them.

>> No.10074273

God, same.

Gulls are out there searching for their holy grail and then there's girls going "I would love to get these 10 dresses cause they have animals on them and I'm vegan! Can someone spoonfeed me links?"

>> No.10074278

Local Con is dying. Attendees don't know and it is going downhill hard.
I feel like I wasted 10 years staffing there. Only upside is that I developed good professional ethics amongst other things

>> No.10074325

Is it bad if I have 3?

>> No.10074327

I agreed with you on the boob loaf until
>anime girls
Fuck off

>> No.10074328

boob loaf?

>> No.10074329
File: 171 KB, 1300x956, alone-and-sad-japanese-girl-in-lolita-fashion-sitting-on-bench-tokyo-CT1N6P.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Genuinely sorry, anon. My tastes change a lot and I replace pics of things I find with new pics, so it probably looks like I have a never-ending list. I don't like posting in the bst thread because the things on my DD list are things I'm obsessed with at the moment, I even dream about them. I'll post there next time though.

>> No.10074330

When the bodice of a dress squishes the titties down so they kinda look unnatural or like a monoboob. It's usually made by a dress with an unflattering cut. There are many factors that can make it worse like having a wide ribcage and close-set tits. I really don't think it's a big deal.
Unfortunately people confuse loafing with sausaging, which is when you're too fat for your dress and it looks squished and stuffed. So people call everything boob loaf without realising that the loaf can happen to skinny girls too in the right dresses.

>> No.10074342

I think that a cosplayer I know, which dates another cosplayer, has somewhat of a liking for me. I often masturbate thinking of her.

I regret it each time. I don't even know if I'm confusing non malicious kindness with something else. I'll never know the true intentions.

>> No.10074367
File: 235 KB, 800x1292, HTB1UPD4JN1YBuNjy1zcq6zNcXXaB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm planning on buying a Love Nikki outfit cosplay and using it (partially) for Lolita (pic related).

>> No.10074371
File: 249 KB, 800x1203, HTB1utDqBvuSBuNkHFqDq6xfhVXao.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wrong imge, I'm such a retard

>> No.10074381

Wow the more you know, I learned something new today

>> No.10074390

Sometimes. I grew up fairly poor and asked for a book for Christmas. My little brother grew up much better off and asked for a Nintendo switch. We both got what we wanted, but I'm still playing on a white xbox 360. I cant imagine my parents getting me a brand dress though. They wouldn't even know where to buy a new release

>> No.10074417

>I often masturbate thinking of her.
> I regret it each time

Being this beta

>> No.10074426

That's what happens when you are a virgin.
I regret because she's actually in the military and anything wrong that I may do will get my ass wrecked and my reputation ruined.

Plus I don't have any solid evidence of this besides what I think it was her looking at me way too much and talking to me a lot at some times.

Hell, her boyfriend has a lot of guns and often practices with them. That's serious. I won't risk my life.

>> No.10074427

Is it normal to ask for consent before masturbating to someone's pictures? Like "hey just making sure this is okay, I really like this picture of you and is it okay if I fap to it"

Seriously people, you and >>10074342.
it's just masturbating. You aren't sneaking into their rooms and smelling their dirty panties. It is nothing to be ashamed of or even worth mentioning, really. LOUD AND PROUD

>> No.10074442


Ayrt, I used anime girls to meaning loaf as opposed to sausage, poor phrasing/analogy on my part.

>> No.10074447
File: 1.08 MB, 984x1002, Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 9.36.47 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My sister and I loved lolita in HS, and our first dress we got from Milanoo. It wasn't lolita at all, but it turned out to be a reasonably cute dress and I wore it a few times. Pic is dress; I flipped the flimsy bodice inward and wore it as a skirt

>> No.10074499

DA, but if you don't have the willpower to diet, lipo is a waste of money because you'll still gain weight again by eating poorly, and in odd spots because you removed the fat stores it went to the first time.

>> No.10074501 [DELETED] 

I hope you get cervical cancer, fatty.

>> No.10074595

I weighed 110 in this pic you fucking moron eat a goddamn meal ana-chan

>> No.10074597

What the fuck, this is a bit far even for cgl

>> No.10074603

I own a replica and pretended not to know it was one when I bought in.

>> No.10074691

lipo isn't for weight loss it's for spot reduction, which doesn't happen naturally

if you use lipo for overall weight loss you're gonna have a bad time

>> No.10074754

anon, you DID waste 10 years there. But there's always memories of like, the 3 good times.

>> No.10074759

you think this is bad, imagine being one of the developers of the non-Google default GPS maps on new cars. There's always someone out there whose job means even less than yours

>> No.10074923

Ooh do you think they are getting you the emerald dream color?
That's the one I'm waiting for in february as well!

>> No.10075060

Probably! Though the color doesn't matter to me this time haha
But greens are still my fave and they know that so fingers crossed

>> No.10075132 [DELETED] 

Why are all women stupid trash, lads?

>> No.10075261

Atleast the developer got paid. Con staffs aren't and we dedicate an entire weekend to the con. Plus another few days to a week to recover from the lack of sleep

>> No.10075364

Fuck, anon. Any idea on why is that?

>> No.10075379

I haven't been able to enjoy a lot. I'm diagnosed depressed. Half the time I have no reason to be depressed but it's still there.

>> No.10075390
File: 1006 KB, 1200x1186, BiBi x Mario.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shit. How is everything else going on your life? Are you financially ok? Have you been exercising?

>> No.10075394

you don't get paid? Why the heck do you do it? People are making money off of your dumbassery ya know

>> No.10075423

All the cons that I know are volunteer ran. I could maybe get some compensation like a hotel room for free, free pass and if I had to drive my car on Con related business, I can file reclamation for the gas.
Idk I only did that to develop some professional work ethics and testing out/ experimenting different type of leadership and management under a high stress environment without losing anything in case if something goes bad from my experiments

>> No.10075456

Honestly no exercise, I know it's something I need to do but it's hard to keep up. Life is pretty okay right now. I've finally admitted to myself and my family I'm taking a year off of college so that's some relief I don't have to hold on to anymore. Money's always a bit of a stressor since I've always been poor or poverty level, but I have a job and just got more hours so I have a little more and that's nice.

It's mostly approval from others. My family and parents. Nobody aknowledges or celebrates me on my accomplishments, big or small. It kind of stings.

>> No.10075737

I want to cosplay stuff that I am too fat to be cosplaying.

>> No.10075742 [DELETED] 

I hope every girl gets raped so hard it gives them cervical cancer so they have to spend years getting chemo then die regardless while their parents end up homeless because of the medical bills.

>> No.10075745

Damn you sound like me except replace cosplay with lolita. I'm clinically depressed and almost nothing makes me happy lately. Except food and that's just a vicious cycle where it makes me happy to eat it and then I feel crappy for eating it. I don't even overeat or eat super shitty, usually when I get take out it's a fairly healthy dish with veggies, and say if I get pizza I only eat 2 slices. Still feel like crap about it for some reason.

>> No.10075884
File: 40 KB, 500x500, tumblr_oiifvp0HUJ1qc4uvwo1_500.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I might be a random person on an imageboard, but I'm really rooting for you, anon. Admitting to yourself is a huge step, not easy, and I'm proud of you. Keep doing your best, I'm sure that cosplay you're working on will be awesome!

>> No.10075887
File: 244 KB, 800x600, 1546476760051.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10075891 [DELETED] 

You're too fat for living.

I would say I hope you get raped but fat pigs like you enjoy it too much.

>> No.10076380

That about your family/friends not celebrating your accomplishments suck. Make sure that YOU are celebrating and recognizing them, though. When depressed, it's very easy for the human brain to downplay everything you do good.

>Honestly no exercise, I know it's something I need to do but it's hard to keep up.
So, the thing with exercises is that motivation comes from habit, and not the opposite. So you gotta brute force it in the beginning. Consider starting to wake up early and going to the gym. The first week will be hell, the second week will be slightly better, the 3rd and 4th are more tolerable, and so it goes. It's good for fighting depression: you'll get all the benefits or exercising, improve your body (and self-confidence) and it brings compliments from third-parties - which, according to you, is one of the problems you're facing.

I'm with >>10075884 and also rooting for you. Gambatte, anon!

>> No.10076426

I get thank yous for hosting meets, and other good things happen too like my friends being friends with each other and becoming more active in the comm, but sometimes I want something more. Like a cookie or a bow or a card people signed. I know I'm not a mod, but hosting is work too. I also know I'll probably keep getting thank yous.

>> No.10076467

hey at least if it's AP you can resell easy if not your thing.

>> No.10076557
File: 135 KB, 1145x1457, 1546890934915.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you guys, that really means a lot. There's a gym in my community that is really close to home I've used before, but it is something I have to keep up. I've started developing a couple other good habits, I feel the more I continue the easier it'll be to get my life a little more on track.

I really appreciate your replies!

>> No.10077952
File: 19 KB, 282x350, da4z50k.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hate high tea meets. I'm allergic to eggs, and dislike fish, and there's always sandwiches with tuna/salmon, or mayo/egg. Or fucking custard filled something or other in deserts. Unless the venue is really beautiful and I fill up enough on eyecandy, I don't want to be paying 50 dollars for a quarter of a cucumber sandwich, a scone, and 2 cups of tea at best.

>> No.10077954

I look down on people who cosplay past age ~25

>> No.10077969

Hi I can't eat meat and dairy. Just plan your own meets or talk to the venue, it's 2018, vegan foods are so easy to come by now.

>> No.10077998


Could you ask for a different menu beforehand? The vegetarians in my comm do this.

>> No.10078037

I only found out about conventions at 26 :(

>> No.10078046

caring so much about brand is annoying

>> No.10078074

Learn to like food.

>> No.10078090

Problem with that is you just get generally get a wildly different set of items, even though I may have wanted some of the main spread. Something like cookies and pancakes are fine, but french toast and danishes cause a more severe swelling in my throat. And when you tell them you have an egg allergy, they'll make sure you don't get anything that has even been near an egg. And that means missing out on some tasty things.

If you mean fish, then no. I grew up in Norway and had more fish than I'm ever willing to stomach again. I did my time. Dobby is free.

>> No.10078092 [DELETED] 

Wow it's almost like women are superficial retards completely controlled by social pressure and advertising

>> No.10078097 [DELETED] 

Absolutely based. Women are whores.

>> No.10078100 [DELETED] 

I agree with this.

>> No.10078101 [DELETED] 

>women are controlled by social pressure
>women are whores
>there is social pressure not to be a whore
So, which is it?

>> No.10078103 [DELETED] 

>there is social pressure not to be a whore
From whom? People who care about you like your father? Certainly not all the media you consume written by 50 year old withered slags and guys who want into your pants?

>> No.10078179

So close minded.

>> No.10078186 [DELETED] 

That's not closed minded.

True closed-mindedness is criminalizing love between a man and a girl just because of your ridiculous prejudices.

>> No.10078191
File: 20 KB, 419x427, 1519951479261.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's what happens when your parents hide your gameboy until you eat your fermented fish.

>> No.10078192


>mfw I didn't have a gameboy, tv time, or computer time because my parents wanted me to be good at math

This entire ride is first world problems to the max.

>> No.10078196 [DELETED] 


Trying to make your daughter good at math is like trying to make a chimp a good typist...

>> No.10078198 [DELETED] 
File: 3.45 MB, 4128x3096, 20190113_010236.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10078219 [DELETED] 
File: 110 KB, 1067x600, E56E55DE-4D1F-4E8F-AA4F-22A77AD3797E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10078223 [DELETED] 

Nice argument from a bigot

>An academic conference held at the University of Cambridge said that pedophilia interest is “natural and normal for males”, and that “at least a sizable minority of normal males would like to have sex with children, and normal males are aroused by children.”


>> No.10078224 [DELETED] 
File: 208 KB, 540x300, 233D0217-B068-468B-8CBE-EDFD11A93D9D.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Men are still a fucking mistake

>> No.10078226 [DELETED] 

>being a bigot against natural and normal sexuality in 2019

>> No.10078231 [DELETED] 
File: 144 KB, 378x506, 9C4C5F35-8BA6-4070-AEF7-46B523711027.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

men will always be a mistake

>> No.10078234 [DELETED] 

What's your point? Acting on those desires has always been the issue.

>> No.10078239 [DELETED] 

I just want to end bigotry and promote love tolerance

>> No.10078241 [DELETED] 

How does shitposting help achieve these goals?

>> No.10078258 [DELETED] 

Anything to encourage love and tolerance while simultaneously upsetting idiots who are so confident in their superficial morality as well as roasties who get upset by the fact younger women are more attractive.

>> No.10078276 [DELETED] 
File: 257 KB, 540x336, tumblr_inline_pee1rgFdNB1r9lzvo_540.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10078310 [DELETED] 

Stop fucking replying to him and just report. Istg that pathetic faggot keeps coming back because you just have to eat the bait every single time.

>> No.10078857

But older characters look bad when done by someone under 25 anon. So long as you stick with age appropriate characters you can cosplay your whole life.

>> No.10078858

Picky eaters are the worst

>> No.10078866

I look down on girls who get into lolita for the prints and other tacky OTT shit. I realize that the fashion is now more popular than ever before, but it feels like its lost it's "spirit" and at this point in time has evolved into something completely different than what it used to be, and it has died in a way... and imo if you're into it for the aforementioned prints and OTT fuckery, then you aren't truly a lolita.

>> No.10078877

I totally agree.

>> No.10079104 [DELETED] 

>I look down on girls

>> No.10079136

detailed prints have been a thing for more than a decade anon

>> No.10079138

The ugly history of the Atlanta comm is the sole reason why I won't move there from the sleepy Georgia town I currently live in

>> No.10079140

I have a feeling anon is referring to the newbies who post "omg bunnies!!! I want every dress with bunnies on it!" and neglect to treat the clothes as higher fashion. There's a different intention between wanting the lolita silhouette and putting bunnies on it, and putting together mediocre coord after mediocre coord because you want to wear all the cute bunny prints.

>> No.10079187

I want to wear all the cute bunny prints and I'm not ashamed.

>> No.10079189

shit dude, lucky. my parents wouldn't even consider shelling out enough money for misty sky even though they have the money. enjoy your dress!

>> No.10079210 [DELETED] 

Gulls, how do you deal with feelings for an older relative?

>> No.10079227

Same, like I have some standards. Not out buying every taobao dress I like. But you better believe when there is brand or offbrand in my themes in a cut I like that I get it

>> No.10079231

>Pay final invoice for second biggest dream dress and some other items
>suddenly can't login anymore
>mail SS
>they killed my account, refuse to give me a refund and will dispose my items

>> No.10079235

And why did they do that? I feel like we're not getting the whole story here.

>> No.10079237

I would love to know but they wrote they can't even give me the reason.

>> No.10079273

>New lolitas in our comm complain about not wanting to wear pettis in lolita fashion
>insert notthisshitagain.jpg
>Straight into the ita list with a polite smile

>> No.10079286

But then they're not wearing lolita?

>> No.10079292

Why all lolitas gotta be so stingy about who wears what?

>> No.10079306

>stingy about who wears what
Because fashion is about what you wear, and lolita is a fashion? If you don't like talking about that or don't want to wear lolita, don't join a lolita com. We don't care what you wear outside of it...

>> No.10079308

You should be more accepting and tolerant of people who identify as lolitas, even if they don't meet the criteria.

>> No.10079420
File: 43 KB, 324x327, 1541097479611.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I am the person who was posting "Man I just really love lolita" in the feels threads for about a year
>also did the recent twitter thread
>stopped posting in the feels thread because a girl in my comm started interrupting IRL conversations at meets with "Man I just really love lolita"
>tfw same girl started talking publically about the lolita twitter thread I posted too
It's nice she's enjoying the thread but I wonder if she'd still feel that way if she knew it was me wjk made it. I wonder what she'd think if she knew that her overuse killed the other meme too.

>> No.10079427

>>I am the person who was posting "Man I just really love lolita" in the feels threads for about a year
No you aren't. What do you get out of lying about this, lol? Also what twitter thread?

>> No.10079429

Lolitas look down on everyone, not sure how this is a confession haha

>> No.10079430

>identify as lolitas
Lolitas at heart aren't lolitas, no matter how much they like to pretend they are.

>> No.10079432

im willing to bet money several of your favorite cosplayers are over 25. live and let live anon, why are you so worried about someone else's age?

>> No.10079437


What's the point of calling it a dream dress if you have 20 of them? that's just being entitled.

>> No.10079439

I wish I could prove it to you, but I can't. Multiple people did post, but it was me around 3/4ths of the time until late last September. Is it that hard to believe that a lolita would post it and not a crossboarder?

The twitter thread is here >>10076586, sorry the summaries/translations aren't great. I just wanted to share something I saw and thought was nice

>> No.10079441

Got a few.

On and off friend gifted me an ap dress two years ago. have only worn it a couple of times, decided to re-home it and sell it to an acquaintance. feel slightly guilty and hoping she doesnt notice i sold the dress to someone else. but to be fair i've given my friend several dresses.

know someone that gets posted here pretty frequently. know she's just buying shit for the clout so i'm somewhat pleased its backfiring

know someone else who's account got reported at over 12k followers for her nudes and now she's down to 3k. also happy about that since she's an insufferable cunt back when i was friends with her. i wish her the best and hope her fake tits don't pop soon, i hear those are expensive and she couldn't afford them in the first place

>> No.10079442

I already said I'm sorry. I can't delete my post now, but next thread on I'll only post the two dresses I've been looking for for a very long time. I'll put the others in bst. I really don't know what else you want me to do.

>> No.10079444

you don't have to respond to me anon, you're already doing what you need to do.

>> No.10079451

Sorry anon, I though you implied you were the one who started it. You don't have to prove anything, I know you were very diligent, heh.
And I thought you meant a thread on twitter. The translation/summaries are fine, thanks for sharing.

>> No.10079529

LERF alert, block and stay safe everyone!

>> No.10079583
File: 208 KB, 323x221, 1545807254513.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10079585

shit, I meant that for this comment >>10079308
I suck.

>> No.10079589


I like Liquid Effluent Retention Facility, but I'm pretty sure that's not what this anon thinks LERF stands for.

>> No.10079644

Which SS is this??

>> No.10079650

It's a play on TERF, Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist. They're retarded cunts. Replace Trans with Lolita.

>> No.10079711
File: 572 KB, 1698x1061, 6681F49D-9264-492E-83AC-060ED5A43910.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>still buys shit like figures and shirts at cons
>still debating on working at my shitty job (planning to look for another job and give my 2 weeks when I get the gig once I finished with ALA)
>forgot that I ordered a 4 day AX pass months ago and other factors that made me extend my stay at my shit job

>> No.10079715

I can't keep up with the acronyms these days since they seem to change every week. Thanks

>> No.10079734


If you’re alluding to who I think it is, you’re kind of cunty. I don’t like her but now I feel sorry she has friends like you.

>> No.10080088

TERFs do not exist. Radfems include transmen in feminism because they’re biologically female and therefore face sex-based oppression regardless of how they identify. They only exclude biological men, which is why they get painted as nazis who deserve rape and death threats since men cannot handle rejection from women.

>> No.10081162

Fucking buyee. I had to file a charge-back now because they're so stubborn. Hurray for spending another 4 years to find my dream dress I guess.. Or they'll resell my stuff and I have to enter the bidding war all over again. Never again.
I meant to post the original post in the feels thead btw, sorry.

>> No.10081180

Case in point, this is your brain on TERF.

>> No.10081185

>Lolitas look down on everyone
Why is this? I don't think there's anything wrong with ita threads/fashion critiques/etc, and I understand being frustrated with careless and obnoxious people, but why are lolita communities so full of gatekeeping elitist jerks? Shouldn't more lolitas be interested in having a charming, harmoniously-coordinated self to match their clothes?

>> No.10081187

>New lolitas in our comm complain about not wanting to wear pettis in lolita fashion
>not wanting to wear pettis
The fuck? Is this common? I don't understand how anyone could get into lolita without wanting to wear a petti.

>> No.10081188

nayrt but don't think the lolitas you see online (or even worse, here on 4chan) as representative of all lolitas...

>> No.10081203

Don't talk shit on bunnies dumb slag

>> No.10081225

all lolitas are lovelies uwu

>> No.10081236
File: 33 KB, 349x406, lovelies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Next you'll say that you think all goths should be constantly brooding. I'm all for being polite and charming but not as a false personality to match what I'm wearing, that's ridiculous.
And as for the community, it's welcoming and accepting to an absurd degree, to the point where we're afraid of rejecting people who actively harm us (fetishists and other sexual predators, for example) lest they'll call us "bullies" and "bitches". From what I gather, the vast majority of people who think the lolita community is elitist and full of gatekeepers, have never even interacted with us at all.

>> No.10081237
File: 10 KB, 236x173, FB_IMG_1514906438456.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10081259
File: 14 KB, 361x339, WyeHpFE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


bunnies sure is a weird one to target when most lolitas are cat ladies.

Also >>10081203.

>> No.10081261

>the vast majority of people who think the lolita community is elitist and full of gatekeepers, have never even interacted with us at all
I wonder what saintly comms you're part of if you honestly think this.

>> No.10081269

I used to domme at a dungeon and always secretly hoped to run into clients around town and startle them.

>> No.10081273

I get the same impression whenever I read those posts. And I'm 99% sure we are thinking of the same person (although I have never met her IRL). Likes to just offhand mention how smart she is and what she is studying in school.

>> No.10081281

Lmao no "saintly" communities are involved, just speaking from experience, from people I've talked to directly and from things I've seen on social media. Not even talking about the international community in general, though it applies to it too; there was an instance when a girl who's never interacted with my local community decided that we're elitists because our meetups are for lolitas only, and she's also decided that we're all brandwhores when the majority of the comm doesn't even own any brand at all. People have bizarre misconceptions about lolitas based on god knows what, you don't have to be in a "saintly" community to see this.

>> No.10081285

yes holy fuck

>> No.10081296

>and whether your parents care about you or not
I didn't come here for that feel.

>> No.10081306

When I first started coming to cgl, I always saw the DD thread having loads of posts featuring many dresses in a collage. So I built a list of dresses I really wanted to buy so I could post in that thread and find what I wanted since I only like certain dresses. This is the first time I'm seeing a complaint about it. But I already really love and want those specific dresses. I post in b/s/t for smaller purchases like socks, shoes, headwear, etc. And to sell stuff. Selling things actually makes that thread thrive so... I don't know I think people can love many dresses.

>> No.10081330

no not really. you're thinking of cosplayers who get into character lol. you only need to wear the fashion to be a lolita, you don't need to put on a fake uwu lovely person to qualify as one. being that most of the community is in their 20s, that would have become apparent. the whole point of the fashion is to be rebellious, there's no need to paint this unrealistic picture of perfectly behaved, well dressed ladies.

also, im not promoting elitism. i don't think it's right to be a dick, lolitas do so much in extremes that many of them cannot process the idea of having basic social etiquette. hence 4chan, btb, and other wonderful cesspools for us to float around in

>> No.10081332

i think people can love many dresses, i don't disagree. but when you make a huge "dream dress" collage (and you know what I'm talking about), and asking for help to locate all of these dresses, it makes you look like a selfish twat. dream dresses are essentially holy grail dresses for the seeker, while i agree it's okay to have more than one, to give that title to a whole table of dresses is unfair to those that only have a couple and don't seek to impose help locating 10+ dresses.

>> No.10081339

Is 9 OK?

Same, anon. I thought lists with different tiers and stuff like that was encouraged, more fool me. I look for dresses for everyone no matter how many they've posted, but I like it when people post a lot because it makes it more likely I'll actually find something for them

>> No.10081681
File: 66 KB, 1440x495, 1542330386739.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>that wardrobe gatekeeping
Dream about as many dresses as you want, and don't let unnecessary salt levels stop you. That anon can't love more than 10 dresses because they have a tiny heart.

>> No.10081684
File: 42 KB, 500x283, large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I only want Holy Lantern because everyone else already had it

>> No.10081739

Yeah, this sounds very familiar. I only got involved with my local cosplay and convention community through mutual friends after being part of the local lolita community for years, and I was very surprised to find that it’s “common knowledge” that the local lolita community is full of elitist bullies who won’t talk to you unless you’re rich, super skinny and wearing brand from head to toe. Like, everyone knows this, because their friend’s cousin’s dog went to a meet-up once and they called her an ita and ripped up her dress like the evil stepsisters in Cinderella.

When I tell people that half my wardrobe is handmade and I’ve only ever received positive feedback about that, and that one popular comm member has a successful shop selling custom handmade lolita pieces, they accuse me of lying. Lolitas hate everything that’s not a $500 brand dress! It is known! We’re also super fatphobic and bully anyone who’s not model-skinny out of the community! Those group pictures where you can see that 1/3 of the comm is chubby or overweight? W-well those are fake, or that was just a one-time thing, because everyone knows lolitas shun fat people. It is known.

I can’t speak for other comms but I think my comm’s reputation was mostly shaped by people who join the FB group without doing any research and then get mad when we answer their questions honestly. No, you probably won’t find good quality lolita dresses on AliExpress for under $25. No, your favorite AP print doesn’t comfortably go up to a 120cm bust. Sorry but that’s just how it is. Maybe you could save up a bit and look for secondhand pieces or commission a custom-sized - aaand she has left in a huff. Okay, we tried.

Sometimes we get new members who at their first or second meet admit that they expected us to be awful people but were pleasantly surprised by how normal we are. I wonder what happens when these girls go back to their con friends and share their experience.

>> No.10081854

Having that many is one thing, posting them all in the DD thread expecting others to look for 20 dresses is another.

>> No.10081891

Selfish twat? What the heck are you projecting onto other gulls here? It's not entitled to post 10 dresses you're seeking. No one is obligated to find them all for someone! If they trimmed it to say, 6 dresses, but I had 2 of the ones they didn't post and they still really wanted them, I'd never know or be able to sell to them. I don't get this. It's just a general 'hey these dresses are my dream. If you happen to see one, thanks in advance if you hook me up', not "how dare you not seek out all these dresses for me!'.

Calm down.

>> No.10081904
File: 155 KB, 700x1079, 9964AC73-47D5-4186-8C43-AF6ADACF81A2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Defending a spoiled brat for no reason at all here mate

>> No.10081910

This isn’t always practical though- I’m vegan and went to a meetup at a high tea and was forced to just order a pitiful vegan wrap and a pot of tea. Sucked seeing everyone enjoy lovely meals. I also find that the gluten free people in my comm get jipped out of desserts and such. For example one meet a girl got the inserts of the sandwich but no desserts as the host failed to tell the place she was gf. At another event she got jipped out of a soup, scones, and dessert :/ the only upside is she doesn’t eat much but still sucks she has to waste so much money

>> No.10081911

What you should do is if you find one of the collage poster's dream dresses, post the link in the thread so a scalper gets it

>> No.10081912

Some people have allergies and dislike stuff, chill.

>> No.10081914

Wait wtf? Post screen caps and let us know who the SS is. Wtf happened? What did you do?

>> No.10081923 [DELETED] 

Oh girl I’m forced to stay at my shit job for at least another three years. I work full time and go to college full time. The only benefit of this job is that it’s slow and I can do my homework at work. But I went from making 21 an hour to 15, no paid time off until I’ve been here a year (which no other job has done to me), I work the job of six people (customer service, account manager, logistics, janitor, product tester, etc.). I’m staying because the last time I tried switching jobs I had a hard time finding anything good, being able to go to job interviews as my last job was short on employees and despite having pto they wouldn’t give me the time off, so I spent the first half of the year in and out of jobs with no health insurance and having to go to college. Basically just going to wait until my senior year to bounce

>> No.10081926

I’ve always worried about not being/having the personality for Lolita as most girls in my comm are introverted, shy, lesbian, eat small amounts of food. Whereas I’m a gamer, love sex with my bf and sucking cock, love to eat, curse, etc. of course I’m not a fucking incel and talking about that shit to them but I always felt weird. Then I realized it- I’m an adult, I pay my bills, I’m free, as long as I’m not rude to them I can act anyway I want or be myself. As such I’ve never faced any gatekeeping from my comm.

>> No.10081931

Please stop, that's really ugly. The rest is like whatever, but that part annoys me so much when I run into it.

>> No.10081943

Really doubtful about the "not a fucking incel and talking about that shit to them" part if you felt the need to tell us how much of a special lolita you are just because you like fucking your bf. Consider this: most people are not smol shy prude lolitas in their private life, they just know how to fucking behave themselves at a comm meeting.

>> No.10081945

>i'm worried because i'm not like the other girls!!
>acts just like any other e-girl

>> No.10081959

I'm glad they're nice to you because you sound insufferable. But everyone deserves friends I guess

>> No.10081963

how old are you that you can't handle adults swearing like adults

>> No.10081965

>adults swearing like adults
Nayrt but if you swear constantly you sound immature, not like an adult.

>> No.10081969

>adults swearing like adults
you do realize the majority of people who think cursing is a fun personality trait are teenage boys, right

>> No.10081972

As the others said, swearing is a juvenile thing. The more you do it, the less meaningful it becomes too, so what's even the point? I curse when I'm platinum mad, but that's it.

>> No.10082028

sounds like someone let the classic lolita get on the internet. Shouldn't you be like stalking some plain solid dress on lm for way too much money

wow i'm glad you all have the personality of my 65 year old grandmother

>> No.10082033

you sound like an /r9k/ roleplayer

>> No.10082034

Lol I guess I can see that, desu I haven’t really had much experience with friends outside of Lolita or friends in gaming/anime/etc. I never said I was unique, I just said I was worried about not fitting in because I’m weird. But whatever I’m just a cocksucker at the end of the day

>> No.10082040

wow I'm glad you're a literal 15 year old edgy 4chan baby

>> No.10082292

The problem is you, not the person expressing themselves with curse words. Get over yourself.

>> No.10082295

>the problem is you, not the person taking a shit on the table

>> No.10082312
File: 44 KB, 586x577, I tell you what.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hope this is larping because its super cringey if its genuine. Acting like the other girls in your comm don't enjoy sex or whatever else because they aren't loud obnoxious sluts in public. geez

>> No.10082367

Way to go you just did a curse

>> No.10082368

>swearing is a juvenile thing
Then why did my boss tell me I was quote, "kicking ass out there" and then give me a promotion?

>> No.10082378

Many men are crude.
Being crude is not a pleasant attribute in anyone, but specially not in women.


>> No.10082486


Where did you get I'm mad lol. Just pointing out there are worse things in the world, and not all places will cater to your "I can't eat X and won't eat Y and I won't choose the vegan option because it sux :("

>> No.10082492

Then they won't get her business in the future.

>> No.10082493


Then her comm doesn't have to listen to her whine all tea. Win win for everyone.

>> No.10082500
File: 160 KB, 696x766, ovXwtup.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I never whine. I just go, eat the things I can eat without my throat swelling up, or reminding me of my ugly childhood memories, and confess about it secretly on an anonymous board.

>> No.10082508

>or remind me of my ugly childhood memories
Fucking lol, that sounds like a you problem. If common foods trigger you so much, either don't go or bring your own food. It's on you for not asking the establishment prior like an adult.

>> No.10082525

Who hurt you?

>> No.10082529

I know that the truth hurts sometimes. You should probably see a pro.

>> No.10082533
File: 257 KB, 320x583, ho6Ii2l.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Likewise. It's one thing to not enjoy foods, but being this triggered by picky eaters to this degree must be exhausting.

>> No.10082789

I'm a filthy crossboarder who comes here to quietly wish i had a cute craft-y GF because it would really fit with my own hobbies

>> No.10082792 [DELETED] 

Why is sex with kids wrong if its harmless and virginity doesnt matter?

Seems like everyone benefits.

>> No.10082812

I absolutely hate Alice in wonderland themes in lolita. I just can't stand them. It also seems to be a favourite of itas, especially with the striped white and black stockings. YUCK

>> No.10082813

Now I’m intrigued. Does this person also bring up her taste in music and sports at every possible opportunity? I haven’t checked in on RC for months but when I still paid attention to my notifications like half of the RC ones would be from her talking about her super unique unlolita interests. Girl, we get it. You’re ~not like the other lolitas~. Good for you.

Actually >>10081926 sounds like something she’d post, except nothing about the grammar or syntax jumps out to me in this case. Might simply be another person with the same kind of attitude.

lol this. Nobody’s a prissy princess 24/7 but most of us know better than to talk about our sex life with acquaintances or scream and curse loudly in nice restaurants, especially with other patrons present. There’s a middle ground between being an UwU lolita lifestyler and acting like an embarrassing edgy teenager in public, and it’s called being a normal adult.

>> No.10082832

Is your bf in the military by any chance

>> No.10083004

>taste in music
Yes, although I haven't paid enough attention to RC in the past 6 months to remember if she talks about sports as well. She comes across like she may have read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo too many times. She also crosses her legs at the ankle in every photo.

>> No.10083007


>> No.10083033 [DELETED] 

Every little girl wants to find her prince charming to sweep her off her feet and be her one and only love. They expect the best but many of them fail, things break down and it fails. These girls are forever used goods from this point on as they will jump from relationship to relationship and proclaim how happy they are. They're not. So they have to delude themselves into thinking their lifestyle is best; they become the crabs in the bucket pulling all others down with them all because of their own failed romance.

Just look at the bitterness and vitriol that comes from these elderly women in this thread directed at those who just have the desire to date a girl they dont approve of. This is the attitude of all these used-goods women and it's so sad.

>> No.10083066

Teenage incel from /r9k/ detected

>> No.10084261 [DELETED] 

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>> No.10084299 [DELETED] 

Haha wouldn't it be funny if a guy stuck his penor into your cervix and he ejaculated and your womb overflowed with cummies hahahhaha? So awkward?

>> No.10084300

Haha that would be so funny haha

>> No.10084301

Haha what a funny prank

>> No.10084312

I accidentally burnt some lace while I was ironing my dresses.
Forgive me Mana-sama.

>> No.10084493

>You have to remember that no matter what, if you do sex work
How many of the gulls do this? We never got much into this subject the last round. There is a lot of money in it and the transition camgirl to escort is said to be fluid.

>> No.10084517

This is the worst, when people don't take GF seriously. I'm actually allergic to gluten and it's fucking annoying when people just think im joining in on a fad, like no I'd just prefer not to break out in hives, thanks.

>> No.10084692

I don't know what's so great about Voodoodolly's accessories. People seem to kiss her ass over that cheap over rated junk.

>> No.10084703

Completely agree. I'm celiac and nobody takes me seriously. Restaurants still ask me why I can't just pick the croutons out of my salad. I am also allergic to dairy and it gives me hives so I feel your pain anon.

>> No.10084713

I'm lucky to get $50 and a card. I can't imagine $200

>> No.10084721
File: 32 KB, 345x437, 1531160567398.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't know why people are shitting on you. I've been there.
the problem isn't that the item is not good, it's the guilt. My parents don't get that i love lolita and buy me expensive clothes and i constantly have to pretend to like it, only to never wear it and feel guilty. I am afraid to tell my parents i don't like the clothes because they get really angry. It just feels so bad knowing they spend money on things for me, with good intentions, and not liking the things.

It's really sweet your parents are trying to help you with your hobby and they don't treat you badly because you love lolita. You have wonderful parents. I'm glad you will at least pretend to be happy with it.

>> No.10084754
File: 949 KB, 1000x1000, example.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The best way to have an easily mixable wardrobe is to have a lot of things that go with other things. Look for common colors and themes in your wardrobe and start getting things to match. Maybe you have some of those things already, but don't see it because you're so stuck on how things "should" look. Go and look at the stuff you have, mix it up a bit, you might be surprised at what fits. Here are three dresses that can be paired with both of these two blouses despite having different colors, styles, and themes.

>> No.10084858

this should just be a lolita broad.
i hate cosplay

>> No.10084859

but where will i go?

>> No.10084865

I fucking love watching Yumi King sewing videos. Her husband and lifestyle creep me out and some of her pattern drafting and hot glue techniques are extremely questionable, but I think she has a lot of cute ideas to draw inspiration from, and watching her make something is super satisfying.

>> No.10084875

I hate Lolita so here we are LOL

>> No.10085058

You can blame the picky eaters who pretend to be allergic or intolerant to foods they don’t like “because it’s easier that way”. My comm is full of people like this, who go on these little power trips whining to the staff because there’s an almond on top of this here bonbon and they simply CANNOT abide almonds!!1 only to later concede that okay, they won’t actually have an adverse reaction and sure, they can just pick it off if they don’t want it. They’ll still complain about the service, of course.
I swear some of these girls enjoy needling food service workers and believe that acting like a high maintenance diva makes them more lolita somehow, like the princess on the pea. I can’t really blame our regular venues for not taking lolitas seriously anymore.

>> No.10085099


>> No.10085173

Or maybe just respect people's dietary needs and preferences. Like ok, your comm has an insufferable bitch, but that's a her problem. I don't blame picky eaters for people not taking my gluten allergy seriously, I blame the shitty people who don't take my gluten allergy seriously.

>> No.10092545

this is why all women are whores meme exists

>> No.10092594

I've been thinking of quitting Lolita for many years and rarely wear it these days.
My confidence has hit an all time low, I'm kinda depressed and it stops me from wearing it.
But I can't stop buying things, going on cgl to join the discussions and can't part with the (many) things I own.
And when I don't buy what I want which then sells out shortly after, or lose an auction, I feel like crap and a fool.
It's becoming a large-ish collection really, and been feeling guilty about it.
It's like an addiction and I'm afraid to quit cause it will make me feel empty inside cause I have no other real hobbies.
It would save me a lot of money, but then again, what else am I going to blow my money on anyway?

>> No.10092601

i was bullied not to a very bad extent in high school, but i was called some really nasty names by kids who shouldn't matter, particularly on my looks

it gives me more happiness than i care to admit that my follower count on ig now numbers more than said high school and people consider me beautiful now

i have friends who are close, a fulfilling career, and a loving boyfriend. why the fuck do i feel this way about people i don't know liking my shit.

>> No.10092609

I don't get it when someone doesn't take an allergy or intolerance seriously. I suppose they lack understanding.
It's not the same as being picky or following a special diet by choice.
I do think there are shitty people that pretend to be allergic or intolerant for either attention or to force others to do what they want.
They give the real ones (us) a bad name.
I have so many intolerances, I will not to eat or drink (not even a sip of water) when I have to travel cause that combined with stress give me the shits, literally.
And I hide it cause I'm ashamed and afraid that people think I want attention, pity, etc. or think I have an eating disorder.
I'm thin and some (fat) people I've worked with spread rumors that I was anorexic which isn't cool.
And I don't want to force or limit people, for them to change their plans to include me, it's not their fault I'm chronically ill.
So I mostly stay away from meets involving tea parties, eating, etc.

>> No.10092613

Have you thought about learning to play a musical instrument? You still get to shop, you can take lessons or classes, join a community irl or online, and have something else to focus on. Learning a foreign language is another good option, then spend some money on travel!

>> No.10092616

I couldn't agree more. My food allergies are so severe that they send me into anaphylactic shock. I'm terrified to eat out at most places because one resort restaurant didn't take my food allergies seriously and I went into anaphylactic shock and had to go to the hospital. I don't even go to meet ups anymore that involve food. It's embarrassing when people ask me why I bring my own food and tell me to take lactaid. Even tea parties I don't bother attending because I'm basically paying to drink tea and chat with others. Last tea party meet that inquired about, I got blown off. The host/mod said that she did not hear back from the restaurant and would contact them again but never did.

>> No.10092618

>It's like an addiction and I'm afraid to quit cause it will make me feel empty inside cause I have no other real hobbies.
Shopping addictions are very real and unfortunately almost constantly glorified and downplayed in lolita. The only one who can give you proper help is a good therapist who will help you figure out what exactly makes you feel this way and how to tackle it in a more efficient way than buying stuff to fill a hole. Eventually you'll be able to use your money in a way that benifits you the most and gives you much more than any purchase can.
Please don't take addictions lightly and if possible, stay away from lolita communities for a while. It only makes matters worse.

>> No.10092637

I love the way it looks and I follow with the community I'm just too ugly to wear it even though I weigh 90 pounds. I don't have that confidence to pull it off, I couldn't wear it any better than the people that get made fun of on here so I just help my friends with it. + Pretend I wear it online.

>> No.10092639

>Pretend I wear it online
Don't do this. You don't have to wear the fashion if it doesn't make you happy, but don't pretend you wear it. We can more often than not tell that you're lying and no one likes you for it.

>> No.10092641

I have a decent sized following on Instagram, but it’ll never be enough. I’m so depressed and insecure and hungry for attention. Every time I get a new follower, I get a little bit excited, but that excitement fades within 10 seconds and the insecure voice in my head comes back telling me that I need more. I’m afraid that this feeling will last forever

>> No.10092649


I had a good stretch for some time about feeling really good about my follower count despite being tiny, but with the recent change in IG algorithms my likes have been dropping and it's just got me all down again. I feel you though, the whole hyping random likers to be validation is really toxic.

>> No.10092698

Last time I wore lolita outside was two years ago. I understand you about lying to wear lolita. Sometimes I believe I am no longer a lolita. I dress only around the house exactly like I do with my kimonos that I never took outside. I plan and buy constantly new coords and I just prepared one for easter even if I know I will never wear it outside

>> No.10096445

agreed, her husband looks old enough to be her dad. her vids are very satisfying to watch too