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How do professional cosplayers make money from their work?
Is it all Patreon or there's a business outside of that?
Sorry if it's a stupid question.

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Some of them get paid by publishers to do stuff. Maul Cosplay works with Bethesda (what a sellout, lol), but also smaller cosplayers create stuff for publishers and they give it away at parties or send it to "influencers".

Patreon is one option to get money out of your hobby without selling your soul for a franchise. Many people from the fallout cosplay scene even defend Fallout 76 - but i dont blame them.

Which dog would bite a feeding hand?

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By "publishers" you mean those who publish the original content that the character they cosplay is from?
Are there cosplay publications (like magazines and websites) that pay you to do an article on you, like in some other industries?

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-selling prints of their photos
-becoming a "booth babe" for various companies
-If they have a large enough of a following, they can become an influence and be send various things to model/advertise.

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Do they also do the sponsored social media posts like Instagram celebrities?

Also, is this only for females, or it's also profitable for male cosplayers?

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Physically fit, attractive males can also make a buck. But there's definitely less of them.

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Can say, the top male cosplayer, make a similar amount to what a successful (but not the top) female cosplayer?

If female cosplayers make money from thirsty males (just an assumption, correct me if I'm wrong), do male ones make money from thirsty females?

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I guess you could consider me a “professional” cosplayer, even though I just do it as a side job.
I have 300k followers. It’s really easy to make money. You can ask your followers to donate (I personally don’t because it looks trashy imo), do patreon, etc. The best way is through sponsorships. When I was about 90k I started getting offers for paid collaborations. I usually get around $3k per sponsored post now. I also charge money if cons want me as a guest. I charge $800 per day plus transportation, hotel, and 1 meal per day. I also require a booth to sell my own prints and merchandise. Obviously rates are negotiable, but these are the base prices I start off with.

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Forgot to add, the downside to this is that it’s not consistent money. Sometimes I have 3 collaborations in 1 month, sometimes I only have 1 in 3 months. Since I don’t rely on this for my main income, it gives me freedom to reject collaborations from shitty companies or lower paying ones.

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Thank you very much.

Can you tell me more about sponsorrships?
What do they involve exactly?

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The thing is that most of the male character cosplayers are also girls, there is a reason why knite, ashcer and Co... are so popular. They are girls playing as cute Anime bishies and cute bishies attract way more thirsty teens to cons and mass more followers.

Actual male cosplayers that are also famous are a rarity, I don't even know male cosplayers that sell seminudes of them, while I have female paid cosplayers that are also friends of mine.

So I can't say if there is a gap. But judging by the numbers... This is a female dominated field

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Usually I get sent the product and then I post a picture with it. I don’t want to look like a sellout so I usually only accept sponsorships that go with my aesthetic (aka no hair vitamins because I only use wigs, etc.) There’s usually a requirement set by the company that they want you to say “____” and use specific hashtags. To keep it from looking too sponsored I usually reword it myself and send my intended caption back over for approval. You also are usually required to send the content you intend to post back to them for approval. Sometimes you’ll have to redo it if it doesn’t meet the company’s standards. There’s generally a contract in place requiring certain things, so if the company is asking for more than the contract requires, you can also try to fight that. A management company helps a lot, but I don’t feel the need for one.

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Got it, thank you very much.

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Interesting thank you. Did you start off with 'free' sponsored posts from companies that send you products and stuff (same for convention appearances including travel and stay ofcourse)? And at what point did you feel like you could ask money for it?
I want to make this jump too, since a lot of people ask me what kind of products and tools I use, but of course I don't make any money when I tell or link them my products.

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In the beginning I did some product for posts, but the companies you do this for absolutely won’t pay you in the future because they expect you to just do it for free. I stopped accepting product for post after I started feeling overwhelmed by just how much stuff I was getting and realizing that the time I put into doing the photo wasn’t worth free stuff that I didn’t even really want that much. There wasn’t an exact point that I remember, but it was probably around 50-75k that I started replying to any promotional inquiries stating that I don’t make promotional posts without payment and only accept products without obligatory posting.
If you want to make the jump, I’d just start saying it to companies who approach you (unless you actually want one of their products). Eventually if you seem like you’re open to posting sponsored stuff, more companies will approach you. Companies tend not to approach influencers who seem like they don’t do sponsorships (aka no tagged products, no company mentions, etc.), so you have to find the right balance where companies will notice you, but you don’t seem like a huge sellout to your audience.

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spreading their ass as far is it can go and pouring patreon bucks in it.

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the thing with thirtsy females is, that they still have it easier to get a man, than a thirsty male
(yeah, sorry for that incel post, but it's true)

may I ask, what's your mainjob is then? (something which doesn't really collides with your sidejob I guess)

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Twitch also

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her proportions are so....bizarre

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I knew Katelyn years ago. She used to be a pretty okay cosplayer. Did a cool Frodo but then she started being a THOT, got a boob/ass job and is about to now start a porn career.

I always wonder, what happened. She's embarrassing now.

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If a male cosplayer is making money via Patreon/whatever, they're either a skilled crafter and imparting knowledge or they're being just as thotty as most female cosplayers but their audience is probably more gay males than females.

Fuck this idiotic twit. Still can't believe she claimed she was being targeted by racists for being kicked out of a gym for being white, BY THE WHITE STAFF!

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>How do professional cosplayers make money from their work?
There's an answer for that, but I'm not sure you want to hear it.

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It's a extremely hard "business" to make profitable, and takes waaaayyy more work (and a quite a bit of luck) than people realize. There's sooooo many cosplayers that want to become "cosplay famous" and become the next Jessica Nigri, YaYa, Stella Chu, or VampyBitMe. Those girls got lucky and became "cosplay famous" as the cosplay scene was starting to explode 10 years ago, and got their foot stuck in the door, and have managed to ride it for what it's worth. It's way harder to reach that same level now because of all the competition out there. Even if you do, do you want to deal with all the drama and haters that come with it? As for guys, it takes twice as much work to get a fraction of the fame that the ladies get.

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We're these number through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? Or just a combination? Really interested thread, and I appreciate your input! I would like to be a pro cosplayer but I'm a dude and thus it's going to be harder. I plan on focusing on the big name companies for my cosplay, bungie, blizzard, Activision and such. I figured if I can get super detailed I can grab their attention.

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What the fuck is going on here? This is not cute at all.

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>The thing is that most of the male character cosplayers are also girls

Worst part of it to be honest. Girls always end up getting all of the attention even when they're just a pale imitation of the real thing. I sometimes wonder whether cosplayers find ricardo so triggering because he is so masculine. But hey, one day they'll start testosterone therapy like idiots and go bald, so that's something I guess.

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League of legends often hires cosplayers for promotional events. But it takes a lot of work and persistent posting. Post on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, twitch and tumblr of it hasn’t been set on fire yet. You simply have to get yourself out there. Hire some good photographers to take your photos, invest in the profession. Working our, staying in shape, caring about your body image is mainly key to getting more and more traction. Editing is alright but don’t edit yourself into a new shape entirely because all that will do is make people laugh when they see you actually. A lot of cosplayers are also regular twitch streamers and have decent setups there to generate interactions with their community. Interacting with your community is essentially free advertisement and pulls more people into seeing you. Making tutorials and videos of you making your cosplays help a lot because it’s sharing the trade with everyone else. It takes a lot of focus and investing to get somewhere but that’s how it is for all self published professions.

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Interesting post, thanks for sharing.
Just a question: do you mark sponsored posts as such?

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NAYRT but usually cosplayers will have a discount code to give out that makes it pretty obvious it's sponsored. I think most cosplayers will outright say it though, or something along the lines to make it clear they were given the items.

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leon chiro does. But hes an ass so not really the best example

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tag their social media. As much as it seems embarassing or 'notice me!!' it works. I was hired for a massive video game promo job last year while i only have a couple of thousand followers and the event manager was outright like 'this is why we want you guys to tag us'

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>male cosplayers can't be as successful as the females

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please, stop that meme

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This but the other one anon didin't mention I've seen is doing commissions, if you're a good enough cosplayer on the technical side and start getting some attention people may approach you to make them x piece or x cosplay. I'm not sure how profitable that is overall though, I imagine in the price range that would actually be worthwhile to complete there aren't a lot of customers.

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Selling their sexuality because that is where a young woman's power lies.

Smart I suppose, if you don't value your dignity.

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Did it hit you?

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not really, it's just old

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I guess they never miss huh?

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Her tits and ass are really bad fakes

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I cant believe Nigri was dethroned after all these years

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Kek that’ll be the day
Still jelly she’s got a giant sonico in her house

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Didn't this girl just get doxed?

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i will never understand the obsession with this girl. i know she makes a bunch of pedos happy but she photoshops her face like crazy

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>average $64 per patron
sounds fucking fake, lads.

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I hate what's happened to cosplay. I wish I'd never been part of this garbage hobby.

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Yes. To make a long story short, she had been selling the nudes of other girls, claiming them as her own and the incels got mad.

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She has plenty of videos you can see her face unshopped

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I can't believe people like this. she's ugly af and looks annoying as fuck to boot.

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They do what women do best.

They're WHORES.

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even just the way she moves is super awkward and unsexy. She's made her money off of autistic weebs who think she's their best girl incarnate just because she can make the "anime cummies face uwu"

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>a pale imitation of the real thing
To be fair, girls are way closer to what a bishounen character is than your average guy. It's way easier for a girl to pull of an androgynous pretty boy look, and that's usually what the most popular characters are. Obviously when it comes to cosplaying male characters from western comics or live action girls have the short end of the stick, but I'd argue that anime characters are still way more popular among fangirls than anything from western fiction is, so it's not a huge loss to just ignore those and focus on japanese media.

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are you retarded anon? that shit is taken with a snow filter turned up to the max, you can tell by the shit quality.

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Post your body

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>this is shopped, you can see the obvious filter
>U-UR I-INSECURE !!!!!!!111!
go back to r9k, she's never going to fuck you

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You're upset because you cant make money like her. We understand.

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This is really good to know! Stupid as it sounds I didn't actually think about going straight to possible clients. Did they require you to do anything extra like make a new costume or just come as you are?
Good info all around. I'd planned on doing a cosplay streaming setup both in creation and playing the games themselves.

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No, she can milk the money she wants, good on her. But a shooped picture is a shooped picture, and all the money in the world won't change that.
Go back to r9k bud