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New Year's Resolutions Edition

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Why do girls pretend they know what it's like to have real problems?

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>/fit/ image used in OP
>first post is from /r9k/
Yep this thread is getting deleted in 2018.

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I resolve to finally finish a cosplay after a year of starting tons of projects and never finishing them because of unexpected challenges.

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But it's already 2019

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Are you from the future? That's like next year haha.

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CAST-OFF BLOODSTAINBlood can be thrown off an object in motion. These splat-ters travel in the direction of motion and leave thin icks of blood splatters. These are often seen in melee weapon attacks.DRAW BACK BLOOD SPLATTERSWhen a victim is shot at point blank or with the gun touch-ing the victim, the cooling gasses in the barrel of the gun can suck up droplets of blood into the barrel of the gun.FORWARD SPLATTERThis is blood traveling in the direction of force such as with an exit wound from a gunshot.HIGH VELOCITY SPLATTERBlood subject to a velocity greater than 100 feet per second appears as a ne mist, not as droplets. This creates a haze of blood splatters around the victim.MEDIUM VELOCITY SPLATTERWhen blood is subjected to a force of 25 to 5 feet per sec-ond, this creates distinctive splatter patterns and can be subject to other splatter effects such as a medium velocity – cast off splatter.LOW VELOCITY SPLATTERWhen blood is subject to a force of less than ve feet per second this is usually the result of wounds dripping and secondary bleeding from a wound.SWIPEBlood can be transferred to a surface from an area already covered by a blood splatter, leaving a smear on both sur-faces.

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That's a good resolution anon!
My resolution is to try making something more out of my comfort zone for a cosplay (like animal ears or armor) and to make the effort to wear Lolita regularly again!

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Successfully change my eating habits long term and reduce extra weight for good.
I know how, it's just inconvenient, I'm lazy and food = comfort.

That's my only resolution in 2019.
Because being overweight affects so much else in my life. It ruins my otherwise fun hobbies of cosplay and fashion because I know what I look like and can fit when I keep a low range but still normal weight.
Being a fattychan is depressing.

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Same honestly
One of my resolutions is that I really want to organize a small group photo shoot!
I have some friends that really want to cosplay so it'll be a fun way to help them get into it.
Another is getting better at styling wigs (rip all the wigs I ruined)

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Why murder yourself at the gym?

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You'd only be making yourself miserable

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Why not just murder yourself in general? Give me a reason not to.

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And for what exactly?

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I want to spray my THICK CUM on a lolita's brand!

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I had some of my lolita brand at my bf's house and we broke up and now he doesn't want to give me my stuff back, what to do? It isn't easily replaceable pieces. And yeah I know, I shouldn't have trusted him and I'm never leaving things at an SO's house again.

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Same except instead of brand I do it on shitposters' faces

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I thought separating the sfw and nsfw board would improve this board, but with the borderline CP spammed yesterday... I guess not.

I've applied to be a janitor here twice, but no response both times :/

call the police. File a claim in small claims court for the value of the items.

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What reason is he giving?

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I didn't know where to post it, but I just wanted to share this google translate fail that made me laugh until I cried.

Happy new year, gulls!

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These people go to such great lengths to justify their laziness.

And of course the fat count has arm tattoos because why not doodle on your mess of a body?

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It was likely some edgy /b/tard incel. They get bored and come here trolling because the NSFW boards aren't bothered anymore.

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Because working out is fun

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>borderline CP spammed yesterday
Did the pedo actually start image dumping in the last feels thread? I went to bed around the time we hit 310 posts, before he had his posts deleted. All I saw was him samefagging shit about finding children attractive

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>borderline CP

Clothed instagram girls. Seethe more, old hag.

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Yeah it's just best to ignore them
they get off on the attention from their terrible bait

Bless the little twin stars

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I ended placing well in a cosplay competition recently. It made me feel pretty good and I want to try something harder in 2019!

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I know you think you're being clever by not directly replying to me but it still counts as falling for bait when I'm laughing at you passive aggressively telling others not to take the bait.

My only question is: why are you tsundere?

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Congrats anon!
Also that design is super cute

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This is true love, prove me wrong.

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Depends whether hes attractive or not.

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It wasn't the feels thread, it was a thread about a random photographer

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What was the OP post number for that thread?

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Use the archive, you stupid roastnigger.

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Use the archive, you stupid roastnigger

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This year I'm likely going to stop wearing lolita altogether. I've gained weight, and I just feel like I look ridiculous in the fashion since I never seem to be able to put together outfits that I'm really happy with. Y'all are cute as fuck though, and I'll live vicariously through you for the years to come.

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If only all old fat hags were like you - stopping their petty attempts to look pretty

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Oh boy, this will turn ugly once his projected image of her damages in the slightest bit.

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That's completely okay anon. I hope you'll find something else that makes you even happier instead.

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‘anon, i think i’m going to quit cosplay, i don’t really have the time or budget for it anymore’

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It's never too late to improve yourself anon, but if you really feel that way I hope you find something that also makes you genuinely happy!

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i move in 2 days to somewhere that will have a much better community and way more local cons throughout the year to go to and just better city life in general. i can't wait to finally have a comm to even attempt to get into, rather than just nothing at all (not to mention my internet will be way better for the same price thank fuck)

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I think I'm aging out of cosplay.

Granted, I'm a guy turning the corner on 30 soon, which means I have plenty of options for cosplays, but I'm just not "feeling it" anymore. I don't watch a lot of popular anime, I don't read popular manga, I don't even have time to play a lot of popular games, which is what I usually cosplayed. I've got a couple of easy semi-closet cosplays I wear at pretty much every con now because they're comfortable and I do like them, but it all feels increasingly hollow. I look at my closet where there's a handful of cosplays I made with friends and all I get are bitter memories about the sorts of people those friends wound up being.

And yet, I'm not sure where else I even remotely fit in, even if age makes it increasingly difficult to find people I can respect and hang out with at cons (I'm very over dealing with bipolar early 20-somethings in my rooms, it's not how I want to spend my vacation days). I was sick during a recent local con that I usually skip because it's always a mess, but I still found myself looking at photos from it and wishing I could've been there with people anyway.

I don't know how I should feel about it all. I just know it doesn't feel great.

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How're you all spending new year's, gulls? How long until it hits midnight for you?
>just over 3 hours left now
>drinking alone

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Man I just really love cosplay

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He didn't give me any particular reason, he just says he doesn't feel like this. I'm sure its to fucking punish me or whatever, we left on pretty bad terms but I'm kind of desperate to get my things back.

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ooops *feel like it

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you need to tell him if he doesn't give your shit back that you'll call the cops and take him to small claims court. sure you might not be prepared for that at this very moment, but it's amazing how those 2 phrases scare people into doing the right thing.

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Been there gull. Left a lot of my stuff in an ex-girlfriend's place but since we ended on pretty bad terms, she never bothered giving any of my stuff back even though she said she would. You should assume your stuff is lost unless you physically show up to his place and ask him to hand it to you so he has an incentive to just do it so you leave. Have to ask yourself though if the stuff you left there is worth seeing him again face to face

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Decked out in frills on my own. I'm debating on opening up a bottle too. Just two more hours...

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What're you drinking? And how come you're all dressed up with nowhere to be?

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7 hours 37 minutes for me. Drinking with family after I just got back from the liquor store. Happy New Year /cgl/!

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I'm a bit sad that I'm spending the night by myself, so I figured I'd put on a cute coord make myself feel good. I think I'll be having some wine, cheers!
What are you drinking?
Happy new year, what are you having?

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Relatable feels, minus the coord ofc. Germany/Scandinavia? Drinking vodka and some shitty leftover cider from Christmas myself!

>> No.10068543

We have Gentleman Jack's with sweet and sour mix to start with, a sparkling red cab for midnight, and a chardonnay. What kind of wine are you drinking?

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Who needs an occasion to wear lolita? I am the occasion so I dress for myself. Cheers to a new year y'all.

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I can kinda relate on the feeling hollow part
Recently been seeing a lot of cosplayers kinda just fade back into obscurity,rarely cosplay, or just disappear completely. A lot of them barely in their early 20s. Can't blame some of them for losing interest since the cosplay community becomes more and more of a mess and tumblr is obsolete. Honestly makes me want to quit sometimes and not bother in trying to make cosplay friends. Same with cons, I love going to conventions but these last 2 years I haven't been able to attend one because money/time/ life gets in the way. I don't want to give up on cons just yet tho
Unrelated but I hate how fucking overcrowded AX has gotten too

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I've had a bad slump these past two years, and I feel a bit bad about it, but grad school forced me to put cosplay on the backburner. I was able to be more active before because I still lived at home, and being an undergraduate was way less hard.

However, getting older means more money so I've been planning cool con trips for next year, and I'll try to finish the cosplays I've started !
(And I'm finally going to Japan next year~)

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I am so, so thankful that my family and loved ones support me wearing lolita. My mother browses brand sites and secondhand sales sometimes because she likes to show me things she thinks I'd like. She's even bought me new releases because, in her words, "she just needs to see me in it." My father brags about his cute and fashionable daughter. My older sis thinks it's the coolest thing ever and tells her friends about my crazy wardrobe. My boyfriend is super interested in the fashion and loves how happy it makes me. I feel very blessed to have these people.

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You're living the golden life. That makes me happy.

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Nah I'm Dutch. So final hour. And I'm having some red wine, a cabernet sauvignon.

Have a good end of year gulls <3

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I wish the best for you in this new year.

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Nice. I visited Amsterdam a few years ago to see an old friend (who happens to be a lolita) but unfortunately didn't get to see much of the city. I wanted to visit some record stores but they were all closed the day I went exploring ;_;

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New Year's in about 10 min. I plan to ask someone out during this year's AX or Otakon. I hope I can meet someone nice.

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Me too, anon. I have someone in mind but there are a few barriers in the way I feel would make things difficult...

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Was thinking about going to the park, but the event there was canceled due to rain, so I guess i'll do what I do every night, sit at home and do nothing.

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Do what the rest of us do when we still want to participate in cons, but no longer really follower anime trends; join the staff, become an artist or vendor, host panels, just generally become more involved in the production of the event in a way that you couldn't when you were younger.

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Just as long you're lookin' kawaii

>> No.10068646

I actually did volunteer to help with a vendor this year at one of the cons I went to. Problem is they're an out of state vendor so they're not as frequent attendees as I am. They'll be at maybe one con I go to each year. I don't mind doing stuff like that for free, but it's just not a super sustainable model to keep me going to cons and having a place to crash, etc.

I just need to pick up a new friend group for con stuff and that's hard to do once you're getting to this point in life. People either already have full rooms and aren't keen on picking up another (and with the way so many congoers are I can't blame them on not wanting to take risks), or they're suffering from severe Peter Pan syndrome and are acting exactly the same way they did as 21-year-old Homestucks when they're entering their 30s and I am so over dealing with that.

>> No.10068650

Happy new year from Ireland, gulls. May your whiskey always be topped up and your frills kawaii

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I still got 8 hours to go here in commiefornia. May Mana bless us this coming new year!

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You have a 8 hours not to make this year a total disaster, don’t waste them

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I just spent new year's partying, dancing in a chiffon blouse. Here's to 2019 being my year of lolita!

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-4 hours and counting fellow commie anon

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My resolution is to find a partner. Now that I have accepted that I am bi I finally feel ready to open myself to the right person.

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Hopefully we survive this coming year comrade.

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I'm going to get dressed in my first outfit for 2019. I'm off tomorrow from the factory so I have every excuse to enjoy my time dressed up. Hooray! It's not just any outfit, it's a drunken outfit. People are setting off fireworks. Happy New Year's, /cgl/!!!

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Happy New Year, /cgl/. Wish you the best cosplays and the cutest/coolest jfash!

>> No.10068795

Well hello there fellow bi anon

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Happy new year, seagulls.

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>cosplay Nico
>everyone thinks I'm the hit or miss trap

>> No.10068805

>hit or miss trap
Why must trapfags try to ruin everything?

>> No.10068807

I thought hit or miss person was confirmed girl with manface

>> No.10068811

Yep, she's not a trap, she's just unfortunate looking.

>> No.10068830

I look forward to reading about the inevitable murder-suicide.

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I want a cute cosplay gf this year bros
Wish me luck

>> No.10068840

And a happy new year to you other bi anon.

>> No.10068855 [DELETED] 

Is the new discovery of "being bi" actually a convenient excuse for girls to date other girls when they had problems with guys and for dudes to date other dues when they had problems with girls?

>> No.10068857 [DELETED] 

How do I tell my girlfriend I slept with another girl on news years?

>> No.10068859 [DELETED] 
File: 428 KB, 451x619, A78D58DD-3CA9-45D5-8B6B-7CB086646BB2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don’t speak for all bi folk but realized I was attracted to both sexes well before I actually started dating anyone. I didn’t date women because of my problems with men, or vice versa.

>> No.10068861 [DELETED] 

There’s no less harmful ways for twats like you

>> No.10068862 [DELETED] 

What the fuck wrong with dating someone after you had bad experience with someone else?

>> No.10068863 [DELETED] 

Dont be an ass. I dont understand. Should I even tell her? I dont even think she could find out.

>> No.10068866 [DELETED] 

The best time to tell her is when you're cuddling after sex.

>> No.10068867 [DELETED] 

one of the bi anons here, i've known i found both girls and guys hot before i even dated any girls

people are just beautiful, you know?

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Same. Gotta find me some MOTIVATION and finally push through on this one.

>> No.10068871 [DELETED] 

I dont think this is the best advice.

Honestly, I would just let it slide. Things aren't going to get better if you tell her.

>> No.10068876 [DELETED] 

That wouldn't be fair on her.

>> No.10068880 [DELETED] 

This. Also, tell her you've already seen a doctor and are expecting the results of your STI tests shortly so she knows you've got everything under control and she doesn't need to stress.

>> No.10068883 [DELETED] 

Jumping to another sex is a big leap, nigglet.

>> No.10068887 [DELETED] 

Wouldn't doing this hurt her?

I feel like you guys are just trolling now.

>> No.10068892 [DELETED] 

"I cheated on you, I'm sorry"

>> No.10068898 [DELETED] 

What if they aren't sorry?

>> No.10068899 [DELETED] 

"I cheated on you, get fucked lol"

>> No.10068901 [DELETED] 

Not at all. It will reassure her you're taking this seriously and once her initial anger subsides it will save her from being overly worried about your health.

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>show bf a dress I'm getting
>he recommends an animu to watch with an artstyle that resembles the print
>spend new years eve together watching the count of monte christo
Why's he so perfect?

>> No.10068903 [DELETED] 

You fucking tell her. She has the right to know that you can't be faithful and if she still thinks you're worth it, she'll stay.
She has the right to know you cheated on her and she also should have the right to leave you.

To be honest, I think you are scum and you don't deserve that gf. Sleep around all you want, but not when you're committed to someone.

>> No.10068906 [DELETED] 

Send her an explicit text raving about how much you enjoyed your night together, then follow it up with another text saying "sorry, wrong number".

>> No.10068920 [DELETED] 

Fuck her. Just tell her and laugh about it.

Who cares if she feels so entitled

>> No.10068922 [DELETED] 

Just dont tell her. Keep your mouth shut and deal with your bad conscience. Telling her would be the most egoist thing to do, you would just cause more damage, than you already did.

t. someone who was man enough to break up with his ex, before making out with her best friend at a cosplay con 2 days later

>> No.10068923 [DELETED] 

Going into more detail, my man.

>> No.10068932

>new year's day
>saw fireworks display in my city
>boyfriend is back from holiday and i get to see him tomorrow
>warm fuzzies on the inside
>start browsing cosplay threads
>excited about cosplaying with boyfriend until i remember how different we look
>him, buff handsome charming 10/10
>me, a 5'8 150lbs with a deformed face
>get upset thinking about how disgusting i'd look at a con
>miss browsing the pa forums and weighing 125lbs
>miss being told how small my waist is and how cute and delicate i am by guys (my bf only met me after i gained ugh)
>terrified boyfriend's friends will tell him he's out of my league
>angry that i've let myself go and gained nearly 30lbs

news years sucks lads, but if i went full ednos and got near my gw again i'd fit into all the cute lolita clothes.

>> No.10068942 [DELETED] 

Girls, has anyone ever made an entire video dedicated to your beauty?


>> No.10068944 [DELETED] 

Does it count if you made it yourself?

>> No.10068946 [DELETED] 


>> No.10068951 [DELETED] 

I'm ugly.

>> No.10068953 [DELETED] 

Has anyone ever made a video dedicated to your ugliness?

>> No.10068964

There, you have a good new year resolution. Become fit. Your bf will love it and will encourage you.

>> No.10068970 [DELETED] 

Or he'll dumo you because you're hideous trash who will never be good enough to have his kids

>> No.10069008 [DELETED] 

isn't there some rule that says people can't truly be bi unless they actually fucked both sexes

>> No.10069009

God damn, I miss being seven

>> No.10069010 [DELETED] 

People can know they're straight when they're virgins. You can know you're bi even if you haven't been with one sex.

>> No.10069011 [DELETED] 

does this mean all virgins are asexual

>> No.10069015

Just won a job lot of GLBs on eBay for £24, I can't wait to flick through them!

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>alone on New Year
>started a fresh planner
>stopped smoking weed
>stopped drinking soda
>lost ten pounds
>getting tons of sleep
>fit in size zero jap clothes like I did as a teenager
>spilled soup on my keyboard
>boyfriend of six years dumped me for his ex
>having weird moments where I fall asleep even when I'm doing shit
>got new headphones
>filled up a hard drive with the best isos and roms
>have to mouth surgery in a couple weeks
>I'm not gonna have insurance in two years and I don't know I'm gonna afford insulin or heart medicine
>no friends left
>I don't know anyone in my family but my mom and my great aunt
>getting back into lolita was pointless, all it means is my poor mom is gonna have extra shit to throw away when I die
>if I outlive her, I've got nothing but being alone from there until the end
>making a little more money this year
>got a bike
>learned how to layer half wigs for good hime looks

I dunno, it's gonna be another year again

>> No.10069029

I outed someone I met on the friend-finder thread here years ago as a serial abuser and rapist. Most people had no idea, but in the backlash I'm learning first-hand the way that psychopaths and narcissists cluster together and it's honestly frightening.

>> No.10069030

What did she do and how exactly did you 'out' her?

>> No.10069031

stay strong, keep your head down, and don't completely abandon your social media because they will notice immediately and make something out of it

you did the right thing, it sucks that in real life, the reward for doing good is punishment

>> No.10069033

Tell us more, don't keep it suspenseful.

>> No.10069034

It was a guy; DisgruntledOta/disgruntledotaku.

I'm not intending to back down, I think all the evidence is pretty damning.

>> No.10069037

After reading all that, I am embarrassed for you.

>> No.10069038 [DELETED] 

I recently got cheated on recently and my partner did this to me. Don't. I was ready to murder a bitch when I was told.

Honest advice but if you had any respect for her you would do a std test before sleeping with her again. You would also tell her you cheated before sleeping with her in the first place. Don't sleep with other people then expose her to diseases because you were too scared to get checked.

Esther Perel has a really good TED talk and book on cheating. I would give it a read/watch. I have the very unpopular opinion that cheating is very hurtful but I don't view it as the ultimate betrayal. I find cheating to be more complicated than most people like to think of it as. Dont be surprised if she dumps you immediately.
Being cheated on feels like shit and there's not much you can do to make the reveal better. Whatever happens respect her wishes and own up to your mistakes

>> No.10069040

>pronouns in the bio
Into the trash you go, son.

>> No.10069041 [DELETED] 

I find it weird how bad some people view cheating.

My ex was abusive, spread my secrets around to all her friends and was just using me the entire relationship, all things I think are much worse than cheating, but a surprising amount of people have been like "I don't care that she abused you or anything, but cheating is unforgivable". Like yeah, it hurt that she fucked someone else, but everything else hurt so much more and for way longer.

>> No.10069045 [DELETED] 

>I don't care that she abused you
Who the fuck says something like this unironically? Yikes.

>> No.10069046

Oh, same, I just think it's worth being publically humiliated if it protects someone else in the future.

>> No.10069048 [DELETED] 

Ouch. I can't believe someone actually did that. I was just replying in jest to what I'm pretty sure is a troll post.

>> No.10069052

I don't think my reasons are quite the same as yours.

>> No.10069094
File: 71 KB, 1280x720, 1430910165937.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Christmas day
>Had to work cause i work at a drugstore
>While i'm gone mom lets the 3 little daughters of my cousins play in my room with zero permission or regard
>My make-up (expensive palettes or otherwise) is tossed all over the place and is on my desk, vanity, bed, mirror. Smaller things like mascara are just straight missing
>My clothes are everywhere, one of my pairs of shoes is short by one
>My wig holder and PlayStation Vita are covered in make-up
>My bed has dirt and stuff on it (I guess they wore their shoes?) and someone spilled Pepsi on it too
>Spend my entire day after Christmas relentlessly cleaning and doing laundry
>Tell mom she shouldn't have done that
>Get the usual "You need to be nicer to your cousins!"
Thankfully my PC was broken and at my bf's brother's place and i'm moving out to finally start my new job at the end of the month but i really did not need this

>> No.10069122
File: 31 KB, 507x476, Thomas_Riker.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I met a group of people at a recent local convention. They're cool and fun people, but one of them is uncomfortably like a... better version of me? Really similar character preferences and there's actually a weird amount of overlap in our cosplays.
Nobody's been a jerk about it or even pointed it out, and it's not like two friends aren't allowed to cosplay the same character, but I feel like they 'already have a me' in their group sometimes?

really gets the imposter syndrome firin' on all cylinders

>> No.10069132

My man you are thinking about it too hard. They obviously like you in the group for something, no two people are the same

>> No.10069134

yeah that shit was cringe as fuck, but op has a responsibility to warn others, I guess just saying, "Don't get comfortable with this asshole, he will corner you into an abusive relationship," wasn't an option lol

so props to you, glad you got out of that
but yeesh, maybe you could be more vague next time, unless you're literally talking directly to another would-be victim

>> No.10069135

Have sex with your clone so fujos can film it and make a lot of money.

>> No.10069142

That’s sorta hot anon I like that plan

>> No.10069152

The best move here is to point it out and make a joke about it, then start a friendly rivalry that ultimately lifts both of you up, kinda like Brennan Williams and Woolie Madden have going.

>> No.10069153

God i miss super best friends, why did you have to remind me

>> No.10069156
File: 454 KB, 512x760, 1513123032515.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>con is 4 months away
>"I've got time to work on cosplay no need to rush"
>blow it off until just under a month left
>panic and crunch time mode initiated
>somehow manage to get it all looking decent
>"wew I won't be doing that again"
>I do it again
>and again
>am currently less than 3 weeks away from next con and have done almost 0 work
Nani the fuck is wrong with me? Why am I so retarded?

>> No.10069169

This post is so relatable, though Ive never had things go this bad. Still waiting on a replacement for all the usb cords and sneakers her dogs have eaten, as well as all the cosplay related articles she ruined by throwing them in the dryer.

Moving out is the best thing in the world you can do in life!

>> No.10069200

I've just started navigating away from what I think people want of me and do what I want.

It's liberating to wear a costume, go to a con, hang out with your friends, and just not GIVE A SHIT what anyone else is doing. I don't care if I get photos, I don't care if I get likes on instagram. I'm a nerd in a costume nearing 30 and I'm enjoying myself.

I think that's what I was missing about two or three years ago when this hobby was making me miserable - back when I started at 15 no one gave a shit about popularity. There was no "cosfamous" beyond maybe the two or three faces you saw at masquerades every year, you were all just big ass weebs in costumes coming together to have a good time. Getting back to that mentality really put the fun back in the hobby.

>> No.10069201

My lungs have launched into orbit. I want that on a t-shirt

>> No.10069268

Every time I feel a little bad about not having a lot of family or friends and being alone for the holidays, I hear something like this and feel better again.

>> No.10069270

>obviously you must get rid of the clone
There can be only one, anon.

>> No.10069298

Don't feel discouraged. If you see something you'd like to change, then charge forward and make that change happen. Make small changes at first so you can feasibly commit. I like to start with food because it's easier for me to make the conscious decision to not eat like shit than it is to stick to a diet right out of the gate. Then once you feel like you're at a good point, you add exercise or increase the rules of your diet. Remember to be patient with yourself. You will fail sometimes, but remember that you can always get back up again. You'll be alright, anon. 30lbs is a good and healthy goal. I believe in you!

>> No.10069303

> all it means is my poor mom is gonna have extra shit to throw away when I die
Life is worth living for the memories we make and the experiences we have. Lolita will never be pointless to you if it's made you happy in the time you do have on this Earth. As someone who just lost a loved one, seeing the things that makes our loved ones happy brings back good memories of our time with them. This life is yours to lead. Do what makes you happy with the time you do have.

>I'm not gonna have insurance in two years
You have two years to seek out some way to insure that you'll be okay when that happens. Two years is a long time to figure it out. You can do it. I know it's scary to have something so vital on the line like this, but that's all the more reason to fight.

Complain and get it all of your chest, but work to change that shitty future you're envisioning. Fuck fate and everything that comes along with it. The way you're pointing out good things that have happened in spite of the bad just proves that you're not going to take this lying down. Make this year your bitch.

>> No.10069304

Fuck, anon that's horrible! Maybe your mom should let them play in her room next time if she's so okay with it.

>> No.10069305

Anon every cosplayer I know does this. You're not alone.

>> No.10069307
File: 181 KB, 626x885, 1543756723582.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't hate living at home for the most part, and i've only been living there since finishing school back in July. I'll def miss the pool when it gets warm again, and having a cozy basement to play PlayStation during the winter but having actual space that's my own is the best.
My extended family lives pretty far, and Christmas is the only time i see a fair amount of them anyway
Was curious as to why she didn't just turn em loose in the basement or the backyard

>> No.10069316
File: 47 KB, 200x200, 10B59F47-4BCC-413A-9D8E-1AFBAF52FFF8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>got stressed at work and took time off- started paying attention to my health
>lost weight, feels good.jpg
>got some dream dresses, happy with wardrobe
>wallet still recovering, need to save
and went back to work
>some chick I was friends with got hella salty and started some fights in the friend group
>getting back into cosplaying what I like

I’m just glad I have a close group of lolita friends now instead of hanging around with random acquaintances. I’m avoiding that chick cos she loves to start drama over not being *included* and is fixated on weight.
My new year resolution is to stay positive and healthy- can’t afford to get sick.

>> No.10069354

Do you have any mutual friends who would be inclined to help you out? The last time I was in a similar situation, I sent a mutual friend to my ex's house with a literal checklist of things to retrieve. The mutual kept saying things like "I'm not taking sides, I just want things to be fair and everybody to be happy again" and my ex went along with it.

>> No.10069369
File: 1.82 MB, 1448x884, majima1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>trying to start taking care of myself again and enjoy life
>think about my early thinning hair and lose the will

There must be a way to fix this. At this rate I'll be balding by the time I hit 25.

>> No.10069384

>inflated from my normal 103-105 to 110 lbs recently
>Been eating mediocre (more than normal because I'e been hungrier, generally pretty healthy though, just also eating too much holiday candy/sweets)
>Been more active though, at least mildly, went from being sedentary to actually toning and doing some cardio daily
>The scale is freaking me out but I keep getting complimented on how nice I look
>Don't really notice any fat/flab, my body looks quite nice in the mirror aside from some bloating in my belly
>Still terrified by the scale
>Planning to fast all day tomorrow and maybe have one small tub of fruit yogurt

I'm afraid I'm going to develop a fucking ED

>> No.10069385

You are pretty short for a guy

>> No.10069386

Last night I had to much to drink and broke down in front of my cousin it was embarrassing

>> No.10069387

The more you drink and are around people who drink, the less embarrassing that memory will become. Drunk people do and say weird embarrassing things, it's universal. Depending on the type of breakdown, your cousin probably just feel sympathetic.

>> No.10069390
File: 50 KB, 800x450, crying.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>in China
>missed all the new VM releases
I hope the Lazy Afternoon bonnet will still be available a week from now. It's a wishlist item for me.

>> No.10069391

You do know if you are toning, you'll gain muscle weight and that's really good, right? Starve yourself and you'll just fuck all that up. It sounds like whatever you were already doing was great. Don't shoot yourself in the foot letting all that anxiety need you up!

>> No.10069404

A fair question.

>> No.10069405

I'm happy for you, anon. I hope that you can stand tall even in the face of her bullshittery. You remind me of the protag in anime like Kimi ni Todoke or something. I'm cheering you on! Bring us all back some good news about how the rest of your year is going!

>> No.10069406

Vitamins, healthy diet, and see a dermatologist to see if there's any underlying conditions encouraging the loss. You can prevent or lessen the damage if you start early enough.

>> No.10069407

The scale can't show you the progress you're working on inside. Like >>10069391 said, the scale isn't going to show the toned muscle your building, just the extra weight. But it's important to still eat right. Fasting is never going to help you reach your goal. It's just going to encourage your body to hoard onto the fat. Keep eating right and stay strong through those periods before the results begin to show.

>> No.10069421

You are not well, please seek help

>> No.10069422

Thank you

>> No.10069451

I don't know what to do, gulls. There's someone selling my dream dress but it's almost $600 and that's the general going price for such a rare and coveted dress. The only reason I'm even considering it is because I missed it for a cheaper price a couple months ago and regretted it badly. I never spent this much money on a dress before and even though I really love it and I have enough money, maybe I should just let it go if I'm feeling so, so guilty about buying it. Should I do it or just let it go again?

>> No.10069453

If it will hurt your financial situation, don't. If you can afford to, then yes! Happiness is important.

>> No.10069457

Thank you for responding! I really appreciate getting another person's input on this. I can afford it, but I just can't shake the feeling that I should be saving this money instead. I'm really frugal even in lolita, so it's hard not to feel bad about dropping so much money. But the FOMO is strong with this one. It's the kind of dress I don't know when/if I'll see again once it's gone. I was already so happy when it got listed again in such a short time... But I just feel like if I bought it, every time I see it I'd be reminded of how much I spent on it and just sell it right away, haha. I know maybe this fashion isn't for me if I have these feelings towards spending, but I just love the clothes so much.

>> No.10069461

If it's a dream dress, it's worth it. And you could always sell another piece that means less to you to soften the blow.

>> No.10069471

I'm always joking about becoming 'instagram famous' to my friends and family, but when instagram let me test their promotion feature and it gave me 10x the amount of likes I normally get, I'm feeling kinda overwhelmed. I'm a naturally shy person, and it's not even really a post where I made some amazing costume or anything, literally a closet cosplay. The promo isn't even over yet, it might reach 30x my usual amount. I'm just secretly hoping it helps when I start doing cosplay commissions soon, even though I've barely gained followers from it.

>> No.10069473

In the end, a dress is worth what you're willing to pay it for. I have never paid a dress more than 130USD, so I don't think you have to spend "a lot" to be into this hobby. At the same time, you can spend "a lot" if you feel like it's worth it, and many gulls would throw 600+USD for a dream dress without even thinking too much about it. In the end it comes down to this: is that dress worth 600USD for you? If you feel like you are wasting money, it probably means it is not worth that much for you. If you feel like 600USD is a lot but you would be happy to spend that amount on that dress, it probably means you should do it. Are you going to regret the amount you spent on that dress every time you wear it? Or are you going to think how lucky you have been to finally be able to wear that dress? Another thing I like to think about is converting those 600USD into work hours. Would you happily work those hours to have that dress?

>> No.10069483

i'm 5'3, and have the same weight situation as you (usually 99-100 but now 110). why sweat the small stuff, gull? the holidays just ended and you've been working out, so you might have some muscle mass on you. i know i do.

i was an ana-chan once and looked so much worse. the body is thin but the face is gaunt (thus less cute looking), eyes were dull, hair was misbehaving.
plus, being healthy and strong is more important than any aesthetic. quit being silly and feed yourself what your body needs.

>> No.10069484 [DELETED] 

Shut. Up. Fatty.

>> No.10069486

Congratulations on getting better and being stronger than your AN

>> No.10069497

Yeah I dunno what her problem is- never figured it out. She’s got more dresses/and rare pieces than I do. It was a rocky end to 2018. Thank you!
Really hoping 2019 is much better.

>> No.10069509
File: 395 KB, 702x1010, 1501038187453.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10069512
File: 434 KB, 702x994, 1501038251001.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10069513
File: 263 KB, 702x1018, 1496369427556.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10069520 [DELETED] 

>tfw women are all mentally children

>> No.10069524
File: 1.75 MB, 1208x6320, 1546436305702.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

happy new year

>> No.10069529
File: 57 KB, 471x900, Piggu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

While I'll never be beach body ready because I'm homely, I have been going to the gym three times per week and cycling 30 km on in between days for the past 4 months.

I feel much better physically and my mood has also improved, it's just too bad I am devoid of all personality.

See you at AX, gulls.

>> No.10069552 [DELETED] 

">tfw no lolita gf" posting crossboaders, would you date an ita?

>> No.10069554 [DELETED] 

If we got along well and I had fun spending time with her, yeah of course.

>> No.10069569

If I had a 2019 Cosplay goal, it'd be to just flat eat during a convention and not wait until I have a headache from lack of food and water. Also maybe be happier with what I make, even if it isn't perfect.

And for the people worrying about age, I'm low 30's and only ever found myself in a place to cosplay staring a year and half ago, so this is still somewhat new to me.

>> No.10069576 [DELETED] 

Not if she was older than 18

>> No.10069590 [DELETED] 

Yeah new year no reason to not try something new

>> No.10069591 [DELETED] 

Itas aren't lolitas, anon. If you settle for an ita then you don't actually want a lolita gf.

>> No.10069592 [DELETED] 

Seconding >>10069554, although I'd try to encourage her to change her ita ways.

>> No.10069593 [DELETED] 

Give me a reason to not date either

>> No.10069594 [DELETED] 


If I got an 'ita gf I would love her and cuddle with her and buy her pretty dresses and beat her in the mouth until she stopped being a stupid whore that dresses up in stupid children's clothes


>> No.10069596 [DELETED] 


>> No.10069598 [DELETED] 
File: 1.06 MB, 3024x4032, image0-10.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tfw found bf jerkin it to a photo of someone from my comm. I didn't even know she had a second insta where she posted lewds (especially lewds in Lolita and bad dragons) but I'm almost certain he couldn't have found that himself so she probably sent it to him....I don't know what the fuck to think. I don't want to confront her, and bf doesn't know I found out because I checked his screen after he got up to clean off jizz. He thought I was sleeping in the other room but I woke from his grunting.

>> No.10069600 [DELETED] 

Double yikes

>> No.10069602 [DELETED] 

Yes definitively, but Im not sure if I would date a local one, tumblrites hijacked the fashion for a while here and Im not taking any chances.

In any case Im hoping for a country lolita/ita/cosplay/larp gf that can help me sew advanced stuff, make props and go on adventures with.

>> No.10069605 [DELETED] 

*punches you in your whore mouth*

>> No.10069606 [DELETED] 

I’m a dude lad go back to /r9k/

>> No.10069607 [DELETED] 
File: 29 KB, 480x480, CursedHotdogNight.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is a very delicate situation. Judging from your post you don't seem upset that he masturbated to pictures of someone else, but rather someone you know. The fear that she might have sent it to him herself is the worst. I understand that, since some stranger-porn-star on the internet is not as threatening as a physical confirmed thot-pervert in your local vicinity.

The easiest way to gain some kind of peace of mind would probably be to confront him. Tell him that you woke up, and that you saw a familiar face on his screen. Might want to open up with that you don't mind the jerking and so on, to make this less aggressive. But you want to ask if he found it himself or if she's low-key trying to pull thot moves on him. If not you're bound to go insane in uncertainty and rampant jealousy, I know I would.

Good luck gull!

>> No.10069608 [DELETED] 

>shaming someone for masturbating just because it isn't you
4chan has really gone to shit

>> No.10069609

I haven't really been on /fit/ at all this year, so this year's comic is an even more surreal read than usual on account of not understanding all the references

>> No.10069610 [DELETED] 

*punches you twice in your stupid faggot face*

>> No.10069611 [DELETED] 

Why are you on this board?

>> No.10069614 [DELETED] 

*keeps punching you as you fall down to the ground and curl into a ball*

*drives knee into your throat and forced left hand onto skull*

*drives my right thumb into your eyeball until I feel the water chestnut pop*

*lifts up body weight then forces all of it through knee directly onto your throat, crushing your windpipe*

*stands up then repeatedly stomps your jaw bone until it dislocates or cracks*

>> No.10069615 [DELETED] 
File: 13 KB, 275x347, 90D11007-6CE8-407C-BA1A-C797C5AAF1CB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Unfortunately confronting your bf about it won’t accomplish anything other than a fight and him trying to rationalize jerking off to a girl from your comm. Maybe talk to the mod of your comm about it (this is assuming you have definitive proof she sent it to him) if you don’t want to confront the girl? Granted I have no idea what exactly your mod can do aside from kicking that slut out.

>> No.10069616

Did you read the previous nye comic?
It explains the last panel.

>> No.10069617 [DELETED] 

masturbating to almost nudes of her friend who supposedly sent it to him is different.
That being said, how are you so sure he couldn't have found it himself?
I'm not big into instagram, but couldn't you just search?

>> No.10069618 [DELETED] 

imo contacting the mod of the comm is a childish thing to do. i mean, she'd just be putting her relationship problems in somebody else's lap. even worse, a comm mod couldn't do anything about it. why would she kick somebody out for sending lewds? how is it anybody but anon and her boyfriends problem?

i don't mean to be rude, but y'alls problem solving skills really concern me sometimes...

>> No.10069619 [DELETED] 

*spits on your bloodied mess of a body*

>heh, nothin' personnel, kid....

>> No.10069620 [DELETED] 
File: 34 KB, 640x479, sickos.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The guy who posted in the last(?) feels thread as proof for his date awakened something in me, I want to read more about anons who are into each other, I want to read more about anons trying for a relationship and succeeding.
Tell me I'm not the only one.

>> No.10069622 [DELETED] 

Hence why I said maybe and that I don’t really know what they would do? But you’re right. If that were me, I’d just confront him even if it meant a fight.

>> No.10069623 [DELETED] 

>I want to read more about anons trying for a relationship and succeeding.
>and succeeding

>> No.10069625

A screenshot I did fo cgl ended up in Scarfing Scarf's latest video. I'd recognise my terrible paint skills anywhere.

>> No.10069628

Why don't the gulls just team up with /a/'s buyfags and start to reproduce?

>> No.10069637
File: 3 KB, 790x37, christ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw jesus christ wants to buy a custom cosplay prop from your store

>> No.10069639 [DELETED] 

What are you implying here exactly

>> No.10069644 [DELETED] 

What about those of us who try romance and dont succeed?

For example, about 3 months ago I was at uni and one of my group members in an assignment had a girl in the room and she was in the same room as I was for 10 minutes and i said some stuff to her and she actually replied. She asked where she should get her diving accreditation from and then i said my aunt was a diving instructor so I'll text her and ask then i did then she said Bali so i told her to try looking at Bali then stayed around for a bit then she left.

>> No.10069645 [DELETED] 

I don't care if he jerks it to porn. I care that he jerks it to the girl that he's been overly friendly on FB with. Who was also at a NYE party that he attended without me because I had to visit family and felt bad dragging him along with me but didn't want him alone either (but didn't realize she went too until after).


He doesn't normally use Instagram as far as I know, she doesn't use any Lolita related tags or anything (probably to try hiding herself), and in general he just isn't the type that's good with searching things. I constantly have to google things for him and had to teach him reverse image search was even a thing.

>> No.10069646 [DELETED] 

>talking to a girl = attempt at romance
Anon, are you actually autistic?

>> No.10069648 [DELETED] 
File: 65 KB, 760x570, 8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This sucks and doesn't even come close to satisfying my itch.
I just want to follow a dating saga (or an attempt at dating), it's a social placebo I think.

>> No.10069649 [DELETED] 

I thought this was a bully-free thread?

>> No.10069651 [DELETED] 


>> No.10069652 [DELETED] 


>> No.10069653 [DELETED] 

why are you so entitled?

He can do whatever he wants with his body.

>> No.10069655

Ouch, same. All my dresses have just been collecting dust in my closet. I thought preordering cats tea party would motivate me to lose weight but it hasn't. I just wish I could be cuter.

>> No.10069656 [DELETED] 

This needs to be a banner or something.
I'd say this goes beyond the typical 'they're just guys they masturbate it's not personal', I'd consider telling him to hit the road.

>> No.10069657

We would need mansions for all the wall space and closets.

>> No.10069658 [DELETED] 

Been there done that. It won't end well and if he's already doing this super stealthy like then he won't stop even if you confront him.

Time to break up and move on! There are better people out there.

>> No.10069659 [DELETED] 

can you post the lewds please?

>> No.10069661 [DELETED] 
File: 445 KB, 647x510, 1540913155979.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Correct-anon from before. This is entering "dump him" territory. Confront your boyfriend ASAP, he deserves this fight, scum has it coming...

Also, on a personal note you should probably break up simply because you know his Twitter password. If none of you can trust like that it's no good.

>> No.10069665 [DELETED] 
File: 22 KB, 400x400, dump it.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10069667 [DELETED] 

>blaming the chick for posting lewds as opposed to blaming your cheating bf
lol why are jealous girls so delulu? news flash! there are girls that are hotter than you! instead of blackmailing her for existing (don't get me wrong dragon dildos skeeve me out) why don't you be a damn adult and break up with him?

>> No.10069669

I enjoyed this more than I thought I would. thanks

>> No.10069670 [DELETED] 

tfw jerked it to a girl who looks like a girl from my comm >>>/gif/14211626

>> No.10069671 [DELETED] 
File: 64 KB, 335x335, 1541097552933.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>bully free
good one, anon

>> No.10069672 [DELETED] 

I hope >>10069651 isn't your GF

>> No.10069677 [DELETED] 

Okay more romance stories.

When I was in high school I went to this girls house because my dad and her dad were friends and I was 2 years older than her and she was really cute and also her friend was there but I was really shy so we barely spoke until later in the night where we sat down and chatted for a bit but she didnt seem interested. Then the next time j went over there for dinner we did the same thing except this time we spoke longer and I thought she was kind of interested because we looked at each other for a long time so I asked her out and she said yes and she gave me her number then we organized a date to the movies. Then when the date time came around she texted me saying we were just going out as friends which made me realize I had no chance so I cancelled the date and then stopped trying to talk to her.

That's the best romance I've ever had with a girl.

>> No.10069679 [DELETED] 

Nope. Am different grill with a bf.

>> No.10069686 [DELETED] 

>romance stories
Does being friendzoned count as romance?

>> No.10069687 [DELETED] 

If there was anything else before the friendzone it could have.

>> No.10069701 [DELETED] 
File: 30 KB, 500x504, 1533740028939.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Did anon go nuclear irl? If so, this thread gonna be gudd.

>> No.10069704 [DELETED] 

Who even has a fucking meltdown directly on 4chan?

>> No.10069705 [DELETED] 

Anons that spend so much time on 4chan they forget about pleasing their bf and end up getting cheated on

>> No.10069719 [DELETED] 

People who can't vent to their closest friends about their boyfriend jerking it to someone who's wearing brand begging for daddy's dragon cummies, who they also know. Think about the big picture, please

>> No.10069725 [DELETED] 

That's hot.

>> No.10069726 [DELETED] 

The whore or the talking to friends about a whore?

>> No.10069739 [DELETED] 
File: 2.05 MB, 304x281, 1537552602775.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh damn. That sucks! You should totally out her! Name and shame! Post the receipts! She deserves the embarrassment, and I deserve the fap material! Haha, just kidding! Imagine if I you actually posted it and that happened though? That'd be funny, haha.

>> No.10069740 [DELETED] 

Both of them have an appeal, but I feel like enjoying NTR today.

>> No.10069764

Thanks gulls. Put things into perspective. My face is noticeably fuller and the added weight seems to have smoothed out my nasolabial lines.

Ugh don't I know it. My depression is probably the root of all my issues. The reason I started exercising was to try and combat the depression in hopes that it would curb my suicidal tendencies. It didn't unfortunately. I keep adding things to my suicide note and trying to figure out how best to end my suffering.

>> No.10069775 [DELETED] 
File: 1.18 MB, 1920x1080, 19299.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sounds like he's looking for something you aren't providing. Maybe if you two had sex a little more often, he might not be looking for an outlet.

>> No.10069778 [DELETED] 

Just kill yourself so he can move on to the girl he wants.

>> No.10069779 [DELETED] 

Yes, I'm dumping him.

When she has a super private VIP exclusive private Twitter account that has only 4 followers, I can only assume she personally invited him. Inviting the bf of your friend to see pictures and videos of yourself shoving a whole Coke bottle in your twat while wearing lolita is disrespect.

Correct. I'm not posting her shit because it's meant to protect me. When I break up with my bf, if she tries to start some shit drama for whatever reason or he tries anything. I don't want to use them, I don't want anything to do with either of them. But I'll let then know I have proofs so they think twice about trying to make me into a villain post breakup. He can go out with the slut if he wants, but if either of them start making shit up about me I'll be sure to let everyone know that she's done a tinkle twinkle peepee show while wearing dresses I know she's sold second hand already. Fuck everyone and everything. Have fun fucking a destroyed cunt that can fit your entire head, asshole.

>> No.10069781 [DELETED] 

Stop being so insecure and stop feeling entitled to his body.

>> No.10069784 [DELETED] 

>Have fun fucking a destroyed cunt that can fit your entire head, asshole.
Sounds hot. How gay is she?

>> No.10069789 [DELETED] 

Good job anon!

And ignore the incels that have meandered over here~ They ain't worth anymore than your cheating ex.

>> No.10069790 [DELETED] 

>Shoving a whole Coke bottle in your twat while wearing lolita is disrespect.

FTFY. Inviting the bf of your friend to see pictures and videos of you doing that is both maliciously cunty AND disrespectful.

>> No.10069795 [DELETED] 

She can do whatever she wants, incel

>> No.10069801 [DELETED] 
File: 63 KB, 1236x700, Patrick.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Have fun fucking a destroyed cunt that can fit your entire head, asshole.

You must be very frustrated. Girls who are not kinky and dont take dicc are just a waste of time. "Pure" girls and virgins are just attention seekers, they want affection, likes and fame, but aren't willing to take three dicks at once, like they are supposed to. The more of a pervert a girl is, the better she is.

Fun fact: I got pegged by a 8/10 cosplay cutie in her love live costume. I regret nothing.

>> No.10069807 [DELETED] 

>Twinkle tinkle peepee show

>> No.10069837 [DELETED] 

This girl sounds like she's a damn teenager, at least mentally. It's like I'm back in high school all over again with vengeful cunts that never want to confront their problems but instead rely on petty revenge.

>> No.10069865 [DELETED] 
File: 393 B, 50x50, 393 bytes of Chen.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just someone who wants the respect, love, and endearment of their s/o without attending to their needs. I'm 100% certain that the two of them don't have sex anything resembling regularly, she bitches at him often, hell I'm sure he's charismatic and regrets having to tell the actual hotties around him that he's in a relationship already. Now comes this loser crying to us about how her man was masturbating to (not even actively having sex with) another woman who just shares him (and others) periodic nudes? Are we supposed to sympathize?

>> No.10069887 [DELETED] 

man please I need those videos

>> No.10069901
File: 93 KB, 907x602, 1388960063972.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I made an expensive (to me) order from AP and didn't get a bag or sticker kms

>> No.10069934

>tfw mistaken for amish while in gothic
fucking how

>> No.10069937

Lmao that happened to me too, I think it's hilarious.

>> No.10069942

It's so funny to me because the Amish way of dress is about wearing plain clothes and avoiding anything flashy

>> No.10069945

What were you wearing and where were you?

>> No.10069966
File: 38 KB, 480x386, ddlc kms.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I ordered something, completely forgetting about the hell that is new years waiting. I probably wont see this fucking dress until April.

>> No.10069970
File: 15 KB, 219x313, 1FEBB9B0-160A-44F6-A089-68B344AC409B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’ve been mistaken for an Apostolic Christian while wearing classic on my college campus. Specifically, a kid looking for an Apostolic club ran up to me yelling “That dress! You must be Apostolic!”
(Pic related is an “Apostolic fashion blogger”)

>> No.10069979

Because children would want to play with our things and end up RUINING them. But maybe we should get together and not reproduce.

>> No.10069982

A seriously old school velveteen motie jsk. My skirt was a little short if anything and Amish skirts are never that short. This happened in Georgia.

>> No.10069984

some girls in this cosplay group i used to be part of finally called out this girl for playing victim and causing drama. Them and a few others are finally leaving this group and also calling her out on her merch. i'm so glad justice got served before the end of the year and now we are all hoping that karma hits her.

>> No.10070011

You're a cancer patient with a cold. You're trying to treat the cold, but not focusing on the cancer. Get to the root of the problem and the rest will follow. Some problems are too small to fix with daily affirmations and exercise. You wouldn't ask a man in a trenchcoat standing in an alley for medical advice, so don't try to do the same with 4chan. We will never be able to help you the way a professional can. Go get the help you need and come back to us with your the story of how you beat your depression.

>> No.10070015

This fucking killed me, thanks

>> No.10070017

Congratulations on your progress! I"m glad it's also having a positive effect on your mood. I wish I could get a slice of that, but I'm out of a gym membership until school starts again. I'll find my way to my goal bod somehow before AX, though.

>> No.10070018

OOF, anon. That paints a whole different picture. There's very obvious red flags here. You gotta do something about this and I sincerely hope that doesn't include continuing this relationship.

>> No.10070021

What did the holy man order?

>> No.10070022
File: 31 KB, 456x320, 1540207279939.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>want to cosplay characters with long sleeves, big sweaters, etc..
>only go to summer cons

>> No.10070024
File: 188 KB, 685x412, Jonathan Yaniv nonce.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ask for a police escort to go get your stuff. Alternatively, blast him on social media for stealing your dresses, and insinuate he's a transvestite child molesting pervert who jerks off in them. What other motive would he have for keeping them?

>> No.10070025

I'd say she's very obviously blaming him as well.

>> No.10070026

Be real, anon. Do you even want to be with someone who has a fetish like that?

>> No.10070037

I don't see why anyone wouldn't, if he could manage it appropriately.

>> No.10070071

You taking orders? I have something I'm interested in commissioning

>> No.10070145
File: 65 KB, 848x960, 31518353_10160404204160444_3276554696700985344_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be Asperger's
>comm tells me today that I'm rude at tea
>mfw I had no idea

>> No.10070146

A TV head

Only if you want a TV head or furry ears/tail.

>> No.10070151

I got fired from my job today. I work for 2 years as an admin assistant for a department I wanted to work in. There were job openings in the department, but they never offered me the position even though I applied for them which matched up perfectly to my resume. Worse, the last hire they made for the position I wanted was never qualified for the job only to never make it past their probation. The last straw came is when someone at my professional network mixture spilled some info to my supervisor that I was applying for jobs last month. They gave me this letter today, here's what part of it said:

"You have served us well and fulfilled the duties in your position going above and beyond, we believe that your talents will be better appropriate in a position that will fit your demands for a career."

"Although you have impressed us with your abilities and aspirations, we will be unable to offer recommendation should you seek employment in the future. A recommendation from us would not be helpful for the employer in determining an offer be extended to you."

I'm upset. My job network in my city all hate me and they don't want me to spend a day in the field. I'll probably need to look out-of-state too because they all talk. I need to start selling my burando. Who wants my CTP MTO?

>> No.10070152

>A recommendation from us would not be helpful for the employer in determining an offer be extended to you.
How do they figure?

>> No.10070157


That sounds awful anon.

If it makes you feel better, my colleague is also rather disliked in our rather large organization and has flat been refused a job for next year, but he is still able to find an organization within the city who would talk to him. Maybe there are a few stones you haven't turned yet?

>> No.10070163

>How do they figure?

Recommendations are important for the employer to know who should they hire. Before I was hired, I forwarded my recommendations to the team. One knew the person who I worked with. They spent 90% of the call to them talking about college football and 10% about me. My reference later called to say I got it because I was an Aggie that would mesh really well with a bunch of Tigers alums.

Hiring is weird.

>> No.10070165

Yeah, so I'm wondering what makes them think providing a recommendation would not be helpful.

>> No.10070167


They probably are politely saying they have nothing good to say about anon, is my guess. Burgers have a way of passive aggressively telling you in business emails that you're not wanted. If anything isn't 'stellar' or 'one of the best I've had,' something is wrong, and future employers will take 'they were good' the completely wrong way.

>> No.10070210

A match made in heaven.

>> No.10070212

For what it's worth anon, you can still ask for recommendations from coworkers or direct supervisors that know you did good work. Not ideal, but better than nothing in a pinch. Good luck.

>> No.10070227 [DELETED] 

You deserve it because your personality is crap.

>> No.10070228

Sure feels nice to be a self employed NEET.
I'm sorry anon, honestly fuck this kind of shit.

>> No.10070229

Are you me? I also am 5'3 and went up to 110 recently. I've never been this weight before. To be fair though I haven't been skipping meals recently and been eating a healthy three meals a day, so if anything I'm kind of proud of myself. I don't want to put on any more weight though.

>> No.10070234

you are so little lad can i hug you?

>> No.10070236 [DELETED] 

Pretending the poster is a male so you can make this comment, thereby implying you are tall and getting a response from the girl in a comical exchange that has a very slight chance of you exchanging details.

Would be clever if it wasn't so predictable.

>> No.10070237

You are so jaded, lad; can I hug you?

>> No.10070238

If you want to hug a short anon you should probably start with getting to know them privately through Discord or something.

>> No.10070239

Smooth anon real smooth since you brought up the idea, how about you drop contact and I'll add

It's 5 am anon I just woke up granted I thought that was cute

>> No.10070242 [DELETED] 

Jaded due to how fake human interaction is, lad.

>> No.10070248

Why are you up so early/late anyway my bitter friend?

>> No.10070249

Yeah, but can I hug you?

>> No.10070289
File: 1.33 MB, 3024x4032, 1544402873773.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Self employed
>Not in EMPLYOMENT Education or Training

>> No.10070295
File: 100 KB, 1200x698, Dvw3eolWsAAxyr4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw I'm a 5'3" lad who gets hugged by /cgl/ GF every day so don't need thirsty crossboarders to try giving me hugs anonymously

>> No.10070302
File: 63 KB, 433x577, DtBXlIbXQAAGavu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does your gf look like this from your perspective? Does she ever use her height over you to pick you up by 1 hand and fling you onto the bed? Are you constantly on eye level with her crotch? Asking for a friend...

>> No.10070310

But I'm 6'3"

>> No.10070342

I think it's their way of saying, you don't deserve a job in our profession and we won't help you advance. Keep out.

I'll be chatting with the alumni coordinator in the school I got my degree on Friday to see if I can salvage my career in the profession.

This is what I'll do. I won't be begging for a recommendation atm, but I'll ask when the dust settles.

I disagree as any profession ought to be nurturing their young professionals. Not stabbing them in the back early in their career or setting them up to be sabotaged. I've been trying to get my foot in the door in my career for 3 years now. The only thing I could show for is being an admin assistant employed by the profession I want to work in and pro bono work.

That's not being a NEET.

>> No.10070361

Going to out myself as a guy who actually did this, but like way back in high school, like over 10 years now.
She ended up outcrazying me.

Live in a small city, so there was a very small closeknit group of cosplayers - there was a girl in the circle that I hadn't ever met, but I was basically infatuated with her by her cosplays.
Like, they were so good I lost all motivation to cosplay myself because nothing I could do would be on that level.

Quasi stalked her over Myspace/etc IIRC for like three months before "bumping" into her at a convention - she had the most PERFECT Chell cosplay ever in my mind.
I had used my time leading up to our meeting to learn everything about her and focused heavily on shared interests; what sealed the deal in my mind was the fact that she was a big fan of French Surrealism in comics.

Long story short, we hit it off almost immediately, and she stayed dedicated to her cosplay, but she got real crazy, real fast.
Took eachothers' virginity - she was constantly the driving force in bed, made me do some REALLY bad shit to her - by the second month she had introduced anal, liked slapping, choking - if it was in hentai she wanted to try it.
To add context I was a winger on my rugby team, lifted weights, trained in martial arts, stood almost a foot taller than her - she was petite, barely 5'3" - I easily had 50+ kg on her - she didn't just want me to choke her, she wanted to to properly choke her unconscious, as in triangle chokes, guillotine chokes.

Where I realised that she outcrazied me - she wanted to to cut her, not scratch, not knifeplay - she genuinely wanted me to cut her bad enough to require stitches.
I drew my line there and she basically lost it, screeching, the whole nine yards, trying to get me to cut her - I bailed, and had to delete everything and go underground, had to change gyms and everything.

Married now and my wife knows nothing.

Sam, if you're reading this, I hope you're better now.

>> No.10070365 [DELETED] 

Where do I find a nice cosplay gf who will let me punch her in the face?

>> No.10070371

Suggest searching tumblr/twitter tags for "Borderline" or "BPD".

Those girls will do literally ANYTHING, but they will steal, cheat and hurt you.

>> No.10070378 [DELETED] 

Please, seek help. They will drop you for some chill vanilla again, how many red flags do you need?

>> No.10070380

Can confirm.

>> No.10070382

Are you in need of a dominating goth lolita gf? I need a short guy to overpower because most men are taller than me (5'5") and it ruins the fantasy. I see you're taken already but if you're interested...you may think I'm joking (especially with my email address) but I'm serious and have enough money to probably move you in as a stay at home pig if you'd like. I promise, you'll be taken care of as a loving pet and even get your own pig pen. You won't regret it.

>> No.10070384

See, this is the quality shit that keeps bringing me back here.

I do actually know a 5'1" guy that's fit and a freak in bed.

What sort of rules would a potential sub need to abide by?

>> No.10070389

I'm happy for you kinksters and all but are there any vanilla cosplay/lolita gfs on offer? Minimal mental health problems/trauma preferably.

>> No.10070390
File: 38 KB, 657x527, 880.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

a-are you interested in other women

>> No.10070391 [DELETED] 

I know this. I know a bit about mental illness.

When I was in the ward I would sometimes go to the general lunch room which is pretty much the only time you get to see girls who aren't elderly bull-dykes because girls can choose an all-female ward.

It was funny watching a bunch of girls in their 20's fight for the approval and attention of a younger doctor who would often sit with them. I hope he knew not to stick dick in crazy.

>> No.10070393

And gulls call us thirsty.

>> No.10070401

Ask him to send an inquiry to my email. I'll be able to answer by end of day because I'm busy today. Being fit is a little bit of a turnoff for me, I like them short and plump, but I'll check him out. Rules will vary depending on how he looks and what he can do, I'll asses that. For the bare minimum, he has to be willing to get tied, whipped, pegged, stepped on, verbally abused, and okay with licking conventionally dirty body parts like feet. High pain tolerance is a must. Extra bonus if he can handle a little blood being drawn but not sure deal breaker.

>> No.10070404

>I hope he knew not to stick dick in crazy.
So what if he didn't; they'd get their pound of man flesh and they're going to say he touched them if he did or not?

>but are there any vanilla cosplay/lolita gfs on offer?
Literally all taken as wife material by now - anyone still riding the cock carousel after college has damage; and by the time you're out of schooling any girl that's still in college that wants an older man probably has daddy issues.

If you're a NEET/wagecuck and you haven't met anyone yet, you're going to have to deal with the scraps.

I had three actual girlfriends before I met my wife - every single one of them was some sort of crazy - but only Sam was "Bust balls deep in my arse and cut me with an exacto knife" crazy.
Once you've done the carousel of crazy, you want to hold onto the sane one; my wife is literally the first girl I dated that wasn't 100% insane - she has some anxiety and attached PTSD shit, but I can help her with that - whatever these others girls had was dangerous to me and potential bystanders.

>> No.10070405

Not really. I have tried one though, but just not too into girls.

>> No.10070407

>Being fit is a little bit of a turnoff for me, I like them short and plump,
How much of a turnoff? We call him "the body" for a reason - he's like someone shrunk down a male model by 20%.

>> No.10070414
File: 1.29 MB, 1080x1316, 20181222_201023.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw cute 5'2 lolita gull with a handsome 6' bf who beats the shit out of me on the reg

i'm really glad i'm not y'all

>> No.10070418

I dunno. Have him email me.

>> No.10070419

I'm seriously wondering though - where do you draw your limits?
Carotid Chokes?
Leaving Marks?

>> No.10070421

You motherfuckin bitch, do you even deserve someone even half normal? Is it because your gf cheated on you and dropped you so you don’t have anything better than jerk off to idiotic fantasies you post online? If so, it’s all your fault and nobody convinces you otherwise so you can keep brushing your fucking ego. There’s no excuse that you love to make, you act like a bitch because you want it and your regular bullshit means a nothing. See it gulls, it comes from someone who’s 30+. A person of this age should be mature, smart, focused - they yank to mayhem fics and shittalk about their “friends” instead. How fucking pathetic is that! Hope your “face smashing” bullshit got you feeling nice tonight.

>> No.10070423

we've actually done all of these and i love every bit of it. i take punches and slaps and being choked like a champ. my hard limits are basically scat and anything that permanently maims me--also nothing that will scar up my face (but bruises and black eyes are okay). when it comes to being cut, my preference is in places where clothing will cover it. but that's about it, at least that i can think of.

>> No.10070424

Is this copypasta?

>> No.10070426

/cgl/ has schizo posters these days?

>> No.10070429

All the power to you two then - if you don';t mind me prying, who initiated it?

It was just all too much, way too fast as a teenager for me.
One thing I have been lucky with was that she opened me up to watersports and my wife, who is mostly vanilla as fuck, actually enjoys that.

>> No.10070431

>tfw threads like these are beginning to warp my sense of normality

>> No.10070433

No such thing as normal, just what is acceptable in public.
Doors close and you get to be yourself; half the reason I have a home gym - exercise in the nude playing whatever I want on the TV.
Documentaries are kino when it comes to exercise.

>> No.10070435
File: 28 KB, 300x292, s-l300.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i initiated because i'm a degenerate lol. i've found that most guys are willing to try, but it takes a very specific person to enjoy it at the level i need...

but luckily it was something he's always wanted to do and now he gets a lot of satisfaction out of being as aggressive as he wants with me. now i get to be battered in my burando. win win! also, watersports are great! have fun with your wife anon!

>> No.10070437 [DELETED] 

How can someone find love if they would have to put on a fake personality to ever be loved?

>> No.10070438
File: 178 KB, 700x367, ok.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10070439

> please, treat me nice when I’m acting like a bitc
Fuck. This. Bullshit. And. Fuck. You.

>> No.10070441
File: 1019 KB, 500x373, DepressByScreen.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Winter depresses me so much. It's almost 6pm, already dark outside, and it feels like I've wasted the whole day, even though I've gotten considerable amounts done. I even dressed up in lolita to motivate myself to act the way I look and not procrastinate.

But fuck, it's dark and depressing, and I need dinner to power through this evening. Will spring be here soon?

>> No.10070442

>watersports are great! have fun with your wife anon!
They are, but it and anal basically mean the only place we have sex these days is in the shower; fuck cleaning up after that, I just want to cuddle afterwards.

Honestly - blind luck.
Best advice I can give is have fun and never settle.
Strike it up with anyone and everyone that tickles your fancy - if you can't see them being "the one", then have some fun and break it off early - don't waste years with someone because you're afraid of letting them down; at the end of it all, if you're not going to fall head over heels for them, then don;'t force it, don't waste their time.
We all have very limited time on this Earth - there is not enough to go around, so if you're not happy make a change now, not in three months time.

>> No.10070448 [DELETED] 

I hope anybody who dates you realizes that you're the type of person to never stick around no matter what.

You will never find love. You'll just keep moving on when you think something is better out there.

>> No.10070451

>I hope anybody who dates you realizes that you're the type of person to never stick around no matter what.
I have been with my wife since the senior year of high school.
We have been married for three and a half years.
We have been together for ten and a half years.

Before I met her, I dated three train wrecks that had I of persevered, would have ended in an explosive shit show - guaranteed.

I've watched many friends, and my brothers and sisters marry out of obligation, or stay together out of obligation - it ended badly for every single one of them, every time.
If the spark isn't there, then it just shouldn't happen and by trying to keep it going, you're trapping yourself and your partner in a bad relationship - don't do it.

>> No.10070452

Onto my previous rage post, I guess I recognized face-beat-anon. I can’t provide more details without unveiling myself. I can only tell they belong to Russian comm and oftentimes they shit talk here about fellow comm members for whatever reason they make up.

>> No.10070453
File: 129 KB, 640x513, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>been with my wife since senior year of high school
>been together for three and a half years
Yikes, i hope for the best for you guys but the numbers for that shit these days ain’t good.
Made out with someone in my com on New Years But it was literally the last person I wanted it to be and not a conscious decision I would have made, and after insisting she wouldn’t make it weird after I told her I wasn’t interested, she made it weird. I threw up on her nice shoes and called it a new trend tho.

>> No.10070456

Wait, that was a serious post?

Hi, I'm the guy you replied to, was just shitposting and have no idea what you're talking about.

>> No.10070458

>Yikes, i hope for the best for you guys but the numbers for that shit these days ain’t good.
Hence why we waited 7 years to get married.
Life's pretty fucking great.

>I threw up on her nice shoes and called it a new trend tho.
Pretty devilish, desu.

>> No.10070461

Happy for you, didn’t see the part about waiting 7 years. Tfw no relationship like Tolkien and his wife had.

>> No.10070466

You've got to try for it then.
It won't just come to you - you have to look for it.

Love is worth finding; also worthwhile finding someone who shares at least some of your kinks - if you only date people EXACTLY degenerate as yourself you will limit your dating pool significantly, but you should keep your sex life in mind when dating.

>> No.10070468

do you mean >>10070414?

>> No.10070473

There's something primally satisfying about beating/being beat while in lolita.

>> No.10070477
File: 172 KB, 444x408, mysteriouscreature.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

None of yall want love, ya just want the shit to be beaten out of you.

>> No.10070478

What fun is there in beating the shit out of someone when they won't even put up a decent fight?

>> No.10070483

What's the difference?

>> No.10070495
File: 95 KB, 512x512, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I guess I’d do it if requested but I just wanna tenderly hold my pregnant wife

>> No.10070514

Choking a girl out whilst fucking her is literally the easy way to fuck a girl silly.
If your hand doesn't cover at least 2/3 of your gf's neck, she's unsatisfied.

>> No.10070523
File: 65 KB, 1200x1134, Dv5z5PxU0AAEcmk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why do girls want to get choked so much? I want a girl to answer.

>> No.10070525

Idk lass why do you like getting choked

>> No.10070528
File: 14 KB, 216x399, 1537369233809.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why can't I find a girl that wants to be choked?

>> No.10070535

Ever tried auto-erotic asphyxiation?
It adds to the sensory pleasure, plus there's the danger aspect/submissive aspect of it.
Some people also get off on getting others off; they are the kind of people that tend to be switches - so if choking someone gets you off, they will get off on being choked because you get on choking them.

Do not try AEA by yourself; but if you absolutely must, follow below instructions:
>Belt around your neck, with the buckle INSIDE OUT so it does NOT latch.
>Secure to the bottom of a heavy piece of furniture, preferably a heavy bedhead.
>Sit in such a way that should you pass out, you will fall towards the secured end of the belt.
>Do not use fibrous rope, preferably use something very slippery (ie. leather belt with a very loose traditional style buckle).

But always safer/much more fun for someone else to choke you.

>> No.10070541

Because people have been hurt by others and are messed up in the head and/or have been taught by society that this is now what is necessary to not be considered vanilla or boring so people subject themselves to it.

>> No.10070546

See, the thing is choking is actually vanilla as fuck.
It's pretty tame so most every guy will do it.
Ask a guy what he really wants with no judgement guaranteed - he will bring up some fucked up shit.

Honestly will never tell my partner about half my fetishes because it would not be fair to do that to her.

At least I'm not a footfag.
That said, she saw me playing a porn game that had footfag shit in it so for a few weeks she thought I had a foot fetish and she kept trying to "accidentally" give me footjobs.
There is NOTHING that feels worse than someone's cold hard and/or clammy feet on your dick; like I will rim the fuck out of anyone that cleans/shaves their butthole, no issue - feet, fuck off with that shit.

Imagine having someone shove their toe up your clacker, fucking grotty.

>> No.10070554 [DELETED] 

Shit eating faggot

>> No.10070556

>no food in house
>haven't eaten more than 800 cals a day for the past 2 weeks
>feels kind of good knowing I'm getting slimmer
>keep checking myself out in the mirror
>not fat by any means but if I lost another 5 lbs I would be model tier perfect
>not sure if I should bother buying food after all
No one warned me that cutting was addictive. It just feels so nice knowing you only ate one tiny meal all day.

>> No.10070557

Footfags are literally worse than furries.

>> No.10070558 [DELETED] 

You literally eat shit, you fat faggot

>> No.10070560
File: 26 KB, 337x367, 1316584301519.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok, now you're pushing things.

>> No.10070565

You don't want to cut too much.
This close to your goal you should start figuring out your maintenance cals for your goal/activities.

I will fucking die on this hill if I have to.

>Hairfags (no issue about grass on the field, but like those guys that are into wolfman levels of hair).
Are all beyond the acceptable level of degeneracy.

>> No.10070573
File: 88 KB, 798x900, DuUcxn1WkAUHpMA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Here's a video that briefly touches on the surface psychology of "defiling" kinks.

>> No.10070574

I'm pretty lazy and don't exercise much, my calorie needs are low to begin with. I get sexual gratification when I don't eat for a while. Recently I've only been eating once a day.
I should start doing yoga again though, that much at least... I used to be able to hold tree pose for 5 minutes by the clock now I can barely pass 90 seconds.

>> No.10070582

Fair enough, but maintenance is still important.
Keep the goal in sight, don't overshoot, especially if you don't like having to gain.

You pay for every indulgence twice over - once physically, once mentally.
Take care of yourself - you deserve it.

>> No.10070586

How’s that hourglass shape holding up anon

>> No.10070587
File: 2.45 MB, 1408x1056, 1540816974991.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Also this video:

>> No.10070591

We should trade places. I'm skeletal as fuck and need to gain weight.

>> No.10070592

Same anon I just gained ten pounds and I’m feeling great but I’m still underweight

>> No.10070593


>> No.10070594

Must suck knowing that you'll gain it back and more as soon as you start eating normally or slightly higher. Not even trying to be snide: just been there, done that. Though I lost the weight sustainably now and it's held off so far.

>> No.10070595

Why are gulls so vitriolic?

Everyone here would do better with more support.
I mean sure, rip the shit out of Itas and cunts with uncut wigs, but try to avoid the "crabs in a bucket" mentality.

>> No.10070597

Not sure if you're being sarcastic but I'm very hourglass. Small waist, big rack and bubble ass. Luckily I have good genetics.
It's a lifestyle change, there is no "start eating normally again", this is for life. Anyway I have never been actually fat, just chubby at worst. Since I started cutting seriously my appetite has reduced significantly. I highly doubt I'll ever overeat again.
landwhales think you can diet for a month and then be thin for life. It's a lifestyle change. I've already accepted that.
>don't overshoot,
I've never been underweight, I can't really imagine that being too thin could ever be a problem unless it's outright anorexia.

>> No.10070598

Not just gulls, there's like 10% of anons on any board that are like that or worse about it. nothing to be done about it.

>> No.10070599

I wasn’t being sarcastic that was a genuine question I’m glad you got good genetics most gulls don’t

>> No.10070600

>See, the thing is choking is actually vanilla as fuck.

It isn't, though. You and the rest of the degenerates can go on with this all you want, but 90% of people have vanilla sex and are normal and satisfied, and they aren't looking for people to hurt them or people to hurt.

>> No.10070603

>I've never been underweight, I can't really imagine that being too thin could ever be a problem unless it's outright anorexia.
Being too thin is a problem; you need to separate anorexia and being underweight.
Anorexia is a neurological condition, being underweight is a physical condition.

There will be a point where you reach an ideal bodyfat percentage, going below this will be less attractive, will deflate your "assets" and can cause both short term and long term damage to your organs and mental faculties.
It's a much better plan to find your ideal weight and start your maintenance at that when you're a week or two out.
It's much harder when you overshoot, then have to go back up again and overshoot again/undershoot.

But on other boards cunts get pulled up on it; here it's just part of the culture - like I have no issue posting in CBT when I'm cut, but I would NEVER post a finished cosplay here.

>It isn't, though. You and the rest of the degenerates can go on with this all you want, but 90% of people have vanilla sex and are normal and satisfied
Guarantee most of that 90% just keep it in private - I sure as hell don't go around IRL telling people about my sexual proclivities - but I can be myself here due to relative anonymity.

>> No.10070606
File: 97 KB, 703x1000, Tomio.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What I get from this thread is that there's a huge chance that a random girl I meet at AX will ask me to choke her with my muscular arms and I end up breaking her soft and slender neck by accident.

>> No.10070608

>Guarantee most of that 90% just keep it in private

No. Sure, you aren't going to tell everyone about everything, but people confide in their friends and talk about what they're into. Most people are vanilla normies. Simple as that.

>> No.10070612

Unlikely, unless you try pulling some WWE shit - but you try chokeslamming a girl and staying balls deep, not possible.

The craziest that's likely to happen is a girl wants to be choked unconscious, which is ridiculously easy with a triangle choke or guillotine choke, both of which still allows you to keep going without breaking their neck.

>but people confide in their friends and talk about what they're into.
I sure as fuck don't and I sure as fuck don't ask people.
If I'm not dicking them, I don't cross that boundary - I expect the same of other people.

Plus, EVERYONE has a kink, but for a lot of people it can be pretty innocuous; there's a HUGE community of sitters, balloon fetishists, sticking fetishists - not everyone is into dragon dildos and pretend rape, but there's always something that gets a person off like nothing else.

>> No.10070615

Then you're in the minority if you don't talk to your friends about your sex life, so it's even more odd that you'd assume your experience is the norm and how everyone feels about kinks when you literally seem to have less evidence to support that.

>> No.10070617

>But on other boards cunts
Trust me you haven't seen the kind of shit I've seen. My god, just go browse /ic/ if you want proof that other boards are far worse with the bucket of crabs mentality. I pretty must just don't post there anymore. Old /ic/ was alright and helpful, but in the past 3-4 years it went to shit, and the past year and a half it's just irredeemable.
Other boards besides /ic/ have those same kind of posters. No matter what you say they just want to be mean and nasty and try to tear you down, and you can see it when they respond to other anons as well so it's not just me being bitter. look at it, now I even type pre-defensively. well idk what it is, this site just gets worse and worse every year, and I've been here for 10 years and it's the lousiest I've ever seen it. I barely post anymore. I can't name a single board that hasn't steeply declined in quality, and along with the idiocy came that bitterness.
It's a shame because I have spoken with some genuinely wonderful people on 4chan. now I barely want to post...

>> No.10070618
File: 239 KB, 500x375, DepressedCatloaf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Even after the first purge this thread remains awfully sexual. Is there some bad juju in our new years resolution? Will 2019 be super horny and annoying, just because it isn't 2020 yet?

Gross, I just want some pure feels here, not a choking debate.

>> No.10070623

People tend to keep their oinks private. There's a reason why 50 Shades of Gray was popular despite being absolute dogshit. It let many "normal" women feel that they aren't so deranged for their fantasies. 50 Shades was ass and pretty vanilla though.

>> No.10070624

>Then you're in the minority if you don't talk to your friends about your sex life
I tell them the funny shit - ie. the time I had an asthma attack whilst fucking my wife in a sauna.
But I don't talk about kinks - possibly because all my friends know my wife.
I'm not going to tell them we enjoy watersports and she likes being lightly bitten.

>This site just gets worse and worse every year, and I've been here for 10 years and it's the lousiest I've ever seen it.
I know that feeling man, but there's nothing quite like it yet; infinitichan is open enough/underground enough that it has the same culture of late 00's 4chan, but it's too dead.
Same fate awaits it that has happened to every alternative chan that's basically a barren husk.

Also can't stand Reddit/facebook/etc with people regurgitating old content for literal internet points inside a walled garden. Content is curated by the fucking masses, rather than just being presented in a simple flat layout.

No matter how many times you leave, you will always come back.

>> No.10070632 [DELETED] 
File: 374 KB, 850x1703, image0-17.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shut the fuck up before I choke you while sticking my dick so far up your meat chamber that you squirt cum from your nose, bitch. You know you want it you filthy little cum guzzling slut. I bet your soft ass is just quivering at the thought of me single handedly making your face into the shade of a fucking blueberry while you have NO means of fighting back successfully against me. I bet you're reading this right now and creating a fucking monsoon in your frilly little Baby Alice and The Pirates bloomers, ruining your Baby the Stars Bright panties, biting the bottom of your lip with such ferocious lust that a trail of blood drips down your chin, straddling your pulsating asshole against the edge of your chair, begging for me in the back of your head. I'm going to spit into your fucking eye and pulverize your tiny little vocal cords with my throbbing cumwand. You won't be able to speak for DAYS; and when you FINALLY retain the ability to coherently utter noises other than "UwU," your first words will be "hurt me more, daddy." I'm going to do all this to you while you wear the blue Milky Planet colorway, and when I'm done it'll be dyed red. Promise. Now bend over, you filthy fucktoy.

>> No.10070635 [DELETED] 

Shut up, whore.

>> No.10070637

Cringe and blue pilled.

Based and red pilled.

>> No.10070638

It's the 4th of January.
Not yet.

Not yet.

>> No.10070640

Aussie spotted.

>> No.10070642

>Most people are vanilla normies. Simple as that.
Go to manyvids.

Compare the ratio of kink videos to vanilla videos.

Mainstream porn couldn't keep up with mainstream depravity, so the free market created a solution for the demand.

>> No.10070643

Hello, I am the anon you replied to, and I just want to say you totally ruined my immersion by assuming what substyle I wear. Dry as a desert here because of that.

>> No.10070645

Nayrt, but if you could provide a preferred style, preferred kink and any other specifics I'll write some erotica for you.

>> No.10070648 [DELETED] 

The people who finance porn are not representative of the greater majority. Theres surely some overlap but the peope funding videos of analjob interracial cuck jerk-off instructions is not mainstream.

This is the primary issue with porn. It's that it consistently evolves to demands of the most obsessed and depraved minority.

>> No.10070653

Approximately 50% of the population admits to consuming some type of porn, with amateur/self produced porn becoming incredibly popular.
Whilst it's true that there's enough free porn that production is catered towards niche market whales, go check out Pornhub's popular with women category, or popular in x region categories.

A good deal of those videos are fetish in one way or another; women in particular consume gangbang porn at a significantly higher rate to their male counterparts.

>> No.10070655
File: 161 KB, 363x375, LuckyStarredDisbelief.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Give me a classic lolita with a tall elf-ish manservant. Erotic duties are just another service, you know. I want loving devotion and gentle femdom during foreplay.
All of the professionalism is swept aside and forgotten in the main act of clinging, hugging and sweet talking submission in the missionary position/mating press.

>> No.10070660 [DELETED] 

Closet dyke.

>> No.10070666

Yo this nigga said cumwand lmao

>> No.10070667


>> No.10070668

The Videos for Women category is a travesty and has nearly identical content to the main area. Don't use that as your determination for any judgments.

And gangbang honestly makes sense because more men are involved so the hope is that there might just be a little less focus on the woman's body for once. It's not about the fetish itself.

>> No.10070670

>interviewer asks for references from all previous jobs
A job ends one of two ways: you get fired or you quit. Chrissake I'm probably on bad terms with all of them. Fuck job hunting. Now I have to sit here and be anxious about what they might say about me, and if nothing else, have to be humiliated that I'm once again job-hunting and they all get the satisfaction of knowing it. Fuck this planet.

>> No.10070672

I know it's tired and it's overused, but it gets better.

I got made redundant at the start of November, the day before my birthday.
I have a mortgage and everything.

Found three jobs within two weeks.
Trick is rather than applying to adds, call up external customers you have worked with before that have high opinions of you and ask if they have ANYTHING going right now.
All you need is a job that pays the bills until you get a real job.

Plus, there's always sugar-daddies if you get desperate.

>> No.10070683

>call up external customers
Don't have anything like that, I was back office doing internal work.
>sugar daddies
Tried it, all I got were salt daddies.
It's just terrifying, you have bills to pay, you're on a time limit as to how long you can survive, and now your survival rests on what someone you probably had a quarrel with would say about you. It's so fucked. I really want my next job to end on a good note, though I don't see how it's possible, so I can have one decent fucking reference to give these people. I can survive this month and next... after that idk.

>> No.10070686 [DELETED] 

It's your attitude that is causing you problems. If you stopped feeling so entitled then jobs would come to you.

>> No.10070693

>Don't have anything like that, I was back office doing internal work.
Did you ever talk with ANYONE outside the company?
Even a 5 minute interaction can leave a good lasting impression.

>Tried it, all I got were salt daddies.
It can take a while to find a good one, but it will happen if you put the effort in.
My sister was a nude maid for a few years, she made a very good living doing it and ended up with a couple of paypigs.
But to get there, she spent a long time building a clientele and got ghosted quite a few times by guys that had a fantasy of financial domination, but couldn't act it out for one reason or another.

She's changed careers now, but you don't have to suck dick to make whore money if you can create and maintain a character.

Anyone that is willing to work is entitled to work.
There's millions of people right now who do nothing but waste time at their job; anyone willing to put the effort in deserves to make a living.

>> No.10070700 [DELETED] 

Nobody owes you a job and until you improve your personality, it's obvious why nobody wants to hire you

>> No.10070710

Look, another crabsposter. Why don't you go the fuck ahead and explain what I'm being "entitled" about, or do you not even know what that word means?
>thinking I have friends
There's a small handful of people who might help me get a job but I really don't want to ask for their help, and the chance of being successful in that is astronomically low. Their companies won't necessarily have just an open role, right now, in a location I can get to, meeting my experience. And I really don't want to ask them.
>nude maid
I mean I've done some weird shit for money too. Like I tried camming, went to cash out and the site crashed every single time I wanted to actually collect my money. Never crashed any other time... that was chaturbate. And I didn't make very much in the first place, salt in the wound... I don't have an outgoing personality. I guess that means it's okay to stomp me into the dirt and make me live in poverty and terror my whole life.
I should really just kill myself. I'm already in constant physical pain, now I have to worry what happens when my money runs out and everyone on earth kicks me into the gutter. Life is awful, I'd really just rather have never been born.

>> No.10070714

Remember your personal hygiene! Boys don't like girls that are smelly.

>> No.10070716
File: 650 KB, 946x768, hnk1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I used to defend the existence of feels threads on this board, but I've come to realize they're pure, /cgl/-unrelated degeneracy. Go to /r9k/ or /adv/. Someone nuke this thread.

>> No.10070718 [DELETED] 
File: 245 KB, 850x1703, 1546552379598.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shut the fuck up before I choke you while sticking my dick so far up your meat chamber that you squirt cum from your nose, bitch. You know you want it you filthy little cum guzzling slut. I bet your soft ass is just quivering at the thought of me single-handedly making your face into the shade of a fucking blueberry while you have NO means of fighting back successfully against me. I bet you're reading this right now and creating a fucking monsoon in your frilly little Alice and The Pirates bloomers, ruining your Baby the Stars Bright panties, biting the bottom of your lip with such ferocious lust that a trail of blood drips down your chin, straddling your pulsating asshole against the edge of your chair, begging for me in the back of your head. I'm going to spit into your fucking eye and pulverize your tiny little vocal cords with my throbbing cumwand. You won't be able to speak for DAYS; and when you FINALLY retain the ability to coherently utter noises other than "UwU," your first words will be "hurt me more, daddy." I'm going to do all this to you while you wear the blue Milky Planet colorway, and when I'm done it'll be dyed red. Promise. Now bend over, you filthy fucktoy.

>> No.10070719

>I don't have an outgoing personality.
You just have to develop a stage personality.

You want some inspiration; look at girls like Lana Rain - legit has assburgers, had TERRIBLE camera presence at the start - she worked on it and now would easily be making 6 figures off manyvids/camming.

>Life is awful, I'd really just rather have never been born.
I know, I've been exactly where you are, but you will get past it - you will find a job so long as you're willing to work and work hard; I literally employ people - I've hired three people in the past two weeks.
There are three questions I ask for entry level jobs:
>Do they show up on time?
>Are they resourceful/responsible?
>Do they work hard?

Multiple times people I have hired have left their previous job on bad terms, and I talked to their friends, or clients of their old bosses - people who've had one or two interactions - your old co-workers would even be great referees for entry level positions.
Anyone with a hand in the industry, even as an entry level worker, will not stake their reputation on someone that's irresponsible - I literally hire based on that every day.

I got hired without an employer reference check - I earn 100K base per year - I couldn't of gotten a current reference because the company I was made redundant by hates my guts because I'm suing them (they owe me 15K in unpaid wages).

Networking is still getting me job offers; I average 1-2 unsolicited job offers per month - there's a boom in my industry sure, but the trick is to always sell yourself, not your company.

You can do it, you will do it - you've got this.

>> No.10070726

You're a nice anon. I just want to feel bad and cry for a little while right now. I guess it will be a matter of putting in enough applications to get one who won't check references. Just feels like I'm relying on other people's permission to be able to pay my rent and eat food. I realized I need to work on making contacts and getting good references together. Stage personality...I try that but it's exhausting, to keep up a minimum of 40 hours a week is utterly exhausting, especially when I'm in horrible constant physical pain and want to die. even getting drunk doesn't put a dent in it. it's like you look miserable at work just once and they'll never forgive you. i wish i could just do the fucking job and go home without needing to entertain everyone pretending to be some smiling happy outgoing dipshit who loves smalltalk. i have no problem working, i have no problem doing the job, never had a performance issue, but when I'm exhausted, in terror at my future prospects, miserable, and in pain and minutes drag on like hours, it's hard to be genki when i want to hole up in the toilets and cry.
There's a lot of hiring activity, I just need to keep trying I guess. I want to ganbatte but I'm tired and everything always goes to hell outside my control despite best efforts...
You're a really nice anon.

>> No.10070728 [DELETED] 

You should learn to love yourself first and just be yourself.

>> No.10070753
File: 139 KB, 1562x731, dalete.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No worries, just keep trying and you'll get there.

You should take the time to create a couple different targeted CV's - this is my stacked one for Transport.

It's also times like these when you can take a step back and look at how you're living and make changes.

For example: Right now you're worried about paying rent - consider alternatives, options that allow you to skip rent, Tiny Homes, Cleaning to Let, etc. - options that would provide you housing regardless of your income stream and would allow you to save money to put towards a personal apartment/home.

Re-frame the situation - from a problem you have, to solutions within your reach.

Right now instead of framing your situation around the problem of being fired - you now have an open space to plan solutions:

>Home business
>New job
>New industry
Drill down from there.

>> No.10070757 [DELETED] 

How do people like you even live knowing you're going to be mediocre your entire life?
Are you just hoping a man is going to come along and save you?

I cant even fathom being satisfied working some dead end career.

>> No.10070759

Probably doing better than you, anon.

>> No.10070762 [DELETED] 

I'm not trying to insult you. I seriously want to get inside your head.

I'm working my ass off to actually accomplish something in life and be better than others.

>> No.10070768

>I'm working my ass off to actually accomplish something in life and be better than others.
I work on massive billion dollar projects supporting primary industry - it's pretty satisfying some of the shit I've been able to do.
Combine that with the comfort of the money we're earning - it's honestly fantastic.

I would like to own my own business, but only as a side venture - couldn't rely on it.

>> No.10070778

crabposter shoe shoe, back to /r9k/ with you
I'll think about your advice. Already want to get out of my lease but there's very little chance of being able to sublet it now, they can't even fill all the open apartments they have as it is. i'm never getting into a lease like this again though, I thought it would be affordable but after tax and emergency expenses and all kinds of shit it's just difficult. next place i get will be a share. company that was considering me gave me a pass because I "jump around too much" because all the roles I ever get are temporary contracts...like yeah no shit. recruiter has another one for me though, temp, but it sounds fine and as long as they don't get a negative from my references it sounds like I might get in there.
I just hate the bullshit. It's so much bullshit.
I'll use your cv as an example...I don't even have enough to fill a cv out properly. maybe another 2-3 years, right now I've only had 3 big girl jobs.
i'm drawing sad things to let the feels out right now. wish i had more stability, and maybe a partner to help support each other whenever one of us loses a job. tfw no bf

>> No.10070786

It's called coping with what life has handed to you. People can be happy in most situations with proper coping skills.

There's ALWAYS a chance that you could lose everything. For some it could be a much slimmer chance than others. But yeah coping skills are important.

>> No.10070793
File: 64 KB, 741x454, sw6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I haven't been to a con in years. Should I maybe try to make friends online before it? Or is that weird? Going alone to a con would crush me I feel.

>> No.10070860

>be me, somewhat ok at sewing
>think about cosplaying an armored character, would require me to get into making props
>recently getting disillusioned with cosplay due to how commercialized it is and I'm a guy so I won't make it
>realize I don't really want to put in all the time to learn foamwork since I'm just making it for compliments, but I don't get photos posted of me on insta regardless, so why bother?
>get hyped up again by friend to "do stuff for myself"
>decide to focus on sewing only instead of spreading too thin, which includes sewn cosplays
>currently trying to figure out how to do linings for jackets

What's the deal with linings anyways? They're an extra jacket, in a jacket!

>> No.10070876

>the hope is that there might just be a little less focus on the woman's body for once
It's interesting you say this because the reason I hate the majority of mainstream porn is the lack of focus on the woman. It always seems dick-centric to me.

>> No.10070902

>tfw no tall lolita gf who like the same stuff as me
I guess I'll just have to keep on playing for the high one, dancing with the devil and hope it pans out. There's not much to do besides go with the flow. It's all a game to me anyway.

>> No.10070909
File: 16 KB, 342x245, 1497886877002.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do you guys just ever look at someone you like and wonder what's the point after not having any interaction or meaningful conversation with them in a few days. I am sorta at the point where I just hope they forget to message me because I don't think they want to put as much effort into this.

>> No.10070924
File: 350 KB, 646x634, 1541977056786.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

be my punchbag please

>> No.10070926

They're to add extra warmth or protect from itchy fabrics and sometimes they just look nice and hide seams. I know you're a beginner, but this is basics, dude.

>> No.10070999

excuse me but this is complete bullshit, garbage!
both those videos do not talk about source and nature of such thoughts - it's just soothing of disturbed and anxious mind you goddamn psycho

>> No.10071013

Yes, I'm actually having this problem with several people I like at the moment. I like them for different reasons but they're obviously just not as into it as I am which makes me just not want to bother

>> No.10071043

>like several people at once
>wonder why they're not that into you

>> No.10071050

Trust me anon I would love to find a girl to love and cosplay with but this girl I’m chatting with is not the one. I really am trying with her but the magic is fading and I don’t want to anymore

>> No.10071056

Don't ghost them though.

>> No.10071068

I’m not going to ghost, if it gets to that point I’ll tell her it’s not working out. Ghosting is cowardly anon

>> No.10071127

None of them are aware of the other's existence. I always just seem to end up with serial ghosters

>> No.10071129

Yikes anon do you need a hug lad I’m here for you, I hate serial ghosters

>> No.10071160

Anon, most people gradually lose their sense of personal space and self belongings when they have children. The mother probably desensitized herself long ago to the pain of having clothes missing, the room a mess, personal items ruined, etc. Having kids fucks up your life, and those with kids are so used to it that they can't fathom why others are bothers by the actions of children anymore.

Never have children. Although, chances are that if you're actually above subhuman IQ you've already come to this conclusion on your own.

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>> No.10071608

I wanted to make a lame seinfeld joke honestly but thank you for the answer