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Last thread hit limit >>10058480

Fucking behave yourselves ok

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Did anyone ever ask Misako about the recommendation of the movie Lolita in the reference section of her lolita fashion guide book? There's a question I'd like to see her address in detail in a Q&A.

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Jesus fucking Christ where did you find this?

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Rufflechat. New thread about bonnets.

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If that was $22, she was robbed.
Her face looks like a baboons ass.
Someone needs to give her a link to a triple fortune bonnet and tell her to get good or gtfo.
This thing needs Jesus.

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A baboon who tried to give themselves a colonoscopy with a vacuum hose.

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I fucking knew it was a dude. Just why RC mods.

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Ok fine, fine it.

Except that >>10064958 is scarier. Fuck this clowny drag look that is creeping in here and there. If they want avant garde makeup in jfashion, do angura kei and shironuri. Or if they want loud looks, go to takuya angel or into decora.
The fuck out with this cheap clueless shit.

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We need a Di(WHY) thread for these homegrown hobos

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ok. he's a drag queen who likes wearing lolita

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To be clear, a drag persona that wears the fashion would be fine, that's a performer.
But this is a fashion not the fucking monkey butt Baby Huey in drag carnival of cringe.
Also bonnet ruffle is so fucking crooked. And that limp ass bow tied square in the middle.
I'm triggered.

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fucking yikes. she's uglier on the outside than she is on the inside and for her that is an accomplishment.

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The girl in question wants to start wearing Lolita as well. When someone gave her the advice to start with building a wardrobe in one of the mainsubstyles instead of doing themed/special occasion coords, her white knights started to insult the person giving advice. When the person went on to tell her sweaters won’t look good in Lolita, her white knights started to cry that all Lolita’s are mean bullies.

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this looks a little bit like biqtch puddin

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Yea, as a drag look I'm not mad at it

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Still not convinced, this looks like a hormone induced fakeboi

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>implying triple fortune actually has good bonnets

just because you pay 300 bucks for a bonnet doesn't mean it's good. They're too gawdy, heavy, and i got a better bonnet on etsy for 50 bucks

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>too heavy
Quality and comfort are not synonyms. Louboutin shoes are purposefully made to be uncomfortable, but that doesn't mean they're "low quality"

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Where on Etsy? Looking for a good smaller bonnet atm

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>too gawdy
just because betsy johnson is a big name brand doesn't mean her shit doesn't look like it walked right out of a 5 year olds sketchbook.

I genuinely love this bonnet so much. It's lightweight, stays on very well, it's soft material, and it's gorgeous

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>Louboutin shoes are purposefully made to be uncomfortable
Are you implying that they do this intentionally?

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I'm not sure there's much implying about it.

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I don't disagree, but damn. If you're going to use a word, look up how to spell it

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There was an interview with CL himself where he says his shoes should be uncomfortable because he believes that "beauty should be painful" or some shit like that

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ayrt but it's a regional dialect thing

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And this sort of shit is why I'm wary of male designers.

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I wanted to like this but I can't get past that huge ugly fabric ruffle on the edge. 3f bonnets are overdone and huge but at least their edging is elegant...

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i mean it's the same material as the main piece and it looks really nice in my opinion, and it holds a really elegant shape. For a basic large bonnet, that's handmade and 50 bucks it's totally worth it

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Why must trannies ruin everything

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>fucking men. he should be forced to wear his own damn shoes for an 8 hour period.

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One quick google search dispelled this really quickly....

Are gulls really the most gullible group on the internet?

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I'm the anon that you just replied to. I'm not taking back my statement.

I think I know what article you're talking about, the one you probably found when you googled, the one where CL claims he was "misquoted", and that people are assuming he purposefully makes his shoes uncomfortable when really, it just that "It's not my job to create comfortable shoes" (CL) .
That "misquote" is what I'm talking about, and what he's trying to correct in the article:
"Christian Louboutin felt the need to dispel the fairly ridiculous notion, stemming from a previous quote, that he wants his ubiquitous red-soled shoes to be uncomfortable."
He's basically backtracking on his ass bc yes, he did say that he believes fashion should be uncomfortable, so now he's basically saying
"Oh no :) you see what I meant to say was that I don't give a rat's ass about comfort when I'm designing my shoes, and I totally know they're uncomfortable, but it's not like I do it on PURPOSE or anything uwu"

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Every time.

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>participate in a fashion community where the majority is women and young girls
>"I-I'm not a lady why aren't you thinking of ME!! Please consider ME!!!"
God, shut up.

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Actually, no. I read this article, which has his exact original quote.

Are you that embarrassed to be proven wrong?

Nowhere did he say "I want shoes to be painful" or "i make my shoes painful on purpose" or "beauty should be painful"

He is simply stating the fact that yes, strapping a 6-inch stick to your heel can be uncomfortable, but it also gives off a certain look

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This is so stupid, the question specifically has to do with shapewear fitting a female body, so it's a situation where it's appropriate. Saying 'do any of you ladies...' is a very polite way of stating that the opinion of women with female bodies looking for a feminine hourglass shape...who wear shape wear... was being sought.

The just FYI comment is a perfect example of someone getting bent without reason, a person inserting themselves in a situation where they weren't being asked, and trying to make something that's not even about them, about them. No one ever said that everyone there was a lady, OP was just seeking the opinion of ladies. And that's perfectly fine. Side eye to the 8 people who thumbs up that FYI comment too. And no one has corrected it.

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Imagine if someone did the opposite in another group like
>Hey guys,
>UM not everyone here is a "guy", be considerate!!
It would never fly, nor should it, it's ridiculous and I'm tired of seeing our communities bend over backwards to please people like this.

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I once was in a discord group there one person unironically whined about the use of "He guys!" - and people really did apologize and promise to never use it again.
That discord was 99% women and one trans *girl*. Guess who complained.

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I'm just so bored of it. Anyway, wouldn't a guy in lolita consider shapewear to get more of an hourglass/ feminine figure? Looking at her profile, she probably needs some shapewear.
>And no one has corrected it.
I wish someone would, but I doubt anyone would have the balls. I certainly don't, I can't be bothered being hounded.

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This is one reason why many women are re-thinking and also objecting to trans people pushing their way into woman's spaces. Trying to make issues that don't even concern them be all about them. Women should be able to speak freely to other women about women's things without having their language policed by anyone.

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If you ask a question about your blouse the pics should be, you know, of your blouse...

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Time warp Kd Lang hiding in your room after attacked by swarm of bees -kei?

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Is this an actual guy or a female enby? My comm has a bunch of enbies and they’re goddamn insufferable, even in person.
>biological woman looks and dresses extremely feminine, zero attempt at masculinity or even androgyny beyond going by the name of some shota anime character and maybe not shaving as often as most women do
>someone “mistakes” her for a woman
>“help help I’m being literally murdered by nazis!!! ;_;”
I’d happily trade all of them for actual FtMs because at least they (usually) make an attempt to look good in ouji and aristocrat.

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There seems to be nothing on her pages about her being trans. Just her fat self and her fat husband.

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This is why I always scroll past the attention whores.
Besides, they'd be better off asking for skincare advice.

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'Guys' is gender-neutral anyway.

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Anyone else notice the BDSM equipment in the background of the bottom pic?

>> No.10066048

It isn’t really. Would a man who sees a group of women walk past tell his buddy “gee, I wouldn’t mind banging one of those guys”?

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What the heck is cult party kei

>> No.10066060

It's a genuine style... but this is not cult party kei.

>> No.10066078

Ah I looked it up. The name just reminded me of the style that pixie tried to invent.

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I don't remember that, what was it?

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There is so much wrong with this.
>Her make-up and hair is gross
>Her "handmade" bonnet looks like crap
>If she thinks you need to pay $70 to get something like this she's dumb. No matter where you stand on the TaoBao argument, you can get cheaper bonnets for below 30 euro that look better than this shit there.

Or at least do it in a way it doesn't look like a little child doing face paint like on a children party. Even other styles would require well done avant garde make-up, not this shit.

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>give her a link to a triple fortune bonnet and tell her to get good or gtfo.
3F is beautiful and they always keep a special place in my heart. But they are made of cheap materials (in beautiful design), which you would have known if you actually held one yourself. The lace is cheap rachel lace, and the flowers are cheap plastic decoration flowers. The fabric and trim on the brim and the back of it have some dents instead of being smoothly sewn, and the synthetic fabrics (brim trim, closing straps, bows) are mediocre quality. The little crown on the bow is also just okay-ish. You can actually see these things if you look well at photo's, especially worn, non-stock photo's and close-ups of peoples faces when wearing them or of non-stock photo's of these bonnets.

They are beautiful. I bought one new full price even after seeing all this. But they aren't amazing quality or the definition of what you got after getting good.

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>her white knights started to cry that all Lolita’s are mean bullies.
I hope she believes this and stays far away from us. But I fear not.

>Women should be able to speak freely to other women about women's things without having their language policed by anyone
This counts for any opinion imho, as long as it's done with a certain respect, not just woman talking woman things. An people being offended by the fact others have opinions contradicting their won isn't disrespectful, beside maybe towards the people they deny their opinions because their feelings get hurt because they don't agree to them.

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Basically just a fanbase for pixielocks, but she also tried to pull party kei off as a fashion style. There's a lolcow thread for it, just searh. Colorful jfashion-ish clothes etc., pic related.

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And here's the pic that my stupid phone didn't apparentally let me post

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Those are just those cheapass heart chokers

>> No.10066143

Ah! My sense of perspective was off so it looked like large things far away.

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Found the newfag

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Facebook sometimes cuts off the top and bottom of images when it compiles them like this. If you click on it, I bet you could actually see the blouse

>> No.10066151

she tried to make a substyle and made normie fairy kei? aight

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Was eyeing up a dress on LM but then saw the description "About Me: Aspiring lolita (struggling due to size), plus-sized and disabled. Wig commissioner, dog lover, cute wheelchair fairy ". Am completely offput by stretched out brand.

Is it normal to judge the person you want to buy from due to worry about smells/ ruined clothes?

>> No.10066175

You're definitely not the only one. I can't say whether it's normal, but I do that too. But I'm really particular about my clothing so...
I hate when they include a worn picture. It almost always makes me decide not to buy. But I guess that could be a good thing for me?

>> No.10066181 [DELETED] 

Thank goodness I'm not the only one. It is quite a nice ivory old school dress for a good price but it's fully shirred and I'm just thinking how pulled the elastic is by a plus-size person trying to squeeeeeeze into it.

>> No.10066182

Yep. I'm a shitlord and don't even like modcloth because of their fat models. Buying secondhand clothing from someone who feels they need to mention they're fat and disabled is a red flag. For all I know they're going to cry muh disabilities as an excuse for not washing or shipping the thing late.
It's not even so much that they are those things but that they think it's important to point it out on a shopping site.. shows bag judgement to me.

>> No.10066183

I'm an idiot - turns out I'd clicked on the name of the highest bidder instead of the seller. My point still stands though!

>> No.10066184

Well now you have to buy it anon, save it from a worse fate!

>> No.10066242

Yeah, I'm put off if I know the seller is overweight and has probably stretched the shirring or slightly damaged the seams or zip, or if I can just visibly see how greasy/ unkempt the owner of a dress is.
Also any selling description that just rubs me the wrong way is off-putting, like if it has a description that contradicts itself or it's incredibly vague.
Worn photos in listings can sometimes put me off too, the one time I did buy a listing where the dress was shown worn it arrived to me stinking of B.O. I washed it and the water afterwards was disgusting. I bought a high priority wishlist dress for a decent price the other day and there was a worn pic on the listing but it wasn't enough to put me off, so now I'm just hoping for the best once it gets here.

>> No.10066287

That description is pure nightmare fuel. 2 size references, 2 disability references, I can sense the sjw agenda already.

I must be a shitlord too then because I think same, and I’m like that on Etsy listings too.

I do judge worn pix in a listing but I’ve also seen a few good ones that made me want to buy. I’d rather see a good photo taken on a dress form though.
I don’t buy much from western 2nd hand sellers but if I’m looking on LM, I’m kind of a creeper in that I’ll usually check someone’s public SM photos if I'm going to buy an item, just to see their general appearance.
Funny thing - in my creeping, I see a lot of ‘worn once by me’ dresses in more than one photo, sometimes lots more than one wearing.

>> No.10066301

>Does Amastacia accommodate fattychans? Has anyone ever seen a well done dress from amastasia on a fattychan?
Amastacia does custom sizing. I dunno about fatty-chans. But I'm tall and she made a made to measure dress for me because of that. It's one of my favourites now. Patterns is pretty good even when not perfect, it's much better than most made-to-measure TaoBao brands, and the dress is very comfortable.

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Newfag confirmed. For reference, this is a comment to the video linked in the previous thread.

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somehow I don't think that's why she's being looked down on

>> No.10066415

>group of girls
"Hey guys, wan to go take pictures at that cute shop?"
Context matters.

>> No.10066418

There's someone in an adjacent comm that could easily describe herself this way.
She's such a shitshow everytime she trundles into our events, I'm sure her closet stinks to high heaven with how awfulvshe normally smells.

>> No.10066424

>against fat models
>because plus size girls shouldn't ever have a clue what that clothing item might look like on them.
Well, you got the shitlord part right at least.

>> No.10066467

It's not that they pick plus size models, it's that they pick whales for social justice points. At those sizes no two whales look the same anyway because of fat distribution.

>> No.10066468

Nayrt but If it’s a general item that comes in multiple sizes then I don’t care what size a model is but if it’s the exact dress or exact item then sorry not sorry, if it’s on a fatty and the least bit tight, I assume it’s stretched or the seams are stressed, especially if the fabric is delicate. That’s just a fact of physics.

>> No.10066470

They make corsets for men, and WKD and other corset/lingerie brands are known to use amab people in their advertising at times. Someone is just looking for a reason to get offended.

Which makes sense considering they’re just a bloblord that desperately needs shapewear.

Why is it always the attention whores with horrible skincare routines.

I would do the same thing if I didn’t buy clothes that would be impossible for fattychans to dream of squeezing into.

Your view is maybe a little extreme, but I do get offput by the vast majority of models for ModCloth being significantly larger than me. Show me how it’s going to look on a body that isn’t weirdly lumpy, please
> not to mention they’re owned by Walmart now

>> No.10066472

Ayrt I meant more in the sense of whether it actually sized up to something humanoid looking, or looked permanently strange like hanelui. I’m glad it worked out for you, though!

>> No.10066492

What even are colors

>> No.10066524

How do you request custom size from them? Message via Facebook?

>> No.10066575

We can be shitlords together. I'd never buy from ModCloth anyway because Yuropoor but some of my favorite online stores are being taken over by obese models and it really puts me off, especially if they don't even have a normal sized model for many pieces despite also selling XS. It doesn't help that the fat models often look lumpy and weird like they're squeezing into something two sizes too small. What demographic is that supposed to cater to? Obese people still make up only like 10% of the population in my country.

Secondhand I'm even more picky. If the seller is significantly bigger than me I'll pass, even if they claim that they "only tried it on once". Same thing if they look like they have bad hygiene. If they're playing for oppression points on a sales site it's an automatic no from me because it signals that they're likely going to be unprofessional in other ways, too.

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File: 1.13 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20181229-102603.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was looking up the UK Sales comm for some old school pieces, saw a ivory skirt then saw "fits up to UK size 16". Dude what? It looked nice but I just know it's gonna be ruined!!!!

>> No.10066625

I judge everyone, even harder if I wanna buy from them. I wanna make sure I get what I pay for. Not a stinking dress from some fatty-chain who's too dumb to realise she ruined the elastics

>> No.10066626

You can try. I buy directly from TaoBao, then just go chat with the owner and ask. If they agree, leave a comment while ordering.

Amastacia has some rule you normally must be a certain amount outside of basic measurements to prevent people who fit stock continously using custom size, but even if you need it and aren't officially applicable you can try. I technically fitted stock, but because of my length she agreed to do custom anyways.

>> No.10066890

Underrated post

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File: 242 KB, 1434x1664, Capture+_2018-12-29-12-02-13.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just saw this posted to the lolita subreddit. Further proof that children should not be wearing lolita.

>> No.10066939

What the fuck

>> No.10066944

Lmao what server was this? I need to know more.

>> No.10066946

the r/lolita server

>> No.10066947

the ita pit

>> No.10066949

Is she a mod?

>> No.10067002

every once in a while i remember that there's a lolita subreddit

and then i visit it and hit the little x in the corner of my screen

every time.

>> No.10067019

Nah, just some uppity nobody inserting themselves into the discussion with their piece of shit reminder that has nothing at all to do with or contribute to the actual discussion.
Like this type frequently does.
I'm about ready for a 'nothing but photo/concrit' Lolita group. The FB discussion groups and cof are getting bad.

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Tonight in Houston

>> No.10067171

That mod... people handling issue like adults and then she has to chime in... As someone from a huge con in a city, 2 different meets in one day is not an issue... wow

>> No.10067172

Keke is a terrible mod, roflmao. I dont know why she's there in the first place. I'd apply for a mod if she dropped with that attitude.

>> No.10067174

Who plans a meet same day, same city? Dumb.

>> No.10067176

Hi keke

Tho for real I agree, it's stupid planning the same day, but if there's no rule against it you can't really stop it. Not the first comm to do it, just common courtesy I guess. Still doesnt excuse the mod's behavior.

First girl should have just made hers private.

>> No.10067178

Why does keke have 2 accounts lmao.
But like it already looked like it was solved why does k have to butt in?

>> No.10067179

Power tripping

>> No.10067186

There was another time she posted gossip about some 14 year old friend of hers posting skanky pics online and having sex. Mods deleted that and warned her to not have that discussion and get help for her friend. She didn't seem to have any idea why posting this stuff is extremely sketchy to adults and why she shouldn't do it. She just generally lacked awareness, which can be attributed to being fifteen but I'm not surprised, maybe after two instances she'll finally learn that it's not cool for underage people to post that kind of thing online (for the love of God...)

>> No.10067224

all you bitches are so rude and [email protected] i did nothijg wrong at all, why am I banned? all you assholes like to talk shit about everyone well karma will come and get you kiddos

>> No.10067229

I really doubt this is her, nice try

>> No.10067292

Keke is a trashy cunt. How petty can you be over nothing.

>> No.10067540

Further proof that HLS is trash and should just shut down and rejoin HLC.

>> No.10067626

Keke goes on a temper tantrum, then deletes the whole thread like a baby that she is

Does she have any self-awareness as a moderator? She instigates more than she moderates. WTF!!!

>> No.10067680

Where the secrets at?

>> No.10067694

Holiday season so they probably are in that limbo of what time is it and what day it is. But at this point it’s just the mods being shitty mods as usual.

>> No.10067744

My morning poo wasn’t fun yesterday either. I made a thread to post my secret into since the mods on LJ didn’t even think to say “ we are taking a holiday break”. Post your secrets that are sitting in limbo there.

Secrets thread here >>10067740

>> No.10067781

lol it's cause one of the london comm members is a fatty chan hahaha

>> No.10067796

>West ham

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Imagine taking a joke this seriously and then whining about being "whitesplained"

>> No.10068057

looks like he needs some mansplanning

>> No.10068135

What was the original post about?

>> No.10068198

Someone made a joke in LU about a new release from AP looking like taobao and he went off

>> No.10068222

Any more caps? Comments are gone now

>> No.10068232

Except the seller isn't in the London comm.

Troll harder.

>> No.10068564

The irony of this pic is amazing.
>Hey, doing x is tough because you can get criticized!
>Dont tell me how to handle being offended, that offends me!

>> No.10068706

There's a lolita thread on /fa/ right now bc the OP didn't know about this board, just in case anybody wants to entertain themselves with crossboarding a little.

>> No.10068714

Practice what you preach, anon.

>> No.10068733

God I hate /fa/ the styles over there are so boring and ugly, and most of the dudes are pretty gross as well.

>> No.10068737

Try using reputable sources, I maintain that "gawdy" is wrong


>> No.10068739

Wrong anon.

>> No.10068745

Ayrt and yup, I had high hopes for a fashion board before I ever looked at it, but it's dreadful. Seems to primarily be wannabe-manorexic post-hipsters arguing about "which style of Doc Marten is the most effay".

>> No.10068750

Right. I see more non jfash/fashionable and attractive dudes at my local Walmart.

>> No.10068763

Walmart-kei, the true modern street fashion

>> No.10069118


>> No.10069129

What the fuck. The thread must be a troll. They're so uwu but are just posting taobao shit???

>> No.10069177

It seems that way but it also comes across as very sincere... I don't know. I mean, imagine if all someone knew about lolita was what they learned from browsing a taobao reseller site a few times. And then they make a thread on /fa/ to share their findings, instead of posting "where do u frillies buy ur petticoaps" to rufflechat.

>> No.10069184

Didn’t they say they were Chinese? That would explain the shitty taste in Taobao stuff and their engrish type style

>> No.10069189

Please someone fucking educate them this is painful to read

>> No.10069214

It's a man. I'm out.

>> No.10070368

Big sisters of Lolita fashion is a mess right now

>> No.10070370

When is it not a mess.

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I was about to say, how is nobody talking about this utter trainwreck of a thread right now or in the last few hours? Am on mobile right now so it’d be a pain to string together screenshots of the longer comments and threads, but holy shit.

>> No.10070377

Are the comments a mess? I mean sure this post is kind of embarrassing, but many newbies are.

>> No.10070379
File: 599 KB, 2434x1434, 7891EE5E-DDD5-462C-A02C-E5A98942CCCC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oops, you just beat me to it. As compensation for my mistake here is the latest comment on that post that finally drove me to actually post something about it here.
>middle sister

>> No.10070386

I had a pair of plastic shoes like those purple ones when I was a kid. I didn't realise you could get adult sizes.

>> No.10070388
File: 389 KB, 2120x907, 05C0C8C4-4A48-4EAE-BE3E-F5F284B10A27.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuggit, here’s a short compilation anyway. There’s more but this is the meat of it

>> No.10070392
File: 108 KB, 451x888, B97F17D7-1D97-4CA1-AEC5-9765DF5EAF74.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

plus comment from the OP after floods of comments saying it isn’t lolita in any way and he got tired of replying defensively to each one

>> No.10070394

>when a random retard throws a tantrum on behalf of the op
Yikes, that is definitely a mess.

>> No.10070399

I feel like I need to join this shitshow of a group now for entertainment.

>> No.10070400
File: 469 KB, 1006x1388, 07151C43-75FE-4DE3-925C-44DA4EBCB0A8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Aaaand this random incoherent mess. Nobody was rude in the comments; blunt at worst. Asspats remained abound.

>> No.10070406

Big Sisters of Lolita Fashion is low hanging fruit. Try harder next time.

>> No.10070409
File: 134 KB, 1080x1034, IMG_20190103_175437.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Trying to argue about lolita fashion with mods now? I hope this person is trolling

>> No.10070413

It’s just a horrible disastrous cringe mine. It brought out the worst.

Honestly, the group has been decent- there is the fair share of retards like the OP and these, as well as other standard itas looking for help, but all getting it in spades. Otherwise, I think it serves as a good place like the Questions That Don’t Deserve Their Own Thread thread and the stupid questions thread, as well as general coording advice and questions. It’s where newbies (should rightfully) go and are helped by (mostly) knowledgeable people willing to do so.

>> No.10070416
File: 260 KB, 517x751, 92A78DF5-D1CB-484E-A2B7-6A6E1BB68E20.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dropped pic

>> No.10070428

I agree with this but it should apply only for people who know lolita well and have an original take on it. It's not good advice when OP clearly hasn't understood what lolita is and is just making a mess. Creativity is okay as long as you still know what you're doing and have skills. OP is not creative, just ignorant.

>> No.10070467

Was the lolita fashion thread in /fa/ erased? Why? Did I miss something?

>> No.10070474

The comments like this in that thread have to be people trying to troll to give us all laughing material in the future. Most of the people that are giving this kind of advice are people with accounts that have no content on them other then anime images and memes. The rest are people that simply suck at the fashion and will never improve even if you asspat their garbage bag “wish” dress.

>> No.10070481

I want to believe that commenter is just making stuff up for laughs. I really do. But that profile goes way too far back with way too man consistently horrifying photos (no lolita, unsurprisingly- just biiiig fatty chan in her naked glory with a consistent obsession for mermaids).

>> No.10070489

>HIS first post
wait, this is a guy?

>> No.10070491

wow, this is a bit crazy, I have heard of lolitas are hmmm, nasty, but this is a bit next level, there is a stark diffrence in lolita inspired and all out fetishes etc, there is a thing about bringing someone up and saying hey that's a nice try for a first outfit the sleeves look lovely the material stunning instead of gah NOT LOLITA!we were fully supportive of each other, dam very soon people will be to scared to post we will end up with a world of bad lolita looking people, we as lolitas wont be seen as beautiful doll like ladies, but, stuck up b!riches, op, your lolita inspired cosplay is stunning, I cant wait to watch you grow as you learn new tricks, I'm sorry if some of the things said have put you off dont let it, and lastly my first 5 dresses came from wish it's how you present yourself as much as what you wear ladies that's where the true beauty lies remember that.....

>> No.10070498
File: 71 KB, 800x600, ALOT.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10070527

Fukken saved

>> No.10070537
File: 436 KB, 1090x1502, D19F54FA-66C1-4AF5-81B4-7ECC91651A83.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How dare you copy pasta without the image of the source anon!

>> No.10070629
File: 187 KB, 640x901, IMG_0421.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Response on the "what's a replica"-thread. Girl needs to calm down.

>> No.10070639
File: 227 KB, 1234x1224, F8C716E7-8269-4574-9453-F0BB81054A05.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon, her name had the word meltdown in it and she’s hardcore extreme right republican. She looks like a hot mess and is a hot mess. I kinda hope that this is some persona for comedy. But in today’s unstable world, I wouldn’t be shocked if she is really like this.

>> No.10070651

Where are the eyebrows.... She reminds me of someone but I can't put my finger to it.

>> No.10070657
File: 31 KB, 300x450, janekrakowski.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Could this be who you were thinking of?

>> No.10070659
File: 36 KB, 1024x625, _66452073_obrien_tommycandler.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nope, I know who it is - Richard O'Brien.

>> No.10070782

isn't that person an established troll though? It seemed to me like they were just stirring shit

>> No.10070787
File: 1.35 MB, 996x1580, Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 2.56.29 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Sewing Level: Expert
>Lolita Level: Advanced
>can't even tell whether a dress is salvageable or not.

How do we fix lolita sewing collective?

>> No.10070791

>how do we fix sewing lolita collective.

You burn it and don’t open a new one.

>> No.10070792

Is funk bros gay? What's his deal?

>> No.10070799

Imagine, if you will, a lolita version of RHPS called Pocky Horror Selfie Show. Mana plays Frank but since he doesn't speak, he pantomimes everything and people just stare at him with their heads tilted. Brad gets an ouji makeover and Janet sings a song about "Don't t-t-t-t-touch me, I wanna be modesssst"

>> No.10070824

I need this.

>> No.10070839

As clever as this is. I still hate it as an idea. Maybe it was 8 years of being a part of the RHPS cast that ruined all thing rocky to me.

>> No.10070844

Sissy. Do not sell to.

>> No.10071956 [DELETED] 
File: 327 KB, 962x702, such_a_dream.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was doubting between posting here, or in the ita tread under "can peoples text be ita too" as happens more often, but geez...
>My big dream since I was 12 but never had the money, now 21
>currently unemployed
>such a big dream, the past 9 years she couldn't figure out what fabric is generally used in lolita, that Yumi King is often disliked rightfully, and how to not end up with a ruffle monster ita dress
When I read this, all I wanted to say is "you still don't have the money, and if you didn't figure these things out after 9 years with so much resources online I doubt it's really your dream" but I didn't want the drama.

Even worse when you notice that after some people told her sewing isn't cheaper, and will require some skill and is therefore not recommended for people who just begin in the fashion, she goes from unemployed to being a seamstress for a living.

So, how long until she post online her amazing handmade "lolita" dress, just to go complain lolita's are such a bullies and we all hate handmade as soon as someone tells her her dress isn't suited for the fashion? Why can't these people look up the basics of thier big dreams, or at least listen to the answers people gave them. But I guess we're all just stay rude mean bullies for denying her her big dream kek.

>> No.10071961

Seriously tho, I would love a free sewing machine send to me. A decent one cost a few honderd here.

>> No.10071964

Look for secondhand. I picked up a 1970s one and it's still really good, I've had no problems.

>> No.10071965
File: 327 KB, 962x702, such_a_dream.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was doubting between posting here, or in the ita tread under "can peoples text be ita too" as happens as well and this tread, but geez...
>My big dream since I was 12 but never had the money, now 21
>currently unemployed
>such a big dream, the past 9 years she couldn't figure out what fabric is generally used in lolita, that Yumi King is often disliked rightfully, and how to not end up with a ruffle monster ita dress
When I read this, all I wanted to say is "you still don't have the money, and if you didn't figure these things out after 9 years with so much resources online I doubt it's really your dream" but I didn't want the drama.

Even worse when you notice that after some people told her sewing isn't cheaper, and will require some skill and is therefore not recommended for people who just begin in the fashion, she goes from unemployed to being a seamstress for a living.

So, how long until she post online her amazing handmade "lolita" dress, just to go complain lolita's are such a bullies and we all hate handmade as soon as someone tells her her dress isn't suited for the fashion? Why can't these people look up the basics of their "big dreams", or at least listen to the answers people gave them. But I guess we're all just stay rude mean bullies for denying her her big dream kek.

>> No.10071972


Fucking YIKES.

>> No.10072081
File: 1.78 MB, 1676x1300, bitchwtf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

God damn I hate how much some people charge in Western sales communities. Good luck selling those blouses at that price.

>> No.10072090

There are a huge amount of blouses that are sold for that price in LM, some I can somewhat understand but it feels almost silly when it comes to the plainer blouses.

>> No.10072095

It’s a new without tags item. They are most likely trying to get what they paid for. If it doesn’t sell, they will reduce it till it does. What people sell stuff for is what ever they want. You don’t have to buy it if you don’t want to. The western community doesn’t always charge soo much for items, just very few people do. Like cherry_sp and Rainies. But those who have been here for at least a year, know that there’s better deals out there.

>> No.10072108

Had your same reaction. It sounds like she doesn't know shit but at the same time is for some reason pretending to love lolita so much. Wtf? Also literally everyone told her to buy a cheap brand dress first, I hope she listens to them. Why even asking for advice in the first place if you're not going to consider it?

Never seen a good deal on LM ever since I joined lolita (not checking everyday ofc but you get it).

>> No.10072118
File: 20 KB, 471x233, fdfddf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

some of the comments are cringy as well

>> No.10072126

>not checking everyday
There's your mistake. There are a lot of good deals on LM, I bought a good portion of my wishlist for less than mercari/fril prices because the seller didn't know their worth or needed them gone soon. You just have to be quick.
The "LM is sooo overpriced compared to the japanese" is seriously just a meme and cherry picking at this point for people who can't convert yen to their currency or can't accurately guess the additional shipping and fees japanese second hand comes with. I'm not complaining though, more for me.

>> No.10072136

I agree anon, ones just needs have to check quickly in the "new arrivals" once every day. It only takes 5 minutes. I've also found that one needs to build up the courage to message the sellers and work out a deal, the worst they can say is "no".

>> No.10072142

>"some people"

I didn't say the entire Western sales community overprices their items. It's just laughable to see people that think they can get $140 dollars for a damn AP blouse, NWOT or not.

>> No.10072161

>Never seen a good deal on LM ever since I joined lolita
I've had some good deals, but indeed not many.

>> No.10072165

the mods frankly dont know shit and tend to dress terribly

>> No.10072166

Same. Honestly, my main issue with LM and FB sales is that people will try to downplay how worn things are or damages in order to keep the price up.

>> No.10072167

I'm not convinced to be honest... I don't have the time or the will to check everyday but I have been checking for years and I have never even thought about actually buying something. Sure that might also be because of my personal taste and location but
>LM is sooo overpriced compared to the japanese
is what I've always thought about LM and the whole Western market itself. I'm not saying you can't find good deals if you're dedicated but that is a different thing. The secondhand Japanese market consistently offers good prices, with the Western market you have to "get lucky".

I'll try to browse it more often though, thanks both you and >>10072136 for the advice.

>> No.10072172

>I don't have the time
Never do I, therefore I find it best to check on my phone when I wake up or am about to fall asleep.

>> No.10072185

You must be new in the fashion.

>> No.10072206

>AP blouse that's been re-released multiple times
>from 2013 at the latest
>"you must be new"

>> No.10072210

Remember when that was completely normal? Newfags don't know how good they have it.

>> No.10072213

Mana should be Rocky.

>> No.10072252

Playing Rocky wouldn't really give Mana much opportunity to be grim and ethereal and superior, but I do think he'd make a cracking Magenta. Novala could be Frank, I bet he's already got the costume.

>> No.10072501

If she does that, I'm going to feel so bad for her son.

>> No.10072620

Some event organisers in the Dutch lolita comm asked which brand guests they would like to see and so many of them suggested JetJ and Haenuli weirdly. Does anyone know if they are the same people who organised Under the Sea?

>> No.10072623

LM is only overpriced if you disregard shipping, customs and SS fees. When you buy something from Japan, you have to pay shipping twice (from the seller to the forwarding service or shopping service and from them to you). On lacemarket you can often get free shipping within your country and neighbouring countries.

>> No.10072624

You would feel bad for someone who's mother wears casual alternative fashion to school meetings? Why?

>> No.10072628

Obviously because alt fashion of any kind is cringy and embarrassing and if you wear it outside of meetups or cons then you yourself are also cringy and embarrassing. God forbid you live a little, how dare you even consider wearing shit you love, even if you have the decency to tone it down to fit the situation? /s

>> No.10072638

EU girl here, shipping from Japan is the same or even cheaper than that from America or many EU neighbouring countries (even taking into account all the things you mentioned). If you live in a country full of lolitas I could see the benefit of buying from your same country. If you don't, Japanese secondhand market is unrivaled.

>> No.10072639

Not in general (sorry, should have explained myself better), the particular person who posted this looks incredibly cringy regardless and therefore I can imagine if she went full "life-styler" it'd be an ultimate cringe-fest.

>> No.10072643

Oh, in that case I can believe that.

>> No.10072676

NYART but I feel bad too. Not because of the alternative fashion, but because I fear that comment is writen by an ita the way she wrote it and your mom looking "weird" is one thing. Looking "weird" and being badly dressed even for that group makes sure your kid gets bullied.

That person in the comment sounds a bit defensive/butthurt to feel the need to write a whole paragraph about how busy your life is and what you're all doing. Also "needing to create" a casual style sounds a bit like she things she needs to make a new substyle instead of simply wearing her clothes more toned down. Also, the general way of writing is very unorganised (both in layout and how the sentences are made) which I see more often with itas than other people. Like >>10072118 said:
>some of the comments are cringy as well
Maybe a harsh judgement since it's based only on text. But it's the first thing I thought when I read this. It just reads similarly in writing style to the posts in which itas have when complaining how mean others are, how their version of the style is totaly valid, how not everyone is rich enough/small enough to fit brand, how not offended/butthurt they are, giving obviously bad advice (or declining any advice given), and any other common posts/comments made by people who lack common sense and/or selfawareness but want the whole world to be nice without having to do anything for it.

>> No.10072678

Shipping from Japan is only cheaper than from the US, not other countries

>> No.10072697

nayrt but you sound pretty clueless might want to lurk more

>> No.10072705

NYART but also EU girl and I pay more for other EU countries than Japan most of the time. It kinda depends on what country it's shipped from as there are exceptions, but generally Japan is slightly cheaper.

However, it's generally also only a few euro cheaper and risks import fees. So I think saying Japan is at an equal cost as other EU countries is fair.

USA is always super expensive with shipping. I only buy from sellers there if it's either a really good deal to make up for it, or if it's a hard to get item I want badly.

>> No.10072708

You’re still new. Welcome to the fashion anon.

>> No.10072714

It’s cheap in the U.S for other U.S sellers. We hate when we get someone intrested from out of country because we hate having to say “ hey buyer, the shipping is going to cost 30-50 dollars alone just for your blouse. Are you still interested in the blouse?” Then getting into a response along the lines of “ can you reduce the price of the item? That shipping is crazy high”. Then if someone asks for shipping is usually another 20 dollars extra ontop of the shipping. It’s absolutely insane. We don’t like it just as much as everyone else doesn’t like it. I often tell my buyers from international that it’s tracked for free till it leaves American customs. But after that it MIGHT be tracked by your country’s postal without you having to pay for the tracking. But more often then not it’s not tracked purchased or not.

>> No.10072764
File: 897 KB, 788x1278, oneofthesethingsisnotliketheothers.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Been wearing lolita since 2010, but okay.

>> No.10072781

What's with the girl pulling up old posts on cof with the "Hi, I pm’d you with a question " comments?

>> No.10072790

Nayrt but you can just drop this. It’s getting annoying and obvious you want this blouse but don’t have the patience to wait for one that is more used and lesser priced. Why are you arguing with someone on 4chan any way? To prove your right for something minuscule? Idgi why people do this here.

To be noticed because people are probably ignoring her PMs. She pm’d me asking if I was willing to trade some cheap ass taobao lace monster for Elizabeth bride of death.

>> No.10072794

What shipping do you use? SAL is unavailable in a number of EU countries and you can't use tracked airmail for everything.

>> No.10072797

I hate this dumb response lol. I've seen this so many times, and it always comes down to your laziness to reply to 1 message about shipping or to fill in a form for international shipping. What if you just took a few seconds of your time and wrote ''shipping outside the US is around 40-60 usd'' in your ToS?

>> No.10072798

I say in my ToS that shipping international depending on weight is between 25-60+ dollars. But no one reads people’s ToS.

>> No.10072801


>> No.10072803

Then just ignore their message and stop complaining aout it every week on cgl

>> No.10072804

Please show us the lace monster.

>> No.10072806

I can kinda understand this. My country only allows me to ship priority if I want tracking at all unless it's a letter, so I always have to be somewhat expansive too compared to other EU countries. But really, I expect anything on the American continent to be 50-60 euro shipping. If I'm not ready to pay that I don't even ask. We all know it's expansive from US to oversees. But for some items I'm willing to pay it.

I've always put down exact prices and had disclaimers that I can't ship cheaper, I even linked the actual postal website in the past. Doesn't matter. They still come asking if you can't make the shipping cheaper, and complain it's too much. Beside, you don't even want to know how many people never seem to read my ToS and get mad about things that where clearly written in there. Same for things written in description btw...

No SAL here either. I've used EMS mainly in the past. Switched to DHL whenever possible because I hate the company that handles EMS in my country, they always mess up shit making packages way too late, then lie at customer support even tho their own website and goverment websites say otherwise. Anyways, whenever DHL isn't available still EMS most of the time, unless AIR is available. Obviously, I'm comparing cheap shipping only with cheap shipping, expansive with expansive shipping.

>> No.10072808
File: 12 KB, 515x130, dajas.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10072809

I don't even want the blouse. I just hate it when people talk out of their ass and then fall back on "lul you're so new" when they get proven wrong.

>why are you arguing with someone on 4chan
I could say the same to you

>> No.10072814

>I'm comparing cheap shipping only with cheap shipping, expansive with expansive shipping.
EMS is expensive though and the cheap options (air and sal) are usually not available. Shipping a dress from another EU country has always been less than 15 euro for me.

>> No.10072816

Gotta love it when people force their sexuality into everything. Do these people have any other personality trait besides " uwu queer uwu"?

>> No.10072817

Literally EVERYONE in the damn community lmao

>> No.10072819

90% of lolitas are bisexual or lesbians baka
She must be new

>> No.10072822

One of the comments was "intersex boy" which I didn't understand.

>> No.10072826

>Do these people have any other personality trait besides " uwu queer uwu"
No. Generally not.

>> No.10072843

Yes, but I never said EMS isn't expansive. I said I switched to it because I hate the company that delivers EMS in my country and DHL Express fucks up way less. Comparing EMS to EMS, DHL Express to DHL Express, and AIR to AIR still doesn't seem unfair, which is what I said. I can't order SAL. In theory, I can have some stuff shipped by SEA, but that's so slow I'm too impatient for it, so I never used it. Can take months, but it's so damn cheap.
>Shipping a dress from another EU country has always been less than 15 euro for me.
Then you never bought from someone from my country. I need to pay 15,50 to ship towards countries near me in Europe, 21,00 euro to countries further away but within EU. 26,80 euro outside of EU. If it's worth over 100 euro and you want full insurance, it'll cost 18, 23,50, 29,30 respectivily. I only add extra insurance upon request. That is literally the cheapest I can do with tracking, and without tracking one false PayPal claim makes me loose the money. Only expetions are small jewelry if I can fit them in a letter box, so it can go with normal mail instead of package service (but as soon as the box bulks even a bit they reject it and I have to pay full package cost). Then it'll be 11,95, 12,95, 16,95 respectivly. All these prices are up to 2KG and below certain measurements, above which it'll cost more, but that only happens for multiple items or maybe a heavy coat.

Often, recieving from other countries is cheaper tho, but my comparison is against what I pay to get stuff shipped to me, not what I pay to ship stuff out (which is what I listed above. I just mentioned those to show not all places in Europe are below 15 euro. I wish). We're one of the most expansive countries sadly. But still, Japan and China generally are few euro's cheaper to the same price, and have a chance on having to pay import fees. Both are quite similar prices in the end.

>> No.10072847

Nayrt but this discussion is about the cost of shipping from japan versus other european countries. Using ems or dhl for me is more expensive than shipping from other european countries and even other countries outside europe.

>> No.10072852

I don’t have the conversation history any more. It was about a month ago.

>> No.10072860

They only shove it in and mention it enough because they are not sure themselves if they really are the sexuality they claim to be. They figure if they mention it enough, it validates their queer status in the community almalready established queers.

>> No.10072866

>this discussion is about the cost of shipping from japan versus other european countries
I know, so did I. But you know you can ship "cheaply", priority, and Express within EU too right, next to DHL Express?
>Using ems or dhl for me is more expensive than shipping from other european countries and even other countries outside europe.
It's not for me, which is all I said. That was my original point. Someone claimed Japan is more expansive than EU to EU, another anon said she sounded clueless, then I said it's around equal to EU to EU for me, then someone asked what I used. I said I've used both EMS/DHL and AIR, SAL isn't available for receiving in my country, but that I compare prices of the same type of delivery.
If I buy something from Japan and send it EMS, it's around equal price to when I use Express service send from within EU.
If I buy something from Japan using DHL Express, it's around equal price to when I use DHL Express send from within EU.
If I buy something from Japan using AIR, it's around equal price to when I use cheap shipping send from within EU.
Japan is sometimes slightly cheaper for me unlike what >>10072678 said, but it's only a few euro max and with the custom duties I need to pay half the time it's end up rather equal to buying from EU people.

Other than that, the only other remarks I made was that for me, China to EU is also similarly priced compared to EU to EU, which was a simple addon as many lolitas buy there too, and that shipping within EU can be more than 15 euro for a dress depending on country of origin, which was in reply to >>10072814 her claim.

>> No.10072868

Also, AIR being available or not has to do with weight and size. If it's too big for shipping AIR from one place, it's generally also too big to ship AIR from another place. So the comparison doesn't change because of that either.

>> No.10072871

Lolita Cocktail party as a meet, thoughts?

>> No.10072875

Male strippers are hired and their cocks get passed around. Everyone gets a free suck and the host pays. No pictures allowed, endless cock had by all at Lolita Cocktail Party.

>> No.10072878

Fun, but booze can get expensive and people need safe transportation home afterwards.

>> No.10072879

Also animals are sacrificed to our female god and their tails are hung around the room to accompany the cock

>> No.10072882

They can spend the night at my house if they get shitfaced and I'll be making the cocktails myself, it's my hobby

>> No.10072885


It's kind of annoying desu. Some of the girls in my comm wouldn't have any personality if it weren't for the fact they talk about LGBT. But that's all they talk about so things get boring very quickly. Thankfully there's plenty of other girls who are more interesting.

>> No.10072889

Done them in my community. Of course the underaged lolitas got upset because they couldn’t attend. But it was nice to have a meet without that one girl bringing her baby with her this time. We all had a lovely night. The drinking and driving thing was solved by designated DDs and using the tipsy taxi service the bar we went to offered.

>> No.10072909

Best idea ever! My comm does this from time to time. Any underage lolitas can just chill tf out until they're 18 or host an alternative meet

>> No.10072913

What part of different condition are you not understanding? It's retarded to think you can get a like new blouse for the same price as worn older releases. You can't do that even on Mercari. New blouses are like new cars, once you wear them out a couple times they depreciate a lot

>> No.10072914

It’s even better when your drinking age is 21.

>> No.10072929

I would love to do that in my comm but I live so far away from everyone else, nobody would show up

>> No.10072961

Plan it on a more central location. “It’s too far away” is just an excuse.

>> No.10072965

How am I going to make cocktails somewhere else

>> No.10072983
File: 50 KB, 600x338, CD80C30E-8114-42BB-9D71-59BF0AFF4744.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You obviously don’t know how to plan a party at a remote location. It’s called a event room. Much like you would do for a wedding but much smaller.

Or go to a cocktail lounge and let a bartender make the cocktails. Why do you have to make them?

>> No.10072986

Or plan it together with someone in the comm that might live closer and hold it at their place.

>> No.10073012

I know a trans girl whos only identity is that she's trans. She does seminars about being trans. Her "art' is about being trans. Everything she posts on facebook is shit related to being trans. Her university majors are tied to her being trans. She writes articles about being trans. She shoehorns trans awareness into every club she's in. Her favourite animal is symbolic of her being trans. Nothing is safe

>> No.10073016

Some people are born with both sets of genetelia (intersex) and prefer one pronoun over another.

Sometimes however the people claiming to be intersex are just tumblr girls pretending to be boys and incorrectly calling themselves "intersex"

>> No.10073022

I can’t wait for when this trans culture dies down again and we can be able to brows the Internet without someone screaming about pronouns or gender pandering. I just want to wear cute dresses and talk fashion. Not what you feel you think you are under the clothes.

>> No.10073032

I have a childhood friend who is intersex and she hates being included in anything related to being trans. To her it is only a medical issue, unrelated to gender and identity. But it's one of those things that deeply depend on the individual. In the case of my friend, doctors decided she should go through life as a girl and that turned out fine, but sometimes they make the wrong decision and you get kids deeply confused about their gender.

>> No.10073034

>can’t wait for when this trans culture dies down
As if it wasn't much more prevalent in the 80s. People are just more aware of it now because of the internet.

>> No.10073037

Wow, I've never heard of intersex children getting procedures to make them a single sex. Only adults. Most of the intersex people I've known still had both sets of parts. Interesting.

>> No.10073040

Afaik it's actually uncommon for intersex people to be born with "both parts" if you're talking about genitals. But we're going too off-topic so just look it up or ask those people. Btw it's also very uncommon that you know more than one or even any intersex people.

>> No.10073050

>both parts
I admit I'm not too knowledgeable on the specifics, but I know there's a spectum in how intersex presents itself in an individual. Also I guess it is weird I know so many. I've met three in my life so far: my whole family has art related professions, and we generally meet a lot of interesting people.

>> No.10073082

This shit drives me nuts. 90% are just tryhard bihets that fetishize gay male culture and think being gay is all partys, makeup and aids. Like you can have all that shit without making yourself into a gender blob fuuuuuu my faggotry does not define me, fuck off

>> No.10073084

You think i would be able to pull off hosting a cocktail party at my house instead? Is uber terribly expensive?

>> No.10073087

Why dont they just have tea or something and still attend?

>> No.10073090

Why do you need to make the cocktails?

>> No.10073091


You know that if an underage person comes into a liquor store with fake ID and gets alcohol the store still gets into trouble, right? With that type of legal culture, fucking nah.

>> No.10073092

Back then most of them were legit trans and not the "mtf lesbian gamers" that we get today (who are mostly attention whores)

>> No.10073093

Sometimes people want to be with people not underaged.

>> No.10073101

1st: It's not fun being sober with people who are drinking
2nd: i'm 22, i think 18-19 yr olds are nice and all and i will sometimes hang out with someone that age but i typically don't want to associate with and especially be drinking around literal children

>> No.10073102

It's fun

>> No.10073113
File: 53 KB, 552x414, ADB32F3F-24D2-4079-AA03-FA6F59B12CD7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You’re not from around here. You reek of incel.

>> No.10073121

Why are women in this fashion so hellbent on defending men playing dressup and trying to take over our shit? Look at the way women are treated in male dominated hobbies, we get called "egirls" and "thots" for daring to play videa. Meanwhile, we're expected to bend over backwards and give endless ass pats to men in our fashion.
I'm not gonna call you a brolita, I'm gonna call you a fucking crossdressing faggot you faggot go jerk off to furry child porn.

>> No.10073122

How else am i gonna slip them whores a roofie

>> No.10073124

Lolitas don’t defend sissies and don’t bend over backwards for men in the fashion here.

>> No.10073126

Ah there it is. Leave.

>> No.10073129

Do u not read comm facebook pages or what? This place is a very small percentage of the lolita community, all the girls in my comm are snowflake tumblr tards that lick tranny asshole

>> No.10073131

I'm joking go change your tampon

>> No.10073297

Nyart but condition in western market is often ranked higher than it should so I would believe it blindly. Beside, as soon as it leaves the store its value depreciates, just like how a brand new car loses a lot of value as soon as you drive it away from the dealer. Asking retail price for a second hand item is retarded unless it's a sought after item. Sure you can try, maybe someone pays it to you. But one idiot buying it above value doesn't make it worth more, it just makes you lucky. And it tends to take a long time to sell stuff priced like that.

But then, I'm not wearing sweet so I've got no idea if this blouse is maybe a popular sought after item. In that case I can understand the price.

>> No.10073317

Most intersex people only have one working sexual organ tho, other one often underdeveloped, so they base their choice on that. The few times issues on children come to exist is when brain and sexual parts aren't the same, which you can't check really, and is rare.

Most get surgery as a kid. 99% of the time it's going well and sometimes they don't even know until adult because no one told them.

>> No.10073326
File: 94 KB, 700x520, 1541030676263.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10073449

I think only darkromantica worked on UtS

>> No.10073491

Been to a few and I love them

>> No.10073662

Some of the organizers from spellbound also were part of the team that organized UtS. It’s kind of stupid some are saying JetJ, but if you keep in mind that only a few comm members were able to attend UtS, it is understandable people are commenting those brands as well. I don’t know why suggesting Haenuli is weird, they weren’t a guest at UtS. Have to say we have a lot of people in the comm who can’t remember big events from before spellbound.

>> No.10075013
File: 493 KB, 750x1087, 4AF0FF43-5371-4EEF-ABA6-C3B54CE4177E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is anything allowed at this point?

>> No.10075015

Seconding >>10073129’s experience. All but one of the mods and a good chunk of the members in my comm are huge SJWs who will posture for days about drinking white male tears and fighting the patriarchy but as soon as a man puts on a skirt and striped socks, they bend over backwards to coddle him. Obvious fetishistic behavior is excused as “typical awkwardness of a second puberty” or “making up for the female childhood she never got to have”. We’re all supposed to pretend we think these guys are not just real girls but the bravest, cutest, most oppressed girls ever, or else the rumor mill starts up and we get pulled aside and warned by a mod. After all, our community is supposed to be welcoming and inclusive, even if that means embracing men who are clearly using us as fetish fuel.
At some point these guys always cross a line that gets them banned, but the group as a whole seems incapable of learning from experience. It’s been morbidly fascinating to see the cycle repeat itself over the years in the same predictable pattern. Recently we got a new mod who seems much less UwU nice than usual (and has already been called a “literal nazi” behind her back because of course) so hopefully this helps to break the cycle. IMO every comm, both local and online, needs at least one “mean” mod who’s capable of telling creepy and annoying people to fuck off without worrying about inclusivity. We’re a fashion community, not a support group for social misfits.

>> No.10075042
File: 24 KB, 500x546, rufflechatbutwithoutthechatting.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What topic can we even talk about that wouldn't have been talked about at some point? I mean she could have picked more lolita specific pictures to accompany what she was saying but jesus christ.

>> No.10075156

please, kill it!!!!!

>> No.10075159
File: 210 KB, 400x590, 1488679581754.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's weird because Haenuli and JetJ are not popular brands in the Netherlands. Have you ever seen them worn at meets? When JetJ was at UtS, there were two tables full of dutch girls and only one or two of them were wearing JetJ.

>> No.10075164

What does a wedding have to do with big sisters of Lolita fashion?

>> No.10075167

what is spellbound?

>> No.10075168

First big lolita event organised by the Dutch comm, although I don't think that many internationals attended it was a 2-day event with a fashion show, tea party and Triple Fortune as guests.

Speaking of Spellbound, where the hell are our pictures? It's been 3 months now since the event and no one has said a word about when we can expect them.

>> No.10075170

That is why I avoid that place, it's honestly so boring

>> No.10075229

It's a "Me" Post. She wants suggestions for a wedding coord.

>> No.10075236

Why would anyone ask strangers what to wear to their own wedding?

>> No.10075255

Girl was asking to be spoonfed inspo for her wedding, RC isn't her personal Pinterest page.

>> No.10075263

have you looked at /r/weddingplanning?

>> No.10075268

It was probably more of a the organisers are a fan kind of thing. Have to say I noticed most girls in the post were suggesthing brands you barely see at meetings or brands they do not own themselves.
AP and IW are the most populair if you look at meetings, but people barely comments those two. I suspect because most think you have to comment an Indie-brand. Have to say I can’t imagine a Taobao brand as a guest, we never really see their designers.

A Lolita event in the Netherlands, that was held in October last year. They had Triple Fortune as a guest.

Everybody is wondering the same, I hope they will post them soon.

>> No.10075274
File: 205 KB, 1125x974, 95701EDF-CDEF-4297-85F2-5A85A0E15BBB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Same dress ...

>> No.10075284

but the colorway looks different

>> No.10075300

I don't wear AP so I don't know about their price ranges but generally a less popular colorway always costs less on the secondhand market than the most popular colorway does. Especially when it's a popular print/release.

>> No.10075303

Can you read? It's RPA. I wouldn't even pay retail for that brand, much less over retail. Looks like someone got scammed by resellers and someone else has no idea how dress prices work

>> No.10075306

I find that the hem of this dress makes It look cheap and unfinished.

>> No.10075318


I have to wonder if there's a story behind this.

(my own pointless backstory: some friend once wouldn't shut up about this particular figurine I owned and how I should totally list it for sale. Like, right now. This instant. I need to do it. Think of the money. Scalp it. Scalp it and take money now. She spent several afternoons talking to me about this. So just to shut her up I did, but I put down the highest price she could name (which, let's be real, if anyone bought that I'd eat the bad feedback and cancel the sale because I wanted that figurine, thanks). Next meetup she's now going on about having found a buyer for me, but totally needs a discount and a payment plan and the whole thing to be put on reservation for them for a couple of months, at which point I said, ok, talk to me again in a couple of months. Then she just proceeds to never ever ever ever bring up the subject again. The figurine's listing eventually ran out and I never heard anything about scalping any figurines again, ever. All of my hobbies attract weirdoes, I need to find normie hobbies, goddamn)

Anyway. Now whenever I see delusional listings I wonder if they have some other back story to them. Though I imagine it's something as simple as their parents made them try to sell the dress and not so much their friends being weird.

>> No.10075341

>First big lolita event organised by the Dutch comm
It's not really the first if they did street fashion Europe the year before is it?

>> No.10075344

+1 million
She was literally asking the entire comm to post things for her to use for her wedding. Something like that DOES belong in big sisters of Lolita

>> No.10075392

I’d be so happy if Yumi Fujiwara could come as a guest I’d lend out extra IW main pieces to friends who don’t have any.

>> No.10075675
File: 174 KB, 750x1334, 125FEE12-7DF8-4FA1-8A25-FFD8063A831E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Being this fucking defensive and aggressive lol. Self projecting much

>> No.10075690

>I'm lolita since 1997

Did R. Kelly touched you wrong in 1997?

>> No.10075697


Is this IVB?

>> No.10075706


>> No.10075752


no bees allowed, i guess

>> No.10075798

Dafuq, why would she ever do that

>> No.10075799

>only a few comm members were able to attend UtS
So SFE has a track record of fucking things up when it comes to the comm of their host country then...

>> No.10075803

Could someone explain what the point of SFE even is or how it works (especially when it comes to arranging events in other countries)? I try to understand but it feels like I don't get a full grip on it

>> No.10075962

How do you act with a brolita trying to join your comm? I mean some are fine and chill, but how do you manage to get rid of a creepy one, that makes some girls uncomfortable? Without causing a political shitstorm i mean.

>> No.10075967

Are you a mod of the Comm? Set some ground rules.

Are you a member of the Comm? PM your mod and discuss some ways to help in molding the brolita to be fine and chill.

>> No.10075975

new thread >>10075974

>> No.10075977


>> No.10075979

SFE was a small group of lolitas that organise big events in Europe once a year, each year in a different country (with help of the local comm of that country). They have a different organisation now so we don't know exactly what it is, if it will stay in Germany or if this is their last event ever.. We'll have to wait and see. There were actually a ton of Dutch lolitas at UtS.

>> No.10076089

Not the year before, but a few years prior we had UtS. Before that we even had the Kawaii Weekend, but only the first Kawaii Weekend was a kind of success.

>> No.10076394

As someone "lgbt" i hate having to associate with those people. They try so hard to appear uwu cute and quirky and they have the personality of a moldy cracker so being "so gay/trans/... xD" is their only "thing" so to speak so they shove it down everyone's throat.
They piss me off and give us "real" lgbt folks a bad name

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