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I love my community so damn much

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I went to the "perfect male cosplay body" thread and started taking steroids.

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I’m glad anon. I’m falling out of love with mine.

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I hate the term comm mom and I’m glad no one has adopted the term in my comm. I picture a fussy mother hen and her frilly chicks.
I just think it goes against the rebellious and independent spirit I feel when I wear lolita.
I think I’m one of the oldest in my com too so I think I could squash it if someone steps up to try it.

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I thought comm mom was just a retarded meme that started here. Does anyone actually use it unironically offline?

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I spend $300 per month on costhots

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I've heard cringy people refer to themselves as com moms

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started a fwb situation with a pretty prominent actor and semi-frequent con guest

Neither of us have time for anything serious (or were really looking for anything like that) so it works out for both of us

i dont have any complaints, but i havent really been able to tell anyone for obvious reasons and have kinda wanted to, so here I am in the confessions thread

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Well give us a hint

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I'm the one who orchestrated the /r9k/ invasions, I thought it would be funny

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I hope you're reviewing your life and choices, anon.

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i think ddlg itas are kinda hot in a fucked up way

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Was it?

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i guess i can say its someone i've seen mentioned throughout the years on /cgl/ as someone people would definitely fuck if they could, or someone who they've attempted to flirt with/hit on

that's probably as much as i can say. seagull detective skills are too advanced and I'm trying not to ruin a good thing here

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I'm running an itabag panel at a convention and I don't even have an itabag. I just obsessively learn about a hobby before I dive into it so I know enough to teach others how to make one & where to shop. I'll most likely have one by the time the panel comes around but it'll be my first and only bag. I feel a bit like a sham, but I tell myself that I just want to make sure I get everything right before I dive into something.

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You are forgiven. Go and sin no more. Seriously if you have money to blow on dumb shit donate to charity or at least yourself.

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I love being the comm mom. Not every mom is a dowdy ol' bitch. It's just a joke, lighten up.

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Anyone who uses it unironically is a retard. It's just a joke. Some people in my comm use it affectionately to refer to me and the other mod, I think it's cute and funny

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Those "broken porcelain doll"-aesthetic littles appeal to me because my type are "broken porcelain doll"-aesthetic subs but the whole ddlg shit makes me uncomfortable af

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I just wanna fuck. I go to every meetup hoping someone will hit on me. I'd even take a pillow princess at this point. I'm being desperate. I am the biggest fail of a lesbian ever

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>waiting for someone to hit on you
this is why youre single desu

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get a fucking tinder, bitch

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i'm more into living doll stuff behind the scenes (i'm not public with this persona bc of the stigma and i hate when fashion docs label lolitas as such) and i wish i had a dom to lemme b his/her doll to buy me clothes to dress me up n like that kinda stuff

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That's dollification, living dolls are a different thing entirely.

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>it was orchestrated by one anon
Get over yourself stupid

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Are there many lesbians there though?

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You don’t think that most of the living dolls dream about what >>10063545 posted? I bet many of them do. And I also think that most of them dream of an SO to buy them their stuff so they can live a passive dolly-like life. But I think a lot of lolitas secretly dream about that too.

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anywhere liberal/rich enough to have an active lolita comm is also going to have a fat handful of dykes

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I always feel pathetically bitter when I get no comments on some of my posts to CoF. I hit high numbers pretty easy and even when my coords aren't as fancy or not as well recieved they still get a good chunk of likes. But sometimes no one will say anything.

I logically understand that it's because it's good enough to get a like but not amazing enough to get someone typing, and all those awful coords with loads of comments probably have a lot of friends in the group when I have none. Doesn't stop me from feeling lonely and bitter. I don't know why I'm more attached to comments than likes. At least here in the CoF thread people sometimes say things, I greatly appreciate everyone who gives crit and compliments.

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There are quite a lot of poorfag shithole places with an attempted lolita comm.

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Ask for concrit on something specific with a leading question. Something like ‘I was thinking of wearing x shoes instead of y shoes, concrit welcome.’
Unless you are just hoping to collect compliments, which I do think only friends give unless there’s something about your coord that stands out. Do you post many comments yourself on people’s coords there?

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Hit on me. Fucking do it. I'm desperate af

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I kind of did on my latest one, but it probably just got swallowed in the deluge of Christmas coords the past few days. Most people just post one sentance notes and I don't want to seem needy/inexperienced when I've been posting frequently for a year now.

I do comment a little bit, but I'm not really friends with anyone or know people so I keep it for when I have something with substance to say, like specific advice or particular parts I like. Probably doesn't help me. Honestly I just need to accept that sometimes my coords just don't do well. Even if I can get likes like Spiro while being a lot less popular even Spiro has had posts get completely ignored.

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Maybe join another group with more discussions and participate instead of attaching importance on strangers comments. You probably wouldn't be any less lonely with more comments on CoF because it’s just shallow one time exchanges on that group unless it’s your friends commenting anyway.

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I added up everything I've bought for lolita this year and it came out to around $5,000. I'm not sure if that's too much or just the right amount to spend in a year.

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I think that is a good amount, if most of it was brand. Not outrageous. I spent far less because my closet is pretty stocked already. I only bought 2 main pieces this year but they were things I had been searching for.
Do you feel like you got your money’s worth and your closet is 5k better in value, looking back?
Or were some of the purchases regrets?

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The majority is brand yeah. I spent more on one brand dress than I did on all off brand/taobao/bodyline all year.

I feel pretty good about it and looking at it it's all great stuff. However I just realized I didn't include things I bought then resold or am currently selling because I didn't like it. That's probably another $1k if not more.

I made a lot of mistakes actually. I think one thing I'm going to do more in 2019 is shell out for dream brand pieces even if they're expensive. I didn't do it much but I love those items the most. The items I'm selling are mostly things I bought because they were cheap.

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Confession: I judge lolitas somewhat by their shoe condition. I see so many shabby, scuffed, dusty-in-the-creases shoes, gulls. Very sloppy.

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both go hand in hand anon, i can be a living doll and be into dollificiation, and most of us want SOs to buy us pretty clothing and dress us up like dolls (and not even in a sexual way) bc it makes us feel more doll like!

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Lolitas who combine high end brands with lolita brands make me cringe. It seems like an inappropriate petty and tacky flex. For example Tamie. Her coords are gorgeous but I stg I am so sick of her brandwhoring and superior attitude

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Unless it's Vivienne Westwood or really perfectly selected to match the motifs or main piece, I agree. Shoehorning obvious logos and status pieces into a coord without giving much thought about balance, motifs, colours and the overall 'feel' of the coordinate just never works out.

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Idk why you would choose tamie, gothic is a style where high end brands actually work in coords

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Imai Kira

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I dislike one popular classic lolita who is praised here. She's good but she once somewhat admitted she's doing it for likes.

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There's really only one lolita gulls love, it's the one who recently modeled for mmm, isn't it?

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>she's doing it for likes
Doing what for likes? Posting online? Anyone who posts online does it for likes, that's how social media works.

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I only want a good job so i can buy more dress i don't wear because they won't fit my massive titties

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I am a little annoyed they chose her as a model. She doesn’t wear gothic and I don’t think she even really cares much about the brand. Off the top of my head and I can name at least 3 very popular gothic lolitas who would do a much better job, have a deep love for the brand and actually fit the brand aesthetic

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I immediately disregard the opinion of anyone who calls themself a collector.

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She’s probably better looking than most of those gosuroris — it’s a modeling job, not an essay contest. It’s true that she wears mm more than mmm now, but she’s spoken about how mmm brought her into the lolita fold long before the gig

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>I just obsessively learn about a hobby before I dive into it so I know enough to teach others how to make one & where to shop.
without experience you never know enough. Because you don't know experience. You're just repeating other peoples words. Better just let other people talk in the first place then.

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Where did she admit that? Seriously curious, i must have missed that. I don't mind such people when I just wanna see pretty pictures, but when it comes to conversation I do hold them and their opinions in lower regard. You got no passion, you got nothing to say. Just go sit there look pretty. That's what you're here for anyways.

I dislike that too. Even if she likes the brand like >>10063810 said it just looks off, and I feel on many photo's it's getting a dark classic feel because of her. She just doesn't suit the brand imho, and that does matter when looking for models for a job. Feel they just choose her because she's popular online.

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Sauce? If it's FR especially. She always seemed like she just enjoyed dressing up and made taking the outfit shot part of her daily in a lowkey way. If she's doing it for the likes she got it right though and more pushy likes-chasing lolitas should learn something. Get good, post really often, but be low-key.

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Maybe the brand wants to expand into the Classic circle a bit more, lots of their items can be styled in a Classic way. If it keeps the brand more robust and producing regular releases, I've got no complaints.

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>over 1k likes
>be low key
How?? Nothing is low key at that point.

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It was some time ago. She posted not her usual style coord and it didn't get as much likes as her normal post. In the next post she said something like "you didn't like it that much so I won't post anything like that anymore". I get it, likes are important, but I lost my respect to her due to this.

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I'm more than a little annoyed. Hire Tamie, hire Rosenocturnalia, hire one of the Finnish moitiefags, hire Connie if you need someone who is already in Japan. But FR? And then styling her like that? What the fuuuuck?

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Her way of posting and sharing is low key. Compare the way she posts on SM compared to some people like LL. FR just shows her coordinates and is always beautifully styled, she doesn't fuss, hop on trends or memes, address drama, beg for money or likes or any such. Her manner and approach are very persistent but her method is very low key and seems very modest.

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Several very low key lolitas have over 1k likes, it's kind of a benchmark some of us shoot for because we want the likes of our fellow lolitas but that doesn't mean we are trying to translate it into some kind of e-fame. I have over 1k likes and I'm pretty unknown because I'm not pushing my SM to be a model or get sponsored or beg money or such. It's not as uncommon as you might think. It's only really obvious when the people are flexing and fame-whoring, which FR is not doing.

I don't think that is a good example of chasing likes so hard, she probably will still wear something she likes regardless, just post it less. But to a great degree everyone 'posts for likes' or posts hoping they will get likes. If she has consistent likes then a few low-liked posts can skew your metrics average lower so that bothers some people. If we were honest, many of us would admit the same, that if most posts got likes and something different got fewer likes, most of us would not be so eager to post much more of it.

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My grandma motorboated me because my boobs were at her face height.

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I can think of several reasons she's a good choice. Why do you think Moitie should always market to the Moitiefags who are already dedicated to it? Why not use someone universally admired to broaden the brand reach. Everyone who likes the brand benefits if it does well.

Does Misako just model for one brand in one style? No. Her personal style is sweet, but she models so many other kinds of clothes. Why wouldn't FR do the same? Since when is a models personal style an important part of the equation unless she or her lifestyle badly clashes with the branding in some way? This isn't that. Too picky.

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But did you enjoy it?
That's the real confession isn't it?

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Nah her nose was cold.

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It's probably the gin.

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I like wearing lolita on my own but I wish my local small comm was not so weeby and badly dressed.
Tfw you have a local comm but they are too ita to be seen in public with them.
[Description retracted to protect the guilty]

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There are currently two sides I'm going through right now.

>Side A: Enjoying lolita & otome, doing what I like, steadily adulting and making positive interactions with friends/muggle friends.
>Side B: Tainted to hell by abusive toxic parent. For Christmas I got bashed, came away fractured ribs and ripped out hair. Apparently wearing what you love and feeling right about how you look will set the tone for them wanting to take you down a few pegs.

So I'll continue to gratefully receive the likes on IG, but no one will know this well versed lolita had just endured battery & assault
>too dark to share
>lolitas are perfect and invincible

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She was styled badly though

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>too dark to share
>lolitas are perfect and invincible
You're either a roleplayer, naive, or never talked to other lolitas. There are a lot with domestic abuse and toxic parents. You're not leading a double live or something.

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I’m sick of skinny people clogging up the plus-size Lolita tag, I want to see actual unit chans not bulimic-Barbie Chanda trying to get “your not fat” points.

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My condolences, anon. I hope you find some well dressed local to befriend outside of your comm; you're probably not the only person avoiding it if it's so bad.

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Same here with plus size cosplay groups, getting pity points is cool now.

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Then post some. No one is going to cater to your fat fetish, you’ll have to do it yourselves. That’s the root of the problem, fatties expect others to cater to them instead of just going about their own fat and fab life and not worrying about what others are doing.

Put down the holiday cookies, haul your fat ass into your jsk/cosplay and post some actual content in your fatty groups instead of just helplessly bitching here, you corpulent cows.

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Tell that to Mana or the brand stylists. And I mean that sincerely.
Write a polite letter to Mana and share your feelings. He always has asked everyone to write to him and share their impressions of things.

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just got a 'low on the list' dream dress for $300, and I feel really guilty about spending the money even though I got it from selling another dress unexpectedly. Have I reached that point where I can no longer justify buying expensive fashion? I still want to wear it but slowly I'm starting to realize I don't want to spend money anymore.

>> No.10064776

I really hate that "medium" size is not the "medium" anymore. If the size goes as small as xs, then it should go as large as XL. Hell,in some stores there's not even an XS but it will go up to 4XL! All labels with an X on them should have a warning about the dangers of being under/overweight
On another note, I feel kinda ashamed to buy bags on the girls section,but where else can I get cute,small and cheap star/heart/whatever shaped cross body bags?

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is this bait lmao what the hell

>> No.10064780

Probably some drunk anon just spewing a confession. Pretty amusing and random though.

>> No.10064783

I changed the direction of my life partially to be more like some of my favorite anime characters

>> No.10064785


I think she ended up posting them anyway. She does express disappointment but I’d be disappointed too. I also get fewer likes on my more casual Lolita which is a shame, so I end up posting less. For all the whining gulls do about not enough toned down coordinates, people online tend to like only the flashy shit, which can be frustrating

>> No.10064789 [DELETED] 

Yeah. This fashion is made if hypocrites. This sort of thing is why I don't post my casual outfits any more. I make an effort to like casual coords I do see though

>> No.10064790

This so much. This fashion is made of hypocrites. This sort of thing is why I don't post my casual outfits any more. I make an effort to like casual coords I do see though

>> No.10064792

I think I remember the FR post people are talking about. At one time, she did try a more 'this is about my day' photo story style of post because a few people requested something like this so she tried it. She asked if people will like to see more of that style of photos but she also mentioned that it was more time consuming to film, edit and post such things.

When it did not get so much good response as even her regular posts, she probably replied something like 'oh I see it's not as well-liked as what I was posting before so I'll just stick to that.'

I don't think it was fake or hypocritical, just a fashion blogger trying something new and her followers did not really take to it so she didn't think it was worth the extra work to continue it.

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>role player?
No, I don't parade my domestic violence incidences on fb or social media. At the most, lolitas will share incidents of unsavoury encounters with dodgey strangers, a relative passing on or even a motor vehicle accident on their social media and friends/ acquaintances will swarm round to support them. Sharing on fb about domestic violences you're basically airing out your dirty laundry, declaring you're the victim and the perpetrator being someone inside your life ie family or partner. It's not role playing, it's self restraint & preservation not to openly make a display of myself on fb while hurt & vulnerable. Perhaps logging all the details of your life on social is your thing but not mine.

Whatever you say, but I haven't seen any domestic violence topic openly discussed on Rufflechat. Loads of sexual harassment topics but no one saying "I got beaten up by my parents/partner/spouse today, it really sucked but check out my daily coord of the day!" Perhaps it's better not to be so quick to judge victims regarding this since you wouldn't understand the shame, the hurt or the isolation involved.

>I have friends
Not a lot but they're trying to be there for me. There's going to be lots of counselling to come.

Thanks for the feedback anon, I hope you have more tact and empathy offline than you're online presence

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Lmao I hate you. M should be M, fatties should be relegated to L-XL and XS-S should be for petite girls. Medium should fit someone who is an average, fit person in their country

>> No.10064815

are you guys retarded have you heard of short people or tall people or muscular people

>> No.10064831

This would make sense if every country still had control of their own clothing manufacture and distribution but that has not been the case in a really long time.
Better to make a universal sizing system to go from cm measurements and then let the garment manufacturers decide which of the sizes they like to make for their target market. They can say the size range in cm.

As it is, even with a measure chart, people get confused if it is the garment size or the size of the body that fits in, because body size should be 2-4cm smaller than most clothing measure if they want to fit with room to move.

People who only wear stretchy clothes can gain a lot of weight too and not notice. You see lots of girls buy stretchy joggers or jeans with Lycra and stretch them out. Then they cry if they have to buy a woven straight skirt because they use 2 sizes bigger than their jeans realistically. Stupid.

Plus it's bad for big US person to try to buy Chinese size...8x maybe? But still means nothing for the measurements.

>> No.10064886

She doesn't have to do that because shes a model just like mintkismet. She doesn't do any of that stuff either but I wouldn't call that low key.
You and >>10063844 are really stretching the definition for this.

>> No.10064892

Look at western high end for a week, and then come back. Unless your DD was a tshirt or taobao you’ll feel better about your average price of clothing. The trick is to not buy more than you plan to use.

My confession is I highkey judge people who openly act/desire for efame. I cosplay and am a lolita; I go do things in person, and have a (small) circle of friends in each group. While it’s nice to get feedback in person and I can appreciate that getting attention feels nice, I feel as though as soon as you bring it onto the Internet it becomes toxic. I wish the online community was more about meaningfully contributing than stamping your feet and saying you want to be popular by any means necessary.

> I also feel like I’m too ugly for lolita, but I’m western ugly so it doesn’t look right

>> No.10064905

Its not social media whoring, begging for likes, begging for money, subscribe, follow meeeee, hit that bell, tell me in the comments, lolita reacts to, click bait, event footage, challenges, etc that I see some people doing so yeah, maybe 'more tasteful' would be the right words.

I get the feeling you are one of the people that think anyone who has a blog or shares on SM is a famewhore so if that's true then you'll think that about everyone, though when there are many people doing it many ways for many different reasons, it's a bit silly to dump them all together and try to shame them. Do you hate food bloggers too who post so many recipes and apples? Are they fame whores too? Crafters? How about book reviewers? Fitness blogs, interior designers, Jeweler makers? They all post their interests and things on SM. All big fame whores?

>> No.10064907

I feel the opposite, I think it can be a drain on rl friendships if you are always needing their feedback. I wish the online communities were more meaningful too but in lolita, when someone even mentions any criteria to add meaning like simply 'let's make a group for those who actually wear the fashion', everyone immediately cries 'elitist gatekeeper' so there are never any basic standards to build on.

>> No.10064921

Maybe I should expand my complaint to just being about people who need that kind of constant feedback; I was speaking more about compliments from strangers, I don’t use my friends for that sort of thing.
I also really wish we would embrace the elitist moniker, becoming a uwu safe space is what’s gotten us into this mess of thin-skinned attention whoring anyways. I just solve it by staying mostly private with my hobbying

>> No.10064930

I feel like daily_lolita on LJ was the last time I got was that kind of community feeling because if it wasn't lolita, it was deleted. Nice enough but not uwu hugbox. Sure some girls were more known but it was a 'within a group' feeling. I think Facebook loses that a lot because it isn't threaded and searchable easily. Something has to change if we want better communities online.

>> No.10064938

Agreed. Daily_lolita and just lj in general had more of that community feel. Something stylistically cleaner but still maintain the aspects that made lj work would be nice. Reddit is the closet thing I can think of off the top of my head but Reddit is also cancer.

>> No.10064949

I think maybe lj worked well because it wasn't that popular so it didn't really give a payoff to people just looking for likes or collecting followers and it just attracted more people in it for the community and the exchange of info and opinion. Because it took a little more effort.

>> No.10064972 [DELETED] 

I feel like I'm going to be fired soon and that frightens me

>> No.10065035

IIRC Connie was asked, but perhaps the more mannish style turned off M-m-M

FR is a translator and Mint Kismet is an English teacher. They have an occasional job but IMO doesn’t make a models, maybe your opinion is diff from mine though. All one needs to do to have someone take pictures of them in Japanis be skinny and white. Even horse teeth Capsule Bunny gets a shoot now and then

>> No.10065038

>tfw i realized i do this without meaning to
the thing is i kind of just use high-end bags as an everyday thing. i'd never mean it as a flex. i figured since i'm picky and they match my coord well it was okay.

like, is a designer bag that suits a coordinate any worse than a cheaper offbrand bag that suits a coordinate?

>> No.10065057

I recently realized that being able to make a cosplay and actually pull off a character are two very, very different things

After looking at myself more, I think it's a lot harder for me to cosplay now. I've got conventional Slavic features, sharp chin/jaw, blond hair, blue eyes and an athletic build and I'm legitimately running out of ideas of characters to cosplay. I'm 5'10" and athletic as well

It's literally either babyfaced short characters, tall buff ones, or tall lanky ones. Kind of a bummer realizing the characters you like are characters you can't pull off.

>> No.10065058

It’s fine if this is your approach, anon. That’s not shoehorning them into a coord or brandwhoring.

>> No.10065087


Honestly this is something I'm actually aiming to do. Not because of the logo or the status, but because lolita pleather will still peel. It's great that it peels slower than fast fashion stuff, but if I can find a better quality bag made from nicer materials (ie- NOT Kate Spade) then I'd rather buy that than a random lolita burando bag.

I *think* it's not brandwhoring, as usually the bags covered in logos are terrible for lolita coords so I avoid anything with an obvious logo, but if you're following my social media you might see me post a new purchase with the brand logo on the bag. I mean I post my AP too, it's just me squeeing over a nice purchase, but now I realise it could come off as looking like I'm "flexing" when all I'm really doing is saying how much I love something I just bought.

>> No.10065089


Tamie is really chill, wtf are you talking about. She's not pretentious at all and very approachable, and will give you her honest opinion on the quality of most things.

I actually like high end brands with lolita if done well, it's not something I actually look at IRL because poorfag but I really like it if it works out for coordinates.

>> No.10065094

If you wear sweet, do you know any good sweet brands? My only loliable purse is kate spade, I'd like to buy something nicer

>> No.10065098

My confession is that I really dislike ML. I am really not sure how a person like that ended up being a Rufflechat mod. It is not her looks that bother me, it is the attitude. Granted, she is one of these people that actively preaches that feminism is a bunch of man haters and that we don't need such movements anymore, which to me, is annoying on its own, but she also has a holier than thou mentality that I hate.

>> No.10065111

I'm OP and this is exactly what I meant, English is not my first language so maybe I didn't say it clearly enough,sorry. I think it's unfair and kinda disgusting that there are a lot of sizes bigger than M and smaller than M two or maybe one.
The cm thing is a very good idea! That's why I love the Japanese shoe sizing system. And about the person wearing the garment having to be 2-4cm smaller than the garment itself, you could just point it out in the label(also it should be common knowledge. Tired of seeing people wearing clothes that look like sausage casing on them!)

>> No.10065113

Mastodon for lolita? I haven't used it yet but it seems more private than fb or ig. Or maybe just use twitter. Even if it is public,I've seen very tight knit communities there, and brands also post there

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It's a lot like looking for loliables, I'm afraid. About 90% of normie brands are gonna be a clashing aesthetic to lolita, so it's not like I can drop some brand names, you walk into Nordstrom and walk out with 3 novelty cutesy purses.

If you really need a direction, Chanel and Dior quite regularly do pink and white bags, just keep an eye on the shade of pink as it doesn't always match lolita. One year Dior seemed to go overboard and make a lot of lavender Lady Dior bags, I'm still looking for the right shade to pick up secondhand. Moschino regularly makes silly novelty purses, sometimes they hit a theme that matches something in lolita, like pill purse (Hospitality doll), Barbie hanger bag (Barbie collab), pasta theme (Lief pasta). The hit rate is still pretty much like 99% clashing stuff though.

Additionally, do drop in on your local brands and check out their leather. Girly stuff is kinda in and out now, so sometimes you'll find some middle-class brands just randomly popping out a pink handbag or a sax blue handbag with little leather flowers on it. Check that the brand is decent, then if it's aimed at (young-ish) women. If they are, drop in on their shop once in a while, chances are high they'll eventually pop out something girly that works for lolita.

The one last resort I haven't gotten around to trying is finding an actual leatherworker near you, then you can ask about their pricing and their colours for custom bags. Mind you, it's not gonna be cheap, and you'll still have to check up on the quality of the leather they're using, but at least you'll be able to commission a novelty purse for your dream dress with full control over the leather and the design.

Hope that helped, sorry it's just kinda vague.

>> No.10065252

i'm honestly a huge snob and can't stand most other lolitas. i don't like it when people try to put on airs to seem more elegant or cute, and so many do. i look down on everybody who tries to portray a lifestyle they're not living. sometimes the lolita community really does look like a bunch of deluded adults playing pretty princess.

>> No.10065254

More of an unpopular opinion than a confession but I think that the conception that all taobao brands are inherently lower quality and less ethical than Western or Japanese brands is racist

>> No.10065257

They both modeled for well known brands so they have an automatic following, hence they don't need to do anything to get followers.
Most models don't get work all the time. Why do you need this explained.

>> No.10065296


>> No.10065313

My gripe is that if you want to play at being a lovely, actually become one and improve your character and make your lifestyle more elegant in small ways. Make an elegant but modern lifestyle and be more of a lifestyle lolita.
I’m a bit sad that people say they can’t wait to get home to take off their stuff, when I often dress even if I’m not going to a meet. I’m not putting on airs, I am just trying to bring more elegance and prettiness into my life via the fashion.

It’s not racist if you are comparing the dresses by their qualities. It’s also not racist to just want to wear your favorite brands or support the brands where the street fashion actually originated. I think Chinese brands who aren’t participating or contributing in the fashion are actually appropriating it for the profit. When the time comes that majority of the Japanese brands close or make other clothes, the fashion will end. All the taobao shops could close tomorrow and the fashion would be fine. Few Chinese lolitas even support the best of the Chinese brands.

And since unethical work practices in the Chinese factories is still a big problem, I think it’s ok to want to check to make sure that our pretty dresses aren’t made by factories using cruel labor standards. That’s kind of the opposite of racist.

>> No.10065325

I like you anon. I hate that so many people are so happy to shed lolita after a meet, when some even change at the end of the meet at the venue. Why are you buying a dress if it's so uncomfortable? Why are you wearing wigs and shoes that cause you pain?

I also agree with all your points on taobao. Sadly this seems to be a controversial opinion. I don't think I could ever bring it up in my comm.

>> No.10065331

In social media trends, I’m not in favor of trying to start yet another comm presence on yet another platform unless it has been around a while, offers regular backups and control of the content. Not sure about Mastsdon but can you sort your twitter feed chronologically?
I don’t think trying to return to forums is the answer either but I think the community is getting diluted by being spread more thinly over all the platforms with one one unifying strong presence to bind it together. I think niche groups hiving off is fine but I’d like a central place too.

>> No.10065333

In the app(I don't go into the twitter website that often) you have an option to make it chronological

>> No.10065336

I think Twitter feels simple and good, short, and with a photo. I may get the app and follow some people and brands. I still like my Instagram which is set up to share with to both Twitter and Facebook, but I’m going on Facebook less and less these days, and I don’t really like to use it for lolita. Everything just falls down the wall in groups so it’s not as easy to follow discussions without saving and sorting posts which I can’t be bothered to do, it’s an inelegant situation and the interface is cluttered with ads.

>> No.10065350

Just cause she wears ouji sometimes doesnt mean shes mannish! Thats very rude anon. I think shes very beautiful

>> No.10065351

If more high quality lolitas invaded one of the lolita subreddits we could get a nice community going. Unfortunately older lolitas are too chill and don't tend to post as much as over excited weeby noobs, so it's too easy for a sub to become ita central. I thought the egl veteran discord had a good chance of forming a decent community, but once again everyone was too quiet and just didn't post

>> No.10065367

all of these issues are legitimate but assuming every single taobao brand has these issues and Western/Japanese brands don't is racist. Not every factory in China is unethical and and not every Western/Japanese designer uses ethical labor. Same with quality

>> No.10065370

I didn’t go to any discords yet and I didn’t ever join amino. I’m ready for a vetted but chill online lolita community though. I’m tired of the rp’ers here and the badly dressed, the con-litas and regular old itas making drama or fuss in other places. Ero-loli/Thot Christmas outfit in CoF was pretty much my last straw. Those commenters praising it are quite simply, full of shit.

>> No.10065374

Not every....really? You went there?

It’s more of a feeling that since so many are so questionable and even on most of the better ones, it’s hit and miss (check the reviews , it’s clear) that I don’t want to waste time or money trying to sort them out when just about everyone openly admits that the majority are bad. The test is that I feel the same way about not wasting money on inferior leather goods in accessories in another hobby, I buy known quality Italian-made goods because the product made elsewhere is not subjected to the same quality standards. It has nothing to do with the makers bring Chinese (or Italian). As many have pointed out, much of Baby/AATP and AP are also made in China and most of us agree that the quality is fine.

>> No.10065391

it's ok anon me too

>> No.10065395

It’s funny because it was more liked here than cof, which deleted it. But I think it smells of self posting to defend it as much as it was.

>> No.10065398

"Chinese" is a nationality, not a race.

>> No.10065406

I’m glad they deleted it but before they did, there was quite a bit of defending it there as well as bitching about those ‘who don’t like experimental things’ in lolita. Since it was not anon, it really shows the amount of people on there who supported it is much higher than it should be for a lolita fashion group that is any good.
Though to be fair, the amount of likes on comments saying it ‘was not good lolita’ were high too.
I always assume full half or more people posting here don’t even wear the fashion and of the half that may, half of them are noobs, ita or both.

Think back to someone like ‘swifferet’. Long time ita, loud, proud and never got better. That type used to be a tiny minority.

>> No.10065435

A girl in my comm said last minute she would not come to our meetup and almost made us cancel the whole event. Her excuse was so pathetic, I would have preferred she just said she didn't feel like coming. ............but the truth is I'm happy she didn't come because she smells like poo. Literally. I've met her three times and she always smelt like shit, she doesn't even look grimy or anything she just stinks a lot.

>> No.10065442

She needs to whip her butt all the way

>> No.10065445

Why would one girl not coming make you cancel a whole event?

>> No.10065458

Another girl (close friend of the one I talked about in >>10065435) tried convincing us to postpone the event. Our comm is quite small

>> No.10065472

Seems stupid to postpone or cancel for only one if you have a group reservation. What was her excuse? Unless someone is suddenly ill, they shouldn’t be canceling last-minute in any case.

>> No.10065620

I'm starting to hate /cgl/ due to how femaler9k it is. half the posts here are about mental issues, boyfriends, girlfriends, or some other non-cgl related shit, with the occasional "biting the obvious crossboarder bait" on top of it. to make it better, i'm pretty sure half the people here are resident psychopaths or LARPers who are here because there's girls.

I have no better place to go to discuss cosplay or sewing seeing as r/cosplay is just attention whoring with little to no DIY discussion. At least we have the QTDDTOT/Help threads, which is why I stay

>> No.10065627

Just hide the feels thread and that gets rid of like 80% of it right there.

>> No.10065635

I take some pleasure on coming here just to read gulls bitching about 'muh quality' on their Lolita Pieces when it's clear 90% of them have never touched or seen a real haute couture piece

Whenever someone comes here to talk about how grandieur their pieces are I just start to laugh, imagining those 15 yo with their cotton non exclusive pieces.

>> No.10065636

Because of degenerate sissies ruining everything for everyone I now hate all trannies, even the rare inoffensive ones who actually have dysphoria and do everything they can to pass and aren't creepy creepzoids that are or will end up on the sex offender registry. I wish they'd all die because it's too much trouble telling the degenerates apart from the normal ones and the degenerates outnumber the normal ones by far.

>> No.10065637

And I really judge people who go on about muh haute couture. I've never touched a runway piece (obviously not many people have...) But I've handled a lot of designer pieces and some are great and some are just ok. You guys make it sound like angels surround you as you touch fabric fit for gods, but it's really not a big deal and like a lot of things it can be overhyped.

>> No.10065639

>it can be overhyped.
just like the supposed high quality Lolita clothing inherent.

>> No.10065642

What's your argument? Lolita isn't really high quality because there are even higher quality things available? Brand is largely nicer than what 99% of the population wears. Trying to argue it's not because higher quality pieces exist for literally thousands of dollars just comes off like roleplaying.

>> No.10065644

>Real couture piece
I have doubt anyone let you near an actual couture piece either, at most my guess is you were just involved with some fashion show shit and managed to feel up a demi-couture piece. Or maybe you're that gull from that one thread that worked at a high end boutique and thinks ready-to-wear lines are "haute couture". I find that a lot of gulls don't understand that haute couture is not a label that can be aplied to any expensive brand, but rather a term that is legally given to specific fashion houses and to specific clothing lines within those houses.

>> No.10065649

Just think about what JetJ could have been and you'll understand, anon.

Anyway, this is the confess thread, so I don't see your point on being all ruffled. Lolita clothing is not high quality just because it's a bit better than the fast fashion you're used to.

Unfortunately this fashion lacks a bunch of things like innovative use of material, sustainable solutions for wear, elaborated patterns, perfect and invisible finishings and durability considering t's something some of us have as a daily usage piece.

There's still a long way to go for Lolita Fashion before being regarded as something high quality the way rich victorian or rococo dresses were regarded at that time.

>> No.10065653

I'm mostly responding because I'm really interested in quality in general. I spent a lot of time looking at different pieces from different brands (not just lolita) and differentiating quality. But I'm also kind of new for this so I'd say I have a decent eye for quality but I'm still learning.
I know that looking around at what people are wearing day to day, most of it is atrocious. My brand pieces are pretty good and have a lot of little details and quality markers. Same thing with designer brands at Nordstrom and boutiques. But I know there's better quality items out there and I'm always looking for them. maybe haute couture is it, but I also have doubts that every anon that scoffs at brand because "haute couture is better" is running around wearing haute couture.

>> No.10065654

I feel like this is something "new rich" people do, or maybe teenies, as you said.

It always make me mad whenever I see someone saying things like "bitch, look at my dress, it's XXXXX dollars! It's nothing like that 10 dollars normie dress she's using".

Acting all high and mighty just because you're wearing Lolita is such an "ita" attitude, so I see where you're coming from. bitch, wear your dresses and shut up like everyone else! You're not Misako or wtver

>> No.10065665

I'm sorry but I can't take you seriously, this reads like something tiferet would say.
>inb4 "I only wear REAL pearls"

>> No.10065674

I think it’s fine to compare quality via referencing specific things on specific dresses or an overall critique of a brand’s quality but anything else isn’t very useful. There are a lot of variables in generalizations so I’d rather just pay attention to no-nonsense reviews that talk about fit, construction details and fabric quality. Most lolitas wear high street normie clothes outside of lolita anyway so it’s kind of silly.

Agree with >>10065653 that most Japanese brand lolita is about on par with Nordstrom or Macy’s designer stuff.

>> No.10065680

Haute couture isn't really made to be daily wearable anyway, it's more of an art form. It's just not a good comparison for lolita.

>> No.10065681

Hey, the Larp thread is pretty solidly on-topic and less creepy than most of the cosplay guys. Don't drag them into it.

Oh wait, you meant the other sort of larper. Carry on.

>> No.10065683

Cool. So are you going to join the vetted discord and try to make it active? Or what's the plan?

>> No.10065686

It's not, which is why I'm calling bullshit on op's "understanding" of high fashion. Some of lolita's MTO 1000k+ dresses can easilly stand its ground against some ready-to-wear pieces by couture brands. Certainty not against couture pieces, but at that point you're comparing apples to oranges.

>> No.10065687


>> No.10065688

Thanks anon, you've done a better job explaining why this kind of flexing rubs me the wrong way. It's not that it's just flexing, it's that it's not really even relevant.

>> No.10065692

but brand quality is still (often) better than taobao quality, if that's what you're talking about. other even higher quality pieces existing doesn't change that

>> No.10065694

Sit until after the wardrobe posts and then see if the wave of nostalgia it usually brings turns up something. Otherwise, yes, I’ll try the vetted discord. Several of the fb groups I joined required proof pix of wearing the fashion for membership but that didn’t keep a lot of the itas or shit-stirrers out, unfortunately. I’m hoping vetted discord is better.

>> No.10065695

People who bash JetJ don't know what they're talking about. They say the material feels thin and fragile... Yes, it is, but it's nice quality. It's about equivalent to Ted Baker. It's more expensive than cotton. Since when does fine and delicate mean cheap? A good silk can be woven so fine it's almost sheer, but it's still a higher valued material. Pearskin chiffon feels softer and lighter than cheap chiffon, yet it will last longer and wash better.

I also think most lolitas don't understand what JetJ's aesthetic truly is. I keep seeing them being pulled into OTT coords but they're not meant to be OTT. It's not about how much petti you can shove under with JetJ, actually their dresses often look better with minimal poof. What makes them stand out is the fine materials and how they drape on the body. Honestly JetJ doesn't even fit the lolita aesthetic and feel anymore, it has transcended into something else.

>> No.10065704

Nakamura-san said the hallmark of the brand is refinement, so no, not OTT. I think it fits into lolita fine, as a more grown-up kind of elegant styling that does not fully lean into the quirkiness or casual air of otome but is less formal than OTT and less severe than Aristo, though just as elegant.

>> No.10065733

I always say ‘concrit is welcome’ and thank people who give me some even if I don’t like it or intend to take it.
Though I seek good advice, I usually find that lots of the advice lolitas give is just things that would improve your coord to their own standards and preferences. I rarely get good concrit that improves the coord to be a better representation to the look I’m already going for, which is frustrating at times. But I take the advice when I do.

I’m not saying that my coords are super-good and above concrit. Not at all. I just wish the concrit I get would be more relevant I guess?

>> No.10065780

Ironically I've been thinking switching into LARP from cosplay. It's just become so commercialized and such a rat race for attention with minimal input

>> No.10065784

As a sissy I've always wanted to go full brolita, in a very polite manner of course and putting in a lot of effort to look good. I personally like aristocratic lolita since it reminds me of medieval fantasy and RPGs. But to the point, I most likely will do it within the confines of my room or as a lonesome street walker. Otherwise, fetishizing people doing what they love in their very presence would be too crude and disrespectful.

>> No.10065806

>but muh Hermès scarf

>> No.10065821

She's the definition of pearls before swine.

>> No.10065824
File: 78 KB, 400x533, 53844140-6fe8-5843-9e77-c9b53a4fa252.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It has always >triggered me that the Black x White and now also the new Black x Blue versions of Moitié's Lace Cross JSKs don't have ribbon threaded through the lace when it's clearly designed to be used with ribbon.

>> No.10065825
File: 68 KB, 400x533, 08ab0fb3-5093-5d82-8da5-c1db1eff693a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pic related. Doesn't it look so much better this way? They easily could've used black ribbon that blended into the main fabric.

>> No.10065830


You can't deny the Chinese hate here though, whether it's bitching about all the brand parties in Beijing or taobao brands.

I can't say it doesn't get to me a little sometimes. I'm ABC and I get annoyed easily by mainlanders too, but after a while it ruffles my feathers a little to hear that we have no taste, we are crude, rude, etc etc etc. At that point I probably should take a break from /cgl/ and I do, but I have to say the prejudice against Chinese here is pretty strong.

>> No.10065832

I disagree, I'm ABC as well and I don't see much Chinese bashing. I see lots and lots of taobao-bashing, but most comments about Chinese lolitas themselves are a begrudging respect for them for propping brands up.

>> No.10065835


I see a lot of dislike for where lolita fashion is going and the blame being placed on Chinese, alongside broad generalizations of how they dress and how they act. There's obviously some truth to it, but there's also a lot of oversimplification and the truth is very likely more complex than that, from what I see from the Chinese who do post to IG at least. The grudging respect is, well, grudging.

I probably care too much but judging from what this board acts, I probably shouldn't take it too seriously.

>> No.10065919
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>> No.10065945

Yep, Macy's
Bcbg, Guess, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren. Objectively about the same quality.

>> No.10065969

Guess? lol are you drunk, guess quality is shit 90% of the time

>> No.10065982

What is funny chinese lolitas like burando best not taobao

>> No.10065985

There are all fast fashion par quality, anon... Maybe Ralph Lauren and Calvin might have some sophisticated line of productions, but, in an overall, those are not really high quality reference.

Maybe Dior, the exclusive fashion line from Maison Margiela, Balenciaga, Versace (remember how they're aclaimmed on kamikaze girls?) or something more in this line.

The tip for finding the quality, at least for me (it surely varies from person to person), is checking the finishing first, the material second, and the construction, as a whole. There shouldn't be visible serging, no loose threads, no button spilling, no yellowing/pilling fabric, well made lining, no elastics that get loose over time, no prints that bleed, symmetric construction (when it's not something purposely asymmetrical).

Anyway, Lolita is not as expensive as High-fashion, of course, so that's probably why we can't expect these stores to have the same finishing / quality than exclusive brand pieces. My favourite brand when the talk is about finishing is, of course, JetJ. I feel like they're on the best way to make high-quality clothing, not considering those stupid moves they made on the last fashion event, of course. But they have impeccable lining, invisible hem, high quality fabric (not high quality print, though), nice fit, the construction is sturdy, there are no visible seams anywhere on the outside, no serge on the outside etc.

>> No.10066002

That was my point. Even Japanese brand with the exception of JetJ as you mentioned and some of the special expensive MTO, isn't on par with even high end fashion much less couture. It's department store level quality.

But since most lolitas wear f21 level shit outside of lolita, they usually don't know any better.

>> No.10066012

Fast fashion is a meme word that is used to insinuate that fashionable clothes are supposed to be exclusive and difficult to get. It's not.

I'm not defending Nordstrom or Macys, they generally have overpriced products with shit quality

""""FASHION"""" is incredibly stupid, and someone can look presentable and good buying nothing but Gap, Uniqlo, Ralph, etc. More expensive does not equate better, especially in quality, but retards want to flex with blank t-shirts from APC or some stupid shit like that. I think that overall, Gap/Uniqlo is the best for price:quality ratio.

>> No.10066018

Isn't Uniqlo plain normie garbage? How is that relevant at all?

>> No.10066021

>Fast fashion
Fast fashion, at least from where I come from, is a word used in reference of fashion production from stores like Forever 21, that changes too fast their collection and mass product everything in a hurry in order to place "trends" and don't really worry about quality, since the objective is to wear while it's still fresh and then discard, in order to buy new pieces for the next trends or whatever.

>someone can look presentable and good buying nothing but Gap, Uniqlo, Ralph, etc.

no one is questioning this, anon. The discussion started because another anon said that some gulls like to keep a high nose and scream "High quality" whenever referring to Lolita Fashion, and that's not entirely true, even when talking about most of the Japanese well regarded brands.

>> No.10066028

Okay so do tell us anon how you can tell your Taobao is made ethically.

>> No.10066034

I'm tired of everyone complaining about "normies". We're dressed weird, of course people stare.

>> No.10066035

I've never bought the brands you mentioned but I quote everything else you said. The cost of an item is only loosely linked with its quality. A lot of high-end brands are no better than less expensive stuff. But some rich people won't buy something unless it is expensive because for them high price = high quality. I find that very stupid but I guess some people are stupid after all, at least when it comes to this matter.

I also find pretty stupid the way some gulls talk, like they are the only ones who can understand what quality is and 90% of lolitas actually don't know shit. Believe it or not you don't have to pay hundreds and hundreds of bucks on high-end fashion to understand quality. I mean that thought might help you feel like you haven't wasted your money (which maybe you didn't) but yeah, quality doesn't always cost 1k+ dollars and throwing 1k+ dollars at stuff doesn't equal buying high quality clothing. A good understanding of materials/fabric and design/construction is what truly helps you understanding the quality of a garment.

>> No.10066042

My point is that price does not correlate quality, and the obsession with not being a normie is retarded if you're going to spend ludicrous amounts of money on shit tier fabric/construction, as is popular in """high fashion""" and Lolita circles

You calling it out as "plain normie garbage" just shows you don't understand quality

>> No.10066045

I said nothing about quality, Uniqlo is just universally known as ugly practical clothing and I see no point in comparing it to lolita in any way.

>> No.10066114

But brand isn't nearly as expensive as high fashion. One high fashion blouse is more expensive than most lolita dresses.
I don't really see the point of this argument. "Lolita isn't as high quality as things that cost 3x as much" ok, so?
Do you argue that highly rated good quality restaurants in your area aren't as good as international Michelin star restaurants that cost $300 per meal? What's the point of even arguing this?

>> No.10066126

>It has always >triggered me that the Black x White and now also the new Black x Blue versions of Moitié's Lace Cross JSKs don't have ribbon threaded through the lace when it's clearly designed to be used with ribbon.
I'm more triggered at how badly sewn that bottom lace is.

I think it looks fine to have the lace switch colour and have a no ribbon instead. The lace looks like double sided lace, not something that is made to only be used with ribbon in it. But it's a different look indeed. I can understand being bothered if you liked the old one more.

Also, is it just me, or does the new version have a slightly bit less nice looking lace?

>> No.10066129

There has been more TaoBao bashing than general Chinese bashing indeed. But before the whole TaoBao discussion blew up a few days ago hating on Chinese was also popular. Generally, they get said to only buy brand to show off of much of their daddies money they can spend but don't give a fuck about the fashion. It's also said they dress badly and have shit taste, continuously buying some of the most limited edition sets and wearing them horribly coorded (again, which is blamed on not caring about the fashion and just wanting to show off). They also said that all the qilolita releases, especially those from Japanese brands, are made just to appeal to the Chinese. Considering my Mainland Chinese friend things almost all Japanese releases look costumy and said many Chinese brands have better designs for Chinese style, I'm thinking it's not because of the mainland Chinese market.

They also say the Chinese are introducing many stupid trends, lowering overal quality expectation, and see it as nothing more than fast fashion influencing Western (and even Japanese) comm in a negative way.

Not that I'm not against Chinese myself at all, just repeating the complains I heard about them as you seem to have missed them.

>> No.10066132

>Okay so do tell us anon how you can tell your Taobao is made ethically.
NAYRT but I know some designers, and they aren't running sweatshops. Where's my proof? I'm not gonna out myself on 4chan and say names or proof I personally know them, and I don't really care if you believe it or not. So either believe me on my word or don't.

But at least concerning the stores I know designers from, it's made in small ateliers by people who love clothes. Amazing isn't it? Chinese can actually love clothes and sewing like Westeners and Japanese do...

>> No.10066134

I won a masquerade with a commissioned cosplay

>> No.10066137

Also if people could pay the specific normie and high fashion brands they think are high quality it would be helpful. Just saying high fashion is quality isn't true. Some of those brands have even been found to be using sweatshops.
I don't particularly like uniqlos quality. I've been looking into Reformation and Cuyana as they seem to be quality ethically made clothes, but I've yet to see any in person to judge for myself. Anyone buy Madewell?

>> No.10066138

>some gulls like to keep a high nose and scream "High quality" whenever referring to Lolita Fashion, and that's not entirely true, even when talking about most of the Japanese well regarded brands.
>like they are the only ones who can understand what quality is and 90% of lolitas actually don't know shit.

This so hard. The discussion is useless because so many people just scream "quality" when knowing shit about what makes a quality garment, and they become too stubborn to listen to others. Since it's hard to prove such points online when it comes to sewing and fabrics, especially when you also want to mention consistency in quality, and there are always way too much people screaming you're incorrect no matter if you are or not, it's useless.

You can also expect that's why there is no "good taobao" list when requested a few days back. At least that's why I didn't want to start that. You just go scream it's not true anyways, and ofcourse "you've seen all these brands in real life and they wheren't as good". And no one can proof you didn't online, so you can say whatever you want. And any proof of brand not being high and quality is quickly disregarded as a one time mistake or an exception no matter how often it occurs. Or else it's simply ignored.

Overall, lolita is mid-quality at best. It's not fast fashion, which is indeed fashion made to quickly follow trends and be discarded soon, but neither is it high-end. Lot of high-fashion is also mid or even low quality. It's expansive because it's luxury brand, not because it's a high quality. Go spend a few hundred to few thousand on a proper made to measure suit from a well respected seamster/seamstress I would say, and compare that to lolita. Your high-end burando will look cheap compared to that, if you learn know what to look at.

>> No.10066159

>a Chinese girl I know said Chinese brands do it better so that means Chinese lolita's aren't buying them

Also have you not seen the coordinates posted by Chinese girls on girlism? And those are supposed to be their best.

>> No.10066173

There are a lot of lolitas that like to compare their dresses to high fashion, (not couture) but since they usually haven’t worn even department store quality fashion outside of lolita they don’t know that most average lolita dresses are about par with slightly price-inflated department store goods.

Fast fashion means short-term seasonally trendy clothes that ‘go out of style’ before they are worn out.

>> No.10066174

I'm a huge faggot who really only likes cosplay just so I can see other guys dress in skimpy clothes.

>> No.10066179

Well I don't really care if you say it is or not. You're some random anon who can't provide proof. If you want to support such ateliers, you'd want people to know about them. How can I even trust you when you can't even name the brand that I should be buying from.

>> No.10066180

>lolita is mid-quality at best
> Go spend a few hundred to few thousand on a proper made to measure suit from a well respected seamster/seamstress I would say, and compare that to lolita. Your high-end burando will look cheap compared to that, if you learn know what to look at.

Genuinely interested, what would be worse in a brand dress compared to a made to measure suit? Not counting the fit, of course. I own some MM and VM and could never imagine them looking cheap. But I've never had a suit done so I'm curious.

>> No.10066189

>The discussion is useless because so many people just scream "quality" when knowing shit about what makes a quality garment
But we're comparing lolita to lolita, not lolita to suits or normie wear.
I also hope you're not saying brand is lower quality than taobao.

>> No.10066192 [DELETED] 

As a newbie I accidentally bought a sugary carnival replica and paid like 50$ for it and the quality was absolute garbage. Then I tried to sell it for cheap, mentioning that it was a replica but still. I'm so ashamed now.

>> No.10066197

I have this low quality Disney x AP piece laying around. I absolutely hate it and I would like to get rid off it. I don't even feel comfortable asking for money for it. Should I just give the dress away?

>> No.10066200

Give it as a gift for a newbie friend.

>> No.10066202

>You can also expect that's why there is no "good taobao" list when requested a few days back
There's one, anon. Check the Taobao Argument thread. Geez, you want wveryone to spoonfeed you

>> No.10066209

Even lots of older mid-quality vintage clothes are made better than most Japanese brand lolita dresses, you don’t have to spend hundreds on custom or MTM to see quality differences, it’s easily evident.

Off the bat: Fabric choices and construction techniques, finishing details, quality of trimmings and buttons, hand stitched interlining, hand-finished details. Invisible and rolled hems vs serged edges with trimming attached that way. French seams. Hand-tacked linings vs sewn-in.

>> No.10066211

That's all true, but when people cry about how great burando quality is they mean in comparison to taobao
That's also the reason why old school lolita tends to be better quality than newer releases. It's not rocket science

>> No.10066217

>but when people cry about how great burando quality is they mean in comparison to taobao
Nayrt but you keep on hitting that dead horse, m8. No one here said a thing about Chinese X Japanese. Just go on and ask Lolitas why they like the fashion. A bunch of them will tell it's because the "high quality" dresses that are so awesome that could be compared to "pieces of art" and make them feel like "royalty". And I'm not even exagerating. That's something that has been on the Lolita niche for years, even before Taobao became a thing. Go check the egl archives and you'll find a lot of girls saying things like this.

>> No.10066218

but the original poster >>10066138 did

>> No.10066219

Some lolitas seem to think their burando is comparable to higher end designer clothes though too, instead of closer to something from Dillard’s party dress section. It might be more scarce because fewer are made but it’s not significantly better quality, and comparable in price. Something from Nicole Miller or Jill Stewart. That level of design and construction quality but with a longer fashion lifespan.

One of the reasons I prefer lolita over fast fashion is exactly because it stays in style longer.

Maybe a clothing quality chart of some kind would help, then we can judge things on that. Would be more helpful for speaking about the older brand pieces too, that quality difference is something I noticed right away, especially in the fabrics hems and things like pleats.

>> No.10066222

Those are the girls who wear f21 outside of the fashion. They really do not know any better because besides maybe their prom dress, lolita is the ‘fanciest’ thing they’ve ever owned.

>> No.10066224

The original poster was this one >>10065635 I don't know why people started to flame the discussion with Taobao yet again >>10065635

>> No.10066227

what's your mark of quality anon? because the pattern cutting, level of detail, and usually fabric quality and exclusivity of lolita brands is significantly higher than these brands. those brands aren't shit quality but the pattern cutting, choice of detailing, and fabric choices are pretty basic even if they're "well made" in the sense that they hold up to wear and washing

>> No.10066230

The items from these brands in the cocktail or formal dress section. Obviously not the T-shirts and casual/athletic wear.

>> No.10066235

Overal fabric, sewing, finishing, overal pattern. As >>10066209 said, it's not even about made to measure suits, they are simply something I know is high-end if you get a good one, in contrast to the many luxury brands people mention when they talk about it, so I used them as example of something to compare to if you want real high-end quality. MM and VM aren't bad, it's still much better than fast fashion. But fast fashion is low quality, and they are mid range.

I don't need to be spoonfed because I'm not telling you where to buy. I kinda stopped following that tread after 2/3 days when people where still crying no one gave them a list so that was proof there where no good brands. If there is one now, great, I hope it's made by someone who actually knowns how to tell quality. I wear a combination of low and mid quality outside lolita casually, mid quality in lolita, and I need the high-end suits for work sometimes. I'm not the one asking for a list where to buy, I know where to buy stuff. I only said it was part of the reason I didn't even bother starting to make a list because the reaction is always something along the line "I saw those in real life and compared to my burando it's way worse quality" without any proof of that either, making it a useless discussion especially with many lolita's not know shit about clothing quality.

>> No.10066236

No, we're comparing clothing quality in general as a lot of lolita's seem to have no clue what a quality garment is, yet they talk about quality all the time. Clothing quality doesn't suddenly change when you have a different style. Overal fabric quality, sewing techniques, and pattern are all things one can judge on any clothing item, and altrough the actual ones choicen might differ, the quality of each choice and the execution doesn't. The people we talk about are those who say their burando is high-end quality and are literally dismissing any quality issue that does arrise as a one-time misstake no matter how often mistake arrise, or else just plainly denounce problems. Last tread I had someone say 3F is some Japanese handmade made in mothers cellar trying to pass off as indie-brand just to not have to awknowledge not all Japanese brand is worth the price tag, even tho we all know 3F is popular, their bonnets cost around 18250 yen, and go for even more second hand, even when the fabrics they use are low quality.

No, people say it's amazing quality in general made to last a lifetime, and that you pay so much just because of quality in general, but even for the price it's mediocre compared to other clothes of the same price range. TaoBao doesn't always have custom laces and sometimes changes small details (and disliking that is a valid reason to preffer brand), but the overal quality of the better TaoBao brands is not below Japanese brands, but that only counts if you get the better brands. TaoBao brands that might change small details disclose that btw. And some Japanese indie-brands are even low-quality, especially when it comes to fabrics.

>> No.10066341
File: 13 KB, 261x173, EAC10F27-F3FC-42D0-AA5C-4EF581588BB0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I confess that there is this permaita in my city’s comm that I cannot stand. There are other itas, but this one is particularly irritating because she just has too much initiative and very little humility. Her replica-wearing ass thinks she’s doing great at lolita and wants to show it off when in reality a he cannot coord to save her life, and asks the most basic and ridiculous things.
I also confess it frustrates me how I’ve seen her posted here once in the CoF thread but has not been roasted like I’d love her to...
I feel bad for holding all this gratuitous negativity.

>> No.10066348

post her to the ita thread sans commentary

>> No.10066370

what kind of changes, how severe?

>> No.10066384

I'm not a cosplayer myself but I dream about dating someone who cosplays my husbando perfectly so I can live my trashy self insert fantasies. It's objectifying and awful, and in reality I'd never date someone just for cosplaying a character that I like... but a gull can dream.

>> No.10066410

>Innovative use of materials

I've had enough designer pieces to know that I prefer nice versions of traditional materials to fancy blends and high tech materials. Lolita dresses are made of so many different materials nowadays anyway, it isn't like the old days with everything being either thick or thin cotton. IW uses a variety of different heavy polyester weaves. Baby and AP use tons of different polyester weaves, with some cotton releases still. I don't buy the other brands, but I am quite happy with my newer brand dresses. They are not trying to be super high end and that's fine, I rarely wore my designer stuff because many of the materials were uncomfortable. Lolita dresses are so comfortable to me

>> No.10066411

Same. If I wanted to buy a pair of shoes that matched the color all my main pieces, I would do that. But I like using different colors or neutrals and trying to balance them. Conlitas will never understand

>> No.10066412

The quality is terrible for many of the items. The jeans are okay but the knits are terrible and will get holes instantly

>> No.10066497

Their winter jackets used to be super nice, and their summer collection is generally strong (supima tees are high quality)
I also really like OCBDs with starchier material so their shirts are nice
Their chinos are really stretchy while also being slim, which makes em super comfy

Their Merino wool is absolute garbage, I agree

They're above many other stores in their range for sure, I'd put them at Gap-tier quality which is p decent. Easily better than HM, Express, Zara.

>> No.10066516

Confession: I don't get the "shoecolour don't match the dress" -concrits if it's not like red dress and lime green shoes. Neutral colours like white, ivory and black fits almost everything. And like the other anon said, if I wanted shoes that match my dresses I would have tons of shoes I only used once or twice a year.

My feet are wide so I have hard time to find fitful shoes. Even for normie ones I have to go through almost the whole shop till I find something that looks good and fits right. I'm a bit jaleous to girls who can just order theirs online and it fits perfectly.

>> No.10066528

In lolita it’s a status symbol and thing to show off coording skills to have many colors, or in Sweet, a cute match thing to have tea party shoes in every color so I think it overlapped more into the rest of lolita from there. Lots of old school snaps just show black shoes with everything. I have a few colors but I still like black shoes best with many things.

>> No.10066533

I want someone to suck on my toes so badly that I go to cons in the hopes I meet someone with that fetish and fullfill my desire for my delicate toeses to be sucked on while I schlick furiously

>> No.10066537

I jerked off with a hotel roomates bra once at a convention once while they were out at a gathering.

Only did it as a power move, though. And didn't stain the bra.

Just felt smug watching her wear it later.

>> No.10066547

How does it give you ‘power’?
That’s more than a bit creepy, anon.

>> No.10066687

I’d feel real bad if I did it myself.
I secretly hold on to the hope that somebody will do it for me one day and release that part of the guilt at least...

>> No.10066718

We know.

I personally think Uniqlo’s fabric choices are bad; they rely on stretch for fit for most of their items, which is never truly a good look. It’s what you need to do to appeal to the lowest common denominator though, so it’s forgivable.

New JetJ is absolute garbage and you’re entitled to your bad taste but please don’t pretend they’re just “misunderstood”. Their old solids were much better, but only on par with older VM and MM, not anything superlative for its time (although superlative in terms of average garment construction).

>> No.10066788

Get help before you get worse

>> No.10066859

Which, and how bad were side effects?

>> No.10066864

Well that's rude, i'm ogre sized, so anything under 2XL will barely cover my stomach in terms of length alone

>> No.10066950

Maybe more of an unpopular opinion than a confession but IW quality looks like shit in 90% of the dresses and I'm so sad it will stay when MM and VM will be gone

>> No.10066953

IW’s not as nice as VM and MM but what makes you say it’s shit? All my IW pieces are miles better than anything I have from BtSSB yet I often see people hold up Baby as one of the leading lolita brands in both quality and design. But in my experience it’s more on par with IW White.

>> No.10066961

Seconding >>10066953. IW White isn't really comparable because it's made to be more affordable and accessible, so obviously the quality is lesser than the main brand's, but I can say for myself that my wardrobe is about 80% IW and I adore it above all other brands that I own.

>> No.10066963


Maybe I'm biased, but I just really dislike IW. Their 100% polyester everything hurts my soul. The finishing can look so-so. The shape of a lot of their dresses is awkward, especially those sack dresses with waist ties. Other types of dresses too, though. A friend of mine bought an OP (can't remember the name) and it had the most hideous cut ever. It was a weird high-waisted, oversized, shapeless mess (print quality was excellent though). Their price is lower than that of other brands but desu I would rather pay more and have a quality dress that something I could buy on taobao. But yeah maybe they also have some great quality dresses that I have never had the luck to spot.

>All my IW pieces are miles better than anything I have from BtSSB
I own two BTSSB pieces and only one is a main piece. The quality of the print is very good and the lace is excellent. From what I have seen online and with friends, it looks like a really good quality brand. What is it that you don't like?

>> No.10066964

Nayrt I've owned only IW and Baby and no VM/MM, but all my cotton pieces from both brands are nice.
I think polyester is iffy with every brand

>> No.10066974

I definitely agree with you re: IW's sack dresses, some of their past designs have been absolute tragedies. And while I'm not a huge fan of polyester in general, I do own quite a few poly IW OPs because I love their designs and fit. Most of my other pieces are cotton and they're stunning. I miss the days when IW used cotton, ngl.

>> No.10066994

I've tried asking /fa/ and they don't seem to give out that information easily because they don't know much either. To make things worse even if you find something the quality could suddenly take a shift downwards next year, or their only good clothes are kind of specific.

There are guides on how to tell by inspection but you can't expect someone to go into every store and check them all out.

>> No.10067106

Me too. Fuck.

>> No.10067120

>I've tried asking /fa/

lol anon /fa/ doesn't actually know anything about fashion, that's the last place anyone should go if they have actual questions

>> No.10067143

Makes sense, I have even bought from a few brands with great quality only to go back and find it was declining. Or it's item dependant. No matter what you say about burando, most people agree their shoes and purses aren't good.
I've been reading these guides and just using my judgement of the look and feel of clothing.

>> No.10067462

I think that the calves of most girls look fat and stumpy in lolita. Therefore I prefer shorter dresses or pics that stop at the knee.

>> No.10067479

>innovative use of material
Don’t make this monkey paw wish, the designers bothered to use something that wasn’t velveteen or cotton as a main fabric for the first time 5 years ago and there’s not much to show for it now but a lot of cheap looking burando polyester garbage

>> No.10067481
File: 806 KB, 973x1149, A5A20334-EBF8-4F7D-BE3B-C50B0BFFB37D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This thread looks like some of you could use this

>> No.10067539

Salty poorfags whining about the auctions I overbid them on are my fetish.

>> No.10067650

There was some cute, cheap Amazon replica dresses I want, not for lolita, but just because they are cute.

>> No.10067704

I get that in a way, but trying to match lav and sax even with just AP items is a bitch. I have no shame wearing white TPs and a white purse

>> No.10067712

Hating polyester is such a meme. If you are a daily lolita it's great to have some IW solid polyester pieces. They hand wash and dry so well, sometimes I don't even have to iron them and they look good. Whereas with cotton it's unwearable until you steam or iron it after washing

>> No.10067725

>Hating polyester is such a meme
Agreed. The idea that cotton is superior to all things is so outdated and narrow minded. Synthetic fibres have some really awesome advantages like not bleeding or fading as significantly as cotton does, being more wrinkle resistant, and coming in an amazing variety of weaves, weights, and textures.

>> No.10067737

I’d like polyester if it didn’t make me sweat bullets and if my skin was smooth. Even after lotioning the act of lightly grazing it with my hand can cause the fabric to tear/run. Cotton can withstand that and doesn’t make me sweat as much. I’ve noticed that although taobao polyester is shit looking, it doesn’t tear/run as bad as AP polyester.

>> No.10067761

I’m not disagreeing, I often think that way of coordinating looks nicer too but I know girls who really love all the shoe colors.
My exception is gold. If the dress is fancy and has enough gold, I like gold shoes and I’m not sure why everyone hates on that even if it’s matching the dress. But I like dressy normalfag gold shoes with a LBD too.

>> No.10067786

I'm not saying I hate it or it doesn't have its advantages, but if I'm handing out a lot of cash I'd rather be buying a natural fiber fabric that is more comfy on the skin. Also, polyester has the hideous combo "makes you sweat" + "smells bad with sweat" that really kills it for me. I think hating polyester is so common because, well, it has a lot of flaws and looks cheap. Some polyester fabrics are better than others though.

>> No.10067823

I do not take lolitas who also wear decora or fairy kei seriously. My comm is full of these girls and for some reason that I cant place I think less of them as lolitas, like they lack dedication.

>> No.10067883


Do you have a skin condition? What you describe has literally never happened to me. I hope it’s getting better because that sounds horrific.

>> No.10068133

Good luck with your panel anon!

>> No.10068146

Omg yes. Even in the AP illustrations, they will show gold shoes with fancier prints and not a bunch of other shit to "tie it in". They can be tacky if you use the ugly Bodyline ones, but gold shoes can be very pretty

>> No.10068150
File: 44 KB, 359x266, 1541754314414.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm a sweet lolita and I talk to my horde of stuffed animals like they're living beings on a very regular basis. Including my Usakumyas. This occupies a larger part of my life than I'd like to admit. They have lore. But I can't let anybody in on it because they'll think I'm an ageplayer.

I swear I'm not a pervert, I'm just crazy and lonely.

>> No.10068154

I just have horribly dry skin. I can’t buy polyester anymore because every dress I ever bought has runs/tears in it thanks to me accidentally running my hand on the material. I completely ruined my Holiday Collection jsk (it’s the very first brand piece I ever bought directly) after wearing it once. I had to sew a loose thread down after touching the hem and jacking it up somehow.

>> No.10068155

That's cute... and sad. I hope you get real friends, anon.

>> No.10068174


I have BJDs for that. The dolls have more meetups than the lolitas do, too (some very active owners in my area). So I can also talk to humans who talk to their dolls, and all the dolls have some lore, even if it's "I like his pissy face so I put him in dresses and pretend he's pissy because he's wearing a dress."

Don't do it though. BJD hobby attracts twice the crazy as lolitas.

>> No.10068175

I just cosplay because i like to dress up and enjoy the attention on events.

But when i dont get any, while others do, i am super frustrated. I even made a make profile, so i have a vent for my frustration and toxic thoughts without ruining my reputation on my main instagram.

I wish i could be satisfied with what i got...

>> No.10068179

me too. i wish i had friends irl.

>> No.10068191
File: 86 KB, 500x620, tumblr_n5h9y2SYn01sa6sq2o1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The only thing that makes me happy is lolita. I want to surround myself in AP and blankets but i'm still far from the body I want, and from the wardrobe I want. And I'm moving out this year so I fear I won't be able to grow my wardrobe very much either. I feel so sad all the time. This year was really hard for me and I have no friends outside of work. I just want to move out so I can wear lolita whenever I want and have friends who love me and have a boyfriend that actually loves me too. I know it's stupid but oh well

>> No.10068193
File: 37 KB, 640x480, 1518553890976.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's not stupid at all anon! That's a very common want for a lot of people.
I hope it gets better for you and that you get the wardrobe/friends/bf you want in your life!

>> No.10068194

this is me, only i talk to my two cats instead of stuffed animals.
At least one of my cats is very talkative, and meows back like we're having a conversation.

>> No.10068197
File: 32 KB, 480x497, 7451c0349c8b83d8a74ba81b156eb662.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you.

>> No.10068257

What cosplay did I win it with then? :^)

>> No.10068274

I have exzema and extremely dry skin not and lotions with colloidal oatmeal help me a lot. Might be worth a try! They are expensive but you can get some generics at Walgreens/CVS

>> No.10068286
File: 329 KB, 1057x1011, Skizze (28).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm a hardcore AP fangirl. Like 90% of my wardrobe is AP, I stalk every twitter account, I'm up-to-date with every release, special set or event.

But... I have to admit that I don't like most of their stuff from the last 2 years and the quality is declining. Cuts, prints and themes are getting reused and their fabric choises become questionable. While I still buy a lot of new AP I end up selling most of it.
I feel like I'm betraying my favourite brand and even lolitra as a fashion, because other brands don't catch my interest.

>> No.10068290 [DELETED] 

the like) (10), dormitories (5), upscale residences (25).First Impression: Young, well-dressed studentscarrying armfuls of scrolls and books hustle to theirclasses. Others sit or stand in circles, discussing theday’s lessons.Social Class:Upper class.Wealthy ResidentialThese residences belong to successful merchantsand high-level bureaucrats in political or religiousorganizations. Buildings:Upscale residences (60), average resi-dences (10).First Impression: Well-appointed buildingsline the quiet streets of this district. Servants or guardsare posted at many of the front doors.Social Class:Upper class.AVERAGE POPULATION DISTRICTSThese districts are where the middle class and mer-chants live and work.Average ResidentialShopkeepers, artisans, and other skilled workers dwellin these modest homes.Buildings:Upscale residences (10), average resi-dences (70), poor residences (10).First Impression: Children play in the streetsof this district, and the younger ones are often chasedby older siblings. Neat rows of al becausethey’re sized for dwarves. Stonework, much of it finelycarved, dominates the architecture.Social Class:Middle class.GarrisonThis district is essentially a military encampment. Thesoldiers who dwell here are charged with guarding thecity and the surrounding countryside.Buildings:Garrison building, temple (Heiro-neous, Kord, or St. Cuthbert), average lodging (4), poorlodging, upscale food (2), average food (4), poor food(3), upscale trades (4), average trades (8), poor trades (2),average services (10), average residences (40), poor resi-dences (10).First Impression: Some soldiers march to andfro in groups, while others stand at attention, and stillothers drill for combat. Shouted commands and march-ing songs fill the air.Social Class:Middle class.Gnome NeighborhoodGnomes find comfort in buildings sized for them, sothis district features architecture that humans andother Medium races would find cramped.Buildings:Temple (Garl Glittergold)

>> No.10068310

I feel this. While I do try my best to buy new from my favorite brand, most recent releases just don't appeal to me and I end up spending my money on releases from 10+ years ago. It's sad in a way, but at the end of the day you should buy and wear what you like, and if you don't like current releases then that's ok.

>> No.10068376

I decided to go to college so I could be a fighter pilot, dress more like a 1980s tough guy, made marriage and children a life goal, and came to embrace my hotblooded tendencies more

>> No.10068432

I hope that Karl's secret santa fuckup is the thing that keeps him up at night. The embarassing memory that randomly pops up in his head and ruins his day. Even years later.

>> No.10068443

I like you anon

>> No.10068458

SAME. I'm finally in a place where I can buy new releases from AP but I hate what they've been putting out and its depressing

>> No.10068459

Too lazy to go through the ss thread, he really fuck up that bad for you to reference it here?

my confession is that I am the kind of person that waits for people like >>10068286 to pull a regret sale on new releases

90% of my closet is secondhand, and I've gotten some real sweet deals because some girls buy a new release and then regret it and want it off their hands asap cause guilt etc

>> No.10068465

He spent almost 200 dollars on a pile of unusable toddler hair bows for his lolita match from Forever 21 and Nordstroms because he didnt care enough to do research or pay attention to her form. He could have bought a brand dress for that money. He could have got some cool merch for her other mainstream interests like Transformers. But no.

>> No.10068472
File: 736 KB, 500x271, tumblr_inline_mie2ptQ1Xv1rx7mfl.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> 200 dollars
> toddler hair bows
> nordstrom & F21


men should not be allowed to join

>> No.10068480
File: 330 KB, 959x1280, 1494544324121.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love sweet to death and have accumulated a lot of AP accessories but recently goth lolita has attracted my attention once again.
The teen baby weeb within me that wanted to be a gothic lolita in 2008 is trying to come out but I don't know if I can commit

>> No.10068484

7 days later we have 270 posts. There sure is a lot to confess here. And we haven't finished the sex worker sideline issues yet.

>> No.10068485

Join us. We have bats!

>> No.10068488
File: 876 KB, 230x145, tumblr_lz8k5acOVM1qi4w9o.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I ordered a Diamond Honey dress that I thought would come with an apron but I misread the description. Now it arrived and I find it horrible ita without the apron.

couldn't finish 2018 without a misbuy baka

I'll search for the dang apron to finish the dress but for now I am so disappointed in both the dress and myself that I've literally shoved it to the back of my closet.

>> No.10068492

Which dress?

>> No.10068495

This. I’m really learning to read the releases and the emotional shit tied up in people’s second hand regret sales. Thinking of starting a second account to buy low, sell higher and flip some stuff in 2019 to supplement my hobby. Not stupidly obvious scalping but flipping my wardrobe quite a bit more for sure.

>> No.10068502
File: 509 KB, 715x715, TB2hHpYX_gc61BjSZFkXXcTkFXa_!!285044913.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


all the pics on the site (glitzy) show the dress with the apron. It does say the dress 'doesn't come with the accessories' but I'm stupid

>> No.10068503
File: 148 KB, 750x938, o8SACCSTRY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think I might! I feel like there are never enough gothic lolitas out there

>> No.10068639

Sometimes I feel grateful to scalpers. I’m slow and have a shitty luck, overprice saves me dresses.

>> No.10068644

this sounds completely reasonable

>> No.10068648

Who's your idol?


>> No.10068657

If you're good at it, i'd give a shot. I made good money in college flipping stuff (not lolita)
Just be wary of scalper hunters here, but I'm sure you already know that. Try to make another paypal if you can. I was able to make one years ago but I'm not sure it's still possible.

>> No.10068665

Probably Max Jenius or Chirico Cuvie

>> No.10068719

I want to get into lolita fashion but I will never have anywhere to wear it.
I still fill up online shopping carts on the regular with all the wardrobe essentials and desires and never buy anything, just dreaming about it.

>> No.10068721

I fucking hate social networks, and how cosplay became attached to it.

>> No.10068730

Oh heavenly father forgive me for I have truly sinned

At a con once I did something for money and I later regret it. Though the amount was around 100 dollars but I was really desperate at the time and low on cash so I figured what the hey right? I sucked a persons dick that was all but the catch was it was completely covered in smegma like at the time I wasnt sure what that meant or what it was so I figured it meant it was some food thing or something fetishy like that but boy was I wrong. It was only until after I looked it up a week later and almost threw up when I found out what it truly meant D:

Never again never doing something lewd for money ever again

>> No.10068734

You can have just a few coords to just wear indoors for fun if you really want. They don't have to be very elaborate either. If you truly love the fashion, you can make it work for you.

>> No.10068738

I've been considering it, but I find it really hard to part with money unless I can adequately justify it to myself. It's always easier to come up with extra excuses like, "It wouldn't look good on me anyway" than get halfway through the checkout process. Maybe someday I'll stop being so lame.

>> No.10068744

That's understandable. Regardless of what you decide, I hope you do what makes you happy this year, anon.

>> No.10068766

Thank you, anon. I wish the same to you.

>> No.10068785

Whoops, meant to quote OP. Sorry anon didn't want to direct my anger towards you

>> No.10068952

Whenever I see a 2B cosplayer, I have to take a picture with them.

>> No.10069002
File: 56 KB, 400x382, tumblr_odrmodfU1k1vyhw9eo1_400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is so dumb, but recently I've been fantasizing about having cosplay location shoots in places I'd like to vacation in. Think Castlevania shoots in Eastern Europe, LOTR/Hobbit shoots in New Zealand, Vento Aureo shoots in Italy, etc. I dream about taking trips with my cosplayer/photographer friends and exploring these places, seeing all the best tourist destinations while also taking incredible photos. I love to travel and would of course be thrilled to visit any of those places without cosplay being involved at all, but some part of me will always be imagining the costumes I'd bring to shoot. It's such an unrealistic dream though...

>> No.10069019

Most gulls are too inexperienced in normie fashion to even begin to understand the wide range of quality. I think that's why taobao brands are popular. I have nice stuff and cheap stuff, and I know what to look for and what it should cost. If you buy everything from H&M (never again) to Macy's (CK dresses, jeans, cashmere sweaters) to Anthropologie to Costume National, Dior and Zac Posen, you have a better frame of reference to compare things than someone who is thinking Walmart vs H&M vs Macy's.

I think it's interesting that people here don't reference boutique brands as those are the closest to Lolita in price and quality. Go to Anthro and compare the $150 dresses to the $300 ones. This to me is the difference between the taobao I've gotten in the past and burando. The cheaper ones are still nice, they just don't always have linings, pockets, and rarely have as much excellent detailing like tiny charms, detachable or convertible parts, matched prints, and nice quality linings

>> No.10069069

I use to staff at this con for almost 10 years. I grew to hate cons because of my years staffing there. Now that this con is dying internally, i can't stop but to feel that i wasted almost a decade ensuring that this con ran smoothly during that weekend.
I am so tempted to start a con staff story thread and just unload everything that I can without attracting attention to this con

>> No.10069074

What you need to do in 2019 is wear the fashion or gtfo and stop posting like you are into it. Rp’ing pretend lolitas who creep around the online community are just that, creepy.

What I find in general is that brand prints often have the details plus the cachet in the fashion to justify the sale price and second market price, not higher but taobao is pretty much a waste of money because the quality doesn’t justify the new price and there’s no hype at all for taobao prints once they do hit the second market. Taobao is mostly only good for poorfags and fattys.
Almost none of lolita dresses are good boutique or high end designer quality. It’s very stupid for some people to pretend it is some kind of art clothing piece when we can all see and judge quality in construction, fabric, trim, finishing etc.

>> No.10069076

Do it.

>> No.10069079

Seconding. I’m bored, give us some stories.

>> No.10069088

>What you need to do in 2019 is wear the fashion or gtfo and stop posting like you are into it. Rp’ing pretend lolitas who creep around the online community are just that, creepy.
I only lurk. I've only ever posted on /cgl/ in this thread. There's no need to be so rude.

>> No.10069098

Thats rough, anon. Not gonna lie I thought it would come with the apron when I saw the listing.

>> No.10069115

I hope you are not a guy. If guy, please don't wear Lolita.
If grill, then you can wear casually styled Lolita anywhere so that's really not a good excuse.
You are probably just cheap. You need to wear something so you have to buy clothes anyway, right?

>> No.10069119

I honestly thought the apron was attached, and if I'd known it was to be bought separate (and they don't even have it on their site which irks me to no end!) I probably wouldn't have gone for the dress at all

but still my own damn fault I guess cause it does say so and I didn't read it properly

>> No.10069191

I live in a country where lolita is almost unknown and not very well accepted by people. I'm a shy girl who doesn't like being the centre of attention. Also, a lonelita. I still manage to wear the fashion at least once every month. If you really love it I'm sure you can do it. Don't wait for an occasion. Just buy something you like and wear it. You don't have anywhere to wear it? Dude, you have the whole world (okay maybe not the whole world but you get what I mean).

>> No.10069209

If it looks unbalanced I get it, but otherwise neutral, or even black is fine. Matching is better, but nothing wrong with neutral ones.

For example with coords like >>10066086 who got all butthurt when people said her neutral shoes and accessories colour where unbalanced because they literally didn't seem to tien with the coord in general, I think it's valid advice.

But when people, especially reasonably beginning people, wear black or other fitting neutral shoes with an otherwise nice coord I think it's fine. Black, browns, whites and ivories (depending on coord/style) are nice because you can often make shoes that colour fit in even when the colour doesn't return in the rest of the coord. Everything has too match is nice, but not a knock-out criteria to look good.

>> No.10069219

I appreciate the words of encouragement. I ought to take the plunge and acquire at least one outfit. Perhaps opportunities to wear more will open up if I'm bolder about it.

>> No.10069223

I love polyester and take it over cotton any day, as long as it's somewhat decent quality. Not the cheap stuff cheaper TaoBao brands keep using. But the better quality polyester is easy to wash, doesn't need ironing (or less extreme), is comfortable, and still looks good.

>> No.10069231

Sounds like you don't live in a warm and humid climate. I'm jealous, ngl.

>> No.10069232

>but I will never have anywhere to wear it.
It's clothes. You wear clothes normally don't you? Or are you naked unless you have a special occasion to wear clothes for? Life is your place to wear it.

If work doesn't make it convenient/possible, wear it at home. Good fitting coords are comfortable too, so you can do all your daily activities in it anyways.

My confession is I'm tired of people making the fashion more than it is. Yes, it requires a bit more planning and coordinating/thoughtproces than your daily tees and jeans, but it's still clothes. Just because it's not normie doesn't mean you need an occasion for it. I'll hate on anyone that uses alternative fashions only as event wear. Makes it feel like a costume, or in the case of the ones that only wear it to post online but not going outdoors, just some internet personality you put on for likes. Like, I get you don't wear OTT daily, but there are tons of ways to wear lolita casually and daily. If you feel you need a place to go to to be able to wear it, it's clearly not clothes to you...

>> No.10069233

i honestly think a lot of polyester hate on here is from stinky white chicks who sweat bullets after a minute in the sun lol

>> No.10069235

You really had to add "white", didn't you.

>> No.10069236

oops, found one.

>> No.10069239

Found a racist? Yeah, I believe we found one indeed...

>> No.10069244

Honestly, we have a few weeks a year where it's unbearable and we stop working, but in general it's more cold here. But even within those weeks, humidity and heat isn't a huge deal if you have proper undergarments (not underwear, but underskirts, inner leggings/maillots/etc). No matter the current weather, I always wear appropriate undergarments, also in normie wear. It's great to battle warm, humid, cold, or dry weather, and together with anti-transpirant and breathing fabrics that allow any cool breeze to blow on my skin I'm doing fine really. I think undergarments are an important part of dressing many people have forgotten in modern fashion.

I'm white too, and I sweat reasonably easy too, at least in my armpits, buttcrack, and between my breast. Rest I barely sweat unless it's very warm. Sweating easily and being white has nothing to do with it. Bad hygiene and not taking the appropriate precautions to sweat are.

>> No.10069245

They probably will! You may even find yourself making opportunities, going to things you wouldn't normally do to wear the fashion, which will expand your horizons.

>> No.10069248

>breathing fabrics
That's exactly it, poly doesn't breathe and it's hell to wear in hot and humid weather. I understand what you're saying about undergarments but that doesn't really make a difference when you wear a poly dress in certain climates.

>> No.10069260

I mean fabrics that are thing enough to let air blow trough. In my native language, that's what we refer to with breathing fabric. There are tons of those made from polyester.

You wear something that can properly absorbs sweat and prevents overly sweating underneath, so then it doesn't matter if you wear polyester or something natural over it if you do it well. That's the point with wearing undergarments.

>> No.10069294
File: 151 KB, 383x585, 20190101_191147.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hate wearing lolita in public all alone, I feel like I must look like some stupid attention whore by myself in these small towns. I love the fashion and since my comm rarely has meetups I feel like I'm wasting my closet full of brand and cute stuff. I hope if I make a real friend who wears lolita, I won't feel so silly....

>> No.10069445

Surprisingly I feel quite the opposite. I've notice I get shit on less when I'm wearing lolita alone. Last time I wore lolita with my comm, some idiots called us a bunch of furry faggots (I assume cuz two people were wearing animal ears). But when I'm alone, I typically have more people comfortable to come up and ask me questions in a respectable manner, or my frills are ignored. Which is the option I prefer the most. When you're alone you have the power to control how you exude the fashion to others I think. When with other people, you could be in a comm full of itas and they can rep the fashion pretty bad. But that's just my experience.

>> No.10069911

>Castlevania shoots in Eastern Europe
is it bad that I've been considering going on this trip with a friend so we can do shit like that?

>> No.10069917

Nayrt, but you sound like someone who has never experienced 80% humidity on a summer day.

>> No.10070471

That trip looks amazing, you should definitely try to go if you can! And why not fuck around in cosplay there while you have the opportunity? Live your best life.

>> No.10070758

Sometimes you need to accept it's just too hot or cold to wear lolita.

>> No.10071026

I feel that if you’re a women cosplaying as a male character, and decide to hyper-feminize said character using makeup, it’s automatically bad and a horrible cosplay. ESPECIALLY when it’s done by a fujoshit. I’ve dealt with a few of those, and it’s made me regret coming out to them. Generally I don’t think yaoi is bad (unless that’s your only understanding of gay men), and I even read bara sometimes, but when you base your views of a certain person solely on the fact that their gay and you read your shitty yaoi doujinshi, then we’re having a problem.

>> No.10072062

>what are pre-planned meets?
sometimes you just have to suck it up and wear it.