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So how does your boyfriend feel about your love of cosplay?

Does he go along with it too, or does he let you do your own thing alone?

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>no bf to encourage my cosplaying
>no bf to spike my food with hormones
>no bf to encourage me crossplaying
>no bf to compliment how feminine i've been getting since i started listening to to him
>no bf to make me dress as a girl full time
>no bf to comfort, cuddle, and support me after every porn shoot he makes me do with complete strangers that force their disgusting fetishes on me

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>act (slightly) thotty, wear skimpy cosplay, sell photos etc
>attract bf
>bf now wants me to stop doing anything sexy

A bit hypocritical especially as he admits he used to fap to me before we were together.

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Don't let him control you, anon. It's fine if you both discuss as adults and reach a consensus, but if you really want to do that thotty thing for whatever reasons, don't let him just forbid you of anything.

He's okay with that. Has done some casual cosplays before and whatever. He usually volunteer to take my photos whenever we go to a con, so I can have something to post on Twitter. I don't make anything mainstream or sexy, but rather like to reconstruct cosplays with historical references.

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Maybe he needs some reassurance that you're not going to leave him if your behavior attracts more guys. His behavior means he likes you a lot, but doesn't trust you (or other guys).
About the last part, we'll, they do that to many.

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>bf now wants me to stop doing anything sexy
As others said, don't let him control what you do. That being said, it seems like he's just afraid of losing you to someone else that happened to caught wind of you.

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Mine supports me. He pushed me into going pro and takes all my photos so I’d say he’s pretty into it. We also met at a con so that helps too.

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>inb4 pyramid head and bubble nurse anons highjack the thread

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but they're not dating

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You don't have to remind me :(

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bf graciously took pictures of me cosplaying for the first time at a con this past summer, which was also his first con ever - it was a commissioned cosplay on etsy, so me and my friend were getting stopped for pictures a lot and bless his heart he was trying to get good pictures, but he wants me to show him how to take better pictures (i had to scrap most of them except a few but i hold nothing against him, he had no prior experience and i had fun pictures or not, absolutely worth it)

i love him and he never complained once and seemed so happy, he even brushed my wig for me without a second thought since i can't reach the back while we were sitting in line for something, i want 2 marry him desu

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hes a dumb crossboarder that joind our discord and we found out he was trying to pay someone in the feels thread to be his gf and have sex and the mods banned him

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>muh don't let him control you
This is a ridiculous argument, it completely misses the point of his reaction. He doesn't want to lose you, that's pretty much it. If he was some sort of control freak you'd see other signs, and for other anons: stop thinking that anything is someone wanting to bring you down or something, this is fucking stupid, get a grip.

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I think that women and men should be segregated again, and I think that this segregation should be extended to the internet.

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They were never segregated though Anon.
How would that even work?

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Boyfriend lets me do my own thing because he's too normal-tier to be into cosplay (we met through school), but he's very supportive and wishes I would share more of my hobby with him -- not out of deliberate secrecy, I just don't tend to talk about myself much and like to keep regular life and cosplay stuff separate.

He's a great film photographer, though he specializes in urban photography and doesn't have the same priorities for cosplay-style glamor/portrait shots. When we tried a serious-mood shoot once, I just kept goofing off and flirting with him.

He's insecure about the relationship. How you approach that will be specific to your own dynamic, but it might help to sit him down and talk frankly about some of the things that other anons have brought up. Ask him what he's afraid about. Let him know that you're doing sexy stuff for fun, and -as much as this *is* just fluffing him up to soothe his insecurities- let him know the things that you like about him, uniquely. He thinks of himself as still another fanboy in a sea of faceless fanboys, but if you chose to be in a relationship with him, it's more meaningful than that.

> he even brushed my wig for me without a second thought since i can't reach the back
Anon, that's so fucking cute

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>that gorgeous man
>with that fridge-bodied gorilla bastardizing The Boss
It's just not fair

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>that gorgeous man
Can't tell if blind or actually the dude in the picture

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>bf prevents you from wearing certain articles of clothing out of his own insecurities rather than rationally talking about it with you like an adult
>""he isn't some type of control freak""

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If my husband were such a petty shit he'd try to prevent from doing what I want because he "doesn't want to lose me", showing he has ZERO trust which is REALLY FUCKING OFFENDING, I'd divorce him and kill him on the spot. Anon's boyfriend deserves to be alone, and hated, and spit upon, and beaten to death, and tormented every day of his life for the piece of shit he is.
Thankfully my husband is not like anon's boyfriend. Anon, dump him and find yourself a better man.

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>no gf to cosplay with

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bitch are you implying that's Cody in the background

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Well its not that he doesnt trust me he just doesnt like other guys looking at my body.

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>no bf to encourage my cosplaying
>no bf to spike my food with hormones
>no bf to encourage me crossplaying

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Don't let him control you girl, it's okay to go fool around with some of those dudes to teach him a lesson. If he loves you, he'll understand.

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>if my husband didn't trust me to wear slutty clothes I'd kill him on the spot

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nayrt, proof?

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There's proof for it but the guy said he was drunk and sad when he did it, then posted proof he dropped the whole thing.
Eric even said he would get a reinvite when he finished his cosplay, so don't worry about it too much. I still like the guy and don't want to see the storyline die, not to mention proof would lead to some doxxing...

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He absolutely is

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>Having sex with different girls
>Get girlfriend
>She now wants to control me and says I can't keep dating other girls
Fucking bitch. This is why we need feminism.

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Ooga booga where da whyte mens at?

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i can tell thats you--fuck off. you were drunk at the time, but you offered in a previous thread before that one too. the fact that you just blame it on being drunk in general is a bad thing to do

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This is why I fool around with girls like this and then borderline rape them and ghost

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Fuck off I would never cheat I just dont want to get rid of half my cosplays and the extra money I made was nice

He knows I would never cheat he just hates other men looking at my body

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Why would you want to control your man so much so that he couldn't do what he wanted to? Like sleep with other girls. There's nothing wrong with that.

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Ditto. Get them drunk one night then just fuck them up. Ruin them for any other relationships. Leave and don't respond to any messages.

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If he walked around a con without his shirt on and some fat hambeasts got wet I wouldnt give a fuck

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>My man can't like what he likes. He can only do what I like
Shut up. You're overcontrolling, probably due to your BPD.

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>all these destructive anons
pls be bait

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I doubt it

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These are gulls, anon

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but would you care if someone much more attractive than you starting giving him a bunch of attention?

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If a costhot queen like Nigri or Amouranth started activley hitting on him yes I would be pissed
I dont want guys hitting on me either but if they just look I dont see the harm and if Im sellung photos online I never even meet them so where is the problem?

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so side question: how did you meet your bf? Was he one of the people that would buy your pictures that you never met in person before?

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welp, that fucking sucks.
Hopefully the other /cgl/ ships will do better, I guess.

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My boyfriend was interested in me because of my interest in cosplay/lolita. He encourages me to
Cosplay. He wants to cosplay too but hasn’t done it himself yet and I really want him to because that would be mega hot. But he was fine walking me around the convention in my maid uniform and taking pictures of me. I guess for obvious reasons heh. But yeah it Was good fun.

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>implying that's Cody
It's most definitely Cody Rhodes, he showed up as Venom Snake to the most recent Ring of Honor event.

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ITT The life-long moral dilemma of doing what you love vs having someone to love you.

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He probably feels in some way like you're devaluing yourself and by extension, him. The psychology is difficult to explain. The idea is that because you're committed to the relationship, you reverse the more promiscuous side to him - and in theory vice versa - but by showing off and especially 'selling' your image to other guys, it's devaluing that intimacy between the two of you.

Your best bet is to sit down and talk with him about it. Don't listen to the whole YOU CAN'T CONTROL ME REEEEE bullshit because you're a fucking adult, not a teenager, and both sides - yes, including him - need to hash this out so that you're both comfortable and one of you isn't resenting the other.

Yes, he needs to get a grip of his insecurities. The thing is that this isn't as easy as just telling him that and then feeding into them (I'm not saying you are). Even the whole "haha I won't cheat on you promise <3" thing isn't going to go very far. See what the two of you can do to make one another feel more secure without just going to one extreme.

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>A bit hypocritical especially as he admits he used to fap to me before we were together.

Girls want to kiss guys they're attracted to. Girls don't like seeing guys they're attracted to kiss other girls. That's not hypocrisy, it's heterosexuality.

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Lol you're a whore and your boyfriend is a bitch

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tfw no /cgl/ gf reee

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>have gf
>doesn't cosplay
:/ meh, don't really care

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>gulls talking about how their boyfriends don't want them to do anything sexy whatsoever now that they're in a committed relationship
>tfw I'm the bf who'd actively encourage my gf to drain their beta wallets dry, take pride in her being the object of their fascination and fuck her on her premium snap
These faggots are ruining it for the rest of us

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>waahh my bf wants me to stop being a literal whore

You and your ilk are going to end up childless, single and bitter at 30 and wonder why men don't want whores for mates. It's so oppressing that your bf wants a monogamous relationship and doesn't want a million dudes busting ropes to you. kys.

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lol of course he wants you to stop its because you're in a relationship and if you can't stop being a thot just break up with him. You'd get mad if girls were hitting on him too anon. It goes both ways.

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I've always to cosplay this with my boyfriend :(

>> No.10065515

10/10 bait

>> No.10065541

Seagulls are mentally ill

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This is why /cgl/ and the cosplay hobby in general have a terrible reputation. How many men have you had sex with?

Sluts? You sound slutty.

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>no bf to cosplay with

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I don't think he likes it but he's a ugly cuck and has no choice but to stay with me so i get to slut around

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Men have no shame in oogling cosluts but having their gf do it is the end of the world to them. Men are all just hypocritical shits, they're jealous and expect you to pander to their insecurities, yet if you show ANY signs of being jealous or try getting them to change because of it and you're an insane harpy cunt. Fuck men so hard.

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I'm a lolita and my boyfriend loves it, though he thinks the community is a bit toxic. I do worry that he fetishizes it a bit, since we do some kinky stuff that has a bit of a ddlg flavor, but I just hope that that fear of mine is just paranoia.

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He's probably a pedophile and you're enabling it by encouraging his urge to fuck his offspring.

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this is a cosplay thread not a lolita thread gdi

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It’s not that hard anon just literally ask for one and someone is bound to pop up :)

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Just asking is embarassing, I'm quite shy

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Tfw when gf doesn't cosplay as a cute Lolita.

>> No.10067691

You can do it! Both me and my gf were pretty shy at first but eventually we were able to overcome that.

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My boyfriend is my handler but we also cosplay together. Most cons he’s my handler and we’ve had deep talks that I started cosplay so I could do it with him but he wants to focus on me being able to do what I want while looking for a project he wants to do.

I love my boy. He is a good boy.

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Literally couple goals.

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I wish I could join the cgl discord, I'm new to the craft but i'd love to talk with people more about it, especially considering how unpopular it is in my state

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>So how does your boyfriend feel about your love of cosplay?
we fuck, in cosplay.

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Just get a bf that loves to see you in cosplay

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Wow you guys are terrible.

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I'm a guy and I have a gf

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I love bullying him in cosplay too.
I just make sure to keep the cosplay away from any fluid parts.

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Now this is the kind of mentality that needs to stick around.
I'd actually love a partner that was interested in my costhot'ery and get a kick out of doing some sort of cuckolding thing with buyers. It's free money, a status boost for the partner, and a way for them to show off to a ton of guys.

It's absolutely not something to be insecure about. Yeah, random guys are fapping to your girlfriend but they're also paying for it and all that cash comes back to your girlfriend and you who can then go on nice dates, vacations, and conventions. All the while you're the only one who gets to be intimate with your girlfriend and (if she's into it) show that off for the dudes who would likely get jealous of you but still pay for the privilege of watching you do what they dream they could.

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You sound cute in a fucked up way. Do you have any mental issues? Asking for a friend.

>> No.10068538

None unless you count being a seagull one.

>> No.10068572

What sort of costhottery do you engage in. Is it just skimpy pics or nudes?

>> No.10068579

Dude who made that original post. Where you at, gull? I'd like to chat. Hope you're still around!

>> No.10068593

Cosplay is just part of it. I'm an amateur camgirl that just happens to wear costumes and cosplay.

USA but past that I'd like to keep it a secret, sorry! As much as I'd adore a cos-boyfriend I'm not really looking to date anyone right now (or a sexual relationship in case someone brings that up).
Planning on funding a small house first and getting financial stable before looking for love.

>> No.10068595

Damn shame. There was me imagining a lucrative future for the two of us together

>> No.10068598

Thank you anon, I'll try~

>> No.10068601

Nayrt, but just letting you know that you sound like a total catch! I could never cam or be a costhot personally but I hope you some day find the costhot of your dreams and milk those betabux together!

>> No.10068603

Should still get in touch, anon. It'd be something fun to discuss!

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>with that fridge-bodied gorilla bastardizing Meryl

MGS4 did it first.

>> No.10068608

>Costhot who is actually honest about it and try to hide it beneath a bunch of bullshit

The perfect girl. What's your email?

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It honestly would be! If I were attractive enough I probably would have tried to find a guy to help with the costhottery. I’m not even concerned with it being evil or immoral. But seeing as I’m not hot I became a lolita to try to make up for the fact that I have zero self esteem and a plain Jane. Cute clothes doesn’t help with the shit personality though. A gull can dream.

>> No.10068654

Please get in touch anyway, gull! I'm still interested in talking to you

>> No.10068671


Lolitas are usually into DDLG right?

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>> No.10068689


What do you think of men who fetishize the fashion?

>> No.10068691

Calm down, Shadow the Hedgehog.

>> No.10068700

Can't speak for all lolitas but if they're paying for it then have at it. Even if it's your boyfriend or something if he wants to get off to you in lolita he should at least help buy the damned things.

>> No.10068703

this is my favorite reply oh my god

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As long as they keep it to their damn selves I have zero issue with it. Now if a sissy tries to infiltrate a lolita comm to get off around minors then we’re going to have a huge problem. A problem I wish we could solve with violence, but seeing as they hide behind the guise of “muh trans oppression” mods won’t kick them out.

>> No.10068715

fuck off to /r9k/

Good post.

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>Fuck men so hard.

>> No.10068753

Maybe it's just me being traditional and/or sympathetic but I dislike the idea of my gf showing off online for money both because I feel really bad for the guys that do pay for that and because I don't want my SO to NEED to work.
A lot of people like to make the argument that it's then being idiots but it feels a lot less like them just being stupid and a lot more like taking advantage of the fact they're lonely and sad.

>> No.10068755

ok so if your bf started oogling other guys you wouldn't ditch him or question his loyalties?

>> No.10068757

Or some guys are into watching, flashing cash, or being financially dominated.

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ya that too, actually un-meme version would be if anon was complaining about the same thing guys complain about when their chick doesn't want them to buy a fancy car (or w/e other niche luxury item) etc

i can respect that anxiety, problem is most of the guy stuff doesn't attract other women, being thot-y does attract men, that said i'd side with angry women poster since girls looking nice never hurt anybody. sad to hear their bf is insecure but maybe hes more mediocre then he puts on

>> No.10068776

Flashing cash I get yeah but why would somebody do that for someone they aren't trying to impress for the purposes of improving that relationship? When it's sexually or romantically charged it really only means one thing...

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unironically tim pool the centrist bald beanie did a good discussion about all this

women b like:high social value then fall on face by 30s

men be like:literally no social value then become interesting by 30+

again conclusion is the same, you should probably wear some nice outfits and enjoy yourself but do realize the pain goes both ways

>> No.10068802

Absolutely disgraceful. Both of you.

>> No.10068803

You'd do nothing you nutty cunt.

>> No.10068868

Not talking about sissies. I'm talking about a normal guy who you may even like who gets turned on by the idea of you in lolita.

>> No.10068961

Okay take it from someone in that profession.. guys who pay camgirls/costhots are most likely in it for two reasons

1. They think you'll date them/be exclusive.
I have a guy who's a regular who buys everything I put out, tips well, and buys me gifts. He thinks I'm sweet, he's always polite, and he prefers cute selfies to nudes. All of this is fine except he shows up to every live, he dominates my chat and asks me how my day is going when I'm trying to be sexy for viewers, and he blows up my phone messaging every few hours wanting to know what I'm doing, saying he wants to cuddle with me, but also "I don't want you to get too close because I have a hidden dark side and you're too nice for that" (not joking). Because he's nice to me financially I tolerate all of this even though sometimes it makes me want to pull my hair out.

2. They want exclusive content/their fetishes done/personalized content.
This is the better of the two options. I also have a guy who's a regular with a niche fetish who enjoys paying me for content of that fetish and is amazingly sweet and enjoys spoiling me with gifts. Even though this arrangement is more sexual than pseudo-romantic we get along great and I really enjoy talking to him and will often spend more time on him than anyone else and give him freebies that I wouldn't anyone else. I love making content for him and he's actually gotten me more into his fetish than I was before so I'm more generous with the content I give him as well and he always enjoys it and spoils me in return so it's a win/win.

So yeah there's definitely a motive for financially investing in someone you only see online who does sex work in one way or another but you do get a payout from it.

>> No.10069057

What's the fetish in question?

>> No.10069092

I'd rather not say just because I'm greedy and want to start making more content of it since it's not that widespread but it's actually a SFW thing.

>> No.10069467

I mean I understand the latter but you don't think the former is wasting time/money? I don't mean that from the context of you not being sexy enough to deserve to be paid for your services, and I'd readily agree you deserve payment for services rendered, but do you think it's an unhealthy fixation that's stopping him from pursuing his real romantic interests? It seems pretty obvious to me that when he talks about a "secret hidden dark side" that he's trying to bait you into "meeting him halfway" or something.

>> No.10069521
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In his particular case it sounds to me like he's just not comfortable with meeting women personally? He says some very odd things where he'll talk about wanting to spend time together but then follow up with why it's a bad idea. Thankfully we're on opposite sides of the country and he knows on some level we're never going to be romantic, mostly because of kids. He wants children and asked me how I felt and when I told him I never wanted children his exact reply was "Give it time. You'll want them eventually because I want kids."
Even if he is wasting his time/money he doesn't seem to mind and he's getting something out of it even if it's a little confusing to me what exactly that is given that he doesn't seem to be interested in the more sexual stuff I do/put out. I've asked him before and he's admitted he buys the videos and photosets I do simply because I'm in them rather than any sexual interest. It's really confusing but I'm not forcing him to spend the money.

>> No.10069641

You don't think that his quip to you was indicative of the idea you'll come around because of him?

>> No.10069673

Considering that was some time ago I don't think so. We're completely different and he doesn't understand a lot of things I reference so by now I hope it's clicked in his head.

>> No.10069674

>not recruiting your SO to be your personal helper and eventually help him/her with her own cosplay projects

Come on guys

>> No.10069685

I wish someone would recruit me to be their personal helper and eventually help me with my own cosplay projects.

>> No.10069750

Same. I'm great with my hands but don't know shit about making costumes and if I tried making a cosplay on my own I'd just wind up with another half-finished eternal project and I already have enough of those.

>> No.10069758

My boyfriend makes half my costumes.
Mostly because he wants me to do certain things and I promised him I'd wear them if he made it.

Reverse is that I'm forced to do all his make up for his own stuff, but it's fun and we make a good team.

>> No.10069996

my boyfriend loves my cosplays, he finds me sexy in it even though i feel like my make up is bad and my facial expression and posing is horrible. i've been dating him for 3 months now and he's starting to get an interest in wanting to cosplay too except he wants to make realistic weapons of the characters he wants to cosplay and he wants to go 100% into it (though he would need a lot of money to start doing it thats why he probably wont start until the end of this year...). we thought of some duo cosplays to do but like i said before he's gonna have to wait until the end of the year. Meanwhile im going to do the cosplays i want to do. I forgot to say that he does encourage me to do the more sexy looking cosplays, though im shocked he isnt worried about if any creeps might do something to me (but then again no creeps have done anything to me so far)

>> No.10069997

forgot to say that my boyfriend said that he can make all my props and armour for our cosplay while i actually make the clothing (even though i dont have much experience with making cosplays and he doesnt have any experience with making props and fake weapons)

>> No.10070949

Its true. The daddy/older man fetish is big amongst a lot of women. Even if they wont admit it outright.

>> No.10070956

I think my ex liked it because he was a pedophile. But that's another story.

>> No.10072160

I'm sorry, wtf are you trying to say? What does homosexuality have to do with anything i just wrote?