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God, the Midwest sucks

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>Pet play going on behind an ita

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It's kind of remarkable to see that this girl is still into the fashion and still dresses like shit. This actually looks worse than any of her older coords, if I remember them correctly. I can't imagine being into something, anything, for about a decade and be consistently horrible at it.

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is she okay? her foot looks like she needs medical attention

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Not the Midwest anon, this is from the East Coast.

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Where can I get the coat tho

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This is a Dirndl, not lolita.

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That shooped arm and waist.

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and booty

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Jeez, is that chick for real? She's doing literally everything you're told NOT to do.

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I'm dying where is this

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This girl has been in the fashion forever and still dresses like this. She is also super full of herself and calls herself a model.

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Honey, what's the birdcage for? Did your style fly away from you?

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I love this outfit tho. Wonder why it was tagged as lolita

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omg is that chanel

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This comment out cringes anything I’ve ever seen in an ita thread

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you're welcome uwu

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Umm excuse you sweaty, that tile and her ulna and radius are naturally curvy

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Probably San Francisco.

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What's wrong with her feet?

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Just gunna leave this here

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>Using a belt in a futile attempt to hide that your dress doesn't fit


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Finally it all makes sense... she's no "gory lolita doll", she's a juggalette

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>when you can't even fit into bodyline

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And a racist! But mostly that she can't dress herself and thinks wearing clown makeup and a dress is lolita.

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looks like central park to me?

a lolita fashion show seemingly? a pretty sad one..

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Stale and looks like thyme
Halters are a crime
Someone burn this piece

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Nah, that's definitely not Central Park.

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Ugh this racist bitch

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is this ita??? it seems cohesive to me, but something about it feels off

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Maybe the fact that everything in her coord looks like it is seconds away from ripping apart.

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i see it now. aw i hope she finds a dress in her size, doesn't moitie have larger sizes?

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what's weird is she used to look okay in Lolita b4 she got into eating shit and putting this crap on her face. dare I say, she even looked cute without all of this? I guess being a bigot ages you like shit

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i get pregnant vibes from her

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This is gorgeous. Fattychans please take note.

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What is the quality you look for in your ita subgenre?
Cuteness, beauty, style? Or something more specific?

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uhhh i think you should lurk a little more. ita is a bad thing. check out this link

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Sure, thanks. Just thought I'd start a discussion on personal motivation (not item purchase criteria)

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no worries, chief. i feel this discussion would be better suited for the lolita general though.

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Serious Question: How many of these threads have we gone through? It feels like just the last week alone there were 4. That's a lot of ita to cover.

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That's Golden Gate Park, right in front of the Conservatory.

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To the white slightly fish-mouthed lolitas in the ikebukuro closet child the other day, one of you looked ok. The other one was ita.

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Did she say nigger or something?

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Most of those threads were 20% itas and 80% banter/fighting/baiting

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watch (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWEfOlNTbJc)
TLDW: black girl posts about wanting more black girls repping jfash, rottingdoll (the ita) gets triggered and makes a shitstorm in the comments of the post and then an hour long livestream with her boyfriend, where she tells us about her nuclear take that racism doesn't exist and black people are lazy, among other things.

also her boyfriend looks like pic related and is way too far up his own ass

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Wait, this isn't the general?...
You're right, I feel like such a baka now. Embarrassing.

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She also showed up in the comments trying to show how #NotBothered she was. Then this happened that didn't make things better.

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She’s right

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She is right tho

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All the girl said is that she wanted to see more black girls in kawaii fashion, a harmless request, just for some white people to get triggered and say that they don't care if poc died. If you don't care, then why the fuck are you creating drama over something so harmless. Jesus christ.

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What booty? Did she erase it?

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This is so classic ita. I applaud her.

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>black girl posts about wanting more black girls repping jfash
I mean, what she actually do is go to rottingcows page and comment "fuck your pale aesthetic" which, whitout context could be considered agreessive, but that being said, Jessica behaved like an ingorant piece of shit after that anyway.
I am not supporting that lolcow by any means, I think she is ignorant and racist, but at the same time, if someone came to my page where I am posting my shit and commented "fuck your pale whatever" I'd be upset too? Like, if M wanted to start a thread for black lolitas she could have a) just comment that without the fuck your pale aesthetic part or b) start her own thread. IJS, because even though I do think black people need more encouragement and representation, she DID insert herself on the other cows space.

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I agree with this, the first comment was way too aggressive and clumsily expressed. I would have gotten annoyed too but left it alone once the girl explained what she meant.
Jessica seems to love confrontation and starting drama though, and her narc boyfriend doesn't seem much better.

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This is the dress she claimed to be wearing on CoF

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>Bird Keeper Ita wants to battle!

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I am tired of being called racist because I am white. Honestly POC seem to be more racist that white people. we could give a crap less about what they do.
I am have been called so many racists names...but its ok because I'm white.
I wish they would stfu. their own people sold them into slavery. move on and do something with your lives.stop saying how hindered you are in society because you want to have 10 kids and live off the government, and use your daddys money to get your nails done.

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>what is self awareness

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Can jadette just fuck off with her shit ffs

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I don’t even see this picture in CoF though ? Or did you really go back a million years to get this pic???

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If it werent for the dead bird headpiece i would love this. Nitpick.

>> No.10059251

whoop whoop

>> No.10059253

I wanted this dress so much.

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Nayrt, but I would have left it alone too. However what annoys me is the notion that M did absolutely nothing wrong and that she was a perfect angel from the get go, when she was clearly aggressive, even if she didn't mean it that way.
Tyler even went out of her way to call M's original post innocuous and say that only idiots could get offended by it.
Yes, the black girl was in the right for the most part, and during the conversation she was very patient, but do we really have to pretend she said nothing wrong? Like, why lie about it?

Lately, it just feels that if you actually want to be in leftist circles (or more like, if you don't want to associate yourself with red pillers and biggots and still want to have a circle) you have to completely tiptoe around POC, even if they are clearly in the wrong. People are so eager to start witch hunts. And no, I am not saying that the world is tiptoeing around POC to no extent whatsoever, but leftists definitely are and this actually has a negative effect on actually addressing racism.

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You're not being called racist because you're white. You're being called racist because you're actually racist. If you didn't mention being white in this post I still would have thought you were a racist bitch because of what you wrote.

>> No.10059267

She posted this close up on Instagram under the Lolita tags and I pulled up caps from when she claimed it was Lolita. I think it was a week ago.

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yea no. I have had this happen to me also anon.
I completely agree with you.

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Anon, please. You can barely see the waist tie. I'd rather fatty-chans dress for their size and be comfortable. The girl in the picture looks like the sleeves and socks strangulate her limbs.

I'm sorry anon. Pretty sure she bought it off mbok for cheap.

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>white person doesn't want to be automatically assumed racist
>PoC or SJW tells white person "too bad" basically
So, PoC don't want to be stereotyped anymore but won't extend that same courtesy to whites. This is the new normal racism, where whites are shunned and stereotyped by PoC.

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No, this is not gorgeous. The only note fatties should take with this is how bad a dress looks when it doesn't fit.

>> No.10059288

yeah you're definitely a racist but probably a troll

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It's the Long Island comm

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Can we please have one Ita thread that doesn’t derail?

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She should at least learn to tie the apron right, the bow goes front

>> No.10059304

more serious remark. Everyone keeps complaining how Asians get a free pass and the last few treads I followed all had at least one Asian girl in it. I find it kinda funny how they are around if you actually look, but undoubtedly the next Asian nitpick posted will get people complaining it's only nitpick because she's Asian anyways. I kinda want to make a compilations to post for when that happens.

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Was an asian girl in last thread? There are very few anyhow

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I'm not either of those things but okay. Stay mad.

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She's improving!

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Agreed. rottingdoll is a racist cunt and a moron, but randomly saying "fuck your pale aesthetic" on someone else's post is kinda rude. Like, that post itself had nothing to do with colour from what I understood, and if someone would post like that to me, the lack of context would make it sound as if she's hating me for being pale instead of disliking pale being a commonly liked aesthetic? Like, how is it my fault I'm not POC? What did I do to you?

I understand wanting more representation, but you can post that on a relevant place. The only thing you archieve by starting randomly about it on any fashion related, skincolour unrelated place is people eventually thinking you're just annoying. I'm all for more representation, but I'm also for keeping stuff on topic of what you react to.

Also, >>10059207 >>10059209 be careful with using names. I know she's an internet person but it wouldn't be the first tread nuked, and I'm not sure how far you need to go for the "don't name people on /cgl/" rule not to count anymore. I don't want this tread nuked.

>> No.10059320

>upset people call you racist “just because I’m white”
>immediately says some super racist shit
Are you trolling or genuinely this much of an asshole?

You’re being over dramatic about the whole “all white people are racist” thing. Its really just a combination of everyone in general having racial biases and the fact that all white people benefit from (or perhaps it’s more accurate to are not hindered by) institutional racism. I know being called racist can hurt and bring up images of groups like the kkk that you as a decent person would never support, but racism has many smaller subtler forms that all people struggle with.

Just do your best to recognize when you’re making judgements based on racial bias and change that about your thinking. When you recognize that a system is biased call out the double standard even if you benefit from it, and be understanding of how hard it can be when all those little systemic biases pile up on someone. And remember that no one actually believes that every single poc speaks nothing but divine truth and innocence at all times, but all poc do have a life experience that is very different than yours. Even if you don’t agree with them they have things they can teach you about what it’s like to live in a society that calls you equal but treats you as lesser even though most individuals would never do that on purpose.

Tldr: do your best to be kind and fair to everyone and not support racist systems, that way when you hear someone talking about racist white people you can be confident that they aren’t talking about you.

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Except she's wearing the beret like a mushroom hat I don't see anything wrong with this?

>> No.10059323

I like everything she’s wearing but none of this should be worn together and it’s not lolita at all.

The uggs are pretty tragic but the rest is alright.

>> No.10059325

Partly agree. Like, racism is a problem and even when things have gotten better over time, it's still an ongoing issue and not always a dumb complain like you make it. You can't always just move one, and venting every now and then is logic. But there is a time and palce for everything.

I really don't give a fuck about people's race. But I've seen people get mad and play the race card when there was nothing said about race to begin with no one had brought race up until they cried racist. Far from everyone is like that, I know. And for those not in that group, don't feel like I'm talking about you. But that small group of PoC that does scream racist to every non-positive message that's said to anyone who happens to be PoC, not matter the actual context of what's said, is annoying me to death. People can think negative about you without doing so for your skin colour, even if you're PoC, you know? These people just use racism to not get any concrit or whatsoever.

And indeed, the "you can hate on white people because they aren't minority" mentality is dumb as fuck too.

>Their own people sold them into slavery
This is actually true, but let no black people ever acknowledge there where black tribe leaders who sold them (generally the lower class or captives originating from other tribes) to the white people, who did fair business to buy them (as in, both buyers agreed willingly). It's a social ladder, poor vs rich thing. Sure there are places where white people captivated black peoples land, but beside them not being as far in terms of warfare development so it's a much more easy win, that's was not much different from trying to claim land in Europe.

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The community on cgl really is identical to tumblr, isn't it? I browse this board because I want to look at cute historically inspired dresses, not to see some shrill SJWs get offended because someone made an edgy comment about race. I guess it should be expected that the board with the highest percentage of women would be one of the most left wing, politically correct boards on this website. I'm embarrassed of my own gender a lot of the times.

>> No.10059335

Not ita. Just lose the dark overshirt and change the headpiece.
Keep telling yourself you're not an SJW POS.

>> No.10059339

Not ita. Change the shoes and put on more makeup.

>> No.10059348

You picked the wrong thread to look at cute historical dresses then. Don't get pissed off because you went to a thread that's there for shit talking.

>> No.10059353

I did a very quick look at the whole last tread and saw these. Also, first time I actually try to tag from a different tread on the same board. I double checked the 4chan FAQ but they only mention general reply and different boards so I guess within /cgl/ it's all the same, but if I fuck up, I appologise.

Might be Southeast Asian >>10057145
bottom one looks like she has at least some Asina blood >>10057147
Possibly Southeast Asian (but honesrly I don't rule out Arabic or black either on this picture) >>>10057283
Hard to see but I think >>10057675
Some of the guys in >>10057855

>> No.10059356

Most Asians have their own social media. Try to TaoBao customer review section and Weibo and go post more. The issue is not that they're not around. They just post on different media.

>> No.10059359

I like how her smile shapes her mouth. If it wasn't for the wrinkles, she'll look line an anime character.

>> No.10059361

>percentage of women would be one of the most left wing, politically correct boards on this website
lol. I'm moderate right wing, but you're wrong. On average, the world is extremist left wing imho, but 4chan is one of the less bad places.

>> No.10059362

accidentally dropped some in the screentext, my mistake. Meant to copy the whole thing
>I guess it should be expected that the board with the highest percentage of women would be one of the most left wing, politically correct boards on this website

>> No.10059364

>I browse this board because I want to look at cute historically inspired dresses
>In the ita thread

>> No.10059371

I like this

>> No.10059375

minus the shoes, his coords would look cute on someone who's not a huge grown manly man.

>> No.10059376

if she changed shoes and bag this would be okay.

>> No.10059377

Hair and makeup could use some work, not ita though.

>> No.10059400

nitpick at worst, she's adorable and this is a really cute casual coord!

>> No.10059409

I guess she's just new. I think her coords will improve.
With better make-up and hair and maybe a different blouse this could be cute.

>> No.10059411

Not an ita coord (shoes are a nitpick) but he seriously needs to learn how to contour his face and improve his basic sissy makeup if he doesn’t want to get plastic surgery for it. The fact that he only got his tits done and isn’t making any effort to make himself more feminine will always make him a sissy tranny in my eyes.

>> No.10059420

Don't forget the Arabic had the Africans enslaved during that time as well.

>> No.10059424

is that disneyland? i thought they didn’t let lolitas in because of the ‘no adult costumes’ rule

>> No.10059434

they don't let Lolitas that look like characters in

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File: 386 KB, 750x728, 01B15EE4-8AA1-4A7E-AFFC-6F8EBB2C207C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10059438

I can't tell if this is just a try-it-on pic, or if someone's attempting ero or thotness. And is that a big wide normie belt over the skirt?

>> No.10059442

Oh here we go...

>> No.10059450 [DELETED] 

We need to talk about the Jews /cgl/.

They want to ruin Japan with race mixing.

>> No.10059454

Fucking hell Jessica, this is not the time or the place to be defending yourself. If I were you I would go incognito for a little bit until your drama dies down.

>> No.10059455

Some mixed Asian people are so cute , nothing ruined , improved

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>> No.10059460

Ughh I knew the hat thing was a bad idea. I thought I might be able to make it work, bc I was having a really bad hair day and wanted to cover it with something. Any suggestions on what might work in the future? I couldn’t get the coord to balance right

>> No.10059461

It always fucks me up whenever I see her without makeup because her face really looks like someone I know (if she was a pin cushion), except that she is actually a decent person compared to this lolcow

>> No.10059478

She likes beeing the center of atention

>> No.10059486

Either change the beret to green, or change the underskirt to ivory. I understand trying to cover up a bad hair day. But this isn't ita; IDK why you're posted here.

>> No.10059488

I don’t hate the uggs for once. Not ita.

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File: 288 KB, 316x637, 1544317953202.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You were called racist because you sperged out on a black girl for saying she wants to see more black girls in her community, then derailed shit with BLM BS and Ben Shapiro videos because your fat, ugly, Toshi-copying ass can't stand not being the center of attention.
>we could give a crap less about what they do.
Then why did you comment on M's FB post? No one asked you, you're legitimately too much of a brainlet to even know she was talking about pale blogs when she mentioned "pale aesthetic". No one gives a fuck about you besides your equally obese, hillbilly family and trashy boyfriend. You are not important or brave. You can't even come up with a unique aesthetic. You're a blind retard who took a post out of context, ranted about race, and then exposed yourself as so stupid you had to have your boyfriend speak for you.
>I wish they would stfu.
Everyone wishes you would stfu and stop showing us your ugly, yellowed teeth from eating out of "chocolate factories", but America has free speech.
>their own people sold them into slavery.
And? What does that change? Racism isn't real? Your own mother pushed you out of her vagina, fed and clothed your useless ass and still supports you, but you're still whinging about abuse that totally happened so people will give you free gibs.
>stop saying how hindered you are in society because you want to have 10 kids and live off the government, and use your daddys money to get your nails done.
Funny you go on about daddy's money when you're too lazy and retarded to pay your own rent, so you leech off mommy and demand strangers give you cash on gofundme while lying that she's abusive. Keep working at Hot Topic, occupying space in your mom's house, and scamming people on Depop instead of actually making something of yourself. It's okay when you do it, right? Did you even graduate HS? You are nearly 26, and this is your life? Sad.
Keeping this thread on topic with some ita nightmares.

>> No.10059494

I browse this board because I want to look at cute historically inspired dresses, not to see some racist retard get offended because someone made an edgy comment about racism.

>> No.10059505

Why did you come to the ita thread to look for cute dresses, are you stupid

>> No.10059507

She said "board", and was just using the words of racistanon against them anyway. If anything, they're the stupid one.

>> No.10059515

Underrated post

>> No.10059519

This thread was fun, now is just weird. I want photos with chan itas not politics . This new thread will get trashed if it goes the same

>> No.10059520

I was mocking >>10059329 are you slow

>> No.10059521

Okay poop-chan then what about the rest of your bigoted viewpoints? Also lmao does it make you feel good you're literally a knock off toshi bc yr makeup is actually fitting to your name u shit lord

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>> No.10059527

the post that started all of this wasn't on poopchans page at all and she started shit bc she wanted to all lives matter up a post
>in b4 SJW
just because you have fuckin morals doesn't make you a sjw

>> No.10059528

I actually don't think this looks bad. Mary's looking kind of deformed, though.

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File: 373 KB, 1536x2048, 48376559_10157753190645730_833629499768700928_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10059531

Come on, salty-chan. This is endearing. The scepters are nice, and they have surprisingly good legs for fatty-chans. Are the dresses replicas or something?

>> No.10059532

>what she actually do is go to rottingcows page and comment "fuck your pale aesthetic"
>randomly saying "fuck your pale aesthetic" on someone else's post is kinda rude
That's not what happened, it's the other way around. RD went and showed her idiocy on M's post. It was appropriate and a relevant post for her own page, but this hideous la goblina stuck her nose into it because she mistakenly thinks her uninformed opinions are relevant to anyone with over two brain cells.
M is a cow herself, but she wasn't wrong in that instance at all.

>> No.10059535

How do you fucking dare

>> No.10059537

i didnt want to say it either but... they look like drag queens

>> No.10059539

Wait they aren't men?
At least the right one is or am I totally wrong?

>> No.10059541
File: 69 KB, 907x1360, 37630470_10157256088920730_539235510539780096_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think they are both women at least the one that posted the pic on cof

>> No.10059545

if the entire world was extremist left wing, there wouldnt be countries where bride burning is commonplace

>> No.10059547

She is not new. She is a very "old Member" of the community, she is activ for years and quite well known...

I dont like the colors at all, I'm sorry. And the Hair? Something looks weird there...

>> No.10059557

OK that's just sad...
I would expect more from an "old member"

>> No.10059558

Exactly what I said.. weirdly and surprisingly the uggs look ok , and uggs dont look ok with anything

>> No.10059559

psst your german is showing

>> No.10059564

Nitpick, fuck off

>> No.10059566

What’s this dress? It’s gorgeous!

>> No.10059577

What the fuck lmao

>> No.10059590

Dark Box Theotokos

>> No.10059596

Get a job

>> No.10059598

For future reference, there's a thread for this shit. You're in the wrong thread.


>> No.10059600

They look scary.

Imagine someone saying "I'd like to see more white girls wear dreads, fuck your black aesthetic!"
The "fuck your pale aesthetic" part is a shitty thing to post.
Putting too much emphasis on race is hurtful either way, people of all colors are guilty of this, but usually black girls get a free pass.
That rotting girl is a horrible ita and has a shitty personality, I don't see racism being the main problem here.
Have a video of a black girl having a small breakdown because she finds out she's actually European:

Don't build your life, personality and morals around your skin color I guess.

>> No.10059602

im pretty sure the "fuck your pale aesthetic" was in regards to those pale aesthetic tumblr blogs that refuse to post poc bc it "doesn't match their theme" even when the poc in the pics are wearing the pastel aesthetic

>> No.10059605

pale aesthetic is a visual scheme not a race thing. its like saying fuck vaporwave or fuck midcentury modern

>> No.10059609

I get this and black girl was right in that regard, but she can't expect everyone to know what she's referring to.

>> No.10059610

no one was saying fuck white people they said fuck yr pale aesthetic, as in blogs that centered around pale aesthetics but would refuse to post anyone other than light skinned people because "black isn't kawaii"

>> No.10059611

She sat down and literally spoonfeed the bitch this info, it's not as blurred as you think, JS knew what she was doing and she's in it for attention and she's racist

>> No.10059612

This could be really nice if the construction of the dress wasn’t so amateur tier. This fabric could have looked so nice with embellishments on the bodice and tiered using fabrics of the same colors in the print. Love her hair and headpiece but wish she had proper leg wear and ditched that god awful evil live bag. Those things are so cheaply made. For the price you could have a nice one from MILK secondhand. I think a wine or burgundy would also pair well with this maybe as ribbons on the bustle(??) looking area in the front and around the waist and accented on the sleeves.
Agreed. I think they are just larger women with unfortunate faces but this whole look they’ve got going on makes you wonder. Loose curls would be much better and collared blouses with a big jabot bow on the front of the collar would help hide their.... well lack of having necks. I do like this print alot tho is it taobao? The headpieces look like a super cheap hobby lobby mess tho and the short one needs to switch to otks instead of ankle socks.

>> No.10059614


>> No.10059615
File: 54 KB, 322x409, E06522E8-B1D9-425D-9F33-BC8ADF20A709.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gotta love that shiny material, guys.

>> No.10059620

Does she think we can’t tell there’s a whole lot of details missing from the the lower half of the skirt?

>> No.10059621

why do people not pay attention to theme when they dress? you just make yourself look so out of place. if you know you’re going somewhere with a theme or special decor but don’t have anything to go with it then just wear something basic or non print.

the whole mermaid/sea/marine theme clashes bad with the Christmas/holiday decor of wherever this was taken.

>> No.10059622
File: 139 KB, 1080x1220, 1545176897419.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10059623

Sorry but a coord or image where everything is pale and pastel gets ruined when topped with a black head or hair (goes for black hair on non-black skin as well). PoC shouldn’t whine about it and go look at kuro

>> No.10059626

This is nice, anon. The purse looks a bit cheap but regardless she still looks good. Either you’re vendetta posting or just too stupid for taste that isn’t AP pastel vomit.
You’re right, anon. I didn’t notice the bodice area until mentioned after looking again and zooming in on it. I do think the coord is beautiful despite it being a shame the dress isn’t fitting that well. I’d like to see more fattychans attempt styling and silhouette like this instead of immediately launching themselves at an AP style sweets buffet.

>> No.10059627

I think it's kinda cute posed with the balloons.

>> No.10059629

It was literally about Tumblr blogs, not a race.
She liked a post saying it wouldn't matter if all non white people died, linked to Ben Shapiro videos, and commented "Your left is showing" on SS's video. She is a racist. A disgusting, scamming, hambeast of a racist.

And Poopchan couldn't ask like a normal person? She just jumped to conclusions, and when it was kindly explained to her, she doubled down on her bullshit and started shitting on people.

>> No.10059630

You have shit taste.

>> No.10059632

I am dark haired with dark skin and I am a sweet lolita

>> No.10059642

Because right wing equals bride burning? You know a lot of right wing people aren't like "kill everyone I don't like" right? That's quite an extreme. There is a reason I noted moderate. Somehow people seem to think only way to be right wing is being a racist cunt or a neonazi...

But you're right, I meant most of the western world is too left, and that there is an increase in the rest of the world. Nuances count for both side, and the whole world isn't entirely correct.

>> No.10059643

overall nitpick but goddamn those tiara things are fugly

>> No.10059644

What >>10059434 said, together with lolitas that look princessy enough to be mistaken for an unknown princess.

The rule is there because if a kid assumes you're a princess, and then you're rude to that kid, Disneyland gets the blame.

>> No.10059646

I didn't knew that. I must have seen it wrong in Tyler's video then. Thought it was a reaction to one of her videos.

Still, I gotta agree with >>10059600 that it's kinda harsh to say "fuck your pale aesthetic", unless there was more context in that comment I missed (like, about what she exactly meant with fuck your pale aesthetic, not the part of wanting to see more people of colour). I didn't even know pale only blogs where a common thing. I personally go for the pale aesthetic, but like many people, the look I go for isn't the only one I enjoy seeing. I enjoy seeing lolitas off all colours. So yeah, without any explanation it still sounds kinda rude to me, like simple hate on people's look.

>> No.10059649

NAYRT but I'm pretty sure the slavery comment is because a common reaction/mention is that white people put blacks into slavery, while making it sound like only white people profited from it and did it out of pure racism. Which is simply not true as other anon have stated. Truth is more complex and nuanced than they say, and even when slavery is bad, telling half a story that makes others seem worse and you seem more like a victim is not right either.

Otherwise I agree tho.

>> No.10059652

Yes because they totally include pale people of every race, and aren't using the term it to exclude black people and Asians with darker skin...

Nornally I would agree, but in this context it was meant about skin colour and racial stuff. Her post wouldn't even make sense otherwise.

>> No.10059653

I guess tons of Asian lolitas look bad then too. Since wigs aren't worn every day, and not every one dyes hair. You're not even always allowed to dye it in Japan.

>> No.10059655

NAYRT but if someone would start talking shit about things that could apply to me (like pale aesthetic) without explaining context I would get annoyed as fuck too. You can't just assume everyone knows what you mean, then get mad when you're comment makes people annoyed by those who didn't and say "well you could have asked".

You're supposed to give the whole context if you decide to go tell people to fuck themselves. She could have figured not everyone knows she's referring to some tumbler shit, and as soon as you don't that comment sounds very much like "fuck people with light skin". Her wording could have been improved a lot too...

>> No.10059656

Yes they do. If your whole outfit is white or light pink and you have black hair it looks worse than if you had a light colored wig.
Nah you can dye it there, just have to be graduated. But why wouldn’t you just get a wig though

>> No.10059667

Then do you think light haired lolitas look bad when they're wearing dark coordinates?
People don't have to wear wigs to match their dresses. It's not a costume.

>> No.10059669

Why does every ita thread just turn into shit vendettas and non ita co ords

>> No.10059674

Because they keep attracting newbs and larpers

>> No.10059675


I cannot unsee two girls wearing clear plastic shopping bags on their arms.

>> No.10059676 [DELETED] 

How do you molest a girl and not have her grow up into a mentally ill weeb?

Need to know ASAP pls.

>> No.10059677

Your hair/wig is a part of your coord.

>> No.10059684

Yes, but that doesn't mean that dark hair looks bad in light colored coords. I think the contrast creates a gorgeous effect, especially if the person wearing it has pale skin.

>> No.10059689

Kill me.

The stuff with JS has already been explained, but I thought I'd acknowledge this part of your post since it's technically part of the discussion
>a black girl having a small breakdown because she finds out she's actually European
Maybe that's because it's a direct confirmation that she has a legacy of slave rape in her ancestry? That's really not a nice thing to know. At all.
Anyway, tons of non black people get upset and hide or downplay it if they find out if they have black ancestry, but they typically don't have similar reasons as the black girl, and they get a pass. You could say what you just said about her to them, and it'd be a bit more applicable.
The YouTuber in your video features triple brackets around a Star of David, by the way, a known anti-Semite "thing".
I'm not sure if it was on purpose, but you basically just advertised a racist in your bid to speak against racism (after trying to downplay another person being racist). Nitpick, but he also seems to think fully black people can't have light skin for some reason (I can personally disprove that, kek). It's just kind of an uneducated and nasty video, I don't really know why you'd link that instead of the original uploader's if you wanted to make a point. RIP anon

>> No.10059698

The black girl explains in the end why she is part european, her greatgrandmother was white and it was a known thing.

The test was about mitochondrial DNA that is transmited only from female ancestors. No rape in her case only if a black man would have raped a white women in the ancestry of her, but it was not the case, it was a valid marriage everyone knew about, only the girl no.

>> No.10059700
File: 937 KB, 1440x1639, Screenshot_20181219-061343.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Maybe we should stop talking about this and post itas. Take it to the feels thread or the natural hair thread. This was tagged sweetlolita.

>> No.10059702
File: 14 KB, 236x265, 1475002812578.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10059703

IDK if the rest of you have noticed but the sweetlolita tag on Insta lately has been full of literally underage girls dressed like thots. I mean, that tag can be a minefield anyway but lately it seems to be worse.

>> No.10059704

Tyler from Last Week Lolita News allways is wearing sweet lolita with her natural dark brown hair, is she allways ita just becouse does not wear a wig ?

>> No.10059713 [DELETED] 

How do I convince a girl to kill herself!? I need to know in the next 30 minutes PLEASE!

>> No.10059714

I get posted here a lot. I think I’ve definitely improved over the years, but I also really like experimenting and pushing the fashion (sometimes to disasterous/unfortunate results). Besides the jacket and beret, I honestly don’t know why I was posted this time either, though. I’ve been told I have a very non-photogenic face, so that could be it? I’m not super bad looking IRL, but it takes several tries to get a good pic of me and I don’t photoshop my face as a rule.

>> No.10059717

That anon is a dumb fuck, just drop it.

>> No.10059722

When it was explained to her (and very nicely, at that), she continued attacking people anyway and went on about BLM and MLK when no one even asked, though.
I agree the wording could have been better, but the person didn't even care after it was elaborated on.

>> No.10059725

Ofc not, the other anon is just a newfag being autistic.

>> No.10059726

Yes, after it was explained to her she didn't really change her opinion, but I don't really see racism, it was more like attentionwhoring as in endless rambling regardless of the feedback.

>> No.10059729

So can black girls pull it off? If not, it's an aesthetic that excludes them bc of their skin color.

I think darker skin can look great with pastels, dark hair not so much.

I reportet one yesterday, because it made me literally uncomfortable, like I'd stumbled across lowkey kiddy porn. But Instagram deemed it okay.

>> No.10059746

>I think darker skin can look great with pastels, dark hair not so much.
Are you the same anon who posted upthread or do you just have the same retarded opinion? Dark hair is fine with pastels.

>> No.10059750

Dark hair is fine with Sweet. Tyler wears a wig. I've seen a ton of hair colors all look good with Sweet. I think every hair color in the natural spectrum is fine with all Lolita styles but some dyed/bleached choices are better then others, especially in less-natural colors. I have a strong personal preference for jet black hair with Sweet, it seems to make the pastels pop more to me.

>> No.10059751

Jealous insecure bitch upset by attractive young girls.

>> No.10059752

Agree. I remember a specific coord from a while ago where this lolita wore pastel pinks and had jet black hair and I remember adoring the contrast

>> No.10059754

I prefer black hair with sweet, too.

But also: tyler doesn't wear a wig. She wears clip-on bangs, but that fluffy brown hair is all hers

>> No.10059756

You should get some different shoes with this coord too. You're wearing the Lolita equivalent of socks and sandals. Not kawaii.

>> No.10059759

Whats going on in the neck
Kill it with fire
Whats that?
Where are you touching Chucky?!

>> No.10059763

i propose we post as many pictures as we can find of her without makeup. it reminds me of when trump asked that people dont circulate unflattering pictures of him

>> No.10059771
File: 34 KB, 550x633, oof2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10059774

OT but Tyler has apparently cut her bangs recently so now her bangs are natural, and it looks much better than the clip on ones she used to use.

>> No.10059775

Not ita but not great. Wigs too messy and the wig style is too fussy for the rest of the coord. Head accessories and scepters look cheap, blouses look thin and cheap. They aren't dressed to best flatter their size and like it or not, that's always going to give a worse impression of fatter people in lolita.

>> No.10059778

>I don't really see racism
NAYRT, but if you're the same anon who randomly linked to an cryptofascist YouTuber, you've already shown that you're not good at detecting racism. If it's something you wouldn't even notice in the first place, there's no point in trying to convince others who actually do notice these things that they're wrong.

>> No.10059784

the waist ribbon needs better treatment because it's limp and sad here but this is not ita. I love the headpiece too

>> No.10059788
File: 580 KB, 720x710, Screenshot_2018-12-20-01-38-00-54.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This girl is a neonazi, a racist, and an abuser of her now (thank God) ex girlfriend.

>> No.10059790 [DELETED] 

Why do retarded, ugly women who have no achievements in life beyond wearing different clothes to other girls think their opinion on politics is valuable?

Be a bit more humble.

>> No.10059791

Oh that’s actually a look I kind of like (as a personal preference) sometimes haha. But I can try it with different shoes in the future to mix it up. (though, those heels are the most comfortable things I’ve ever worn desu)

>> No.10059793

Her mouth looks fucking scary. She's got those white girl lips and 3 story front teeth. Not a good look.

>> No.10059794

This is a mess of styles mashed together, her wig is messy and her makeup is not well suited to lolita or good for her face shape. And I agree that the construction details of the dress aren't up to par. Those bags are only good for more casual everyday coords. Mixing gold/silver and combining too many small head accessories further cheapens the look.

>> No.10059795


It looks fine with lolita, but haircolor can change the whole look. It depends on the coord.
But all pastel fashion, like fairy kei, looks better with pastel hair. Personal preference.

>> No.10059800

you mean >>10059456 right?? because you described her to a T, she works a dead-end job at hot topic

>> No.10059802

>>10059335 anon...this is actually a perfect modern example of ita >>10059316
when at least 6 things in a coord need to go, you've got yourself a bad coord. the taste needs a lot of work, but she has potential.
the bracelet isn't kawaii; the blouse, shoes, and cardi are not loliable; the waist ribbon is bad quality; the underskirt layer needs to go; and the hat looks so goofy, on top of not matching.

color balance and using quality items, that's what she should focus on.

>> No.10059803

Who comes to an ita thread to look at “cute historical dresses” lol I’m calling bait on this.

>> No.10059806

Holy shit stop derailing, posts itas or get out.

>> No.10059808

not ita, would look great with bangs.
not liking the colors used doesn't make something ita. the ginger hair actually compliments the print. Clip on bangs and braiding/pinning the face-framing pieces back out of her face would greatly improve the hairstyle and un-obscure her face.

>> No.10059809

she carries weight in really weird places. what is up with her arms?

>> No.10059811

FWIW, my original coord for the day looked a lot better, but the weather took a hard pivot towards being warm and I had to scramble to find a coord for the Christmas party.

I agree with losing the stupid hat, as I said earlier, but the reason I tried to shoehorn in black as well in a few different spots was to balance the fact that I couldn’t not wear my glasses that day, since allergies were ugh. The cardigan sucks, but I still wanted to wear black there, admittably with a higher quality cardi (but it was so warm ugh). I added the wrist cuffs as an attempt to balance the cream colored dumb hat, but I’m still kicking myself for the decision. Though, I don’t see what’s wrong with the green underskirt? Was it too wrinkly? The red skirt was way too short without it

>> No.10059812

If you are getting posted repeatedly it's time to take some concrit and work on your coords. Maybe stop trying so hard to shoehorn so many 'unusual' things into one coordinate and get your basics solid before experimenting so much. For me, you've lost the lolita fashion aesthetic here. Too much of this feels unplanned, and the coord includes too much stuff that's not really lolita. It starts to feel try-hard. For this coord in particular, there are too many secondary colors and textures, too many prominent non-Lolita things, your reds don't match/coordinate well and the beret and waist tie seem like afterthoughts. A pair of Lolita shoes, a neutral Lolita blouse and underskirt and a reliable go-to hairstyle would be good all around additions.

>> No.10059815
File: 483 KB, 250x167, RUserious.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the whole mermaid/sea/marine theme clashes bad with the Christmas/holiday decor

chill down, sperganon. it's the holiday season but you don't have to wear a holiday-themed coord just because every business at this time is decorating for the holidays.

>> No.10059818

Everything you are posting really just points to your coords not being that well thought out. Defending things or making excuses on why you made bad choices but still chose to post them and tag them lolita is the cry of the special snowflake ita. You've gotten lots of good concrit, so if I were you, I'd just hush before you dig yourself in deeper to being remembered as an ita getting repeat posted and put the advice to good use.

Also, liking what you like is fine in your individual style and fashion but when what you are wearing bends the rules of lolita in unpleasant ways, it's not usually going to fly well regardless of any personal reason you might have for wanting to wear it. The only exception people will usually make for this is glasses.

>> No.10059819

>So can black girls pull it off?
how new and idiotic are you? @MahouDolly on IG if you need one example.
People aren't whining because they physically can't achieve something but feel entitled to inclusion, they are upset because they're legit in the fashion but slyly being disregarded.

so many mediocre girls get unearned asspats...it's ridiculous.

>> No.10059820

I literally just said the whole thing was a last minute change? I haven’t been posted in an ita thread in over a year, I’ve just been posted in the past—I do listen to concrit and I’ve been improving.

It’s a little frustrating when it feels like you’re coming off as super hostile to someone who’s actively trying to improve and listen, especially in regards to something that I’d just addressed. If I misread the tone of your message I do really sincerely apologize though—I know a lot of tone can get lost in typing.

>> No.10059823

Hadn’t seen this message until after I posted.

>> No.10059832

about the underskirt:
>not enough olive elsewhere to justify use of that color so it sorely sticks out
>looks thin and doesn't blend with the skirt as it is only one see-through tier, longer than the ruffled edge of the skirt, and made of different material
>hangs droopily rather than nicely poofed.

it would not have been too short at all without that sad layer. looks like your knees would barely show, not that knees are even a problem. you should build your wardrobe up with pieces you can easily coord and that you actually like. this coord was an example of how easily it is to go wrong with offbrand.

>> No.10059835

Isn't this a Perfect Blue cosplay?

>> No.10059851
File: 607 KB, 1440x1433, Screenshot_20181219-093839.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't think so. At least, I didn't see tags or text to indicate that. This was tagged lolitafashion and sweetlolita. Stunning, but not lolita.

>> No.10059854

Just stop responding. If you get posted here trying to defend yourself is just gonna start a shitstorm. This thread is already garbage.

>> No.10059855

It's possible that it's meant to be cosplay but the wearer doesn't know that, which honestly wouldn't surprise me, it wouldn't be the first time actual cosplay was marketed as lolita just because it's frilly.

>> No.10059856

you sound retarded. adults can dye their hair idiot it's school children who can't

>> No.10059858

>edgy comment about racism
Being offended about racism isn't "edgy". It's literally one of the most mainstream, socially acceptable opinions one can have.

>> No.10059859

you're also stupid as fuck, what do you mean light hair with light colors? i find black hair looks best with my sweet items and lighter wigs can work with gothic if done right. Are you some newfag or something

>> No.10059861

If you've been active in lolita for over a year and actively improving in that time, yet this is your most recent effort then it seems like you are not really getting the hang of this fashion and definitely not taking enough concrit to improve. Policing the tone when several of us are actually taking the time to give you useful info doesn't fly either.

This is not the compliment sandwich shoppe, or the lolitas r lovelies board.

If you tag your coords lolita, they'll be judged by the standards. Getting buttmad about it because no one cares about your explanations is also inappropriate.
My first reaction to your photo was 'wtf is this shit, why is it even posted as lolita?' So now you know.

>> No.10059864

You're right, it's a cosplay, my bad. But she still tagged it lolita

>> No.10059872
File: 742 KB, 925x595, f.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10059874

Is that a swifferet that I'm seeing? Holy shit.

>> No.10059877

I've been reporting all of them. It makes me really angry.

>> No.10059879

Hello friend. My advice: take a little break from posting to CoF. Especially if you're uncertain about your coords. Use every tag EXCEPT lolita on your Insta (if you post there) if you think it might get too much scrutiny. I disagree that there's 6 things that need changing, and your coord comes across as a nitpick to me. But don't feel bad. You don't look terrible. Take the concrit you feel is valid and leave the rest in the salt.

>> No.10059884
File: 133 KB, 1080x1080, 1545237968038.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Checked the sweet lolita tag is fun no underage porn but plenty of itas

>> No.10059886
File: 141 KB, 1080x1071, 1545237987927.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Asian itas as well :-D

>> No.10059888 [DELETED] 
File: 73 KB, 909x800, 1544864613478.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10059889
File: 118 KB, 1080x1080, 1545238011300.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10059892 [DELETED] 
File: 324 KB, 1505x800, 1542096245680.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10059893

I was only talking about the initial reaction and how people are acting M said nothing wrong in any way. I agree that the way she handled it afterwards (explaining calmy what she meant) was the best way to fix the mistake. And I agree that Rottendoll is a racist bitch.

I was merely saying that a negative reaction could be expected if you word it like that without explanation and that I (as someone not knowing about pale/white only tumblr blogs being reffered to with pale aesthetic) read it in quite a rude "fuck white people" way too, and it's logic people het mad at that. But yeah, after she calmly explained I wouldn't be mad anymore and consider it simply miscommunication, if I even would have reacted to it in the first place.

>> No.10059894
File: 166 KB, 927x859, hell.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Molesting Chucky
Most embarrassing behavior

I admit i don't know much about Ouji, but this doens't look kawaii at all.

not a fan of the shoes on pegasus girl but just a picture of two people having fun (in a hobby lobby of all places? why?) is kind of refreshing
I had to double take because the blond roots made it look like she was Benjamin Franklin style balding for a minute there. That being said this seems alright.

This its thread went to shit, pretty fast.

>> No.10059895

Personally, I don't like yet black unless it's goth, but I adore natural black. Saying dark hair isn't possible in an Asian fashion is idiotic to say the least. And personal shittaste doesn't make others ita.

>> No.10059899

You've already used that image before, on another thread that was closed. I guess your ban time expired and you're back?

Anyway, seeing it here doesn't make me angry, since you're obvious mentally damaged and baiting.

>> No.10059900

And looking ugly. Don't know her, but if it's true what you say it seems she has no taste anywhere.

>> No.10059901

it still looks like shit with lolita.

>> No.10059905

No one cares what your "original coord" looked like if you change things and make them look bad, take a photo, and decide to post that online afterwards. A quick change shouldn't equal shit taste, that just shows you're not good at coording yet and need pratice (just like how people learning a language need time to write something decent, and pratice doesn't mean you need to post it online, especially not if you don't want concrit and negativity), or don't have a well enough wardrobe to coord without planning. Both cases, I still wouldn't go make photos and post them online knowing it ain't good, unless it's a tread asking for help coording.

>> No.10059908

What's happening here is that >>10059884 says there's no childthots on the sweetlolita tag. Obviously this anon is blind and this posted image is to prove that yes, there are childthots on Insta tagged sweetlolita right now. Also this image >>10059888

>> No.10059913 [DELETED] 

Little girls are pure and sweet and perfect and beautiful, unlike your disgusting ass.

>> No.10059915

Depends on your job. Some places have strict dress code including hair colours (even if it's just "keep it natural", which can mean dark unless you're foreign). Others not at all, or much lighter rules.

Similarly there are schools in Japan where you can have dyed hair, just like there are schools without uniform.

Sorry you only know the stereotype workplace and school rules, that doesn't make me retarded...

>> No.10059916

I think it is holy shit

>> No.10059917
File: 66 KB, 600x800, FB_IMG_1545238206756.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Alice Holic also has some nice Asian itas. This comes from a featured post on their FB.

>> No.10059919
File: 52 KB, 233x331, 66A234DB-3F75-4C07-AF40-DC8F56BA424D.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10059920

New socks, white gloves, and this would be passable. Perhaps she should alter this.

>> No.10059922

Clearly you haven't looked at Insta recently.

>> No.10059924

Why are you being such a butthead about this? You don't see scantily clad little girls tagged sweetlolita on Insta as a problem? You think I like going into the sweetlolita tag on Insta and seeing literal children in thotwear? Bait much, asshole?

>> No.10059925

On left, not lolita. On right, overall sloppy, grossly mismatched pinks and shitty shoes. Fat and ugly don't really count as ita points but they don't help either. Neither does 'oh so edgy in lolita' action photo.

>> No.10059927
File: 7 KB, 224x225, images.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10059929 [DELETED] 
File: 158 KB, 849x700, meme.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10059931

>all this tumblr speak
Triple parenthesis started as a antisemitic thing, but ran way past it as a meme. It really goes to show how closed minded and biased you are if you honestly think the only way for a poc to have a European ancestry is through slave rape. If you had watched the video, you'd see it was through a known interracial marriage 5 generations prior. It's sad your immediate reaction to something you disagree with is to ignore what it has to actually show and then attack the source. Youre a knee jerk reactionary.

>> No.10059933

You can't even see their outfits, anon

>> No.10059939

It technically follows the rules but...it's too small and the way the styling looks on her is unfortunate. So much as I don't like it, I'll call 'nitpick' because I don't think it would have been posted in the ita thread if she was either smaller or the fit was better on the dress and socks.

>> No.10059940


>> No.10059942

I think she must have meant 'the dress looks similar to this' >>10059219
because it's obviously not the same dress. I suspect her things are just a bunch of loliables in search of a coordinate.

>> No.10059944

Lurk more, a lot more before posting.
Also don't be a dude.
Lolita not loli. Huge difference
Leave the animoo cat girls behind in lolita fashion threads and discussions.

This is CGL, the ita thread is Eternal.


>> No.10059949
File: 452 KB, 1000x1500, 2FA0123C-3D12-408F-9690-50075E34C770.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It looks more like this to me

If you feel this way you’re probably more than just moderately right wing which is fine, but thinking most people are extremist left wing shows a skewed opinion on what an extremist is.

>> No.10059950 [DELETED] 


>> No.10059951

Every ita thread. Fucking sissies. When will we learn? No improvement, fetishizing the girly frills, children's toys as accessories, shitty makeup...and those goddam shoes.

>> No.10059952

It's okay, I learned how to blend in now, you'll never spot me again.
>Also don't be a dude.
What does this mean?
>Lolita not loli. Huge difference
>Leave the animoo cat girls behind in lolita fashion threads and discussions.
I thought of that, but I really like the dress she's wearing there. Do they really have to go?

>> No.10059956

>Do they really have to go?
Yes. Your animu catgirls are ita.

>> No.10059958

>I-It's just a meme!!
And nothing I said was the least bit Tumblr, faggot.
I will say, I stopped watching the video 18 minutes in because I got tired of an unfunny, badly drawn kangaroo with a shirt that reads "Whiteworld" (hmm) wasting my time, but >>10059698 clarified things and another anon said to drop it right after that, so I don't know why you're trying to derail the thread again. I see you(?) posted pedoshit, too. Cross boarders need to get permabans, I swear.

>> No.10059960

Yes because they don't wear actual lolita dresses so they aren't comparable examples to our real dresses. We are real people wearing real dresses not idealized, fetishized anime girls wearing a dress drawing.
And before you ask, yes you can get an 'anime lolita dress' like your cat girl is wearing made to order but then it's a cosplay, not lolita fashion.

I suspect you are just a guy being mostly nosey though so my instinct is just to say 'lurk moar' and quit trying to direct/participate until you learn more of what the fashion actually is/is not from your own reading/research. Cause you're clueless and few will spoonfeed.

>> No.10059965

This is fuck ugly. Being pretty doesn’t save someone from having shit taste.

>> No.10059970
File: 949 KB, 500x528, 9933f519a43542185510efc2990a49f3.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Your animu catgirls are ita.
But then aren't they perfect for this thread?

Yes, I understand. Truth be told, I thought this was the general, and for the picture I just entered "sweet lolita" on google images, upon which the animu catgirl figure appeared.
> yes you can get an 'anime lolita dress' like your cat girl is wearing made to order
god I wish, I love it but it would probably cost a small fortune just because it's a cosplay item

>> No.10060011

I'm talking about the criteria that would exclude them from supposed "pale aesthetic" groups you mong

>> No.10060012

>you're stupid as fuck because you don't think dark hair looks pretty with light coords


>> No.10060014

did they also dismiss you?

This, it looks like you didn't quite get what lolita is all about.

>> No.10060025
File: 353 KB, 1536x2048, FB_IMG_1545252489892.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Where the fuck has the dress been to be so wrinkled?!

>> No.10060028

probably wadded up on his floor.

>> No.10060033


>> No.10060036

Ain’t nobody gonna mistake an old sissy man in baby shoes and a shitty wig for a Disney Princess.
Just one more cringe type of guest that have to pose for photos with.

>> No.10060037
File: 313 KB, 1536x2048, FB_IMG_1545253190913.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think this one is a troll given the comments but it still deserves to be here

>> No.10060039
File: 282 KB, 1076x1400, 20181219_150222.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10060042

Trim the wig or better yet use natural hair or get a better wig, get a petti, iron the clothes, get matching shoes, legwear, wear some accessories. Get a skincare routine and wear some brightening makeup.

Why do itas always latch on to the shitty pastel wigs before getting decent petti or shoes?

>> No.10060045

they probably couldnt see how wrinkled it was with that wig cutting off 60% of their vision

>> No.10060051

Wow this is actually perfect twinning. They look identical, have the same face shapes, body shapes and look equally bad in those dresses.

I'd actually really like to see them twin a coord that is more flattering for their shape.

>> No.10060057

Lovely, so glad there are people like her in the community.

>> No.10060060

I love this, is the JSK from IW? Btw reminds me of dolly kei.

>> No.10060061


>> No.10060063 [DELETED] 
File: 169 KB, 640x640, Very-Large-jpg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>fatties cosplaying lolitas
>not using those huge tits as an excuse to cosplay rich ojou-sama instead
You're all wasting your true potential

>> No.10060086
File: 1.22 MB, 1125x1781, DF482484-EB37-472A-99A2-75C2B69BFC52.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10060101

This looks like she climped out of a hamper and these items stuck

>> No.10060105

go to a cosplay thread you autistic avatarfagging crossboarder

>> No.10060107

Many girls and women who wear lolita have zero interest in cosplay and most of those who do have less than zero interest in what some dumb 4c guy thinks that they should cosplay to inspire him to whip his weenie to.
Begone, pleb.

>> No.10060112

When I see something like this I honestly wonder (pun intended) if these types know they are mostly missing the entire point of the fashion?

Replica legwear even
Cheap glitter pumps
Hair and makeup way casual

Nothing here is coherent or good at all.

>> No.10060117
File: 933 KB, 264x320, 411f46d0ff09407ef4daf83706bceef4e81048b5_hq.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10060164

Neither the blouse nor the cardigan is lolita appropriate. People have addressed everything else but the big thing is that you are trying to justify using bad items by saying it's for color balance. Wear glasses if you need, and then add a nice main piece and blouse that fit and match stylistically. Everything in lolita should be intentional, even in casual coords. Each item should be thought out and chosen because it's nice and works harmoniously to match the other items in color AND style

>> No.10060198

Tinkerbell is screaming with her eyes "lord help me, get me out off here!"

>> No.10060199

All the princesses are, forever. You can see it in each of these photos that are like this.

>> No.10060201

I already explained I said moderate because I'm not nearly as extreme as neo-nazi's and racist bigots that people connect to right wing. Extremist on both sides suck.

Anyways, maybe it's a small group trying and to some degree succeeding to influence a lot of people's behaviour making it seem worse. I'm just annoyed at how left things have become, and how they scream Nazi as soon as you disagree even a bit. Nuance get's lost. It's probably just a small group screaming and influencing a much bigger not extreme left group. But it's funny how much I see people online complain rightist are getting too extreme and big lately, while I've seen nothing but increase in left wing thoughts in overal society.

Also, as I said here >>10059642, the whole world was bad wording on my side. Obviously not the whole world is left.

>> No.10060206

it does fit tho? I think her proportions are balanced well. Just replace the socks and that cheap ass necklace and... the weird ankle ribbon

>> No.10060210
File: 238 KB, 958x960, F82811FE-1E34-4FE7-BD2D-B033A0DB7011.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10060211
File: 153 KB, 720x960, 3FCF6878-CA74-429B-B092-9AFE901E5D04.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10060213

For tacky holiday wear I like this. Not lolita, but would be cute for a holiday party.

>> No.10060239

No, it does not fit, tho. Barely-contained boobs should not be spilling over waistband and obscuring said waistband.

>> No.10060242
File: 41 KB, 500x500, mind blown.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is literally a tree skirt. And it's a tree skirt. OMG.

>> No.10060244
File: 148 KB, 1298x600, IMG_1702.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

don't forget she was also stupid enough to out her job and where she lives VERY publically and whined when people called her job lmao like you doxxed yrself bitch

>> No.10060249


>> No.10060251

In the back of youre a widow or a waitress.

>> No.10060254

>you're not allowed to dye it at all in japan
anon pls

>> No.10060257

A is lookin pretty bad recently is she okay? she's aged like 30 years in like a few years it feels like

>> No.10060277

this is a p cute normie outfit and looks cozy too

>> No.10060292

Brave anon, you asked for advice so here's my two cents:
I don't think your face is "unphotogenic." Your lips and eyes are beautiful here for instance and you have fantastic eyebrows. But anon this hairstyle isn't doing your face any favors. You want to frame your face just under your chin. Wear your hair down after asking your stylist to trim/style your hair in a way that frames and enhances your face. They're trained to see these lines.
With your hair down, that beret could be adorable, esp with your ears sticking out a little, I think that would be cute. But if you're picking red and beige as TWO colors, remember the rule of thirds: is brown your third color? Or green?
Beige tights instead of red next time anon! Don't wear that red bracelet if you can.
I'm not sure if this is the truth, but this blouse and cardi combo is really shortening your torso, and so the proportions look off. You want a shorter cardi that hems just beneath your boobs, and you'll want a collared blouse to wear with a skirt. Tuck the blouse in; leaving it untucked gives an illusion of a longer torso and with your proportions, and with where the hem of this lovely skirt is hitting your legs, esp with that underskirt, you don't want to lengthen your torso.
If you want BROWN (or... is that black?) as your third color, wear brown shoes and keep that jewelry. If you want to bring out the green, keep the underskirt and wear a shorter pearl necklace, or find a brighter green for the brooch. Antique and thrift and flea markets are great for finding brooches with accent colors.
Lastly: Close-toed and close-heeled shoes, my love. We wear socks and tights in this fashion. Open toes and open heels are for summer wear.
I like that belt, and as I said, your eyebrows, eyes and lips are fantastic and you need to show those off. Also, your figure is lovely. You have such dainty feet that deserve cute shoes!
Hope this helped and thanks for letting me!

>> No.10060293

that kid lol

>> No.10060294

if you have to defend it, then you're alt-right, dude.

>> No.10060333


I don't actually think their outfits are ita. But I have another concern: What is wrong with their legs?!

>> No.10060337

They have the fats.

>> No.10060340


>> No.10060525


>> No.10060529

That was my first post in the conversation you paranoid bitch. Do us a favor pull the stick out of your ass, sell some brand and buy a sense of humor. I dont know who you are, but I bet people who do hate you.

>> No.10060675

There is way too much ita threads up at the same time, it's getting embarassing.

>> No.10060770

No one said it wasn't, dumbass. I literally called you a cross boarder. Do us all a favor and stop shitting up this board. Stay out of the new thread, you're clearly too retarded to not derail it to WK your shit tier neckbeard /pol/ak idols.
>I dont know who you are, but I bet people who do hate you.
Nope, I'm well liked because I'm not an alt-right sperg. If you're not a cross boarder, I bet you're the person from that one greentext who went "Ohohohoho" loudly at a meet while staring intently at Pepes on their phone and screamed "I dindu nuffin, I dindu nuffin REEEEE" when someone quietly asked where the forks were. Remove yourself.

>> No.10060820

just so know anon. I made that comment. and I am not her. kek.

>> No.10060883

Sure, Jan.

>> No.10063571

Oddly enough I do like the way uggs look with this coord

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