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Fuck Christmas edition

How are you going to spend it this year?
Will you be alone?
Will you be alone on new years as well?
If you have a bf please don't post, thanks.

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I will be with my parents on new years. I wish they would go to their friends, but they feel sorry for me so they want to stay home. I might fake going to friends and just walk around by myself in the cold.

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In all honesty anon this shit sucks and I wish I had someone to spend the winter with bc its cold

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Man I just really love cosplay

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>tfw still no qt cgl bf to gossip at and go on christmas dates

why am i cursed to be stuck around a bunch of normies and why is everyone cute so fuckin far from me

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>tfw no qt cgl gf to enjoy the mushy holidays with
I guess I can come to terms with dying at least there's that

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anon if we're not married in 5 years let's get hitched instead

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I wish love, hugs, and affection on those who are sad and lonely

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Same, but thanks, I really needed it too.

This time of year is so hard.

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Anon we could get married right now since I'M SO FUCKING LONELY!

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Don't listen to the crazies, here is what you should do
>put some liquid soap on your face
>take selfie
>let bf "find" the picture
>he will freak out thinking some other guy jizzed on your face
>you just got out of your relationship AND kept your purity

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pls i want a big lolita wedding

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Ok, anything for my future wife

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Now kiss

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I wanna get married too some day, but I have all of this stupid ass baggage weighing me down

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Go on a diet and I'm sure you'll lose some of that ass baggage!

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pls tell me yr not southern hemisphere anon, so we can start planning it rn

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I live in the US, and we can meet up soon after I graduate from undergrad

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bless mana when do you graduate anon? What part of the US are you? i'm midwest

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I'm east coast, and I graduate next year after I turn 22

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>Dream dress finally got up for sale
>Only sold as an entire set
>Not interested in the ugly accessories, only want the dress
>Seller is not willing to separate the pieces

Maybe some other day

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I know most of this is a meme anon, but do you wanna hang out?

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Are you insane, anon? Buy the fucking dream dress.

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>be me
>be praying for my dream dresses to get put on sale for months
>they do
>aint got the dollar at the moment

suicide pact anyone?

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There's a $200 difference between full set and only dress, and even if it's a dream dress there's a limit to how much I'm willing to drop on it, and $400 is definitely where I draw it... besides, someone else has bought it now anyway lol

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I wish I could give my family, bf and wardrobe to someone else. I just really want to rot away alone and not feel guilty about it. I already relapsed on both smoking and cutting and it made my bf so incredibly sad but I feel like I'm going so damn rapidly down hill I can't stop it anymore. Everytime he cares for my wounds I know I don't deserve him. I have been getting strong outbursts of aggression towards my lolita and I just want to sell it for no reason. The depression slowly eats me away I guess.

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Ahhh I guess it all depends on how much you want to spend. I'm ready to drop $1k on mine. Nothing is going to stop me when it finally shows up. Hopefully yours isn't as rare?

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this is the same for me, but it's been literal years.

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Please get help if you haven't already. If you can't bring up the motivation to do so for your own sake, at least do it for his.

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aw ur a year younger than me anon >>10054025
Drop ya throwaway anon i'm down to talk!

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I'm getting a diagnosis and meds next week. Then I will get to rest the Christmas and hopefully have more mental resources to figth the rest of the time till the meds will start to work. If they do. Fortunately I recognised I'm doing bad and got help in the last possible moment. I'm just trying to be optimistic though so this can still end up badly.

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I'm quitting my job next week and my boss came to me and offered me a $2 an hour raise if i stayed or came back after i "finish helping my dad out" at his restaurant. Problem is is that that's my excuse to leave because i'm opening a new kitchen with my old manager from this place and i'm not allowed to tell him (due to how i would be treated if they knew why i was leaving) in tired of the sexist remarks and the bullshit that comes with this specific job but $14 an hour sounds significantly better than 12. i know i'll end up at 14 at my new place within the year but gosh it's tempting

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Don't take. Just say "I'll see :)" and leave it at that

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I know this isn't a very supportive post and a pretty fucked up thing to say, but I'm happy I'm not the only one that has relapsed into cutting. I'm so ashamed because I'm too old to do this shit, but at least I don't feel as lonely about it now

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Hmu at Mach#9339

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Alright, that's a step in the right direction at least.
I realize this is all awfully cliche'd and you've probably heard it a million times already, but just know you're not alone. There are always people out there willing and able to help.

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>How are you going to spend it this year?
Most likely alone with my depressed mother, good ol' fun.

>Will you be alone on new years as well?
Yes, unless one of you invites me.

Gosh, I've been talking to this guy and I actually like him a lot. He's the first guy who I've ever liked and I don't know if I should let him know as it's only been a week... He's so cute when he explains me stuff about his vidya. *sigh*

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>I don't know if I should let him know as it's only been a week
Just fucking tell him. "Timing" isn't real. The longer you wait the less time you'll have to spend being his GF and eventual wife.

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>tfw my big bro is almost 30 and most of his friends are teen girls from the cons

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You should have a talk with him about this

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Spending Christmas with family and being forced to buy gifts for people I barely know (like a new aunt) when I doubt I'm getting anything in return plus I'm unemployed but that doesn't matter I guess.

What I do get will probably be random crap I'll never wear or use because they think giving cash/giftcards isn't as good a gift as dust collectors.

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>How are you going to spend it this year?
With my family (just parents, siblings and grandfather)

>Will you be alone on new years?
Probably yes.
I only have (or had?) 2 friends and I saw both of them only once the whole year. I always used to spent new years with one of them (the other lives further away), but seeing how she only sporadically replies to my test messages, I'll probably be alone. The worst thing is, I can't just stay at home either, because then my parents would notice just how lonely I am. So. I'll probably spend the night just driving around, while eating a bag of chips. Cheers!
I'm fine with having no bf, but I wish I had a friend I could rely on, somebody who's willing to spend time with me.

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>How are you going to spend it this year?
With my family (just parents, siblings and grandfather)

>Will you be alone on new years?
Probably yes.
I only have (or had?) 2 friends and I saw both of them only once the whole year. I always used to spent new years with one of them (the other lives further away), but seeing how she only sporadically replies to my test messages, I'll probably be alone. The worst thing is, I can't just stay at home either, because then my parents would notice just how lonely I am. So, I'll probably spend the night just driving around, while eating a bag of chips. Cheers!
I'm fine with having no bf, but I wish I had a friend I could rely on, somebody who's willing to spend time with me.

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I'd be your friend if we lived close, anon. I'd love to have a friend to rely on and hang out with!

>> No.10054108

You sound jealous

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Deleted my post because I've made a typo, then found another mistake...

I'd love to.

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Deleted my post because I've made a typo, then found another mistake...

I'd love to.

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I'll spend it with family, luckily don't have to work on xmas this year like I had to last year. To add to this thread I haven't even dated in 11 years and feel like 30 is getting too close for comfort. Downside of spending time with family is the yearly getting asked why you're still single / go have kids before 30 talk.

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>tfw parents die in a horrible accident
>mental health completely goes to shit
>lose a ton of weight due to depression
>depression gets somewhat better but keep losing weight due to stress
>start to look like Spiro
>body can't handle it anymore
>physical health goes to shit
>no energy for anything
>recurring tinnitus that drives me mad
>more and more people compliment on my weight loss

I never asked for this.

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I'm 23 and have never dated at all.
Sometimes I think about just getting a guy from tinder or some other dating app, so that I no longer need to be alone.

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Well, I got fired today. I’m just glad I’m taking an antidepressant or else I would have lost it mentally. No more brand for a while, which really fucking sucks.

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>start excercising to fit into lolita better
>fall in love with lifting
>tfw i wanna be kawaii and petite but also fucking ripped

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22 with no idea how the fuck dating even works here. Only experience I have was my ex e-gf and that was only because she confessed to me.

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>pls tell me yr not southern hemisphere anon
Guess I'll go die then.

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Lemme guess saw that meme about only ugly People are alone didn’t you?

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No! Don't go out in the cold, anon. Your parents love you.

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I'll be alone, I'll hate everyone and I'll cry myself to sleep. simple, to the point and... my fucking life.

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I'm 27 and only 'dated' a fuccboi for a week, I don't feel like it counts. He made the first move so I'm clueless when it comes to flirting. Trust me you're better off alone than with a dude who only wants to make out, gets a new gf in 3 days and fucks your best friend later on.

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Same but I'll be 26 in a couple weeks. Also no e-gf ever.
Seriously, how do couples work? Asking out friends is apparently not the way to do it and yet everyone I talk to says they were friends first. What do.

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I wish I could tell my parents that I'm alone on new years, but knowing just how lonely I am would break their hearts. Instead I lied and told them that I'm going to be with [insert name of friend]. I've already spent countless nights alone, just driving aimlessly, but never on such a special day. I always promise myself to lose weight, gain confidence, find friends, maybe even date, to simply be a normal and happy girl, but it only keeps getting worse each year.

>> No.10054141

The last part is too relatable, here have a virtual hug.

>> No.10054144

Turning 23 in a month myself. I've never gotten past a first date and have had a couple of very terrible experiences with stunted the hell out of me sexually. I feel like I'll be able to put it all past me relatively soon though

>> No.10054148

I'm southern hemisphere and ok with being your future husband

>> No.10054151

I'm sorry for your loss anon. Please seek help.

>> No.10054156

I don't swing that way.

>> No.10054158

If you need someone to talk to anon, drop some details.

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Ever since my nephew was born, the spare room in my house has been filled with baby things.
It's also the only room in the house with a full length mirror.
How can I take coord pics now? People will think I'm an ageplayer.
No. A baby just comes to my house, I swear!

>> No.10054162

Move the mirror to another room.

>> No.10054163

It's big and heavy and not technically mine to move.

>> No.10054164

Buy another mirror.

I bought a $30 one from Ikea and just mounted it to my wall with velcro wall sticky things.

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this was pretty cute. please post update when u two finally talk

>> No.10054168

I see no issue. I made teen friends at cons, and I was friends with older people when I started going to cons ~12 years ago.

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Spending Xmas and NYE alone

No family etc in Victoria

Now ex ditched me for my bday to find other people to hang out with and left me alone overseas for it

Yaruki switch application rejected despite being told in interview am excellent candidate. Also seminar said 90% of people who persist with application make it through.

Tfw bottom 10%

Just end me

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I will spend it with my close friend and immediate family.

I have a huge gay crush on this friend and we are both gay, but I don't know how to tell her and I don't ruin its a good time.

I'm so excited to give her the presents I got her...

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gj anon

>How are you going to spend it this year?
Probably with family. I'll probably just play Pokémon while the others are being noisy
>Will you be alone?
I'd rather be desu. I got an ok relationship with my mother's side of the family, but I'd rather stay at home and spend christmas with /a/.

>Will you be alone on new years as well?
No idea.

>If you have a bf please don't post, thanks.
single and no gf to do jojo poses with

>> No.10054178

I recently had a falling out with my family and they're all going overseas for Christmas. So I'll be alone for the first time. I've never really celebrated New Years anyway.

>> No.10054185

i feel this hard

i'm petite/thin but i've been lifting and exercising because i'm considering joining the navy after uni. i know if i let myself i'd get ripped af because i love feeling strong. the dichotomy is a struggle.

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Well, seems like I'm finally admitting that I've become the student meme. I'm going to be home with family this Christmas, frantically finishing my BA-essay over the holidays. I could have prevented this, but didn't do shit?

Why am I not even mad?

>If you have a bf please don't post
Sorry gull, I've got dumb bitch feels to spill
>Sister hosts CMV filming at our house
>Absolute takeover by cosplay and crew
>Evacuate to my boyfriend's for the weekend
>Supposedly "studied more" there
>Left his house Sunday, forgot my phone charger
>Borrow emergency one from sister
>It can only charge up to 50% before glitching out
>Live with it, will meet bf today Tuesday
>He brings my charger
>Wants to get it from his bag at a slightly unfitting moment
>Haha no, not now I can take it later
>We both fucking forget it
>Don't know next time we'll meet
>Still stuck with this glitching ass spare charger
As always, suffering from my own stupidity...

>> No.10054188

Christmas is just not as fun anymore once you grow up.

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Roll for an actually cute, actually asian, actually lolita, actually cosplay; gf to spend the holidays with.
Unlike the hags who post here.

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Ah yes, allow me to roll with my handy nine-sided die

>> No.10054205

Update: miraculously, my die landed on the face of one of the numbered edges. Looks like I'm still gonna die a virgin.

>> No.10054206

>mfw i am the cute asian lolita gf

>> No.10054208

Pretty sure roll posts are against the rules but what the fuck do I have to lose

>> No.10054214

>rolls a zero when there's no option for it
>a dubs zero
That's some phenomenal bad luck

>> No.10054215

Come on 2 or 6

>> No.10054218

1 or 6 let's go.

>> No.10054220

My parents disowned me for dating a black man, so I’ll also be alone. I’ve bought so much brand and booze but nothing is enough to sedate my woes. What kills me is my family is full of white poorfags and his family is filthy rich with a ton of property and siblings who are Olympic champions, yet my mother considers me dating him ‘doing him a favor’. Bitch, I ain’t doing anyone a favor by giving anyone my dysfunctional family full of children who know nothing about finances. Last time I saw them they said and I quote: “black people are so fast because they had to adapt after running away from tigers and lions in Africa. You don’t see any black referees because blacks people aren’t genetically smart.” The contradiction in this statement is just... amazing. They don’t realize how fucking stupid they are. Christ. Sorry to rant, all I can do is buy more brand to make myself feel better for having such a dumbass family.

>> No.10054221

Hang out with friends?

>> No.10054222

What a believable story

>> No.10054223

I know you’re being sarcastic, but I’m not even lying. I live in the thick south. I wish I was lying. Wouldn’t that be swell.

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>How are you going to spend it this year?
Probably alone and drunk as no one will be home this year. And my sister moved out with her husband last year.

>Will you be alone?

>Will you be alone on new years as well?
Probably and I don't celebrate new years heavily anyway so I don't really care.

>If you have a bf please don't post, thanks.
I have one but he never can come see me as he live 3 hours away and we can only talk through ps4 because everything he touches breaks and he has no phone now.

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I slept way too long maybe she forgot about me :c

>> No.10054230

no i didn't anon i was at work! dming rn <3

>> No.10054232

>no bf
>rent is too high
>my job sucks
>my commute sucks
>tons of debt
>hate the city I'm in
>don't want to date until I move
>cold af so I dress like a hobo every day
>don't want to buy a bunch of clothes before I move
>six more months on lease
>half a fucking year in this state of misery
>will probably only live 10-15 more years because various reasons
>large percentage of my time left on this earth being in cocoon mode to get through hell
>all my attempts to get onto a different path or make real money have blown up in my face
>will be poorfag forever
>writing novels as a last resort (I love /lit/ anyway)
>probably won't get published
>I'm like a nigger gambling on becoming a basketball star to get out of the ghetto
>will never have anything
>will never free myself from cubiclecuck wageslavery
>may as well jump off a cliff

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>> No.10054236

Did you just r9kpost on /cgl/?

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unironically yes, i always found it funny and cute tho

>> No.10054242


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Another year alone, since the boyfriend rarely sees his parents, wants to spend it with them alone, and I have no family to celebrate with. I get it, they’re divorced and he still wants to be with them, but I wish that after 2.5 years we could spend a Holiday together that isn’t New Years or Valentine’s Day. Anyways I’ll probably clean my room, upload wardrobe pictures.

>> No.10054247

Figures the autist who's always spamming that shitty anime is an incel

>> No.10054248

you can buy one at walmart for 5 bucks anon

>> No.10054249

And there's no point in trying to date for half a year more. Also I don't want to sell myself to an old man in marriage to gain his assets and fight his kids from his first wife over inheritance. Thought about it, can't.
You know Faye Valentine's bit, "that's nothing compared to my debt?" That's how I feel every day. If $50 is a substantial amount of money, something you can measure in, I'd need a thousand of them to even come close. If I got $500 a month it would take about 10 years to pay my debt off.
When I think about it I get pretty hopeless. The dollar collapsing would unironically be beneficial to me because I have more debt than assets. If dollars became zimbabwe tier inflated then and only then would I have hope.
All I do is go to work, come home, sleep, and go back to work. Tell me why I should bother.

>> No.10054254

>How are you gonna spend Christmas this year?
Unfortunately I have to go and visit my abusive family for Christmas because if I don't they'll never leave me alone all year with the guilt trips. Then I'm gonna spend the rest of it with my other family that I like much better.
>Will you be alone?
No, see above.
>Will you be alone on New Years as well?
No, I'm going and watching the fireworks with my friends as I do ever year. One day we won't do it anymore, and I'll be like the rest of the anons in this thread. Feels bad, at least I can appreciate it more while it lasts.

>> No.10054266

>visit my abusive family
Fucking why? I moved out and never been back. They're now trying to bribe my love with small monetary gifts, and my dad started writing me letters. Too little too late.
Embrace the Stirnerpill, femanon.
>coworker asks what I"m doing for christmas
>y-you too
No I didn't do any "shopping" I have no one to shop for no I'm not doing anything, I'm going to lay around watch anime and masturbate!!! Fucking normalshits never shut up about fagmas it's a shitty holiday anyway. And literally OP pic.
tfw no bf to hold hands with and walk around looking at christmas lights with

>> No.10054269

Because you deserve happiness and love. I believe you can attain them

>> No.10054270
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>tfw no egoist gf

>> No.10054278

My 2d husbando will never become 3d so I will never attain happiness. But in seriousness every year it's like all my hopes and dreams are crumbling before my eyes, especially financially, I'm going to be chained to a cubicle until I die, and the chances of finding a qt non-NPC bf to my liking are extremely low. One day I'll withdrawal all my money, sell all my shit, and travel until the money runs out, and then jump off a cliff with a dakimakura and my rejected drafts and drown in the ocean. Everything I have ever wanted has been ripped from my grasp.

>> No.10054279

Why doesn't he take you with him?

>> No.10054280

>tfw my abusive dad try to get in contact with me
>tried to manipulate me into getting me to think he did so much for me as a kid and I've been poisoned by my mother
>told give me $100K (which I know for an absolute fact he has way more) and I'll forgive everything
>Calls me a selfish greedy little cunt
>Tell him that's the cost of my love
>Tells me to go fuck myself
>lol k
>Couple months later he comes and tries to reconcile again

>> No.10054282

>richfags in my presence
My dad has sent several checks for 500-750. he keeps talking about how he'll always be there for me and there will always be a room in his house for me. which is hilarious because the only time I ever crawled back home because I needed a place to crash for 3 weeks, he screamed at me for hours and hours and hours until I was sobbing on the floor with a knife. My left nut. Anything they tell you is a lie.
tfw no richfag daddy to gibs me six figures.
also I feel you, my mom in particular tried to gaslight me repeatedly. Unfortunately for her I already knew what gaslighting was and called her on her bullshit. I try not to talk to her now.
I still field calls and text messages for some reason but I have no intention of returning to that state, completely, the entire state may as well be north korea to me. They could fucking die and I wouldn't go back for the funeral.
You had 18 years to be a good parent and you failed. Don't come crying to me after all this time.

>> No.10054286

Anon do you want to be friends, I will be friends with anyone that needs help

>> No.10054288

Please try to believe in yourself. It might not seem possible, but good things can happen to you. I think the first step is a hug and some reassurance from someone in your life who genuinely cares about you. Opening up to someone about your situation or a creative outlet would probably be helpful. Just letting your worries stew in your mind without some kind of release will only make them worse, to the point where living life itself feels insurmountable. You might not believe in you, but I do.

>> No.10054292

That gotta chuckle outta me man ngl

>> No.10054293

I promise you I'm not rich now. I wouldn't even had called myself rich growing up since my dad did nothing but hoard money, financially stable yes and I lived in a nice house but I quickly got screamed at and guilted if I ever asked for something. I never really knew how much money my family had because I was constantly told how expensive I was to raise and my parents fighting over money was my fault but in the divorce I saw the numbers and realised everything my dad said to me was a complete lie. He literally didn't even work for about 5 years and just took my mother's pay and hoarded it into a back account and gave her an allowance. Not even she knew how much money he had.

In the divorce about $250K just disappeared into some offshore bank account and we never saw it again. He refused to pay child support for my little sister. He got went and then did the stereotypical angry at females middle-aged man thing which was get himself an obedient Vietnamese woman who already had two kids.

She divorced him 2 years later after her eldest daughter tried to kill herself from his abuse and gaslighting. The woman filed a domestic violence order against him but being the gaslighting cunt he is, he tried to file a domestic violence order on her which the judge promptly threw out because it's bullshit. But he also did the same thing, hoarded all of her money and then when they divorced he stole $75K which was all the money she had saved and she doesn't want it back because she wants nothing to do with him anymore.

I just want him to die so I can jump in and claim some inheritance.

>> No.10054296

I hope you get it off him and more. Props on surviving anon he was a bollox.

>> No.10054305
File: 10 KB, 236x213, 1499878594633.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

God I love this anon already shes so cute and sweet

>> No.10054317
File: 15 KB, 201x101, IMG_0141.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

shhhh no u

>> No.10054320
File: 133 KB, 600x800, IMG_4614.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10054323

Are the carnal lusts of the body greater than our transcontinental bond?

>> No.10054325
File: 221 KB, 566x464, hmmmm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shes so beautiful and makes my heart burst into yodels

>> No.10054326
File: 598 KB, 1080x1261, Screenshot_20181210-232358_Pinterest.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just one nice friend who will wear lolita with me. That's all I ask for.

And it's never going to happen because I'm too spergy.

>> No.10054330

Gosh this is an absolute mood. I live in a super conservative part of the US and I’m not currently able to travel. Used to have one jfash friend in town and I say that lightly because she was a massive ita no matter how I tried to help her and would always talk about how much she wanted to get into X jfash but was always too poor and chubby.

Still miss her though :(

>> No.10054331
File: 54 KB, 600x456, IMG_5912.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anon you'll forever be in my heart as the one who got away

>> No.10054333
File: 2.31 MB, 1954x1871, 1516836253779.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Will be surrounded by my family who I have a very strained relationship with. They will be asking:
Where is the gf?
Where's your degree?
Where is your apartment/house?
Where is your car?
Will I get grandkids?
Why can't you be like your successful younger brother and sister?
Why do you have those weird scars on your arm?
Are you actually going to do something with your life or will you still be making those creepy doll costumes and wearing them at evened when you're 30?
It sucks but I hope that others find joy in the season
Anyway, I hope you did your best today and I hope you have a good rest of the day!

>> No.10054338
File: 28 KB, 500x272, 3d7b1234c87db8295ebc5bb9783f5c0a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The world isn't fair.

>> No.10054346

>not talking to abusive parents
Are you guys me?

This time of year is hard now, because I last talked to my parents after Christmas. They'd come for a visit and I was fed up with the lies and my mom being an absolute cunt.
But I still feel guilty because I focus on the two or three times during the visit she wasn't awful.
What did it was she talked about herself to my mil for just... Hours and hours without the woman getting a word in. I don't know if my mil cared but I couldn't tolerate it any more and drunkenly told her "why don't you ask her about herself instead of talking about yourself"
She was livid and kicked my dad awake (she abuses him blatantly) and stormed out. I got a call at midnight of her screaming to never talk to her like that again.
The next day she tells me Christmas is over and ruined. More lies and screaming.
But if course it wasn't just this one event, it was a lifetime of her narcissism.
They had been sending me $350 a month to pay for student loans (the loans were $550/m in total), I closed my bank account and paid off the rest which took two years.
That's an awful lot of burando money but I'm glad I did it even though I also feel like a horrible person, I'm glad I don't have to go home for Christmas and have my mom picking fights over fucking nothing and blaming it on me but Christmas just breaks my heart.

The good news is I lost a lot of boob weight recently! I hadn't measured in a long time but I'm nearing 85cm. I just want to fit unshirred old-school and moitie.

>> No.10054356

>why don't you ask her about herself instead of talking about yourself
You did phrase it extremely poorly and basically embarrassed her in front of your mother-in-law. She probably didn't realise she was doing the same to you.

>> No.10054367

im having a huge problem and i dont know what to do so i figured id ask you guys for some advice.

theres this huge weeaboo furry that i work with and she looks up to me alot. she saw me wearing lolita and now shes buying shitty $10 lolita dresses off of wish. i know shes going to wear her ears and tail with it. i do not know what to do. should i try to help her? im afraid that since im the only other lolita in the area strangers will associate me with her. im seriously having a crisis over this and its like the last thing in the world that makes me happy is getting ruined.

>> No.10054375

If she looks up to you a lot she may take your word as gospel so help her, if at least to not embarrass you too when people ask her what she's wearing

>> No.10054376

Teach her and don't be afraid to be honest. Either she'll listen because she looks up to you or she'll throw a tantrum, giving you justification to distance yourself from her.

>> No.10054379

I'm the anon you replied to, I have to keep in contact with them even though I moved out just in case anything happens medically. I'm too poor to pay for my own medical bills and they have ways of getting in contact with me still so they just guilt me if I don't go. One day I'll have a happy Christmas, I fucking hate my family.

>tfw run away from home to get away from abusive mother
>move into new place in sort of close area
>out shopping
>mom suddenly appears out of nowhere, I haven't seen her since I ran away
>she starts crying and apologising
>I feel nothing but contempt because she's riddled me with mental illnesses and ruined my life
>sit and talk with her for 45 minutes because I'm too anxious to stand up for myself and just leave
Life is truly suffering anon, I hope all is well for you. If I had more guts I would do the exact same thing.

>> No.10054380

basically what the other anons said, she'll go through her ita phase but try to steer her toward other items. Show her that you can find brand items for cheap, hold her hand through this because she seems like she really admires you as a friend and i'm sure she'll appreciate the advice. be nice of course and don't straight up tell her her cat ears and tail aren't applicable in lolita, kind of allude to her that this isn't a costume and while cat ears are cute, they won't go with everything she wears.

>> No.10054385

its wolf ears. and ive tried to steer her towards cheap brand a little bit. she seems like she doesnt want to spend more than 50 dollars on anything. i explained that while this fashion is cute it is very expensive and she seemed to be a little stubborn.

>> No.10054387

Didn't AP release Holy Wolf recently? I'm a dude so I'm not that invested in lolita but maybe by steering her towards proper brand releases which cater to her might be a good compromise.

>> No.10054389

you could also try getting her into general j-fashion so at the very least she’ll answer something other than lolita when she’s asked about her clothes

>> No.10054391
File: 2.82 MB, 600x338, crying11.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you anon.

Too relatable. Until now I've always found excuses to leave my house on nye just for the sake of not being alone, but this year I'm seriously considering staying at home by myself. I feel like I've made no progress at all since years despite all the promises I made to myself and would feel incredibly shitty hanging out with people that know me to some extend and see the same ol' me like years ago. It's like a vicious cycle I can't leave.

>> No.10054395

I know I did. I was just so fed up with her the whole trip and life. She does nothing but talk about herself and how she has Celiac's and her made up stories about me..
I'm not sure that's even how I phrased it. After it happened, no one remembered the comment I made and had no idea what had happened to make my mom storm off.

>> No.10054404

Show her the Wunderwelt lacemarket page. 25-30 dollar dresses are nothing and she'll receive them much sooner than her wish items. She might also realize that your brand is nicer quality than her wish dresses and realize that she wants what you have

>> No.10054407

Gonna go to the city and have a big Christmas lunch with my parents, aunt and uncle, cousin and her wife.

>> No.10054409

I wish family members would just mind their own fucking business. Like sure I'm your kid but I'm not entitled to give you grandkids or anything else. I can do what I want with my life because it's my life and not yours. Instead of family expectations at Christmas how about you actually take a genuine interest in my hobbies and what I'm working on. Fuck Christmas man.

>> No.10054412
File: 837 KB, 500x282, Yeah xd.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am grateful I met such a wonderful person in this thread

>> No.10054414

Narcissists are the absolute worst anon. One of my parents was a narcissist and they just love to make it all about them. Why do these people even become parents? Probably only for virtue points and attention.

>> No.10054419

>Why do these people even become parents
So they can mold another human being in their exact image. I shit you not.

>> No.10054425

i wanted to invite her over and physically show her how to coordinate, but her schedule is very busy. i dont want her to buy beat up wunderwelt items either because she will wear them as is. she doesnt seem to care too much about other peoples opinions. while that can be a good thing, its also pretty bad because she wears her ears and tail any time she isnt clocked in. she wears them to school. i dont think she cares enough about aesthetics to do it well. im terrified of what shes going to look like once her shit comes in.

sorry for rambling so much about this. im genuinely panicked.

>> No.10054433

Calm down anon. I get being afraid if people associations you with her but.. does it really matter that much?
Either they will recognize she looks like garbage and you don't, or they'll think you're the same. If they think you're the same they have shit taste already.

>> No.10054436

Who's opinions are you seriously concerned of? Surely any person close to you, you can explain the situation.

Any person who is not close to you or a stranger, I have strong doubts that them seeing two individual people wearing the same clothes would associate the one with the other unless they were together. So why would you care?

>> No.10054444

I'm sick right now. My eyes are just throbbing, I feel so weak and lethargic, my throat feels like sand paper, I'm coughing my lungs up and my entire body is so tender right now. Even my shirt touching me is way too much but for some reason my body won't let me sleep.

I just want someone to rub very gentle circles into my back and pay my head telling me it's okay, I did a good job and I'll get better.

>> No.10054446

itas put a bad image onto lolita as it is. i dont want that image in the mind of the locals around here. i havent received any negative attention yet, and im scared that will change because of this. i found something that makes me feel cute and good about myself and im scared im going to get harassed somehow. its depressing as hell. i know im thinking too much though.

>> No.10054447

Lived overseas for a bit, came back, everyone's moved on as friends.

>> No.10054448
File: 13 KB, 259x206, 1517197687141.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's alright anon, feel better soon. Make sure you're drinking water

>> No.10054457

Man I really hope you all find someone worth being with for the winter. This is such a lonely season, and you all deserve some sort of affection. As for my I am probably going to die in a frozen abyss

>tfw no asian lolita gf

>> No.10054458

>doing work placement as the final part of my certification
>one of the tasks my training place requires me to do isn't done at the facility they got me placement at
>everyone involved is confused about what to do for it
>spend weeks stressing over it
>finally manage to get in touch with my training place about it
>"oh you don't actually have to do any of the tasks we asked you to do, just pretend like you did and say how you would've"
you what you dicks

>> No.10054459

>tfw all the asian women near me are either 30-something single mothers or young trophy wives marrying middle aged guys for the citizenship

>> No.10054461

I hate when people do that. Had someone I was really close to gradually drift away, it sucks. It's not too late to make more though!

I'm in Melbourne just before Christmas so I'd offer to hang out with you but I'm a shitty crossboarder so I doubt we have much in common.

>> No.10054463
File: 1.58 MB, 2095x2089, 45787858.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm going to cosplay from Housekei No Kuni next year and I'm excited to meet other people interested into the series. But I'm also lowkey worried that I'll only end up meeting genderspecial tumblr rejects.

>> No.10054464

Wayyy OT, but since I'm far from the only one here with issues, has anyone ever done surrogate therapy? I posted my problems to /adv/ and someone suggested it. I also feel like my regular therapist had it up his sleeve

>> No.10054466
File: 766 KB, 2192x2500, Lapis.Lazuli.(Houseki.no.Kuni).full.2334699.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Me too, anon! Let's hope we encounter each other. I'm also worried I'll look bad because I've got big thighs even though I'm otherwise skinny but I just love the series and designs so much.

>> No.10054475
File: 26 KB, 384x206, D492022277ce.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well, if you happen to be going to Sakura Con or Anime Expo, maybe we'll run into one another?

>> No.10054483

>Going to SakuraCon
>Worried about meeting genderspecial tumblr rejects
You might want to pick a different con, dude.

>> No.10054492

Sadly as a Canadian, Sakura Con is one of the few larger cons I can get to without going too far a distance.

>> No.10054493

What about the one in Vancouver that I can't remember the name of or Tsukinocon?

>> No.10054494

i ordered something from devilinspired because i was lazy and they didnt even have the item i ordered and im so fucking pissed off because now if i order it from a different source it wont come in time. they didn't tell me anything for 3 fucking days. i hate everything right now.

>> No.10054496

Anime Revolution is overpriced and shitty & Tsukinocon is practically a hallway con.

>> No.10054497

>Tsukinocon is practically a hallway con.
I mean you're not wrong but it has The Shrekening so it's almost worth it.

>> No.10054505

I had a mental breakdown a couple of weeks ago and have been struggling to get back on my feet, then I got a nasty cold and now I feel another breakdown coming

‘Tis truly Christmas season

>> No.10054516

tfw you want to post cute coords and become friends with cute people who wear J-fash but
>can't even post regularly on personal insta so making a fashion one would be pointless
>limited wardrobe because I just moved abroad
>every time I try to take body pics it just looks bad
>outfits aren't even that cute and kinda normie
Feels a bit bad

>> No.10054523

Are you me anon? I have a few mutuals that regularly post jfashion but I just never feel like I have the time, energy or a good enough wardrobe/skills to do the same.I barely ever post on my personal account either but I really wish I had other jfashion friends to interact with and feel part of a community with. I don't really have a local comm, never even seen other lolitas outside of conventions besides the few weebs I've run into who can recognise AP written on a dress.

All I really have is my few irl goth friends that know that know next to nothing about lolita besides that it's frilly shit and not the book. Feels bad especially now that the semester is over. If only I had lolita or at least just general jfashion friends online.

>> No.10054562

I have no friends!! Haha! Woohoo! :)

>> No.10054565

Would lolitas not have a problem with ageplayers if they didn't involve lolita in what they do?

>> No.10054566 [DELETED] 
File: 475 KB, 480x852, 1544419630952.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine trying to compete with this.

How could any man look at this girl then look at some old roast beef vagina like you and not choose her?

You're so inferior.

>> No.10054567


I feel for you, anon. Every December my family end up having a huge bust up with me. Last year they accused me of punching my fiance in the face (didn't happen, I was a victim of DV and know better and it's just not in my nature).
This year they were caught bitching about my fiance several times and being petty/making shit up and I actually called them out on it because my patience finally ran out. I spend all of my time picking up after them in their fucking pig sty and they just bag out the people who try to help them and gaslight anyone who doesn't agree with them.

The sad thing is everything was going so good before then. But all it took was my partner to suggest to my brother to get some more milk from the outside fridge after finishing the current bottle to set off a witch hunt.

He was adamantly trying to tell me my partner is autistic, that he KNOWS what autism looks like because his friend of a year has it.
I let him build himself up before telling him he'd been tested for it and turns out that in fact, he doesn't have it and he needs to shut up before he makes a bigger idiot of himself (my partners parents work in the medical/mental health field and had him checked out). I've never seen him shut up so quickly in my life and it was so damn satisfying.

Luckily me rocking the boat seems to have them all acting amicable towards me and my partner. I haven't spoken up and put them in their place...ever? So I'm glad that I didn't make things messier, and glad I chose to be brave and stand up to them.

New years is depressing and such a non event anyway anon. I hate it because people dress it up as a fresh new start while shitting on the previous year when you've probably accomplished a lot. And who is to say that you can't start anew or a good habit at any point in the middle?

>> No.10054573
File: 271 KB, 720x540, DisgustingMilanoo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I would really appreciate if ageplayers in general had some fucking shame about their fetish. Don't do it in public. Don't let it show in your public social media. Don't have a single trace of it in your home. Put your fetish in a box which you can tuck in the back of your closet and only bring it out when the time is right. Never mention it to anyone but those who it may concern.

I'm probably both prude and wrong, but this is how I imagine more traditional fetishists like latex-freaks live their lives. If they ever take photos of their degeneracy they upload them to fetish specific forums, or fetish specific accounts, under the literal anonymity of their shiny masks. In your case you could crop your face out or slap a sticker over it.

By keeping your filthy ageplaying secret, who cares if you're into lolita publicly? It's good that you don't want to mix the two but you better keep them leagues apart. If there's an image of you in a poofy dress even remotely close to the most "innocent" baby mood board people will assume you shit your diapered ass in that brand. Please don't.

>> No.10054574

I can't tell if your accusing me of ageplaying or not so I'll just clear it up by saying I'm not an ageplayer.

>> No.10054576 [DELETED] 
File: 122 KB, 1500x998, 3949efa7a6de8baadcd5a58b697d3e4c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw women are built for one thing
>tfw old and ugly fat hag with roastie vag

>> No.10054577

Understandable, have a nice day.

I just supposed you were asking for your own sake. But who knows, someone into that shit might find my entitled opinion of a reply. Why did you pose the question though? Curiosity?

>> No.10054578

I understand why lolitas hate ageplayers but I wanted to know if that was the only reason. Evidently not.

>> No.10054582 [DELETED] 
File: 152 KB, 800x800, 1536410215947.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Don't ask don't tell
Some day people like you will be put in jail for your archaic, bigoted beliefs.

>> No.10054583 [DELETED] 
File: 189 KB, 671x433, Fufufufu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>As if you won't be first, kiddy-fiddler

>> No.10054589 [DELETED] 
File: 132 KB, 1080x1253, 1473843544731.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Love ALWAYS conquers hate.

>> No.10054591 [DELETED] 
File: 57 KB, 640x466, UnfitForSociety.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And long-term sustainability conquers short-term ecstasy. What are you going to do when your little children grown old? Love something which lasts, even if that means wrinkles and "roastie" genitals.

>> No.10054592 [DELETED] 
File: 111 KB, 1080x1114, 1543861740854.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How does your little brain comprehend marriage?

>> No.10054598 [DELETED] 
File: 506 KB, 680x719, PengoHasDrink.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You know what, I'm gonna let you have the last word. Shit's not worth it. I'm apparently a prude bigot and you're a blatant anonymous pedophile.

As far as my little brain knows marriage doesn't stop the inevitable aging process and our human mortality. Each day is another day of decay when you start thinking about it.

>> No.10054601 [DELETED] 
File: 267 KB, 1080x1080, 1543859990399.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>'till death do us part
It's the foundation of marriage. Girls' souls die when they hit adulthood therefore you're obligated to divorce them and get another wife.

>> No.10054614 [DELETED] 

If their souls die in adulthood, that means the new wife will be just as dead as the old one, so what would be the point?

>> No.10054615

>he stole $75K which was all the money she had saved
Your dad is an asshole. Holy fuck you should kill him. What the fuck did I just read.
God damn that's scummy.

>> No.10054623

>I'm too poor to pay for my own medical bills
Th-they have financing. They are only charging me $200 a month for mine until it's paid off, no interest.
t. medical bills anon
I just don't get people like this. My parents were the same. I just don't know how you can go around being a cunt every moment of the day for your whole life. sure I'm disposed to melancholy but I wouldn't scream at someone...I think I've yelled at people maybe 5 times in my entire life. I can't stand people who are angry all of the time, and they're always yelling about stupid shit that isn't what is really bothering them. They won't solve their deeper problems I guess, so they pick absurd shit to scream about instead, and it just makes everyone miserable. I wish people like that would sort their own baggage and stop hoisting it onto others' backs.
Now if a guy says he has "anger issues" or ever, ever raises his voice or throws something in anger, it's over that very instant, I won't have anything to do with him. I refuse to live with someone like that. My first boyfriend was like that and he went to dumpsville. He was screaming about something one day and I thought, my god, he looks like a monkey. I'm dating a monkey. He went bye-byes!
The relaxed/mildly melancholy vibe is more aesthetic. Let's be chill and vaguely sad.

>> No.10054626

I think it's got a lot to do with him growing up dirt poor as a kid and he definitely has a ton of underlying mental illness but he just refuses that there's anything wrong with his behaviour and it's everyone else who is wrong.

>> No.10054628

>The relaxed/mildly melancholy vibe is more aesthetic. Let's be chill and vaguely sad.

I like this. I can only recall three times in my life where I've screamed and I think all three were reasonably justified. I just prefer to quietly be close to someone and communicate through hums and quiet unintelligible vocalisations.

>> No.10054705

> extremely religious family
> when I get harassed by strangers, my parents say I should understand them, like they might have shitty job, shitty life, etc
> blame me all the time for different unnecessary stuff
> tfw I get sick, but still going to get to office
> oh, anon, what if you infect your colleagues
> oh, it might be bad for you as well

I don’t think there’s way out

>> No.10054714

Can you just cut off your family?

>> No.10054720
File: 660 KB, 468x653, 1523550489710.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'll be spending Christmas with my family, which is always good fun. New Years I'll be alone since everyone I know likes to spend it drinking in normie company and I'm not really up for that, but my birthday is soon after and I'll be going home to visit family again so it's all good.
Since I'll be spending most of the holidays by myself I'll finally have a good opportunity to get started on a new cosplay. Also my school kind of messed up their scheduling so everything we were supposed to have done before holidays will be moved on to the beginning of next year, but since I'm already actually done with everything anyway I can take it easy for a while even after holidays end. So generally good feels.
No cute gf to eat nugs and watch anime with this Christmas either though, so here I am with you guys.

>> No.10054725

>tfw no estranged from family lolita gf to spend Christmas with

>> No.10054727

Not sure if typo for nuts or weird Christmas food I've never heard of.

>> No.10054733

>put some liquid soap on your face
Does that really look like jizz tho?

>> No.10054734

Chicken nuggets, my friend. The most traditional of all Christmas foods.

>> No.10054748

Who still eats them past about 12 yo?

>> No.10054761

I used to have the best relationship ever with my BF: we never fighted, had a similar point of view on things, shared hobbies and were compatible in general. In the last year things have gotten worse though and this is really making me sad... it's not like we have changed, but the way we interact has. We discuss a lot... he's so fucking fussy, whatever I say he has to dot my i's and even the simplest task gets hard with him because he's so meticulous. If I say something slightly wrong he will insist on it forever until I get angry at him and we both lose sight of what we were doing. He invalidates my thoughts with such confidence I feel like I'm always wrong. And to be honest most of the time I am, I acknowledge it. But not always, and it makes me feel bad when I am no longer able to trust my memory or my point of view because he insists it's wrong. Lately we clash whatever we do, even the most stupid thing is a chance to, if not fight, get annoyed at each other. I am angry at him because I honestly think if he changed his behaviour we would still feel good together. I know I also have my share of fault, for example I can be aggressive and competitive, I am resentful and sometimes sour. But I am usually good at interacting with people and it is hard for others to annoy me or make me react poorly the way he does. His behaviour honestly gets on my nerves so much and I don't understand why.

Sorry for the stupid rant. I'm just so tired and sad

>> No.10054762 [DELETED] 

Females die when they turn 16. This is a fact.

Females are born into a human vessel with a soul. They live their life as a cunny, full of life and passion, until around 14-16 years old when their soul departs from their body. Their body continues to fester on this earth, haunting others who inhabit it but there is no life remaining inside the corpse. There is no thought. There is no complex feeling. There is nothing behind the eyes. They are an amoeba responding to stimuli.

>> No.10054768

Wants to be alone with them mostly I guess since he never sees them. He said he’ll eventually take me or spend the holidays with me. Idk he can be weird about expressing his feelings. He’s very nice, kind, giving, and I know he sees them because his mom sends me gifts. I let it slide because he’s a amazing otherwise.

>> No.10054771

I’m that, but I’m straight and taken lol

>> No.10054775

wtf gtfo

>> No.10054788 [DELETED] 

Who even writes this shit?

>> No.10054790 [DELETED] 

incels who don't get that women are people who aren't sex objects or breeding machines lol

>> No.10054791 [DELETED] 

The board's resident pedo.

>> No.10054799

Yeah, it's better to be safe and get some cum lube instead to make sure it looks realistic.

>> No.10054807 [DELETED] 

Just report and move on

>> No.10054810
File: 56 KB, 450x419, mcxmas-in-japan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh bless him he doesn't know...

>> No.10054815
File: 373 KB, 519x582, AestheticLady.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Me here again. Yeah, she's not coming. I'm going to have to go volunteer in Japan on my own.

On the bright side life threw my friend another curveball which opened unforeseen doors to her. She got offered a steady, well paying and not so stressful job in the capital. It means she'll have to move there, but thanks to being a modern age magician she found a reasonably priced place to stay. She called me today, and I told her to go for it before our Japan trip even came up in the conversation. It's such an opportunity, not only the job, but she'll live closer to her new cute gf. When supporting my friend I want to support their happiness. This is it.

Of course I've cried a little, but life's not all that bad. I'm still going to Japan, and she is going to come meet me there after the volunteer period has ended. When we get back home she'll live hours away, but I'm not scared. She's my best friend, and I know our friendship will prevail even during these "hard times." They're only as hard as you make them. I'm going to be fine.

I'm wishing for a camera this Christmas so I can take loads of pictures during the trip.

>> No.10054818
File: 376 KB, 1920x1080, Clipboard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>watch yoga instruction videos on yt
>this happens
Instructor should have given her a wedgie and redone the video desu

>> No.10054819 [DELETED] 

How are you going to spend it this year?
with my family
Will you be alone?
not really
Will you be alone on new years as well?
maybe, but I either go out with my sister and her friends, or with my parents (depends what happens)
If you have a bf please don't post, thanks.
no, but since I'm a straight male, I'm looking for a gf anyway

and all the girls, bragging about, they don't know how to get a boyfriend, it's easier for girls, trust me

I know that feel

It's appearently legal in islam, to marry an underaged girl (and fuck her)

as an Incel for myself, I must agree with that

>> No.10054820

>She got offered a steady, well paying and not so stressful job
Sounds like everyones dream job. What is it?

>> No.10054823


>> No.10054825

>Well paying
I actually don't know if this vital detail is true, but it's going to be better with less insane hours compared to her current gig as a part-timer at three places at once. The job is as a receptionist at a private health clinic.

Revolting lies.

>> No.10054827

Anyone here cut their own hair? How does it work out?

>> No.10054838 [DELETED] 

islam is a religion you dipshit, didn't you know it's also okay to have slaves and stone each other for wearing mismatching fabrics in christianity? yeah shut up. Dictators placing rules that infringe on others rights is not the same as a fucking religion

>> No.10054845 [DELETED] 

>being a shitskin apologist

>> No.10054847
File: 12 KB, 612x616, 47325159_10156729634680690_3553382381358415872_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>how are you going to spend it this year?
Working evening shifts
>will you be alone?
Most of the time
>will you be alone on New Years as well?
Most likely and drinking alone.

Depression is kicking my ass, and the meds aren't working whatsoever despite being put on the max dosage. I just want to drink myself into a stupor without the risk of overdosing.

>> No.10054848
File: 46 KB, 548x547, DI18BbvVAAAXf9_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no gf to bully me
>to wrestle with
>then to cuddle

>> No.10054849 [DELETED] 

>being a shit fucking person
get a new hobby and go back to /pol

>> No.10054852 [DELETED] 

about the slavestuff I can see your point
but jesus said no to stoning

>> No.10054853 [DELETED] 

>islam is a religion you dipshit
>thinking that countries like Saudi Arabia and UAE don't operate solely on Islamic teachings, especially when it comes to their legal system
Please tell me more about how much you know about Islam, sheltered suburban Western white girl

>> No.10054856

If you're just thinking of trimming the ends/bangs then look up some video tutorials, get some scissors actually meant for the job along with thinning scissors if possible, and leave them a bit longer than your desired height the first couple of times until you get the hang of it. A spray bottle filled with water will also make things easier, but wet hair will sit lower than dry hair so it's easy to cut it too short. Also you'll probably feel like your hair looks a bit off right after cutting it, but sometimes it's just because you aren't used to it yet.
If you're thinking of actually cutting a whole different hairstyle yourself I really, really recommend just going to a hairdresser instead. It's relatively easy to maintain a style even if you're a beginner, but different styles from scratch by yourself are difficult and you will most likely botch it up at least the first few times.
I cut and dye my own hair and have done so for almost ten years now but even then I still go to a hairdresser whenever I want a more elaborate style change since it's just less hassle that way. But trimming your own hair is super easy once you get used to it, so I totally recommend it.

>> No.10054863 [DELETED] 

Not them, but they're right. You're an idiot for equivocating theocracy with religion, and there are so many sub-denominations and sects of Islam, and your incredibly narrow views just oust you as an unlearned tard.

>> No.10054867 [DELETED] 

Islam legitimately the shittiest religion, can't believe woman are actually into oppressing themself lol

>> No.10054870 [DELETED] 

>Islam and its teachings have absolutely nothing to do with the theocracy of these backward predominantly Islamic nations, they're completely separate and you're so narrow-minded!
>there are so many sub-denominations and sects of Islam
>says this yet says nothing about the comment about mismatching fabrics in Christianity as if there aren't a billion different denominations of it either
Please for the love of god just move to Saudi Arabia and tell us how well received your lolita and cosplay are received

>> No.10054878 [DELETED] 

no one is out to oppress themselves. if our country was religion based you understand we would also have to live under a bunch of really weird oppressive rules? Just because a woman chooses to follow the (good) teachings of the quran (just like christians follow the (good) teachings of the bible). You are literally so fucking stupid

nayrt but like you see muslim lolitas and there are more women becoming more open about makeup and fashion in those countries as a form of rebellion *gasp* just like in japan back in the day

>> No.10054879

Man I just really love on topic posting.

>> No.10054880 [DELETED] 

"Good teaching"
Cover your hair and body to honor the family or be stoned.
Sounds like the thread to me more then a good teaching.
Lol you are brain washed. Again shit tier religion.

>> No.10054882 [DELETED] 
File: 174 KB, 436x471, 1544285258198.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This. Also, best not say the "J" word or their jimmies will get extra rustled.

>> No.10054883 [DELETED] 

Yeah the Muslim lolitas are doing it from the safety of Western, non-Islamic ruled countries.
>more women becoming more open about makeup and fashion in those countries as a form of rebellion
Yes, the problem is clearly with the women not being open to these concepts and not the fact that they're treated as second-class citizens in these countries where they can be jailed for driving cars or stoned to death for having the audacity to be raped by men who aren't their husbands.
>just like in japan back in the day
You're an idiot

>> No.10054886 [DELETED] 

>Woman chose to follow the "good" teaching of Quran
>Still gets stoned by a true believer of Quran
There is no winning, let's face it Muslim religion as a whole is outdated, and Savage. If you believe there is anything good about it then you are just in denial and put a blind eye to woman's oppression let alone to the abuse of childrens. You are a sick person.

>> No.10054888 [DELETED] 

there's never any fighting with racists why did i even try

>> No.10054890 [DELETED] 

>someone thinks Islam is a medieval as fuck barbaric religion that treats women horribly and says they don't like it
>they must be a racist
The funniest part of this post is that you're probably the same idiot who said 'Islam is a religion!' but for some reason it also has the ability to morph into an oppressed race too when you're losing the argument

>> No.10054891 [DELETED] 

When you've been surrounded by Russian propoganda about of blacks and other boogeymen minorities are "stealing their women" for years on a board that complains so much about echo chambers even though itself is an echo chamber, it makes you really firm in your unhealthy beliefs. Don't waste any more energy.

>> No.10054895 [DELETED] 

I don't even browse pol, nor do I hate Muslim people.
I just don't agree with they religion again it's shit tier.
Just because you don't have any fact or counter arguments don't mean you can just call me a racist. You seem very blind to the world and incredibly brain wash. I feel sad for you that your take a blind eye to woman's oppression and the abuse of childrens.

>> No.10054899 [DELETED] 

Why do you talk like English isn't your first language?

>> No.10054900 [DELETED] 

kek based
you can be racist without realizing it lmao saying a whole group of people is bad is bigoted, and yes racist when the majority of them are middle eastern.

>> No.10054901 [DELETED] 

You are retarded I ain't even white, nor do I care if blacks getting it with any other race. Why do you try to justify everything by calling people racist assuming they are brain wash by propaganda. Doesn't that make you also being stuck in your own echo chamber? You small brained person?

>> No.10054902 [DELETED] 

I didn't say anything about the people just saying they religion is shit tier.

>> No.10054903 [DELETED] 
File: 88 KB, 960x639, A57D50C1-6CE8-41C5-8227-8DD1066E8DA9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>watching anons have a shitfit over islam
>tfw you’re atheist and think all religions are equally stupid and dangerous to society

Y’all worship the same murderous deity invented by Bronze Age goat herders, get over yourselves.

>> No.10054905 [DELETED] 

>on a board that complains so much about echo chambers even though itself is an echo chamber
>the retard says while in the same breath simultaneously parroting the same tired /cgl/ line that anyone who disagrees with their views as an ebul crossborader from /pol/ or /r9k/
The irony oozing out of this post is utterly palpable
>saying you dislike Islam means you blindly hate every single Muslim you've ever met or will ever meet
You're such a colossal idiot it's painful
>and yes racist when the majority of them are middle eastern
>isn't aware that there are millions of Muslims living in non-Middle Eastern areas of Asia, Africa, North America and Europe
How many layers or irony are we operating on here? Holy shit.

>> No.10054908 [DELETED] 
File: 106 KB, 1024x1002, 1539022451530.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the enlightened highschool centrist Atheist thinks Buddhism is equally as dangerous to Western society as Islam

>> No.10054909 [DELETED] 

Athiest neckbeard is worst then religions.

>> No.10054910 [DELETED] 

keep responding anon you're proving a point

>> No.10054915 [DELETED] 
File: 279 KB, 600x600, WAE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Let's agree that it is the one true religion. Now more white chicks should hook up with asian guys. So the world can finally find peace.

>> No.10054918 [DELETED] 

I should have specified, I meant Abrahamic religions. Every Abrahamic religion is retarded and should cease to exist.

I’m tired of my country pandering to Christian fragility and their persecution complex. I’m also tired of hearing about the Islam boogeyman.

>> No.10054920 [DELETED] 

It's a philosophy though

>> No.10054924

>friend offers to sell me coveted dd worth about $1k
>pretty broke right now due to parents being shitty and irresponsible
>gave me 48 hours notice this week that they need 3k for an emergency related to my dear grandmother
>already asked for $2-3k last year AND the year before, which they totally forgot about
>mother constantly complains about her depression and wanting to kill herself to guilt me
>too afraid for my grandma to say no

I'm so pissed off gulls. I love my grandma and a dress isn't worth her well being but I can't believe my parents would put me in this position repeatedly and right before Christmas. After college I found my first serious job and moved across the country on my own, never asking for even a penny of support from them in the last 5 years. All my hard work saving up and being responsible got wiped out and now I can't even afford to buy my only dream dress when it finally pops up.

I'm sorry for venting, I'm just bitter, angry, and at loss at how I can be out nearly all my savings over this shit. I always thought my pitfall would be those monster brand dresses, not my own goddamn family.

>> No.10054927 [DELETED] 

And the Quran and Bible is a slice of life drama fantasy advanture book. Aka game of thrones.

>> No.10054928 [DELETED] 

>Islam boogeyman
There's a reason why countries like Japan and Poland aren't having their children literally blown up while attending pop concerts or being run over by vans driven by knife-wielding maniacs

>> No.10054929 [DELETED] 

THIS! All these religions came out of the same area, and are essentially the same in theory and the only reason we're still not in THE DARK AGES is because our country was founded on religion is separate from politics. Which isn't entirely true either because we still have heavily christian influences on our laws. We were still attacking women 50 years ago for not covering up "properly" or dressing too weird.

>> No.10054930

Is there any way to make sure the money goes to treating your grandma? I don't know your entire situation but based on what I've read I don't think your parents are trustworthy

>> No.10054931 [DELETED] 

that's right, because it'll be in france or america instead

>> No.10054932

This actually sounds like something my extended family (also from the south) would say.
This is only one of the many reasons I never travel to see them.

>> No.10054933
File: 113 KB, 991x661, 1518501196103.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Marry me and milk me for my money.

>> No.10054935 [DELETED] 

Yes, let use the instances of Islamic extremism and paint every follower as a murderous sand nigger. I hope you understand Christian extremism also exists right? I guess because Christian extremists blow up abortion clinics and also kill people I should believe Christianity is full of inherently violent Jesus warriors.

Either way Abrahamic religions are a shitstain on society.

>> No.10054938

I came from a asian family, my cousin started to date a black chick. His parents kept calling her Obama skinned person lol. My mom would kill me if I dated a black chick, because she thinks black chicks are no good and gettho etc due to media portray of black people.

>> No.10054944 [DELETED] 

>paint every follower as a murderous sand nigger
Your words bro, not mine. Why do fencesitting faggots like you always try and drag Christianity into a conversation about how shitty and barbaric Islam is?

>> No.10054948

Unfortunately I have no way of knowing since I live pretty far from them now. My grandma is the kindest and sweetest woman though, she would never ask me for help even if she needed it. Parents have always been close and honest with me before but lately I'm starting to have my doubts. They both lost their jobs mid last year so I think things have been harder on them.

Ironically I probably make more money than you, I just pay an absurd amount for rent since I live alone in a competitive housing area. Plus shitty parents. What's our life going to be like, future husband anon?

>> No.10054952
File: 343 KB, 750x450, Screen-Shot-2018-09-05-at-9.14.50-PM-750x450.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Is having a chat with my brother (10+ years older than me)
>The topic of my 12-year old niece comes up
>"She's so proud of you and she has told her entire school about her cool, cosplaying aunt!"
>I have only cosplayed once several years ago and there are no pictures of it because I only wore it for a couple of hours until I felt that it wasn't really my thing
>welp I guess you learn something new about yourself everyday
>and apparently I'm a great cosplayer

>> No.10054954

I met my BFF here on cgl, I believe in you!
We've been friends for 4-5 years now, we're both a bit spergy, and love talking internet drama together. We live about an 1 hr away from each other

>> No.10054955 [DELETED] 

>drag Christianity
Because it is also a shitty religion with a shitty past and present. I’m so sorry that not everyone loves Jesus like you do anon. The only difference in the west’s perception of the two religions is that when Islamic terrorists kill people every Muslim is suddenly a murderous piece of shit, when a Christian extremist kills people someone will say “oh, they are a lone wolf with mental illness” or “well the victim killed babies so it’s justified.

>> No.10054963

There is 2 ways our life can go, my upcoming company makes it and I will make 6 figures a year. And we won't have to worry about money.

Or everything failes and I will be your neet husband. And we go thru an awful divorce where I get our children. And become a struggling single dad trying to provide for his kids. While getting cuck.

>> No.10054965 [DELETED] 

>women are built for one thing
Ruling the world and crushing those who oppose them?

>> No.10054970 [DELETED] 

>I’m so sorry that not everyone loves Jesus like you do anon
I'm not even a Christian. You're so dead-set on setting the record straight on people's perceptions of Islam that you think anyone critical of it must be some blind Christworshipper who thinks Christianity has a clean track record. You're a complete and utter retard if you think a Christian fundamentalist blowing up an abortion clinic in the middle of bumfuck nowhere in the US is on the same level as a regime like Saudi Arabia breeding contempt for the West and Jewish people on top of the regular planned terrorist attacks Western Europe frequently endures

>> No.10054976

What kind of job do you work that you can repeatedly give away $2-3k?

>> No.10054980 [DELETED] 

Jewelry? J-fashion? Justgetthefuckbackto/pol?

>> No.10054982

nayrt but probably an office job? it's not like she's doing it every month

>> No.10054983

It's hard being an AR-lolita

>> No.10054984
File: 15 KB, 387x387, 48364142_212252453027730_3992460276757692416_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why does it feel like every time i try to post or have a discussion in a /cgl/ thread all you gulls take your salty fingers from your salt and vinegar chips and have shitty responses for a genuine question

>> No.10054985 [DELETED] 

That's true, female rulers were the most brutal ones.

>> No.10054987

If you safe up money you will have that much too.

>> No.10054988

can you contact your grandma independently and confirm she needs money? Or just give the money directly to her and circumvent your parents? That way at least you know for a fact she's getting it.

>> No.10054989

What's your industry and investment in the business? If it makes you feel better I'm on track to make double my currently salary if I land that promotion I'm after and get into the next hiring cycle at a competitor company. Neethood won't be so bad! But you wouldn't want to try for another job if things go south?

Also I wouldn't divorce you unless you're actually a terrible husband. Please don't cheat on me or randomly take issue with my fashion choices. Can we set a date yet so I can be in honeymoon bliss?

>> No.10054991

>she doesn't realize that half the people in this thread are shitty /pol crossboarders

>> No.10054993
File: 148 KB, 398x329, 1542695087734.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i mean, even in certain threads that are dead as hell i've seen some genuine responses, i'll ask along the same lines in that same thread and it's pic related

>> No.10055001

I am currently in IT, I wanna start a business into a niche market. If I caculated the market right and my marketing strategy works I can run my own home buisness, but who know what will happen. Hope you will make your promotion. I will be rooting for you.

I am a one woman type of man so no worries, you can do whatever makes you happy if it fashion then go nuts. Honeymoon date? That's gonna be your choice, what's your favorite month?

>> No.10055011

Can you not call/mail your grandma? I hate to say it but if she's past the point of communication, her quality of life is probably fairly low and you probably shouldn't "waste" your money trying to extend her life to a ridiculous extent.

If anyone gets offended at this, it's very blunt but my grandparents are very death-positive, open about talking about their death, and it's a natural thing that happens to everyone. If you are a working adult your grandmother has probably seen a very full life!

>> No.10055024

It's both a combination of a steady career at a top tier company and saving money on the side when things are good. They don't ask me for money more than once a year so it's a little more manageable.

Thank you anons for hearing me out. I'm strongly debating about talking to my grandma directly. She's a very kind person and wouldn't ever ask her granddaughter for money even if she needed it. I just don't know if it's worse for me to key her in that my parents asked me, you know? Her memory is going too and I just want to cherish her while she still remembers me. It feels criminal to unload this on her now.

And don't worry anon, I'm not offended at all. I think it's important to be realistic about death too. The hardest part is dealing with the familial politics this usually gets into.

That sounds interesting, I would love to help you grow your business plans. I'm pretty tech savvy so you wouldn't bore me with the hardware details either. How long have you been thinking about doing this? And thank you kind anon, I'm rooting for you too!

That's reassuring to hear, I really wish more people shared that type of loyalty. They say summer's the best time to get married but honeymooning in the peak of humidity and sun would be tough in lolita. Is there somewhere you've always wanted to go?

>> No.10055029


Hey anon, I know it's really tough, but it would be good to check in on her. I know nothing of your situation, but she could also be in a situation where your parents might be financially exploiting her. It's far too common in the elderly. I know it's really hard to breach particularly if you want to provide her with no worries, but I think she would really appreciate it. Best of luck.

>> No.10055033

I have been thinking about it a month or two now. I will start in February, wether my plans fail or succeed won't have any impact on me the only thing I will loose is time and little bit of money. Summer is nice but I hate the heat, if you are going to wear Lolita I will be probably wearing something aristocratly lol. Got to match am I right? Honeymoon, I wouldn't mind Japan haha. Here is my email [email protected] if you wanna talk in the future or just be friends. Send me you discord.

>> No.10055094

>wake up to seeing the mods going nuclear on both sides of a religious shit fight

Beautiful. I have my opinions of Islam but please for the love of god don't mention it here.

>> No.10055095

>love of god
love of Allah*

>> No.10055115

>had major dental procedure redone 2 months ago
>last week started extreme sensitivity to heat and cold, even eating a room temperature banana causes pain
>pretty sure it's fucked up but the dentist already did one adjustment and I don't know what he can do except redoing the entire thing with a different method/material at this point
>getting it done, I couldn't open my mouth for 2 days after and couldn't speak without horrible pain for a week
Explain why I shouldn't commit suicide.
I do. hairdressers kept fucking it up, even the $50 ones. One time I walked out of the salon and realized when I got home it was uneven by like an inch on the sides. Bought a nice pair of hairdressing scissors from germany, never looked back. My bangs are perfect. I also need to trim my bangs like every 2 weeks at least so it's ridiculous to go to a salon.
back of my hair looks a bit neglected but oh well, i try my best. and this is from someone who can't cut paper in a straight line. hairdressers can absolutely go fuck themselves. they're like mcdonalds workers, can't do a simple job without fucking it up but expect you to pay ridiculous prices and then tip on top of it. I hope they all starve on the streets. last professional haircut a year ago was so bad I literally went home and cried, it took months to grow out and correct it myself.

>> No.10055118

Man I just really want to hug a lolita

>> No.10055119
File: 595 KB, 1065x1287, Screenshot_20181210-232252_Pinterest.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wow... That gives me hope

>> No.10055121 [DELETED] 

>and then tip on top of it
I think your problem might be Americans are useless rather than hairdressers being bad

>> No.10055123
File: 807 KB, 380x214, DazzlingGrouchyAxolotl-max-1mb.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

24 hours and I'll know if I've been accepted into my dream school. I'm dying, gulls, hold me.
/cgl/ related, if I get in I'll be able to buy a bunch of burando. If not, I have to pay for my other applications. Uuughhhhhhhhhhhh

>> No.10055126

Best of luck, anon!

>> No.10055129

>70 something brand main pieces
>twice that in blouses, socks, accessories, etc
>achieved every wishlist item and dream dress
>lolita isn't magical and fun anymore

i'm only nineteen and lolita has been one of the only things that makes me excited for the past four years. i see people with smaller wardrobes still feeling that happy feeling and i'm kind of jealous. i remember being a dorky tween buying her first brand and thinking it was a massive deal.

now i just load up the shopping cart and hit buy. i still like my clothes, i just want that feeling back.

>> No.10055133 [DELETED] 

>Americans are useless
>entire world is piggybacking off our gibs, military, economy, or combination of the three
Yeah? Imagine if america shrugged you freeloaders off. Europe and cucknada would have to pay for their own fucking military defense, for starters. And my taxes would be fucking lower from the lessened parasitic load. While you're still sucking directly from my teat I suggest you shut your cheese-huffing mouth.

>> No.10055136


>> No.10055137

Thank you!

>> No.10055138

Wow I'm 19 and I have like 7 main pieces

>> No.10055139 [DELETED] 
File: 152 KB, 800x800, 1536410215947.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Females die when they turn 16. This is a fact.

Females are born into a human vessel with a soul. They live their life as a cunny, full of life and passion, until around 14-16 years old when their soul departs from their body. Their body continues to fester on this earth, haunting others who inhabit it but there is no life remaining inside the corpse. There is no thought. There is no complex feeling. There is nothing behind the eyes. They are an amoeba responding to stimuli.

>> No.10055141
File: 47 KB, 439x480, 1507934465598.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>meet a very refined friend
>she's interested in classic lolita and otome
>asks me to teach her about the history of the fashion and other lolita styles
>start telling her about 2005-2015 sweet lolita and the rise of prints
>tells me that she despises the look of most prints, and sweet just seems like creepy ageplay fashion, the fact that people would wear this in public let alone sexualize acting childish is disgusting
>I get awkward about this because when I was into lolita sugary sweet was my favorite, but damn I can't defend sweet lolita looking ageplayesque
>a week goes by
>she invites me over for tea and to talk about books
>notice childrens coloring books, crayons, and toys left out half played with
>she lives alone and doesn't babysit

>> No.10055143 [DELETED] 

>Implying the only reason that American does well isn't their military industrial complex

Literally the only reason America is as rich as it is is because the world allows you to be the police of the world which funds your economy. Even without Britain and Russia, a single EU army and economy out ranks America easily, include Russia and Britain and America would be obliterated in every facet of how we judge a country.

>> No.10055145


Sure would be scary if the EU actually united the way it's supposed to and put aside their village bumpkin tier squabbles.

>> No.10055146

Oh no

>> No.10055147 [DELETED] 

You don't know what you're talking about. The United States was a wealthy, powerful country well before WWII and the post-war global economy, which I might add was designed to prevent another disastrous war from erupting in Europe.

>> No.10055148

At least we have bumpkin teir squabbles, you guys killed all your bumpkins. Now you just have texans.

>> No.10055150
File: 129 KB, 350x462, 350px-Engineertaunt1[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ain't nothin' wrong with texans, bub.

>> No.10055154 [DELETED] 

Pan-Europeanism is corrupted by post-modernism. The EU needs to be restructured in a way where it doesn't compromise the national identities of its people becasue those national identities for a lot of people are very important especially like the Polish who were dismantled and wiped out for over a hundred years. Got their independence back for 20 years and even then were constantly fighting their neighbours over border disputes and then got wiped out by the Germans, then taken over by the soviets only until 30 years ago.

Having a place to call home and a place to belong is very important especially amongst Europeans because they have very strong connections to the land.

Evidently you know nothing about the US's modern history. The US has gained it's wealth and power through militarism which is ironic since Washington stated he wanted the USA to be neutral in world affairs. Look at the invasions of Mexico, Commodore Perry threatening Japan, puppet state of the Philipines.

The USA only became the world's biggest economy during WW1 when Europeans were butchering each other in the trenches and they were selling guns to the Allies and then they entered at the back half of the war and since they were the ones with the most guns and money at the bargaining table, they got quite a large say in what happened. The US also deliberately violated international law by putting anti-submarine devices on civilian cruise liners which prompted the Germans to start targeting those liners which the US used as propaganda to drum up war support so they could jump in and save the day and take all the credit American style.

>> No.10055155

>a single EU army and economy out ranks America easily,
Factually incorrect but I agree, go to /pol/ with it. I'm here for feels, and I feel I simply wanted you to know you're an imbecile. Go get raped by a paki gang or something.
>claims to be proud boys with armories of guns at the ready
>single largest entry point for southern invasion
I may not like yuurocucks but I don't like you obese mouthy fucktards either. Go shart in a mart.

>> No.10055156 [DELETED] 


Not the US's fault ~muh identity~ preventing you guys from becoming a veritable superpower.

>> No.10055159 [DELETED] 

Never said it was the US's fault? Are you retarded? You were complaining about 'wah wah America daddies all you little bitches and you would be nothing without us' when the reality is that if America fucked off the EU could easily overcome the obstacles of not having American military homogeny and do well.

>> No.10055162

after meeting someone from /cgl/ last year, I've made it a goal for myself to become husband material in 2019

what type of things should I focus on? I already wrote down that I need to learn cooking and make myself be less of a skeleton, what other things would be good to have?

>> No.10055164 [DELETED] 


Nah I'm not that person, but you're fucking delusional if you think Europe could combine this supposed power like the Sailor Scouts if such a crisis occurred.

>> No.10055165

Are you retarded? Europe already did that. It's called NATO which America is apart of and relies on.

>> No.10055166 [DELETED] 

>The US has gained it's wealth and power through militarism
You're European lmao.

You clearly didn't read the article I posted at all. The geography of central North America is the chief reason the United States is a major world power. Involvement with Europe arguable accelerated it, but was far from responsible for it. Nevermind the fact Europeans through their own militarism started the World Wars and then came asking for supplies, money, and help.

>> No.10055168




>> No.10055170

Oh no who summoned /int/

>> No.10055174 [DELETED] 

I'm Australian so I don't have a bias if that's what you're implying.

I know that the USA has unique geography which spurred it's economic growth however if that were the case then the USA would have no reason to be as militaristic as it is, it could be self-sufficient which it simply isn't.

The USA relies on military power to ensure the stability of its dollar because we have entered into the age of global economies, isolating yourself and going 'muh geography' is a complete death sentence.

>> No.10055180

>need to learn cooking
Subjective. I'd be critically offended if my husband were a better cook than I.
>learn how to dress, and I don't mean /cgl/ fashion, everyday stuff and work stuff too
>get a decent job and have money, pay your own bills, be independent and not a neetbux or gas station attendant tier loser
>stop playing video games
>stop deathgripping your cock so it can actually get off to a pussy
>stop looking at porn 5 hours a day
>shave your neckbeard, wash your asscrack, brush your teeth twice a day
>learn how to talk without a stutter or staring at your shoes
>clean your filthy apartment and air out the mildewy cum stench
>sell your figs and comic book collection
>wash your bedding
>start working out, you don't have to be zyzz but stop being underweight, overweight, obese, mantits, or other disgusting bodytypes
>read a book, learn a skill, get a hobby
Seems like basic shit but you'd be surprised. I met someone off 4chan and they were obese literal neckbeard in ita weeb clothes with a video game addiction, couldn't put his fucking phone down, no self awareness, and other issues. He spilled spaghetti all over my floor and was generally cringy as fuck. And then he called himself "boyfriend material."
I don't understand how it's 2018 and men need to be told to stop being obese, shave their neckbeard, and stop playing video games. Imagine if some woman came in and she's obese, has dyed flame red hair in a problem cut, problem glasses, hairy legs/pits, body odor, is a chainsmoker, and has 20 cats in a pigstye of an apartment. That's what 4chan guys are like but a male version. Protip: you need to put effort in if you expect a girl who puts effort in. If not, go marry an obese 35 year old welfare queen with a halfnig kid. That's the female equivalent of a basement dweller.
SHAVE. YOUR. NECKBEARD. Literally. Why do I even need to type these words out. It takes 2 minutes. My god. Nothing dries my cunt out like a guy with pubes on his face.

>> No.10055181
File: 44 KB, 586x577, 103466b427b6de7b2c49ceee5d5e019c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

God this thread is a fucking mess

>> No.10055186

At least it should be over pretty soon, unless mods clean it out again.

>> No.10055187

I'm with you on every point except
>sell your figs and comic book collection
>stop playing video games

I gain joy from these things. The rest is general life advice on how to be successful and hygenic but those two just feel like 'I don't like these things and you shouldn't either."

>> No.10055188 [DELETED] 

You clearly don't understand post-war US foreign policy at all. After the Second World War, the US did what it always did after a major war, but three important things happened. The Soviets did not demobilize, they developed atomic weapons, and the Korean War happened. The US found itself once again behind in certain technological and doctrinal areas in Korea and thus began to maintain a much larger standing military and military industrial complex than ever before. The United States was putting itself in position to be ahead of the Soviets should WWIII occur. Furthermore, diplomatic maneuvers such as the Marshal Plan, the Brenton-Woods Agreements, and the GATT aimed to prevent another world war and the expansion of communism by promoting trade and prosperity abroad. It seems to have been effective in helping US allies prosper

>> No.10055190 [DELETED] 

That's completely irrelevant to the current argument which was 'everyone sucks the US's cummies and everyone should be grateful for cummies' which isn't true.

>> No.10055194

they probably meant that one should stop playing vidya as their only past time besides porn, which I somewhat agree with

>> No.10055199

There's a line. If you play like a few hours of video games on the weekend, alright, maybe. If it's an outright addiction it's as back as being a crack addict. Personally I had a past boyfriend with a 16 hour a day (yes really, I timed him) video game addiction to the point he slept 4-5 hours a night and barely ate anything. Personally, if a guy plays even a small amount it's a huge turnoff.
Weeb rooms are cringy and buyfags are fags. I have one item of merch. Any more than like 5-10 tops is a problem imo.

>> No.10055201

>Please don't cheat on me or randomly take issue with my fashion choices.
>or randomly take issue with my fashion choices.
Do you gulls actually run into this problem often?

>> No.10055203

That I can agree with. Video games are cool especially if you play with friends because social bonding but don't have it be your only interest.

So it is more of your personal preferences. I think video games can serve as a bonding for a couple, playing pokemon together or fighting games etc. but yeah if it's all you ever do and you can talk about nothing except video games that's a problem.

Weeb rooms are fun as long as they are clean and neatly designed not grimy figurines from being hot glued too many times and mould growing on desk mats from absorbing too much mountain dew. I like the OTT aesthetic of well designed weeb rooms.

>> No.10055204

One is too much.
>not keeping your power level completely hidden

>> No.10055205


I hope you only have 5-10 jfashion items. I'm a lolita and I don't even collect merch but yeesh.

>> No.10055210

I'll keep buying, building, painting and proudly displaying my autismbots and tiny plastic waifus, thanks.

>> No.10055213

I have zero because I'm poorfag.
Enjoy the hot glue life, if you made your choice.
>not physically sleeping next to your husbando's merch item
It fits in the palm of my hand and isn't a big deal.
I admit to being extreme on the issue but men have serious video game addiction issues. If they can't "use" responsibly they shouldn't touch the shit at all. If you're sacrificing health, sleep, sex, college, your job, and everything else in your life just for vidya it's an issue and should be treated like a drug addiction. Idk, maybe there are people who can use meth responsibly, but personally, I'd rather have someone who doesn't use at all. That's just me.
And no, I don't use social media (other than 4channel) and am not addicted to anything, conventional drug or otherwise. I only watch a few eps of anime a week, even. So I'm not being hypocritical with my demands.

>> No.10055217

>hot glue life
Nah, the girls are exclusively for spoiling with headpats and the robots are for looking cool.
Plus I wouldn't wanna damage the paintwork I put so much time into.

>> No.10055219

Men are naturally very competitive, video games are fairly low effort competitions but are designed to make you feel like it's a high stakes and high effort competition which results in feeling very good when you win or very bitter when you lose. It's easy to see why men in general like video games, low risk, high reward.

Most people just enjoy playing the game and the journey, win or lose but addicts have a problem with competition.

>> No.10055223
File: 217 KB, 512x500, 1540534431293.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy fuck, are you me? You literally just described my father. lol Seems like you had it worse tho, since you described like your 2 parents were like that. Plus your first bf.

>The relaxed/mildly melancholy vibe is more aesthetic. Let's be chill and vaguely sad.
this, this so much.

>tfw no gf to chill with on a Thursday afternoon while listening to lofi and watching comfy anime

>> No.10055227
File: 11 KB, 188x134, 1540579615920.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>get new job
>disposable income went from $50 a month to 1k
I'm going to buy all the fucking brand. All of it.

>> No.10055230
File: 210 KB, 512x460, 1538879379769.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon that replied to you in the previous thread. I'm glad that the discussion is over with you two still in good terms.

Make sure to have a blast in your trip to Japan. Perhaps in a few years you three (you, friend and friend's gf) will get to travel together and have tons of fun, but do your best for now!

>> No.10055235
File: 54 KB, 452x342, Merr christmas.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Holiday season back again
>still alone but that's okay
>watching my friends making wonderful new friends in discord and blossoming new relationships
>wishing again i had a cutie to call honey and enjoy a nice cozy time of anime and movies with
>realize I have the personality of a shark with a fork in his ass, so any attempt at finding someone that will tolerate and enjoy me is probably a big fat 0
>Games starting to feel meh nowadays
>miss my old relationship with my cheating gf
>at least i still have cosplay

sigh this sucks man

>> No.10055237

Video games get a bad rap, but they're honestly no worse than competitive sports and at least there's no chance of an actual fight. I swear, some of the dickheads I've played with/against... They have the same issues, but you couldn't accuse them of being addicted.

Yes, I realise I've conflated the issues of addiction and 'toxic' behaviour, but it was kind of alluded to.

>> No.10055259

A photo of me wearing lolita to prom with my Joseph Joestar dakimakura was posted on a cringe Reddit. Pretty great feel

>> No.10055290

Oh dear. Post it.

>> No.10055291

>at least there's no chance of an actual fight
Unless you go to a Chinese internet cafe, then ragers who lose will try to hit you over the head with their keyboard.

>> No.10055293



Here you go

>> No.10055296

>Joseph Joestar
>having a daki of an unfaithful bastard

>> No.10055309

Most embarrassing behavior.

>> No.10055312

Your coord was cute, and oddly enough that photo captured a very elegant expression. The wristcuff and hand supporting your daki is just perfect in my eyes. Good on you for leaving highschool with a bang!
>Actually checked the comments
>Mostly JoJo fans and jokes
>A couple of complaints about bonnet and/or shoes
Man I just really don't get cringe-culture.

>> No.10055319

>There are days founded by a religion basically followed by no one outside US hypocrisy.
>Oh no I dont do exactly what society tells me to do on these days!

Seriously. Running around in anime clothes and fursuits at HIV-Scat parties while pissing on people is ok. Wearing superstrange clothes and wigs in the eyes of normies? No problemo seniora its muh individualism here but boy you better obey to some crude rules about being in company at certain days of the year no matter the cost.

>> No.10055321

I specifically schedule my HIV-Scat parties on Christmas to avoid this issue.

>> No.10055331

>with her waifu pillow
>which she brought to school every day

>> No.10055333

You do understand that it has absolutely nothing to do with the societal expectation of being together with people on Christmas? It's the bitter reminder that you are alone which is one of the worst things that humans, who crave the comfort, safety and affection of others, can suffer through.

>> No.10055345

>try to hit you over the head with their keyboard.
Nah, most of the time they'll just stab you.

>> No.10055372
File: 235 KB, 849x1141, ME ALONE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wish I wasn't spending Christmas alone again, I hope next year I can get a girlfriend to love so I'm never this lonely because man this really feels rough

>> No.10055380

Your so adorable in that pic. Please marry me Cringe Gull.

>> No.10055381

Fucking terrible quality picture but good on you.

>> No.10055385

Nayrt but yes. You date someone, they seem cool, they tell you that you look good. Then when they're arguing about a different topic, it gets brought up as a point to humiliate you with.
Like, ah. You never liked it to begin with did you?

>> No.10055406

>which is one of the worst things that humans, who crave the comfort, safety and affection of others, can suffer through.
is that sarcasm or are you actually a walking parody of a type A personality?

>> No.10055408

Could you elaborate? Feelings of loneliness and isolation are some of, if not the most prevalent feelings of people with mental disorders because they are so important to humans since we are very social creatures. I don't see what could be so outlandish that it could be considered sarcasm.

>> No.10055427

Personally, people should be more open with how they feel. It is a hobby, the hobbies I got myself are fairly expensive and might be more of a waste of money compared to a nice dress. Why would anyone be with someone they can't stand? Like fuck off bro lol.

>> No.10055429

> be me, stationed overseas with SO for the past 4 years, haven't lived back home since
> SO works so much that he is barely home and when he does come home, he just sleeps until he has to work again (this hasn't bothered me in the past but for some reason right now, not being able to talk to anyone made me severely depressed)
> be suicidal for the past year from loneliness, overthinking and anxiety but don't want friends because i find everyone annoying and have trust issues (it's a vicious cycle)
> try to feel better by looking to go back to college
> anxiety kicks in because i remember that i did not do so well in high school because of being depressed and suicidal
> overthink too much, incredibly indecisive about what i want to study and that i'll probably fail because i'll be too depressed to do schoolwork again like in high school
> decide not to go back to school this year... again.
> barely even make it to my job without having panic attacks
> fills empty void with cute japanese clothes
> feelsbadman.jpg

>> No.10055434

>Depressed, suicidal, anxiety the 3 magical words
If you are lonely why not join a discord group.
If you can't make it irl why not try online?
You don't have spend time with people everyday once a week will go a long way. Also by "he" you mean your bf or husband if you are lonely I am certain they can take some time off for you. That's what I would do if someone is in need. Wish you luck on sorting out your thoughts. You should find something that makes you feel alive.

>> No.10055435

Absolutely based. Never change

>> No.10055438

>Then when they're arguing about a different topic, it gets brought up as a point to humiliate you with.
I cannot stand people who argue like this. Stick to the goddamn topic.

>> No.10055439

10/10 am going to cosplay as Joseph soon and would take the place of that daki, going to prom in cosplay

>> No.10055442

This is fucking majestic thanks for existing.

>> No.10055447

Other than the SO part (I have no SO which is some ways is better than one you never see) I relate to this very hard especially the vicious cycle of being lonely but finding everyone annoying.

>Get lonely
>Try to meet people
>I can suppress my autism and anxiety long and hard enough to actually come off as really charming
>After a few months get really irritated and bored of the people
>Cut all contact and never speak to them again without explanation
>Feel bad about doing so but too embarrassed to apologise
>Rinse and repeat

I don't know what's wrong with me but damn, I just want someone to cuddle with me.

>> No.10055474

I want nothing more than to get a girl pregnant and go with her through that process. Something so wholesome and warms my soul about getting the girl I love pregnant.

Fucking hate kids though.

>> No.10055489

Yeah, especially wholesome is knowing you’re not someone to ruin your frame, hair, teeth, career and following life.

>> No.10055508
File: 1.11 MB, 1920x1080, 1528641460364.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no gull gf with an impregnation fetish but no actual desire for children

>> No.10055513

that’s what planned parenthood is for, anon

>> No.10055517

Maybe I can just get a girl who's into pregnancy rolepay and get one of those pregnancy trainer things.

>> No.10055521


>> No.10055522


>> No.10055533

This board makes me feel like a total normalfag at times.

>> No.10055539

Same, makes me really think my life isn’t so bad

>> No.10055542

I wouldn't go that far.

>> No.10055545

Listen man, even though I don’t have a girlfriend, mild depression, and shitty school debt at least I’m not as bad as some of these lads

>> No.10055547

What lads specifically?

>> No.10055550

Don't kink shame me you piece of shit I'll fucking end you.

>> No.10055551

I would never want to be you for example.

Do you want to fill out an application to be my girlfriend?

>> No.10055552

You know who they are, but I jest I just think I shouldn’t be complaining about my life as hard as I do

You’re a feisty one this morning, did you forget to rub one out?

>> No.10055553

>Do you want to fill out an application to be my girlfriend?
I'm a fucking guy but I can certainly try. With enough makeup and a wig I'm sure I can put my twink body to good use.

>> No.10055554

No I'm just dying of flu and I'm really bored sitting in bed all day so I thought I would act deliberately aggressive to try and stir some conversation since I have no friends or family.

>> No.10055558

Well atleast you’re being truthfu, and honestly same. I’ve been awake for 3 hours just laying in bed hopping I can become tired enough to go back to sleep because I’m extremely lonely

>> No.10055560

>because I’m extremely lonely


Tinder only offers me so much enjoyment and relief from loneliness but I'm too chickenshit to ever ask the girls out and I just flake on them if they ask me out. I just wanna talk to you because girls are cool, I don't actually want to go near you, gross.

>> No.10055561

Lucky for you lad I’m not a girl, and I have all the confidence in the world to talk to girls I just come off as a babbling idiot when I notice that she’s cute. I haven’t had a girlfriend in almost 4 years so I can feel my will to go on failing

>> No.10055562

but your parents are right about all of this....

>> No.10055564

That's great, but I was referring to myself.

>> No.10055565

I just don't care at this point.

Maybe some mutual low-impact affection like lap pillows, spooning, gentle massages, positive affirmations and head pats are cool but just like I don't want more.

>> No.10055570

robots get out

>> No.10055573

Oh well... there’s always your health

I’m just so exhausted from trying I just don’t think there any point for it best just work on myself

>> No.10055578

I have a very deep desire to get married and have children one day

>> No.10055580

It's not that I'm exhausted. I'm just not totally interested at the moment but still crave some physical closeness without a romantic or sexual relationship but it's difficult to explain that to normies without coming off as loopy.

I've tried it once before and resulted in the girl after a couple of months getting me ridiculously drunk under the guise that it was my birthday and she rented out a hotel room for me so I felt a little guilty rejecting her requests to feed me more drinks, then she tried to rape me but a blessed ~13 glasses of wine and 6-7 shots plus whatever else I don't remember being forced into me basically had my dick asleep.

>> No.10055583

I wish I could get this lucky, I am very picky when it comes to the girls I like, I’ve always loved shorter skinnier girls(flat chests are nice) especially dorky girls but I just never see myself try hard enough to get with one, but when it comes to the more conventional attractive girls they have such cardboard personalities that it kills their beauty for me

>> No.10055587

Not in London but near

>> No.10055589

I too am fond of short, petite, flat chested and cute girls. I know if I had to start looking they would definitely be where I would start.

Conventionally attractive girls make me feel too boyish. I have a very boyband aesthetic to me (been told by customers I look like harry styles, those comments have dwindled since I cut my hair shorter) so being with a very sexy and mature looking girl makes me feel 'inadequately masculine' I guess is the best way to put it. I'm pretty laid back in terms of personality as long as they have interests because interesting people are interesting.

My last girlfriend loved makeup, was very good at it and got featured on a couple of instagram pages so it was very easy to talk to her, just talk about makeup and then branch off into whatever. I find that when people are passionate about what they're talking about, even if you have zero knowledge and interest in the topic they can make it interesting for you. Because despite having little interest in makeup it was genuinely pleasurable for me to have her talk to me about the things she liked and watching her light up even if she knew I was just humouring her.

>> No.10055590

Drop a throwaway then

>> No.10055592

I’m glad we are having this conversation anon, I feel like I am actually making a connection here, but unfortunately I’m getting sleeby so ima head back to sleep

>> No.10055627
File: 75 KB, 602x839, 1516490952194.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm >>10055439 and I'm seriously considering finding an artist to make a drawing of this lolita and use it with my Dakimakura while cosplaying Joseph. Convince me not to.

>> No.10055629

Why not?

>> No.10055632

Do it faggot

>> No.10055633

I'm not sure I can find an artist willing to draw it.

>> No.10055635

Artists are whores. You have money and they will give you things for it.

>> No.10055637

>You have money
nice meme.

>> No.10055641

Time to give up now then, self-defeatist-kun.

>> No.10055642


>tfw a cosplayer of your husbando wants a dakimakura of you

>> No.10055646

I'm NOT defeatist

>tfw a lolita went out wearing a dakimakura of the character you're cosplaying this weekend
>tfw you need to step up your game and make a dakimakura of her

>> No.10055648

Your next line is "I'm going to do this. Gambatte."

>> No.10055649

As the cringe lolita herself, I'm telling you to please do it

>> No.10055650

It annoys me when people say gambatte and sempai. Like I understand that they are genuine variations in translations but fuck it pisses me off when people use m instead of u.

>> No.10055651

n not fucking u

I want to die

>> No.10055653

It's okay. A u is just and upside down n.

>> No.10055656

Perhaps you would prefer 頑張って?

>> No.10055659

im australian so letters are hard


>> No.10055660


I hate auto-kanji failing, it's 4am it'l too early for this...

>> No.10055661
File: 56 KB, 585x464, 1520500549512.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>she's right here
are you willing to provide a better pic so I can print it?
I.. I might really do it. I think I'm going to do this.

>> No.10055665



勉強。出来ます。 Gambatte.

>> No.10055668


>> No.10055673

I don't really have a better picture, sorry. Is that one good enough?

>> No.10055677

I'm afraid it might not look good when I print it. The resolution is too low, plus it would be cropped.

btw you look awesome in that pic.

>> No.10055687

I actually might have more images of myself in that coord. Idk if they'll be good enough, but I'll check my phone

>> No.10055697
File: 810 KB, 320x320, 1541143560681.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just got my first brand top. It's an AP top I can't find on lolibrary but I'm just so happy to have it. I feel so nice in it. I-Is this what everyone else feels like all the time? No wonder they shit on Taobao people then. It feels like the top of the world.

>> No.10055698

that's great, could you drop a throw away just in case?

congrats anon

>> No.10055699
File: 1.69 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_1702.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Okay, I found this one. It's not a full body pic, I'm missing my wristcuffs, it's flipped because I used a mirror, and I look sad because I took it after struggling to tie my bonnet for a while, but it should be clearer than the other one at least. Maybe you can use both of them. I'll send a picture of the dress itself too so you can see the print clearly

>> No.10055700

Shit, I did not expect it to be sideways. Sorry about that

>> No.10055701
File: 141 KB, 501x584, IMG_6242.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And here's the dress

>> No.10055723

Ya'll beter promise to share the magnificent product of this. Possibly just posting it in the drawthread, but fuck yeah.

Also, Jojo-kun, please make sure the artist you comission has experience drawing dakimakuras. I've seen way too many low quality Homestuck "first try to draw this perspective and sheets" being passed off as holy grails of quality.

>> No.10055735
File: 339 KB, 528x540, 1526712341441.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

u look cute! The resolution is much better, though you're missing the smugish face from that other pic.I believe this is good enough for a commission. If I go with cropping you a pic, I gonna go with the original.

>Ya'll beter promise to share the magnificent product of this. Possibly just posting it in the drawthread, but fuck yeah.
I'm kinda scarred of posting myself on 4chan, but I gonna deliver it at least to daki-chan. Then she's free to do anything with the pic I think

>Also, Jojo-kun, please make sure the artist you comission has experience drawing dakimakuras. I've seen way too many low quality Homestuck "first try to draw this perspective and sheets" being passed off as holy grails of quality.
Do you have any artist to recommend? I'm thinking of asking Pencils to do it (he draws a Bowsette comic).

Also, I might go with cropping her pic instead because money is an issue. I can get a free print, not sure if I can pay for a commission right now

>> No.10055748

I wish I had dorky Lolita gf this Christmas, also why do small asian girls look so cute in Lolita(not to bring down others) I really like them in Lolita it’s so adorable makes my heart burst

>> No.10055838

>another cgl couple

>> No.10055857

>go to my therapist to talk about how to resolve my issues relating to sex and sexuality
>he recommended finding someone in polyamory to help me grow accustomed to normal sex

>> No.10055859

Hey anon, I'm an artist and this project seems like a lot of fun. I don't need any pay.
Here's my throwaway email: [email protected]

>> No.10055861

Elaborate please anon I’m curious

>> No.10055868

I've posted about this before, but my first sexual experience was assault, a neighborhood girl did stuff like take me into her room and flash me (I got in trouble when I went to our moms) and forcibly kiss me, and my mom always ranted to me about how men are terrible in front of me and would occasionally treat me more like a boyfriend after my parents divorced. Today we both reached the conclusion I need to actually have sex as a part of putting this all behind me. The polyamory thing was one of his ideas

>> No.10055921
File: 59 KB, 560x564, AlcoholicCat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Tokyo Rebel closes online store
>60-70% off says Facebook post
>Posted one hour ago
>Lolita section is absokutely picked clean except some shoes and jewelry
>Tfw could have bought Sweety Grapy Fox Cub for 82$

I-i'm not upset.

>> No.10055924

So you are single and have issues so your therapist wants you to finf a relationship without issues so you can enter it and learn? Am i getting this right?

>> No.10055926

Fuck. I feel like having a drink from you posting that. There's always a next time though.

>> No.10055932

That is correct

>> No.10055953

It would probably be healthier to find a relationship with another person that you love. If you want a poly relationship that is good . But if you want a regular one that is OK, or a gay relationship. IDK why they want you in a ploy relationship. Seems like anything healthy will do.

>> No.10055964

The idea is take get me comfortable enough with having sex and being intimate that it issues I have don't fuck up a normal relationship or continue to prevent one from happening. Not saying I'm going to do it.

>> No.10055976

nayrt but it sounds like your therapist is better off recommending an escort service, like genuinely. Escorts have a job to make you feel comfortable with yourself and what's happening whilst you get experience with the romantic, sensual and sexual sides of meeting a woman but there is no obligation or judgement. She is there to do what you ask and you can't disappoint unless you pay.

I know one of my biggest fears when trying with girls is being a disappointment as a lover.

>> No.10055979

unless you don't pay*

>> No.10055982

Hey, thanks for offering to help! just sent you an e-mail

>> No.10055983

>nakadashi/impreg fetish
>don't want to give birth
>don't want kids
>abortions are expensive and scary (I guess? never had one)
tfw no bf with that sperm killing gel injection in his dick so he can creampie me all day long. MEN. Go rally to get this miracle gel more commonplace.

>> No.10055984

Infertile anon checking in.

I could pour a bucket of my cum into you and if you got pregnant I'd break up with you for cheating.

>> No.10055986

>tfw scars all over body
>men always ask about them in this dreamy voice like i got them from fighting dragons or something
>i was a tomboy when younger and had to have a lot of moles removed, it isn't romantic at all and I'm self conscious about them
Dear men, please stop talking before you say stupid shit like this, like I'm not already upset enough. I just want milky white perfect scarless princess skin but no. On top of it I have a lot of freckles (some on face, tons on body) and kojic acid soap is doing NOTHING. Fuck my ancestors. Fuck religitards. I wish they had that chinese genetic engineering back when I was a fetus.

>> No.10055987

Freckles are cute though.

>> No.10055988

No. I want milky white princess skin. And moles are always fucking ugly and I was born with like 20 of the fuckers. So now I have a bunch of cigarette burn looking scars all over and when men ask about them I want to murder them.

>> No.10055996

Embrace your freckles anon. Freckles are cute.

I can understand about feeling self-conscious about scars and that. I have alopecia areata meaning when I get very stressed (which happens more often than I want it to) my hair will fall out in patches leaving small bald spots, especially on the sides of my head. It makes me incredibly anxious just looking in the mirror which only makes the stress worse and then I do the best I can to cover them up but people always fucking ask about it.

Do you ask why people are bald? Do you ask why someone has crooked teeth? Do you ask why someone has a lazy eye? No. Fuck off and don't point it out. I could understand if I was seeing someone regularly and they asked me hey what it is up with that because of sheer curiosity not any malice but people I don't know very well asking really hits my confidence because then I am fully aware of how noticeable it is.

But I think be glad you have guys taking interest in you and wanting to know, I assume these have been during romantic encounters.

>> No.10056002

Rather one sided (their side) but sure. And that sucks man. I have like zero anxiety ever like a tibetan monk...anxiety disorders are weird. I think I'm just too lazy to be anxious. I bet if you say "I got in a fight with a lawnmower" people would laugh.
and no, i want princess skin. I'm going to drown myself in kojic acid until I get what I want. Those damned brown indians get their skin white somehow, I should be able to erase a few damned freckles.
>tfw wearing long sleeves and hoodies even in 100F weather just to avoid sun exposure
To hell with the sun.

>> No.10056005

I have some of the worst anxiety ever. I get nervous just leaving my room to walk to the kitchen and I think I'm developing agoraphobia.

I just a have a general rule with appearance based comments. Unless it's completely positive or it's something that the person can fix in that instance like having a booger in your nose, sleep in your eyes or something on your face, don't say it ever unless you are someone very close to that person.

I think freckles are very cute but if they aren't something that make you happy it can't hurt to try especially if it makes you feel better. Just know they aren't ugly by any means, they're just a different aesthetic of cute.

>> No.10056008

I mean if were to straight up pay, surrogate partner therapy would probably be a better idea. For now, I'll just think this side of things over and take some of the less raunchy suggestions, like taking up yoga.

>> No.10056011

I wasn't aware this existed. I've wanted some sort of male contraceptive pill for a long time, but this sounds close enough. Tell me more.

>> No.10056015

I hate freckles too, my own and others'. If you ever find a solution, make sure you post it here.

>> No.10056055

My wife died of an accidental prescription overdose 3 months ago. We had a son, which keeps me alive and moving "forward" but everything is still shit. Even the good moments I have with him just hurt knowing what she's missing out on. I will be alone.

I feel like finding someone new is exactly what I need to actually move forward to build a new life, but I'm so fundamentally broken there is no way I could find and maintain a relationship. Worst chicken/egg scenario.

>> No.10056133
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>No time to work on cosplay during week because infinite sleeping problems
>No motivation to work on cosplay during weekends because of said sleep problems
>Ended up ordering secondary choice cosplays on Taobao
>Like how they look. Feel like shit that I won't have a new cosplay at ALA that I made myself.

>Try to announce a Cosplay gathering in a Discord
>Another cosplayer decides they need to immediately post their photo with a "like and give money plz" link to their donation website.

And because Christmas a shit
>Con friends buy me presents every year
>I told them two years ago not to buy me presents, I'm only buying for family
>Now I'm obligated to buy for them because they ignored my request for two years because morals and guilt.

>> No.10056145

>Now I'm obligated to buy for them
No you're not. Be strong and stress that you told them not to buy you anything. Worked for me.

>> No.10056147
File: 2.73 MB, 600x396, 1500271045402.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Tfw trauma around alcohol due to parent being alcoholic and abusive
>It's that time of the year again
>Bf's cousin is coming over for Christmas
>Party girl sort of person, is going to go clubbing
>Bf wants to spend time with her so he's decided to go clubbing
>Decide not to go with him because anxiety, club is too loud, too many people, trauma flares from drunks etc
>Get sad because nightclubs are scary but don't want to be a bitch about it and pussywhip him into not going
>Get worried that if he goes he'll get super drunk and come home smashed and will trigger my trauma even more
>Get worried that he'll cheat on me at the club even though it's an unreasonable thought to have that's anxiety driven and probably won't happen
Fuck Christmas, honestly. I know I'm being unreasonable even complaining about it like this and I'm going to let him go regardless, but I'm just going to end up getting upset and triggered regardless of what happens. I wish it wasn't like this, I feel like such a piece of shit.

>> No.10056172

Have you never seen your boyfriend drunk before?

>> No.10056188

Men have the upper hand here. single moms are trashy but single fathers are dilf-y. idk senpai that sucks but in like a year or so start thinking about the dating scene. take care of yourself in the meantime.
fucking google it
>my father was an alcoholic
>mom addicted to various hippie drugs
>both chainsmokers
>I have a violent dislike of cigarettes to the point I'll refuse to date a smoker and give a filthy look to anyone smoking in my presence
>100% fine with alcohol and love me 1-2 on the weekend
I don't like drunks though. Things are funny, drinking is fine but cigs are like no-way not at all. Also try to go with him, shit happens at clubs right? Be there to make sure his drunken whore ass remains yours.
I don't know how it's 2018 and people still smoke. It stinks and gives you cancer and sucks away all your money, it's totally lower class and retarded. Someone gets on the bus and sits near me and reeks like a god damned ashtray and I either have to hold my shirt over my face or move. How do you walk around like that? wtf is wrong with people.

>> No.10056189

>How do you walk around like that?
I don't think they even smell it anymore.

>> No.10056199

Regardless of your past trauma, many people have issues determining what a normal relationship is. Maybe find someone you trust and who has genuine feelings of compassion and grow from it. You may make some mistakes, but everyone makes mistakes in relationships. You just have to learn to be comfortable communicating how you feel. Then you can try sex, which may not turn out perfect at first, but you talk with your partner before, during, and after to figure out what works for you both. When you find someone who truly cares about you it's easy to talk about these things. And don't be scared to talk about your issues if you're in a relationship with someone. I know I worried about future relationships and sex after being raped by my ex, but my current boyfriend knew my concerns and worked with me. Things are normal now, but we've had difficult times because of it, and I feel lucky he supported me through it.

>> No.10056205

I don't have trauma but I do have issues with sex. What really helped me was dateing two very religious girls. Back to back relationships where sex wasn't an option really helped put things in perspective. Comming out of these relationships and getting a bit older has put what I want in clear focus.

Now I'm starting something new with a wonder girl. Funny thing is I think she is going to want to get me in bed soon. I can hold out forever through. It might be fun to flip the script and have the girl begging for sex for the first time in history.

>> No.10056482


>> No.10056824

I'm so sorry anon. I don't think I can have children so my hope is to someday find a boyfriend with children and be a happy family, since all I ever wanted was a family.

Either way, I know I'm not the only one, and some of us have been very hurt and are broken and struggling as well. As long as you are willing to try hard and put in the effort to grow with another person, it's always possible. Just please don't give up. Don't let yourself become stagnant.. both for yourself as well as your son.

>> No.10057976

Holy shit how do I stop throwing up

>> No.10057976,1 [INTERNAL] 

first post

>> No.10064861

Are we allowed to post if we are the bf?

>> No.10065209
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I fucking hate cosplay don't fucking take something and perfect as 2d and then sully it with your 3d bullshit you fucking subhuman pig fucks fuck you

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