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Previous thread: >>10025716

Ask all your lolita and other jfash questions here. For any cosplay questions, your best bet is the cosplay help thread.

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I want to know this too. Where to buy knee high lace up boots nowadays?

I'm okay with hot glue but only if you're not over charging like 90% of Etsy sellers.

Kind of? It grows thinner and thinner as you get your sessions, and at times individual hairs do seem to fall out. Mostly hair just kind of... Stops appearing after several sessions. But because you do the IPL with your hair shaved as close as possible, you never get a gross "clumps of hair falling out" experience. Also it doesn't really burn your hair unlike what the other anon said, otherwise it would smell awful. If you want a much more effective and less painful experience though, choose laser over IPL.

Lace Market and Facebook groups are the hubs for Western sales. For Japanese Fril and Mercari are the current top dogs.
>best cheapest
Don't skimp too hard on the petti, anon. Aurora and Ariel is good though. So is melikestea

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If I consume the flesh of my enemies will I obtain their wardrobes?

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I bought a lot of Angelic Pretty replicas when I was 12 and didn't know any better. Soon after I bought them, I realized that replicas were looked down upon in the community and much lower quality than real brand. They've just been sitting in my closet for 7 years since then. I'd like to get rid of them, but I'm pretty sure print replicas are banned from most sales communities. How do you recommend I sell them? Is my best option to try selling them on ebay?

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Ask other lolitas in your comm if they want to make something with it, like pillow cases or something

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theres a few replica friendly groups, I recommend selling them on ebay though for cheap, normies will buy them

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i mean WW, CC, LM, Mercari (both japanese and american sites have them listed right now), fril, etc all have knees high lace up lolita boots. Especially right now. I know for a fact the western mercari has a pair of red meta boots i really want but are a size too small for me

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I've actually been thinking about buying a replica so i can sew a child's dress with it what ones do you have anon

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Sell to normies

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Sell it at a convention

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Do any taobao brands have cutsews? Specially for sweet.

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Nayrt i have an aatp jsk replica in blue im trying to get rid of

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How is Meta with restocking shoes? I know they take a while to restock other things but I'm dying to get their platform boots.

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Which print is it? I want to find one that matches a print my friend will eventually get since it's for her baby girl

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Does AP respond to messages about their stock photos? There's a dress that I want from them, but the lace looks like a completely different, unmatching color to the rest of the piece and I want to know if it looks like that in person or just online.

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Which dress?

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Are you kidding me?

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I think you're better off trying to find worn pics of the dress or asking anons around here who own it. Probably will get an answer faster than from AP, if they ever even answer. Try searching the name of that dress on Instagram.

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Vioretta in wine.
There are absolutely none out there.

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I could swear there was a lolita washing spreadsheet (other than the old page on lj) but I can’t seem to dig it up anywhere. Anybody have a link?

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I see a bunch on Instagram using the Vioretta tag.

Although I think there were multiple releases for it..

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I am specifically looking for the wine colorway. I know what the other releases look like. I've checked the tag multiple times, in fact it was the first place I checked.

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One of my favorite jsks has some loose threads near the shirring. What do? I don't want to just cut them if that will make it worse....

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how would I go about making a sweater like pic related? I've seen a few shitty white mage hoodies, but they're like $100 and shitty looking.

Can I dye the triangles in, or do I have to sew the triangles on? what should I make the triangles out of? can I just use a threadripper on the pocket, or do I need to try to find a pocketless hoodie?

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there's one of the premade ones. it isn't quite what I'd want anyway, because the red triangles shouldn't be on the hood or sleeves. it's also $110 dollars for what is clearly just a big pile of garbage.

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Wasn't someone asking like this exact same thing in the last thread, but for a dress?

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Go look in the QTDDTOT thread. That's where I saw someone with the same question except with a dress.

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thanks my dude. I'm gonna try the iron on option. any thoughts on the pocket/pouch removal?

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Try knotting them several times and then trimming them?

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Peppermint Fox
>#1 burning question
How does one become a member of the Adventurer's Club?
>#2 general question
When does the chocolate collection go on sale? I haven't gotten an email about it yet.

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Pretty sure Adventurer’s Club is just joining their mailing subscription.

Also the chocolate collection was already released, it’s sold out now.

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I got bored and decided to make this in one of those custom printing shirt websites. I kind of like it but I want some second opinions.

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Take that streetwear shit to /fa/

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Does the colour of the Angelic pretty's tag mean anything? (I have dresses in pink and purple tags)

Do altered dresses (size altering) always sell for cheaper?

is there any way to dress otome style, but goth?

bless u good anons

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jfash is jfash

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Echoing other anons to sell to normies on eBay, they usually buy them if they're cheap. Otherwise if you're good at sewing, make them into pillowcases or an ironing board cover.

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>anime = jfash
Get a load of this guy.

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Read this and had to check what board I was on...

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>I control the definition of jfash


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I have a few questions, do you cosplay girls have really high standards?
Seriously, you girls all want your men to look like yohio, but the majority of you are at the best plain faced, or at worse fat ass- homely cows.

What makes you think you are hot shit? I have seen it too, you are all either with fembois or really geeky looking fuckers, no inbetween.

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rating 1/10

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>tag colors
The purple tag is meant to be their “mature” line, its normally solids or more demure prints. The pink is their “cutesy” line, so all the prints and colorful things and themed items. I know i read it somewhere and I’ll have to get back to you with the source. This is a semi-new development because older items will have only pink tags. T. Someone with too much ap

>altered items
Short answer- yes because its no longer in original condition. Things altered to be smaller especially, but at least for bigger you can undo it and get it back to normal measurements. This can be dangerous however, as ive seen botched “undos” and they sell for much cheaper because lace/shirring/ribbon gets damaged

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My waist is 82 is it a good idea to buy lucky bags(btssb)?

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Lucky packs are generally more size accommodating since the backs are fully shirred. If the item isnt shirred though, dont get it.

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Is Japonica reliable for reservations/preorders?

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Speaking of Vioretta, I’m interested in it and the Katrina OP in black.

lostweight recently and still am working to lose more but I’ve never owned an OP. I’m so afraid to even try hunting for either because my shoulders and rib cage. Is there any elastic in either of the waists and are the arm holes on either super small?

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No, theyre only good for things already in stock and can take up to 48 hours to respond. And iirc they arent taking any new customers

Katrina does not have any elastic except at the edge of the sleeves, anon, and the torso isnt very shoulder-friendly :(

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how the fuck do I order from maiden clothing, their fill out form is making my brain hurt (even with google translate). I think I figured out what country is the USA but I'm dying trying to figure out my state (Florida).

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Last email I got (other than the restock) was on Nov 7th and it was for series 7 which is the honey one. No email about series 8 which is the chocolate one.

And I'm pretty sure members of the Adventurer's Club get a special email with a password to log into the different series before they're release to regular people, even those on the mailing list.

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This one?

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How do I stop having tacky taste under the guise of "experimenting"???

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I've ordered from them twice and I'm pretty sure there is no way to select your state. They tell you just to pick a random prefecture and type out your whole address in the notes column whenever you make an order.

Just make sure your "zip" is 000-0000 and America will either be アメリカ (America) or 海外 (foreign/overseas).

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>victim girls
Wear it and let us know if anyone goes all #metoo at you.

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Please help me to identify this dress. It is labeled as AP but no print name, and why does it look so damn washed out? Should I trust?

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It’s Candy Sprinkle, lucky pack dress. Unfortunately it is that shitty no matter what color you’re looking for, so be advised.

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Oh yikes, okay thanks anon for the honesty. Cute print but at what cost, ya know.

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I had bought a dress from a girl on LM close to 3 months ago and she's gone radio silent from not messaging me from September. I honestly don't know what to do in this situation and I probably know I'm never going to be getting the dress I paid for... What do i do?

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Thanks a lot, kind anon!

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File a PayPal dispute, dumbass.

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Do scans of the patterns in Otome no Sewing Books exist? If so where can I get them?

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Nayrt but doesn't that only work if it's within a month?

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Only ever saw one, I think (don't have the link anymore, sorry).

They're low returns to scan as generally people complain about how annoying it is to put the pattern pieces back together. Plus scanners generally want to give you a look at the available designs to encourage you to buy the book, if nobody buys OnS anymore then the magazine company simply stops publishing altogether, and we lose yet another lolita publication.

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Idk if it's different for international but if you're in the US you have 180 days

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Does anyone know where I can get pure white lace-topped knee socks? Preferably with no brand logo. The only ones I've found are either off-white and/or with a brand logo.

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Why does Baby the stars website doesn't show any payment methods?

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Not looking for how to wash in general, but a list of specific prints and how they’ve been washed. Thank you though!

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If I get a preorder item from lolitawardrobe in my order of multiple items when the rest of the items are on regular time, does the whole package become on the preorder time schedule?

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I don't know if you're asking for lifesize patterns (sorry I don't sew), but a nice anon translated and shared in the handmade thread. Patterns near the end

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Is mixing items from different styles a faux pas? Like wearing sweet shoes with a gothic dress? How much leeway is there?

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If you can make it cohesive and aesthitically pleasing, it's fine. People mix and match styles all the time. That's how you get substyles like bittersweet.

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Why are buttons on brand dresses sewn so loosely? This has been the case with AP, AatP, IW, and Meta. Luckily no buttons have ever fallen off but some have been close. I've just gotten into the habit of sewing them tighter once I receive them, but it's weird to me that the brands would sew them this way when they pay so much attention to everything else. Is there an actual reason for this?

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Thanks anons, I went with another SS in the end. I did see their notice from November on the homepage but geez is it normal for them to restrict orders to 'members' for weeks? Womp womp

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>Falling for the bittersweet meme

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Are we talking about the special print sets or the blind lucky bags?

The special print sets (like pic) you can see the contents so you can check how much shirring the dress has. (None has been released for 2019 so far but I don't if you're hunting last years' sets)

The blind lucky packs like the ones they recently announced where the items are regular releases are much more iffy. If you're a large gal, just be aware that you may end up getting some smaller-sized blouses, onepieces or salopettes that are too small for you. 82cm waist you can certainly fit something, but also definitely not fit some things. It's up to you if you decide it's worth your while to take that chance. Anything that doesn't fit you can sell off on lacemarket for a low price. (I mean, you could also search lacemarket for things other people are selling off, but if it's attractive and has shirring generally it's not going to be a low price).

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There's a thing called a thread shank for buttons. The button is sewn loosely to prevent too much tension on the fabric underneath (so the button doesn't tear right off from the tension).

Here you can even see they're using a matchstick so that when it's removed, the button will actually be loose.

Not sure if that's what you mean. I know someone else said some of IW's decorative buttons are sewn on really lazily because they don't do anything, so they don't bother sewing them on properly.

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I gotta admire that they have the integrity to turn down new orders and extra profits so that they can make sure they have enough time and energy to take care of their existing customers' orders, instead of taking on too much, messing everything up and burning out like Buynosaur.

Sucks to hear you're unable to use them, though.

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I've had AP buttons come off and noticed that the thread wasn't tied, just looped a couple of times. They're not taking the time to sew the buttons in properly.

>> No.10056080

Aintaina on Taobao is the only place I can rely on to have these shoes for my clown feet

>> No.10056087


I've had buttons fall off all kinds of items from several different lolita brands. Cuff buttons, front buttons, waist tie buttons. I just roll my eyes and sew them back on.

>> No.10056092

>(so the button doesn't tear right off from the tension).
I never knew that! I always just sewed the button tightly if it fell off. Thanks for this anon!

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My WW package has been sitting as "posting/collection" for 3 days. It's EMS. Usually 3 days is all it takes to get to my apartment in the US.

Does the "posting/collection" status mean the post office even received it? Did someone steal it already? I've never had an EMS order just sit like that before.

The silver lining is that I'd at least get my money back if it was lost. But I rather have my dress.

>> No.10056130

it’s the holiday season be patient

>> No.10056140

I know. I'm hoping it's just that. I had another EMS package also from Japan shipped one day before the WW one, and it's already got here. That's why I got worried.

>> No.10056143

You should be worried, your package will never come because it's been lost and you won't ever get your money back

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This thread is full of hate tonight apparently.

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Their website only has off-white and antique white available, unless one of those is actually pure white?

>> No.10056216


"off white" is usually code for "warm white". Asian burandos rarely do cold-toned white because it looks like shit on yellow-toned Asian skin, so most of them will do warm white. Since all of the Japanese burandos do that, "off white" will generally match other burando "white", so you really only need to worry about matching it to your non-burando stuff.

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How do they measure shoulder width on closet child and wunderwelt?

>> No.10056248

I'd like to start posting coords somewhere, but I'm not really sure where. My main options are COF and instagram, basically. There's lookbook I guess, but it feels too normie. I'd like to avoid creepers (fetishists and the like) as much as possible. The upside of instagram is that i could post coords that aren't strictly lolita, but I kind of feel like I'm too old to use instagram and it seems like kind of a hassle and the impression that I get is that it's very shallow and you have to start caring a lot about follower interaction in a way I'm not really comfortable with. I don't care about getting a lot of likes or anything, I'd just like to connect with some people who are also into the fashion since I'm a lonelita. What do you guys use, what's your preference?

>> No.10056249

Shoulder point to shoulder point, generally. Though iirc at least WW measures their clothing on a table so the measurements might be off from how it falls when worn.

>> No.10056251

>I'm too old to use instagram
I didn't realize there's an age limit on social media. Sure it's full of younger people but there are plenty of adults using it for various purposes.

>you have to start caring a lot about follower interaction
I don't think this is a must, really, unless you aim to be e-famous, which you clearly don't. Just tag your posts properly so people can actually see them and you should be fine. Alternatively you can use twitter, the Japanese lolitas favor it and you'll be able to tag the brands directly, but it's not as comfortable to use for making connections, at least in my opinion.

>> No.10056252

Instagram is by no means a kid thing

>> No.10056254

Nayrt but I look better(or at least I feel like I look better) in colder whites. am I doomed to find blouses and socks? I wear mostly sweet btw

>> No.10056259

I think AP's whites tend to be stark white instead of off white, just make sure to read color descriptions and listings to be extra sure before you buy.

>> No.10056273

Ebay or Aliexpress. They're glaringly white. You'll want to remove the cheap ass ribbon though. Lace is not great but acceptable cotton lace.

>> No.10056276

Agree. Japonica has always been fantastic every time I've used them. I've been using them since about 2011 and have no plans to switch.
>>10055993 I highly recommend going with Japonica if/when they start taking new customers again. They always respond within 24 hours, last time I ordered I was up late at night (so daytime in Japan) and had some questions and they replied to all of my emails within 5 minutes!

>> No.10056317

Uh, what are the chances that a Japanese store restock a sold out item that was released back in September?
I want to buy a blouse from Bubbles real bad. Currently they have another blouse I'm interested that's low in stock, idk if it's worth it to wait.

>> No.10056362

What do you do when you have run out of coord inspiration? I'm having a meet tomorrow but there is nothing I want to wear. My head just feels completely empty and the fancier coords I had in mind have completely escaped from me.

>> No.10056373

Learn coding and make your own website.

>> No.10056380

AP is very white. Just double check on lolibrary, sometimes they have stark white and offwhite.

>> No.10056392

Where can I find a good quality schoolbag like in the pic shown? I'd like to use it for school. A Japanese brand is strongly preferred desu.

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File: 67 KB, 800x600, 800px-Japanese_school_bag.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Forget the picture ...

>> No.10056407

Yeah, I think this might be it! I can actually separate the button from the dress and see this loop of thread there, I never knew there was an actual reason for it. Very informative anon, thank you!

>> No.10056450

Where does everyone find their oldschool pieces? I'm constantly checking Closet Child, Mbok and Wunderwelt and there's not much... Any tips or better places to find? Thanks!

>> No.10056454

Yahoo auctions for sure. You probably won't find any on closet child desu, I never see them list old school but I don't check super closely

>> No.10056459


>> No.10056462

Ntaryt but do you have links to listings of lace-topped knee socks on either of those? I can never find them

>> No.10056466

Go to ebay, search for "Lace Top Ribbon Stockings Thigh-Highs Over Knee Lolita Socks Girl's Cosplay" and they should be the top result. They're dirt cheap too. Like i said previously, just remove or replace the ribbon and they're not bad. Especially if you are a daily lolita and need a lot of socks.

>> No.10056470

Meta makes them but they're more ornate than pic related. The best satchels are the British ones though

>> No.10056571

it's getting harder and harder to find any now that everyone's jumping on the oldschool train.

get off my train and stop buying my dresses, people. go stick with your AP sweet, ugh

>> No.10056576

Thank you, I'm trying to buy a coat and god this is difficult.

>> No.10056589

nice rp. it's still pretty easily findable, especially with brands westerners don't care about. if you actually cared about oldschool you'd know where to find it

>> No.10056595

I've been wearing oldschool for years (before everyone started bitching about the oldschool bandwagon) and it's still pretty easy to find. True, finding one specific dress in a specific colorway might take considerable time and effort. But if you're just trying to build an oldschool wardrobe, there's tons of options out there to choose from while you wait for your oldschool dream dresses. Try harder anon.

>> No.10056609

I'm gonna wear a dress tomorrow but the torchon lace on it is all scrunched up and misshapen. How do I get it back to the right shape? I'd wash the dress and stretch the lace out as it's drying but it's already clean and it wouldn't dry in time either way.

>> No.10056611

They do regularly actually, but it sells just as quick as moitie nowadays, hence in minutes.

That's true, but you have to admit getting popular or known old dresses got much harder in the past 3 years, especially when they're velveteen. Not because there isn't enough, but there's an ever growing demand thanks to the trend. Hell, someone bid 27k on an old AP velveteen Op+Cape set last month and I got the same one in a different color yesterday for 1800 yen, just because I was quick. Trends are one hell of a drug.

>> No.10056622

I literally just did this today. Do you have a steam iron? Stretch the lace out gently with your fingers and then steam/press it into the right shape.

>> No.10056656

nayrt but my cherry marguerite op in pink has a purple tag and that's a very cutesy print?

>> No.10056791

Worked like a charm, thanks!

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File: 232 KB, 1047x1280, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've gone full retard and forgotten the name of the secondhand site that used to be recommended here. Used to be able to get a decent amount of Burando and jfash alongside normieimplying shit.
Not wunderwelt, closet child,aliexpress, etsy, depop, mercari, or lacemaket...I feel foolish.
Another dumb question, what would you search to find this type of shoe?

>> No.10056832

Those are a pair of Demonia Poisons in pink.

>> No.10056841

maiden clothing, lolita desu? fril, y auctions???????

>> No.10056867

That seems odd, and i dont know how to explain it then. My cross prints from them also have the purple tag, but im not sure if thats a correlation? I just remember reading/hearing somewhere that purple was meant to be geared towards more mature style/older lolitas.

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File: 44 KB, 383x586, f23324cd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What's the best kind of blouse to wear with a sailor collared jsk like pic related?
I was thinking high neck so the blouse collar wouldn't be sitting awkwardly under the jsk

>> No.10056891

Square neck will be the best for this imo, Baby's released many of them over the years but you can find them from other brands too, though you'll probably have to look secondhand.

>> No.10056895

Wear a long-sleeved shirt with lace details, (most of the time) double collars are horrible.

>> No.10056898

To clarify, when I say square neck blouse I mean something like this: https://lolibrary.org/items/btssb-back-shirring-blouse-with-short-sleeves

>> No.10056908


Wouldn't you need to have a list of dresses for both tags to compare them? I mean it's AP, they kind of specialise in sugary sweet everything. Short of people taking the black colourway to wear with heavy makeup it's a bit less easy to say which print is supposed to be "more grown up but sugary sweet" and which ones are "younger and also sugary sweet".

I mean it's really us who think "sweeter" = "younger", maybe they have a different idea of "grown up" prints? Would be interesting to compile a list and see if there's a pattern.

>> No.10056915

I actually like this idea and went into my closet to check! Here are ones I have that have purple tags;

>dolly cross
>glass doll
>horror garden
>mallorca cutsew
>holy lantern
>heavenly cross
>angelic bat
>horror cross blouse and cardigan
>airy girl cutsew
>dreamy negligee

I agree these are all still sweet items but would say these arent nearly as candy-coated diabetic-inducing sweet as some other AP releases. If anyone else has purple tags id be really interested in hearing which releases!

>> No.10056925

I'll check my closet when I'm at home but I know for a fact I have a bow clip that has a purple tag. It's dusty pink rather than candy pink.

>> No.10056927

Oldschool noob anon here, thank you for your answers! Will look harder. :<

>> No.10056928

Day Dream Carnival has a purple tag, as does Cinema Doll.

>> No.10056963

Tightly sewn buttons can be hard to use. I've started handsewing mine the way brands do and then just making sure it's secure. It's easier to fasten buttons that way, especially on coats

>> No.10057011

I've started smoking weed recently and I'm wondering does the scent hold on to clothes the way tobacco does?

And, unrelated. Are there any livestreaming lolitas/jfash wearers? Even if the theme of their streams is not fashion related,just people gaming,chatting or whatever that also happen to wear jfash

>> No.10057013

Way back when Rockband was still a thing I was planning on making a biweekly stream while wearing lolita but never did. It was gimmicky so I know it wouldn’t bring people after a while. Watching others wearing it and playing games would be make my heart swell.

>> No.10057030

It really shouldn't hold onto clothes that badly, every time I smoke the smell goes away within 45 minutes or so. It doesn't hurt to wash your dresses properly to get any lingering smell out, but it shouldn't be much if any. It's definitely not like tobacco.

>> No.10057058

No. I smoke weed every day and any smell disappears within an hour or so.

>> No.10057079

How do you get kinks out of ribbons? Every time I buy a dress off of LM the bows and ribbons are usually folded and crinkled weird, and I'm too scared to try and iron them since most of those decorative ribbons would probably melt.

>> No.10057083

Honestly, I use my tiny hair straightener on a low setting and fix them that way. None of my ribbons have melted yet.

>> No.10057084

Iron with low heat and another cloth in between

>> No.10057091

Radiant Candlelight has one too.

>> No.10057189

Bullshit, I bought a dress and it smelled like skunky ass trash and BO. I bet if you sealed up one of your dresses for a couple days in a bag and had a non smoker smell it, that it would smell awful. Smokers fuck their noses up until they've stopped for long enough. IIRC it takes a few days

>> No.10057196

Look, friend, most of us wash our shit

>> No.10057260

There's Aliceholic too if you really hate Instagram and want something Asian lolitas also use, but it's not that popular.

Lolitas really aren't active on Lookbook any more, even Tumblr is more popular (full of creepers though).

>> No.10057262

Twitter. It's a smaller western egl community, but you can interact with the brands and Japanese lolitas.

>> No.10057265

I have one by Zatchel, it's still going strong after 4 years. The Cambridge Satchel Company (or a name similar) is also good. Both are UK brands.

>> No.10057336

Ugh stupid question incoming

Does AP Japan ship to the USA
if not, do they sell to Tenso addresses? I know some brands/sellers refuse to sell to Tenso so I'm like ?????

>> No.10057343

They ship to tenso, pretty sure it's advertised on their site.

>> No.10057422

When AP japan takes off an unsold dress from their site at this time of the year, do you guys think it will go back up in a winter sale, or will it go in lucky packs?
I'm watching a specific dress for a sale and I want to know what to look for, if it doesn't come back up I'll hunt it down secondhand, but it wasn't that much of a dream dress that I'd pay retail for it.

>> No.10057434

How do I go about ordering from Antaina directly? Is their Taobao store the only option? I recall them taking international orders through email, but can’t find any recent information on that. I’d like to order a custom pair (the option for the color I want isn’t officially listed, so I can’t just choose it when I put the item in my cart, but I know they can make them) and don’t know if they have english speaking staff on Taobao.

>> No.10057437

how do i stop my lolita-induced shopping addiction i need help

>> No.10057440

cigarette smoke will stick much more than weed but weed doesn't damage your pieces

>> No.10057458

Thanks, anons.
Might as well see if I can can take advantage of wunderwelt's free shipping

>> No.10057459

nayrt but I have personal experience with professional alteration increasing the resale value of a piece. us chubbies want burando too, the plus size market isn’t nearly as slow as the straight size market.

>> No.10057478

Who is selling to closet child? Don't the offer low prices- wouldn't it be better for the girls selling brand to CC to sell on mercari?

>> No.10057483

Are there any ancient Egyptian themed dresses that isn't the F+F one? The cat makes it look tacky.

>> No.10057519

Same, I think the best thing to do would be to remove all cc from your PayPal, avoid visiting anything lolita related, and literally withdraw your spare money from the bank and hide it, or put it into a savings account that makes it hard for you to draw from it. Starting with small buying bands as ‘I am not spending money on Lolita for a day/week/month’ could help.

>> No.10057542

There's that new mummy one with cat eyes from AATP

>> No.10057543

I have a personal rule where before I can buy something new I must sell something I have. It helps me keep my closet from getting too or of control

>> No.10057550

Thank God. Hopefully weed smell comes out better than cigarettes. All the washing in the world couldn't fix the petti I got cheap because it had cigarette smoke odor

>> No.10057552

antainai boots (and all their shoes) are uncomfortable as fuck, would never recommend their shoes. I believe they are big part of the reason people think lolita shoes are uncomfortable.

I got some from PennyHouse that are really nice and super warm, would recommend.

Meta also has them regularly, same with BTSSB/AatP and AP. Otherwise, you could look second hand, but I personally don't like second hand shoes or they must be unworn. If you wear gothic, the simple versions of Pleaser Electra lace up boots are also nice. The ones with tons of extras like buckles are much harder to coord.

>> No.10057554

As someone who rarely smokes, the main reason I'm not a regular smoker (aside from the obvious reasons) is the fact that I've had friends who've received dresses with a disgusting smokey smell and it's taken them ages to get the smell out or not at all.

Some smokers don't know how bad their clothes smell. Doesn't go for all, but obviously they're not a minority.

>> No.10057555

Can you alter/fix shoes to have a thicker sole? I have a lot of really cute shoes from sosic but the ball/toe part is really thin and wears down easy.

>> No.10057556

I think unless you know what you're doing, dying perfect triangles will most likely be a mess. Since you ask, I doubt you have experience with it and I'll advice against it. Sewing would be an option.

If you want a simple hoodie/sweater you can also just get it custom printed. Generally single item orders will be like 40 euro or so for professional printing (at least, that's what I payed a week or so ago). If you buy bulk it's much cheaper obviously, I've seen it go as low as 18.

Buy a sweater without pockets.

>> No.10057560

always is a big word. No, not always. But 99% of the time they do. The last few are actual professional alterations that either keep quality the same or improve (for example if a dress has issues coming out of the factory). Other cases are idiots who gladly pay way more than it's worth.

>> No.10057562

hold on to the rules more until it comes naturally, then go back to experimenting. Rules can be broken, but they are a good way to stay save and learn what work and what doesn't until you get a natural feeling for it.

>> No.10057563

I think it was on livejournal, and very outdated by now.

>> No.10057565

I purposefully never do this. Every time I get clothes who have this the buttons come off, and every time I sew them back on tightly they actually stay. Considering the amount of clothes I worn in my life time, and the amount of different manufacturers, I refuse to believe it's just a one time mistake by a brand.

I tried almost any price range beside luxury brands and such, but it shouldn't cost 100+ euro before people can sew buttons, right?

>> No.10057566

One that only shows the sleeves when worn under this jsk

>> No.10057570

Yes it holds on. And stinks. But you probably won't smell it yourself. Don't sell your stuff and it'll be fine.Sell it and you can be sure of complains, since it's impossible to tell if the smell is out if you smoke it yourself. >>10057189 is saying it a bit harsh, but it's true that smokers of any kind of smoking stuff don't smell that shit until they stopped for quite some time. If you want to sell, ask someone who doesn't smoke to check, and test outside of where you usually smoke.

>> No.10057572

If you smoke weed, cigarettes or anything else regularly (ie more than once a month), I recommend not just washing your clothes, but getting them cleaned professionally with the purpose to remove the smell before you sell them.
How you smell in your own time is up to you, but selling on a stinky dress is bad form.

>> No.10057574

Yeah, if you care just for the amount of money that would be better. But the amount of money is not the only think to think about.

You'll get money right away and don't need to do too much work. For selling second hand, you need to list it yourself, send it out yourself, and you won't get money until it's sold. Not to forget you need to deal with buyer yourself, instead of a company. Also, I think on many Asian second hand shopping sites, you won't get money until the buyer confirms receiving the item, until then it will be hold by the website. So if the buyer is being a dick, you could loose money over it too. This last one is also why many don't want to sell foreigners or shopping services. Getting confirmation it's all good from foreigners, or foreigners with an in between person (shopping service) can be slow of non-existent.

>> No.10057579

Only if you're a clobbler and know what you're doing. You could increase the sole, but either you'll get a full platform shoe, or a heal with platform. Also, cheap ass shoes might break when you take them apart to do that.

>> No.10057611

So I could get a cobbler to resole it with a thicker sole?

>> No.10057629

If the shoe is high enough quality, yes. Cheaper shoes might not work because the shoe just breaks when taking apart. But you need an actual cobbler, not one of those that can only replace a broken heeltip. A good cobbler should be able to do it easily.

>> No.10057639
File: 14 KB, 261x197, 10847897_1576788155886862_1714412856475053459_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I dont know, man. there has been at least a thousand bongs pulled in my place, a couple meters away from my lolita closet, which is closed ofc, but it's not airtight so you'd think the smell would seep in. also my place and wardrobe has survived a nasty electrical fire, where all my whites were stained yellow but I managed to get the smell out with some kind of scent removal spray. I've never had a single complaint with any of my sales. I just wash everything before sending it out. Also I don't smoke tobacco anymore so I've had my sense of smell return.

Maybe a bigger issue would be the body odour thing, cos heavy smokers definitely sweat out chemicals and it smells way worse.

>> No.10057658

I can't find this one jsk
It was black and blue plaid
I feel like the stock photo was either kind of bad quality, or in kind of a sloppy room
I can't remember the brand, but I swear I thought it was baby
Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

>> No.10057748

>I don't smoke tobacco anymore

Smoking anything fucks up the cilia in your nose

>> No.10057821


AP doesn't really hold on to stock for a whole year to resell, they're the fastest trend-hopper and generally want all their stock gone every season. So sales or lucky packs is definitely where they'll go.

>> No.10057862

I tried doing this but nothing sells, the listing expires, and I just end up buying whatever it is I wanted anyway.

>> No.10057933

Do you wear lolita outside? As in daily I mean?
Also what is this nymphet babydoll aesthetic called? I don’t want to glorify pedophillia and call it nymphet. Pls respond.

>> No.10057943

>Do you wear lolita outside?
Yes. It's being worn like any other type of clothing you can buy at your local store.

>As in daily I mean?
Some do, but for many it's just too unpractical or they aren't able to due to work.

>> No.10057944
File: 46 KB, 700x640, cb037b8287c1111d8b599b548099be6f22f1b5bc_hq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Also what is this nymphet babydoll aesthetic called?

>> No.10057952

Thanks! Heard of it recently, but I want a western term for it so I can find more clothes. Don’t have money to buy japanese clothing atm.

>> No.10057956 [DELETED] 

Any asian gulls here I need to ask you girls a question

>> No.10057963

No one wants to date you. Question answered.

>> No.10057966

What? I was about to ask what cosplay do you think you pull off

>> No.10057968

Bullshit. Saw your post in a different thread, and that shit got old really quick.

>> No.10057972

What shit lad?

>> No.10057980

if you really have to ask here, the answer is no

>> No.10058053

>Do you wear lolita outside? As in daily I mean?
Yes, and yes, have been for about 8 years now. It's fun.

>> No.10058223

I want to know how the fuck do you wear a beret? How do I get it to look cute like how MF has it in the OP and not like deflated bread trying to eat my head

>> No.10058240

Put it on pretty far back on your head and secure with bobby pins/clips/combs so it doesn’t fly off whenever you decide to wistfully gaze up at the sky.

I couldn’t figure out berets for a while until I realized that you should basically wear them on the back of your head.

>> No.10058242
File: 82 KB, 863x1024, ddd1a1e2e2cae217612c677ed072ad81.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

1. place it on ur head
2. nestle it in the back so it don't fall off
3. pull it forward a bit
4. adjust excess flap at front as necessary
5. look kawaii

>> No.10058243

>Do you wear lolita outside? As in daily I mean?
It depends, when I was a college student I used to wear lolita near-daily in the summer but now I have a job I can't, and I'm too tired and busy most weekends.

Honestly after you've been in the fashion a while and don't need the safety in numbers it feels less awkward and cringy to wear lolita on your own or with small groups of friends than it does to wear it in big attention-grabbing groups or at conventions where people will assume it's a costume.

>> No.10058246
File: 473 KB, 485x503, dokidoki.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you anons!

>> No.10058349

Does anyone know of a good shopping service for hong kong items one can use ?

>> No.10058391
File: 271 KB, 1000x1418, IMG_20181121_140018.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10058399

I wonder how do you wear those berets she’s holding in hands? These are sorta framed, how do you give them a proper shape?

>> No.10058455

I want to make a slightly bigger y!auctions order for my gf for Christmas, but we live in Finland with pretty strict customs and I have never ordered anything from glorious nippon like this since I mostly wear pinup fashion.
Anyone from the EU got some advice for what to do, which SS is best to use in this case, etc? I only know of Tenso.

>> No.10058461

Is there any way to make an OP longer in the bodice? I don't mind sacrificing the waist ties for this.

>> No.10058477

A shopping service can mark the price down on the package but if it is heavy and if you use an expensive shipping method (which I would recommend, otherwise I don't think the gift can make it in time for xmas) it will probably be hit by customs anyway. This is how it works in most places, I don't know about Finland in particular so you probably should research online just to make sure. If customs are a given and you're going to spend a lot in shipping fees, you might as well buy directly from Japanese webstores. That way you will save on shopping service fees and domestic fees, also the package will probably be mailed faster. Some Japanese webstores also mark down prices (although most do not), I think someone said AatP do that. If you're going to get new AP, consider buying from the Paris webstore.

>> No.10058484

I can't offer any suggestions but this makes me think of the CTP that tiferet butchered together by making the bodice longer with plain fabric and covering it up with a shitty ribbon

>> No.10058489

That was my first though, adding a ribbon, but then my mind went to tiferet too. Maybe if I get an actual seamstress to do it, and not frankenstein it myself, it'll work out better.

>> No.10058633

Check out beret stock photos on lolibrary. Also check out google image search for milkyfawn, tokimekibunny, and other sweet lolitas who have these berets and wear them well. Ultimately, you just put the frame on the back of your head and flatten out the top.

>> No.10058688

what is the cut of the OP? where exactly is the length needed?

>> No.10058691

Literally a stupid question:
Recently I've been trying to pay more attention to what's going in within the community (releases, coords posted, discussions about dresses) and noticed these super OTT type of dresses that have very exaggerated ruffles, tons of bows with multiple layers on them, which are quite often tealength too. Are these the type of dresses people refer to as OTT classic?

>> No.10058696

I just saw someone yesterday who extended the bodice using waist ties so it's more just waist, and it definitely works. Just need a good seamstress/tailor.

>> No.10058699

my first thought is that extending the bodice will create an obvious horizontal seam where the original ended and the extensions are sewn onto the bottom, which won't look good no matter how you do it, unless if you make it look intentional (ie adding a sewn-on decorative ribbon belt ala BtssB style, etc) but you'd need to be pretty good at pattern making to figure out how to cut the pieces so it doesn't sit odd on you when you put it on.

Not to mention if it's a print and you use printed waist ties you'd have a hell of a time finding enough material to get the print to align properly with where it ended on the original bodice to help hide seam.

I mean it is possible? But it could be tricky if you don't have a lot of seeing experience.

>> No.10058763

>not just smoking outside
If you're smoking out of something so big, you can't hide what you're doing, then you're doing it wrong
No one in my comm knows I smoke weed every day because I do it on the steps outside the back door

>> No.10058769

I may not approve of weed in general but I greatly appreciate you not including it in your com life.

>> No.10058773

Thank you, I mean honestly, despite being a stoner, I think it's gross and sad when people talk about how much weed they smoke, and they don't take any care to not stink
It's literally as easy as smoking outside by yourself in your normie clothes and not blabbing about it

>> No.10058782

What does mod in the context of this board mean? Moderator?>>10053760

>> No.10058810

Sorry if this is stupid and has been asked before but will angelic pretty lucky packs be available online? And will they be available online via their US shop? Thanks gulls for excusing my stupidity.

>> No.10058811

Yes to both, but it will be a bit later than when they come out in Japan. Sign up for the AP USA newsletter and check their site for updates

>> No.10058813

Thanks so much!

>> No.10058837

Where do you buy shoes? Especially durable ones. I was looking at Cotton Candy Feet, is that brand worth it?

>> No.10058900

Ha, no. Every single person I know who bought them has complained about their sizing or how uncomfortable they are.

>> No.10058935

How does one put a "topic" on their CoF post? I've been seeing posts on there lately that have a bubble under it saying what substyle it is.

>> No.10058944
File: 33 KB, 657x527, 75a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

would you still love me if I couldn't afford all of the burando you wanted for Christmas, lolita-chan?

>> No.10058952


Those people are idiots cuz I measured my feet to how the site instructs and the shoes I ended up getting were great! I own shoes from Angelic Pretty to offbrand and so far my CCF shoes are the ones holding up the best.
The site says to be careful and they even email you to double check. (But know I wear a womens size 6US and I have wide ass asian feet, so I got a size 37EU which leaves a little toe space so it fit perfectly in my experience.)

>> No.10059029

>those people are idiots for finding the shoes uncomfortable with no arch support
Okay then. Good luck with your shoes.

>> No.10059080
File: 441 KB, 1000x1333, 85A6EE8B-156D-4579-9859-B0EA7D0F1EF3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The new Belle Langue release

>> No.10059089

They didn't even email me. I had to email them to check and haven't gotten a reply. When my shoes get here they're going right on Lacemarket.

>> No.10059127


If you want good, comfortable, decent, quality shoes, then don't do lolita brands. Do actual, real shoe brands with a rep for being long lasting and comfortable. Not something like Louboutin whose rep is built on red soles and being expensive. Find out what brands are known for and chose from there, like Clark’s is known for being good working class shoes, being padded and comfortable shoes, Scholl’s is known as an orthopedic brand that pads their shoes every which way.

Lolita brands are great, but generally they all started out as clothing brands first and then get into shoes and bags as a way to "complete" the look. You'll also want to keep in mind, burando shoes are actually good, at least in my experience they have consistently been better, more solid, more padded and comfier than taobao or replicas. So if people are even complaining about burando shoes, do you really think some cheaper indie lolita brand is gonna be much better? Heck no.

So if you want good shoes and even burando doesn’t cut it for you, find the actual orthopedic shoe shops that specialise in actually making decent, reliable shoes.

If you’re a sweet lolita or you just desperately need some lolita shoes purely for the looks, then shoe inserts are your friend. Go half a size up and fill them with whatever padding you need, get the inserts with arch support if you need them.

>> No.10059129

this answer was long, and extremely unhelpful.

>> No.10059131


You're welcome anyway. You get as much help out of it as you're willing to find.

>> No.10059134

Any reccomendations for twitter accounts/blogs that post old magazine scans? Something like BlackXjs but for j-fashion.

>> No.10059136

You sound like the store owner.
They also didn't email me, and the purchasing process was a bit confusing.

Do as >>10059127 said. Buy from shoe specialised brands that are known for comfort. Then you'll get durable, padded and comfortable shoes that will last much longer than branded shoes.

>> No.10059196
File: 33 KB, 506x363, FB.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For me there is an option to select a topic just under selecting a background when writing a new post. FB also prompted me to add topics when I last posted.

>> No.10059198

Pretty much no lolita brand makes truly durable shoes as they are mostly pleather which by its nature wears poorly compared to leather shoes for daily wear. You pay more for the brand name and in my opinion can find better quality-for-price from taobao brands and bodyline. I've heard very mixed things about Cotton Candy Feet and would personally never bother buying from there.
I agree with >>10059127 when it comes to shoes for gothic and classic outfits. All the styles that are popular in lolita are pretty popular in normie fashion now - lace up boots, brogues, mary janes, t strap mary janes, three-strap boots (even topshop did some in leather) and there are brands like Oak Tree Farms and American Duchess.

Sweet is a whole different ball game though and it is hard to find anything from mainstream brands that isn't more on the otome/emily temple cute twee retro sort of spectrum, so I would go back to taobao for that

>> No.10059206

Are there any guides or tips to dyeing velveteen dresses? I think someone in the DD thread recently dyed a brown velveteen dress black, I’ve never dyed anything in my life but since I saw that I’m considering dyeing a light pink velveteen dress black or...any color that isn’t pink.

>> No.10059217

What’s so bad about conlitas? I know most of my jfash friends are nervous about wearing their stuff in public, and they feel that at conventions they are more free

>> No.10059248

I think there's nothing wrong with the idea of wearing lolita to cons, just often many conlitas veiw lolita as a costume, dress poorly and/or have bad attitudes I don't wear lolita to cons, and I've had some conlitas act snooty to me about lolita when I've tried to complement or chat with them.

>> No.10059250

I want to buy a pair of sock from Meta. Would postage for socks still be 2800 yen for items under 5000 yen?

>> No.10059252

"Conlitas" are the girls who have separate, non-versatile OTT coords that make up their "wardrobe", they put together flashy coords specifically for cons and make flashy props to match, much like cosplayers who work on their costumes before cons. They're of course free to do so if that's what makes them happy, but people will judge you for treating a fashion style like a costume.

>> No.10059256

I kind of agree with this. Part of alt-fashion is dealing with the stigma and the discomfort that you are being different and you are being strange. Part of the bond that you have with others who wear the fashion is that you both know the problems and the obstacles involved in the fashion so when someone is wearing it in a safe-space for that sort of thing, it takes away from any bond that I could have with that person because we don't have that mutual suffering.

>> No.10059278

If they were looking at cotton candy feet, they are probably sweet.

Definitely don't buy from taobao, you may think it's more "valuable" to spend less money on cheaper shoes, but you end up paying a lot in shipping anyway, it's pointless. There are other brands that do leather shoes in sweet. Try Lief, Jane Marple, Katie, and Emily Temple Cute. Just be sure to check the description, Google translate tends to translate pleather as leather so try to use another dictionary for that section if you can't tell.

>> No.10059284
File: 308 KB, 695x1029, TB29X0EsFXXXXapXXXXXXXXXXXX_!!441858295.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There's the Jun Ling one

>> No.10059289
File: 174 KB, 1080x874, dhiliwcu0ae7anr1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10059326

Does Meta still make rachel lace knee socks? I’ve only ever seen crew socks and OTKs on their website.

>> No.10059328

They do. Looks like their knee socks are all sold out now but they'll probably be back in stock soon. I suggest you follow their twitter accounts, they usually announce restocks there.

>> No.10059340

This is stunning.

>> No.10059462

They had the knee socks a couple of years ago.

>> No.10059473

Good thing lolita isn't for poor people.

>> No.10059474

If you're talking about the anon who dyed the Elizabeth OP, the dress they dyed was standard cotton not velveteen. I can't imagine dying velveteen being easy though, pile fabrics are an absolute nightmare for pretty much everything.

>> No.10059510 [DELETED] 

Right, but the point is still that lolitas are still paying $20 for the cheapest kawaii uwu shoes (and petticoats, etc) that will last for 5 wears, instead of shelling out for something good. Obviously US $100 is different from Discworld $100.

>> No.10059511

Right, but the point is still that lolitas are still paying $20 for the cheapest kawaii uwu shoes (and petticoats, etc) that will last for 5 wears, instead of shelling out for something good. Obviously US $100 is different from Discworld $100.

>> No.10059512
File: 49 KB, 500x689, 1536110630299.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10059573

Well anon asked for durable ones.

>> No.10059575
File: 30 KB, 480x497, 7451c0349c8b83d8a74ba81b156eb662.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Okay thanks gulls

>> No.10059579

Whoops for some reason I thought it was velveteen, thanks. I did a little research last night and it does seem like too much trouble desu

>> No.10059607

No big anon, it's easy to get messed up. The dress she wanted was the solid black velveteen one, the dyed cotton one was just the best that could be done since there's only one of the velveteen ones known to exist.

>> No.10060087


as the other anon said, it's very outdated

>> No.10060174

Clark's are ugly af. At least these are cute, I would love to see a gothic or classic coord with them http://us.christianlouboutin.com/us_en/shop/women/caval.html

>> No.10060203

Yeah, I am a sweet lolita... My problem is I tend to scuff my shoes very easily and on the first or second wear, and I mostly want shoes that won't be scratched if brushed by the other shoe. ): I'm a very clumsy person.

>> No.10060209

Get some Melissa x vw shoes. The 3 straps in red work great for me in sweet imo

>> No.10060222

A lot of ita could be prevented by learning from this example. Wait until you can afford decent things, then do lolita.
And before anyone says ‘uwu, u a meanie’, my other option is indeed, “fuck off, pleb.”
Noobs need to hear this.

>> No.10060224

Clarks makes a ton of models, some of which are orthopedic-ugly and some of which are great for classic.

>> No.10060225

Yep, or at least not much less, even if there is a savings. that’s why people buy things in chunks or do group orders, to save on shipping.

>> No.10060227
File: 29 KB, 470x470, E3D06620-8F9D-41D9-AC4A-611B3035E520.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10060230

I think the biggest difference is that they don’t really participate much in the local comma outside of popping up at cons to ‘be lolita’. Their cords are usually as >>10059252 said and they really don’t dress that well to begin with and often give attitude. People I know don’t like it because it’s not really a good representation or introduction to lolita fashion (and what it’s about) for new people, normies or other con goers.

Also for some reason, so many bad wigs.
So many.

>> No.10060240

Recommending high heel plastic shoes to a clumsy person? Shame anon.
Also, once scuffed, those don’t fare that well. Not a great recommendation.

My rec’s are a little different, get something cheap and lolita once...to test the fit, what you like, how it feels to wear the style all day, etc. then decide. I wasted $$ on several styles that my feet said ‘nope’ to. Wasted money.

If you want quality, get your wallet out and look into something like American Duchess. They have sales and also layaway.

You’ll get better suggestions in one of the FB lolita groups than you have gotten here, so I’d come off anon and post there for some more real help from people that you know and can see actually wear the fashion.

>> No.10060258

What exactly does cash on delivery mean? Is it making the deal in person? Can shopping services buy items like that?

>> No.10060265

Oh, young whippersnapper, COD is when you pay the mailman directly for goods tendered before he gives you the parcel or else it is returned to sender.

>> No.10060271

Lol, I’m old-ish and I don’t remember COD, that’s pretty funny. I wonder when they stopped doing it in the US?

>> No.10060279

Probably to stop mailmen getting mugged or something.

>> No.10060367

Fedex and UPS still do COD (although not internationally, at least for UPS) but hardly anybody uses it anymore because credit cards are no longer a luxury but are an absolute ubiquity.

>> No.10060378

There are flats versions (which I own)! I haven't had any scuffing yet tho so that's good to know, I'll be careful when wearing them myself.

>> No.10060463

Should I wear a chiffon blouse with a chiffon JSK or should I wear a solid blouse?

>> No.10060480

chiffon. in general, it looks strange to wear a "heavier" material blouse than the fabric of the JSK.

>> No.10060487

where do people find those big sweet lolita wigs that were popular in the pastel era

>> No.10060489
File: 418 KB, 1073x1536, tumblr_n62z9ipfKg1qj1wzpo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I don't know, I think it depends. Cosmic and Sweetie Violet were dresses that seem regularly paired with cutsews and cotton blouses. It probably boils down to the detailing on the dress and the individual coords, for eg both of these can go very casual and summery, so it makes sense to do a summery cotton coord with a summer-looking short sleeved cotton blouse or cutsew.

But if you're talking about something like Holy Theatre, the OP and jsk are both kind of dressy and the chiffon is really in-your-face kind of floaty. Then a cotton blouse starts to look a bit too heavy and out of place, you'd have to do a chiffon or lace blouse with dresses like that.

>> No.10060775

Other than Tenshi, what shopping services are good for buying things on Fril/Mercari? I've been using Zenmarket as my SS recently, but they won't order from either.

>> No.10060793

Japonica Market, though supposedly they're kinda slow with new customers. Still worth a try imo, they're my go-to ss for fril and mercari.

>> No.10061155

>You'll also want to keep in mind, burando shoes are actually good, at least in my experience they have consistently been better, more solid, more padded and comfier than taobao or replicas
My brand-new real BtSSB shoes were significantly less comfortable and padded than the Lizjill replicas of the same style. An*Tai*Na and super cheap tier replica stores are not great, but IMO most brand shoes are really not worth the price unless you get them second-hand.

I've owned shoes from Baby, Meta, IW, Queen Bee, An*Tai*Na, Angelic Imprint, Lizjill, Bodyline and Demonia. IW seemed like the best of the burando bunch.

>> No.10061217

Is Axes Femme Poetique considered "Brand"?

>> No.10061239

Not really considered a lolita brand though a few of of their dresses could be used in a lolita coordinate. It's most often tagged otome, more or himekaji.

>> No.10061285

I just checked their website and it looks like they're not accepting new customers right now. Any others?

>> No.10061315

How long does it take baby to ship out after an order's been placed? Halp

>> No.10061390

Baby JP? Usually between 1-3 days unless it's been special ordered/gone out of stock and they have to find it for you from a store. If it's been more than 7 days since you've ordered or paid and you haven't heard back, email them

I haven't ordered from them since they changed their site though, so not sure if things might have changed. You should probably contact them if you're really concerned.

>> No.10061404

Thank you so much!!!

>> No.10061591

What was the name of that lil German lolita shop? The one someone stole a few Baby dresses from

>> No.10061767


>> No.10061769

I bought a dress and when it showed up, it turned out that the previous owner had washed it, which caused the lace to fade. Now it's a weird dark green instead of black. What's the best way to recolor it black?

>> No.10062495

Any bra recommendations? Speciafically ones that makes your boobs look smaller.

>> No.10062512

bras mostly come down to trial/error to find whats comfortable for you because everyone is different
I'm an 32F and I usually sister size to 34/36DD and my daily bra is the bali cotton double support wireless bra, for jfashion I usually go for a chest binder instead since my chest is so big minimizer or sports bras barely do anything.

>> No.10062519


Buy a chest binder. Preferably one from GC2B. You can get them in long "tank top" styles or shorter "sports bra" styles, and you can get them in fabrics that are reasonably close to your skin tone, too. You can wear them all day (like 8 hours or so) and if they are the proper size, they are not painful to wear.

>> No.10062573

It must be the dummiest question in this thread but what does Sweetie Violet do on AP US? Isn’t it supposed to be MTO only thing?

>> No.10062577

Those are leftovers from the MTO

>> No.10062599

Really? I have an IW bag that I got new and it's peeling all over after gentle, infrequent use. Whereas my Bodyline shoes are all several years old and look like new.

>> No.10062777


No, and "Kawaii" is their "lolita" line, not Poetique.

>> No.10062872

Has anyone had issues with brand bags or other fake leather items cracking in cold weather?

>> No.10062896
File: 533 KB, 750x743, 00B56192-AEAC-4031-B48C-1EAFF156F35E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Where can I get a good petti with an understated poof like Fanny Rosie uses for daily outfits? I have two classical puppets pettis, bell shaped and a-line, and they make a much more dramatic shape than this. I’d like to wear casual outfits like this without going pettiless.

>> No.10062897

Look for a brand petticoat. I own an organza petti from Innocent World and it looks exactly the same as pic related, made fairly well and really comfortable to wear.

>> No.10062951

I’ll keep an eye out. Would there happen to be a malco modes style with a similar cut?

>> No.10062960

Yes. Real leather will also crack in sunny / dry / cold weather if it isn't treated properly. Both real and faux leather should be conditioned on a regular basis to keep it from drying out.

Baby oil will do until you can get a proper conditioner. It won't fix pieces that are already cracked but should help prevent your other ones from reaching that point.

>> No.10062965

You just opened a whole new world for me, anon. I’m going to have to look into this, I’ve seen so many things just fall apart in storage and don’t want to experience that. Would faux leather absorb the oil though?
I’m thinking of buying a new purse, but it’s incredibly cold where I live. I’ve had the lining on a brand bag crumble during transit, so I’ve been paranoid ever since.

>> No.10063029

I have an older meta petti and it's perfect.

>> No.10063052

The oil is just a temporary protective layer, it doesn't need to be absorbed all the way. Wipe off the excess after a few hours. Re-treat your favorite pieces once a week or so.

For best results, you should use both a conditioner and protective layer. You can buy conditioners specifically made for faux if you're worried about using normal conditioners on it.

>> No.10063283

Where can I find a corset that is more for support and less for shape? I was considering buying an 18th century stays, I have stomach issues and the elastic of skirts and Pettis on my waist gives me the shits something fierce. I thought maybe if I wore stays, the skirts would be settled more evenly across my hips and the solid body would keep from squeezing me wrong, but I'm having a bit of trouble finding a reputable source for something like that. I've found some on Etsy but I'm a little wary.

>> No.10063302

Nayrt, but same. My meta one has a modest but good level of poof that can be easily layered.

>> No.10063315

If you are wearing elastic on your waist so tight it hurts, your clothes are too small.

Why do girls do this?

>> No.10063316

I literally weigh 107 lbs anon, my stomach is sensitive to ANY kind of pressure whatsoever. It's not too small. I have medical issues.

>> No.10063317

Any kind of concentrated / direct pressure. Which is why I'm thinking that the stays could distribute the pressure and stop my bowels from fucking exploding.

>> No.10063319

If it’s a medical issue you should ask your doctor instead of cgl? We don’t know the backstory and literally have no clue how to help you.

>> No.10063320

Most leather care sites specifically warn against baby oil.

Try orchard corset or corset story

>> No.10063322

I asked, specifically, where can I find 18th century stays, because I am going to try to use them, to solve this issue. Do you even read? I'm not asking for fucking medical advice. I'm asking where I can find a specific kind of corset.

Thanks, I'll check them out!

>> No.10063366

What's a good place to buy quality flower corsages in different colors?

>> No.10063367

I'm pretty sure she isn't wearing one in this pic. This skirt has a built in petticoat.

>> No.10063376

Where do people shop for off brand leg wear for lolita?

>> No.10063378

Speaking of corsets, I see both fashion corsets and underwear corsets used in magazine photos but most of the time when a coord with one is posted in a group, lots of people don’t like it. Why?

>> No.10063380

Target is good for solids, and basic patters like stars. Also Claire's, and even leg avenue every now and then has something decent

>> No.10063404

Because most lolitas don't know where to get a good corset and end up looking stupid in some uncomfortable off-the-rack tube-looking shit.

>> No.10063405

Lucyscorsetry. Google that. Read her resources, check out her guided galleries. Make sure you get a good one so it will do what you want and last.

>> No.10063406

>corset story
Not even once.

>> No.10063411

New thread >>10063410

>> No.10063461

Baby oil is a petroleum byproduct, not the best thing to put on plastic (aka pleather). Not sure it's the best for leather either.

>> No.10063466

By the time you get done layering a petticoat, tights and bloomers, not to mention whatever skirt or dress you're wearing, that's a lot of elastic, anon. While each piece probably feels fine worn individually, by the time you get done layering shit it starts to feel tight.

>> No.10063636


It's not ideal, sorry.

Ideally, anon should look up the type of hide / fiber to confirm what types of oils and conditioners are safe to use on their pieces. (Not all faux leather is plastic / pleather.)

>> No.10065302
File: 31 KB, 412x550, 119070995_o6_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pretty sure this goes here, can anyone give me size advice for Moitie?
I'm in love with the long jsk and the measurements are:
But is this flat the measurement or suggested min/max body size?
Cause I'm a 86cm bust and 66cm waist, should I risk buying it or just go for the OP cut (which I like less)?

>> No.10065308

Maybe you can find a custom one on etsy?

I actually have a sewing pattern from Past Patterns (720 madam Foy skirt supporting corset), I don't know if you can sew or know someone that can but this might also be a last resort kind of option?