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A month out means thread time.

>What's your cosplay lineup?
>What guests are you wanting to see?
>What events are you planning to go to?
>Any photoshoot predictions?
>What hotel are you staying at?
>When are we meeting up?

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Been ghosting this con for years and it feels good to finally not go regardless of peer pressure from friends. For those of you who still somehow enjoy ohayo, have fun

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>What's your cosplay lineup?
im finishing up my diavolo, and i will wear it whatever day the jojo photoshoot is. im not sure which of my other costumes i will wear other than that. maybe spike spiegel so i can get a photo with beau billingslea
>What guests are you wanting to see?
i'm not usually super stoked on guests at cons, but i will definitely go to as many of the guest panels as I can. Shin Kurokawa, Tetsuro Shimaguchi, the Nabeshin panel was funny last year.
>What events are you planning to go to?
masquerade/cosplay expo
probably check out the electronic dances
maybe the 21+ mixer (although last year the line was absurd)
>What hotel are you staying at?
Hyatt :^)
>When are we meeting up?
i'll be down all weekend! if you see me as diavolo or spike, please say hi!

people watching is one of my favorite things to do at conventions, and ohayocon usually has some of the highest attendance numbers in the eastern US.

as long as I can dress up and be surrounded by weebs, I can have a great time.

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Stop giving money to this convention that used to be a charity and now is all for the profit of the two people who usurped it.

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But i live right next to it

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Who cares what they do with the money they made if they’re not lying about it? Commie

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Everyone knows they make their living off the con, it's no secret.

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>What's your cosplay lineup?
>What guests are you wanting to see?
J. Michael Tatum, Oriana Peron
>What events are you planning to go to?
Drag Race
>What hotel are you staying at?
>When are we meeting up?
Whenever is fine with me.

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cosplay: Dipper Pines

looking forward to meeting you guys. I met a few anons at collosalcon and that was fun

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by the way there is an official discord


make it easier to have this Meetup happen

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Link is broken?

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I'm staying at the country inn & suites fucking paying so much just to stay at the hyatt

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Any plans for the meet up? I don't,know anything about the,area,so I,don't wanna host unless everyone is ok with winging it every night.

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what do people usually do for meetups? i've only been to a couple, and both times it was just a bunch of anons grouped up hanging out in the convention center/hotel lobby

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The schedule got posted. https://ohayocon.org/schedule/

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There are quite a few panels I'm interested in attending.

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Never seen a Diavolo out there before; I'll be sure to say wassup if I see you

>What's your cosplay lineup?
Max from Advance Wars with my crew. The other cosplay I wanna do is tbd; might also crossplay

>What guests are you wanting to see?
All the Japanese industry guests. I am seriously impressed with Ohayo's lineup this year

>What events are you planning to go to?
Fighting game tournaments, maybe the mixer?

>Any photoshoot predictions?
Advance Wars with my pals

>What hotel are you staying at?
Crowne most likely

>When are we meeting up?
If you see a Max cosplayer with dark skin feel free to say hello

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Wow what's with the Japanese panels there's so many.

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It's an anime and Japanese culture con. Honestly it's about time cons started doing more Japanese stuff instead of pushing more and more in to unrelated shit.

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There's quite a few Japanese guests this year. That & they really stepped up their guest programming in general this year.

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I got my first pair of contacts ever and a nice cheap wig in Japan to be Tae from Zombieland Saga and I’m so excited. Im reunited with my friends after 3 months abroad and ready to bool making retard noises all day as her

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Oh and yeah let’s meet up. I can organize it once it gets closer. It was fun at colossalcon.

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Same here, Satan

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Wow they got rid of the wristbands this year too. Did they get bought out by another company or something?

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Staff said they were able to convince the GCCC to get rid of the wrist bands.

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>what’s your lineup?
See image
> what guests are you wanting to see?
I’m going to try and get my Oscar cane signed by Aaron Dismuke.
> what events are you planning to go to?
As many photoshoots for the series I’m doing as I can make happen
> photoshoot predictions
Bit late for that, schedule is out
> what hotel
I’m local
>cgl meetup?
Sure I’d be down

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I only go to Columbus cons when my friends decide to go (lonely and expensive to go alone and I tend to get stalkers), and I've finally gotten confirmation so I guess I'm going. Told them that if I take care of driving that they need to take care of booking a hotel but it looks like they haven't yet. Didn't want to take care of everything when I'm just a third wheel with a car but I just might. How boned are we for a hotel? There are plenty in Columbus right?

Not sure whether to wear this coordinate for the lolita photoshoot Friday or for Lolita Crush Saturday. Still deciding my other coords. Might even buy that Sheglit x Maetel real clothing cosplay on LM since I have long blonde hair but I'd have to figure out how to attach a fur edge to the bottom without damaging it. Lovely clothing set and it being a lazy winter cosplay for years would be great.

Hype for meetup though, I'll wear my cgl pins.

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Bruh I just saw your San imgur thing. Nice, let’s bitch at the meetup, I have so many questions about this legend’s life lol

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please add some more blue into this, even if it just be the headdress, its bothering me rip

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The headdress has lots of detachable parts for dressing up/down and the brooch/rosette thing on the dress is also detachable so I'm going to play around with what looks best on my head. This isn't a shade of blue that's easily findable though, not gothic blue, navy, or sax, it's both blue velvet and a slightly peacock blue on the skirt. It's why I'm considering the TF tights, they have little blue butterflies.

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>What's your cosplay lineup?
Friday - bnha Ochako vks, rave outfit
Saturday - twilight sparkle, super sonico, rave again
Sunday - BTS music video bapsae practice
>What guests are you wanting to see?
I don’t know yet honestly !!
>What events are you planning to go to?
The adult ones for sure and mixers. Maybe some interesting ones like queer theory. Plus I heard there’s another KH one which I’ll definitely need to go to.
>Any photoshoot predictions?
>What hotel are you staying at?
Red roof inn
>When are we meeting up?
Feel free to message me and we can meet up!

My Kik(in the pink wig): kitkatsnacc
Friends kik (pochaco): Marshmallonfluff

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The app is finally out

>> No.10063937

CAMPOHAYO is the code for anyone not on Facebook.

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Come to YouTube Poop and thumbs up the Saturday panel so they give us a bigger room

>> No.10065774

Definitely going to go to at least one! Are both panels the same or do they differ in content? I'm a newcommer to Ohayocon so I've never seen it before.

>> No.10066228

I heard they got a new programming head who came in and started changing a bunch of shit up.

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Friday is a power hour so drink every minute(ish) while watching music videos. The drinking isn't mandatory but is fun.
Saturday is our standard YouTube poop panel with videos we haven't shown previously.

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Is Ohayocon worth it if to go to alone? I know people who live nearby so sleeping arrangements shouldn't be an issue, but I doubt any of the people I know want to go to an anime convention

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I think I’m gonna try to get in the game show this year. Friends got the qualifier questions a few years ago and they’re super hard, but I’m still gonna try. The actual show I knew a lot of the answers.

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What game show?

>> No.10068142

Ohayocon Gameshow

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there aren't many cons I would go to alone, if you're willing to find groups of people to party with you're fine but cons are mostly social things

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It's coming up so quick, next week already!

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>What's your cosplay lineup?
k/da evelynn, kagami hiiragi, kamiari denki
>What events are you planning to go to?
pajama jam, fashion show

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Depends on how social you are/can be. I've only gone to one con alone & it turned out to be incredible. However, I'm extroverted - to a fault, really. If you can mix in with a group of like-minded people, you'll have a great time. If you're alright with just taking in the sights, sounds & panels alone, you'll be good. But if you have FOMO or social anxiety at all, Ohayocon alone is probably not the best thing. But it's always worth a shot!

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I’m going to look at the schedule and throw out a meetup time and place tonight. Is Saturday preferred?

>> No.10070734

doesn't make a difference to me

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I'm good with whatever.

Maybe around 4-5 Saturday would be good...? Looks like it's mostly photoshoots and autographs, is after all the lolita stuff and before the larger events and dinner time. At least it's a good time frame for me, maybe the photoshoots are more important than I'm thinking. Getting my autographs Sunday and I'm not cosplaying so I'm biased.

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Someone make a discord for the 4chin meetup

>> No.10072922

I’m >>10072799 I can’t do anything til after 6:30 and then I’m free til 10:00. I can join in though i will just need to know where everyone will be at that time if they’re still boolin’
Fugg I don’t know how, I don’t use discord much or else I would.

>> No.10072923

aaaaand got them replies switched

>> No.10073097


Server for meetup or general discussion during the con

>> No.10073171

Could a little after 9:00 on Saturday work for everyone maybe? I'm seeing the Terrible Fanfiction panel then was going to chill at the karaoke until the later panels start.

>> No.10075712

Works for me . Chill a bit then head to drag race.

>> No.10075729

This works for me too. Location? Atrium? Space that overlooks the food court by the escalators that is usually not that crowded? We can post it all in the discord too but in case there’s anyone here that hasn’t joined its here.

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Aaaaaaah Ohio is shit. Its cold as fuck here and none of my friends are here yet. Bored outta my mind.

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IIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit's FRIDAY, m'dudes...

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Damn this thread is DEAD

>> No.10077347

hoooo wee we gon hafta fuck sis

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>Damn this thread is DEAD

Just like the growth potential of the con

ha hhhaaaaaaaa

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post yer fuckin blog already kid I wanna see more

>> No.10077402


Oh uuhhhhhhhfukkin swagmadness on tumblr and @yungdemonz on twitter but thats usually where I'm just messy

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Game room sucks this year. No taiko, songs aren’t all unlocked on other games. Ass. Rock Band on the wall is dope though.

>> No.10077746

One of the exhibit hall door checkers was explaining anime to a group of old people who were attending the neighboring expo. It was so wholesome.

>> No.10077786

Jubeat machine is updated from last year many new songs

>> No.10078295

Jewbeat sucks

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It was actually a nice expo. They had some good sausage and pickles. Decent place to take Cosplay pics as well.

>> No.10078442

Spoiled much?

>> No.10078463

It’s kinda the standard to have all the stuff unlocked, guy. Why didn’t you bring taiko, the most popular cab at anime conventions?

>> No.10078466

I recognize this mans

>> No.10078486

Psh, I wasn't there. I presume it was Snow Phoenix that did it, why they didn't bring a Taiko (or if they even have one to bring) is mysterious to me. Far more familiar with Tokyo Attack shows

>> No.10078497

This discord I got into is cringy ayit all incels and maga emotes lol later retards enjoy your incel chat

>> No.10078499

Ohayocon discord isn't that bad, which one are you referencing?

>> No.10078529

Something g Midwest or something isk I left

>> No.10078538

That mans is a LAD and a good guy.

>> No.10078542

What would a LAD like that be doing in such a cursed state as Ohio? Did he died?

>> No.10078984

Were you the Diavolo (male) or Diavolo (female)?

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I had a really great time this year, and it was probably my favorite con i have been to. i got to hang out with tetsuro shimaguchi and practice swordsmanship choreography. He is so friendly and awesome in person and I never would have imagined that i would have the opportunity to meet him like this.

>> No.10079220


Samefag shill, good job downloading youtube videos

>> No.10079560

This mf even trying to speak English?

>> No.10079802

Middle wasn't me but the other two were. Get fucked also this con sucks so much now

>> No.10079804

I admit I kinda miss the days of being herded like cattle. Content is SO much better but it’s so spread out now. I’d say under 50% of cosplay was from Japanese media and of that 50%, 75% was boku no hero academia. I just really hope the panels don’t start catering to capeshit and Steven universe fags.

>> No.10079831

Not enough people interested in other peoples YouTube videos anymore?

>> No.10079833

Wow calm down cuntmaster. If the con sticks do much why did you bother to do your panel there?

>> No.10079835

English much?

>> No.10079837

I dont think it's a matter of people not liking YouTube videos, but a panel comprised of randos videos isn't as exciting as a panel of videos actually made by the panelists imo

>> No.10079842

Nah we had plenty of people show up don't worry.
Haven't been since 2014 and felt like going back to see what it was like now

>> No.10080004

Which one of those dancing middle aged men
in children's costumes were you?

>> No.10080131 [DELETED] 

I was Mario. You sound mad though

>> No.10080136

Doesn't matter, also you sound mad

>> No.10080152

This is a wholesome post anon. I'm glad you had a good con.

>> No.10080216

Bet he is that lame Donkey Kong fucker that broke the stage. From where we sat, about the middle of the room, it looked like it was going to fall any minute.

It was worse than seeing that tea-time fag this weekend, fucking DK wasn't even in the original YouTube Poop group. I

I wish they'd bring those guys back instead of these annoying fucks

>> No.10080222

Calm down DK, the only mad one is you

>> No.10080223

I'm not mad at all, I enjoyed the Saturday one, Friday sucked though. I just like shitting on shills

>> No.10080273

Fair enough
We are the original guys though? Sorry we aged

>> No.10080289

Really? There seemed like a lot more pointless people were up there other than the regular guys.

I understand adding Peach to the rotation after Mario's intro Saturday, but the other two were worthless and brought nothing more to the show.

One just shouted random shit like he had tourettes while dancing like a fuckboi and breaking shit, and the other character just sat there glaring at everyone. Didn't speak, barely moved. They both really brought down the panel I think.

YouTube Poop used to be my favorite panel. But it was ruined by fagboi and RBF being there.

Like always though, great videos

>> No.10080306

Yeah I dunno a bunch of them started drinking too hard and I think they were trying to get people pumped but it was annoying.
And the extra people are some of our friends that wanted to be part of it but that didn't turn out great.
Oh and the stage was wobbly when we started doing setup (and I told them to be careful) but they definitely broke it. Thanks for coming and this'll probably be the last time for real

>> No.10080307

Good, don;t let it happen again shillfag

Also, I'm sensing some con drama. Who wants to throw the other under the bus first? I get the feeling you are both panelists up there

>> No.10080314

No need to make it the last one, YouTube is always a great time. The power hour is the only panel I was able to drink and have a good time at. Hell, I didn't even know drinks were allowed in the rooms, I'm going to utilize that at my next panel.

Again, the extras kind of ruined it. But if it was a one-time thing for DK and RBF [I seriously don't even know what character she[he?] was trying to cosplay] than I don't see it being as annoying in the future.

I'm not a panelist for YouTube Poop, but I was a panelists with another group. All I can say about drama is fucking staff coming in during my panel to turn our mics down because we were disturbing some fucking Cosplay Creation challenge or some dumb shit like that.

We weren't even being loud, we were hosting a q and a panel.

Fucking staff of this con has really gone downhill

>> No.10080324

>>10080289 isn't one of the panelists. And no drama it was just a bunch of guys in their 30s acting like they were in their 20s and making it more about them being crazy instead of it being about the videos we're showing.
The Power Hour idea was mine based off of when we did ytp at colossalcon. So then we did the power hour at colossalcon Fan Appreciation Party and it was fun and I figured we could try it again.

>> No.10080327

Yeah that staff guy just walked right over to our board too and I was pissed. Having to turn everything down was a bummer and killed the mood for me.
RBF( lol ) wanted to be tails but she couldn't get a costume in time that wasn't a slutty Halloween costume and got a fox kigu instead.

>> No.10080333

Shitting on other events when yours is likely no better lol

>> No.10080342

Isn't getting shit on what poop is about?

>> No.10080344

Because we don't own a taiko lol. I've been negotiating with my Japanese distro for a year to try and get one but it's stupid difficult. I don't have the pull others do yet; I've only been at it for 3 years.

Re: "songs not unlocked" I have no idea what you're talking about. Only game is can see that being a problem on is Nostalgia, which most people have never played anyway so you shouldn't notice. Sdvx/popn/gitadora were all later patches than any other shows. Jubeat currently has a bug that doesn't change hitmarkers but that's all.

>> No.10080347

Groovecoaster was missing basically all of its anime genre.

>> No.10080351

Sound Voltex and Jubeat both had a shit-tier playlist compared to other convention games rooms I've played in also

>> No.10080357

I heard staff did it to a lot of panels, so it wouldn't disturb autistic crybaby panelists and guests. Shit-tier staff for a shit-tier con.

Fucking, this one panelist spent 20 minutes complaining to panel ops, while we were there to ask about a room set-up, that people were leaving her panel to go somewhere else and it "wasn't nice having other panelists take her people away" and that they should "allow a full redo"

>> No.10080360

Eat shit, both of those are stellar bemani games with solid play lists, go back to guitar hero

>> No.10080362

Angry tranny

>> No.10080365



Is this the nice way to call your friends retarded lol

>> No.10080373

t b h I had more fun playing rock band with randos than being in the rhythm game room. Nostalgia was also WAY too loud and made reflecbeat unenjoyable.

>> No.10080375

Ha pretty much
Lol that's pretty fucking dumb

>> No.10080391

The metronome was irritatingly loud in Nostalgia. Between that and the general noise from the room you could barely hear the music within the game

>> No.10080518

It's really dumb. The security guys were assholes like always, but the staff at the doors were so much worse than usual this year

>> No.10081231

Someone has bad taste i guess

>> No.10081233

Damn you all are pretty whiny about a stupid game room , buy your own machine instead of relying on a anime con to cater to your wants

>> No.10081235

>Just bring your own anime, the con doesn't have to provide anything for you

>> No.10081288

Cons are the only place people get to play these games and you think they should be happy with a sub par show? Lol. A 24 hour Rhythm game room is the best part about Ohayocon and this one just sucked ass. Matsuricon was better.

>> No.10081678
File: 482 KB, 743x749, 5DAC3D0D-4512-4F19-ADA1-E06DE8D21BB8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hello there, havent seen you in a while. May Allah bless you...

>> No.10081893

That because Matsuricon pays to have good arcade providers like Tokyo Attack.

Ohayocon will go through the trouble of paying for the lowest bidding provider so their conchair can pocket the money, then shill out to their volunteers and Microsoft begging for consoles to make up for their shit rhythm room.

Oh, and that indie game thing? Most retarded thing they could have done. Only one game was worth showcasing, and the rest were lame af.

>> No.10081978

I will never shit on entrepreneurship. Go play your AAA jew vidya.

>> No.10081982

Not shitting on entrepreneurship, I'm shitting in poorly done entrepreneurship. No set plans, half of them couldn't answer basic questions, most didn't take the time to run their showcases longer than an hour.

Not even mad at the devs, more so the lack of organization and marketing from the convention game staff. None of them even knew when things were happening, or what was being displayed and ran.

Also, Jews are allowed to make games

>> No.10082257

TA was invited they just couldn't make it because they already booked Ichiban.
Don't drag a con if you don't know shit about what you're talking about.

>> No.10082315

>Not shitting on entre

Which game was the good one?

>> No.10082350

The only one he sat down and played I’m sure.

>> No.10082412

TA went with Ichi because everyone knows Donnell pays better money. How many years has Ohayo tried and failed at securing TA?

I'll wait...

>> No.10082416

That's a good point. Ichibancon didnt announce their 2019 dates until March 2018, a good three month after Ohayocon announced theirs.

Sounds like plenty of time to book TA if they really wanted them. But also, as we've all seen, that jew Alan that runs Ohayo is a tightwad

>> No.10082440

Ohayo doesn't get TA because Alan fucked them over in the past. Anthony is still friends with the rest of the staff but they won't be ever bringing their games there.

>> No.10082452

So in other words, Snow Phoenix gets the sloppy seconds that TA doesn't want anymore, lol

Now to their credit, of course they aren't as big and cool as TA, but anyone saying they run a mediocre game room is spoiled as fuck. They have a majority of the most popular games, all in well kept condition. If Taiko, the rarest of games, breaks your trust for them, then go to a TA event.

>> No.10082463

I’d take one taiko over 5+ cheap jubeats. I commend SPX for what they do but man when every other convention I’ve ever been to has a taiko it sucks. Plus everything was just too close together and the lights were on which kind of kills the mood. And the guy who runs it is kinda cocky and annoying but I think all people in this elusive business are to be fair.

>> No.10083233

Looking online Tokyo Attack appears to have 3 taikos and 3 maimais and 3 chunithms and 2 white ace cabs and still like 10 jubeats. Pretty sure they could do Ichibancon and Ohayocon and still do a better setup than Snow Phoenix did at only one con

>> No.10083309

Really? I enjoyed most of the games in the indie room. Which was it that you liked?

>> No.10083790


That's what I asked. Still nothing :/