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I saw this dude at my college cosplay Goblin Slayer I'm wondering if anyone else has seen some shut like this?

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Saw a Haikyuu (?) cosplayer with a bright orange wig and a typical kpop fan walking near my local mall. I was in the bus so I didn't have the chance to take a pic, but the kpop fan was holding a sign saying something like "taking pics without asking is rude" anyway, lmao.

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I've seen Attack on Titan cosplay at malls worn by teenagers a few years back but other than that I've only seen furries in ethier full fursuit or those fox ears and tail things walking around.

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going to the mall in cosplay was a middle school cosplay staple. I've gone with a lot of my friends and I've seen other people go too, a lot of people in anime cosplays around halloween. I saw some free! cosplayers at the park when pokemon go! was big and a group of japanese exchange students came up and asked them for a pic lol. You also see a lot of people cosplaying at walmart/resteraunts etc when a con is happening nearby.

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