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Post cosplay/j-fashion images that are just *weird*, possibly even surreal or cursed.

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Weird as it may be, das also rly hawt

Dat too

This thread is now for the weird 'and' sexy

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how is this weird? it's a run of the mill titan cosplay

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>mfw this was an actual ad for a lolita brand

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Why the sexy Wario, Waluigi, and Nigel Thornberry? Is there a big-nose-and-stash fetish?

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Haha ugly fat mustachio character plus sexy girl clothes so funny.

That's it.
That's the joke.

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I love this, the perfect cosplay

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maximum discomfort

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any cursed lolita images

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this is extremely hilarious and I’m savibg this. Thanks .

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That scene was my fucking favorite, this is so good

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why the fuck do people thot out underage/child characters like this? this is so stupid

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I'm disturbed but attracted.

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Fucking saved nigga

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Excuse you Mandarin Hanayo is most blessed

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Dance belts should be mandatory

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What the fuck am I looking at

What part of waluigi's body is that giant purple thing even supposed to be

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There was a photoset, but I sadly can't find it. Found it on a /cgl/ thread a while ago.

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>boner Robin
this picture is as old as the internet

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>green fur merkin

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not weird, just an attention whore trying to be special

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I think he's supposed to be an eggplant

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live a little bit.

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this dude runs cosplay deviants and sees more costhot puss on the daily than most awkward dc cosplayers will see in their entire life. respect desu

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This is my friend's little sister, jackass.

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Honestly wearing panties with the virgin-killer sweater is worse than the mask

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The virgin killer sweater is a demonstration as to why straight men shouldn't make clothes for women. It's already tacky and tasteless.

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I love how her sonichu medaillon looks so much better than the real one.

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Looks great on men though.

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It looks awful on everyone.

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Tell that to the thots who made it weeb fashion of the year.

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That bra is working over-time

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That's a pretty hot Char-whatever.

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that reminds me of this

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a classic

this is from a porn-clip, isn't it?

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>this is from a porn-clip, isn't it?
Furaffinity, along with this picture.

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Thots don't count as valid women. Their whole existence depends on getting attention from men.

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best one yet.

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glorious, making it my background lmao

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i fkn love nichijou, thanks for this

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This isn't a cosplay.
This is a mood.

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Holy shit, what a 4head lol I don't like this trend of sexy kids cosplays

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speak for yourself

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did you mistake this for the ita thread?

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It's the girl equivalent of a ripped hairy guy in a Sailor Moon cosplay

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nayrt but that's also a sales post where she's trying to sell that dress for 1800 dollars

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What the fuck? Caps?

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No one out-pizzas the slut.

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i wish i was kidding

her selling point is that "it hails directly from japan!!!" and that's why she's charging this much for it

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also sorry to same but she also says it's "Super rare limited edition!!!".... as if all lolita dresses aren't already limited runs

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Sounds like something retarded normies pull when selling their shit, the ones selling raschel lace monstrosities claim they're "rare" too.

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it sucks bc i really like that dress and would like to buy it but there's no fucking way in hell im paying CA1800 for a piece of AP that's not even a full set. I wouldn't even pay 200 for it, so what's with normies thinking this is okay

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You're better off looking for it in the Japanese secondhand market, it'll be infinitely cheaper and likely in better condition too.

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You're right, and i've been casually looking but i haven't found the OP yet. one day i can stop thinking about how that lady is a dumb bitch.. one day

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Obviously Robin is a girl with a sock or whatever in her pants, not a real skinny guy with a dong bigger than him. Are yall 14yo?

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Oh no, not Tuna. I thought their infamy died years ago.

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And the wet patches they left on all the furniture.

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That's the dude behind cosplay deviants iirc, right?

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Yeah, he's groping his sister in that pic.

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>Not being intimate with your sister.
How frightfully lower class.

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your friend's little sister is an embarrassment to her family. VKS is dead and rehashing costhot's "original" idea of putting on a character head is retarded. Deal with it

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When the furry next to you looks second hand embarrassed that says a LOT

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>ywn go back to being blissfully unaware of chris-chan
if i could eternal sunshine my mind i would.

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how new are you?

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