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Old Thread: >>10011445

/cgl/ Idol Spreadsheet - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1w3peD9VtAPM9cuIjYlexb7nHOkUfFs_Fcyv21UYakV4/edit#gid=0

/cgl/ Resources Spreadsheet (RIP) - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19XZ308_3yoOKiTmgUA_DfgeqW4ddTCB_e6Zz1wnIJA8/edit#gid=827059689

-PhEri's single "Pheri Dust" was released, available on Amazon and iTunes
-Melancholiaah's debut album "pale" now available on Bandcamp
-Honey Hime's new subunit, PizzaYolo, to release a single soon
-Stellure's understudy Faye becomes a full-fledged member
-Throwback to the net idols of the early 2010s

Due to the last two new threads being deleted, let's try to keep drama and infighting to a minimum this time around.

I'll borrow last thread's discussion topic:
For both originals and covers, there's a lot of options for where you can release your songs. What's your favorite? What are the pros and cons for some of the major platforms and how they relate to our weird little hobby? What do you wish idols would use more to upload their music?

Featured group: PheRi

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In your opinion, what are some of the best or worst stage names/group names? (Which isn't necessarily a reflection of the quality of a group or idol themselves)

Some off the top of my head-

Cute: Galaxy Girl Paida, Honey Hime, Parfait Party, Peachy Parade, Stellure (though the stage names of the individual members vary in quality)

Meh...: Flusay Girls, Tambourine Idols, pretty much any group whose name is literally just "(Noun/Adjective/Verb) Idols," and people who choose to go by a full Japanese name (and they usually never actually speak any Japanese, so they probably pick names at random while scrolling through one of those baby naming websites)

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Do you have any tips for naming a group? Ive been thinking about making a local one, probably not but it's a fun idea.

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My favs: PhEri, Honey Hime, Tokimeki JUMP, Niji Universe, Julily, Peachy Parade.

Meh ones for me are almost all lovelive cover group related group names desu. There's very little originality between a lot of them since most of those cover groups strive to include some play on u's or Aqours in their group name.

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I really like Julily, Mosuri, 2ne, and PizzaYolo. But yeah, ____ idols tends to be a turn-off for me, since that’s usually a sign of RP groups. And, like people mentioned last thread, space/food/flower themes are super super common. Too many Supernovas, Sugary ___s, and Sakuras.

As far as my personal preferences for names, I like it when people take into account abbreviated versions of names! Like Mosuri being the abbreviation of Morning Sunrise, and Seishun Youth Academy being shortened to Seishunya. Honestly, it’s a route I think more people should think of! Shorter names are more memorable, and if they’re abbreviated it often adds an extra cute factor (bad made up examples: Tropical Daze/2day, Chocolate Coronet/Chokokoro). Unless it’s SoLaMi Dressing.

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Does anyone know WHY they named themselves Flusay Girls? Genuine question- It's such a weird name, is there a story behind it?

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Anybody know the names of some of the common odottemita spots in Tokyo? I know Yoyogi park has the house/flower circle people film in front of but was curious if somebody had a list of any others?

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From the history page on their website:
>The name "Flusay" comes from Flugel and Lindsay's names Flu-gel & Lind-say = Flu-say.

Why Natalie called herself Flugel I don’t know. Also, I find it weird that Lindsay’s name is pronounced “lindsei” and not “lindzee.” (Unless Nanami doesn’t know anything and really meant zei or jii instead of sei for “furusei”).

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I really like shortened names too! Some of my fav actual idols do this, like Wasuta and Momoclo. Love Navigators shortens to L-Nav which I really like. I like Mosuri too tho I think sunset themes are overdone which was mentioned in a previous thread

oh that’s interesting. If it was pronounced “floosee” I think it’d actually be a lot cuter. Lots of people spell it Lindsay but usually still pronounce it like Lindsey?

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any more news for anyone about the virtual live callbacks ?

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Did anyone actually send in their round 2 stuff?

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I need to record, ack

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me too! I think as long as I get it in within a week it won't look bad ... right ?

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I didn't get an e-mail back yet. Kinda worried a bit haha

>> No.10051260

Wait, not even whether you made the callback or not? Did you send your audition before Dec 1st?

If just about the callback audition then yeah same here. Anxious!

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They kept the same philosophy of actual auditions: only those who pass on are getting an email. If you haven’t gotten an email about callbacks and you sent in before Dec 1, you didn’t pass. I didn’t get one either. They posted on Instagram about it after they finished emailing people.

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I'm sorry to hear that anon. I'm really anxious to hear about round 2 results, I'm surprised I even made it through at all.

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Oh dang. I got a callback email so I wasn’t checking their social media. I assumed they sent ones out to everyone :( Makes sense they would do it that way though

Did most people get called back for more than one character?

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I only called back for only one and it makes me nervous because I don't feel like I suit that character at all. Would it be weird to ask to retry with a different character?

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I’m in the same boat as you. It’s the character I auditioned for, but I didn’t think I would actually get called back for her. I think my voice is better suited for other characters, but I only was called back for this one

I just gave it my best shot and are hoping for the best. I think it would be out of line to ask to read for another character, personally? But San is a really sweet person so she may not take it like I would?

If you really think you don’t have a shot on that character, then it may at least ease your nerves to ask. But I also think if they gave you the callback, they must have heard something they liked in your voice. Maybe try and discern what that was? And try to focus on that aspect for your audition!

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Start Splash posts a graduation for their old Riko and less than 24 hours later announces their new one.

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If you went to their live at ANT, you would've known about the old Riko's graduation already, they announced it during the live

Strange how the graduation video and the announcement of the new Riko were posted in separate days, though... I still haven't quite come to terms with the old Riko's graduation, she was a really sweet idol, and the announcement of the new Riko isn't helping matters

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What the hell do you guys want the group to do about it? Just not have a replacement ready ?

>> No.10051449

I think they’re meaning it’s in poor taste to have posted the “super special announcement” not even 24 hours after the graduation video.

>> No.10051461

It's not like she fucking died or something. Plus, the announcement was weeks ago, anon.

I'm surprised they're getting brought up so much in these threads.

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it's not a necessarily bad thing, Even for real idol groups, Morning Musume for example, announce new members during graduation concerts sometimes.

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do people have favorite members of net groups or do people just like the groups in general

>> No.10051561

What if you sent it after Dec 1st?

>> No.10051604

No telling. I’m sure they’ll update at some point.

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Best names: Peachy Parade, Hitode Army, Parallel, 2ne, Parfait Party, Tokimeki Jump, Honey Hime, PhEri

Ehh: anything with "girls", "idols", Galaxy/star themes, generic love live names, Supernovas, Aquarius, Sakuras, Projects, Akb ripoffs, real idol name rip offs

Bad: Flusay girls

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Personally, I have favorite members.
To name a few, I like Reiko from Tokimeki Jump, Puchiko from Honey Hime, Megan from Peachy Parade, and Polaris from Stellure.

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Polaris and Io from Stellure, Hayayan from Aidoru Sozai, and Nao from Danzoo Dash are some of my faves

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Net idols who are trying to be taken seriously should use their real names or shortened versions of them. Otherwise it just sounds like shitty idol roleplay

The only stage names in Stellure that are really suited for an idol are Mimi and Luna imo. None of their songs or outfits really reference the celestial theme so I don't get the point.

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Personally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with stage names as long as it’s either clear that’s what it is or nobody is ever told otherwise. Not everyone wants their actual name out there, which is believe is the point of all Platinum Happy members having stage names.

Stellure initially had somewhat of a star theme but I agree, they don’t reference it or have any kind of storyline so it doesn’t make sense.

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Danzoo Dash released their cover of Vandalism by dempagumi.inc, what's everybody's thoughts?

I don't know why, but I am just not a fan of these MV style cover videos where the camera pans in so many different ways. I find it distracting when it's for a cover and not for something like an actual MV? If they actually did a voice cover too I think it'd be more appropriate but for just a dance cover I'd rather just focus on their dancing? Their location looked great, and with just a normal static camera angle I think the video could have turned out better, but I think I'm just nitpicking at this point lol

The dancing itself was pretty energetic so that's nice

>> No.10052375

The dance feels weird (at least the way they’re executing it). I don’t mind the MV style but the quality doesn’t feel consistent. Secondly there’s also the issue of sometimes, when it should clearly be a certain person shown, someone else is on camera and it feels weird.

>> No.10052385

I think the MV style would work with dances that have little going on when certain members are in the spotlight. This dance has a lot going on, so I'd prefer a static camera. The thing that annoys me most is their clothing. There is no theme except to wear some sort of ears and most outfits look boring, out of place or just weird.

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Do a lot of Love Live groups usually have a shitty attitude to original idols or none love live idols?

>> No.10052467

needs more outfit cohesiveness - they either need to be all loud like the green slime and the koala ear girl, or all muted like everyone else. I can't not look at those 2, it's too distracting.

everyone wears some kind of skater skirt in their color, white or black matching tee, thigh high socks or tights, black shoes. Easy/affordable. I do like that the tomboy one has the tartan thing and pants, think they could keep that as long as they still had the matching shirt and shoes with everyone.

>> No.10052501

that girl's belly fat hanging out disgusts me. just ew

>> No.10052503


The good groups in my comm have branched out because they love other genres of idols as well. On the other the crappy ones only care about LL and not much else and have little understanding of idols beyond the kpop genre.

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interesting use of closeup shots

>> No.10052614


I have to give Love Live credit where it's due. I was around and into the original [email protected] and it bummed me out that it didn't get more recognition. In my country I knew about ten cosplayers including myself. However because of Love Live's popularity, it's given other idol series a chance to step into the spotlight. I'm seeing more [email protected] cosplayers and performers than I've ever seen before. They're usually more willing to try out other things in terms of watching series and cosplay.

>> No.10052721

If anything, I think it can be the other way around sometimes. There is a group or two in my comm who have often pointed out that they "never do love live dances" and only pick the most "difficult" dances to perform- as if that somehow automatically makes them instantly more talented or enjoyable to watch. It's an especially weird attitude to have considering that, like >>10052503 said, 95% of LL groups here have moved on to do different genres/styles/a mix of anisong, jpop, kpop, and LL etc. Not to mention that lots of the previous LL groups here are on par if not better than the groups with the bad attitudes. The few groups that remain who are still exclusively doing LL kind of just play in their own corner and enjoy what they're doing and don't bother anyone else so.

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>> No.10052971

theyre out of sync sometimes so that might be why it feels weird

>> No.10053008

This just looks messy. A lot of it isn't in sync. It being a really high-energy denpa song makes it worse when they're off-tempo.
Looking at their Future Diver cover, this seems like a consistent problem.

>> No.10053150

Crap I totally forgot, that and I was too ill to record. I hope I can still audition for the character I want to go for

>> No.10053432


Good ones: Peachy Parade, Stellure, BLUFF, Over the Zettai, Mosuri

The group name should reflect their concept, or at least have the same kind of feel as the songs or dances they put out. Very cutesy name (bad example: Super Sugar Happy!!) doesn't work if you do edgy songs all the time. Unless you mean it to be ~ironic~.

>> No.10053487

I really want to start as odottemita, but I am not perfectly skinny... should I lose weight first....?

>> No.10053494

Dancing quality + energy is all that matters. There's lots of net idols that are overweight but still known for good dancing.

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File: 35 KB, 128x128, 7724_zombielandsaga_lily.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and how do I learn to dance with greater energy? lol
I am so dead inside and outside

>> No.10053505


Use it as a means to lose the weight! If you improve over time then people will pick up on it and realise you are trying to do something about it. Personally I don't mind if the person is overweight as long as they're decent.

>> No.10053511

ohhh I see!
Also do you think changing original dance a little is okay if it will make it more decent for me to dance? I wanted to try Snow Halation from Love Live, but most of dance parts when they split is fairly too boring and unpleasant to watch... but I really like the song, could I change dance then to make it look better? (for myself at least lol)
I just wanted to dance snow halation as Kotori solo but its mix of pretty hard moments and fairly easy and boring ones :c

>> No.10053514

as you can see here on this solo version
it's mix of too easy and too hard parts making it weird

>> No.10053564

when you do a solo version of a dance you usually just do whatever part is the most exciting part. if the dancer you're imitating isn't doing something interesting, you switch to the dancer that is for that part.

>> No.10053698

its perfectly fine to change the dance. i did nico puri recently and changed the entire chorus

>> No.10054153

Just like dancing, energy and expressions need conscious practice. While moving your hands, try to control your whole arm from your arm to your fingertips, no limp wrists! It is a little more exhausting but looks so much better. Also see where the move starts and ends and imitate that. Half-assing the moves makes it look sloppy.

Energy also comes from facial expressions. These can also be practiced while practicing the dance, try to focus on smiling and not dropping the smile even when you goof up. Usually a dancer who looks like they're having a good time can be excuced from being sloppy.

It can be challenging, but everyone starts from somewhere. Good luck, anon!

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I'm in a lovelive group, though with the influences of this thread I'm slowly trying to push the other member to branch out a little more. I asked for advice about this a few threads back where someone came up with the idea of the idolsonas for non LL covers/performances and my group actually thought it was quite a cute idea so we're busy trying to develop further in that!

>> No.10054552

Apparently Aquaria are getting a new member, so who left?
I know they had to change somebody out because one of the girls went abroad to study, so has that member come back?

>> No.10054554 [DELETED] 
File: 419 KB, 950x534, 849fa88.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10054956

Their chika has come back from japan but the new member may be taking kanan. So many people have gone through aquaria

>> No.10055163

https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=GJxPCrjqz5k&app=desktop So the algroithim reccomended this to me and I think they have pretty good voices, anyone want to discuss this (in b4 self post I do not sing at all)

>> No.10055172

This is really good, desu! It may be a bit generic, but it sounds a lot better than most other original groups

>> No.10055176

This is such a nice song but for some reason it sounds so familiar.

>> No.10055727

Im going to holiday matsuri for the first time, has anyone gone to idol fest? Are any of the groups good?

>> No.10055752

Its all cosplay groups. The people who run it know nothing about idols.

>> No.10055798

Would anyone have footage or could point out to videos of Idol Festivals and such? I'm not from America so I don't quite know where to find them, and I'd like to get inspo from performances for my group!

>> No.10056035

the only major group is L-Nav

>> No.10056106

Cherrywallflower on YouTube posts some clips, and some soloists like Galaxy Girl Paida post their own performances!
If you look up specific events (ie Texas Idol Festival, Starlight Idol Festival, Kira Kira Pop) you should also be able to find videos that way.

>> No.10056336


Thank you! I've found a lot of clips. I'm so jelly you guys have a lot of chances to perform like this, where I live it's mostly kpop dance competitions outside conventions.... Sad.

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Anyone got any performance plans for the holidays?

And with 2019 fast approaching, let's reflect on this past year and look forward to the year ahead!

What have you accomplished this year? Have you noticed any improvements in your singing/dancing/energy/etc. over the past year? Have you had any significant experiences with the idol community, positive or otherwise?

What do you hope to accomplish in 2019? Getting in shape and/or training your voice? Forming your own group, or debuting as a soloist? Performing live more often and/or uploading more content online? Interacting with your audience more? Releasing your first original song?

What do you predict/hope to see from the net idol community in 2019?

I imagine we'll be seeing more original virtual idol groups along the lines of Interlunium, Bouquettes and Sélène, of varying qualities.
I wish more idols/idol groups would interact and connect more personally with their audiences, like through livestreams (on literally *any* platform other than Instagram Live) or Q&As or something.

>> No.10057296

I have been curious for a while since the other day on the deleted thread I read something about Emma being really young

So I was wondering do you know how old is she? and how old is her group aidorujanai?

I don't know why but I am really curious about their ages

>> No.10057534

I don't know her exact age but her Twitter says she's a university teacher so I doubt she's "really young" like some anon claimed. I'd imagine the rest of the group is around same age?

>> No.10057695

She's doing her PhD so definitely not that young. I'd also guess most of the other members could be around the same age too.

>> No.10057934

Ok from their bios I am guessing from 20 to 25ish, college age

Since Emma has “doctoral student” on her bio and Pau has “graphic designer”
but then Sorori has “microbiology student” and Brizza “fashion student” (Aquayame has nothing so I am guessing similar)

>> No.10058123

Anybody have any Christmas/winter stuff planned?

>> No.10058136

Idol Fest at holiday matsuri was surprisingly really cool, even though all the groups were cosplay groups. It felt like you were watching the seiyuus live, especially Impact and L-NAV. Energy in the room was next-level, definitely hope this comes back next year.

>> No.10058181

I was a big fan the WUG group too. L-NAV gives me hope for Love Live cover groups.. I hope they get some non cosplay groups next year though.

>> No.10058302

Covers to Jingle Bells ga tomaranai and Merry & Happy with my dancegroup

>> No.10058363

I enjoyed it, but it’s never gonna feel like watching actual idols for me until they get groups who sing too, which I think would of happen if as >>10058181 hopes, they actual invite original groups

>> No.10058416

Dance cover and hopefully a Christmas song coming out by the end of the week

>> No.10058426

impact was the guilty kiss group? i felt like the whole set up was a little weird. seeing love live characters with men on stage is just jarring bc we all know men do not exist in the llverse. also why did they get so much extra stuff compared to the other groups? it was just awkward to me

>> No.10058650

they probably brought it with them

>> No.10058771



Tell me more, do they have an insta or something recorded for the performance

>> No.10058801


I was kind of surprised L-Nav didn't do any panels, are they just not that kind of group? I did like the WUG group but there was too much male idols for my tastes, more so when they had that video from last year's cast. No idolmaster groups this year either.

Also is no one going to mention it started over half an hour late and still ended at 8pm? Did something end up being cut because of that?

>> No.10058816

A member of L-NAV mentioned on instagram that their "mics werent working so they couldn't sing." Maybe the delay was due to that? Sounds like a shame. I hope groups can sing next year, seeing that it's actually allowed. Might let the event coordinators be more open to original groups in the future if singing cover groups go well first.

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Are any gulls auditioning for this?

>> No.10060873

No so stop promoting your shitty group

>> No.10060901

Hey don’t be mean this ain’t lolcow

>> No.10060904

As for the whole singing and dancing thing, some people don’t have enough stamina. It takes a lot of energy to move your body and dance. And some people can’t seem to get the Japanese right

>> No.10060962

You must be 18+ to be on here. Lurk more.

>> No.10061099

isn't this the group that tried making tshirt merch of their cosplayers in full cosplay, complete with the BiBi logo? Did anyone save that picture?

>> No.10061159

that’s why it’s so much more impressive and feels more like a real seiyuu or idol, i would take mediocre singing and dancing, or good singing with no dancing over just good dancing ANY day

>> No.10061176

Whos says I’m not 18? I could be anyone. I could be an old guy for all you know. You have no idea who and how old I am

>> No.10061178

Well it is hard to dance with a mic in one of your hands unless you can somehow afford a headset

>> No.10061249

ntayrt but ... it’s not that hard. it just takes some effort and practice. you don’t even need natural talent for that like you do singing or dancing ... anyone can practice and learn how to hold a mic while dancing. idol groups do it all the time in their lives. and you can alter choreography without much thought or effort

>> No.10061261

it's not that hard at all, it just takes practice to get used to it. Watching idol concerts or events and taking a moment to look at how they're handling their mics helps as well. Honestly before you know it, dancing with a mic becomes second nature.

>> No.10061306

I feel somewhat down that I didn't complete my application for SRproductions, I feel they would've wanted me in their group just because of the experience I have outside trying to sing. But meh my voice sounds like I have a block nose and I felt like my body jiggles too much in my dance video.

Ah well, if they ever decide to have more people join I will probably apply. Gonna focus on uploading onto YouTube more. I miss doing dance and singing covers

>> No.10061339

Then do it on your own. There's no one stopping you

>> No.10061425


Christ, why do you have me go through memory lane and help you dig it up? But Christ the art sucks even for a doodle


We also had a local group sell commerative T-Shirts as part of their final live as they wanted to have a proper send off rather than disbanding with a Facebook Announcement and held it at a private venue.

>> No.10061430

I mean they have over 2000 followers on insta so they have to be doing something right

>> No.10061565

This is literally 4chan dude.. lmfao
Wrong site to be on

>> No.10061567


>> No.10061664

I’m pretty sure you can still send your audition

>> No.10061700

People who are guilty always claim they are the opposite of who they are. Your cosplay group has shitty history and isn't welcomed. Get used to it.

>> No.10062015

Excuse me? I’m not the person who advertised the idolized stuff. I don’t even have a group. So you should get your facts straight. There are different numbers for different people posting. People on these sites are so immature it’s unbelievable lmao

>> No.10062111
File: 87 KB, 958x1114, yohane.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>people on these sites are so immature it's unbelievable lmao
the irony...also, those are post numbers you're talking about, not ids, dumbass

>> No.10062537

but they already started talking about revealing who got in soon

>> No.10062596

could just be for a character or two. they said they’d start casting but they never said you couldn’t still send auditions

if you really regret it i would just give it a shot

>> No.10063076


San from SR Productions’ live of the Vivacu song. It sounds ok but the lyrics sound weird and her pitch sounds okay at best aside from the intro?

>> No.10063088

I really like it! The dance is cute. Though it sounds to me like they’ve already casted and just haven’t announced it, which makes me bummed I didn’t make it

>> No.10063155

Honestly yeah that's what I think as well, and that sucks. I kind of want to know so I'm not stressing out from anticipating

>> No.10063318

dang you really think so? that would be pretty unprofessional in my opinion. they don't have to say who made it yet, but they could at least say its been casted so people who auditioned know they didn't make it

>> No.10063434

They just posted that they’re looking at round 2 auditions and will begin casting soon, but auditions are still open.

>> No.10063585
File: 471 KB, 1080x2033, IMG_20181225_000520.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was going to say that too, I'm really glad though. It's like they're waiting for me to audition, can't wait to be a big disappointment to them

>> No.10063763

I want to become a net idol/utatemitta/odotemitta but after trying to improve my singing for a couple of months I have realized it's not all that good yet. I have a good range, I am starting to develop a reasonably good technique but my voice is... somehow lacking. I think it's because my voice literally sounds like a chipmunk on helium voice so I wonder.
Am I beyond redemption or can I become OK if I continue training ? Do people prefer to see growth on idols or should I start uploading songs when I have become reasonably good ? (I uploaded some covers some years ago and received a shitload of dislikes on them so I am worried)

>> No.10063769

You’ve only tried for a couple of months. That’s not long enough got any real improvement unless you’re going ham on vocal lessons. People don’t care as long as you improve or want to improve. What’s bothersome is when people go “it’s the best I can do!” or “I’m trying my best!” Covers get dislikes. It’s the natural way of life. If you actually want to sing, then do it.

>> No.10063837

I think you should do it if it’s fun for you! But I think people who don’t have natural talent always sound a little weird. You can improve, but it’s obvious when someone has just practiced and taken a lot of lessons, compared to when someone just is naturally a good singer. You’re never gonna quite compare. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have lots of fun doing it, or that people won’t support you and like your work

>> No.10064050

“just practiced and taken lots of lessons”
As someone who has sang for fifteen plus years and taught vocal lessons for three, I completely disagree. Natural talent can only get you so far. Between a student with natural talent who banks on it and a student with no talent who takes vocal lessons and practices every day, the latter will always surpass the student with natural talent. When learning any instrument, work ethic is more important than natural talent.

>> No.10064185

Your Range should not discourage you from performing. Just practice and strive to perfect your technique and you should be fine. Most idol songs are in the upper register so finding a song that fits you shouldn't be too much of a problem! If you need any help I'd be happy to

>> No.10064230

Pixielocks and friends covered Jingle bells ga tomaranai.

Apparently, this is the first of many covers. Thoughts? The shots are just so weird for a dance cover. From what I can see of their actual dancing, none of them know what they're doing.

>> No.10064348

If you do that many cuts you don’t actually have to learn the dance. It looks like they watched a clip of the dance for 2 – 9 seconds, and then just copied that exact 2 – 9 second part from memory right after watching it. Leg movements are harder to do that for than arm movements, which is why they cut most of the leg movements out. You can see they’re not steady with the leg movements in the first few seconds where they did actually learn a portion of the dance, they all look off balance causing a wobbliness in the legs, the middle dancer is the least wobbly, but it’s also clear that’s the only part they all learned based on the cuts and how its shot. Wobbliness can also be seen at just past 1:33 as Pixielocks unintentionally slips. If they had learned the dance to the same quality as the first few seconds it would have been a fine beginner cover. Their only problems would have been the typical beginner issues of throwing their arms around and lacking precision from move to move, but it looks like they just didn’t learn the dance.

>> No.10064488

The one with the pigtails looks bored/angry most of the time since she just doesn't smile. The cuts look weird, they look like they'd belong in an MV rather than a dance cover. Outfits are super cute tho

>> No.10064641

Thank you! I am not formally trained in singing/vocal coaching so maybe I am not using this terms correctly, but it feels the problem is not so much "range" as the "colour" of my voice...? I have a very wide range, and I know a higher pitched voice is good for jpop, but my voice just sounds... whiny, I think? Might be because I am not used to hearing myself. I'd love it if you are willing to help me! Could use a bit of advice!

>> No.10064927
File: 1.91 MB, 1081x960, 1497306928549.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

forever and always a cursed image

>> No.10064928
File: 445 KB, 331x587, Screen Shot 2018-12-26 at 10.00.57 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this group is planning to start a GoFundMe to raise 3k for a fucking con meet-up. The level of entitlement coming from these people is getting ridiculous

>> No.10064939

please be fake this is absurd

>> No.10064947

LMFAO this is fucking embarrassing, insert popcorn gif here for when this eventually goes south

>> No.10064967

Not to mention idolized kicked out one of their members so someones so could join what a nice group of friends

>> No.10064970
File: 173 KB, 1125x378, F9BCD8BF-BBE6-4867-8777-BC5620E6FB47.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fixed it

>> No.10064973

Fucking tea, sign me up.

>> No.10064974

Why couldn't they just apply as a panel? Why couldn't they propose the idea of an idol showcase to AB? Why can't they just hold a normal showcase in an outside open area? Are there members banned from holding panels and events at AB? So many questions and more...

>> No.10064981

I assume because they're used to daddy's credit card being able to buy them anything they want

>> No.10064985


Panels spot can be rather competitive and not all cons have an idol showcase like Sakuracon even though there has been a growig demand for it. The last three years i have been to Sakcon and all of them were unofficial outdoor lives

Outdoor lives also have a kind of stigma as it often lacks the audio and lighting equipment as the best they can afford is a portable speaker

Still Idolized think they are like the chinese LL Cover groups but dont exactly know how to sell the right merch

>> No.10064990
File: 167 KB, 639x634, CDD4BDE9-D517-4796-A4EE-A2ED95A60F81.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wouldn’t talk about them like that or they might try to clap back like this -this is their Eli btw

>> No.10064992

Soo... excuses is all i'm seeing but ok? That still doesn't make it ok. If it was a seperate event on a different weekend, I could understand but 3k for a room at a con is just scamming people.

Theres ways to host these events at cons without money geyting involved. It's a matter of being smart and networking within the con scene and community. If they really cared about the community, they wouldn't be doing this.

>> No.10064993

Good we need another Mimi. It's been awhile and I love seeing prissy entitled idols blow up.

>> No.10064994

This is so ugly, they really thought people would want to buy this?

>> No.10064996

Which member did they kick out? I see they’ve posted auditions for Kotori but they wouldn’t be scouting for one if they already had someone on board.

>> No.10064998

I'm going to ananymously send this over to AB. This is extremely fucked up from a organizers perspective.

>> No.10065000

They had two members leave and they’re only scouting for one.

>> No.10065005

So they kicked out the Umi then and presumably gave hers or their old Kotori’s Aqours member to someone else? Iirc Nozomi was also You right?

>> No.10065008

From puzzle pieces I’ve put together, Koto and Umi were close, idk which one was replaced but the other went with (probably because it’s kinda fucked to just replace someone). And I think Eli was You?? Either way they 100% moved around Aqours characters.

>> No.10065012

Yea eli was you

>> No.10065095

The tea is boiling hot and I'm living. More entitled LL cosplayers.

>> No.10065130


>> No.10065349

>panel slots can be competitive
AB's panel submissions are still open and usually has shitty programming. They will take anything that will bring in numbers.

>Most cons don't have a idol showcase despite demand
Because none internally wants to run it. If there is so much demand for one like you said, there shouldn't be an issue in submitting a panel and getting approved.

Entitlized really wants to scam the community. They really don't care about anyone but themselves. Like >>10064992 said, if they cared, they wouldn't be going about holding a showcase this way.

>> No.10065360


I don't think Idolized is looking to scam people, but it sounds so unrealistic that they would be able to raise 3k for a event like that. It's ridiculous they even think it's possible. A much better option is to request a panel spot from AB staff and ask for a bunch of groups to join or something.

>> No.10065403
File: 1.18 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181227-140901.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well looks like the gofundme wasn't needed after all

>> No.10065448

Yeah let me know where I can reach you at and I'll be happy to help

>> No.10065534

It’s a shame Anime Boston doesn’t know their history of harassing other cosplayers in the community.

>> No.10065538

Samefag, but I thought it might be important to note that Jenna/Eli specifically is the most guilty of harassing others

>> No.10065570

Tea sis, spill it or otherwise in which old threat I can find it

>> No.10065587

I’ve heard of instances of Idolized members laugh reacting other New England cosplayer’s posts on the Love Live usa cosplay page. I’m positive I’ve seen a screenshot but it definitely would’ve been a while ago, will try to find.

>> No.10065615

Are there any cons that do singing idol stuff and not just dancing?

>> No.10065751

in LOVE with this covers

>> No.10065752

I thought an idol showcase would include that but im not sure?

>> No.10065763


You are a big denpa gumi fan huh?

>> No.10065785 [DELETED] 
File: 1.07 MB, 640x1136, 20B62589-105A-4C23-B49C-6C2A4F3D9EFE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So Sakura Hana posted this on her instagram story. I mamaged to screencap it before she deleted it(?) This is either never going to take off or it’ll be hilarious.

>> No.10065787

she needs a reality check dear god

>> No.10065791
File: 300 KB, 754x1194, loweffort.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She literally posted in the Love Live usa cosplay group asking for recommendations for where to get generic black socks for a Love Live uniform. Same pattern of asking for advice and attention only to ignore everything said and wasting everyone's time. Covered up her name as it is her real name

>> No.10065798
File: 45 KB, 1048x702, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

looking for this video.
cant remember song or group name so i got desperate. Hope you like my art.

>> No.10065802


Don't even go there, we don't need another dead thread again.

>> No.10065820

lovely art anon. As for the idols could they be Carousel Idols? The colours match

>> No.10065916

Is it from a net idol or real idol group?

>> No.10065953

what makes you think so?

>> No.10066110

I want to have a net idol group but I'm 23 and might be moving in a few years anyway. Part of me is like "Well, this is the youngest you'll be able to pursue this dream, so you may as well" and part of me feels like it's already too late. I mostly just want to have fun, make new friends, and be cute. Oh, and being a maid at a convention would be fun too, but the struggle remains the same

>> No.10066118

I've seen people older. Our leader is 25 and she's also in a maid cafe. 23 is a perfectly fine age to do idol stuff

>> No.10066119

Bless you for this response! It's really nice to hear that there are people out there still pursuing idol stuff in their twenties~ I hope you have a great day!

>> No.10066123

sounds like that one dempagumi song, bari 3 republic. dunno what video though

>> No.10066191

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSlNZZpKLw8 perhaps?

>> No.10066205

I’d honestly love to see (and maybe join) a serious net idol group of adults started by adults. It’s so often old groups that just seem cringey but hopefully if you do create one it’ll be worth it.

>> No.10066266

Everyone in the best overseas idol groups are at least in their 20s

>> No.10066304

It's not like you're going to be like a full fledged real idol, no reason why you can't do net idol stuff at any age honestly

Just go for it

>> No.10066354

L-NAV posted a practice video where they sing and dance, so I think you're right that might be why it got delayed. It's too bad it didn't work out as planned.

>> No.10066391

I mean like nobody’s ever gonna be a big star in japan (although some have been before) this whole thing is suppose to be for fun. There is an idol group called Sweet Supernova and they do singing and dancing idol showcases. You should check them out. They use to be just a love live group but they’ve expanded way more.

>> No.10066396

And will you people please just leave Sakura alone?? She has been through enough.if you don’t like her then get the fuck off her page. If she was so bad she wouldn’t be on the road to 1K followers.

>> No.10066433

This is it! Man my drawing was so off. Thanks a million anon.

>> No.10066449

You do realize this is 4chan right

>> No.10066557

I realize that but you’re hating on her for literally no reason. I know of lots of great idols that started out like she did. She’s not the best but she’s far from the worst. Give the girl some time to improve

>> No.10066559

Maybe instead of complaining about how terrible she is maybe tell people how she can improve?

>> No.10066563

And now thanks to many of you she’s scared to post things because it seems to you that everything she posts is terrible. She may need improving yes but she doesn’t deserve all this hate. So do her and everyone else a favor and stop. Because you’re making her already bad anxiety worse than it needs to be.

>> No.10066579

Can everyone just shut the fuck up about Sakura? Both white nights and everyone else. I’m sick of hearing about her. There’s nothing about her to go here and I’m even starting to think they (sakura and friends) post her for bait just to say we’re bullying her. It’s abundantly clear nobody wants to deal with her irresponsible ass so just leave her alone holy fuck.

>> No.10066590

Wouldn’t call her irresponsible per say but THANK YOU. Just everyone stop ducking hating on her. You’re not making it any better for her or for yourselves

>> No.10066607

On the road to 1k isn't an achievement...

>> No.10066611

Then how about stop trying to defend her on here and accept the fact that she's sometimes getting posted on this thread, just like many other people. She isn't important enough to be constantly talked about and all you white knights coming back every time is blowing things way more out of proportion.

>> No.10066671

Is it true that the Love Live Community on Instagram is cancer? I’ve heard a lot of petty stuff.

>> No.10066685

Love live comm is cancer in general. Avoid at all costs

>> No.10066762

Stop coming in here to talk about her. This is not a casual site for hanging out and saying nice things about people. Try Facebook or Twitter, child.
If you don't like what's bring said, then you don't need to come in here reading it. Bye

>> No.10066819

All I’m saying is to stop bitching about how bad she is. It’s getting annoying. She’s not that bad desu. I say wait until this panel actually happens. Who knows? Maybe she’ll improve.

>> No.10066831

Honestly just stop talking about Sakura in general. Good or bad. Every time someone brings her up, this one poster comes in to defend her and it's turning into such a shit show that the threads are getting deleted. Just pretend she doesn't exist or start a thread on lolcow, keep her out of these threads. I like the discussion and links that get shared here and I don't want the mods to come in and torch everything like they've done the last couple threads. Sakura Hana doesn't exist here.

>> No.10066943

Ok selfpost
Fuck i shouldn’t’ve posted that if you white knights are going to shit up the thread again

>> No.10066983

I'm not sure how I feel about the japanese introductions with this one, but I really like it nontheless? I hope next time around it'll work, I'd love to see this live

>> No.10067029

There’s already a thread about her on lolcow. Wanna talk shit than go there.

Oh and by the way the Texas idol festival was live at ikkicon. I’m sure it’s still on their page

>> No.10067844

Day 1 was definitely better. Everyone did really well. Parfait Party was good, Paida was really good but she looked like she didn’t feel well, and Melancholiah was great but her stuff was really intense, I would not have been comfortable with my kid seeing that. The dance groups were great too. I do feel like the performances were weaker than they were at a-kon, more mistakes
Day 2 the dancers were meh. Rith had a fantastic voice and was fun to watch, Shay did well for only having sung for a year and seems like she’ll be good with more experience

>> No.10067881

What made Melancholiaah’s performance too intense for little eyes?

>> No.10068060

I didn't really mind the camera work, I actually like when the camera moved a bit even for just a dance cover. Although it could have moved just a bit less. The dancing was cute, some parts were a little sloppy for sync.

But the outfits.... didn't go together at all?! The style was all over the place and the colors didn't go well together, dark tones and bright colors, and uneven amounts of black between them. I get wanting to use your image color but.. there's ways to use it and make it work as a group together. The koalas outfit was soo cute, and the neon greens top was cool and sort of matched the koala, if they all went with that sort of style it would have looked cool even with a ton of different bright colors.

>> No.10068089

Their costumes are so cute.. those boots..sprkly
I really like all their hair!
Can't see the dancing, and it's not like it's covered up with cute MV shots, so it's not much of a dance cover OR an MV, but I would say the worst part about the video is how purple and blue don't smile and seem happy.

>> No.10068093

I follow Paida on Instagram. She was in pain and could barely make it to day one. It was on her story. Poor thing. I felt bad for her

>> No.10068100

How was Melancholiah live? I've seen videos of her performances and something about her persona doesn't make me think it would work in an IRL setting. It kinda feels like a "2edgy4u" angle.

>> No.10068235


certainly the beginning might be a little bit too disturbing for smaller kids/people who might be sensitive to that kind of stuff

>> No.10068512

I really wish I could've seen this live. While intense and a bit edgy, it's a nice break from the monotony that idols can be and I appreciate her breaking the "fourth wall," so to speak. IMO it's better than seeing another girl trying to make their thing be cat ears or being a knock-off Honoka. Pretty cool, I'm glad she's doing her own thing and I hope she continues to do well with it.

>> No.10068524

Agreed. The girl in the purple looks like she's trying to remember the moves more, which makes me wonder how long they took to learn it. Is this going to be Pixielocks' new thing, I wonder? I know about all her wacky bullshit when it comes to hopping fandoms/trends, so I wonder how this will pan out.

It seems like Idol groups are becoming the new "it thing" at cons. Most, if not all of the conventions in my area have added an Idol fest onto their 2019 schedule, so I'm definitely looking forward to seeing new groups, cringy or not, it's nice to see people somewhat dedicated to what they're doing.

>> No.10068696

it's intense but i have to appreciate how far she goes to make her image come to life on stage.

>> No.10068759


So why havent Sakura con caught on with the craze? Aside from their talent show they dont have an idol showcase.

>> No.10068879

I guess I'm biased because I just fell in love w her performances when she debuted at A-kon, but it really feels like she brings a level of professionalism and showmanship that no one else does. Sure it's a manufactured persona (ironically to make fun of manufactured personas) but it's well thought out. She does acting, she does singing, dancing, records and edits the MC bits and even that little animation video she put together for this show. It's beyond impressive to me and I'm excited for every performance.

>> No.10068900

Same, I enjoy it a lot myself, it's refreshing to see something different but I can definitely see it not being for everyone

>> No.10069229

I know this is more of a kpop thing, but did anyone audition for jtbc's stage k?

>> No.10069475

Newfag here but why is it that groups that specifically do dance covers refer to themselves as idols? I was at AUSA this year and i pretty sure two of the groups referred to themselves as an idol group.
Is just doing dance covers all it takes to be an idol now?

>> No.10069494

I think right now, branding yourself as an idol is the easiest way to connect to the audience you're looking for. A lot of newbies get into idols because of anime idol franchises like Love Live/[email protected]/Aikatsu, so doing dance covers makes them feel like the anime idols they adore. A lot of dance groups that brand themselves as idols also do image and personality stuff like photoshoots, non-dance videos, cute outfits, etc. Groups that market themselves as pure dance groups tend to stick to just that, while even the non singing "idols" branch out a little more to market themselves as more than dancers.

>> No.10069570

Nix isn’t subbed to Pewdiepie, sad

>> No.10069845

With how much they appear to be in Stellure I'm almost thinking they aren't subbed to a Stellure membership either

>> No.10069894

Nix likes Danny Gonzales and I don’t like Nix so I hate even more now

>> No.10069954

with the drama that my friend has been going through the Love Live community is totally toxic, especially the UK community

>> No.10069959

damn why cant we have more groups like this that sings and dance!! i wanna be part of a group like this, too bad some of my friends can either sing well but dance bad or sings bad but can dance very well

>> No.10070002

So Paida got her shoes from five below. I want those!

>> No.10070005

Here are some groups that dance and sing:
夏色パーティー Natsuiro Party:
アイドルじゃない Aidorujanai:
Peachy Parade:
Seishun Youth Academy:
アイドル素材 Aidoru Sozai:
ツインテール Ai Twintail:
トキメキJUMP Tokimeki Jump:

and you should try to make a group with your friends if you want to, you don't have to be perfect just practice and show improvement little by little.
It's not like real idols are know for really good singing and dancing skills.

>> No.10070073

I thought they were from walmart. Walmart was selling holographic light up shoes this summer and I completely missed out of them and I'm still upset.

>> No.10070075

I feel like if you sing and dance you're kind of already an idol, since idols in japan don't generally make their own music or lyrics anyway. I wish I would see more vocal covers with love live groups, at least with subunits and solos. I feel like singing is a really common talent anyway, although singing in another language can be quite difficult.

>> No.10070105

Honestly don't get all of the melancholiah hype in this thread. Outside of how she frames the songs her performances are the same old same old idol songs everyone else does.

Sure, her "washed up broken idol parody" image makes sense in that her Youtube views of recent uploads will always pale in comparison to her old viral teeny bopper miku cosplay vids and her recent stats are so low for a channel with its current amount of subs.

But I digress, it's basic tier edgelord behavior that everyone is fawning over.

>> No.10070125


What makes it so bad anyways?

>> No.10070126

Lots of revenge groups, people who had drama in one Love Live group leave or are kicked out to make their own out of spite, and the cycle repeats. Tons of drama-based groups that Ive witnessed just brew hatred, jealousy and stir up trouble most of the time. But thats just one aspect that Ive noticed about the community in the past couple years.

>> No.10070147

Paida mentioned on her Instagram that she wasn’t feeling well the day before. That’s why she was out of it.

>> No.10070148


Sometimes I wonder maybe what they need is healthy competition. China has been doing it for the last couple of years with both regular Odottemita and Love Live which creates a situation where the chaff is separated from the wheat.

Right now the revenge groups only have so much power and drama because they don't see any critics actually saying it straight with who's good and who isn't. Meanwhile only the really good groups get to perform at the cosplay dance contests. As the Idol/Cover Idol group craze grows, we need an competitive element to air it out and decide who is coasting by with drama, fans or actual skill. And critics can come from people who just dances, actual idol fans and maybe alum of cover groups who are too busy to dance but is willing to take a look at the new blood

Competition also would reduce the amount of cringy groups as well as they would spend time training and keeping their drama out of the community if they want any shot of winning the contest

>> No.10070160

Agreed! Not only is her persona 2 edgy but I also think her stage costumes are poorly designed most of the time and don’t make much sense at all given her “back story”.
Her work is a nice art project but I wouldn’t call Melancholiaah an idol at all.

>> No.10070173

I don't know, Anons.The way I see it, original Idol groups would benefit from singing live to build their brand, but Love Live groups would probably result in people just trying to replicate the character's voices a la nails on a chalkboard or not speaking any Japanese and butchering the pronunciation. Unless they practiced. I honestly don't mind them lip syncing as long as their dancing is on point.

>> No.10070195

It’s not even anything new. I’ve seen a few other people already doing the edgy idol bs so idk why everyone is acting like it’s some new fresh thing.

>> No.10070272

it's not even hype, it's more of a acknowledgment to her dedication. She's not lazy with her work and it shows.

>> No.10070284

I agree with anon, there's lots of pettiness in these group. I had quite a few of my friends kicked out of the group just because the main girl doesn't like them and she normally gets her other friends to gang up on people she doesn't like. Also they bring in lots of drama from outside the group into the group. I swear love live groups are filled with a bunch of of elitist.

>> No.10070286

I agree. I don’t like cosplay groups to sing, unless they are doing it in English. Hearing them sing in japanese always feels like a let down

>> No.10070318

Thank you anon so much!!! Watching all those videos just reminds me of how much I used to love singing and dancing to anime songs (I used to do musical theatre a lot too). The only one I heard of on this list Seishun youth academy (I follow their facebook but had no clue who they are and what they do)

I would so love to have an idol singing and dancing group but it would be difficult to find people who can be committed... I did try to create a dance group last year while I was at university but people couldn't make it to the dates we set up... I would get my friend to join me but shes already in 2 love live dance group plus doing a bunch of cosplay (plus i think she is only interested in dancing and maybe singing love live)

>> No.10070563

How can I connect to other idols/idol groups? Amino and discord dont really have a group for that, and you can't really interact with the groups on Instagram.

>> No.10070571

She posted on her story. But I want a pairZ but I don’t live in Texas so...

>> No.10070575

There’s a YouTube channel called 9 Mermaids that does English covers of love live songs~ you should check them out

>> No.10070577

Overseas Idol Collection. They have a discord, amino and facebook group

If you can’t connect with people through that, idk what to tell you. The discord in particular is very active

>> No.10070578

Shut the fuck up. Like the rules say. This isn’t your personal army to single people out

>> No.10070580

Well you can just contact idols and ask for advice. That’s what I do

>> No.10070583 [DELETED] 

Ok my phone is being stupid and the thread is being weird so

I really need to get a new phone

>> No.10070589

Holy shit, did you really need to respond to a 5 day old post to stir up more Sakura drama? The thread's been really nice here the last few days, don't come back in just to pick a fight about an irrelevant person.

>> No.10070619 [DELETED] 

I thought it was sent today because my phone is being an ass

>> No.10070620 [DELETED] 

I thought it was sent today because my phone is being an ass. I thought I was at the bottom of the thread. Not sure what’s wrong desu. And she’s not completely useless to me. She has inspired some. I saw it.

>> No.10070621

I don't know if they've been posted yet, but footage from Holiday Matsuri's Idol Fest has been going up, so here's a few groups from it.





>> No.10070622

By the way it looks like she deleted her account

>> No.10070627

So is she gone? If so I don’t know what to say

>> No.10070656 [DELETED] 

But you people better think before you post. This isn’t a website for hating on people. So if you post hate you WILL get reported.

>> No.10070662
File: 552 KB, 2001x1125, 5D0437C2-3D0D-4AAB-8D84-2B4E68B21D58.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10070706

Holy shit please just stop. We DON'T want to talk about her. Go suck her dick on her tellonym or something just please stop bringing her up in this thread

You're only going to generate more hate for her if you keep bringing her up here to defend her

>> No.10070723


>> No.10070725

go away, you're doing nothing but stirring up things that aren't even relevant anymore. Either actually contribute to the thread or stop complaining and click off the site.

>> No.10070727

I wasn't even the one talking to her, you're just taking internet conversations way too literally. Instead of wasting time defending her on a site where that's absolutely not gonna work, you should just ignore the hate (like every other "idol" does) and support her. If she really is meant to do something, she will regardless of online threads. That's how everyone else does it. Everyone, every big net idol or even real idol has threads upon threads of trash talk. You know what they do? Ignore it and keep performing. Anon threads are not meant for compliments or support, they're meant for talking about a topic anonymously. If someone is saying something you don't like, Sakura, what you do is close the app, delete it, and stop going to it. It's not meant to help you. That's reality. Find another method, like social media, because this isn't it.

>> No.10070733

Talking about her* sorry.
But I also don't care, which is what you should be doing. Not caring.
The more you feed this thread (ie you coming in here to argue with yourself), the more people will harass you. Let it go. As soon as you do, the "mean" comments stop coming.

>> No.10070752

y'all are about to get the thread shut down again. Just stop responding to her.

>> No.10070764

Not trying to hate because I genuinely do love idols, but I don’t understand why it’s such a coveted title? I’ve been in musical theater for many years and am a professional vocalist, so when I see people defending the title of idol so vehemently I get confused since in my experience idols (even professional ones) tend to be weak with their vocals and sometimes dance in favor of their image and are generally looked down upon when regarding their technique by serious musicians and musical theater people (usually, not all of the time). They usually start out with their image and build up their vocal/dance technique after they’ve become popular, which makes me feel like they aren’t respected because of their talent but because of their likability and sometimes their vocals/dancing still aren’t great. Musicians that sing and dance, I think Beyoncé is a great example, build up their fame because they have great vocal and dance technique and work on their image after. I guess I just find it ironic because we tend to look down upon idols in the same way that idols look down upon role playing groups for not being serious enough since they tend to value their image over their technique. Like I remember Julianne (who I think has a lot of talent) saying in a past thread ages ago that she couldn’t afford vocal lessons, but if a musician were to use that as an excuse while still performing professionally they would be laughed at because using proper technique and taking lessons is the BARE MINIMUM. Not trying to stir up anything or make anyone feel bad, and becoming an idol definitely is hard work, but this is just an observation I had from reading this article because many of the things said I’ve found myself thinking about idols themselves.

>> No.10070817

This whole "article" is really fucking weird.
>If you want to be an idol solely because you think it's enjoyable and you want to gain popularity, you're in for a rude awakening.
>By the time you're done reading this series, if you still hold those same naive beliefs, just quit. Don't call yourself an idol. Don't even try to be one. I'm dead serious.
I share the same beliefs as Julily (I'm assuming that's who wrote this?), it's important to make the distinction between roleplaying and actually creating content, but both of these articles are just so weirdly written.
Practically nobody in these threads (or, realistically, most people on OIC in North America) will ever be ~true idols~. There's not a big idol fandom here like in Asia, so while I get where she's coming from, this whole "weebs who dance to Love Live and call themselves idols ruining muh subculture" is a little far fetched.
She needs to get off her high horse IMO.
>using Stellure as an example for anything

>> No.10070820

I think its less about treating "idol" as a coveted title, or looking down on others

and more so about trying to spread knowledge of what an idol actually is to the overseas community. For me, its really annoying to see a cosplayer who sometimes dances to Love Live call themselves an "idol"

Not because I think idols are some top tier class of performer- but because it creates this misunderstanding within the overseas community of what an "idol" IS. For those who aren't educated in it, or just getting into idols, it can be really confusing when you see a bunch of cringey cosplayers who barely try calling themselves "idols". And this has pretty big effects on those of us actually putting effort in. We get disrespected and brushed aside by convention staff, have to struggle and band together to have events and constantly have to combat the misinformation.

From my experience, the vast majority of people primarily think of shitty LL! cover groups when they hear "idol." For christ sake, I had someone ask after I performed once if I was doing a "Love Live OC". If people educated themselves and stopped using the term in situations its doesn't apply, I think it'd make a huge difference

>> No.10070821

See, i think its the whole "will never be true idols" thing that frustrated her enough to write the article

by educating people about idols, i think she (and lots of other OIC idols including myself) are hoping to grow the idol fandom in the states and other countries

that way there would be a path carved for overseas idols to actually become idols

and the groups she's shitting on for calling themselves "idols" do, in fact, hold the subculture back from developing more

>> No.10070825

I think the biggest difference is culture. For one, idols are almost always expected to start young (or inexperienced, whichever comes first) so people can watch them grow and relate to them. This is different from musicians such as Beyoncé or Taylor Swift. While they start young. They start vocal training, instruments, etc. People look at Beyoncé and Taylor Swift and go “Wow I wish I could be like that” while idols are meant to be “Wow! I can do that too!” if that makes sense. I also think there’s a difference in not being able to afford something then not utalizing internet resources and in doing absolutely nothing at all. Saying you can’t afford vocal lessons but still training yourself is one thing. But just like you wouldn’t call someone who’s still learning an instrument and can’t compose or play on their own a musician, you wouldn’t call someone who doesn’t sing or dance an idol.

With that said, I feel a bad energy from these articles in general. It’s almost like she’s angry and is trying to heavily defend against people calling themselves idols but in a really rude way. The way the intro reads is very fueled? It’s not very level headed or unbiased. There’s a lot of “we” and “us” and “I” when it should be “idols” and “they” and “them.” I definitely think the intro and the first part should be rewritten.

>> No.10070827

I don’t understand how people can’t afford lessons though if they can afford to perform all over? Like I get it, I’m a broke college student who’d scraping to get by, I eat ramen more than I care to admit, but you can find people online who will give vocal lessons for $30ish and Martha is even giving them for $20 an hour which is super cheap. I don’t have a real job because I’m in school full time, but I work for instacart an hour a month and earn $30 that I then put toward once a month music lessons. If there’s a will there’s a way no matter how broke you are, and if you’re going to commit to performing you should at least get proper training, especially since learning without a professional can hurt your voice.

>> No.10070834

I agree, reading this made me feel really put off.
If you attack your readers and treat them like idiots they're not going to want to sympathize or listen to you.

>> No.10070835

Not everyone has money, a job, or parents who give them money, but the ones that do have no excuses. Even a college student can get vocal lessons if they sign up for classical music as an elective. And a lot of people who perform all over either don’t have to pay for anything or would rather do free gigs. Buying con passes instead of lessons is infuritiating though so that’s also not an excuse. I just think people are either lazy or would prefer somebody actually be with them which isn’t cheap. I don’t know about Martha’s creditials but while I’d love to work with her, I know the music professors at my school have specific times set aside and are verified for teaching others.

>> No.10070850 [DELETED] 

You people are assholes. All of you desu. I hope karma bites you in the ass.

>> No.10070852

Sakura isn’t here. She’s avoiding this place.

>> No.10070853

I genuinely hope the thread does get taken down. It’s filled with hypocrites and total asses who take joy in bullying innocent people who just want to live a dream.

>> No.10070856

She did write it. It says it under the title

>> No.10070857

hadn't seen the miracle wave one here yet, but I'm actually really pleasantly surprised they did the backflip too (and well!) instead of two cartwheels

>> No.10070861

despite the sync issues, the miracle wave one is pretty hype
it's also nice to see guy idols getting some love too

>> No.10070866

I never see guy idols except freaking BTS and stuff so that’s white a sight

>> No.10070874

> It’s almost like she’s angry and is trying to heavily defend against people calling themselves idols but in a really rude way.

That's how it comes off to me, too. Rather than educating and raising awareness it sounds like a salty, obsessive rant.

>> No.10070878

>I had someone ask after I performed once if I was doing a "Love Live OC".

I had almost the same experience one time. Original stage outfits I worked on for hours, bright colors, fluffy petticoats, natural hair, and a performance we walked away from feeling really happy and confident about. All the shit that makes you feel really in love with idol culture. "Are you guys from Love Live? I'm trying to figure out what cosplay that is, but the colors and hair don't really line up." After we told him we were an original group he immediately lost interest and walked away. :(

>> No.10070892

oh god no. Carousel Idols are so god awful.

>> No.10070918

You replied to the wrong post. Anyway, kind of fucked up you would say she isn't an idol at all with all the work she puts in, not to mention her having actual songs out, too. I wouldn't say the costumes are poorly designed since they mostly fit a sort of broken doll aesthetic that she designs her setlists around, the most recent one probably inspired on a concept of 'innocence' as well as I think on an idol she looks up to.

>> No.10070922

Actually, she had a story some months ago about buying the light up ones at walmart. The recent story was just about how some holographic shoes at five below are similar, but without lights.

>> No.10071003


I think for someone like Julily, she has become rather weary and cynical about the situation so far. Going through a quick glance of the stuff by Julily and I can emphasize with her as someone who have been taking samples of the idol scene. She has a good reason to make this article to push others to do better

Given her situation, having a guarded attitude isn't surprising as she had to deal with people who thinks Love Live and idol anime is the end all, plus dealing with the unsympathetic press both online and offline, how the only foreign source for J music news is wholly biased against idols in general and hope the sooner it dies the better with all the fans.

>> No.10071005

The way it’s written is still super unprofessional imo. Martha of Kira Kira made a video addressing some of the same things in a way that didn’t seem salty. Her rant reads more as an editorial than an article for a supposedly professional organization

>> No.10071116

There's a huge difference between being able to go to cons and being able to afford professional lessons.

>> No.10071119


I agree with the Julily thing, I think she tried "too hard" to sound professional and just comes across as crude. It was very unprofessional and it makes her seem very stubborn and not very approachable.

>> No.10071128

Sounds more like the boot just fit a bunch of anons here if you ask me.

>> No.10071233

What do you mean

>> No.10071236

We're pointing out that someone who considers themselves a representative of the comm is sperging out instead of actually laying out the difference between roleplaying and idols and making the rest of us look crazy by default.
If that makes you assume that we're all 13 year old instagram Love Live fans, I don't know what to tell you.

>> No.10071248

Yeah the backflip was really clean, I'm really glad it was pulled off so well. Is the Carebear supposed to be their mascott?

The ReVale costume change was ambitious but I'm glad they pulled it off. They both have good chemistry too which made them fun to watch. Also the dancing felt more difficult than your average love live step touch so I liked that.

I'm glad we got a girl group that wasn't another LL. Plus I really like wug, their dances are more interesting to watch

LNav looked pretty and shiney in the costumes. Really wish I could have heard them sing. But their practice video they didn't sound terrible

>> No.10071270

That's what the majoirty of the idol community is. If your ~hurt~ by how its worded, then maybe the shoe fits you? I think harsh words like this are needed when we want to be taken serious.

>> No.10071283

It’s not about harsh words though. We don’t disagree with Julily, but her wording isn’t right. If anything, it’s going to make the rift much worse. Her words are fueled with her own personal hatred and dislikes towards certain circles as opposed to being open. If you don’t see how that whole introduction reeks of entitlement and personal bias, then you’re the one that needs help. I could easily rewrite the whole introduction and it come across better than she did.

>> No.10071325

I mean not really? Cons are like $60-$80. I personally cut out going to cons for a year to train so that I could afford my lessons. I guess I’ll elaborate on my other post
1. Most colleges have vocal grad students who teach for $30-$40 an hour. They have all the credentials but just don’t have their degree yet, and even if you’re only able to go in once a month it makes a huge difference in regards to your voice. (Most professional vocal teachers charge a dollar a minute, but I’ve personally found that the grad students are just as good) Idk about Martha’s credentials but I know her voice is solid so I might look into her to save that $10 a month
2. Like I said, I work an hour a month to save up money for it. (If you are broke I highly recommend applying to instacart it is a lifesaver) If I wasn’t a full time student paying for tuition and rent I could easily have weekly lessons, but once a month is better than nothing.
3. If you don’t have the financial stability to put toward $30 a month toward improving, you do not have the financial stability to be an idol. It costs money, literally ask anyone who is serious about it.
4. The biggest reason I’m being so hard about this is singing without proper technique is flat out dangerous. I know lots of people joke about vocal nodes, but it’s a serious condition and using your voice in the wrong way can really mess it up to the point of requiring surgery and not being able to sing anymore.
Part of being an idol is being able to sing. It’s important to have a good foundation that you can continue to build your skills on, and if you don’t get help that foundation will always be shaky, and you will reach a point where you can’t improve anymore on your own. I feel like a lot of local idols priorities are skewed in that they focus on their image and dancing skills and then think about singing as an afterthought.

>> No.10071328

I think She did fine

>> No.10071346

Do you even realize that denpa idols are a thing? Even the alternate idols thread on /jp/ understands this shit. Idols do not inherently need to be considered socially acceptable or "pure" to become successful.

>> No.10071440


I'm about to perform for the first time in many years after being super discouraged as a preteen. I grew and now I'm trying again. Does anyone have any tips for how to stay strong even though I'm not perfect and criticism hits harder than it should, still? I don't want to waste any more time waiting for me to only feel the need to try harder when people tell me I should and no disappointment in myself for not being perfect.

>> No.10071445

People outside already don't take us seriously and they especially won't if the representatives for the community come off as autistic weebs. The article was an unfortunate case of good intent with poor execution.

When I was younger, my dance teacher told me to dance like my younger self was watching and I wanted to inspire that version of myself. Sounds cringeworthy, but it's helped.

>> No.10071804

That's one of the most patronizing things I've read recently.

She really is sperging out over the (special) title of "idol/overseas idol" but the reality is it doesn't matter what you call yourself. There is not an "Idol market" in the west to be pushing yourself too. I get that her and oic is trying to make that happen but it's like trying to make fetch happen.

We are already a niche with heavy overlap across anime fans, jpop fans, otaku etc. using devisive language on your already small pool of receptive people is short-sighted. Being personally offended at comparisons to anime idol groups is basically you deciding to not connect with someone and teach them more over a similar interest because they aren't already educated in your corner of the internet.

You can look down on the rp groups and the cosplay groups but it's a waste of energy. Those groups naturally fall out, lose relevancy fast and are a pretty common "gateway drug" to participating further into idol culture. They are irrelevant to you if you're actually thriving in your own space as an "idol"

If the western comm actually produced content at the level of actual musicians and not people using an idol gimmick you wouldn't be stuck using elitist tactics to try and separate yourself from the
>crowds of lovelive cover groups

If you can't embrace the fact that no matter how well you pull it off or how fancy your production is, you're still doing derivitave weeaboo shit, then really you're just wasting your time holding onto a stupid label for the perceived clout that only you and/or the circlejerk of the rest of us cares about.

>> No.10071844

I just want to put it out there that I appreciate those who took the time to provide constructive feedback on my article. It's definitely something to take into consideration when I write the next part. While there is a bunch I'd like to clarify, I'll try to explain as much as I can given the time I have and I will elaborate further later.

Here are a few concerns I'd like to highlight:

- I don't hate LL cosplayers. Ideally, we (I say we as in most overseas idols) just want to share a stage with them and we just want a platform where we can be heard. I can only speak on a North American perspective since that is what I'm dealing with. It's really hard to gain those opportunities given that event organizers don't understand what we are and even if we do send well written e-mails, a lot of our requests fall on deaf ears and are often ignored. And I get it, they are a con, they want to make money, and idol stuff is a niche that won't make much profit. However, all that we ask for is to just have some form of space provided for us so people can enjoy us.

Same thing considering the odottemita community - we don't want to be kicked out of conventions or simply denied a space to express ourselves. I make the odottemita community an example is because whenever we organize dance gatherings, most often than not, they are done in hallways simply because our panel applications get rejected. We try to respect the space by not blocking exits, not being too loud, clearing the way for passer bys, etc. but even considering those factors, gatherings are still shut down by con staff.


>> No.10071845

- I get it. We will never be "true idols" but I'd like for us to start somewhere. We definitely can do so so so much better quality wise so that's why I believe that some form of standard must be set. In the grand scheme of things, we won't gain a following outside of that small anime/j-pop niche however, what I can say is that it's a starting point for most of us. A lot of us aim to have our own original music. We'd like to take the concept of a J-Pop Idol (as in starting from the bottom and improving on your way there) and create a way for rising performers to pursue their dreams. It's far fetched, it's ridiculous, maybe even foolish of me to believe that we'll get anywhere with this though like I said, it's a start and we won't get anywhere unless we at least *try*.

- Putting emphasis on *try*, I'm just sick of mediocrity and sick of lack of effort. I don't want people to associate idols as "cringe" since there's so much more to us than that. I want people to understand that it's possible to improve and get better. Again, not expecting the absolute best skill wise, I'm just expecting people to actually do their best.

- Yes, it sounds very salty I won't deny it, but again, I don't hate these people. I'm more so disappointed in those who don't even *try* because again... it's people who are like that that hold us back from ever being heard. I'm jaded because I care a lot. My execution can definitely be improved on and I apologizing for offending people. Just understand that my intentions aren't impure, I'm just someone who dishes out tough love.


>> No.10071846

On a personal note, as far as my last comment on lack of vocal training during that time I was in a really tight spot financially. While it's not an excuse, I do live alone, pay my own bills, rent, and groceries, it's been tough BUT once I got out of that spot, I aimed to save up enough to go back to doing lessons. It's just that temporarily at that time, again I was in a rough spot. I still am now but just less so. I have been spending a lot of last year and even now on general self improvement so that's why I haven't been releasing much content video wise.

I hope this clears up some confusion. I'll be able to write more once I get back home but feel free to ask questions or provide further comments. It may seem like I'm stubborn but I'm always open for discussion and civil debate. I don't know everything so I encourage you to teach me as much as you know, I'll keep an open mind.

>> No.10071897

Okay but the reality is, what we are doing IS cringe whether or not you like it. It is a "weeaboo" hobby, at best. We do it for fun, because we realize the whole "real idol" thing is a fantasy at best for most of us, and there is no clear finish line other than improving and getting better over time. Most of us, even those who work hard, could put fulltime levels of work into it, but where does it lead us? Most of us eventually grow out of it/let it go. Almost none of the girls who made it overseas are still in the entertainment scene. It's not like we're the kid drawing only anime girls bring laughed at only to be big artists down the road, or we're the nerd obsessed with star wars to a cringe level only to grow up majoring in space or robot mechanics or something. What are we gonna do? Be entertainers? No. That's the sacrifice we make, and unfortunately, that's why most of us don't put it full effort. Another thing to note is, there's not exactly a lot of examples of 'quality' things out either. The "big" net idols only put out things like every several months at soonest, and even then it's not exactly high quality anyway. Most noobs on the internet who really care end up achieving quality over time whether or not they can afford it, example being YouTubers who started small and got bigger just by doing what they like and being persistent. That's something that can be a career, what we are doing is very small, a niche inside of a niche, and does not put bread on the table. It's way too small for this elitist attitude. I get you want to be treated like a guest, but we're a small interest and just because we perform and work hard doesn't mean we earn that title of a guest. A guest is supposed to bring the con money, not the other way around where you get special treatment and a title. It makes you sound self interested.


>> No.10071904

Another point is, it's also really deterring to other people who want the community to grow and spread when you're out here saying YOU coined the term, as if YOU'VE done all the work even though communities and the term "oversees idol" and "gaijin aidoru" existed long before you even made any content online. Back then, there wasn't any love live or idolmaster. Idol music wasn't as popular, and we had a lot less interested people to cater to. We had only one group/person doing hallway lives, our panels or performances were denied, and we had to just gain traction by working hard and being good at what we do. We didn't shit on anyone who sucked bc we knew they would fizzle out or be our supporters because we could do what they couldn't. But to sit here and act like you did all the leg work, when there are years of people who did it to get it to where you can now make a community of people off of the inspiration that came from girls way before you... Is something else. You don't have to work as hard to be an idol, because none of us are real idols. Therefore, you, nor I, have the right to determine what is or isn't an idol, whether or not you like that. You can produce og music and train hard, but unfortunately you are no more of an idol than a girl who puts on cosplay and sings or dances only once a year. That's why we do what we do, we work hard to have fun and enjoy a hobby while spreading the interest to others, whether it's love live or vocaloid or whatever it is people do after getting inspired. You're there to charm people, not to obtain some special title and rip it away from others you don't like the quality of. No one thinks you don't like love live or cosplayers, but you're spitting on one of the stepping Stones that gain is an audience that supports our hobby. If a love liver calls herself an idol, it's not our place to tell her she isn't. That's the reality of the niche hobby we have.

>> No.10071908

Yikes, this whole thing is turning into an autism scream off to see who is more autistic about this. I've probably been doing this longer than anyone was born but your adults screaming over a title anyone can give to themselves if they put effort into it.

At the end of the day, were a niche community with different experiences. You shouldn't feel threatened if someone wants to be serious about something. If you do, your part of the problem to where people still question our existance. Were seen as weebs at the end of the day, but we still should fight for respect from the other weebs that shut us down. That's how improvements happen. Not by shitting around on an online forum wishing and hoping things can change. Be at the forfront of change.

>> No.10072028

If I could butt in, I feel like the reason gaijin idols don’t get recognition is for two reasons that are really easily overcome:
>don’t speak Japanese
And as a result
>don’t target Japanese audiences

Along with a few other factors, maybe being professional and targeting the audience you’re borrowing from would get overseas idols more recognition in Asia and in the countries they reside in. If you pay attention, it’s mostly the USA and UK that have mediocre performers mostly singing in English with bad voices. You can’t hope to get high up by luck and will alone. This isn’t the time of Beckii and Oishii anymore. Want to get noticed? Japanese tags, Japanese quality, Japanese lessons, Japanese connections. Regardless of if you’re doing it for fun or as a serious endeavor, you need to start thinking Japan standards.

TL;DR: Stop thinking in terms of “Overseas” and start thinking in real terms of Japanese Idol management and culture.

>> No.10072079

While it can definitely be seen as cringe, we are all still entertainers, even if it's on a smaller scale. What we do is entertain. Not to mention the children that can look up to us. Have you never had a child come up to you at a convention and be super excited? It's one of the sweetest things.

TLDR; Yes we're far from the same as Japanese idols. However we ARE entertainers. And to everyone - if your applications get rejected then WORK HARDER. Any one of us can be successful with this if we put our 100% into it.

I agree with a lot of the points here.

>> No.10072104

My whole thing is this: while it may seem annoying that there exists a younger generation of anime idol-influenced kids who think that LL!, Cinderella Girls, and such are the very definition of what an "idol" is (the roleplay community on Instagram, to be specific) ----- they're on a completely different playing field. They're not aiming to be the next Beckii, the next OIC-level idol, or anything of that sort, so I wouldn't even consider them worth talking about in this regard. So I wouldn't say that they're tarnishing the idol community, I would simply consider them a whole different community in of itself. As annoying as they may be, as annoying as it may be to deal with them, they're just young weebs who don't know any better.
I do agree with the article in some aspects, but I also agree with the people that are saying it's just written in the slightest wrong tone. As some of you have already said, it gives off an elitist, unapproachable vibe to those who perhaps want to try being an "idol" in whatever sense, but aren't educated enough on what it takes.Even speaking in terms of the niche community that the non-Japanese aspiring-idol community is.
Maybe I'm not one to talk since I'm not an "idol" and just a long-time fan/occasional performer, but that's just my two-cents on all of this. Nobody's in the wrong here, and there are clearly people who put more work into this than others. But at the end of the day, this isn't a hierarchy.

>> No.10073328

Real idols in japan are LOVED adorable not being perfect. Just be yourself. And don’t forget to shine

>> No.10073331

I still don’t understand why people consider everything autistic.. I know some people who suffer so I personally don’t find it funny

>> No.10073362

Don’t forget vocaloid. Hatsune Miku is a bit virtual idol or diva or whatever

>> No.10073376

This anon is 100% right.
Please, this isn’t about “people looking up to you”, it’s about people thinking you’re cute and cool to fuel self-importance and narcissism.
You are not guests. No one cares about you besides other “idols” and possibly the, guess what, love live cosplayers at conventions. These threads don’t belong on this board t b h.

>> No.10073383

I’ve seen idols as actual con guests with the titles. I personally am not there yet far from it but I’m saying it’s possible

>> No.10073384

I wanna know how many people found out about love live from the Nico Nico nii remix

>> No.10073387

You mean like literally everything else in the world.

>> No.10073403

Yeah but does anyone care about them anymore than any other panelist? No. Which is kind of important in being an “idol” you know.
Not everything lies to itself and says it’s “for other people’s happiness!!”

>> No.10073474


I understand that it’s not insanely popular, but to act like their isn’t a fan base at all is so ignorant lol

People do look up to overseas idols, they have real fans that support them (yes who aren’t just love live cosplayers or other idols) and that’s clear to see if you actually follow any of the groups

and you’re “you make them happy for yourself to feel good” point is ... unoriginal, circular logic and just plain dumb

>> No.10073480

We aren’t talking overseas idols. We’re talking you guys. Sounds like a nerve was struck.

>> No.10073496

Not guests? Then why do cons contact us with invitations? Thank u, next

>> No.10073500

I have to add there have been events I've had to apply to perform at and there have been other events I've been invited to perform at year after year. So yeah idols can be guest instead of entering masquerades and contests. I know a lot of idols that have their own fan base outside the oic Idol comm.

>> No.10073504

Sweetie, do you know where you are?

>> No.10073505

No I meant narcissism and fueling-self importance lol. No one goes into entertainment because they want to “make people’s lives better” or because they “want to make people smile.” They do it for money, because of family, or because they actually have passion.

>> No.10073506

WRONG. Next?

>> No.10073511

There’s that narcissism and self-importance. No one knows who you are, I promise.

>> No.10073517

Wait overseas means not Japan? I thought it meant Japan. Whoops. Either way you’re in denial.

>> No.10073519
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>downing self-importance and narcissism when you have as much, if not more, of it than anyone here
What makes you so special then?

>> No.10073526

I think youre confusing anons but
>denying what that anon said
You’re proving the other anon right. No one does it to make people smile. The world isn’t that altruistic so wannabe idols need to stop lying to themselves and “fans”.

>> No.10073527

Me: *goes to a con just as an idol*

People: meh whatever

Also me: changes into a Love Live cosplay


>> No.10073528

Haaaaaaah lots of nerves get struck. Welcome to the internet lmao

>> No.10073530

Like insta and YouTube are key for idols now

But sadly for cover idols copyright is a thing

>> No.10073537

Never said anybody knew who I was. I'm saying that you're wrong if you think nobody strives to be an idol because they're passionate about wanting to bring happiness to others. Disagreeing with you doesn't make me narcissistic, but go off.

>> No.10073540

Is it narcissism to enjoy performing? I'm not sure. It feels good to be cheered on and told I'm doing a good job, but I don't expect fans or to be admired. I'm just having a good time and trying to improve myself. I started making some original songs because I want to convey a kind and encouraging message of "being the best you can be" and I can't do that through covering other people's words and songs. It's not that I'm trying to be altruistic about it, but if it does make someone feel better I'd be happy. Mostly I just like improving and performing, I hope that's not too narcissistic. You've given me some stuff to think about though.

>> No.10073549

You sound cool. I too like performing. Performing without pay is narcissism (yes even wanting to improve and thus gain stronger cheers and encouragement is narcissistic) and honestly there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s true for basically all things in life, as long as the performer is being truthful and not denying it. Drawing attention to yourself is just inherently narcissistic.

>> No.10073552

What you’re saying here is unrelated to your “well then how come I get invited to malaysian basket weaving conventions huh? I have fans I’m popular” OP reply but ok go off

>> No.10073553

Anons anons calm down can we not argue anymore. It’s getting just to the point where I don’t even wanna discuss idols anymore because all it does is stir some sort of pot of boiling water

>> No.10073569

That point wasn't me saying I have fans or that i'm popular. My point was that you can't say overseas idols aren't entertainers when we DO get invited to attend events. I wasn't even speaking just for myself, I was speaking for us all in general.

>> No.10073574

Name one person who’s goal as an entertainer/musician is to actually make people’s lives better... even comedians at their core do it so they can feel important.

I never said I was special. I’d be lying if I said I wanted to be an idol to make people smile. I do it for personal gain and as a hobby.

>> No.10073580

Listen I come here for two things

all your crazy idol drama
Giving groups anon crit/praise

I honeslty don't give a shit if it's some random Chika cosplayer or if it's some American who made it big and has a contract in Japan. And honestly who cares. There's no golden rule on how to be entertaining or successful or even on how to be cringe. You can't make a blanket statment on what's good or what's not. It's a case by case basis. And even more people may have different opinions on what's good and what's not.

I just don't care about having a deep philosophical convo on "who's a real idol" I'll just wait here until we've got something fun to talk about lol

>> No.10073586

>Name one person who’s goal as an entertainer/musician is to actually make people’s lives better...


>> No.10073589

It’s better than talking about the drama literal fucking high schoolers have between and within their groups in their hobby. It’s so pathetic.

>> No.10073592

Preach anon. This is so stupid. We're all dumb fucking weebs can't we just enjoy what we do and move on

>> No.10073625

Okay lets just change the topic

other things we can discuss
>Peachy Parade relaunched their patreon
>Swampcon is having their first idolfest
>Mosuri is scouting
>Superrare announced roles have been cast for virtual live

>> No.10073643


Sorry lmao but like that’s whah high school drama is.

>> No.10073645

Nihana was holding auditions and they haven’t announced their members yet. I’m waiting anxiously.

>> No.10073647


>> No.10073698


>> No.10073701

I'm surprised San hasn't unveiled the members yet

>> No.10073737

>Performing without pay is narcissism

I mean, I'd perform with pay too, if I could. But I uh, suck a lot. So I have to settle for just having fun. :)

>> No.10073739


Finland's first love live cosplay dance group just had their first live. Strange how finland has semi-professional idols (noora&petra) but no cosplay idol groups...

>> No.10073807


Julily, it honestly sounds like YOU are trying to raise the bar high because you know that even these are expectations YOU CAN'T EVEN MEET. You are so salty that you can't meet your own goals that you have to keep raising the bar so that no one else can surpass you. A lot of us can see right through this. Maybe instead of playing police to other people who are just trying to have fun or see how far they can go, maybe you should just focus on yourself instead of projecting your insecurities on others? A lot of us already feel like your talented and I'm sure if you make mistakes here and there, half the time no one can notice?

This article is so unnecessary and looks so yikes. You're talented, but you have absolutely no credibility when it comes to what an idol should/should not be or do. If anything, you make it seem like your audience is dumb and cannot distinguish the difference between idols and cosplayers and so on. The difference between both is very obvious, especially to those in the OIC community. And you know what makes the difference even more obvious? The audience that it attracts. The direction that you have lead this community in is so exclusive that you know what? Maybe that is why the audience/fandom isn't so big. Maybe that is why idol festivals/masquerades HAVE to include cosplayers just so that these events can gain some sort of appeal, and if they don't, tough luck.

Not everyone wants to be a fan.

TLDR; Instead of being so insecure about your progress as an 'idol', that you have to keep raising the bar so that nobody else can reach those expectations, maybe you should just focus on yourself instead of what others call themselves.

>> No.10073824

Lol same I thought that point was really weird? Like most people don't suddenly start out with enough stage presence and skill to be paid to perform without some unpaid jobs for exposure. (Having fun and practicing helps)

I consider it having an unpaid internship to myself.

>> No.10073872

This was painful to watch, they should have picked a better location.

They’re super cute! I love the outfits, though I think they aren’t quite as flattering on the bigger girls.

Julily and Alex Pinku put out a new cover that’s pretty cute too, even if it’s a little sloppy at parts.

>> No.10073904

OG Idol community member commenting here:
Maxine has been in the idol odottemita community since she was really young. She honestly seems to jump on every wave. In 2011-2012 it was the harajuku kyary thing 2013-2014 it was the dempa craze and now it’s alt idols. Her persona of “a broken washed up idol” was done by BiS in 2010 and isn’t new. I think she’s entertaining and a good performer though. Most weeb idol fans(like the ones here) literally don’t know anything about idols outside of vocaloid and anime. If you think idols need a pure squeaky clean image you’re 5+ years behind. Alt idols are pretty much the standard in Japan now. If you want to be a legit idol disregard what other weebs say and go to /jp/ to see what actual idol fans are talking about. Make and sing original music, have an original theme and try to go for rock or alt indie influences if you can.

>> No.10073909


Trying not to sound like a neck beard but if you’re 18+ and comfortable with it don’t feel afraid to go the costhot gravure avenue either. Costhots are all the rage now and a weeb gravure idol group could make good money and notoriety.

>> No.10073916

Instead of calling yourself an idol say youre a cover hobbyist and anime fan. If you’re just trying to “have fun” don’t give your self a professional job title

>> No.10073943

Dang that's not something i considered before but you're right. I think there would be a big market for that in the states at least

>> No.10073963

lmao nice self post

>> No.10073977

I'd like to note that she literally was the first person to use the term "overseas idol" to refer to people attempting Idol careers, hobby-level or professional, but were doing it to a US idol-fan audience rather than making it an attempt to get shipped over to Japan. It wasn't until she created OIC that the term started to get used more to define that specific type of Idol performer.

>> No.10073982

I think a lot of people in the community are under the impression that all idols are pure 14 year olds nico nico nii~ so everybody would get dragged to hell if they did gravure. If you’re 18+ and won’t have job repercussions then I’m telling you a costhot gravure aidoru group would really take off lmao. There’s so many neckbeards paying for premium snapchats and patreon you better try and monetise that especially if you can’t sing or dance very well

>> No.10074046

Lol ami nobody said you have to be a pure/squeaky clean persona to be an idol

>> No.10074048

No, she was not. There are plenty who have used it before OIC, and even before then, the term was more commonly "gaijin aidoru". Those girls back then actually wanted to become the real deal though. But "overseas idol" has existed before. Just not as used. Mostly bc it sounds cringy.

>> No.10074054


For clarification, I have both been a guest, had children look up to me/be excited to see me, and yes it's definitely the sweetest thing and is why I like doing it. I have made a lot of legwork for the community over in my state.

However. I'm not blind to reality. Obviously, we entertain. However, we're not professionals. Our events although they gain traction, is 90% other aspiring dancers/idols and their friends. Most people don't come to a con to watch weeb girls on stage with mediocre singing. We don't get paid. Etc.
No reason to hold this elitist attitude, and simultaneously pretend this is a real job. It's not that serious. I know you hate grasping this, but after the fun is over you have to go back to the real world and her a real job. No reason why you earn some title and other girls don't when you'll all end up in the same result.
If some 12 year old wants to call herself an idol, who cares. As much as it sucks, it helps us in the long run growing fanbase and SEO growth from it as well. We all started that cringy, just let the youngins learn. It comes across more as jealousy that you think you're better but the noobs are stealing your stage. It isn't just yours unfortunately.

>> No.10074065

I’m not a member of nihana lol I just follow them

>> No.10074067

Exactly. They’re twelve. If they are really serious then there gonna work their asses off to get better

>> No.10074102

damn this is facts

>> No.10074135




just saying, i definitely know who this is. you comment on all their posts lately and didnt you say you were trying to stay off 4chan because of all the hate you were getting???? lmao sakura. you literally said you auditioned for them on your story pretty sure. nice try. remember you arent 18 and you shouldnt be here.

>> No.10074158

Nah dude that ain't Sakura Nihana is in Ohio and she's from Louisiana. Nice try tho anon

>> No.10074160

Expect She did audition, she literally put it on her story.

>> No.10074168

OG wtf melancholiah anon here I wasn't implying edgy idols aren't a thing or are inherently bad. Just seems like she's gettting a lot of praise when all she's doing out of the norm is the edgy presentation, not anything really different or unique performance wise, and not actually as original as she thinks it is.

But way to go everyone that activated their almonds in defense of alt-idols in general.

>> No.10074192

Lol at all these people who are arguing about alt idols and even the ones saying it has been done before don’t even know it’s been a thing since at least the 80s

>> No.10074195


>> No.10074200

Omg barf @ all the Sakura Hana defenders taking this chance to get onto Julily for something she's actually right about.
Fact is love live and [email protected] fans wanting to be idols now is giving the idol comm a bad rep.
It's small and crappy now but with the over saturation of all this garbage, it'll definitely never get the chance to thrive.

Anyone offended by Julily's post is probably either Sakura Hana, her two fans, or someone else who felt indirectly called out by her words and is butt-hurt now. Get over it so we can talk about something new.

>> No.10074201

The thing I understand it's great to have a community where idols can encourage each other and help each other to improve. In terms of Julily I can see where she is trying to help but sadly she misses the mark in how she comes across. Who decides who is in charge to tell people how to be idols and how they are considered idols?

>> No.10074201,1 [INTERNAL] 

Melancholia is doing something different in a world of LL shitty vocal cover groups of course she would get attention. Maybe Sakura Hana and her friends need to step it up a notch

>> No.10074201,2 [INTERNAL] 

This isn’t true. The term was odorite and most of them didn’t want to become ~rearu aidoru~ besides Yukapon. The people who wanted to become “real” aidoru have already went to japan and done something. Most of the people back then were the same, a bunch of vocaloid fans who just wanted to do dance covers. OIC is a new term.
You aren’t idols. That’s the same as someone calling themselves an “icon”. You’re just friends who meet at anime cons. Unless you’re trying to perform and really take time practicing dances to put on shows at conventions you’re not idols you’re odorite. And that’s ok!

>> No.10074239

You aren’t idols though. You’re literally just anime fans meeting at conventions dancing for a hobby. Unless you’re seriously practicing to give good performances you’re not an idol
Just call yourself odorite. Nobody in the past even really wanted to become idols besides Yukapon and the rest of people who actually went to japan. OIC is a new term.

>> No.10074240

>I’ve been a guest
Submitting a panellist application to an anime con isn’t the same as being a requested guest. Nobody in the OIC community has been a guest

>> No.10074297

I love when people boldly state false information!

>> No.10074336

Ive been requested to be a guest at events but what do I know XD

>> No.10074343

ChiRi Girls has been a guest with a spot in main events at a convention near me, two years running.

>> No.10074370

No, I actually do agree with you. I know this isn't a real job and I would never expect it to be (I mean if it got to be then yeah great but I know that's not realistic).

My point was just that we ARE entertainers and it's foolish to deny that. My point was that while yes we're on a MUCH smaller scale than "real" idols - what we do is still entertainment.


Me and other idols I know have been emailed by events asking if we would like to appear, it's not actually that uncommon. It's rare for overseas idols to be a main attraction, but they do get invited. Smaller events in particular will contact anyone who's fairly local, so if there's one in the area, even someone with a small follower count could potentially get invited.

>> No.10074407

Why would she apply for an idol group that's hundreds of miles away??? Idk it be like that sometimes

>> No.10074449

Danzoo Dash and Peachy Parade have both been guests at cons

>> No.10074481

That was very ... yikes. Especially the yoshiko day dream solo. I don’t think I’ve ever seen DDW look so not energetic.

>> No.10074508

I’m not Sakura wtf. I don’t even know who the fuck you’re takjing about. Don’t make assumptions

>> No.10074509

Paida has. She was on the official guest list for a con once

>> No.10074519

At major cons with more than 10,000 attendees?

>> No.10074523

I hate flusay girl’s name

>> No.10074524

I’m not sure how big the con is. She posted about being a guest at at a con called louisianime. But I’m not sure how big it is

>> No.10074527

Well sakura states on her story that she doesn’t associate herself with 4Chan anymore. And she’s not the worst. I mean people put a like on her stuff and follow her so well. She can’t be the worst. I feel that there are worse than she is.

>> No.10074528


The majorty of her followers are people watching her meltdowns for shits and giggles or perverted arabian men.

>> No.10074529

Good afternoon (or evening/morning wherever you are)

So I took the time to read your comments and I feel like it would be better for me to respond through video because then you can hear my tone and understand my message a bit better rather than me typing it all out. Feel free to check out my facebook response in this playlist too.


Like I said in the video, I will be taking what everyone has said to me into consideration. I will be re-editing my article and this time, I'll have multiple people look over it before I publish it too. I hope this clears up any misunderstandings and as always, my door is open for any further discussion.

>> No.10074531

Anime Weekend Atlanta, which this year was like 38k attendees. So yeah anon, sorry but you were wrong

>> No.10074539

Jesus Christ... you are on here and her lolcow thread just repeating the same thing over and over again. It’s really obvious you’re just one person, most likely Sakura herself, or some white knight friend of hers. I suggest just stopping cause you’re ruining her/your reputation further.

>> No.10074574

Can we stop with the whole Sakura thing. Nothing crazy happened recently that we should talk about and it just leads us going in circles asking whether or not it's her in the thread. Let's just move on and talk about something actually interesting

>> No.10074602

I know but like people watch her every move it seems lmao. It seems like they’re trying to find something. She gets into an idol group then we’ll talk.

>> No.10074604

Something tells me that’s not the case. Maybe they’re ghost followers? She does get likes on her posts just not that many

>> No.10074608

And what the living hell is lolcow? You are making too many assumptions. I don’t even know what lolcow is.

>> No.10074611

How did this go from talking about NiHana to talking about Sakura Hana? Is it because they both use Hana lmao

Anyway they’re gonna be announcing their new members sometime this week

>> No.10074612

I've both ran panels and have been invited as a guest.

>> No.10074616

I know someone who ran a panel but didn’t show up as a guest. Her name is Glass Heart.

>> No.10074617

Can we just go back to looking at all the latest content?
I want to discuss all the new stuff that’s been buried by all the unnecessary arguing about Sakura whoever.

>> No.10074622

I was trying to talk about NiHana

>> No.10074635

You can't be 18 and not know what lolcow is. Please go back to the playground

>> No.10074653

I haven’t heard of lolcow. I’ve known of this site forever but not lolcow. I may check it out! I don’t go on these sites that often and I decided to give them a try.

>> No.10074715

Aww look at you moving the goalposts after being proven wrong once.

Look, no one here cares if they fit your abstract definition of an idol, or of success. We're all just here to have fun and improve. It seriously does not matter if a group gets booked at a convention with more than 10,000 attendees or not. If they do, cool! If they work for months on a cover that gets less than 50 views on YouTube, cool! It doesn't fucking matter! Let people enjoy things, Jesus Christ.

>> No.10074770

okay lets try to steer the right direction. another anon posted this list.
>Peachy Parade relaunched their patreon
>Swampcon is having their first idolfest
>Mosuri is scouting
>Superrare announced roles have been cast for virtual live
>Citrus is making a comeback

>> No.10074810

What is your upinion on the Aquamarine Idols I know they’re cosplayers but they go to lots of cons

>> No.10074816

the aqours cover group?

>> No.10074829

Personally I actually really like Mosuri, but it seems like there might not be enough of a commitment to do group stuff often. They've been really faithful with their weekly covers though, I'm ready to see their new additions.

>> No.10074830

Julily, coming onto cgl too defend yourself is not doing yourself any favors. Not a good look. It's 4chan, not Facebook.

>> No.10074837

idk I think that its good to get unfiltered feedback, but I agree that arguing with anons is virtually pointless. Responding on her regular social media is fine because we're all lurking there anyway.

>> No.10074872

Yeah that one. Their You is coming home from japan soon

>> No.10074884

i think calina would be better off as a soloist but i really am routing for the group nonetheless. the weekly covers are impressive not many groups can push out that much content

i would audition but i’m not anywhere close to florida

>> No.10074899

Ooo same. She's clearly the glue that keep the group going. Has her hit together the most judging from the list of requirements she drafted and attached to the applications.

>> No.10075027

Peachy Parade also released a new cover

I'm glad to hear Citrus is coming back they were actually getting really good judging by the last performance I saw

As for Mosuri, I'm also rooting for them
but I think they should value quality over quantity a bit more

>> No.10075105

Same here. Remember Sugar Stars? They debuted and tried doing the weekly covers thing and you could tell there was only one girl who was really into it. It only took a month or two for them to get burnt out and their Instagram hasn't been updated in like a year now. Mosuri is too talented to burn themselves out like that, it'd be a waste.

>> No.10075150

I personally feel like the weekly covers only work when it’s planned ahead. For example, before it’s even announced have some videos already recorded and in the editing process that way when it does start, it starts strong and can keep going. Then if you need to take a break, you can do so and also avoid burn out or overexertion.

>> No.10075267

Peachy Parade’s new cover was cute, I hope we start to see more from them!

Mosuri is really sloppy in my opinion. Sure, they have a lot of content, but most of the videos are sloppy or simply unappealing to watch. They should work harder on finding better locations and cut back on the amount of content they push out.

>> No.10075308

i don’t mind their solo covers( it’s kind of nice to see the different levels they are at and you can already see some of them improving over time)

but their full groups are sloppy. and they need to get better cameras. personally the locations don’t bother me at all but the terrible video quality does

that said, youtube and instagram both greatly prefer quality over quantity as far as alogorythms go so they got that at least

>> No.10075309

my b i meant quantity over quality there

>> No.10075312

I don't think some of the girls in the group take criticism well or work well in groups, so no matter what it's just gonna look off when they dance together. Also, we should get a new thread

>> No.10075351

To my knowledge most of them werent dancers before this group and it was their first performance, I hope for their own sake they will improve in the future.

>> No.10075407

I have a question for you all what’s your favorite style? Mine is the cutesy style.

>> No.10075453

To add on to my original comment, if it is their first time (and maybe they look at this thread by chance) I’ll offer some advice.

Set list balance is a thing and is just as important as learning dances and being entertaining. I think it is safe to say that unless every soloist is super upbeat and energetic and picked great songs with lovely choreography, picking 3 solos back to back is just a bore to watch. I would say for a performance at the length they had, 2 should have been the absolute max and at least one of them should’ve been a song with interesting choreography (not to mention the soloists you pick should probably be the strongest/most talented of the group)

If you only have enough time/experience to do on full group song, put all of your effort into that song. I am personally not a fan of long drawn on out... “character acting” if that’s what you should call it? I guess it does sort of make sense since they are probably cosplayers first and trying to appeal to love live fans but still, I would limit that to a minimum since it can be a little cringey at times.

I will say, their costumes looked pretty decent and some members had a good amount of enthusiasm. I think with more preparation and practice, they could be really great.

>> No.10075458

According to their Instagram stories, they only meet up for group practices once every... 3 months?? I understand distance and time constraints but maybe the effort should be made to meetup more often. Even with video progress check ins, it is hard to coordinate group dances that have formation chances and partner work with only like a few run through before performances/recordings.

>> No.10075477
File: 499 KB, 1127x2048, 68666586-B69B-4171-9F16-F90F13A02276.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Such as clothing or music? Regardless, my favorite kinds of style are summed up by Rock A Japonica’s MUGEN (both musically and fashion wise). All but one at least.


>> No.10075580

The thing I notice the most about newer groups is that they almost always never have enough enthusiasm. I guess this makes sense, but it's also what gives them such a lukewarm reaction from audiences and makes people not want to watch their uploads.
Seconding the Daydream Warrior comment from >>10074481. Why choose to make that a solo, when a lot of it is based on formation and group movement? I get that she might have only learned the dance from Yohane's part, but it was really weird watching her just...stand at a weird angle and not sing with the main vocals for twenty seconds. She should have gone back and re-learned the dance from the interesting, moving parts.
One More Sunshine Story and Beginner's Sailing was also just really awkward. Most of the solo songs from Aqours don't have dances, so I don't really understand why a cover group would pick them. Especially for a debut.

>> No.10075582

wait what makes you think that

>> No.10076767

>is not doing yourself any favors. Not a good look. It's 4chan, not Facebook.

I get ya but it's just like what >>10074837 said. Sometimes, it's hard for people to be completely honest with me if they aren't anonymous and I do value that kind of feedback. I opened a tellonym recently so I'll respond there from now on. Of course, don't hesitate to let me know your unfiltered thoughts.

>> No.10076849

I was wondering opinions on this; My dancegroup was offered to be the intermission act (10 minutes) at a dance competition at one of the bigger conventions we have in our country. However, this would of course mean that we are not able to participate in the competition itself. My group is now doubting to do a hallway live as a full group and participate seperately in the dancecompo, but I personally think if we want more exposure (atleast, in our country) we should do the intermission. Any thoughts on this?

>> No.10076853

10 minutes is more time on stage than the actual contest participants. I would take that opportunity because any stage time is solid exposure time, it doesnt matter if youre getting judged for a prize or not. If glory and titles is all your members are dancing for then they may want to reconsider their membership.

>> No.10077228

Their Mari’s makeup is always too harsh and she needs to lose weight. The dia would be better if she lost weight too.

>> No.10077262

that's good exposure time, i'd do the intermission. Why compete when you can focus on promoting your group better? You could still do a hallway live as well honestly.

>> No.10077508

Today was Ohio Idol Live at Ohayocon and some idol groups participated like; Ichigo Ro, Aki San Idols, D-Lite, Musoka Idols, and Terstep. Every single performance was so unbelievably underwhelming and not a single group was in sync. Every single song but one throughout the 30ish minute live were Love Live songs (go figure), with the exception of one kpop song. Only one group got cheers and barely anyone showed up which kind of sucks. Ohio doesn't seem to have very many good idol groups, they all lack passion and have zero emotion.

>> No.10077741

There's a new thread

>> No.10077816


>> No.10077921


Here you go >>10076338

>> No.10078331

Being original is always harder to get attention than something people already like and are familiar with. Even a lot of niche things that get big is because they remind people of something else.

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