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Old Thread: >>10011445

/cgl/ Idol Spreadsheet - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1w3peD9VtAPM9cuIjYlexb7nHOkUfFs_Fcyv21UYakV4/edit#gid=0

/cgl/ Resources Spreadsheet (RIP) - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19XZ308_3yoOKiTmgUA_DfgeqW4ddTCB_e6Zz1wnIJA8/edit#gid=827059689

-PhEri's single "Pheri Dust" was released, available on Amazon and iTunes
-Melancholiaah's debut album "pale" now available on Bandcamp
-Honey Hime's new subunit, PizzaYolo, to release a single soon
-Stellure's understudy Faye becomes a full-fledged member
-Throwback to the net idols of the early 2010s

Due to the last two new threads being deleted, let's try to keep drama and infighting to a minimum this time around.

I'll borrow last thread's discussion topic:
For both originals and covers, there's a lot of options for where you can release your songs. What's your favorite? What are the pros and cons for some of the major platforms and how they relate to our weird little hobby? What do you wish idols would use more to upload their music?

Featured group: PheRi

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In your opinion, what are some of the best or worst stage names/group names? (Which isn't necessarily a reflection of the quality of a group or idol themselves)

Some off the top of my head-

Cute: Galaxy Girl Paida, Honey Hime, Parfait Party, Peachy Parade, Stellure (though the stage names of the individual members vary in quality)

Meh...: Flusay Girls, Tambourine Idols, pretty much any group whose name is literally just "(Noun/Adjective/Verb) Idols," and people who choose to go by a full Japanese name (and they usually never actually speak any Japanese, so they probably pick names at random while scrolling through one of those baby naming websites)

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Do you have any tips for naming a group? Ive been thinking about making a local one, probably not but it's a fun idea.

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My favs: PhEri, Honey Hime, Tokimeki JUMP, Niji Universe, Julily, Peachy Parade.

Meh ones for me are almost all lovelive cover group related group names desu. There's very little originality between a lot of them since most of those cover groups strive to include some play on u's or Aqours in their group name.

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I really like Julily, Mosuri, 2ne, and PizzaYolo. But yeah, ____ idols tends to be a turn-off for me, since that’s usually a sign of RP groups. And, like people mentioned last thread, space/food/flower themes are super super common. Too many Supernovas, Sugary ___s, and Sakuras.

As far as my personal preferences for names, I like it when people take into account abbreviated versions of names! Like Mosuri being the abbreviation of Morning Sunrise, and Seishun Youth Academy being shortened to Seishunya. Honestly, it’s a route I think more people should think of! Shorter names are more memorable, and if they’re abbreviated it often adds an extra cute factor (bad made up examples: Tropical Daze/2day, Chocolate Coronet/Chokokoro). Unless it’s SoLaMi Dressing.

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Does anyone know WHY they named themselves Flusay Girls? Genuine question- It's such a weird name, is there a story behind it?

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Anybody know the names of some of the common odottemita spots in Tokyo? I know Yoyogi park has the house/flower circle people film in front of but was curious if somebody had a list of any others?

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From the history page on their website:
>The name "Flusay" comes from Flugel and Lindsay's names Flu-gel & Lind-say = Flu-say.

Why Natalie called herself Flugel I don’t know. Also, I find it weird that Lindsay’s name is pronounced “lindsei” and not “lindzee.” (Unless Nanami doesn’t know anything and really meant zei or jii instead of sei for “furusei”).

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I really like shortened names too! Some of my fav actual idols do this, like Wasuta and Momoclo. Love Navigators shortens to L-Nav which I really like. I like Mosuri too tho I think sunset themes are overdone which was mentioned in a previous thread

oh that’s interesting. If it was pronounced “floosee” I think it’d actually be a lot cuter. Lots of people spell it Lindsay but usually still pronounce it like Lindsey?

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any more news for anyone about the virtual live callbacks ?

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Did anyone actually send in their round 2 stuff?

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I need to record, ack

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me too! I think as long as I get it in within a week it won't look bad ... right ?

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I didn't get an e-mail back yet. Kinda worried a bit haha

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Wait, not even whether you made the callback or not? Did you send your audition before Dec 1st?

If just about the callback audition then yeah same here. Anxious!

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They kept the same philosophy of actual auditions: only those who pass on are getting an email. If you haven’t gotten an email about callbacks and you sent in before Dec 1, you didn’t pass. I didn’t get one either. They posted on Instagram about it after they finished emailing people.

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I'm sorry to hear that anon. I'm really anxious to hear about round 2 results, I'm surprised I even made it through at all.

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Oh dang. I got a callback email so I wasn’t checking their social media. I assumed they sent ones out to everyone :( Makes sense they would do it that way though

Did most people get called back for more than one character?

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I only called back for only one and it makes me nervous because I don't feel like I suit that character at all. Would it be weird to ask to retry with a different character?

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I’m in the same boat as you. It’s the character I auditioned for, but I didn’t think I would actually get called back for her. I think my voice is better suited for other characters, but I only was called back for this one

I just gave it my best shot and are hoping for the best. I think it would be out of line to ask to read for another character, personally? But San is a really sweet person so she may not take it like I would?

If you really think you don’t have a shot on that character, then it may at least ease your nerves to ask. But I also think if they gave you the callback, they must have heard something they liked in your voice. Maybe try and discern what that was? And try to focus on that aspect for your audition!

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Start Splash posts a graduation for their old Riko and less than 24 hours later announces their new one.

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If you went to their live at ANT, you would've known about the old Riko's graduation already, they announced it during the live

Strange how the graduation video and the announcement of the new Riko were posted in separate days, though... I still haven't quite come to terms with the old Riko's graduation, she was a really sweet idol, and the announcement of the new Riko isn't helping matters

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What the hell do you guys want the group to do about it? Just not have a replacement ready ?

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I think they’re meaning it’s in poor taste to have posted the “super special announcement” not even 24 hours after the graduation video.

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It's not like she fucking died or something. Plus, the announcement was weeks ago, anon.

I'm surprised they're getting brought up so much in these threads.

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it's not a necessarily bad thing, Even for real idol groups, Morning Musume for example, announce new members during graduation concerts sometimes.

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do people have favorite members of net groups or do people just like the groups in general

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What if you sent it after Dec 1st?

>> No.10051604

No telling. I’m sure they’ll update at some point.

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Best names: Peachy Parade, Hitode Army, Parallel, 2ne, Parfait Party, Tokimeki Jump, Honey Hime, PhEri

Ehh: anything with "girls", "idols", Galaxy/star themes, generic love live names, Supernovas, Aquarius, Sakuras, Projects, Akb ripoffs, real idol name rip offs

Bad: Flusay girls

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Personally, I have favorite members.
To name a few, I like Reiko from Tokimeki Jump, Puchiko from Honey Hime, Megan from Peachy Parade, and Polaris from Stellure.

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Polaris and Io from Stellure, Hayayan from Aidoru Sozai, and Nao from Danzoo Dash are some of my faves

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Net idols who are trying to be taken seriously should use their real names or shortened versions of them. Otherwise it just sounds like shitty idol roleplay

The only stage names in Stellure that are really suited for an idol are Mimi and Luna imo. None of their songs or outfits really reference the celestial theme so I don't get the point.

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Personally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with stage names as long as it’s either clear that’s what it is or nobody is ever told otherwise. Not everyone wants their actual name out there, which is believe is the point of all Platinum Happy members having stage names.

Stellure initially had somewhat of a star theme but I agree, they don’t reference it or have any kind of storyline so it doesn’t make sense.

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Danzoo Dash released their cover of Vandalism by dempagumi.inc, what's everybody's thoughts?

I don't know why, but I am just not a fan of these MV style cover videos where the camera pans in so many different ways. I find it distracting when it's for a cover and not for something like an actual MV? If they actually did a voice cover too I think it'd be more appropriate but for just a dance cover I'd rather just focus on their dancing? Their location looked great, and with just a normal static camera angle I think the video could have turned out better, but I think I'm just nitpicking at this point lol

The dancing itself was pretty energetic so that's nice

>> No.10052375

The dance feels weird (at least the way they’re executing it). I don’t mind the MV style but the quality doesn’t feel consistent. Secondly there’s also the issue of sometimes, when it should clearly be a certain person shown, someone else is on camera and it feels weird.

>> No.10052385

I think the MV style would work with dances that have little going on when certain members are in the spotlight. This dance has a lot going on, so I'd prefer a static camera. The thing that annoys me most is their clothing. There is no theme except to wear some sort of ears and most outfits look boring, out of place or just weird.

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Do a lot of Love Live groups usually have a shitty attitude to original idols or none love live idols?

>> No.10052467

needs more outfit cohesiveness - they either need to be all loud like the green slime and the koala ear girl, or all muted like everyone else. I can't not look at those 2, it's too distracting.

everyone wears some kind of skater skirt in their color, white or black matching tee, thigh high socks or tights, black shoes. Easy/affordable. I do like that the tomboy one has the tartan thing and pants, think they could keep that as long as they still had the matching shirt and shoes with everyone.

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that girl's belly fat hanging out disgusts me. just ew

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The good groups in my comm have branched out because they love other genres of idols as well. On the other the crappy ones only care about LL and not much else and have little understanding of idols beyond the kpop genre.

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interesting use of closeup shots

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I have to give Love Live credit where it's due. I was around and into the original [email protected] and it bummed me out that it didn't get more recognition. In my country I knew about ten cosplayers including myself. However because of Love Live's popularity, it's given other idol series a chance to step into the spotlight. I'm seeing more [email protected] cosplayers and performers than I've ever seen before. They're usually more willing to try out other things in terms of watching series and cosplay.

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If anything, I think it can be the other way around sometimes. There is a group or two in my comm who have often pointed out that they "never do love live dances" and only pick the most "difficult" dances to perform- as if that somehow automatically makes them instantly more talented or enjoyable to watch. It's an especially weird attitude to have considering that, like >>10052503 said, 95% of LL groups here have moved on to do different genres/styles/a mix of anisong, jpop, kpop, and LL etc. Not to mention that lots of the previous LL groups here are on par if not better than the groups with the bad attitudes. The few groups that remain who are still exclusively doing LL kind of just play in their own corner and enjoy what they're doing and don't bother anyone else so.

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theyre out of sync sometimes so that might be why it feels weird

>> No.10053008

This just looks messy. A lot of it isn't in sync. It being a really high-energy denpa song makes it worse when they're off-tempo.
Looking at their Future Diver cover, this seems like a consistent problem.

>> No.10053150

Crap I totally forgot, that and I was too ill to record. I hope I can still audition for the character I want to go for

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Good ones: Peachy Parade, Stellure, BLUFF, Over the Zettai, Mosuri

The group name should reflect their concept, or at least have the same kind of feel as the songs or dances they put out. Very cutesy name (bad example: Super Sugar Happy!!) doesn't work if you do edgy songs all the time. Unless you mean it to be ~ironic~.

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I really want to start as odottemita, but I am not perfectly skinny... should I lose weight first....?

>> No.10053494

Dancing quality + energy is all that matters. There's lots of net idols that are overweight but still known for good dancing.

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and how do I learn to dance with greater energy? lol
I am so dead inside and outside

>> No.10053505


Use it as a means to lose the weight! If you improve over time then people will pick up on it and realise you are trying to do something about it. Personally I don't mind if the person is overweight as long as they're decent.

>> No.10053511

ohhh I see!
Also do you think changing original dance a little is okay if it will make it more decent for me to dance? I wanted to try Snow Halation from Love Live, but most of dance parts when they split is fairly too boring and unpleasant to watch... but I really like the song, could I change dance then to make it look better? (for myself at least lol)
I just wanted to dance snow halation as Kotori solo but its mix of pretty hard moments and fairly easy and boring ones :c

>> No.10053514

as you can see here on this solo version
it's mix of too easy and too hard parts making it weird

>> No.10053564

when you do a solo version of a dance you usually just do whatever part is the most exciting part. if the dancer you're imitating isn't doing something interesting, you switch to the dancer that is for that part.

>> No.10053698

its perfectly fine to change the dance. i did nico puri recently and changed the entire chorus

>> No.10054153

Just like dancing, energy and expressions need conscious practice. While moving your hands, try to control your whole arm from your arm to your fingertips, no limp wrists! It is a little more exhausting but looks so much better. Also see where the move starts and ends and imitate that. Half-assing the moves makes it look sloppy.

Energy also comes from facial expressions. These can also be practiced while practicing the dance, try to focus on smiling and not dropping the smile even when you goof up. Usually a dancer who looks like they're having a good time can be excuced from being sloppy.

It can be challenging, but everyone starts from somewhere. Good luck, anon!

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I'm in a lovelive group, though with the influences of this thread I'm slowly trying to push the other member to branch out a little more. I asked for advice about this a few threads back where someone came up with the idea of the idolsonas for non LL covers/performances and my group actually thought it was quite a cute idea so we're busy trying to develop further in that!

>> No.10054552

Apparently Aquaria are getting a new member, so who left?
I know they had to change somebody out because one of the girls went abroad to study, so has that member come back?

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>> No.10054956

Their chika has come back from japan but the new member may be taking kanan. So many people have gone through aquaria

>> No.10055163

https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=GJxPCrjqz5k&app=desktop So the algroithim reccomended this to me and I think they have pretty good voices, anyone want to discuss this (in b4 self post I do not sing at all)

>> No.10055172

This is really good, desu! It may be a bit generic, but it sounds a lot better than most other original groups

>> No.10055176

This is such a nice song but for some reason it sounds so familiar.

>> No.10055727

Im going to holiday matsuri for the first time, has anyone gone to idol fest? Are any of the groups good?

>> No.10055752

Its all cosplay groups. The people who run it know nothing about idols.

>> No.10055798

Would anyone have footage or could point out to videos of Idol Festivals and such? I'm not from America so I don't quite know where to find them, and I'd like to get inspo from performances for my group!

>> No.10056035

the only major group is L-Nav

>> No.10056106

Cherrywallflower on YouTube posts some clips, and some soloists like Galaxy Girl Paida post their own performances!
If you look up specific events (ie Texas Idol Festival, Starlight Idol Festival, Kira Kira Pop) you should also be able to find videos that way.

>> No.10056336


Thank you! I've found a lot of clips. I'm so jelly you guys have a lot of chances to perform like this, where I live it's mostly kpop dance competitions outside conventions.... Sad.

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