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Last thread just auto-saged and Ikkicon's in a few weeks. Who's going?

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I'm going! Kinda feels like they're just announcing everything now. I wonder if it's on purpose. Anyway, the gaming thing looks kinda cool? I haven't been to a con that had the nintendo switch in their game room so if they're bringing that it might be fun.

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Can someone let me know if there is going to be any j-fash events? I've never been to ikkicon so I have no clue what to expect?

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they made a mistake letting the idol cover groups infest the con. the groups don't have original dances, they're all love live ones. lets have some kpop dances for once ffs a little originality wouldn't hurt.
not only that but they haven't released shit. con is in a couple weeks and they barely have guests and most panels have been denied and artists alley?? most artists are in the dark right now about this. several people on facebook found out that the creator has resigned to work at Disney so they're kinda doomed atm

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I have no idea what you're on about. Ikkicon always has K-pop events, and K-pop covers even in Texas Idol Festival. Even in that, it's not 'all' love live. Yes, a handful of love live groups, but several original ones as well. It takes two seconds to research that. TIF has pretty much become the j-pop quarantine event wheras cons seem to allow as many k-pop panels as they can due to the sheer difference in popularity.

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Riddle me this, fellow Texans, and see if you can guess which convention I'm talking about:

Why would a convention (major convention) start selling tickets to attendees with no solid guest list, and at the same time keep pushing back vendor/artist applications, when that's your big $$ so you can start booking big talent ASAP? It makes no sense.

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I'm not talking about the koreaboo panels. I'm talking about TIF only having ONE kpop dancer.
Define original because most of the groups are LL cover groups, and just one kpop dancer. Just because theres one AKB48 dance, they're original?
Also, no one showed up to the "dark sides of idols" or whatever the fuck it was panel by TIF at ikkicon. which they really need to stop having because 1. its always a confirmed panel 2. they read pretty much verbatim from Google about the "dark side" 3. it doesn't give the other panelists who were denied for automatically confirmed panels and 4. everyone knows how Minami shaved her head. why does it need to be mentioned every time? AKB48 has said to have forgiveness for her yet TIF has a presentation slide with her shaved head, sobbing.
what happened to the real Tokyo Idol Festival influence?

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Because Matsuri is starting to realize that it's fucked regardless of how much it indicates attendance numbers.

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Not talking about AM. But it is Houston, so close.

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lots of people went to Matsuri. couple my friends went and I cut ties with them in seconds. sad to see theres people enabling sex offenders like Leigh and their friends to go to his con.

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Lots did, but it wasn't a record this year like they claimed it was. Most of the people who went only did because they already bought their badges and couldn't get a refund. I can guarantee there won't be as many people this year, especially since it's only a week or two after a-kon

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I go with friends to attend their panels at most cons but even as someone not into this whole idol crap, you really sound like you never attended one of their panels. They never held a darkside of idols panels either?

Either way, cons do pre-confirmed panels all the time with industry and their guests. Are you going to be shaming the voie actors for pre-confirmed panels as well? What makes it so different and wrong?

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they had an idol panel at ikkicon and they mentioned the dark side of idols that everyone knows because its easy to google that and find out everything in seconds. my mistake for calling the whole panel that. but you clearly missed the point: there's only one kpop dancer, its mostly LL covers, and a couple AKB48 songs. they had rock paper scissors at ikkicon last year but it was with the audience not the idols themselves which defeats the purpose of it. Paida took most of the show because she was going to Japan for 3 days (and she made it seem like she was going to be a star there and kind of wasted everyone's money) which didn't give some of the smaller groups chances.

I've been to several of their panels actually. but that one being ran by Martha at ikkicon was a shit show. about 6 people showed up and 3 left during the panel because they probably figured they can be spending their time better at actual panels instead of someone reading off a wikipedia article.

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I was at that panel last year.. they discussed the head shaving girl breifly but never showed pictures.
The room had a decent crowd with people coming and going. Are you sure you even went to it or do you just have a vendetta against them?

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you were one of the 6 people? really? I find that hard to believe.
there was not a decent crowd. nor were there photographers ironically to take pics of the dead panel.
yep, I went. it was pretty dead and even the Naruto cosplayers left lmao

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> cons do pre-confirmed panels all the time with industry and their guests.
yes they do, with real guests like actors and VA's. those are the people we actually want to see. not the same groups doing the same performances, dances, and 5 panels.
so are you admitting that TIF's are pre-confirmed? you know that SJ staff have been slowly wanting them to leave? there's supposedly some staff guy who has said he hates idols and dance panels so he refuses to let them happen yet TIF gets a pass? another staff member also have said that TIF's members have been toxic lately and they're sick of their catty attitude.

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I believe it was Idol Culture 101

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Ok, vendetta chan.

Talking about the actual con, I was thinking about ghosting this year but never done it before. How easy is it to ghost ikki?

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I love how everyone in /cgl/ is so quick to assume its vendetta because someone is criticizing their shit.
all some of us want is diversity in TIF's performances, holy fuck. why 1 kpop dancer? why 2 LL dance groups in one event? why not have traditional idol stuff like rock paper scissors, idols against idols?
agreeing with this person here, do you have photos of the panel? I saw several people taking pictures of it so unless you were the panelist (Martha), or the useless guy running the projector, then i highly doubt you were the girl with the blue wig or the girl with the pink wig because the other cosplayers left. sorry if this was your panel? lol

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ok, can't take crit in /cgl/ so i'll cry vendetta chan

what do you mean by ghosting it? like not going? or lobby conning?

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They're referring to lobby-conning. I've never heard of that term, just ghosting.

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it's kinda pointless to lobbycon unless you have a nice cosplay that everyone wants pics of.
if you want to go to the con itself without cosplay, just go without it. there's really no fun in lobby conning, its just boring desu.

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Don't be a jackass

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If you're talking about a major con in Houston that's not AM, you're talking about Comicpalooza. And as to your specific complaint, there's a rumor that they're trying to shut out the mom-and-pop operations.

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>How easy is it to ghost ikki?
You can freely walk into the lobby and look around but they check badges at all panels, events and the vendor area. You cant really go to room parties anymore either since the hotel instituted the wristbands and checks them at all the elevators and stairs. Ehh, not worth trying honestly unless you just want to look at the cosplays coming and going.

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Okay but can you realize how ridiculous your statements are? Saying it's all love live when it's just a few, and there's other idols like Melancholiaah, Parfait Party, Paida, Mew Rith, etc. Wasn't there only one love live group last year?

Anyway, you don't go to a panel about something you know about. Most panels are designed for complete beginners unless it specifically says 'Advanced' or whatever. It really sounds like you have a grudge.

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Gonna be honest, idk what you're talking about in regards to TIF diversity. There are actually 2 groups that have done KPop before performing at Ikki's TIF. Not one, but regardless TIF is advertised as a Jpop showcase, not a KPop one, so if they took too many they'd be changing the message/core ideals of the show.

I'm also confused about your claim that everyone does LL covers. There's one LL specific cover group at Ikkicon this year. Everyone else has done other stuff besides LL this year, and that trend will probs continue into TIF. There has been one TIF where they let two LL groups in because they had too. It happens. I honestly don't get why you're saying TIF isn't diverse when this is arguably the most diverse lineup TIF has ever had with male, retro, non-LL anime, creepy, and more intense idols being represented. Do some research into the groups that are performing before making wild claims please.

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I lobby conned once but I didn't try to sneak into the convention. if you want merch, buy it online if you don't want to pay the costs of the con?

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So were you the one who was at the panel? you're ignoring the fact that you said you were there, yet you haven't shown pictures or anything?
At Ikkicon, only Bobbi was there. She's a great dancer yet she was the only one there at Ikkicon last year. Some people around her told us that TIF tried shoving Jpop dances to her at SJ this year and she kindly rejected because she only does jpop. Which is pretty rude on TIF's part for attempting to cut diversity.
Love Notes? Tea Team? Some of the dances done are LL covers like Snow Halation at Ikkicon? hm you're not dressed as the characters yet you're doing the LL dances? odd.
I went to every panel I found interesting which was about 6 of them. I actually enjoyed Love Notes dance panel and they were very helpful and nice. I think they're about the only nice thing about TIF other than Bobbi.
also you can go to any panel you want? it doesn't matter if you're not experienced in it or not, some people just like to attend panels?

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okay so 2 kpop groups, one kpop dancer. any more and that's changing the core ideals of the show? just because TIF was stolen from Tokyo Idol Festival doesn't mean you guys have to follow everything. considering some of the members have boyfriends, which is one of the major rules of idols, yet Martha states at the Idol Culture 101 that they're allowed to date if they're American?
TIF aren't Japanese. they're American. So if they can bend the dating rule, also American, why can't they allow more kpop dancers?
> non LL anime
so [email protected]? bang dream? Macross Delta? those would be a cover group...
> creepy
Deadly Sweet Maid Cafe? not to throw shade but she's said that the head of TIF (Milky Kitty) was very petty and all she does is start drama. Also, she said she got angry for bumping into her during a dance yet "she (MK) was the one who didn't know how to dance" and that the head maid has been dancing for years.
Not a fan of DSMC desu. It's sad she fired all her maids because "they didn't do shit" yet when talking with those former maids, they worked very hard for her. Plus didn't her butler sleep with one of the maids? I saw that butler follow people into the Lolita Sales Meetup at SJ this year, of course talking about how his mom died. which he tends to do to pretty girls. he also goes off about his shitty roommate. they really need a new team or just quit all together.
define more intense idol groups
> do some research
way to dox yourself, bud.

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Jesus anon what idol crawled up your ass and died?

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I'm a sjinny black guy and I need some cosplay ideas help me think of some. I'm 5'11 and 150lbs. This will be me and my bros first time cosplaying

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way to dodge the questions lmao you didn't answer most of them. im p sure youre the one who said you were at the panel. werent you in japan?

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that's really sad. mom and pop stores in the comic community is kind of what makes it so lively. they want to make others happy like children not the massproduction stores that are there for the money.

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How do you know what TIF is doing exactly? You shared oddly specific information about their future plans. Kind of sounds like you run it or something :3c

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Actually from what I recall from the panel, a member of the audience was laughed at by Martha and the guy doing the slides when they said they liked Hatsune Miku when asked who their favorite idol was. It kind of shows what TIF's members are really like: condescending and rude. It's shocking to see what the members are truly like but really are we surprised? not really

> Anyway, you don't go to a panel about something you know about.

Kind of strange, because Martha gave false information about idols + their relationship statuses. TIF are trying to be Jpop idols (sounds like cringy weeaboos at this point, trying to act Japanese when they aren't) yet they don't even following this dating rule.

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Or I just looked at the lineup they posted on Facebook and checked out the groups that were dancing? It's been out for a couple of days and they are all pretty easy to look up on insta :/

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> Everyone else has done other stuff besides LL this year, and that trend will probs continue into TIF. There has been one TIF where they let two LL groups in because they had too.

that's kind of a lot of information that their audience doesn't know/can't assume. they HAD to? how would you know exactly that information? You mean like the post MK had that it was a tough decision to deny the other idol groups who auditions and asked to be at Winter Idol Fest? funny, because why was it hard to deny TWO Love Live dance groups?

Honestly, you've doxxed yourself the second you said "do ur research." On your FB, you've posted that someone was attacking you on /cgl/ as well as being friends with those who know you're on 4Chan. Just admit who you are, because it's really obvious at this point.

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can someone post a picture of the lineups for TIF's performances please i haven't seen anything yet because ikkicon hasn't posted much n the group :/

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Anon that was my first post in the thread, you just sound batshit insane over something really trivial.

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Look anon, I know nothing about this idol crap but it seems like you have something against it personally. No one cares about TIF and the fact that you're going out of your way to whine about it is pretty cringey. Quit derailing this thread, I'm pretty sure there's one just for idol shit, go complain there, none of us care

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I'm not even that anon who said they went to the panel lmao. Multiple people are calling you on your bullshit. Love Notes doesn't even do Love Live covers anymore and I bet they won't for TIF this year. Sure, you can go to whatever panel you want, but why would you go to a beginners panel on something you already know about? Boring yourself on purpose?

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Just came here, who are the multiple people you're referring to?

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I think it is pretty easy to tell when it is the same anon. You just posted 3 comments with the word anon in it in a row. You're assuming that it's one person and that they're crazy. It's kind of funny how no one is quoting your comments either.
They're not even responding to this person, asking for their lineup, and actually contributing to the conversation.
Most of the questions were dodged. No evidence pictures have been posted. the "multiple people" seem like just one person (which, no surprise, it is).
Leave 4Chan. I'm pretty sick of these threads with people like you screaming vendetta because someone gave you criticism and posing as 4 different people so you have some sort of "posse"

Guess what? Only your friends paid money for your Ko-Fi. Only your friends went to your performances. Get over it and grow the hell up.

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Don't get your panties in a wad. They just emailed and basically said in the email that larger vendors would get first notice, which is standard practice. My understanding is that the new management takes more time to draw the hall maps and negotiate with GRB.

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Not samefagging, you're dumb, idols are dumb, TIF is dumb, go whine on your idol thread because you're flooding this one and only the idol people care. I just want to read about Texas conventions not this crap

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Holy shit you're stupid.

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Allow me to complete the trifecta of calling you a fucking idiot

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jesus finally someone answering questions about the con

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Looks like three friends or one person on 3 devices. their laptop, phone, and then uploading it to wikimedia commons to hide traces. how sad you don't know how to use computers without your data showing. who taught you, some amateur at NSA?

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You guys have any plans for Ikkicon? This is my first time going. Heard it's mostly just a party con.

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Gonna check out the vendors then head to lunch at the little ramen place then supposed to meet back up with friends to change into costumes in their room, dont know how the rest of the weekend will go but thats friday at least.

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Yes, someone gives so many fucks about some random convention idol group that they went through that much effrot to call you an idiot. You are insane.

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if you don't like random non weebs in panties hanging around the con, then stay away from the lobby. those people are there for probably doing LSD and going to the rave.
idk why they have to be in panties and bondage like wtf

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I'm doing Pucci. Pull off a Sazh from Final Fantasy or Mista from the currently running JoJo season. I'm too skinnyfat to have my gut exposed. You could also do any super hero with everything powers or Nick Fury if you into capeshit.

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Meant to respond to

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