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Last thread just auto-saged and Ikkicon's in a few weeks. Who's going?

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I'm going! Kinda feels like they're just announcing everything now. I wonder if it's on purpose. Anyway, the gaming thing looks kinda cool? I haven't been to a con that had the nintendo switch in their game room so if they're bringing that it might be fun.

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Can someone let me know if there is going to be any j-fash events? I've never been to ikkicon so I have no clue what to expect?

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they made a mistake letting the idol cover groups infest the con. the groups don't have original dances, they're all love live ones. lets have some kpop dances for once ffs a little originality wouldn't hurt.
not only that but they haven't released shit. con is in a couple weeks and they barely have guests and most panels have been denied and artists alley?? most artists are in the dark right now about this. several people on facebook found out that the creator has resigned to work at Disney so they're kinda doomed atm

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I have no idea what you're on about. Ikkicon always has K-pop events, and K-pop covers even in Texas Idol Festival. Even in that, it's not 'all' love live. Yes, a handful of love live groups, but several original ones as well. It takes two seconds to research that. TIF has pretty much become the j-pop quarantine event wheras cons seem to allow as many k-pop panels as they can due to the sheer difference in popularity.

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Riddle me this, fellow Texans, and see if you can guess which convention I'm talking about:

Why would a convention (major convention) start selling tickets to attendees with no solid guest list, and at the same time keep pushing back vendor/artist applications, when that's your big $$ so you can start booking big talent ASAP? It makes no sense.

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I'm not talking about the koreaboo panels. I'm talking about TIF only having ONE kpop dancer.
Define original because most of the groups are LL cover groups, and just one kpop dancer. Just because theres one AKB48 dance, they're original?
Also, no one showed up to the "dark sides of idols" or whatever the fuck it was panel by TIF at ikkicon. which they really need to stop having because 1. its always a confirmed panel 2. they read pretty much verbatim from Google about the "dark side" 3. it doesn't give the other panelists who were denied for automatically confirmed panels and 4. everyone knows how Minami shaved her head. why does it need to be mentioned every time? AKB48 has said to have forgiveness for her yet TIF has a presentation slide with her shaved head, sobbing.
what happened to the real Tokyo Idol Festival influence?

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Because Matsuri is starting to realize that it's fucked regardless of how much it indicates attendance numbers.

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Not talking about AM. But it is Houston, so close.

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lots of people went to Matsuri. couple my friends went and I cut ties with them in seconds. sad to see theres people enabling sex offenders like Leigh and their friends to go to his con.

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Lots did, but it wasn't a record this year like they claimed it was. Most of the people who went only did because they already bought their badges and couldn't get a refund. I can guarantee there won't be as many people this year, especially since it's only a week or two after a-kon

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I go with friends to attend their panels at most cons but even as someone not into this whole idol crap, you really sound like you never attended one of their panels. They never held a darkside of idols panels either?

Either way, cons do pre-confirmed panels all the time with industry and their guests. Are you going to be shaming the voie actors for pre-confirmed panels as well? What makes it so different and wrong?

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they had an idol panel at ikkicon and they mentioned the dark side of idols that everyone knows because its easy to google that and find out everything in seconds. my mistake for calling the whole panel that. but you clearly missed the point: there's only one kpop dancer, its mostly LL covers, and a couple AKB48 songs. they had rock paper scissors at ikkicon last year but it was with the audience not the idols themselves which defeats the purpose of it. Paida took most of the show because she was going to Japan for 3 days (and she made it seem like she was going to be a star there and kind of wasted everyone's money) which didn't give some of the smaller groups chances.

I've been to several of their panels actually. but that one being ran by Martha at ikkicon was a shit show. about 6 people showed up and 3 left during the panel because they probably figured they can be spending their time better at actual panels instead of someone reading off a wikipedia article.

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I was at that panel last year.. they discussed the head shaving girl breifly but never showed pictures.
The room had a decent crowd with people coming and going. Are you sure you even went to it or do you just have a vendetta against them?

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you were one of the 6 people? really? I find that hard to believe.
there was not a decent crowd. nor were there photographers ironically to take pics of the dead panel.
yep, I went. it was pretty dead and even the Naruto cosplayers left lmao

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> cons do pre-confirmed panels all the time with industry and their guests.
yes they do, with real guests like actors and VA's. those are the people we actually want to see. not the same groups doing the same performances, dances, and 5 panels.
so are you admitting that TIF's are pre-confirmed? you know that SJ staff have been slowly wanting them to leave? there's supposedly some staff guy who has said he hates idols and dance panels so he refuses to let them happen yet TIF gets a pass? another staff member also have said that TIF's members have been toxic lately and they're sick of their catty attitude.

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I believe it was Idol Culture 101

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Ok, vendetta chan.

Talking about the actual con, I was thinking about ghosting this year but never done it before. How easy is it to ghost ikki?

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I love how everyone in /cgl/ is so quick to assume its vendetta because someone is criticizing their shit.
all some of us want is diversity in TIF's performances, holy fuck. why 1 kpop dancer? why 2 LL dance groups in one event? why not have traditional idol stuff like rock paper scissors, idols against idols?
agreeing with this person here, do you have photos of the panel? I saw several people taking pictures of it so unless you were the panelist (Martha), or the useless guy running the projector, then i highly doubt you were the girl with the blue wig or the girl with the pink wig because the other cosplayers left. sorry if this was your panel? lol

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ok, can't take crit in /cgl/ so i'll cry vendetta chan

what do you mean by ghosting it? like not going? or lobby conning?

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They're referring to lobby-conning. I've never heard of that term, just ghosting.

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it's kinda pointless to lobbycon unless you have a nice cosplay that everyone wants pics of.
if you want to go to the con itself without cosplay, just go without it. there's really no fun in lobby conning, its just boring desu.

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Don't be a jackass

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If you're talking about a major con in Houston that's not AM, you're talking about Comicpalooza. And as to your specific complaint, there's a rumor that they're trying to shut out the mom-and-pop operations.

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>How easy is it to ghost ikki?
You can freely walk into the lobby and look around but they check badges at all panels, events and the vendor area. You cant really go to room parties anymore either since the hotel instituted the wristbands and checks them at all the elevators and stairs. Ehh, not worth trying honestly unless you just want to look at the cosplays coming and going.

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Okay but can you realize how ridiculous your statements are? Saying it's all love live when it's just a few, and there's other idols like Melancholiaah, Parfait Party, Paida, Mew Rith, etc. Wasn't there only one love live group last year?

Anyway, you don't go to a panel about something you know about. Most panels are designed for complete beginners unless it specifically says 'Advanced' or whatever. It really sounds like you have a grudge.

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Gonna be honest, idk what you're talking about in regards to TIF diversity. There are actually 2 groups that have done KPop before performing at Ikki's TIF. Not one, but regardless TIF is advertised as a Jpop showcase, not a KPop one, so if they took too many they'd be changing the message/core ideals of the show.

I'm also confused about your claim that everyone does LL covers. There's one LL specific cover group at Ikkicon this year. Everyone else has done other stuff besides LL this year, and that trend will probs continue into TIF. There has been one TIF where they let two LL groups in because they had too. It happens. I honestly don't get why you're saying TIF isn't diverse when this is arguably the most diverse lineup TIF has ever had with male, retro, non-LL anime, creepy, and more intense idols being represented. Do some research into the groups that are performing before making wild claims please.

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I lobby conned once but I didn't try to sneak into the convention. if you want merch, buy it online if you don't want to pay the costs of the con?

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So were you the one who was at the panel? you're ignoring the fact that you said you were there, yet you haven't shown pictures or anything?
At Ikkicon, only Bobbi was there. She's a great dancer yet she was the only one there at Ikkicon last year. Some people around her told us that TIF tried shoving Jpop dances to her at SJ this year and she kindly rejected because she only does jpop. Which is pretty rude on TIF's part for attempting to cut diversity.
Love Notes? Tea Team? Some of the dances done are LL covers like Snow Halation at Ikkicon? hm you're not dressed as the characters yet you're doing the LL dances? odd.
I went to every panel I found interesting which was about 6 of them. I actually enjoyed Love Notes dance panel and they were very helpful and nice. I think they're about the only nice thing about TIF other than Bobbi.
also you can go to any panel you want? it doesn't matter if you're not experienced in it or not, some people just like to attend panels?

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okay so 2 kpop groups, one kpop dancer. any more and that's changing the core ideals of the show? just because TIF was stolen from Tokyo Idol Festival doesn't mean you guys have to follow everything. considering some of the members have boyfriends, which is one of the major rules of idols, yet Martha states at the Idol Culture 101 that they're allowed to date if they're American?
TIF aren't Japanese. they're American. So if they can bend the dating rule, also American, why can't they allow more kpop dancers?
> non LL anime
so [email protected]? bang dream? Macross Delta? those would be a cover group...
> creepy
Deadly Sweet Maid Cafe? not to throw shade but she's said that the head of TIF (Milky Kitty) was very petty and all she does is start drama. Also, she said she got angry for bumping into her during a dance yet "she (MK) was the one who didn't know how to dance" and that the head maid has been dancing for years.
Not a fan of DSMC desu. It's sad she fired all her maids because "they didn't do shit" yet when talking with those former maids, they worked very hard for her. Plus didn't her butler sleep with one of the maids? I saw that butler follow people into the Lolita Sales Meetup at SJ this year, of course talking about how his mom died. which he tends to do to pretty girls. he also goes off about his shitty roommate. they really need a new team or just quit all together.
define more intense idol groups
> do some research
way to dox yourself, bud.

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Jesus anon what idol crawled up your ass and died?

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I'm a sjinny black guy and I need some cosplay ideas help me think of some. I'm 5'11 and 150lbs. This will be me and my bros first time cosplaying

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way to dodge the questions lmao you didn't answer most of them. im p sure youre the one who said you were at the panel. werent you in japan?

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that's really sad. mom and pop stores in the comic community is kind of what makes it so lively. they want to make others happy like children not the massproduction stores that are there for the money.

>> No.10051323

How do you know what TIF is doing exactly? You shared oddly specific information about their future plans. Kind of sounds like you run it or something :3c

>> No.10051334


Actually from what I recall from the panel, a member of the audience was laughed at by Martha and the guy doing the slides when they said they liked Hatsune Miku when asked who their favorite idol was. It kind of shows what TIF's members are really like: condescending and rude. It's shocking to see what the members are truly like but really are we surprised? not really

> Anyway, you don't go to a panel about something you know about.

Kind of strange, because Martha gave false information about idols + their relationship statuses. TIF are trying to be Jpop idols (sounds like cringy weeaboos at this point, trying to act Japanese when they aren't) yet they don't even following this dating rule.

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Or I just looked at the lineup they posted on Facebook and checked out the groups that were dancing? It's been out for a couple of days and they are all pretty easy to look up on insta :/

>> No.10051366

> Everyone else has done other stuff besides LL this year, and that trend will probs continue into TIF. There has been one TIF where they let two LL groups in because they had too.

that's kind of a lot of information that their audience doesn't know/can't assume. they HAD to? how would you know exactly that information? You mean like the post MK had that it was a tough decision to deny the other idol groups who auditions and asked to be at Winter Idol Fest? funny, because why was it hard to deny TWO Love Live dance groups?

Honestly, you've doxxed yourself the second you said "do ur research." On your FB, you've posted that someone was attacking you on /cgl/ as well as being friends with those who know you're on 4Chan. Just admit who you are, because it's really obvious at this point.

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can someone post a picture of the lineups for TIF's performances please i haven't seen anything yet because ikkicon hasn't posted much n the group :/

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Anon that was my first post in the thread, you just sound batshit insane over something really trivial.

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Look anon, I know nothing about this idol crap but it seems like you have something against it personally. No one cares about TIF and the fact that you're going out of your way to whine about it is pretty cringey. Quit derailing this thread, I'm pretty sure there's one just for idol shit, go complain there, none of us care

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I'm not even that anon who said they went to the panel lmao. Multiple people are calling you on your bullshit. Love Notes doesn't even do Love Live covers anymore and I bet they won't for TIF this year. Sure, you can go to whatever panel you want, but why would you go to a beginners panel on something you already know about? Boring yourself on purpose?

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Just came here, who are the multiple people you're referring to?

>> No.10051832

I think it is pretty easy to tell when it is the same anon. You just posted 3 comments with the word anon in it in a row. You're assuming that it's one person and that they're crazy. It's kind of funny how no one is quoting your comments either.
They're not even responding to this person, asking for their lineup, and actually contributing to the conversation.
Most of the questions were dodged. No evidence pictures have been posted. the "multiple people" seem like just one person (which, no surprise, it is).
Leave 4Chan. I'm pretty sick of these threads with people like you screaming vendetta because someone gave you criticism and posing as 4 different people so you have some sort of "posse"

Guess what? Only your friends paid money for your Ko-Fi. Only your friends went to your performances. Get over it and grow the hell up.

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Don't get your panties in a wad. They just emailed and basically said in the email that larger vendors would get first notice, which is standard practice. My understanding is that the new management takes more time to draw the hall maps and negotiate with GRB.

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Not samefagging, you're dumb, idols are dumb, TIF is dumb, go whine on your idol thread because you're flooding this one and only the idol people care. I just want to read about Texas conventions not this crap

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Holy shit you're stupid.

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Allow me to complete the trifecta of calling you a fucking idiot

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jesus finally someone answering questions about the con

>> No.10052258

Looks like three friends or one person on 3 devices. their laptop, phone, and then uploading it to wikimedia commons to hide traces. how sad you don't know how to use computers without your data showing. who taught you, some amateur at NSA?

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You guys have any plans for Ikkicon? This is my first time going. Heard it's mostly just a party con.

>> No.10052279

Gonna check out the vendors then head to lunch at the little ramen place then supposed to meet back up with friends to change into costumes in their room, dont know how the rest of the weekend will go but thats friday at least.

>> No.10052398

Yes, someone gives so many fucks about some random convention idol group that they went through that much effrot to call you an idiot. You are insane.

>> No.10052417

if you don't like random non weebs in panties hanging around the con, then stay away from the lobby. those people are there for probably doing LSD and going to the rave.
idk why they have to be in panties and bondage like wtf

>> No.10052463

I'm doing Pucci. Pull off a Sazh from Final Fantasy or Mista from the currently running JoJo season. I'm too skinnyfat to have my gut exposed. You could also do any super hero with everything powers or Nick Fury if you into capeshit.

>> No.10052464

Meant to respond to

>> No.10052739

For anyone who went to Anime Dallas, how was it?

I was on the fence about going but ultimately decided fuck it because I'm lazy, and I'm wondering what I missed out on.

>> No.10052740

Is Austin a cool city to spend the weekend in? I haven't been living in TX for very long and I'm thinking about going to Ikkicon just as an excuse to visit?

>> No.10052742

I like it, i wouldn go to ikkicon amd still go to Austin, pretty neat city, too hipster for me live in but nice to visit

>> No.10052746

Lurk more

>> No.10052758

I've heard that college students that live in San Antonio go to Austin on weekends to party and club and whatnot, so it's at least cooler than San Antonio

>> No.10052766

When should I expect for A-Kon and San Japan to start taking panel submissions? I almost submitted a panel to A-Kon in 2016 after finding out by accident that panel submissions were going on, but I ended up aborting my plans for a panel due to having too much stuff going on at university at the time. Now I have all the time in the world to plan a panel, but I don't know when to expect panel submissions to start

>> No.10052772

I moved to Austin a few months ago. It’s also my first Ikkicon. Are there any lolita or j-fashion meetups happening during the con?

>> No.10052780

Keep San Antonio Lame is what they say around here.

>> No.10052815

doubtful, the atx comm hates ikki

>> No.10052858

There hasn't been a new post on A-kon's facebook page in almost 4 months, so I have no idea.

>> No.10052862


>> No.10052865

They actually usually come out around December, but communication has been really quiet on A-Kon's end. Like >>10052858 said, it's been almost four months since we've had a post. I would just keep an eye on their social media for the next few weeks.

>> No.10052872

idk the full story cause I moved away for a while but ikki hasn’t treated the comm well what I’ve put together. and that was before they had baby as a guest. things just went down hill after they brought baby

>> No.10053791

go to pluckers and IKEA while you're at it. that's the only thing worth going to there. i heard their first fridays are wild in austin. SA's FF quality went down after bubblehead died. otaku Cafe went there before they opened up their arcade i think.
bluestar AC is way too expensive and they don't have functioning ACs in the galleries near halcyon/stellas so during the summer, everyone is sweaty.
i'm thinking about visiting Austin for their FF next year since I missed December's.
how is austin's FF?

>> No.10053792

its full of white minors who smoke weed and illegally drink. i went to high school with people like those, they ended up doing cocaine and shit and some went to jail. one dude even murdered a person.

>> No.10054074

Of you’re in Austin you should definitely consider Okashicon. It’s in July iirc and it’s phenomenal

>> No.10054231

Please don't post about the con you work for. We had enough of that shit with Anime Dallas

>> No.10054276

Yeah I heard about it. it was happening around the time I moved and I wasn’t settled enough to want to go. I had major fomo after though.

>> No.10054301

Nah I don’t work for the con. Have a bunch of friends who went last year though and can’t stop raving about it.

>> No.10054306

It's alright con. It is new and budding so really small. It's more like chill con to hang out with friends over the summer not anything super extraordinary.

>> No.10054319

They sound retarded. No one was raving about it after it happened. A lot shitted on it for being too small and a shitty location.

Still sounds like shilling.

>> No.10054534

Real talk, it's the best looking hotel out of all of the 200 Austin cons that happen during the summer but it was super small and dull for the most part. I'd give them one more year but that's probably it.

>> No.10054694

It might not be as bad in 2019 with all of the Austin summer anime cons spaced out to fall on a different month. There are still too many.

>> No.10055852

Pixelation is a nice dude but was he like famous at one point or something?

>> No.10058785

Daily reminder that Anime Matsuri is the BEST and cannot be stopped, any (you)s disagreeing with me are just salty.

>> No.10058796

Wow, bait much?

>> No.10059883

The whole idol festival crap has been oversaturating the cons in the state. It's mostly boring dance cover groups.

I also find it disturbing y'all are bitching about having K-pop. Korea and Japan are different countries with different cultures. Anime cons are focused on Japan. Stop trying to force K-pop into it. Make your own damn cons that focus on Korean pop culture.

>> No.10059891

S, why haven't you killed yourself yet?

>> No.10060318

This. Good guests but so sadly small there wasn’t much to do but walk around with friends. Got boring real fast

>> No.10060345

Who? I thought they were John and Deniece?

>> No.10060858

S is a pedophile who constantly kisses John and Denieces asses and thinks matsuri is the best con because he's banned from all the other ones.

>> No.10061551

Oh that's disgusting.

So I guess in Texas we have two good cons (akon and san japan), one ok con (afest) one with potential (okashicon), the ones nobody likes but goes to anyway (ikkicon, matsuri), and garbage

Sound about right?

>> No.10061598

God, I lovehate Ikkicon so much

>> No.10061616

It's a consistent trainwreck. Gotta give it that.

>> No.10061844

Ikkicon has always been fun for me despite any problems its had but I think thats due in large part to it being a New Year's party con.

>> No.10061991

I wish there were some A-kon jfashion programming hints released. I want to have some idea if I need to make time for it this year or just spend my money at Paradiso and other out of state cons. Seeing Baby last year was nice, so I hope they get another decent brand.

>> No.10062044

By the lack of activity for announcements I'd be more concerned on what the hell is going on.

>> No.10062073

It might be something to do with them trying to unfuck the ongoing issues with the registration process so that we don't have a repeat of last year. I remember in 2014 when I first went to A-Kon, the wait to pick up my preordered pass was an entire three hours. In 2018 it was a lot worse, I got lucky and only had to wait three hours, but still

>in Texas we have two good cons (akon and san japan)
I still remember a few years ago when San Japan was considered a smaller con on about the same tier as A-Fest, I'm glad to see that they have now progressed to where they're now on par with MIA-Kon

>> No.10062105

They very recently announced that they would announce something. Last year had really good guests so hopefully it only gets better every year. I'm mostly curious if they'll have Japanese musicians and fashion brands again.

>> No.10062469

Its 7 months before the con. Y'all need to calm the fuck down about A-Kon.

>> No.10062531

I will laugh if it turns into like Ikkicon where nothing was announced until a month out. This is not the norm with A-Kon so we can worry.

>> No.10062829

this year is gonna be my first time going to ikki. anyone have any particular advice on what to watch out for and how to have fun there?

>> No.10062841

>anyone have any particular advice on what to watch out for and how to have fun there?
Get your badge as soon as possible either Thursday night or Friday morning, the badge line at Ikki can take up to three hours depending on how bad things are going and they are often going bad. After that plan on making alot of your own fun because theres not alot to do unless you plan it yourself.

>> No.10064253
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>where nothing was announced until a month out
>not the norm with A-Kon

>> No.10064880


They usually have something posted by now. They aren't even taking panels yet and that's usually open in October.

I generally wouldn't get paranoid, but I have to agree things are really behind this year. I wonder if it's actually happening at all.

Any chance there's a location change? I think there was a long delay last time they moved from the Anatole to Ft. Worth.

>> No.10064910


>> No.10065027

Idk I’ve always had issues with getting updates from A-Kon until about six weeks out. They’re probably just delayed, I wouldn’t worry too much.

>> No.10065775

Ikkicon tomorrow, who’s going?

>> No.10065833
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any good/bad words on ushicon or anime austin? moving around the area soon and trying to try new cons other than my local texas cons i've been to

>> No.10066094

Me. My sweet heart and I are plusel and minun.

>> No.10066940

ushi: super tiny, geeks who drink con.
aa: mehish con

>> No.10067600

I went and ghosted. Was lit. No supporting the sex offender and still had a great time.

>> No.10070434

Ghosting supports him too. You increased the population of people at the location which makes others want to pay money for badges. Fucking idiot.

>> No.10070763

What does /cgl/ think of Dallas Fan Expo?

>> No.10070865

Sorry, I like being able to pay my rent after I go to a con.

>> No.10071295

Not to mention Matsuri is famous for inflating numbers by counting the bodies that walk through the door ON TOP of registered attendees, so anon’s logic was flawed from the beginning lmfao.

>> No.10071551

A-Kon hasn't sent out panel submissions yet right? I wanna make sure I didn't miss anything.

>> No.10071782

They’re inflating the numbers anyways, no one that actually goes thinks a warm body count is even close to the number. Also I didn’t go through their gate so my body wasn’t counted. Anyone already at the convention looking at the people there to buy a ticket were probably gunna buy a ticket anyways. Thats like saying the line at starbucks drives you to order food there, retard.

>> No.10071793

That's not how it works at all. Any con that's put on the 'largest convention' list gains a lot of hype and larger cons tend to have more guests, programming, artists, etc. Your argument makes literally no sense.

>> No.10073463

One thing I hate about Comicpalooza is how long it takes for them to confirm the guestlist.

I'm also hoping that they get more comic creators.

>> No.10073525

What's your first TX con of the year,gulls?

>> No.10073876
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ushicon hopefully, something small to help start off the year as well as semester (probably not cosplaying for ushi)

>> No.10074361

I actually think I'm bored enough to go to Ushi this year. It's my first time but the only thing I'm apprehensive about is it being an everyone already knows everyone sized con.

>> No.10074644

A-Kon will be my first local con since I always go to Katsu. I will be competing this year though, hoping it goes well.

>> No.10074734

In reference to Line Con 2018, I think my group showed up at like 1 PM (drove in fron ATX) and ended up waiting until around 9 PM. I hope thet fix it.

>> No.10074877


If Akon gets their shit together and actually posts anything about having the con at all

>> No.10075393

>5 months away
>30th anniversary
>So many crickets

Uh, there might be a problem.

>> No.10075491

Good luck! I'll likely be entering A-kon costume contest as novice, not sure as part of a group or solo though. I think you'll do great!

I'm going to buy the 'skip the line' passes though, last year it was 4+ hours, and filled nearly the whole conference hall.

>> No.10076945

Thanks, anon, wishing you the best too!! The A-Kon contest is decent in my opinion, the last time I competed everyone backstage was super nice. People love talking about how they did stuff so if you see a technique you wanna try out, pick people’s brains!

On the topic of the con itself, the last post on their FB was in December which is better than their twitter which was back in August. I sincerely hope they can consider mailed badges, the amount of people who would literally spend more money to have their badge mailed to them is exponential. Who the hell care about counterfeit badges, special markers aren’t that hard to add. Do y’all think they would ever do it?

>> No.10076986

They've gone on record many times that they'll never ever mail out badges. I don't expect A-Kon to announce a change in policy until new management at the top take over who can convince the ones who make the final decisions that it'd be a good idea.

You can vote with your wallet to not attend until they make the change or you can wait until Friday evening to pick up your badge when the lines are far shorter.

>> No.10077116

That’s so shitty honestly. Plenty of cons do it without consequence and make more money doing so. They’re definitely behind the times. Why can’t A-Kon staff lurk here like every other con chair lmfao

>> No.10077314


They do. Many listen. They just can't make any changes when the people who own the con and make the mailing badge decisions refuse to get with the times.

>> No.10077802

Anime-Fest managed to mail out badges, I really liked that. I thought Anime-Fest and A-kon were the same but I guess that's incorrect.

>> No.10077809


Nope. Completely different owners.

>> No.10078287

My argument was, I didn't contribute to the con's ridiculously inflated number which should never be counted as valid. Akon easily had 4 times the attendees of AM but AM has many more warm body sensors on site. Warm bodies shouldn't mean anything to these reporting sites and shouldn't be reported. It's designed to make you walk through it almost 6-10 times a day. If your agent bases bookings off of warm bodies and not the amount of money you get offered in the contract, you need a new fucking agent. You literally know nothing of how agents review these kinds of things.

>> No.10078400

Huh. Thank you Anon!

>> No.10078566

The problem is that your average everyday attendee just sees how many people are there and doesn’t care about whether a reporting site considers warm bodies in their numbers or not. Average attendees are what give a con hype. Literally no one was talking about agents.

>> No.10079856

I've never been in or at the contests, what are they like?

>> No.10080122

I'm thinking of entering too, but I've thought about entering every year since 2016 and never went through with it because of stagefright. I know there's the hall contest, but I'd even get scared of judging. I hope this year I finally get the courage because I have this idea for a light-up costume that might be really cool.

>> No.10080231

This year is going to be the second time I’ve competed at A-Kon so I can’t say much for how it’s normally run or how it usually goes but as a general rule just be prepared to spend all day in your costume and try to bring a handler or have someone bring you food. When I competed last (2017), we had about thirty minutes to eat between judging and line-up and it took fifteen of that just to get to and from the food court. The contest itself was fine, there was a lot of waiting, but we just took the time to talk to people and get organized. We were told we were going to have time to rehearse crossing the stage but that didn’t end up happening, but it wasn’t a huge loss. The stage is smaller than it seems. It was pretty well organized from my experience. We weren’t being pushed in random directions or anything, but I also don’t know how well they did as far as starting on time or running over time.

Honestly once you get into it it’s not as nerve-wracking! The judges are just cosplayers like us (unless they’re a shit judge but that’s neither here nor there). I tend to get pre-show jitters even if it’s not gut-wrenching anxiety, just nervousness and sometimes I blank on what I want to do on stage because I’m constantly changing my mind until I get up there. At A-Kon you cant even really see the audience so it doesn’t feel like you have a ton of people watching you. You could also just do a skit or see if they do walk-ons without judging. If A-Kon seems too big for you to start out then I’d try a smaller con first so you get comfortable in front of a crowd.

>> No.10080521

might snag a friday or saturday pass for PAX south, anything specific to check out or avoid?

>> No.10080674

Lolitas in Austin, any good places to visit? I might be visiting in about a month.

>> No.10080676

NIS is making an announcement on Saturday if you’re into them. I’m passing on the whole thing this year, and saving my money for SXSW gaming instead.

>> No.10080703
File: 113 KB, 245x258, 1471611940421.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

shit.. had i known sooner how much passes were i would've started saving a while ago, i've never really paid attention to what time of the year SXSW was either. i emailed them about their student rate, i hope it isn't a measly $20 off or something.

>> No.10080704

So I have been told Akon is cancelled according to the Omni. Anyone have info?

>> No.10080705

You're shitting me, got any proof or anything?

>> No.10080706

just checked on http://www.sxswedu.com/attend/student-registration/ ; $195 for students with no deadline! totally might go, hope this helps if you're a student anon

>> No.10080707

I'm going to need more of a source than what a random anon heard.

>> No.10080713


There are a bunch of people posting on the the facebook group too.

>> No.10080730

Buy a gd badge, anon.

>> No.10080737

Right. And if you read the comments, it turns out to be a very obvious fake email. They'll probably get you to call and give just enough personal details for them to open a couple of accounts in your name.

>> No.10080738

Where on the fb group? I don't see anything.

>> No.10080758

SXSW Gaming is only 40 bucks for the 3 day pass.

>> No.10080796

Is UshiCon worth going or is it a waste of time ? I’ve only heard of recently but I’m scared to go to be bored out of my mind due to the lack of public programming and what booths are going to be there- or even cosplay guests ?

>> No.10080833

okay, then the avg attendee could easily see that the con wasn't super big like akon or dragoncon is.

>> No.10080835

apparently it's perpetuated by Matsuri staff (Denise)

>> No.10080884

Ushicon is not the sort of con that cares about cosplayers. It’s more of a fan con for people who want solely anime based programming with solid game rooms. It’s pretty chill and don’t expect attention grabbing stuff from the attendees. Most people know each other, but they it’s a friendly crowd. Dealers room is tiny, so don’t go with the intent to shop. The 18+ environment is relaxing. It feels like old school conventions.

>> No.10080912

I don't think they cancelled. They're probably just finding a different location

>> No.10080935

The A-Kon website had stated the dates and location since last year, they wouldn’t be looking for a new venue this late in the game without announcing it. A-Kon staff is shitty with updates but they’re not that shitty.

This wouldn’t surprise me to be honest. Matsuri needs the attendance and as boring as A-Kon is, it’s a better time than Matsuri and people will be too broke after it to spend exorbitant amounts at Matsuri.

>> No.10081056

what?? you want to give me a link or proof of some kind? I even emailed them about their student rate in addition to finding the link, and I believe after tax an EDU pass was $325.

>> No.10081070


You don't need a badge to get into SXSW Gaming.

Google better.

>> No.10081075

>not that shitty
You'd be surprised.

>> No.10081118
File: 243 KB, 1080x1920, received_1133809986797409.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Called it.

>> No.10081126

Well color me surprised lol. Damn this sucks. I liked the FW convention center.

>> No.10081136

Wow. This far in to change venue and owner change and no word on what venue yet. This is a shit show. FW convention center was so nice too but I am closer to Dallas.

>> No.10081138

okay, but does this give access to the sxsw market place? even in more info and other pages it doesn't really specify. i don't want just access is to the gaming expo.

>> No.10081148

It's probably going to be KBH convention center. That's the only venue big enough to hold 40,000 people Dallas-side

>> No.10081159

Preparing for attendance to drop significantly. KBH doesn’t have a hotel that drops you in the con center so people will throw the biggest fits.

>> No.10081192

I’m gonna go ahead and echo what everyone else has been saying, I’m actually kind of bummed about this. FW was a good venue. And this all seems supremely sketch. Might be skipping out this year to see how the chips fall.
Mailing badges though, at least there’s that I guess?

>> No.10081215

>It's probably going to be KBH convention center.

My money's on Dallas Market Hall and the nearby Renaissance Hotel. It's a lot smaller than KBH, but they might have to take what they can get at this point.

>> No.10081238

Neither of those venues have Akon listed in their calenders for the new dates. Unless, the con asked the venue not to list until it's been announced?

>> No.10081257
File: 987 KB, 500x262, 1543768297762.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh my word what is this even.The only gift is the random angry conversations on the FB page now and the extra costume building time. Also the nice Akon+ mailed badge I got from pre-registering way back when tipsy at Afest.

>> No.10081270

I'm betting on the convention center because the dates are blocked out at the Hyatt Regency and you can't reserve during the 27-30. Man... This is stressful.

>> No.10081380

The anatole is right across the highway. Is the market hall bigger than the anatole? Who are the new owners

>> No.10081389

lol at the guy in the facebook comments who had a naruto-themed wedding planned for the water gardens

sucks though

>> No.10081402

Hot take, people are already throwing big fits

>> No.10081407

And a lot of people are glad it's moving.

>> No.10081423

Ah yeah, I'm super stoked I now have to argue and haggle with a hotel to get hundreds of dollars of my money back.

Totes hyped about having to re-shuffle my work and personal schedules to accommodate the previous owner of Akon's last minute money grab.

This isn't the kind of thing you announce a few months before your event, they should have kept the dates and location for 2019 and made and announced the change for 2020.

literally thousands of people are going to have to scramble to try and make their schedules work with the new dates... And even now, we don't know where the convention is being held!

This is the biggest "fuck you, got mine" I have ever witnessed.

>> No.10081432

Who knows maybe theyll realize its a bad idea and move back to ft worth for this year

>> No.10081434

I mean leave it in fort worth this year

>> No.10081441


Too late. It won't be going back to FT Worth. They already have somewhere contracted we just don't know where.

>> No.10081625

I would like to formally apologize to the anon I doubted. I was right. You were wrong.

>> No.10081629

What exactly would be the reasoning behind not saying what the venue is? If it’s not set in stone then they shouldn’t have said anything. It’s honestly pretty nerve-wracking that we have no clues as to where it’s going to be. I always try to have some semblance of a plan so I know what to work towards/plan for but this is throwing everything off.

The best move would have been to stay in FW this year and then make the announcement that there was new management and plans to move next year. Someone really dropped the ball here.

>> No.10081642

a lot of their main staffers dont even know. they fucked up bad

>> No.10081647

In my experience the only reason a venue isn't announced is either they don't have it fully locked down in the contracts stage or the venue is an absolute shithole and they're trying to get as many people to go ahead and transfer over blindly before they announce where it is so that people wont just decide to cancel outright.

>> No.10081676

You can take off your foil hat now, annon.

>> No.10081814

Well they keep talking for Hotels for Hope which I imagine allows you to freely cancel your hotel because of reasons, right? If anything I can't see how the latter would work because everyone will find out anyways.

I think its the former though. However, how the fuck do you announce dates without having a clear place in mind already booked? So you might be right.

>> No.10081853

I'm very entertained watching everyone get pissed off about A-Kon. The entitlement, poor planning skills, lack of backup plans and knowledge about traveling is so hilarious. People losing hundreds on third party hotel booking sites and airplane expenses yet wanting A-Kon to refund them for their stupid choices gives me a good chuckle.

>> No.10081872

3rd party booking sites are their own stupid fault, but buying a plane ticket when the dates and venue had been previously set is not stupid at all. If you don't secure a flight ahead of time, prices increase and seats sell out.

>> No.10081889

And thats what I mean by lack of backup planning and travel knowledge. Its so easy to avoid a lot of the problems people are facing right now if they just did some research on the shit they are booking and have a backup plan or two if things go south.

Its not hard. Its pure laziness followed by entitlement when situations happen. I see it everyday by normies at the airports reee about their flights.

>> No.10081892

No guests announced, no artist alley registration announced, no venue announced, no panel submissions announced, delayed dates...Akon is fine gulls...

>> No.10081905

Looks like this might be the end of an era? Couldn’t even make it to their 30th birthday. What a shame.

>> No.10081906

Take your salty half-assed apology somewhere else.

>> No.10081928

yeah time to call it quits with A-kon, I'm glad I live in dfw so it's not like i'm hurting as much as the people coming out of state,

but they waited far too long to mail out badges imo. a-kon has had the option of avoiding fiascos like last year and were being stubborn. now that stubbornness cost them attendees. especially this whole thing of the con being up in the air. I'm wondering if there will be any j-fashion at all at this point. I'm thinking it's better to take my money elsewhere based on last year's experience

>> No.10082014


> People bitching about not having badges mailed.
> Finally have badge mail option
> Bitch anyway because it's too late

Nothing is going to make you happy. You entitled asshat.

>> No.10082026

They'll always find a reason to bitch, anon.

>> No.10082027


I'm pretty sure they made an emergency announcement when they found out the Omni started contacting people about the con being cancelled.

It was an attempt to stop people from flipping out. Except it has backfired and people are freaking out. They basically vague-booked and from what I have gathered even staff leads are clueless and haven't been told anything.

Aside from the obvious mess, I'm concerned about the new owner. If they turn it into something more comic con-esque I'm definitely out. A-Kon was never perfect, but it was still an anime con with programming you expect. Comic cons are just boring corporate business ventures.

>> No.10082049

Nayrt but it’s still a pretty shitty option. It’s only available to that A-Kon+ tier and no one cares about early access and goodie bags (which are already available through the Fast Pass option), they just want to avoid a six hour line to get their badges. Plus only giving that free upgrade option to people who already registered? What about the people who registered right before this stupid announcement? Now they have to wait in a long ass line because staff can’t get their shit together? I agree that their stubbornness will cost them an immense amount of attendance. Plenty of cons, including Afest, have mailed badges for free or cheap for years.

>> No.10082067

Go read the post again, faggot. They said it's an upgrade, not a standard badge. You can get the upgrade later. It's an add-on price, like getting tea party or concert tickets added onto the badge.

Jesus Christ people need to read the whole post thoroughly before bitching.

>> No.10082070
File: 221 KB, 1080x502, 20190117_121940.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Since you clearly need to be spoonfed

>> No.10082072

Neither of you fucking read my post either so good job. Yes it’ll be available later, but the fact that it’s a free upgrade only to people who ALREADY registered is what I was referring to. Jesus fucking Christ back at you, asswipes.

>> No.10082078

Oh no, God forbid you have to pay a convenience fee for the badge getting mailed because you didn't register yet. Get the fuck over it.

>> No.10082081

>What about the people who registered right before this stupid announcement? Now they have to wait in a long ass line because staff can’t get their shit together?
>the fact that it’s a free upgrade only to people who ALREADY registered is what I was referring to.

Nice try, but you clearly meant the upgrade in general. Backpedal harder next time.

>> No.10082094

I find it hilarious people think cons mail badges for free. Hell no. It's built into the price of the badge. You pay for the shipping.

>> No.10082149

Nomikai Dallas will be in debt when the shipping charges begin to pile up. Thats if anyone attends that shit "muh community" con.

>> No.10082219


It's a bonafide spite-con. The owner is trying to pretend to give a shit about attendees by using tacktics that appeal to younger people who don't know any better. The owner isn't John Leigh bad, but he's very far from the angelic anime con savior he pretends to be.

>> No.10082332


Yeah I saw the Omni posts and went 'oh, maybe they forgot to pay or something' but that was absolutely not the case.

Vague booking on a random time has people on facebook and such skimming bookings around that date, so I can't imagine they wait more than a week to give information. Well, I can but that'll be about when popcorn and marshmallows might be required for the dumpster fire that it may be.

I'm with you on the programming and hope the owner is part of the announcement.

Imagine getting the schedule released a whole DAY before the convention only to see pure garbage in the schedule.

>> No.10082651

AM just booked Vic. Could they have picked an easier target for BAM?

>> No.10082670

>AM just booked Vic
cause AM is the best, duh

>> No.10082682

>Imagine getting the schedule released a whole DAY before the convention only to see pure garbage in the schedule.
Wasn't it released like the week of the convention last year? You guys should be used to A-Kon procrastinating everything by now.

>> No.10082769

I was a panelist last year and it was a bit earlier than that, but honestly not releasing the schedule until pretty close to the con used to be the Texas con standard. San Japan are the ones who changed that. I moved here from another state where the con scene operates pretty differently so it was almost kind of fascinating to watch people flip shit about something as simple as a con having the schedule available prior to the actual con.

>> No.10082853

True. My point was finding out near day of the con morphed into a different kind of con the day of or before would be an added blow to this.

Really curious about date movement reason, but it's probably 'this was all we got'.

>> No.10082875

If I had to hazard a guess, it’s probably because the old owners cut and ran in such a haphazard way that it left the new owners with a dumpster fire and they realized that the original date just simply wasn’t realistic. From there, they probably pushed the date but FW didn’t have date availability (as these events are normally booked much farther out) so they decided that at this point they might as well move the whole damn thing back to Dallas.
Pure speculation but that’s what I figured when I saw it.

>> No.10082905

BAM isn't even wasting their time trying to get him not to go. Pretty pathetic

>> No.10082907

Are you an underage girl Vic is trying to fuck? Because he's a washed up piece of shit VA that nobody wants around anymore.

>> No.10082912

it only took 29 years but I'm merely commenting on it; I buy my passes the day of now since i live in dfw. not worth it to me to have wasted waiting 4.5 hours again like last year (and to be fair, people waiting nearly twice as long as i did last year).

y'all wanna ride a-kon's dick that hard please go ahead, i'm just gonna get a day pass

>> No.10082929

I know you want to chalk it up to senseless bitching but it's more than that.

I've attended a-kon multiple times (2012, then 2014 to now) and to be completely honest the best one was 2012 because i wasn't informed about the practices of the con as i am now. i don't hate this convention, i want it to be great and have a good time just like any other person attending.

but it's very difficult to ignore the ill management and this exchange of hands that seems to imply we're heading towards heavy industry con status instead of a con that really has the interests of the clientele in mind. and as we all pay badges (or host panels) to be there, it's fair to want to be informed, to want to know the hows and whys of when things happen instead of speculating on a 4chan board less than half a year before it happens.

>> No.10082930

pretty sure this was sarcasm haha

>> No.10082976

I don't think so. S, John's designated cocksucker, comes on here giving asspats to AM all the time. Not surprising considering he's a pedo himself.

>> No.10082983

Nyart, but Boy were we wrong. A-kon shot themselves pretty bad.

>> No.10082996

Welp, anyone who thought A-kon would be the con that would kill AM this year--it may end up being the other way around.

>> No.10083194

>Washed up

Isn't he Broly in the new DBZ film that is out in theaters right now?

This film is breaking box office records, and he is arguably the main character.

The movie is named after his character.

I'd say he's a tired voice actor, yes ...but "washed up" isn't entirely accurate.

>> No.10083267


>> No.10083288
File: 81 KB, 742x960, 50597961_10156060929749562_3787665348342317056_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For your convenience.

>We crammed a lot of information into our first announcement, and we want to take a step back now and address some major concerns that are being expressed throughout the community.

We know how much time and effort many of you put into preparing for con, that rebooking hotel rooms is not at all ideal, and that to make a venue change at this time of year is an enormous inconvenience. We want you to know that we absolutely would have avoided making these changes on you if we were able to, and we used every resource we had to try and find another way.

We also know you want to know our new location, but we are under an obligation not to release the details for the new venue until we have approval to do so. We announced the move to Dallas early because we knew how many people would have to adjust plans, reservations, and schedules and we decided that even though we couldn’t release the venue yet, we could still provide as much time to prepare as possible.

With that in mind, we tried to fit as much information into that announcement as we could, but some missing details have created worry and suspicion about this transition and our new ownership.

The new company is called A-Kon, LLC. The new owner is new to the con community and did not expect so many of you to want to know who he was. He is simply a guy who saw the former owner’s vision and felt he could provide the funds needed to continue A-Kon and keep its soul alive.

We were hoping to respect his privacy by not posting his personal identity so publicly, however we are proud of the community for wanting to be conscious of the integrity of the our leadership and overall safety of those who attend the con. Due to your feedback from our last announcement, our owner wanted to address you all directly. So, without further ado -- here is a note from Frank.

>> No.10083378

Huh, well at least they're being up front about everything, I am cautiously optimistic.

>> No.10083405 [DELETED] 

I'm lazy. Look up Stefan Ozuna. Hope you see this before it's deleted.

>> No.10083407 [DELETED] 

He's only Broly again because Funimation is lazy and always wants to use the same cast members from the original dubs.
Not all of the showings for the movie are dubs, they do showings of subs too. Breaking box office records doesn't automatically mean the movie is good. Like it or not Vic really isn't an a-list or sought after voice actor anymore.

>> No.10083469

but how do you know it's him

>> No.10083490

Because the only people who lick the Leighs' asses on here are him or AM staff.

>> No.10083514


>cause the only people who lick the Leighs' asses on here are him or AM staff.

She said on an anonymous image board

>> No.10083516

LMAO! Translated: "Everyone who disagrees with me is X"

>> No.10083547

>hasn't thought of the possibility that people just say shit to troll because they know people like you will fall for it

>> No.10083551

yea but how do you know they come here

>> No.10083611

Nyart but are you this new

>> No.10083634

Same, out of many bad options, we have a sort of neutral to possibly okay one.

>> No.10083643

avoiding the question

>> No.10083683

I pray this isnt the case. I really hope that Matsuri doesnt become the Texas flock con.

>> No.10083781
File: 520 KB, 1047x949, realshitt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10083795

Anyone at PAX South this weekend?

>> No.10083802

Stop making your own hate memes holy fuck

>> No.10083808

truer memes have never been said

>> No.10083812

thanks, very cool!

but seriously, it's a nicely written letter of introduction and apology, i'd take it. but since eventpower's background is in government and military-based training cons and expos, I'm still hesitant about how he will choose to run the con. I have a little more hope now since he mentioned working for Akon in the past, so I'll expect the worst but continue to hope for the best

>> No.10083820

We all know start splash made this to make it look like someone else posted it. Your the kind of predictable people that would do something like this. Just stop. None is as toxic as y'all to make something like this.

>> No.10083826

STOP. Y'all tryin to start shit and it been quiet on the Idol group drama.

>> No.10083872

Yup! I’ve been having a fun time, seems a bit smaller than last year though.

>> No.10083879
File: 316 KB, 268x322, 1537073468098.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Clearly with a focus of Girls Und Panzer.
Also being overbudget, behind schedule, and sponsored by Lockheed Martin.

>> No.10083883

This is my first year going, I'll be there tomorrow. I realize it is a different kind of convention, but I am surprised how little I feel like I know what is going to be there based on the site.

>> No.10083888

Yeah my first year I felt the same way. It’s because they don’t really have “guests” the way an anime con does, and no cosplay programming, so all they really are going to have on the website is schedule, maps, and exhibitors, etc. It’s a networking con for a lot of devs, streamers and industry professionals, so they sort of leave it up to the individuals if they’re down to disclose if they’re going to be attending or if they’d rather stay more anonymous and just enjoy the con.

>> No.10083889

Oh and I forgot to add, the twitter hashtag is a pretty good place to get a good handle on who is here and what there is to check out. The app is also good.

>> No.10083919
File: 1.31 MB, 260x285, 1096858537909.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>and sponsored by Lockheed Martin
>anime con sponsored by Lockheed Martin
I don't even know what emotion I'm feeling right now but it's weird.

>> No.10084005

Thanks for the tip!

>> No.10084047

>the Texas flock con
that would be San Japan now that the king is dead

>> No.10084050
File: 640 KB, 1772x1271, F-35A_flight_(cropped).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>sponsored by Lockheed Martin
can we please start calling it the A-35

>> No.10084053

Only if A-kon makes it to the 35th year.

>> No.10084054

I'm absolutely ok with this, I loved San Japan the two times I've been there.

Also the costume bar crawl I went to last year was actually fun.

>> No.10084619

Thatd be okay with me I guess? Its an hour closer ajd still has potential. But seeing how I already pre registered for A-kon I guess I'll see after this...

>> No.10084696

I'm not sure about your status regarding life, free time, and concern about how true conventions have to be, but A-kon should be fun, success or less than.

I'm fairly new so seeing a convention burn while I'm at it could be an interesting prospect! Especially one this old.

>> No.10085054
File: 651 KB, 938x678, 1547931700271.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is Texas a nice state? I'd like to move to America some time in the next few years and Texas seems nice.

>> No.10085130

I love Texas. The big cities are a lot more culturally liberal than the rural areas. Stick to Dallas, Houston, or Austin and you'll be fine. The land is cheap and houses are large, the cost of living is a lot less than many other states, but there's still a lot to do here. Come take a vacation here and see how you like it. My only complaint is the weather. 100+ F weather is not uncommon in the summer.

>> No.10085159
File: 252 KB, 1080x1350, B1DCD960-578D-4B40-97B4-EC89462F3FA4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Idk if you all were following this situation from this past ANT but the Bunny group posted an update

>> No.10085174

Is this some "idol" bullshit?

>> No.10085187

No. They did a set of I think playboy bunny DC villians and a set of the girls were approached by a staff member and told to cover up. The girls that were approached were only the thicker ones and they were told they had to put nude tights on under their tights ? I’m not sure. They also entered the contest and I guess at some point were locked in the prejudging room because staff wouldn’t let them leave. What blows my mind is it’s over tights lol

>> No.10085327 [DELETED] 

Some bowsette cosplayer supposedly got kicked out for being day drunk at PAX on Saturday. They made a big fuss about it on the PAX page.

>> No.10085357

Yeah, to clarify they were all wearing the same brand/denier (black) and it was only the plus size girls that were asked to change so the group felt like they were being fat shamed.

I’m not surprised by this situation at all though. The group can do as they please and the con can reserve the right to ask anyone they feel is violating their dress code. I do feel bad that they had to go through that; I can only imagine how embarrassing it is to be singled out next to your skinny friends even though you’re wearing the same thing.

>> No.10085379
File: 150 KB, 621x580, pic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10085632

I heard some bowsette cosplayer got kicked out for being day drunk saturday, so probably was a standard con

>> No.10085650

JFC no one cares you got asked to change. No one cares you aren't going to the con anymore.

>> No.10085689

No one cares about your idol group here

>> No.10086179

sorry that you can't read anon :( i really feel bad for you.

>> No.10086323

So I'm thinking about going to Akon but I don't want to buy a badge if it's a cluster fuck. What chances do i have if I submit a shitty panel to get a free badge?

>> No.10086350

High. I got three accepted last year and I was very surprised. I put in three to hope one got accepted.

>> No.10086372

.... You’re a special kind of stupid, aren’t you ?

>> No.10086375
File: 116 KB, 1000x600, 8C423ADB-DE92-4040-B9D8-73352AF80547.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jfc nobody cares that you’re some edgelord on the internet that can’t scroll without being triggered because girls were slut shammed

>> No.10086405

LOL slutshamed? You don't have a right to wear whatever you want in a private space. If you don't want to go to a con anymore because you were asked to change that's fine, but no one gives a shit about it but you.

>> No.10086424


What did you host? Are they good or did you just make crap up?

>> No.10088101

Two were J-fashion and one was more general. Two were more planned out with the last one being more of a funny, freeform panel. I wouldn't say I just made stuff up but it was not scripted.
I got good feedback for the most part.

>> No.10089402

Is anyone at Anime WTX? It's way too far for me but I have to wonder if it's any good

>> No.10089408

It looks like a train wreck and some of the “cosplay” and “performance” guests are really yeesh

>> No.10089462

I mean this is mean to ask but is there even much there west Texas? It's actually 3-4 hours west of the DFW area and last time I stopped in Odessa on a plane it was a leveled land of oil towers and sadness.

>> No.10089577

Tea Team Cosplay is going buuuuut im not interested in them anymore because the fat bitch in the group has gone real down hill

>> No.10089601

Anyone have any thoughts on Mizuumi Con
coming back from the grave for this year?

I have lots of good, cringey young weeb memories associated with the con before mini mini con filled it's void.

>> No.10089835

What’s the tea on Tea Team

>> No.10089877

Im looking forward to it, I have alot of fun, stupid memories from Mizuumi so Im excited to see how they do.

>> No.10089898

I'm looking to travel to central Texas this year from Canada.
What are the top 3 conventions to go to?

>> No.10090411

San Japan, Ikkicon, and AnimeCTX I believe.
Keep in mind that I haven't attended any of these.

>> No.10090414

San Japan, A-kon (maybe), and Ikkicon if you like to party or Matsuri if you can handle the guilt of what you're supporting.

>> No.10090695

Fan Exp for 10/10 cosplay, San Japan for a chill, good time, & Ikkicon to get LI T

>> No.10090696

*fan expo

>> No.10090767

The one thing that sucks about Ikki is that for us that have family outside of the state and travel, Ikki is literately the week of Christmas. This year I'm unable to make it since it's basically the day after. Not it's fault though, I just need to stop visiting family every year I guess.

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