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Handmade bloomers edition

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man I just really love rider gulls

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man i just really hate crossboarders

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Man I just really love satin.

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Lolita, I just really love men.

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Man, I just really love Ribbon Berry Bunny OP in blue

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Man I just really hate prostitutes.

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Hail satin.

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>go to miku expo and have the time of my life
>later find out I missed out on a dream dress in that time
the price we pay

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Man I just really love cosplay

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>bagoo smells like pic rel
>can smell it through my pants all day
whelp hahaha here's what I get for disliking the smell of condoms. brb buying fish antibiotics online. I don't feel moe right now. (google actually recommended tea tree oil, I'll use that until I can procure illegal antibiotics...man, I used to have a family friend who was a nurse and could get me antibiotics under the table for free, feels bad that we fell out of touch. tfw no nurse bf to steal medicine from work for me.)

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Friendly reminder that you're all ugly and your coord looks better on somebody else.

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This may be the trashiest post on /cgl/.

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I'm offended

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holy shit just go to a doctor, who the fuck knows what you have and doesn't sound like you're an expert at antibiotics.

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>tfwno Christmas bf

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>go to doctor
>for him to charge me to tell me what I already know and write me a prescription for what I already know I need

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>tfwno Christmas gf

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I'm sure you know, being smarter than someone with 10+ years of medical training. Good luck, you need it.

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I went to the one in NYC. I wanna go again in 2020. Hopefully I'll have a gf by then.

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You and me both man

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>tfw start talking more to a cute cosplayer that I've been friends with for years but never thought of as anything but a friend
>tfw start to catch the feels a little
>get too embarrassed/awkward and give up on messaging them
Why am I like this? All I want is a qt cosplayer bf

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Technically I do have a medical degree, and judging by the kids I went to school with, I am a hell of a lot smarter than they are. I was the top of every medical related course I took. (I changed my major to something less gross. Not dealing with blood and piss every day to pay rent.) Also the tingles from the tea tree oil have subsided. very clean feeling!

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Did they have buildable Mikus?

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If you're so smart, why didn't you use a condom, Einstein?

My wishing you luck stands.

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Could you and the brainless whore stop please?

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Because I'm suicidal anyway.
I may be a whore but I'm an educated whore, thank you.

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Why are you both arguing over nothing

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>trying to feign suicidality when called out on being a stupid bint

Oof, you give a bad name to people who are really suicidal.

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You're turning into a bad lolcow thread, whore-chan.

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I feel it

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nayrt but how do you know if they are really suicidal or not, you can say anything online

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>tfw alone on christmas

I wish I had some to sing padoru padoru together with

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You're the kinda person who caused MRSA you dumb fuck, go to the doctor.

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Anyone wanna hang out and have some fun during the holidays?

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Yeah sure where you at?
Bring your brother if you're a girl.

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I'm not talking about people here most of whom I don't believe anyway. I'm talking people in general.

People seem to use being 'suicidal' as shorthand for 'yolo' and 'i make stupid decisions without thinking about it' which is idiotic on several levels.

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Uh, I'm a guy. I don't think that matters as much though.

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>I'm a guy
I'm omw

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Someone help please an anon is trying to find my house and do unspeakable things to me

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On my way to intercept.

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rpers out

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You are my hero anon hold me in your feminine arms

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I'm also a dude and my arms are very manly.

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>two for the price of one
Now THIS is a party.

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I feel you anon.

>Moved out of home because family issues
>Immediate family is all flying overseas to visit extended family
>I don't even have that much family here in the first place
>Because of moving out and some more unexpected bills, I don't have the money to afford plane tickets
>Because of current sour relations nobody wants to risk throwing the family balance out of the window by pooling money for my ticket
>Spending Christmas by myself

Merry Christmas anon.

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Thank you regardless friend


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Christmas get yourself a bottle of wine, put on one of those fireplace videos on your TV, and just veg out. Have a good cry if you need to.

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You seem to be mistaken there sweetcheeks.

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>You seem to be mistaken
Nevermind, aborting interception.

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How did you not see it coming?

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anon help, i'm only into girls

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What's with all the guys in these threads liking predatory 'girls'?

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So am I, anon. Any involvement on my part would just be putting us both at risk.

I ignored the gemposting. I shouldn't have.

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We're sad losers who don't know how to lead so the idea of finding a proactive girl is appealing.
I don't think anybody here is delusional enough to believe it'll actually happen but it's nice to fantasize about.

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It's novel. Despite all the man-hating and shit talking that girls do on 4chan, girls IRL are extremely meek when it comes to a guy hitting on them or romance in general.

So when a girl is predatory, it's new, it's fun and exciting.

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Guys are dumb and cannot pick up on signals from girls. Especially weebs, and other guys who are not used to being liked. Girls need to be overt in showing that they want to be with a guy. It gives the guy a kick in the rear to go after her.

Most girls think they give signals, but its just too weak. It almost needs to seem predatory to most guys to even take the hint.

I like the language of proactive better than predatory.

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I had a few girls give me signals but I have no idea if any of them where actually interested and I'm as dense as a sack of bricks

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My default behavior is to keep my distance, wouldn't want to cause unnecessary awkward situations, because while I may be socially inept, at least I'm aware of that fact.
Having someone else take the initiative is mighty helpful.

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The one in cologne?

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>girl buys me a drink and without being prompted starts telling me about how she had her pubic hair lasered earlier that day
>still not sure if she's interested

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This is unironically me and I hate it

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If you knew it was a signal then she was interested. If she is not interested she will never even look at you and go find Chad. If it registered as a maybe to you then all the girls in the vicinity probably thought she was being obvious, or perhaps even "Predatory".

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Guys aren't dumb. We are just constantly bombarded with nu-feminist ideas that 'JUST BECAUSE A GIRL DOES/SAYS X DOESN'T MEAN Y." So it's borderline dangerous to assume that a girl is attempting anything romantic less you get labelled a creep, an egoist, get sexual harassment charges on you etc.

I've been hit on by girls before and I just think to myself "No. She's not interested in me, she's just being a friendly person or she's just fucking weird." Because I don't want to be known as the guy who thinks a girl breathing with a 10 metre radius means she wants to fuck. Also a severe lack of confidence makes me think nobody would ever hit on me.

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Stop careing about what the feminists are doing. If a girl is giving signals to a man then she is not a man hateing feminist.

I know that hearing this will not make the feminists happy, but they are never happy so it doesn't matter.

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You nailed it. I'm dense as fuck and just assume girls are being nice and/or talking to me because they have to or are just bored. Every time I go to some sort of social gathering I'm the guy girls don't talk to until they're hammered and want to have a super serious conversation about death or the meaning of human existence or whatever.

Also these, though I'm not sure if I've ever actually been hit on because I literally can't tell when/if it's happening. I'm beginning to think I'm legitimately autistic.

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How can you tell she's not doing it to reinforce her perpetual victim complex like a type of entrapment?

Also some girls are just genuinely ditsy and don't realise how some guys might take their actions. I work with one girl who is the most bubbly and sociable person I've ever met, very pretty as well. She gets asked out at least once per shift because she doesn't realise that her genuine compliments and her interest in what they do and how their day was to random men are taken as "Oh she wants my dick."

It was very, very weird when we were hanging out afterwork and she basically jumped on top of me and started kissing me calling me really dumb that I wasn't responding to her 'flirting' which to me I just perceived as her normal personality just dialled up a bit because we're close friends.

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>jumped on top of me and started kissing me calling me really dumb
Living the dream.

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>Buying dress
>Need shoulder width measurement
>Assume it's just one end to the other no worries
>Take measurement
>Ok cool
>Tuck it away for later
>Buy dress
>Forgot about shoulder width measurement
>Bought medium sized dress because it best fits my measurements
>Only shoulder width size that is 40cm is XL size
>Uh oh
>No this can't be right
>Look up online how to take shoulder measurement properly
>Actual shoulder measurement 32cm
Whew. What do people even do when a dress doesn't fit them? It seems like such a waste of money...

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Then she will be a victim in her own mind and you leave her be.

Nice, fun, talkative people will get asked out because they are nice, fun, talkative, people and other want to be around them and get more of them in there life.

Then she jumped on you and gave you the most overt, predatory signals she possibly could proving my point.

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I genuinely wasn't interested in her which I think is why she liked me because I didn't want to metaphorically suck her off at any given moment.

>> No.10050595

>you leave her be.

Not when we have social media and it becomes a witch hunt claiming sexual harassment.

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Over the counter meds are there but seriously that's nasty :( Go to a doctors as it could be vaginosis

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Well if your that afraid the most radical members of a dying movement then stay lonely. Unless you work in Hollywood then your fears are sound and you probably are actually an abuser.

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This reads like a copypasta

>> No.10050599

I'm sad and lonely

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>Sent out my Secret Santa present
>Realize my match is in a warn place, and I sent could weather acessories
>I'm sorry sweettie.

>> No.10050609

Make that four of us.

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Confidence and assertiveness are hot regardless of gender.

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>penpal inbox will forever remain empty

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Unless the person you are being confident and assertive to thinks you're ugly then it's harassment.

>> No.10050615

source on bottom right qt?

>> No.10050617

no silly, it's only harassment if it's repeated after telling them you're not interested.

>> No.10050618

Maybe if they're a girl and/or you live in a red state.

>> No.10050619

>red state
Oh I see you're American, now your retardation makes sense.

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They're not me. I'm the original anon. I'm Australian.

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Nanana's Buried Treasure. It will make you fall asleep You have been warned.

>> No.10050630

Don't worry, I don't plan on reading it, just looking up porn of the brown qt

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I also made this mistake and freaked out because I thought I'd never fit in to precious burando until I realized my mistake. Funnily enough, I'd always thought I had linebacker shoulders before I actually measured them. They're actually extremely average, and it took getting a solid number to put me out of that particular dysmorphic delusion.

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I hope everyone does there best and has a good day!

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>tfw no druggie ex-whore Canadian gf

>> No.10050649

What if I've already done my best and had a good day but now it's time to sleep?

>> No.10050651

It's not really doing your best if it's time to sleep and you're still posting here.

>> No.10050652

Good point, goodnight anons!

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>Looking for shoes to match in my coord
>Many shoes that look alike that I can match in my coord
>Look at cheap version of the shoes, not in the colour I want
>Look at slightly more expensive shoes, not in my size
>Look at expensive shoes, have my size but the colour is slightly off

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Man, i just really hate gingham

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Geez anon, that's not normal. Go see a doctor and ask for help.

I wish Fanny Rosie would wear my clothes.

>> No.10050695

I do too, but also polka-dots.

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Recently met up with my old best friend from highschool. We haven't seen each other in probably two years and haven't kept in much contact and he doesn't really know much about what I'm doing since I'm not very active on social media mainly IG he on the other hand has become quite a successful videographer/photographer for his age and being completely self-made.

We met up and I was dressed head to toe in jfash streetwear, he of course brought his camera with him. He was really stunned since I'm a pretty shy person and people have labelled me as formal, proper and polite in my personality type so the juxtaposition is pretty jarring. Needless to say he wanted to take photos of me, which I was hesitant about but I thought why not? It's an old friend and it might be fun.

What I didn't realise was that he posted a small collection of them to Instagram, which I really should have expected and it's my fault for not asking. He tagged me in the photos and gave me credit in caption. Now his Instagram has a fairly large following, tens of thousands. My account was about 160 which most consisted of old friends and online friends since I just use it as way to keep up with what everyone is up to, inspiration and new brand releases. I didn't have it set to private since I didn't really care since I'm more of a fly on the wall and people don't really find me.

That changed very quickly within the past couple of hours. I got flooded with thousands of new followers and almost 100 messages ranging from people asking me to connect them with my friend, asking where I bought certain pieces, people asking me to model for them and even people asking if I'm single.

Like I said I am shy person, just wear the clothes because I like them and all of this has really just been overwhelming. I don't know what to do, account is on private. I don't want to ask my friend to take the photos down because he's obviously very happy with them and it's good for his business. Do I just start a new IG?

>> No.10050707

You can ignore them all and they will go away with time.

>> No.10050709

Can't you just ask him to untag you?

>> No.10050737

I’m jealous desu. You got something people pay a good money just in couple of hours. Moreover you got it for free. Ugh, your friend should better take a pics of me instead.

>> No.10050738

Well? Are you single?

>> No.10050740

desu you could easily capitalize on this
i'd make another for friends/family, but keep this one up too

>> No.10050744

Is this Prostigull from last thread? I want to take you up on your offer.

>> No.10050748

We've reached a new low.

>> No.10050750

I guess so. I just feel really weird and little rude. It feels like I should be grateful and just ignoring everyone like that feels bad.

This is true. I'll consider it. I just don't want to cause him hassle because he'll ask why I want to be untagged.

Actually I could just change my IG name so the link dies. That's probably the best thing I can do.

I had a good time getting the photos taken but I think it was because it was with him specifically, I wouldn't dream of paying to feel really awkward.

I can barely look people in the eyes let alone try to date someone, so I'm very single at the moment.

I have no idea how I would capitalise on it. It's never even occurred to me. It just feels really, really surreal getting all this attention and it makes me panic because I do have old pictures on there dating back to like 5 years ago where I used to be way more active. It's like everyone getting to read your diary in a way.

>> No.10050752

I just got some VR stuff so I'll see if I can do this in that

>> No.10050754

That's cool. I have an HTC Vive myself. If you get lonely you can talk to random weirdos on VR Chat. They're lonely people and you being a little tipsy will be a social lubricant.

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ngl i never expanded that image, so every time i saw it i thought it was an iron or something. Now i see it's a fucking sentai.

>> No.10050784

No replying 'man I really hate' to someone's man I really love post. Bad form.

>> No.10050796

Same. Now I'd love to go to every Expo that isn't too far away asap. How did you get over the after concert blues?


>> No.10050806


tfw no bf to go with to mikuexpo LA

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I got a job! I'm so happy I can finally buy j-fashion again. I've been recently spending the small bit of spending money I have only on my other hobbies because those are the hobbies that I enjoy with all of my friends. Now I can have both! I've been staying at home with my kid for over a year and it's been really lonely and has killed my motivation to dress nice because I never have anywhere to be. I can't wear j-fashion to work or anything but the dress code is relaxed so I could work some toned down pieces or accessories into my daily wear. It'll be nice to actually get out of my house every day, interact with adults other than my husband and have some motivation to dress nice.

>> No.10050822

Happy for you anon!!

>> No.10050836

Let this one stay public, only reply to what you want to on it, make a new small private one for your personal things.

>> No.10050925

how do i deal with being a womanlet? Only cute fashion makes me feel better because i can actually fit japanese sizes without much issue
>just shy of 5"3
>B cup with unfortunate banana shaped boobs
>not even "skinny",but not curvy or chubby either. Just "soft"
>small butt
>face is trap-ish
Do I keep hiding myself forever under baggy clothes and living a lie with pushups/pads and heels or...?
My stomach being on the flat side and my frame being small/medium is litterally the only good thing

>> No.10050941

>Banana shaped boobs
Explain this

>> No.10050942

It's like your dick but longer than an inch.

>> No.10050944

>living a lie
Just wear what makes you feel good? Assuming you're actually a girl, you type like a retarded guy trying to sound like a girl.

>> No.10050945

Sure but I still can't visualize it.
Breasts are thicker than a penis, how do they form into that shape?

>> No.10050958

You sound cute, I think you should try embracing your natural body

>> No.10050959

> Just "soft"
> face is trap-ish
Yeah, it's probably a larper that has never talked with a women outside of the chans.

>> No.10050961

google it,it should give you an idea sort of

thanks anon,i do try but i feel like "less" than the other

by soft i meant fleshy and by trap-ish,i had people calling me "trap-ish" before on the internet

>> No.10050964

Maybe wear some more feminine things like Larme/Girly or some Himegyaru or Romakaji styles and embrace your petite size/shape? Try more makeup that flatters your features best?

>> No.10051023

I have pretty much the same body type as you anon but I don't understand your insecurity. I'm soft, small, in proportion and cute and I don't think there's anything wrong with that. There's value in our kind of body type as well. There are tall women out there that feel insecure about their height because being small is seen as feminine. Large breasts on a small frame just look weird as well. Are you just sad that you'll never be some tall big titty lady?

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Liz Lisa, plz release your lucky packs. Why are you the last brand to do it this year? I'm tired of waiting. Allow me to fill the emptiness with clothes. Plz.

>> No.10051031

Unironically shitty connective tissue genetics.

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>Living abroad so sending christmas presents home
>Ask for help with the post office as im not fluent in the language
>Someone offers to send them for me
>I happily accept, tell them these are Christmas presents, I would want to spend more money to make sure they're tracked and get there on time
>Today I get a message "yeah so i sent them SAL to save you money, so they should arrive within two weeks"
>MFW two weeks is 20th december and thats cutting it way closer than i'd like
>Don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth but also, i specifically said i would pay them back and i didnt care about the money?????

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>Been lolita/wearing cute fasion for a while but not wearing consistently due to depression etc.
>Basically on lcute fashion hiatus
>One day finally decide to wear something cute again
>Feel extremely uncomfortable in it and like the center of attention everywhere I go.
>I don't look cute at all
>Feel ridiculous
>goes home and strips everything off

I don't think its for me. And its making me sad. I just can't walk around and feel confident at all.. I feel much more confident and pretty in "normie" stuff (I say normie lightly because my normal fashion is kind of my own thing but still not as extravagant as lolita and don't get stared at nearly as much as when I'm wearinf a full coord) I wish I could walk around outside my house and feel completely fine when dressing cutely, but I feel like complete shit in it. Maybe one day I will not feel this way. I hope so because I really like the way it looks on people.

>> No.10051066

>New to cosplay
>Get a few friends that are into cosplay
>Follow friends on social media even though I hate social media and barley use Facebook.
>See my first give me free money for no reason post.
>Its for an item they need months from now, and of course they are asking for way more than it would cost.

Is this really as common as /cgl/ makes it seem? They could realisticly get this item in time if they save not even 40$ a month for a bit.

>> No.10051073

Dude I just started making my first cosplay and already I am getting so much help from people I barely know.
/Cgl/ is a good place to come if you need assistance

>> No.10051081

Help is fine. I have gotten a lot of help from people too. I had no sewing ability before, but a friend helped me out. These people made one of those send me money online things though, and asked for a lot of money. That doesn't seem right to me.

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>> No.10051094

I think you missed the point entirely.

>> No.10051094,1 [INTERNAL] 

Oh no, next time ask here. I'll help you get your stuff sent EMS so it arrives within two weeks by plane. I ship EMS from Japan often enough I can teach you.

I think the only way to recover from this is to send a postcard which is cheap and easy. Or buy gifts from a website in your home country which will deliver in time.

>> No.10051180

>banana shaped boobs
Just cosplay a Raita character

>> No.10051196

Maybe you just love the aesthetic of cute jfash but don't enjoy wearing it. That happens and it's ok. I feel the same with sweet lolita specifically - Early 2010s sweet lolita is adorable and I love it, but I'd never feel comfortable wearing it myself so I just appreciate it on other people. Just because you like it doesn't mean you'll enjoy wearing it yourself, you know?

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I'm kinda sad that there probably isn't going to be a winter ball this year. I missed last years' because I was in China, and was really excited for this years', but I guess it's not happening.

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I'm kinda sad that there probably isn't going to be a winter ball this year. I missed last year's because I was in China and so was especially excited for this year's, but I guess it's not happening.

>> No.10051210

wow are those FEMALE PRESENTING NIPPLES i see?

>> No.10051211

No, there are no girls on the internet. /cgl/ consists solely of roleplaying men in wigs. Our board-tan also reflects that aspect.

>> No.10051220


>> No.10051221

Ofc bro my bad

>> No.10051224

Oh u gulls and your metrosexual boyfriends.

>> No.10051232 [DELETED] 
File: 352 KB, 750x1290, DDC5F4F3-EAEC-4E91-8299-8DFDB25AF47C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> this fucking shit

>> No.10051235

Why is honey cake so popular? People have been begging for a re-release and lose their shit whenever it shows up on secondhand sites.

>> No.10051278
File: 70 KB, 400x400, 1525420195347.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

TFW karma bites you in the ass but you know you deserve it, so you just sit and bear it

>> No.10051281


>> No.10051316
File: 968 KB, 1220x678, [HorribleSubs] Houseki no Kuni - 09 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_13.31_[2018.10.19_21.43.17].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw karma bites you for no reason and you're just sitting here thinking that things can only get better

>> No.10051389

it's not karma if its for no reason. If there's no reason it's just bad luck. It's Karma if you did something to deserve it.

>> No.10051406

I know lolita is just clothes but to me it always was part of my lifestyle and i took a liking to looking and acting demure.
However,the issue is,ever since i met my (also lolita and very very kinky) SO it awakened my very kinky side and i'm so ashamed of it. I keep it behind closed doors and don't show anyone that side of me besides my SO. Yet I feel like i'm gross,and like i'm a "fake" for having a "proper girl" aesthetic and being shy and quiet. It's just how i am as a person but i feel like i'm living a lie. I cried a few times during our "sessions" because i felt bad about being so lewd

>> No.10051410

do you seriously think shy and nice people don't have sex? you're not unique or special for wearing lolita and having weird sex, unless you connect the two. then you deserve to feel bad

>> No.10051412

Go to therapy if you are ashamed over your desires.

>> No.10051420

Time to re-evaluate. If you ‘took to looking and acting demure’, it’s probably not something natural to you, much as you’d like it to be.
I’m actually pretty demure as a person and I’m that way in the bedroom too, like it or not not.

I don’t reconcile being kinky in the bedroom and being an otherwise demure person so I’d go with your actual feelings , not some fashion-based lifestyle you aspire to with a behavior that required acting.

>> No.10051443
File: 196 KB, 703x560, ugly.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Went to Japan for two weeks with a friend this spring
>Everyone I meet only wants to talk to my friend
>Either gets ignored or just tolerated with an occasionall "mhm" as a reply
>My friend is a gorgeous sweetheart, but clueless and just thinks I'm overreacting
>Goes out an evening with a friend in common
>Dude spends the night ignoring EVERYTHING I say and only tries to hit on my clueless friend
>My friend is used to be in the center of attention so she thinks it's normal to be approached the way she is
>She is really confused when I one night start to drunkenly cry in the taxi because I'm starting to feel really insecure
>I'm not ugly by any means (5"10, big eyes, sorta skinny), but next to her I'm the "ugly friend"
>Have an amazing time during the trip otherwise
>7 months after the trip I'm still feeling like shit because it took a GREAT toll on my confidence

I know I sound like an attentionwhore, but I honestly wanted to make new friends since I rarely go outside of the country, and getting ignored and only getting "mhm"/"okay" for answers when I tried to give any input in a conversation because they're busy oogling my friend hit me hard.

Also, I absolutely DO NOT blame my friend in any way. She did nothing wrong, she is someone that naturally draws people to her, her entire family and a lot of her friends has that trait so she doesn't fully understand that some of us gets shoved to the sidelines no matter how hard we try to reach out. I also don't regret my trip with her, she was a great travel mate and would love to take another vacation with her.

>> No.10051447

I know how that feels. I have a similar problem with how intimidating I can look to others.

People get scared of me and just avoid me. Worst case scenario they want to fight me to prove themselves.

>> No.10051450

LEARN YOUR JFASH. so tired of pulling up to CoF and Rufflechat and seeing people call everything that's pastel fairy kei. No they're just an ita fuck off

>> No.10051452

You must be me.
>Tfw people unironically think you murder people for fun
I'm not scary, I'm just drawn that way.

>> No.10051453

I feel your frustration anon. People don't know shit, especially about otome, which might just be one of the most wildly misunderstood style, if you can even classify it as such. I just learned to shake my head and laugh about it to myself at this point, to be honest.

>> No.10051455

Lol I wish I could give that impression to people, then I feel like I would at least some sort of impression. While some people have been afraid of me because of my height, they quickly realize I'm nothing to really pay attention to because I don't have a lot of charisma no matter how much I try (at least I can make people laugh, so I at least got that going for me I guess) so I end up being left in the dust and ignored.

>> No.10051460

at least youre aware of the problem. I used to lack charisma but you can build it up. I'm really socially awkward but after months of practice and reading up on what people enjoy to hear/talk about i've gotten better, please just put some effort in. I assure you, you can improve.

>> No.10051465

Well, talking to people is no problem and being invested in the conversation and what they like.
The problem is that I tend to get ignored or talked over and there is a limit to how many times you can force yourself into a conversation until it becomes weird or annoying. It's not that I don't have friends, I have circle of different kinds of people I hang out with and talk a lot with.

But I do admit that a huge part of my shitty confidence is the circle I'm kind of part of through a couple of friends - most of the people in it are the kind of cosplayers/instagrammers that don't give a shit about you unless you're pretty or popular enough. I want to learn to know them better since my friends really like them and they seem nice, but I rarely get a chance because I don't fit in with them or something I guess. While I shouldn't give a fuck about their opinion, it kinda gnaws on the back of my mind because I want to at least be acknowledge as a person.

>> No.10051469

This was me in college. People in my friend group sometimes straight up asked me to kick someone's ass for who knows what reason, and I am not violent or confrontational at all

>> No.10051476

What kind of kinks?

>> No.10051477

Oh, i see. My gf's friend group always does this to me. it's not a problem with you or your charisma, so don't blame yourself. some people can't listen or like attention. Make some other friends who value what you have to say.

>> No.10051478

I really like Lola.

>> No.10051487
File: 261 KB, 500x304, fddd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah, I should really focus more on the people that actually care about me instead of that group, it's just hard sometimes because I see them everywhere (again, we have friends in common that aren't like them) so I get reminded of how worthless they make me feel from time to time. It feels childish both from my side and their side since all of us are in our 20's, but at least I know I'm not the only one they've made feel this way.

Btw, while it sucks to know someone is in a similar situation, it's encouraging to know someone gets what I mean.

>> No.10051490
File: 134 KB, 500x300, tumblr_mwy2l1Iaov1qk95iao1_500.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm medical bills anon. Had some of the stuff I needed done today. Thought it would cost about 1400, ended up being 650. I don't know if they gave me a discount or what but I'm very pleased. The insurance my job offers is also viable and will save me about $1500 on the other stuff I need done. I'm very happy! It's like 2 grand just dropped from heaven into my wallet. I'm going to go grocery shopping tomorrow.

>> No.10051492

I'm 5'3 and I'm taller than a lot of women. Just the other day there was this gremlin looking creature that was a full head shorter than I. If you want to feel like an amazon, move somewhere with a lot of hispanics. They're all short and fat and you'll feel like a goddess.
When I see a woman shorter than me I want to BULLY THEM and break them in half and throw them down the stairs in triumph. What is this feel? I want to man a ship to some third world country and conquer them all and make the survivors pay me tribute.
tfw no conquistador bf to kill brown people with.
>>tfw alone on christmas
Same and that's how I like it. I despise my family. I'm going to get drunk, masturbate, and watch anime in my wonderful clean quiet apartment.

>> No.10051513

I was so tired of waiting for you or some else to drop a Kinks reference in a feels thread

>> No.10051541

I like biting. Feeling the crushing pain on my teeth is fun
On a totally unrelated note, I need new foam props for my cosplays. Or maybeee metal

>> No.10051549

I'm Anon that was trying to help
I'm also drunk right now, is your "services" offer still valid?

>> No.10051551

>tfw no bf to kill brown people with
Be careful, you'll get crossboarders like me hitting on you that way

>> No.10051554

>tfw no conquistador bf to kill brown people with
Holy moly

>> No.10051559

What services would you desire? And yes. It's less expensive but still expensive... I have a very nice peach for sale.

>> No.10051565

Peaches aren't in season in December. Are you trying to to rip me off?

>> No.10051566

oral fixation,light bdsm,maid/master,pretending i'm a cat girl (tail+collar and leash stuff),bad dragon dildos,mindbreak/submission,tentacles,futanari,impregnation,...
i'm a filthy degenerate and i hate myself. I only had sex once before meeting my SO yet my mind is so filthy,why?

>> No.10051567

>bad dragon dildos
How do I meet cute girls into this?

>> No.10051568

i also find some anthro and monstergirls hot,so i'm probably a fucking furry to a certain point. I wonder if being so degen has to do with me growing in a christian household that was very sex negative and i had to repress everything

>> No.10051571

gonna clarify,anything like scat,loli,rape,bestiality,... is disgusting though,i have my limits

>> No.10051572

That isn’t even a lot, go look at the porn 4 Chan boards

>> No.10051573

If you watched a lot of anime/manga and whatever a lot of degenerate things get normalised in your head.

This is partly why weebs act so fucking cringey and anime. They learn how to act as a person from anime instead of real people. So the same deal goes with our sexual side, ever met a normal westerner into tentacles? It's always people who have some sort of anime-esque hobby.

Just take it in your stride, if you enjoy yourself who cares? I'm a very shy pretty boy type of guy (an actual description given to me by a girl not just stroking my own dick) and the dichotomy of that sort of look and wanting to break girls in two, bdsm and being into the whole mindbreak/brainwashing really surprises people.

It's nothing to be ashamed of, I think it adds to the allure of you as a person. I'm sure your SO appreciates it. It is fun breaking down someones shell of a demure girl and find out she's just as mushy in the head as you.

>> No.10051575

probably, my ex grew up in a similar situation and it turned her into a perverted slut who'd fuck anyone that gives her a sliver of affection and loves being sexually abused

>> No.10051576

It's all relative. To the average person that's probably quite degenerate. I have similar interests to her and am also quite ashamed of it.

>> No.10051580
File: 117 KB, 953x1024, e71d24b2903b4caeb89088ef10a63613cb4c1aaa_hq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>never wanted kids, kind of in despair that most men eventually will and 9/10 of my potential relationships are disqualified
>trying to convince myself it might be cute to have some
>read book today, features a woman who has a kid
>filled with utter repulsion at every facet of motherhood
>the kid didn't even do anything bad, he was cute and well behaved, but just things like pregnancy, birth, caring for the kid, giving milk, raising him, absolutely everything seemed like a form of torture
Yeah nah. Everyone says I'll change my mind and suddenly grow maternal instincts... I really , really don't think so. I tried looking at kids IRL and imagining they were mine, and all I feel is repulsion and discomfort at the thought. Gonna go ahead and give a firm NAH to that.
How are my chances of landing a husband? Abysmal, right? I think if I had a kid I needed to love and care for, I'd throw myself off a balcony. Tired of being told I'm insane, broken, or misguided for feeling this way. It's been like this since I could even comprehend the concept of motherhood and I'm in my late 20's now...no change... God damn I just can't force myself to like kids or want any.

>> No.10051581

I just feel abnormal,i wish i was a normal and vanilla

Yeah i think as well. You're right,and he loves it (and is the kindest person,really understanding of my "shame") but i feel so abnormal and "gross" still.

Dear god,that's a nightmare for me. Being qualified as a "slut" terrifies me. Good thing I need absolute trust in the other person before i'm willing to even hold hands and kiss

We're all in this togetherrrr

>> No.10051594

That's barely anything. Go enjoy yourself.
Impregnation is especially normal.

>> No.10051596

I'll give you $2000 if you pretend to be my gf for a month (including sex and playing Vidya and watching anime with me)
Option to play along and keep being my gf afterward. I'm in Dallas, TX btw.

>> No.10051597

Speaking from personal experience, I can tell you trying to forcibly keep a lid on, bury, or otherwise repress your own sexuality will make you unhappy. Mind you that doesn't mean promiscuity or masturbating to scat or whatever is good for you, but it is an integral part of yourself you have to learn to accept.

>> No.10051599

I have the same feelings as you anon. I hate children and I think they're disgusting. I'd like a kid one day just so there's someone around to actually care when I'm old, but I don't like the idea of pregnancy and I don't like the idea of wasting 18+ years on some shit of a kid that will drain my bank account, shit and piss everywhere etc. And it's not like I could adopt either, I don't want someone else's runt to leach off me and come with whstever problems they have.

>> No.10051605

...I would do that, honestly. We're about 500 miles apart though. Not sure how that would work.

>> No.10051610

absolutely don't ever have a child if you feel that way about them. if you have a child and treat it shitty, they won't stick around to take care of you when you're old, they'll ditch you as soon as they hit 18 and only come back to look for a will

>> No.10051612

This isn't that bad
Where you @?

>> No.10051613

>there's someone around to actually care when I'm old
That's such a meme. You know, my parents are going to rot in a nursing home because I despise them. There's no guarantee your kid will stick around. You'd be better off sticking the money you would have spent on the kid into some investment fund, then hire your own damned nurse. Or a bullet to the head at ~60.
Everything I like is incompatible with children. Clean tidy spaces, quiet, peace, sleeping 8 hours a night, having money, living mobile and minimalist, having nice things, /lit/... A kid would just come in and fuck my life up, and I'd be a glorified kindergarten warden. Better things to do with my life than surround myself with shit, vomit, electronic kid's toys that boop and beep all day, picture books about moralfag dogs or bright blue cats, running around cleaning behind some little shithead and keeping him from darwin awarding himself. Plus the whole destroying your pussy/belly/tits/everything. It literally steals all the nutrients right out of your body, both in pregnancy and breastfeeding. Those are my nutrients! Kids are such annoying retards, too. Being with normalfags makes me feel like my IQ is dropping, imagine if my life was talking to some toddler who says stupid shit all the time and constantly needs your attention to listen to him say the dumbest shit ever with a shit eating grin like he's clever.
The only kids I like are those quiet asian ones who spend 8 hours a day practicing piano from age 3 onwards. And I'm sure they're little shits when the camera isn't looking, too.
I just see zero benefit and a whole lot of bother and stress and cost and work. I'm going to kill myself at 60, I never feel lonely, I don't like being near other people, I don't care about my "genetic legacy" or other bullshit, don't think kids are cute, don't desire love/affection, and don't want to dress up some little fashion accessory and drag it around with me. What's the point of kids?

>> No.10051614
File: 682 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181207-203745.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Forgot. Pic

>> No.10051615

why is this thread so obsessed with sex can't we all just hug and be friends and appreciate cool cosplays and cute lolitas

>> No.10051616
File: 370 KB, 790x870, bortreya.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Karma doesn't follow your time frame. Anything bad I do in the future can lead to me receiving karma now, which is why I said "things can only get better". The entire point of reaching enlightenment by going through self-inflicted samsara is based on this.

>> No.10051617

my bad, about 700 miles maybe. Kik? Let's not shit up the thread with personal conversation.

>> No.10051622

You sound like an unhappy person

>> No.10051623

Kek The_Engie
Sorry in advance if shit doesn't pan out

>> No.10051626

>How are my chances of landing a husband? Abysmal, right?
If you're looking for someone as certain as you that they don't want kids, then yeah, your options are limited. I think a lot of guys are unsure about whether they want them though.

>> No.10051632
File: 354 KB, 1557x2000, 1543023065060.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I honestly don't want kids, I just want to live quietly, and when I start getting old and useless I off myself, on that token I probably shouldn't marry then, but I would like a companion

>> No.10051634
File: 571 KB, 765x947, [HorribleSubs] Houseki no Kuni - 10 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_04.27_[2018.10.19_21.56.53].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just turn gay. Solves all your problems

>> No.10051635

How old are you? I didn't want kids until I turned 25. That's a half decade before most people. The vast majority of my friends do not want kids yet. Those that do have them.

>> No.10051642

maybe I browse too much /d/, but none of that is especially crazy or weird.

find some furries I guess?

>> No.10051643

I'm not interested in furry stuff, just girls who like stretching themselves out with big toys because that's my fetish.

>> No.10051645
File: 636 KB, 930x1114, 1543015258927.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am bi, but romantically attracted to women
Honestly I just want to live quietly and comfortably, and cosplay when I want

>> No.10051646
File: 56 KB, 585x464, laughtersopts.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

tfw you know you indulge in mindless consumerism in an attempt to fill the empty void in your life but you can't stop even though you're perfectly self aware it won't make you any happier or fill the void

>> No.10051647

What would fill the void?

>> No.10051649

My dick, probably.

>> No.10051650
File: 102 KB, 480x298, bortz_rams_yellow.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>romantically attracted to women
Sorry to hear that anon.

>> No.10051652

It's better than the alternative, at least.

>> No.10051654

Oh hey it's me, but my bi-ness is more romantically attracted to anyone, sexually only attracted to girls

>> No.10051656

>tfw no lolita gf who's crafty like ice is cold to get my engine running hotter than a boiling kettle and wax and milk until I fall down on my face
Man, bottle after bottle I always need more

>> No.10051657

I'm original, not her. Late 20's. Still don't want 'em.
tfw nakadashi fetish

>> No.10051659

>tfw nakadashi fetish
Does anyone not have this?

>> No.10051661

Yeah but on the receiving end

>> No.10051664

Yeah, I got that.

>> No.10051665

Do you spend time around children? I started to like kids more when I started to have more interactions with kids.

Things changed pretty quick for me. 2 years ago I was repulsed by the idea of kids. Since I am a guy its actually weird to some people that I am in my mid twenties and I really want kids.

>> No.10051668

>tfw more fetishes than dresses

>> No.10051674
File: 252 KB, 644x660, asscryed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

tfw the rest of your comm is asleep and you know you'll wake them up if you fart

>> No.10051675
File: 45 KB, 163x216, bortz_wtf1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wtf are those piercings Jesus Christ

>> No.10051676

The one on the left means she has daddy issue, not sure about the right.

>> No.10051678

That's how they look with the original long bars you have to get to accommodate the swelling at first untill they heal. But then you change them for shorter bars so they don't poke out like this.

>> No.10051679

I mean I know the ones under the bottom lip are called snakebites but what are the ones above the top lip called?

>> No.10051680


>> No.10051682
File: 312 KB, 404x350, ImEx3ya.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I lost weight to fit into more lolita but now my face and limbs are gaunt. I've never seen a "naturally" thin girl have this problem? is there anything I can do about this??

>> No.10051683

It's probably not as bad as you think.

>> No.10051684
File: 71 KB, 224x257, bortz_comb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My faghag hairdresser has them, she's nearing 50 and is still unmarried. Nice lady tho

>> No.10051687

>tfw early 20s
>like, really early
>tfw Uncle since 6 years old
>tfw wanting kids since 14
>tfw want 10+ kids (can support)
>tfw want all of them with one girl

>> No.10051688

>Uncle since 6 years old
What the fuck did your dad fuck his mom or something

>> No.10051689

Angel bites

>> No.10051690

siblings can have really big age gaps you nonce

>two sisters who are born 15 years apart
>older sister has a kid at 18
>younger sister becomes an aunt at 3

>> No.10051693

Siblings 18+ years older
Mom got busy again after she turned 40

>> No.10051695

I assume he just has a much older sibling.

>> No.10051745
File: 32 KB, 198x328, spiral_of_sadness.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10051746

lightning rods

>> No.10051754 [DELETED] 
File: 50 KB, 970x545, 1544217618358.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I blamed him but it was really my own fault.

>> No.10051756
File: 45 KB, 427x231, 1519161305400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw shrink tells me I'm too broken to make friends
Someone's got to be eighty years old, dying alone in a Baby dress, I guess

>> No.10051759

Honestly if your shrink says that to you it's incredibly unprofessional and you should find a new shrink. They're supposed to be helping you with your worries, not making them worse.

>> No.10051760

>just walked 10km in 2 hours
Feels good anons, never thought I'd have this much endurance when I started losing weight months ago

>> No.10051762

Someone I know got VW's rocking horse shoes in my preferred colour (black) and I'm just so envious. I know it's wrong but I can't help thinking she doesn't deserve them. She has zero fashion sense, is pretty ugly by today's standards (fat, unpleasant face, too tall) and is honestly an asshole. If a cute girl who knew what she's doing with clothes was the one to get them I would have felt jealous but in a good way, like, damn! She's gonna rock those shoes (sorry for the bad word joke). With her, I'm honestly just annoyed. Sorry for the pointless comment, just had to vent.

>> No.10051764

Congratulations! I'd also like to walk more, can you lose weight just walking a lot? Or do you have to run?

>> No.10051765

I've been losing a lot of weight, but I'm also eating less overall and have cut a lot of sugar out of my diet so I can't say what's doing it.

>> No.10051768

I appreciate you, anon.

>> No.10051769

You know what the solution to this is, right? Work to get your own RHS (save up if you must) and do them justice yourself.

>> No.10051777

Does anybody else get paranoid that your SS has an alternate yahoo auctions account and bids it up to your max bid so you win but they get a higher commission fee

>> No.10051782

I do it, so I can't really complain about others doing it. I'm sure it happens though.

>> No.10051794

>kind of in despair that most men eventually will and 9/10 of my potential relationships are disqualified

Made-Self-Accidentally-Sterile-kun reporting in. Date me.

>> No.10051796

>Chatting to friend at work
>He's telling me about a girl he's seeing
>mentions she likes lolita and has a few dresses
>Quiz him about it because I know she doesn't have a lot of money (19 year old Ballerina from less well off family) so curious how she affords it
>Tells me she buys most of her dresses from AliExpress
>Oh. Oh no.
>I send him a link to the AP website and he sends that to her
>She's never even heard of AP before.

I'm a dude who doesn't even dress in lolita nor know any people who do but I just feel it in my bones she's an ita.

>> No.10051797


>> No.10051798

Steroids. Believe it or not, it's incredibly hard and unlucky to make yourself sterile from steroid abuse. I just was the one in a million.

>> No.10051799

This is hilarious. Ask him for pics, then describe them to us.

>> No.10051801

This sounds like cope.

>> No.10051802


>> No.10051804

Because it is. Why would you defend the thing that seriously debilitated you in your life?

>> No.10051805

Everyone has to start somewhere! She'll be thankful for the new link, don't bully

>> No.10051810

I decided to do myself a favor and give up group cosplays for good. Or at least until I find people who won't flake out at the last second or by the first challenging part.
Mostly it's a problem with three people who visit cons with me
>An "idea guy" sort of person with decent craft skills but lazy as fuck.
>An actually nice girl who has an almost professional approach to making clothing. Sketches, patterns, all that. But she won't even try to figure out how to make props and accessories.
>A third member who enjoys cosplay but won't compromise on any idea that he gets. When the idea turns out to be unworkable, he cuts corners so the result is a poor idea with poor execution.

Trouble is, they're all nice people. They just have zero potential for effective teamwork. I do project management as a job and I don't want to do it in my spare time. For now I'll just do my own cosplay and let them do theirs.

>> No.10051824

>tfw no blank-shooting bf
I lost like 20 lbs from not fucking eating so much. Visit /fast/. I can walk for 12+ hours (yes literally have, frequently) without getting tired. Walking actually doesn't burn that many calories, don't deceive yourself. It's incredibly difficult to exercise all the weight off, but very easy to not fucking eat in the first place.

>> No.10051827

>captcha asks for chimneys
>captcha asks for parking meters
>tfw when country has neither of those, so you just keep blindly guessing

>> No.10051835
File: 92 KB, 1600x900, brett-kavanaugh-ap-mt-180921_hpMain_4_16x9_1600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>meetup for ILD last weekend
>carpooling up for the meetup
>everyone gets hangry
>someone suggests Chick-fil-A
>driver (me) agrees with suggestion
>haven't had Chick-fil-A in while
>decides to go to Chick-fil-A
>suddenly, one of the lolitas pitches a fit
>goes full SJW and PC on us
>says we're anti-gay
>complains that we support anti-gay businesses
>continues to whine about how people are anti-gay and cite Jesus

I was about to go full Kavanaugh on her. I thought the Chick-fil-A boycott thing ended with Obergefell, but somehow it hasn't. I'm gay and I enjoy eating at Chick-fil-A. The lolita who complained our decision is going to be the reason why Trump gets a 2nd term. BTW, I will never vote for Trump.

Also I DO have a bodypillow of Ben Shapiro in my bedroom.

>> No.10051839

The only reason I voted for Trump was to piss off Nadia-tier cunts like that. Also the fag hate makes the chicken extra-juicy, perfect with all that free salt.

>> No.10051841
File: 107 KB, 800x1000, 1531693322934.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

let's talk anons.

NAYRT but a girl cosplaying Kakyoin jumped on me when I was cosplaying SO Jotaro

>> No.10051844

This, growing up resented and unloved will not result in a kid that wants to take care of you.

The money you'll save from daycare, medical costs, clothing, diapers, baby furniture, bigger vehicle, a college fund, etc. can get you plenty of years of traveling when you're retired, and a nice nursing home when you're too old to wipe your own ass. Do not have kids please.

dudes who don't want kids do exist. Whatever you do though do not compromise, because you'll probably be miserable and so will everyone else.

>> No.10051849

>tfw no gull gf to share my life, love, affection and booze with

>> No.10051850

It wouldn't be the first time someone's tried to ply me with booze.

>> No.10051852

But the real question is, does it work?

>> No.10051853

It gets me pretty drunk. Don't doubt the booze.

>> No.10051854

Come drink with me then babygull

>> No.10051865

>so will everyone else.
Honestly I'm incapable of familial love due to very shitty home life. Thankfully I can still do romantic love. I mean, think about it, right now I could be wiping shit off the ass of some screaming toddler who just broke $500 worth of my possessions, and is now proceeding to hit and fight me and pull my hair while screaming bloody murder in my ear because he wants to paint on the walls using his own feces. All that at the cost of a permanently ruined body, increased osteoporosis risk, destruction of my relationship and sex drive, and permanent bodily modifications from the birth process! What a deal! And the payoff is some shitfaced zoomer hypernormie in 10 years asking me for money and saying he hates me because all his friends have the latest iProduct and he only has the second newest model...
What a scalding hot deal. Oh man oh man oh boy.
Plus as I said, incapable of familial love, and I while I'm normally the most chill zenned-out person ever, if some little kid comes up and hits me, I unironically hit back on reflex. Nah. I'd get arrested, that kid would be living like harry potter under the stairs. I'd unironically abuse the shit out of a kid.
For real. My cousin came up and hit me (he bashed something on top of my head while I was sitting on the couch), and it fucking hurt, and I whacked him one upside the head and he cried. There's a life lesson you little shit.
God I hate kids. Plus I walked in on him one time naked on the couch, ass in the air, fingering his own asshole. He was like 6. Kids are creepy little shits, I fucking despise them. They're assholes.
From a crying infant to terrible twos to sociopathic little shits to whiny preteens to angsty teenagers... it never gets better. What's the point of suffering all that?
I guess if I can't find a childfree husband I'll just marry some schmuck and take birth control pills in secret. Whoopsies darling, you must be shooting blanks.

>> No.10051867

Get yourself a nice bottle of wine, turn the lights down low, put on some Linkin Park, and cut your thighs with a razor blade. That will help you calm down.

>> No.10051870

Just wanna say, you're not doing anything wrong. You're not hurting anyone by having a fetish. You're feeling bad about it due to growing up in a sex negative christian household.

>I cried a few times during our "sessions" because i felt bad about being so lewd
As >>10051412 said, go see a therapist. You CAN stop feeling bad about being who you are. Be happy, seagull.

>> No.10051871

>Linkin Park
Why would you do that to yourself?

>> No.10051872

In the end it doesn't even matter.

>> No.10051873

> if some little kid comes up and hits me, I unironically hit back on reflex

I noticed I unintentionally try to avoid touching others kids while walking by the street. Even if that kid is about to fall off the stairs I won’t be someone to catch them. I always felt that ignoring kids makes me look weird, but I never knew what should I do or pretend in such case. Not sure what’s the reason of that, probably I expect their mothers being morbidly agressive and blaming me even if it’s not my fault. Or maybe I don’t treat kids as actual people because I don’t feel them having personality yet.

>> No.10051874
File: 80 KB, 749x694, pJzIIsQ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I blamed him but it was really my fault
>going to be alone this Christmas for the first time in years

>> No.10051877

>struggle with unhealthy eating almost all my life, partly because being conditioned to do it but know very well what is healthy and what isn't
>gained so much weight I don't fit into half of my wardrobe anymore
>Weeb concert happens
>feel pure, unfiltered happiness and freedom for the first time since I can remember
>suddently don't like the taste of sweets anymore
>suddently don't feel the urgent need to finish my plate anymore
>suddently don't feel anything emotionally when eating anymore
>suddently do feel the urge to move and get more energy out of my system as soon as I'm not sore anymore
What the fuck, is this why normal people always say loosing weight is easy? Because they experience it like that?

>> No.10051878

It's like rolling a boulder from the top of a mountain down. You have to get over the inertia at first and then keep pushing.

>> No.10051881

Him 5'3" and a guy. I think your height is just fine for a girl.

>> No.10051882

As someone who went through something similar, yes. Food was my only comfort, and I also grew up with access to only junk food. After I left my asshole ex and found new sources of happiness, I lost the need to binge. I was suddenly able to say no to a cupcake with a war with myself.

>> No.10051883

This is exactly what I'm talking, seagulls need to start planning for the future
We need spinster living arrangements with each other so that no one dies alone breaking a hip stepping out of the shower

>> No.10051884
File: 27 KB, 438x452, 3247631318_1_5_8PvEPPGD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>time came to change bandages
It's major ouchies family. Now I have to go to the store to buy more. Gonna buy something nutritious to eat, have like no food in house. Probably spinach, some sort of meat, maybe berries if they're on sale.
Almost all food disgusts me anymore. I just think of it as nutrients that are necessary for survival.
Sips, now, I think half my calories might come from sips. Beverages are delicious. If I stopped drinking calories I'd turn into a skeleton at this point. I used to eat for fun but now I hate eating, I eat like one meal a day most of the time. I'm not even a bad cook, people have paid money for me to cook for them before. I just don't know what happened. Anhedonia I guess.
I really like those protein shakes they sell though, they're nice. It's all the nutrition of a meal but I don't have to eat food. I should buy some. (I'm US size 2 or 4 so I'm not underweight, inb4 anorexic accusations.) Every time I eat food I used to like it's just massively underwhelming if not outright unpleasant. And carbs and sugar make me feel sick. Ate french toast the other day, perfectly fine normal french toast, and it was awful and I felt off the rest of the day.

>> No.10051885

so being 15 is still hard, huh

>> No.10051892
File: 49 KB, 1280x720, red_data_girl-01-miyuki-angry-bandages.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Rude anon is rude.

>> No.10051898
File: 244 KB, 1380x2808, dia_roids.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>it's incredibly hard and unlucky
>steroid abuse
The word you're looking for is "steroid use". If you abuse roids then no shit you're gonna become infertile

>> No.10051902

You have a pretty grim view of what it's like to raise a child lol, it's not quite as nightmarish, but based on what you've said, it's understandable to feel that way.

>I guess if I can't find a childfree husband I'll just marry some schmuck and take birth control pills in secret. Whoopsies darling, you must be shooting blanks.
You should definitely not do that.

>in b4 it's just a shitpost
I never know with you gulls, honestly

>> No.10051927

>don't like kids
>cousin has a year old kid
>it's obsessed with me at family gatherings because I'm the only one who isn't contantly focusing my undivided attention on it
send help

>> No.10051928

>You should definitely not do that.
Why? People don't get divorced over female infertility anymore, it isn't the 1600s. It should be easy to hide it from him.

>> No.10051930
File: 5 KB, 275x177, 1542169222917.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Grats on the happiness. ow it's up to you to keep it going.
Good luck maintaining your calorie levels. I hear its hard to not accidentally starve yourself for those that hate eating.

Cooking used to be the Thing I was Good At. Now i'm in a similar boat. I don't want to cook anymore ever. Meaning all i'm eating is instant junk and i keep gaining weight. I'm also sick of carbs and sugars. They're all all i ever eat anymore because i never want to cook the meat and the fruit vanishes in like a day. I'm starting to think i'm lactose intolerant, or at least not as used to milk products as i used to be.

>> No.10051931

Congrats anon! I sympathise a lot, especially with the having an inner war whenever food comes into the picture part.
For me, there was a already a history of eating disorders in my family but originally I grew up thin, with a healthy sense of appetite and knew exactly when I was full and was also was picky regarding junk food. But then caretakers and parents came and fucked that all over with manipulation and harming educational practices because they thought I wouldn't eat enough (ironically all those adults were fat themselves). At one point I was 10 yo, my mother took me to McTrash almost every day and it got so bad, my doctor told her I need to loose weight or else I'll fuck up my knees permanently when growing up. Of course she called him names, told me to forget his words and that I'll "grow out of that little extra weight", fed me more trash and then what he predicted actually happened. Later in life I developed the opposite and got into a seemingly never ending binge/starve circle.

That doesn't sound good either, anon. Do you hate feeling full? Or do you just not like the feeling of hard food?

>> No.10051935
File: 30 KB, 813x500, pathetic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because tricking your SO into thinking he's impotent is a fucked up thing to do you fucking mong.

>> No.10051936


Just get your tubes tied if youre that set, I got mine done at 26 and I definitely dont regret it.

Funny enough I even like kids. I teach for a living and dont mind children at all, but the idea of pregnancy is disgusting and I hate babies. I always thought of adoption instead if I ever truly wanted kids.

When I got together with my bf I was very honest with him and told him straight up if the fact that I cant have children is too much then he needed to leave right now because I dont want to wait 10 years down the line to learn he secretly despises my choice.

Surprisingly he chose to stay with me despite his not agreeing with what I did. He even said he did want kids some day and that he would want me to birth them (to which I said he better be willing to deal with PPD and pay for in-Vittorio then)

And now out of no where he just says "You know I actually dont think I ever want kids, just nothing good about it. Everytime I see a kid in public I remember how much I dont like them."

So stranger things do happen, guys can change their mind. I sincerely hope my guy stays with that mindset because im willing to be a mother, but i'd still rather not.

>> No.10051965

>crush on a girl in my comm
>gothic lolita/punk lolita
>she looks pretty andro/has some guyish features but i find her hot
>funny,patient,kind and always compliments me
>eventually confess me she's trans before i get a chance to confess when we have a late night convo
what do now? i'm so confused gulls.
Am I weird?

>> No.10051972

Suck his dick.

>> No.10051974

Freak out and beat her to death.

>> No.10051977

Why? What actual difference does it make?
I'm terrified of surgery. Hopefully I can find a guy who doesn't want kids and make him get that dick gel so his cummies won't have sperm in it. Otherwise I think it's as you said, men don't really know what they want, it's okay to lie to them. Not like i'm hurting him or something. It's like hiding spinach in a fruit smoothie and lying to him that it's just kiwi or something, it's ultimately for his benefit.

>> No.10051978

And apparently a few girls in the comm knew and even told me "didnt you see her hands? She always cover herself and use corsets for a reason".
I just didn't see anything...I found her beautiful. I'm honestly about to cry, I want to love her but I feel like people are gonna laugh at me,i used to call trans people delusional and now i fall in love with one, the irony of it all...i feel like maybe i deserve what happened to me

>> No.10051980


>> No.10051981
File: 45 KB, 1000x1000, e0d[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10051983


holy shit at the very least you know you shouldn't have kids because the values you'd teach them would be fucked.

>> No.10051984

do I really have to explain why lying to your partner is a not very nice thing to do? marry someone who has the same values, you dummy baka.

not to mention,
>It should be easy to hide it from him.
he can get his swimmers tested and he'll know his sperm not the problem. sounds like it would be easier just to find someone who wants to be child free

>> No.10051993
File: 1.29 MB, 195x229, come again.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That last line though.

>> No.10051994

Asides from sissies/creepy "transbians"/transtrenders do you guys actually hate us?

>> No.10051998
File: 411 KB, 1642x464, diamonds_sitting.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm gay and I get Chick-fil-a whenever I travel for cons/conferences. Whatever opinion their CEO holds isn't gonna stop be from getting good cock meat.

>> No.10051999

Fuck off roleplaying tranny. Biological women 99% see when that you're male, especially in real life.

>> No.10052000

>Otherwise I think it's as you said, men don't really know what they want, it's okay to lie to them.

No wait I didnt say that at all though, I said to be honest lol

I was honest with my bf and let him decide if he was willing to get over it and love me for me and it surprisingly worked out.

True though that most men (and women desu) have no clue what they actually want. If you just are firm and confident in your decision they may follow suit.

>> No.10052001

>getting older
>normalfag friends are all looking to get into a relationship since the clock is ticking
>get dragged into their conversations
>realize more and more that I have zero attraction towards 90% of the guys
>realize that IRL girls are just more mature and attractive in every way
Feels weird because, despite being bi, I always thought I liked guys more than girls. But if just turns out that I like 2D guys > RL girls > 2D girls > RL guys.

Lolita related feel: I just bought my first lolita parasol and I'm really excited. Just something about a frilly parasol really screams lolita aesthetics to me. It feels as iconic as the petticoat silhouette.

>> No.10052002

I sit on the train selfish prick style every day, and you can't stop me.
constant whining about your pronouns and muh oppreshun. If not for sjw no one would give a shit if you cut your dick off. just don't call me a shitlord if I don't want to date you.

>> No.10052004

I mean I certainly dont hate anybody as long as youre reasonable and not insane.

I know plenty of just fine trans people that understand im not being malicious if I say the wrong thing sometimes and appreciate that I try at all.

I have also met plenty of trans people that throw a fucking tantrum like a baby when I accidentally call them the wrong pronoun. They can get fucked.

>> No.10052007

I just think it's some sort of illness, whether mental or hormonal. I don't hate though, I don't mind. I can't say I'd date one though.

>> No.10052008

Anon you're replying to and i totally agree desu. I despise sjws for shining such a bad light on us.
Also anyone forcing anyone to date them is creepy as shit

Those are the worst,saw some myself. I'm glad there are people like you though, we really just wanna live our life normally,even if we can never be "real" women.

>> No.10052010
File: 83 KB, 675x883, bortzsha1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>you can't stop me.
Why would I when I can play footsie with you?

>> No.10052011

Well,it is. You're actually correct. Dysphoria is a mental illness.

>> No.10052020

If you suffer under serious body dysmorphia and just want to live in peace, nah. But I do hate the retarded misogynist men who think liking feminine things or wanting to get fucked "like a woman" means they are women or they want to be women because they think they'll have it easier in life this way. The ones who view females in the most clichee, superficial way possible aka thinking being a woman = being a stupid bimbo.

>> No.10052022

If you love her,tell her. If you find her beautiful,funny,kind and you enjoy her presence who cares?
You should come clean about the fact that you're apprehending the fact that she's trans

>> No.10052099

>"steroid use"
Steroid use is only what is medically necessary like TRT or HRT or used against muscle wasting like HIV. If you're using steroids to just gain vanity muscle, that's abuse.

Arnold manage to shit out some half-breed mexican in his 50's

Ronnie Coleman has like 6 kids.

Steroids at best will cause temporary medical infertility (80% of more of your sperm is inert) but to achieve permanent and total infertility it borderline unheard of.

>> No.10052102

I don't hate them, they just make me incredibly uncomfortable because I know whenever I'm around them I'm now skating on the thin ice of committing a 'hate crime'.

>> No.10052147

Not necessarily. I respect your right to do what you like with your body and that doesn't bother me at all, but I refuse to participate in your delusions, which can cause conflict.

>> No.10052158

Nope. All trans people I've personally met were pretty chill.

>> No.10052167

I've never encountered a trans person who wasn't 110% cool about their situation. Honestly I'm way more afraid of/resentful towards regular old straight women as they've caused me the most grief of any demographic.
Funnily enough, the only person to ever be offended by me accidentally misgendering/deadnaming somebody was my own sister who has made a habit of surrounding herself almost exclusively with LGBT folks, despite being none of those herself.

>> No.10052669
File: 115 KB, 375x500, E975C972-5876-46AB-921A-0ABB84B8A2A3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You’re completely right anon. Thank you. I am recently finding it much more easy to be confident in toned down styles than full fledged OTT sweet lolita fashion. I feel cuter and more at home in my own toned down style though I appreciate the way lolita fashion looks on other people. I feel much happier and less anxious to go out of my house now. I feel like the whole “wear whatever the hell you want Bc fuck society XD!!!” Thing doesn’t really apply to everyone. And that’s okay! I think people should just wear whatever they feel comfortable wearing.