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l dont know where else to ask this as /a/ will for sure tell me to fuck off or ban me

In the anime Mononoke the medicine seller guy wears a different style of clothing than everyone else, and resources online say it's anachronistic, from a much older period, in the style of animist shamans (also suggested by the facial marks) -- l suppose before or around the arrival of Buddhism to Japan. which points towards the Kofun or Asuka period probably?

If any1 has better info l'd be thankful

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Kusuriuri is my husbando you'd better be hot af if you're gonna cosplay him.

Why do you want the into on the time period?

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You have good husbando taste

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Some person cosplaying as medicine seller guy, to make it a bit more board related

desu simply because it looks very nice and want to investigate whatever period it comes from and see more nice clothing
l never intend to cosplay it rest assured

will try there also

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I thought the clothing was Ainu influence

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damn it really is, down to the patterns and make up
thank you

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