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Anime Milwaukee in trouble?

Lemonbrat alleges financial manager diverted more than $40,000 in funds, same person in charge of multiple conventions including AMKE and a furry con.


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Knew I'd find something about this on here, saw the facebook post and went straight to ccap thinking he got metoo'd

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Nerd and Tie did an article on this, mentioned that the person in question has stepped down and is no longer associated with Anime Milwaukee

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Doesn't seem like AMKE itself is in trouble, but knowing that the guy is also chairman of a few smaller cons in the Wisconsin area (pretty sure they're all furry related), I wouldn't be surprised if those took a hit or collapsed.

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I have actually personally known Corey for a number of years. I can post receipts if anyone wants me to. With that said, I was partAnime Milwaukee for quite some time and was in his inner circle where I was higher up on the convention chain.

I find it kind of ironic that Barb is now suing him considering he cheated on his then fianceƩ with her. He told both myself and I heard it word-of-mouth from a mutual friend. This was around the time where Cory was also talking about the fact that he paid his rent with convention funds. Once he bought a round of drinks for his friends and toasted to the attendees since he paid with his AMKE card.

So yes, I absolutely believe that AMKE is absolutely associated with this. I also find it INSANE that has board of director is AKA drinking buddies since Corey usually packs his division directors, department heads with friends and they get encouraged to run for ECPS board of directors. I was at least a department head at Anime Milwaukee prior to 2016.

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Let's also not forget that he made out with a voice actor's fiancee in front of attendees.

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Are we dumping hot con goss?
I heard they fired the director of the adult panels because someone got triggered (in the actual psychological sense, not the lol u r upset sense) from a rape scene in a hentai dubbing panel.

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I've worked with Corey directly via AMKE as well as another fairly new Anime Con. From my experience he's a genuine piece of shit. His business ethics are shady at best and he spends more time spending con funds on liquor and trying to impress young girls than actually running events. In my opinion, the entire industry would do a lot better without a guy like this in the scene.

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Based on the amount that he embezzled from Lemonbrat, he's probably going to be serving time.

... And AMKE still won't fire him.

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>And AMKE still won't fire him
Just part of being an alpha male.. you wouldn't understand

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dude took all of his top staffers on a week-long vacation and bragged that it was paid with AMKE money

he's been stealing AMKE money for his own gain for years, I'm not surprised he was stealing from other sources, too

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Well hearing about shady business kills my motivation to attend this con, what a shame

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Alpha Male my ass. Corey is a cowardly little bitch.

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Don't hold the con accountable for the actions of one guy. If anything the event is a victim too.

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You talk big for someone on the internet, meet me at the fucking hyatt at 6:30 tomorrow and we'll see who's who's bitch

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Lol you serious? Not the anon you're replying to, but can you make the showdown around 7 instead? I have to work until then and would love to have a cocktail and watch this go down.

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I kinda wanna see this too, someone from /cgl/ fighting Corey (or someone else from /cgl/).

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Okay where in the hyatt?

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If this is Corey I'd love to meet up with you but you wont find me at the Hyatt. Hit me up the next time you're in CO and we'll work it out.

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Did anyone win?

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hey fellow former AMKE staffer coming out of the woodwork. me too, senpai.

I've known Corey for like 13 years. all that time I KNEW he was pocketing stuff. AMKE has definitely suffered because of him. you can see it. I watched that con go downhill.

take our advice people: avoid that con. it's all shite, and everyone who runs it is incompetent and this isn't the FIRST time they've been associated with dirty money dealings.

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we all nicknamed him GM for a reason.

he always thought it meant "game-master." in fact it means "Ginger Midget."

no offense intended to gingers or midgets.

The event is NOT a victim. Everyone on that board knew and knows what was going on and IS going on. Don't attend this convention. If anything, ghost it. Milwaukee is a shitty city anyway

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>this isn't the FIRST time they've been associated with dirty money dealings.
Oh now you have to tell us about that

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Milwaukee and Madison are all Wisconsin has. Don't do Milwaukee dirty like that.

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a top sponsor got cheated out of a deal when a full double page colored ad in the con booklet which was promised them when they agreed to sponsor was in fact used for the media 'designer's own fail-con: all things UK.

amke cheated that sponsor out of a deal which according to most was worth over 1k

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Wait. So an ad was supposed to appear in the AMKE con book, but the sponsor was bamboozled and the ad appeared in UK Expo's (or whatever the other con was) book instead?

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no, an ad for UK Con replaced the sponsor's ad, much to the sponsor's surprise and chagrin

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I-Is 2019 AMKE safe anons?.....

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Considering that the division directors/department heads are Corey's buddies... probably not?

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Coreys the one being charged though so I think it's safe

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UK con staffer was fired, she also apparently booked a hotel room block using AMKE's name which is hella illegal when you're doing a con that prob will get 100 attendees max so the hotel will force the con to pay the difference ala dashcon fundraising money midway thru the con. I'm assuming that no one proofed the final version of the program before sending it off to the printers so she got away with it

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