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Little over a month away, what are we all expecting for the 10 year mark?

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Another frustrating shitshow where you have to fight a crowd that is far too big for the venue because they refuse to fucking move already.

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I get that! Attended the first few years and they are stressing the seams a bit now.

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This is my first time going. I've been going to Animazement for 5 years now and wanted something to hold me over until Momocon this summer. What should I expect?

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It's a fun con with decent guests and good sized dealer room, but it has been cramped for the last few years.

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First time going in a couple of years. Not psyched about the programming but I'm glad to be seeing some old friends.

What's everyone's line-up looking like?

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There's quite a few panels that I really wanna see just based on morbid curiosity. They have a self defense panel day 1 that I'm really interested in seeing for the cringe (I've done martial arts my whole life and currently teach it), and am hoping it's a bunch of bullshit for the laughs. On the other hand if it ends up actually being good then I'd just be pleased to see people getting good information. Others will depend on what I can drag friends to. I'm pretty interested in seeing Yaoi and Society MARX on Ice, The Evangelion Debate Panel, and unironically the You Dub It hentai. Sadly all of these happen during the rave so there is a 0% chance I'll actually end up at any of them.

Main thing I'm looking forward to is the arcade room. My friends and I have started a new tradition at every con we attend of holding a drunk Windjammers tournament, and I plan to be the king this year. So yeah, videogames and ironic panel attendance while hanging out with some lads.

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The self defense panel is legit. Its run by Dan and Jill Coglan, who have been teaching martial arts and sword techniques for over 20 years out west. They also breed and train purebreed Akitas for service and home protection! Windjammers? Haven't played that game in YEARS!

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I'm almost disappointed it's likely to be useful advice then but I'll still go. It makes me happy to see people getting actual useful stuff taught to them as far as self defense goes. Also never a bad time to get back into Windjammers, especially since they just announced Windjammers 2.

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No worries! Dan and Jill add a good amount of comedy to their panels!

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