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So I've been trying to buy these shoes on bodylinetokyo.co.jp/ for awhile but i cant figure this site out at all.

How do i choose my shoe size? When i click the color i want it shows 1 size. I get this weird feeling that that only keep extremely low inventory on their merch and offer what they have? If so, thats a terrible way to run a website business

The site says free shipping right now, but when I made a mock order, im still being charged 25 dollars for shipping

There seems to be absolutely no way to contact them for help, so I'm here hoping someone whos dealt with this before can help me =(. I really want these shoes by xmas! Thanks in advance!

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Welcome to /cgl/ newfriend.
First I'd suggest posting in the Bodyline thread: >>10020914
But yeah, that means the size you want is out of stock. Good luck.
Might be a better idea to find shoes on Taobao >>10047208 but the chances you'll get them before Christmas are basically zero.

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everytime a newfag posts, a good thread goes to heaven

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yeah for some reason bodyline is absolutely inept at stocking their online store (their physical store is better stocked than their online store...) i'd recommend specifically antaina on taobao and i'm not sure but i think they ship overseas without a shopping service, i'd like another gull to confirm this though.

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lol pleb

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Just make a new one if a thread you liked died, it happens

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