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Thread for cosplay ideas/ techniques that have been stolen or not given proper credit

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Oringinal “Sailor Melanin” here posted months ago

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Original “sailor melanin” posted months ago

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This so much.
Also there’s been hella people on my timeline clearly stealing hee hee’s wig styling method of flipping the wig upside down and steaming it and not giving credit

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.....That's a styling technique, not stealing a unique idea. Flipping upside down is a very common way to fluff up wigs, and I really doubt Hee Hee would claim it's stolen.

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Nothing about this reeks of stolen idea to me. Sailor Moon pattern swapout are an insanely common idea, as is racebending popular characters, and the executions are totally different.

Hell, I was one of three people who ran into each other at Dragoncon this year all dressed as Sailor Mariott with the carpet print, and we each thought we were the first one to think of it.

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That's been a styling method for as long as synthetic wigs have been a thing. This is why 99 percent of "stole my idea!" crying is bullshit

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This is such an obvious selfpost i feel so much cringe

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No one cares about your special sailor moon variants, it’s ALWAYS sailor moon

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That's adorable and I love you

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lol unless youre literally mass producing exact copies of a cosplay to sell for megabux, there is no such thing as cosplay idea theft

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I absolutely love how that carpet is a meme. I have never been before but man for sure I’d make something based off it if I did go. Maybe like a King of All Cosmos or something.

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this. Hell I do it too and I didn't know about hee hee

i love it

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It's possible to steal an obviously original design like how Momokun operates, but OP's post is just about a concept. It's only a problem if someone wholesale copies a cosplay or art design and then refuses to credit.

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I agree, there is no cosplay theft, only homage that the cosplayer should be grateful for. Too many cosplayers give the bad attitude when really he should be happy to see it and receive more exposure.

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Thats like saying everyone that's used worbla stole it from Kamui because she helped popularize it...

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I've been out of the cosplay scene for a while finishing school, but I'm looking to get back into it and this method sounds super interesting. I found a post on instagram where HeeHee talks about a Deku wig they steamed but does anyone have a tutorial to share?

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didn't know styling a wig a certain way can only be done by one person. are you that pathetic and self-entitled?

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