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you know what to do

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good lord that is some uncannny valley shit

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all 3 of these bitches lookin' like aliens

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tb.h I love this

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nightmare fuel
what the fuck is going on here

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My personal favorite

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Is this cosplay or just fanart??

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Cosplay, you can see where he erased/smoothed over the creases in his hands and added a bronzer

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I was hoping this was just some weird chinese art but nope it's a shop

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I felt compelled to make her less sad.

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This Miccostumes atrocity showed up on my FB feed

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I wouldn’t say there’s anything particularly wrong with the costumes, but the shoop is bad

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what thread are we in anon

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this is horrifying

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nyart but OP did mention the costumes, implying that there was something wrong with them

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Someone who is to popular for photoshopping so poorly

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in his defense, it's not him but that terrible photographer he insists on working with all the time despite them delivering this kind of shit

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OP here. Only mentioned Miccostumes because they were the page that posted it.

The cosplayer is https://www.instagram.com/styrlingdestinee/. She shoops so hard I though she was asian based on the original pic I posted.

Pic related is also her and looks like a completely different person.

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when in doubt, shoop yourself microcephalic.

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who's the dude tho

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i refuse to believe that this was meant to be anything other than a joke. i also refuse to believe that this was ever an actual human being's face.

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Stumbled upon this again while cleaning up my screenshots folder

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I like that she insists it's NOT EDITED, very believable

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My bad, anon. It came off that way when I read your post but I can see what you meant now. Also that puc hurts my eyeballs

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Ayy lmao

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Are you sure? Not all of their photos have face shoop like these

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Holy fuck this is horrifying

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Holy shit what's wrong with their HANDS

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i don't know if i'm right but can someone confirm for me if the butt cheeks are just 1 of the butt cheeks copied and moved over? this butt just looks so off to me

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Don’t know if it was copied but they definitely smoothed away too much of the left cheek crease, makes it look super stiff.

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Fucking terrifying. Stumbled across on Instagram while looking for old-school lolita inspo

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she has some great coords imo, but her shoops ruin it

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Yeah, the coords are nice inspo but I can't get over the scary photoshoppped doll-bird-hybrid face staring back at me.

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that balloon ass ain't sexy

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Them's weight-lifting hands, his arms'll look like that up to the elbow

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Was looking for cosplay inspo and found this. You can see their unshooped face in the reflection.

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>the bending lines
>uncanny valley level shoop
I like their unshooped face much better, this is pathetic. They aren’t particularly unattractive.

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Haha you can even see the waist line in the reflection. How dumb can you be

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posted this girl to the bad cosplay thread but this is a better place

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Looks better than the shooped version

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the fuck

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Where’s the guts?

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Here’s another of their ‘torso’

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And another. You can clearly see the shitty/fake shoop in the original by comparing the other torso pictures lol

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Just from this picture alone you know damn well her head ain’t naturally lollipop shaped. Wtf is up with these popular Instagram Kawaii girls shooping their faces/bodies from hell to back and no one calling them out on their shit

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also found this girl who tags all her photos as “animegirl”

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I love this. It's apparent that she's not trying to look human anymore.

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lol this girl and her cringey outfits are so embarrassing. her face looks like a mask in her selfies too because of her overshooping.

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fkn hagravens

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I follow her, and followed her when she had very few followers. I kinda think the overshoopedness is kinda like an art? Because it's obvious she's not doing it to look human.

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looks like pure shite though

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That's subjective.

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that crunchy, crunchy dorito chin. ofc she insists she doesn't edit her face

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this kinda cute tho ngl. Still inhuman.

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Like honestly I don't mind this kind of shoop, because it's obvious it's edited. Just kind of helps that doll-like appearance.

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maybe if she was asian... she's europian and looks literally nothing like this

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>European girls can't have a doll-like appearance
Are you forgetting who porcelain dolls are made after??? Also no one said she needs to look like that irl.

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that's a bit scary for me, but, who cares
she's not hurting anyone (like everyone else in this thread) so whatever

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Kind of fits the theme/genre. I like that its creepy looking.

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porcelain dolls weren’t made to look like european adults, don’t be delusional

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It doesn’t look bad, it just doesn’t look like life anymore.

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They were made to look like European children. You fucking dipshit.

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My fav is when overly shooped girls insist they're not shooping their faces/bodies lmao

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Which whoever that girl is, is not .
Asians have the most child-like face structure of all races, statistically speaking.
Please stop being embarrassingly delusional. Is that you in the picture?

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lmaooo who does this fucking gull think she's fooling

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Oh my god why

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Noone asked for your weeb psuedo-science

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Send me these statistics, lol.

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The scientific term is "neoteny", google it

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You literally replied to a wikipedia link on neoteny

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Somehow i like it. It reminds me of that japanese lolita on instagram that shops her face to look like a creepy bjd

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There are a few of those. There’s also one who wears an animegao sort of mask that looks like a bjd

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All the photos look like this so at least there's consistency?

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I have no idea how Vivid vision's got 400k on IG, her shooping is horrid. Her follower count looks sus too, most of her posts only get around 10k interactions. Bottom row is irl selfies/pics from fans. Half her shooped pics look like different people baka

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She buys follows for sure. She definitely wasn’t even near 400k when I looked at her account last week; looking at her photos, there’s nothing that went viral and could’ve spiked her follows so hard.

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