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you know what to do

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good lord that is some uncannny valley shit

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all 3 of these bitches lookin' like aliens

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tb.h I love this

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nightmare fuel
what the fuck is going on here

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My personal favorite

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Is this cosplay or just fanart??

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Cosplay, you can see where he erased/smoothed over the creases in his hands and added a bronzer

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I was hoping this was just some weird chinese art but nope it's a shop

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I felt compelled to make her less sad.

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This Miccostumes atrocity showed up on my FB feed

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I wouldn’t say there’s anything particularly wrong with the costumes, but the shoop is bad

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what thread are we in anon

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this is horrifying

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nyart but OP did mention the costumes, implying that there was something wrong with them

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Someone who is to popular for photoshopping so poorly

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in his defense, it's not him but that terrible photographer he insists on working with all the time despite them delivering this kind of shit

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OP here. Only mentioned Miccostumes because they were the page that posted it.

The cosplayer is https://www.instagram.com/styrlingdestinee/. She shoops so hard I though she was asian based on the original pic I posted.

Pic related is also her and looks like a completely different person.

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when in doubt, shoop yourself microcephalic.

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who's the dude tho

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i refuse to believe that this was meant to be anything other than a joke. i also refuse to believe that this was ever an actual human being's face.

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Stumbled upon this again while cleaning up my screenshots folder

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I like that she insists it's NOT EDITED, very believable

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My bad, anon. It came off that way when I read your post but I can see what you meant now. Also that puc hurts my eyeballs

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Ayy lmao

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Are you sure? Not all of their photos have face shoop like these

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Holy fuck this is horrifying

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Holy shit what's wrong with their HANDS

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i don't know if i'm right but can someone confirm for me if the butt cheeks are just 1 of the butt cheeks copied and moved over? this butt just looks so off to me

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Don’t know if it was copied but they definitely smoothed away too much of the left cheek crease, makes it look super stiff.

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Fucking terrifying. Stumbled across on Instagram while looking for old-school lolita inspo

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she has some great coords imo, but her shoops ruin it

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Yeah, the coords are nice inspo but I can't get over the scary photoshoppped doll-bird-hybrid face staring back at me.

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