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I swung by Midwest Fur Fest yesterday out of morbid curiosity and to kill some time, and the things I had seen cannot be unseen. I was only there for a couple hours but the emotional scars will last forever. Any other anons ever been to a degenerate con like that just for shits and giggles? How did it go?

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>i went just cause i was curious haha i wonder what crazy things will happen haha lol

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>makes a post about stories about furry conventions
>was at a furry convention
>doesn't post any story

Guess it wasn't that much fun

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So right off the bat, the stench of the convention center was just vile. The stench of Sunday anime and comic cons ain’t got shit on the foul odors of the Sunday furry con. It was so bad that the smell was starting to give me a headache.

Everyone there was also fugly as hell. I’m far from anyone’s standard of attractiveness myself but my god, it was like no one else attending had ever heard of soap or a hair brush before. The only decent looking people were a handful of the artists and dealers, who were the ones there to make a living.

And the autism was unlike anything I had ever seen; there were grown ass men unironically making uguu kawaii~ sounds and hiding behind others, and extremely questionable fashion choices galore. So many people wearing shitty corsets that didn’t fit, paired with dirty blue jeans and tank tops.

Also, the amount of 18+ content was as ubiquitous as it was unsurprising. There was a whole gallery of framed furry fetish work with bidding on each piece. I got the chance to see someone sperg out firsthand when he saw his bid on a furry threesome piece had won.

After that entire experience, suddenly anime convention crowds don’t seem quite as insufferable to me anymore.

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I thought I knew what I was signing up for, but then again I am a certified dumbass.

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Sorry senpai, I’m a slow-ass typer. I posted >>10048926

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My bad, it was an interesting read

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desu I respect furries as much as I dislike them

they have some real nice craftsmen in their ranks, like some of the work they put is legitimately nice and they could go far if they poured their efforts into, well, something else.

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I vaguely remember an ad for this somewhere, was this around the KC area?

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I've been to two furry cons, both were fantastic. The first had a huge amount of free cookies, pic related, and the 2nd gave all the vendors free lunch and dinner. Everyone was super nice too.

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My friend vended at a furry con once and she said it was one of the best experiences she's had selling at a con. Everyone was polite, welcoming, respectful, etc. I don't think that con is active in my city anymore but when it was all profits were donated to a wildlife rescue.

Because there's so many shitty people in the furry fandom, the rest can go overboard trying to erase the bad image. So I feel like a furry can either go really well or really terribly depending on which way the scales tip.

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>stench of the convention center

Fuck. Dodged a bullet then. I had wanted to fulfill my curiosity as well as I had never been to a fur convention but apparently the horror stories I heard as a youngin' are all true.

A fur friend was trying to get me to go but they had claimed that this particular convention was different in that it was more "family" orientated so all the sexuality and fetishism inherent in the community wasn't as around as much. Guess they were just being naive.

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I used to give furries a shot, but after even the decent ones I've met ended up being a creep in disguise (not only literally). Worst one was the one that had sexually harassed two of my friends for months and molested another, and when I told him to fuck off with that shit he started stalking me to the point that he started contacting my family.
I'm sure there are legit decent furries out there,but I won't trust any for a long time.

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For vendors and artists, furries are fine because they're willing to pay for their shit, way more than weebs are. That doesn't mean they're fun to deal with outside of that.

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the programming schedule had 18+ panels during the early evening and non-age restricted fetish panels and meet-ups

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Shit now I kinda want to go to a furry con just to experience it first hand, but only on a Sunday when it’s cheapest

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I gave furries a chance with a friend who was in the fandom. I went to an event only to see two male furries in an open space humping his boyfriend in a public place with children around. When asked to stop he pulled a “I’m in the military we were just joking around we always do this” i have given up on furries since then

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There’s money in making and drawing for them though, they pay where making/drawing for anime cons is kind of a crapshoot unless you get popular.

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>Any other anons ever been to a degenerate con like that just for shits and giggles?

Went to Metrocon in Tampa a couple of years ago on Saturday. They had some kind of ear bleed rave that night with strippers on the stage and a couple of bounce houses. It was really weird because people were having sex in the bounce houses and there was at least one guy getting sucked off in the bathroom. I'd heard some weird shit about this con and can confirm. Never going to make that mistake again!

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The smell was probably from the soiled diapers most of the attendees were wearing under their outfits

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>first con ever (more like a big games festival or whatever, but technically still a con, and there were cosplayers and cosplay contests)
>excited as fuck
>as soon as i enter
>fucking overcrowded as balls choking in a thong
>extremely overheated (it was raining outside and kind of cold but it was unbearable inside)
>fortnite cwinge kids EVERYWHERE without parents around
>drunk, high people
>people pushing and stepping on eachother
>people smelling awful who think bathing in pungent Axe deodorant is a shower
>overpriced shit I can immediately tell is stuff from aliexpress i can get myself for 50 times less
>longass lines for everything, 1-2hrs standing just to try a simple game with no moderation (or when there were moderators, they could be bought out or if you knew them you'd pretty much get whatever you want)
>people cutting lines
>walking around full of dread and stress, suffocating, trying to find an exit, about to have a sperg attack
>then it happens
>right before my eyes
>the absolute embodiment of the lone sweaty smelly obese neckbeard fedora-trenchcoat-wearing weeaboo
>wearing a sign that says "COSPLAY IS AWSOME, CHANGE MY MIND" (misspelled like that)
>never believed the myths until now
>but it's right before my eyes
>run out of there in a panic, go home and cry myself to sleep

never again.

I'm thinking of going to an actual anime con with a bud next year, but now I'm just downright reluctant and scared.

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Has anyone been to any of the infamously cursed cons? Such as yaoicon, dashcon, rainfurrest, hentaicon, yaoi north etc.

Were they as bad as people say or better?

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that's going on right now? dear god.

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Went to rainfurrest. Had to go to the shitter, hit the stall and there was a glory hole in it. I figured "when in Rome" and stuck my dick in it. The person on the other side started sucking greedily almost immediately, I hate to admit it but I was diamonds. The person then starting fucking my dick, it actually felt like a really loose vagina. After I finished I had to see the person on the other side so I crept around the bathroom after I walked out and I shit you not the person that came out was.....Hillary Clinton.

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last weekend, anon

on the comment about ugly furries:

In my experience most of the attractive ones are almost always in fursuit if they aren't dealers or artists, because if they don't constantly hide the ugly ones will find them

statistically I'd wonder if financial status plays a large part in this; people who are doing well and have some semblance of a put-together life tend to take better physical care of themselves.

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They must have been thinking of Anthrocon, which is more family friendly and open to the public. MFF is literally the exact opposite; it's KNOWN as the adult con lmfao. Which is why it has more attendees every year. Everyone is sick of all the children running around to trip people in their fursuits.

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>dicks getting sucked

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Most shit fests I've witnessed were due to a volunteer staff member on a power trip and not knowing how to properly handle situations with crowds at all.
>colossalcon but not nearly as bad as ohayo
Colossalcon is great but many a cringe has been witnessed there.
Saturday night almost everyone there after 5pm is wasted. I went into the bathroom and I hear someone emptying their guts. Poor girl is on all 4s, aliexpress lolita is the only thing I saw under that door.
>several of us try to ask if she needs help
>no responses
>go out to tell my husband and we try to see if a staff member is around.
>girl standing outside overhears and runs inside
I know it's easy to overdo it when in a party enviroment like that but damn. I can't imagine being that blackout at a con.
>standing in line for the burlesque show
>some dude standing by us won't stop talking about his sexual experiences
>yeah man i got fired cuz me and a girl got caught having sex in the freezer
Me and my husband are dying
>finally get inside
>almost all of the performers arw awkward as fuck and fat
We left early.
I really would like to go to a furry con once just to see this for myself. Lmao my friend is able to make a living with furry porn art. I'm jealous of her skill. Hahaha we kind of want to try to combine skills and sell adoptable bundle sets with ears and tails included.
You put exactly how i feel about the furry community into words anon.
This reminds me of the one furry running around Ikasucon one year.
>never saw him out of his mask.
>danced and played music almost any time I spotted him
>see him comment on a pic someone took of him
>bro plays college football
>actually pretty cute
Really caught me off guard and it looked like he wasn't actually on the power levels of most other furries after creeping his Facebook.
You never actually know what's under there.

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Yeah but it was specifically this one they were going to and wanted me to meet up with them in. So...if they were just saying it was family orientated just to get me to come for some purpose...

Ah fuck me.

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Those poor public health workers.

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>I was only there for a couple hours but the emotional scars will last forever
I suited there for all 3 days and my only complaint was the annoying pups and people who talked about 18+ shit in the skybridge while i was walking form hotel to center.

Super fun though. I cant believe Violent j was there and someone brought a grill into a hotel roll.

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nsfw if you consider dildos to be nsfw

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Violent J showed up? Was it for a show?

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No, his daughter is a furry and I think he's trying to branch out inot the community and sell his trash.


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>daughter is a furry

Jesus Christ.

But you know what, I can't knock the man for being supportive. I know he has no place to talk from his glass house but still.

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nyart but I've done this too at bronycon in 2013. Don't deny the existence of morbid curiosity

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>Decent ones being a creep
I've had an all too familiar realization. This guy that worked with me at a previous job randomly invited me out for drinks. I knew he was a furry from talking to him, but I thought nothing of it. He seemed like a decent person who just happened to be a furry. I thought he'd be at least more interesting than a normie. Turns out he's 200% gay and the entire time we hung out he tried to convince me that I was also gay because I "never tried it" and that we should suck each other's dicks. He told me he was into balloon porn and other shit and his laundry list of kinks. He kept trying to grab my dick and put his hands on my lap. I was in his car and didn't want to pay $60 for Uber surge to get home. After four hours of me saying "no," I finally got home and told him to never speak to me again. Fuck furries, m00t was right all along about them.

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>you are now aware that violent j's daughter is a furry
i get anxiety about knowing shit like this. like i might mess up and mention something about this publicly and reveal my powerlevels. fuck you guys. it's bad enough i already know who violent j is.

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Its called "crinkling" anon

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Actually you hit the nail on the head. But a big part of the smell comes from people in fursuits who don't take care of themselves or their costume and suit for way too long in the day generating huge sweat.

Furries come in 4 flavors. I'm gonna fucking reddit space these to make it easier for autism.

> unemployed autistic guy (nearly always male, 95%) with hair in a ponytail who faps to furry porn or draws it badly. Ugly as fuck, doesn't shower at the con at all and just sprays axe. More than likely part of the zoosadist ring or into vore. Stalks the popular furries at conventions to get photos and make them feel like they're friends on social media. Any age but usually 25-35.

> young furs aged up to 21. Still in school or college, draws a lot but may own a bad fursuit they made or a partial. If they come from tumblr they /reeee instead about being asexual or trans and leave around 25 when their animation degree doesn't get them a job. Traces most of their art from unknown artists and uses a pirated copy of SAI. Acts like a spaz at conventions and thinks getting wasted is the best thing to do, probably a weeaboo too only to cosplay.

> the furry with the successful ISP, either as an artist, Youtuber or suit maker. Big name in the fandom and they love attention, usually around 24-27 years old, has a fursuit, does drugs in the hotel room with commission money. Some are chill, some are batshit (telephone, falvie). It's an entirely mixed bag because you can also get 40+ year old fans in here too.

> adults with a real job they got after graduating college (can go right up to surgeons, politicians, ex-army and engineers at NASA). May own a high quality fursuit or not. Aged 28+ they keep to their close group of friends and treat it strictly as a hobby. Attends conventions just to have a break from life, usually chill as fuck but the rarest to find.

Powerlevel: was a furry myself until I saw the light

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>some are batshit (telephone, falvie)
I want to know about falvie

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Just take a look at her twitter: https://twitter.com/POPPAROTZI

She lived for two years in a drug den, is into puppy play bdsm, posts vendettas against anyone she dislikes and is permanently high on weed.

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oh.. so nothing bad at all then.

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she is an amazing artist to be honest

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been to my local unis nerdmeet in northern Germany:
>furfags sitting in the entrance area to get some attention, doesnt matter if its bad one
>k- and j-pop dancegroups with boring choreography blasting their shit music across the place
>lefty propaganda leaflets everywhere instead of keeping it apolitical (i know its at a uni but jesus christ, is it that hard to just for one day keep politics away?
>halfnaked hamplanets in badly made costumes winning prices for reasons that are beyond me
>"retrogaming" that is flooded by nintendronemanchildren
>talk to a friend and mention DC once and marvel fags chimp out

i dont know why i expected something else than this.

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What's wrong with Telephone? She seems nice, from that Lisa Ling documentary.

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Germans are the fucking best man

I can only imagine what would happen if my uni did something like that. Even for a univeristy's standard we have an especially high % of eurozone, chinese, african, and misc south east asian students that are practically fresh off the boat.

Would pay money to see the look on their faces.

Keep being you, with love from dutch bro.

PS everything is political, stop being such as fucking centrist. If the leaflets keep hetalia fascists away so be it.

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Most cosplayers are libtards since you have to be pretty brain dead to stomach garbage like St*v*n Un*v*rse it’s unfortunate since I just want a trad aryan 1488 lolita gf
I’d rather have fascists than triggered sjw libtards.I’m fine with ethnic cleansing as long if it means no more forced diversity in media

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Go back to your board

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>when i ask for politics to stay outside
yeah, fuck off with that shit.

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I'm thinking about getting a suit, and going to cons once in a while.

(Like the furries in group 4 on your list)...

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if you got the money, go for it man

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You're kidding right? Just google Ino89777 drama or dutch angel dragon. She's an insane attention whore who goes full draconian over her unoriginal species while running of with people's money. I'm not even a furry but I've heard of her bullshit

>> No.10057822

Sorry bro if you're on 4ch you're not in the last group

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nyart but how the fuck was that remotely /pol/-tier

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>be at mff for first con
>shit ton of squeaking
>shit ton of bdsm wear
>met sonicfox, telephone and small tech youtuber
>blasted death grips at sky bridge in response to weeb shit
Other then that, The con was fun. They had a arcade and tabletop gaming room.

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I've actually been thinking about vending at a furry con next year. I've got a comic that gets some popularity with furries and a friend of mine (who has sold at them before) told me that I would make total bank at one with it. Hell alot of my friends who are non-furries or even hate them tell me to do it. I think it's anthrocon as the one I was targeting.

If anyone has any experience selling there I'd welcome the stories. It would be my second time selling at a con.

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I met a 35 year old Polish doctor through a /bant/ omegle thread once. No reason for him to lie to just me and then rant about alcoholism, education and life for an hour.

>> No.10062102

Wait was he a furry by any chance?

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