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>tfw no brolita bf edition

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I want to quit my job so badly, but it pays well and has lots of benefits like great healthcare and a lot of vacation time. But the job itself sucks so much. I'm considering going job hunting in 2019 but there is barely any work around here and things are always so competitive. At least right now I can afford to travel and buy things to make myself feel better but some days I don't know if it's worth it.

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Man I just really love cosplay

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I saw a lolita in a full coord today and it made me so happy! I'm glad the fashion is still going strong and seeing her gave me some motivation. I've gained some weight over the years so I can't fit my dresses properly anymore, but after seeing her it made me realize I should finally get off my ass, so I can wear the clothes I love again.

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I'm always broke when my dream dress gets posted and it always gets sold within a couple days and I'm used to it but it hurts extra this time

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>studying sugaring in cosmetics class
>mfw a real, honest-to-god butthole inspection
I thought of you gulls.

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Put aside money for it

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Keep job hunting on the back burner. It's going to take time to attend interviews and submit applications. It'll be something to look forward to that'll help you get through your work day. I hope you find a job that fulfills your needs financially and otherwise.

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I know. I'm just currently paying for school myself. Once I'm done w the course I'll be able to actually do that. I hope I'll be able to sooner rather than later.

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please elaborate anon. did everyone in class get their butthole inspected? did the teacher act in place of a comm mother? i have so many questions.

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>tfw no brolita bf edition

Is there actually a safe way to find a decent gf that respects your hobby if you are from the other side of perspective? Or is it just like everywhere else "go out into the world and try your luck"? Asking unironically since I have zero dating experience.

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>tfw a girl in your comm becomes too Insta-famous for the crew, and you all have to T-pose on that little thottie to lower her social status

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A woman came in and everyone watched as she had her anus tended to by the teacher.

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Lolitas deserve great big hugs

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>That feel when crazed bitches cry about only getting detached nerds as bf.

Oh boy! I guess its because normies dont understand aight? Not like that people with at least the lowest of standards wont put up with nutjobs.

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i think you meant >>10048523

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Generally I find most people meet each other through mutual interests like work, friends, school or hobbies.

Then again I've been single for over a year. The only reason I got with my last girlfriend was I accidentally messaged her over Facebook (back in the time where you just added random people) and it turns out she was the younger sister of a girl I knew.

I've had experiences with other girls since but none of them seem to want commitment. It's the same cycle.
>Girl acts friendly towards me
>Me being a sperglord can't tell if it's flirty or genuine friendliness, just assume friendliness to be safe
>Usually get asked out on a 'friendly' date or if we are going out as a group (like drinks after class) the girl will usually find an excuse to seperate me from everyone else
>Add alcohol
>Girl forces themselves onto me
>Just go with it and have fun
>Couple days later ask if they would like to go out on a date (a real one)
>Immediately get flaked on

It's difficult to find girls who are:
1. Attractive
2. Okay with my degenerate fantasies and strange hobbies
3. Have degenerate fantasies and hobbies of their own (AKA not a basic bitch)
4. Attracted to me
5. Actually want commitment

Sigh. Pure suffering.

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I'm interested. How permanent is it typically?

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It's not. It's a bit like waxing.

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I meant like how long typically does the hair stay off.
>It's a bit like waxing.
Ehh... and more expensive than waxing I imagine?

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This is what I mostly fear since I have been toying with the idea of dating women. I’ve always been bi curious but could never act on it because most of the girls I would actually sleep with have awful personalities or I just have nothing in common with them.

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Definitely start job hunting and while you're waiting for interviews, consider what you can do improve your current position at work. It will look good to potential employers that you're making strong efforts to create functional solutions. It will also make your current job more tolerable while you look for something better.

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Nobody will ever want to do cute couple cosplay with me and I’m going to die in burando

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I just found out that one of my teachers is into lolita and I'm not sure how to feel. What if she's browsing this board right now... I feel so conflicted.

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tfw not enough free time to make the outfit i want
tfw outfit online is needlessly expensive
tfw really want it
torn between spending a ton of money or a ton of time on a basic bitch cosplay i want, pic related
wat do seagulls?

im male

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Man I just really love costhots

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she doesnt even had a good body type for that outfit fuck

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I passed a group of lolita on ILD and one of them gave me the shit eye, it made me feel kind of bad because I was looking at them while walking by to see which dresses they were wearing. I didn’t wear a coord on Saturday or say anything so I probably looked like an invasive normie.

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Why feel conflicted? She's an adult, she's allowed to have hobbies and passions outside of her profession.

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She might have also just had resting bitch face. I always look like I'm side eyeing people but that's just how I look, man

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...Now that you’ve posted that I actually have a constant RBF too. We probably did it to one another simultaneously.

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You're completely right. I suppose it's just the same feeling as whenever you see a teacher outside of their job. More power to her. I can't find any pictures of her coords though and I want to see them. I'd imagine she looks quite nice.

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>think about how I'm going to work on a cosplay all the time when I'm out of the house
>the moment I come back I lose desire and get anxious about working on it

It's been a while since I last drafted my own patterns, sure, but it shouldn't be this tough to just start up again FFS

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Ah, I see what you mean. As for her coords, she either keeps separate social media profiles to keep her personal life away from her professional image, assuming she posts coord pics online at all.

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Idk man, let me tell you that was me in March. Good pay, amazing benefits, the company would get us gifts like raffles at meetings and ice cream trucks and sometimes take us to all expensive paid baseball games or bowling events. However the coworkers were shitty and abusive in my department and were hard to get rid of. I quit when I became fed up and now I’m in a job where I work alone, okay pay, no benefits at all and nothing even remotely happens when it’s a holiday. I still kind of regret leaving but I also sigh in relief at the fact that I don’t have coworkers anymore. You have to really consider the fact that you may end up somewhere without any benefits and lower pay and accept that. If you can then you’re ready to move on.

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Fuck all the 3d animated character designs from disney are so ugly

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t. Gull's teacher

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>mfw my brolita bf's husbando loves me more than me
>mfw his husbando is Lady Oscar

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Paradise anon here. Things have been crazy since the fire on the 8th. My family and I have been trying to find a new place to live, ended up almost getting a place in medford oregon, turned out to be a scam. Thankful we did not send him a cent. Still homeless though. Currently staying in a hotel.

On the positive, it looks like we are going to get a fat personal property pay out from our insurance in a few months. I am looking forward to going on a spending spree to rebuild my wardrobe like a Phoenix from the literal ashes that is my life right now. I won't be able to replace everything, some were irreplaceable, but it could be worse.

Whatever you are going through, stay strong gulls.

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>find a coat I like on Fril late at night
>ask Japonica to buy it for me
>goes to sleep
>next morning check email
>“this is COD and 1500 yen in shipping, please respond so we can buy for you”
>checks listing
fucking rip

I knew I should have wrote a note to just buy the damn coat. Feel free to laugh at my pain gulls

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Who here /Becky/?

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Do you thotties only come to these cons to get reamed??

A girl in my room spent the whole weekend getting passed around by some black dudes like toilet paper on a camping trip.

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Why does any thot do anything?

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I hope everyone is doing well and has a great day!

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I was thinking about using fromjapan to buy from Fril but I've heard they're slow too... not sure what I should do, if you add money on your account are SS quicker with the process?

Sorry for your coat btw, I hope you can find an even nicer one soon.

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Someone at taco bell stole my order

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I want to marry the girl on left feelsbad

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I went over my recent coord pics and it looks like I'm shrinking. Everything is starting to become loose and baggy but I still feel fatter than ever. I used to be few kilos if any overweigth, shed the extra and a bit more and in the summer I decided to try and go for my final goal weigth (lowerish but still normal). I haven't been this skinny in years but I feel fat. Sometimes I feel like I have a huge fat belly and my body feels so floppy and disgusting. I feel like I don't make any process or even like I'm gaining weight. I feel likeI'm counting my calories wrong and I just can't make myself go with less anymore. Then I put on something from my wardrobe and I feel so confused. Am I going into fucking psychosis or what? Lost my measuring tape so I don't have solid proof of this and it's making me crazy.

>> No.10048837

You have solid proof. You just listed it all out. If clothes are baggy they're not going to magically stretch out because you're fat. And even if you are counting wrong, 20 calories up or down doesn't make a difference in the long run. You can see yourself get thinner, you feel yourself getting thinner, that's because you are. And you should probably get help. If it doesn't convince you idk steal a measuring tape from a department store or something

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>I haven't been this skinny in years but I feel fat. Sometimes I feel like I have a huge fat belly and my body feels so floppy and disgusting. I feel like I don't make any process or even like I'm gaining weight.
Sounds like body dysmorphia, maybe get help. It could potentially turn into a problem

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I am sorry you are not Chad.

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Studies have found that the more you lose weight the more your body image (=the way you see your body in your mind) gets distorted. That goes for AN people but also healthy ones. I hope knowing this can help you feeling better. Sometimes our brain's a little shit.

I also lost weight to the point of being underweight (but still healthy) and I also feel disgusting and fat sometimes. Being thin doesn't mean you can't still have fat in you. I don't have any muscle so my thighs are not the best, for example. Loving yourself is not easy. Give it all your best, anon.

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I'm disliking my cosplay class more and more. Many of them act in an obnoxious dudebro ish way, and everyone try to distance themselves from me. I got no friends at this school.
Also haven't had motivation to work on cosplays in a long time, so just wasting my time in class doing nothing.

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Oh, and I wish I could wear some of these clothes I see on /cgl/, or get into cool fashion in general. Or even the kimono thread, makes me feel jealous that I can never wear nice clothes like that.
Sometimes I get cool ideas for crazy fashion concepts, I just wish I were really good at fashion and could wear it and totally understood old school harajuku style and make totally new harajuku directions.
Even looking at this stuff makes me sad that I can never wear it

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>tfwno bf

>> No.10048905

why can you "never wear it"? if you can wear sweats and a tshirt, you can wear whatever you like, from a suit and tie to a mishmash of doilies and potholders.

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I've been raised a rich kid. My family has always been well off, yet among my siblings I have become the most stingy of the bunch. At the same time I've come to accept and expect good makeup for my shit skin to cost 50$+ (which also lasts me virtually forever. I've never finished any makeup, because I used it so little while I grew up. More on this later) But in some sort of twisted sense I've been ashamed of my rich background and adopted the outlook of "I'm not rich. My parents are rich." In certain situations I've lied about which part of town I live in because the one I do is well known to be full of old-money snobs.

This ILD I slept over at a friend's place, which did lead me to see some of my comm-friends without makeup for once. This sweet girl Bunny (who I knew from other situations before joining lolita myself) was complaining about the dark circles around her eyes. I got a little sad, and tried to cheer her up by saying that her problem is at least fixable with concealer. She admits that's true, but then went on how the concealer she needs is 30$ (or something, I almost hope I misheard) and so exclusive she usually asks to get it as a Christmas gift each year. I didn't comment on it but... 30$? That's nothing if it's makeup which works well and is essential to your facial fulfilment.

I'm feeling anxious, because even if I don't know Bunny all that well, I do want to become her friend. She has been at my house, in the rich neighbourhood, but I don't know much about her financial situation. Now I'm fretting that in time I'll come to realise she's terrible with money, or just has a completely different framework than I do. She has been immensely supportive of me getting into lolita, and complimented me of "getting good at it so fast" or "never having an ita-phase" and jokingly "surpassing her so fast!" I laugh it off, but it is bothering me. Is money the whole question? Will it matter?

I don't know, I might just be rambling. Thanks for listening.

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While I don't know what it feels like to be well off, I can understand how some people "look down" on others for being in a "lesser" place. But think about it anon. If you like a person, if you are friends with them and enjoy being around them, why should their life situation matter so much? Try to work on being unjudging in such matters and just accept someone for who they are. If you like that person and that part of them, that's all that matters.

I recently watched a documentary about domestic servants in the 1800s, and a lot of that had to do with class hierarchy, both between the household vs the servants, but also between the higher up servants and the lower. There was one instance of one of the family members actually getting to know their servants (most of the time they were to stay as separate as possible, even as far as having "hidden" passageways so the servants were as far away from the house members as possible) and found out that they were just as complex of people as her family members, they just had a different experience in live due to random luck of being born to lower class people. Which of course meant that they had lesser opportunities for growth and enrichment in general, but did not mean that they could not be the same, or even better, than those in a higher class personality/moral/etc wise.

Sorry for rambling, you post just got me to thinking. Please give Bunny a shot. You can still be her friend despite her upbringing and lot in life.

>> No.10048921

I'm a male. It'd look terrible, and it's not socially acceptable at all.

>> No.10048929

Just know if she ever asks you to "give her a dollar to hold" you're never seeing that money again and you're buying your friends rather than having a not walked on relationship.

>> No.10048934

>I'll come to realise she's terrible with money
If she was terrible with money she would buy a bag full of expensive make-up, then cry about having to eat only bread crumbs for a month.
She just has priorities that are different from yours.

>> No.10048937

I can totally relate with 30USD being too much for makeup. Some of us just don't have enough money to spend it on every thing they like. For example, I prioritise manga and fashion. I can't afford makeup in addition to my other two hobbies, so 30USD would be too much for me.

I would never shame someone for being rich (although I would judge them harshly for throwing money away like it were toilet paper). Well anyway, I think some friendships are stronger than different status, especially if you have a shared passion like lolita. At the same time, most relationships just can't develop well when two people don't have the same means, because they live in two completely different worlds. What you give for granted I work hard to obtain. My worries probably have never crossed your mind.

I used to be best friend with a boy. His family had more money than mine but not by that much. We used to see each other every week end. After some years his dad took a very important job and now they're rich. Our families still see each other but me and him have lost contact. I maybe see him once a year. It really saddens me that we can't be friends anymore. He's changed a lot growing up which maybe is another think I should take into consideration.

I still wish you good luck though.

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I'm poor but I would definitely give back all the money I was lent (I probably would not ask in the first place but whatever). Are you a rich kid that detached from real life or just stupid?

>> No.10048959

>I'm poor but I would definitely give back all the money I was lent (I probably would not ask in the first place but whatever).
Well that's goo...
>Are you a rich kid that detached from real life or just stupid?
Trying to domineer me with a loaded A or B question is classic manipulation. Do you need a dollar to hold from a kind person whose ego you deem is fragile? Sorry you're poor but maybe if you didn't spend like shit and got an actual job and saved money you wouldn't have to lash out like this at some kind of self perceived deficit of your personality for being poor. You can fix yourself without being a leech.

>> No.10048962

Thanks for the lesson Freud, I've never felt more understood in my whole life.

>> No.10048965

You should take it to heart. You're a terrible human being and it's your inability to learn from your actions that's causing it.

>> No.10048969

I like how you both called her out for lashing out on you and still called her a bitch. /cgl/ never disappoints me.

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Then we were both rambling, haha. It seems that documentary was well made, and I agree with the message you claim they conveyed. Even if we have different backgrounds we're all fully fleshed out people. There's a lot I really like about Bunny. She's got a great sense for any kind of fashion, is truly passionate what she cares about, and her laugh has such a pure joy in it. Our senses of humour are carefully gaining ground to understand each other, and so far we really seem to match. Besides, we're still young and studying. Maybe when we get older with full time jobs and our own economy we might end up on the same level.

I've never heard her complain publicly or obnoxiously. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It's good to hear from people with different priorities, especially from people like you >>10048937 anon. It's a lot of things which beckons for spending, and thinking about it there are many things I also feel is very expensive, even if others throw countless hundreds on it each year. I hope I can understand Bunny and her priorities when we get to know each other better. Thank you for your wishes of luck stranger., it's moments like these which make me love /cgl/

None of my friends ever ask me for money like that. However, I have noticed that if I'm hosting anything at my house and buy food for it beforehand I'm really bad at asking my friends to split the costs. Thanks to my part-time-job I'm in a good financial situation, and I know a bunch of my friends are not. If I forget during the event I host (because I'm busy having fun) I feel like I'd be a downer to then hassle people for food costs afterwards. So I just let it slide... Am I buying friends through food yet? Pic related.

>> No.10049005

>Am I buying friends through food yet? Pic related.
Typically if you're hosting it shouldn't be an issue. The only time that ever comes up in my life is if there's a spontaneous pizza order. If you're setting out food ahead of time like before they arrive expect for them not to pay for it as they're guests. If you're at a party at random and everyone could go for some take out food expect everyone to chip in. Hosting has more responsibility.

>> No.10049020

>Am I buying friends through food yet?
I mean, as a host, providing food is a given. And when I go to my friend's house, I bring food too. Since I have the means to do it, I'll do it. Splitting the costs when I'm not actually hurting for money sounds kinda cheap? Honestly, as long as your friends aren't specifically trying to be in your company for the sake of nice food, I think it's fine.

I would consider myself middle class by the way, family's household income is around 200k.

>> No.10049026

You really seem to care for that girl. I think when one puts in that much effort it's hard not to reciprocate and keep being friends, especially if you're already liking each other's company. If that guy put in that much effort to still be my friend, I think we would still be in touch today. No need to thank anon, it makes me happy to read you're trying your best at being a good friend.

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I'll be your new money bf

>> No.10049050

Alternative fashion in general is hardly socially acceptable as it is, even teenagers (who you would think would get a bit more leeway for experimenting) get shit for it.
There are plenty of guys into jfash, even the colorful styles like fairy kei and decora. Wear what you like, anon, life is too short. Look up style guides, look at street snaps, try experimenting with your look, do it for your own happiness than anyone's approval and you can get there.

>I just wish I were really good at fashion
Most people aren't naturally born fashionistas, it's a learned trait. It's true that some people simply don't have an eye for aesthetics but you have ideas of your own and that's a start. Just go for it, live your best life.

>> No.10049052

Come on don't say this anon. Tons of Harajuku styles look good on guys. You need some effort and courage though. Is there a particular style you like?

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I don't know how your reading comprehension is doing, but I never asked for a money bf. Be careful where you say that though, ATM-kun.

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Holy shit kill me, I needed a hungry seagull but didn't notice the unholy watermark for 9gag. Here's a clean version.

>> No.10049056

The perils of using google for reaction images instead of having an external hard drive from years of casual downloading for your reaction images.

>> No.10049057

All my previous reaction images come from such a collection. They just didn't have a hungry seagull, which I then had to go find. I agree though, I hate not having the images I need. It's the reason I keep collecting.

>> No.10049060

>if I'm hosting anything at my house and buy food for it beforehand I'm really bad at asking my friends to split the costs
Is that really a thing?? Where are you from? If you invite people to your house, you don't ask for financial compensation for the food and drinks. Not beforehand, not afterwards, not ever. If you want to split costs, go to a restaurant. Seriously, I hope it's just a cultural difference, otherwise I don't know wtf is wrong with you.

>> No.10049075

Actually the only rich family I know is exactly like that. They ask financial compensation for EVERYTHING. I'm sure they would ask compensation for letting guests use their toilet if they could get away with it.

>> No.10049113

Was joke, namely about disappointing your parents by dating new money
Feel flat, oh well

>> No.10049133

Your post comes across as massively detached from real life. I grew up poorer than my friends and as we grew up the comments they made about my house, the clothes I wore and the differences between our lives really fucked with my head for a long time. I wasn't under the poverty line or anything, just way poorer than the girls I was friends with.

In the end, their money didn't magically make them a better person than me. Everyone has their personality flaws: maybe she doesn't mamage money well, but you're not perfect either. That's just how the world is. And plus I agree with what the other anon said: if she had money handling issues she would have bought it anyway. I know you think you're not looking down on her, but you massively are. If I found out a potential friend had written something like this about me, I'd be disgusted. I hope for your sake she doesn't read cgl.

$30 on makeup isn't much for you, but it would be for me. However maybe there's something that I'd spend $30 on that you'd think would be frivolous. I suppose I always ask for a certain perfume for Christmas, but someone else might not think spending $80 on a perfume is a lot. It's just priorities. I'd rather spend that $80 on a jsk or going out with friends. It's really not that deep, pls stop having a martyr wank over this.

>> No.10049136

You literally got so mad over an Anon asking if you were a detached from life rich kid.

This response solidifies the fact that you are.

>> No.10049137

I thought we moved on from that. Feelings hurt?

>> No.10049138

Unfortunately for you, no. I'm fine with my place in life. You however seem unsure of yours, and your inability to not reply to anyone who vaguely critiques you really does prove that.
Have a nice day.

>> No.10049139

well at least they're rich and don't need to call people detached or stupid to feel better about themselves and their situation

>> No.10049145

I forgot that we're all just jealous of you, little rich girl. Go make some friends like a normal person, and stop fretting over concealer on cgl.

>> No.10049146


NAYRT, but they came to /cgl/ to get asspats about their quite frankly not very relatable story. Enough said.

>> No.10049147

>Complaining about being called detached or stupid
On MY 4channel? Are you lost? That's pretty mild.

>> No.10049149

uh I'm not >>10048929 and she's not >>10048907 who was actually extremely nice
you literally just confirmed you can't read and you hate rich people (and I'm assuming it's because you're poor). congrats

>> No.10049150

Why are you samefagging so much?

>> No.10049151


>graduating and getting a good internship
>thought I'd be haunted by ghosts until the day I decided to quit the cgl life
>now transitioning to lifestyling
>person that tried to ruin my reputation for years now works a dead end job and does nothing with their degree; killed their chances by doing costhot shit
>karma working its magic

>> No.10049155

>Extremely nice
>Y-You must be samefag!!!!1!
Not that I'm going to post my paycheck or anything, but if you could read, you'd know that I'm happy with my part in life. Not poor, and even if I was, your point is still moot. And I assumed you were the same poster because there can't be two people who are this retarded.

Only one of those posters is me, nice try

>> No.10049158

As the mean girl out of those two posts please do not pretend to be me. I meant what I said to someone i didn't think would spam like a crossboarder multiple posts per ten minutes. >>>/r9k/

>> No.10049159

First of all, where am I pretending to be you? Second of all, what the fuck do you mean. People watch threads. Are you dense?

>> No.10049161

I... didn't say you were samefagging? are you ok? >>10048907 isn't >>10048929. look at the reply chain

uh did you misquote? I only posted >>10049139 those first two quotes are insulting me and the fourth one is insulting the other anon

>> No.10049162


they're thinking we're one person arguing with ourselves, or they're mad that they are losing and are now screaming samefag. I guess it works every time tho, so I don't blame them.

>> No.10049165

Would all one of you please go back to /r9k/.

>> No.10049167

I'm a lolita though

I'm not sure who you are but now I'm mostly concerned over the retard who interjected into the argument screaming samefag

>> No.10049170

If you were you wouldn't have to prove yourself by saying you were. You would just ignore. You are bait at this point so no more (you)s.

>> No.10049171

I have nearly 90 brand main pieces but ok. Thanks for the (You)s!

>> No.10049176

I've been chuckling at this for 5 mins now. Jolly good reply anon

>> No.10049208

My friends and I used to do this when we were at uni. The person whose place we were at wasn't so much the host, as they just happened to have the most convenient house on a particular night, which mostly came down to location and whether there were any family members expected to be home. Since this usually resulted in the same few 'hosting', it would've been unfair to always place the burden on them.

>> No.10049212

I can understand that, but still, in that situation in my country we would bring a gift/bring food/dessert/drinks instead of literally paying someone

>> No.10049216

I'm not going to assume what country you're in but in the off chance we're in the same North American area polite guests bring something to be consumed at the party. Hosts make sure there is more than enough there beforehand. So usually the hostess runs out of alcohol and has to clean puke from their kitchen only twice that night but has 30 bags of Cool Ranch and Nacho Cheese Doritos that the vast majority has brung to make up for it.

>> No.10049219

Who am I? What do I even want out of life?

>> No.10049222

You are you. Your name. Your being. You want whatever makes you feel whole. If you feel small know that you can feel big again.

>> No.10049227

>hate my job
>pay is shit
>no vacation, no bennies of any kind
>keep job hopping every few months to get a small raise
>i have an asshole friend who makes big money and has 5 weeks PTO and full coverage healthcare
>I'm unironically both smarter than them and have a better degree
I understand school shooters.
salty af fatty-chan.
>Lady Oscar
god tier taste, marry him immediately
how tf. nigga go on craigslist and message people. finding a rental is not difficult.

>> No.10049230

There wasn't always a direct exchange of money. We might cover someone's share of a taxi/Uber, buy them a drink etc. but there was always an understanding that everyone would pay their share. They were invariably very casual gatherings of close friends, so most of those things you mentioned wouldn't have been appropriate. I've always associated that stuff with more family oriented get-togethers. I'm Australian, if it matters.

>> No.10049238

>hot 60 year old man talked to me on the bus today
>he looked like a CEO or something, like why are you even on a poorfag shuttle, you probably have 3 BMWs in your 5 car garage
>glancing at him time to time because I hope he'll protect me if the high as fuck crackheads start chimping out and white men are my only protection in life
>crackheads finally leave
>hot old man looked directly at me, eye contact as I sit there shocked he noticed me
>smiled and started talking to me
>creamed my panties
What is wrong with me? He had an aquiline nose, ice blue eyes, blond hair, good build, clearly in his 50s-60s though. Usually I'm only attracted to 14 year olds. He just looked so intelligent and had a nice clear voice.
The other guy I like is this 30s-40s professor looking asian guy. I don't know if he's really a professor, but he's usually napping at the back of the bus and I nicknamed him "professor" because if he isn't napping he's studying from a notebook. Haven't seen him in a few weeks.
tfw no husbando JUST MARRY ME I'M HOTTER THAN YOUR UGLY OLD WIFE I'm literally so cute, please notice me senpai!
I can't even go outside without wanting to fuck some hot guy and have an affair and be a homewrecker. Why are there so many hot guys in this world and not one of them is in my bed?

>> No.10049243

This is bait designed for /r9k/ screenshots.

>> No.10049262
File: 31 KB, 720x405, FB_IMG_1543510646787.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>running out of anime to watch (as in, I haven't had an attraction to anime in several months)
>thinking about what anime show has characters I could cosplay as the deciding factor to choose new shows
>all other cosplay ideas are from vidya but I prefer anime cons

This b l o w s

>> No.10049266
File: 184 KB, 1280x1035, bortz_dia_shopping.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The only good post ITT, nice

>> No.10049268

It is when your entire town burned down and 65,000 people all need new housing. Competition, price gouging, desperate skeezy real estate investors trying to scare people into selling their lots and scams are super rampant right now. Please dont act like trying to find a place to live after a natural disaster is the same as finding a place to rent in a normal sitution.

>> No.10049270
File: 529 KB, 612x678, jimwtf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>go back to hotel room
>friend's sister is doing Fortnite dances in her thong and a Five Nights at Freddy's tee
Zoomers shouldn't be allowed at cons.

>> No.10049275

Fuck her

>> No.10049278

She is 12, perfert.

>> No.10049282
File: 965 KB, 2004x1128, IMG_20170708_210537503 - Copy - Copy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I live in Oroville, I feel for you guys. I honestly don't know how so many people have made it through this far without giving up. Are you thinking of rebuilding if you can?
I'd love to buy you something off a wishlist or give you some money through paypal if you'd like.

>Pic related, Wall Fire from Walmart

>> No.10049283
File: 94 KB, 750x920, 1539739407241.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10049287

The housing marking in the area has been almost saturated for years, and 65 THOUSAND people lost their homes in 8 HOURS. That's not a situation that lets you just "go on craigslist and message people"

>> No.10049296

Is this their dog? Maybe I will watch gems now. I like the dog.

>> No.10049306

That's very kind of you to offer. I dont have any wishlist just yet, but your kind offer warms my heart. I'm still debating on trying to rebuild what I had or start fresh and use this as an opportunity to refine my style.

We aren't sure if we will rebuild yet. It all depends on what insurance will pay. Won't know that until an adjuster looks at the property. Our zone isnt open yet, so no one can go look. I know you guys had a few scares in the last few years. A fire and then the Oroville dam almost breaking. California infrastructure is a mess right now.

As others have said, California already had a housing crisis, and this fire displaced a massive amount of people. There are many using this as an opportunity to take advantage of those who are desperate.

>sage for mostly off topic

>> No.10049315
File: 64 KB, 798x809, thumbs_up6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>it's not socially acceptable at all
Isn't that the reason why alternative fashion exists in first place? Defying social norms and expectations? Well, unless you want to go for a cute normie look.

Don't chicken out, jump into the cold and try something new anon. Life is too short to care about every minor thing. I'm sure you can do it if you put your heart into it!

>> No.10049326

>letting 12 year olds wear g-strings
>they make g-strings small enough for a 12 year old
what the fuck happened to the world

>> No.10049329
File: 72 KB, 640x741, oy5govyzl5y11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nayrt but girls get away with alt fashion a lot more than men. Fashion is perceived as a female orientated interest because girls in general care much more about how they look.

There is a lot more stigma to a guy dressed in alt-fashion than a girl.
>He's gay
>He's a weirdo
>He's a try hard
>He's an attention seeker
>He's a wannabe
>He's compensating
>He wants to be x (eg. Japanese)

Like of course girls in alt-fashion get criticism too but they get a lot more support. Men's fashion is very narrow, just try going to a mall and go shopping for men's clothes. The range is very, very limited because men are expected to dress in a limited range of clothes.

The only reason I've been brave enough to tackle the weird looks is unironically because of Pewdiepie and him being more open with his fashion interests.

>> No.10049330

Love him dearly

Also, I would rather people think I'm deranged than have men making weird sexual advances bc they think Im wearing something to be sexual or some shit.

>> No.10049337

>because of Pewdiepie and him being more open with his fashion interests.
What are you? Some kind of faggliolociio?

>> No.10049339

I like his content. He unironically helped me get through some shit times in my life. Especially when I was unemployed and I was burnt out after applying for jobs and all I could do was just think about how my money was running out and I was going to be homeless. His videos offered me some time to just not think about stuff for a little bit.

He's the only YT 'celebrity' I follow anymore.

>> No.10049342

Nayrt, but... what

>> No.10049343

I feel u anon.

>> No.10049344

A faggliolociio. Like a putterpoontzmueschenhausener but less German and more Italian.

>> No.10049346

Are you sure it was him that helped you?I mean you could have gotten the same effect from Boogie2988's mayo munching adventures or Jon Tron's return to Nazi duct tape series.

>> No.10049348

I enjoy his personality.

>> No.10049349

Fair enough. I'm not one to be scorned in unrequited love.

>> No.10049352
File: 189 KB, 700x1077, aGjZqLn_700b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>cosplay 6taro
>too shy to ask to do any fun poses besides "stand next to each other" when I run into a Jolyne

>> No.10049353

>unrequited love.
I don't want his dick in my ass or anything.

>> No.10049355

I wasn't thinking that at all but you most assuredly were. Are you sure you don't want some blond bearded love on your brown town?

>> No.10049361

Did any of them randomly jump on your back/dick?

>> No.10049362
File: 238 KB, 600x399, 794f590881570a32d8808901db3356509371f9835644e2a6c0cf37c001d5f7ef.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is going to sound really petty and stupid but whatever. I am looking forward to a con that will be next year, one thing I wanted to do was participate in the cosplay games, they always looked so fun, but for many reasons I couldn't take part in the past. For the next con however I got my outfit all ready and I am waiting to fill the form out, until I heard from an acquaintance about the change in con staff. This one girl who has been caught cheating in cosplay contests before is now in the staff organizing the cosplay games, she can influence who gets in or not, along with what they do. It bothers me because she used me and others to get buddy-buddy with the staff, then takes credit for it all, pretending that we don't exist, sending her orbiters after anyone who tries to speak up. That's the problem anyone she knew, who knew or helped her, she could simply could reject. Honestly it happened a few years ago and I realized being mad wouldn't get me anywhere, I dropped it and moved on. It's stupid and petty to fuss over it, as there are other cons with their games, the con I was going to has there games as a big event, big stage lots of people always enjoyable to watch, everyone's happy and having fun. I just wanted to be there on stage for once.
>tl;dr attention whore cosplayer, will not get the attention they want

>> No.10049365

>You want whatever makes you feel whole
And what is that? Is it what I decided to aim for? I hope it is

>> No.10049375

No need to be such a dick, dude

>> No.10049377

do you ever stop whining ?

>> No.10049389

Since everyone is bitching about jobs Ill join in. I have the best job I have ever had in my life up until now. Pay, benefits, coworkers, everything is prefect except hours. I have to work ~60 hours most of the time with ~80 hours during the busy season.

I have been going hard at it for over a year, but its starting to get hard. I am starting to get worried that I will never be able to find a partner. I cannot seem to focus on anything outside of work. All of the joy seems like its left my life.

A lot of other people have been leaving, and I would feel bad since its a small rural company that cannot replace people easily. Although with each person that quits more work gets piled on me.

>> No.10049390
File: 67 KB, 500x498, 1536080010072.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Finish doing my course in design recently
>Feel so ready to finally start working again and buy all the burando I've been wanting this whole year
>Not have much luck but fingers crossed
>Get a group interview at a call centre
>beginner role aw yiss
>Go to interview to only spend 4 hours getting stomped on by people in their 40s who have been in the industry for their whole lives
>Feel genuinely embarrassed and don't understand why I even got the interview
>tfw I just want to sew pretty dresses and wear cute clothes

>> No.10049391

What about manga/webcomics/webtoons?

>> No.10049395

>recently get a dream dress
>It's AP's toy fantasy op
>Fawn over it for a while
>Decide to try it on
>Zip won't go further than my waist
>Feel like crying
>Guess I need to slim a bit

The thing is, I have plenty of room left to pull the zip together everywhere else, but the waist on this op- mainly at the join where the skirt meets the bodice- seems a few cm smaller than usual, and every time I successfully get the zip past that point I let go and it drops down again. I've owned a fair few unshirred AP pieces from similar years and earlier and never encountered this issue before, it just kinda sucks really.

>> No.10049407

Ow ): maybe it's just shitty construction or something? Please stay safe, don't get too much underweight for a single AP dress

>> No.10049409

What makes you think she'd need to be underweight?

>> No.10049414
File: 106 KB, 1280x720, im lonely.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not gonna lie to you lads I'm lonely as heck but atleast I know you guys are wholesome and deserve love

>> No.10049417

That's not what I was implying, I meant that IF she needs she shouldn't do it

>> No.10049421
File: 113 KB, 960x1280, 20140504_202835.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sad cause I don't have anyone to share this with.

>> No.10049423

I am embarrassed for you.

>> No.10049431

>girls get away with alt fashion a lot more than men
You're not necessarily wrong but girls get shit for it too, speaking as someone who's been wearing alt fashion for a very, very long time. We get told that we're weirdos, try hards, wannabe Japanese, attention whores, straight up whores (people like to think that if a woman dresses out of the ordinary it means she's looking for attention specifically because she's a prostitute, fun times), not to mention the occasional physical harassment.

If all this deters you from wearing alt fashion then by all means, continue to admire it from the sidelines; but imo you're wasting your life by not at least trying to follow your passions. On the flipside of all the above, plenty of people love and appreciate seeing something unique that brightens up their day, even if they aren't familiar with the fashion style you're wearing. It makes life a lot more interesting and fun in general.

>> No.10049435

Thank you for your kind concern anon, I'm currently a healthy BMI of 22 and would only intend to try and lose a few cm off my waist just to help the zip up- it's possible I gained a little weight from a little extra festive eating so I'm not gonna sweat it too much, as I'm pretty happy with my size already- it's just a real bummer my dress isn't zipping up, it seems to have quite a nipped in waist compared to my other OPs despite the lolibrary measurements being quite average for unshirred AP.

>> No.10049464

>>He's a weirdo
>>He's a try hard
>>He's an attention seeker
>>He's a wannabe
>>He's compensating
>>He wants to be x (eg. Japanese)
Girls get all of these criticisms too. People don't assume we're gay (unfortunately desu) but they do assume it's a sex thing.

>> No.10049486

Hells yeah. Cheesecake factory. The rest can go.

>> No.10049494

I haven't read manga in a bit, last one being that seven deadly sins one which was a boring Rave Master/every shonen ever clone.

Any shonen reccs anon?

>> No.10049497
File: 174 KB, 540x535, 000000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I did say
>Like of course girls in alt-fashion get criticism too but they get a lot more support
People are more forgiving of girls being spontaneous with their fashion.

I stopped wearing all my stuff for a while because I became very scared to after some old lady started to harass and berate me for wearing a black surgical mask (pic related) in a shopping centre. Telling me I'm a shoplifter and I shouldn't need to cover my face if I'm doing nothing wrong. I told her it's just a style choice and that I'm happier with the mask on because I'm not content with how the lower half of my face looks. She walked off in a huff. This was the first time anyone had taken a serious problem to me covering my face. I even usually take it off if I need to speak to someone because I find it rude if I didn't. Couple minutes later she returns with a security guard and he tells me I need to take it off or leave. So I chose to leave despite the fact I had done absolutely nothing wrong because I didn't want to give the bitch the satisfaction of seeing my face.

>> No.10049500

What's the waist measure for the Op? Lolibrary says 70 cm is that accurate? Asking because I'm the same bmi as you and thinking of getting toy fantasy too

>> No.10049501

How do you know? Have you worn alt fashion as a girl?

>> No.10049503

at least she's dying soon

>> No.10049507

Some normies are retarded like this, we're closely familiar with this and it's not exclusive to any gender or even a specific fashion style. I recall a post on egl on livejournal about a group of lolitas who were harassed and then kicked out of a mall in the US because security thought they were "suspicious". It sucks when shit like this happens but it's just something you learn to live with when you decide to break through fashion norms.

>> No.10049509

But why were you scared of that old lady? Did you fear that she might hurt you or sexually assault you? Because that's how we feel when old men shout obscenities at us, lift up our skirts, ask us what kind of fetish we're wearing etc.

>> No.10049512

I follow a lot of alt-fashion accounts of both men and women. A simple look at follower counts is a good first indicator.

I could never objectively prove women are more supported in fashion based pursuits but that's my feelings.

I'm just a timid and shy person who doesn't like conflict. I do deliberately avoid going on things like public transport or into rougher areas because I know people will get physical.

I also know what my position looks like. A 6'1" grown man in strange clothes with his face covered arguing with some old white haired grandma who's no taller than 5'. No matter what is actually happening, everyone around assumes I'm in the wrong. That's why I couldn't reason with the security guard, it doesn't matter if I've done nothing wrong, I'm automatically in the wrong so I just accepted leaving.

I've even had a woman grab her child and pull them over to the other side of her as I walked past them as if I'm going to just grab the kid and run because scary suspicious man in scary suspicious clothes.

I just want to wear cool clothes and feel cool.

>> No.10049523

>A simple look at follower counts is a good first indicator.

Actually, since there are less men into altfashion, you would pop out more thus getting your fair share of followers. But anyway, you sound very timid/anxious. Maybe you're right and alternative fashion is not for you. Anyway rhere's a thread for supporting people like you, not sure whether it saged though

>> No.10049530

I couldn't name a single jfash couple where the boyfriend has more followers than the girlfriend. Usually the girlfriend has more followers by order of magnitudes. I will say though, girls tend to put a lot more effort into their social medias, more regular posts, more fan interaction, better photos, better coords/fits and personally I find girls fashion to be more interesting because there's more industry surrounding it therefore more pieces produced and more cross-brand opportunities. Guys just kind of use it as a look book or as a quasi-tinder to attract girls.

I enjoy wearing alt fashion even if I'm just wearing it privately around the house. I need to work on my confidence as an entire person not just confidence in the clothes I wear.

>> No.10049535
File: 48 KB, 220x208, ronniemmmm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wish I could remember how to Hare Hare Yukai. I got drunk as shit at Yama and wanted to impress some thots with it.

>> No.10049539

>I got drunk as shit at Yama and wanted to impress some thots with it.

Thanks for brightening up my day anon!

>> No.10049547

Checked the only couple I know and the man has more followers. I know a man with average at best clothes and ugly make up who gets tons of female followers thirst after him with a little bit of effort into his social media. The other anon was right: guys do stand out a lot more than girls do inside of the community and receive much more attention in my experience. As a girl wearing lolita I can tell you outside of the community it's not generally accepted at all. I can symphatize the nasty comments and behaviour you get but you have to accept females get the same - if not worse because they are considered less intimidating - treatment from normies. I hope you get over your anxiety though, anon!

>> No.10049552

>you have to accept females get the same - if not worse because they are considered less intimidating

(nayrt) I quote all your answer but this part so much. We all get shit for dressing differently but if you are a guy it's harder someone will make inopportune sexual avances and hit on you. As a girl I get pretty scared when guys start saying obscene things just because I'm wearing a pretty dress... it's a very unpleasant situation to be in. The only way a guy would get the same shit is if some guys tried making fun of me because they think he's gay. But nowadays making fun of gays is more frowned upon than hitting on a girl imo

>> No.10049559

I agree that guys stand out more inside the community but in terms of outside of the community and outside the niche, girls have the mass appeal I think. Totally acceptable for a normie guy to follow a lolita if he thinks she's cute, kind of gay if he's following a male fairykei IG.

And I do definitely sympathise with the abuse that girls cop wearing what they want to especially lolitas because of how eye catching some coords can be. It just makes me sad because the few times I've seen other people out and about wearing some cool things it puts me at ease and there's a little connection that 'Yep, we're both in the same world of shit but at least we look cool.' at least with my choices I look somewhat scary (ie. shoplifter getup) or if I'm feeling too conspicuous I can tone down by stripping off some stuff and throwing it in my bag. I know that's not in the spirit of alt-fashion but baby steps.

>guys start saying obscene things just because I'm wearing a pretty dress

Sometimes I just think these types of guys would harass you no matter what you wear just because they're cunts. They're just looking for an excuse to harass someone. Whether it's your dress, you have your hair up in a ponytail, you have fake tan on. My little sister has been harassed on the bus once because a guy noticed she had waxed her legs and that obviously meant she was out to impress.

>> No.10049568

>Totally acceptable for a normie guy to follow a lolita if he thinks she's cute
That goes to show how detached you are from reality. If you're a normie dude and you follow a lolita when your profile doesn't indicate that you love Japanese fashion, you'll come across as a creep and will likely be blocked by said lolita; and plenty of normies who would know that you follow this lolita, will think you're into some bizarre fetish and will judge you for it.

>> No.10049574

I would like to believe that most people in earnest either don't care or are just curious if it's plainly obvious the girl is naturally very pretty.

I don't even think most lolita borders on being perceived as ddlg territory except ott sweet with youthful themes. I followed lolitas before I took the dive, afaik nobody cared, never was blocked and nobody treated me differently unless you specifically use the word Lolita which can set some people off.

>> No.10049576

I'll measure it myself later for a more accurate measurement, but I did some searching around to see what secondhand sites have listed it as, and closet child lists it as a 66cm waist, which seems accurate as my waist is normally about the 68cm mark, and I fit into unshirred AP at about the 69-70cm waist measurements pretty comfortably.

>> No.10049579

>if it's plainly obvious the girl is naturally very pretty
>I don't even think most lolita borders on being perceived as ddlg territory except ott sweet with youthful themes
Jfc anon just suck it up already and maybe reconsider your wording.

>> No.10049589

>get a message on okcupid from a cosplayer
>Checks out her instagram account anyways
Do you think if I date someone who is popular on instagram, that it'll make me popular too? I know 15k isn't a crazy amount, but its way more than I have.

>> No.10049594

Dating someone you don't like for 15k followers? That's absolutely going to go sideways. There are better ways to get ahead.

>> No.10049602

are you retarded per chance

>> No.10049610


If you are a man then no.
If you are a girl then maybe, worked for Bunny and Susu

>> No.10049615

You made me laugh irl with your salt but also what kind of camping trips have you been in that passing used toilet paper is your first analogy?

>> No.10049630
File: 39 KB, 612x610, 602.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be me, order wig from Cyperous through FromJapan last week
>need this week by early Friday at the latest (admittedly my fault, I should have ordered sooner)
>shows up with them on Monday, pay for fastest possible FedEx shipping
>sends them message asking them to ship ASAP because I need this item
>get reply
>"lol we might ship by Thursday :)"
>did you even read my message you fucks
Don't use FromJapan if you're in any rush.

>> No.10049655
File: 842 KB, 1897x1728, IMG_20181204_182828.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Update: So with the help of my mum pulling together the difficult waist part, I managed to zip it up easily. It's snug at the waist, but comfortable enough to move around in and wear for a day I'd say.
I also measured the dress, and it is smaller than lolibrarys measurements, and more accurate to the closet child listing I found. I measured it at:
85cm bust
66cm waist

The bust is also a few cm smaller than average, which isn't too much of an issue for me, and it's not stretching the seams but I still might try and minimise ever so slightly. Once the festive period is over I'll hopefully lose my gained centimetres as well haha

>> No.10049660

It does look like your bust doesn't really fit though. You're not bursting the seams but that doesn't look like a correct fit imo, sorry anon.

>> No.10049690

I'm rooting for anon that she stretches it out a bit, or loses some weight at the bust, because she acknowledges that it doesn't fit right and regardless still posted pics to give the other anon an idea of the measurements. The bust does look smaller then average, and what sucks for anon is it seems like she puts weight on in the bust.

>> No.10049698

Yay anon! I'm glad it was okay after all. It is indeed a little tight but I don't think it looks bad at all. I'm sure it will also loosen a little so it will look better and be more comfortable.

Btw I'm so, so, SO in love with that tiny giraffe. I didn't spot her at first. Noob question but is there some other piece or item with her, that is more "sober"? I've only seen a ring (that unfortunately was already sold).

>> No.10049713

>really enjoy the one time i crossplayed (although i'm not sure if it really counts as "crossplay" since it was just me wearing nanchatte)
>decide that i want to do it again, so i buy some clothes, do some modifications and even do some things from 0, in other words i made my own costume (nothing too fancy, just a Tohsaka Rin costume).
>i had zero experience in these kind of things and nobody to ask for help, so it took me way more time than what i had expected (also, the fact that i could only work on it late at night or when nobody was at home didn't help either).
>now the costume is complete, but i can't wear it since i live in a country where people think that you're a turbo homo that wants to be gangraped if you wear girl's clothes (people even give me shit with my normal clothes, and i dress like fucking adult punpun)
>i can only wear it late at nights or when i'm alone, and i can't really wear it for long periods of time because hidding it takes some time
>i can't share this hobby with anyone because they would misunderstand
>i can't post pics or ask for feedback on what i'm doing good/wrong because my brother, some of his friends and some of my friends browse 4chan

I just want to dress as something completely different from what i am. Am i really asking for much?

>> No.10049719

i've been searching forever for my grail-dream dress but it came up recently and i'm now super hesitant to buy it. i don't know why, i saw pictures of it and it didn't give me the butterflies it originally did. I've spent so much time lusting after it that now that it's in front of me i feel very indifferent and like i would like another dress better. Maybe it should go down on my tier and buy it when it comes up cheaper (because if i'm being honest this girl is charging me way over what ive seen it go for secondhand). I'm picky about my laces and i think seeing the lace on it up close really put me off

>> No.10049740
File: 2.75 MB, 1920x1920, T-rexchan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you for your support! I think my bust is the first to fluctuate when I gain any weight, pic related was January this year in the chess chocolate op at my usual size- So I think I'll be aiming to lose a bit of weight again to get back to my usual ideal weight. I don't think I even truly realised until I put toy fantasy on! It also probably doesn't help that my new job is more sedentary than my old job and I don't move about nearly as much because of it.
I don't mind if it stretches to fit me just a little better as well, I won't be intending to sell it on so it'll only be for my own benefit haha


Thank you! The blobby giraffes and elephants with thier stubby legs on this print truly gives me life

There's also a necklace of her as well! I've been keeping my eye out as I'd love to get some of the matching jewellery as well, AP made a fair few pieces for the toy fantasy series and I'd love the lyrical bunny necklace where she's blowing the bubbles.

>> No.10049747

Someone found my boyfriend had a Tinder today and sent it to me.

I want to die right now.

>> No.10049754

>no amazonian gf who cosplays super heroines
>no amazonian bully gf who makes me crossplay as smaller versions of them
>no amazonian mommy bully gf who fists me until i become incontinent and need to wear diapers
>no loving tall and fit gf to make me feel pretty and protected

>> No.10049755

lol fucking beta

>> No.10049765
File: 91 KB, 1280x720, senran_kagura-11-yomi-past-memories-impoverished-dirty-slums-dreams-hope.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>had about $4k of medical costs so far
>still need something else done that costs $1500
>now need to spend another $1500-2000 at the dermatologist because my genetics are absolute garbage
>need another thing eventually which will cost $500
>spent like 4 months this year either unemployed or earning absolutely pitiful wages because I took a job that said they would give me 40-50 hours a week and it ended up being 10-15 in reality until I fucking quit when all the boss did was make excuses and promise more hours in the future
Wow! Hahahaha... I need to go stand on the streetcorner I guess. Is this life? And I think the one medical procedure got fucked up because I'm in pain every single day, so I don't even know now what...

>> No.10049770

At least you're not a europoor, right?

>> No.10049771
File: 104 KB, 1280x720, nobunagun-20.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>busy season
Sounds like Big 4 except the "small rural company" bit. I keep thinking I should apply (or should have applied) for b4 because it looks great on the resume and gets you a door into good jobs for the future. Butttttttt nah man, 40 hours a week makes me want to literally kms. 60, 80, not worth it, I would literally commit suicide. And this is 4chan so I'm not even joking you know.
>would feel bad
Never, ever feel bad about leaving a shitty job or "fucking over" an employer. Trust me. If it turned out tomorrow you stopped being profitable for them to employ, your ass would be fired before you got your morning coffee. That goes DOUBLE for small employers.
Here. Take your salary and calculate how much you're actually being paid per hour on a 70 hour a week average. I bet you can find something better where you're not literally killing yourself from overwork so Mr. Shekelstein can buy a third yacht.
If people are leaving because the hours are too high they need to hire more people and reduce individual workload. If they go under because everyone leaves, they deserve to go under from incompetence of management. Fuck them. Get out of there. You're too nice for your own good.

>> No.10049772

What state are you in?

>> No.10049773

Dumb him anon. My ex told me once like it wasn't even a big deal he wanted to try tinder but his friends stopped him. Your bf doesn't respect you at all and you deserve someone who is committed to you and respects you.

>> No.10049778
File: 61 KB, 400x400, anime poor homeless girl in the rain phi stars.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

w-why. Will you buy me for a night, anon? I actually already have two Johns, otherwise I wouldn't be able to afford this shit at all.

>> No.10049781

Christ no, I want to know which state is the shittiest

I was going to look up medical assistance programs in your area and figure out what you can do, medical debt and payments are a cancer on our society but your willingness (and apparent dedication) to paying them off struck a chord

If nothing else I could probably give you a longer term loan and at a better rate than a bank.

>> No.10049788

n-no, I don't need a loan. They have financing plans, so I can pay it off without interest over the next year. When my current lease is up I'm going to get a roommate situation to get cheaper rent and renew my savings, since it's pretty drained right now... Eventually I'll be okay if nothing else goes wrong.
There's not really assistance... And with the standard deduction increased I can't get over the limit for itemization. I just have to eat the cost I guess. In 6 months I'll get cheaper rent, and hopefully find a job that pays more now that I have more experience.
With the whoring money I'm almost breaking even. But needless to say I'm not going to be buying anything for a long while.

>> No.10049789

Holy shit I actually couldn't have said this in a cringier way
But yeah, I was looking to help

>> No.10049792

What job do you have that you need to whore out on the side?
What's the skin condition?

>> No.10049799
File: 738 KB, 1920x1080, jhjr38f.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My job isn't bad necessarily although it's not good, it's about 10k less than I thought I'd be making at this point... But rent is high in this area, and student loan repayments, and now medical expenses are killing my paychecks. Thank god i don't have a car or pets or kids or I'd really be fucked.
don't ask.

>> No.10049804

Does your job have health insurance of some sort? What about an HSA so you can save money by paying for some of the out of pocket medical expenses without paying tax?
>Spooked over skin
Now I'm really curious. You said it was genetic so what's the name of the condition?

>> No.10049815

I understand all the sides about what I'm about to say but I'll say it anyways. It brings me some kind of sickening joy to know that women with large breasts have difficulty fitting into lolita fashion. As someone who actually has the body and breast size to fit into lolita, I'm happy that there is something that can accentuate my kind of figure when the rest of society focuses on sexiness and beauty. I wouldn't say I'm bad looking, but I give off more of a cute vibe than beautiful, elegant or sexy. I just feel like ladies that have larger breasts have an advantage everywhere else in life, while I get to sit here with my pretty dresses. You can have your things and I'll have mine, but don't take those things away from me when you're already socially more attractive than I am.

>> No.10049817


You're going to get a storm of angry cow udders calling you mosquito bites, but I agree with you anon. They can have their conventionally beautiful life, I'm just asking for one niche fashion to keep catering to us and not these 'curvy' girls.

>> No.10049818
File: 138 KB, 500x700, 4e4e752cfac95ca2ebed37c996bb9c9bb8040247.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's a 6 month contract job... although I just got an email about open enrollment for health insurance. Not sure if I actually should sign up or not. It probably won't cover what I need, will have large deductibles, and reduce my shitty paychecks even further... I've never had health insurance before except from mommy and daddy when I was youngfag, so idk how it works.
skin is just boring not-condition condition... not like I have fish scales or anything.
>tfw favorite dress barely fits my chest and I have to squish my boobs to get it on and off
fuck yourself you assmad surfboard. why you got to be cunty like that? not like I can afford new dresses.

>> No.10049819

I mean, even putting that aside, some people just don't do the look they're going for any justice. Like you can't deny someone like Funk Bros, who I'm sure is totally fine with others thinking he looks silly, just looks really jarring when trying to put on the look he's going for. Like he pulls it off in his own unique way but he'll never be the kawaii uguu girl no matter how he dresses. Part of wanting to be in an alt fashion is studying how to properly pull it off, and sometimes it's just impossible to do depending on who you are. You can say "I don't care what others think of me" all you want, but at the end of the day if you look in the mirror and go "damn, I don't look like the cute person I really aimed to look like even after putting so many hours into studying makeup" then it's kinda...pointless?

I appreciate your encouragement, but there's a certain point where you have to be a little more grounded in reality. It isn't always about how others judge you, it's also about not having the fulfillment of being able to actually look good in those clothes. Most girls, even ugly ones, can properly pull off lolita if they focus on makeup magic. Most guys just can't from body shape, let alone face structure that's impossible to feminine up.

>> No.10049821

I hope this picture isn't supposed to be an example of him rockin "fashion" in the streets...this is an embarrassing fucking outfit that looks like literally any frat fuckboi who's too lazy and hung over in the morning to put on an outfit.

>> No.10049826
File: 22 KB, 400x300, image (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Extremely long tea party meet
>Have a blast and head home
>Trains are fucked
>Train stuck on the tracks for 40 minutes not moving because of mechanical malfunction
>Realize my bladder is fucking about to explode
>Still have about an hour left on my commute home
>The nearest bathroom when I exist the train is most likely my own house since it's pretty rural
>Can't run because my feet are killing me from my heels
>Look around nervously and just get behind a tree
>Don't want to get PISS on my brand so actually lift it up high enough to expose myself, but it'll be fast, I just need to let this out
>Nervously look around
>Group of like 3 guys looking right at me chatting with one other
>One on his phone
>Don't know if he's recording or just casually on his phone
>By this point I KNOW they're looking at me, I'm almost done so may as well just fucking finish
>Even though I made eye contact, they aren't fucking looking away
>Finish up, pat myself with tissue, run away in the opposite direction even though they're in the direction I'd need to go to get home
>Cry buckets when I get home
I hate my public transit system. It's been a few days and I thought I'd forget about it if I stopped thinking about it but I keep FUCKING THINKING ABOUT IT.

>> No.10049833

thanks for this anon, i feel exactly the same way

>> No.10049850

I pee in public all the time. Look a bitch got to pee, she's got to pee. There ain't always a coffee shop in the vicinity.
>couldn't get a lyft for some reason because traffic nightmare downtown, decide to walk home in a rage
>have to pee but too angry to stop somewhere
>walk goes past lake that's a popular jogging trail, also a bunch of houses and stuff
>realize walk is going to take about 2 hours
>already outside commercial zone, no stores or coffee shops around now, just housing
>still have to pee
>need to pee increasing
>start being so preoccupied with needing to pee that I can't appreciate pretty lake
>start looking at bushes and stuff and thinking, "that would be a good pee spot"
>too much foot traffic to just use a bush
>think about crawling along a beam under a fence that goes under a dock, looks real dark and private, but if I fall off the beam it's really gross water underneath, decide to keep looking
>walk past parking lot that's right next to trail
>two SUVs next to each other
>gap in foot traffic, no one immediately to either front or back of me
>shelter from lake view because trees
>pop a squat between cars and piss a river
>car is approaching slowly, can see headlights coming
>just finished
>attempt a shake but not much to shake there, pull pants up in a panic
>stumble back onto jogging trail
>two cars pass, a group of men walk down towards joining the trail, and a jogger passes all within 40 seconds
>timing skills of an elder god
I pee outside pretty damned often. I am really, really good at stealth pissing. I've peed in my city hundreds of times in the great outdoors and never been caught.

>> No.10049854
File: 500 KB, 1280x720, Fuck.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Did not realize females had that weak a bladder system. Just thought it was a meme

>> No.10049855

It's just him putting a trolley back after grocery shopping. Calm down.

>> No.10049856

You have no idea.

>Work in a high-end restaurant as a waiter
>All my other co-workers are females naturally
>None of them can last more than 2 hours without needing a bathroom break
>Meanwhile I can do a 12 hour shift which includes lunch and dinner service without needing to piss once
>Get promoted to serve directly under the matire'd because I'm always on the floor and always know what's going on

God bless that I was born a male

>> No.10049862

>what sucks for anon is it seems like she puts weight on in the bust
Yeah, that would be awful. The poor thing.

>> No.10049864
File: 430 KB, 800x1119, Aqua KonoSuba 41.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Maybe you just don't drink enough water dehydration-kun. I bet your piss is orange and fucking rancid. My piss is so clear you could bottle it as a health tonic.

>> No.10049865
File: 159 KB, 273x279, bortz_sees_your_dick.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Got any more pics? Asking for a friend haha

>> No.10049866
File: 51 KB, 480x480, d99e546345273711bef082ee72006b36.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Downed a glass of water just for you.

>> No.10049870

I am a girl and I wear a black face mask, and I get asked if I am muslim all the time, asked what I'm stealing, asked why I'm hiding, have people do the same shit that that old lady did to you, but you know what? I don't care.

>> No.10049872

Then why don't you?

>> No.10049874

>So I chose to leave
Just say you're sick and trying not to get everyone else sick. What a cuck. Or say you have really bad acne outbreak right now, or something. You can't lie?
At least it's not sexual harassment. I've had guys follow me home from a bus stop commenting on my clothes and saying how pretty I am. I was wearing a normalfag dress with a sweater at the time. Once I procure some nanchatte I can't even imagine, because I really do look like a high schooler. I'm gonna need to buy a handgun I guess...and fuck the police. If they can't protect me from perverts I have a god given right to protect myself.
tfw too poor to buy nanchatte
And my god I really do get sexually harassed at least once a week. Even when I dress like a hobo, but it's 100x worse if I'm in a skirt/dress.

>> No.10049876
File: 654 KB, 1024x1820, aqua__konosuba__by_darthfarious-dafkhaw.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Could it be that you're interested in buying my health tonic, anon? P-please buy it, I'm medical bills anon.

>> No.10049877

nayrt but you have to see this from the male perspective

People do not trust men. People jump to negative assumptions about men. This is why men can't be put next to unaccompanied children on planes. This is why men don't want to be school teachers. This is why men avoid going near children in general.

Men are seen as harmful and the consequences of putting yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time even if you've done nothing wrong and have zero intentions of doing nothing wrong can get the police called on you or worse some vigilante taking things into his own hands. Like recently in my area some guy got his face plastered all over social media as a pedophile and the police called on him because he had parked his car after a long drive and was just resting while playing with his phone in his lap. He parked his car near a park with children playing, people thought it suspicious of why a lone man would ever come to a park and sit in his car by himself.

I'm not complaining but that's just how things are. We can't just not care because not caring could lead to some nasty results.

>> No.10049879

It is a meme unless she's pregnant, but go ahead if it makes you feel superior. If anything I think women hold it more since it's less socially acceptable for us to piss, especially outside.

The real joke is why men are so strangely desperate to feel better than everyone around them for the stupidest reasons.

>> No.10049880
File: 1.06 MB, 2048x1363, eirin_why.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't see the problem if he isn't active on it

>> No.10049882
File: 32 KB, 396x353, 1400928805657.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw tumblr's finally imploding

>> No.10049883

we like are made to feel weird about our bodily functions and seeing as we don't have dicks to just whip out whenever we feel like it, popping a squat is pretty much engrained in our heads as gross and unladylike.

>> No.10049884

I'll admit. I'm not socially competent and I just thought if I was honest she would understand and leave me alone.

>> No.10049885

I don't think that's it. I think the idea of pissing in public is just gross, for both genders.

>> No.10049890

What health benefits does it bestow?

>> No.10049891

He is, is the problem... we’ve been together six years and it’s new and active.

>> No.10049893
File: 47 KB, 700x540, 1497230740946.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon...you almost make this sound like it's a fetish. Are you okay?

It isn't a meme though. I dunno why you're so angry about this, but regardless you really can't deny basic medical facts. Pick up an anatomy book or something, gull. The female bladder is located in a much more crowded area than the male bladder (between the uterus and rectum). In fact, it's so crowded that the bladder and its sphincter actually RESTS on top of the vagina's wall. Not only that, but the sphincter in females is BIOLOGICALLY UNDERDEVELOPED in comparison to men
(https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4566164/ citation for you in case you try to play stipid, just ctrl+f "In females, the base of the bladder and urethra rest on the anterior wall of the vagina. The internal-urethral sphincter is not as well developed in females")

Also read "The female urethra, 3.8 to 5.1 cm long, is considerably shorter than the male one" etc. etc.

Females objectively don't hold their urine as well as males do. This is a medical fact, and to deny it is pretty fucking stupid since you can easily find this answer by just browsing any fucking biology textbook that goes over the fucking bladder. This is shit that you should learn when you're like 13, anon. Where the fuck did you go to school?

>> No.10049894
File: 47 KB, 480x690, 5facf0fcf202746808b9cf7d63073e79_480.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It will make your dick bigger when you think about where it came from.

>> No.10049897

That's not much help if you don't have one. Also, it would make actually buying it unnecessary. You're not very good at this marketing thing

>> No.10049898

How do you sound so happy go lucky and cute with big tits but somehow haven't found a husband willing to pay for all your shit?

>> No.10049899

Is it? The amount of times I stumbled upon men pissing in alleyways... though admittedly, I would also piss in alleyways if I had a dick to convienently whip out.

>> No.10049901

Assuming you posted here for help, or are at least open to it and I'm not being insensitive or unsympathetic by immediately trying to solve the problem, what procedures do you actually need done?
What health insurance company is being offered through your employer?
Have you done the cost benefit analysis between the cost of insurance and potential deductibles vs paying out of pocket?
Are you under 26?

>> No.10049906

Yes. It's fucking gross. Idk maybe it's just me and my attitude towards it, I don't even piss in urinals when I got to public bathrooms because they're gross.

Like c'mon fuck nugget, just find a fucking bathroom. Go to a fucking McDonald's for fuck sake. It's fucking foul. At an absolute, absolute minimum use a bottle, christ. There's a reason it was made illegal.

>> No.10049917
File: 309 KB, 1111x597, golden_smile.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Weird how you'd know that sis. You should get tinder and match him rofl that'd be a riot.

>> No.10049919

Better yet, dump his ass over tinder.

>> No.10049924

That will just give him the chance to justify it with 'you were on there too'.

>> No.10049935

>This is why men avoid going near children in general.
The other day I was parking while running an errand and noticed a little girl playing near (but not unsafely close to) my target spot. I thought "lol I shouldn't park there" and chose another one.
I have a job where I fucking work directly with children, who are often unaccompanied.

>> No.10049937

I get asked that a lot.
I'll have to look into the health insurance offerings, though as I said it's a temporary job. Decline to state what it is... cba would need research. Really all that is left is $2000 worth of stuff which probably won't be covered anyway. And no, I am over the age of gibs from daddy's insurance policy.
I just don't think highly of insurance policies. I've heard horror stories of $500 a month charges, and when you go to use it nothing is covered or there's a huge fucking deductible. It's nice in theory but I'm skeptical of its true effectiveness.

>> No.10049938

And women wonder why there's a """wage gap"""

>Anon tries to prove that men have a superiority complex because in her mind they take pride in not having to pee every 2 fucking hours and only need like 1 piss break to satisfy an entire day
>Ends up instead proving that SHE has an inferiority complex and is in absolute denial of objective medical facts because it HAS to be the evil patriarchy trying to one up women

Like pottery.

>> No.10049943
File: 17 KB, 400x400, buh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Uh lad are you ok? I was just surprised

That is rough honestly cuz there is nothing wrong with needing to empty out your body

>> No.10049952

I think the actual whoring might put a few guys off.

>> No.10049953

>I get asked that a lot
Does that mean you don't know?

>> No.10049954

Big feel. I have the weakest bladder out of all of the ladsTM, combined with the lightest alcohol tolerance. If I'm in the bathroom any longer than 3 minutes they start knocking and laughing.

I didn't need to piss in public until college, but after going in it's a semi-regular occurrence. Maybe, once a month roughly?

>> No.10049955

Do the research gull, they may be evil but if you protect yourself they can't touch you. It may save you a lotta money.

>> No.10049956

Yeah I get that but if she's keeping it a secret then I don't see why it would be a problem. All she needs to do is lie about what she makes and figure out a good cover story.

>> No.10049965

Lying from the outset doesn't seem conducive to a long and happy relationship.

>> No.10049995

Assuming she's trying to attract some weeb that works at a tech firm, chances are she wouldn't even need to lie.
I'm inclined to agree with you but I don't see a great way to bring it up gracefully. If she managed to pull a guy and then broached it after that were a few dates in (while explaining the circumstances) I think a lot of guys would be pretty understanding.

>> No.10049996

Anyone ever notice they really like breasts? 'Cause that hit me just now.

>> No.10049997

My man we all do thats why we cosplay

>> No.10049998

Yes, breasts are nice.

>> No.10050002

I suppose I do. I've never really thought about it like that.

>> No.10050006
File: 230 KB, 570x640, CC06A55F-A44A-47C9-A4E1-DEF5F8C2722A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>dated a guy
>introduce him to all the things I like at the time, most notably a certain series I was madly in love with and cosplaying/doing con stuff
>turns out he is an NPC in the original concept and not this new meme “your politics aren’t my politics so you’re NPC”, as in he actually has no passions, hobbies, or interests in life and nonexistent personality, just another “sad weeb guy” loser
>is even only casually surface level interested in anime and vidya, and doesn’t understand the appeal of cosplaying at all, extremely confused when I get excited about planning and making a new cosplay etc
>end up introducing him to some con/cosplay acquaintances friend group who also love the same certain series and are also incredible cosplayers, really talented seamstresses and crafters, in a desperate bid to help him make some friends and get an actual hobby
>have to leave the country for a couple months, finally break up with his boring ass
>in that time he attends cons with them and he becomes “friends” with them and part of their circle

It’s been a whole year and a half since we broke up, and I’ve gone from no longer wanting to be in a relationship with him to outright hating his guts now.
>when we were together the only thing of note to his personality that set him apart from the norm was he made some jokes/talked about stuff that wasn’t SJW and internet politics
>should have been a red flag but oh well I was in an abusive relationship at the time and was desperate to find an excuse to end it
>turns out he’s unironically alt right “praise kek” kekistan cringe. always rants to me in private about women and “we need right wing deathsquads now” and I tried to brush it off as a joke but thank god we broke up. I heard from a mutual friend he unironically worships Disdain for Plebs and still spews that stuff today
>this friendgroup is “killallmen” type sjwesque and all female or dfab NB/whatever

>> No.10050010

>I desperately look up to that friendgroup and want to be friends with them, do group cosplays with them etc, years of cosplaying and I’ve never found a group of friends who all like the same thing I do and do cosplay
>they’re also the only big group local to that area that organize cosplay/con events about that specific series
>obviously now it’s awkward because ex is there and is present in all those events that circle organizes
>he’s closer to them than I ever was
>still friends with people in that circle and try to interact with them as much as I can without being creepy online
>see ex comment along the lines of “yas queen men are such scum. so gross”
>but confirm from mutual he’s still an alt right kekistan dumbass and he’s actively deceiving this group when if they knew what he really thought they would disown his ass immediately

I recently finally had enough and blocked him to get some peace of mind, but knowing that he’s actively deceiving and lying to those people really angers me. Both on a self righteous/moral outrage level and a personal level because I’m directly affected thanks to his involvement with that group. I don’t even know why he’s even there when he doesn’t care at all about making cosplay or cosplaying, he only has one single cosplay from that series that I bought him from taobao that he wears to death in all of their group shoots and cons. Never made another one or even tried to buy another one. He only has the most surface level normie interest in that specific series too. I wish I could out him and his alt right garbage and make that group realize what he is but there’s no way to do it without seeming like a bitter ex making things up. I *am* extremely bitter and angry about this. Even if I could never join the group myself, I would be so happy and satisfied if they realized what he was and kicked him out. Is there anything I can do?

>> No.10050016

you have chatlogs? sjwesque all female groups will absolutely fucking eat a dude like that ALIVE. claim he abused you if you really want him ousted

>> No.10050019

I never took screencaps, a lot of the nasty stuff he said was in person, and the mutual friend who CAN easily get screencaps of him flip flopping from Disdain for Plebs to “they are such queens” in their PMs absolutely does not want to get involved (plus is still friends with him). I could unblock him and go back and have a look, but it might also be weird for this to be coming out like a year and a half after we broke up lol

>> No.10050021

"i know i should have told everyone about him before but i was so scared that he'd attack me because i'm a woman/poc/queer/[insert whatever laundry list of identities you can claim". its definitely worth unblocking for imo

>> No.10050023

My only concern with that would be, even if I could dig something up, he could argue that he’s changed in the time since then. The damning proof would be from that friend but he’s a really good buddy of mine and he begged me not to do anything/at least not get him involved. I also have no idea how to even approach outing him- I was thinking the best idea would be to pm the person I’m closest with in that group, but we really are barely acquaintances and I can’t even begin to think of a way to phrase “hey so my ex is actually an actual alt right asshole, did you know that?”

>> No.10050024
File: 73 KB, 728x545, A+true+breast+lover+a+great+quote+i+wanted+to_79ede5_4778911.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I should just get a gf already

>> No.10050026

After getting cheated on I'd rather chill with dating for a bit

>> No.10050027

Why don't you, just like, y'know start building up your friendship with people in those circles again until you have enough influence to start excluding him?

I can't see any alternative that could end well for you or look good for you. Because you do sound and you admit to being extremely fucking bitter and people are going to think you're just trying to damage his reputation because you threw him away and you regret it blah blah.

>> No.10050028

Perhaps it would be better to let go of your anger and make a genuine attempt at making peace with the guy
What did he do that was so awful anyway?

>> No.10050029

Sounds like it'll be one hell of a fireworks show sooner or later.

>> No.10050030

Wait so you barely even associate with this group of people anymore yet you still want to tear that group apart by forcing them to attack and expel a member who by their outward actions isn't doing anything wrong?

I think you need to move on at this point. It doesn't affect your life anymore. It's bordering on thought policing.

>> No.10050033

>this friendgroup is “killallmen” type sjwesque and all female or dfab NB/whatever
>I desperately look up to that friendgroup and want to be friends with them

>> No.10050034

Well, those local events and cons would be a great way to try and get closer to them, but since he’s in that circle and closer to them than I am to them=he’s always with them, I’m not sure how to go to those and mingle with them if he’s there. At this point I would rather just purge his existence from my mind than talk to him, and he doesn’t want to talk to me either which is fine with me.

And yeah, what you said about looking like I’m just trying to damage his rep is exactly why I haven’t done anything this whole time and still have no idea how, if I even should, do anything now, with the recent news that he’s only degenerated further into alt right idiocy than what I had half expected and was giving him the benefit of the doubt for (that he really did change from alt right to sjw 180 degrees that fast). Even though I’ve been in an amazing new relationship for a year I still love that series and cosplay as much as ever and wish I could participate in that group (though it doesn’t help that once again I’m out of the country for a while for family related things), and I’m still upset about him lying his way into it and cucking me out of it in the process.

Our relationship was pretty bad but his main crime was just being physically gross, wasting my time and this friend group thing. I see absolutely no value in trying to make peace with an alt right guy with no personality who lies to people about who he is so they can be friends when they would hate his true self.

It would probably easier to just give up on trying to be in that friend group at this point, which I’ve been sitting on the fence for since we broke up, and that bums me out.

>> No.10050038

I never did “associate” with that group because I didn’t get the chance to get closer to them while he did thanks to outside circumstances. And I still love that series and cosplay as much as I always have and still desperately wish I could do group cosplays of and have friends IRL that love that series I do. As it stands I just go to cons alone and cosplay alone like I have for ages, and this would have been my best chance at that changing. I’ve been trying to move on for a long time but didn’t want to give up trying to join that friendgroup and through that I’ve been constantly getting reminders of what he’s doing and his existence making it hard to do so. Blocking him was my last attempt at trying to really move on completely, but even so the friendgroup thing looms in the background. I don’t think it’s thought policing to want his lies to be exposed, though, but I haven’t (and probably won’t) done anything and can’t think of any way to even try.

Politics aside, they have a mutual huge passionate love for that series and are also damn good at cosplaying and making stuff and other types of art.

>> No.10050039

I don't get why it'd be that much of a deal being near him if you really want to be friends with these people. It's not like he was abusive, he's just boring. The best way to go about it is to just see if they split off or if he leaves to go the bathroom or whatever, approach and make conversation. When he comes back you're already there.

If he tells you to fuck off, I'm sure that the group would tell him to kill himself for being mean to a girl.

Don't let slight awkwardness of being around someone who's only personality is their politics stop you from making friends with people you want to be friends with. From how you describe the situation I would imagine you could easily bond with these people, he would try to deliberately exclude you from the group which would backfire since he's still a boring blank slate of a person who's basically kept around as the groups pet beta male, he can be easily replaced since nobody actually likes him as a person.

My advice is literally b urself and the situation would work itself out.

>> No.10050043

This is probably the best advice I’ve received from anyone so far about this, thank you anon. I was reaching the point where I was starting to avoid events because of this whole issue but you’ve given me some confidence to try to befriend them again and I’ll definitely follow your tips about how to move in and start mingling. I keep getting screwed over in the way of external circumstances (like being out of the country at all the wrong times for cons and these events) but when I get the chance I’ll definitely try what you said. Thank you again for the advice. Now if I could just get over my raging autism and figure out how to start a conversation naturally, that would be great

>> No.10050045

Glad I could be of help. I speak from experience but the other side. I used to be le alt-right 1488 with a massive victim complex and zero personality type of guy. Could only ever talk about politics and SJWs. Realised it just made me completely miserable being angry at the world all the time so I stopped.

I'm a much happier and I would like to think, interesting, person because of it since it forced me to pick up real hobbies.

I hope everything works out for you anon. It's wrong for any person to halt their passions just because of someone else.

>> No.10050059

Breasts are pretty great. So are butts and legs and eyes and feet and necks and so on.
I just really like girls but they also scare the shit out of me. I'd honestly feel more comfortable surrounded by sharks or spiders than women my own age.

>> No.10050070

One time, a friend said, "Girls are cute, but I wouldn't be able to get over... this" while gesturing towards her chest. I was momentarily stunned and it hit me that I actually really like breasts. Big chests, small chests, male chests. I just want to smother myself with breasts!

And to make this post /cgl/-related, I've really started appreciating the size of my own chest more ever since I started wearing lolita. Western clothing lines tend to build the bust too big for me and it made me feel disappointed in myself for some time;;

>> No.10050081

I can't explain why but it turns me on to no end when girls talk about being upset that their boobs are too small (when they actually do and aren't just some DD fishing for compliments).

Just hnng.

>> No.10050082

It just makes me sad, the cutest girls are girls that are confident with their own body.

>> No.10050084

I find it very cute when girls open up about their insecurities in a genuine and personal way. I think this whole body confidence thing has backfired a small bit when it's expected that you should be confident in your body. It makes you insecure about being insecure.

>> No.10050085

That's definitely a problem and it is nice when people are open and honest about their worries, but I'd counter that it's easier to change your insecurity than to change aspects of your body like breast size, so body positivity is overall a good thing.

>> No.10050086

(Not the same anon) I agree completely you should like who you are in your skin but still drive to do better as long as you aren't harming yourself.

>> No.10050087

On the same page completely. The biggest problem with the public face of the body positivity movement is definitely this idea that "loving yourself" and "improving yourself" are mutually exclusive.

I'm fat, and I'm happy with my body, but I'm still dieting and exercising and lost 30kg in the last few months. You don't have to pick one or the other.

>> No.10050088

I personally think it should be a mixture. Always strive to achieve the best possible form that you can take but be content that you will never be flawless.

You want a boob job because you're unhappy with your boob size or shape? Go for it but even then, if you have a flat board for a chest you have to accept you're not going to ever get natural looking H sized titties so it's better to just agree your body has its limits but that's okay.

>> No.10050091
File: 494 KB, 460x345, 1495968554156.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I went to a convention in September to make a lot of friends.
I couldn't make any. Everyone had their own cliques and i failed to join anyone. I had even posted on the con pages and forums beforehand to see if anyone wanted me to join them.

>> No.10050096
File: 36 KB, 200x146, feel5.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I'm sorry to hear that anon. Which con where you attending?

>> No.10050098

Not a very well known convention outside of the state. I'm in Alaska.

>> No.10050101

Exactly, I'm slightly underweight for my height as a guy, but I am completely fine with me being me but i work out to help my appearance

>> No.10050125


Update: I dumped him, gulls. It hurts so bad. I wonder how long he had been like this/wanted to do this.

>> No.10050130

Can moitie fucking stop. I'm a broke bitch, my bank account can't handle it.

>> No.10050132


Im not a lesbian but I love boobs
I wish I could find a girl who would let me suck and play with her boobs but not expect anything more

>> No.10050135
File: 215 KB, 488x476, [MystVortex] Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun - 05 [720p][AAC].mp4_snapshot_03.40_[2015.12.15_18.03.26].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I had even posted on the con pages and forums beforehand to see if anyone wanted me to join them.
You didn't actually do this right? It's just an ironic joke right? Haha

>> No.10050147

Yeah, what sort of loser actively tries to make friends haha.

>> No.10050148

What was his excuse? I'm sorry about what happened anon, it must be awful after all that time. At least you can move on and find someone better now.

>> No.10050151

He said he was bored and sad and wanted the distraction. That makes it very clear we had a lot of problems, this may be for the best.

>> No.10050172
File: 1.18 MB, 921x1250, 1540737327340.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah dating sluts like him is a good way to get syphilis.

>> No.10050178
File: 78 KB, 179x179, danpanic.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Without porn, Tumblr is just a bunch of obese white chicks outraged that men are allowed on public transport.

>> No.10050182

It's funny because I can go to a public library in the US and see anime boobs.

>> No.10050212

I'm confused why they think nudity in political protests is acceptable whereas all other forms aren't.

>> No.10050216

>that pic
Wtf, in the nuts?

>> No.10050229

you don't sound all that straight

>> No.10050276

Mine dumped me. Or kinda atleast. Lets share a virtual hug. I have never been this in love and I will probably have a break down due all the stress and anxiety.

>> No.10050295

Date a fat guy.

>> No.10050297

I’m right there with you, anon; I’m an absolute mess. Virtual huggin’ you hard. We’ll get through it.

>> No.10050303
File: 35 KB, 500x619, 1543602399387.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>working on a outfit
>got all the parts done and together, sleeves and collar attached
>try it on looks and fits well
>only to notice that the sleeves are sewn on inside out revealing the seam
Ever do something so stupid, that you are not even mad? I am disappointed but surprised that I am not really pissed, it's not too bad looking I can fix it. It's just an odd feeling

>> No.10050313

I want my guy to have big pecs hnnnng.

>> No.10050332

Date a /fit/ crossposter then

>> No.10050366


tried sucking my boyfriend's nips but he says they are too sensitive

>> No.10050370
File: 184 KB, 667x812, hilacringe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah, the nuts, sadly.

>> No.10050373

Are you sure he doesn't have a vagina. He seems awfully prissy.

>> No.10050374
File: 165 KB, 301x457, bortz_sad1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>no more gay porn tumblr where I can find new porn stars to stalk

>> No.10050379

>MFW not qt3.14 German cosplayer grill.

>> No.10050383

Where the fuck is my anime boyfriend?

>> No.10050386

In another dimension.

>> No.10050387

New Galaxy. Intergalactic planetary

>> No.10050389

You had to Beastie Boys at the end of a thread instead of having a comfy Beastie Boys thread from the beginning.

>> No.10050390

Brb killing myself to find him!

>> No.10050398

>they are too sensitive
Even better.

>> No.10050452
File: 528 KB, 500x281, Biting.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10050509

>someone beat me to the punch
I can't stand it. I know you planned it.

>> No.10050574

Man you're only making me feel worse

>> No.10058230

You sound abusive. Like you hated this person because they didn't care about cosplay.

>> No.10059458

Some girls do this and you can't tell if they hate you or are disgusted by you until they come up and flirt with you

>> No.10059459

I like girls without make up so I can see how uggo she actually is. If you have make up on I assume your like a man with a beard with sad face genetics.

>> No.10059464

You are actually one of those privileged white girls who has never had to choose between new cloths and eating.

You actually are a terrible person.

>> No.10059469

Why would you? What is wrong with you? No wonder you find yourself in abusive relationships. You have no idea who you are or what you want and are just as boring from the looks of it.

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