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Been having a huge surge in my maid outfit interest, so I thought maybe having a thread to see and share pictures would be fun.

- Maid Lolita and Maid cosplay are both accepted?
-Anyone know of any good places to purchase high quality but cute maid outfits?
-What do you like about maid styles?
-Talk about your experiences with working in maid-style service jobs, maid cafes, etc.

Just post maids, that's all.

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Sadly the only maid outfits I have are from bodyline. Not saying they are the worst, but they are definitely costume quality

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Has anyone ordered from Milky Ange? They have some really cute items but I have never seen any of their things in person and occasionally they seem to be made of questionable quality items. Seeing as how they have been around forever, and have lolita brand prices, I'm assuming that is just due to pictures though.

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I have seen some of their items on the secondhand market and it always looks really bad quality-wise. I can’t imagine why they ask brand prices for it.

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Does anyone know of any maid instas to follow, or any maid shops that sell quality goods?

Also, for the maid instas, I prefer actual maid looks and not really slutty/weeb shit. Maid cafes are okay if they're quality maid designs/uniforms (can be short and cute) but prefer no cringy western "maid cafes" unless they are good.

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Some of their items are pretty well-constructed but they are more cosplay-grade than anything. Their beginner maid outfits had different-colored laces and that was a big nope.

Some candyfruit items look nice and are original designs, so maybe look into those.

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Thanks anon, I completely forgot about candyfruit!

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So my maid cafe group had a meeting the other day to start planning for our annual event. One of the topics we brought up was typical "Japanese maid" behavior. We decided not to do the whole "okaerinasai goshujin sama" thing because that sort of overly cutesy and shy behavior doesn't go over well with Western customers, especially from non-Japanese maids. Do you agree, or does that sort of behavior distinguish a "real" maid cafe from simply a casual cafe experience? And if you agree, what sort of behavior would appeal to Western customers without you just becoming a standard waitress persona? How should Western maids preserve the "maid cafe" experience without being cringy and making customers uncomfortable?

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Are you able to go out and observe typical cafe barista behaviours? As a barista with plenty of regulars, knowing their name or simply asking their name makes them very happy. Perhaps there are other things that your local cafes and little restaurants do that you can pick up too. Giving them a choice upon entering the cafe (would they like New (read: American) or Traditional (read: Japanese) service?) may also help customers feel more at ease and give them something they can control in the strange environment. It's as simple as asking booth or table, sir? You may need a staff member dedicated to greeting guests for this, and have that staff member place a color coded tag on the table so that serving maids can serve them appropriately. You can't please everyone, of course. Looking polished and having decent coffee is just about all one can really expect from a "good" cafe.

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Formerly worked in a maid cafe and unless a cafe enthusiast is at your table, just act like a server/yourself. Most new-to-cafe people don't understand or are put-off by fake cutesy personalities.

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genuine question, not trying to sound like an ass: why do maid outfits/jobs/cafes in particular appeal to you guys? is it the anime trope, the aesthetic, the persona you can get into, etc?

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I actually really find the role of service to be a huge goal in my life. I'm not sure why. I really like the idea of being a maid to a Master or a Mistress, taking care of things, cleaning, serving... plus the aesthetic is really cute.

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>is it the anime trope, the aesthetic, the persona you can get into, etc?

I'd say all of the above, Maid outfits are cute and wearing them makes me feel cute and happy.

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this pic is so adorable.

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>Anyone know of any good places to purchase high quality but cute maid outfits?

>Buy a solid colour lolita dress that fits the aesthetic
>buy a cute apron
>you now have one maid outfit in good quality and a lolita dress that you can coord or wear in a toned down outfit if you're not lolita.

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I've never ordered from them personally, but 2-3 years ago they were regarded as the best you could get.

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Kinda random, but does anyone reading this have any experience with actual live-in maid work? Or something less weeb than a maid cafe (unless it was an actual, honest-to-god-not-weeby-con cafe) and a bit more upper scale than cheapo rent-a-maid domestic service?

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The girls are cute, the outfits are cute, and it feels nice having a cute girl talk to you even if it's just their job.

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I have some Milky Ange shoes. They are incredibly comfortable, but super bland. I throw some clip on ribbons on them and they look OK. They have large sizes which is nice.

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Do you have any cringy local maid cafes in your area? I’m curious, post em here if you got em

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just let people have fun anon, someone actually cheers up in ways other than making fun of others

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there's very simple maid dress tutorials online that are really easy and come out very cute! it's all about following a pattern. if you're not confident in making an apron quite yet, that's okay! I say unruffled knee socks and some matching mary jane shoes or tea parties.
I actually used to use dresses as my pattern. for the skirt part, I would line it up on fabric (wash it first so it shrinks to the real size), trace it with seam allowance, and pin it together and sew. the bodice can be derived from that top and just make doubles, and add a zipper in the back or buttons in the front if that's easier. be sure to close the fabric off by folding at least 1/2 inch once or twice (and be sure to find nice lace trim for the edges! avoid the cheap stuff so it has good quality) and sew them down. ironing helps a lot with this!
flip them inside out and line them up, the bodice going over the skirt when its inside out and sew that.
hope this helps!

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I own one of the cheaper dress styles as well as a petticoat and love it. It's standard uniform-quality fabric but the cut of the dress is super flattering and the lace used on the petticoat is really nice.

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Thanks anon. I really want to get something by them, maybe I'll take a shot with any money I get for christmas.

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Won some Ichiban Kuji prizes recently that just got shipped so I'm happy.

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so cute but the cheap ugly hat ruins it

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I'd have to agree. The hat is pretty ugly compared to the rest of it.

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Requesting more modest maid stuff like this. I don't like it being supah kawaii nyanyan animu despite being a weeb.

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I'm looking for a good quality maid outfit such as >>10047292 , >>>10047203 and >10047758. Any ideas?

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Yeugh, Divina and batty are awful.

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I have a question, what's everyone's opinion about having a ranking system in maid cafes? Or having certain maids at certain level

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I don't see why there would be an issue with it, it's basically the same as any work place having trainees, part timers, supervisors, managers etc.

Speaking of, I absolutely adore how the rankings in Shangrila are assigned by level of chubbiness

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> by chub
my god that’s cute

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A girl who was part of a maid cafe was telling me that having a ranking system causes discourse and bad ethic with other maids

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Anyone have advice for good shoes for maids? Since they're on their feet a lot, comfort should be considered as well as style and coordination, right? Is it okay to wear black shoes with white/colorful maid dresses or should the same color considerations for lolita coords be applied?

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No its not fat girls are gross.

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gtfo ana bitch

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Sorry for your terrible taste

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As an aside, part of me understood why maid cafes will just never really take root in North America to the extent they have in Japan when I read someone observe that Hooters are maid cafes for Americans

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Do people really like seeing maid cosplayers at cons? I wore one recently to a convention and had more asks for photos WITH people than anything else I wore all weekend.

Is it because it's a somewhat rarer look to see around or just because of the novelty?

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Anyone else really hate when the petticoat is too huge for the dress.

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Where do i find these maid outfits?
I use to see the heart keyhole uniforms on taobao but they've disappeared

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From what I remember the third girl actually makes all the uniforms custom for that cafe, so you won't find those specific ones on Taobao, but I've found ones that are similar with the heart keyhole.


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OP pic is a bodyline dress

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How does everyone feel about Maid Miyuu's Graduation?

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I run a small cafe for a con. Personally it doesn't make sense for mine, being an annual event with volunteers. One girl made it very clear she felt having been a maid before somehow made her the boss of the new volunteers, and asked me what her 'new rank' was... I shut that shit down quick... I wouldn't recommend it unless its more of a business or a group with the same regular members.

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Whilst it's sad, I think people who are thinking too deeply about it is kinda silly? She's been a maid for 6 years, it's not something someone will do forever.

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Probably because maids are the most general normie "kawaii animu nippon" thing there is right after serafukus.

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i want to get fucking ravaged in a maid outfit

>> No.10064454

anyone knows where their outfits are from?

>> No.10064480

That's @home cafe, that's their official uniform for them. They're Japan's #1 maid cafe, they sometimes sell their uniforms in their merch shop, but its pricey.

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I want to fucking ravage someone in a maid outfit

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hooters maid cafe?

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thanks anon!

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Murican maid cafe

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Man, I wish murican cafes were usually this cute and un obese

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noob here, I've been into j fashion for years but was hesitant to get into lolita but I really like the maid coords like this. Are all the shops on the spreadsheet for this? Does this qualify as lolita though? it's above the knee by a lot.

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>thinking this is lolita

>> No.10070446

Lenght, lack of details and materials are not very lolita. This classify more as a costume or maid outfit than anything else. Maid lolita is basically still lolita (lolita silhoutte) but with a precise colour scheme (often black and white, but also other solids and white) and an apron.

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I’m ugly tears because Maid Nadeshiko (from Maids of England) is graduating and my heart can’t take it

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>been into j fashion for years
>thinking maids = lolita
I hope you’re trolling

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Can we talk about how Sumuji is better in literally every way than Kat's dumpsterfire?

I've been nothing but impressed, especially because US maid cafes usually breed SJWs/weebs wanting to be "a kawaii uguu maido desu" and they keep that crap to a minimum. While Kat's cafe literally let any uggo in because "we're all beautifull!!! "

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