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Compare this oldschool "short skirt hem with bloomers" classic combo with AP's trend towards longer dresses.

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I love these desu, I think they have a natural kei vibe that I see in very old-school lolita like OP. I just wish there wasn't that nasty lace on the bottom.

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But Moitie and even IW have had ankle length dresses for decades. Why all of a sudden are people shitting their bloomers over AP finally hoppin on the bandwagon?

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They're probably newfags, t b h.

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(one more image to show the other cuts / colorways of the center jsk in the pink/grey colorway)

>>10042042 >>10042043
I remember the longer stuff, but I feel like this is more Gunne Sax inspired than "Lolita but longer".

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I like the longer dresses, because I feel like these can be worn outside lolita more easily, BUT these look like nightgowns to me.
I really liked the thing they did with Otome no Tutu doll though.

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thanks for the heh, youtube

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Longer dresses are still rare and desu these are ugly. They look like bad gunne sax knockoffs that minanoo would sell. The silhouette of a long dress is genuinely different from pairing a knee length dress with bloomers, so to act like those are the same it’s silly.

I think occasionally longer dresses suit classic and gothic because the silouhette is more mature, the dress design is more toned down, but and usually is acompanied by minimal poof.

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Weird request, but do you gulls know of any cotton-candy coloured tartan dresses? Like pic related but with blue/purple as well as pink.

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Everything that VM makes is a masterpiece
I'm crying so bad they're closing down

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It’s possible they might not be? I seem to remember they had a booth at a con recently and the closing wasn’t a 100% sure thing, according to the reps that were there?

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Please don't give me this hope anon
Well either way I'm gonna cry hard
From sadness or relief

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Does the dream sky mto run out when it sells out? Or is there a date it ends? I'm talking about the one on ap usa.

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They were at Hyper Japan in London a couple weeks ago and apparently some lolitas asked them if they were actually closing and they said they weren't sure! There is hope! But they didn't really sell a lot at HJ so... :/

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I didn't go to HJ but I saw the dress they brought (not sure whether they brought others as well) and although I usually like VM I wasn't a fan of that one. Perhaps it was a bad choice? Or maybe it's only me

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>Click here
they did have a few nice regimentals but most were the old floral prints yeah

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Made To Order items don't sell out, that's the entire point of MTO. There is of course a time limit to making reservations, did you look at AP USA's site for information?

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Why don't the hijab lolitas just wear these instead of ruining the look with pants?

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when the heck was this released and how did I miss it

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Can we start calling fatty-chans Roly Polys

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Before Halloween.

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AP has a lot of pastel tartan

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ugh that cut is ugly as sin though.

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It's not ugly, just unflattering if you're chub.

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Who tf is out here selling buttons for 20 bucks

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I was trying to compare how a lot of Lolitas think the short skirt/visible bloomers look is also not very Lolita like how people are talking about AP's new long dresses. Meaning how going to either extreme creates / brings out a lot of strong opinions within the community.

I agree, I like the skirt hem to "float" somewhere above mid-calf. If it's two long it starts to take on too much of a historical vibe instead of a modern look inspired by history.

Exactly. I hope they pick these dresses it.

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Afaik ( I wasn't there), they brought the Lacy Afternoon Series and the matching frill bonnets, Classical Doll and the matching bonnets, Royal Lacy Doll OPs, Rococo Bouquet, both the previous release and the upcoming one and I think matching bonnets for some colourways? Also the handbags they released earlier and the purple underesses sold in Feb this year.

The Rococo Bouquet JSKs were sold as an early release at HJ. They're putting it up online a bit later. What gives me hope that they will remain open is that they mentioned those dresses will be shipped around Feb to March.

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lmfao and it’s only 2 of em

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I did but I must be missing it. Pic related is all I saw

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Only if we can start calling you Crabbypants McChickenlegs.

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nayrt, but it's pretty ugly. Not everyone likes what you like bb.

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Sounds good, let's go

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>Not everyone likes what you like bb.
That goes for the original reply where it was stated to be "ugly". All these opinions are subjective and ya'll are never gonna agree on this

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i've always wondered -

are cutsews generally very short on the torso just because it's assumed you'll be wearing a skirt high up enough on your waist that it won't matter, or are Japanese girls' torsos just...a lot shorter?

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I think it's assumed your breasts will be very small thus you'll need to lay a certain way.

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They're definitely short in order to be worn with skirts that sit at the natural waist, without the need to be tucked in.

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Lolita fashion got censored on Tumblr, again

Is there a new site we can go? Getting real tired of Tumblr going on a purge every time a light is shown on their sex dungeon

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>new site
Well, you're here already.

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Censored? As in the tag?
It baffles me that there is such nasty depraved shit on that website and they think that blocking a word will make it go away, I wish it was that simple.

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Yes, if you search for lolita fashion or look in the lolita fashion tag, you'll find nothing. Supposedly if you include the tag or the name lolita in the description/text of a new post, your post won't appear in search.

Girls are taking to using alternative tags, but you can always just use instagram.

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They blocked literally all tags that are or hint at nsfw no matter if you have safe search on or not. A few days ago, they also randomly mass deleted blogs that rightfully tagged their own post as nsfw.
They say it was a mistake but I'm pretty sure they plan to purge every adult content off the site to please the advertisers. Someone on /g/, who said they worked for the staff, called it back in August. Weirdly enough, all of this happened in the same time 4chan split for the same reason.

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I wish they would stop using this terrible wig, the curls look like weird penises, it's so off-putting.

>> No.10042824

The admins are retards, full stop. They've been censoring anything remotely diet related for years, and when it gets out the site is full with child porn, they start censoring clothes.

Everyone is worried about toddlers getting raped by monsters in human skin, and here the tumblr tards are, patting themselves on the back for a job well done taking down frilly fabric related shit.

>> No.10042826

Too little too late. They should work on cooperating with interpol to get every last pervert on there arrested, instead of just rug sweeping and harassing users who never posted shit like that.

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it's a secret

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Who is HBJ?

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Both. It's this >>10042590, so the cutsew will definitely be way much shorter than T-shirts or other blouses. Ideally they're just long enough to cover the waistbands on skirts and then stop there.

But additionally their major clientele is Japanese or Chinese lolitas, Western girls just don't spend enough buying firsthand. Japanese and Chinese girls mostly aren't all that tall either, most are below ~160cm, so the cutsews are sized for that height.

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Whatever happened to BLM-chan?

>> No.10043019

she's a stripper now.
>black liver matter

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They're not censoring clothes, they purged all nsfw tags and they've always counted lolita as a nsfw tag thanks to the book so bye lolita tag.

Tumblr has sucked for years and i don't get why so many lolitas still use it.

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Those people don't pay attention to any brand besides AP because AP has bigger sizing and has pockets.

>> No.10043053

I have tiny breasts, I'm only 161 cm tall, and I have cutsews that are too short to wear with normal lolita skirts.

>> No.10043066

Ngl I wish IW would add pockets, too. A lot of their more toned down stuff is great for work but the lack of pockets is such a nuisance.

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Wish the jsk came in Royal blue instead of just ivory

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I really dislike ankle length in lolita. In other fashions, if worn without a petticoat, I don't mind. But not for lolita

>> No.10043297

Somebody please wear this with Shirley Temple style hair and be Heidi for a meet!

>> No.10043300

the fuck are you talking about, no one posts their coords here.

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AP *is* the reason behind it. Here is the original ballgown release from way back when. The old post on egl shitting on the length of the dress (among other problems) is probably still up one livejournal somewhere. The general consensus seemed to be that it looked too much like a ballgown and not lolita with the skirt actually hitting the floor.


>>10042149 and >>10042077 are ankle length. The middle and left dresses in >>10042041 actually reaches the floor. The dress on the right actually does not, you’re way too careless picking your dresses. We're lolitas after all, we debate the difference between your skirt being two fingers above your knees (ideal) and being halfway up your thighs (trashy), how are people expecting us to completely gloss over the differences between ankle-length dresses and floor-length dresses? Of course it's a huge deal whether a dress is ankle length or floor length. How are you going to debate the importance of quality on a 1-inch strip of lace when you don't even care that one dress is a whopping 10+cm longer than the other and hits your body at difference places?

>>10042077 is even the same model as >>10042041, showing you that the dress being ankle length vs being floor length is intentional and not just the model being short (I feel like if she's simply too short they wouldn't show her full height anyway, so I think it's intentional to show you the dress is really long).

>> No.10043309

LOL just noticed, also the hair is fraying a bit in the back. isn't this wig from like 2011

>> No.10043318

>AP *is* the reason behind it.
Tell that to my 2001 floor length VM and Moitie.

>> No.10043321


Different anon, but are they truly floor length? Which pieces are they? I'm definitely curious!

I regret selling my ankle length VM dress. Made me feel like a legit Edwardian lady.

>> No.10043394

Hello Bones Jones? that's the only acronym I can think of that would be related to this board.

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Sorry no photos. I feel like if I posted I would out myself here. I’m only 5.3 which is average (if not on the high end of average) compared to Japanese standards so it’s not like I’m very tall or short compared to the body that most brand is made for. It may be closer to egl/ega, but floor length isn’t new, it’s just not incredibly common.
Also I don’t get why anon above thinks AP is so innovational and groundbreaking, especially because that was an aha collaboration, which most Collins at the time(especially wit AYA’s) were borderline cosplay anyways. Not that it’s bad, but brands, especially AP have all done a lot of weird wacko cosplay collabs before, pic related.

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Worn photo too.
Meta is usually sited most, but I love APs wacko non Lolita shit best desu

>> No.10043416


anon above here. It's not groundbreaking.

Between the Aya dress and the Gone with the Wind cosplay dress floor-length dresses were always complained about. Even Moitie would have anons insisting you prove that it was sold in the lolita and not aristocrat section of the webshop, VM dress would probably get the same treatment as the mermaid skirt (ie-debated and complained about).

Now there's a 180 degree turn with people apparently thinking it's totes normal now. You don't find that odd? I could've made a floor-length lolita dress two years ago and be told "it's not lolita" exactly because it's floor length, but AP makes one now and the reaction is "r u high this is normal lmao".

The person posting ankle-length dresses and then conflating them with floor-length dresses is their own class of "not paying attention", though. That has to do with lack of attention to detail than "groundbreaking".

>> No.10043417

>find dd on fril for good price
> seller has 2 colors listed on the same listing so you have to comment what color you want
>other color is sold out
>color i want is still up
>send info to ss via their form
>ss says item is sold out
>email them that it must be a mistake
>they tell me to resubmit via the form again
>resubmit and stay up until 2AM waiting
>same issue
>send angry email showing how it's clearly up and people are asking the seller questions
>no reply yet

fuck this unfrilly, gay earth.

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The Taobao gwtw dress was very much a cosplay, not Lolita. No one is saying it’s normal and happens all the time, people are saying it’s not new and not groundbreaking. Is it going to be trendy now? Maybe. Rectangle headdresses have come back to popularity(in their own way) and even old school/traditional Lolita has made a resurgence. However, again, it isn’t new, and AP isn’t doing anything new or groundbreaking. It’s an updated version of something tried and true, it’s just using the new trendy material like chemical lace, chiffon and tulle (compared to the cotton and pintucks of the past) but the length itself is not new.

>> No.10043453

use an actual good SS

>> No.10043555

Like which

>> No.10043766

>I feel like if I posted I would out myself here.
you're not the only person who owns 2001 VM and moitie. Stop already. You're not special and no one cares who you are.

>> No.10043827

Nayrt but why so salty? I don’t post my own photos here either because my room and wardrobe is easily recognizable and I have too many drama hungry teens in my comm who think their hot shit for posting of ~4chins~ and I don’t want to attract their attention, positive OR negative.

>> No.10043849

Because I'm tired of convenient ass arguments. No shit anons are chicken shit who won't post, why else would they be anon?

Are you too stupid to work a camera that you don't know how to take a picture of a dress without showing all of your fucking room?

>> No.10043850

>convenient ass arguments
welcum 2 4cn

>> No.10043854

Right? why even talk about how you won't post your personal stuff then. So useless.

>> No.10044060

Because posting identifying photos makes you not anon?

>> No.10044100

>Ass arguments
No ur butt

>> No.10044141

Lolitas use it because Facebook sucks and LJ died

>> No.10044147

I already said this but you're too dumb to read an entire post.

You can take a photo of a dress without showing where you live, you fucking numb skull. It's ok. You're too fucking stupid to do this properly even if you really do have the dresses, which you don't.

>> No.10044157

We're all paranoid apparently

>> No.10044172

ffs lay it down on a plain bedsheet or hang it from your curtain rod after throwing a bedsheet up on it. Or keep lying your ass off.

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File: 169 KB, 750x630, AD86AF05-11DF-47B9-8DF8-DADBC05B80DD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are these replicas, anyone? They look really IWish to me. Lurkin doesn’t show much, so I can’t prove that.

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File: 359 KB, 720x1018, 12082015-web2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New Meta Release
>Queen Flocked Asymmetry Frill Dress
>Opens November 30

>> No.10044360

>not being able to identify a lolita by her wardrobe

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Best place to find a wig styled like this?

>> No.10044386

most likely replicas. The original is probably something like Liz Lisa

>> No.10044405

You can't identify someone from one single dress you jackass.

>> No.10044409

More like anons love to roleplay like they own so uwu rare pieces and then pull the "but cgl is meanies" card as soon as you catch them in a lie.

>> No.10044422

that blue green color is amazing, and I adore Meta's flocky stuff.
anon mentioned more than one dress. stop being a dick. outing herself would most likely cause major issues in her comm. it's about dress length not anything groundbreaking that an anon would need to lie about.

>> No.10044425

She's not the only person who owns VM and moitie. Cgl may have some dumb ass anons who think they are l33t interweb detectives but they're not. If they were, we'd of identified hwc.
Quit being so fucking gullible.

>> No.10044428

Wasn't there a good guess about HWC's identity though?

>> No.10044431

Which was? Also no one actually ID'd her. It was still just a guess.

>> No.10044432 [DELETED] 

Stop acting stupid, it’s annoying as shit. It’s not fucking H&M, even few brand dresses make a pattern that may help you identify someone out of the lolitas you know personally or follow on daily basis. One must be complete lonelita with zero social media presence to stay anonymous here.

>> No.10044440

Semi unrelated but I thought this outfit wasnt released to the public?

>> No.10044442

Nayrt but a few years back someone posted a photo of their dresses hanging in their closet and I was able to identify them despite never being in their house or seeing pictures of their room. She was a shit stirrer so once she was outed she flounced from the comm. it’s entirely possible and incredibly easy to identify people by which dresses they post.

>> No.10044445

I've posted my wardrobe here and wasn't identified. We all have anecdotes. Seriously doubt we can id anon from a single moitie piece or vm. Pretty sure anon was lying to win an argument and then conveniently covering their tracks.

>> No.10044450

Just because no one posted your name or called you out in that thread doesn't mean you weren't identified.

>> No.10044451

>it’s entirely possible and incredibly easy to identify people by which dresses they post.

So uhm if someone asks for proof what you gonna say? If the dress conditions are good and the dress is on a solid colour blanket I doubt you can say anything....

>> No.10044455

I bet that anon will be first to back off or post other people’s pics when it comes to wardrobe posting. I know this kind of hypocritical twats who encourage people post their personal stuff while using every opportunity to stay anonymous. I happened to know such bitch personally, DO NOT EAT THIS BAIT GULLS!

>> No.10044458

I’m sure people who worry about being outed on cgl don’t post sales on cgl

>> No.10044462

Proof your theory, anon! Post your wardrobe and let us guess

>> No.10044466

UPD: picture with time stamp in raw

>> No.10044475

I could probably post a dress with me in it and people still wouldn't have the slightest idea about who I am...

>> No.10044481

fuck off metaposter

>> No.10044483

shush, Santa won't bring you anything if you keep behaving like this

>> No.10044487

everyone lying and playing like no one can be ID'd are definitely the first to post shit like
>well, it's known X posts here so [insert bitter hatred]

>> No.10044495

I’m the original asker but if anon feels uncomfortable no need to dogpile her geez. I get it.

We should have a long length Lolita thread though.

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File: 766 KB, 739x707, yareyare.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this kind of behavior is why people are embarrassed or ashamed to be associated with cgl in the first place

>> No.10044562

This kind of behavior is why people assume everyone who posts here is a shithead so...

>> No.10044592

Go to the stupid questions thread.

>> No.10044596

this looks like bodyline shit tho, do better ap

>> No.10044650

Is it true that the kinkiest of us are often those who look the most cute and proper?
It might be kinda lolita unrelated but i noticed that my friends into a more classic kind of sweet or "simple" sweet were often reaaally kinky.
I'm probably speculating though,i'm sure there are gothic lolitas and OTT sweet lolitas that are super kinky too.

>> No.10044652

No, what the fuck. The only thing joining all lolitas is a desire to wear the frilly shit. What they do in the frilly shit differs majorly between people. Maybe you just happen to have friends who are all into the same stuff, doesn't mean all sweet lolitas are.

>> No.10044673

I, too, think it is a coincidence.

>> No.10044693

Correlation does not equal causation. OTT sweet and incredibly kinky, elegant gothic and too vanilla to even hold hands, mature sweet and mildly kinky, we come in all sorts.

>> No.10044694

Oops meant to reply to >>10044650

>> No.10044700

yup that's what i thought. Just found it mildly funny to think about. But that's for the best that it isn't true,or else lolitas would face even more weirdness coming from thirsty men because they would be seen as "easy to fuck" or some bullshit.

>> No.10044765

Nayrt but fuck you

>> No.10044770
File: 30 KB, 369x496, 1542765464217.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let people like things you autist.

>> No.10044776

metaposter is based. go away

>> No.10044779

I masturbate once every 2 weeks and have never kissed a boy. very kinky.

>> No.10044784

>gonna move to the US
>no more neetbux or living with parents with 250$ to spend on myself every month
>probably will have to start with a minimum wage job given it'll be my first job
>don't know how long it'll be until i can afford lolita again
I don't want to live paycheck to paycheck,but if i wanna live with my fiancée i need to do it. She's already burning out working 50 hours trying to afford everything so I gotta help her.

How do you cope with being a poorfag/having a long time period where you can't afford lolita, gulls? I'm scared to fall into depression again with all the money related stress we're gonna face as i search for a job and I used to cope with muh anxiety by shopping online.
I mean,I'm gonna survive not buying frilly dresses but damn it's gonna bum me out.

>> No.10044791


>> No.10044798

Another kissless virgin here and I do it once every few days. I also wear "a more classic kind of sweet or "simple" sweet" as anon described. Interesting observation, but I don't think there's a causation relationship between kinkiness and looking proper or vice-versa.

>> No.10044801

window shop instead of buying, take out your dresses and look at them or rearrange them when you think about buying more lolita, plan new coords, etc

>> No.10045027

Wish I hadn't bought 3 HLs this year, this is great but I don't need more flocky

>> No.10045030

Already been asked both there and the wig thread lately, with no good answers. There is a really ita weird orange pink one on Taobao and that's all I can find

>> No.10045056

Woah guys, you can upload gifs to LM listings? I just saw one while looking through the New Listings, it's blowing my mind.

>> No.10045058

I've been wanting to get into lolita recently and have been looking at a lot of dresses on lacemarket but they're all seemingly too big for me. My measurements are bust 80cm waist 70cm hip 88cm. I'm 161cm. All the dresses I'm seeing have larger bust and waist measurements than I do. Am I doomed to have to adjust all my dresses?

>> No.10045059
File: 124 KB, 720x704, IMG_20181128_022611.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Haha oh boy here we go Poop chan got featured in On The Look

>> No.10045062

kek she's already being roasted in the comments. Called a Toshi rip off ten minutes in

>> No.10045063

Who is poop Chan? Girlypoot?

>> No.10045069

look in the comments there are mad deets of her past endeavors

>> No.10045070

If it was so dire then how come nothing happened?

>> No.10045071

You just have to deal with it. Accept that you had it good before, enjoy the dresses you already have and try to coord them in different ways. Learn to bargain shop. Learn to buy only the dresses that truly make your heart flutter, and let go the flavor of the month. These days there are a ton of cheap $100 and under lolita main pieces on LM.

>> No.10045074

What brands are you looking at? If it's AP, they've been trending bigger for quite awhile, and has been releasing a lot of sack dresses with massive measurements. Also remember you'll want ~5cm ease for breathing and blouses, and corset lacing can take stuff in a couple cm if it's just a bit large.

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File: 59 KB, 720x510, IMG_20181128_030332.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This whole FB thread is too good

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File: 166 KB, 1300x956, alone-and-sad-japanese-girl-in-lolita-fashion-sitting-on-bench-tokyo-CT1N6P.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What events other than SFE are there for next year? I want to fill up my calender so I can stop being sad that I missed out on it

>> No.10045108

Learn to craft or sew and work on your wardrobe in smaller ways. Make some really cool and unique accessories! Good luck anon.

>> No.10045111

I was looking mostly at AP and Baby. They have a lot of nice designs. It's a shame to hear that AP is getting bigger like that, but you gotta be inclusive I suppose. I wasn't aware of the 5cm leeway or adjustable backs. That's actually really good to hear. I'll probably just buy a dress to test the waters and compare it on my body before buying more. Thanks for the tips anon.

>> No.10045135


>> No.10045136

Older AATP runs small, and if the piece has corset lacing and waist ties it's easy to make it fit decently as long as it's not one of the bigger new releases. VM and MM with corset lacing might also fit you

>> No.10045176

I'm super poor in terms of this fashion, with the exception of 3 dresses every brand item I own was bought during the sales. Accept you probably won't be getting any of the major releases and try to get creative with what you can snag, lolita doesn't become less fun when you're not getting something new every month

>> No.10045179

check for lacing, many dresses have corset lacing in the lack which can significantly tighten them

>> No.10045181

Okay then I will share the secret with you. There is no perfect place to find this exact wig because these have been worn and styled and if you want the exact same thing you have to style it yourself.
Try Bodyline (no lie, get the long twintail wig and a short bob wig and put them together. I've seen a few girls do this), or Arda, or Dreamholic, or epiccosplay, or go down the taobao rabbit hole by figuring out search terms and clicking through listings. You have also given us three different wigs to find for you. Look at them. There is a hime styled wig, a fluffy curls wig, and two twintail wigs. Which one do you want?????? Ugh. Stay in the stupid questions thread.

>> No.10045186

Not a problem Anon.

Baby tends to run a bit smaller than AP, and the older the dress the smaller it's likely to be no matter what brand it is, just as another tip. I'm not an AP fan, so one of them could probably give you more fit details. For Baby/Aatp stuff from around 2010 should fit you fine, early 2000s might be small.

Having a few cm of wearing ease is really important, and variable depending on the cut but 5cm is a good estimate (you might find you prefer more or less). As for corset lacing and the like, you can get a few cm smaller with corset lacing and waist ties, but not much more before it looks really strange and bulky in back (trust me). If you're concerned about fit and new, start with a JSK maybe? There's a lot of ways JSKs can be altered and it's much easier than altering an OP.

>> No.10045220

Here's the secret. Buy skirts. They have smaller measurements and brand blouses are made for your bust.

>> No.10045223

Nyart but all of them

>> No.10045253

I thought Japanese girls had long torsos relative to the length of their legs?

>> No.10045254

then do as anon advised

>> No.10045255

go get a wig that's close enough and style it yourself dumbshit

>> No.10045258

>get the long twintail wig and a short bob wig and put them together
ntayrt but what do you mean, "put them together"? Like on top of each other or what?

>> No.10045322

Really? Put on the short bob wig, and clip in the two twintails. They have claw grips

>> No.10045326

Key word here is relative

>> No.10045331

going to japan at the end of the year.
Want to get some real lolita cords.
Any shops you can advice?
Also thinking of buy and sell some pieces any ones you guys think might make me some extra cash for my trip?

>> No.10045340

Point proven.

>> No.10045381

What brands do you like? Check on their websites for locations and visit them in store. If their prices are out of your budget, look into visiting Closet Child and other secondhand stores with brick and mortar locations like Maiden Clothing.

>thinking of buy and sell some pieces
What do you mean by this? If you want to try to make money off of selling lolita clothes then please don't, our secondhand market is relatively small and already has notorious scalpers, no one wants this.

>> No.10045384

>Reselling from CC
Lol I can only imagine, they rarely have good deals compared to usagiyouhinten when they were active, and other jp shops. Only good compared to freaking WW

>> No.10045388


*CRIES* it was my favourite secondhand store and I bought my first lolita dress there. I was genuinely sad when it closed down.

Btw, is CC stuff overpriced? I thought it was okay

>> No.10045405

CC stuff can be decently priced online, depending on what the item is, but they have much better deals in stores.

>> No.10045408 [DELETED] 

I hate adult women.

How the fuck do you even live with yourselves? You're disgusting and fat and hideous and you're riddled with cellulite and wrinkles.

Stop pretending to be cute little girls. You're not a little girl. Little girls are amazing but you're just a fat fucking white who's passed her prime.

>> No.10045423

I'm going to wear lolita until I'm a wrinkly old grandma :)

>> No.10045425

Why can't we announce reports and sage on this board? I tried searching about this rule but coudln't find an explanation, specially for sage.

Also, stop spamming this same old bait on every thread. No one cares.

>> No.10045426

Get this bait spammer of the board already. It's boring.

>> No.10045427 [DELETED] 
File: 324 KB, 1505x800, 1542096245680.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're already an old wrinkly grandma.

>> No.10045428 [DELETED] 

Fatty. You're horrific lace outfits can't hide the fact you're aging like the crypt keeper.

You will never be as pretty as a young girl.

>> No.10045430

I think that’s a global rule; back in the 2000s people would shit up entire threads just announcing SAGE SAGE SAGE to force a post into autosage like fucking idiots.

The nice thing is, /cgl/‘s janitors are really on top of things in recent years. Reported stuff rarely takes very long to disappear, I wish more people knew to do it.

>> No.10045432

It was a form of self-moderation. Reminder: sage goes in all fields.

>> No.10045434 [DELETED] 
File: 77 KB, 760x974, 1543232517001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because hideous cows moderate this board for free and ban anything that offends them or their floppy roast beef vaginas.

You can't hide from the truth forever. You're a hideous cow in a dress hoping to be cute but you're nothing but an old hag part her prime.

>> No.10045435

I think the problem here is that anon doesnt realize what those wigs look like in back. Bob+twintail has always looked like weird trash, because that’s not how hair works.

Anon who’s looking for “a wig like that” - you want a Chibi from arda (or similar pigtail wig) plus two pre-styled claw clip tails. But you’ll still have to do a lot of work yourself to make it look halfway decent. If you need more handholding than that, go to the stupid questions or help threads; this is pretty basic shit.

>> No.10045436

In theory, ya. In practice, it was spam.

>> No.10045437

What went wrong with Closetchild? I remember they used to have pretty decent prices a few years ago and their update schedule was really tight. Now the online shop seems to update whenever they feel like it and the amount of Lolita vs other stuff is pretty small.

>> No.10045438

It's not super overpriced but in my experience I always end up having to sell for less on the Western market when I get things on CC that don't work. Westerners are too cheap to pay $150-$180 for less popular prints and $30-$35 for matching headbows

>> No.10045455

I have no idea but it's disheartening to see. Not to say that it's the only source for good secondhand lolita, but there was something exciting about going on CC when the scheduled update went up and snatching up the good finds before anyone else.
Oh, well.

>> No.10045459

no. look at the thumbnail. does that look like k8 to you?

>> No.10045480

Ohh you made it sound like 2 entire wigs, not just a bob and some claw clip extensions.

>> No.10045488

wow this is creepy as shit dude

>> No.10045653

Well who is she then? Not everyone knows about all the drama.

>> No.10045659
File: 155 KB, 420x1452, 1543436433665.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10045661

I just got my first meta dress and oh, the construction! It's beautifully made. When was the last time you were able to say "wow, this piece is just so well made, it deserves to be priced at $300 etc"? Tell me your stories, I'm just happy.

>> No.10045663
File: 396 KB, 1136x1110, lady sloth.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone else having problems with Lady Sloth?

I ordered from two separate reservations and wanted to combine the shipping. She said no biggy. I didn't get tracking and messaged her >pic related.

>> No.10045667

Hope this gets solved! Please do keep us updated.

I've never had problems with LS before, but I've been buying mostly through LM with them.

My last time was when I bought an oldschool piece from Moitie and, besides it being made of polyester, the construction of the peiece was flawless. The lining, the lace, everything was so on point!

>> No.10045682
File: 241 KB, 300x168, korilakkuma.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just got an email. Looks like they JUST shipped it a few hours ago.

So I like ordered these two things in July & Aug. They sent me a final payment paypal request in Oct, which is usually what they do when the items are ready to ship. I paid immediately and heard nothing for a month (start of the pic DM). Still hear nothing, messaged again. Then I got a paypal request to finish paying, which I already did.
I canceled the request and sent and email, no response, then got that message yesterday. Which I think is a total BS, made up reasoning for not having my items shipped. I guess I just got lost in their messed up system of ordering.

Even though I like their designs a LOT, I think they just put too many out too often and that's why more order got lost in all the confusion.

Good thing I was on top of it and kept messaging them.

>> No.10045683

Honestly when I became too poor to afford new dresses I ended up having a lot more on my mind. Distraction works wonders. You will be distracted by your new job and your new life and making new friends etc., plus you already have your existing wardrobe. You won't missing getting new dresses too much, honestly.

>> No.10045688

When I have money to spend = no dresses I want online
When I don't have money to spend = all my dream dresses are up for sale!

>> No.10045690

Same, anon

>> No.10045709

same. always happens that way for me.

>> No.10045718

Other than your waist those seem like good measurements. You'll be able to fit into pretty much any AP or BABY dress you want, some skirts might be too small though.

>> No.10045752

god she's so fat & the definition of white trash

>> No.10045775

When it's lucky pack season and I have money to spend = country-wide postal strike and massive international mail delays

>> No.10045981
File: 260 KB, 540x454, tumblr_inline_p22lu5e4Sq1rroo5z_540.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your best bet is to buy a normal twin tails and follow a hime gyaru twin tails styling tutorial, I don't think you'll have much luck finding that volume elsewhere

>> No.10045982

Really specific question, but does anyone know of any blouses with VERY puffy 3/4 sleeves? i'm talking HUGE puff

>> No.10045983

Sissy costume stores.

>> No.10046036

1980s formal wear on ebay

>> No.10046063

I was very lucky and got my Spooky Macarons JSK early but it looks like most people didn't get theirs until after Halloween. I think she just mishandled the preorders. Theres no reason people should be getting a Halloween dress in December.

>> No.10046096

I'm very close in measurements to you, anon (81 bust, 66 waist, 91 hip, 167-168 tall), and when I started I had the same fears of things being too big. But when I bought my first AP dress, it fit just fine, no alterations. Like someone else said, your blouse will actually play a large part in "bulking" you out, on top of your bra (just going to assume you wear one). Corset lacing is your friend and can make things snap more to your body. Waist ties will also help with your waist. But by no means would dresses be falling off of you without these. I even fit into fully shirred JSKs, like Magic Princess, Toy Parade, and Melody Toys. The only problems I've had were with OPs being too large in the chest and waist, so sometimes they look a tad baggy.

>> No.10046169

i feel like i've entered 2007 meta looking at this dress, I love it

>> No.10046187

For reference:
80cm bust, 60cm waist, 90cm hips, 43cm shoulders, 165cm tall anon here.

The brand I've tried:
- VM: this is the brand I have the most experience with. Good fit, sometimes loose on the waist, sleeves are just long enough. An off-shoulder JSK didn't fit because it was too big (T_T).
- MM: good fit.
- Meta: slightly too big not only on the waist but also on the chest and shoulders. Not too noticeable though.
- Shirley/ETC: perfect fit, almost tight on the shoulders.
- AP: good fit.
- BTSSB: good fit.
- Bodyline: some dresses in M size are too small and a little tight on the chest, other than that good fit.

>> No.10046195

You meant to say your shoulders are 33cm wide, right

>> No.10046226
File: 660 KB, 800x330, boz 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

From Boz

>> No.10046227 [DELETED] 
File: 424 KB, 357x500, boz 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10046228
File: 110 KB, 640x800, boz 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10046240

I have different measurements (92 bust, 72 waist) and full shirring is awful at my size, the best I can hope for is quarter shirring in bigger dresses like Baby has sometimes. Full back shirring dresses don't come far enough around me in front, the shirring is visible on the sides. Fuck Meta. AP is better but I still prefer quarter shirring in larger sizes and their quarter shirring is usually on the smaller side

>> No.10046242

>3 HL
Jesus Christ woman. Are you trying to catch 'em all or something?

>> No.10046243

In Europe there's Modern Doll Fest in August and a ton of 3F teaparties in France and Italy.

>> No.10046251

I was thinking whether I should go to the 3F tea party or not... I have never bought firsthand lolita and I don't think I can afford something, especially with the event and moving costs. Is it worth it if I go there and can't buy anything? Even if I enjoy myself in the end it would just be a money loss :/ ughgh

>> No.10046274

I bet they did, Fahr. I bet they did.

>> No.10046279

Depending on the skirt they might be too small for a 70cm waist, though. I have a 65cm waist and tons of skirts but many of them are quite snug, especially older ones.

>> No.10046283

Apologies in advance anons, I would post this in the online communities thread but it's past bump limit and there isn't a new one yet.

What is the general opinion of the lolita amino? As in, how is it as a community? Compared to the Facebook groups? I'm thinking about giving it a try but I've never used amino before so I don't really know how it works and if it's worth the hassle. I know a lot of itas seem to hang out there and provide material for the ita thread, and there was some drama related to it that was talked about in the tail end of the last/currently still up online communities thread, but is it actually alright as a platform and community?

>> No.10046286

Last I checked it was full of literal 13-year-olds and the drama you’d expect from that demographic, but that was at least half a year ago.

>> No.10046291

That drama I mentioned revolved primarily around angry 12 year olds or something so that sounds about right still, unfortunately. I had a scroll through the content and it seems like it's primarily coord posting? CoF lite?

>> No.10046298

I swear I have seen either AtPie/Sheglit/Excentrique release some. Maybe even Physical Drop. I'll try to find some current listings for you.

>> No.10046306

I check it daily, but don't post anything. I literally have 0 online presence except for 4chan.

It's a lot of Itas. Like a lot. However, there are enough older and experienced lolitas to give constructive criticism where it's due. It's not all asspats - more than I'd like but less than you'd expect.

The mod team went through an overhaul recently and basically the oldest and most active members became mods and they do a good job of keeping the place clean. Spam/kinkshit/literal 12 year old asking dumb questions get removed instantly.

>> No.10046309

so I found this by Sheglit but it's probably not as dramatically puffy as you want. You're going to want to search through the out-of-the-box brands, like Alice Auaa, Visible, Gloomth (very hit or miss) or some Taobao shops like Surface Spell Gothic and Amastacia?
You could probably commission an indie brand like Elegy to make one for you...
I hope this helps!

>> No.10046359

I really liked it since it first came out and the orange and teal were just so perfect in addition to the normal colors (chose my favorite of the older colors)

>> No.10046374
File: 173 KB, 740x1199, DtKgZimU0AAsbkE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think you guys might like that manga

>> No.10046381

it's pretty lackluster as far as being a "community". i hate that its mobile only, its mostly 14 y/os, and the chat feature is useless bc its 14 y/os... the only good lolitas just cross post from their fb or insta to it.

>> No.10046394

Is anyone working on a translation yet?

>> No.10046396

>orange and teal

>> No.10046429

Oh my heart. Someone please translate it,sounds like a wholesome story

>> No.10046525
File: 164 KB, 1153x477, Prime Internal Torment™.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I thought it would be fine to sell to people who do not yet have feedback but holy crap.
these buyers don't even attempt to read the rules are even seller's terms of sale before buying. I've had to relist 2 items so far and possibly 3 soon if this current iffy one keeps ignoring messages and not paying.

>> No.10046561

why the fuck would you even try to sell this trash on LM? looks cheap, not lolita... and you're bitching?

>> No.10046563

that's not what they're selling. it's a reaction image, you goat. Look at the file name, look at the text on the image that says "roll over image to zoom in on my suffering."

>> No.10046582

>getting this angry about a reaction image
anon, are you ok?

>> No.10046588
File: 500 KB, 1080x1580, 20181129_150508.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wonder if anyone else got news or updates with their purchase.

Did anyone use Tenshishop for this release? Have you gotten any news from her?

>> No.10046624

>weird penises
Ffs anon, I will never unsee this.

>> No.10046653

It's not mobile only now though.

>> No.10046685
File: 582 KB, 595x840, 247D17FA-E294-462A-AE32-B83F6FFD403F.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My dude I’m still waiting to hear about Sweetie Violet.

>> No.10046687

I have very similar measurements to you (91/70), and I actually really like full shirring. I think it's comfy and cute, and since I'm not a whale it doesn't look stretched out and gross. It looks like it's supposed to. But that's just me. Quarter shirring is nice too for a more smooth/less frumpy look. You honestly should be able to fit into quarter shirred Meta, I've owned several pieces and never had an issue with it. I've never owned a half shirred dress but I can imagine why they could potentially be unflattering.

>> No.10046691

Not worth it just like everyone else said. I tried it for like an hour and then deleted my account and moved on lol

>> No.10046705
File: 412 KB, 640x640, d9a6af4a6f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I bought my first lolita dress today! It's so gorgeous. I wanted it in Pink and White but they didn't have it in stock so I got it in Blue and White instead. I bought it off Lolita Wardrobe. I also have a question, now I need to buy a petticoat for it and I'm wondering how they get it so very very poofy in the sample pictures. What are the absolute poofiest bell shaped pettis I can get?

>> No.10046707

The Wunderwelt original petti is pretty freakin huge. It's actually too huge for some of my dresses so I rarely use it lol

>> No.10046720

Do you mean huge as in too long for the dress? It's a bit difficult because I can't find the length of the actual skirt of the dress anywhere, so I don't know what length petti to get. How long is the Wunderwelt original?

>> No.10046726

I "fit" quarter shirred Meta but it looks terrible, the front seams pull while the shirring doesn't lay right (looks lumpy and feels uncomfortable). And then their full shirring dresses don't come far enough around, the shirring is barely visible from the front. Maybe my shoulders are broader than yours or something else about my build is ruining the look. But I always feel very overstuffed when I have shirring stretched too far

>> No.10046764

If someone could direct me to where the first chapters are I could knock out a handful in a few days. I can't typeset for shit though so you'll have to endure that.

>> No.10046765

It's 45 cm long according to the website. It should be fine, by "huge" I meant poofy af. The only dresses I have it won't fit lengthwise are shorter oldschool pieces so you should be good with the one you just ordered.
I see. Isn't it wild how two people with almost the same measurements can have totally different fit issues? I'm a bit on the broad shouldered side too, so must be something else. Maybe your rib cage is wider? I have a friend who has had struggles fitting certain brand pieces brand due to that even though she's smaller all over than I am.

>> No.10046778

nayrt but it looks like it's in that greentext link?

>> No.10046779

I heard the earlier chapters get deleted as more come out... Hopefully the early ones resurface eventually but you might want to start with what's currently available anyway in case it gets deleted! And thanks so much anon, I'd put up with MS Paint typesetting if it meant I could read it

>> No.10046781

How does this reader work? It's very confusing

>> No.10046801

How fat are you, anon? I'm a tall girl and "bigger" for lolita 93cm bust and 76cm waist and meta looks fine on me. The shirring isn't stretched out or "not laying right" etc.

>> No.10046821

Nayrt, its length is about 45cm so pretty standard for a petticoat. It's huge in terms of volume. How long is this dress? You might be able to guesstimate the skirt portion by the overall length.

>> No.10046825

The size of the dress is 102 cm long. It also seems to come down below the knees, I've heard that the model wearing it is 163cm and I'm only slightly shorter than that. So maybe it's a 40cm bodice and a 60cm skirt? Or maybe around 50 50?

>> No.10046833
File: 343 KB, 630x957, Screenshot_2018-11-30-07-27-19(1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Been debating buying pic related.
However, I think it's weird is how the JSK is US$162 in the official shop but on LM it's being sold for about US$75 (good condition). I mean, sure second hand is different, but I still think the price difference is pretty big. Does R-series not have good quality or am I overthinking things here, gulls?

>> No.10046838

Definitely overthinking. Chinese brands generally sell for a lot less second hand unless its a really coveted piece (KL jellyfish, Nameless Poem back in the 1st release, etc).

>> No.10046925

Bottom left is gorgeous but I hate high waist cuts. Guess I'll have to find a cute black bustier.

>> No.10046938

The length will be about 60cm for the skirt, most dresses around the 90cm mark have 50cm length skirts and longer dresses tend to just have the length added in the skirt rather than the bodice (otherwise you would have a very drop waisted dress that fitted oddly)
A 45cm petticoat may be a bit short, maybe look on Taobao at Aurora and Ariel for a longer one - ideally you want your petticoat around 5cm shorter or you'll get drop-off, and too long will show.

>> No.10046955
File: 271 KB, 640x960, d78d8a577a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do they even manage to get such a bell shape with a skirt like this? All the pettis I'm finding more A line in shape due to the length and would not achieve this effect.

>> No.10046956

Maybe crinoline with petti on top?

>> No.10046964

That and possibly stacking pettis, or just photoshop

>> No.10046998
File: 108 KB, 600x800, 98771135767.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That amount of poof definitely looks like a good petticoat on top of a cage skirt/crinoline. There's a great one on Etsy iirc, pic related, not sure if the seller is still around tho.

>> No.10047017

nayrt but a couple of years ago I was at 78 cm flat chest, 64 waist, 43 cm shoulders and 164 cm tall so it is possible.

>> No.10047022
File: 59 KB, 595x842, 大切なお知らせ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

VM's message about closing.
Would a kind anon please translate it?

>> No.10047032

Here's a Google translate.
Thank you very much for your continued patronage of Victorian maiden. This year, including the first sale at the beginning of the year, at the time of closing the press room, we have developed various projects such as "20th Anniversary Project" commemorating the 20th anniversary of "Closing Sale" Activities We have made a great deal of contributions to everyone I was able to have support and celebrated the end of this year. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the staff. It was a year supported by the warm support of everyone, but this time Victorian maiden had the end of December 2018 and it will be a briefing to end the current brand activity once. Thank you very much for your patronage over 20 years. From the spring of 2019 we are planning to develop a new Victorian maiden, mainly for new products. We have decided to make decisions thanks to the many people who have used this year all year. We will strive to be sincere and sincerely than ever, so we are happy to be with you as soon as we can wait for the next report. Victorian maiden staff Inc.

>> No.10047039

Oh my god this makes me so happy, I'm going to regularly throw my money at them when they reopen. I love you VM

>> No.10047041

>a new victorian maiden
Watch them go the AP route and start pandering to the noveau riche Chinese with tacky polyester OTT lacemonsters

>> No.10047042

I'm so happy they aren't 100% closing down!

>> No.10047097

Or they’re getting acquired/working more closely with Wunderwelt, like Moite.
That’s the future I want to see. I’m mostly grateful they’re only closing down temporarily!

>> No.10047098

Did someone ever experience something missing from their closet child order? I let them ship it to my tenso address together with other stuff but when it arrived, a choker I ordered from CC was missing.

>> No.10047107

I had this happen once, and I actually I did not even notice since I had forgotten what I ordered, but a couple weeks later they emailed me and said they realized their mistake and were sending me the item. I bet if you contact them you will get a refund or they will ship it.

>> No.10047126
File: 426 KB, 500x600, 2D0EE067-ADC4-479D-BF62-E309378D72B8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just bought my first sweet dress off of Maiden Clothing today!
I am strictly a gothic lolita so this is very out of style for me, but I really love vintage themed prints since I feel like they can be worn in a more mature way that suits my look better.

For those who own Diner Doll in mint, when looking for accessories, should I look for more of a sax color or mint? The color of this one seems kind of in-between so maybe someone who has coorded it can tell me which work better. Also, does anyone have any AP jewelry or OTKs that they can recommend for me to search for second hand that go particularly well with this one? I will be coording this with a white blouse and the JSK came with the headbow, so I'm set there, just need legwear and jewelry ideas.

>> No.10047130

> 171 cm tall
> 85 bust
> 72 waist
> 36 shoulders
> 91 hip

am i too fucked for old school? i'm trying to lose weight

>> No.10047132

Not at all, I’m 176cm tall with a 90cm bust and 70cm waist and there’s plenty of old school that fits me great. My only problem is bodices being too short, but most pieces fit me very well save for small fitted items, so you should do just fine if not better.

>> No.10047133

Just avoid unshirred skirts

>> No.10047135

I have the same height as you. Try to aim for a 68cm waist. It's a realistic goal for that height that you should be able to keep it without starving yourself. A lot of things will never fit you unless you turn into stick mode. But for that you will have to drastically change your lifestyle forever.

>> No.10047152

I posted my measurements upthread, 91-92 bust about 70-72 waist fluctuating throughout the day.

I'm muscular more than fat, is that the problem? Or are you just stretching out dresses and not realizing it looks bad

>> No.10047157

Nayrt but I think I depends on which dress you're wearing. I have partially shirred meta that's super stretchy, and some that has no give at all

>> No.10047163

thanks gulls, that's reassuring. i'm aiming for a <70 cm waist so

>> No.10047171

Why don't western lolitas have/use twitter? At least the feed is chronological and all the brands are there. + You aren't limited to your own original content in order to stay active. Is is just that "likes" on twitter aren't the same as insta's, thus not working for a quick ego boost?

>> No.10047172 [DELETED] 

I think they will just do it like most modern brands and go onlinestore only with a warehouse.

>> No.10047174

I don't think they will switch to a different lolita style rather that becoming a lolita-inspired casual brand.

>> No.10047175

It's not chronological anymore.

Your problem won't be your fat, it'll be your height. Meta will be the most forgiving as far as that goes.

>> No.10047179

same tb.h

>> No.10047187

If that's anything like IW White's casual lolita, I'm game.

>> No.10047197

In all honesty I hope they don't go the casual route.
I love VM and have bought a lot from them over the years, but I buy it because it's elegant, tailored, and sometimes just so detailed and luxurious. I'm not much into paying $$$ for casual clothes, I'm into paying the big bucks for the really luxurious detailed stuff, and will gladly continue to do so so long as they keep making it.

I've bought stuff from IW White and whereas I like it I'd rather buy from their regular line for the higher quality and detail, too. What I hope VM is talking about would be a new VM where they still make the same kind of stuff they do not but really branch to a new market like Moitie did. New VM with same elegance and quality, but multiple sizes, easier overseas ordering, and more regular releases and branching into new color and design choices would be ideal.

>> No.10047272 [DELETED] 

I hope brands never start catering to plus size girls fatties do not entry

>> No.10047274

I don't mind if they do. Thin girls will always look better, anyways

>> No.10047276

They already do though?

>> No.10047280
File: 36 KB, 479x364, IMG_20181130_165045.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Praise Mana for the shit storm we are about to receive, amen

>> No.10047281

I think they already do? I'm definitely not skinny, but I'm tall and muscular with a bit of chub and AP shirred back shit is WAY TOO BIG. and I have a hella big ribcage...

>> No.10047282

which ones specifically? in my experience their shirred pieces aren't too big and they have corset lacing to make them smaller, their unshirred pieces are

>> No.10047290

All the AP i have is older LP stuff, maybe that's why? all I know is that it looks super big on me. I have tons of older shirred, some even fully, meta and it fits well and isn't too big.

>> No.10047300

Just a quick update for you, I've got the translation 95% done (just smoothing it out a bit honestly) and I'm nearly 10 pages into typesetting. Might be able to get it up late tonight or sometime tomorrow.

>> No.10047313

it's gone?

>> No.10047323

Nayrt, but thank you anon!

>> No.10047324

Same. I'm on the taller side and like it when brands make slightly larger sizes because they fit me better. And I know I will look better than a short fatty in the same thing so idgaf

>> No.10047326

Deleted! I wasn't able to grab more caps than the first few comments. Did someone grab her last two comments?

>> No.10047332
File: 368 KB, 1080x1673, disbitch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is what I caught. Did anyone catch the rest?

>> No.10047403

bless you anon

>> No.10047430


Alright y'all here it is. Took me 20min to translate, all goddamn day to typeset. Truthfully I'm not totally pleased but since I haven't seen prior chapters it can't be helped. Hopefully this satisfies you guys a bit. Leave comments, point out mistakes, whatever.

Thankfully other than the typesetting this was so much easier than the last translation I did for /cgl/...

>> No.10047440

Thank you so much anon! You did an awesome job!

>> No.10047446

Omg this is amazing! Thankyou!

>> No.10047454


>> No.10047457

Hey, just wanted you gulls to know that there's a translation team working on it but I don't think there are scans of the first two chapters. The physical drop for the manga is soon though. Until then, we're almost done with the 4 prototype chapters and will most likely make a new thread for dumping them when we're all done.

>> No.10047463

This is beautiful, thank you anon. I cried a little, not gonna lie.

>> No.10047464

this hit me straight in the feels

>> No.10047479

Can you do this one next? >>10046374

>> No.10047500

That touched my heart. Thank you anon!!

>> No.10047507

Damn it, I want it. Chinese lolitas, please make this sell out so I can get the inevitable MTO down the line.

>> No.10047508

God I teared up real bad, thank you

>> No.10047509

It's a community basically made for lolita-at-heart underage roleplayers. Real lolitas post on Facebook.

Also, I'm incredibly wary of Amino wanting a community for everything that exists on the planet. I think it's datamining and wouldn't be surpised if it gets busted for being shady down the line. Don't install it. You're just not missing anything.

>> No.10047533

Nayrt but amino doesn't make those. It's the users themselves. Hence role players/whiny itas making their own(and failing to maintain it) when they disagree with any rules or get concrit

>> No.10047534

It's an ita goldmine. I only go there to check out the secrets.

>> No.10047564

Thanks anons. I'm definitely not going to use it actively, then, although I do kind of want to try it anyways just to experience itas and 12 year old cringe in full force until I get sick of it. I'll stick to the Facebook groups.

>> No.10047573

I'm not crying you are

>> No.10047631

The perfect read for ILD. Thank you anon.

>> No.10047655

Anon, this is so good. I love.

>> No.10047669
File: 172 KB, 456x612, ohbaby.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>10042041 >>10042048 >>10042077 >>10042149 >>10043308

Full-on Land Boat is a go-go! God save the Queen!

>> No.10047726

Other than the floral satellite dish attached to her head this is so cute!

>> No.10047790

someone save Misako!!!

>> No.10047792

thats not misako you dumb bitch

>> No.10047802

Glad everyone enjoyed! I've never done anything like this before, so it was a fun experience.
As for doing the next chapter, I could do it but I might not be able to do anything with it until Kera posts it next week. I'm having trouble pulling images from the reader. It'll also probably take a bit longer to get out because of the wordiness so don't expect one day turnaround.

Happy ILD everyone!

>> No.10047816

>but lolita is just clothes, not a costume!
This is only a few inches away from full on Gone With the Wind southern belle cosplay.

>> No.10047825

fuck the haters I want to get married in this

>> No.10047849

To be fair, I use it because Facebook is a garbage company and I don't have one. Not all the lolitas are bad, the adult lolita group was good until people slowly stopped posting and the mod abandoned it.

>> No.10047857


>> No.10047873 [DELETED] 
File: 264 KB, 1200x900, DdfcD6kVwAAfwEX.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She could be the centerpiece of the Azalea Trail Maids

>> No.10047876
File: 82 KB, 736x490, 813eeefc2956e249e02cfcc48bc8efd2--azalea-trail-maids-southern-belle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She would be a glorious centerpiece for the Azalea Trail Maids

>> No.10047877

holy shit another Wilmington lolita.

>> No.10047890

are you from Mobile, anon?

>> No.10047902

I am not but I have plenty of family out there and just across in Louisiana... I always loved seeing the Trail Maids. They're what I dreamt of, during all those cotillion and charm school classes growing up.

>> No.10047919


Get the girl from Napoleon Dynamite to make some for you.

>> No.10048123

New >>10048122
New >>10048122
New >>10048122
New >>10048122

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