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Insect Gyaru will be THE defining look of 2019

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Will it gull? Will it really?

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Learn to link new threads in the old ones, moron.

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Man I just really love cosplay

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Man I just really love you

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>tfw no insect gf

Also previous thread:

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Man, I just really love both of you

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What a slut. You're ruining society.

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>tfw no qt bf to cuddle with
>tfw no qt bf to sleep next to
>tfw no qt bf to fill my cunny with cummies

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Man I just really hate trannies invading the lolita general and talking about their degenerate fetishes

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I got broken up with this month for bullshit reasons and figured I would look at the list of therapists I had called my insurance about a while back. I have a speech impediment but it's usually pretty okay. Well I hadn't looked at the list since I got it and I noticed a couple worked with hearing and speech. It was weird but maybe that's just where their office is. Well no, the whole list is speech pathologists. Even though I had asked for a psychologist. So, add salt to the wound I guess.

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Is the feels thread the right place for that?

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>wearing a cosplay with a spray tan cuz the character is tan and i'm white as shit
>take photos with at least 20 different black dudes that were jumping off the walls over my cosplay and how good that shit was
>get called out for blackface by some white chick

literally ?????

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>have credits to spend on clothing site
>too many options, not sure what to grab
>over 50 tabs of clothing
I really need office shoes that don't cut up the back of my heel actually. Feels literally bad man, ouchies. Fuck womens' shoes.
>needs a therapist over a breakup
Put on your big girl panties and get over it.

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>not qt
>not stable enough to be a good bf

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White girls do this because they want other black people to know they're woke

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Not cosplay or lolita-related

But fuck do I hate condescending customers.

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>Tfw no qt gf to do all of those things with

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pft, how about condescending store clerks?
>order starfucks because I need a piss
>tell them my name is alice, usually mistaken for alex for some reason
>come out of pisser, order matching mine with name "alex" on counter, looking at label
>fat cunt in green apron comes up
>"is that yours? is your name alex? ALEX? IS YOUR NAME ALEEEXXXXX?" in the rudest tone possible like she's chewing me out
>oh hell no
>tell her off
>leave store with my shitty coffee
For some reason since I'm quiet and look docile people think they can talk shit to me. Hell no bitch, I'm Italian-American and I'll chew you out. This is why I never tip unless a worker really goes above and beyond to be a sweetheart. I used to work for tips and I had five star friendly service at all times. Fucking entitled cunts wonder why they don't get tips. Yeah, I wonder.

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>pft, how about condescending store clerks?

Fuck reminds me of the time a telemarketer went from really nice to scoffing and talking to me in an EXTREMELY condescending tone telling me I just don't understand what he's trying to sell me when I told him I wasn't interested

Great way to sell your product mate, I'm sure you make a lot of sales.

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I am so tired of this shit

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>Hell no bitch, I'm Italian-American and I'll chew you out.
yikes, cringe

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>that poster who thinks everything is cringe, but is the cringiest poster herself

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Why not go to the bathroom before you order? It's annoying as fuck when people aren't there to accept their drinks.

t. former barista

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"sooooorry, bathroom for customer ooooooonly"
Don't blame me.

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I'm just tired of how SJWey the community is. Seriously, chill the fuck out. Wouldn't be surprised if it was mental illness central.

On top of that I shot with that chick in person and she complimented my costume, must have had a change of heart or consulted her Tumblr friends if it was ok or not because the photos came out fresh af.

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>sis found my cosplay IG

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It's Starbucks, what are they going to do? It's not like they lock the bathroom

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>Hell no bitch, I'm Italian-American and I'll chew you out

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Not that anon, but it was a pretty cringy thing to mention.

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Are you dumb? Didn’t Starbucks get called out because they refused to let black people go to the bathroom first before ordering?

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Being a guido mongrel doesn't carry the same amount of oppression points as being black

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>Hell no bitch, I'm Italian-American and I'll chew you out.

You mentioned this because you wanted us to know that you are fat and in the mafia?

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Look at the balls on this prick!

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They do lock the bathrooms and you need to ask for the number pass.
fatty chans can't fit into cute clothes.
ay mama mia lookkada this guy!

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>want to cosplay 9S
>tfw 181cm and 51Kg

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That feel when I'm the qt bf but too bad I'm a fucking pyscho and have an insatiable sex drive.

Or girls are just little unfaithful bitches who can't take a good fucking and just keep their eyes off other guys.

Who knows?

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Every day im feeling emptier and it comes to a point where i dont care anymore. I just buy cute shit to avoid seppuku. My november purchase is on the way (pic unrelated)

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Put on some weight you anorexic little shit.

But I feel you, I used to be 185 and 50.

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ur my dream boy, i’ll only have eyes for you

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How are those two thoughts even related?

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That's the point.
Reread the first thought.

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Yeesh anon, go take a walk

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Is it weird that I think everyone has a single character than they can cosplay perfectly, kind of like a soulmate for cosplaying?

I've been thinking about it a lot because I want to start on a new build, and I'm not sure what I want to make. I'm really attracted to Gilgamesh (armor version), but I think I would work better as Saber Prototype (both Fate chars). Or, maybe something completely different, but I can't think of any show/thing that is motivating enough for me to power through it.

I haven't done a lot of foam work (mostly sewn stuff before), only making two props, but I want to get more into it.

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Yes it is

100% you’re a psycho buddy

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let's keep /pol/ in /pol/ please

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I'm selling all my dresses but one. I love them to death, but I've just become a hoarder. Buying new dresses doesn't give me that "high" anymore that I once felt. I'm not excited to coord them. I wear them maybe once every few months, and I can't justify keeping them anymore aside from sentimental value. They make me both happy and sad when I open my closet and look at and touch them, but when I get all dressed up it flairs up my stomach issues due to the pressure on my waist and I can't wear them for more than an hour. It's also partially because I got laid off and need the money, if I didn't need the money I absolutely would keep hoarding them.

Seeing my dream dresses slowly disappear from my closet almost physically hurts, but I know it's for the best. They'll go to a new, loving home where they will get worn.

At least, that is what I keep telling myself to not cry.

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>not wanting sissies to shit up lolita threads
are you serious anon?

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No, because she wan't you to know she's white, but also ethnic.

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I meant the slurs and indiscriminate use of the word "degenerate". That kind of posting degrades threads too.

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Man I just really love cute shit

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What slurs?

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I feel like a terrible human being and my best isn't good enough, but people still love me and I still mean things to people. Why?

>> No.10041565

It was appropriate use of the word, actually.

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>lose a fuckton of weight
>literally skinny, eating healthy, gym 4x a week
>still cant fit into any of the brand I bought to motivate my weight loss because of wide fucking ribcage and shoulders
>tfw my titties aren't even that big

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Because people like you and I are fundamentally broken. No matter how we may succeed or how much positive reinforcement we receive, we will always feel unworthy of praise.
I've always wondered if this mentality existed at all before the invention of the participation trophy.

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I feel this so hard, it kills me that I have a small waist that can fit even smaller sized brand but JSK and OPs can't zip past my waist

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Probably because you both have undiagnosed anxiety or depreession. Go talk to a doctor and seek approporiate treatment, whether it's counselling, meds or both.

>> No.10041593

>no job
>not funny
>not smart
>not happy
>probably some heavy autism or disorders but not gonna bother with diagnosing anything

boom, cosplays

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>26th birthday
>still alive
This is bullshit

>> No.10041617

>turning 28 next week
>planning on jumping in front of the train on my birthday because I’m a melodramatic piece of shit ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

>> No.10041621

I kinda share a feel. I have wider shoulders so while I can even fit mur melche in the waist and chest area, I'm pretty much stuck with JSKs unless the one piece has puff sleeves or something.

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How do you cake-gulls deal with things like ageing, wanting to nab a husband, money/career/finance stuff, etc.?
I think the simplest retirement plan would be a bullet but if I had a husband that would complicate those plans. Employers want to know why I don't care about 401k... Hahaha.

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>big brown boobs
>animal print bra
there's something truly magical about that combination

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28-year old anon here
I don't really deal with it at all, I take care of my skin but otherwise it's kinda whatever imo, but I'm also lucky to enough to age really well so far.
But otherwise I'm with you on the bullet to the head retirement plan, I've been saying for years that the best retirement plan is to join a suicide cult because you're going to be fucked by the time you hit that age unless you're a millionaire. Marrying rich would definitely make shit easier economy-wise but it still feels like a pretty useless idea.

>> No.10041638

>>planning on jumping in front of the train on my birthday because I’m a melodramatic piece of shit ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
You won't do it.

>> No.10041639

Let's hope not.

>> No.10041641

Let's hope so. I'm in a similar situation. Living sucks but dying is scary. There's no winning so the best move is not to play the game at all.

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>he thinks cosplaying will make him happy
>implying cosplayers aren’t some of the most vain and shallow people who judges everything by its cover
>implying getting into cosplaying as a miserable personality-less uggo is going to improve his life
Hot opinions there bud

>> No.10041647

>weeb tranny talking down on others

>> No.10041649

>hurr t-tranny
Yikes, don’t reply to me uggo. Gross

>> No.10041651

Of course he won't, at best he'll take seven aspirins with a beer or lightly scratch his thighs with a butter knife

>> No.10041653

>>he thinks cosplaying will make him happy
stop projecting your thoughts onto my posts, I don't want anything to do with you

>> No.10041654

I wonder what happened to brazilian star wars virgin

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>he thinks cosplaying will make him happy

god i just wish I knew other people who sew for a hobby, I just want a clique to coord with and talk about techniques/progress

shame the community is insanely instagram hungry with genuine talent or even desire to learn being rare as fuck

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6'4" reporting in.

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>Tfw broke after holiday gift shopping, but at least it's done
> Tfw my dumb ass still looks through online stores
> Tfw I find pic related
> Tfw I've been looking for something like that for months now
> Tfw I'm a financially responsible adult and know that I don't have the funds for it and can't buy it

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191cm reporting in

>> No.10041683

Jesus Christ, I turned 30 yesterday and can't understand you lot. I have a decent job, manage my money, and am single. Do other people understand why I don't want to settle for some pudgy bastard and haven't popped out some kids yet, no, but screw that. I have a nice car that gets me to cons, I can fit and look good in brand and afford it. I have a roof over my head to protect my and brand and nerd shit, and I do what makes me happy, so who cares about some arbitrary number. I plan on retiring and doing nothing but playing video games until I kick the bucket

>> No.10041696

nayrt but

>How do you cake-gulls deal with things like ageing,
As long as I'm alive I'll keep aging so I might as well accept it and move forward. Not going to cover myself in makeup or spend money on bad surgical operations to fake being forever in my 20s.

>wanting to nab a husband,
This doesn't really affect my lolita life but I hope I can marry my current bf soon, that would actually make me super happy. I think life doesn't have to be about romantic relationship but if you have a good one then you're blessed.

money/career/finance stuff, etc.?
I still have to figure this out to be honest. I'm still in university so I have some time but uh, I'd lie if I said this doesn't worry me.

>> No.10041710

>Go talk to a doctor and seek approporiate treatment, whether it's counselling, meds or both.
Thanks to a certain law that was just passed I can't do that. I'll just be trading one source of anxiety for another.

>> No.10041757

so i met a cosplayer (when i was dressed in lolita so he had no idea im also a cosplayer) and he flirted with me but i reacted badly and essentially ran away and never asked for his social media!! T.T turns out we have a mutual friend and i found him on insta but im scared of interacting because i don't want to look like a creep... what do i do? T.T

>> No.10041759

Leave him alone for his own good

>> No.10041760 [DELETED] 

but he flirted with me first so i assume he's interested? he literally interacted with me first so i assume there's consent to flirt back there? :(

>> No.10041774

Wow anon it's almost like
You know
People have different living situations that doesn't give them that kind of luxury
What a weird concept, right?

>> No.10041783

Aging? My face looks fine. I have no winkles or spots or anything.

Love life? Lol well I've given up on that.

Money/career? Given up on that too.

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>Set impossible goal
>Promise impossible price
>Tell excitable friend
>Get honest support
>Come deadline
>Did not reach impossible goal
>Does not deserve impossible prize

Awh man, I'm going to see my excitable friend tomorrow and it's going to be a let down. It's nice of her to believe in me, but it's probably because she has never studied anything like I have before. Shit I put on myself was just not reasonable. I bet my left ham that she's going to come in tomorrow expecting me to celebrate my feat... But hey, I'm at least not torn up about losing. What I made this week is a start, and the deadline is just for a first draft. I have a solid base and am one big leap closer to the REAL deal deadline, over in January. Maybe I deserve two new dresses then....

Here's to hoping they don't sell out. If so I actually get some dream dresses to hunt.

>> No.10041800

... S-sauce on this?
>t. freak who loves body horror mixed with insect themes

>> No.10041801

Did you try clicking on the button that says sauce you fucking retard?

>> No.10041812

Sorry, just venting because I hate how my extensions don't work on 4channel dot org anymore.

>> No.10041816


>> No.10041817

Man I just REALLY hate my job.

>> No.10041820

Do you ever just get taken aback for a second by how rude someone is over something so menial? I used to work in a smoothie shop and you would not believe how many rude fucking people there were on the daily. It was exhausting

>> No.10041821

You're not empty, anon. Just numb to what's hurting you. Be open about what's bothering you, at least with yourself and dedicate some time to some introspection. I'm rooting for you.

>> No.10041823

>Taking massive post-thanksgiving shit
>No bf to hold my hand and unclog the toilet

>> No.10041832

>been to 40 cons this year
>one more this weekend
>burned out but just got to make it

can't wait to have weekends again

>> No.10041837

Learn some skill or art.

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Tfw overpaid $120 by not waiting for African American Friday

>> No.10041847

Oof. what did you buy?

>> No.10041853

>buying anything on national materialistic hog day
Just say no to consumption-dependent economic models.
>tfw no manslut not-bf to watch me take a dump while wearing nothing but a bowler hat I inherited from my grandfather and then fuck my pussy in until I scream loud enough that his cuckqueen bislut gf will hear it

>> No.10041855

Video games

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>Just say no to consumption-dependent economic models.

yтвepдитeльный тoвapищ

>> No.10041862

>mosin nagant
>ak-47 bayonet

so this is ita for /k/, I guess

>> No.10041874

Can we not watch threads anymore?

>> No.10041876

Got home from thanksgiving and had to take a huge dump... unfortunately, my waist tie got stuck between the toilet paper and my ass, meaning I basically wiped my ass with it. Luckily, that shit was one of those that leaves no marks on TP, but still... my waist tie smelled like ass. Good thing I was home and could just throw the dress in the wash. Still a shitty situation. Glad it wasn't worse.

>> No.10041880

>taking a shit in burando
>wearing burando to go feast on a bunch of food, where you may drop food on your clothes or may bloat and get uncomfortably pinched
>tfw no family to cook me tasty food
>ended up eating microwave vegetables and an omelette

>> No.10041883

Nayrt, but because it's clothes? What are you gonna do, go naked?

>> No.10041884

I love these larp troll threads

>> No.10041890

Gtfo lolita at heart

>> No.10041891

Why bother?

>> No.10041902

Why not? I wanted to dress nice, like usual, and wore my clothes. I don't overeat, so I don't have to worry about "uncomfy pinching", nor am I a messy eater. Even if accidents did happen, I wash my clothing. I wear lolita every day, why not a holiday?

>> No.10041903

And as for why I took a dump in it, I just got home from a 2hr drive and had to go then. I've gone to the bathroom wearing lolita before.

>> No.10041915

My partner and I have been fighting so much recently. I'm trying really hard to make things better and I think he is too, but every two days of bliss is followed by one hellish day where we can't get along and just hate each other's existence. Is it worth staying with someone who frustrates you and drives you up the wall 1/3rd of the time? I don't know. I want to move back home with my parents but they would definitely be disappointed in the amount of lolita clothes I have.

>> No.10041917

No, it's not. At all.

If you're worried about your lolita stuff, just get wardrobe boxes and rent a cheap storage unit.

Also, you can always explain to your parents it's a hobby and it makes you happy and you're not hurting anyone, if they are disappointed then that's their problem, not yours.

>> No.10041920

>hands are ITCHING to start working on a new cloth cosplay, or try my hand at more elaborate foamwork for cosplay, or just sew some garments to get better at the basics (next con would be Anime Boston so plenty of time to get something done)
>literally can't decide on what to do but I know I have to do something


>> No.10041921 [DELETED] 

Hello guys, /v/. I really don't know where to ask, but do girls like sensitive guys, like the kind of guys that cry when you are alone with him. Not all the time but it does happen. I know some women hate it, but are there women that are willing or that like being emotional with guys.

Im a latino guy in Miami, im in my late 20s and i never had a gf. Im pretty much a nerd and i never go out, i just go to work and come back home. I still live with my parents but i do have a degree. Im not bad looking but im no supermodel either. I really like video games and anime, just regular 4chan shit.

Anyway my question is, do i have a chance to find a gf? As a women what's you analysis? What are my realistic chances of ever finding a gf.

Anyway sorry to bother you all, look forward to any responses.


>> No.10041922

Like, what would make you cry?

>> No.10041925

What are you fighting over? Is it something that will be fixed with time? (e.g. are your work schedules currently causes issues with house upkeep or something?) Or is this just fighting because you two no longer get along? Are small things blowing up into big arguments? Are you arguing about the same things every day?

>> No.10041926

Your ugly face

>> No.10041927

Hi Anon, I recently split from LTR boyfriend. We were miserable. I had to haul a fuck ton of lolita clothes and move back in with my parents. I can say now I'm a lot less stressed. What are the fights about? Are they over petty things or serious topics?

>> No.10041929

I'm frustrated with the crossboarders that make a whole fucking thread just for themselves and shit up the catalog

Won't lurk? Then don't post.

>> No.10041931

tfw my boyfriend left town to see parents, i don't have any family so I don't do anything for the holidays, have the entire weekend (thurs-sun) off, alone, bored at home. no money due to buying lots of sets/mto's (bills are paid off basically don't have burning money).

GOD I am so bored, I think I'm going to the beach tomorrow, or maybe the park to play pokemon go. All these awesome luckypacks, MTOs have got me drained.

>> No.10041936

This is me so hard anon, I have nothing else to say, it's the worst feeling. Why couldn't I be born just slightly smaller?

>> No.10041937

If you're someone who does any Christmas baking, you could get a start on that now. Lots of cookie doughs freeze well, and it would take a lot of stress around the holidays off your shoulders!

>> No.10041938

this is a great idea anon, I could try that. I don't really celebrate the holidays but I LOVE to bake and I've been looking into recipes. I'm also thinking maybe I should create a recipe book since I want to get married and have kids and cook a lot

>> No.10042021

Recipe books seem kind of obsolete with the advent of the internet.

>> No.10042029

Not really. Having a copy of tried and true recipes is always helpful. Plus, I find them handy for when I'm planning meals for the week. I have a bunch of recipes written out on note cards, and I can see what I need to pick up for groceries quite easily.

>> No.10042032

>be me
>beginner cosplayer with no real sewing skill and only one solid cosplay under my belt
>enjoy tinkering with electronics
>make a bunch of cosplans with friend that combine my electronics skills and knowledge with his sewing/tailoring/cosplay experience
>both working shitty wageslave jobs
>decide I've saved up enough and bail on shitty wageslave job because that shit was killing too many brain cells
>let's fucking nail this costume
>friend is now too busy with his own project
>never actually get around to making costume on my own
>miss con anyway

>> No.10042034

Post like these make me sad for some reason, it's like a missed opportunity to see something wonderful

>> No.10042037

It was actually a while ago, I'm currently feeling bad for different reasons so I just kinda felt like venting.

>> No.10042038
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start making props

>> No.10042040

>Convention friend posted a selfie of them with a pacifier in their mouth
>Fucking gross, almost deleted
>Remember that ravers wear pacifiers to, give them the benefit of the doubt
>Today they made a post “coming out” as a little, admitted to having a dd/lg fetish
>Mfw I don’t even have a reaction image to describe my disgust

>> No.10042045

177cm here

>> No.10042046

Why do ravers wear pacifiers?

>> No.10042051

iirc it started as something to chew/suck on while rolling.

>> No.10042052

date me, i'm literally abusive and won't leave you

>> No.10042056

How are you abusive?

>> No.10042059

Give me one week and I'll nitpick you on literally everything you do until I shatter your self-esteem, because I can't stand being around you, but I also don't want you to be happy from anyone else, so I won't take my eyes off you until you seppuku <3

>> No.10042061

You sound just like my family.

>> No.10042062
File: 34 KB, 600x338, 26Jtecd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Let me be your family <3

>> No.10042064
File: 109 KB, 540x426, 305.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here's your reaction image.

Good luck.

>> No.10042065

No, you sound unpleasant. But don't fret, I'm not the psycho boyfriend you were looking for.

>> No.10042066

I don't understand why they feel a need to 'come out' and let everyone know about their fetish. I haven't noticed this behavior amongst people with other fetishes, so why is it so prevalent with this one?

>> No.10042071


>> No.10042072


>> No.10042098

Are you ok with a boyfriend if he's not qt at all

>> No.10042099

Doubtful. I'll degrade you in sex until you cry, then degrade you more because crying is hot.

>> No.10042111

Bring it on. I doubt you can criticize me more than I already criticize myself.

>> No.10042113

>a couple of weekends ago
>first date with girl
>see eccentrically dressed person that prompts us to start discussing alternative fashions
>mention lolita
>she suddenly gets excited
>reveals she wears lolita
>says she normally keeps it a secret until later, but it's safe to tell me since I'm already familiar with it
>eventually ask her what style she wears
>alarm bells go off
>pulls out her phone to show me some of her coords
>OTT sweet
>fears realized
>mentally check out, but continue date while waiting for an appropriate time to end it
>conversation turns to sex
>already determined I'm not interested in her so try to signal that I don't want to discuss this
>she misses the cue
>starts telling me about how she likes to call her boyfriends daddy
>gushes about how it's alright to tell me this because I'm fine with lolita
>actually asks "can I called you daddy, daddy?"
>this is a first fucking date
>almost at a loss for words
>manage to blurt out that I would prefer if she stuck to my name for now
>quickly divert conversation
>rest of the date ends uneventfully
>haven't contacted her since

I've been sitting on this for two weeks, monitoring this thread in case she posts here, but I think it's safe to share now.

>> No.10042117

Even if she did lurk /cgl/, do you really think she's going to tell that story?

>> No.10042118
File: 58 KB, 510x448, cool story bro.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10042119

Not the same way I told it, but I've seen people complaining about being ghosted in here before.

>> No.10042187

I feel you desu

I add people if I talk and shoot with then briefly at cons and finding out that they have some sort of retardation later on just makes me feel weird. You're normal IRL, why do you have to be so insufferably gay/SJW/fetishy online?

>> No.10042226

>tfw dreamed of taking a two foot long pointed metal cock and dying on it
>woke up wet
Body stop. I have the most perverted dreams and I just don't understand. I-i like vanilla.

>> No.10042236

This is the kind of bf I want, but all the guys I meet are vanilla

>> No.10042240

I wish I had perverted dreams. I've only had two sex dreams in my entire life, and they were both over 10 years ago and involved women.

>> No.10042244

I have sex dreams maybe 2-4 times a week or more. Always men. Or male type monsters, sometimes. Idk. How much porn do you look at?
>wake up horny
>nope have to go to work
>spend all day horny and frustrated

>> No.10042246

To be fair I've probably appeared 'vanilla' to some of the women I've dated/been in relationships with. I usually try to determine whether or not I can conceivably drop the fact that I have certain fetishes with them without freaking them out. The last girl I fooled around with I went full throttle and she knew about pretty much every one of them because she was just as big a pervert as me, but the last girl I was in a relationship had no clue about any of my fetishes because even the act of talking dirty during sex was something she was too embarrassed to do, so I never bothered telling her

>> No.10042249

How do sex dreams even happen

All I dream about is things like cuddling and going on dates

>> No.10042267

I wish I knew what I dream about.

>> No.10042269

It's normal to feel sexually aroused during sleep, sex dreams are probably the result of said arousal.

Think about trying hard to remember your dreams before going to sleep. Think about your dreams as soon as you wake up. Write your dreams in a diary. It is thought this helps people remembering dreams. Not sure why you want to, though. Many dreams have a component of fear (because the amygdala is activated). They can be very unpleasant.

>> No.10042273

I don't look at much porn these days, maybe once or twice a week while I masturbate. It used to be way more than that but even then I didn't have any sex dreams either.

>> No.10042280

I have terrible nightmares like 95% of the time. Good mornings are when I wake up not scared or angry. So it's better to just not remember the terrible dreams. Rarely do I have a sex dream but they're nice when they happen.

>> No.10042292

You too? The best dream I had was me being on a cosplay date with a cute guy. That's when I felt happy in a long time.

>> No.10042298

The best dream I ever had was gliding through the air in a hilly area. I would run super fast to the top of the hill, jump, and put my arms out then I could glide to the bottom of the hill. My dreams are super realistic so it felt very real. Like I could feel the wind in my hair. The downside is my nightmares are very real too. So when I'm being eaten alive by zombies it's pretty disturbing.

>> No.10042305

Huh. I only look at porn a few times a month. Guess there's no correlation.
I regularly have sex, orgies, romantic dramas, dates, weird /d/ sex, and other perverted fun in dreams.
There was a period of like 8 months where I had a nightmare every single night. One day they just stopped, now I'm back to having awesome dreams. If not sex then some sort of swordfighting or other fun stuff. Feels good man.

>> No.10042311

Ever taken melatonin?

>> No.10042312

I tend to have a lot of dreams that revolve around me trying to accomplish some task (finishing homework or writing exams is a big one, even though I've been out of school for 6 years). I'm not sure why my brain would rather do mildly stressful things in my dreams than get rawed by a tentacle monster but it seems unfair.

>> No.10042314

My dreams are almost always about being chased by someone/something that is trying to kill me. Although last night I dreamt I was chasing someone and trying to kill them. They got away.

>> No.10042325

I have those sometimes, but rather than chasing/running, it's trying to punch something and my punch is so slow and weak it does nothing. Really sucks. Less frequent now, maybe once a month or two. Only had the running dream a few times.
Idk, I also fantasize for about 30 mins-an hour while laying in bed, usually accompanied by masturbating at the end. Then I go to sleep. Maybe I'm setting the stage for sex dreams by doing that. Never been able to manifest my husbando but I've seen other /cm/ guys in my dreams. I was almost able to lucid dream a few times but never managed to get all the way lucid. Maybe I should keep trying? Being with my husbando in my dreams sounds like a... dream come true...heh.

>> No.10042327

Why don't we non-vanillas have a codeword of some sort?

I don't use Fetlife or go to local events because most of the guys are 40+, their fetishes are hard limits, or they're generally shady. I want a normal relationship with a kink element, not a relationship based solely on kink. I feel like I need a miracle, like the stars need to align or some shit.

>> No.10042328

I masturbate before I sleep almost every night too usually for about 20-30 minutes and I think about all kinds of depraved shit. I guess my brain just doesn't want to keep that going when I sleep. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

>> No.10042331

>I want a normal relationship with a kink element, not a relationship based solely on kink.
I can relate to this. I also want the nature of our sex life to be kept solely between us.

>> No.10042338
File: 33 KB, 640x533, 1507583134394.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no loyal kinky seagull gf to destroy, be destroyed by, cuddle with, come home to and simultaneously shitpost on /cgl/ with during downtime

>> No.10042342

>tfw have this
It's a good feel. Don't give up gulls

>even the act of talking dirty during sex was something she was too embarrassed to do
I'm still too embarrassed to do this unless my SO forces it out of me but we're both very perverted. I just get embarrassed easily. It's better to just ask her so there are no misunderstandings

>> No.10042347
File: 36 KB, 268x237, YQChpfK.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ha, jokes on you I'm a masochist

>> No.10042349

I had a dream I got raped by aliens once, does that count??

>> No.10042352

I tried, believe me. She just flat-out refused to even try it, despite the fact that we were entirely comfortable with eachother. Think it was just a lack of sexual experience in general. I was her first

>> No.10042353

This is purely out of perverted self interest but what did the aliens look like?

>> No.10042354

@the person who keeps refreshing my item page up to 150 views

>> No.10042356


>> No.10042357

I got sexually assaulted at a con and I became a basketcase because of it.

>> No.10042363

This is purely out of perverted self interest but what happened?

>> No.10042364

Imagine learning sewing just to be able to fit into your cosplay

>> No.10042365

I'm sorry anon. I hope you can heal with time and I hope the person that did that to you suffers.

>> No.10042369

got a throwaway email?

>> No.10042371

[email protected]

>> No.10042373

I'm actually impressed that address wasn't taken already.

>> No.10042374

>making a throwaway email so that you and another dude can LARP and jerk off to a fake rape story

I hate crossboarders.

>> No.10042376

I've been a seagull for years, anon. Doesn't mean I'm not a pervert

>> No.10042393
File: 70 KB, 567x542, 1512610357360.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wish I had a healthy sex life and a loving relationship

>> No.10042397

>have been sexually assaulted several times
>don't give a fuck about it
To be fair you're the sane one, anon. I'd love to understand why other women get upset over it. (go ahead and commence downboats). My emotions are really screwy as it is, more or less absent. Feels sort of like being colorblind. Idk I might be literally autistic I guess. I'm supposed to be upset about it but I'm just...not.
My sex life is one guy who pays me and random hookups to fill in the gaps. And I'm still horny all of the time. Sick this week, period next week, gonna be 2 fucking weeks until I can get laid again. And these tinder fuccbois are flaky as hell, or damned liars.
I just want a qt bf to screw my brains out on the daily.

>> No.10042399

>I'm supposed to be upset about it but I'm just...not.
>My sex life is one guy who pays me and random hookups to fill in the gaps
Okay I definitely need to know more

>> No.10042402

Fuck your email shit. More? Idk I'm a sociopathic slut who loves cock. Not much more to tell. Once you've had one dick you've had them all, rape or not it's all the same shit.

>> No.10042406

>tfw you make one post talking about how you like to degrade girls in sex and you wake up to find it derailed the entire thread

>> No.10042407
File: 39 KB, 400x400, 1467736559934.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

C'mon, indulge me. I want to hear fucking more of this
Absolutely based anon

>> No.10042410

It isn't about being a pervert. Plenty of us are perverts, myself included. It's about not being pathetic and creepy about trying to get contact info from what's at best some dude lying so you two can ERP together and at worst making a woman who went through a traumatizing experience re-live that.

>> No.10042413

>It's about not being pathetic and creepy about trying to get contact info
Except I never asked for any contact info, someone requested it from me
>at worst making a woman who went through a traumatizing experience re-live that
I'm pretty sure they're reliving it by themselves if they're voluntarily coming into one of these threads and announcing to everyone they were sexually assaulted. Please stop dribbling all over your keyboard with stupid posts like these

>> No.10042419

Right, I'm saying that's the worst case scenario because it's 99% likely that it's just a dude LARPing. I'm saying that regardless of the outcome, it's shitting up the thread and being pathetic.

>> No.10042420

If you're so sure it's a dude LARPing then why the fuck do you care?
>it's shitting up the thread and being pathetic
Oh god no, somebody's shitting up the designated off-topic shitpost thread with off-topic posts! Yeah, we'd much rather listen to you cry for the thousandth time about how everyone you don't like here is an ebul crossboarder

>> No.10042444

I'm so glad that i'm an ugly girl that never goes outside.

>> No.10042447


>> No.10042461

literally like ayylmaos, sorry they weren't hot.

>> No.10042463

>tfw no seagull gf to worship my cock

>> No.10042475
File: 2.31 MB, 1954x1871, 1516836253779.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

>> No.10042479
File: 49 KB, 439x600, B50DF5D0-B349-4FE5-8B42-F050DBDF7058.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just ordered shapewear that was on sale for Black Friday. It’s supposed to act as a corset and a butt enhancer. I’m really hoping it’ll give me anime proportions.

>> No.10042480

Uhhhh...youre a bit late on that. About 4 days late.

>> No.10042481
File: 354 KB, 1557x2000, 1543023065060.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10042483

In my head I thought they were going to be like the pillar men but that actually makes more sense.

>> No.10042484

Same to you. :3

>> No.10042485

I did. How was yours?

>> No.10042496

>Tfw no cgl gf to make me worship her feet

>> No.10042497

spotted the male rper

>> No.10042498

C'mon gulls, I know more of you are repressed turbosluts. Tell us your secrets

>> No.10042514

> tfw i'm in a loving, sexual relationship with a wonderful partner and don't really get the urge to talk about it

all of you are just male roleplayers, just admit it. no sexually satisfied woman is gonna talk about it, even the repressed turbosluts tend to keep it to themselves because duh they're repressed

>> No.10042516
File: 180 KB, 813x407, smile.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I regret that I was too much of a shy awkward turbonerd to smash all the puss that was around me in HS. I knew a bunch of bisluts who were dtf pretty much anyone. One girl even pinched my ass and told me how horny she was and I was probably just like 'y-yeah' and walked away.

>> No.10042521

I've never felt so misunderstood before. I'm not even straight or vanilla.

>> No.10042525

why so many thirsty anons
is it cuffing season or are there more shitty cross boarders as usual?

>> No.10042530

The weather's getting colder so people crave the warmth of another human more than usual and this is one way it manifests.

>> No.10042532

So, cuffing season

>> No.10042534
File: 120 KB, 491x684, straightgirlwithlesbiantendenciesreadthemangafaggot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no bicurious bff to fool around with and explore PLUSH TIDDIES AND GIRLBUTTS
Actually I've been with girls before and it's just kind of awkward and unfulfilling. tfw straight and all the tumblr muh sexuality is a sliding scale everyone is bi was bullshit all along.
I'll say it, I love cock! You can't beat the cock.
I'd still fuck around with a girl just for the novelty though. Girls are great to make out with because every part is soft and nice, but for actual sexual gratification it needs to be a guy. Something about resting on guychest after a sweat inducing fuck with multiple orgasms is just so gratifying.
filename, everything about blonde is literally me.

>> No.10042535

This is the first time I've ever heard that phrase so yeah, sure.

>> No.10042536

Do you prefer a guy to finish inside you?

>> No.10042540
File: 858 KB, 1228x868, gem_xmas.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

More like Merry Xmas

>> No.10042543

>tfw no gull slut gf to DP

>> No.10042545

>I'll say it, I love cock! You can't beat the cock.

No woman has ever typed this.

>> No.10042546

t. repressed slut

>> No.10042548

You have clearly never been on /d/ before

>> No.10042550
File: 128 KB, 750x1100, mink.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm not on birth control and don't use condoms so that would cause problems.

>> No.10042551

>so that would cause problems.
But it'd still feel so wrong but so good

>> No.10042553

>Thanksgiving is over which means Christmas has officially started
>Family is now bugging me about what I want for Christmas
>Don't have the slightest idea because we have an unwritten price limit of like $50
What do you do when everything you want is too expensive? It also doesn't help that if they can't buy it on Amazon or in a store they have no idea what to do.

>> No.10042555
File: 87 KB, 800x1174, dragon-half-1135508.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cums smells awful actually and I don't want it inside me. My cunny has a nice fragrance and I don't want it polluted with disgusting mancum.
Also this is a direct statement to gemposters: fuck off with your /sticc/s, /thicc/ is superior.

>> No.10042556

Ask for $50 cash

>> No.10042557

But my cum smells like pineapples

>> No.10042559

Sorry I ruined your jerk off session with the realization that a man wrote that.

I spend a lot of time on /d/. I also know how women type.

>> No.10042560

>anyone who types something even remotely sexual on /cgl/ is a man
Feminism sure has done so much for us

>> No.10042562
File: 160 KB, 750x1100, minkytatters.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck off incel
In that case, douzo onegaishimasu oniichan

>> No.10042566
File: 644 KB, 500x281, 1542699101756.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

OK, so how do women type?

>> No.10042567 [DELETED] 

If it were that easy I wouldn't have said anything. I tried that last year and wound up getting a bunch of random gift cards to places I never go because "Anon you didn't give us a list so we had to guess".

>> No.10042570
File: 968 KB, 1220x678, [HorribleSubs] Houseki no Kuni - 09 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_13.31_[2018.10.19_21.43.17].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oml you've actually asked for cash gifts...

>> No.10042572

If it were that easy I wouldn't have said anything. I tried that last year and wound up getting a bunch of random gift cards to places I never go because "Anon you didn't give us a list so we had to guess".

I'm not looking for actual answers, I'm just screaming into the void.

>> No.10042574

Ok ive got it.
Type up a list of 10 items.
It will say:
1) $5 cash
2) $7 cash
3) $3 cash
4) $9 cash
5) $1 cash
6) $2 cash
7) $8 cash
8) $5 cash
9) a hug
10) $10 cash

>> No.10042581

You say that like that's what I wanted to do.
>Anon what do you want for Christmas?
Nothing, really. Everything I want/need I should really buy myself because most of it would be coming from ebay.
>Come on there must be something.
There really isn't.
>What are we supposed to give you, then?
I don't know, money? Or just hold off for four more days until my birthday when it's totally acceptable to give cash.
>Cue envelopes full of gift cards to movie theaters and Wal-Mart that are still sitting on my desk.

>> No.10042584
File: 244 KB, 1380x2808, 1541642413952.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here's your thiccccc

>> No.10042588
File: 138 KB, 750x1100, lesbiandameelf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Inferior. Behold the power of thicc soft girlthighs.

>> No.10042592
File: 150 KB, 1052x1509, 15.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I like thicc too but there's something so alluring about the gem's androgynous figures and fitted rompers.

>> No.10042594
File: 636 KB, 930x1114, 1543015258927.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw you will never be on the left, holding someone else lovingly

>> No.10042596
File: 159 KB, 736x1080, a8f47b60d968f36de9443b716f304eee--dragon-half-anime-sexy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No. Look at this plump lizard.

>> No.10042598

which one is it?

>> No.10042599

>tfw you'll never be on the right, being held lovingly

>> No.10042601
File: 2.42 MB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Houseki no Kuni - 02 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_14.53_[2018.07.15_00.41.35].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Am I hallucinating or do you guys not know your left from right?

>> No.10042603

I'm speaking from the bed's perspective.

>> No.10042606

Tag yourselves, I'm the pillow

>> No.10042607

>go through a usual monthly ritual where I get drunk, sign up to Tinder Plus, swipe on everything and then refund it the day after
>only ever match with normalfags who don't write back 90% of the time who're on tinder 'just for friends :)'
Life is suffering

>> No.10042610
File: 103 KB, 800x1174, dragon-half-1135686.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The lizard princess's name is Mink. Read the manga fagert.

>> No.10042612

I think I get it now, that's just a really awkward translation

>> No.10042615
File: 72 KB, 557x800, 0884585a67ba4022014ad576d59fd6db.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Such are scanlations of 80's (?) mangoes

>> No.10042626

Late 80s early 90s.

>> No.10042627
File: 235 KB, 600x873, 313101.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

better days, cuter outfit designs.

>> No.10042628

It was acceptable to have poofy hair back then.

>> No.10042629
File: 45 KB, 163x216, bortz_wtf1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he buys tinder plus
Lmao that's like buying grindr gold who the fuck does that sis?

>> No.10042630

>poofy hair
/m/ approves.

>> No.10042631
File: 842 KB, 500x225, pccry.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw go to have a cosy night in with anime and snacks and you open the bag of ketchup chips and they're stale

>> No.10042634
File: 106 KB, 639x768, 01c97d315aca3894a9de835710620902--dragon-half-mink.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>eating food in 2018
It's all about the /sips/ now. If 60%+ of your calories don't come from beverages, you're doing it wrong.
>giant hair
>enormous shoulder pads/armor
>tiny waists
>thick thighs
>bikini armor
>pointy long shoes
>giant perky tits, sometimes in pointy bras
It was a crazy time.

>> No.10042635

I have ginger peach lemonade. It was going to be a great night.

>> No.10042636

It has never bothered me either. On some level I kind of feel flattered by it.

>> No.10042639

I feel this, I've got that Courtney Love broad ribcage

>> No.10042640
File: 77 KB, 768x1024, despair.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Tfw not attractive enough to be sexually assaulted

>> No.10042644

>Entire social circle has been gradually giving me the cold shoulder since spring
>No longer invited to parties, hell they are even kept secret from me
>Have no idea what the fuck is going on
>Sometimes I see people from that circle and they just give me a pretty awkward, empty smile when they see me
>Few friends I still get to hang out with accidentally mentions big parties they're going to from time to time
>They get uncomfortable when I ask about it and rarely gives me straight answers
>I have no clue why this is happening
>I avoid drama like the plague
>I don't butt into other people's business
>I always try to be a fair and decent person
>Where the fuck did all this silence come from all of a sudden?????
>Learn tonight that a chick named K* has gotten into my circle roughly around the time people started acting weird
>Oh dear

I don't personally have a beef with K* really, but five years ago I had a fling with her on/off again boyfriend, he came onto me from the start and I thought it was officially over between them since a while back, but it wasn't quite that simple and K* has hated me since to the point that she LITERALLY stomps on my feet whenever she sees me. The guy dumped me to go back to her since long ago so it's not like I stole him from her in any way. But the moment they got back together weird rumors started to be spread but died after a while. As someone that used to be in another circle of friends with her I know she is extremely petty and can bear a grudge for years upon years.

But honestly, this shit has broken me emotionally. I'm getting ignored by people I thought were my friends. The fact that K* is involved with this is only speculation on my part, but it fits fairly well with her modus operandi against people she doesn't like so I can't help but wonder.

>> No.10042646

Could you nitpick someone who's successful in virtually every way?

>> No.10042649
File: 25 KB, 541x515, scurbabby.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Went to Opry Mills in my Deku hoodie and some girl in a Todokori shirt t-posed at me.

If you're reading this, YOU ARE A WEEB >:(

>> No.10042651

>make tinder account because bored
>I very blatantly put my weeb interests front and fucking centre
>First picture is me taking a selfie in the mirror with a Chocola daki
>Have a short clip of squeezing a Rem dakis tits
>List anime as a hobby
>I'm pretty okay looking, not the best but I've been complimented, hit on before and I've made out with girls who I personally thought were much out of my league
>So I get matches
>Hoping to find an interesting weeb girl who is also pretty okay looking, even just friends so that I have someone to share interests with
>I just swipe right to everyone because I am too lazy to individually evaluate every girl
>Try to message at least the ones I find attractive even if it doesn't look like they're a weeb because they might not be upfront with it
>Even the ones who are weebs fucking suck at conversation
>I'm the one asking questions, expanding on their responses and adding my own opinions and anecdotes to the conversation to encourage them to do the same
>Never get the questions returned, they never comment on my responses
>Even talking about weeb hobbies they are some of the most uninteresting, dry and boring conversationalists I've ever met
>This includes the girls who message me first, they don't hold the conversation at all.
>End up just unmatching about 20 girls because they're barely even human with their terrible personalities

Like I'm okay with taking a few hours between responses because I do the same, busy and stuff. But please get a fucking personality.

>> No.10042652


>> No.10042653

Maybe you should look at the common denominator in all of those conversations, pal.

>> No.10042654

Never had problems with talking to girls before. Only girls over tinder.

>> No.10042657

Everyone has a personality, there are just varying levels of comfort with displaying it to strangers.

>> No.10042659

Recently an anon encouraged me that if I lost enough weight, I'd lose around my ribs too, but this is honestly my biggest fear regarding lolita... I'm a 38A and 190 lbs and I know a lot of it is fat, but even if I get down to my 130 lb goal weight, my head, hands, and feet are wide and I'm just convinced there is nothing I can do to get down to a 34 for the things I want to wear. Are we cursed? Can a corset help or is that just asking to hurt myself, because I know that girls used to fuck up their internal structure by using them improperly.

>> No.10042662


If that measurement is correct, your ribcage is huge, and there's not much you can do about that.

>> No.10042664

>38A and 190 lbs
That is unfortunate.

>> No.10042665

I fully understand. I'm usually not so brazen with my personality and interests IRL either. I just thought if I want to attract the type of people I want, I should be upfront first with my interests and take lead. But it's not like I'm asking explicit or personal questions, just really basic stuff to see if there's some compatibility or interest between us.

>What do you study
>What do you for fun
>Do you like x
>How do you feel about y

Usually get a statement sentence in response. "Yeah, I really liked x."

No returning the question

No expansion on why they like x

Like as a guy trying to learn about you, just giving me a short sentence stating the you like x makes it very hard to have a conversation that isn't basically an interview (or an interrogation depending on how you look at it) of you.

>> No.10042671

Pull a measuring tape really tight around your underbust - if it can sink in a lot, then chances are you do have a reasonable amount of fat around that area so with 20-40lb of weight loss and corresponding decrease in body fat % you should see some change there. A corset can only help reshape the floating ribs, which is much lower than where you measure your underbust measurement.

>> No.10042672

Try being more discerning with the people you swipe whichever direction means yes on. Connecting with people who actually interest you might result in better conversations.

>> No.10042674

It's because you're asking the same questions that every girl has been asked 100 times before by every dude who swipes right on everyone just like your lazy ass did.

>> No.10042677
File: 20 KB, 500x276, 1410018691302.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Come to /cgl/ looking for tips
>Everyone acts a jackass because it's a blue board and pretends the answers are commonly posted because they're all 12 and think it makes them sound like "experts" (blue board brain cancer)
>They're literally never posted
>No sources for information
>Just idiots dressing up as little girls and shitposting
I actually want to make non-pedo costumes.

>> No.10042678

>find out about the IRS thot patrol thing going around right now
>smug sense of happiness and satisfaction

Honestly I'm just happy that thots no longer have the ez lane anymore, or at least the dumb ones don't

This board is heavy lolita focused, the DIY and progress threads are rare and in-between (between both /fa/ and /cgl/)

>> No.10042680

>find out about the IRS thot patrol thing going around right now
This is brilliant. Thanks for sharing.

>> No.10042682

This board is just more 4chan cancer. This site isn't just stupid, it's also become boring in the past half decade. There's practically no reason to be here anymore.

>> No.10042686

I suppose you're right.

I don't know what else to ask them to measure basic compatibility. Yeah I'm asking basic questions and I want it to be over with ASAP as well hoping that I can get them to open up at least a small bit so I can use that as a springboard for more interesting conversation. I feel this is just normal initial interaction with strangers. Not like I'm going to ask them what their favourite Neko from nekopara is or their favourite scene from Euphoria straight out of the gate.

I'm not a dog but please just throw me a bone.

>> No.10042688

>Yeah I'm asking basic questions and I want it to be over with ASAP

So you're asking questions that you don't actually care about the answers to. Not to mention that you're asking these questions to people you aren't even truly interested in, since you swipe right on everyone. Women can tell this. It's why they're barely responding if they answer at all because they're tedious and boring questions that they've been asked a million times.

>Not like I'm going to ask them what their favourite Neko from nekopara is or their favourite scene from Euphoria straight out of the gate.

Why not? If you already know the person is interested in this stuff, they're probably going to be 100x more excited to talk about than be asked "so what did you study in uni?" for the 12th time that day.

>> No.10042696

>I don't know what else to ask them
Yikes, I think that's a personal problem hun.

>> No.10042697

Then what do I do?

I'm not sure if you're the same anon but they pointed out that people are inherently more closed off to strangers. But now you're telling me that I should skip off the basic questioning.

Tinder is the quintessential definition of "quantity over quality" within dating. I don't feel there's much stock in being 'truly interested' since I can't be truly interested in 6 selfies a 10 word bio. I know almost nothing about them, I know they look attractive and that's about it.

>Why not?
>> there are just varying levels of comfort with displaying it to strangers.

>> No.10042704

I'm not that anon.

I don't think you need to skip basic questioning altogether. But as you said, it's a numbers game. Why should a girl respond to your boring question when she's gotten 10 others exactly like it? You're going to stand out way more if you ask her about something she's chosen to present already.

And you don't have to be "ready to move in together and start a family" interested to know that you'd get along with some people more than others. Someone mentions they like anime? You see a figure of a character you like? Someone wears an alternative fashion you think is neat? Someone quotes your favourite song? Great, you've got more of a starting point with them than someone whose profile contains none of your interests. These are the kinds of people you should be focuses on, tailoring your messages and questions to what they have given you, and you'll be able to have more interesting conversations from the jump.

>> No.10042707

The fact is, they do respond. But they just respond with dead end answers.

I mean, I get your point. Effort = Results. I was mainly just having a melty sperg about why even bother responding to me if the question is boring? They're just wasting their time and mine.

But I'll be sure to post results if "Did you like when Rinne jerked him off with her hair in Ep 4?" gets me anywhere.

>> No.10042710

Well based on what you've been asking, you want to start a conversation based on essentially closed ended questions asking for single-sentence answers, not actual discussion. Even your last sample question here is a yes/no answer, and it sounds like you have no idea how to continue a conversation based on any of the answers even if they happen to be interested in the same things.

>> No.10042711

They're probably responding with boring answers because not responding at all sometimes causes dudes to freak the fuck out and send threats and shit because some dudes don't seem to handle rejection very well.

And honestly, some girls are probably just on there to get a bit of attention when they feel like it, and the rest of the time, it's a bother so they don't put the effort in.

And yeah, I wasn't trying to ream you out too hard or anything. I know that tinder is just a crap shoot most of the time regardless of what side you're on.

And hey, it might work. The last guy I dated and I started talking because I messaged him so we could both talk about which Kamen Rider series we hated. You never know what can spark that connection!

>> No.10042718

I remember when the feels thread used to actually be about lolita, con, and cosplay feels and not fucking "tfw no bf/gf" and sex dreams, holy fuck go to >>>/soc/

>> No.10042719
File: 122 KB, 242x274, 1360270984723.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Help me /cgl/ I'm too pure for this stuff

>Con with friends at final day
>cosplaying Kano
>one of my friend's friend join our group
>that girl is well know for being a bit pervert
>she's cosplaying some girl from HoTD
>ripped outfit with a huge torn on the the side of her skirt, but didn't paid much attention at the time
>at some time she sat close to me and talk usual stuff
>at other times she asked us to do her photoshoot with some lewd posing
>she was there the whole con walking with us
>I just minded my own bussines and my own fun
>Next day comes in and all girls on the group are discussing about the con
>Sudden the pervert girl's friend mention that this girl was pantyless the whole con for coplay reasons
>some other girl confirms that
>I'm in total shock
>I start to wonder why she did that, if anybody saw, if everytime she was climbing the stairs anything was visible, if her skirt lifter at some wrong time. I remind everytime she crouched or sat on my direction what I could have seen.
>my mind goes into a storm
>it's still is
>I'm still wondering how could she do that and act all normal on the day on such populated place

I can't take it /cgl/, this is too much for me, I'm too embarassed to talk about this to anyone but here

>> No.10042720

Oi fuck off I posted cosplay feels

>> No.10042721

I'm all for someone's right to go commando, but doing this at a con when there are lots of kids around is gross.

>> No.10042725

Agreed, fuck off you thirsty hoes!

>> No.10042730

Fuck me, I went off the band size on my bra. I have literally been going by that size for years because of discomfort at a 36, and now that I checked with tape it says 36 1/2 inches. I am an idiot, sorry for wasting your time.

Still not sure if it'll go down but I'll do my best to lose the weight.

>> No.10042740
File: 161 KB, 800x1067, 2B9702C4-A713-4DA5-88C3-6DD0E50E9ADC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Bf cosplays Rutile, wants me to be his Padpar
>Tell him I’d like to but I’m not paying for the wig and supplies
>He offers to buy everything for me
Fuck yeah

>> No.10042751

>accepting gifts outside of actual celebrations

>> No.10042752

Have you never been in a relationship before? Random gifts for no reason are the best part

Feels good seeing your partner smile when you surprise them with something nice

>> No.10042798
File: 259 KB, 755x876, DrPYUISVYAAMSSa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I comfort myself knowing that like 10 people tops post on /cgl/ and this is by no means a cross-section of what the whole cosplaying community is like.

The whole sex negativity here is a real turnoff.

>> No.10042799

Rejecting your boyfriend's gift will hurt him as much as if you had rejected his love

>> No.10042801
File: 18 KB, 225x300, fc431aec-f726-56c3-917f-0ef15c6f861b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>scolling through lolibrary
>am @ casual event w/ mom and her firends
>and sitting next to mother while she talks to some chinese acquaintance
>mom likes lolita
>particularly old school bc it resembles what she wore as a teen
>mom sees what I'm looking at on phone
>mom says "hey what do you think of this?" To chinese friend
>Mom motions at me to show her my phone
>I show chinese lady pic related
>"oh yeah that looks like cosplay"

What. Actually what

>> No.10042802

What the fuck, anon? Sex positivity? In MY feels thread? Fucking crossboarding male LARPer REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

>> No.10042803

Some normies think anything out of the ordinary (to them) is a costume, and there are plenty of cosplayers or just weebs think that anything Japanese is related to cosplay and/or anime, hence why they say "lolita fashion cosplay" like retards. It's silly but that's just how people are.
Did you tell her what it actually is or did that part of the conversation end there?

>> No.10042813

>mom sees what I'm looking at on phone
>mom says "hey what do you think of this?" To chinese friend
Your mom would annoy me greatly.

>> No.10042817

I kind of mentally blacked out after that, but I remember explaining that it was a fashion based on old european fashion, that it's also popular in china, and that certain brands cater to the rich population of china and are used as status pieces. Something like that.

>> No.10042820

I guess we have different personalities, friendo

>> No.10042850
File: 49 KB, 736x736, d7bda555f22093ea89eaf66159ce46df.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>suddenly want (hormonally speaking) to be impregnated
>want to marry an asian guy and make cute high IQ hapa babies with cute dark almond eyes and dark silky hair
>logically speaking, kids would be horribly expensive, ruin my life, shit all over the place, puke all over, be annoying, and ensure I never retire early, also bust the puss
>I've always despised children and I have the warmth and empathy of a snake
Body, stop, why?

>> No.10042861

I think you got a new fetish anon

>> No.10042865


I used to love buying my ex gifts. It made me so happy. Even just little things, like I would buy her a chocolate when I was out shopping. Or I would be out shopping for clothes or something for myself and I would see something she liked and buy that instead of what I wanted and I could imagine the joy and happiness in her voice and doing that cute girly squeal of excitement. Getting tackled to the ground with tight hugs and drowned in kisses.

Then she started to dislike me giving her gifts when our relationship went sour. She said it felt like I was only doing it to gain leverage over her. Then the last time I tried to gift her a set a fake eyelashes I knew she liked and she said she didn't want them if they were coming from me and told me to return them.

>> No.10042919

>half the posts are about "sex positivity IS not being a slut!"
>the other half are "tfw no BF"

I have no issue with hoeing around but i don't get why those two frequently overlap. You either settle for one, or the other. They're practically exclusive.

>> No.10042939

I don't think anyone here has a negative attitude towards sex; just promiscuity and infidelity.

>> No.10043007

being open and talking to people about what bothers them about you is the best way to combat a rumor. Don't slander her name either, it'll make you look worse. You still have your place in the comm, I believe in you

>> No.10043008

I once had some guy pay me £50 to talk to him for 20 minutes and the whole conversation was like this. Like, dude, why pay for an interaction if you're not going to put any effort into making it pleasant? Some people are just weird like that I guess.

>> No.10043010

>I once had some guy pay me £50 to talk to him for 20 minutes
How did that even come about?

>> No.10043016

I'm a sex worker, he came into my brothel as a walk-in but he's banned from seeing the girl he wanted to see because she hates him, so I guess he decided to just chat to me instead? Idk I'm not going to pretend I understand how clients think at all

>> No.10043021

So he could've even had a cheeky wank in the meantime but he just sat there and talked instead? Absolute madlad

>> No.10043025

He literally could have had sex and a blowjob for that money but chose to put me through an awkward conversation instead. Maybe that's his fetish or something?

>> No.10043027

Whereabouts are you based? I want to bone a gull brazzer

>> No.10043029

Haha I'm not gonna post where I work on /cgl/, sorry anon. I move around a lot and takes months at a time off work anyway. Just ask every girl you see if she's ever posted in the feels thread? Also I don't do porn, but if I did I don't think Brazzers would hire me, I'm pretty plain.

>> No.10043030

Go to brothels offering £50 for information as to where you might find a /cgl/ poster.
It's genius and foolproof

>> No.10043034

Brazzer's just slang for a prostitute, I didn't mean the actual site. And you don't have to post it here, do it with a throwaway. I've never been to a brothel before

>> No.10043037

Oh, it's like a corruption of brass? Sorry anon, you'll just have to track me down yourself!

>> No.10043044

Gotta at least give me a hint. And even if you don't want to tell me exactly where you are, I'd love to hear your stories. I'm sure you have quite a few

>> No.10043052

Honestly my life is pretty mundane, I work eight hour shifts and usually at least half of that is spent sitting on the sofa eating chocolate. I tried to do the fancy Belle du Jour thing for a little bit but desu it's not for me, I like that I don't have to remember my client's names or spend 90% of my days off updating my Twitter.

>> No.10043054

What about stories to do with your clients? I'm sure you've had some weirdos, interesting people or lads who've had fucked up/specific requests

>> No.10043076

>I want to bone a gull brazzer
How much are you offering, anon?

>> No.10043078

Depends on what you're offering, ofc.

>> No.10043094


>> No.10043203

I'm none of the people you've replied to but I'm curious. How well does it pay? Are you in a country that it's legal? Is it taxed like regular income? What's your plan for when your looks aren't good enough? Do you think it's negatively impacted your view of men? Do you still have romantic relationships with men? Why did you go into it? What got you into /cgl/?
Aware you have no motivation to answer these but for whatever reason a prostigull really piqued my curiosity.

>> No.10043206

>but for whatever reason a prostigull really piqued my curiosity
because yer a horny basterd

>> No.10043207

No I'm no

>> No.10043754

Thank you anon, that actually means a lot to me.
I'm on it. Doesnt help much.

>> No.10045355

In my experience, people on Tinder are 99.999999999% disinterested plebs, 0.0000000001% absolute gems. For the most part, its not worth your time to go on it, but sometimes, very rarely, you meet someone who you really click with and life feels good for a short while.

>> No.10048300

when I go to asia I'm an entire head taller than anyone else

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