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Romance Is Still Alive Edition

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>tfw haven't ordered my contact lens yet
>Black Friday might delay everything and make them arrive after con

Fuck this is entirely my fault.

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Man I just really hate Moitie blue

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Impulse bought a bunch of fancy foods, that was half my spare BlackFriday money down the drain. I can't believe i went whole ham over some goddamn takoyaki and taiyaki.

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>takoyaki taiyaki
where do u live...?

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I keep looking through all the Otakon pictures I took this year and I really miss the atmosphere and taking photos of all of these cute girls with warm smiles.

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I love it. I wish they did more blue solids.

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Just buy a takoyaki pan and make them yourself. The ingredients are cheap enough if you sub in other fillings.

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I just bought a lot because I never find any near me and I got over excited. At twelve bucks a bag it added up faster than I expected.

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so not freshly served?

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>not linking the new thread in the old thread

What's wrong with you?

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>body shaming is bad
>except when you're shaming the fit guy

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I got some made hot but i bought the rest bagged.

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Damn, that's an exceptionally bad investment

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I had a huge scare yesterday and genuinely thought i had to sell off all my brand and i spent my whole day crying my eyes out i'd rather be dead than without my brand

luckily it was a scare and i didn't even have to sell off a single dress, i just need to chill the fuck out.

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> See dress I’m in love with
> Ask mom for dress for Christmas
> Find out she immediately bought it, despite her usual reluctance to try and get me lolita-related gifts for fear of messing it up
> Comtinue to hint about the dress until Christmas to make her feel extra good about the fact that she scooped it up

Before you ask, I afford my own lolita/life expenses 99% of the time; I’m just floored she went out of her way to finally research what I was interested in.
>New-ish boyfriend
>Boyfriend knows I’m a lolita, enjoys it
>Dress online I’m debating on getting after my card rolls over
>Ask his opinion
>Boyfriend starts asking pointed questions on how to use the site I was looking on
>Denies he’s getting me the dress despite being super obvious
>He’s getting me the dress

I’m having some super comfy Christmas feels here. I’m so used to funding this hobby myself that having other people willing to buy me things is super exciting.

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“I could be in better shape but I choose to be interesting and educated instead.” Or you could choose to be both. “I’m a pasty guy who sits at a desk all day.” Hey man, I have a sedentary job, too. Somehow I manage to stay in shape and also be employed and be interesting and educated. If you don’t enjoy exercise, that’s your problem.

I don’t even hate fat people, I just think this mindset (that people must be dull or stupid if they have a decent body) is counterproductive.

Also, as an artist, maybe this dude’s figure drawing would be better if he actually knew what his muscles looked like. Not to be shady, but just saying.

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I was on board with you until you said you were interesting.

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He's not even shaming the fit guy though, he's saying people will be weird and judgemental towards everybody, even fit people

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I've been missing being in Japan for a while. It's like post-con blues, but worse considering how long I've had it.

Living vicariously through my friends' posts isn't enough. I'm thankful to have a lot of friends with weeb interests so I don't have to watch youtubers there, but I need to go back and experience things I missed out on.

Someone ship me a case of 7-11 green tea and Family Mart fried chicken before I out myself.

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>somehow has a scare which would involve liquidating all assets
>whoops, my bad gaiz i just need to chill LUL

How do you even fuck up that badly in terms of accounting? Do you not have a savings account with more than 10k stored?

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inb4 ‘muh buy your own shit’ gulls attack. I’m really happy for you anon! My BF got me Baby shoes for the holidays and I’m excited to get him a whiskey set he’s been eyeing.

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>post-Japan blues
I keep regretting I didn’t buy more jfash while I was there.

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Same. Part of it was that I was too busy hunting down for specific items, second was budget. The only purchasing regret was buying tops from CC since they don't let you try them on.

I wish I had time to do more weeaby and totemo kawaii shit, but I think I'd enjoy it more with some of my comm members who are really into that kind of thing.

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Yay! It’s the gesture more for me; I’ve been tightening my budget a little after a few major life expenses (bought a new car, paid for surgery, starting to load up on furniture for an eventual move) that hit my savings a little, so they know I’m really not buying for myself much.
It’s weird not being the person who has gift-giving down on lock this year though.

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>tfw your bf forgets to bring the tribute to Misako, so the fatty-chans pin him down and fart on his bald head

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Sounds like you deserve to be spoilt this year. Congrats!

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Been feeling this A LOT, I went there this spring and I thought my second trip was going to be enough but I’ve been craving to go back for months now

I feel like such a weeb, but I really enjoy being there as a tourist

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>tfw worried your bf might read this post and also 'forget' to bring the tribute to Misako

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Yeah, I couldn't actually live there (contrary to my tween weeb dreams) because their society and worklife seems so rigid, but I very much enjoyed my time as a tourist because of how clean, safe, convenient, and cordial the Japanese generally are compared to my home country and other countries I've visited. I wish my country would adopt some of those things. It would make life a little less stressful.

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That’s fair. I’m probably not that interesting if I’m posting on 4chan to be honest.

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Nta But is that the general agreement on what’s safe enough to keep as “savings”?
I’ve been saving so heavily that I’ve always had 20k sitting there and it feels so wasteful to not be able to touch that 20k when I don’t even really need anything, not saving for a car, or house, thought that everyone just needed 20k in case of an “emergency”. My Jew tendencies are conflicting with just wanting to go nuts and spend on anything I want.

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>be me
>be in relationship with wonderful guy for 7 years
>start considering making big life changes, mega nervous
>just not happy, can't figure it out
>start catching feels for best friend about a year ago
>mutual, we fall hard for each other
>know I'd be taking a downgrade, but he's just so.damn.good.to.me
>Unsure of who to cut off, how to do it, want a big change, both options for change feel like wrong choices
>both of them want to take relationship to next step
>I just want to run
>having nightmares, mega guilt, too afraid to confide in anyone

I just want it to stop. Having feels is too much to handle.

To keep it CGL, best friend is cosplay buddy and has been for a while. He's looking forward to a future of cosplays together, travelling to cons, something I couldn't get my prior/current to do. My life is stable and feels "safe", but there's just not much enjoyment. He's for sure the less safe bet, but he helps me really express myself creatively and brings so much joy through cosplay and shared interests that I can't figure out what I want out of my future- I just can't even see a future for myself.

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Just some random anon opinion, but honestly? You deserve non of the guys and should make a clean cut and split up with both of them. Keeping your poor bf around because it's comfy to have that backup guy just in case that "downgrade" isn't worth it in the end speaks volumes of your character. You don't really care about any of the persons involved but about your own personal gain. No matter how you end up deciding, non of the relationships will end up happy.

Also as someone who has been victim of such a relationship before and been kept as that backup gf even though my bf had feelings for that other person. Let me tell you that you'll destroy your bf, even more the longer you keep that secret from him. It's time to have that talk anon. Or live with that feeling that eventually, you emotionally destroyed everyone involved.

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The way they greet you when you go into the store was kinda awkward for me at first, but now I appreciate it. The only thing I don't like about customer service in Japan is how inflexible it is, but otherwise the little things they do for you is really nice.

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Downgrade was a harsh choice of word and I mispoke on that, what I meant was my sort of life stability would take a downgrade. I wouldn't live with this other person, and the general "safety" built up would be gone, not to mention there is a physical distance between us; not that the person himself is any sort of downgrade.

But, I will say, there's no secrets here at all. I've known my friend longer than my partner and he moved in on me when I was still in a relationship and he was fully aware. I told him to back off twice and I just let my emotions get the best of me and let him act as he pleased as time went on. I've told my boyfriend everything, gave him a clear out if that's what he wanted and he said he wouldn't leave me no matter what happened. They're both sticking around of their own accord, I tried to break it off with both and they just won't go, but I'm at such a low point that I guess I don't want them to go, anymore, and I know that me not putting my foot down with a hard no to either was a big mistake that brought a lot of this on.

But in the end, yeah, I fucked up. If I could go back and change a lot then I would, but I can't so here I am. Thanks for your opinion, anon; it is a lot to think about and I do appreciate it.

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I honestly agree with the other anon. As another person who was the girlfriend of some asshole with another girl that was an "option", it's a shitty thing to do to someone. It literally ruined me for so long... not only is it devastating to your heart, it fucks up your ability to trust. Even without all that emotional bullshit, it's a huge waste of time to be with someone who isn't faithful. Even if it's not a physical unfaithfulness, mental unfaithfulness is a huge waste of time too. If you're seriously doing this, you should just break it off with your boyfriend, because apparently he's not for you in some way... If he was, you wouldn't be elsewhere. Please don't waste any more of his time.

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Man I just really love cosplay

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You put your friend into position where they basically become a home wrecker. Shitty thing to do to someone you consider as best friend.

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I've always been a brand whore, but I'm sick of this high with pastel blob dress trend
Taobao and Meta are the only places to get designs that haven't been done to death already shat back out again on a sack dress muumuu
But if I buy taobao, I can't flex on other girls in my comm by spending more money than they do
Also taobao, of course, isn't nearly the same quality as brand, but I'm just so bored

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it's not all my assests, lolita is not my main investment, also who the fuck are you to assume everyone has at LEAST 10k in their bank account..?

my parents only got up to that in their 30s and even then struggled

>in b4 "P-poorfag"

Like what millennial has a savings account over a few thousand? mines for a car and i am just dyslexic and read the statement wrong

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Hey. What's more important? Flexing? Or having fun?

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Hardly, he made every first move on me and was rejected twice but didn’t quit. I’m not in control of him, I understand the role I played but in the end he’s an adult making his own decisions.

>> No.10039833

Then when he didn't listen to you, you should have cut him out entirely.

>> No.10039834

Man I just really love being single.

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I’m going to a courthouse and getting married in a month and since its not a real ceremony I can justify wearing lolita to it. I don’t want to wear lolita to my actual wedding, but knowing i get to for one of the most impactful decisions of my life makes me feel warm inside. Im going to cherish that dress forever.

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Are u me? I couldn't give two shits about most of the stuff japanese brands come out with anymore (at least not the ones that ship overseas), but I've been falling hard for a lot of Chinese brands. I don't even care if the quality isn't as good as brand, and to be entirely honest, some brand just isn't worth it.

I bought a new AP jsk recently, wanted to treat myself because I rarely buy brand new, and it was the first time in a long time I'd really loved something they released. The dress (Horror Candy Shop) cost me something like $330 before shipping and it feels so thin and flimsy that I nearly cried when I felt it. Sure, it looks gorgeous, and while the quality is better than any taobao brand I've owned, the difference is not as big as it should be for the price difference.

I don't care about flexing on anyone for owning more burando, I'm so much happier with my wardrobe now that I'm adding chinese brand pieces because I don't have the same fucking dress that I've seen 100 times on CoF.

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You’re right about that; I was at fault there.

>> No.10039847

I'd say it's a mutual thing. He should respect your decision, and you should respect your relationship by not creating one with someone else.

>> No.10039848

>f I could go back and change a lot then I would
No you wouldn't. If you did, then you would change things now. But the truth is, you like how both of their /attention/ feels without caring about about how they feel.

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I hate when bodyline has a sale, because all of a sudden there are like 50000 listings for overpriced bodyline on LM. No one wants to spend 50 dollars on bodyline...

>> No.10039864

It's so weird and confusing seeing posts about Bodyline on here, I associate that word with the brutal style of cricket the English used to beat Donald Bradman more than anything else.

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Just buy those expensive $1500 mto dresses

>> No.10039880

I wouldn't reproduce if I were you

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>My Antarcticite cosplay shrunk in the wash
>Now it’s too Antarcti-tight

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this makes me sad

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Today has been a good day, so good that I'm in tears while in bed. I want to tell everyone who made my day great that I love them, that they make my life worth living and all that stuff, but I just can't do it. It's too cheesy and makes me seem more depressed than I'd ever like to portray myself.

So here I am, shouting out my feelings into the void of 4chan. I'm so grateful to be alive. Thank you.

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Who am I and what am I doing with my life?

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>tfw this jacket sold out in this colorway just days before I got paid
>tfw sheglit never restocks their damn items

I WANTED this dammit

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Perhaps try learning to budget so this doesn't happen again?

>> No.10039964

Good thing children are the literal spawn of satan and would be the worst investment i could ever make

>> No.10039973

>Like what millennial has a savings account over a few thousand?
Me. If I only have 10k in the bank I consider myself out of money.

>> No.10039978

>tfw no bf
How do you find men who actually want a relationship and marriage and aren't just looking for a quick fugg?
Anon takoyaki is literally fried calimari balls. It's not rocket science to make your own. I make my own tempura and it's godly and better than paying $25 for 3 fried shrimp and a few lumps of whatever veggies they had on hand. Japanese food is criminally overpriced for such simple shit.
I need to stop being lazy and make dango... It's so superior to mochi, but I can find tons of mochi and zero dango. Bullshit.
That's pretty harsh anon. Entry level wages are shit and barely cover living expenses, so if anon hasn't been working for 3-5 years or longer of course she's probably poorfag.
And saying that I do happen to have 10k liquid. But stop poorshaming. Not all of us have sugar daddies to pay our rent.

>> No.10039981

np anon just stop eating for a week or two.
>lost weight
>jeans were too baggy to wear
>put jeans in dryer
>came out perfect size

>> No.10039991

glad you had a silver spoon born up yr ass or had really good connections because i'm just now crawling myself out of the hole my family was in when i left the house, and have been slowly building a small wardrobe that helps me cope with the fact i struggle to keep living and am attempting to save what money i have leftover from working my ass off. I'm very happy you are stable and have that but not everyone is and it's not due to irresponsibility. When i thought i was less than i should have been, my instinct was to sell the priciest things i have, and that's my wardrobe. That's much better than keeping it and suffering without money for a vehicle or rent or food (and i only need a car, in very okay on rent and food).

thank you anon i appreciate you! i only make $12 an hour, in a kitchen, so saving can be a little bit of a bitch and takes a very long time to acquire anything unless i'm working 70+ hours a week, i wish i had access to a nice savings account, having to worry about whether or not i need to sell my wardrobe with one slip up or an emergency expense, is very unsettling and makes me pretty sad

>> No.10039992

>men who actually want a relationship and marriage and aren't just looking for a quick fugg

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Fuck off.
>won’t post bulge
>keeps teasing
You fuck off too (but not really)

>> No.10040005

>tfw no 4chan bf to take his disgusting fetishes out on me
quads confirm, post the bulge.
get a better job, honestly. If you can string two sentences together you're better than 12/hr. I used to think 14/hr was big money... now I make 22 and I still feel underpaid. just keep working and you can claw your way up.

>> No.10040009

Do you not know what tako means?

>> No.10040011

octopus you fucking nitpicking nigger
it's close enough. you can find squid in grocery stores, probably not octopus, and really it's the same shit.

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>go order contact lens today
>it seems my account was hacked
And this is why you don't log in using your boomer parents's computer.

>> No.10040015

>disgusting fetishes
>Tfw you just want to be wholesome but everyone expects you to be a deviant because this is 4chan

>> No.10040019

>tfw no vanilla bf

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>too /cgl/ for /fa/
>too /fa/ for /cgl/
I wish /fa/ had at least one decent female general other than /thinspo/ or /cgl/ had one for more mainstream styling.

>> No.10040026

I wish i could, i have some chronic illnesses that prevent me from being able to work to my full extent. And i guess i undersell myself a lot, because i was making $8.25 an hour for my first three real jobs and because i was slow and continue to struggle a bit, it feels like i can't get anything better. I do want to pick up a secondary job, but i don't know if i could even handle it with my illnesses.

>> No.10040029

How many thousands of miles are you from Seattle?

>> No.10040030

Same. I don't lolita or cosplay... I just like how stylish japanese in general are, and more general things like the soft feminine styles, cute tights, cute bowties and such, etc. Also nanchatte. isn't /fa/ just a bunch of literal fags dressing up for daddies on grindr?

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...I actually want to move there and intend to do so as soon as I arrange things. Are you serious? a-are you qt?

>> No.10040040

I can't say whether or not I'll be you bf here and now but I'll absolutely get a beer or whatever with you and see what happens.
Do you have a time frame for arranging things?
>a-are you qt?
You'll have to find out.

>> No.10040041

No it isn't. Octopus is much more difficult and time consuming to cook

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If you chiseled a small hole in between a gem’s legs, do you think they’d still be able to walk and fight and stuff? Asking for a friend of course.

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>> No.10040056

that would be kind of fun
within the next few months hopefully, but there's a lot of stuff to be done... just continue posting here.

>> No.10040061

I won't be going anywhere, hopefully.
You could also find me in the SakuraCon discord and then you won't have to worry about sifting through hundreds of anonymous posts to find the one that looks like something I'd write.

You're not actually moving to Seattle, right? You're going to live in a different town and commute to Seattle for work, right?

>> No.10040065

Can you not shit up this thread with your nonsense about living in a proper city.

>> No.10040070

Who said anything about a "proper city"? Seattle's just ridiculously expensive and choosing to live there instead of one of the many surrounding suburbs is financial suicide.

>> No.10040076

pick one only one. the only universality between men no matter their age, race, orientation, hobbies is that every last one of them is a raging pervert whether overt or hidden, and any guy who says otherwise is just lying to get a gf.

>> No.10040079

Everyone knows it's more expensive to live in the city proper than the suburbs. But for some people, the convenience and not having to commute for 30-60 minutes is worth it. You don't need to go on about it again.

>> No.10040108

If you can't afford a fancy jacket before pay day, then you can't afford it after pay day.

>> No.10040121

>gulls with instinctively agree with this fat fuck

>> No.10040140

I had to put my cat to sleep today.

I've never experienced such loss and such hurt before.

>> No.10040154

Sorry for your loss, anon.

>> No.10040185

It's always hard having to say goodbye to a pet. Was it old age?

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I'm finally going to Tokyo guys! I've wanted to do this since I was 13 and now I'm going to Shibuya and Harajuku and I've saved up all my money and I'm getting on the plane tomorrow morning! I'm so excited!

>> No.10040189

sorry anon.. i feel your pain
get well soon

>> No.10040198

Thank you for your kind words.

He was almost 16 and he was big boy just in the sheer size of his frame so he was never going to live as long as a smaller cat. It was time for him to go, he couldn't live the life a cat should but it's my first time ever dealing with death. It is very hard.

His last food was some milk which he loved.

>> No.10040200

Yeah, I know what that's like. I had to put my dog down when she was about 20 because she was blind, deaf, couldn't walk anymore and had an infection that wouldn't go away. Sometimes the best choice is to let them go because there's no way to get better from there.

You're probably gonna hurt for a while, but try focusing on how good it was when he was alive. You'll make it through this.

>> No.10040201

Couldn't have said it better myself. There's no room for someone else's love in a heart that's loyal to their s/o

>> No.10040203

Falling in love with someone else isn't something that happens by accident. There were many opportunities where you realized it was wrong but continued on anyway. You've broken the trust of the person whom you're supposed to be loyal to and your guilt is proof.

>> No.10040204

This post is sweeter than honey. Have a wonderful ceremony, anon. And post your coord!

>> No.10040205

>I'm so grateful to be alive
Those words are so good to hear. Tell your friends though. It doesn't have to be mushy, but just say "Thanks for doing this with me today, I had a great time". You've seen the positive impact it's had on you and you don't know what your friends are going through behind closed doors. Your simple thank you could give them the same overflowing-with-love reaction that you're having now. I hope you get to feel this way over and over again, anon.

>> No.10040207

I'm sorry to hear that, anon. I unfortunately known your pain. Know that you did the best thing you could for them. They're living a pain-free life that they otherwise wouldn't have without you. You gave them the best exit from this life. It'll get easier. Hold their memory close and take it easy on yourself. As someone whose lost family and a beloved pet very recently, I can honestly say that the amount of grief is the same. Rest easy, anon.

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Man I just really wish they would send me my damn coat already, it's starting to get chilly here

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>> No.10040232

Maybe they're cosplaying for some event don't be a dick

>> No.10040234

You misunderstand. My desire to be a parent grows ever larger.

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>> No.10040243

Does anyone else get kinda concerned when they actually start to add up how much they spend on cosplay? I mean, everyone has hobbies, but I still feel like maybe I'm wasting my money, even when I'm frugal and budget a lot. It's not like I'm new to this, I've been doing it for years and I know how things cost, but... I don't know. Is it silly to spend so much on dressing like japanese cartoon characters?

>> No.10040246

If it brings you happiness.

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>> No.10040254

It's so gorgeous! When's the release date, anon? I hope you get it soon!

>> No.10040258

Mid-late November, so hopefully any day now! I already bought matching earmuffs and I'm so excited

>> No.10040279

This really, I don't drive and want to be a convenient location. cheap rent can be found, especially in a share. All those unwashed hipster baristas living on part time tip wages have to be living somewhere.
Congrats! what's your cost estimate for the whole trip and how long are you going? Man, that would be nice.
rip catto

>> No.10040281

this is stupid, why does he need to bring down others to feel better about himself
I agreed with him until he started calling the fit guy boring

>> No.10040283

I appreciate you anon

>> No.10040287

It's cope. Modern men are such trash... well, I guess modern hog-women are trash too so they deserve each other.
No one says you have to look like Adonis, but at the very least go on a cut until you stop having fucking manboobs. Skinnyfat is fine. I don't know how people are even fat. Like nigga just close the fridge, nigga stop eating.

>> No.10040292

Thank you anon. I've just been curled up in a corner, listening to sad music and crying my eyes out. I don't really have friends and I don't have much family, so it's been very lonely dealing with this.

He lived with my parents, for the past few months I noticed he was becoming matted because he wasn't grooming himself anymore, he was beginning to urinate on himself, he was also becoming deaf and they said he wouldn't come out from under the bed, not to eat or drink or use the bathroom for three days. Which is common for cats when they know they are dying or seriously ill, they just want to be somewhere dark, quiet and safe. When I got there and he saw me, he actually came out which he hadn't done for anyone and crawled into my lap and just purred.

I'm really happy that the last few hours of his life were spent with me and that he felt safe and comfortable.

A message to everyone, hold your pets tight, give them a kiss and make sure they know that they are loved.

>> No.10040298

I think the biggest issue here is that he almost presents it as if the only alternative to being fit is being a fat lardo. Most people are just...well..average. being fat is a culmination of poor lifestyle choices, not the default standard. He doesn't have to hit the GM if he wants to get rid of his gut, he has to put the fork down.

>> No.10040309

Sending hugs your way. Losing a pet is always hard. It's clear that he loved you a lot.

>> No.10040345

Thank you?

>> No.10040374
File: 50 KB, 513x449, 1539316432019.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be a father figure for most since teens
>keep on aging and still being like a dad to most people even those I'm interested in romantically
>no one's ever interested in the person beyond a parental figure

I could use to be more interesting.

>> No.10040375 [DELETED] 

Except most fat people are boring losers anyway.

>> No.10040388
File: 210 KB, 1200x844, 963297A3-9852-4D74-9C20-4068A5F1DB0E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Plenty of people are into daddy play tho

>> No.10040392
File: 88 KB, 310x464, kys.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The Canada Post strike has made it so that Japan Post won't ship to Canada until further notice.

Just in time for Christmas/lucky pack season.

>> No.10040403
File: 45 KB, 530x391, 8A93BDE5-83D6-4D8E-9D5D-821EFCE96A6B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We need to bomb the parliament building like srs

>> No.10040412

Just use a private courier. Added bonus that you’ll get your stuff faster.

>> No.10040418

How would that help?

>> No.10040424
File: 80 KB, 960x656, BCB5B476-37BE-4C71-A51A-6718FEB39A1E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Or instead of bitching, use DHL. It’s almost like you don’t have to use Canada Post.

>> No.10040429

Same way it helped Hitler when he bombed the Reichstag

>> No.10040433
File: 46 KB, 600x679, 41440726_2018298471553316_2595437862115606528_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>just use DHL
>pay hundreds of dollars more in customs fees!
I mean it's an option, but it's a real shitty one

>> No.10040434

>not asking your SS to mark down your package

>> No.10040437
File: 173 KB, 620x698, 20160419_231615.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be trying to compete in cosplay contest in December
>order fabric for it in late October
>had to wait three weeks for it to be delivered after paying a pretty penny for EMS because fucking post
>wig just barely doesn't make the post cutoff and I need to pay more for DHL

>> No.10040438

>implying that makes a difference to what bullshit DHL will charge
I once got charged 50$ in fees on a dress marked as 60$.

>> No.10040443

Gulls, how do you increase your libido?
I feel... empty, devoid of desire since almost 8 months now. My bf understand and is holding on, but I feel like he’s getting slowly irritated of the situation.
What can I do? It’s terrible, I feel stuck.

>> No.10040444

Are you an idiot? Mark it below the taxeable limit and DHL can’t charge anything. No wonder, if you can’t even read up on how customs&duties work then you deserve those bullshit fees.

>> No.10040447

Diet and exercise usually help a lot with that.

>> No.10040448

>What can I do?
Let him fuck someone who has a functioning libido

>> No.10040452

Yeah let me just go back a month in time and reorder my package with DHL

>> No.10040466

If you ordered a month ago, you’ll still get your package. The stuff I ordered a few weeks ago came as normal so...

>> No.10040467

Can't you talk to a doctor about this? It could be a medical issue.
Or, ofc, you just don't find your partner sexually desirable, in which case gtfo

>> No.10040512
File: 2.31 MB, 1954x1871, 1516836253779.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hope everyone has a great day!

>> No.10040526

>you just don't find your partner sexually desirable
Surely this is most couples though.

>> No.10040533

>tfw no lolita gf who's crafty like ice is col
Do I need to pay my dues playing the blues?

>> No.10040534

How the fuck is this /cgl/ related. Feels threads were a mistake.

>> No.10040538

it's bait, you ignore it

>> No.10040540

>Not admiring his face and call him handsome in public
>Not admiring his smile when you call him handsome in private
>Not shivering in joy as you hold him close
>Not getting distracted when you see his body from a new angle
>Not shamelessly asking him to stay that way while you take it in
>Not tracing his skin with your fingers and feeling familiar with the placement of his scars and birthmarks
>Not holding and exploring his hands, thinking about where they've been
>Not being sexually attracted to your bf

I call myself a hopeless romantic, but your outlook just looks hopeless. For reference I've been with my bf for three years and he's still hot.

>> No.10040541

That series of pics is a favorite among fat person hate threads on /fit/. Clearly a crossboarder.

>> No.10040546
File: 2.30 MB, 600x428, hug.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

May you as well

>> No.10040554

if ops pic my come true one day
I might be the loser who bought her in the first place

>> No.10040556

I'm not that person. I'm making a general comment on how ugly most couples are. I can't imagine many of those people are actually attracted to each other.

>> No.10040557

ugh this is me, I get not being 100% in love or emotionally devoted to your partner, no one can be 100% of the time, but damn let's face it anons, no one teaches you how to love properly or be loved and many people just jump with whoever doesn't dump them, and end up being sexually/emotionally/etc. unsatisfied.

I adore my bf, love slapping his cute little butt, and compliment him often as he suffers from BDD. he seems to have gotten better, therefore making him a better partner.

>> No.10040561

Hot dang, I'm missing out on life

>> No.10040564

anon you came to the wrong board for sexual advice. I'm going to give it to you as someone mature- a lot people think if you're not wanting to have sex it's because you're not moved by your partner. this is only true 20-40% of the time.

I want you to take sometime and find out what sexually stimulates you. Watch porn, straight or even f/f. Masturbate- not just slapping the clit, use toys, lubes. Go in front of the mirror and tell yourself that you love and approve of yourself. Hell call yourself a sexual goddess. Dress in sexy clothes for yourself. Turn yourself on first.

Then once you can achieve orgasm through masturbation, be aroused by the thought of your man, talk to him about your needs. Do you really enjoy kissing/foreplay and he's just not doing it? Do you like to suck his cock but he's dirty and that's off putting? Talk! Don't just tell him 'no'. And then start off slowly, do oral, foreplay, making out. Don't have to get straight into it.

In between that, think about the last time you had sex with passion, with want. Was there a traumatic experience that kept you from wanting to do it? Are you ensure of your gender/sexuality? Or is your partner being too soft/aggressive and won't let you bring it up?

Finally, have sex and orgasm, or at least get the point where you can. Also try anal.

>> No.10040566
File: 62 KB, 700x789, 136E2963-3880-4E67-ACD8-73BE23538F80.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks based fellow diamondposters

>> No.10040567

Me, and I’m >>10039622
I’m also fortunate enough to have a highly marketable skillset (that I worked hard for with multiple graduate degrees to prove it). You should still definitely think about your budgeting strategy, though; I was able to build savings even as a 30K a year grad student. Lolita also doesn’t sell that quickly.

>> No.10040569

>I don't drive and want to be in a convenient location.
That's fair. I hope your move goes well.

>> No.10040573

Alright I’ll take your word for it

>> No.10040575

I think they are, at some level. I dated someone fat and was genuinely aroused by him. It just turned into less of the big picture, but latching on to the fine details which made him so hot and beautiful to me (because of my hyped up love-hormones.) We fell out of love for many reasons, but one of them was that my sex drive was greater than his. I don't think all fat people are hot, but he was.

Slapping boy butts bring me joy, and I'm not even particularly into butts. If I may be so bold, give your man's chest and nipples a loving squeeze in spirit of me!

It's out there. I believe in you.

>> No.10040577

This is me with my bf. God, he's so hot. We're coming on 3 years as well, and I never forget to tell him how handsome he is, or how much I love him, or let him know that I admire so much about him. if there is ever anything he is unsure of or insecure about that I love, I love telling him how attractive it is, or how much I love it. Love is so important.

I feel that my love has helped him to grow as a person, as well. I honestly don't understand how people can be with someone they don't adore.

>> No.10040582

>Tfw you'll never be that guy

>> No.10040593

I have a few pieces i know that would sell if i really needed to! But you're right, i also have a decent skill set but bc im sickly keeping up is very hit or miss for me. i'm only 22 and i know i'll be able to properly save and will be better in the future but right now sucks

>> No.10040596

You have plenty of time at 22! Sorry if it came off as insensitive. I think a good first step might be to find a place with halfway decent health insurance to start getting your chronic disorders to a state where you can better manage. I’m sure a lot of the folks gawking are mid (I’m 25) to late 20’s at least; but as long as you keep moving forward you’ll get there!
I remember what it was like to have a small dress collection keeping me happy from an exceptionally shitty time. I believe in you, anon!

>> No.10040597

I hope so. I'm pretty hopeless when it comes to romance though. Who knows, maybe having some remaining innocence is actually helpful. I dunno

>> No.10040600

>tfw I'll never be that guy because all of the women I tend to be interested in turn out to be complete psychos with emotional baggage

>> No.10040601
File: 1.48 MB, 223x173, IMG_0718.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you anon i appreciate it. I have insurance but my doctors office is 20 minutes away (and like i said i'm without a car atm), and my doctors skirt around my issues because the main medication i need is $1500 for a single months supply and my insurance won't cover it because of how high it is. Eventually i will have a better job that has better insurance but for now i gotta suffer.

Thank you again anon, i appreciate you a lot and thank you for rooting for me it means a lot to me. I'm happy i don't have to sell my wardrobe, and i'm extremely happy to be a part of a community of girls who are supportive of each other in times of need. I love you all

>> No.10040608

Another chronically ill anon here, and I know the struggle. I hope you find a medication that works for you and a doctor that understands your issues.

>> No.10040619

Finding a doctor that understands is at least half of the battle; It isn’t entirely the same thing but it took my old doctor retiring and finding a new one to finally get my anxiety/PTSD fully under control.

>> No.10040635

Go to a doctor. It might be hormone issues. It might be depression. There's a LOT medical/psychological reasons for this

>> No.10040636

It's meant to smoke out fatty-chans

>> No.10040638

Feels threads are this board's containment threads, windowlicker-chan. That much should've been obvious

>> No.10040669

>mfw horny multiple times a day, masturbate daily, fuck randoms on top of my fuckbuddy, constantly horny at work, horny when I wake up, horny when I go to bed, constantly horny
>guys call me a nympho, always cum like crazy during sex
Become a cuckqueen and give me your bf's address so I can give him the love he deserves. You're meant for it, sweetie.
Do it faggot, Oklahoma City that bitch up.

>> No.10040678

>losing focus when he takes off his shirt or his shorts and you have to struggle to follow what he's saying, often asking him to repeat himself.

A fucking mood and we've been together for 5 years going on to 6.

>> No.10040680

Are you on any kind of medication? Sometimes that's a side effect. All in all, I agree with the other anons. A doctor is necessary here.

>> No.10040685
File: 47 KB, 640x640, B8078A07-E7B9-401A-AF4C-9AAE7DA1F0B9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw I used to be just like that

I’m happy that I’m in a committed monogamous relationship with a guy who is just as debauced as I am and can satisfy my raging nymphomania. I look back on my slutty days and cringe big time.

>> No.10040686

not that anon, but most everyone has emotional baggage, probably even you too, which is why you can't get a woman and are attracted to the ones who are vulnerable.

>> No.10040688

Fine, I’ll heed your advice and check with a doc, thanks.

Thanks for the advices, I’ll try that by to be frank I never liked porn, there’s... simply no interest for me I don’t see the point. Do you think watching some with my partner could help? I feel like it’s awkward.

Also I don’t masturbate, I kinda disgust myself. I don’t really want that, it is really necessary ?

You sounds like you are a male larping. Can a woman be really that sexually active?

>> No.10040690

I would prefer monogamy desu but if I don't get regular dick I'll go insane. 1 month is my limit and then I'm on tinder for a quickie.
I don't have any diseases or love children so what's the problem?
tfw no bf
>Can a woman be really that sexually active?
I'm sorry you've never experienced it.

>> No.10040692

C’mon anon, you can’t say that and not share some stuff. Give us some crunchy stories.

>> No.10040694


>> No.10040695

Yeah, that anon does honestly sound like a larper or a super faggot, but I’m a woman with an abnormally high libido and I used to do that kind of shit with multiple dudes. I settled down with someone but still have the sex drive of a teenage boy.

>> No.10040697

I wish I could have sex too

>> No.10040701

It was always like that or it is something you cultivated?
I feel like I’m missing on these good things of life but I have no desire, it’s very frustrating.

>> No.10040704

It was always like that. I am ashamed to admit it but I was experimental in my childhood. Not really sure what triggered it but my drive is at a constant 11 out of 10. The only time I’m ever not craving sex is after working a 12 hour shift in the manufacturing plant I work at and even then it’s pretty easy to turn me on.

And it happens anon. Not everyone wants to do it. If you really do want to have sex and there is something preventing that then like other anons have said: a doctor is your best bet. There is also that possibility that you’re just asexual?

>> No.10040710

>which is why you can't get a woman
How do you think I come to learn they're actually psychotic, you retard? I get in relationships with them

>> No.10040714

Following y'all's conversation has now reminded me of some of the terrible sexually formative experiences of my adolescence and childhood

>> No.10040715

>there's obvious posts by crossboarders in almost every thread
Okay, RP-kun.

>> No.10040718

Like what?

>> No.10040720

>muh crossboarders
Conveniently ignoring the fact the the thread's already full of completely off-topic shit not related to /cgl/ in any way the way every feels thread is, including to not limited to people
>talking about their shitty relationship and wanting to run off with their friend
>talking about their cat being dead
>talking about their fetishes
>talking about their libido
Seriously, licking windows clearly isn't good for you

>> No.10040721

>neighborhood girl taking me into her room and flashing me when I was like 5 or 6. Tried to tell both of our moms when it happened, but got in trouble instead
>a few years later other neighborhood girls hold me down so the same girl can forcibly kiss me
>repeatedly told the girl I lost my virginity to no and pushed her off if me several times. I ended up going along with it, because I saw no other way to get out of the situation
>mom dumped her own issues with men onto me, still does sometimes when we're together

>> No.10040722

Nayrt but greater London, sure

>> No.10040724

Sorry to read that anon. At least you seem to have transformed that into something positive for you right now.

>> No.10040725

>You sounds like you are a male larping. Can a woman be really that sexually active?

Anon, you sound like you may have the typical American 'sex is something done to a woman, to be tolerated and not enjoyed.' mindset. I've found that a lot of women who have had that drilled into their head don't enjoy sex even when they want to.

>> No.10040727

>malefags get an entire board (aregaynine) to feelspost in
>femfags get ONE thread one one female-centric, very slow board to share their feels
>we get bitched at

>> No.10040730
File: 83 KB, 1020x900, 1504812755422.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How many randoms are we talking, here?

>> No.10040731
File: 62 KB, 613x559, 1533099151881.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

RIP feels thread "Romance Is Still Alive" edition.
The gender debate has arrived... A hundred posts too early.

>> No.10040739

No I really haven't. Progress had been stalled for months. What I've been feeling the past 40 minutes did make me realize that PTSD diagnosis was right on the money though

>> No.10040742
File: 53 KB, 640x640, 1503296020886.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Tfw you live in the south and want to hang around people with similar interests but they're always the worst kind of weeb possible and theres no one else for miles upon miles.

Help I just wanna have fun.

>> No.10040744

Maybe if your eyes weren't so black, cold, and dead you'd be able to have fun with the weebs.

>> No.10040745

Just a couple dozen so far. I try to use the same guy for a while to reduce STD chances.
still rather have a bf/husband but you know.

>> No.10040746

I can be your bf, as long as you're got some depraved fetishes I can work with on top of being a nympho

>> No.10040748

I cant help the way I was born anon. I'd rather not be around when they unironically recite quotes from the Shadow the hedge hog/ Sasuke slow burn slash fic. If that makes em happy more power to em.

>> No.10040763

Nayrt but last week a customer said to me "you have pretty eyes, like a shark".
>mfw my eyes are blue

>> No.10040765
File: 98 KB, 502x720, 14677908763210975.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why are straight gulls always so gross?

>> No.10040767
File: 622 KB, 383x286, 509765456789.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>go into feels thread hoping its not that bad
>OP is dumb but at least its somewhat animu/weeb shit
>first few posts whatever
>notice multireply comic that is completely off topic
>immediately know the thread is going to be shit after that
I latched onto the first thing I saw. And what about it?
To keep on thread
>moitie releases jewelry again
>its still ugly
Why can't they make actual cute looking jewelry?

>> No.10040768

Fuck off dyke

>> No.10040769
File: 237 KB, 456x501, 492C603C-D98D-4B3A-B57E-F377A3F29924.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lmao not straight but ok anon. Sorry to hear that your sex life is so vanilla and boring.

>> No.10040770

>the typical American 'sex is something done to a woman, to be tolerated and not enjoyed.' mindset.
Not her but Americans are very sexually depraved, at least since the 70s/80's. I kind of wish they had that mindset t.bh

>> No.10040772

Lmao why?

>> No.10040774

Even worse. Also
>implying vanilla and boring is bad
>implying risks, pain, and drama are better

>> No.10040778

Since we're already off topic, as is tradition, I'll bring us back to romance.

>Lonely sadsack after another drawn-out relationship with a loser who dumped me but kept me around for a year.
>Go to a houseparty with my friend, never met anyone else there.
>One guy in particular; Both kinda think the other is pretentious and seems to be zero interest between us.
>Accidentally get wasted. Fall out of a $140 Uber I paid for us to go out, vomit on my shoes, the whole shebang.
>I'm going out to get sad drunk that weekend, say so in my SC story.
>That one guy from the party messages and asks if I want to go out with him and his friends, so I won't be so sad/lonely.
>We're drunk and crammed into an Uber heading into the city, he turns around and says "As soon as we get out I'm gonna try to make out with you. Is that okay?"
>He does.
>Turns out I left my ID at his friends' house, so the two of us Uber all the way back to get it, and back out again.
>We both end up taking Monday off of work/uni and stay at his friend's house for four straight days, just talking and hanging out together.

Tl;dr is that we've been together every single day since and effectively live together now.

The last guy, for reference, dumped me because I was 'too quiet' and that was embarrassing for him (but he still strung me along for a year.)
I've never been as happy and comfortable and outgoing as I am now with this fucking angel of a young man, and meeting him was a complete accident.

>> No.10040779

Man this thread is just reminds me of >tfw no gf

>> No.10040782

Whew, it's really hard to tell this story properly in a concise way.

Basically we had no interest in each other whatsoever from the first party and he invited me out with his friends specifically because he wanted me to get drunk and do something stupid/entertaining again. Then we realized that we're perfect together. Oops.

>> No.10040785

Hoo! Shit, tell him. Anon can take his victorian era "women hate sex" mindset back to his mommy's basement with him.
Sex is like a massage, but better. And free. Dildos wouldn't be a billion dollar industry if women didn't enjoy dick.

>> No.10040788

>$140 Uber
What the fuck. Also anon learn to hold your liquor and not forget your fucking ID. How do you even do that, even drunk me doesn't do that. I mean great you got a guy to fugg you but... sort your shit out. And seriously wtf, last lyft I got was like $4.

>> No.10040790

In my defense, my wallet had recently broken so I was carrying my cards loose. I just grabbed my bank card instead of my ID as we were leaving the house.

>Australian Uber.

>> No.10040798

Not that anon but I just wish more people were ethical about sex. You wanna fuck random guys? Sure, go ahead, just don't act like you're into monogamy and only want to have sex with your partner while sleeping around because one dick isn't enough. At least have the courage and decency to be honest about yourself.

>> No.10040802

How so anon? Just because some people are bisexual doesn’t mean they are predisposed to cheat.

>> No.10040803

Or sleep around. Forgot to add that to the sentence.

>> No.10040808
File: 720 KB, 1120x1600, dia_sees_bortz's_peepee.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cosplay is inherently a hobby that screams "give me attention!"; that's why there are so many girls and gays attracted to it.
t. gay

>> No.10040810

Seconding. Someone can be the biggest slut when they're single and wholeheartedly monogamous while they're in a relationship. The two modes aren't mutually exclusive.

>> No.10040811
File: 123 KB, 1080x1080, FB_IMG_1542335286833.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Crying cause my Disney cos crew has no time to see Wreck it Ralph 2 with me.

>> No.10040812

I doubt that, I haven't met a single slut who could stay committed to a monogamous relationship. They always end up cheating and crying about how they didn't mean to and it was an accident, it's not their fault they have no self control.

>> No.10040815

>tfw no lolita gf to dress in lolita w me and have lots of fucked up sex with

i-i'm not sad you are

>> No.10040818
File: 72 KB, 344x280, absolute disgust.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They're predisposed to spreading diseases on innocent people and having mental illnesses/disorders.

>> No.10040819

yeah, but it’s not the norm you fucking retard

>> No.10040823
File: 36 KB, 414x414, CDCBF91A-73AF-4CF5-A06A-B1C74A752A7F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lol if you seriously don’t check for STDs before sleeping with anyone you most definitely deserve to get them

>> No.10040826

>Australian Uber.
Guess it must be all that dropbear insurance.
I've never cheated on anyone you salty bitch.

>> No.10040832

Good for you, now if only you weren't the vocal minority of promiscuous people.

>> No.10040836

how do you even know who other people are fucking or not fucking? go back to /r9k/ and stay go.

>> No.10040846

Stereotypes exist for a reason and the other anon is right, you're all in a minority. The majority of sluts aren't like you. You're no different from the guys who go "not all men !!!11"

>> No.10040866

I bought chocolate croissants and my dad ate all of them. Kind of bummed.

>> No.10040876
File: 448 KB, 615x463, onepotato.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My friend's sister is only 12 and she's already getting thot patrolled at cons.

>> No.10040878

>s-stereotypes exist for a reason!!
doesn’t mean they are correct retard. The vast majority of bisexuals are not cheaters or sluts. That’s like saying all men are cheaters and sluts because some cheat and some sleep around with multiple men or women. You sound like you have a hate boner for bisexuals. Lemme guess a bi gal broke your heart? It’s okay anon, she can’t hurt you anymore.

>> No.10040883

god has truly nerfed your peewee mind huh

>> No.10040888

>That’s like saying all men are cheaters and sluts because some cheat and some sleep around with multiple men or women.
Men actually do cheat more than women though, this has been proven a countless number of times. That doesn't mean literally all of them do it, just that they're more likely to when compared to women. Or is it merely a "coincidence" that most sexual crimes are committed by men?
>You sound like you have a hate boner for bisexuals.
No, just sluts in general.

>> No.10040890

>I hate sluts
Why though? They literally don’t affect your life in anyway lol

>> No.10040895

Get him back by stealing his credit card and blowing it all on coords and dresses

>> No.10040904

If it has the potential to affect society, then yes it does affect me. Almost everything a person does has an effect even if you don't see it right away. There's already enough distrust between men and women, promiscuous behavior worsens that and makes it harder for people to form meaningful relationships. But shouldn't your "doesn't affect you" logic apply here too? Why care about people shitting on sluts then?

>> No.10040911

>openly talks about sex life
>makes it everyone's business
>REEEEEEEEEE don't judge me/ it's none of your business/ it doesn't concern you!!1

>> No.10040913

>tfw lonely

>> No.10040924
File: 62 KB, 600x338, 0CB251DA-CAAE-435C-A2F1-EA1D924F8914.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I-if a slut affects society it affects my life
Except when does it ever come to that magnitude? That is some serious mental gymnastics. Just say you have no legitimate reason to hate on sluts anon.
keep reeeeeing, sweaty.

>> No.10040925

>tfw same

>> No.10040932

Serious question for the sluts here: how do you distinguish between who you want a casual fling or an actual relationship with?

>> No.10040940

>Except when does it ever come to that magnitude?
>There's already enough distrust between men and women, promiscuous behavior worsens that and makes it harder for people to form meaningful relationships.
What if someone wants a meaningful, wholesome relationship without any divorce, zero chances of diseases,etc? What if someone wants to raise a family? Now they're screwed because slutty behavior is normalized and no one wants to commit. No one is capable of forming bonds anymore, so you end up with kids raised by a single parent (which usually results in the kid becoming a criminal or having an increased chance of mental disorders, mommy/daddy issues etc.) or people dying old and alone with nothing left behind. You're deluded if you think everything in life doesn't have a cause and effect. Point A leads to point B, and so on.

>> No.10040941

This thinly-veiled incel rhetoric is embarrassing.

>> No.10040944
File: 11 KB, 129x439, 20ee8dc3250d6cf37ad9a123dab3333e047d0e8499ff982420d5b68a127c642e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>only incels want a real relationship
>only incels want a healthy, functioning society
You're part of the problem.

>> No.10040947
File: 124 KB, 590x333, 3925E6F7-DDF8-4113-8AA8-ED11FFAFFAA7.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You’re not answering the question on how it personally affects you. Sluts have been around since the dawn of time and society has not come to your delusional hypothetical. And it never will. Stay mad incel-kun

>> No.10040949

How many people someone's slept with has nothing to do with whether or not they currently want to be in a committed relationship nor does it have anything to do with how society functions as a whole.

>> No.10040957

>You’re not answering the question on how it personally affects you
It makes it harder for me to trust others and easier to run into damaged, broken people.
>Sluts have been around since the dawn of time
But they weren't normalized or accepted in the past. People were free to judge and dislike them back then.
>society has not come to your delusional hypothetical.
>divorce rates aren't high
>single parents aren't common
>mental illnesses haven't increased
>non-committed "relationships" haven't increased
>cheating hasn't increased
Are you living under a rock? Even other female anons in these threads have pointed out how difficult it is to find a serious relationship with someone because all guys care about is sex.

>> No.10040958

I just want to scissor. Why don't girls understand

>> No.10040961

>I hate sluts because WE LIVE IN A SOCIETY

>> No.10040981
File: 883 KB, 1280x720, 1516772164061.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You can't argue with trips and dubs desu

>> No.10040991

I just want someone to hug who sees me as a real person with feelings and not a sex object

>> No.10040992

Is it supposed to be cute? I feel sorry for glasses guy. He definitely should make a cashback as it was obviously defected.

>> No.10040994

nyannyanncosplay is a thot

>> No.10040995

> 2018
> still objectification complaining
c'mon get something new to attract attention

>> No.10040996

Can't I see you as all of those things? What matters is that we feel good with one another and can help each other out.

Oh no, I'm having a fictional romance with a random gull inside my head. Now that's sad.

>> No.10040998

People are not objects, anon.

>> No.10041000

Tell that to my ex and all of my former friends.

>> No.10041001

If you care about your partner feeling good too and want to help them out, you're not treating them like an object.

I mean relationships like my ex treating me as a living dildo, only caring about me as far as my sexual performance and always comparing my dick to other guys' as if that's the only part of me that mattered, expecting me to feel flattered that she chose me because she thinks I had the best dick.

>> No.10041002
File: 1.45 MB, 1440x1435, Screenshot_20180908-2020352.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's like we know the same girl. This is disturbing.

>> No.10041009
File: 42 KB, 409x517, -.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw Americans go to sleep and you're all alone in the feels thread

>> No.10041012

>Also I don’t masturbate, I kinda disgust myself
If you're unable to even touch yourself, you're not going to enjoy when someone else does it to you. Masturbating is a healthy part of engaging with our bodies that helps one understand their preferences. I think it's important for everyone to take part in - even if the end goal isn't sexual gratification. You need to know your body to know when it's feeling / looking / smelling abnormal. From reading your post, I get the feeling that your problem is either medicinal or an issue with body image. That may be a hurdle you need to leap in order to face this problem.

>> No.10041013

Nyart, but people have different levels of libido. One person's sex drive is going to be different from the next. Typically it's something that you grow into with puberty and it changes somewhat over time, but I don't think that's your problem in this case.

>> No.10041015

I'm glad that getting it off your chest has been therapeutic anon. Don't berate yourself though. You're not stalling, you're at the crossroads of the next path you're going to travel. I hope you do seek therapy or continue to do so if you already are. What happened to you was not okay and I'd be more inclined to label it as rape. I hope that things work out well for you in the end.

>> No.10041017

>thot patrolled
i've never heard of that before. As in people are coming up to her and calling her a thot or she's going around and calling people thots?

>> No.10041049

>tfw accidentally post your feel in a dead thread
>tfw never had romantic experiences/gf ever
>tfw hope to make contacts at cons
>never do
>tfw too dense to understand when people are interested until hours later when it's too late
Heck, I've even had girls straight up tell me they want me and I just laugh it off and hurt them in the process.

>> No.10041059

>male sluts are just fine and dandy
>female sluts are the apocalypse itself
wooooooow my almonds are going jogging.

>> No.10041064

>male sluts are just fine and dandy
Where was this said?

>> No.10041068

>men and women are different and therefore there are different expectations of them


Also, most guys are pretty split on the issue of man whores. Some think it's great, some think it's gross.

>> No.10041078

To be fair there are seven (7) feels threads up.

>> No.10041090
File: 1.22 MB, 1920x1080, 15i9u1D.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>send a song to a friend
>decide to come back to it later
>lyrics all about love
I just thought it sounded nice.

>> No.10041092

I don't even remember how to write here.. been so long gone from lolita. But now I'm feeling overally better, and just finding will to dress up again. I've everything now what I've ever wanted, two expensive hobbies, loving fiance, house of our own.. and stillI can't believe that I've achieved that all and can't believe I can combine my life with lolita anymore, even I want and feel that it is my thing still, but somehow, it feels like.. it doesn't look like me anymore. Like, I want to dress up and enjoy the fashion and I have motivation again to do that, but somehow it doesn't feel like me anymore.. I'm confused.

>> No.10041094

Maybe you need to find another substyle to wear instead of the one you've worn before. Many girls drift off from sweet to classic or gothic but some go from gothic or classic to sweet, there's no "rule" to this, just wear what makes you feel beautiful. It's very possible that your taste has changed so try things out again, experiment and find what you like to wear in the fashion - And if you eventually realize that lolita, in its entirety, doesn't make you feel beautiful anymore and you don't want to wear it at all, that's ok too. You can continue to love it and not wear it yourself. All that matters is that you're happy, you know?

>> No.10041095

Doesn't help that I don't frequent /cgl/ or other slow boards in general.

>> No.10041099

Maybe you're right, maybe I should try dressing up but differently, surprise surprise I've been wearing sweet lolita and even it still pleases my eye, it doesn't really feel like me anymore. Dressing differently than sweet lolita somehow scares me and feels weird, like "I've always dressed up like neon colored diabetes heart attack birthday cake, how else I could be??" I just have to step one step outside of my narrow box and look differently. Thanks!

>> No.10041102

If you want to stick to sweet why not try wearing more dusky colours or florals rather than bright AP pastels.

>> No.10041103

All of you fucks would become a pussy slaying chad if you could and you idolize him. Chad is just a manslut, a stacy with a penis. Stop being salty that other people get laid and you don't, because you stupid ugly whores know if anyone wanted you you'd be the biggest slut around.
I've never heard any attractive man who regularly gets laid being critical of female slutting. Only ugly incels say this, because you're saltier than the pacific ocean.

>> No.10041106

Is it hard to find legit contact lenses? I've always wanted to try the color contacts but I'm scared of putting sketchy chinese shit in my eyes

>> No.10041107
File: 118 KB, 720x720, 1542295235742.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>try to """""raid""""" /r9k/ a la tumblr epic style
>surprised they come back for retribution a year later

>> No.10041116
File: 935 KB, 1280x1280, inbreeding2276.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

dude what?

>> No.10041118

It's not hard to find, however becaus it's technically illegal for people without a prescription in the US, there's always the underlying sketchiness.

>> No.10041119
File: 288 KB, 500x255, 1426629126069.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Been trying to find a good ivory blouse with princess sleeves for a decent price for months
>Most of the ones I find have the arms made of lace
>I have a huge tattoo on my upper arm that I want covered when I wear lolita
>Why does finding a good blouse have to be so fucking HARD


>Read a post somewhere about how mean, bitchy and awful all lolitas are
>About to argue that it's not really the case in my experience since I'm in a great comm, among other things
>Quickly realize that I would rather have people think we are elitist cunts than risk making it an even bigger hugbox than what it has been turning into last few years
>"Yes, lolitas are mean nasties and it's best to stay far away from them"

>> No.10041124 [DELETED] 

Why not just get it removed?

>> No.10041125

Was there another tumblr raid? What? What's going on? And why do you think this is relevant to cgl?

>> No.10041126

>finding the right blouse is hard
I've been trying to find a simple brown blouse in the right shade and without any added white/black lace for so fucking long. Ugghhhh. I feel u.

>> No.10041127

I vaguely recall IW releasing some princess sleeved blouses that weren't sheer, maybe look at what they have in stock and see if it might work for you?
Also definitely seconded that last point, it IS actually better for us that people think we're bitchy and elitist because it keeps a lot of legitimate scumbags out, or makes them leave quickly.

>> No.10041131
File: 22 KB, 480x369, 0b9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You've been missing the entire point of this discussion. Maybe it's different for those anons you're replying to but I'm not interested in getting laid and I'm also not a man. I've been shitting on both men and women the whole time and gave actual reasons for doing so, which you could've figured out if you were literate. There's no reason for me to idolize chads or stacies because sex and hedonism isn't what I desire in the first place.

>> No.10041133

Why not just get it removed?

>> No.10041135

It's obviously a troll. Don't feed it.

>> No.10041143
File: 24 KB, 320x268, IMG_0753.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

been there before wew

>sends a boy a cute song
>"This is how i feel about you!!!!"
>goes back to listen right after
>it basically says i want to run away with you and i love you more than you can imagine

>> No.10041144

Because I really like my tattoo? If you read my post properly you would see I don't want it visible when I wear lolita, since it obviously doesn't fit with the aesthetic.

They haven't released any princess sleeved blouses in a while (been checking their website weekly just in case), and the one in the flat rate sale section is sold out in beige.But thanks anyway anon!

>> No.10041145

>sending a song before you listen to it


>> No.10041149

Maybe they can't understand spoken English/the language of the song

>> No.10041162

Many women mistake men who are better looking than them looking to fuck an easy girl as being in their league, then disregard anyone actually in their league because they think they can do better.

>> No.10041165
File: 80 KB, 500x375, D4CC1DE1-9377-4E5C-B8AA-5107191DC2FA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>sharing music with (now ex) bf
>send him a song by Mili that I think is nice
>seconds later remember that it’s a song about how all men are trash
>didn’t get a text back

>> No.10041166

What's your tattoo of?

>> No.10041170

Yeah. The song I sent wasn't in English. I saw the word love in the title/lyrics, but I thought nothing of it at the time.

>> No.10041181

I did read it properly. I just didn't imagine anyone would actually like their tattoos.

>> No.10041184

>hurr anon must be ugly
Nigga please, I'm the cutest thing to ever grace god's earth. Go get not-fucked with your designated cum sock.

>> No.10041186

yeah right, people love getting horrible things they dislike and abhor on their skin FOREVER

>> No.10041188
File: 244 KB, 1380x2808, 1541642413952.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

>> No.10041189

Ah. I see why you have difficulty finding someone who wants more than sex.

>> No.10041191

I figure they didn't realize how horrible they were at the time they had it done.

>> No.10041197


>> No.10041200

>black friday
a bit racist, innit?

>> No.10041201

>let's get a permanent body augmentation without thinking it through and making sure we like them
Feels good having no tattoos and no piercings.
I had a really stupid intention to get a tattoo (angel wings on back) as a teenager. Thank god I didn't, because I thought, will I regret this in 10 years? My favorite color changes every damned year, will I really have wanted THIS tattoo for the rest of my life?
Nope. Dodged that bullet. The tattoo age really should be like 25.

>> No.10041203

>black sissy itas

>> No.10041205

>black sea
>red sea
omfg those rayciss greeks! that is NOT OKAY omfghtshhslj

>> No.10041206

>assuming I'm black
And if I post like this, it must mean I'm Canadian, eh?
Oy cunt, now I'm an Aussie! Shiela cunt barby koala!
me chinese now, china 6,000 year civirization, dog white piggu go home, five dorra

>> No.10041211

This made me smile. Thank you

>> No.10041212

You're thinking of Blacked Friday

>> No.10041214 [DELETED] 

My gf is not feeling well... I want her to take a doctor's appointment but I don't know how to go about it. She hates doctors and I don't want to pressure her or anything. But at the same time I'm pretty worried and think she needs to talk to a professional about her health. Can I get some advice or support please. I'm feeling so depressed right now.

>> No.10041215 [DELETED] 


>> No.10041216 [DELETED] 

It's her decision. Stop meddling.

>> No.10041220
File: 44 KB, 304x506, 9F42EAFD-E49E-4052-81CC-03B18F72F58C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanksgiving was last month tho

>> No.10041228 [DELETED] 

No, she has been physically ill :(

>It's her decision. Stop meddling.
I think that when you are in a relationship with someone it is normal to discuss health things together, it's not "meddling". I agree the decision is hers to make though.

>> No.10041234 [DELETED] 


>> No.10041235

Most of the time doctors are less than useless. They're good if you have a broken arm, but if it's a vague "not feeling well" they'll do more harm than good. Just have her eat a healthier diet, go on walks, and get good sleep. That fixes 90% of problems.

>> No.10041237 [DELETED] 

>Most of the time doctors are less than useless
Not all of us are Amerimutts

>> No.10041239

Why does she hate doctors? Once you find the answer to that problem you'll have a better chance at convincing her to get professional help. I would not put your gf's well-being in the hands of anons (no offense gulls).

>> No.10041243

Wow, this is unfunny.

>> No.10041249 [DELETED] 

Sure, but after offering to take her to the doctor and being refused the discussion is over. Anything beyond this is simply nagging.

>> No.10041302

Anon with the tattoo from earlier here, personally I usually tell people that if they want a specific tattoo they should keep it in mind for at least 1-2 years and if they are still dead set on the tattoo then as they were the day they thought of it, then maybe they should go ahead.

Personally I got mine when I was 19, but I have wanted one since I was like 5-6 because my babysitter would bring me to tattoo parlors when she would get new ones which really left an amazed impression on me, and my brother that was 13 years older than me got a lot of tattoos at the time as well. While it's not ~*symbolic uwu*~ and I agree that maybe it was childish of me to follow the dreams of a baby but it was something that had been such an important goal for me all my life.
I'm 28 soon and I still love it, luckily. I don't even think about it most of the time, it might as well just be a huge, weird birthmark that I can easily cover up with a t-shirt or a jacket when needed because I'm so used to it being there. Hell, I'm even considering getting another, smaller one on my back.

Thanks for reading my blog-post.

>> No.10041386

I say I've been stalling, because I havn't been working at it. I haven't seen my therapist in weeks. I'm pretty much only in the library, gym, or bed these days. Truth is, I think I'm scared to move on

>> No.10041420

I'm Australian. I haven't said the words shiela or barbie unironically ever.

Koala's smell like shit, their sound is fucking gross and their fur feels like burnt carpet. I hope we kill them all.

Cunt, eh.

>> No.10041442


I've got 7 tattoos and will get more in time; 5 of them were impulse (as in, i didn't really think about them for longer than a couple of days before getting them) and so far I just started regretting one wrist tattoo that I got when I was 18. I'm 26 now. But if anything, it just motivates me to get a nicer cover up.

I don't think there should be a required tattoo age past 18. Tattoos don't have to be this super intentional, meaningful thing. They can be fun, and if you regret them, then get a cover-up or laser. Or just don't get them. But just because you happen to be afraid of getting something permanent doesn't mean you get to decide that for everyone else.

Thanks for coming to my ted talk!

>> No.10041559

I feel you. I get tired of crying, I get tired of connecting the dots in the therapist's office sometimes. It's not that I do want to get better, but it's just so emotionally tasking and I'm so tired. Recovery isn't a race though, it's a marathon. If you need to take a breather to be able to continue running, then do so. Build the strength to move through your fear slowly.

>> No.10042701

where do you buy legit ones?

>> No.10043491

>why the sell sex dolls with self consciousness?
>why they give sex dolls super human strenght?
>why there's still cops in a world with robots with super human strenght

this comic makes no sense

>> No.10044808

Came back to this thread after lurking last night, just wanted to say that you're awesome and PLEASE keep this outlook as long as you can. Wish more people were like this. Lately I have been feeling like this ideology is a dying breed.

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