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Dab on them itas edition

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Man I just really love cosplay

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>Tfw no lolita GF

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Man I just really love cgl

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>tfw a little girl with her dad says “look it’s naruto!”
>tfw you didn’t ask her to Take a picture with her to make her day

Fuck that shit was fucking cute as hell

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I've got a freaking headache.

In the library I found some old KERA magazines and flipped through them happily. On one page I found this dress with a print picturing foxes and grapes... What? Foxes and grapes? Why? I don't know, BUT I LOVE IT!

I thought it said was Meta, and I seriously went through all of their jsks on lolibrary, but apparently I was wrong. I tried filtering for fruits and animals in general, but nope, nothing. That's scouring through 60+ pages on lolibrary in total, and I've got no freaking results.

Now I have to go back to the library and find the specific page in the specific magazine which I don't remember which and basically fuck me for not taking a picture of it immediately.

Did I mention that I have a headache?

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it's Grapy Sweetie Fox Cub, still for sale on Tokyo Rebel

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nyart but anon you are the best

scan them all for us

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>some fat kid dressed as Slenderman is blaring BEEP BEEP I'M A SHEEP on his speakers
>tween girl dressed as Astolfo starts dancing after him
>mfw she starts singing "Brap, brap! I'm a trap!"

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You know what, just take my firstborn child. I love you.

Gotta give back to this community somehow. Is there an archive over what's scanned and not yet? I haven't dabbled in much KERA until I found the physical magazines in my local library.

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Man I just really love gemposting

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F i n a l l y cosplayed from greatest love story every told with someone I’m actually dating and it was the best feeling. Also, it was wicked fun to give so many people nostalgia.

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>Friend posting on social about wanting to kill herself
>We are suppose to meet at a con in a few weeks to so she can trade me region exclusive pokemon in pokemon go.
>Not sure she will even be alive to trade with me
I just want a corsola

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>Pokemon Go
You should be the one killing yourself

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>ongoing dental problems
>had procedure done, 2 months later still constant discomfort and fear
>dentist already tried one correction, next step would be completely redoing the whole thing
>last time I couldn't open my jaw for two days afterwards and couldn't speak properly for 4 days
honestly considered suicide about this more than once. I don't know if my concerns are even real or if it's all psychological. I don't feel kawaii like this, gulls. Fuck teeth.
also tfw no bf

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>tfw no bf
I'm right here though

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okay pls marry me

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>everyone compliments and takes photos of your costume, people are genuinely excited which makes ME excited, like I love it when people get excited over it since making them happy makes me happy
>nobody posts it to insta after and I get hit with a weird pang

it was great then but why do I feel so empty? is this jealousy?

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Can do. Where you at?

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i feel exactly the same. i had so many people stop and ask for photos, yet i didn't see a single one online or even get posted to the facebook group of the con. feelsbadman

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Are you guys really scrolling through the thousands of photos in con tags...? Chances are you missed it or they didn't post it, I don't post any of the photos I take.

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My dream dress slipped away right before my eyes. So, so close... I’m pretty heartbroken...

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i'm the anon who responded, but the con i went to is relatively small and not very big around here, so tags on places like tumblr weren't very populated, or very outdated.

and yes, that's what we're discussing/complaining about. how no one out of all the people who stopped us posted a photo

reading comprehension are hard

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I used to be stupid and use shitty bar soap on my face. Browsing cgl got me interested in skincare, and also taught me that seeing skincare as “girly” is an Amerifag thing and most Asian men take really good care of my skin. Now I use soap designed for my face, exfoliate, and moisturize. I feel really smooth and handsome.
Thanks cgl!

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Man I just really hate feminism

Man I just really hate sweet lolita

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Browsing /cgl/ feel threads helped me realize that realize that relationships are a waste of time and energy, and that the only way to truly live is fast and carefree- regardless the price.

Thank you, gulls!

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Man I just really wish I wasn't depressed all the time

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>"fast and carefree"
>still browsing /cgl/
>caring what gulls say about their relationships

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>not knowing why foxes and grapes are paired
Have you not read Aesop's fables then?

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Yes and why would they post the photos? Very few people post the photos they take of cosplayers, in tags it's usually people posting pictures of themselves or for photoshoots

>the con i went to is relatively small
Then the chance of that happening is even lower, why are you upset?

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It's been 40 minutes. How does it feel to be ghosted by the love of your life?

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Since I participate in those skincare threads, this response makes me so happy.

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Thats great for you!
/cgl/ has really helped me find my sense of style. No longer just wearing generic walmart t-shirt and jeans for me.

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man, i just really love shitposting.

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Man, I just really love holding my gf's hand while she shits.

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...honestly I don't know how a 4chan meetup would work, it's scary meeting some guy off this website of all places. plus the likelihood of being in the same city is abysmal at best.

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don't worry it's 4channel now

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I have been to a few at cons, you got the splurgs and the normal people, the trick is to wait around for a bit so the autistd fuck off and then go and hang out with the leftovers. Eat out, dealers room, or I go to my hotel room, drink and play Mario kart. Everyone loves Mario kart.

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>only ate omelette today, nothing else
>not hungry
>diet cycles have fucked my appetite up
>likely won't eat until tomorrow night
idk. also no i'm not underweight. still kind of skinnyfat.

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I wouldn't worry unless you'r consistently not eating. Your body is probably just compensating for a day you ate more on.

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Gulls are pretty harmless in my experience, at least around where I am. At worst you're dealing with a legit sperg but you'll probably never have to worry about physical harm befalling you. Just tell that anon the nearest major city to you so you can determine whether or not you're half a world away.
Best case scenario you get yourself a qt bf to buy you burando/make cosplays with you and cuddle whenever you want.

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My comm mother learned a harsh lesson. Treat your man right, or some thot will steal him.

I am that thot.

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When is the best time to confess your love?

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When you're completely certain your feelings are reciprocated.

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I can't be certain in this case. I know there is some form of attraction but I will never be able to verify if there is enough.

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See >>10038236

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It doesn't have to be a completely direct, anime-like confession. You do need confirmation, but you can approach the topic more indirectly...I was planning on using something like this, but never got to:
"We should hang out more, know what I mean?"
"But do you actually know what I mean? Because if you don't feel about me like that, just say you have your eyes on someone else, even if it's a lie, and we'll leave it at that."

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I cringed. Please don't do this.

>> No.10038261

I can't tell if she's just being flirty with me for fun or she really means it.

>she's also a long way away

>> No.10038262

>tfw 25 and still can't recognize flirting
Is it over for me?

>> No.10038263

Do you really have something to lose by simply asking her that? Or (as it sounds) would you regret it if you didn't ask?

>> No.10038264

>she's also a long way away
Don't do it. 99% of women can't handle being in a long distance relationship and will just cheat on you. LDRs are not worth wasting your time and love on.

>> No.10038266

I'm literally autistic and can't understand sarcasm or flirting very well at all, so when I say flirting I mean like very explicit flirting. It's hard not to notice when you're being beaten over the head with it.

If it's premature and I can't see her in time to solidify her attitude towards me if she reciprocates my feelings. I feel like maybe her feelings would fade or she would reconsider if I'm unable to see her in time.

I know LDRs are a gamble, this girl is a gamble.

>> No.10038268

They're not a gamble, they're more akin to playing the lottery: you have so little chance of it turning out well that it might as well not exist.

>> No.10038270

Almost like most relationships then?

>> No.10038273

If you're worried about that, you could agree on a date to meet up with her. That would build anticipation, even if it had to be weeks away.

>> No.10038274

We live about 20 hours away by plane, it's not so easy or cheap.

>> No.10038279

Yeah, I wrote under that assumption. If it's that important to you both, then you should be able to figure something out together. I don't like living with regrets, so I don't think simply worrying about it will solve anything for you until you take some decisive action.

>> No.10038280

The difference is in-person relationships can be decided much quicker and be much more fulfilling overall, even if they don't end well. LDRs are 90% talking through webcams never having any idea if you're the only one and meeting up to fuck for a weekend every couple months. Overall they're incredibly draining for very little reward.

>when I say flirting I mean like very explicit flirting. It's hard not to notice when you're being beaten over the head with it.
You're lucky, then. I've never had girls come at me that hard and only learn they were flirting (or trying to) from a third party days later.

>> No.10038283

right before you finish bricking them into the wall

....not that I'd know or anything.

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I enjoy talking to her, genuinely. I've never met a person so worldly before. It just gives me lots of anxiety and stress that if I don't do something, she's going to get taken away from me or lose interest but if I do something to soon she might back out thinking things got too serious and that she was only fooling around.

I've had a relationship go LDR for a year and I would drive 20 hours every weekend to see her, speak on the phone every night. It's hard but I love knowing someone is there for me.

All girls that I've had romantic encounters with have basically had to pseudo sexually assault me because they got so frustrated that I'm so dense. Apparently I flirt back but to me I just match the person who's talking to me, if they compliment me, I compliment them. It only seems polite and friendly.

>> No.10038286

>20 hours by plane
Wait, are you the anon who's in love with the drug-addled poly broad? Didn't we tell you it's a terrible idea and you need to move on?

>> No.10038287

>relationships are a waste of time and energy

>What? Foxes and grapes?

>> No.10038288


I can't move on. Feelings are feelings, I can't help that.

>> No.10038289

Drink, anon. Drink until you forget.
You could also spend your next con talking to every cute girl you see. One is bound to strike your fancy. Just don't do what I used to do and endlessly dwell on what you know can never be, it's not good for you.

>> No.10038291

I don't drink unfortunately (?).

I want her and I want to try. I just have no idea how to go about this. The fact that she already has a boyfriend just makes this all the more confusing. I think she likes him but keeps him around a placeholder. They don't even live together and she lives by herself. I wouldn't be able to share her so I'd have to give her an ultimatum.

I didn't want to fall for her, it just happened and she keeps pouring fuel on the fire.

>> No.10038292

>I wouldn't be able to share her so I'd have to give her an ultimatum

This would backfire big time anon

>> No.10038295

Just tell her how you feel with the assumption that nothing will ever come of it.

>> No.10038296

Yeah that's the worst possible thing you could do.
Just ask yourself if you can date a literal hooker because that's basically what dating a poly girl is like. If the answer is "no" then you know what to do.

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Are you implying anyone would be jealous of the relationships discussed here? Even the "good" ones are boring as fuck and require too much effort.

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She was an escort previously so. She calls her currently relationship open but so far she's been monogamous. So, I don't know. Nobody is perfect.

All I know is that I like her very much and I've never met anyone like her. I know that sounds cliche but I actually haven't. I can't categorise her, she crosses so many different archetypes, with so many idiosyncrasies, lots of dichotomy and seemingly conflicting interests and ideas. I'm scared I'll never find another one like her and she'll be the one who got away.

>> No.10038306

I am a little jealous.

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Yeah, I’m just under the impression that every relationship discussed here is either fake or wildly exaggerated

>> No.10038309

I don't know how to tell you this but she's basically playing you. She's a manipulator. Not necessarily out of malice but it was part of her former job and she's an addict. Manipulation is her bread and butter.
Escorts don't just take cash and get fucked, they play a role that conforms to whatever the customer wants. They're basically on-the-fly actors.
Again I'm not saying she's trying to con you or anything but she seems so appealing to you because she's likely playing the character you want her to be.

I'm also a bit jealous. Sleeping alone sucks, especially during winter.

>> No.10038311

I hate sharing a room with someone else and I don't like being touched so I'll probably never understand desu.

>> No.10038312

I can understand not wanting to share a room but not being touched? What kind of soulless robot doesn't like hugs?

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File: 25 KB, 713x323, 6 million forms of autism.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The kind that posts on a taiwanese finger-painting forum

>> No.10038322

I'm the other jealous anon, but I don't inherently like hugs either. It depends entirely who the hug is with.

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File: 44 KB, 843x470, I_am_awake_but_at_what_price.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10038335

I might be in this situation again, so if you have any better ideas I'd gladly hear them.

>> No.10038353

>"We should hang out more, know what I mean?"
>"But do you actually know what I mean?"

All I see are "Sure, let's fuck." and "Eeww, no!" responses to this.

>> No.10038354

I figured this all out for myself; it'd be no surprise to hear I'm doing it wrong, so I'm not too proud to take advice. That said.
If I ever have to say something like that, it's because I NEED to know if the other party is interested in me romantically. I can't go home with any kind of doubt. I wouldn't be planning to fuck on the spot like you're suggesting, but for better or worse, either answer you gave there would do.

>> No.10038357

I’m considering to break up with gf of three years. I just feel I’m not that much into girls as I thought I am. I tried to kinda “convert” myself, but it didn’t work out. I need to just stop lying to her and wasting her time.

>> No.10038359

Are these two related?

>> No.10038360

Tell us more, gull.

>> No.10038361

Idk what more. What would you like to know?

>> No.10038362

You're considering. That implies you haven't decided. So what's holding you back?

>> No.10038364

This order exactly:
- I don’t want to be back to dating men, in my circumstances it would be humiliating
- more than likely I will stay alone for real long, bc I don’t have other social connections but her
- she’s actually kind, extremely chill and adequate person, there’s a chance I won’t meet anyone better than her

>> No.10038366

>I don’t want to be back to dating men, in my circumstances it would be humiliating

Did you renounce men publicly or something?

>> No.10038367

In what way are you not that much into girls, romantically, sexually or both? If the former, talk to her about transitioning to something more FWB, if the second, talk about doing an open relationship or just being best friends, if the latter, you should probably just be friends.

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File: 103 KB, 540x439, DenkiThumbsup.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Apparently not. It seems I've been knee deep in Grimm's tales, but hardly anything else. Might be a regional or language-related reason for the popularity/unpopularity? I'm from Sweden for reference.

>Tfw ordered both colourways
>Tfw free shipping
>Tfw will be able to make friends twin with me

The grapes of disappointment may be sour, but the grapes of satisfaction are ever do sweet. Thanks for linking that page Anon!

>> No.10038369

No, not at all. I deal with a lot of pressure on marriage, my family talks a lot about this, people from my work act the same. They all act like my whole life is supposed to be dedicated to marriage and giving birth. I used to feel that attitude like that devalues me, like it’s impossible to keep dignity after getting married, because you have to accept most of things your husband wants you to do. You know, I felt that dating a woman is like dating someone of equal social status, they won’t blame you for making more money or having sexual experiences in the past.

>> No.10038370

Aesop was ancient greek, so if your schooling didn't cover ancient greece that's probably why.

>> No.10038371

'You just haven't found the right guy yet' is normally stupid advice thrown at lesbians by people who don't want to accept their sexuality, but in your case, I think it holds true.

>> No.10038376

Maybe you’re right. I shall admit, once I was into guy to the point I wanted to have his kid, although I’m basically don’t like them. It was quite irrational and emotional drive tho, we wasn’t even dating properly at the moment.

>> No.10038389

Im an anon who posted a few threads back about being in a loveless relationship with a long term bf and stuff. I took everyone's advice and I broke off my dead relationship. Moved back home with my mom for now and currently finding my own place to rent, im doing mentally better in such a short period of time and feel happier slowly. The guy I was talking to during those few weeks is helping me with my studies and motivating me in styling myself better and taking care of my skin and eating habits too.

Thanks to all the anons here that convinced me to break it off. Im better off, slowly improving, finding a new job, and it looks good anons. Good feels right now.

>> No.10038391

Wow.. you did great. Here’s to your future!

>> No.10038415

People say this about her but I don't understand it. What is she manipulating out of me? Attention? Money?

>> No.10038420

attention. sage.

>> No.10038423

I don't get it either. Isn't she giving you just as much attention?

>> No.10038424

>girl who was an escort and already has a million beta orbiters is wasting time on a guy 20 hours away by making each other music playlists and shit talking about anime because she wants attention

That would only indicate she values my attention quite a lot

>> No.10038434

Or maybe you're not the only one.

>> No.10038435

is that it..?
sorry dude, you’re not special
just ask

>> No.10038438

It's possible but doubt. When I can message her at anytime, as long as she's awake we can chat for hours. If she's doing that with multiple people whilst maintaining a boyfriend, a job and a normal life then I have no shame in being used.

If I'm being misled by her, I can't blame myself. However I'm not asking whether or no I'm being misled, I'm asking when's the best time to tell her that I am attracted to her as a potential partner.

>> No.10038441

Right now. Before you invest any more time into her.

>> No.10038442

I don't feel that's going to increase my chances of her saying yes. I'm not exactly short of time to spare on people and I enjoy speaking with her.

>> No.10038443

>tfw peacockalorum goes on vacation the day after you order from her

i should have looked up what happens in england this time of year

>> No.10038448

>I'm not exactly short of time to spare on people

So you're a loner?

>> No.10038450

I'm the same anon who posted his face with a censor on his eyes a while ago. I do nothing but go to work, go to uni, go to gym. I don't like to go outside and I have trouble making friends. So a loner is accurate.

>> No.10038451

Let me rephrase: Right now. Before you invest any more emotional energy into her.

>> No.10038453

I suppose that's a better way of putting but the premise remains. I don't care about time or energy, I care about the success rate of her accepting my confession.

>> No.10038454

Slim to none, regardless of the timing.

>> No.10038455

It's zero.

I'm telling you this as a chronically ill, bored, lonely girl who chats to 40+ men every single day. It isn't hard to have those conversations. It isn't hard to seem incredibly invested in each one. I have to, otherwise they won't give me that time. Plus, men are pretty dumb and think actual human connection is much less shallow than it really is, so I only have to put in about 10% of the effort of having a conversation with a girl.

The girl you're speaking with is absolutely talking to other guys in the same manner. The fact that she hasn't even expressed any outward romantic feelings to you should be the most obvious indicator of that.

>> No.10038457

>tfw guys would rather date a heroin addicted whore than you

>> No.10038459

I haven't said so but she has expressed outward romantic feelings towards me.

The first time I figured this out was when she was high on heroin and became extremely horny and desperately tried to solicit dick pics out of me to masturbate to which I said no. She has complimented my appearance a lot of times. She plays out her fantasies with me. She has asked me to fly to her country multiple times.

However because of her 'unique' personality I can't tell whether or not these are just for funsies or she actually means it. I would feel like a bit of retard if I was the person taking all this semi-seriously and she was just fucking around.

If you have a stellar personality then you can be anything and guys will still like you.

>> No.10038460

It sounds like you're projecting.

>> No.10038463

Those are not romantic feelings. Those are sexual feelings. They are not one in the same. She can want to fuck you without caring about you.

I'm just recognising my own shitty behaviour in others. There might be a bit of projecting, but there are plenty of things that I've seen him talk about that are spot on to what I'm saying.

>> No.10038468

I appreciate your advice but I do feel differently because of our interactions. Obviously I can't post everything we have said to each other but I feel there are romantic feelings there. She has said she feels like we are a lot alike which I agree with and we have shared a lot of similar experiences except that she is older than me and has experienced more. I'm early twenties, she's mid-late twenties. But I just find that makes her more attractive.

If not then I got played, which sucks and I go back to being a total loner with only male internet friends. But oh well, the feelings are nice given I haven't felt this way about any girl before, even the ones who try to speak to me irl.

>> No.10038470

Well put yourself out there and see what happens.

>> No.10038472

>about any girl before,

>>about any girl before for a long time*

>> No.10038476

>She has said she feels like we are a lot alike which I agree with and we have shared a lot of similar experiences except that she is older than me and has experienced more.

Do you not realise how generic these statements are? This is what I mean when I say that men require only 10% of the effort that girls do when it comes to conversation. Going, "haha anon we have so much in common :3" is not a real connection. It does not take any effort or thought.

>> No.10038479

Again I can't post everything we have nor do I really want to go into specific detail about everything. When she has we are alike it's been after discussing things that have gone on in our lives. She's spoken about her personality disorders, I've spoken about mine, we've spoken about family abandonment, being fucked over by ex partners, how we experience feelings of love and how we express them, I have a desire to do drugs, she does a lot of drugs etc etc.

I feel these aren't surface level or vain conversations.

>> No.10038480

Then fuck her already and shut up about it, jesus christ

>> No.10038483

>She's spoken about her personality disorders, I've spoken about mine
>I have a desire to do drugs, she does a lot of drugs
This will not end well.

>> No.10038485

Why are you so mean to men?

>> No.10038486

...Are you retarded? If I just wanted sexual gratification out of her, I've practically almost got it. I don't particularly care about that. My entire question is when is the best time to tell her that our interactions have made me develop a crush on her and I would like to have a romantic relationship with her moving forward?

Then anons have questioned my interactions with her which I've given further explanation.

Being honest, I felt I missed out on a lot growing up and being a young adult because of my family life and mental issues, so now I just want someone to unironically fuck me up as if nothing matters to make up for lost time. You only get to be young once.

>> No.10038487

Then do it already

Stop being a coward and crying about shit on an anonymous image board and just tell her you fuck

What, do you want us to write your confession for you as well?

>> No.10038489

Are you still not getting it? I'm not asking whether or not to do it, I've already accepted in my mind I have to tell her otherwise the feelings will eat me alive. The issue is timing.

Are you actually fucking illiterate?

>> No.10038492

You know, since you know her best personally shouldn't you already know what the best time to tell her would be?

>> No.10038493

There is nothing to be gained by waiting. Tell her now and post results.

>> No.10038495

I'm smart enough to know I'm an idiot and would like to get the advice of people who may have been in similar situations before.

She's asleep. Telling her now and having to wait hours for her to wake up would cause anxiety which is going to turn me into a wreck.

>> No.10038502

Tell her when she wakes up and is awake enough to take it all in.

Maybe wait until her evening so she's all settled down and ready to talk about it?

Just be ready that her answer might not be as rosy as you might expect. Not sure, what you expect though.

Whatever happens, I hope you can get yourself together, man. This coming from someone that has been abandoned time and time again without any chance for closure.

>> No.10038506

So she has personality disorders, does a lot of drugs, isn't monogamous, has a suspect past, is far away from you, and doesn't show any romantic feelings towards you. And your brain still thinks you should pursue this?

Because my ex put me in a wheelchair, and now I feel both unlovable by men and above them all, so this is my way of getting their attention to prove I'm worth loving and also to manipulate and laugh at them behind their backs.

I'm well aware that it's shitty.

>> No.10038508
File: 73 KB, 370x320, hiragi_rin_i_cant_even.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm sorry that happened to you and this is the way you decided to cope with it.

>> No.10038510
File: 65 KB, 1080x1080, 1540834219802.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>people are still feeding the cuck and indulging him over his pathetic story

>> No.10038512

What would constitute romantic feelings?

Everything else I can throw out the window because of her personality. I also have a thing for girls who are just as if not more damaged than me. It makes me feel less alone and like someone understands. Don't get me wrong, if it were anyone else I'd be disgusted by the drugs, by her sleeping around for money, by the idea of open relationships and wouldn't even consider an LDR.

But there is something about her that makes me not care or even makes those things attractive. I also see her as a way out of my current life which I hate. I am bored, lonely, hate everyone, I hate the country I live in, I hate the girls here, I hate the person I am here, I have no friends, I have a very small amount of family that I speak to (literally just my mother). I just want to do heroin with her and live a lovely life with her melting into each other.

>> No.10038514

Thanks. Me too.

The fact that you don't know if she has romantic feelings for you is proof that she hasn't shown it. That should be obvious.

>Everything else I can throw out the window because of her personality.

These things are indicative of her personality. How do you not understand that?

>> No.10038516

Post contact info.

>> No.10038517

>Because my ex put me in a wheelchair
Did he tombstone piledrive you the wrong way or something?

>> No.10038518

The problem is because of her personality I don't know if the things she says are indicative of romance. If it were anyone else it'd be clear as day.

>Please move to Canada so we can be cute couple and we can even twin our outfits

That to me if it were any other girl would be clear as day but because of situation and the person saying it I can't be sure.

>These things are indicative of her personality. How do you not understand that?
Her personality is not completely submersed in drugs and sex. I like her personality for how direct she is, how she feels like a real person, how she share the same interests, we have similar goals in life, how I feel she actually listens to me, the advice she gives me works and is thought out because she's been there before. Etc Etc. You seem really hellbent on convincing me she is just a manipulating drugged up whore. To what effect, I'm not sure.

>> No.10038519


He pushed me, I fell against the table, I hit my neck in just the right spot, and now I can't walk. It seems like things should be more complicated than that, but they aren't.

Okay, you're right, and everyone else here is wrong. Go move to Canada to wear matching outfits with your drug addicted e-crush who will definitely leave her long term real relationship to explore something with someone who can't even legally live in her country. You've figured it all out, and we're the fools.

>> No.10038523

I never wanted people to try and convince me out of this. I just want people to tell me when for fuck sake and share their experiences.

>> No.10038525

Just go be with her and overdose with her m8 so we don't have to read any more of your cringey as fuck posts and have you shit up multiple threads

>> No.10038526

People have already answered your questions, you miserable man. Now leave.

>> No.10038527

Will do. I won't post about her again. Sorry to shit up the thread.


>> No.10038528

I don't like the number 40.

>> No.10038532

This was actually a good response and it makes me wish I wasn't so emotionally broken so that I could have a genuine conversation.

>> No.10038537

Yikes, anon. I wasn't even one of the people that gave you advice. I stepped in to tell you to get the fuck out because you've gotten enough attention for your retarded problem. You already know what to do.

>> No.10038540

>tfw no crippled seagull gf to cuddle, playfully tease and lift onto your cock

>> No.10038545

She probably doesn't feel anything down there...

>> No.10038546

>he pushed me
Did you sue him? Is he in jail? Tell me more

>> No.10038550

I don't mind a disingenuous one.

>> No.10038551

Even better, my girth is painful for most women.

>> No.10038553
File: 50 KB, 1024x640, 1542576558312.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10038557

My penis, when measured around, is nearly twice the norm. The vagina can stretch this much safely, but without experience doing so, it's typically painful. Therefore it's a good thing that she lacks feeling in her vagina, because we could have vaginal sex without pain.

>> No.10038559

I still have sensation in my genitals, but I do have difficulty staying wet, so lots of lube would be needed.

He's in jail, yes. Suing would have been pointless as he doesn't have any real amount of money, and the less I ever have to see or hear of him again, the better.

But then what's the point? If both of us know the conversation has no real meaning or truth to it, then why do it?

And honestly I don't know how I'd feel about someone I'm talking to actually knowing that I'm in a wheelchair. I hide that from everyone.

>> No.10038560

RPers are so embarrassing

>> No.10038563

>when some faggot hijacks your wholesome feel about wanting to be close to your cripple-chan to talk about the size of his micropenis
Where do you live?

>> No.10038567


Why are you interested in disabled girls?

>> No.10038569

Because the only disingenuous part of the conversation will be in pretending it's not genuine.

>> No.10038570

I don't have a specific fetish for disabled girls, I just think it would be something different. I've never dated someone who was physically disabled. That and I like to dote on my romantic partners in general.

>> No.10038578

>want to get into lolita
>too ugly
>want to get back into cosplay
>too ugly, hate every single photo that was taken of me back when I still did cosplay
;_; why am I cursed with interests that don't work for me? why can't I just be into something else that doesn't require a pretty face?

>> No.10038579

cosplay characters who wear masks of helmets or are ugly

>> No.10038583

anon it sucks. do not be a coward and talk about it with your partner

>> No.10038585

You probably have heard at least the expression stemming from it, but the Swedish version of the fable has rowanberries instead of grapes ("surt", sa räven om rönnbären).

>> No.10038586

Damaged girls are cute.

Do you live in Saskatoon?

>> No.10038587

>make a joke about something not serious at all
>get notification from 4chanX the next day
>not sure if response is roleplaying or serious

>> No.10038588

I fell asleep like 3 minutes after I posted that so it didn't feel too bad.. h-haha...

>> No.10038592

After a rejection like that you must have extreme willpower and mental resolve or narcolepsy.Good luck to you in your unprovoked and forever unreciprocated /cgl/ love quest.

>> No.10038598
File: 34 KB, 389x336, F972751E-6C44-4199-8053-5FABF4D3B630.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>order facial lotion a month ago
>tfw I’m never getting it now

>> No.10038599

I'm sure there's plenty of gem posters that can help you out with some warm sticky facial lotion,

>> No.10038604
File: 617 KB, 501x584, 120740070029-up2_1080x.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're completely right! I have, several times!!

Is this proof that ancient Greece still lives on without any particular notice?

>> No.10038606

Omg, you guys look great! I normally dislike slice of life romantic comedies but that series was great.

What >>10038148 said, if your body needs food you will get hungry. You don't have to force it. Being hungry all the time is worse because your insulin/ghrelin signals are all messed up. And an omlette is one of the most filling foods you can eat. Most days that's my main meal.

You're literally soliciting opinions from people. What even. You're not even taking their advice for that matter. You ask when to tell her, people say now or don't at all. That is an answer. That's literally the mass opinion of this board. I agree with them, plus I think you're delusional because you're lonely. Sorry man, either have the balls to go for it now because there is no good time that will make a difference here, or just stop while you're ahead. You have so many problems already I can't see this working out even if you guys are soulmates or something. You're both a mess.

>> No.10038611
File: 364 KB, 430x408, B3CEE5B7-BBE9-43F6-A724-F4F7D367020A.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I didnt make any friends at the con and now Im sad. Im too terrified to approach people without seeming weird or awkward.

>> No.10038612

>You're literally soliciting opinions from people.
Thank you. Hopefully that anon is gone now.

>> No.10038613

I'm not gone. I just got told to shut up so I did. I don't feel I'm getting the type of answers I desired which was LDR confession stories so there's no point continuing.

>> No.10038615

Go away.

>> No.10038623 [DELETED] 

Sorry, while it sounds nice in theory, I don't even know how to have a real conversation anymore. If it's being calculated at every step to get what I want from someone, then I don't know how to talk to people. I suck.

You seem like a nice person.

Thankfully no.

>> No.10038626

Sorry, while it sounds nice in theory, I don't even know how to have a real conversation anymore. If it's not being calculated at every step to get what I want from someone, then I don't know how to talk to people. I suck.

You seem like a nice person.

Thankfully no.

>> No.10038627
File: 106 KB, 888x664, 7EE653F2-5D5C-4FE3-9798-32CE3922494D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Please don’t keep your lotion bottle near the heater fellow gems, the heat will destroy the nutrients

>> No.10038629

>You seem like a nice person.
Thanks anon, you seem cool yourself. I like the fact that you're upfront about everything that's happened to you. It'd be nice to chat to you some more

>> No.10038633

It's easy on here when it's all anonymous. I can't be like this with anyone one-to-one though, and I barely leave my house so that doesn't really require much honesty when it comes to real life interactions.

>> No.10038636

It's still better than nothing. And I'm sure being like that with someone one-on-one could change in time.

>> No.10038637

If you're really that calculating and adept at manipulating people, perhaps you could help me out with a problem I have?

>> No.10038638
File: 1014 KB, 390x316, 59C6E424-693D-4368-A195-2B7998691516.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Man, hmu when you’re done with your appointment.

>> No.10038641

It'd be nice to be able to have a real conversation with someone, but I don't know when that would be able to happen. I'd like to go back to being able to but who knows if that will happen.

I don't think I'm some mastermind at it. 4chan boys aren't really the most complicated of people to trick. But I can always try to help if you want.

>> No.10038642

Well let me know if you'd want to give it a try

>> No.10038646

I'd appreciate it. See, I'm interested in talking to this anon, but she seems reluctant to share her contact details. To convince her to change her mind, what should be my next step?

>> No.10038647

I have 3 exams in like 2 weeks and I really don't know how I will make it. I'm studying everyday for the whole day and I'm just so tired.

>> No.10038649

Employ good sleep hygiene. Sleeping well will make you more productive and better at studying.

>> No.10038653

Will do.

Have you considered posting about it repeatedly and then ignoring every piece of advice you get all while claiming you never asked for any advice? It seems to be the thing to do around here.

That and gemposting.

>> No.10038655
File: 244 KB, 1380x2808, 1541642413952.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to HOLD HANDS with ALL the gemposters!

>> No.10038660

Man I just really hate my job.

>> No.10038663
File: 21 KB, 378x378, CWsPJkIWoAMXCnq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>do some cosplay photography just as a hobby
>become good friends with one of the cosplayers over the years
>very sweet person, does not have that certain toxic streak I've been noticing in other cosplayers
>hang out more and more together, share secrects and whatnot
>reveal to her I've been wanting to go brolita, show my wardrobe. She helps with makeup, goes to events with me to make things less nerve-wracking
>can't help but start falling in love with her
>know it's no good because she's a lesbian (which I've been aware of basically since the day we've met)

Not quite a 'tf when no gf' kind of feel because true friends are rare so I should cherish what we already have going but it does get painful from time to time

>> No.10038669

It did cross my mind, but I suspect that would only invoke her ire. And while that might be temporarily amusing, it somehow seems counterproductive, so I'm going to have to ignore your advice and ask again, despite never asking in the first place.

>> No.10038674
File: 1.71 MB, 4032x3024, image0 (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sure, bro.

>> No.10038677

How are gem things in Australia?

>> No.10038688
File: 1.73 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not a good idea rn

>> No.10038697
File: 1.83 MB, 4032x3024, 1821B317-5F61-4A30-BC11-E06AFC59D8B1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10038708
File: 2.31 MB, 1954x1871, 1516836253779.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My job here is done, I can sleep peacefully

>> No.10038712

Nayrt but I'm also in study-hell, and it really felt nice to read this solid advice while procrastinating a little in the feels thread.

On the topic of hygiene, how vital is cosmetic hygiene according to you? I've been down in the dumps and let my eyebrows run wild, and it's lightly bugging me whenever I'm in the bathroom. It's an easy fix now that I think about it but I just haven't been bothered... I write after admitting to procrastination.

Somebody please shame me.

>> No.10038714

Thanks, that's good advice, I'll do my best.

>> No.10038718

Tweeze your eyebrows, Karen. Seriously though you'll probably get some boosts of dopamine and confidence from feeling better about your appearance.

You're welcome. If you're having trouble sleeping regularly start taking Magnesium Glycinate supplements a couple of hours before bed. It makes your going to sleep 10x easier and better.

>> No.10038727

>friend on FB tags me on some post of IDK page where someone asks where to buy Lolita (knowing I wear it)
>write full length reply with different shops both brand and offbrand and shops to stay off (and why)
>go read other replies
>filled with recommendations of replica sellers, bodyline, and even a literal recommendation of millanoo
>I feel like I waisted my time, should have checked before hand
Well, that's was demotivating for spending time in helping normies. But maybe at least some newbie reads it and cares not to buy replicas or from sexual predators. But I just decided to assume 99% of those replieers think I must be an elitist meanie, as most itas defending replicas and such do towards those who have decency not to promote stolen art.

>> No.10038729
File: 160 KB, 1039x1200, 37B27044-87F8-4218-AC70-2883B5C6955C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to princess carry the gemposters

>> No.10038748
File: 25 KB, 600x337, 1531850099657.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

because i knew exactly what to expect and was still disappointed, let me have this anon

>> No.10038768

Gemposters, be sure to wax.

>> No.10038770
File: 291 KB, 1440x1777, 50A51B36-B306-4C93-8660-A87E520DDEFC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Think you can carry all of THIS?

>> No.10038806

Yeah, I looked through quite a bit.

It's just crushing to see absolutely terrible overweight cosplayers with terrible or no wigs, shit cardboard props, and shitty basic bitch bought costumes that they forget to iron get reposted all the time after you've put in meticulous work to make sure your shit is impeccable and accurate. I've had people compliment my costume (since they wore the same character) and ask for tips on construction and wigs, and then I go on insta and see them with thousands of followers and hundreds of likes.

Like it's genuinely so, so disheartening. Why put in all the time to research and sew your stuff several times if someone can put in a fraction of the effort and get several times greater result? Or, they can be an average looking girl with a party-city tier costume and get swarmed?

I initially got into cosplaying because it was fun to make stuff and see stuff others made, so it's weird for me to feel so... jealous of people who "made it". I feel like it's petty to want the affirmation from insta after people compliment it nonstop in person, but I guess that's what it is

>> No.10038855

I've become a horrible person due to lurking too much cgl. I'm judgemental, hateful and overly sensitive.

>> No.10038857
File: 247 KB, 502x502, elsascream.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I let my bf use 4chan because he wanted to learn cosplay, but now he's TOO 4chan.

He keeps calling my tits "milkers" and my butt a "brapper"... He keeps calling every fat person we see a "hambeast" and all his friends "kucks" WTF do I do?

I want him to cosplay Sailor Moon chars with me at Yamacon, but not if he's like this

>> No.10038859

Don't worry. Someone will be around in a minute to ask if you want to be their gf.

>> No.10038866

You said you were a man before, Elsafunposter. Don't fucking do this to me

>> No.10038870

I stole his picture because I am a Frozen cosplayer.

>> No.10038873

That's fair enough. Still, you should dump him and let me be your Prince Endymion

>> No.10038882
File: 70 KB, 819x1024, 7E0BE057-2B9B-4D4B-B651-598F2BBAB245.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That sounds like a challenge

>> No.10038912
File: 28 KB, 346x305, 874E3B16-09D7-444E-A93F-E7B752B0286C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don’t mind having hairy legs though

>> No.10038916

We're not talking about legs.

>> No.10038929

One of my cosplay friends just posted a selfie with a pacifier in their mouth. I can’t tell if it’s an autism thing, a rave thing, or if they’re a disgusting ageplayer

>> No.10038939

Gems are smooth all over. Be sure to be smooth like a gem.

>> No.10038940
File: 101 KB, 800x473, I_CANT_HANDLE_THIS.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw all these gay binery gender bull everyone thinks every girl are now Bois
It's seriously makes me insecure over my body

>> No.10038952

Armpits then? Seems like a nitpick, + painful

>> No.10038957
File: 90 KB, 598x900, FB_IMG_1510097807427.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>sad and little mad bc missed a dd bc bf can't finance
>happens every month
>not any better myself tho
I feel sad for the dress but I feel more sad I can't afford to get help for him. His depressed and something in his self confidence is super fucked up. He is trying to get help but no one cares for him and I can't afford to pay for all of his therapy. Gotta study hard so in the future we can have both the therapy and all the brand I could possibly want.

>> No.10038958

Ok but I can’t do anything about my muscles

>> No.10038963

You have to be over 18 to post on this site

>> No.10038970
File: 46 KB, 728x717, D296727E-D9AF-4D93-B801-4F61CE7D8316.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

One time a (possibly drunk) Dia said “sensei likes em smooth” (in reference to a conversation about shaving legs or something)
Your shitpost made me remember that, thanks.

>> No.10038972

Ugh. This. Seriously, many girls who once looked perfectly attractive to me now instinctively flag as "possibly a dude", which is instantly a turnoff.

I'm sorry anon. Nobody wanted this.

>> No.10038973

ITT: transphobia

>> No.10038974

>not being transphobic
Fuck off tranny

>> No.10038976

Please go have your gender critical debate on lolcow and let us gulls shitpost in peace

>> No.10038979

>implying hating trannies and sissies isn't a treasured seagull pastime

>> No.10038981

It's incredible how one word is enough to derail a whole thread. I love 4chan(nel).

>> No.10038984

Man I just really hate sissy trannies and AGPs

>> No.10038986

Based and redpilled

>> No.10038988

>bf can’t finance
Is he making poor spending decisions, not properly budgeting for therapy, and then you have to pick up the slack? If that’s the case, maybe sit down with him and make an excel spreadsheet with a weekly or monthly budget for him, and then encourage him to stick with it. I had to do that with my bf a couple of times.
You’re a sweet person for paying for his therapy. I understand it’s frustrating, but dresses will come and go, while your bf is irreplaceable. I hope your dd gets relisted when finances are better for you.

>> No.10038991
File: 19 KB, 280x354, ideal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>now instinctively flag as "possibly a dude"
Thats literally my fetish. I exclusively find androgynous people attractive. I think masculine and feminine people are super ugly.
I'm also gender critical, so finding someone who is androgynous and also thinks gender is a stupid concept is difficult. (ironically?) androgynous people tend to care more about gender than literally any other group of people. I don't get it.

>> No.10039000

No. the notorious VAG

>> No.10039015

>Implying that sexless space gems with no need to reproduce have genitals
Sorry to ruin your fantasy but they’re smooth like Ken dolls down there

>> No.10039016

That is weird. You'd think they'd just roll with whatever pronouns people end up using.

>I'm sorry anon. Nobody wanted this.
Ok, fine. This particular asshole wanted this. The rest of us are miserable. Also apparently so is that asshole because the androgynous people are not chill about it. We all suffer equally.

>> No.10039019

He meant your bussy

>> No.10039026

>Gems canonically don’t eat, so they don’t shit
>Probably don’t have a butthole
Sorry but there’s no way for you to fuck a rock

>> No.10039032

>they’re smooth like Ken dolls down there
hence why you should wax

>> No.10039035

Sorry but they need to regulate their air pressure inside their cavity so they will need some kind of air passageway through their body

>> No.10039051
File: 62 KB, 211x198, 14498076542300.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>announcing your sage

>> No.10039056

how new are you? people have been doing that forever.

>> No.10039061

It's still dumb desu

>> No.10039063

how will the site switch affect the diaper funposters?

>> No.10039088

>Hey! Where'd ya get that burando from?
>Where'd ya get that burando from?
I got it from my daddy.
I got it from my daddy.

>> No.10039149
File: 62 KB, 800x450, currentfeel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>applied for job as english teacher
>got turned down because my voice is too soft
>even if I apply with other companies it will be the same result, and the other ones all paid less so I'd be poorfag af there
Jesus fuck. Thank god I have a plan B. Now my life will become hectic... I need to move out of my current city ASAP because I can't stand it a moment longer, so now I need to sell all my shit, sublease my apartment, and figure out where tf to move and find a cheap room and a fucking job lickety-split. And how to move with no car and no one to ship my shit to me... Maybe ship ahead of me to an amazon locker? idk how it will work. I'll just get rid of as much stuff as possible I guess.
Kind of want to kill myself. It's by all rights the lowest of the low tier of jobs and I got fucking turned down from it...
Only plus is that I was nervous about finding a husband in japan with a half-assed japanese ability, now that's not a problem...I'll just find some guy here to marry I guess...
Just found out a few minutes ago, still pretty shocked. Fuck them.
Financially and maritally speaking this is better but i still wanted to go fulfill my weeaboo dreams. Whelp, guess that's that. Hahah at least I don't own anything worth jack shit and all my clothes suck! I'll buy a bunch of nanchatte after I move and I'll look cute af and I guess focus on dating and career and finance instead of escapism...? Fuck them.

>> No.10039153
File: 408 KB, 469x557, [HorribleSubs] Houseki no Kuni - 07 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_05.11_[2018.10.19_20.48.56].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jesus Christ that pic

>> No.10039161

Jesus, anon, I know what it's like to put all your eggs in one basket but you really took it to a new level. What city is so godawful that you have to get out yesterday and what city is so much better? I swear to god if you're moving from California to Washington I'll find you and take you back myself.

>> No.10039164

I don't live in gommiefornia thankfully, where I live is just shitty is all. Also I vote red, you should beg me to move to your state.
I mean I had the idea of moving somewhere else as a backup plan, and logically speaking I'd be better off this way. Just I wanted to go live the weeb dream and be a fashionable Tokyo-ite and all that.
Ah well, now I need to go crazy making this move as fast as possible.

>> No.10039165

No Japanese man would have married you and almost no teaching jobs are in Tokyo. You really didn't plan any of this out lmao. And your back up plan isn't even a plan? It's a plan to plan a bunch of new things


>> No.10039173

...the school literally had like 7 branches in tokyo. Not everything is JET and yes, the largest city in the country has people who want to pay to take english classes.
Go eat a snickers you grumpy creature.

>> No.10039177

>Also I vote red
In that case you're welcome any time. Move in with me and my cousin, we need to get out of our shitty apartment and into a house but we need at least a third person.

Also like >>10039165 said, pretty much all of the English teaching jobs in Japan are way out in bumfuck-nowhere and you'll wind up spending 99% of your free time alone. What's more is the pay is actual garbage and you're not even an actual teacher, you're a TA who really only exists to perform English. You're more of a dancing monkey than anything else.
If you REALLY want to live in Japan, learn Japanese and work a trade that's in-demand over there and MAYBE they'll give you a work visa but for the love of god, don't do JET or whatever.

>> No.10039179


What the actual fuck did I just read

It feels too real to be a troll

>> No.10039181

This is kind of cringe. Sorry you got rejected from a single job application, but calm down. Your post reads like some psychotic fever dream.

>> No.10039182

>but for the love of god, don't do JET or whatever.
Why not? Heard the pay was good.

>> No.10039186

The pay *can* be good, for an English gig. Compared to any native job in Japan, though, it sucks. You will be poor. You will have very little free time. You won't be in charge of the class or have any say in what is being taught.
Seriously, go read some of the less-favorable accounts of teaching English in Japan. It's not like it was 10-15 years ago when the demand outweighed supply.

>> No.10039188

I'm aware of the dancing monkey bit, and only ALT are in inaka, eikaiwa exist in large cities primarily because it's a business not just a school.
>move in
Where, WA so...Seattle? honestly might, I want a room in a shared house to save more money. Did the own apartment thing here and got screwed on rent, so sick of it.
I'm just venting so of course I sound like that, but it is upsetting. That interview was hell, too.

>> No.10039190

Not Seattle. We're about 40ish miles North, where housing is somewhat affordable but not far enough to be out of solid-blue country.
We're not picky people. If you can make rent on time and don't make a giant mess we don't really care who you are or what you do so long as you don't bring any sketchy people or activity home with you.

>> No.10039197

Just to offer you a friendly alternative anon... Springfield, MO has the lowest cost of living in the US relative to income you can expect to receive here.

Its also super red. There's a couple local cons, but I'll be honest they're shit. And flying out anywhere that isn't Chicago, Dallas, or Vegas is kinda expensive. But its otherwise an incredibly charming place, and we'd be happy to show you around if you ever wanted to meet up.

Its a humble place, but its more comfy than any big city I've ever been.

>> No.10039201
File: 362 KB, 1557x2000, D662F9CC-0A21-4A2A-9CAE-973EF5284957.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Helping my hoarder bf clean his apartment so his mom can come over
>It’s like trying to polish a turd

Some of the stuff he’s hoarding are cosplays so I guess this counts as a /cgl/ feel.
I just needed to anonymously vent though desu.

>> No.10039202

>Getting roommates off of /cgl/
Sounds good.

>> No.10039205

Dude I can't afford to be picky. It's this or Craigslist and I'd honestly trust a conservative Gull over literally anybody in the Seattle area any day of the week.

>> No.10039251

I accidentally spent $250 on lacemarket and now I can't get my bf a PS4 with Spider-Man for Christmas.

>> No.10039255

>tfw no lolita gf

>> No.10039257
File: 275 KB, 717x1000, marie-kondo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm one of those shitbags who wants to live directly downtown in a major city (despite being a Trump voter, I just really love big cities man). My job also isn't rural-friendly, typically I work in those skyscrapers as a cubicle slave. So those locations won't work... Plus Midwest weather would kill me. Thank you for the offer and advice though, really. Craigslist isn't awful, I've gotten several housing arrangements off there and didn't even get raped yet. Just don't trust anyone who says they're a "single mom" or seems like a drug user and you'll be alright.
Or idk maybe the kids have a more trendy website now for roommates.
pic rel

>> No.10039260

Just suck a few dicks, anon, you can make that in an afternoon if you wanted to.

>> No.10039265

I understand it's not for everyone. Though you might like it more than you think if you ever gave it a shot. I for one can't stand the urban jungle- and its a lions den for red staters. Oh well.
>back to being alone in my comfy town
>so completely alone

>> No.10039272

>I'm one of those shitbags who wants to live directly downtown in a major city
I mean cool if you don't mind stepping on heroin needles every morning (Seattle legitimately employs people to sweep heroin needles off the street at like 4AM because there are PILES of them) and living next to a homeless camp. You're also not going to find a major city anywhere in the country where having an average job can match the cost of living.
Depending on what your job is you can probably find something closer than Seattle.
I like cities, too, but I'll be damned if I can find one worth actually living in.

>> No.10039287

I am a fatty chan.

>> No.10039290

>I now remember Cal Anderson Park this past August
I lived in Seattle from 2011-2015. What the fuck happened?

>> No.10039291

I'm used to it, I live in a major city now, I just despise this one for reasons. The downtown part is great, though I really do wish I lived somewhere bigger and denser like Manhattan, but man I can't afford that shit. There's tons of hobos... Probably a top 5 hobo city. So I'm familiar with it.
But man I just really love tall buildings and rail transit.
I've told people I'm a trump voter here (liberal city) and their reactions are amusing, not like they grab a pitchfork but you see the mental double take happen in real time and they start tripping over themselves. People just think it's quirky. I've never really had a bad reaction.
Actually I went full 1488 with one guy and he found it endearing and hilarious. Full "hitler did nothing wrong" and he loved the routine despite being a bluepiller. It's really not as bad as /pol/ makes it seem.

>> No.10039295

Suck a few more.

>> No.10039297

I had a quickie with a dude that had a beard and I keep finding random strands in my jsk. Plus it smells like his beard oil now and it keeps giving me the butterflies.

>> No.10039298

Amazon moved in, the rents skyrocketed, and all the blue collar people couldn't afford rent anymore.

>> No.10039299

Are you cute? You can get away with a lot when you're cute.

>> No.10039305
File: 582 KB, 1366x768, 1509875432552.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>hairy men

>> No.10039307

That's kinda gross.

>> No.10039310

This, but also Californians decided that Washington was the best place to go for some reason when they couldn't afford to live in California anymore. They all moved up and brought their shitty politics and ideas with them. Their shitty ideas influenced the city and state governments so then Seattle PD gets neutered and the city starts catering to drug addicts and the homeless. Other major cities quickly got wind of this and began going to their own homeless camps and handing out free bus tickets to Seattle (I shit you not, this is actually what happened) so then wave after wave of heroin- and meth-addicted hobos start rolling into town and setting up camp. Apparently a tent under a bridge or in some other inconspicuous, unused area is too unsightly for the folks on the city council so they took it upon themselves to spend taxpayer money filling empty lots with tiny houses and giving them to the drug-addles hobos absolutely free of charge. So now you have blocks where 50+ heroin addicts are living rent-free right next door to an apartment complex or a small business. Oh, and the whole time this is happening you have sketchily-funded "volunteer" groups setting up needle exchanges and "safe injection sites" to make sure the heroin addicts don't accidentally kill themselves. The needle exchanges quickly became needle distribution centers. Originally, you'd turn in so many needles and they'd give you the same number of clean needles. Now you can just walk up and say "I need X number of needles" and they'll give you however many you want, which is how we ended up with literal piles of used needles all over the place.

If you insist on Seattle or nothing I won't stop you, but I strongly suggest you consider living up north where I am and commuting. We even have a light rail line that starts like 20 miles north of Seattle and runs all the way through down to I don't even know where.

>> No.10039315

Sorry we can't all be twinks.

>Beard oil
Did you tell him afterwards that you should both try seeing other men?

>> No.10039319

Friendly reminder that downtown Seattle is a deathtrap that nobody can afford to fix so they're waiting for everything to collapse so they can get FEMA to rebuild it.

Seattle is a bunch of skyscrapers with zero earthquake proofing, built on top of the city ruins that burned down 100 years ago which then sank into the foundation of sawdust and mudflats, all of which is built on top of the intersection of three fault lines.

There will be an earthquake, and skyscrapers WILL fall. But all the newer (Amazon) buildings aren't going to be affected so its not like they're keen on paying enough taxes to retrofit the entire city, which nobody can otherwise afford.

>> No.10039326
File: 172 KB, 1363x2048, IMG_5623.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

qt coworker wouldn't actually talk to me, he's ran away everytime i've tried talking to him

i found out days later he's quitting and got a different job. not related to me at all, i guess he just didn't want to break the news to me. he had made banter with me before about searching for a new job, but i didn't expect him to do it and just stop speaking with me

or i am that insufferable and no one will tell me. anyways i spent about 500 dollars on 3 new dresses, an usakumya, a new pair of shoes and a bonnet so you can say i'm doin... okay.?

>> No.10039337
File: 148 KB, 398x329, 1542333141344.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you for the daily reminder that californians are human garbage

>> No.10039341

No he tried to go public health care once again and no help. We can't afford for anything better for now. He like can't budget at all and buys stupid shit. I can't work and he can't work full time and I would be okay with that but somehow he relies on me putting all my extra money into saving the situation. They are not big fuck ups bc we are pretty poor but fucking every month. Can't save for anything. Sometimes I just think if I should kick him out but fuck I'm miserably in love with him and would pay for him the rest of his life.

>> No.10039342

I'm sorry it worked out that way, gull. But this entire saga smacks of two people with zero communication skills. Any relationship would've been doomed from the start.

>> No.10039351

>androgynous people tend to care more about gender than literally any other group of people. I don't get it.
Maybe because they dislike being mislabled constantly just because their body happened to look like it could be the other gender? It's kinda one of those those "I understand your mistake, but it's still fucking annoying" kinda things. Caring a lot about gender is a way to prevent that.

I'm kinda done with every idiot and his friend being "trans". I've got no chill for sissies trying to be lolita. But the few actually trans and the people who are androgeniuos I know actually just want to be scene as one gender, and just life their lives. I can understand the annoyance. Especially when people keep making it a big deal when you just want to live your life without people doubting you shouldn't get changed to the other gender.

I miss the time you could be a tomboy as a feminine guy without being labeled trans starting a young age, being talked into becoming the other gender. God I'm glad they never tried to make me a dude for having masculine hobbies and behaviour...

>> No.10039353

As a girl who's strait, even I agree these let's be tough and cut our hair short because muh feminism look ugly. Girls who look like guys look even worse. But luckily they do it all for themselves, so they won't have to give a fuck about me saying this. Altrough they generally need to reply how little they care a few times...

Sorry, but I agree that long hair are feminine features look best. I'm not even mad at Korean beauty standards. I rather see that than a country full of whales and other kinds of ugly people like America because of the obesety problems and such, which is then fought with "were just as pretty and you're a bad person if you disagree" kind of reactions.

>> No.10039355

>all those typos
Are you ESL? And short hair isn't a feminism thing though, and girls (female) who try to look like guys are usually lesbians

>> No.10039361

Uggo trannies are uggo, but they're not really bothering me as much as the ones who pass. So many dudes can pass now that if I see so much as a wide jaw on an otherwise attractive cis-gendered female, I'm like "ugh... could be a dude". And this thought kills my attraction. And it wouldn't have ever crossed my mind in 2005.

>> No.10039362

>I'm not even mad at Korean beauty standards. I rather see that than a country full of whales and other kinds of ugly people
Both are shit and both lack variety.

>> No.10039368
File: 45 KB, 640x476, Hokuto no Ken 054 (DVD 640x476 x264 10bit AC3) [B4975740].mkv_snapshot_07.34_[2018.03.11_01.23.40].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>you will never be a hotblooded 1980s punk rock Americowboy tough guy

>> No.10039372

>I want
>To be
>A cowboy

>> No.10039378


>> No.10039380
File: 44 KB, 564x703, 249.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw pic related is considered "masculine"

>> No.10039381

Literally how

Wrong song.

>> No.10039382

Take her out of the dress and put her in casual clothes.

>> No.10039388

It's getting snowy and the roads are covered in ice. This will really cut into my ability to cycle every second day... My legs are gonna suffer for this, gembros.

>> No.10039390

>Remove tires
>Do this
>Reinstall tires

>> No.10039424
File: 261 KB, 634x1008, DespairDescent.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm so sorry for you Anon. I would have hoped a guy switching jobs would see it as a positive opportunity to date an ex-cooworker instead of a current one. Don't know if you're working in an office, but office-relations and all that. Can you still be friends? Are you going to go to that concert together? Is there still time to confess for the sake of truthfulness and giving him a boost in confidence for the future? He did post on another board and sound unsure if you liked him back.

Or perhaps it's best to let love die for now...

>> No.10039446

nothing what a drill can't fix

>> No.10039454

I think i should just let it die, it's not an office we work at a restaurant (he's front of house, i'm back of house). The concert was on the 14th, so no we didn't go. I ended up drinking with an ex coworker instead, but >>10039342 is totally right, if we're both so fucking retarded that we can't talk about this simple ass stuff, a relationship would have been absolutely doomed. I'll just keep my hopes up for someone do deserves my time.

>> No.10039472

I'm the kawaiiest.
aaand that is why I don't do it with basedboys. why do guys think beards look okay? they don't. it's barf city. fuck modernity.
dunno how they can get away with doing crime in broad daylight...if I hung around bragging that I dodge taxes my ass would be in a van by evening. but hanging around clearly a homeless druggie is a-okay. Thanks obama.
drug use is all but legal but prostitution is somehow still ohmegerd illegal. what a country.
It's been chill for like 100 years, probably won't fall down on me now.

>> No.10039503

what a cute gay couple

>> No.10039504

that's pretty gay still

>> No.10039507

>will still settle some fat loser when she hits 30

>> No.10039510

it was probably the brazilian starwars incel so it's for the best

>> No.10039513

>r9k mental gymnastics

>> No.10039515

well she's skinnier than you

>> No.10039517

>still avatarfagging with this shitty anime

>> No.10039528

Combine your shit into one post.

>> No.10039531

another final fantasy house waiting to happen

>> No.10039563

I couldn't care less about what someone "idenitifies" as. I just care about what they actually are. Gender is such a stupid concept.

>> No.10039675
File: 288 KB, 750x450, C1D8B147-8A40-4C7E-BBCA-71C39263661B.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jesus Christ I don’t have a reaction image to describe how horrifying this is

>> No.10039754

This thread is dead
So here I’ll confess:
I cut myself
Because I lost out on a dress~

>> No.10040059
File: 94 KB, 560x713, 11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

D :
I hope that you can be happy without having to hurt yourself one day, anon

>> No.10041264

Don't do that, anon.

More importantly, what dress?

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