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A hippopotamus in burando.

Post and discuss DDs here.

Old thread: >>10006362

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God i'm on a pretty strict no-buy for the next few weeks, but of course if the Church Choir flare OP comes up in black i'll probably sell my right arm for it

As for the rest i organized and decided that my styles been shifting a bit and i realized i have other items i need more (like why didn't i know the baniran lovely hearts dress had a matching jacket?!) so here i am.

I'm pretty deadset on every colorway except for the pleather skirt (i'd love it in black too!)

While i'm blabbing, does anyone else love buying full sets of things that are harder to find, or get excited about finding items you previously didn't know went with your main pieces?

Also, how often do you feel your wardrobe changing? Does it stay about the same or do you like rotating your closet a lot? I feel like mine changes a lot but keeps a lot of the same general color scheme.

sorry for the blogpost, just excited to talk about dresses since i'm recieving some pretty (personally) coveted pieces very soon

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Still looking for this holy grail dress!

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eternally seeking

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MM liselotte jsk, this colourway only please. May we all find our dream dresses this year with the help of Christmas magic

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Good taste, anon. Hope you find it

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AP Shoulder Ribbon jsk (2005) in red is my main priority. Please put me out of my misery.

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Set of these cuts and colors only. We’re looking into buying a house soon so I’m not buying anything, but I always have a bit saved for these guys.

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Set of these cuts and colors only. We’re looking into buying a house soon so I’m not buying anything, but I always have a bit saved for these guys.

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one day...

Dreamy Dollhouse OP is a good choice for a DD. Like the print.

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This has been on lace market for a while, no?

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NAYRT, But no it’s a different color

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>AP Shoulder Ribbon jsk (2005) in red is my main priority. Please put me out of my misery.
How much would you be willing to be scalped for it anon? I own it.

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I’ll tell you over email what I’d like to pay for it (depending on its condition) and we can discuss the price further. I can pay immediately.

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I emailed you.

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still searching for these!

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Continuing to pray for Moitie rereleases, I'm hopeful. And the latest glut of AP rereleases also makes me think MRC has a chance.

>Christmas is coming, still no Traumerei in the only cut I want

Missed out on Vampire Nocturne on WW rip, but it was overpriced and Halloween just ended so I'm thinking a better oppertunity will pop up by next year. Minimal heartbreak at least.

In accessory dreams I snagged that IW Ushanka on Mercari, I'm so excited to get it! I’ve always wanted it but I don’t let myself have dream accessories since they’re so rare and no one sells them. I can’t believe it finally popped up in black!!!

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Silent Moon will be "hopefully" be rereleased in 2019. Get hype!

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I'll take the sax and/or pink colorway of Colorful Ribbons (I already have the lavender OP). Anon from previous thread told me about the one on Mercari but it's missing the back satin ribbon and it's out of my budget (possible scalper anyway).

I see you're an intellectual of fine taste. I hope you find them!

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Aw thank you, same to you! I always see colorful ribbons but only ever in sax, it's super cute in pink though so good luck!

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Aw thanks anon, same to you! Colorful ribbons is so cute but I only ever see it damaged/missing pieces as well, so I hope you have some better luck soon!

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Oh god the pain

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The Dim Light long JSK in green is haunting my dreams and it gets worse the closer we get to christmas. It'd be amazing to get it before christmas, but I'm trying to not get my hopes up too high.

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The JSK is lovely, but doesn't satisfy my needs. Looking for the crown and cross OP and capelet by Innocent World.

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My wardrobe changes a lot and there is a lot of turnover with my dresses. I flip between a wardrobe with a theme and a well rounded one. My budget is blown though so I'm trying to be on a strict no spend unless it's for Christmas gifts freeze but it's lucky pack season

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I own this in blush; you won’t be disappointed anon! Thinking about you when I do my obsessive MM sweeps online.

Please let me be a comfy plaid princess this Christmas

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Fuuuuck. I'll be so pissed if they only release weird colours.

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Still searching

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I removed one dress from mine since last time, decided it was no longer a dream dress and was more of a wtb. Good luck everybody!

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Is the anon who posted it a few weeks back still searching for this JSK? I consider selling it.

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Sorry to say this, but wow this is the worst thing I have ever seen...

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Cat hoodie is really cool, would work marvelous over CTP piece.

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Ahh thank you so much, I truly appreciate it!!

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You must be really new, because I've been posting these to this thread for a long time

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You must be really new, because I've been posting these to this thread for a long time

Also, thank goodness we don't all have the same taste.

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Oh wow, I'm so happy ahhh thanks for sharing this with me anon! I don't have Twitter and I do remember when Eternal Twilight was happening girls mentioned Silent Moon but I was never aware of Moitie confirming a rerelease. Tanaqro takeover gets a 10/10 from me.

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I mean Instagram, but that neither. Really should get those to keep up with brand releases.

Nayrt but I personally love the diverse tastes I see in these threads. From the oldschool lovers to the Moitie-fags to the AP seekers and people intent on one thing, most of the time being classic - it's so cool to see the spectrum of styles here on cgl.

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>it's so cool to see the spectrum of styles here on cgl.
Complete agreement! It's really neat how different so many of people's DDs are from things we often see on CoF and insta. Have noticed a lot more classic also. Dream dresses represent a yearning that transcends social media trends.

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Just pointing out that I’m still desperately looking for the Shoulder Ribbon jsk (2005) in red! In case someone finds it!

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These cuts and colors only

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Haha how much did they ask for it

>> No.10040352

nayrt but considering they made a scalping joke, i bet the scalping part wasn't actually a joke

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Turns out they didn’t want to sell, they just wanted to see how much someone would be willing to pay for it.

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That's shitty. I'm sorry, anon.

>> No.10040516

Some people are just genuinely disgusting

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That is really awful. I'm sorry anon.

>> No.10040520

I don’t blame them or have animosity. I just wish they would have said something along the lines “I’m not really interested in selling atm but how much is this worth?” so I wouldn’t have had my hopes up. I’m hopeful that one day I’ll find it! I’ve seen Japanese auctions selling the gray one lately.

>> No.10040595

the way they worded it sounded like they were looking to sell, which is still shitty of them to do for getting you excited for nothing

>> No.10040953

Wow that is awful sorry

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I don't know if anyone wanted it in purple (I recall two wanting it in green) but Meta's Secret Laboratory JSK mini length is up on LM!


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I saw some of these pop up recently too, but tuition > lolita. Good luck to everyone looking for their dream dresses!

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Surely Elizabeth OP should be number one priority?!?

>> No.10041439

That cut/colour isn’t that rare, was rereleased a bunch

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True. It's been my number one dream dress since I'd ever started lolita but everything I see it, I chicken out of the price.

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File: 44 KB, 640x480, i-img640x480-1540543840vwgnck30110.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/t604552146 if anon is still looking for it

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feels bad the closer it gets to december ughh

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You sure you want this anon? I bought it when it first came out and the quality is pure shit, print chiffon, pulls easily, and wunderwelt resold it for less than half of what it cost. I ended up trading the set away for another set. I'm sure you'll find it but idk you could have better

>> No.10042233

You sound like such a fucking drag

>> No.10042235

nayrt but they're just trying to warn them

>> No.10042301

sorry that I'm trying to warn you, this is literally a very poor quality dress and you could have better. but hey, money doesn't fix shit taste

>> No.10042334


>> No.10042436

anon i'd be grateful to receive a warning before buying a dress, there are other christmas prints and you can do what you want but she wasn't being mean

>> No.10042440

It went on sale on the AP japan site for literally 9000 yen too...

>> No.10042515

that's what I was saying?? it's value reflects it's shit quality, and lack of demand. it's throwing money down a hole

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Reposting from BST thread My Sweet Mate Kumya bear ears in brown, only interested in this particular edition with wire. Do they even pop up on sale? I only saw pink ones somewhere in October or something.

>> No.10043126

Relax on the salt, I was just adding more info to prove your point

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File: 443 KB, 984x647, topdreamdresses_forposting2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was able to get the XL white Kells skirt posted in the previous thread, thank you so much to whoever posted it!! It is very very large on me so I am going to alter it when I have more free time, but if a medium pops up in the meanwhile I'm still keeping an eye out. Now the Haenuli skirt is my current remaining quest...

>> No.10044759


Caplet on closet child.

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Still looking for this beauty!

>> No.10047658

What app did you use?

>> No.10047908

(ayrt) app? Not sure what you mean. If you're asking how I made the dress collage I did it in photoshop. If you mean what SS did I use for the skirt I mentioned/was trying to buy during the holiday/bad weather, I used spreenow. if you're asking something else then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Looking for the wine dress in burgundy!

>> No.10048334

Sorry, i was asking about the collage indeed. Looks so clean!

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A DD popped up on Wunderwelt but I'm just... too... apathetic? Depressed? Does anyone else get this sometimes?

>> No.10049544

Get it now, enjoy it later. Happiness comes in waves, you're probably on a downswing. Get it so you can enjoy it later when the downswing is over.

>> No.10049597

anon i understand entirely. my grail dress popped up and while i'd normally do anything to grab it, the woman selling it seems to have marked it up about 100 dollars more than anyone else ever has on the western market and it makes me very hesitant

>> No.10050306

ahh gotcha. well thank you!! i spent too long on it because i can't stare at the clothes in real life :'''')

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Btssb Halloween Alice 2013

Maybe someday I will find you

>> No.10050835

this happened to me too... right now it is on lacemarket for 100 dollars more than what it should be. i want it but idk if it is worth that much to me

>> No.10050842

If it's still available, GET IT.

I have yet to find my DD but I was able to grab my #2 wishlist dress about a year ago. At first I felt really weird and bad about spending more money than I wanted, but once it arrived I put it on and I almost cried. I regretted nothing. It'll hit you in person.

>> No.10050874

like i get it
but also i feel like if i have waited this long i can keep waiting longer for it to come around in better condition and for a better price, it seems much more sensible to me than wasting my cash on a dress

>> No.10050880

idk where nakayoshi bunny anon is but it's on yahoo auctions rn https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/v601419054

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File: 24 KB, 250x333, 5e466327-a111-5c7b-be7b-a64a72b71335.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Give me those sweet sweet gothic architecture prints (Gargoyles of Notre-Dame de Paris Cross JSK)

>> No.10051109

dreams come true anon, and karma's coming for that owner

>> No.10051411

Good luck anon I’ve been on the hunt for a while with no luck.

>> No.10051413

I feel like there was a time when this dress popped up a lot, and for pretty cheap.

>> No.10051430

exactly. what's more waiting?

>> No.10051448

Symphonia of Birds Ivory OP...

Has anyone seen this for sale other then by that scalper ebxbexiko? I want this so fucking bad I cant fucking stand it anymore. But I don’t want to support a scalper and I feel like for almost $300 I could probably find it with at least some accessories.

>> No.10052278

Meta's CA in black is on fril

>> No.10052447

I went on sale if I remember

>> No.10052474

it sold :(

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Matryoshka Doll in this cut and color only! I'm also looking for the matching headdress.

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its probably been over a year since I posted this dress, but the Haenuli Dreamy Penguin collab is my everything. I'd pay 400+ bucks for this damn thing, any colorway, any size, just to have it on my body. why are there so few penguin prints in existence and why does this one have to be so perfect?

>> No.10052810

Here u go anon:

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File: 888 KB, 596x714, dd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Antoinette Princess will probably only ever stay a dream dress.

>> No.10053677

someone was looking to sell their red merry making in the BTS thread

>> No.10053778

Thanks! I'll wait to see if the other person passes and if so try my hand.

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File: 108 KB, 426x640, cirqueduletoileop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

one day... open to other colorways but just looking for OP because I love pain

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File: 9 KB, 240x320, rosecrossprintjsk2009.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

To the anon who recently emailed me about the Rose Cross Print JSK, I emailed you back! Sorry, I'm just excited to hear back from you.

>> No.10054324

i'm sure this is old news but weren't several anons looking for this?

>> No.10054329

That seller has been inactive for ages. Look at the 35 comments.

>> No.10054336

welp. nvm. sorry, everyone

>> No.10054361

Did this seller die... Their weight and that comment about May 12th seem like red flags.

>> No.10054372

Nayrt but if you look at the seller's ratings they've got recent reviews.

>> No.10054377

>I don't believe they're dead. Their tag is "All scheduled for disposal in mid December" which would mean this December, I assume, and they just sold the bag in link related as recently as November 28 if you look at the comments. So I think they're probably fine??

Also, 45kg for a 161 cm height is an 18.1 BMI, which is underweight but hardly drastic.

>> No.10054378

ugh sorry for accidental greentext

>> No.10054381

The OP of this was in closet child. Might still be there?I got the blue one for 130 on there.

>> No.10054422

I've had my eye on this too and it's also on lacemarket listed twice last I checked, but christ it's expensive. We can only dream, anon.

>> No.10054427

The other anon is right, theres two Antoinette Princess sets on Lacemarket right now. Hope you've been saving up.

>> No.10054443

You're an angel anon, thank you! I just paid my invoice.

>> No.10055411

Little birds Symphonia OP in pink? Anyone?

>> No.10055470
File: 305 KB, 500x600, 70CDBF1E-2DDB-4C25-B1EE-12CC89AA7BFA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am looking for suya suya toys jsk in the grey or blue colorway. I can not find it anywhere where it isnt listed too high. please help anons.

>> No.10055487

That print is pretty popular, I'd expect to pay at least $300 for it, so start saving if it really is your dd.

>> No.10055501

It’s on eBay for 200

>> No.10055503

I can't find the link every time I try searching for it, could you possibly post it please?

>> No.10055605


>> No.10055608

I’m desperately looking for the OP in white and I saw this but I was unsure of the photos, so I messaged the seller and they said it was the pink color.

>> No.10055630

Thanks for the clarification anon, I thought it was the ivory and we were thoroughly confused

Thank you! For some reason every time I try searching for it, it just shows nothing.

>> No.10055639

I'm guessing you're just looking for the Rose Dress Up JSK in ivory? Was going to link you the pink one that just popped up on LM (I guess the pink is super light irl unlike the stock images) but it's Rainies so that's up to you.

>> No.10055720

Yeah I was disappointed and like I mentioned >>10051448 I don’t want to over pay to a known scalper if I can help it. BUT if you do get that one off of eBay, if the seller is just colorblind or mistaken and it turns out to be the white instead, please report back because I would buy it off of you in a heartbeat. If not, then congrats at least one of us found it haha

>> No.10056181
File: 340 KB, 600x800, 419744-1093-2015-07-20679976.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If the last picture of this dress is the owner's picture, then it is definitely ivory. The seller might think it's pink, because even the ivory colorway is really pink. But the pink colorway is much pinker. pic related.

>> No.10056182
File: 1013 KB, 2410x1600, s-l1600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The easiest way to determine this is the color of the background of the roses: are the roses on an ivory background or on an pink background?

>> No.10056220

Ahh Thankyou so much! I think I’ll definitely go for it in that case! I really appreciate it!

>> No.10056274
File: 73 KB, 250x333, ee58e6a1-3898-5df6-95f3-f96d784613b3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Been hunting this for a bit and only the brown seems to pop up. IW Elda JSK in black (pink is acceptable, but I black is strongly preferable).

>> No.10056275

This was on Mercari recently in black. Sorry I don’t have a link, I haven’t been keeping up as much but it was in the past month and very cheap (I considered getting it, go find your dream!)

I’ll look around and see if I can find the link today.

>> No.10056306

Thank you anon!

>> No.10056396
File: 52 KB, 500x600, bd6aca6929b627bbc17ca52a7b7e4a41.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I should of bought the pink when it was up.

>> No.10056406

Same feels anon. A few months ago I bid on this instead of the bin and I regret it so much. I know the sax special set is on CC but this color is so much better.

>> No.10056411

idk if you're the same anon, but myself and one other gull would post this in every single DD thread for the last 2 years and i'm happy to report.... we got em boys

>> No.10056425

You got the one fril?! Congrats anon! You’ve been looking for so long! I’m so happy for you!

>> No.10056477

someone who knew i'd been searching sold one to me, but i'm prepared to be buried in it. it looks so good, but...now i want the orange colorway too

>> No.10056484

Oh... I really wanted it.

>> No.10056494

then you should've bought it retard

>> No.10056504

I wanted it to be in the color I wanted, retard

>> No.10056714

why the fuck would you say "i really wanted it!!!!1!" to another anon saying she would buy it when it's not even the one you want s m h

>> No.10056851

Well she didn't buy it anyway

>> No.10056904

Anon the Dessert OP is on mercari for pretty cheap and good condition!

I have this exact model in pink too and it's really cute btw

>> No.10056936

Yeah I’m so bummed! I was finishing up finals yesterday and forgot to grab it before bed. I just woke up and it’s gone. Damn it! I would of bought it weeks ago if I knew it was ivory...

>> No.10056964

Sorry anon, I figured I'd wait a while for you until I bought it. I promise I'll keep a look out for you, for sure. Good luck!

>> No.10056972

Yeah, I was hoping to have it for a event in January... hopefully it pops up by then. I might just have to give in and grab the one by that scalper uggg.
Oh if anyone else is interested then I saw there was an ivory jsk on LM right now too.

>> No.10057050

How much is the scalper selling it for? I don't think I've ever seen it go for less than $200, so maybe it's not the worst case?

>> No.10057174

Sugar Pansy anon,I lost the link but i've seen the yellow Sugar Pansy JSK today on mercari in the later pages!!

Also here's a second Dessert OP in pink even cheaper than the first and apparently in pretty good condition

>> No.10057201

2007 version in the black colorway is on mercari, just in case you might be interested.

>> No.10057385
File: 831 KB, 2560x1920, C4975900-CD71-494F-BA77-3EA5B4FDAF75.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want this velour abomination to take over my life. Saw the black colorway sell on mercari recently, but pretty set on finding this one.

Also reposting the one and only dream headdress I have from the WTB thread.

>> No.10057418

I am the anon who is personally looking for the orange colorway and have been for some time (I own the blue but it is not my dream). There's another anon with it who showed me it in one of wardrobe threads so it is out there. I'm happy for you anon!!

>> No.10057424
File: 299 KB, 445x450, 9F4EF49B-5356-46D5-9156-C7406B4F678C.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So, you bought a dress in a color you didn’t even want knowing someone else wanted it? When that anon was kind enough to link you in the first place, thinking it was the color you wanted, when instead it was the color they were searching for all along? You’re a bitch and that’s bad DD juju you’re making for yourself.

>> No.10057427

i hope you never find the colorway you want

>> No.10057430

>tfw DD being sold but it's scalped like crazy
>will be able to afford it in a month but also conflicted about buying from a scalper
Hope somebody else gets it desu

>> No.10057439

Just a reminder that retards like this frequent the thread and that all links should be sent to a throwaway email.

>> No.10057492

Already did, sorry man. Stay salty.

>> No.10057494

Honestly, I'm a third Anon who waited a while for the Anon to buy it. They didn't, so I did. It wasn't an auction, it was a BIN.

Be mad. Hope you get your dream dress!

>> No.10057539
File: 208 KB, 512x512, i-img512x512-1544872903n1xlyw1227537.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The pink meta camoflauge jsk in is up for auction. fhttps://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/n313175577

>> No.10057593

I hope it's damaged kek

>> No.10057595

How much you wanna bet it's gemgem or rainies. If it is then good luck selling it lMAO

>> No.10057656

It’s selling for about $300. $150-200 is usually what the OP sells for by itself, $250-350 is what I see it pop up for with matching accessories. Which is why I’m holding off on getting it because it’s a bit overpriced for what the normal market price is, plus it being a Japanese based scalper I know that they probably only paid half of what they are trying to sell it for now.

I don’t have any ill will towards the person who bought it, it just sucks like I said earlier that it was in front of me this whole time, but I was under the impression it was a completely different dress, otherwise I would of never posted it here and bought it myself weeks ago. Oh well, if anything, hopefully that brings me some Dream Dress karma my way.

>> No.10057672

I'll always keep my eyes out for u birdie-chan

>> No.10057715

Sugar pansy anon there are two pink jsks on fril

>> No.10058033 [DELETED] 

Seconding, also the yellow one is on mercari for dirt cheap!!

>> No.10058034

Yellow Sugar Pansy: https://item.mercari.com/jp/m22917412858/?_s=U2FsdGVkX19U-fHLuJVgcKT5XdXS-_C0mZRE2Y7B9Ng7AKa4Vpj453pQW2nJhKZykF_l-hh_FBYUZt5CKSWgGyGbBS1w-Lswd6u3Ed2KpmXeDR5Y6-Er1CxRzq24V8YW

>> No.10058042

What a mood. I should of just auto bid the pink. Everyone keeps showing me the mint on CC and I really don't care for the cut or the price.

>> No.10058156

Thanks! I saw them this morning, I've sent a request to my SS!

Thanks for linking but its missing the waist ties so I decided to pass on it when I saw it go up a while ago!

>> No.10058301
File: 71 KB, 640x640, 0BFA78F0-A2C1-40C4-9418-72073A8D8895.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Carnival JSK in pink is on fril, I think someone was looking for it in the past threads?

>> No.10058851

Not a dress but do Milky Planet headbows in pink even exist? I'm literally willing to pay up to 80€ if I find one

>> No.10058928

Meta nurse set https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/x588808936

>> No.10059007

i literally hope you die i've been waiting for this dress to pop up and i stg i will rip all yr god damned petticoats to shreds

>> No.10059008

Jesus christ

>> No.10059011

bro if Gemgem or rainies end up with this dress now you know everyone's gunna actually bitch about it, and i'm pretty mad bc of that exact reason

>> No.10059017

Don't worry, I will and I'll treasure it dearly. But yeah, I'm joining the slightly pissed bandwagon because I swear every second auction I bid on gets posted here or somewhere else.

>> No.10059024

shut up scalper let someone else get a chance with a dress. Your scalping is not fuckin kawaii and i can't wait for the day LM bans your account

>> No.10059027

wow when i first bid on this i knew you assholes wouldn't be able to just shut the fuck up about it. it didn't get posted as fast as i thought it would but alas.

if rainies gets this i will cut you

>> No.10059031

Read after the comma anon. I'm not a scalper.

>> No.10059032

SEE IM NOT THE ONLY ONE! people seriously stop fucking posting dress links you know will be scalped it's not cool and ruins it for a lot of people

>> No.10059036

You two are naive if you think you're the only ones who saw this auction and it won't end in a bidding war. I bet it got posted to discord too.

>> No.10059043

no one thought that but by posting it here it makes the blood bath worse jfc how dumb are you

>> No.10059048

It certainly sounded like you did.
And that was my point too but okay. Get bothered all you want, it doesn't matter in the end. Good luck.

>> No.10059077

And here I thought people were courteous enough not to ruin one of the few remaining good threads but here we are.

>> No.10059103

don't worry anon, the pink one went to a good home. May the gods be in ur favor.

>> No.10059135

That one has been up on LM but only in the brown colorway...

>> No.10059172
File: 226 KB, 638x829, 20181218_101840.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

3 years and its finally mine

>> No.10059258

oh anon i'm so happy for you

>> No.10059897

Lol, I’m the OP of >>10058928 and I posted the link to the Meta nurse set just to cause a shitstorm :^)

Hope you broke bitches have been saving your pennies up.

>> No.10060266
File: 193 KB, 663x619, IMG_5121.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10060736

Strawberry Baby necklace anon, here’s one if you’re still looking.

>> No.10060771

Damn that ended a lot higher then that set usually goes for. I’m honestly surprised.

>> No.10060789
File: 62 KB, 800x450, lisa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>62,350 yen

>> No.10060792

That's because an SS spiked the bid.

>> No.10060876
File: 511 KB, 1917x1917, 1544051170338.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

HD pins in any color.....i've seen them sold stand alone so i'm hoping it's not that far off of a dream i just love those pins so much

>> No.10060879

How much are you willing to drop? I have extras of pink and red, but I’m not quite pressed to let go of them since I use all of them.

>> No.10060882

If a scalper bought it they are going to have a very hard time selling it at an even more inflated price because HD doesn’t sell for that much nowadays.

>> No.10060884

I hope someone rear ends you and you break both your legs. Rainies too tbf

>> No.10060889

How much would you consider minimum for the pink one? I've seen them sold for 2.3k yen each at most, but if you want more I'd be willing to negotiate.

>> No.10060896

No one here will support your scalping and buy HD from you. Good luck selling it, you'll need it. Once the LM mods catch on they'll issue a ban,

>> No.10060898

I've seen some on Y!J this week, but they were acompanning Meta pieces. if you're willing to buy dresses just to get the pin...

>> No.10060899

Forget it, I'm sorry. It was the nurse set anon linked above. I didn't recognize it since it's not my substyle. Paying 60k+ for it wasn't worth just for the pins.

>> No.10060918

It's ok anon, you don't have to apologize. it's the thought that counts!

>> No.10060970
File: 7 KB, 270x360, 31fe8a5b-922d-5056-831b-497f21f546a1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is my DD.
I'm not actively searching for it since I can't pay the value right now. But here I am, hoping it pops whenever I have the money.

>> No.10060983

Don't forget to drop your throwaway, friendo

>> No.10061098

Man hate scalpers too, but you both sound ridiculously paranoid.

>> No.10061107

Uh, how is pointing out that a scalper will have a hard time selling HD being paranoid? Are you okay anon?

>> No.10061122

Because you assume someone bought it for 60k to scalp it instead of, idk, buying it for that price because they love and wanted the set.

>> No.10061127

I already got one off lacemarket, but thanks anyway

>> No.10061132

It’s an innocuous assumption, stop being so obtuse anon. Either way it literally doesn’t matter lol

>> No.10061143

Thank you! But I just had to buy a car etc so I unfortunately wasn’t able to snag it this time. Hopefully next time!

>> No.10061353

I’m happy for you, it’s really cute! I’ll get one for myself without thinking about letting you get it first then.

>> No.10061474
File: 193 KB, 500x600, 801ffd45-e1b3-49b6-9a92-4025d503f20f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Looking for Sweet Lacy Basket OP in white. I'm a sucker for hydrangeas...

>> No.10061499

Ah, where were you 2 months ago?
I sold mine on a 3 month payment plan, because noone was biting. Heck, it’s even still hanging in my closet waiting to be paid off..

>> No.10061540

You're right, thanks for reminding me.

>> No.10061546

It's now up on CC. Godspeed, anon.

>> No.10061547

Oh, you must be the person who listed it on Lacemarket in october. I only started lolita recently but it's such a beautiful dress I wanted it to be my first brand. If only I had gotten into this sooner, but alas, I don't think there's anything that can be done. Better luck next time I guess.

>> No.10061724
File: 121 KB, 633x960, qDy1BJc2S8CYhwP1CyYl_full_14925680_10207769881354611_6341153243476297111_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gulls-- if you see this please let me know. It's an old RPA release that I have NEVER seen second hand. I have the tights for it and it's been on my wishlist forever and I have not once seen it pop up

>> No.10061735

Pink colorway is on mercari


>> No.10061746

i have the cat hoodie in the sax colorway if you're not stuck on the pink colorway

>> No.10061766

A day late fix for my horrible wording, but I did mean I'm willing to pay more than the 2.3k if you wouldn't settle for it so please email me anon! If you use the red less I can offer for red instead, I'm not picky, since you said you use them I won't buy both.

>> No.10061830

>mine on a 3 month payment plan, because noone was biting. Heck, it’s even still hanging in my closet waiting to be paid o

Nayrt, But did that include the mini hat in lavender? Because if not then i'd be very interested in buying that!

>> No.10061930

Hoping that’s the case. It’s a dream dress but that’s a crazy price and without the hat.

>> No.10062083

Yes it did include the mini-hat.

>> No.10062588

Trust me, it is. The yahoo shop that sold it is an SS itself and the sold items are abandoned or straight up stolen orders. They bid on their own yahoo auctions to profit or get exactly the amount back the item originally went for. Sometimes they don't make it on time because the bidding starts in the last minutes, but often they do. So if you use that SS to bid on their own yahoo shop, they raise the price to your max bid.

>> No.10062597

Can yahoo auction sellers see the max bid of a buyer? If so that's really shitty. I might start waiting until the auction is almost over to place my max then

>> No.10062608

I think the person is saying that the seller for that dress is connected to an SS, so if someone uses that SS to buy something from the seller, the SS + seller collude to raise the price to the buyer's max bid. I highly doubt yahoo auctions themselves would share info like a max bid with sellers.

>> No.10062609 [DELETED] 

No, but your SS can. If you use Buyee to bid on quickdo or quickdo2's items, there's a good chance this shit will happen. Quickdo is Buyee's yahoo shop. And yeah, I strongly recommend that.
If you have an yahoo auctions account you can even see how their bidding tactics are and the amount of feedback the bidders have. You'll quickly notice it's always the same few bidders with the same amount of feedback (always less than 200) who raise quickdo's bids in a ridiculous way.

>> No.10062611

No, but your SS can. If you use Buyee to bid on quickdo or quickdo2's items, there's a good chance this shit will happen. Quickdo is Buyee's yahoo shop. And yeah, I strongly recommend that.
If you have an yahoo auctions account you can even see how their bidding tactics are and the amount of feedback the bidders have. You'll quickly notice it's always the same few bidders with the same amount of feedback who raise quickdo's bids in a ridiculous way.

>> No.10062626
File: 141 KB, 999x560, someday.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hunting for Net Print OP (blue colourway), Chiffon Quadruple OP, and Rose Cross Print JSK (black colourway preferred, but I'd be happy with grey too!).

>> No.10062714

Did anyone else see this and die inside when they missed out?


>> No.10062740

saw it and felt a little bad but the green is lowest on my list of colourways so not bovvered

>> No.10062997

How much are you looking for? And will you ship to the UK?

>> No.10063223
File: 54 KB, 720x1080, th_f150-02-39-56.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Was there someone else still looking for Ghost Marie? Im too shit broke to justify buying it.. but someone needs to so I dont!


>> No.10063718

the black rose cross print jsk is my favorite, too, anon! best of luck to you!

>> No.10063872

thank you anon! haven't had time to check during the holidays, I appreciate it!

>> No.10063886

This print reminds me of the circle game

>> No.10063910
File: 1.25 MB, 1053x1970, 153B14D2-74AA-4586-9D10-6760E8DACA7D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the longest of shots

Any help appreciated. I’m tied to the cuts and colors only. I would be so happy with a style dupe of the cornet heart skirt in any brand, or any long mmm op with that 90 degree neckline and shoulder poof.

Merry Christmas gulls!

>> No.10063920

I hope it will not show up on lacemarket for 500 € sold by rainies

>> No.10063938

The...the Joni Mitchell song?
>tfw no one ever means the joni mitchell song

>> No.10063940
File: 54 KB, 450x570, d7a7512a-bfcc-58f5-9b3e-14ebf83aa2e4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's not expensive, I just always seem to miss it when it pops up. Also JM British Library.

>> No.10063968

Why didn't you buy this, it was still available a month ago. Honestly might still be there if you check all the sites

>> No.10063973

I have this and I really want the high waist JSK instead - this cut isn't very flattering on me... if I ever find the high waist one, I'll sell you my just waist JSK, anon.

>> No.10063987
File: 27 KB, 500x666, 99e50689-bc67-5bfe-a13f-77ea09216971.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cantata OP in white

>> No.10064005

Thanks anon! In the dark blue colourway? I like the high waist but I've got a large chest so it'll be seriously boob loafy.

>> No.10064036

>And the painted ponies go up and down
>We're travelin' on a carousel of tiiiiiime
Only circle game worth discussing imo

>> No.10064038

Popped up on LM anon!

>> No.10064046

https://egl.circlly.com/auctions/baby-the-stars-shine-bright-halloween-alice-jsk here you go!

>> No.10064049

if anyone sees it pop up again,i want it too

>> No.10064058

Did I just find my soulmate in the dream dress thread? I think I did.

>> No.10064164 [DELETED] 

Thank you!

>> No.10064166

Thank you both!

>> No.10064423
File: 98 KB, 640x640, 6B4C5885-7ECF-438A-B626-7C288FEC0774.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nurse OP anon, I hope you still check the thread

>> No.10064428

Original anon here, but fuck I can't spend money right now. RIP
I hope another gull gets it..

>> No.10064719
File: 320 KB, 1986x1118, dream dresses (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not really much of a dream dress as it is more of a dream print since I'm in love with these two particular stained glass prints. I'll throw money at either one of these beauties in a heartbeat.

>> No.10064741

fantastic taste, anon. I will certainly be on the look out for you.

>> No.10064747

I just put in a request with my SS let's hope i don't miss out...

>> No.10064749

I have the high waist and I had to modify it by moving the buttons so it would fit my torso length. I'm 5'3 and 91 cm bust. Be warned

>> No.10064795

Hey anon i ended up with it, if i ever decide to sell it i would like to offer it to you first, can you drop a throwaway so i can keep you on file?

>> No.10065160
File: 9 KB, 236x177, FB9A5713-E6EA-4968-B6FC-6FC0AEABE121.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My life is meaningless without you

>> No.10065530

I'll keep you in my prayers anon

>> No.10066305

The stained glass print on St. Vitus is actually not as nice as it could be imho. Due to the fabric and/or the design template the actual print is rather dark and smudgey.
Don't get me wrong, I don't wanna ruin your dream print for you.
But it has been my dream dress and when I finally got it I was kinda... disappointed. (I still like it though. It just wasn't as nice as I'd thought it to be.)

>> No.10066317

Needs Haenuli L or XL
Thinking you’ll fit Moitie.
Um....I think I have a bit of bad news for you anon.

>> No.10066321

nayrt but you uppity moitiefags are really getting old. here's your (you), now go feel superior about walking around with your head up your ass

>> No.10066335

I'm a Moitiefag, and I often struggle with dresses being too big or too elastic. If anon is short, their wishlist isn't unrealistic

>> No.10066445

That...isn’t how being short works. The point is that if they need a xl for Haenuli they are too fat for the moitie dress. Although technically they could try to squeeze in to the full shirred op.

>> No.10066502

How is it having head up the ass to simply bust the bubble of someone who lists a dress as ‘it will do’ in that a way - when it’s gonna be a complete waste of their money anyway cause it’s not gonna fit?

Because I did not coddle them? I find it rude for them to say ‘it will do’ in such an offhand manner about a dress they can’t even wear anyway. Moitie makes some larger dresses now so it’s not any size-ism so much anymore.
Stop rattling your cage, delicate hamster.

>> No.10066976

The way you phrased it hardly seemed like you wanted to "help them out," anon, but I understand your intentions. To be quite honest, I think it's much easier to interpret what you said as "rude" than the phrasing of "either will do" in OP's image, since what seems most important to them is a dress with a stained glass theme.

Depending on anon's measurements, and since the Moitie dress in question is shirred, they may very well fit in.

>> No.10066981
File: 36 KB, 250x333, 1520063198635.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Where art thou, Chick-Chan?

>> No.10067013

The shoulder to shoulder, underbust and arm elastic of that one-size moitie dress will 99% not likely fit someone taking a haenuli l or xl. Y'all are delusional. I'm a realist and it wastes people's time or your own to post up about wanting stuff that isn't even going to fit.

But suit yourselves, and of course it's always the moitiefags to blame for being big meanies uwu, right? Even if we react because we are tired of years of this same shit. I'm actually glad Moitie is making bigger sizes finally but I'm in the minority for that too. It's a good candidate for a print re-release in larger size if enough people ask for it, I think.
But yes, I'm crabby. Fuck.

>> No.10067042 [DELETED] 
File: 294 KB, 1200x1600, 100_1109.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What you said was a bit blunt so I guess they took offense.Were being that rude imo. It is also very true. Size-ism isn't as much of an issue with them now, they do release more size options these days. Size L & 11 (JP womens 11AR) will not fit someone with a Huenuli size L~XL either, but they can't cater to everyone I guess. I'm a former fatty-chan myself and back then I made many mistakes trying to fit pieces that were not intended for someone my size. You can end up with an expensive dress that will turn out to be a huge disappointment. It's ok to warn people so they don't make that mistake imo. I'm 155cm and a euro XS/S now and I still have trouble fitting their un-shirred pieces because of my (86cm) bust imo.

These type of cuts are known for a generous fit and popular with larger people that don't fit the other cuts. But that still doesn't make it a guaranteed fit for everyone. Usually the elastic in the sleeves of these OPs are not as forgiving the shirred bust & waist, might be painfully tight for larger upper arms. There is a limit when it comes to how "plus size friendly" a piece is too as they were never designed to be stretched to the max. You need to be at least 5cm under those max measurements for comfort.

Some of these cuts can definitely look nice on slightly bigger girls, one of my favorite Moitie Lolita's is Divinecross and she's a bit larger than the usual un-shirred old Moitie sizing. She always looks really nice in these dresses. But she's not really that big desu. Pic related.

>> No.10067049

What you said was a bit blunt so I guess they took offense. What you said is also very true, but needed to be said imo.

Size-ism isn't as much of an issue with them these days, they do release more size options. Size L & 11 (JP womens 11AR) will not fit someone with a Huenuli size L~XL either. They simply can't cater to everyone.

I'm a former fatty-chan myself (now a eu XS/S and yes, still trouble fitting some Moitie pieces lol) and back then I made many mistakes trying to fit pieces that were not intended for someone my size. You can end up with an expensive dress that will turn out to be a huge disappointment. It's ok to warn people so they don't make that mistake imo.

These type of cuts are known for a generous fit and popular with the slightly larger girls that don't fit the other cuts. But that still doesn't make it a guaranteed fit for everyone. Usually the elastic in the sleeves of these OPs are not as forgiving the shirred bust & waist, might be painfully tight for larger upper arms. There is a limit when it comes to how "plus size friendly" a piece is too as they were never designed to be stretched to the max. Plus, you need to be at least 5cm under those max measurements for comfort. Pretty sure none of these pieces will fit a Haenuli L~XL properly.

>> No.10067054
File: 58 KB, 250x333, someonesellmethispleaseohgod.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

After seeing this sold right in front of my eyes on LM, I figured I should ask here.
Euro sellers are massively preferred, not looking to get scalped either. Please slide me an email if you have this!!

>> No.10067094

hey, anon, i'm the one who said your head was up your ass...and i'm sorry. i was pissed off about something else and took it out on you.

it is good to let someone else know something might not fit before they waste the money, and i understand being exhausted at seeing the same shit over and over.

>> No.10067109


So, with all the sizing debate raging on, I just wanted to let this anon know that I have the older St Vitus in size L (this being before she started doing XL sizing) and the Moitie OP (fully shirred version). Both fit me fine, the Moitie dress looks surprisingly decent for being fully shirred.

For reference I'm 163cm. I'm just a few cm too big for size M.

Hope that helps you decide if you still want to search for those dresses.

>> No.10067188

There are some on lm now anon

>> No.10067265

nayrt but whoever is selling them is scalping the fuck out of those pins

>> No.10067277

How is shipping for a pin even $25?
I'm so angry they're surprisingly in the exact same colors that were offered to anon too. Scalping peoples dream items isn't kawaii.

>> No.10067280

Kek, classic Empire. I remember when she did the same after wearing HD once (1) for e-fame points.

>> No.10067320

>some people straight up pin posts of these threads to their dreamdress pinterest boards
wtf man

>> No.10067330

Not the seller but I live in Australia and it costs $25 minimum to ship anything internationally since we’re in bumfuck nowhere compared to the rest of the world.

>> No.10067466

seller here, i just listed them at what i thought was a fair price

i only wore the HD OP once because i then obtained the skirt set, and had it listed for a reasonable price too considering what i paid for shipping, paypal and conversion fees.

pretty sick of people pulling the scalping card when i buy things for my own enjoyment and then pass them on at what i think is fair/market. i sell plenty of things for cheap but people always seem to try to stir shit.

as for shipping, that's just what it costs to send parcels from australia, people can literally just check the shipping labels when they receive parcels

anyway, here's all your (you)s

>> No.10067469

You're good, anon, I thought they were a fair price as well.

>> No.10067470

The black colorway was my graduation dress, truly amazing quality and super flattering as well, I wish you good luck finding it! I'll keep an eye out for you

>> No.10067475

super late to the party but what's up with Rainies? I only see she's sold a fuckton of stuff but I know nothing about her

>> No.10067484

>then obtained the skirt set, and had it listed for a reasonable price too considering what i paid for shipping, paypal and conversion fees.
You mean the set that you bought for 10k on Wunderwelt, worn once to post on Cof and then sold for almost $500? If you get called out for that behaviour several times and not just for HD, don't be suprised that some people call you a scalper.

>> No.10067500

maybe they have a board dedicated to other people’s DDs so it’s easier to find who’s looking for what? I have a similar folder with emails so I don’t have to go back and look through every thread. at least I hope that’s the case, if not then that’s just sad.

>> No.10067509

While I think some of your prices are too damn high, I get that you're pricing them at the market point. I get stuff pretty cheap, wear it a couple of times and then decide to sell it: if it's selling for more than I bought it for currently why shouldn't I sell it for more than I bought? I have no obligation to sell it for exactly at what I bought it for.

Does that CTP in grey that cc sold for 18000 yen suddenly decrease CTP in value? No, it's still an expensive dress.

People adding customs fees to their purchases are stupid though, and I live somewhere that gets customs

>> No.10067559

Rainies is a known scalper. She buy cheap shit from mercari and fril (and those Wunderwelt bundles) and then marks up shit a lot.

>> No.10067562

at least Rainies knows how to sell. my Grandpa bought a bunch of air conditioners at an auction in the middle of winter for cheap. when the summer rolled around and people needed air conditioners because it was hot, he'd mark up the price and sold them for a tidy profit.

>> No.10067564

I feel annoyed that I bought from her once. She didn't scalp the dress too badly and it was the only one for sale I'd seen for months and months... but still.

>> No.10067566

I searched her in the archives too and yikes, I'll know to avoid her now, thank you for the info

>> No.10067567

>and those Wunderwelt bundles
That's chestnutlili and her alt accounts.

>> No.10067585

Which ones are her alt accounts?

>> No.10067606
File: 1.76 MB, 1920x1920, rainies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Like the other anon says, she's notorious for buying cheap items from secondhand jp sites and reselling at a markup. This is a recent example that caught my eye as I'd been looking for Halloween treats myself but I didn't want anything damaged or altered so I left it alone. The listing on fril was 15,000 yen/ approx. 118 euros- and I believe the starting bid on rainies listing was 180 euros iirc since there was only the one bid on it.

>> No.10067705

>what is an alteration
Your words are useless

>> No.10067741

market price is not what you list some of your stuff as. 500 dollars for HD is ridiculous even if it's a sought after dress. And also that shipping package you're doing is for SURE stupid as fuck and expensive. it's a pin. It does not cost 25 dollars to ship a PIN. I've bought pins from out of the country, i have bought dresses from EU and AUS sellers with 25 dollar shipping. for a dress. not just a pin

>> No.10067750

Everyone who buys from her says this, I think and collectively that’s what keeps her doing it.

But is it scalping if she’s charging a fair market value? Regardless of if she bought it cheaper? If her prices are soooo inflated, why is she such a successful seller? Wouldn’t her stuff just sit if her prices were scalper-level high?
Calling scalper when it’s one person buying and selling individual items just sounds like sour grapes that she scoops things that someone else doesn’t get to first.

If someone buys items, wears thrm once, then sells, is it still scalping? Evidently so because you guys say it about another seller too even though she posts pix of herself actually wearing coords of most of the items she buys. It’s bs.

>> No.10067776

it was 470 and the skirt set. i just list my items at what i think is market then go from there. if it sells, then it sells but if there aren't any buyers then the price gets discounted until it does sell. that's pretty much what everyone does??
i'd like to know what other items i've sold have been *way* overpriced, since all people seem to mention is HD

i'd rather not try to squish items someonen has paid for to try and fit into the "letters" category, because a ring and a pin after being bubble wrapped for sure aren't going to. literally the cheapest tracked option for parcels is $25, you can check this on the auspost website.
i understand if people think my prices are high on items, but why are you telling me my shipping is too high when that's the only option, u wot?

>> No.10067779

Short answer, yes, it's still scalping.

>> No.10067792
File: 219 KB, 348x522, hdsales.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i'm aware how salty this makes me look, but i had the set for months before selling it

pic related - the HD set sold for 450 two months prior to my listing, so how was 470 as a starting price unreasonable or way overpriced?

>> No.10067798

also the previous set that had sold was missing the detachable side pockets, and i sold a complete set including all the detachables

i've never really said anything back, but i'm actually bothered because this was almost 2 years ago

>> No.10067810

>bawwwww im poor

>> No.10067821

no, i'm just not stupid is all

>> No.10067825

This entitlement discussion is old af, here we go again.

Empire, I don't know anything about your postal system, but my country doesn't give me much shipping options either and the prices are pretty high too. I personally would never send plastic pins or fragile items stuffed in a jiffy cause that will make the shipping cheap, they will end up broken. And broken means paypal claim. Shipping it as parcel (cardboard box) would be the only way to go, it won't arrive broken.
And so what if you paid less for the item you are selling, you can ask whatever you want or whatever you think is fair & current market price. Everyone does that ffs. Lets face it, no-one is forced to buy it from you if they think it's overpriced. Overpriced items are not against LM rules, so even if you did overprice your things, you still haven't broken any rules. I know you sold 2 HD's (op and skirt/jacket set) and a D. Walkure set for what I think were fair prices for such super popular, in high demand cult status items. I wouldn't sell mine for less either, I'd be a fool if I did. Supply and demand right? Little to no supply is this case and in very high demand, of course they will sell for high prices. In some cases, extreme prices. Plenty of buyers seem to be willing to pay that much, even go into bidding wars to get the item they desire that much. They are just as much at fault as the seller for driving up the prices imo.

Are you a buyer? Don't like the price? Don't buy it or contact the seller and make an offer. And no they don't have to take your offer either if they don't want to. Stop acting so entitled.

>> No.10067833

>If someone buys items, wears thrm once, then sells, is it still scalping?
This is not what she does. She buys items for the sole purpose of reselling and stalks these threads to know what is thought after. Reminder that she snatched Teddy Motors for 3000 yen in hopes the desperate gull here who still searched for it would buy it for more than 10 times more. Rainies is trash, please don't defend her.

>> No.10067849

I know you love attention, but are you really intending to shit up the thread with rolling up your 3 year old drama? Everything valid has already been said to you years ago (without success because hurr everyone who doesn't kiss your ass is vendetta, jelly or poor). You can defend yourself and pull up excuses all you want but that won't change anything. The biggest issue back then wasn't your prices, it was the fact that you bought dresses that were often posted or even linked in the dream dress threads, posted your own "dream dresses" and WTBs but then worn them once or twice max in the most boring way possible for CoF likes and then sold them shortly after. The scalping was just the icing on the cake.

>> No.10067900

I'd ice your cake, if you know what I mean

>> No.10067901

yeah sure, spill all the drama bc i have no idea what you're on about. you just backtracked from saying my prices were too high to suddenly how i wear/use my dresses?
everything i've bought is because i liked and wanted it, you don't see me buying every single dress that's ever popped up on this thread? i've only ever posted the koitsukihime jsk in the dd threads, and kept that for 2yrs. how often i wear them or post pictures of myself wearing my pieces really shouldn't be your concern.

i've also never accused anyone of being jelly, they're literally things money can buy wot.

>> No.10067902

I'd be your jelly, if you know what I mean

>> No.10067905

Isn't the girl who posted HD in the dd threads for ages an American? unless there's another one

>> No.10067912 [DELETED] 

What part of "I won't roll up your 3 year old drama just so you can shit up a thread once again" don't you understand, Janice?

Nah, that's someone else.

>> No.10067914

I'd roll up a 3 year old newspaper and use it on you, if you know what I mean

>> No.10067915

What part of "I won't roll up your 3 year old drama just so you can shit up a thread once again" don't you understand, Janice? Also not everyone who disagrees with you is the same person.

Nah, that's someone else.

>> No.10067916

nice name drop, but thread will be sage soon and i'm not even the one who stirred shit, so go ahead and spill

because i don't even remember there being drama from 3 yrs ago

>> No.10067918

I'd put my penis in your vagina, if you know what I mean

>> No.10067919

>yes yes PLEASE talk more about me and give me attention

>> No.10067922

>says there's drama
>won't provide receipts

yeah i love people talking shit about me /s

>> No.10067924

you won't be so sarcastic after a spanking

>> No.10068186

there's no entitlement here anon, i genuinely think it's ridiculous to price things as such for items that don't sell nearly that much usually. Western sellers mark up their prices insanely, and it's why i tend to not do that anymore because even with SS fees, double shipping, and customs, i still pay less than what western sellers go for. It's ridiculous.

>> No.10068213

The problem is that she buys only to resell and doesn’t give others a fair chance for a good deal. She is mo better than the chinese resellers in Japan buying a new popular release only to put it up 2 hours later on yahoo auctions.

>> No.10068240
File: 11 KB, 240x320, 60b6ff1a-6a40-438f-9e82-098681e1b926.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ever since I've seen that photoshoot with Mana in Paris, I've been in love with all the releases from 2004, but especially the Ladder Lace OP. Sadly, I've never come across it elsewhere. I'm not even too fond of the chest part, but together with the capelet it looks absolutely gorgeous.

>> No.10068245

Is she actually an active lolita?

>> No.10068568

Can you guys not shit up the one good thread here? Are there scalper scamming bitches in the community? Yes. Please just ignore them and their wtb/wts posts or call them out in the general or something.
Also Empire/Raines/whoever the fuck, just stop replying. Y’all should know that this bs just makes you look worse and makes people bitch about you more.

>> No.10068573

I agree it’s pretty ridiculous.

>> No.10068586

Took the liberty of making a new thread >>10068578