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Italian Cuisine Edition

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This makes more sense when you realise you're not supposed to read it from right to left.

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>tfw no Vampirella gf

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4chan is one of few places where I read comics from left to right. It's always disorienting.

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>Tfw no buff bald gemposter bf to LARP with me and give me headpats and cuddles

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But you're male!

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But he'll be LARPing as a girl, so it's totally fine!

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Man I just really love cosplay

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Headpats and cuddles aren’t gay though

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>am gay
>end up going to a university in the deep south
>meet cute art major in college
>wears mori, gardens, great art, generally fun to be around
>doki doki
>one day, she posts on facebook about being a lesbian, but deletes it out of fear
>develop a crush on her, but due to an ED, think I'm too fat and worthless to ask her out
>one night at a party, we talk about being gay in the south and how we wish we could just be "normal" or find men we could tolerate enough (average southern lesbian self loathing)
>drop out of college and lose contact with her
>actually become fat and worthless
>get my shit together and go back to university, plus start wearing lolita and generally become more and more confident
>daydream about mori x lolita dates, or at least having a friend who is into jfash again
>when I get back, discover she's now calling herself non-binary and is dating a femboy

I get that with this social climate, it's easier to not call yourself a lesbian... Lesbians are evil transphobic terfs in the public eye and it's easier to try to ignore your attraction (cause I myself dated a guy and tried to "fix" myself), but this just makes me so fucking sad. I hate this feeling, gulls. I was really excited about going back and reconnecting, but now I feel kind of stupid.

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>Lesbians are evil transphobic terfs in the public eye
The general public wouldn't even know what a 'terf' is.

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>gem edition
>best /cgl/ feels thread ever
>non-gem edition
>full of petty arguments
Anyways any other gulls do salsa? I’ve been going to a salsa class under a friend’s recommendation and it kills me every time.

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>package arriving really late because mail problems
>finally gets to my city, but they aren't going to deliver it until monday now
>depressed about this, was really looking forward to it
>feel like the only thing in my life that's making me happy is receiving mail
>constantly bored, went through a period where i ate a ton to fill the void but finally kicked the habit
>now i have no idea what to do, even though i work and have university, i constantly get off days where there's nothing to do
>Don't know when i'll feel happy again
>just really want to get that package

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>tfw no HnK fan lolita gf

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>Implying that any of the gemposters are girls
We’ve been over this

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is this dungeon meshi

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>Not gay
>Tfw no bf

Pick one

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If this was Dungeon Meshi there would be a fourth panel of him eating the vampire.

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I don't give a flippin' hoot about this gem show you're talking about.

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>tfw no painless death

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Ah nvm forgot you gulls never exercise

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I'm goint to start ballroom dancing classes soon. I wish people still danced like that.

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I don’t dance, but I agree that gem edition thread was best thread

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>steven universe edition
>best anything

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It’s not gay if you tell your boyfriend “no homo though”

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We were talking about the superior gem show

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I live in Alabama and I've heard people literally talk about "terfs" in public... Not even obvious pink-haired he/hims, either. What look like regular people.

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I want to HOLD HANDS with ALL gemposters!

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For all you know she legit feels that way and isn't using it as a cover. You didn't pursue her when you had the chance, time to move on now.

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Gulls, I need help. I’m a straight male. I’ve only ever dated GIRLS with long HAIR. But lately I’ve been feeling attracted to BALD anime MEN. Should I stop watching anime?

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You're not straight then.

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Anime makes you gay

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I work a job where it's pretty lonely and I'm left alone in the office most of the time. Today was one of those days where I was just straight up left alone due to my only other coworker having an emergency. I spent all day shopping for Lolita stuff, watching makeup tutorials online, and I went out and got a bottle of whiskey and drank it all day. Feels good man.

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faggot ass

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Probably bait, but same
>Started calling Sensei hot as a meme
>Legitimately starting to find him attractive

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Good taste
Saitama is a qt

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>Spent way over $1000 on cosplay stuff this year
>Also spent over $1000 on sex toys this year
I don't have the money to keep both these up so I'm gonna have to cut back on one of these hobbies. But I don't know which to choose.

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>get job, can finally afford Lolita
>finally live alone with a cat and provide for myself
>everything feels like dirt
>look at me in Lolita, I feel empty
>whenever I buy something, it feels pointless
>my passion for everything I once thought I loved is gone
>only 21, just want to be happy.
>go to doctor, get put on antidepressants. They don’t help

I don’t know how much longer I can go without killing myself. I went to the gun range and bought a gun. It took like 13 minutes to schedule for me to pick it up for pickup. I’m not sure why I’m posting here. I hope everyone else is still able to enjoy things. Whenever I heard about people who are sad, I always think it helps for them to remember the small things. Like how tea tastes, and how nice thw weather can be and how great you can feel in just the right dress. I guess I just can’t take my own advice anymore. I’m worthless.

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I think you need a change of scenery. Go on a day trip somewhere.

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I agree with the other anon
try to get out of your house, it really helps imo
Life is hard but please try to take it easy on yourself

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You are not alone anon. My puppy died just after I had a really big order in from my ss & I began to associate Lolita with my puppy dying, it took all the joy out of it and I stopped wearing it. I also felt like shit and like I didn't even deserve food for weeks after. I got really into Lolita in the first place because I was bedridden with a back injury & my parents had died so it took my mind off the bad and cheered me up a tiny bit, just enough to not give up hope. Life throws awful shit at you constantly whether its external or internal. That we are born at all and will one day cease to be is pretty crazy & amazing & scary. Life is hard.

I bet you are a lovely person and I am sad you are suffering right now. I don't know your family situation but I am proud of you for being so independant and brave and for caring for your cat and I hope you get good in your life anon.

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You could also be breaking down now because you are by yourself. For the first time you are finally safe & have the freedom to fall apart. I had an awful family life. Very conflicted by losing them. Be at peace

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Can Crypton Future Media sue me for creating a religion based around Vocaloid? I was thinking about renting out a presentation room at the library and inviting weebs from my city.

It would be like a con every week!

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>over $1000 on sex toys this year
Anon... I don't think thats a normal thing to do

Try to get out more and find something that makes you happy. Before you do anything rash try giving life one more chance. Life insurance companies have a waiting period of a year in case someone tries to use it to profit a loved one off their own suicide. The reason being in a year the chances are overwhelmingly high they'll have changed thier mind. Because things get better. And your cat needs you

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>Cosplay Antarcticite, Todoroki, and Jack Frost
>Really want to shoot them in the snow
>Scared of driving in snow since car accident last winter
>Closest cosplay photographer friend lives 1 hour away

Cosplay aside, it feels bad in general. I work from home and take the bus to classes, but I’m afraid I’m going to become a hermit this winter. I have like 4 friends in town, and all my weeb friends live in different parts of the state/different states completely. I usually go to them because I live in bumfuck nowhere and there’s nothing to do. I’m just so scared I won’t be able to see anyone until April or May because of my stupid fear.
I thought maybe it’s something I can get over if I gradually face my fear. But I forced myself to drive on slightly snowy roads to the Walshart <10 minutes away from my house and it freaked me out. I got there, got what I need, and got home, but I puked in the Walmart bathroom and still feel like I’m going to have a heart attack even though I’ve been home for 30+ mins. I feel so fucking pathetic.

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You like the feeling of having something to look forward to. i think it'd help curb that unhappy feeling if you started applying arbitrary goals to your off days. Make a to-do list, even if the things on it aren't all that pressing. Like.... rearranging your shelf or color coding your dressing. Planning new coords. Etc. etc.

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I think the process is this
>watch gem show
>identify with a character deeply
>said character loves Sensei
>o-oh I guess I love Sensei too now >>10036242
Ballroom is pretty cool too.
>tfw no bf to make me putty in his hands through sensual tango moves

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Nyart, but reading your post made me feel a little better.First my dad died in June and a month later my cat died. I was convinced the universe had it out for me. Thank you for sharing. I'm sorry that you've gone through so much too.

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>think smoking is absolutely disgusting under regular circumstances, can't stand the smell
>have a smoking fetish
Guess I've got brain problems

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What is even sexy about it? I'm fascinated, I just don't understand.. like what's the thought behind smoking that's a turn on

>> No.10036355

If I had any fucking clue I'd tell you but I honestly have no idea. Guess it must be a phallic symbolism thing. I just love watching women inhale and exhale

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A girl in my comm got banned for Snapchatting her bare ass. Isn't that slut shaming?

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Did she snapchat it to the whole comm or something? That's hilarious.

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>pursed lips, eyes closed in a pleasured expression, deep inhale/exhale
I can see it

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>family are starting to ask me for Christmas ideas
>too awkward to ask for cosplay supplies or prop parts
Maybe just ask for gift cards to home improvement or craft stores? but I'd feel really awkward telling my aunt "uhhh lemme get an anime wig and several sheets of EVA foam"

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HAHAHAHA what a ho. No one wants to see your fucking ass!

>> No.10036398

Her ass probably didn’t pass the standards of a butthole inspection

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I wouldn't call it a "fetish" but I have a similar thing where I think smoking looks cool in fiction.
My best guess is that it's "atmospheric" - the lazy motion of smoke adds a sense of motion to still images and helps punctuate and reinforce other movements. There's also something to the deliberate motion - deep breath in, deep breath out - as well, even though I'm not a smoker I occasionally catch my dumb ass pantomiming taking a drag to let off some steam.

I hate the look, smoke, and especially smell of cigarettes IRL - even vaping annoys me. But in movies, games, and comics I think it looks cool.

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Embrace it.

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>got invited to a con by a new coworker, potential to be really good friends
>terrified to go because I have never been to one and can't afford a cosplay in time
>feel like I would be a drag while they run around in their cosplays while I am, essentially, some normie just.. there

>> No.10036407

>can't get eyeliner to go on straight
>tfw gothic lolita

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>dress sharply at all times
KEK I remember a friend of mine called my Bortz cosplay “business up above and pleasure down below”

>> No.10036415

Do you like photography anon? If you want to engage in the cosplay side of things, taking pictures is fun and your friend will appreciate it! It's also an artistic outlet for you with stuff you can post online later, talk with the other cosplayers you've met, in general it's just a great way of making friends outside of actually being the costumer. I do both, and I like cosplaying best, but it makes me super happy after cons to have stuff to give back to my friends!

>> No.10036417

When did I post this

>> No.10036429

>Do you like photography anon?
Never done it before, wouldn't know. I would feel bad taking awful amateur pics though.

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>mfw Canada Post told everyone to stop sending mail to Canada
Guess my whites won't match for winter ILD.

>> No.10036448

THIS. It's easier for me to ask for sewing supplies, but my family is big on the idea that christmas gifts should be guilty pleasures. You could always ask for money instead or a VISA gift card.

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Canada post did WHAT??

>> No.10036450

That sounds fun. I'd certainly enjoy that more than the dancing people typically do.

>> No.10036451

The only way you're going to be a drag is if you complain excessively. Having someone go out of their way to accompany you into a terrirtory that they're unfamiliar with a really bold and compassionate thing to do. It shows you're willing to hang out with them even if it's not something you'd normally do. Take some pictures, revel in the sights, compliment them on their craftsmanship and the work of others. Trust me, the coworker who invited you will be very appreciative.

>> No.10036454


If you check international mail websites, they have indeed suspended shipments to Canada for the time being.

>> No.10036455

>tfw no lolita gf who likes the same stuff as me
Just take away the part that hurts and let the rest remain

>> No.10036462

I'd be happy with a friend who likes the same stuff I do. Pretending to conform is tiring and boring.

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But I have things coming from China omfg...

>> No.10036469

I'm in the same boat

>> No.10036472

Maybe the most /cgl/ thing I ever read
I'm sure your dildo collection is big enough already

>> No.10036474

Fuck this gay country

>> No.10036478

You don't need a cosplay to go to a con. See the sights, chat to people who look cool, buy stuff in the dealers hall, play some games.

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I am really excited guys! Another Lolita in my comm who also goes to the same college as me asked me to go out to a bar with her this weekend. I always want to make friends with everyone and I am so awkward and shy and have a hard time initiating friendship and hangouts outside of my small friends circle, so I am really excited to be chilling with more people.

I’m really shy and some people have mistaken it for snooty but really all I want is to be good friends with everyone in my comm and right now my hear is so full of joy! I’m so excited!

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Is there any better feeling than coming home from a long day at a con, removing your costume, cuddling with your cosplay gf in bed, and then doing a foot 69 with her? This is the life, bros.

>> No.10036494

It's snowing and it makes me want to do a photoshoot for my Phos cosplay. Too bad I don't have a qt Antarc.

>> No.10036499

Alright, what the fuck is a foot 69?

>> No.10036500

I’m happy for you anon, making more friends is the best! I hope it goes well!

>> No.10036501

Based optimist anon who says nothing but positive things and liven up /cgl/

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>get called a creep for wearing kilts by a girl wearing a YURI AND PROUD shirt

>> No.10036511

>paying attention to anything said by someone wearing a 'yuri and proud' shirt

>> No.10036513


She was so loud though...

>> No.10036516

Bet she was mad because she was 'mirin you by mistake

>> No.10036521

On a positive note a little black girl dragged her dad over so she could have the courage to ask me what the hell I was wearing.

>> No.10036522

This, but also:
>wearing a kilt

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>let myself go for years and became a complete fatty
>lose 35kg+
>brand fits. unshirred brand fits.
>order dream dress, it arrives and it looks cute on me
>maybe I am not too fat to join local comm now

>> No.10036524

Theyre unironically more comfortable for me. I lift and my thighs are uncomfortable in pants. I also have issues with... Room.

>> No.10036525

Some things are more important than comfort.

>> No.10036528

Were you lucky enough to avoid any loose skin? I'm terrified of losing all that weight only to look even worse without clothes.

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>> No.10036537

It's reversed for me. I don't think it's sexy but I really like the smell for some reason.

>> No.10036538

Unfortunately no. My boobs are kind of a mess. That is where I gained and lost the most weight (110cm->88cm, DD/E cup).
But I did it to myself, so eh. I am hoping to get a lift in the next couple of years. Everywhere else does not really have loose skin. I have done a ton of weight training though, so I am not sure if that helped. I think it is mostly age and genetics.
It's worth losing the weight anon. I looked bad when I was fat anyway. At least now I look good in clothes and OK without. I wish you all the luck!

>> No.10036555

>friend really wants a collection of lolita items
>Won't buy them for herself for some reason
>Has someone create a Facebook group and adds other lolita friends to it basically asking people to buy the items for Christmas
>Calls me today and excitedly says she thinks all her friends are going to get the items and she can't wait
No one in the group has responded at all. She is nearly thirty. I don't really want to buy her stuff and don't like being asked this way.
I don't think she would be mad if no one buys stuff but what a weird situation, I don't know what she is thinking.

>> No.10036557

If she's that old, she's probably intimidated and thinks it's hard or too much to learn. Have you tried walking her through it? Friends don't let friends cringeout like that.

>> No.10036559

nayrt but i love knowing there are other anons who do this too. i honestly love the positivity some anons put out and it inspires me to do that same

>> No.10036560

How do you "legit" feel non-binary? That makes no sense.

And we were close enough as friends where I could see where her mindset was going. If you aren't from a close-minded community, you probably wouldn't get that feeling. But no one has conversations filled with sobbing at 3am about how much they hate being gay and then becomes ~non-binary~ in a year with nothing more to it.

And I am moving on. It's just a lousy feeling.

>> No.10036571

>giving friends Christmas presents
Do people really do this?

>> No.10036587

I-I’m one of those things

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It's when you both flip around in the bed and massage each other's swollen and blistered convention feet simultaneously.

>> No.10036592

Sounds more wholesome than I expected.

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How many thong diaper posters are just sissies larping as girls?

>> No.10036601

I hear/see that sort of stuff around pretty frequently at uni. >>10036188, you don't know all of your friend's journey so try not to judge too hard. I know it rings alarm bells for you especially when you've been in similar situations (when I was in high school I unsuccessfully tried to date guys and focus on their girly aspects), but unless you're a mind-reader you can't truly know whether she's actually trying to convert herself or if she's genuinely come to some sort of realisation. If you put pressure on her/imply you think her being NB is stupid it'll make her more fearful of changing her identity back, out of fear of "proving everybody right".

>> No.10036604

Being non-binary is stupid and makes a mockery of actual trans people.

>> No.10036605

But getting judgey about it makes them more entrenched and usually results in them reducing their social group only to people that constantly give them positive reinforcement, basically backing them into a corner where they can't stop identifying that way without alienating their new friends.

>> No.10036607

probably all of them. that's why they're so obsessed with assholes.

>> No.10036609

All of them. Same with the butthole inspection shit.

>> No.10036616

Thinking it's stupid does not necessarily mean you're being judgmental. I think religion is stupid, but I'm able to set that aside and still be friends with people who believe in it. It's only an issue if they require your validation or either of you view it as a defining personality trait.

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>find out someone who posts on same website as me is going to the same con
>meet up with them and their friends irl
>initially awkward since we only know online handles/cosplay characters and not each other's names
>go to karaoke a few weeks later and get to know them better
This has happened twice now - I think this is the only way I know how to make new friends as an adult

>> No.10036620

Fuck you, butthole inspection is funny

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Where are u anon I'd love to go dressed as different mikus every weekend!

>> No.10036622

It's okay, we can always fix it with shoop.

>> No.10036631

I thought it meant you Michelangelo pointed like in the Creation of Adam but with your feet. This is better.

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I can think of a great many things that feel better than a feeling I've never felt.
One of those things is wearing appropriate shoes so my feet don't hurt even after 3 days of constant walking.

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You're right, anon. I think I'm mostly just hurt, but you have a point. Granted, I haven't said any of this to her face. The most I did was small talk. And I'm not jealous of her femboy bf, either. He's very cute. I think I'm processing it all. But yeah, I'll try and not be quite so judgmental. I'll just try and enjoy her company. We can still hang out, and I'll at least have someone to wear jfashion with, which I've been waiting years for.

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>>got a job about 3 months ago
>>thought it would be okay
>>it's not
>>4 employees have quit just while I've been there
>>company only has about 10-15 employees in total
>>management chases everyone out by giving unclear expectations and little compensation
>>must persevere for the burando
>>had a meeting with the boss today to set some things straight
>>made it worse
>>even extended my 90 day review because I "wasn't ready," meaning no raise
>>drove home shaking I was so angry
>>literally every other job I had I was viewed as a model employee
>>wtf is wrong with this place
>>still trying to hang in there for burando

I want the spending money, but after today I think my boss is just delusional. I've cried so much tonight being so confused as to why they can't seem to value anything I do. I'm a mess and the only thing that comforts is I'm taking money from this gross company and using it for cute dresses.

>> No.10036651 [DELETED] 

>apparently so shaken up I forgot how to greentext

Just kill me now, gulls.

>> No.10036653
File: 44 KB, 359x266, thisisfine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>got a job about 3 months ago
>thought it would be okay
>it's not
>four employees have quit just while I've been there
>company only has about 10-15 employees in total
>management chases everyone out by giving unclear expectations and little compensation
>must persevere for the burando
>had a meeting with the boss today to set some things straight
>made it worse
>even extended my 90 day review because I "wasn't ready," meaning no raise
>drove home shaking I was so angry
>literally every other job I had I was viewed as a model employee
>wtf is wrong with this place
>still trying to hang in there for burando

I want the spending money, but after today I think my boss is just delusional. I've cried so much tonight being so confused as to why they can't seem to value anything I do. I'm a mess and the only thing that comforts is I'm taking money from this gross company and using it for cute dresses.

>> No.10036656
File: 10 KB, 235x213, 1476400593832.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


From what I hear from other people from similar situations, you should leave that place. I know it's easier said than done, especially because new jobs aren't found on short notice, or might not even be available. but I hope things go better for you.


>Mid 20s
>Had a small but workable amount of weeb friends in high school, very few normie friends, lots of online friends with similar interests
>Introvert, don't make any more on college
>Some drama going on with my real life friend circle that I ultimately wasn't part of
>Eventually everyone just ends up splitting off quietly and cutting off contact with one another, lose contact with my only rl friends
>Now I only have online friends and no real means to make more

It's not like I'm anxious or socially retarded or anything but there's absolutely something I don't get. Every time I talk to a stranger, similar interest or not, I always hold up the conversation perfectly fine. People always talk about making friends at cons, but I always went with friends so every casual conversation I had with a stranger chalked up to just that and nothing more.

I've never cosplayed and I have no idea how you can suddenly just form a friendship with a stranger you meet for one weekend without seeming like a weirdo, or coming off too strongly. It's not like you have a regular excuse to meet off a single conversation from what I understand.

Also sucks I can't even really attend cons anymore anyway. Being mid 20s and lonely sucks. I have my online friends and I love them so much but it can only stave off the isolation for so long.

>> No.10036681

>even extended my 90 day review because I "wasn't ready," meaning no raise
>no raise
sounds like they wanted to save some money

>> No.10036682

“Non-binary” doesn’t exist, similar to how bisexuality doesn’t exist

>> No.10036683

>bisexuality doesn't exist
I genuinely want to hear your reasoning behind this.

>> No.10036684

But bisexuality does exist. Terrible analogy.

>> No.10036685

Which kind are you using? Felt tip is far easier to use than anything else, and if you apply it in little strokes to make up the line, instead of trying to apply it in a single stroke, it'll be much easier for you.

>> No.10036686

If you view this job as transactional, you’re not going to last long and you’ll be unhappy. Find something you enjoy instead of focusing on the money. Also this company isn’t being ran well so it’s not that’s the problem.

>> No.10036688

Some people do, I know I do. I'm hunting down some merch for my friend's itabag this year, gifted her with some brand last year. I like doing this, it's fun, but definitely not in the context >>10036555 mentioned.

>> No.10036689

I hope you find your own qt gf, anon, whether she wears mori or not.

>> No.10036698

Lol anon I’m in exactly the same situation, constant stress has made me unable to enjoy anything even in my free time, I cry all the time and I’m this close to offing myself. Let’s get out together.

>> No.10036699

I can understand that seeing an old friend look like one of those retards from Tumblr could be disappointing but try going beyond that. Not everything that looks bad is actually bad. I know she was your friend and everything but are you really sure you can understand her that well? You've been separated for a while, I wouldn't be so sure

>> No.10036700
File: 144 KB, 960x1075, 482D8B7C-6133-467C-9434-AE7C7ADBA2D5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Have you ever seen a bi person? Yeah exactly. Makes you think doesn’t it?

>> No.10036702

i see one every time i look in the mirror

>> No.10036707

>Used to have a group of friends (10+ people) including best friend
>Stopped talking to best friend because she accused another friend of rape (false accusation because she has mental health problems)
>Have only 3 people who I talk to regularly now, see them maybe once every three or four weeks
>Honestly, I only think one of them really likes me as a friend
>I end up spending hundreds to thousands of dollars a month on lolita because of crippling loneliness
>I am still depressed

I turned 22 this year and I'm not an unsocial person. I'm super outgoing. But I haven't made a new friend in years and I haven't dated someone new since was a teenager.

The friends that I do have are in their own circles - that's why I can't see them as much. I just wish I had a group of friends like I used to.

>> No.10036709

the only trans people who say nonbinary people don't exist are literally self loathing trans women. Also pls use google before you speak cuz nonbinary genders have been around forever

also not all lesbians are transphobic in fact the original meaning of lesbian was equivalent to sapphic which literally means "liking femmes" regardless if you're bi or homosexual

jesus it's like you guys need to be spoon fed everything because you magically forget google exists the moment something besides anime or a dress pops up

>> No.10036712

Can't you just look up a recipe online? Doubt you'll need a whole class to learn how to make salsa, it's just tomato and shit

>> No.10036715

Start looking for another job. Since you're already employed, it increases your chance of getting another job because it shows that you can work and that another company saw you as good enough to hire. Don't stay at the job if it makes you miserable, the money isn't worth it when you're to emotionally wrung out to enjoy anything

>> No.10036719
File: 139 KB, 740x960, dc264e3fdcc35f466607a62cfde9c6b0e6bd49e9db3ff6bd03cf68f69cb72219.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10036721
File: 36 KB, 223x233, 08ED6176-1DDC-4113-980B-FC4C5B2E1851.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Haha you’re a funny guy anon

>> No.10036725

It's me again

>tfw all my friends are telling me to stay away from this girl
>I'm crushing on her extremely hard
>She's so cool, she listens to me, she humours me and I humour her, she understands me and gives me very worldly advice which I've never experienced before, likes anime, games, alt fashion, cosplay etc we have compatible sexual fantasies
>She's like the big sister I never knew I wanted
>Friends think she is a literal succubus using me for attention and eventually money (I have zero intentions of giving her money)
>Tell me I should really cut contact with her and move onto someone more realistic and good for me because:
>Heroin user
>Used to be an escort
>Lives on the other side of the world to me
>Has an unhealthy eternal love for her ex-boyfriend who abused her
>Has PTSD from said abuse
>Is in an open relationship with her current boyfriend
>4 years older than me

I don't know what to do. I have an obsessive personality and all I want to do is talk to her all day everyday and ask her questions and learn about her. I avoid doing that though just because I don't want to freak her out or make her think I'm just some beta who will lick her feet. She's just genuinely the coolest person I've ever talked to and I'd happily move to her shithole city in the middle of nowhere if it meant being with her.

Friends think I'm an idiot for wanting used up/damaged goods and that she's a terrible person. But I can't help my feelings towards her.

>> No.10036730

I'm gonna need source, um, please.

>> No.10036731

There are people with problems everywhere. The issue I have here is judging how skewed your evaluation of her personality is. From the way you describe her, it seems you may have several biases going on there. You would have to provide us with more information about her first.

We only know what happened to her and not much else.

>> No.10036733

Gabriel DropOut.

>> No.10036734

What else do you want to know? I know what it looks like from an objective perspective, it looks bad and I've always looked down on people who did any sort of drugs, even people who drink too much or smoke and I've looked down on girls who sleep around but for her, I literally do not give a shit. She's turned my entire perception of these kind of people on it's head.

>> No.10036735

>Friends think I'm an idiot for wanting used up/damaged goods
They'd be exacly right. How low do your standards have to be/how little do you have going on in your life to be enamored with a damage, ex-prostitute heroin user who's probably disease ridden and takes a different cock every night of the week? On the other side of the world no fucking less. You really need to stop being a cuck and just forget about her

>> No.10036741

I know this feel. You're friends are probably right, but, if you're anything like me, you're going to have to find that out in your own time.

>> No.10036743

Sounds like the company is a dog fart, mate. Best be lookin elsewhere

>> No.10036744

Both past girlfriends I had were prim, proper, well-educated, smart and studious. They both ended up being back stabbing manipulators. So I've learnt that I can't judge long-term partner worth for shit and may as well just go for the nuclear fun option. I've been approached by girls before but I am shy and disinterested in them so I say no, so I wouldn't call my standards low.

I've just learnt to be more forgiving of someone's past since it's not indicative of their future (or at least I am a very poor judge of character) and her personality makes up for almost every perceivable fault she has of which so far there aren't many. Although I understand I am in limerence at the moment. I am not exaggerating when I say I've never met any person like her before. Plus I find her physically attractive which is nice, I don't find many people actually attractive, I see pretty people but not attractive people.

>> No.10036759

Kill the crush, keep the friendship. It's not that hard

>How you can't kill a crush and I'm obsessive
Yes you can. With lots of routine physiological self-conditioning it can eventually be done. It's not easy and it takes time and a buttload of abstract but empirically-proven-to-work exercises, which is why everyone will tell you it's impossible.

From the sounds of it, she doesn't need a boyfriend. She needs someone that will help care for her before she can think about taking on a role like that. They're not strictly separate, but there's obvious implications and issues otherwise.

>> No.10036777

Good for you. Come on anon, you can find your dream gf

>> No.10036781

I'll be honest. I just wanted people to tell me, "Fuck your friends, follow your dreams, she will love you." And then give me anecdotes of their LDRs.

>> No.10036785

It's like you live in a fantasy. Do you go to Narnia when you open your closet?

>> No.10036789

I like the feeling of having a crush. It's been so long. I don't want to get rid of it. Having my heartbeat faster when I get a message from her, smiling like an idiot when we're going back and forth, getting all flustered thinking about her during the day.

It's been a long time and I love it.

>> No.10036819

are you really so brainwashed that you think the concept of nonbinary identity is a historically backed idea? do you think femme just means feminine people instead of being a lesbian identity? honestly, most of them were just male prostitutes. you'll notice that all of these cultures have HEAVY gender roles and never let women identify into male cultural roles. they just let men participate in traditionally female roles and let other men fuck them.

>> No.10036870
File: 118 KB, 800x549, mikuattack.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10036921
File: 29 KB, 192x192, 16799.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>using dubious job as a way to start savings and establish credit to move out
>buy stuff for job with credit card to get credit
>get in the habit of expecting mail
>start buying more stuff
>savings not as much as I'd hoped
>having to hide job/money from family and most friends
>getting stressed from it
>want to go on holiday but that'd just be spending more money supposed to go into savings

At this rate I'll never move out.

>> No.10036923

>having to hide job/money from family
Wtf why?

>> No.10036925

Nice first world problems, you fucking faggots and non-faggots.

>> No.10036926

Family thinks I'm an unemployed student and my job is web entertainment of sorts.

>> No.10036927
File: 45 KB, 163x216, bortz_wtf1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>my job is web entertainment
I see. At least you're getting paid for that haha can't relate tbhwy sis sorry

>> No.10036928
File: 55 KB, 720x663, 1528641460363.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>web entertainment of sorts
So you're a camwhore?

>> No.10036929

>web entertainment
It's ok you can say cam girl

>> No.10036930

Yeah the pay isn't bad, roughly $1500 a month for maybe 10 hours a week? But then if I mention that I'd have to explain exactly where I'm getting the $1500 from.

>> No.10036935

Hmm... I know a few friends who got $500 for every g4p shoot they did. Made around $5k/month once.
Not sure if there's a lesbian version of that, probably not

>> No.10036939

Okay anon, I usually don't reply to these sort of posts because they're OT but you REALLY need to start looking into queer history beyond misinformation you see on Facebook and Tumblr.

Even if you're going with the "only truscum don't think nonbinary genders are legit!!" idea you have to have seen enough people's opinions to know that includes trans men as well as trans women? And a concept being around forever isn't an argument it's legit, lots of bad/incorrect ideas have been around forever and the societies that had widespread cultural acceptance of "third genders" frequently didn't have acceptance of gay and trans people who didn't want to fit into that role. The original meaning of lesbian had fuck all to do with liking "femmes" (by which I assume you're including feminine men) and frequently included very masculine women.

>> No.10036940

>wake up early to monitor snipe bids
>nothing happens
>decide to sleep in once
>lose bid
Why must bids end so early in the morning;;

>> No.10036942

If you look at the rate of stock trading throughout each day, you'll see that most stock exchange traffic occur from late afternoon to early morning, with least amount of activity in the midday.

>> No.10036943

So, uh, what stuff did you have to buy?

>> No.10036948

Dildos, socks, slutty outfits, you know~

>> No.10036951

Link me to your channel

>> No.10036955

Lewd. I was asking about the electronic devices required to film and upload.

>> No.10036956

>not already having all of that
What are you, some sort of prude?

>> No.10036957

The later replies aren't me. I mostly bought cosplays to wear and invested in a good webcam.

>> No.10036958

Nah, it was an auction for socks

>> No.10036959

What cosplays? gib link to your channel

>> No.10036960

Video game and anime. No link though.

>> No.10036961

>Video game and anime.
What ones?
>No link though.

>> No.10036962

>tfw no camgirl lolita gf

>> No.10036965
File: 211 KB, 1024x512, jerry2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Socks, stocks, what's the difference?

>> No.10036966

>not advertising at every opportunity
It's like you don't even want to make money.

>> No.10036973
File: 129 KB, 259x291, 9c9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know better than to advertise on an all female board. Can't get me a sugar momma to take me to Japan for BtSSB shopping if 20 other gulls are gonna swoop in.

>> No.10036986

I"ve been in your exact shoes before but I quit before the meeting with the boss happened. I had to come in for an unscheduled 11 hours shift after coming back from having all four of my wisdom teeth removed. It is not going to get better and I promise that you're going to be unhappy. You need to make your exit strategy. The money isn't going to be enough to pay for what the job takes away. Find something better. You have to.

>> No.10037011
File: 27 KB, 225x225, F1D3DAEC-F864-4554-9F00-9730DE61C023.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Web entertainment
>$1500 for 10 hours of work

Fucking nice. Makes me wish I was a qt grill, I make maybe 1/3 or 1/2 that as a male “web entertainer”
If you can hide it from your family, maybe try to save a few hundred dollars from each payout because unfortunately it’s not a career that lasts forever. But other than that, you do you.

>> No.10037015
File: 76 KB, 720x960, Rare_Purblind_and_Melty_01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no qt3.14 cosplay gf
That's how it goes on this bitch of an earth.

>> No.10037022
File: 158 KB, 1133x467, cant beat the cock.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can't beat the cock, not even a feminine cock.

>> No.10037024

Don't think cocks makes people non-binary. Mental problems do that.

>> No.10037028

Oof that’s awful anon, but I’m sure you’ll find yourself a qt gf someday. Sounds like she’s trying really hard to get away from the stigma, which is sad really. It’s like all those fujos that become fakebois.

>> No.10037041

>Tfw all the qt cosplay and/or lolita gfs have gfs of their own
Do straight girls no longer exist or do weeb hobbies just attract a disproportionate number of lesbians?

>> No.10037047

They exist, they just already have bfs lmao

>> No.10037059

If that were the case they'd bring up their bf in conversation rather than their gf.

>> No.10037061

Btw it really seems like weeb things attract lesbians for some reason idk why

>> No.10037067

and gay dudes, and trans things, and all sorts of mental illness.

>> No.10037072

Being gay isn’t mental

>> No.10037075

>cosplay pants split at the crotch seam slightly due to too much squatting

And I thought they were durable enough to handle it during construction

>> No.10037080
File: 720 KB, 1120x1600, dia_sees_bortz&#039;s_peepee.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know a way to fix that but I'll need pics

>> No.10037082

I'm sorry, I wasn't implying it, but people constantly say "weeb shit attracts ___" one of those things.

>> No.10037090
File: 24 KB, 542x542, 1534529240988.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>That feel when no lolita gf

Come on I even learned a ton about the hobby, where is my lolita gf we can do matching coords with?!

>> No.10037112


>> No.10037121
File: 388 KB, 983x983, 42E38690-8640-4DF7-8C2C-A9D396EC3A50.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gembros, I need your help. Did you buy or make your Houseki cosplay? If you bought it, where is it from?

I made my winter uniform, but I suck at sewing sleeves so they didn’t turn out as puffy as I wanted. I’m thinking about buying one premade, but I’m not sure about Chinese sizing because I’m tall + premade cosplay pants don’t always fit because I squat.

>> No.10037123

Your scared of driving on icey roads?

>> No.10037125

My only lolita friend keeps liking most awful coords on CoF just because they're worn by a pretty girl. I kinda wanna mock him about it because like, what the fuck is that ita shit. I also have a gut feeling that he might be a kinkster, he seems really creepy sometimes.

>> No.10037126
File: 936 KB, 800x1600, hair_fight_intermission.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I got mine from Alibaba.
>I’m tall + premade cosplay pants don’t always fit because I squat.
Same problem I had. I got a friend of mine to mod it for $50 so that I could actually button the undershirt around my chest. I can't sew for shit.
The thighhighs still keep slipping off though. Might get garters for that soon.

>> No.10037129

Your "lolita friend" is a male? of course he's going to be creepy, he's probably a sissy and likes the feel of panyhose on his legs while his petti -teehee- tickles his balls as it swishes around.

>> No.10037131

Go to the nearest reputable tire shop and get yourself some Nokian Hakkapeliittelliapetakkipiipilitakatta tires. It's like driving with cheat codes.

>> No.10037156

It's not something she needs to learn, she's already a lolita and there's no shopping service or anything involved. She just doesn't want to buy it for herself or can't afford it.

>> No.10037161
File: 139 KB, 500x392, red hat ladies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My great aunt is one of those Red Hat Society ladies, and when she found out I was into "extravagant fashion," she got really excited and asked if I would go with her to a red hat society party
I did, because she's sweet and great
Turns out the red hat society is literally lolita for old ladies
It was fun and strange, like lolita in an alternate grandma dimension
I'm honestly excited now for like 40-50 years from now when lolitas are all old ladies still being catty and show-offy and partying

>> No.10037163
File: 50 KB, 333x500, 51lPIgD6wKL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>due to restart counselling soon
>don't know how honest to be
>genuine autist and don't know social norms

I never told my last counsellor I wore lolita out of fear of her judging me, even though it's my main hobby and takes up most of my time. I can't even begin to explain 4chan to a middle-aged woman, even though it affects my mental health. It seems inappropriate and uncomfortable to talk about porn with a stranger even though it relates to my obsessive behaviours. People say you're shooting yourself in the foot if you're not 100% honest with your therapist, but isn't avoiding talking about some of this stuff just...polite? I'm so confused.

>> No.10037166

You sound like you have first hand experience with pettis and ball swishing

>> No.10037167

>but isn't avoiding talking about some of this stuff just...polite?
When you are talking to a friend or a random person, sure it can be more polite to skip some things and not to cry out on their shoulder. But you aren't doing that. You are talking to a skilled individual that. Don't skip anything as major as your favourite hobby or a place you spend a lot of time on. It's for your best. They are getting paid to listen to that shit, and yours probably wasn't the worst they encountered. Don't fear about their well-being, but about yours.

>> No.10037168
File: 77 KB, 736x624, d062f6295dddf29dc479040ea860e1f3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

W-what porn?

>> No.10037180

Like >>10037167 said, you're paying this person to listen to and help you with things your friends can't/won't. Holding things back is only going to make her job and your life harder. Just lay it all out and take comfort in knowing that at best she'll help you with your problems and at worst you give her new traumas of her own to talk about with her therapist who will then talk about it with his/her therapist and so on, thus helping to keep several dozen therapists employed.

>> No.10037190

>garters for that soon
Anon, why. There are options like sock glue, fashion tape, wearing tights under. Don't go for something that destroys the visual.

>> No.10037199
File: 3.53 MB, 2383x1864, bortz_thighs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do there even exist sock glue and fashion tape strong enough to keep my bulging quads from pushing the thighhighs down? I have the opposite problem than the one I think you think I have, sweetie.

>> No.10037201

so you lost all that weight only to still have cow tits. kek

>> No.10037203

On what planet?

>> No.10037210

The hell do you want a pic of a dude in a kilt for?

>> No.10037213

Have you tried? Sock glue is some strong shit. Alternatively, get bigger socks ya fool.

>> No.10037217
File: 213 KB, 276x730, [HorribleSubs] Houseki no Kuni - 03 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_03.41_[2018.09.22_20.52.45].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Alright gull you win this time, I'll try the glue.

>> No.10037219

To masturbate to

>> No.10037222

We all have fetishes. Lets not judge

>> No.10037224


>> No.10037233
File: 364 KB, 430x408, Screenshot_317 (2).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Last time I posted a picture there were discussions about me wearing pink floral socks and then people demanded I wore a sports thong underwear. I aint fallen for that shit again.

>> No.10037234

You know sometimes you just have to try out different kinds of anti depressants. It can take a few tries to find the right one for you.

>> No.10037244

I don't know if this fits here but I wanted to just blow steam here. I got into a minor argument with some rando on FB about lolita being a fashion "based off dressing like a child" and I just don't understand this mindset because...what fancy children do you know? I know that sweet can look really ageplay-y and childish sometimes but like. There's few lolita items that resemble children's clothing. At most, things look like porcelain dolls.

I know there's no use in getting mad over this but reeeeeeee normies.

>> No.10037247
File: 924 KB, 1280x826, 0393C8AD-F503-4217-BB8E-1A438EE95940.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I dunno how to enjoy cons anymore. All i can think is

>i can find this shitty merch online for cheaper
>i dont want to ask cosplayers for photos, its not like im gonna look at them anyways, also theyre probably busy
>these panels just talk about shit i already know
So i just paid a weekend pass to buy nothing and not enjoy anything really. I wish I had some cosplay friends or something.

>> No.10037259

Sometimes, I think some people just outgrow cons. I was starting to feel the same way but one thing that helped me have more fun was start doing panels myself or helping friends out with theirs. As for the pics, I definitely don't take as many as I used to but I also haven't kept up with a lot of the recent anime. That said, I still like to take them share them on social media. If you're not a social media kinda person, even just taking photos to share on con threads on cgl or in con FB groups may be something that could make it worth it for you? I also never buy merch at cons either but I still enjoy buying stuff in the AA.

But yeah anon, you're not alone in your feelings. I know plenty of folks who have stopped attending cons because they felt like they've outgrown them, or the cons have outgrown them.

>> No.10037265

I guess you're right. I just feel unsure because it's not even a "proper" licensed therapist so I don't know how much they're prepared for and it's not like I'm directly paying. It's some sort of university-sponsored counselling thing, not a psychiatrist.

It was like an almost self-harm sort of exposure therapy thing back when I was trying to repress my sexuality really hard 2-3 years ago. Usually can't stand stuff with opposite sex in it, went through a phase where I was depressed to the point of basically not feeling emotions, took advantage of lack of outright disgust to watch hours of straight/gayshit, cry because I feel disgusting and still will never be pure cishet, etc. Very fucked-up and unhealthy in hindsight.

>> No.10037270

You must be me.
>Go to same con every year
>Only buy one or two things from one table in the dealer hall exclusively
>Only go to 18+ panels because boobs and cursing
>Spend 90% of the weekend wandering around people-watching and smoking
>Make a couple friends for the weekend so I can convince myself it's all worth it
At this point I basically go because it's part of the routine and I REALLY like routines.

>it's not even a "proper" licensed therapist so I don't know how much they're prepared for and it's not like I'm directly paying. It's some sort of university-sponsored counselling thing, not a psychiatrist.
Oh fuck well you can forget about getting actual help then. I still think you should just let it fly and see what happens.

>> No.10037271

I think you've got it with the dolls. Dolls = children's toys, so fashion that looks like something a doll would wear = children's fashion. When I was a child, I remember receiving one of those American Girl dolls that's supposed to look like you with similar clothes and everything... wanting to have a matching outfit with your doll... that might contribute.

>> No.10037275
File: 84 KB, 245x777, bortz_ass1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>sports thong underwear
What, like a jockstrap? That stuff is comfy bro you should look into it

>> No.10037276

Sorry I ment mens bikini undies. Fruit of the Loom and Hanes make them.

>Also no. No.

>> No.10037279

The one with the rear open is the jockstrap. You're not talking about that are you? Haha let's just forget about this convo

>> No.10037281

smells like a jelly fatty up in dis bitch. 88cm is sizable but hardly cowtits, and cup size doesn't necessarily mean huge boobs.

>> No.10037282

This type of thing gets posted all the time but I'm at a loss on how to connect with people I've met at cons. I feel I'm really behind on media sites. I made a tumblr back when that was what everyone used, but then asking for people's tumblrs I would get told they only use Twitter. Then moved to Twitter and everyone is on Instagram. Made an Instagram and still can't seem to connect with anyone.
I've been going out of my way to try and chat with people and make friends but nothing seems to stick. What really sucks is my local con has been going really downhill and it's not worth it to attend just to look for people who probably won't be interested in being my friend.
I've moved from cosplaying niche things and manga-only characters/series to more popular ones and it seems to have increased the amount of people willing to talk to me but after the small talk, if I can work up the confidence to ask for their info I can't seem to stay connected with them, just dropped convos or simple f4f... I am very aware of how I speak and act at all times so if I say something weird or awkward I will just disengage, but most of the time it seems to go well until this online part. I'm a touch jealous of one of my irl friends because every time we go to a con together, she runs off to meet a million of her online friends while I don't have any to meet. My very small irl friend group is great but I wish I could make more friends, you know?
I really miss some of my online friends from the LJ days, and want something like that again. I'm in my mid-20's and still love cons and cosplaying, but it feels so hard to make friends my age, or make younger friends without coming off as a creep.

>> No.10037283

... Anon you are one weird mother fucker

>> No.10037290

Most people I know who have been going to constantly for awhile find switching it up and doing different things makes the con more enjoyable. I know a few people who actually enjoy volunteering. There's also running panels and probably other stuff you can do.

>> No.10037291

Go less frequently or something

>> No.10037293

Nah, just gay.

>> No.10037294
File: 962 KB, 500x281, 1429180179249.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've been going to cons since 02, been going to them even while I was in service and still dooo to this day. However I got where you're coming from, and theres a method you can follow that allows me to still enjoy them:

>go purely to people watch, find a comfy chair and watch the side shows go by
>Choose one or two serious panels to enjoy
>Dont take the con seriously at all
>Find the cosplayers that really deserve the attention and chat them up for a few minutes, then head on your way. Most of them dont really want their picture taken anyway
>If possible go with friends

Doing this im still able to greatly enjoy cons.

>> No.10037300

I'm a guy, anon

>> No.10037302

Yeah, I know

>> No.10037303
File: 100 KB, 644x422, C1954BFB-283A-493B-ADDB-996E3023E8D6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don’t listen to the sock glue anons. Absolutely cosplay Bort in garters

>> No.10037304
File: 15 KB, 480x447, FB_IMG_1539804194923.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My friend just got out of jail. He hasn't been to a con since MTAC 2012. Should I invite him to a con?

>> No.10037313

Thanks for the offer, but I think I'll be alright. Just did a ton of backstitches by hand cuz I don't have my machine on me.

On some real jury rigging shit

>> No.10037317

Sure, if his release conditions will allow him to do so? I don't see why not unless he has restrictions.

>> No.10037322

post pink and lavender coord anon

>> No.10037323
File: 370 KB, 790x870, bortreya.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't worry anon, I was already planning on getting the garters.
People already assume I do escort work with the thighhighs lmao.

>> No.10037326

Dont you tho?

>> No.10037327

No. I don't get paid.

>> No.10037329

People watching sounds nice, though I wish I could also converse with more people at conventions. its the only place to meet weebs in the wild and most of the time theyre all busy running around the con rather than wanting to stop and talk.

>> No.10037331
File: 155 KB, 861x1063, 9D37F88E-C5E0-41E0-858C-EDFCAC4C6759.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good idea. No sense in ripping out your leg hair with tape or glue.

Also better post some mf pics

>> No.10037333

OTT sweet gives the fashion a bad reputation.

>> No.10037334
File: 864 KB, 1500x1100, bortz_ordering_pizza.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>leg hair
I shave my legs every week hun, just FYI.
Pics will come as soon as the garters come, though with Canada Post blocking international packages from coming in I don't know how long that'd take.

>> No.10037338

How long does it take you to shave your legs?

>> No.10037340

Do you shave that often for cosplay or personal preference? Either way props to you, that shit takes forever.
Hope Canada post gets their shit together, that entire situation sounds awful.

>> No.10037341
File: 634 KB, 768x1024, bortz_dia_sleep1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I use shaving powder, takes around 20-30 mins after showering to destroy all hair on my lower body. For upper body I just use a buzzer.
>for cosplay or personal preference?
Both. Not a big fan of body hair (on myself) tbqhwy.
>that entire situation sounds awful.
No kidding. I have things still in-transit from a month ago. Honestly don't know what's gonna happen with them.

>> No.10037350
File: 633 KB, 810x516, Screenshot_315 (2).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Stop, wait a minute. (Ow!)

For real though, most weebs are degenerate scum and arent worth your time. This is why you people watch, its very easy to pick up on who wants to talk or who else is looking for someone to talk to. You find most of these people at other booths or panels, and usually just striking up conversation about the subject, or their cosplay, can instantly energize a conversation. Even with my size and outward appearance I have been able to make friends and conversation with people who's foreheads barely reach my ribcage. Theres an odd science to it.

>> No.10037378

we 4channel now I guess

>> No.10037387
File: 85 KB, 575x640, 6DE76EFB-7355-40B3-A147-58A502E26907.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Mfw I realize I’ve neen cosplaying Houseki for ~3 months and haven’t shaved my legs once
I don’t usually bother because it takes 45 minutes and I slice the fuck out of my ankles + the area behind my knees. But I just do it so I can be a smooth, pretty gem.

>> No.10037389

>I need to just do it

>> No.10037404

>shaving legs takes 45 minutes
How? Unless you're using an extremely dull, worn out razor (in that case just buy a better one for a few dollars), it shouldn't take more than five minutes or so to shave.

>> No.10037405

not that anon but you must be joking

even with fresh, brand new razor blades it takes at least a quarter of an hour to get all the hair on just my face, and legs have so much more surface area to cover than that

>> No.10037407

I only shave my ankles to strap them for sport and that takes well over five minutes per ankle.

>> No.10037408

Next time something like that happens, just show them pictures of gothic or classic coords. I get why people would view sweet as childish (if they think that "themes children like" = "dressing like a child"), but I don't see how anyone could think VM or Moitie look anything like children's clothes.

>> No.10037416

>tfw no bf
>recently started panicking about wanting to get married ASAP
>past 3 books have all featured marriage proposals as major plot devices (it's classic /lit/ not chickfiction though, just disclaimer)
>think how nice it would be if people you date just propose marriage up front instead of needing this multi-year dating waste of time
>even if I had a bf he may actually waste years of my life and then duck out of marrying me, leaving me an old expired cake and still single
What's the point? My god fuck modern life. tfw no up-front no-fuss proposal with an easy yes/no. tfw no bf. tfw no husband. tfw hate dating, just want cuddles and someone to split rent with. tfw no boyfriend to suck my milkers.

>> No.10037417


Sorta glad to hear I'm not the only one in the situation.

I'm not purely there for the money. The money is actually pretty bad which is why I was counting on that review and a raise. I got paid more when I worked in retail. But, it's a job that involves my first degree, so I thought it would be a good place to be. It's not soul-crushing work. It's just soul-crushing management. In fact, on Friday before any of this happened, I thought I was finally doing really well.

I wanted to at least be there for 6 months because that's the magic number for not looking like you quit too soon/didn't try hard enough. But boy, do they make it hard. I actually think I might get fired in December, and not because I'm not doing my job... but because he's so fixated on one thing that he doesn't think I'm excelling in. He ignores all my other strengths. Note that he said during our meeting, "I don't tell new employees that I expect *thing,* I just wait to see if they'll do it on their own." Which just sounds like something an abusive boyfriend would say, honestly.

I have no idea if I should call another meeting on Monday because I'm so confused now. I'm defeated and lost.

>> No.10037420

Blame the invention of no fault divorce. People are much more cautious about marriage when the other party can at any time just up and leave and fuck them over. Which combined with some other social factors has created hook-up and casual dating culture.

I'll confess my love to you if you're cute and live nearby.

>> No.10037421

>wanting to get married before determining your compatibility
Why would anyone do this?

>> No.10037422

You should quit. Any job I've ever cried over out of stress has ended poorly. Either I got fired and had the walk of shame being escorted out (like I'm gonna chimp out and smash the computers? really brah?) or I quit with no notice and walked out from sheer spite.
Actually I hate my current job almost that much now... God, life sucks. tfw no sugar daddy bf so I don't have to work. Thanks feminists, I really love this whole "everyone works everyone suffers" career girl thing. tfw not cooking tasty things in a /comfy/ kitchen right now for a loving husband. tfw no husband. tfw no money. tfw hate job.
I'm actually really pissed that I work and half my paycheck goes to rent. I'm about to opt out of my lease and room up with someone for an easy $500+ a month savings from my current situation. But I need to find a sucker to take over my lease first. And then I'll have money but also roommates.

>> No.10037423

Do you think he's still into going anymore? Now that he's an ex-con?

>> No.10037424

Speaking of, I had a job do that to me, extend the "review" (whatever you like to call it) period again and again. In the end they kept on the girl who had my position and was going to leave, who was being paid far less than I was for essentially the same exact job. I saw through their shit. I had already been looking but with zero effort so I ended up on the unemployment savings-killer again...
Companies are lying shitbags man. I got a new job making even more so their loss, fuckstains. Anyway if a place promises something and it's not in writing, and they don't deliver on time, assume they're going to wriggle out of it and try to screw you over.
>something you enjoy
Just doing anything for 8 hours a day pisses me off anon, and especially fucking commuting. Prostitution would be nice since I do enjoy some good cock, but that's illegal because moralfaggots.

>> No.10037425

Honestly anon I wouldn’t rush into anything. I know so many people who are divorced these days and a lot of it are folks who married their partners without really knowing the full picture or without being ready to fully commit. I think ultimately you just need to find someone who is on the same page as you, but to be honest the kind of men on dating sites who have intentions to marry often end up being the kind of men who are a bit crazy and controlling.

>> No.10037426

Feminists didn’t take that away from you honey, you’re just too ugly or too old to score a sugar daddy. It’s not terribly hard.

>> No.10037427

Did they tell you they would give you a review and possible raise after ninety days? I avoid ones like that. I think it's sketchy as fuck
I would not worry about the six months thing. They sound like bullshit and not being somewhere for six months isn't a kiss of death when there are so many predatory places like this.

>> No.10037428

>I do enjoy some good cock
Would you really expect the cock you get from prostitution to be good?

>> No.10037429

>living in a place with illegal prostitution
what kind of a third world shithole is this

>> No.10037430

My best friend wants to have sex with me. I thought we were both straight

>> No.10037431

You can tell things within a few dates, anon, it shouldn't take literally years to figure out whether or not you like someone.
>tfw no romantic qt boy to confess his love to me
And fuck the whole of it, but really it's an international issue so I don't think national court decisions are the sole factor here. tfw no husband. tfw cold and no qt bf to be a living heater for my benefit.

>> No.10037432

Try it. You might like it.

>> No.10037433

Like the other anon said, you can blame Reagan. I also want to get married but I've already determined that I'm not compatible with anyone so having a roommate I can cuddle is more than enough for me. Promise not to steal my shit and I'd wife you right up.

>Why would anyone do this?
See above.

>> No.10037434

Sure, but there's a difference between liking someone and wanting to spend the rest of your life with them.

>> No.10037435

That's what I'm afraid of

>> No.10037436

I have a sugar daddy. Oooh back in your face, my pussy sells for top dollar. But I only have one arrangement and it's a once a month ppm... not paying the rent. Those fistfulls of hundreds are pretty nice though. If I had five more sugar daddies I'd be set.

>> No.10037437

the worst people are really good at hiding their true selves until they're in position to destroy you

>> No.10037438

How does this differ from prostitution?

>> No.10037439

>Promise not to steal my shit
I'm a minimalist so I don't want your shit. Take some of mine. I may temporarily borrow any frilly dresses you have, though.
>I'm not compatible with anyone

>> No.10037440

It can happen, anon. I gave my wife a straightforward agreement on the first date. "Here is what I'm looking for in a wife.
1) Healthy
2) Rational
3) Loyal
That's it. If you prove you are these things, I will marry you on the spot. The purpose of dating is to see if I satisfy you, and if I can trust you and if these things hold true. Nothing else you say or do matters- I will not leave you."
We were engaged 4 months later. We'll have been together 5 years in January.

The thing is few people in our generation ever actually "determine" compatibility. At least not on their first marriage. My 40yo cousins remarried and did basically what I did with their husbands. In order to determine compatibility you need to know what actually matters to you. What is your bottom line at which you'd rather be alone? If you know your bottom line, a practical negotiation is easy, and so is commitment.

>> No.10037441

Part if the reason I've never made it to a relationship is because I don't have the patience for the pussyfooting and uncertainty befoore you're actually in onr

>> No.10037442

>when two autists collide

>> No.10037443

Enjoy your 3rd, 4th, and 5th marriage, my perfectly normal friendo :^)

>> No.10037444

I'm never going to get married. Marriage is for suckas

>> No.10037445

The cops don't know about it.
People grow together and mold each other pretty significantly. People used to work out their relationship problems, not hire the divorce lawyer the instant they get hurt feefees... As long as you discuss the major important shit and seem to like each other's company it ought to work out just fine. These date for five years and still aren't married deals though, fuck that. men don't think twice about wasting a woman's best years of her life and then just jumping ship to go shag sluts another 5-10 years. I don't want that shit, dating should take 1 year at very most and then yes/no on it for god's sake. At very, very most. Modern dating is total cancer. It's such a big hassle to find anyone interested in relationships and not a quick fuck to get their dick wet, and from there that 1/1000 turns to 1/100000000 for a guy who actually wants to commit. Nigga if you like it put a ring on it.
So I'm reading all these old books and essentially their parents hook them up with someone appropriate, man, it's so /comfy/ not having to worry about being single forever. I just want a husband now, not dating a bunch of guys on a maybe-in-a-few-years-maybe-never deal.

>> No.10037446

>Any frilly dresses
Funny you should mention that as I'm a minimalist with clothing. I have a bunch of fancy stuff and multiple cars but like a week and a half's worth of clothes. I'd be happy to buy you frilly shit, though.
So when's the wedding?

>> No.10037447

>Modern dating is total cancer. It's such a big hassle to find anyone interested in relationships and not a quick fuck to get their dick wet
That part I'll agree with.

>> No.10037448

>complaining they can't find a guy to commit

Have you tried dating girls recently? Even the girls who say they want a boyfriend don't want a boyfriend, they want an accessory, a symbolic status boyfriend so they can say they have a boyfriend to their friends and get asspats on social media because "relationship goals" and shit that like has made them retarded.

>> No.10037449

>They want an accessory
They want an ATM, dude.

>> No.10037451

not all girls

some girls want a replacement affection machine because daddy never loved them

>> No.10037452

Had this really weird, almost scary dream

>There is this game lolita plays
>It's almost like a bet but with other details included that I don't remember
>Loser needs to loose something from their body
>That means you have to shave off your hair, cut off a bit of your body or...whatever else the winner might want you to get rid of
>Ends up in one of those bets
>Lose because I saw that a fairly disliked girl on my comm dressed my mom up in a horrible ita mess and she got posted in several ita threads
>This made me so angry I lost the bet somehow
>Had to cut off a part of my finger
>Was both in pain and incredibly insecure over my left hand the rest of the dream
>Had to check both my hands when I woke up

I 100% believed this game was a thing even after a few minutes after I woke up because how the "game" was laid out made it kind of plausible in the lolita community, somehow

>> No.10037453

>Modern dating is total cancer.
>I just want a husband now, not dating a bunch of guys on a maybe-in-a-few-years-maybe-never deal.

Fuck. I'm a guy and I know that feel. I'm not even sure why I know that feel but I do. Maybe just watching my own buddies suck at relationships and fuck things up with women with more sense than them.

And its a totally different feel from the soul shattering despair of putting on a completely fake face that you know isn't going to matter after a month of dating but if you don't do it it sets off "red flags" and you get ghosted because you didn't carry out the ritual deception properly.

>> No.10037461


Oh you can bet that whenever I quit, I won't give them any notice. They don't deserve that courtesy after all this. I would love to pull the rug out from under them just like they've done to me.

I'm not really career oriented either. I'm not competitive. Even though, I practically worked myself to death in school because I was a straight-A student. I don't really want a career. I would feel fulfilled by just having a family and caring for them. But yeah. Apparently women need to "do it all" now and be "independent."


I'm seeing the bigger picture more and more, and I think the boss is just not a good guy. It really sucks that it has to be this way. I wish people were just... fair...?

Yes - at 90 days they said I would get a review and they told me that normally also comes with a raise. It would make sense, because I'll soon be training new employees in my "department." Which in itself is insane, and should be done by a senior member, but because they had so many people quit, I'm the only one left in my little section, and they are now counting on me. So just that makes me feel like I already deserve a raise.

It is sketchy as hell now, like you said. My gut knows I don't belong at this place anymore. But job-searching sucks the life out of me. So yes, I'm part of the problem. But hell. It just sucks.

>> No.10037465

Nothing wrong with being gay, anon.

The silhouette is very similar to Victorian childrens' clothes so even in classic there's no getting away from it unless it's a dress with toned-down poof. The 50s were basically the only era where petticoats were in fashion and adult women wore skirts around the knee, before the 20th century anything shorter than ankle-length was for children.

>> No.10037471

>These date for five years and still aren't married deals though, fuck that. men don't think twice about wasting a woman's best years of her life and then just jumping ship to go shag sluts another 5-10 years. I don't want that shit, dating should take 1 year at very most and then yes/no on it for god's sake. At very, very most.
Wait, why does it matter?
>Don't get married
>Guy leaves after ten years to fuck sluts
>Get married
>Guy divorces after ten years to fuck sluts
Are you just looking for the divorce payout?
I'm not entirely convinced the thread isn't full of roleplayers

>> No.10037474

He won't get a divorce because that would fuck him over financially; he'll just cheat.

>> No.10037475

If you can prove in court that you were in a relationship for x amount of time and lived together, even without marriage you can claim each other's assets.

>> No.10037477

>It really sucks that it has to be this way. I wish people were just... fair...?
As an entrepreneur and business owner, it makes me cringe to hear stories like that. Its well established in business science that happy workers are productive workers, and the job of HR should be to retain quality workers with a budget designated for pay raises and time off. This is well known, yet even major corporations are treating HR's job as "protect the company from employee lawsuits by burdening them with tedious legal seminars".

Its stepping over dollars to pick up pennies. And it really does hurt to look at.

For what its worth, one of the reasons you hear so many stories like that is because shitty jobs have high employee turnover, meaning lots of people have that experience. But good jobs retain competent employees for a lifetime, so you don't hear about it.

>> No.10037485

Man, I just really love Lolita.

>> No.10037487


>> No.10037491

I really love the sweet lolita aesthetic.
I can’t explain the good feeling I get when I stare at my wardrobe and get to pick out what I’m going to wear for the day.

>> No.10037495

All this >>10031429 and more.

>> No.10037506

As someone who wants to be in a management position one day, this hurts me too. The whole time I've been at this place, I've never really been supported, rewarded, or told I'm valued. I'm not looking for anything big, but most companies understand that a simple, verbal, "You did a good job on this. Keep it up," really increases morale and it doesn't cost a thing.

There's pretty much no sense of emotional well-being here. I don't think my boss even knows that's something that needs to be included in order to retain employees. The only people who remain are those who have been at the company for 3+ years. Everyone a year or less has quit. I am one of two new hires left. I don't know how my boss thinks he can sustain and grow his company this way.

>> No.10037520

Such a good thread, bless.

>> No.10037542
File: 109 KB, 679x679, 9AC59B39-C527-4DD8-8ADE-4AA8DE4F857C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My gf broke up with me. I thought she was the one but apparently not. I have no idea how to meet new people anywhere though, I just got lucky with my ex.

If you’d like to talk with a slightly depressed but always tries his hardest bf, my discord is PixyPulse#8655

>> No.10037556

I’d like to, but I can’t find you. Please, feel free to add me sweetgullroom#2807

>> No.10037575

>tfw no feels thread con meetup

>> No.10037663

>when I get back, discover she's now calling herself non-binary and is dating a femboy
so, she went from "normal" to retarted

>> No.10037672


>> No.10037702

Just close your eyes lmao

>> No.10037724
File: 114 KB, 440x259, 1541691660877.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have a virtual Dartmouth interview in 15 minutes ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm so nervous. Help me mana.

>> No.10037730

hate selling to ppl on lm with 0 feedback
i mean if it doesn’t go through i can relist, but still it puts me at ease

>> No.10037733

knew i pressed submit too fast

>> No.10037734

That'd be fun. Boys only tho

>> No.10037741

>not throwing her like a woodlog and cry FREEDOM as response

>> No.10037745

>Tfw caber-tossing fujos is probably illegal

>> No.10037760

>cuz nonbinary genders have been around forever
yeah, but they usually refer to things, and not people

what William Wallace did was also illegal
but it didn't stop him

>> No.10037774

These threads are boys only anyway.

>> No.10037779

I would have so much fun trying to guess who posted what.

>> No.10037781
File: 912 KB, 891x1023, [HorribleSubs] Houseki no Kuni - 04 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_08.15_[2018.09.22_21.18.32].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How I wish that were true, gull.

>> No.10037801

That was extremely wholesome.

>> No.10037802
File: 132 KB, 334x296, 1524269978459.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

does this count as cgl feels if we're both weebs and he helped me cosplay? i just need to vent somewhere anonymous with maybe some insight, leddit is not the place for that and i feel stupid about this morning

>wake up this morning, bf usually wakes up earlier than me (like 9.5/10 times)
>stomach pains while in bed still waking up, run to the bathroom after a particularly bad one
>still hurting, ask bf to come in bathroom with me
>he does, sits with me holding my hand til i'm done
>use babywipe, clean everything, only use a line of tissues to clean any excess or wetness from babywipe
>flush (with only a few tissues in the toilet, mind you)
>toilet clogs
>"can you unclog it, bf?" while giggling because i'm still embarrassed sometimes and don't know how to unclog toilet (he does not know this)
>"no, you can do it, you clogged it"
>me processing error 404

and because i asked 2-3 more times for him to unclog it before he finally did (and it took him maybe 30 seconds to unclog it and back to normal) he's upset i wouldn't unclog the toilet

i have never clogged his toilet in our year of dating, i ask him to unclog it one time when my stomach was hurting and it was early in the morning, and he said "it's a common courtesy thing, you clogged it, you unclog it"

>mfw this isn't common courtesy, you're dating me (for a year now) and this AIN'T NO FUCKIN' COMMON COURTESY

he then finds out i don't know how to unclog one, and tries to be nice about it but i'm still butthurt that he wouldn't even fucking unclog a goddamn toilet that takes him 2 SECONDS to unclog, when i was in pain and barely awake, and he had already been awake for like an hour. he knew i had to leave early because it's my dad's birthday today, so i left upset and we haven't texted yet. am i being entitled/stupid?

>> No.10037805

>asks someone to witness you drop a deuce
What the fuck

>> No.10037812

You're disgusting and should have been broken up with on the spot.

>> No.10037813

when you're having serious stomach problems and curling over yourself on the toilet in pain, yeah i think it's okay for my bf to at least be near me.

we've both had to help each other vomiting and the likes, i think being in the bathroom together while someone is peeing/pooping isn't the weirdest thing ever, anon.

>> No.10037814
File: 7 KB, 244x256, 1524348875929.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

signs of someone who has never been in a relationship: this response

>> No.10037816

I have. You're never going to get married.

>> No.10037817
File: 2.42 MB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Houseki no Kuni - 02 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_14.53_[2018.07.15_00.41.35].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bitch you don't need your bf with you, you need a doctor.
>i think being in the bathroom together while someone is peeing/pooping isn't the weirdest thing ever
Never said it is. I've showered while my bf takes a crap on the toilet right beside me before. The problem is him being in the bathroom with you SPECIFICALLY to watch you poop. What the fuck.

>> No.10037818
File: 46 KB, 492x492, 1538421851767.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

who said he was watching me? he was on his phone playing a game the entire time, he wasn't staring into my asshole waiting for shit to come out.

>> No.10037821

My point was that he goes into the bathroom to not use it other than to be right beside you while you poop.
You need to see a doctor, both medical and psychological.

>> No.10037826
File: 141 KB, 999x562, 1540416749082.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i don't see how me being scared because i was in pain is wrong to ask my boyfriend to come in the bathroom because i was worried for myself? he didn't wipe me, he didn't check my shit, he wasn't staring at me, how the fuck am i delusional for wanting comfort for a few minutes max? especially when something like the toilet clogging happens, and i don't know how the fuck to unclog it?

>> No.10037828
File: 242 KB, 449x557, [HorribleSubs] Houseki no Kuni - 10 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_04.21_[2018.06.16_22.23.20].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>i don't see how me being scared because my tummy hurts
How old are you? Seriously, do you think this is endearing or something.
Why are straightoids so disgusting? Never reply to me ever again, diaper girl.

>> No.10037829

>and i don't know how the fuck to unclog it
This is the thing that gets me. How have you made it this far in life having never learned to use a plunger?

>> No.10037832

would you like an extensive background of medical history, my social and credit card info, anon? it's not supposed to be endearing, it's asking for help when i needed it you braindead ape

because i don't use 30 pieces of toilet paper and don't take massive shits, i've never needed to unclog anything.

>> No.10037835

>it's asking for help when i needed it
From a doctor, not from your bf who didn't need to smell your disgusting shit and could probably do much better than a trainwreck like you.
Didn't I tell you not to reply to me anymore? Fuck off.

>> No.10037838

maybe this is the first thing that has happened for me to realize i need a fucking doctor, you insensitive autist. i'm glad this one scenario proves you have my entire relationship and my personal workings figured out, you are 200 IQ i'm sorry i ever messed with you anon, don't come to my house with a katana and kill me in the name of the gays

>> No.10037843

>i'm sorry
Yeah you should be poop girl. Now go see a doctor for your IBS before you die of dysentery

>> No.10037844

I'm going to ignore the weirdness of asking someone to accompany you while you poop and address the issue you raised: if you clog it, you unclog it. It's really simple and is definitely common courtesy. Not knowing how to is fine, but you should've just said so and let him teach you. You do come across as a bit of a spoiled brat here.

>> No.10037847

>i've never needed to unclog anything
Next question: Do you have a learning disability? How can you look at a plunger and a toilet and not put two and two together? Nobody ever taught me how to unclog a toilet, either, I learned from fucking cartoons and dealing with garbage toilets in ancient houses.
If nothing else you could've just asked your BF to teach you since you've already thrown your pride and dignity completely out the window and then at least you'd come out of this ordeal as a slightly better human being.

>> No.10037853

thanks for the first genuine reply, anon.

apparently it's super weird to cgl to have someone you trust come in the bathroom when you're in pain on the toilet, but that's besides the point, and ignores the entire reason i posted in the first place.

it was already too late to say anything to begin with (about me not knowing how) so i felt like i couldn't because it's embarrassing that i've never done it before. i texted him apologizing, but maybe this is also stemming from other things about him that have been irritating me and i was just quick to get upset about this half-awake.

>> No.10037857

i'm sure your lizard spouses enjoy your shitty attitude of someone asking for insight and help, not spitting acid as your first response

>> No.10037859

Alright smelly poop girl don't get your diapers in a knot.

>> No.10037864

Joke's on you, I live alone. When I'm taking a particularly painful shit I deal with it myself like an adult.

>> No.10037867
File: 123 KB, 680x887, 1527045453754.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

at this point it's cathartic to argue with incels like you two on this board after i've already realized the error of my thought process and am handling the situation, but continue, you guys are the type to need the last word

>> No.10037869

Ironically, this means nobody ever taught you how to plunge a toilet- because it actually is counter-intuitive. You don't push air down the chute with the plunger. What you want to do is create a vacuum seal and give a sharp tug.

You stand there pushing the plunger shaft up and down, and all you're doing is splattering shit water.

This is a sincere and wise response anon.

This is a flamer. I'd say troll, but they're so full of shit they clearly believe in their own.

It is a little unusual to seek emotional comfort for a bowel movement, but its not a big deal either. You don't need a doctor. You should be aware- by communicating- whether your boyfriend resents your needy behavior. If he does and you care about him staying, resolve to be a little more independent. But don't assume he resents it either. People like to feel needed too.

>> No.10037878

>anon asks bf to hold her hand while giving birth to a shit-baby
>then wants him to clean the afterbirth
family that's just not right.
Also read "unbearable lightness of being" and there's a character who sexually fantasizes about her lover watching her take a shit and then fucking her.
>especially when something like the toilet clogging happens, and i don't know how the fuck to unclog it?
Somewhat plausible because ti's the man's job to fix shit (maybe literally shit), but still, anon, I unclog my own toilet. Don't even have a plunger. We have google now, it's fantastic. Five minutes on youtube and you will be a shit-clog expert. My toilet clogs like every fucking week because budget piping.

>> No.10037880
File: 309 KB, 1111x597, golden_smile.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>but they're so full of shit they clearly believe in their own.
What? Honey... leave the witty remarks to us, you're clearly not cut out for it.

>> No.10037885

Ever consider the reason you're so thirsty might be all that salt? :^)

>> No.10037888
File: 71 KB, 738x638, 0C4E0D64-07A3-4A12-A4B8-C122D9ED0DCB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey guys, what’s going on in this thr-

Oh my god

>> No.10037906

trips of truth thread literally shitposting
auto sage RIP
tfw no bf

>> No.10037918

>apparently it's super weird to cgl to have someone you trust come in the bathroom when you're in pain on the toilet
If you're not a toddler, yes it is weird.

>> No.10037922

This is why we need feminism. Not even memeing, you should be more independent when it comes to minor things like this.
>literally needing your hand held because muh shit pains

>> No.10037925

i agree, i'm becoming the thing i hate, i'm seeing a therapist, the responses can fuck off now, cgl is a shit board, pun intended

>> No.10037928

You made it shit, sweetie.

>> No.10037933
File: 30 KB, 720x584, 43091916_1983531548334592_6062630922837032960_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

aaaaaaand case and point, sweaty.

>> No.10037934

Just following your pun, hun.
Also it's case in* point, FYI.

>> No.10037940

that's not following a pun, that's being a degenerate who is still instigating when the discussion is already over.

like i said, i knew you were the type to need the last word, insufferable cunt.

>> No.10037942

>still instigating
But you're the one who brought it up again in the first place???
oml I'm so confused like srs

>> No.10037945

i was responding to a complete different person and you went out of your way to respond to me again, that's instigating.

i was trying to give benefit of the doubt to being a troll, but goddamn you're just actually retarded and an insufferable cunt and you should highly consider killing yourself. at least i've admitted to seeking out help, you're pathetic

>> No.10037949

Don't be upset just because you got called out on your hypocrisy hun. Maybe you should get your bf to hold your hand while posting on /cgl/ next time too lmao

>> No.10037951

lmao you're so epic dude

>> No.10037954
File: 77 KB, 740x400, Boarding-School-Juliet-Header-001-20180525.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>learned how to take care of self, cut hair in flattering cut, skincare, etc thanks to /cgl/
>look in mirror
>god damn I'm cute
I'm literally so cute, how do I contain this smug?

>> No.10037956

I honestly can't tell if this is a bait post or not, but sometimes my bf clogs the toilet and I unclog it and vice versa especially when one of us has to leave soon or is in pain.

He has a weird plunger that I didn't know how to use when I first moved in, but he taught me how to use it. Even though he's faster at unclogging I still do it myself most of the time.

He's also held my hand a few times when I had pee/poop issues (mainly during illness/UTI) but he knows I'd do it for him as well. His immune system is 100x stronger than mine though

>> No.10037958

Why contain it? You're a self-sufficient adult which means you're doing better than 90% of the people on this god-forsaken board. The fact that you manage to be adorable while doing it is icing on the cake.

>> No.10037959

>He has a weird plunger
Elaborate. I'm curious how weird a plunger can get.

>> No.10037963

>You don't push air down the chute with the plunger. What you want to do is create a vacuum seal and give a sharp tug
Weird, my self-taught method is the opposite of this. The best way I've found is to force all the air out of the plunger and fill it with the excess water in the bowl, then give it a sharp thrust to force that water down the pipes, usually taking the obstruction with it. Works the first time every time.

>> No.10037971

no it wasn't a bait post unfortunately (anon who posted it) but i should've worded it a little more intelligently, i was just in the heat of the moment

i've already moved on from it and have been talking to my boyfriend, but i do appreciate your response because someone actually understands it isn't weird to have your SO comfort you in a time of pain, because I would do the exact thing for him too, like you said.

i've been wracking myself about all these shitty responses thinking i'm actually weird for asking for my bf to come to the bathroom, but i know it's not and it's perfectly normal to ask for help when you're worried or scared about yourself.

i'm going to have him show me how he uses his on his toilet so we can both do it for times when we need help, like the examples you gave.

>> No.10037974

>it isn't weird to have your SO comfort you in a time of pain,
>it's perfectly normal to ask for help when you're worried or scared about yourself.
Jesus christ, you're taking a shit, not giving birth. It's not that serious. Even as I child I could take painful elephant sized shits without anyone's help.

>> No.10037981
File: 112 KB, 456x550, plunger.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's not exactly weird I just never saw a plunger like it before. I was used to plungers that look like the one on the right.

I'm glad I could help! None of these anons realize you should take care of your SO when they're sick or need help, and that includes when they're doubled over in pain while on the shitter.

Stomach pains =/= butthole pains

>> No.10037986

>Works the first time every time.
By good fortune then. But what you describe is how I used to do it myself, and it doesn't suffice for more obstinate clogs.

>at least i've admitted to seeking out help
You're not seriously going to throw money at a therapist over this are you? Please don't. Save it for your wardrobe.

>it isn't weird to have your SO comfort you in a time of pain, because I would do the exact thing for him
Couples have varying levels of codependency and its fine if your *mutually* preferred level of codependency is very high. Just be sure to communicate with him that this is something he actually wants and isn't just something he's putting up with. If you're both on the same page, there will be no problems.

If you're not on the same page, you both need to decide what is important to you. But this isn't something to panic about and threaten to leave over. Its just if you want 99% levels of codependence and he wants 80%, you just need to work it out between you.
1) Do you split the difference at 90% codependence?
2) Do you become more independent because he's worth it in other ways?
3) Does he accept your dependence because you're worth it in other ways?

Reciprocity looks fair but often isn't. Its like him saying "why won't she shave my beard for me? I'd shave her beard if she ever needed me too". If the thing offered in return is only of value to one party, its only superficially reciprocating. But that doesn't mean you can't desire comfort either. It just means you need to contribute enough value to the relationship to be worth it. And if you can't/don't, consider lowering your demands.

In reality, its not like you have a relationship checkbook to balance though. So mostly its just a matter of communicating your feelings and being sensitive to his when he replies.

Good luck anon!

>> No.10037988

We actually have one of those in our bathroom at work. Never thought anybody would buy one for home use because they're kinda shit, no pun intended.

>> No.10037991

The one on the left or the one on the right?

>> No.10037993

Left, the molded plastic accordion abomination.
You mentioned being used to the right example so I assumed your BF has the left one. Am I wrong?

>> No.10037997

>Stomach pains =/= butthole pains
Neither of those are that serious if you're just shitting and neither require someone else's help. Once again, even literal children can manage it.

>> No.10037999

He does, I didn't know it was worse. Will let him know

So you would ignore your SO if they had stomach pains, shitting or not?

>> No.10038003

I wouldn't ignore them, but also wouldn't hold their hand like a baby. I'd fix them tea or anything else hot to drink, that usually works for me.

>> No.10038004

>Will let him know
It's just, like, my opinion man. No need to make him waste money on a new plunger. If it works it works, I'm just not a fan.

Also to chime in on this whole painful shit thing, I don't think anybody here outright believes that your BF/GF being in pain is some mundane event that can be ignored. The way I see it is most people don't want to be right next to you while you're shitting, myself included. Likewise I wouldn't want anybody in the bathroom with me while I'm taking a particularly painful shit. It's only emotional support anyway so I think it's perfectly adequate to both give and receive said support through a closed door. It doesn't take two people to take a shit.

>> No.10038025
File: 708 KB, 1920x1323, just_fuck_my_shit_up.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be depressed shy kid
>get /fit/ and start taking care of myself after entering uni
>put myself out into the world
>not shy anymore, feeling confident
>sucked more dicks than I'd like to admit
>loved it, but want to move up leagues
>develop an eating disorder in order to even look better (according to the warped standards of grindr "dating")
>start failing classes
>start exhibiting BPD and sociopathic tendencies
>all this culminates in me collapsing on the train and bystanders have to call the ambulance on me
Hard lesson learned desu

>> No.10038034

And people say homosexuality isn't a mental illness.
Jokes aside I hope you're doing ok.

>> No.10038041

>collapsing on the train
I'll probably be there eventually since I skip meals often. I was a bit of an ugly duckling, bad haircut, uncared for, neglected, dressed in rags. Now I look like a freaking cheerleader or something, it's so amazing. this was under there the whole time. Feels bad that I didn't /make it/ in time for college to get that Mrs. degree.
I'm so cute, I should be a model or something. Shame this didn't happen 5-10 years ago...thanks neglectful abusive poorfag parents... Also had depression really hard as a teen/early 20s so I know that feel, it's like years of my life were consumed in this black pit. I have few memories of the time and essentially did nothing but stagnate in poverty and isolation.
but now I'm cute as fuck and will wear all of the nanchatte and look like some boarding school princess like my chinese cartoons. Same haircut and eyecolor/complexion and everything.
I still want to get a few very minor cosmetic fixes though. Gotta be as close to perfection as my lazy self can attain.
Got some permanent health issues from the depression period though, nothing visible but... feels bad man. that shit fucks you up. i couldn't even manage basic healthcare and hygiene/grooming during that black period.

>> No.10038044
File: 20 KB, 237x262, bortz_power.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't worry sweetie, I've been called much worse.
I'm fine now; currently doing a PhD at a pretty reputable institute and plenty of friends. Getting a bf and having a concrete set of goals helped a lot back in uni.
Sorry to hear that anon. Hope everything goes as planned for you and you become the most kawaii mf there ever was

>> No.10038115

This is the purest post on this site. Also, I want to visit the alternate grandma dimension.

>> No.10038119

You're paying this person to asist you with your problems. It's like going into the doctor for a failing liver but pretending that you don't drink. Chances are that this person knows or will know of your obsessive behaviors and ... you're definitely not the first """odd case""" they've seen. People are literally out here eating drywall, their own pee, and gravel. Liking 2D tiddies & other degenerate categories is not the worst you could do. And if they do judge you, move to a therapist who is actually willing to listen to you.

>> No.10038124

I never understood that arguement when DDLG exists and yet no one points a finger at that. You're not wearing diapers and sucking on binkies, you're accentuating your features (cutesy or otherwise) like an adult woman. It's just shows how glaring their ignorance is. I should mention that I know this despite not being a lolita btw.

>> No.10038127

Try visiting Arist's Alley.
>You can't get this shit online, but it's cheaper in person
>It's unique merchandise that you won't find anywhere but by this seller
>These shops have short availability windows that make the con visit worthwhile
>You're supporting local artists

Alternatively, doing all the things you find mundane alone will be more exciting with friends or at least people you can talk about it with. I've heard of /cgl/ con meetups in the past, but I can't say I recommend them or not as I've never been to one.

>> No.10038130

This >>10037259. I was losing that love of cons until my spark was reignited by chasing my long-term dream of cosplaying. It was a simple store-bought w/ personalized wig and accessories, but it light a fire in my heart and now I'm going from scratch on my next costume. Fuck, I've never even used a machine before and now I'm making a bodice from scratch. I hope you find that fire too, anon

>> No.10038132

Oh anon, that's not abnormal at all. I think you absolutely need to be open with your therapist about this. Everyone watches porn, they're not going to judge. It's their job not to judge.

>> No.10038140

> simple f4f
F4f are not looking to make friends. It's a pure social transaction. They need to bolster their numbers. That's like looking for love in an arranged marriage.

> she runs off to meet a million of her online friends while I don't have any to meet
Go make friends with her friends too. Social networking in the truest sense.

>> No.10038142
File: 21 KB, 317x267, 385.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fuck you for making me laugh this hard

>> No.10038144

>Which just sounds like something an abusive boyfriend would say, honestly.
It sure as hell does. Work that weakness he's begged you for into your next interview question segment.

Maybe you could look for a another job in the same field or a transfer to a different sector of that business (if possible?). If you find yourself getting closer to the time you're going to be leaving, just talk to that boss open and earnestly. You'll have nothing to lose except maybe having things turn out right. I'm rooting for you business anon-chan.

>> No.10038146

You need some time before you think about finding someone else. Work on your hurt and yourself as a person first. It'll get easier and some good will come from this.

>> No.10038149

What the fuck are you scared about? It's just poop pains, you're not going to pop a hernia

>> No.10038150

why cant he cuddle you after you're finished pooping if you're so scared? why does he have to be there while you do the deed

>> No.10038159

I'd comfort them AFTER they were done shitting. I have no need to inhale their poopy air

>> No.10038386

That's a good point. I don't know anymore. It just seems so strange for all that to happen in only a year, ya know?

>> No.10039231

>tfw 80% of why I would want a GF is for couple cosplay and to have someone to cosplay with since none of my friends do so
>outwardly normie so people wouldn't know I do it, let alone girls
>moderately good looking and fit but I can't flirt for the life of me because I don't want to come off creepy and autistic, so I just banter and talk with them like they're a guy
>see girls straight up check me out and stare and just get really self-aware and antsy

this is slightly killing me inside and everytime I see a neckbeard with a cute girl it kills me slightly more inside. like I'm my own biggest impediment

>> No.10039271

as a neckbeard with a qt3.14, have you tried not being a beta orbiter, which incidentally is creepy and autistic?

If you like a girl, just straightforwardly tell her your'e interested in dating to get to know her better. If she's a dipshit and assumes that means "want sum fuk?" promptly move on to the next one. She'll figure it out eventually that people aren't fucking telepathic and have to communicate their intentions straightforwardly. Just let the spaz spaz. She'll be here and salty the next week, but you'll find a girl who's ready to seriously date quick enough.

>> No.10039283

I don't beta orbit, at all actually. I don't show my interest at all, which is really fucking dumb now that I think about it. For me, an ideal GF is someone with enough common interests/hobbies to be fun to hang around with, so it's just a closer friend basically. I don't want to risk losing that connection, so I don't take the plunge and just go on being friends, waiting for them to make the move.

I've lost a couple of friends that I asked out (that I wanted to stay friends with if they rejected) in high school which made me more freaked out about losing more.

I really, really need to switch my mentality about it since that stupid way of thinking is driving me nuts over how I'm shooting myself in the leg.

>> No.10039294

>I don't beta orbit. I just hang around girls admiring them from my friendship capsule but never attempt reentry
You're a fucking orbiter, amigo.

>I lost friends in high school by being honest about my feelings
Yeah, high schoolers are shitty and immature. Sorry you got burned. Sincerely. Its a shitty thing, bro. But hopefully you're older and the girls you're around are older and this will go better now.

I don't recommend expressing your intention as "lets be friends" and then later changing it to "lets date". This frustrates women as they make plans based on the first thing and the second thing feels like you were dishonest. I assure you, things go much smoother if you just say you're interested, date them, and see if a friendship happens as you take them on dates where you discuss your hobbies and do the fun things friends would do- but with the explicit and clear understanding for both parties this has the potential to lead to marriage and they're not wasting their time if that is their objective. And you're not wasting your time if its not their objective.

>> No.10041034

>tfw never had romantic experiences/gf ever
>tfw hope to make contacts at cons
>never do
>tfw too dense to understand when people are interested until hours later when it's too late
Heck, I've even had girls straight up tell me they want me and I just laugh it off and hurt them in the process.

>> No.10044004

this is my first year not participating in any secret santas, after three years of gigantic let downs that started with a cgl secret santa where I spent easily $400 on my SS getting her tons of brand shit and custom accessories and other gifts and got $10 worth of ugly aliexspress crap in return.

It's not even about the money, I'm just so over putting in so much thought and energy for a stranger when I just keep getting people who realize last minute 'oh shit I signed up for a SS' and send whatever they have lying around. It's not even that I'm hard to shop for, I always provide a ton of options that range from broad generals (pink, cute) to specific links to things. OH well. Vent over.

>> No.10046769

Drink more. If that can't solve it nothing can.