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Natsumi-chan is the cutest designer, y/n?

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The new jetj wedding dress: https://juliette-et-justine.com/products/detail/172

I'm fine with their polyester prints for every day lolita, it's durable and washes well, but not paying 3500 to get married in polyester frills.

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It looks like taobao

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How original

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I really hate it when they mix printed fabric with plain elements. It looks non-sensical and stupid. Just make the whole damn thing out of the non printed fabric and it would be 100x better. Pic related made me really mad when it came out. Imagine it would have been only the black fabric and not that 50/50 mix with that stupid and ugly print. Nobody wants prints anymore, it's not 2012 anymore when they first came up with this shit and everyone creamed their pants over amour d'amants because it was a novelty. Nobody would buy that shitty print if it was released today.

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Could you post the spoon pictures? I haven't seen them posted anywhere.

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tbf the dress you posted looks a lot nicer than the wedding dress. the balance of print to ruffles works.

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I'm going to Tokyo and Osaka in three months and my paranoia is making me want to get one of those anti-theft purses, do y'all think if I slapped some cutesy cheap enamel pins or badges on this it would look less ugly as sin with a coord or am I doomed to an ugly-ass purse ruining my aesthetic because my fear response is too powerful?

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You're traveling to like, the two safest cities in the world what are you worried about? Just bring a normal purse.

If you've got a layover in a shitty place like Paris just wear the anti-theft purse there but in Japan you honestly don't have much to worry about.

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there is no way to make the bag look cute just have someone hold it while they take your picture?

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Japan is very safe. I've literally never worried about this. I just take my normal Liz Lisa purse and use the shoulder strap if I'm going to be walking a lot.

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anon, listen. people can be shitty. think of all the times in your life, from childhood through to adulthood, that you had a thought come into your mind to take something that wasn't yours. it happens. most people either block it with empathy, or a sense of shame or justice. never think you are safe around people. there will always be some crafty bastard that goes out just looking for someone to rip off. it's sometimes out of need, but some people do it for sport.

if you are street smart and aware enough you won't need the ugly bag. being wise and calmly aware is always better than being a ball of fear and anxiety, which can majorly work against you.
be smart but not afraid. you will be fine.

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It’s true though. Solids are where JetJ shines; they are at least gaudily opulent without being tacky. Their prints just push it over the edge into tacky and tasteless. This, it looks like cheap taobao.
But then, I’m also not a noveau riche Chinese lolita.

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Wunderwelt is selling Hospitality Doll on lacemarket. It'd probably come clean with some oxiclean. Don't let gemgem scalp it.

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I honestly walked around with my purse wide open a few times in Osaka and never had anything stolen. Like it is literally so safe, I’d honestly forget to close my purse after putting my wallet back in.

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Anyone has that problem with mercari where you can't see any picture even when clicking on the listing? It's been this way since this morning, I wonder why

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>Short version no matching bloomers
>Pink colorway

Gemgem can fucking have it, who's she going to scalp to

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its easy to be the savest city in the world if the police doesn't officially let you report crime

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lol the only country where I never worry about pickpockets is Japan. Maybe just keep your bag in front of you in Harajuku, some sketchy foreigners around. Apart from that, you're fine with a bag that fits your aesthetic.

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oh damn what? please back up this statement

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That's retarded. They literally let you report everything. They let me report my missing cat, in my own country the police would just have laughed at me.

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You are traveling to a very safe country but if you are concerned or are planning on going to other countries that may have safety issues I brought PacSafe convertable bag in blush.
It's serviced me well and doesn't scream "I'm a tourist" but when I'd traveled to South America I didn't take it and kept a small undergarment purse.

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Yeah they let you report your missing cat, which is cute and not a crime, but they wouldn't let me report the assault of me and my friend because they didn't have physical proof it happened

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>>>10035173 (You) #
>It’s true though
How is "it looks like taobao" true? It's literally not taobao. What is it being compared to exactly? Other dresses that don't look the same because they are entirely different dresses?
Stop this dumb meme.

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Its the same style sure but they don't look alike besides that. There a tons of dresses like this.

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Yeah but most of them were made by taobao shops

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In the name of Mana fucking why. Viewer discretion advised.

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Does living in that house make you lose your eyebrows or

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Don't recognize the "lolita" from London comm. Looks more fairy kei anyway

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>"Lolita" that doesn't actually wear lolita (although I guess I saw a dress? ONE dress)
>poser "goth" who looks like Killstar threw up on her, has a guitar she doesn't play, and listens to fucking Black Veil Brides

I do appreciate the contrast in their aesthetics though, I'd be lying if I said I didn't like it.

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Dear some LM gulls, we see you when you raise your price to pretend the BF sale price is a new, lower price than what you've been listing it at for the past month

>> No.10035697

Kek I've been thinking that too

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Did muuh raise her rates recently? 1000yen per item seems absurd. Didn't she used to be 5-10% or something?

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Yeah, she got a new job and needed to reduce her SS work load. She basically added the 1000y fee because the thing that takes up most of her time is small app orders.

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Please tell me the model is wearing it backwards

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Ok AP it’s half way through November where the fuck my Sweetie Violet at?

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Front bustles are a thing. Where have you been?

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Front bustles existed before taobao shops started pumping them out. You do realize that taobao is full of design replicas, right?
See >>10035823

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Lol do you even JetJ? this has been a thing

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What's the deal with mercari? I can't see any images of any listing even if I click on them

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The jp site? Don't bother with the American version.

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yeah,the jp site. It's been like that since yesterday for me

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Clear cookies

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Already did. To no avail.

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Fuck off

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Why not use the app?

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Gulls,were did the older kawaii.i vids go? (2012 and before) i can only find a handful randomly posted by random YT accounts but the official Kawaii.i YT channel deleted them

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Very late but VM is at HYPER JAPAN in London.

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That hoopskirt looks so miserable. Why wouldn't they use a normal petticoat?

>> No.10036382

Maybe they liked how it looks??

>> No.10036388

maybe because hoop skirts take up less luggage space?

>> No.10036394

Maybe what appears to be a dress with a hoopskirt is an actual lampshade

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Nothing wrong with that!!!

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Jesus, do you know how long ago she raised her rates? That is ridiculously high.

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They're not shutting down anytime soon, I guess.

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>owns a guitar she never actually played
Aesthetic has gone too far.

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i think anon means that the way the dress and print are structured, it makes a lot more sense to be facing the other direction. Honestly thought the same thing and giggled. if that dress was all solid it would look much better

>> No.10036628

You could literally leave your wallet outside on the ground and it would be there when you got back.

>> No.10036691

I can still see some vids from 6 years ago on their channel, which ones are you looking for?

>> No.10036764

Which one?

>> No.10036767

>it makes a lot more sense to be facing the other direction.
Except that front bustles are just as common as ones in the back.

>> No.10036804

A few months ago. Again, it's mostly to lighten her load.

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Does anyone know what's included in Na+H's happy bags? You can choose between sweet and cool but they don't actually write what kind of clothing types are in the different price tiers.

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>want to go to AP Paris tea party
>already have a 10 day trip planned around that time
I wish they announced this earlier...

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>notice me lamplight uguu

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Well that was underwhelming.

>> No.10037320

Throwing together a music-note themed coord and I can't find any of AP's Fancy Melody socks/stuff, or the piano bag, anyone have any reccomendations of other stuff that could go well with it?

>> No.10037480

Can anyone give me a quick lowdown on the Lacemarket BF event?

>> No.10037493

There's also Melody Doll and Emily Temple Cute did music note socks that aren't uncommon on auctions. In general a lot of brands like MILK have done music note clips etc that pop up on Wunderwelt and CC from time to time.

>> No.10037497

No secrets about the Traumerei event? I was waiting for some juicy drama gulls

>> No.10037499

Just came back from Japan for the 12th time this morning and am happy to report it’s as safe as ever. Literally would leave my purse on a table in a food court to save the space and then go place an order etc and not worry about it except for other sketchy looking tourists.

>> No.10037503

Ah, thanks! I can't find any of those either desu, but it's something. I keep finding the AP stuff in pink, but I'm going for monochrome.

>> No.10037508

Skirt and sleeve-ends are bomb, bodice and upper sleeves an embarrassment.

>> No.10037511

Any thoughts on the Spanish event that happened this weekend?

>> No.10037515

Japanese police have a 95% success rate ONLY because they arrest when it's A Guaranteed Success for them.

If it's too ~hard~ or no there's no ~physical proof~ then they won't even bother.

>> No.10037582

Has anyone been at the Victorian Maiden stall at Hyper Japan in London? Considering catching the last few hours of it. Can you try stuff on?

>> No.10037586

I haven't been there, but from their Instagram posts, it doesn't look like there are any fitting rooms. Either way, you should go, and take photos so I can live vicariously through you. (But also they've brought a number of releases with them, so it's pretty worth it to go check it out, especially since you wouldn't have to pay shipping or customs.)

>> No.10037597

Are there patterns/(detailed) construction images for Meta's Walkure or Hospitality doll?
A-asking for a friend.

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i have the same problem since yesterday and cant access the app because i'm european wtf do i do now

>> No.10037630

Why are you so poor, anon?

>> No.10037645

I think people only want those sets because they're rare. There's no point if it's not the real deal or "inspired by"

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File: 1.28 MB, 2550x1753, E84EFCC1-2A35-4E33-87F7-9DEC8DA5A64A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They brought a decent amount with them, including all colourways and lengths of Classical Doll OP, the floral OPs and JSKs, some plain OPs, bonnets, plain skirts, bags, bear scarves and jewellery/hair clips. The bags had Macoto Takahashi’s artwork on them. They had mirrors so you could at least see if the colours suit you, and the staff were friendly. Dresses were £260-£270. I bought CD in red, nearly went for the bonnet as well but my bf joked I’d look like Offred...

Otherwise there weren’t many lolita stalls compared to previous years.

>> No.10037772

Nayrt but I love hospitality doll as a more "old school" take on the current nurse/health/menhera theme. It's so lovely.
Iirc correctly there was a nurse-inspired pattern on one of the earliest gosuroris! About the die walkure set,I can't help you,sorry

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>Attention: All work safe boards are soon going to be on the 4channel.org domain.
>even more facebook cancer that doesn't lurk and doesn't understand 4chan or board culture will flood /cgl/
Can't wait gulls!

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You have to take 10% off the price and I believe it goes by either the original or "dropped" price (the 10% min drop button) whichever is lower. I don't believe raising the prices to drop would work as I have things I did really low flash sales on before and when I went to drop the price again for BF I couldn't because it was going on the ridiculously low flash sale price. I put a couple things on BF but they're so cheap it hurts, while other people's overpriced stuff will still be overpriced even if they use BF sales since they're being rewarded for setting the price too high and never doing a price drop

>> No.10037800

Serious question, is there a chance that VM aren't going to close after all? They've been releasing many things, going to events, active on social media, if they hadn't announced otherwise, I'd think they had no intention of closing.

Is it wishful thinking?

>> No.10037803


Their shop staff MAKING new IGs specifically has me really hopeful.

I hope they saw the outpouring of support for their brand and they won't close after all.

>inb4 salty anon complains that a lolita brand isn't closing

fuck off salty anon.

>> No.10037815

Gosurori volume 2 has a pattern for a dress that's similar to Hospitality Doll.

>> No.10037820

So a friend at Hyper Japan asked than about this and said they aren't sure if they are closing, but that said hyper Japan was bad for sales so who knows

>> No.10037822

Can you explain this a bit more?

>> No.10037824

The app still works for me, I am in Europe as well.
The website works as well, it still shows me the images.

>> No.10037831

get ready to see the term "newfag" a whole lot more.

>> No.10037855

4chan is going to be split into two separate websites: all of the blue boards are going to be moved to a separate domain (4channel), while the others will remain on 4chan. This change seems to be for the purpose of making more money off of advertisements on the work safe boards, because a lot of companies don't want to advertise on websites that has porn or controversial content.The biggest concern that people have with this is that the new 4channel domain will start to censor "offensive" speech in order to appease advertisers.

>> No.10037874

No mainstream company is going to want to advertise on anything even remotely associated with 4chan. The new site will still be more complicated than Facebook, and those types of people don’t use image boards or forums – they’re too lazy to use anything other than social media. If it is set up as a social media platform like Amino, people won’t stay long as they won’t be able to handle harsh feedback.

>> No.10037877

Unpopular opinion time: JeJ is (has been for a few years) taobao-tier garbage for burando prices. Most of their stuff is either hideous or unwearable daily.
When they do something good, they do it SO fucking good. But when it’s bad, it’s not even worth wearing, let alone spending money on.

>> No.10037890


>> No.10037894

It looks trashy and cheap,anon. Sorry for your shit taste
I seriously considered bidding on this just to run up the price for gemgem.

>> No.10037900

Uh,weird,i wonder why it does that then...it's the same on my phone even if disconnected from my local wifi and on my SO's PC

>> No.10037903

Is this even an unpopular opinion anymore? Even the people in my comm who love to show off their JetJ status pieces admit that the quality has gone downhill and they’re overpriced compared to other Japanese brands.
It’s such a bummer. The JetJ pages in 00’s GLBs used to be my favorites and I regularly hunt for their older pieces secondhand. It sucks that I’ll probably never buy anything new from them directly.

>> No.10037930

May Mana bless you anon. Thank you for the report!

>> No.10037960

It's not going to be different in function, just what isn't allowed.
If you actually read the fucking announcement at the top of the page, you'd see that you can still access cgl from 4chan domain. Christ.

>> No.10037961

there's that word again
Also it's not even my style. I wear mostly sweet ap.

>> No.10037964

Install the app with a VPN anon.

>> No.10037968

Kek why bother looking for it when I could have it made? Idc for the sentimental value. Me likes design.

My angels ~ thank for the tip.

>> No.10037978

So what’s the deal with Lauretta Rose? Some of the stock photos on IW’s website show a butchered version, while some of the photos are the regular (ie. not fugly) version. What are they actually selling?

>> No.10037983

Hospitality Doll frequently sells for around $250-350 though (with some selling for higher)... that would be the same cost, if not cheaper, as commissioning it with nice fabric from a good seamstress.

D. Walkure would probably be cheaper to commission though.

>> No.10037985

Shouldn't we try to put together some sort of template for general threads? Especially with a bigger number of newbies lately, it'd be helpful and maybe it would eliminate some part of questions that seem to come up all the time. Sticky is also outdated and missing a lot of helpful links.

>> No.10037995

One of the photos is labelled sample, and another has a note about gathering. I'm guessing they're selling something closer to what's shown for the chocolat ver.? Not entirely sure. Did they post on other social media at all?

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File: 543 KB, 1256x1920, 596a9608-837c-4719-be73-aea96c5480dc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Remember the quilt-kei dress? It seems to be finished and It's not as bad as I thought it would be

>> No.10038007

Dang, that's not bad at all. I don't love it but it looks better than anyone could have expected I think.
I still don't know why she cut the dress up, I hope it was damaged but it doesn't appear to be on Tumblr. This poor dress is cursed.

>> No.10038032

Do you not understand that cheap has nothing to do with price? I am not that anon and I don't think HD is cheap looking but I can see why they think that. Compare it to other Meta dresses with tons of lace, pintucked, nice removable pieces so you customize the look.

Simple dresses can still look expensive when there's lots of nice material and the cut is perfect. This isn't one of those

>> No.10038052

Looked good on Instagram but the lack of replies here has me wondering

>> No.10038092
File: 43 KB, 500x600, ACB323CD-B56F-47AE-A8D3-FFA702216ED6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Half way through November...Sweetie Violet when AP?!

>> No.10038136
File: 57 KB, 567x426, AAA23283-E5CD-4D7A-ACAA-DE1818F77CB1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>shipping outside of Russia: 50$

Yo, what. I don't even pay that much in shipping for shoes.

>> No.10038152

Idk exact rates but Russia has a pretty terrible postal system

>> No.10038158

Fuck, really? It's a really nice dress, but shipping would be half-again the cost of the damn thing.

>> No.10038185

there’s one up for sale on wunderwelt’s LM if u wanna start a bidding fight with gemgem

>> No.10038209

>Do you not understand that cheap has nothing to do with price?
Are you fucking ESL or something? Look up the definition of cheap you fucking moron.

>> No.10038257

Yea, you need to look up the word cheap. it doesn’t mean whatever you think it does.

>> No.10038356

Most of my dresses are jetj and I agree. Some of this shit has raschel lace. Saving grace is that it all washes well.

>> No.10038393

any way to tell what year usakumya was released?

>> No.10038402

If I had known they were going to have a stall with so much stock I would have saved up especially. After seeing the announcements I thought they were only going to be in the fashion show. Seems like poor publicity on HJ's part. I hope VM don't take their bad HJ sales to heart.

>> No.10038410

I see anons mention every now and then that they wear lolita items with non-lolita outfits, like rectangle headdresses or blouses with otherwise "normie" or western goth styles. Does anyone know anyone on instagram or elsewhere that does this and posts pictures? I'd really like to see examples of how they're wearing it.

>> No.10038444


Try again, retards.

>> No.10038446

While I'm spoon-feeding let me point out to you that it's under 2(a), "of inferior quality or worth."

So regardless of the actual price if the workmanship, materials, aesthetic, or quality is poor (its "worth"), it can be considered "cheap." Please learn to Google before asking other people to

>> No.10038507

So I'm in the market for a new petticoat. Last time I needed one it was when Classical Puppets was good, however I've now heard that they've gone bad and to avoid them. Is there a "go to" place now?

>> No.10038530

I think a lot of people will recommend me likes tea, but I prefer And Romeo especially for cupcake, and they're faster than me likes tea

>> No.10038555

>me likes tea
>And Romeo
You're a star, thank you anon.

>> No.10038576

>sweet lolita
>not understanding that price != quality
The absolute state of modern APfags

>> No.10038614

I have a petticoat in the works right now from melikestea. I also splurged one one from Ranova/BlingUp when they were at a local convention. Good golly miss Molly are they luxurious

>> No.10038616

Aurora & Ariel on taobao make great massive and daily-sized petticoats, too. Mine are holding up perfectly

>> No.10038648

>No mainstream company is going to want to advertise on anything even remotely associated with 4chan
Keep telling yourself that. There's already proof for years of viral marketing on /v/ to name just one example. Some boards are literally where it's at for producers. And I'm guessing /a/ can be seen as a market for lots of Japanese companies who want to reach out towards the west and US

>> No.10038652

Okay thanks. I'll look around. I'll want medium poof since I'm more into daily wear.

>> No.10038656

I actually was thinking that this is a great thing. it will deter casual posters and really cut down on the trashiest of crossboarders, unless they are really determined.

>> No.10038661

>you can still access cgl from 4chan domain
for now...soon the two domains will not link to each other

>> No.10038664

this is cute

>> No.10038687

I submitted a secret but I did it on my phone and I think I went over the size limit

>> No.10038690


Try the brand tags, soft lolita or casual lolita (or variants of them).

Someone tried to restart the daily a la mode hashtag on insta as well, worth a shot searching up #dailyalamode as well.

>> No.10038703

I'm just worried about this already slow board loosing even more foot traffic.

>> No.10038715

I kind of wish people would name pieces when they make claims like this. Give us an idea of which high quality old pieces vs. low quality new pieces?

>> No.10038722
File: 1.56 MB, 1440x2345, Screenshot_2018-11-19-10-06-06_mh1542650859943.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well, people who have owned the first release and re-release of Dragon-chan have noticed a drop in quality, here's a write-up

>> No.10038723

You're a fucking idiot if you think those dresses from JetJ look cheap and have "poor" craftsmanship. You really are reaching in order to use an overused word. If you can use a dictionary maybe you can use a fucking thesaurus to come up with better adjectives.

>> No.10038788

the one on the right looks better to me.

>> No.10038828

I don't think the print quality is the issue, it's other details.

>> No.10038960
File: 130 KB, 250x350, alicebrush.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know this is a long shot but here goes.

Does anyone have Lolita brushes/stickers/stamps for using in, like, Photoshop anymore? Google isn't bringing up any results for me.

Hanako-lovely used to have a ton of cute ones way back in the day, but they haven't been available in years. I'm sure there's nobody out there with them still saved, either. But if you happen to be out there, person who still has them, please consider sharing?

>> No.10038978

That doesn't sound like a drop in quality other than the lining which is sad but not surprising.

What do you expect them to do though about the velvet if their original supplier closed?

>> No.10039001

Same here, there were a fair few things on that stall I would have saved up for and bought if I had known they were actually bringing dresses and accessories too. I also thought they were coming purely for the fashion show.

>> No.10039067

I did not make the post about j et j I am just responding to your dumb comment about the word cheap. It can mean chintzy, not just inexpensive. That is literally my sole point. Although I don't like j et j I do think the material looks luxurious and nice from what I can tell

>> No.10039072

The discussion started because someone called that dress cheap and "like taobao" but ok. Keep using your over used word even though you have the capability to use words like "chintzy", just keep saying everything is cheap because that's the dumbass cgl way.

>> No.10039077

Would be great for a mori/lolita hybrid

>> No.10039079

Thanks i'll do that next time. It reappeared all of a sudden today though,don't know what happened there

>> No.10039162

Is infanta.moe a lolibrary mirror or is it its own thing? I can't quite tell

>> No.10039224

Has anyone ever had a LM listing disappear? It is very clearly not a replica, and isn't under any of the unsold, sold, or selling tabs. I'm starting to think I accidentally hit delete I just don't know how that could've happened

>> No.10039426

Any Scandinaviafags that knows how long it usually takes for Wunderwelt to reach our icy, cold polar bear asshole part of the world?

>> No.10039438

Did you ship EMS? Usually about a week EMS and maybe two for e-packet for me, but customs is super slow around this time of year so results may vary

>> No.10039440

Sometimes LM mods just delete what gets reported without checking properly. I had a Maxicimam skirt deleted because some newfag thought it wasn't really lolita.

>> No.10039459

Never heard of that site before... It's definitely not a lolibrary mirror but it looks pretty similar. I'd be curious to know more about it too

>> No.10039483

They must be a bunch of itas then because I've reported a couple horrible normie """offbrand""" things and those didn't get removed

>> No.10039484


All you need is common sense. I have traveled +20 countries and never got robbed. One hobo tried to come too close to Paris but I told him to fuck off in finnish. That works every time. Painu vittuun PERKELE.

In short: take care that you are aware what is happening around you and don’t be an idiot. You won’t get robbed.

>> No.10039493

What waist size are unshirred ETC skirts normally? Are they smaller than their unshirred dresses? I can't find it on lolibrary

>> No.10039500

i hadnt looked at the btssb online shop in a long time, got directed to it from a recent search and i thought i was on a scam site. the design looks just like a chinese knock-off page why did they do this

>> No.10039540

Yes, it's a chinese mirror. When lolibrary is broken, it doesn't work either but you can still use it with google.

>> No.10039583

I know, it's so ugly and definitely not an upgrade

>> No.10039597

I don't know how indicative it is of the brand overall, but I have two unshirred ETC skirts (though they're pleated skirts, nothing lolita-esque) and they're typical size S/M waist of like 65-70ish. Or at least that's what WW's listings said. My waist is 67 and they're the kind of skirt where I can put it on but I don't wear them when I anticipate eating a lot since it's a bit tight.

Most brands in general have smaller skirts than their dresses. Like for example AatP/Baby have had larger and larger JSKs the past few years, to the point where they're huge on me, but their skirts are still the same 65-75 shirred size as always.

>> No.10039618

This! I was bidding on an item without a BIN item and the item just vanished. It was clearly not a replica since a picture of the tag was there :(

>> No.10039632

It could've been deleted by the seller if there were no bids. Until then there is a delete button which removes the listing completely

Mine is weirding me out because I swear I didn't delete it, iirc you have to confirm it after clicking the button

>> No.10039664

Has anyone been dealing with this bug on Mercari when item you find from search is not displayed on seller’s profile. Does it mean they deleted the listing?

>> No.10039974

Why did JetJ change their website yet again? Where are all their older in-stock prints you can buy? I'm really not enjoying the layout.

On that topic, does anyone actually like the archaic layouts Japanese websites tend to use? Baby's is another one that changed I don't like. I just think basic HTML sites are easier to go through even if they're not flashy. I'm having having to scroll down over and over and seeing weird abstract junk like doors and teacups on JetJ's, as if it's some cryptic front for a secret lolita cult. I just want to look at dresses.

>> No.10040003

Pretty small, the two I own are around 64cm waist I think.

>> No.10040166

Moitie's new jewelry looks cheap and basic as fuck... I'm sad.

>> No.10040217
File: 114 KB, 480x640, 3100760E-3183-4B5A-8A23-28D656C95751.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are there any brands other than Maxicimam that carry cute winter coats over 100cm in the bust/ 40cm shoulders?

>tfw I’m not even plus size, just live in cold climate and want a cute jacket that I can layer shirts and sweaters underneath without feeling stuffed.

>> No.10040221

Some dreamv coats go up to 100cm in L or LL sizes.

>> No.10040237

just means the listing is old i think, seller might not have logged on in a while (though idk for sure, just speaking from experience)

>> No.10040249
File: 629 KB, 604x554, behold I am risen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

JetJ's newest managed to put cats and lobsters in the same print, and to add insult to injury it's on some sort of netting instead of their thick fabric. Lobster chan is going to be a no from me, dawgs.

>> No.10040269

I live here and travel between both cities. You'll have zero problems. I usually use my purse or a handkerchief to save my spot at tables in crowded cafes, then carry my wallet and phone with me to the register to buy my coffee.

My police and nice and give me friendly greetings, but I know not to report serious crimes to them as a foreigner. They're not going to prosecute my rapist if he is a native Japanese.

>> No.10040278

I'm dying to hear some drama from the grand Embassy. Come on EU lolitas, make my day as a far away American!

>> No.10040303

Received an order yesterday that I placed on the ninth.
About ten-fourteen days seems to be standard

>> No.10040330

>cats and lobsters
What's that supposed to be? An obscure Persona5 reference?

>> No.10040347

I need this.

>> No.10040350

I've never ordered anything on fb before. I want to get that kitten letter dress but their fb shop is confusing. Do I just message them and ask for a dress? Do I get to pick what cut or how does it work??

>> No.10040354
File: 47 KB, 685x960, 46507774_10161151405015471_6528675436124176384_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lmao moite what is this etsy tier shit

>> No.10040364

Not everything is full of drama, salt begone

>> No.10040420

That jewelry is hideous. Side note: is that fannyrosie as the model or does she have a doppelgänger that also lives in Japan?

>> No.10040422

It is her.

>> No.10040471

Fanny looks a little derpy here, and that jewellery looks cheap as hell.

Anyone feel like Moitie's quality has dropped since being bought by Wunderwelt?
I saw some of their releases irl and was really not impressed. Fuck the Chinese srsly.

>> No.10040504
File: 495 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20181121_135726.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Watch out for replicas on Japanese auctions anons. The Chinese are frustratingly fast.

>> No.10040521

Not even Fanny can this jewellery look elegant. It looks like cheap Halloween jewellery.

>> No.10040560

Do any anons own Queen Bee shoes? Could anyone offer an opinion on quality, sizing etc? Please and thank you.

>> No.10040562

Someone in my comm owns one model of the Queen Bee boots in all the colours. I am guessing it's super comfortable.

>> No.10040563

I ate too much cream and I'm very lactose intolerant so if I die I just wanted to say I love all you salty seagulls and I hope you get your dream dresses.

>> No.10040574

>Fanny looks a little derpy here
Sorry but why are you saying this??

>> No.10040587

You have to click over the image in the collections and pray for stock to buy anything that's a past release on there now.

>> No.10040588

Fanny lives in Japan.

>> No.10040591

It’s the weird center-parted hair + classic moite shoop. But also I need Fanny to model some Moite that isn’t just cheap jewelry.

>> No.10040606

Her fingers look strangely stumpy for someone as tall and thin as she appears. Not to mention the angle kind of makes her look like she has an underbite. This is probably mostly due to how she was photographed, though, I'm not sure why they thought it was an ok job

>> No.10040609

Goddamn I am usually not someone to comment on teeth not looking white but hers look like witches teeth.
I think she's really pretty but recently I've been noticing this in more and more photos of her.

>> No.10040611

Do you not understand how shadows work...

>> No.10040612

If you die pls donate all your brand to us.

>> No.10040613

She isn’t tall. But really this is crazy nitpicking

>> No.10040621

It is, but along with what all the other anons mentioned the way she was photographed makes you blink a few times when you see her. Like the teeth thing. No one's saying she isn't pretty and no one is attacking her looks, it's just that it was photographed in an unfortunate way.

>> No.10040676

She's only 161cm.
I would've never guessed, honestly.

>> No.10040689

After a toilet trip I feel better and I regret my words! No one appreciates me, so you're not getting my precious brand!

>> No.10040691

Same, it looks like she got lipstick all over them, or a bad smoking/coffee habit.

Shadows don't look like that, anon.

>> No.10040699
File: 181 KB, 720x1015, Screenshot_20181122-081445_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Clearly, no one knows how shadows and bad pixelization work here. Her teeth look fine.

>> No.10040700

Oh anon, what a reach. It's ok to admit you used a word wrongly. How embarrassing.

>> No.10040706

What do the circles mean? I can't see a difference besides colors.

>> No.10040707

The ribbons are too long and don't centre on the corner. It's not about colour.

>> No.10040708

The length of the bows and how far they spread out.

>> No.10040713

The japanese text on the left says 'short ribbon?'. Upper right says that the ribbon hangs around the logo area. Bottom right text is wondering if there are legit bags that have the short ribbon (I think).

>> No.10040733

It's the weird dead fish eye stare and parted lips really. Like she's spacing out, but not in a good way.
I just don't think this is flattering. Also Fanny stop defending yourself on cgl.

>> No.10040740

I got the socks recently and the lace quality was awful. Someone also posted a review on Instagram of theirs and it looks bad as well.

>> No.10040741

She has so much beautiful hair; what a crime to pin it back into a plain chignon. The whole look is matronly, but hopefully there are better photos.

>> No.10040761
File: 185 KB, 1056x820, 32236252-0398-4A5C-90E7-E8C06C7D35E0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There are many Dutch still life paintings that contain lobsters, flowers, etc. I assume this is the inspiration for the dress.

>> No.10040775

The colors and shape is nice.

>> No.10040783

Thanks. I knew it wasn't the color, but couldn't quite tell which was the Auth to compare to!

>> No.10040786

>makes her look like she has an underbite
The fuck outta heree

>> No.10040787

Sorry, I work in retail and I get real sick of people like you throwing that word around. IT DOESN'T FUCKING APPLY HERE.

>> No.10040789

I'm definitely not fanny lmfao holy shit lol
Listen, there are tons of models who pose like this and those people aren't getting the same kind of hate
Admit your bias

>> No.10040799 [DELETED] 
File: 50 KB, 900x450, 46500988_2228281453882979_5118297442718056448_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10040800
File: 50 KB, 900x450, 46500988_2228281453882979_5118297442718056448_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10040822

Cause the rest of them don't look derpy when doing this? Why are you so triggered by someone mentioning this anyways if you're not her.
No one's saying she's ugly, she just doesn't look that great in this photo. Sorry we think your goddess ain't perfect?

>> No.10040830 [DELETED] 


Damn go eat a turkey because you need some tryptophan to calm the fuck down.

>> No.10040831
File: 104 KB, 595x1445, 46734446_2228377513873373_3875257246384390144_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Your wishes were heard, anon.

>> No.10040834

Where is the price info and time? I can't find what hour of the day.

>> No.10040835 [DELETED] 
File: 137 KB, 340x340, 729.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The only one getting ass pained is you kek. Hit a sore spot eh?

>> No.10040844

I don’t give a shit about another MTO. I spent over $300 ont the Sweetie Violet MTO in April. I want my damn dresses. I don’t want to wait another 7 months for my shit. There has been zero information released since I threw down my money months ago.

>> No.10040850

Lol chill, AP mtos are usually delayed by a month or so from the estimated release date, and they never give any update info until release. What would they even need to update you on?

>> No.10040854
File: 668 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181121-183544.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why the fuck

>> No.10040857

Ppl like you are so stupid and ungrateful. This is a reopening of the same Mto with extra limited spots because there is extra. Set for Jan release. Think about what that means for your stuff.

>> No.10040869

Really? I went to go see them in person and they were gorgeous, the lace was soft and beautiful.

>> No.10040871

I'm laughing so hard at this mental image of a Lolita making a long journey just to see some socks

>> No.10040873

The embroidery looks cheap though, here's the post that I saw and I'm having the same problems that she's having with the lace.

>> No.10040877

How the fuck? Thinking of the amount of dresses out there with missing waist ties because they're just sitting in somebody's closet frustrates me so much.

>> No.10040903 [DELETED] 


Oh these tired memes again. At least try to be creative.

>> No.10040907
File: 84 KB, 348x505, 249.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not rereleasing the Dream Sky skirt

>> No.10040908

it really bummed me out when i saw this, and it bummed me out even more when i heard about the socks not being good. i want better from you, moitie, please don't let me down...

>> No.10040918

My heart really hurts for those dresses. There is literally zero reason they should be separated and sold off separately.

>> No.10040919 [DELETED] 

Your existence is a tired meme

>> No.10040922 [DELETED] 


Copying is a form of flattery, anon.

>> No.10040923 [DELETED] 

Oshit, the socks are off? What's wrong with them?!

>> No.10040929

I'm raging at the Dreamy Baby Room ties. It's currently one of my high priority wishlist items and I'm going to shoot myself if it finally pops up and it's the dress missing these.

>> No.10040931

>Dat pink and lav sweetie violet
>Dat every single color dream sky jsk

Be still, my heart.

>> No.10040933

I bought 2 pairs and only wore one so far, I liked them but I'm gonna reeee so hard if the other pair has sloppy lace

>> No.10040937

Yes, and usually when the estimated release month happens and there is no release, they usually state something like “hey sorry X MTO is delayed an extra month” or “orders are shipped out to store locations, first batch will be mailed out by next month after quality inspection “.

I don’t even know what that’s suppose to mean. I don’t give a shit about an extra MTO opening. I already bought one of everything in every color available. I’m ungrateful? If anything, AP should be happy people like me are buying into their MTOs and making them profitable. It isn’t unreasonable to throw down $1k+ and expect the company I put money into, after they tell me that my Item arrives in November, to tell me when to expect it when November comes and (almost)goes, and it hasn’t arrived. Especially when they’ve been more communitive in the past about such issues.

>> No.10040939

but the eta for sweetie violet was late november to december... at least for ap usa. if you ordered through an ss then idk

>> No.10040946

Cgl logic at its finest

>> No.10040948
File: 610 KB, 595x842, pop(41).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10040960

Whats with AP and their lazy ass patterned prints? So far their winter releases have been one disappointment after the other. Am I the only one who feels like this????

>> No.10040962

I like the print and the jsk cut, but I’m more tired of them using polyester for every release.

>> No.10040963

I have reported these as replicas to no avail. The items titles and descriptions are full of red flags. For example, the title in Japanese translates as “for people who like Angelic Pretty”. The description also reads “got it as a souvenir from abroad”. When any item says it was bought abroad or is from a foreign brand (海外) they mean China. Finally, it is also described as having “rough stitching”. I’m very surprised that more and more items like this appear on Y! Auctions, Mercari and Fril. Be careful!! Read and translate to the best of your possibilities!

>> No.10040964

Yeah, there’s also that.

>> No.10040967

Wow this is some very bad photography. Fanny Rosie is usually gorgeous and it's clear she is pretty thin but this photographer and editing makes her look super old and like she has kind of chubby arms and hands. She probably could have made this work much better if she took the photos herself.

>> No.10040972

Which color do you want? I might sell since I wanted the JSK mainly.

>> No.10041020

For some reason I read this in the voice of Tim Gunn

>> No.10041025

different anon but I’m looking for the skirt in lavender!

>> No.10041037

It just looks a bit muddy

>> No.10041096
File: 151 KB, 1024x1024, IMG_20181122_224017.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

New bags from LIEF

>> No.10041104
File: 35 KB, 300x300, BFクーポン.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For those who don't check WW much, they're having a BF weekend coupon.

>> No.10041140
File: 90 KB, 679x1143, FB_IMG_1542901682202.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

From the btssb facebook

>> No.10041142
File: 109 KB, 680x1337, FB_IMG_1542901686282.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10041155
File: 96 KB, 500x749, Babyponytail_Model+Photo_Present+Angel_JSK+Violet_2_Kaka_05.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Upcoming baby ponytail releases, in case anyone's interested.

>> No.10041156
File: 166 KB, 500x747, Babyponytail_Model+Preview_Angels+of+the+Opera+House_Tiel+JSK_Claudia_2_17 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10041179
File: 342 KB, 745x1571, Screenshot_20181122-114554-01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah I agree. They've been all over prints, where are the border prints? Only ghost night bride was and it didn't seem to sell well.

>> No.10041187

Well I can't say I'm not surprised.

>> No.10041190

same, i want a nice cozy warm fabric with some weight to it

>> No.10041194

Does anyone know if the latest AP releases are still made in Myanmar?

>> No.10041195

All of AP's recent releases have been so ugly desu. I'd kill for one decent border print not involving chiffon.

>> No.10041218

I know that feel, anon. I feel like every time I see Dreamy Baby Room pop up, it's either missing the waist ties or the brooch (which is one of my favourite parts of that series).

>> No.10041240





>> No.10041247

They are always a few weeks too late without notice. So when they say November you’re lucky when it arrives next week.

>> No.10041252

>mfw everyone been bitching about border prints being hard to wear last couple of years
>mfw everyone been saying „border prints are like wearing a picture“
>actually I have no face, because people are bitching about AP for the last 5 years now no matter what they release and they’re still going strong

>> No.10041274 [DELETED] 
File: 147 KB, 771x964, 1541541827008.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw you'll never be a cutie Lolita twink
>tfw you won't be living with other Lolita twinks, doing each other's make up and cuddling each other
>tfw you'll never go out like a porcelain doll, linking arms with your sissy lolita besties
>tfw it's literally impossible biologically for your broad male frame to ever be a sissy lolita
>tfw there's other males out there who want to look and live like this but most of us cant

Why do I want this so bad?

>> No.10041276

Maybe you have a very deep hate for who you are and what you look like naturally

>> No.10041279 [DELETED] 
File: 165 KB, 333x500, c1a58ca946b21fae.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh fer sure bro. If I could wake up tomorrow as a cute small girl, and have to start completely over in life, move away and have to struggle to live for a while, I would do it in a heartbeat. I hate being male but my genetics are too good as a male to switch. I build muscle quick, I have a wide frame, a really strong jawline. I hate it so much, I'm gonna die literally right before we develop the tech to turn men into lolitas and it pisses me off

>> No.10041282

please stop using lolita for your fetishes

>> No.10041285 [DELETED] 

This is so dumb. If you were born in a new body tomorrow you would have the same negative, self-hating mind-set. You would probably think that everything bad in your life happened because you're a small girl.

>> No.10041287 [DELETED] 

It's not even a fetish honestly. I'll jerk off and cum, and usually in that post orgasm moment of clarity I come to my senses. But every logical sense tells me I still want this.

I think I'm just delusional and mentally unstable, but damnit if I wouldn't feel cute in a dress

>> No.10041288 [DELETED] 

Yeah but I'd get to dress as a Lolita so it would be bearable

>> No.10041290

>why do I want to be a sissy
Because you have serious mental health problems, go seek therapy and leave us alone you fucking disgusting tranny.

>> No.10041291 [DELETED] 

No u

>> No.10041293
File: 32 KB, 345x437, 1531160567398.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why??? why is everyone so obsessed with sex? I hate being an adult, everyones the same and only wants to talk about fucking, i just want to read about lolitas go away with your normie sex stuff please

>> No.10041295 [DELETED] 

I just want to wear a dress and look cute ffs

>> No.10041300 [DELETED] 

This is the wrong thread for this. Please go to the feels thread and spill your woes there: >>10041208

>> No.10041309

It varies depending on the release. Which release are you talking about?

>> No.10041352

>Tfw I have a SS for it
Hopefully this isn't one with 59 subsequent reservations where I could have just reserved it myself eventually

I'm so fucking happy about this dress though, hopefully it isn't fixed size

>> No.10041362

i agree but you need to chill, C

>> No.10041370

I’m hoping the Paris store gets it so I won’t have to use a shopping service. Most of my friends have teased me for liking it, so I hope it doesn’t sell out in every cut/color super fast. This is my dream.

>> No.10041371

I'm thinking of putting some items up for sale for bidding on eBay. What kind of starting bid is usually good? I'm nervous about putting it as something small but I always hear that's the best way to sell.

>> No.10041373

I used to sell professionally, and I haven't in awhile but I usually only put auctions if something was really rare or i didn't know what the price would be. All my auctions always sold for a LOT less than buy it now.

>> No.10041378

I can't tell if I love or hate this.

>> No.10041393

Cursed fucking sales page.

>> No.10041426
File: 40 KB, 520x819, 45304566_2198835870439483_7785248726515187712_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Am I the only one who wants prints of savory foods? I can only think of this and the pizza dress.

>> No.10041587

Of course you’re not the only one, plenty of people have bad taste.

>> No.10041600

I hope you are the only one. These foods are not kawaii.

>> No.10041602

Exactly. These winter prints would look awesome if they were cotton or that thick fabric that old baby dresses have

>> No.10041648

Lmao, you can see who raised the price to make it look like they reduced their listings for BF. That's a lot of people.

>> No.10041650

Also what does the top pick option mean? Who chose them?

>> No.10041655

Nvm, they changed it and now all of the before-prices are completely wrong.

>> No.10041656
File: 157 KB, 900x1200, IMG_20181123_220722.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Since the full picture hasn't been posted.

JetJ - Fleur et Camée
Reservation period: 23rd November to 7th December.
Available in grey and black.

>> No.10041660
File: 1.75 MB, 1920x1920, JetJ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ange etc Camée jewelry, same reservation period.

>> No.10041662

**Ange et Camée

>> No.10041666

I was excited when this was first announced. But man, those are some fugly colour choices. The print is too small and I hate how it's copied all over dress. Totally ruined for me.

>> No.10041671

P. sure that the mods just chose them

>> No.10041672

They fucked up and put down the old buy it now price the same as the old bidding price, at least that's what happened with my sales. So my stuff didn't look "as on sale" because my bidding price is definitely lower than my buy it now. They fixed it now though, so w/e

>> No.10041680

I see. Now it seems like the only accurate before-prices are the ones in USD. And there are still some listings where the bf prices are the same or even higher. I guess those sellers just tried to cheat.

>> No.10041684

Either the lining is fucked up or the chest part of that dress is a shitty thin material. There shouldn't be that many creases visible. The only dress I have that does that is a cheap taobao jsk.

>> No.10041689

I hope not. A lot of the top picks are ugly, just changed the bidding price for items no one bid on for months to their BIN or are sold by resellers.

>> No.10041721
File: 143 KB, 500x600, b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's finally happened. Floor-length dresses are lolita now.


>> No.10041723

I think the aesthetic is different but I love floor-lenght "lolita" dresses. I wouldn't bother telling someone their coord isn't really lolita just because the dress is long

>> No.10041727


>> No.10041735

I'm 5'3 and I've stood next to this model IRL without heels while she was in heels... It makes me thing that dress will be just-below the knee for many lolitas.
(btw she's a sweet person, not trying to make fun of her height)

>> No.10041736


The last time floor length dresses were discussed it's because some taobao brand made Gone with the Wind cosplay dresses and then called them lolita. Which then got posted onto lolitaupdates and got wildly debated.

Oddly enough people were more willing to admit floor length dresses as non lolita, it being an actual Gone with the Wind cosplay doesn't seem to disqualify a dress from being a fucking actual costume and not an actual lolita outfit.

idk man people are so weird. This isn't even the first time AP has made floor length dresses.

>> No.10041777

anon this made me chuckle

>> No.10041778

this won't be floor length on my giraffe ass!

>> No.10041782

honestly I really want this, even if it is catering to chinese lolitas

>> No.10041784

I was about to order this until AP announced the floor length dress. always go for brandu

>> No.10041785

It'll look yuge on them though, why would it be pandering to them?

>> No.10041792

I think this is just AP trying to go a more sophisticated route. There have always been a few longer dresses, but most were the haute couture ones.

>> No.10041794
File: 286 KB, 829x584, romanticnightprincess.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>10041721 >>10041782 >>10041784 >>10041792
Currently, there is already two long length OPs on the AP sf website. Wanted to mentioned / show that to just compare to this new series.

>> No.10041795

How tall is she?

>> No.10041798

I don't know exactly, but I was in flats, she was in ap high heels and I could see over her head. So From that, and then looking at this picture, I am making a guess (and this is a guess, not precise at all) that for me the dress would be mid-calf or tea-length and for a taller girl it probably would not go any higher then at the knee. Of course this is all guessing, but I wanted to bring this up before people got worried that the dress would be too long for short lolitas. (I hate it when "maxi" dresses assume you will be wearing platforms with 'em)

>> No.10041805

The internet says she's 160cm/5'3". I'm not sure why she looked so short to 5'3" anon.

>> No.10041806

I guess the usakumya face bags with logo bows are in store only for black Friday? The web post was not very clear and now I'm sad.

>> No.10041824
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So when exactly did rainies become a shop?

>> No.10041856

That's fucking it. Watch out for next week gulls.

>> No.10041870

I feel like AP especially has been needing some change, so this phase is good for now. I wouldn't want all lolita to alter to this, but I'm kind of interested.

>> No.10041873
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I was reslly hoping AP would actually step outside of their tiny box comfort zone and make this in decent colors, but no.

If AP does another print I like in the same goddamn black, red, offwhite, and navy, I'm going to vomit. I am so sick of these colors.



>> No.10041966

You gonna blast her, T?

>> No.10041973

New bread >>10041972

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