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Family Goals Edition

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Man I just really love cosplay

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>tfw no blond gf that is trying to help the world with science

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Well I’m Canadian. Where you guys at?

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Michigan. I actually go to Yeticon though

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I want a seagull gf to buy cute cosplays for and go to cons together holding hands

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>Suicidal despite meds and therapy
>Can't hospitalize myself because I have to fix my kitchen and I have only a few days left until it has to be finished
>Offing myself would be even more of a cunt move to my family if I leave it unfinished
>Still waiting for a nice dress in the mail as well that I kinda look forward too

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>Youmacon 2015
>Stuffed in a room with 5 other people
>One girl is a tumblrina who gets “triggered” by everything
>One of her many “triggers” is sniffling, sneezing, and nose-blowing.
>I have snotgirl-esque chronic allergies
>Nobody warned her about me, nobody warned me about her.
>The situation sucks but fuck her, I’m not leaving the room every time I need to blow my nose
>Accused me of “purposefully making her upset”
>A couple of our mutual friends actually sided with her
>Sunday morning she had a fucking meltdown
>Dumped my makeup bag on the floor and kicked my stuff, threw her own phone against the wall and then baww’d when her screen cracked
>Mutual friends blocked me on social media afterwards

One of my classmates today got mad at me because I kept sniffling and it reminded me of this retarded memory.

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buy a dress always anon, that way you can't off yourself. Also better if it's MTO then you have to wait a long time.

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>Been staving off joining a comm
>Friend asks why during convo about it
>Ends up me joining
>Bringing up my phone right then and there
>Guess I'm doing this now
>Have a bunch of acquaintances in local comm through con-scene
>They're all super nice
>Won't even be friendless at first meet
>First meet is winter meet
>In exactly a month
>Will be outside
>My winter coat is blue
>Guess I'm taking my blue dress
>I have only mediocre headpieces
>None match the colour of dress or coat
>Frantically browse for anything
>Too much of a perfectionist
>The dress shade feels super rare
>What kind of headpiece will even look good
>So many doubts

I know a hat shop which has berets in basically all shades, so I could potentially go there and get a fix. Alternatively I could buy some matching fabric and make a headpiece myself, since I can sew and all... Possibly a combination of the two, making accessories for the hat or my hair.

I'm really stressed and also afraid that I'll be cold and/or embarrassing. I miss my earmuffs which I carelessly left on the bus last winter. They were my best winter companions ever.

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You'll likely be in a meet with people wearing normie marshmallow puff coats because they don't want to spend money on a lolita coat. You'll be freaking fine.

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If something like that really does bother people so much, I don't get why they don't ask about it beforehand. I can't sleep if I hear someone snore, so I don't room with people who snore. If someone wants to bring someone new into our room, I ask up front if they snore, and if they do, either they won't stay in the room or I won't. It's really that simple.

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My coat is normie too. Although I did pick it because it can zip both ways, so that I technically can close it while wearing lolita, opening up the bottom to accommodate the petticoat. It's not marshmallow puff, but more sleek and almost sporty...

Thank you for trying to reassure me, but I'm just turning your words against myself.

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I love how my boyfriend knows surprisingly lot about lolita fashion even though he's not interested in it. Still he's very much able to nitpick coords with me, uses the right terms such as "ita", "maxipad headdress" and "a coord" and can name a couple of brands.

I showed him my first coord and asked him to point out the things that were wrong with it and he managed to find 2/3 of them. I probably just talk too much about lolita but it makes me feel really warm inside that he's willing to listen and be supportive.

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It sounds like this girl might have had misophonia? I have a friend with it and he can't be around people if they're chewing loudly. I had to eat a sandwich next to him on a flight once because I hadn't had dinner and the crunching of the lettuce legitimately sent him into a mild anxiety attack. But instead of getting angry at me for it, he just put on his headphones and turned on music at max volume to drown me out since it wasn't something that could be helped in a cramped close-quarters situation.

It's absolutely wild to me that she said you had to leave the room to blow your nose. And it's even wilder that there were mutual friends who sided with her? She could have been more proactive about not rooming with someone with allergies if she knows that those things trigger her misophonia. I also suffer from chronic allergies so I feel you anon.

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why join a com if you're not even really a lolita and can't make a coord?

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Honestly, public meets are not /cgl/, no one will care if you're wearing a normie coat or not, or what you need to do to keep yourself warm. Focus on comfort first, as you can always take off clothes to take pictures and people really do not care.

I believe in you looking cute and making friends, please don't be hard on yourself!

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I can, I'm just not good enough to please myself. I wore two different coords at the last con and the acquaintances who are part of the comm gave me compliments. Is that good enough now that I'm gearing up to face the rest of the local comm members?

In my nervous state: no.

This blue dress was my first dress and that's why I didn't have the decency to buy the matching headbow and save myself all of this anxiety. I still love it and want to make a coord which brings justice to the pretty print.

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I'll do my best. The hat shop and my fabric shop are near each other, so I'll wear the dress out and decide how to fix my headwear problem. Just standing there matching hats or fabric to my dress, like any sane person.

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Better start a "keep anon alive while also keeping my...I mean her materialistic needs satisfied"
Do you think it would kick off?

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Better start a patreon* fuck
I even proof read before posting this time

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>tfw no Dracula bf
What's the point, gulls?

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i got an usakumya rutsack for 50 dollars and i'm crying i actually can't believe i found one for so cheap

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Yeah and those were absolutely disgusting...

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My mom has misphonia and if I ever accidentally made her trigger sounds as a kid (chewing, stuffy nose sounds, any swallowing noises, crunching) she would lose her shit, threaten to beat me, and occasionally get physical and either hit me or slam me against walls, or grab me by the face or hair.

Certain eating noises make me irrationally angry, too, so I must also have misphonia, but I never say anything about it to people because I don’t want to ever be as batshit as my mom.

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you can clean them anon, it's not ruined

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Legitimately had a dream I met a Lolita

>Walking to work
>See a girl ahead in a light blue (think Alison in Wonderland blue) dress
>Think to myself "Hey that's fucking cool I haven't seen a Lolita before."
>Go up to her and say "I like your dress."
>She ignores me, I'm guessing because she thinks I'm a creeper
>I then ask "Is it brand?"
>To which she lives up a little bit and says "It's Moitie."
>I reply with "I though Mana only made black dresses."
>Then she giggled
>Then I woke up

I was this close to Lolita gf.

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>Alison in Wonderland
Cute dream, anon. Depending on how active the comm in your area is and how many girls in it wear the fashion outside of meets, it might become a reality eventually. Can't guarantee you'll get a gf out of it though.

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I know there is a comm in my city for sure. It's the capital of my state. I've just never heard or seen anything relating to Lolita ever which is sad.

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Aww I'm sure you'll see one "in the wild" one day. And if it makes you feel better, meeting people who know and like what I'm wearing always makes my day, whether they can name any brands or not. Even just a passing comment like
>Wow I didn't know there were lolitas in this city! Cool!
is enough to make my heart flutter, and this feeling is pretty common with lolitas in general. So chin up, you'll have your day eventually.

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imo you don't need to wear accessories to match a coat. I own two lolita coats, one white and one pink, but I often wear the white one with gothic coordinates. I don't think matching a coat is necessary, having matching boots/hats is a good idea but I don't think anyone would think anything of it.

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The only time i've ever had someone notice my fashion openly was a guy who was hanging with a group of normies. One of them said "wtf is that" to which he happily chimed in and said "It's gothic lolita! a japanese fashion!" He was so happy with himself and smiled at me. Just some normie looking hockey dude. I didn't think of it much at the time, but that dude was cool.

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I hate photos of myself. There’s always something wrong with how my face looks, usually the eyes or the jaw. I have plenty of cosplays I would love to get photoshoots of, but if it’s not me taking them, they won’t turn out how I want. It took months for me to get over myself and look through a shoot I had this summer, and sure enough I hate my face in every photo. I don’t have the resources to start doing my own shoots right now nor do I know enough on how to guide the photographer so it looks right, apart from putting something in front of my face. Just once I’d like to look at a photo someone else took and be satisfied with it.

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>mfw my prior city was a state capitol and there was one lolita
>that lolita was me

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Being hard on yourself is pretty common I think, especially when you're going to meet a group of similarly dressed people. I have that anxiety too. As a newbie I remember it being nerve-wracking as well. Looking back, my coords were not the best, but the fun I had with my comm was. It's about meeting people with similar interests in the end. And aww, I love the feelings of first dresses. You can make it look really good without having to have the matching bow, I'm sure you will do the dress justice and look really cute as well!

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Just look at that smug whore

>> No.10034786

I won't let anyone talk about Vlad that way. Have at you!

>> No.10034790

Did you live in Bismark or something?

>Tfw live near a large city and never see wild lolitas until that city's con rolls around, after which they immediately go back into hiding
I'm starting to wonder if we even have lolitas here or if they all fly in.

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>have to reapply sunscreen five times a day because white as paper
>tfw italian american and somehow still have this affliction
According to /pol/ I'm black and at least 20% moor so wtf. I'm blonder than the bitch in op pic.
What a fucking retard. You did nothing wrong, anon. I'd follow that bitch around blowing my nose on purpose, shoving aloe vera gel up my nose just to have something to blow out. I'd do it all day long.
If someone touched my stuff though I'd call the cops. Not playing that.

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ntayrt but I've lived in a city with an active comm for four years and literally never seen any of them outside meets (not counting goth band concerts...). half a million people, twenty lolitas, easy to miss.

>> No.10034794


Ye, actually. There was supposedly a lolita living 20 miles north of me but I never actually saw her.

>> No.10034804

>half a million people, twenty lolitas, easy to miss.
Fair enough.
I only made the "fly in" comment because the lolitas I managed to talk to last con were all from out-of-state.

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>tfw no bf or gf

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>This Simplicity pattern got posted in Rufflechat
>The huge sleeves, high waistline, and high hem remind me of a fucking sissy dress
>Want to point this out
>Male (ouji)
>Paranoid that people would be like “haha how do you know what a sissy dress looks like faggot”

Seriously though this looks like damn a sissy dress. Imagine someone making this out of cheap pink satin.

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this pattern is an absolute dumpster fire waiting to happen--or is already starting. Can't wait to see their creations in the ita thread. Hopefully those with a good eye will stay clear.

>> No.10034825

>horrible desire to become pregnant and make cute babies with a loving husband asap
>tfw no bf
Is this the clock?

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It's those fucking sleeves that I hate so much. It's the same problem with this Chrissa Sparkles dress I see a lot.

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Nothing in particular is wrong with me, but I am a surplus human in this planet. Haven't been this triggered to cut in a year desu. I thought I could be something but it doesn't even matter. And I'm not even cute in lolita. Literally fuck it all

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>Sick with a cold
>Chilling and browsing this thread
>Am reminded that male oujis exist
>Somehow forgot that
>Rewatch all of Deerstalker's videos on the subject
>Feverish haze is doing me no good
>Frilly shot in wardrobe video on mannequin makes heart skip a beat
>The idea of an ouji accessory in the literal sense sounds great
>Have a nerdy bf, not into j-fash
>Suddenly overcome with need to dress him like a prince
>But also lusting to treat him as an object
>Just an accessory
>A pretty slave
>Extracurricular activities
>Hot head grows hotter
>Too embarrassed to tell him
>Shitpost in feels thread instead

I'm going back to sleep

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>coloured slaves

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Sleeve* lmao that's one hell of a Freudian slip

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Lost out on an amazing dress I could have bought that was gone the next day, why didn't I impulsively go for it, the pain is so real.

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That pic is cute as fuck

>> No.10034875

>Dumped my makeup bag on the floor and kicked my stuff, threw her own phone against the wall and then baww’d when her screen cracked
Oh her ass would be halfway to France if she did this to my stuff

>> No.10034878

god i’m so fucking depressed and bored i’m tempted to send my secret Santas my entire wardrobe

>> No.10034881

I know this is going to sound like an obvious fix, but have you tried flipping them horizontally post-photo shoot? They might look weird because you're used to seeing them differently in the mirror.

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Life can be so overwhelming. I just want to hug a friend or two and cry together tonight. Even if we cry about different things, sharing pain helps it feel a little better

>> No.10034883

I had a good laff, thx mate

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>> No.10034885

Yes, anon. Tbh I relate, but I know that as soon as I spawn one, no lesbian or bi girl will ever be interested in me again... Going to hold out as long as possible

>> No.10034886

Just because you haven't found your reason to go on yet, doesn't mean you don't have one. You can change the way you dress a million times over. Just keep tweaking things until you get it right. There's been so many posts where gulls feel revolutionized after making simple switches (like cutting their bangs 2 inches shorts, switching dress shapes, etc. etc.). I believe in you! And congratulations on being a year clean. That's a fantastic achievement!

>> No.10034887

Same, anon. If my closet weren't so boring maybe I would do it

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Normally I'd take the bait for the laughs, anon. But I'm really hurting tonight and not in the mood to joke. Sadposts only for me today. Sorry, anon. Next time

>> No.10034890

Now I just feel bad.

I hope things get better for you gull.

>> No.10034901

someone hasnt seen kamikaze girls

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Thanks anon. Hope you'll have a good night too, and don't worry, I'll probably be back to shitpost tomorrow

>> No.10034953

Geez it really does, those huge sleeves really give it that "I wanna be a 1950s little girl!" vibe.

>> No.10034959

I hope you feel better soon, anon! And if you bought/made a simple coord, do you think your boyfriend would wear it to humor you?

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Wtf is even the point of sissy fetishes, and why are they so drawn to lolita? Do they like dressing like young girls, or do they like wearing women’s clothing? Either way, I’m baffled that they buy expensive dresses for a kink.

>> No.10034970

Lolita is extremely feminine, they want to be feminine.

Girls also wear sweat pants and oversized shirts but you don't see sissies dressing like that because it's not feminine.

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>mfw the fatty-chan chews through her restraints and gets loose in the hotel

>> No.10034978

This happened to us once and it broke the elevator trying to escape. We had to apologize to the poor family who were trapped inside with it.

>> No.10035038

Your friends were assholes for siding with her Sniffles-chan. Would you say she is more attractive than you?

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File: 1.84 MB, 290x187, tfw no ouji sub.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A known feel, anon.
Get well soon, and consider talking to your boyfriend about it before you jump in and buy anything like >>10034959 suggested. If he agrees, you can have fun picking out stuff for him together.

>> No.10035086

They like wearing frilly women's clothing, and sometimes behave in a retarded, stereotypical "girly" manner, for the humiliation aspect of it. Lolita is aggressively feminine and frilly and the name of the fashion doesn't help I imagine, so they flock to us expecting solidarity (it's entirely possible they think lolita is a fetish) and they stay because most comms are too cowardly to call them out.

>> No.10035090

In the topic of sissies, I fucking hate them. They basically think feminity is humilating and embarrassing which alone make me angry BUT they get off of it and on the top of everything they think they are entitled to use our comms for their fetish. I don't get why some lolitas defend them when they are basically mocking feminity and using everyone around them to get sexual satisfaction. We don't need sissies, we need to get rid of them asap.

>> No.10035094

Lolitas defend them because they want to be accepting, inclusive luvlies uwu and also because many of these sissies pretend to be women, so girls who don't know better think they're trans; sometimes sissies outright claim that they're trans too, and that makes things even more complicated. Iirc one comm in the US had a sissy who claimed to be trans and dressed absolutely horrendously coming to meets for a very long time and made everyone uncomfortable, but the comm put up with him because they assumed he didn't know how to dress himself "because she's trans", until they banned him when he eventually threatened one of the girls with violence. It's very frustrating.

>> No.10035095

The sissies claming trans are a different case and girls defending them don't really defend sissies then. I agree that's frustrating and it's hard to tell - even though usually badly dressed people who never improve are not that interested in lolita itself. Hopefully being generally strict whit sissies would reduce these cases too.

>> No.10035097

Is it that hard to just not associate with the sissies and trans?

>> No.10035098

Being strict does help a lot, speaking as a mod. I have a very low tolerance for people like this, they don't even get a chance to join my comm because I block them right away. It's just a shame that other comms are more open to people who want to take advantage of unsuspecting girls, for the sake of being "inclusive". I just hope that one day the global community wakes up and realizes it's okay to be "mean" to people whose only reason to be with us is to prey on us.

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>tfw my IW order has been shipped but hasn't moved since
What's going on? Is there problem with Japan's post or something?

>> No.10035104


Can't off yourself, don't want to give your therapist a bad report card

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What do you think?

>> No.10035113

I think staying off tumblr would go a long way.

>> No.10035132

this image just took ten years off my life. can you imagine being so disillusioned?

>> No.10035134

This makes me feel sad. What can someone with a face like that even do? At least she's trying and looks clean.

>> No.10035143

>What can someone with a face like that even do?
Not calling yourself hot would be a good start.

>> No.10035150

Thank you both for your kind words, and my fever has gone down! Hurray!

I'm pretty certain my boyfriend will humour me, or better yet be really into the whole submissive schtick. As far as clothes go, perhaps it would suffice with just a clean cut butler instead of a full blown prince? I'm ready to settle for less, if it means I can ease him upwards in my selfish desire in time.

I'll hype myself up and suggest it to him. Showing him the humorous videos in context to my "fever dreams" is sure to be funny. Also, it might be a slight test to see how many lolita jokes and references he has picked up over the years. Oh hell yeah I'm going to do this. Thanks again for your support Anons!

>> No.10035155

>relationship goals

>> No.10035159
File: 98 KB, 1252x1252, 7375C64D-D1AA-4E61-A4CC-3B2EE6C65FEC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That’s okay, he retired last week

>> No.10035161

>want to larp but too socially awkward to go myself and none of my friends are into it
>want to larp a female character even though i'm male but i know i won't pass
>want my character to get captured by monsters
>want a handsome knight to save her
>want that guy to become my rl bf
>can at least start to make something similar and more realistic happen but too much a coward to just go larp and practice crossdressing

>> No.10035162

Send nonspecific kind words, please.

>> No.10035163


>> No.10035166

That's a lot of steps to "I'm gay."

>> No.10035167

Being gay is not what's bothering me. Not having a chivalrous cock in my fair maiden (male) ass is

>> No.10035168

Trannies, like alcoholics, are expert manipulators. They play every trick in the book in order to make people hang out with them, accept them, sleep with them, give them jobs, give them money, let them stay without paying rent, you name it.

>> No.10035169

Your continued existence is pleasing to me.

>> No.10035170

I wonder what that imaginary sex was like...

>> No.10035176

I feel you Anon. In that sense you contribute to this feels thread. I'm sure you contribute to more things than you realise. Keep it up!
Is this too specific?

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>Knit size XS cardigan
>Ends up size XL or even bigger
Maybe I should have sticked on the pattern and not to do any modifications

>> No.10035178

i kno this is weak bait but trannies>sissies any day

The nicest people in my life are trans, i don't think i've ever received such open arms and my longest lasting friendships are with trans people. Maybe you just decide to see what you wanna see, and if you keep making assumptions trannies are the same as sissies then go right ahead it just doesn't make sense to bash girls who are trying to live their lives

>> No.10035181


>> No.10035190

Please never go to a larp

>> No.10035191

>buy expensive dresses
I barely ever see sissies wearing brand. they like to think they are wearing lolita in their etsy-tier scratchy lace bomb costumes that barely pass their junk, but they aren't.

>> No.10035193

>having confidence in yourself is bad

>> No.10035218

Sauce on pic?

>> No.10035219

Where do people even find this self-confidence? I've been called attractive before but I do nothing but stay inside all day because I feel ugly.

>> No.10035224

>Where do people even find this self-confidence?
Not on cgl for sure...

>> No.10035232

Trannies are by definition delusional and not in touch with reality, the coddling and fake compliments don't help

>> No.10035234

There's a huge difference between not involving yourself with someone and bashing them, and I reject the notion that they're girls.

>> No.10035241

Maybe where you are at, but here a good may of them are downright hostile to anyone outside their socal group

>> No.10035242

they aren't girls and will never be girls, that's the thing though.

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How did you gulls hear about lolita for the first time?
>be me in high school
>weird weeaboo girl sits next to me in class
>wears neko ears every day, won't shut up about Naruto and Kingdom Hearts
>listen because I'm nice
>one day asks me if I've heard of "Japanese lolita fashion"
>she shows me some pictures she printed off the internet
>think it looks really interesting
>ask her if she's a member of the local comm
>"No no, I couldn't meet the qualifications."
>"Oh... Do you think I can?"
>she smiles, "Only one way to find out!"
>mfw she grabs the back of my jeans and yanks them to my knees, along with my panties
>cover my fuzzy-wuzzy, screaming silently
>she grabs my butt-cheeks and pulls them apart
>look down at her, too shocked to say anythong
>she looks thrilled
>"Wow, cute asshole! You'd totally make the cut!"
I joined the comm that weekend and my life has been kawaii ever since.

>> No.10035251

This post gave me cancer and the Black Plague

>> No.10035254

I'd rather be delusional and happy than know the truth and feel like shit.

>> No.10035256

Good on you, just don't expect the rest of the world to comply with your mental illness

>> No.10035257

I heard about it on /co/ actually, around 2012.

>> No.10035259

My doctor recommended I look into it after a prostate exam. She told me I have great potential.

>> No.10035261
File: 24 KB, 480x360, spiderus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10035263

different haircut and angles.Notice how in the second picture, their chin doesn't look as pointed. Also the stupid side eye is just annoying.

>> No.10035264

oh and some sun & blush

>> No.10035266


>> No.10035273

Yeah, some sissies claim to be trans because it grants them a sort of “immunity” and prevents them from getting in trouble for disgusting shit.

Not lolita, but a few years ago there was an old man in my town who was either a sissy or a sexual crossdresser. He would come into the mall I worked at at the time wearing tube tops and skinny jeans, and makeup and jewelry designed for junior-high girls. Would into my store while I was working and comment on my body. Usually it was just about how he was jealous of my height, but one time he stared at my chest and said “I wish I had tits like that”. Coworkers excused it by saying shit like “(s)he’s just uncomfortable with her own body and probably a little mentally ill.” He did the same shit with my coworker, she refused to help him when he came in, and our manager scolded her for “being bigoted.”
He went to this one Unitarian church that claimed to be “progressive and accepting”, hung rainbow flags and stuff. He claimed to be trans and oppressed, and manipulated a lot of the church members into giving him rides, clothes, food, and money because they felt bad for him.
He went to Planet Fitness and tried using the women’s locker room. Some woman complained and got banned from Planet Fitness for “being bigoted”.
Later it turns out that this “trans woman” was writing Chris-chan-esque erotic fiction about him and real women in the community. The dumbass took it to the mall and tried getting people to read it. Got banned from the mall for a year. I quit my job and moved to a different city so I don’t know if he ever tried going back.

Tl;dr sissies use the trans excuse to get away with a lot of shit.

>> No.10035275

They could try cosplaying Robbie Rotten instead of a woman.

>> No.10035289

I'm currently helping a friend sew his cosplay and we've spent about six evenings (after work) on it already. We're about two-thirds done but I feel totally done with this shit. Why did I agree to help other people AGAIN with their fucking cosplays even though I never wanted to do that again?! I hate how mean that sounds and how much of a push-over I can be sometimes.

>> No.10035291

I wear a surgical mask in public because I hate my face that much.

>> No.10035294

But that would draw even more attention to you.

>> No.10035295

But they can't see my face so it doesn't matter.

>> No.10035296

I hope he's cooking you dinner every night or something.

>> No.10035301
File: 90 KB, 511x600, 273F1357-6F99-4DB8-8146-105FB8B5AB8A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

One of the characteristics of femininity is weakness, that’s just how it is.
Personally I’m as masc and dom as anyone goes, but I enjoy crossdressing because it feels like I can still dominate other guys with a massive handicap against me. It’s a power fantasy instead of a damsel-in-distress one like this >>10035161 gay boy here

>> No.10035305
File: 139 KB, 500x750, tumblr_mmi9wxfcgv1r13tm3o1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're no Pavel Petel, gtfo of here with your larping

>> No.10035310

I wish I could unsee that.

>> No.10035313

Jesus fucking christ. I don't think I have ever thought I was attractive a day in my life and that might never change. On top of that, i got bullied when i was in school for acne and crap hairstyles because my mum didn't know what to do with my hair. I guess this person went there whole life with nobody telling them how it is about their appearance or tumblr hug boxes are really that powerful at brainwashing people.

>> No.10035315

You're cute anon. We hugbox now.

>> No.10035316

Paradise anon here.
My house is gone in the fire.
Burnt to the ground.
My brand is gone.
All of it. I was at work when the evac order went through. Wasn't allowed to get anything. Its. ALL. GONE.
I want to die gulls.

>> No.10035318

you have your life. there's always more brand out there. I know you must be hurting right now, but everything is replaceable. I'm glad you are safe <3

>> No.10035325

>One of the characteristics of femininity is weakness, that’s just how it is.
There's tons of strong feminine characters though.

>> No.10035327

Holy shit. Holy shit. Anon I'm so sorry. Fuck that must be an awful experience, I can't even imagine how that must make you feel. Just keep pushing through, we're rooting for you.

>> No.10035329


Strength is not a female characteristic biologically. Females had no need to be particularly strong, they just relied on males for strength thus making strength a masculine trait not a feminine one.

Female characters who are strong are feminine in spite on strength not because of it.

>> No.10035339

He’s inspo asf

>> No.10035342

Why worry about being something so much? I wish that people could learn to be a little more selfish for their own happiness instead of trying to force themselves to fit some arbitrary standard that just leaves them depressed. Yeah, be a decent human being to others and that's all that really matters. You're not a waste of space! You're here to do fun things and exist, and maybe socialize in the manner you prefer if you feel inclined to. This is not a bad thing if you are not actively harming others, it's not 'lazy' or a waste or any of those things. :( You deserve happiness because you exist.

>> No.10035344

>strength is not a female characteristic biologically
Depends in what way. At the immediate physical level, yes, but in terms of endurance and mental strength, no. Female infants, in cases of sickness or health complications are more likely to survive. When brought up in unfortunate family circumstances, women are more likely to pull themselves out and make a better life for themselves. They generally outlive men, and their ability to live through terrible experience that would cause most men to simply deteriorate (ex. The women's camp in Auschwitz where friendly soldiers were suprised to find the women in a far better state than the men through the simple virtue of women being able to care for themselves and their fellow prisoners better than the men ever could). Strength is relative. People often forget that it takes strength to live through opression, cruelty, and injustice. It takes strength to suffer and still live.
t. An anon that had to do a highschool project on this shit

>> No.10035351

I was a forever lonelita, but my husband and daughter are also safe. This is truly better than some because the death count is 56 now. But my house and everything in it is gone. Not just my brand, everything. It feels pretty fucking bad. I'm just happy I have fire insurance.

>> No.10035355

I don't think anybody was referencing anything else but physical strength and physical endurance in which both men excel.

I could just as easily say women are mentally weak because they are more likely to suffer from depression and mental illness. Mental strength is way too relative.

I could just as easily say in unfortunate family circumstances females are weak for not digging in, fighting, enduring and wearing out their misfortunes rather than running away. It's all relative.

>> No.10035361
File: 71 KB, 600x536, BFC5CE46-90C6-4C6E-AE0A-BA802E60247C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So do you take “avoiding confrontations and taking risks” as strength? My dad works for a life insurance agency and he has done research on why women typically outlive men (and hence why their insurance premiums are lower), it’s because they generally avoid risky behaviour (e.g. smoking, speeding, gambling, etc.), even those that have an associated high reward; this is pure statistics. In addition, this is also strongly correlated with why women have less mental problems than men on average.
In addition, testosterone secreted by a male foetus is treated as a foreign body by the mother and it actively attacks it; the fact that female babies have lower mortality rate is due to this biological fact. If anything male babies surviving this onslaught by their own mothers is an indication of their inherent biologically-imprinted strength.
t. Someone who actually did research on the science behind this issue
Again, I’m not advocating for any kind of gender superiority (my MSc thesis supervisor was a brilliant woman ffs), but conflating strength with femininity without looking critically at these considerations is disingenuous at best. I understand that you reached those conclusions by doing high school-level research so I won’t hold its shallowness against you, but don’t expect people to take you seriously if you actually base your outlook on life on it.

>> No.10035362

When you get that sweet insurance money, buy yourself something nice. For facing this difficulty in life, being your collection a new. You might find it to be even freeing! Your style from here on out is totally up to your whimsy

>> No.10035367

>hurr durr wimins is betterer than mins
>no mins is the betterest
Every fucking thread.

>> No.10035369

>I could just as easily say in unfortunate family circumstances females are weak for not digging in, fighting, enduring and wearing out their misfortunes rather than running away. It's all relative.
Men are far more likely to abandon their families and responsibilities, and resort to violence and other unhealthy coping methods when the world doesn't go their way

>> No.10035371

>it’s because they generally avoid risky behaviour
Yes! Men have less of a biological ability to cope with life's hardships than women do! Resulting in an incredibly high mortality rate the second they don't have a wife or mother in their lives! Thanks for further reinforcing my point.

>the fact that female babies have lower mortality rate is due to this biological fact.
I never said "female infants get sick LESS than males". I'm aware that male infants get sick at birth more often, I stated that under the same circumstances of sickness female babies were still more likely to survive.

>> No.10035372
File: 109 KB, 414x414, bobhuehue.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>too shocked to say anythong

>> No.10035373

"Although infant mortality tends to be higher for boys than girls in normal conditions, it was very surprising to find such a striking difference in favor of girls during crises, Zarulli said.
...This finding offers strong evidence that the reason for a female survival advantage might be fundamentally biological, Zarulli said."


>> No.10035376

Man, they're ugly but ya'll are harsh. Losing that neck fat and cutting the hair EXTREMELY differently to hide that fivehead (maybe it's a sixhead), and tweezing their brows would do a fuckton. They just need to learn how to dress less like young goth mrs doubtfire and a huge makeover would help.

>> No.10035377

8/10, it's the men that start it

>> No.10035382

Hey, I'm with you anon. I've dated some trans guys, and been friends with trans women for years now. They are really nice people. But like any people, I've met my fair share of horrific ones, too, and if that were my only experience I'd swear off contact, too. I'm thankful that I have met people who could leave me open-minded. I feel sorry that everyone else's experiences have differed though, and I get it... it's tricky in this hobby because it attracts some very unstable or fetishy people.

>> No.10035391

the word you are looking for is passivity. being feminine is not a bad thing and equating weakness with femininity is completely missing the point. no one wants a piece of shit that can't do anything for themselves. the masculine and feminine balance each other and are equal in value, just opposites. if the qualities you think of to define either energy aren't admirable, there's a sign you're just an ego junkie and insecure.

>> No.10035394

Shit. I'm so sorry, anon. ._.
What is your style? I don't mind donating to rebuild your wardrobe if you match my tastes. I don't have a lot of stuff on me because I've been trying different new things, but I'm not going to be bothered parting with much right now so don't feel bad about it. I'd rather it go to someone that needs it.

>> No.10035395
File: 354 KB, 633x633, PETEL_ROOTSX633_0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10035396
File: 339 KB, 494x655, 936f3e94f8f2ea4a52bd7543d7cd4070.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10035397
File: 244 KB, 1380x2808, 1541642413952.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can we all just go back to gemposting?

>> No.10035398
File: 149 KB, 980x552, 130821153147-pavel-10-horizontal-large-gallery.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10035399
File: 606 KB, 958x538, nan da tou.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want crossboarders out

>> No.10035404
File: 57 KB, 300x184, TerrificClearEchidna-small.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You and me both, anon. You and me both.

>> No.10035407

Being physically weaker doesn't make me embarrasing though and doesn't have anything to do with siessies forcing themselves in our comms. I appreciate and respect masculine features and I expect masculin people to respect me and not mock my feminity.

>> No.10035408
File: 367 KB, 636x358, pikamojis.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I saw a lolita tea party at MTAC and thot it looked fun.

>> No.10035410
File: 64 KB, 421x466, 99964094-DC87-4396-87F3-A2B68C260A20.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Let’s get back to gayposting

>> No.10035433

Fuck you, trans isn't a hobby!

>> No.10035436

Anon was clearly talking about lolita, retard.

>> No.10035453

Name a dress and a place to send it.

>> No.10035477

My mom told me about it.

>> No.10035492

I was a huge fan of Kuroshitsuji in junior high, it got me obsessed with Victorian fashion and aesthetics, and my interest in Victorian fashion led me to discovering lolita.

>> No.10035505

yeah, he has cooked and brought me whiskey, so that's nice

>> No.10035507

Dear god

>> No.10035509

Do you have rental/ home insurance and what style do you wear

>> No.10035533
File: 409 KB, 487x594, 1541947604359.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw big knees
>tfw you will never look qt in light coloured otk socks

>> No.10035560

Me too, the more weight I lose, the worse they look, too. OTL

>> No.10035561

That's so weird considering kuroshitsuji literally collaborated with lolita brands and all you had to do was look up the brand of the clothing they are wearing in the anime

>> No.10035562


>> No.10035566

in reality, femininty is portrayed as weak, not saying you're wrong but when a woman is doing something ''unfeminine'' people are like ''she's so strong~''

>> No.10035568
File: 309 KB, 1024x678, A3AEEBC3-457F-4E7A-BF39-D35501CDE00D.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I miss gemposting

>> No.10035569

the ones that didn't have good parents put in a lot of effort to improve their mental health

>> No.10035595

> resort to violence
Violence is sometimes necessary. Men are offered less support in society than women.

I'm not going to go full sperg when this entire conversation is originally about why sissies like lolita so much.

>> No.10035597

So your idea that women are stronger than men is based on that females babies are less likely to die in infancy.

That means what? Babies are the weakest and most fragile forms of human beings. They can't do anything and will die without someone to help them. The fact that male babies are more likely to get sick doesn't mean much when if adult men all gathered in a meeting a decided to kill every single female on the planet, every single female on the planet would die. Female could not do the same.

>> No.10035599

>Men are offered less support in society than women.
>Violence is sometimes necessary.
Jesus cocksucking christ what is wrong with you? So men get to beat or kill their wives because of their own frustrations towards life bc "uh wah society doesn't help me enough". Women managed to live through fucking thousands of years of lackluster societal support and rarely was the crying lil bitch switch flipped.
Even if the statement about men and society was true, it would have only been true for max the past 30 years. What's your exuse for the rest of human history?

>> No.10035601


>> No.10035603
File: 494 KB, 1516x1422, 1534895529801.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's happening again. Stop shitting up my precious feels thread!
>Pic related

On topic feel:
I want Paradise-chan to be okay. On the other side of the globe her post made me tear up a little. The anons reaching out to her makes the opposite happen, and I feel really happy because of their kindness. My best wishes are just thoughts, but I still think of her.

>> No.10035605

This degenerate >>10035110 is known to masturbate with her own shit and posts on twitter about wanting all cis people to die

>> No.10035606
File: 4 KB, 550x225, missing-the-point (1).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10035607

We're too far off topic. Soon we may not be able to return. Quick someone post a butthole inspection story

>> No.10035610

I found burando at Goodwill and here I am.

>> No.10035612

I wonder what would happen if the feels thread was nuked forever. It always turns into a shitfest. There should at least be more of a crackdown on non-cgl related replies/posts

>> No.10035615

Nice strawman. No I detest domestic violence in all form. I'm talking about unavoidable conflicts like war over scarce resources, self-defence and preemptive attack etc. Also note that men and women commit domestic abuse in equal parts. Domestic abuse isn't always physical.

> Women managed to live through fucking thousands of years of lackluster societal support and rarely was the crying lil bitch switch flipped.
Women have been a protected class since civilisation began in Mesopotamia when it wasn't as necessary for everyone in the tribe to collect food anymore. Men were the ones expected to give their lives to protect women if necessary. Look at the texts in Abrahamic religions, all 3 note that men in some form or another should protect his wife/wives and provide for them.

Suffering and sacrifice is not objective.

The original point was that sissies like lolita because it display femininity which is correlated with physical weakness which is why sissies like it so much. Then anon came along and decided to argue mental fortitude of women. I don't think I'm the one missing the point.

Yes and? Females babies have more estrogen than male babies which protects them more effectively in times of extreme crisis. And?

>> No.10035618
File: 14 KB, 303x166, download (3).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Women have been a protected class since civilisation began in Mesopotamia

>> No.10035620

Ah ye old classic incel troll
Never change, 4chan

>> No.10035621

>be unemployed drain of resources all my life
>attempt university twice, fail twice
>never find work
>accept crushing depression and neetdom because it's better than killing myself and mentally destroying the people who care about me

>get forced to start getting a qualification to stay on welfare
>actually manage to keep going at it
>fully pass the theory section
>just work placement now, pity no-one will hire me
>get call from local business, they're desperate for employees and will hire me
>i start in a week

what the fuck happened

>> No.10035622

>Females babies have more estrogen than male babies which protects them more effectively in times of extreme crisis. And?
Women have a biological component which affords them a specific strength that men do not posses in equal amounts.
Therefore women are not weak.
Men and women are strong in different ways, just as they are weak in different ways.
Thank you for listening and understanding my original fucking point, have a good day you fucking retard

>> No.10035623

>0/10 though, not enough butthole inspection

>> No.10035626

Go read ancient history.

Women only started being hidden away and 'married' off when we developed an abundance of food through farming in the cradle of civilisation.

Women are biologically more valuable than men. A men can engage in impregnation basically infinitely. A women can only engage every 9 months. Therefore a man's life is worth less biologically to keep the population sustainable. That's why most societies tend to keep women protected, avoid labour etc.

When noblemen went to war, it was the noblewomen who manage the state of affairs in his absence.

>If I can't argue against you, you must be a troll

I don't understand what is so outlandish about what I'm saying other than the fact you don't like it. I've read and studied the history of the treatment of women and how their place in society came about. I've done university work on the topic.

I never said women were weak. I said men excel in physical strength and endurance.

>Men and women are strong in different ways, just as they are weak in different ways.
I never implied otherwise.

I don't know where you are pulling this idea from. The original point was women are not equal to men in strength and endurance which is why femininity is classically associated with physical weakness which is why sissies like lolita.

I have my doubts that a sissy views lolita and is thinking about the Irish Potato Famine where more female babies survived infancy than male babies and decides "Aw fuck yeah."

>> No.10035628

>go read ancient history
I took Ancient Mediterranean history in uni, dumbass, you're literally talking out of your ass. Women were treated like livestock. Power over reproduction and pleasure was not something men were willing to give up, so they imprisoned, dehumanized, and mistreated women as far back as history remembers.

>> No.10035630

Loose knee skin. Get surgery or use some skin smoothening cream

>> No.10035634

Then we're at an impasse. I'm not suggesting women didn't suffer or were mistreated in history. I'm getting across the point that men were expected to die for the sake of women and provide for them and there still exists today that societal expectation.

>> No.10035635

>I don't know where you are pulling this idea from. The original point was women are not equal to men in strength and endurance
As much as I don't agree with you on many, many things, I replied to the concept that femininity was weak. I have made my arguement against that. There's nothing more to say since with both agree on that topic. Let's just treat this whole situation like likely miscommunication and definite waste of time it was. We're not likely to reach a conclusion where either of us are happy and we're shitting up the thread either way. Good night, anon chan.

>> No.10035636

I agree. We're two pawns facing forwards. Let's just end it here: >>10035634

>> No.10035637
File: 36 KB, 400x440, 1540767951375.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>busy with work, when comm mom demanded a sudden change to the thong diapers
>send bf to get new ones, tell him exactly what it is, ruby red with lace
>only to remember, later on, that he's color blind
>he tells me that he thinks he got the right ones
>the dope got me the pink ones with ribbons
>no time to get a new one, l hope that I still allowed in the comm
>comm mom gives me two choices, be banished or give up my bf to her personal harem
>so pissed off at the time, I gave up my bf
>today rolls around, went to a meet, see my ex-bf, in his cute ouji outfit along with the other boys
>Back home now with the snow, cold, and being alone
He was dopey yet always there for me
I miss my bf ;_;

>> No.10035638

No one implied femimnity was weak. You're making that up by yourself. Femininity is classically associated with physical weakness. That was my original point, then either you or another anon wanted to point out that women were mentally stronger than men, to which I argued that mental strength isn't the topic and is too subjective to objectively state that one sex is mentally stronger than the other.

This entire topic is stupid because I really don't think any of us are disagreeing that sissies need to die.

>> No.10035639
File: 2.17 MB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Houseki no Kuni - 09 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_10.17_[2018.10.19_21.39.51].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be last Saturday
>slept through butthole inspection day
>didn't get kicked out of the comm since the comm mom has a spare key to my apartment for some reason and broke in to inspect my sound-asleep butthole

>> No.10035641

>sissies should die
Amen, friendo, I'll drink to that.


>> No.10035647

>build house in fire-prone area
>build it out of fucking wood
>be surprised when it burns down
I mean. You sound like the rich assholes who live on the barrier fucking islands of all places and get btfo every hurricane season then cry about it...and build the house again, on the same fucking sandbar.

>> No.10035652

My family is from a seasideish town in the Mediterranean and wildfires were quite common but never had a chance to spread because they actually knew how to deal with fires and didn't build their houses out of fucking wood

>> No.10035655

Steel houses are totally metal.

>> No.10035660
File: 130 KB, 540x558, 1540903582982.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon, did you just...

>> No.10035661

Use concrete and butter that bitch up like the pantheon with walls 4 meters thick

>> No.10035662


You're just an asshole.

>> No.10035664

I just have an endless list of qualms with american construction, planning, and infrastructure standards. Just endless. I can't go a single day without thinking about how much of a fucking retarded back-asswards third world slum this is. And on topic, people in disaster prone areas really fucking need to figure out what "cement" is. Resists fires, resists tornadoes, resists hurricanes. But no, let's use cardboard walls, wood framing, and praying to jeebus. And when our shit gets btfo, let's rebuild it exactly as it was before.

>> No.10035665

I may be an asshole, but you're still retarded.

>> No.10035667

You know that people who build in disaster prone areas are poor people who cannot afford to live in richer areas which are not prone to disasters. Therefore they can't afford to build their homes out of reinforced concrete.

>> No.10035668

Well, it wouldn't really be paradise anon's fault, but moreso the city/state's for poor planning and building. I remember there was one city (Seattle, I think) that was built with wood and completely burnt down. They rebuilt with steel on top of the old city.
But desu everyone should just remember what happened to London and not build their fire-prone cities out of wood jesus christ

>> No.10035669

This. People in the USA love wood and plaster and keep getting fucked. Meanwhile in Mexico you don't have to be rich to have cement.

I still think some of you are being too harsh to Paradise-chan though. She just lost everything, have some fucking empathy

>> No.10035670

omg i never knew americans build their houses of wood until this thread? i thought that was just a thing in the wild west but you guys grew out of it.. i mean.. really?

>> No.10035672
File: 84 KB, 363x303, 1533558190560.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's not loose skin, it's a skeleton playing spooky tricks on me

>> No.10035675

strayan here, we still build houses out of wood too

>> No.10035676
File: 243 KB, 1440x1426, Screenshot_2018-11-15-20-21-17-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My grandmother was a civil engineer in europe and not a day goes by where she doesn't stare dissaprovingly at america's city planing.
They only care about quick fix solitions. In Canada they call winter "construction season" because they have to fix all the broken amd cracked roads.

>> No.10035677

>california (where a crack shack starts at 1.5 million)
>shore houses (both coasts) (literally fucking multi million dollar 5-8 bedroom mansions)
Anon you're a fucking retard. And even if, even IF, we're talking some redneck cousin-fucker in oklahoma, they'd be a lot less poor if they built a cement bunker instead of rebuilding the double-wide every third year from a tornado btfo it. Cement is dirt cheap, we even line our fucking sidewalks with it it's so fucking cheap. The god damned ROMAN EMPIRE had cement.
Yes, seattle did at one point completely burn to the ground, and it's quite an amusing story.
Even if you look at puerto rico, it's dirt poor, like five dollars is a lot of money level poor, and their houses are all cement. Because they get fucking hurricanes every season. And it works, the houses are fine. Power lines get btfo but that's another story.
It's not her fault but like, what did she expect? May as well drive to chicago, leave your keys in the car and doors unlocked, walk into a restaurant, and be surprised when your car is no longer there an hour later.

>> No.10035678

I thought your most abundant resource was various types of venom.

>> No.10035680

yeah, but you can't build houses out of venom

think about it, the only way to make it solid would be to freeze it, but then it'd just melt

who wants a melted house?

>> No.10035682

I built my house with venom, Ready to snap any moment I'm Thinkin' it's time to go get 'em They ain't gonna know what hit 'em

>> No.10035683

What about plastic tubes with pressurized venom as an insulator? Is that a dumb idea?

>> No.10035686

Puerto Rican here. You are right about the houses. When hurricane season hits the one or two people who still have traditional wood houses up in the mountains make plans to go to a shelter or stay with a neighbor with a cement house. But also, we're used to this shit. Cali is wildfire prone but they've not been this big ever before. If anon just didn't think when buying her house bc wildfires eating it didn't seem real and everything in her area was made of wood anyway, I really don't think we can blame her for that. The fault is in climate change denial, people not being aware of appropriate safety protocols, there not being a culture of being aware that nature could kill you any second... That sort of thing. My heart goes out to Paradise anon, she will probably be OK soon but picking yourself up after losing everything is one of the hardest things to do.

>> No.10035687
File: 22 KB, 400x477, dyingnoises.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>sister wants to get into lolita
>mfw she's a minor and our parents won't sign the permission slip to get her ass inspected

>> No.10035688

She should throw a tantrum with her parents until she gets her way. It works for me.

>> No.10035689

Political ideologies are a good example of this. Men tend to be either right or left wingers and actively further their political goals. Women tend to subscribe to liberalism, an ideology of applying damage to control to whatever the current system they're living under is instead of radially changing it

>> No.10035694


>> No.10035698

Wtf is strayan?

>> No.10035700


>> No.10035701

She's a stray neko named an.

>> No.10035703

Okay that made me laugh but please let married yans die

>> No.10035704

Name a single year california has not had a wildfire. In the past 150 years. Name one.
Like same reason I wouldn't buy a house in colorado. all made of wood, all wildfire area. same reason i wouldn't buy a house in florida that wasn't cement. hurricanes, every fucking year.

>> No.10035707
File: 17 KB, 400x400, 1541138924813.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ohhh I have a story! I passed butthole inspection!
>only been a lolita for a year
>so scared the comm mom would boot me after my first inspection
>I'm in the line, she's coming
>start to sweat in my btssb blouse
>comm mom finally reaches me and tells me to assume the position
>flip skirt up and lean over
>god my butt crack must be so sweaty
>try not to cry while she inspects
>one eternity later
>"well done anon. You passed and may finally buy brand. Don't be so nervous next time, the thongies will deal with your sweat"
>she winks at me
>I swoon
>thank god my thong diapers absorbed the sweat or I'd have had swamp butt
>finally understand that they are more than just aesthetics, they are equally practical
Anons I'm so proud. I feel like I understand more about lolita in a visceral way. Can't wait to buy my first brand

>> No.10035709

Dude I'm from Puerto Rico. I got enough shit to worry about without keeping track of how many times some place full of celebs and techies catches fire. But I believe you, I don't know shit about the topic so thank you for educating me

>> No.10035710
File: 213 KB, 276x730, [HorribleSubs] Houseki no Kuni - 03 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_03.41_[2018.09.22_20.52.45].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The thong might absorb the moisture but they can't absorb the smell, gull.
Some comm moms might like that though but be careful next time.

>> No.10035711

No problem, I enjoyed your practical housing construction and varied usage of plantains. puerto rican food is underrated.

>> No.10035749
File: 49 KB, 720x540, 38246158_622853678108010_5493114935082745856_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tomorrow I'm venturing to the site of the first con I ever visited, way back in 2012.

I'm hoping to have a religious experience. Wish me luck?

>> No.10035753

Drop proof. I'm strapped in and ready for the wild ride

>> No.10035754

I thought this said mesothelioma at first

>> No.10035756

You found the path in life that works for you. As I was reading your post, I couldn't help but think of trade school. More often than not, trade school is a better option for people who find themselves unhappy with university. And you did! You found something that works for you. Which is no easy feat, congratulations! You have so much of an upward hill to climb from here. I'm happy for you, anon :)

>> No.10035759

Oh how fun! Much luck, anon! If you took any pictures back in 2012, you should try to recreate them on your next visit. Bring back some good stories for us.

>> No.10035760

I'm really happy for you anon. I'm doing my second attempt at university now since my first attempt failed when my family fell apart and I got dumped by my partner of almost 4 years. Your story gives me some hope that if I just try hard, things are going to work out.

>> No.10035764
File: 641 KB, 1468x1774, B78885AA-49EF-4EA0-A026-BB5573B46B58.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Comm mom touches my prostate during butthole inspection
>My Milky Planet is extra milky now

>> No.10035771
File: 222 KB, 500x500, whenmenspeak.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But anon you forget that we were also a PROTECTED CLASS. Crack a tome sometime you ungrateful hoor, this man has done university work...

>> No.10035781

How would one know what brand they were wearing if you weren't already familiar?

>> No.10035782

Who the fuck donates burando? I'm lucky enough to find anything at my Goodwill that wasn't worn by an octogenarian, let alone a piece from a niche fashion from half a world away.

>> No.10035787
File: 28 KB, 633x758, WitherJack.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>girl I like always asks me to do cute couple cosplay stuff
>talks about characters that she finds attractive and then tells me I should cosplay them
>I know she already has a bf so I don't even get my hopes up
>not even upset about it just in a perpetual state of apathy

does anyone else know this feel/have a similar feel?

>> No.10035797

I'm in love with a girl who's into all the same things I'm into.

>extremely degenerate, violent and humiliating sexual fantasies
>twinning our fashion
>both shit post on 4chan (it's how we met)

We're both planning to dye our hair white, I'm going to send her a copy of a hoodie I designed for Christmas.

Problem is
>She has a boyfriend but she says she's it's an open relationship
>She lives over 20 hours and $2,000 away by plane
>she's 4 years older than me
>she's also a drug addict but refuses to 'corrupt' me because I haven't done drugs ever and can count the amount of times I've been drunk on my hands
>If we're going by Myers Briggs personality types, she's almost the complete polar opposite of me

Life is tough anon. Life is tough.

>> No.10035807
File: 444 KB, 957x1063, 33D5BE4D-39B0-4CD7-BC38-A9DDFDDEB28C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>See people on /cgl/ talking about Snotgirl
>I start reading it
>It’s good

Thanks /cgl/

>> No.10035808

you're a cute dog, anon

>> No.10035811

That's the plan when I hit goal weight. In the meantime life sucks.

>> No.10035817
File: 320 KB, 633x758, 1515223826593.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This >>10035787 same anon again but I'm posting again because I have too many feels
>freshman at uni
>haven't made a new cosplay in years but joined cosplay club because I wanted to make friends and didn't really have any and thought the people would be pretty chill
>literally the only people I talk to on campus
>only see them once a week
>Never get a really good opportunity/too autistic to ask people for their phone numbers or social media so I can talk to them more than once a week
>going to cosplay club to talk to people is literally the only thing I look forward to
>literally the only social interaction I get

Why am I so retarded /cgl/?

>> No.10035841

>tfw no lolita gf with similar music taste
While I sit back and wonder why, I got this fucking thorn in my side

>> No.10035868

I remember someone dropping like 20 dresses and other stuff at goodwill a couple of months ago. /cgl/ was going wild when people discovered the online auctions.

>> No.10035876

>/cgl/ was going wild
Mostly because gulls speculated whether the owner was dead.

>> No.10035883

At least you joined a club and are making an effort to socialize. I went to a college about half an hour from home so I never even bothered trying to make friends, I just went home immediately after classes ended every day. I haven't made a proper friend in like 7 years.

>> No.10035886

About 2 weeks ago I ordered something that was shipped through ems and apparently California has such a backlog that it took a while for it to update the tracking. Maybe you have the same problem anon?

>> No.10035892
File: 1.15 MB, 228x173, so rori.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw it's cold enough to wear long bloomers
Feeling cute as hell today, gulls.

>> No.10035920

What do you listen to? There's most likely a gull that listens to it.

>> No.10035921

Bless this post. Good dog.

>> No.10035922

What color is the cardigan? I might be interested in buying it!

>> No.10035923

Getting a refund for a dress I didn't receive nor ever got any proof of it ever getting sent, this is the first time I filed a paypal dispute and the seller didn't even respond to neither my message or paypals.

I read paypals message, and it says that they will limit her paypal privileges if she doesn't have the necessary funds available. I know it's probably a fitting consequence, but I still feel bad. Happy to get my money back though

>> No.10035942

>tfw still too autistic to go to a con

>> No.10035945

Don’t feel bad.

>> No.10035947

I know this too well, ordered new yugioh cards for my counter fairy deck and they've been sitting in Sydney for a month...I just want my faries gulls

>> No.10035958

Tfw US people rattle off their state like the rest of us give a shit. If you want to share subregions, list your damn country because not all of us know of or give a shit about Montana, Millicent.

>> No.10035959

>gearing up to face the rest of the local comm members
>have the decency to buy

Anon, please love yourself and talk to a counselor. Assuming you have access, that is.

>> No.10035960

Their states were kind of relevant considering they're fairly close to Canada.

>> No.10035961
File: 45 KB, 252x616, 12F0216C-5FB6-45D0-B745-EB3627B706EF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What the fuck dude chill out. Don’t ever to my fellow gemposters like that ever again

>> No.10035963

>to my
Talk* to my

>> No.10035967

If he lives in canada there is a good chance he knows neighboring US states, you silly goose

>> No.10035969
File: 30 KB, 500x500, Drtqdh1U0AMn6C0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Back from the gym and straight to the feels thread. It's like a comfy but also somewhat depressing bad.

>> No.10035972

My dress' tracking finally updated today, what a relief! I hope you get your deck very soon, anon!

>> No.10035983

i'm at least happy that a gull got it, i missed it

>> No.10035989

>move out of home for reasons
>Bond & Rent: $800
>Car needs repairs: $935
>Buy desk, chair etc: $200
>Grocery Essentials: $150

I'm going to go broke at this rate.

>> No.10035995

>rent is $800

>> No.10035996

Wrong side of the world. Australia.

>> No.10036016

>800 rent
With the amount of animals that can and will attack you in Australia I personally think the government should be paying the people to stay

>> No.10036022

>wears ribbon hairband
>omg anon you look like snow white
>office teases me for 2 days straight
>wears a normie dress with a yoke
>omg anon that looks like an apron
Normies are fucking weird man. How do they live their lives being this vanilla.

>> No.10036023

Just another reason to make houses out of venom in Australia.

>> No.10036026

What did the yoke look like?

>> No.10036055

Anon as much as would love to have your wardrobe or...actually just a wardrobe in general, this obviously comes from a place of sadness and wanting to give remove important things. How about you show your friends you in all your different outfits instead. Do a secret Santa and limit yourself, lots of love.

>> No.10036057

Where I live there are tons of quarter to half million dollar stick houses and tornados. It makes no sense to me, I live in a small house but if I were rich I would absolutely build a reinforced concrete house like they have in Eastern Europe. My burando is worth it

>> No.10036059

>thinks 800 is high
My rent is 1400 plus utilities. In a third rate city.

>> No.10036066
File: 304 KB, 1013x1009, SmartSelect_20181116-234457_淘宝Lite.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Something similar to this but not entirely the same. Also I messed up, I think this is more of a big than a collar.
Either way I don't get the apron comment.

>> No.10036068

Not directly relevant but, I'm a white girl (blonde, kind of pretty, very feminine and "cutesy") and I notice asian girls are really rude to me (wearing normal clothes, I don't lifestyle). Never got this with any other race, even black girls seem to like me. But asian girls are really rude and catty? Is this a thing? Sorry if kind of off topic but this is one of the few places on the site where other girls congregate. Viet and SEA seem to be the absolute worst.

>> No.10036070

Maybe you're annoying and you just don't want to admit it

>> No.10036081

Every other race likes me, only asian women are salty, and even then predominantly SEA. I don't think I'm the problem in this. I get along fine, blacks, hispanics, whites, mutt mystery meat. But asians and suddenly hoo, it's chilly.

>> No.10036083

Well instead of blaming them for not liking you, why don't you reflect and see what's making them not like you?
Again, painting an entire region of women as bitchy Asians is a surefire way to get people to dislike you.

>> No.10036088

I don't have a clue m8. Not like I'm running around making sucky sucky five dorra jokes or saying how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE NARUDOE eks dee. They're just mean as fuck for no reason. Are you asian, is that why you're butthurt? Praytell why are asian women massive catty cunts? I treat everyone the same and was raised with manners to be polite, so it's on you guys why you're racist as fuark against white people. White girls in specific, I notice asians always salivate over white men and all but get on all fours and offer their asshole on the spot. Like honey you can have 'em, god bless you, but try not being a cunt huh?

>> No.10036090

>I treat everyone the same and was raised with manners to be polite
>calls other women massive catty cunts
Gee anon I have no idea why they dislike you, not a clue.

>> No.10036092

You have cognitive dissonance about yourself brought about by an overinflated ego.

>> No.10036093

You think I'm going around calling them cunts to their face? That's what you're going with?
Man, you really must be asian, tremendous asspain going on here.

>> No.10036094

I ain't no goddammn son of a bitch. You better think about it baby

>> No.10036095


>> No.10036098

God I wish I had been into lolita in the days of milkyfawn. The community just seemed so fun and active then

>> No.10036103

They are pissed that your prettier tgan they are.

>> No.10036107


>> No.10036109

All of the unoriginal anti-american insults in the world won't cover up what an idiot you are

>> No.10036113

>thinking I'm the same person
American education at work

>> No.10036120
File: 54 KB, 498x888, BE714B02-B3B0-4C63-B9D7-CA1F930142F1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’m so excited for this thread to die and for all the retarded arguments about race, gender, and location to die with it

>> No.10036125

>I'm excited for the containment thread to die so we can nurture fresh cancer in the next one

>> No.10036127

nayrt but wicking the moisture ahead of time prevents the growth of bacteria that enjoy moist and warm creases. The bacteria are the cause of the odors.

>> No.10036129

I'll say it so you fuck off
They're probably jealous
Now fuck off

>> No.10036136
File: 35 KB, 477x351, ffs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Every other race likes me
>WHOLE races, I'm sure of it
already grimacing, but then you hit me with >mutt mystery meat

you sound like a gross person. It's very likely you.
a lot of international people can be cliquey after immigrating but if people continue to be rude to you maybe, just maybe, you are doing something to offend them.
It's possible that you are prejudiced against asian women and some are picking up on cues in your behavior or speech.

I knew someone who would straight up unknowingly prepositions in her sentences or otherwise speak in broken english when speaking to the waitresses at a local Chinese restaurant. it was terrible. Like, once she heard the accent her sentence structure with them went to shit.

Bring it up with someone who you trust so they can let you know if you are flashing distasteful microexpressions at Asian people you encounter.

>> No.10036147

I thought I was just crazy but I have this same exact problem. Also blonde and ultra feminine style. I work on a campus with a lot of international students from China and while I always smile when I pass them, I have gotten some of the nastiest fucking looks back.

>> No.10036148

I...think i know this person IRL.
>known to masturbate with her own shit and posts on twitter
Are you for real?

>> No.10036157


>> No.10036160

>known to masturbate with her own shit
>and posts on twitter about wanting all cis people to die
They're separate things.

>> No.10036277

House next door to where I'm renting just sold for 1.1mil. Worst part is we live in a mediocre suburb that's just the state of the housing market in Melbourne it's fucked. A few years ago our treasurer I shit you not, to address the housing crisis said "if you want to buy a house all you have to do is get a better job".

>> No.10036304

>has a bf
>"open relationship"
I would cut all contact immediately if I were you. I've seen this movie a hundred times and it always ends poorly for the sap like you.

>> No.10036326

>being in an office where people make fun of you at all in a half-joking manner
I'd quit or start railing on everyone else too. Fuck 'em

>> No.10036328

I guarantee it's not about your looks

>> No.10036342

>complaining about 800 rent + bond in Melbourne

Please tell me that 800 is weekly and not monthly, anon

>> No.10039980
File: 120 KB, 410x1024, California Drought Pole.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>The fault is in climate change denial
Um. No. Don't go trying to blame powerless rednecks for California's century long mismanagement of its aquifers. That has nothing to do with climate change and everything to do with ignoring soil and water conservationists over and over again.

Pic related. The pole represents ground level 100 years ago. As California continues to suck its underground water reserves dry, the elevation has sank- very rapidly.

PS. If anyone actually genuinely wanted to solve climate change, rather than feel smug, they'd buy every rural village in the country a nuclear power plant. Trust me, we'd absolutely love a 30cent energy bill compared to coal. But until someone ponies up, we're too poor to afford it.

>> No.10042027

>No vampire gf
>No Cosplay gf to dress as fictional vampire gf
>No couple cosplay idea can be done
>Drunk Friends ruin chances at meeting cosplay gf because I have take care of them
>ugly girls beta orbit me and don't go away even when I tell them as nice as possible to fuck off I even ran from one when she didn't get the message. she found me again.
>The fact only ugly girls orbit me also ruins self esteem
I dont know why I try anymore

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