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Confessions before going to bed.

I would gladly cosplay if I had both the money and time for it. I plan to spend all of my finances actually traveling to cons thousands of miles away.

I like looking at pretty girls in cosplay and asking them for pictures. I noticed a lot of them really light up and have all kinds of genuine smiles as they pose for me. Very few things are better than this.

Maybe one day I'll get enough courage to ask one of them if they would like to explore the con place together.

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New thread time already?
>cut bangs shorter than normal so they're at my eyebrows instead of hitting the top of my glasses
>it was a five minute rush job while sleep deprived
>look 9000% better and feel far less annoying because they're not jabbing my eyes
>caught someone with a professional camera taking a photo of me today when he thought I wasn't looking (I was dressed in normalfag clothes at the time)
>random people keep smiling at me
>selfies look good
All that improvement with a few mm difference of hair length. We're all gonna make it.
>got the bangs because I have a fivehead
>looking at old photos of myself is awful and jarring
>I looked like I was balding, forehead is so high
>don't know why someone didn't smack me for walking around like that before
>I could have been moe as fuark all this time with $30 at a hair salon
>so many wasted years

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Last AB, I dressed as Sensei Kongo actually. There were a couple of gems at the event and I was super excited to see them. They didnt seem to know who I was, and if they did they seemed genuinely disinterested with getting pictures with me. Felt real bad man.

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Good edition.
Damn nice.Where was the meet?

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I only want to take pictures with good-looking Senseis.

Seriously though, Sensei is one of those cosplays that- due to its simplicity- you have to be meticulous with. A lot of the cosplayers of Sensei I've seen either 1. don't bother with any makeup 2. don't bother to iron their cosplay or 3. wear glasses that they don't take off for pictures.

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Also you gotta be jacked, thought that should be obvious

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unless youre a big buff bald angry-looking asian guy cosplaying him youre probably not gonna have any luck

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>cut bangs shorter than normal so they're at my eyebrows instead of hitting the top of my glasses
Damn I wish I had eyebrows that high, mine sit inside the frame of my glasses

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iron your shit

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Woke up to the thread kind taking off. That puts me in a good mood for the morning.

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>bf is driving me to the con
>accidentally fart
>bf slams the brakes in the middle of the interstate
>cars swerve to avoid rear-ending us, an 18-wheeler flips and bursts into flames
>"Wtf was that??"
>tell him what I did
>"Degenerate! I'm not dating a girl who farts!"
>mfw he floors the gas and kicks me out of the moving vehicle
Who will cosplay Touhou with me now??

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I lost my wig. HELP!

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>you will never be a 1980s tough guy jet pilot freedom cowboy

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Man I just really love lolita

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Man I just really hate feminism

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Baito, plz go Back2pol

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>everyone who disagrees with my liberal opinion must be a poltard.

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The only reason anyone would post that here on this board is trying to troll or start shit
>idgaf about feminism
>in thread to talk about con feels and laugh at shitposts
>tfw feminism bait this early in thread

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It's a reference to the previous shit storm of a thread.

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>in thread to talk about con feels and laugh at shitposts
Deluded. These threads are always full of retards crying about their shitty relationships, wanting to kill themselves, abusive/neglectful SOs, eating disorders or whatever other irrelevant bullshit they feel the need to force on the rest of us. People who complain about posts being off-topic in a containment thread are idiots

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I keep hoping that there will be Sensei cosplayers at cons so I can get head pats (and hugs if they’re cool with that) but the only Sensei cosplayer I’ve ever met was wearing an orange blanket with marker on it, a really bad bald cap, and smelled like BO and pee.
Your cosplay looks fine so you’re already ahead of the game, assuming you smell normal.

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>assuming you smell normal
Is this really such a big issue at cons, and is it because of poor personal hygiene amongst patrons or just a normal result of being in a crowded area and wearing costumes not necessarily designed for keeping cool?

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It’s a huge issue, most conventions in my region are adding “shower every day” to their list of official rules (it sure as hell isnt enforced though)
In the summer it might be an issue of wearing hot cosplays in hot weather, but most convention centers are air conditioned. It’s more of a personal hygiene issue. One time I roomed with a girl who refused to use showers away from home (we were there for 4 days), and I’ve also met people who don’t take time to shower, eat, or sleep during cons because it “wastes time”.
That explains the BO but I still don’t know why that sensei I met smelled like pee

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The times where I think it's okay to step outside and meet people, I end up watching some spooky YouTube documentary about real people being hacked to bits then I decide I don't want to go outside anymore.

What can I do to stop being so afraid of people?I know the chances of me being hacked to bits are so small I've got a better chance of winning the lottery but damn, I do not like being hacked to bits.

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Guys, would you date a trap lolita?

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I kept holding myself back from going to cons because I‘m too self-conscious about my body and costume but I can’t believe there are people out there this self-unaware

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Trannies are horrible broken people, ugly on the inside and the outside

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You didn't answer the question though.

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It makes you wonder how they function in society. Although, I must admit, to some extent I have to admire their ability to not give a fuck.

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>I do not like being hacked to bits
How do you know if you've never had it happen yet?

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Man I just really love cosplay

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>be a music teacher and substitute teacher
>think I will love it
>turns out both pay poorly and subbing is a nightmare
>public schools filled with awful children
>feel my love of teaching leaving because of subbing
>cant even afford dresses with it

Bad feels, music teaching is fine though, it just only happens twice a week and pays little.

But some good feels
>Get a call while im subbing to come in for an interview
>Bridal store looking for a stylist
>Go in today
>Turns out its a group interview
>Neither of the other 2 girls shows up
>Ace interview
>Leave with a new job to take over subbing that pays more and still lets me teach music

I finally feel like I might have some stability to life

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What age students were you dealing with? Just putting it out there, but in my experience the younger students are, the better behaved they are. When I worked with 6-7 year olds, they were all perfect little angels who listened attentively and enjoyed the classes (except for this one girl).

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>being a bridal stylist pays more than being a substitute teacher

Where do you live anon? That is absolutely tragic.

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I read about half the post with subbing as submissive degeneracy in mind...

Congrats on your new job! Fate surely played in your favour by not making the other girls show up.

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Ive worked with all ages and I used to believe the same as you.

I tended to work with elementary students and loved them, but just the other day I subbed at an elementary school where the 2nd grades started beating the shit out of each other over a god damn ipad. It just really depends on the school, but im tired of it.

Kids can just be awful at any age, and I know that but its really starting to wear me down.

My music classes are with a private school though and although the kids are kinda crazy they're 10 times better than the public school kids and will eventually calm down enough to listen.

I gave up entirely on middle school though, put them on my list of "Never give me a job subbing at these schools"

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Texas, and it actually doesnt pay more to start off, but right about the same and then after a while it goes up.

What I really needed though was a job that doesnt disappear during winter and summer breaks, so that already means it pays more.

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>try out the tan makeup for the upcoming con next week
>sort of like it and sort of don't
>tan would make or break the character

I think I'm used too much to how I usually look since a friend told me it didn't look that terrible

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it's been nearly 24 hours and my cute coworker i like still won't respond. I think it's time i give up and buy more lolita to fill my void of a heart

>tfw i won't have a qt tall bf to wrap me in his arms and take me on cute christmas dates

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Are you completely certain the posts on /b/ were him?

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Seek help for your autism

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Call him.

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yes i am (like the scenarios described happened exactly like he described them and the writing style was the exact same as his) but idk what is even happening and i feel like at this point i'm hurting myself more than it's probably worth and if he wants to keep ignoring me and not have his qt (..crazy) /cgl/ gf then that's on him at this point bc i have done most everything that was suggested (short of calling him)

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anon i'm retarded i cannot talk on the phone without
a: a massive panic attack
b: me sounding like an absolute idiot because i have bad hearing AND audio processing issues and have to ask "what" a million times (making point a, worse)

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why not just talk irl

>> No.10033017

i work half an hour from my house, he lives near where we work. we also haven't worked an actual shift together, i've seen him in passing and that's when it was really awkward

We work together tomorrow, i'm gunna try to corner him and ask him what's going on and explain everything on my end if i'm able to. Like i said before though this is gunna end up in tears regardless of what happens i'm just a giant ball of fucking nerves

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>tfw no sperg lolita gf

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Anon, I'm the one who pointed out you'll be able to laugh about this for ages if you ever get together, AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD IM ROOTING FOR YOU!

Get off your computer and do something real like cleaning, because at this point you're nervous about meeting him tomorrow and just waiting for time to pass. My secret trick is to clean cupboards. It includes choosing a cupboard, taking everything out of it, scrubbing it down, drying it with a towel and putting everything back inside, possibly revising the order when I've got the chance. It's simple, but requires concentration, and it will make time pass faster. Go do something!

Because face it, spaghetti or not you're going to end up virtually confessing tomorrow. At least in my fanfiction, so to speak. Let it happen, and just be yourself. If he doesn't like that self of yours, better to break your heart hard and get over it faster. But that's not going to happen, because your idiot coworker is just as head over heels for you as you are for him!

I hope you haven't made any purchases yet today. I myself came here to complain about feeling tempted to buy more Taobao meme dresses even if I am on a purchase strike. Holy hell we need to be strong... And YOU need to get off your computer and get your mind off of everything! Clean your cupboards!

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You guys aren't spinning some romantic story of two star-crossed lovers.

This gull and her object of affection both seem like incredibly shallow people.

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They're incredibly socially inept and autistic people whose story is shitting up multiple threads across dozens of posts when all that's required to remedy the situation is 30 seconds of human interaction.

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I've just moved to a new city to do my doctorate. Feeling lonely and dressing down (no lolita) since there's no point. Walking through campus this morning I catch a Lolita dress out the corner of my eye and instantly turn to double check. Biggest fucking ita known to man - a quite beautiful dress (can't recall the name but it's black/ dark blue(?) and is covered in picture frames), but no petti, grandma shoes, unbrushed wig, no blouse and a tacky coat. I felt so let down seeing this.

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Alright auntie cynic.

Shallow or not, I'm gullible enough to see a star-crossed story in the very reflection of their shallow puddle. That's where the stars are seen, isn't it?

>> No.10033068

Nice and poetic something the people you are cheering for will never recognize. Don't play matchmaker with people you don't know.

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They're more genuine than the roleplay couples the in feels threads at least

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Who says I wasn't writing it for you?

To me poetry is a fickle yet endless resource which I will waste as frivolously as I like. It made you understand how I felt, more or less, I think at least, so I'm happy!

I've been on the recieving end here on /cgl/ a couple of times, thankfully not regarding love but for lolita itself, and I want to be what others were for me. Sometimes a stranger passionately yelling at you at the other side of the internet is what we want. >>10033061 My case in point. I made them do something else than just fret and suffer in helpless nervousness.

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That's pretty gay, my dude.

I'm almost certain that person will return here to report some kind of success and then week or months later they'll break up because of some petty squabble.

Also, shit I lost my train of thought because I'm currently thinking about a few principles steering my own life.

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If they already come across as this autistic online imagine how autistic they are in person

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Though desu I wouldn’t mind worshipping a hot buff Sensei cosplayer’s smelly feet

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Either way, I just really love cosplay.

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Gulls please help me. I've been starving to death in my house the last 3 days since I've run out of food to eat. There's a grocery store right next door but the manager looked at me funny the last time I was in there and now I don't know what to do O M G. I've tried texting the store on Facebook but none of the messages are going through, but I'm pretty sure I've tracked the manager down to a furry porn thread on /b/ (his taste in anthropomorphic fox images is pretty easy to recognize lol) maybe I should ask him whether or not he hates me, idk???

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I'm happy that principle wasn't, and hopefully never will be shaken.

>That's pretty gay, my dude
Only if you're a girl

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It's a very important principle for me and I've gotten hurt because of it many times before. I still don't think like I should abandon it though.

I'll just say this: you should never get into a situation where you could inflict pain, that you know yourself so well, on a person you care about.

Since this a feels thread I'll also share one short story from this year's Otakon.

As I was walking out the front gate before the con's closure on day two, one of the security staffers asked me if I could hold on for a second before leaving.

He asked me for a quick hug and said that the con's atmosphere had him really overwhelmed for the past two days. I obliged and I was still surprised someone would ask me, of all people, for a hug.

I'm a tall, built dude with wide shoulders that looks like they club seals for a hobby.

>> No.10033114

This story and a few others from the con that involved cosplayers being happy having their pictures taken have inspired me to go again. This time to next year's AX.

It's a pretty big venture for me because I'm thousands of miles away from the US.

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Idk about feet, but I’d worship a hot buff Sensei cosplayer’s sweaty armpits desu

Too bad hot buff Sensei cosplayers don’t actually exist

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>Too bad hot buff Sensei cosplayers don’t actually exist
Be the change you want to see in the world.

>> No.10033134

Yes, but the chances of my being attracted to one are rather minimal.

>> No.10033142

>tfw nice person i met at a con a few months back and have been mutuals with ever since unfollowed me
Was it something I did?

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>slept through butthole inspection day
>one of this year's crop of summer noobs offered to fill in for me
>her butt was less Mary Magdalene and more Milanoo
>literally lined her butthole with B&W raschel lace
>not the nice kind
>comm mom kicks her out
>mfw im out too unless i find the ita and duel her for my honor
>mfw comm mom exiled nine itas this year and im going to have to duel each of them until i find the right one
Which ita do I start with anons? What sort of duel should I go for?

>> No.10033163

>and corner him

>tfw no spergy Lolita to force you into a corner so she can confess her undying love and loyalty to you

>> No.10033168

You know what star-crossed means, right? It means they're destined to die because they pissed off the gods (which stars were historically believed to be)

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>girl I went on a couple of dates with ages ago calls me out as being toxic on her ig story after not talking for months after we drifted apart civilly
>I never said a bad word to her, ever
>mfw I'm toxic
>mfw taste of ur lips i'm on a ride

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Stellar taste.
I know a few candidates from gym but they’re probably not into anime/cosplaying.

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Oh btw it's cgl related bc she blocked my lolita acc. And she blocked me from the fanpage of her dog as well.
It's not like half of the feels on here are related anyway.

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>someone else can take your place at the butthole inspection
Wait a minute, something doesn’t add up here.

>> No.10033175

>fanpage of her dog as well.

You dodged a bullet. I fucking despise people who make accounts for their pets.

>> No.10033177

100%. This girl was rather cringe, and honestly though I complained about her to friends, I was never anything other than positive and nice to her even when we mutually agreed to not date.
Amused and confused by the branding of me as 'toxic' but if someone normal says the girl who wears a frilly dress and a bow on her head is a horrible weirdo, who's going to disbelieve her?

>> No.10033184

Found it. One of your friends talked to her about you talking slightly bad about her behind her back.
>Oh noes, what horrible toxic behaviour.

Find out who gossiped anon

>> No.10033193

Usually I'd say you're right, but she doesn't know a single one of my friends nor do they know her. Now I'm not going to be able to get the damn song out of my head for the next week.
I mean, it's a big fucking overreaction. We went on 4 dates about 5 months ago and they were okay. If deciding to not continue to date someone is toxic, then just call me britney.

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>> No.10033210

some people are snakes out of a sense of obligation. its worth digging a little anyways

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I genuinely trust the friends I told, and the most I said was 'eh, she's boring'. I think she just had a victim complex. I'm probably not the first person she's sperged about then blocked.

Well, I wanted to unfollow her anyway because all she does is complain publicly about whoever she's boning at the time, so pic related. You're right anon, bullet = dodged.

>> No.10033286

I got evacuated from the camp fire and had to leave the majority of my brand behind. I'm dying inside.

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File: 450 KB, 485x829, [HorribleSubs] Houseki no Kuni - 03 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_05.51_[2018.09.22_20.56.00].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I moved to a small town to do my PhD and met possibly the coolest comm mom through a Halloween party. Immaculate hair and perfect handmade costume, even agreed to mod mine for free.
Beggars can't be choosers anon. You don't get to moan about being lonely if you preemptively push people away who share the same interests as you

>> No.10033320

The what fire? If it's any consolation they usually evacuate a pretty large area "just in case". It's entirely possible that your house won't even come close to being touched.

>> No.10033349

Google it, sadly it is one of the biggest they have seen in that area. Celebs are evacuating and it’s ok the news a bunc and tons of homes are destroyed. I hope her house survives but you should educated yourself on natural disasters

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honey bunny maybe your glasses are just owl sized? my eyebrows are at my eyebrows not half up my forehead.
>hitting hard on a guy for like 3 hours
>drops that he has a gf
>guy I thought was gay drops that he had (past tense) a gf (and hence is straight) (and single)
My radar is broken. I swear to god I thought he was a la la homo man. But I didn't get to fuck him either. Tonight is dildo night.

>> No.10033400

My glasses are pretty small, I just have quite deep set eyes with my eyebrows basically being at the same height as my upper eyelid.

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Not exactly related, but I thought my current boyfriend was a total homo when we first met. He revealed that he had a huge crush on me and I was completely flabbergasted. Nothing about him screamed “heterosexual male to me. Although, he is curious about being with men. So I ended up being half right. A part of me thinks I’m his beard and that he is too scared to be completely out but that honestly doesn’t matter to me, as long as I get laid and get cuddles. I do love him dearly but if he leaves me for a man I won’t be that devastated.

>> No.10033420

Paradise anon here. The entire town was evacuated and it is one the most destructive and deadly fires in california history. I know for a fact the houses across the street from me burned to the ground but I dont know about my house.

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Why aren't Girls interested in me? What should I do for others to be more interested in me? I even buy from Boz...

>> No.10033429

You have to interact with them first.

>> No.10033437

That's all I needed to hear.
Godspeed, anon. I hope your house makes it out ok.

>> No.10033450


Why do I have to interact with THEM, why doesn't anyone want to start contact with me

>> No.10033453

Maybe if you ironed your costume people would want to get photos with you.

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>> No.10033459

Do you have anything to you besides brand? There's one guy who's posted here occasionally who's swimming in brand but he's a giant douche; not to say that you're similar, but remember you can't buy a personality.

>> No.10033460

i bet that's pretty boy posting
>oh boohoo no loli gf
>i trie so hard look at mah boz

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>had (past tense) a gf (hence straight)
That doesn’t follow.
t. Gay who had a gf in high school who turned out to be a lesbian

>> No.10033465


>> No.10033466

having previous partners of the opposite sex doesn't mean you're not gay lmao

my lesbian cousin banged a few guys in her teens before realising she loved the pussy

>> No.10033467

A tea party featuring Triple Fortune that’s going to take place in late April was just announced in my country, and as soon as I saw that there’s going to be a fashion show I went “oh I guess I have to start going on a diet NOW”

It’s not like I got huge measurements and I’ve modeled for AatP before without any issues (except with my chest because I’m a D-cup) so I don’t understand why I got so self-conscious this time, I haven’t even gained any weight or anything that would make me react like that

>> No.10033470

So anon should hang out with itas? Fuck that, I would rather just not have any lolita friends.

>> No.10033472


>> No.10033475

Nayrt but itas' fashion choices often point to them being a mess in other aspects of their lives, which would make them unappealing for friendship. Not all itas are like this, some well dressed lolitas are awful terrible messed up individuals too, but the point still stands.

>> No.10033476

At least men aren't interested in you and by interested I mean drunkards on the street want to start fights with you to challenge themselves.

>> No.10033505

I want to cosplay my own fan gem for the next con. But nobody will know who I am and I have no friends for fun fan gems group photos.

>> No.10033506

>mfw triple fortune is majorly shirred chub-friendly brand

>> No.10033508

I’m aware of it, which makes my train of thought even weirder. I’m 5”10 and weight 143lbs so it’s not like it would be any problem.
I guess I just want to look extra nice if I get accepted lol since the pics from lithe last fashion show left me (and others from the whole event itself) self-conscious for a long while afterwards

>> No.10033521

>even insinuating to gulls exercise is benefitial

>> No.10033522

>tfw no muscle lolita gf

>> No.10033538
File: 54 KB, 500x333, 1492807593006.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>move from a countryside to city and unable to continue my usual way of exercising
>get my shit together and walk 5-10km every day
>too hot summer and my routines are once again fucked
>school starts, tired and busy
>want to really start walking again
>sun has shined only few hours this month and most of the time we have freezing rain
>mfw just too tired from the eternal darkness to be healthier
I still walk atleast few km per day and most of my dresses feel loose so I think it could be worse? Also wearing petticoat all day is kinda like wearing those leg weigths or a backpack?

>> No.10033553

>cosplaying an OC
Why anyone would do this is beyond me

>> No.10033564

>eternal darkness

Are you Finnish?

>> No.10033570

>watch minori's latest youtube video
>some kind of tea party/fan meetup thing in japan
>one woman is wearing a jsk with no blouse

>> No.10033584

The same reasons people cosplay random characters mostly

>> No.10033603
File: 101 KB, 705x1000, rain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not /fast/ing while laying in bed all day
Fucking loser. I lost 2 dress sizes by just not fucking eating. It also saves money. I don't know how anyone can be fat, food is so damned expensive and most food is disgusting anyway. >>10033538
Protip: they have clothes specifically made for shitty weather. Including these magical devices called "umbrellas".

>> No.10033606
File: 838 KB, 500x281, 4444444.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>hung out with people from special workshop yesterday afterwards
>was first time I've been with other people my age since college
>walked around city, went for dinner, talked a lot
>it was super fun
>reminds me that I don't have friends
>reminds me that other people do have friends
>tfw no friends
>tfw no bf

>> No.10033609

>tfw still have friends but slowly realising I don't have anything in common with most of them anymore
>still see them occasionally because I don't want >tfw no friends, but it's beginning to feel more and more like a chore

>> No.10033618

Hi Russian

>> No.10033619
File: 988 KB, 500x300, anime-anime-girl-crying-gif-lonely-Favim.com-369569.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why were we put here, just to suffer?
tfw no friends
tfw no bf
tfw 2d husbando will never become 3d
tfw everyone else does more cool shit than I have
tfw approaching old age and will die alone having done nothing but suffer in poverty and isolation whole life
tfw will never be japanese shoujo protag who gets the love of her life

>> No.10033626

Thumb up if you also tried to read it to the tune of “Mad world” in your head

>> No.10033627

Hey, I might be lonely, but I wouldn't say my life was suffering.

>> No.10033631

You better not be 19 with that old age comment. I hardly doubt you're really that old.

>> No.10033632

>first time I've been with other people my age since college
She's older than 19, at least.

>> No.10033634
File: 95 KB, 600x336, IMG_0715.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10033650

>tfw a bunch of some stuff from yahoo auctions
>got sent out from SS in multiple packages
>for some reason they werent all delivered at the same time so got some of them
>completely forgot about one of them
>returned to sender
>arrived at my SS around 3 weeks ago and didn't realize
>just sent an email asking about paying for re-shipment and service fee

I really hope they didn't throw my package away...

>> No.10033651
File: 507 KB, 1097x1038, piggy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw butthole inspection day cancelled
I waxed for nothing.

>> No.10033653
File: 1.90 MB, 316x213, nsr.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw your friend is posted in ita thread but it's a terrible coord

>> No.10033663
File: 61 KB, 500x563, 1525420258016.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm also feeling that, Anon. It sucks very hard, doesn't it? I got a bird to interact with and that helps most days. Sometimes it doesn't.

If you can try making some con/comm friends? They're a c-tier friend but it's better than no one and nothing.

>> No.10033667

>not keeping your butthole waxed regularly in case of surprise inspections
Not gonna make it.

>> No.10033668

What disaster cause your comm mom to cancel something so important?

>> No.10033669

it happens anon

>> No.10033681

>Go to con
>Only time all year I'm around people my age
>Hang out with group of 6-7 people all weekend
>Remember what it's like to have friends
>Con ends
>Tfw no friends for 362 days until next con
>Tfw no lolita gf

>> No.10033697

Stan Lee's death really bummed her out.

>> No.10033701

>Bummed her out
>No bums out

>> No.10033703

>No bums out
What gave you that idea?

>> No.10033715

Yes. I always keep an eye out for dresses with generous shirring that would fit my boyfriend too. Good luck, anon!

>> No.10033723

Not that anon, but I only have the same people that I hang out with at cons, yet I have the crippling feeling that I am the third wheel and they only tolerate me, because I am quiet and out of the way

>> No.10033727

No. Trans women are usually trying to portray some weird, fetishised version of what they perceive femininity to be.
Of course there are exceptions to this rule, but I hate traps and trannies until they prove themselves not to get off on the concept of being female.

You're probably going to be mad, because I'm right. Virtue signallers/handmaidens need not reply.

>> No.10033734


Thanks for the tip. The rain is the cherry on top though not the main problem.

>> No.10033753

I think you're hangry and need to eat

>> No.10033754

While we're on the subject of Finland. I have never met any person from your country that I liked or could stomach on a personal level.

They're all either extremely depressed, self-important, or alcoholics. All of them were male though. I have no idea what Finnish women behave like.

>> No.10033758

I'm from a different Scandinavian country but desu it's dark and cold as balls for most of the year here, so it's pretty much depressed alcoholics across the board

>> No.10033762

Take care of yourself, gull. Just remember that withstanding the cold also helps you burn calories as your body tries to maintain its body heat when you walk around in such a weather.

>> No.10033763

>tfw no Scandinavian metal lolita gf to go to Wacken with next year

>> No.10033768
File: 47 KB, 500x375, 84646093.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Guess I don't have to worry about dieting for any random reason anyway because I got dumped this afternoon

So this got some silver lining to it I guess???

>> No.10033771
File: 147 KB, 344x340, 1493153507943.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>wants a bf
>while claiming to have a husbando
You deserve everything that's happened to you for being unfaithful.

>> No.10033775

They're born male, and will die male, and I only like other women, so no

>> No.10033779

Ah fellow Finn, I feel you. My hometown has been especially rainy this year, and I have a long commute to school so whenever I have some free time it's already dark out, rainy, and cold af. Do your best to stay dry and keep yourself warm, it'll be over eventually (and if you like the holiday season there's that to look forward to).

>> No.10033801
File: 171 KB, 1710x1864, capmarv.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wondering if I should cosplay Stan Lee for a con now. Is that an acceptable way to show grief, or is it tacky?

>> No.10033803
File: 620 KB, 2048x1107, 6F9904B1-1140-4ADA-B151-0488EB156D69.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not to sound like a douche, but I wear nothing but TaoBao indie brands and always have girls give me social media information and invite me to hang out after the meet. You should definitely have people interested in you, as long as you’re not unkempt, awkward/douchey, or a total ita (yes you can still be ita as an ouji or aristocrat) Do you actually go to meets and interact with people, or do you just sit in a corner waiting for people to notice you?

>> No.10033804

The guy that won the Walker Stalker con cosplay contest was cosplaying Hershel so it really depends on if you're being respectful. If you are you're enhancing positivity. If you're being disrespectful about it you will come off like a real asshole. Expect with recent deaths for it to amplify things.

>> No.10033821

>The guy that won the Walker Stalker con cosplay contest was cosplaying Hershel
Yeah, but I worry that cosplaying a guy who died is different from cosplaying a character whose actor died.

>> No.10033825

Hershel's actor Scott Wilson died a little over a month ago so it was very fresh.

>> No.10033829

Dropped the rest of my post sorry. For a guy with as many cameos in works of his own he would probably love that people want to cosplay him as long as you're not being a dick about it.

>> No.10033836
File: 388 KB, 983x983, EF6047E8-CCB1-4208-8830-92B3EF731703.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know it’s a long shot, but maybe you’d be able to coax them into watching anime and cosplaying by bribing them with protein shakes?

>> No.10033847

Congrats, anon! There should be a name for how good it feels to leave toxic jobs behind.

>> No.10033854

I work annually at a beach summer camp (that services a richer area than I live in) and most of my coworkers share that same sentiment, but I think that older kids (like 10 and above) are easier to handle because they're much more independent. When they have to do something they don't like, you can reason with them, but I've been kicked, scratched, and had my ears blown out by screeching, tantrum throwing lil kids. I also never have to deal with helping a kid to the bathroom or homesick when they're that old. I dunno man, imo dealing with older kids can be easier sometimes.

>> No.10033869

It's the same for me but it's my first winter in a city and I hope all the beautiful Christmas lights will cheer me up. I have a terrible case of winter depression though so it's just torture and surviving. Too bad I love this country too much to leave. Good luck for winter too kind anon, may it be dry and pleasant.

>> No.10033871

There's probably context differences between school and a camp, but I still understand what you mean about older kids being easier to reason with. The one girl I had trouble with just had no sense of personal space and would always sit next to me, lean her head against my bicep and stroke my forearm, and no matter how much I tried explaining to her concepts like personal space or unwanted touching, she kept doing it and couldn't be reasoned with, so I had to put up with it since I didn't have the authority to punish her in any way.

>> No.10033921
File: 34 KB, 389x336, C3B2B5DF-8B18-4B33-9E40-5D2CF7DFE280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

God I wish. There was this huge beefy 6’4” Russian qt gymbro of mine who greets me by hugging and twirling me around. Imagine how perfect that’d look at a con with both of us in cosplay
>tfw he graduated last year and haven’t seen him since

>> No.10033935
File: 74 KB, 339x451, 75C541DD-70F7-4934-819E-66338457D4F6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10033943

>tfw 80 year old Momoko is more kawaii than my haggard babushka ass

>> No.10033949

Holy shit. I was in a student teaching program in a east Texas and I realized I hated it within a semester. Then the teacher I was working under quit midway through the year and they wanted to hire me, a 20 year old with an associate's degree, to stay the rest of the year for 28K. Needless to say I kept bartending.

>> No.10033972

But you cant even teach with an associates? Either way thats bull, full time subbing barely doesnt even h

>> No.10033974

Ugh it entered before I finished.>>10033949

I was saying that full time subbing doesnt even hit 20k after taxes lol

Absolute horrible

>> No.10033976

And that is with a bach. degree btw

>> No.10033980

There's some program that may not exist anymore where if you taught in low income districts (which is most of east Texas' zip codes) and continued your education while being supervised you can teach on some provisional thing. I just had to go through that fingerprinting and take some exams. This was in 2010 because I'm getting old as shit.

>> No.10033986

Oooh no no I actually have heard about that, theres some programs like that still around.

Not worth it though man

>> No.10033997
File: 244 KB, 1380x2808, 1541642413952.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to HOLD HANDS with gem poster!

>> No.10034005
File: 291 KB, 1440x1777, 44BBC313-F55A-4A33-BD16-75A6659302F2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’ll hold your hand, anon

>> No.10034006

>spend day wearing toned down lolita, but still obv. Lolita
>work an artsy job so people just expect weirdness
>get home from work, decide to treat myself with a bacon + veggie sandwich
>find my cute blue apron, put it over dress
>prepare and eat food while wearing lolita
Feels good gulls. Inching closer to becoming a true lifestyle lolita

>> No.10034007
File: 2.48 MB, 650x370, 1471044689806.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Join us and live your best life, anon, I'm proud of you.

>> No.10034013

Unless I stuff a heater in a daki, 2d will not warm my bed at night.

>> No.10034032
File: 17 KB, 401x401, 1476390726841.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

tfw no bf to cosplay as Space Dandy and fuck me
why live

>> No.10034034

Diet is more important and effective than exercise, but you don't need to shame people who don't fast, you'll give those of us that fast healthy and for good metabolism and medical benefits a bad name. I'm sick of the misinformation out there about this subject because people unhealthily crash diet when fasting can be safe if done properly (and not out of sheer shame).

>> No.10034042

>not exercising and fasting at the same time
You're skinnyfat desu

>> No.10034047

>dress up in lolita to go out with boyfriend, really happy to see him
>he video calls me on his way home from work because we're both so excited
>in the course of conversation he mentions he secretly read through my FB messages once
>"Why?" (not really alarmed because everyone makes mistakes, but curious)
>I told him one of my friends said he was cute, and he said he secretly checked my messages to see if my friend actually messaged that (and this happens to be the friend he knows I'm severely insecure about after my 6+ year relationship ended due to my ex wanting to fuck her, she also ruined my self esteem in high school by teasing me for being ugly/claiming a boy who had a crush on me only liked me because she wasn't single at the time)
>immediately lash out at him
>my insecurities about him falling for her absolutely kill my enthusiasm for seeing him and I feel stupid for dressing up
>try to calm down once he arrives, the vibe is weird and we just drink at home
>next day, still sad and unfocused all day

I want to break up. Even if I'm being irrational, which I'm 99% sure I am, feeling like this is horrid.

>> No.10034051
File: 45 KB, 163x216, bortz_wtf1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>no regard for privacy
Yikes sis, dump that bitch

>> No.10034052

I don't like the fact he invaded your privacy like that it's fair to feel betrayed

>> No.10034055

Dump him for perusing you FB and dump your friend for being a cunt that constantly ruins your life.

>> No.10034056

Anon. Talk to him about it. He might be feeling insecure about his looks too so he wanted confirmation that you weren't just saying that trying to make him feel better. Really though, talk to him about it. Do your best to say how it made you feel and avoid accusation. Focus on how you're feeling and how he's feeling.

>> No.10034060

I obviously don't know the nature of your relationship but if your friend is very attractive, I think it's normal he wanted to see if she actually said that. People seek validation from those who are superior to them (in skills, power, and in this case looks)

You should stop being her friend though she sounds like a cunt.

>> No.10034064

people actually take the time to come up with words like this, this is the dumbest shit

>> No.10034067
File: 304 KB, 552x578, yellow_gymcel.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kek I love pics like these

>> No.10034068

What for, anon?

>> No.10034071

skinnyfat just means low bmi but high bodyfat percentage, it's commonly used

>> No.10034075
File: 107 KB, 421x750, 4E1FEB57-1ACA-41E7-8D60-FC1695DAEBFB.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10034088
File: 5 KB, 275x177, 1541128262176.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>go to lolita event in another city
>geet a really nice girl among the event staff
>can't get her out of my head by the end of day 1
>let myself enjoy the pleasant feeling of kinda crushing on someone because I haven't experienced it in years and it's not like we're gonna see each other again for like another year
>run into her at the after party (didn't think staff members would be there)
>kinda hit it off, talk a bit, dance together a bit, I jokingly ask her to write her contact info on my hand and she does it. We're a bit tipsy and kinda flirting and it's great
>the next day, I muster all my courage and IM her
>she responds, we spend the next couple of weeks talking almost every day
>turns out we have a lot in common, she's funny and witty and although I kinda pushed myself onto her she's always nice and friendly and asks about my life and hobbies and stuff like she genuinely gives a fuck
>nothing on her social media and in her words suggests that she's not single, and I never know how to ask people about their relationship status casually, so I just don't (big mistake)
>tell myself that it's just a shallow crush anyway, and that if things go south I can bounce back from it any moment
>I spontaneously decide to go to their city for a small lolita event about a month after the first event because fuck it
>tell staff-chan about it and drop a suggestion that, whether she was planning on attending it or not, maybe we could hang out while I'm there
>the almost-daily chatting continues as usual
>a little over a week before the event we're talking and staff-chan shares that she's excited because today her gf is moving in with her
>feels like my chest has been ripped open, spend the rest of the day crushed and miserable
>the next day I've calmed down a bit so I try to convince myself that it sucks that my crush didn't pan out, but it would be really stupid to lose a potentially really cool friend just because I had other plans that were doomed anyway

>> No.10034102
File: 183 KB, 375x375, 1541103364201.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>continue chatting, sweet and friendly as ever
>still make plans to hang out
>very obviously platonic plans, she even insists on bringing another friend along because "it will be more fun"
>I continue telling myself that everything is fine feeling increasingly more and more like that meme dog in the burning house
>hangout day arrives
>I'm nervous out of my mind but everything goes well
>spend about 5 hours together walking around then having lunch then walking some more, talking and laughing
>it's time to say goodbye and she gives me a hug and I realize I am very fucked
>there is no way in hell that I'll be able to just be friends with her
>we IM for a couple more days, sending each other the pics we took of e/o with our phones
>I thank her for the pics and proceed to fall completely silent
>she doesn't message me either
>it's been over 2 weeks of radio silence and I'm hopelessly in love, I really miss her and can't get her out of my head, but I also don't want to bother her
>my friends have suggested that I confess to her just to be properly rejected so that I can move on with my life, but I know myself, if I'm really in deep rejection is not gonna help. Plus I think at this point she could've guessed that something was fishy, and if she didn't ask me about it then she's either guessed what was happening and/or didn't care enough to clarify
>so yeah, I really played myself and now I'm fucking miserable every day with no end in sight
>I'm such a damn loser
>love sucks
>sorry for the typos I'm an emotional wreck

>> No.10034104

anon i’m so sorry it hurts so much i hope everything is okay with you

>> No.10034117
File: 39 KB, 612x610, 602.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>con in 4 weeks
>want to make cosplay
>order fabric 2 weeks ago
>stuck in shipping limbo because Canada Post won't get their shit together and the entire country's processing facilities are on strike rn
I really need this fucking fabric and there's nothing like it around locally for fuck's sake get your shit together Canada Post

>> No.10034120

>she even insists on bringing another friend along because "it will be more fun"
She knew at this point.

>> No.10034126

excellent use of cute girl

>> No.10034138
File: 73 KB, 370x320, hiragi_rin_i_cant_even.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10034146

Thank you, anon. The fact that your kind words made me tear up show that I'm very much not okay, not yet, anyway.

Yeah I suspect this, too. Especially because I tried hinting that I wasn't a fan of the idea and was hoping it would be just the two of us but she suddenly got stubborn about it and we almost had a fight, so I decided to let it go.
Looking back I feel like by the end of it she was trying to keep me at an arm's length while also giving me the space to choose for myself, to remain friendly or walk away, and when I chose to walk, she didn't follow. Despite how much it breaks my heart, I can appreciate that.

>> No.10034148

This is why I don't go outside.

>> No.10034149

Let's stay inside and talk about [insert female interest].

>> No.10034150

I am guy but sure I'll talk about [insert female interest].

>> No.10034152

To be fair, most of the story developed while I was inside and in a different city. The Internet is both a blessing and a curse, innit

>> No.10034154

She sounds nice. People who insist on friendship despite being aware of the other's unrequited feelings have a complete lack of empathy.

>> No.10034156

The adult thing would be to talk this through instead of circling around the issues.

>> No.10034157

I feel you in a way. I'm kind of falling in love with a girl on the other side of the world who I'll probably never see in real life and it hurts because she's perfect for me. We chat almost everyday with some silences because we're adults with lives however she has a boyfriend but that doesn't stop her from role-playing with me, we exchange hentai and sending pictures of herself.

Although she describes her relationship as 'open. I don't know what to do about it personally, my romantic energy is spent on her rather than any girl that is actually attainable but the girls I meet just are nothing like her.

I hope you find new love anon. Unrequited love fucking sucks.

>> No.10034165

>she describes her relationship as "open"

Go for it at worst you're you'll be a homewrecker, at best you'll be swimming in hormones soon enough.

>> No.10034167

Unless anon thinks he would be happy sharing a girlfriend, I don't see how this ends well.

>> No.10034171

I always had the mindset that I don't deserve the exclusivity of someone's feeling and they can be fickle as all things human are.

So when they eventually leave, as everybody else does, the blow will be lessened.

>> No.10034172

that sounds incredibly depressing

>> No.10034174

I don't want to ruin her life more than it has been. She had an abusive ex who beat her face in, held a gun to her head etc and gave her ptsd. To deal with the emotions she became an escort and started doing drugs which got her disowned by her dad and she still does heroin every now and then. But she's settled herself down now, got herself a guy who treats her well, has a fulltime office job, insurance and all.

I don't want to hurt her life. She's been through enough. She's also 4 years older than me, I don't think she views me as a legitimate partner just a boy toy for funsies. Which is fair enough, it's not like I don't know what I'm doing or she's deliberately leading me on and manipulating me.

>> No.10034175

You should probably deal with those self-worth issues before pursuing anyone.

>> No.10034176

She is nice, I think it was one of the main reasons I fell so fast and hard for her. The last 3-4 people I'd dated or developed any form of interest in, upon closer inspection, happened to be assholes to some degree or another, so meeting someone actually nice and genuine pretty much blew my mind. Maybe it speaks more about my past relationships than about her as a person, but well, it is what it is.

I've been thinking about it like A LOT (with nothing better to do, heh), and, no matter how I look at it, I just don't see any merit in it. I want something I can't have. I already knew she was unavailable while I was in the process of developing these feelings. I tried to fight them and failed. It's not like I expect anything from her - I don't have any right to do that, and confessing would seem like I'm forcing her to share the responsibility for something that is entirely my problem. She didn't ask for this, at any point, she shouldn't be made to deal with it. It's not like she can do anything to help me, the way things are right now.

Man I'm sorry, that sucks. I mean, if you're down for a poly relationship, it doesn't sound like that's completely off the table, does it?
I know that would never work for me, I'm 100% monogamous, but I know not everyone is like that. If you're so invested in her maybe you could at least consider it, huh?

>> No.10034178

I couldn't do a poly relationship. I am an insanely jealous and possessive person. If I got even a hint that she was even harmlessly flirting with another guy I'd go psycho.

I'm just dumb. Like you've said about your situation. I can't expect anything from her, I knew what was going on and couldn't stop myself and now I have to find a way out of the hole I've dug. It's not her fault.

>> No.10034180

They aren't evident to anyone that I'm even very close to. They don't affect how much I try for the people I care about.

It's just a way I learned to deal with things like this happening. There is no point of being disappointed when you can expect that bad things may eventually happen regardless of your own efforts.

One day after many years together, your partner and your friends might just decide they have better opportunities someplace else and they'll slowly or rapidly shirk away from you. There will be very few things you can do once you have already tried everything.

>> No.10034181

>I already knew she was unavailable while I was in the process of developing these feelings. I tried to fight them and failed. It's not like I expect anything from her - I don't have any right to do that
>I can't expect anything from her, I knew what was going on and couldn't stop myself and now I have to find a way out of the hole I've dug. It's not her fault.
I can relate to this. It feels so good when you find that elusive connection that you just can't help yourself, even if you know it's only going to end in pain.

>> No.10034184

I see. Yeah it seems like our situations are indeed pretty similar. I'm sorry, dude. Your misery is my misery.

>> No.10034189
File: 49 KB, 680x606, saberfuck.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I am an insanely jealous and possessive person. If I got even a hint that she was even harmlessly flirting with another guy I'd go psycho.

For all its worth, anon, I would enjoy smashing your face in for such behavior.

>> No.10034194

Maybe it really makes sense to put some effort into getting more chill. You see it yourself, your jealousy is not reasonable and gives no effect other than spreading negativity around. I had a gf, who was getting nuts over really dumb things, and besides that she kept liking other girls in social media. It was quite annoying desu and I couldn’t affect that in any way, so I decided to get used to it. Like if she says she only likes me, it won’t hurt to actually trust when she says so.

>> No.10034199

>flirting with someone else while in a relationship
Smash both their faces in please.

>> No.10034200

Chill down. Oftentimes it’s not a part of matting game, but just a way to be friendly.

>> No.10034221
File: 38 KB, 643x425, 1540998550234.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Tfw trans and spending all this money on a coord im not sure i'll ever have the courage to wear to a meetup

>> No.10034222

Please don't be that sissy fetishist. Make sure you pass completely.

>> No.10034223

I'm not a fetishist I swear to god but I can never be completely sure that I pass as much as I do everything I can to

>> No.10034224

Sissy fetishists never realize they are the sissy fetishist.

>> No.10034225

Not only it’s abusing, but also dehumanizing. My ex bf used to be like this, but he also was lurkin over my browser history. I still remember how I got that pimple near to the booty hole and was too embarrassed to google wtf is that because he could see it and think I’m gross.

>> No.10034226

I'm asexual and disgusted by sex in all forms. I just want to wear a cute fashion and feel cute.

>> No.10034230
File: 40 KB, 483x274, 777C2589-BC22-4C07-AEEC-1B44842721BD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why do fatties, itas and unwashed lolitas feel they need to wear the dress they’re selling in their photos? I just came across some posts on LM where the buyer had stuffed their body into a tiny AP dress that looked like it was about to burst. A Lolita in my local community too posts outfit shots when selling her stuff. I bought from her before. The dress was yellow and stained, the zip was broken and it stank.

>> No.10034231

>keeping your browser history
Anon, private mode.

>> No.10034232

Most of the time people like anons ex question empty browser history and deleted convos and go completely nuts.

>> No.10034235

For another chick
I have a long history of getting dumped for others (hell, one time the dude, in lack of better words, "left" me for his long-time girlfriend he didn't even tell me about until she sent me a very, very angry message) so I don't even really get that emotional about it anymore lol

>> No.10034241

You should be upset though. Being upset would be a normal emotional reaction.

>> No.10034249

Well, I AM upset. I just don't get as emotional about it as I used to, of course I'm going to feel a bit sorry for myself for a while because it's a shitty situation but I guess I have sorta given up.

But I'm probably reacting to it by not having any appetite instead of becoming a crying mess this time, which I prefer since the headache that comes with the crying is annoying.

>> No.10034251

I've had some people actually asking me for worn pictures for some items I'm selling, so I guess probably for that reason? I never post them by default though, I hate being in pictures so I don't even really have any for the vast majority of my clothes. If someone really wants to know I can take a picture for them.

>> No.10034254

You should let me be your bf since I'd have nobody else to leave you for

>> No.10034260

>tfw you sell a bunch of stuff on LM
>wrap the items in cute paper and include little gifts for everyone
>buyers receives their items
>no feedback
>no anything

How do you get LM feedback? Even when I'm doing a lot of extra stuff I can be lucky if I receive 1 feedback out of 10 sales.

>> No.10034262

You'd probably leave her for some other anon by accident.

>> No.10034263

Is this the thread where I get a cute lolita to suck my dick?

>> No.10034264

You could always message them, ask them if their item arrived okay and if you could exchange feedback. If you're polite about it I don't think people will mind

>> No.10034267

Nah, it's never happened out of all the relationships I've had. I've had it happen to me too, though

>> No.10034270

No, that was last thread. You missed out.

>> No.10034291

>empty browser history
Private mode isn't deleting your history. At most, it's just going to look like you were away from the computer or just browsing the same page for a couple of minutes.

>> No.10034296
File: 180 KB, 633x485, 1500948842804.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do i pick up girls at a con? Im so desperate for love and I dont think Ill find an anime loving gf anywhere else

>> No.10034298

Yeah I know. But you also said "keeping your browser history" which implied removing the browser history. Also, I had an ex like that and in my experience these people are able to spot things like these if you make the slightest mistake. It's possible anon was just simply afraid of their ex noticing. Or they couldn't think rationally or didn't know.

>> No.10034301

Just treat them like people and see where that leads you. You might just find someone you like and that likes you back.

Don't go in with the mindset of "tfw no gf" and just look for a quick hook up.

>> No.10034308

Yeah, I was referring to always using private mode or equivalent. The person you just replied to wasn't me though.

>> No.10034309

I've been cheated on twice if that helps add context to my shitty behaviour.

>> No.10034310

Me too, wanna hook up? I'd be way more comfortable dating someone who knows how much it hurts being on the receiving end of infidelity, then I know they won't betray me.

>> No.10034311

If you're cute, willing to do degenerate things and pretend like they never happened as we watch anime on the couch then yes.

>> No.10034313

how degenerate are we talking here?

>> No.10034314

Im not even sure how to talk to people at a con. People are always moving around and stuff, its hard to sit down and talk. I dont want a hook up, I just want love.

>> No.10034315

If you have to ask...

>> No.10034316

All right then, keep your secrets.

>> No.10034317

I have a wide variety of interests from bring tied up and having you suffocate me with your pussy to tying you up and having you hump a pillow until you're just about to cum and then taking the pillow away, then giving the pillow back to repeat everything until you cry.

>> No.10034320

Oh sorry, maybe should've mentioned I'm a guy in my first post.

>> No.10034321

I can be the girl or you can be the girl, it doesn't matter as long as you make a cute girl.

>> No.10034322

You've probably realise by now, but I wasn't the anon you were talking to.

>> No.10034323

Maybe? Back when I had longer hair I did actually get mistaken for a girl sometimes when my arms were covered, despite being 6'3" and very broad-shouldered.

>> No.10034324

I got mistaken as a girl a few time in highschool by small children because of my emo hair, small frame and looking like I had anorexia.

I'm 6'1" now though and don't have a faggot haircut.

>> No.10034325

why don't you both be the girl

>> No.10034327

Because that's gay.

>> No.10034328

that's the idea

>> No.10034329

how so?

>> No.10034330
File: 42 KB, 720x455, 1441901346852.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hinting that you want to fuck someone is "just a way to be friendly?"

>> No.10034331

Two girls doing it? Sounds pretty gay to me.

>> No.10034332

it's only gay if clits touch

>> No.10034335


>> No.10034337

So what's the best way to contact you?

>> No.10034338

Carrier pigeon or message in a bottle.

>> No.10034339

FYI Sometimes people flirt not in order to get laid.

>> No.10034343

what? like "ita"?

>> No.10034345

This is true. I've seen it happen in these threads.

>> No.10034353

Chose me , >>10034320 would never appreciate all the fun of pussy suffocation. If you choose me, I’d let you grab my hair and wipe my face off your pussy till you cum.

>> No.10034355

Can you guys even fucking read?

>> No.10034356

I'm not a girl, sorry to disappoint.

>> No.10034357

No, I'm illiterate, it's my charm point.

Is anyone in this thread a girl or are we just all guys pretending to be girls?

>> No.10034359

I thought we were all girls pretending to be guys.

>> No.10034360

im a girl but im asexual and have a crush on my best friend and am trans

>> No.10034361

That just sounds like leading someone on desu.
But that's shitposting

>> No.10034363
File: 33 KB, 367x314, Dp9ySocXcAAf_Ud.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I bet the moment these two thirsty guys arrived the whole thread vacated of any girls instantly. Way to go, champs.

>> No.10034364

I'm just some guy in love with some girl very far away from me and now some guy anon wants me to smother him with my pussy.

>> No.10034366

Even the girls aren't really girls.

>> No.10034368

They'll be back when the shitposting dies down

>> No.10034370

>implying we don't shitpost just as hard

>> No.10034371

Amendment: They'll be back when the thirsty shitposting goes back to butthole inspection shitposting

>> No.10034377
File: 133 KB, 245x298, 1506991137244.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>when you finally have friends to go to the con with

>> No.10034378
File: 774 KB, 726x1128, E2AE9F9D-6E80-483E-9DEB-E0A50777596E.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Take your thirsty asses back to /soc/

>> No.10034380

>when you get jealous of someone else's feel on /cgl/

>> No.10034384

how do i shitpost on /soc/ though? go into hookups threads and post about looking for friends to platonically cuddle or something?

>> No.10034385

You can be my friend and come too if you'd like c:

>> No.10034387
File: 63 KB, 1024x686, 93D4947A-C6F5-4248-97B3-D7BDB8FECF61.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Go back to /a/, gemposter.

>> No.10034392

Do you behave in a socially acceptable manner in public?

>> No.10034397

Now we can see why you don't have friends. Your standards are too high.

>> No.10034398
File: 997 KB, 257x144, uuuuu.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw having a good time on /cgl/ and then you get posted

>> No.10034400

Don't make it a big deal and it won't be a big deal.

>> No.10034406

>but it was an inspo thread

>> No.10034417

You tell people to go back to /soc/, but /soc/ doesn't have people to share interests with. It's just all dudes posting dicks. I don't want to talk to a lolita about her vagina, I want to learn about her brands.

>> No.10034421

I want to talk to a lolita about her vagina and/or it being on my face

>> No.10034423

>tfw your dream dress is posted, but there's a hamplanet squeezed into it

>> No.10034425

The horror.

But now imagine saving it, restoring it, replacing the shirring and giving it a more loving home forever.

>> No.10034432

Im not a cringey weeb, yes

>> No.10034437
File: 152 KB, 1180x1200, C710511A-DEBA-40D3-8F24-7F99CC74E58C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw I wasn’t involved in the gayposting

>> No.10034440

you can gaypost with me anytime bby

you like bears?

>> No.10034441

Betraying her privacy is a long stretch to accomplish that though

>> No.10034442

Depends. How much you squat?

>> No.10034444

I'm a chub bear, not a muscle bear.

>> No.10034446
File: 128 KB, 500x615, 423EBFCD-1799-4482-97A1-7863899B49A6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yikes sweetie my condolences

>> No.10034450
File: 56 KB, 320x240, 1509043836894.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wish I had someone to talk about lolita with. Idk why but I have had most fun discussing it with non-lolitas on another image board. There were few guys who apparently actually enjoyed my autistic dress speech and even enjoyed it. Bonus was they weren't creepy and atleast one of them had interesting things to say. Warm memories.

>> No.10034466

>They aren't evident to anyone that I'm even very close to.
Yes they are. If they're glaring to strangers on the internet, then you best believe the people closest to you know about it.

>They don't affect how much I try for the people I care about.
Maybe not the amount but it definitely affects the manner in which you show that care.

>> No.10034471

Not even a little bit. You're putting other through the same pain you experienced, you degenerate.

>> No.10034473
File: 57 KB, 816x640, aldkfja.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wish I knew this feel

>> No.10034476
File: 52 KB, 515x413, E2ECA75E-A5CF-464B-982F-4BF3898E393C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good morning, everyone

>> No.10034479
File: 168 KB, 500x626, F88F9D90-8B89-4258-AF7B-0CDD92FBC414.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10034480

You have to try holding their hand or something or its all fake

>> No.10034483
File: 43 KB, 523x560, 2BAF06A7-F02F-4058-8329-F807391515D8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If I cosplay this “Sensei” character, will I get a sparkly girlfriend?

>> No.10034484

It's easy to assume what strangers on the Internet do or think, gull. I advise not to do that or make generalizations.

>> No.10034488

The gem posters are dudes, my dude. At least one of them is.

>> No.10034489

Are trannies really dudes or some kind of "other"?

>> No.10034494

They aren't trannies, one is just a crossdresser.

>> No.10034499

It's like comparing raspberries and black berries.

>> No.10034502

>checking thread on my phone
>Weird number calls
>Pick up after basically one signal
>I was holding my phone after all
>Meaty bass riff.mp3
>Listen in confusion
>After six seconds they hang up

I feel oddly happy. It was a good riff.

>> No.10034506
File: 62 KB, 527x558, 40B734B5-0AA5-4907-9686-0A7ECDE29C69.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>If I cosplay this “Sensei” character will I get a sparkly girlfriend?
Not with that attitude. Nobody wants someone who isn’t actually interested in the show.

Can confirm I’m male, and I know at least one of the gemposters from the previous thread is male (the buff one who posted his cosplay)

>> No.10034507
File: 55 KB, 370x320, hiragi_rin_deal_with_it.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That makes three with me. All gem posters are thus male and there is no justice in this world.

>> No.10034510
File: 835 KB, 1343x1920, 9F96AC95-2FCD-4ADB-B2C2-31AB2280F57B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just out of curiosity, what is it about the gem anime that makes so many guys want to cosplay it? It’s a pretty girly aesthetic and the outfits don’t seem like something most dudes would be comfortable wearing.

>> No.10034513

Because it's a pretty girly aesthetic without being downright crossplay.

>> No.10034515
File: 147 KB, 1125x1317, 0328EB17-F51F-4C0E-8DD5-0FE51A93DFE0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

To show off our bulges, duh.

And because we genuinely like the characters.

>> No.10034516
File: 275 KB, 875x1828, 95BF55C9-7F18-44B6-ACD3-F858F631018E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Still waiting for you to post your Antarc cosplay bitch. WITH bulge.
>no justice
Nonsense. Tits on a gem is haram.

>> No.10034518

Okay, I guess I'm gonna have to watch this show.

>> No.10034519
File: 1.46 MB, 1124x1569, D8A9455C-3725-434F-8E34-8627063304C0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is a blue board, you perv

>> No.10034526

>Nonsense. Tits on a gem is haram.

I saw a lot of cute flat female gems at Otakon this year and they had their cleavage under control.

>> No.10034529
File: 1.68 MB, 540x304, 1541920166815.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

One more, gemposter reporting in!

>> No.10034530

Soon we'll be able to do group cosplay.

>> No.10034542

>tfw no qt bf to listen to me babble about my burando

>> No.10034558

Knowing my luck we probably all live on opposite sides of the world and could never actually cosplay together, but gemposting together is fun

>> No.10034560

>tfw no Lolita gf to give me her opinion on the virtual coords I put together but have no interest in ever wearing

>> No.10034576
File: 1.78 MB, 400x279, 1541461198119.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Please don't hurt me that way

>> No.10034593

Can't be your boyfriend without knowing you. I'd still listen to your stories though.

>> No.10034635
File: 36 KB, 400x312, 3595B564-5711-4758-9E20-4C54219F13E9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is this thread on autosage? I’m not ready for it to die

>> No.10034651

Make a new thread so we can post more gems

>> No.10034659

I think I’ve read on previous threads that someone from the discord is supposed to post it?

>> No.10034668


>> No.10034677

Anyone who feels arsed can make a new feels thread when the time is right. What you're referring to was when a certain discord server always did this with stupid editions filled with inside jokes and shenanigans. It got to the point where people started complaining, aka when you read about it.

>> No.10034872

There's literally two other people before me who said that you do, I'm not making generalizations. But goddamn, you're in this hole deep.

>> No.10035834

I feel you anon. We should do a meet and lets kill the silence with our mouths

>> No.10035839

Not trying hard enough anon. I’m a guy who loves a Dandy in Space with one desire: To attend every “Boobies” breastaurants in the universe

>> No.10035845

My best friend and now life partner felt the same way anon. She was hell bent on this attitude that she tried breaking up with me years ago because of her friends and the fact that I couldn’t be there as much as I wanted or even could have. She thought I was cheating and all when little did she know was that I was only working hard trying to improve both our QOL. I couldn’t give her the world and the time I had was short but when she finally realized that I only had eyes for her and worked hard for my money that she understood the whys and hows of my situation and she brought me back in her heart. Maybe it can happen to you, maybe it can’t but it is heavily dependent if you actually value the people that are around you or the people closest to you that are mostly in the background. Decide what’s best for you and wish you the best anon

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