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For only $18, Forever21 will help you become a real anime with this eyeshadow palette book. Are you hype, anon?

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I like how the whole cover is pink, but there's only one real pinkku in the whole thing. And four almost identical shades of off-white.

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what a shite looking anime themed palette. Might as well buy a better quality neutral palette from Morphe or some quad from the drugstore with that many similar colors.

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Why put a magical girl on the cover then make the entire palette nude/neutral??

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....Is this real?

>the "nasake" on the right middle
o i am laffin

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It's real. There are even youtube reviews.

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>manga eyeshadow palette
>samey instathot makeup instead of something themed to a more cutesy theme like the girl on the palette cover

I mean I guess she didn't have that much choice, but would it kill her to do something different than fuckin laser cut eyebrows and smokey eyeshadow?

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LMAO can we do away with overlined lips already? Those only look good on drag queens

But I'm not surprised. I've gone to Riley Rose several times in my area and only one of the employees doesn't do "instahoe" makeup. This had a lot of potential. Maybe should hand the concept over to sugarpill, they're more familiar with not-basic makeup looks.

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All I could hear in my head was "hey, wanna look like one of your precious animu? Want some funny, crazy palettes to express yourself with? Look at this cover, doesn't it look promising? BOOM BITCH ENJOY YOUR 16 SHADES OF MOTHERFUCKING BROWN"

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Absolute trash. When people bitch about people buying makeup for packaging this is exactly what they mean. Also, pretty sure all makeup from F21 is shit anyways.

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I'm absolutely no artist but is it me or does the girl on the cover have really odd proportions? If we look at the legs and compare it to the angle of the torso

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I am in love with that outside, but wtf at the colors? I’ll just buy a Sugarpill palette and print an anime character for the front.

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There is only one shade in that whole palette that even looks like pink on my screen. I can only imagine this being used for middle school aged weebs wanting to show how anime they are.

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Rude cosmetics is a cheap makeup brand intended for small companies to buy from wholesale. This was just one of many book themed palettes. Others were unicorn themed, scifi themed, but all had pretty neutral colors since the intended audience is for normies, not weebs and lolitas. F21 did not make this palette.

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Her use of the Bikini Bottom font, fuck.

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Keeks depotted it and replaced the pans with MAC eyeshadows. I like her version so much more than the original!

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>attacking girls choice of makeup on this board and complaining when theyve never talked to you

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>girls never criticize other girls
Are you new here?

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