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What were your most embarrassing cosplay or lolita moments?

I fell down the stairs running away from a furry.

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What did the furry do?

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What did the furry ever do to you

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I was at my first meet and wearing platforms and ended up eating major shit with a pie in my hand. Luckily nothing got ripped or destroyed (even the pie!) but i did it in front of my whole comm and i scuffed my platforms pretty bad

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My friend was at con when her tights from Wish exploded in the rear. Everyone started dabbing on her thonged butt until finally a kind Jojo came and covered her ass with a Sword Art Online wall scroll.

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lol my first ever car accident. I was coming home from a con and I didn't check my blindspot (was still a newbie driver) and accidentally bumped the car in the next lane.

I was still in lolita so I panicked and ripped off my wig so I could look more normal and not like a complete crazy. Unfortunately my dress was bright and colorful since I was a sweet lolita, and one of the people from the other car audibly gasped. Thankfully it was a minor scratch and no police were called.

I offered no explanation as to why I was dressed like that nor did they ask but I'm glad I can forget about it.

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Good grief man.

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It's wild that they didn't even call the police. Must have assumed you were mental or something.

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Most embarrassing part of that whole story is that you own an SAO wall scroll.

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You don't call the police unless the damage exceeds $500 or there is an injury. (At least in NY this is the case)

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No, I don't.

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are you illiterate, anon?

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Being invited to dance by a 2B far out of my league

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>That mentality
not gonna make it

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I was a shy cute 9S who was much shorter than her, i couldn't fucking keep my cool dancing with her.

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Was it a nice booty at least?

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secondhand embarrassment but:
>be me and friend near decade ago, babby's first con
>participate in cosplay contest because "Shiny!" and had a decent skit
>dont get an award, but we had cardboard props so I wasnt expecting much
>friend is saltine cracker/10
>deadpoolbro (before deadpool was normie fotm for 4 years because of the movie) is chatting us up as awards are announced
>friend grumbles "oh the only reason those landwhales won is because theyre friends with the judges"
>deadpoolbro just like turns sideways and goes "one of those landwhales is my wife"
>just stare at friend and slowly shuffle away
>deadpoolbro turns out to be con security

drifted apart from that friend and he left college and got married early and is now miserable, while I see deadpoolbro every year at a handful of cons in the same area. Nice guy. Friend, not so much. You live and learn

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To be fair furries are creepy.

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That's pretty cute Anon
Should've danced with her then let her mommydom you while she "bullies" your dick.

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At my first con (I was about 15) I was hyped the fuck up because I was so happy to have made friends that had the same interested and sense of humor as I did, that when someone in the group said "we should totally go to the main floor and sing the pokemon opening!" it sounded like a really good idea at the time. I think we made it past the first couple lines before all imploding from embarrassment.
She was probably making fun of you then

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Holy crap, my neighbour hanged himself this summer.

My most embarrasing moment was dropping my butter beer on my velvet skirt. Also the strong smell that never faded.

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>betraying your friend at first sign of trouble
regardless of whether or not one of them was his wife, a landwhale is a landwhale anon

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Turned at a corner at the convention too fast and ran into a life sized CoD advert soldier cardboard cutout. I jumped back and knocked a real CoD cosplayer to the floor. The panel staff started laughing and telling each other to go pick the props up off the floor.
There were just sooo many identical soldiers walking around the center as advertisment for the games I always felt watched and judged.

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Brought granny to con and she said the n word.

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that happened

To contribute to this thread: I fell into an elevator in front of another lolita during Fanime this year. I locked eyes with her as I was falling down and she had this look of complete shock. The security guard told me to watch my step as I was falling down which was hilarious. At least the lolita complimented my coordinate so I wasn’t as embarrassed as I could have been.

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based grandma

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I got mistaken for a sex worker thrice when I decided to do a stupid demon dress-up for the rave event. Once by an officer, twice by civilians.

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Bf had stomach ache and blamed me for his farts,

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you mean you arent?

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Only in highschool, and for two thousand dollars for an evening dressed as Lunamaria it's hard to pass up

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>Middle school
>New to this school, don’t know people well yet but there’s a cute boy in one of the classes
>Halloween, so everyone gets to wear costumes for school
>Was around 2009, I was really into Haruhi so cosplayed her
>Everyone looks up to me and people show off their own costumes to me, I compliment them
>Decide to dance Hare Hare Yukai in front of the class before a lesson begins
>Wanted to teach it to others as well, a few people volunteer to come and learn the dance with me
>The cute boy volunteers as well
>Start teaching the first few moves
>Decide it would be a fun prank to pull the cute boy’s pants down as we dance
>Do it
>Everyone screams, the whole class is at disarray
>Some kid runs and tells the principal
>I get called to the principal’s office
>I get fired from my job as a substitute teacher for groping a student

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Some autistic ass cunt was hitting on my bf at a con so bad. I was cosplaying from the same video game series he was, but it was like a minor cute character so I could go along with and support him. She begins talking to us and asks me about what games i've played. I explain to her that I'm not interested in the games at the moment, but I wanted to do something fun with my bf and go along with him. Idk why, but that infuriated her.

Cunt decides to follow us into a panel about the game. My boyfriend left me to see his friends, I sat down and started playing my DS, minding my business. And this bitch proceeds to sit next to me and starts harrassing me, mansplaining the character i was cosplaying to me and calling me a fake fan. I got really mad, told her to fuck off, and left the panel. What made it really agonizing was that there was other people sitting around us just looking uncomfortable af and not saying anything.

Needless to say, boyfriend joined me up and felt like shit about not being there. And that's essentially why I definitely will never get into any Final Fantasy games because holy shit, no thanks.

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wait, you were a teacher there? and pulled a students pants?
what the fucking hell, girl, of course you'd get fired for that. what were you thinking??
also, pulling pants is never funny. it's something little kids or infantile people do. jeez.

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>running around in HnK cosplay costume on Halloween
>freeze my balls off
>get catcalled and strangers ask if I do escort work
I’m a guy.

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the end is a copy pasta yo

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One cosplay included this really loose, draped shirt. It was last day of the con and I decided to go braless since no one would notice. Well, afterwards I looked at some pictures and realized it was really noticable. Basically I showed my nipples to everyone. Thank god the character were really obscure and only few people took my picture.

So remember kids to wear your bra or other undergarment

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I can feel your righteous fury anon. Of all the things I wish I would be able to say and do in your shoes.

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>Wearing a HnK cosplay (white winter uniform)
>Got a random boner on the con floor

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Post pics

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Anon, are you saying that you want to see my gem-itals?

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I’m saying I want to get my rocks off

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ya, I've been embarrassed before but that was next-level. I'm still gonna cosplay but fuck, some fandoms out there need to see how they're being represented and why people think they're full of elitist assholes

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pasties = better than bras, they don't accidentally ride up or show anything

>> No.10033947

They never will. That's why you need to steel yourself against those types and stand your ground. It's not their duty to determine who is allowed in the fandom. You have a place there just as anyone. Or honestly, just ignore them. To people who want attention like that, it's the worst punishment you can serve.

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This but they hurt my tiddy comin off. I won't stop using them because of that but still

>> No.10033973

free the nips
bras are tit torture chambers

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u right anon, thanks for that

>> No.10034019

Tripped in my RHS in front of some normies who had just asked me how well I could walk in them and I said they were very easy to walk in

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wtf kinda pasties are you using mine come off super easily.

>> No.10034023

Either you're used to it or I have sensitive nips.

>> No.10034026

oh shit you reminded me of when i wore a pastel goth outfit to school and i tripped on my own swankiss platforms. tore up my knee and my wig almost came off. nearly kms lmao

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ankle randomly gave way in heels and fell into a bush in Disneyland just as Tiana and her group of dancing people came toward the little platform. I fell into the bushes right beside the platform. I thank Mana every day for blessing me with bloomers.

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I think the most embarrassing part of that story is the fact you were wearing pastel goth

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you're not supposed to put the adhesive part right over your nips, there's a non-stick little pad over the nips and adhesive on the rest of the tiddy.

It's still not super pleasant but it's no worse than ripping off a bandaid. Use baby oil if it hurts to remove. The bonus is moisturized tiddies

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>embarrassing lolita moments
lolitas are embarassing so the first word is redundant

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I was waiting in a very long registration line for a con. About an hour into it the girl behind me told me my skirt had been unzipped the whole time. I'm glad she told me, but she could have said something a bit sooner!

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>Get married too early
>Be miserable because you jumped into adulthood without experience and don't know wtf you are doing.

>Get married too late
>Be miserable because you always feel like you lost out on younger more pure love and always wonder what was and could have been.

>Don't get married
>Be miserable because dating in your 30s sucks due to large amounts of incel creepers on the male side and whiny single mothers looking for a meal ticket to help her raise Tyrones bastard on the female side.

Why is love suffering no matter what you fucking do?

>> No.10034891

You don't stunt your emotional development once you enter a relationship or marriage, anon. Your partner is supposed to be (one of) your best friend(s). They help you grow and grow with you.

> feel like you lost out on younger more pure love
Mature love has its benefits as well. There are some things that can be felt more deeply and earnestly at a more mature age, such as being emotionally open with another human being enough to share your fears and insecurities.

I can't speak to the older dating scene, but there's absolutely people out there who don't want to get married too. You just gotta weed through the rejects to find them.

Love will come to you when the time is right.

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Poverty drives individuals to do wicked things.

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>be 12
>first con ever
>cosplaying Wrath from FMA (literal trash costume)
>My friends did walkons so I was like "Yea I'll do it too!"
>Get over excited at supportive congoers while on stage
>Proceed to run off stage after my time
>Proceed to trip over rail weight that was holding down the curtain
>Bashed my face off the floor and con staff had to clean up the aftermath of my bloody nose

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"Dabbing on her thonged butt" Is an iconic collection of words

>> No.10035216

The traps you described apply to immature people, dumb people, or people who tricked themselves into thinking they’re NOT asexual or aromantic.

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Last year at AWA. In the hotel room, I complimented my friend's little sister on her Ryuko cosplay. He thought I was perving on her and told me to lay off. Made me feel like a creep. I tried to prove that she didn't arouse me by showing them both my flaccid penis, but they refused to listen to reason.

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>I tried to prove that she didn't arouse me by showing them both my flaccid penis, but they refused to listen to reason
what the fuck

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>her tights from Wish exploded in the rear
Must have been a terrible fart.

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This wasn't embarrassing for me personally but it was really funny
> At work talking to co-workers
> Favorite co-worker also likes lolita
>While talking about it another co worker asks 'is there a lolita style for guys?'
>Before I can answer the new guy who started that day interrupts and says
>I say no and that shota is usually a fetish thing
>He pulls me aside later saying 'thanks for warning me about that shota thing I had no idea'

sure bro, good cover.

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>lolita meetup in a city I've never been to
>cool, time to bust out my new platforms
>we head to the old part of town
>twist my ankle on the cobblestone no less than five times
>foot up for a week, ankle is fucking bright red
>immediately retire platforms

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there ways to tactfully harpoon landwhales, and shit talking one to her husband is not it.

if you always think about what could have been instead of what you currently have, its going to hurt no matter what. you need to change what youre focusing on.

>> No.10036236

Your fault for wearing brand new shoes in a place you've never been. Brand new shoes take time to break in regardless if you're walking somewhere familiar or not.

>> No.10036323

Oh it totally was. I just really wanted to wear them regardless and I paid the price for it. Coord shot was great tho.

>> No.10036346

>Consider myself an almost daily lolita, wearing taobao for daily errands because comfy
>Wearing classic/sweet, toned down print, nothing OTT
>Donating blood because I'm healthy and it doesn't take much out of my day
>Lady collecting blood comments on my style
>"I really like your dress, do you wear these types of clothes all the time?"
>Explain it's what I like to wear where practical
>"You know, I saw a documentary on the internet about the people that wear the type of clothes you're wearing"
>Completely lose my spaghetti; desperately trying to explain I'm not a living doll, and that the community is in no way associated to any of the perceived sexualisation
>"Oh, I think it was a documentary on one of the designers. I just thought the details on the dresses were really pretty"
>Awkward silence across the room where others are still donating blood
>Waiting desperately to finish my blood donation so I can leave and never return to that clinic again

>> No.10036386

how did it turn out? I wouldn't be surprised if I actually came up with some excuse to GET THE FUCK outta there if that were me.

>> No.10036482

Canada, GTA. Why? Is there a gem prostitution ring I don't know about?

>> No.10036610

from the beer or from the neighbor?

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read some existentialist literature and it will make sense

tl;dr fuck you bitch kys

>> No.10036693

Oh no. Maybe next time you should wait until the other person brings it up before you vehemently deny it. This is also why it's generally better to just not bring up Nabokov/the unfortunate connotations of the name lolita unless the person you're talking to does, because otherwise you're placing the association in the person's mind when it wasn't there before.

>> No.10036732

Ayrt. That's dark. I like it.
This convo made my day

>> No.10036907

Oldie but a goodie.

>D*C over a decade ago, can’t remember what year
>like 3 in the goddamn morning
>me and my buddy are slightly buzzed and wearing mid-00’s OTT sweet, complete with matching wigs, you remember that trend
>we’ve both reached that state of sleep-deprived where your brain is working about five steps behind everything you’re doing
>walking around looking for WiFi so we can hook our DSes up to do some global trading in Pokemon
>I’m not looking where I’m going
>smack right into someone
>I bounce off this brick shithouse of a dude and fall ass over teakettle on the ground
>I look up
>and up
>I’ve just run into a super jacked 6’4” black dude
>”oh god this is gonna get weird quick”
>all of a sudden he leans down and basically picks me up and puts me back on my feet
>”oh my god are you ok I didn’t see you there, you guys look amazing, I didn’t ruin your dress did I, what is all this you guys have on this is really cool”
>explaining lolita to a dude literally a foot taller than me whose arms are bigger around than both of mine together
>meanwhile friend is just staring in that “my brain can’t comprehend what I’m seeing” way
>he thanks me for the explanation and heads towards the hotel elevators
>I turn to friend
>”that was weird”
>she’s silent, then:
>”no, that was Christopher Judge.”

and that’s how I explained lolita to Teal’c.

>> No.10037238 [DELETED] 

It took me too long to realize HnK didn't refer to Hokuto No Ken in this case

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I made the mistake of thinking lolitas were nice. Embarrassing.

>> No.10037287

>drifted apart from that friend
Kind of a dick move.

>> No.10037295

sounds like a person problem.

>> No.10037314

You're lucky my story was the exact opposite
>Grandma is in care
>loves my 'pretty dresses' so wear lolita whenever I visit to cheer her up
>nurse asks me about it
>give the Japanese street fashion spiel
>next visit
>"I googled your fashion Anon, all these youtube vidoes came up!"
>This woman takes the tlc living doll episodes info over mine
>Now thinks I spend all my time doing 'dolly things' and that it's a weird fetish
>Can't not visit my grandmother

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why is this the post i could barely contain my sides about

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I can never resist busting this one out, excuse me. In all seriousness, some people are shitty regardless of what they wear. If they're shitty in jeans and tshirts, they'll still be shitty in frills and bows. I wish they'd be mature and cordial but that's just how things are, unfortunately.

>> No.10037528

someone reasonable. i like you

>> No.10037590

Oh shit. I've been reading HnK as NhK. I was thinking why the fucking is every one combining welcome to the nhk with houseki no kuni...

I'm a fucking dumbass.

>> No.10037650

and then he got you

that shit gave me a b****

>> No.10037657

what did you cosplay?

>> No.10037658

Thanks for the laugh anon

>> No.10037661

>I’m a guy.
*insert "yes, and?" picture here*

>> No.10038094

Does this word have any meaning?

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I wanna see your gembutt

>> No.10038165

>Get married too late
>Be miserable because you always feel like you lost out on younger more pure love and always wonder what was and could have been.

you act like you can't just date someone in your early 20s-late 20s and then get married

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>small local con
>in audience of cosplay contest
>walk-on category
>artist from AA's 12-year-oldish sister enters walk-on category wearing kawaii facemask and pikachu hoodie as her own original character
>watch her skip gleefully up the stairs onto the stage, on top of the world
>remember what it's like to be that young and carefree
>watch as girl gallops across the stage, on cloud nine
>girl completely misses steps going off the stage
>body keeps going
>flips up at 180-degree-angle
>lands squarely on back
>audience gasps and sits in silence
>...shift uncomfortably as secondhand embarrassment of poor young girl's shining moment comes crashing down, dragging all our hopes and dreams down with it
>MC rushes over to check on her
>girl painstakingly gets up and shuffles away
>MC: "she's okay! walk it off! yeah!"
>crowd claps for girl
>two girls in front of me burst into laughter
>try so hard to hold it in but the schadenfreude is too much

God bless that girl. We've all had that moment that's going so right suddenly go so wrong.

>> No.10038254

I was too shy to dance. She gave me her number though. I haven't spoken with her yet.

>> No.10038350

well that's going pretty well. I'm routing for you anon!

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>I tried to prove that she didn't arouse me by showing them both my flaccid penis, but they refused to listen to reason

>> No.10039189

>She gave me her number though. I haven't spoken with her yet
If you didn't text her when she gave it to you it's probably someone else's

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Mine was at a local con about a year ago. There were people who go to cons and interview cosplayers asking them questions for YouTube videos, and the girl who was doing the interviews came up to me and asked me the question for the video. Instead of giving a regular answer I tried to be funny and make a joke surrounding the character I was cosplaying but I botched it so fucking hard that I ended up just making myself look like a complete retard. I genuinely can't look at that part of the video without being overwhelmingly embarrassed, and I've made sure never to tell anyone I know about it because of how autistic I made myself look.

>> No.10039404

Give us a taste of what you said, anon

>> No.10039624

awww bless

>> No.10039685

Oh, this reminds me of some good shit.
> A national tv channel was recording a series about people who didnt had sex yet.
> Some 30y/o ugly guy signs up.
> Takes crew to local anime convention
>He has a friend of mine show him around and introduce him to different girls.
>Actually needed to talk to her as she brought some stuff I bought from her.
At this point I found her in the busy, loud karaoke room. I couldn't hear anyone further than 1m away due to the noise.

>Go talk to her, unaware the camera crew is there (at the other side of the room.)
>She starts to introduce me to this guy.
>I dont even hear what he is saying and she doesnt notice.
>Akward reactions.jpg
>A month later, I get bombarded by messages of old friends from school and people at the shop I worked at started talking to me about seeing me on television. In a show. About people trying to get laid. I just then heard what they were saying and it's still quite embarrassing.

And I was in that show for around 3sec or so. There was another cosplayer.. ohh. I wonder how she is doing now. She got bullied by everyone, even radiohosts started using little bits of things she said on that show.

>> No.10039693

How shallow. Not that I expect more from /cgl/.

>> No.10039694

Had a bladder infection and pissed myself. Only two people were around (thankfully).

>> No.10040114

Funny how so many people at cons running around in anime costumes they bought from China and Party City capeshit hate fursuiters who have more talent in craftmanship than they'll ever have.

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Pls try harder next time

>> No.10040522


>> No.10040959

please don't take the things you read on this board to heart, good grief

>> No.10041067

Walked around the con for hours before I realized my buttcrack was out.

>> No.10041083

I watch my friend put on her shitty sailor moon cosplay and take pictures with her. God bless your poor soul Jennifer.

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>My friend helped me dye my hair dark blue for a cosplay a week before a con I was going to
>hair faded to pink by the time the con rolled around

>> No.10041854

I once went to a con by myself because everyone else i knew fucked off to a meet my friend was holding that i didnt get invited too, and the con was Halloween themed.
My friend is the MC and the guy who's doing most the events and lets me be a judge for the talent contest because he couldnt give a fuck about some 15 year olds singing Vocaloid songs on Halloween. Halfway through some girl comes up as Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul and says she's gonna sing the OP from it. I THOUGHT I said under my breath "God, Tokyo Ghoul is shit". What I DID say was a vey audible "GOD TOKYO GHOUL IS SHIT" and everyone in the hall heard me, and then I had a bunch of angry 13-17 year olds trying to get to explain why i hate Tokyo Ghoul and if I "hate fun". This all came to a Harley Quinn cosplayer who looked no more than 16 in her fucking corset, bra and hotpants, trying to stab me with her fake knife and kick me in the balls because i hated her fave anime.
I wasnt embarresed but i sure was made a fool out of that day

>> No.10043438
File: 23 KB, 296x442, 1304459692304.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Harley Quinn
>no more than 16
>corset, bra and hotpants

>> No.10043452

>blue to pink
what the fuck ,

>> No.10045147

>Canadians being impolite
Sounds fake to me

(but if you were downtown people probably wouldn't blink an eye considering the cons at the MTCC)

>> No.10045454


>> No.10045458

This is what happens when you spend too much time discussing anime on 4chan.

>> No.10045544

Based pure poster

>> No.10046326

It's funny you say that, because I never thought of it that way

I still hate furries, but at least they're better than the career instathots that buy all their shit and make nothing

>> No.10046467

big oof

>> No.10046472

>got married at 21 to the first/only guy i ever kissed
>moved countries left my family/friends to be with him
>almost 5 years together
>he is my best friend and we have a lot of common hobbies/interests
>i have never ever been happier in my entire life

i dont know what you mean anon

>> No.10046488

Got a long road ahead of you, anon

>> No.10046529

yeah but that was the plan?

and by together for 5 years i meant married for 5 years, we dated for 4 years before getting engaged.

>> No.10047289

Aww, congrats! My cousin has a similar story to yours, and she’s doing fantastically. I wish you the best!

>> No.10047442

What the fuck are you me? I've been together almost 6 years and got married at 22. Never been happier in my life.

>> No.10047451

I used to cosplay the 11th Doctor

>> No.10047879

I'm happy for you two.

>> No.10047897

I wish I could ban you two from this website

>> No.10047950 [DELETED] 

I hate you both.

>> No.10047953
File: 141 KB, 900x1400, a7d341f666ed2241e7e48b25770e1d83.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

First time cosplaying Kars from JOJOs bizarre adventure at Wondercon, was wearing a loincloth friends warned me to wear something under and a belt, I figure nah it'll be me, walking around in the middle of a massive crowd and clothe falls off revealing my shriveled man meat to the huddled masses.

>> No.10047986



The ultimate life form

>> No.10048027

Desperate cry for attention in a thread about cosplay.

>> No.10048038 [DELETED] 
File: 684 KB, 1280x1810, ae288f76c550fd4f0d57217f5484583b.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Be Me, 16 M
>Smash Con Sydney, 2018
>Cosplaying as Jotaro Kujo
>Everyone was pretty cool and many people asked for photos of me
>Feeling like the shit
>Some mid 20's guy comes up and ask me if I wanted to be recorded for a youtube video
>Generally don't like having my photos or videos of me online but fuck it
>He's says to do some interview rp thing
>Asks a couple of questions
>The last question was when you go to the aquarium what particular animals would you like to see
>mfw I realise I got the wrong fetish animal
>mfw I saw this guy uploaded the video

Bonus Story

>Last year, Same Con
>Cosplaying as Goku Black
>The venue was at a different place (Can't remember) but there was a lot of escalator to go to like the maid cafe or screenings and shit
>Some guy late 30's to early 40's dressed up sailor mars
>Thought of it as nothing
>Same guy carrying a prop bazooka
>Weird but whatever
>I go on the escalator
>There's a early 20's girl behind me on the escalator
>He's at the bottom of the escalator "tying his shoes"
>Realises this guy is doing pre bad shit
>I tell the girl behind me that she was being peaked at
>She thanks me
>We go to the help desk and file the guy a report
>Turns the same guy stole the prop and some figures

>> No.10048051


>> No.10048071

well, at least noone can blame you, that you haven't cosplayed it accurate

>> No.10048073

>got married to someone you started being with at 17

>> No.10048289
File: 23 KB, 360x480, 37179934_1692869477427084_410514992786309120_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hope to be very accurate by ALA

>> No.10048317
File: 281 KB, 316x356, 1475888501119.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>at an event as a Jawa
>I have to position myself for a photo
>got no peripheral vision with the Jawa hood
>get confused
>my friend who was wearing a Jar Jar costume decides to hump me because I didn't move, confused of where I should've gone
>laughs everywhere, but it was all good

So glad it was so quick no one took a photo of a Jawa getting dicked by Jar Jar Binks.

>> No.10048345
File: 238 KB, 2000x1125, 1*wyBlVnrEORmNIDxUR-Hs5g.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You should cosplay Xavier. You have the legs and general feeling for it.

>> No.10048373


A fan offered me money because she wanted permission to suck my boyfriend's dick.I lost my cool on stream.

>> No.10051640
File: 101 KB, 531x640, 27a7232ff17395c78b925228ab738e6e73820187.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You blew it, didn't you?

>> No.10051641

take it from me pasties aren't really worth it they hurt coming off (especially if you have small hairs) and are very uncomfortable to wear i usually opt to just not wear a bra if i can get away with it which is luckily almost all the time

>> No.10051644

hmm they’re perfectly fine w/ me they’re cheap and effective i would just recommend trying it before

>> No.10051715

Decent fursuits take a hell of a lot more work than the average cosplay at an anime convention.

The fursuit threads here are full of non-furries just admiring the work that go into them.

>> No.10051737
File: 137 KB, 340x340, 4837fbfn8.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw inverted nipples so no embarrassing nipple moments

>> No.10051748
File: 101 KB, 468x730, b4a6cac30b3340befac7fca2d9a7ae6b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A girl asked me what dress I was wearing at a con a few weeks back. It was Sunday, I was dead tired and had partied a little too hard the night before. I was wearing Chess Story's "Its High Tea Time" but for some reason I could only think of the brand Magic Tea Party and was so caught off guard. I was so out of it that day and somehow assumed no other lolitas would be approaching me that day to say hi. Anyway she asks what dress I'm wearing and I'm stuttering out "Magic Tea Party...." and she says "oh, what print?" and I kept saying Magic Tea Party until I exclaimed "Oh, no, actually, this is by Chess Story, but it's called Magic Tea Party?"
The girl was nice just obviously confused and talked to me about other stuff afterwards. In response to my wrong answer she just kind of tilted her head and changed the subject... Embarrassing...

I think the most spaghetti part was not the moment itself, but even moreso that several weeks later I can't stop thinking about it. Ugh

>> No.10052362

just being a furry is enough reason to run away from them.

>> No.10052376

On the other hand, you have inverted nipples.

>> No.10052493

I wore Lolita on a date. Turns out it was not just any date. It was a "pity date" after being led on for months and being told, 'I love you.'

>> No.10052516

Wtf did you kick his ass

>> No.10053405

I'm in a youtube video about SDCC, and the interviewer asks how my friend got body paint on him, and I proudly admit that we got up early and painted him and the scene cuts with our 3rd friend trying to say No NO NO.

>> No.10053473

You must be 18+ to post here

>> No.10053477

I don't know if I've ever been embarrassed.

I'm old and while I liked anime in high school, just observing the weebs taught me to hide my power levels.

Have a semi funny story tho

>be me
>colossal last year
>male but smol
>smol but still masc
>crossplay maybe twice at cons because harder to pull off a female than you'd expect due to shape
>be Toga because best girl, fight me
>learn the horrors of wearing a skirt because leather seats
>standing next to a line for food
>girl tells me she loves my Toga
>thank her
>she looks uncomfortable for a split second
>"that was a WAY deeper voice than I expected."
>guess it's an embarrassing story for her, so relevant.

>> No.10053480

oh my, you sound so cute, anon!

>> No.10053744

I bet you don't realize how there are tons of furries at conventions. Most don't wear custumes.

>> No.10064692


>> No.10065421
File: 102 KB, 422x408, 2b4ea755e3d7d01905e2d00c0efa63fedb53d5eeceae4eee91781d7f1eb80634.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I tried to prove that she didn't arouse me by showing them both my flaccid penis, but they refused to listen to reason.

>> No.10065951

im in the wrong game, i gotta try out cosplaying 9s sometime instead of obsure shit like Skullgirls Beowulf. Ive got a lifetime experience of being the shy little boi than some washed up wrestler showboater.

muh. i need this in my life.

>> No.10065959
File: 98 KB, 1024x788, 1545613415255.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That foot fetish photographer that creeps on young naive girls everyone always talks to on here? I let him take pics of my feet :/

>> No.10066955

my firts cosplay was hatsune miku, skirt was pretty short but i didnt care beacuse i was 10, so in this cosplay I came on some convention but to get food you have to go outside and it was fucking windy and my skirt flipped so everyone could see my pantsu

im still crying

>> No.10067015

buddy, you done fucked up

>> No.10067678

>Enter the masquerade
>Cosplaying a character with a big mascot head
>Head is front heavy, so needs to be secured at the back
>About to go up on stage, ask gopher to fasten the straps
>"Are you sure it's secure?" "Yes anon."
>Go up on stage
>Gopher hadn't attached a single strap
>Head falls off in front of 1000+ people
>Laugh and wave it off whilst dying inside
>Scuttle off stage, head back to hotel room and change out of cosplay

I can laugh about it now, but at the time I was ready to fucking die of embarrassment. Also, fuck gophers.

>> No.10067980

And yes cosplaying 9s is definitely fun but my convention was small and I didnt make any friends

>> No.10067998 [DELETED] 

he is literally a retired wrestler. but i do like him still and is best skullboy.
but i guess i could try 9s at AB, but i wouldnt mind trying out crossplaying.

>> No.10068001

he is literally a retired wrestler. but i do like him still and is best skullboy.
but i guess i could try 9s at AB. is 5'6 short enough?

>> No.10068002

>Best skullboy
That title belongs to Big Band.

I'd definitely step lightly into crossplay maybe like Gerudo Vai level, If I could, but my parents would judge me heavily.

>> No.10068009

i was thinking of something more covered that i could get away with, like something with long hair to cover my face more.

>> No.10068071

>Cosplay ncr veteran ranger
>Awful field of view, cant see own feet
>Navigate through crowd
>Suddenly hear some loud squek
>I almost stepped on a small dog
>Girl turns around and hits me in the chest
>"Yes, almost. I'm sorry."
>She calms down, excuses for hitting me
>I feel awful for almost stepping on a small doggo

This ruined my whole day.

>> No.10068138

>not hitting her back

>> No.10068216

Why would anyone have a dog in such a crowded place anyway?

>> No.10068473



>> No.10069187

I had a booger hanging out of my nose half the day at a con. Wasn't until just before a group photo shoot that someone said something to me.

>> No.10069366
File: 2.56 MB, 480x480, E917C14C-8D3A-4044-A233-E6D7D1F2E144.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Met my hero at Sakura Con a few years ago
>cry autie tears of joy
>finally calm down
>go to bathroom
>go to stall
>take down pants
>mfw i realized i shit my pants from meeting my idol

>> No.10069379

you ever met a girl with a tiny dog? theyd get those inbred little fuckers surgically attached to their forearms if they could

>> No.10069392

>be me
>going to con with sister because i'm too much a of a beta boy to make friends
>spill juice on myself
>head back to hotel room to change
>see all my clothes are gone
>decide to wear sister's because i don't want to walk around in juice stained clothes
>put on a crop t, miniskirt that barely covers anything, 4" long 5" thick butt plug, and thigh high boots with 6" heels
>go back to con to find my sister
>a pack of furries are following me
>try to lose them
>the biggest one tackles me
>pisses all over me and claims i'm now his wife
>try to knock his stupid costume wolf head off
>turns out he's an actual werewolf
>he consummates our marriage in the middle of the dealer's room
>5 years later
>still too embarrassed to tell him i don't have the same feelings for him
How to I end our marriage without hurting his feelings?

>> No.10069708

Tell him that that you've come to realize that you're a perverted fujoshi who could only ever love 2D men who aren't bears and only when those men love each other. Tell him that he's probably attractive to normies but he's just to hairy and straight for your tastes.

>> No.10069816

Recently turned 30, and it after a period where i had no confidence, started looking into dating again... Its kinda like i have no idea where to find my particular brand of fucked up weirdo any more, despite being deep in nerdcest when i was younger it's like it's all evaporated. And i'm a little out of touch with the scene.

I guess they've all grown out of it, got married or worse, seems a lot of single moms who are allegedly into nerdy crap on dating sites so it's the bad (or good, respectively) end of the be miserable that you married early situation.

>> No.10069988

when i was wearing a revealing cosplay to a convention, my underboob and the top of my chest was poking out of the crop boob tube kind of top that i was wearing. The photographer that i was working with said that he couldnt show me some of my photos because the top was revealing too much. I complained to the seller about the top but they said "but it makes you look sexy" i dont want to be sexy, i want to look cute without people thinking that im trying to dress thoty! this is why this year im properly going to start making my own cosplays

>> No.10070000
File: 40 KB, 535x577, RSEFDkph.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I went to a con expecting the lolitas to be actual girls

they werent

>> No.10070029


1. Quads

2. Everybody makes this mistake at least once, don't sweat it. The same can be said for the Touhou fandom

>> No.10070030

>i was wearing a revealing cosplay to a convention
>i dont want to be sexy, i want to look cute without people thinking that im trying to dress thoty
Honey, which is it? It’s ok to want to appeal to men, wear revealing clothing etc but don’t lie to yourself about what parts you want people to pay attention to.

>> No.10070068

i just wanted to wear a cosplay that covered my chest but it was too small coverage wise on my chest (asian arent used to people having bigger than D cups) no matter how many times i tell these sellers about how im big on my chest (saying that im an F cup) they end up making the top too small on the coverage of the chest.... the character i was cosplaying isnt known for being sexy and the outfit isnt suppose to show that much cleavage

also just because i said i was wearing a revealing cosplay doesnt mean i wanted it to be revealing, i tried to wear it with a bra but it looked stupid, i tried to add extra layers onto the outfit but it looked out of place and i didnt have time to adjust it.

i wanted to add that yes i do want some people to pay attention to certain parts of my cosplay but with this outfit i didnt wanted it to be the main highlight. its not like people paid attention to it in the first place but i felt a bit uncomfortable that i would end up having a nip slip or something.

(i really typed this in a messy order...)

>> No.10070087

So THAT'S how I get the fabled trap bf

>> No.10070427

>>What made it really agonizing was that there was other people sitting around us just looking uncomfortable af and not saying anything.
>it's another 'girl needs other people to sort out their own problems for her' episode

>> No.10070936
File: 124 KB, 1001x1001, 1429576018774.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Even better

>> No.10070940

>Does this word have any meaning?
someone i don't like telling me something i don't like

>> No.10070943

>be me
>grade 6
>really into homestuck
>decide to cosplay nepeta bc uwu cat girl
>father is a weeb and wholeheartedly goes along with it
>borrow his massive coat
>my mom helps me make the hat and tail
>friends from church make me horns
>buy shirt
>basically put in 0 effort
>no wig or facepaint, pants are just old jeans, shoes are sneakers
>wear it to school for halloween
>kids constantly step on my tail
>yell at one, threaten to punch another
>somehow wasn't bullied mercilessly for this whole ordeal

>> No.10070946

>be me
>age 11
>really into homestuck
>decide to cosplay nepeta because uwu catgirl
>parents don’t understand it but get free local con tickets from the library
>secretly arrange to meet up with internet friend
>beg to use a brown trenchcoat from my mom
>chop up a blue beanie from f21 for hat
>mom sews fingerless gloves
>spray black colored hairspray into my greasy tween hair instead of a wig
>get to the con, adhd ass is bouncing off the fucking walls
>see friend for about 3 seconds and get too excited to talk to her
>best fucking first con ever

>> No.10070950

Do we literally have the same life? I wore my nep cos to my first con too, & got so many people pitying me asking if i was cosplaying humanstuck

>> No.10070959

i actually did claim to be doing humanstuck because i drew the symbol on a white shirt instead of a black one and didn’t even BEGIN to know how to approach making horns

>> No.10070964

That's fair. Honestly the horns I got were real clay so they were too heavy for the headband and broke halfway into the con.

>> No.10070981

bro advice for tomorrow... if a bitch ask u to dance and u fuck it up because ypure afraid you've already lost. just keep it rolling until they say no. the same exact outcome will happen either way

>> No.10071141

I wouldn't last with someone like her. She seems sweet but I'd just feel awkward around her. She was taller and i'm sure a fair bit older than I was.

>> No.10071737

given the situation she's probably making fun of him

>> No.10071751

I was wearing an Akatsuki cloak at a small con (not even 200 people) when 3 girls got close to me and started playing with the zipper and making fun of how it was a half assed cosplay (it was, but I just wanted an excuse to wear it), so it was really creepy for me because they were basically undressing me with a cheap excuse worth of the best basement dweller.

If you've seen them, it's impossible to even know someone has a shirt underneath, I felt raped by ugly girls.

>> No.10071765

To be honest people shouldn't bring their dogs to cons unless they're service dogs

>> No.10071899

My dude Beowulf is cool as hell, you keep doing you
Canadians are assholes, the nice Canadian thing is all a facade
Eh, as much as it can suck popularity ruins fandoms, it's why you need elitist assholes.
Based 36 Kars on Mars poster
Aww poor anon, I hope they got their ass kicked cause that's scummy as hell
Based togaposter

>> No.10071907

That's fucking retarded, but goddamnit I laughed at it.

>> No.10072428

>you keep doing you
i wanna try being cute tho, and skullgirls is less relevant now than ever

>> No.10072443

Being cute is totally awesome. I'm going to do fugo next year, since it'd be fun to be revealing. I have a pretty nice body for it too!

>> No.10072975

Thank god, the costumes are the worst. They're at least acceptable out of costume.

>> No.10072978

>I was a shy cute
Who the fuck talks about themselves this way?

>> No.10074128

I wasn't using it to boost myself, I was just comparing myself to this taller, buxom woman whom I couldn't even compare to. It contrasts.

>> No.10074178

>I haven't spoken with her yet.
Memento fucking mori, dude. Call her if you still haven't.

>> No.10074193

God, that's what it's starting to feel like for me.

>> No.10075378

I never cosplay outside, got too much pride in myself

>> No.10075720

Insecure virgins without a shred of self-awareness

>> No.10075731
File: 24 KB, 456x496, FB_IMG_1534621625842.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was at Anime Week Atlanta two or three years ago?
I was cosplaying star guardian lux and everything was going great.
It was getting really late and I was heading back to my car but before I could this really cute guy in a sailor mars cosplay asked to take my picture.
I thought it was weird that he wouldn't look at me directly but I didn't mind.
Turns out my undershirt had made it's waaaaay down my chest exposing my bra.
I have no idea how long it was down for but I still get embarrassed about it and I've never told anyone about it

>> No.10076187

Wait what, Burkhard? I feel sorry for you anon.

>> No.10081048

does anyone have the webm of the A2 cosplayer lifting the skirt on a 2B cosplayer without her knowing?

>> No.10081741


>> No.10081768

I just started going to cons and every Lolita I've met has been super kind and explained stuff to me. And I think I accidently upset one because I tried to complement her coord but she frowned and told me she was wearing the wrong boots.

>> No.10081806

>around 2010, have this sort-of friend from school
>she's in an edgy sperglord phase where she loves teh nazis
>unironically said she wanted to fuck himmler one day
>to be fair some of this is probably my influence, because I've always been a staunch natsoc, but she takes this shit to another level
>we go to con in hetalia cosplay
>she goes NUTS over this plastic shuriken with a swastika on it
>stall owner sideyes her HARD, questions why she wants it so much
>she pretends to be Bhuddist to deflect
>she's not fooling anyone

I had to walk away and pretend I didn't know her, I was cringing so hard.

Anyway now 'she's' some nonbinary rainbow haired commie, which just shows how easily influenced some people are.

>> No.10081894

>you will never catch a cute cosplayer pissing her petticoats in the middle of a con.

>> No.10082565

why do you guys say that?
Maybe that's her fetish, I dunno. Have some hope for the boy.

>> No.10083473

>be me, a young teenager around the time anime midwest nd a porn convention overlapped in time and place
>weekend not too eventful, though mom tells me about how she myfreecams was trying to recruit her, and she was considering it. she brought me one of their tiny free promotional vibrator keychains.

>mom leaves me with luggage by the door to the hyatt as we are leaving
>a man mostly naked with his genitals covered by fetish gear and thigh high 8in(?) stiletto boots walks near me to my left
>he spits out a while, pasty liquid from the back of his throat onto the black paved road, some of the assumed cum seeps into the cracks of the roadway, while a gob stays stuck to the pavement
>i am somewhat unnerved, but mind my own business
>a few minutes later, a limo picks him up.
clack clack clack
>i am amazed about how he doesn't fall down in those heels

>few minutes later
>older sister arrives, she steps on the pile of cum
>it smears in the indentations of bottom of her shoe
>i dont say anything

>> No.10083478
File: 28 KB, 209x262, 393E5B64-1A66-493A-90C1-C218B884357A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10083497
File: 377 KB, 629x728, 1515521117077.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10083535

exactly. thank you

>> No.10083545

I used to cosplay Hetalia, and my girlfriend and I would kiss in cosplay because “uwu yaoiz”. Glad to say we both grew out of it but I’ll be damned if it wasn’t awkward looking back after we broke up. People got upset I deleted stuff but it was double cringe for me.

>> No.10083556

>be me be crossplaying for the first time
>really nervous
>girl runs up and grabs my dick
>run away embrassed

>> No.10083566

That's sexual assault. Tell convention staff if this happens again, they're usually good at kicking out people who behave that way

>> No.10083569

wtf? i call bs

>> No.10083779


>> No.10083983
File: 1.82 MB, 228x202, 1460535031553.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10084258
File: 35 KB, 351x488, 1473161734860.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10084549

who did you cosplay?

either way, it was you on the photos, the photograpgher was a jerk, not showing them to you (revealing or not)

>> No.10084570

You're too gullible

>> No.10085182

unrelated, but I recently read an article, how two stoners wnet from antifa to neonazis

>> No.10085184

Imagine if your mom started camming and she caught you jackin it to recordings of her lol, that'd be so funny

>> No.10085186

>she brought me one of their tiny free promotional vibrator keychains.
and what has that to do with the overall story?

>jacking of to porn of your mom

>> No.10085188

Exactly, it's a pretty funny scenario isn't it
I mean who would do that?

>> No.10085351

>be friend
>karaoke in a side room at a con
>stage is kinda a box the size of the length of the room that's just set up there not quite against the wall, wires and stuff running behind it
>halfway through song
>friend takes a step back
>ended up stuck between the back of the stage and wall
>we never let her forget now

>> No.10085934

Typical ZAFT shit.

>> No.10091049

I think to most people lolita seems like a fetish thing. They're not one for one though, theres no shota conventions where a bunch of dudes put on tiny pants and have a tea party.

>> No.10091151
File: 38 KB, 483x604, 4626_78812754484_5936396_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So pic related.

Me (girl in white) was cosplaying as Near... So this was back at Supernover 2009 Melbourne. So my acquaintance and I were sitting on the floor near the stage and low and behold my binding came undone...

I could feel the pin digging in me. Rather then us losing our seats... the girl climbed under my shirt to fix the nappy pin....

Unfortunately the guy on stage noticed and Stared at us for an uncomfortable amount of time. Lucky he didn't highlight it. But anyone who was there.... That was me XD

>> No.10091295


totes adorbs anon. story for the ages

>> No.10091298


you laughed at a 12 year old?

>> No.10091301

the picture is way more embarrassing than the story could ever be.

>> No.10091319

My Oregon.

>> No.10091333

What were you wearing a diaper or something?

>> No.10092024

I was doing sound for a large-ish event, and had a scantily clad girl come up and ask me if I could escort her to Hall G because some creep had been hanging around taking pics of her without her permission... so we get there, creeper's there, I read him the riot act, and tell him next time I'll get security to give him the boot. "Wait, you're not security?"... "No, but it seemed like a cosplay I could actually pull off?"

aaaaaand now the cute, chubby demoness I don't recognize with barely enough clothing on her to cover anything is embarrassed and mad at me, and sitting DIRECTLY BESIDE THE MIXING BOARD, JUST SHOOTING DAGGERS INTO MY SOUL! It was an awkward hour.

>> No.10092049


That's her fault for being a dumb thot. Security is usually marked, and if nothing else she could've asked.

>> No.10092108

When I do professional-but-not-quite-corporate gigs like that, I'm usually in black cargo pants and a collared black t-shirt. I had a radio on because the place was huge. That, coupled with being the mammoth mama I am, I could see where she'd make the mistake.

>> No.10092126


Fair enough!

>> No.10092729

dunno why she'd be mad at you, you still got the creeper to go away and probably made him shit his pants.
If I was in your place I would've said police instead of security. Scares them alot more without revealing you're not security!

>> No.10092755

I was cosplaying at a con in high school right when I first started cosplaying and finally felt brave enough to do it. Realized a little too late that my bag was caught on my skirt and it had ridden up so my ass was out for several minutes at the con, that was awesome for my confidence

>> No.10094024

it was still very nice of you, if anything she should have thanked you because you helped a random stranger you weren't obligated by your job to help.

>> No.10094045

It's just an ass, mate. Everyone has one. Who gives a flying fuck?

>> No.10094149

Oh god, this happened to me at a con this fall. I walked around for like 10 minutes with my skirt tucked up and I just about died from the embarrassment. Super grateful to the random girl who ran across the con floor after seeing it to tell me.

>> No.10094177

Once saw a teenage girl with her Junko skirt tucked into her thong. I had to get a female friend to inform her.

>> No.10094217

>Doing Tim The Enchanter cosplay at Comikaze 2015
>Hanging with bros walking around con
>Going down escalator
>Reach bottom
>Take step forward
>Suddenly pulled back on neck
>Turn around and see the escalator is eating my fucking cape
>/k/ friend had to pull out his pocketknife to free me
>The story is still talked about to this day

>> No.10094895
File: 112 KB, 1000x906, 1501856123820.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Anon I am so sorry you had to go through that but your post made my sides rocket into the stratosphere

>> No.10095683

Not to mention the giant ass 'XD' at the end of her post kek

>> No.10095749
File: 726 KB, 500x235, 3CEE802B-DA5F-414F-A154-9B7A667E9C9B.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10099191
File: 519 KB, 500x715, 1539399610012.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Literally any of the cosplay skits I ended up doing were pretty bad...with the only one I had fun with being the first one but in case you were at Nekocon years back my regrets are that I even agreed to them. If you remember a Pyramid Head doing shitty skits, hello yeah that's me.

>one skit was a damn 'sequel' to the last year which was nothing more than some stupid "Who's cooler" thing between Pyramid Head and Edward Elric
>the other was an ACTUAL intended haphazardly put together wedding ceremony because it involved two friends who recently are getting/were married (now divorced btw)
>the guy was Roy Mustang and atheist as hell and told me to make up some line on "hey don't burn the Bible it could bring bad luck" or some shit
>everyone else's lines were kind of improv'd on the spot
>my outfit was horribly put together and uncomfortable
>walk away from the whole thing with a general distaste for cosplay skits in general
>can no longer look at cosplay skits at conventions without seeing my old cringey self and my face caving inwards due to embarrassment

I'll excuse part of it was cuz I dated a really weeb-y girl and she was partially writing some of those things but god damn I wish I could delete those memories of myself doing those things.

>> No.10099565

The first ever lolita meetup I went to was at a small con. I was wearing baby's first coord and had put on my brand new wristcuffs that I had just gotten from a lolita booth the day before. Went into the meetup room, started making small talk with the other lolitas, and somehow I noticed that everyone else was wearing their wristcuffs differently. I hadn't realized mine were on backwards. By that point we had all sat down at a table so I slowly put my hands in my lap, put the wristcuffs on the right way, and pretended like nothing happened.

>> No.10099751
File: 11 KB, 256x256, 1485970119114.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>me, 14, looked like a girl at the time (unironically)
>this was around the height of the vocaloid craze, so 2009ish
>really like Hatsune Miku
>really, REALLY like Hatsune Miku
>was a moefag before being a moefag was cool
>through some amazing leap in logic I decided to crossdress as Hatsune Miku
>camping out at the front door so I could intercept compromising packages, get big sister to help me look a bit more girly, everything
>go to con, nervous as fuck because I went by myself and I was still relatively new to it
>run into my mates from school, who're also cosplaying as those damn chinese cartoons
>they ask me if I wanted to hang out and I couldn't object without raising my voice too loudly
>fug, fear autism is already kicking in
>spend the day with them anyway even though I wanted to spend the day alone
>around closing time I'm alone with one of them for some reason
>he gives me a kiss on the cheek and slips me his phone number
>mfw at school the next day and he's sad that the cute animu girl never called him back
>mfw another friend was suspicious for a week

>> No.10100228
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>> No.10100231

This was years ago, mind you and probably not too horrible but here goes. Front row at concert at local convention...bassist? Keeps spitting water out into the crowd. Decides to dump some at the end. A bunch lands on me and my white shirt. Had to walk around with my arms folded because my friends commented they could completely see my bra. I was 15 and so upset.

>> No.10101925

Using a double shower gel on dyed hair in a ship shower will result in color change.

Also works on snowflake water supply systems that some corners of the world has.

>> No.10102165

You have legbeards acting like neckbeards. Hell, some of the worst PCOS landwhales have their own neckbeards.

>> No.10102800

I fell from the stairs on my way to the subway , but my friend was in front of me so I fell on her and she broke her nail. I still cringe at myself when I remember that.

>> No.10110988

Slipped on icy stairs in a maid crossplay.

>> No.10111177

I was like 12 or 13, cosplaying JBF Luka. The con had 2 buildings, the hotel and the convention center, and there's this huge cement thing (idfk what it is. Water thing??) in the middle of the grass right off the pass. My friends and I were walking back to the hotel since it was late and we had to stay near the meet-up spot with our parents, when I tripped over the thing. I was super shy and hearing the collective "Oh"s as I fell mortified me. Knee got all bloodied and I had to sit out for the remainder of the hour we were there. (: fun times

>> No.10111180

*path, not pass

>> No.10111423

>be me
>like 15 too old to be this stupid
>all my friends are 17 because i got put in school early, doesnt matter
>friends are named A B and C
>living with A for the time being because life is weird
>A randomly becomes obsessed with homestuck
>the only other person in our class who has even heard of homestuck is B
>B fucking HATES my stupid ass because she has a lesbian crush on A and I live with A unsupervised because her single mother is out of the country most of the time
>A comes home one day super excited telling me her and B got all hyped on a random idea they had to cosplay homestuck characters
>i havent read homestuck what is that
>eventually end up in a 4 way discord call with A B and C
>C hasnt read homestuck either but is very excited to start reading to get to pick which troll to cosplay
>I dont want to wear grey body paint because it sounds like hell
>spend the next 4 weeks absolutely binge reading homestuck
>A picks gamzee, B picks Kanaya, C picks vriska,
>pick terezi because her horns look the easiest to make and for some reason karkat was off limits
>make terezi's horns out of model magic, a headband and bent up wire hangers
>"wow anon those look really good can you make mine too?!"
>end up making all 4 pairs of horns, all 4 shirts, gamzee's pants, and painting everyones nails gradient orange/yellow
>cant find red plastic or glasses with red lenses anywhere, end up wearing fucking sunglasses with red plastic frames.
>no cane, but it rained that day so i end up with someones umbrella.
>i am the only one not wearing facepaint
>i am the only one who realizes how munted we all look
>at some point in the day A and B decide they hate C
>arguing with her trying to ditch/out run her
>eventually get fed up "fuck it im leaving"
>live with A and have nowhere to go
>cry alone in an amusement park in a homestuck cosplay.
>eventually C finds me, feeds me, A had my wallet and all my shit in her bag.

>> No.10111424


also people crossed their hearts when they walked past us.
i encouraged everyone to get on roller coasters repeatedly all day in attempts to destroy the cosplays, somewhere exists a roller coaster photo of all 4 of us in shitty rush job troll cosplays

i want to wipe the experience from my memory so badly. I packed all my shit and left/didnt talk to A for over a year after that

>> No.10111435

Kekd heartily

>> No.10111609

and now, you are a manly man?
or what?

>> No.10112799

> Wanted to take a picture of a Megumin and Lavenza
> Megumin is crying about something while Lavenza was trying to console her
> nope'd out of there
Dodged the awkwardness bullet

>> No.10112830

took a picture in a photoshoot with a bunch of rwby cosplayers and some dude leaned over and grabbed my ass in front of around 30-40 cameras. There are pictures of me all over the internet of a stranger grabbing my ass.
I was wearing a genderbent Yang Xiao Long.
Happy hunting, anons.

>> No.10113348
File: 143 KB, 720x960, O_O.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just had one today.
>At Kamicon, Alabama
>Bring my banjo because I'm hillbilly trash and because why not
>I play with some of the guitarists and other dudes, and I let people try my banjo and teach them a few things.
>Went to go get coffee across the walkway, coffee place was closed.
>Come back, go to sit down, and some guys stop me and asks "Bro, can you play banjo"
>The guy starts yelling some shit like "YO THIS GUY IS GONNA PLAY BANJO!"
>I'm not sure what to think, but fuck it I just want to sit down
>I play some banjo
>All his bro friends start clapping extremely loud
>Ok then...
>I'm not even sure if I should just walk away or not, so I just kinda sit there for a few minutes and then walk away

>> No.10113588

Way back in like 2010
>Have an old as balls ipod that freezes constantly
>It's being used for stupid group anime dances like Hare Hare and shit like that
>Freezes so someone else takes over
>About a half hour later it randomly starts playing music while I'm sitting near so other cosplayers.
>Think it's their music and turn around going "fuck yeahhhh!"
>Realize a few minutes later it's my ipod playing the music.
It still haunts me stupid as it is.

My friend fell on her ass during a masqurade. We were doing Monster Musume and I (mia) and one friend (darling) are already on stage. Plan was to be lovey dovey and have our Papi run in and bump into darling. She runs too fast, slips and busts her ass. We managed to pull it off in character but still feel bad for her.

>> No.10113611

>be a week ago
>cosplaying organization 13 axel
>I'm 18, not a middleschooler
need I say more?
also cosplay recommendations for skinny tall guys?

>> No.10113628

to go to any of the threads that are covering your question. There's literally a recommendation thread and a help thread.

>> No.10115589

>ywn have an incontinent cosplayer gf who you can comfort when she wets herself.

>> No.10116251

>be me
>go to my first con
>no friends because I had just recently moved
>too awkward to socialize
>walk around aimlessly for a few hours in the dealers room
>bought a figure then went home

>> No.10117846

This is me minus the moving. None of my irl friends like this shit and I don't know how to approach people naturally. I have never cosplayed but I think I should next year just as an ice breaker.

Made the mistake of bringing my best friend who knows I'm a closet weeb (more of a koreaboo desu), but I was too embarrassed to actually enjoy myself. We ended up just drinking fireball all night and making fun of the weirdos and smelly people.

>> No.10117853


If there are online forums for your cons, I'd suggest you start there. Get talking to people who like your series and ask if they want to chat about episode x or character y over lunch, just make small plans and don't plan your entire day around them (it'll equally suck if it turns out you don't like their company). Add the times for the panels/shows/talks you want to see, block in time for artist alley shopping (dealers hall can sometimes suck, look up pricing and learn to ID bootlegs before you go to the con) and that's pretty much a full con itinerary planned out.

For cosplayers, I'd suggest joining a group that has experienced cosers and a lot of members, if half the group flakes out at least the other half will still show up.

Or you could volunteer instead. It's work for very little pay (some cons provide food in addition to comped badges), but you will definitely meet people and at least be forced to talk to people when they ask you questions/you have to report to someone else.

>> No.10117978

I read this then realized I recognized this post, holy shit this thread is from 7 months ago

>> No.10119087

At a con I went to a few years back, I was using some really nice lacefront from a normal company - human hair, full lace to allow for updos and so on - since it was a fairly simple cosplay and I didn't want to buy a different one; and some teen came up with her group to tell them "See! You CAN so use real hair in cosplay and it looks great!" And right at that moment a good stiff breeze comes through and rips it off my bald ass head. I swear the silence could be cut like a hot knife through butter as I grabbed my wig and speed walked out of there. It didn't help since I found out later they were on the same floor as me in the hotel and we'd always lock eyes awkwardly before beating feet away from each other.

This was before I knew much about lacefronts and that you had to properly secure them when out in the elements. I'd worn it for a job interview and it hadn't budge, but of course the wind hadn't been trying to fuck me at the time.

>> No.10122476

>bunch of dudes put on tiny pants and have a tea party.
Not gonna lie, this sounds hilarious and I would happily participate

>> No.10125023 [DELETED] 

Not him and unrelated, but I used to be left leaning until I realized communism is about hating people (with harmful intent) just for being better off than you and saw that everyone from local organizer and above is a political career-pursuing sociopath. At some point I even got followed home to be beaten up but I lost them in the alleys. Anyone who'd shoot the scum has my vote.
My dad used to tell me that there are no races, only bosses and worker brothers. Now he is all "They t'k th' jawbs!". My immigrant best pal in highschool used to be all no-borders and well on his way to joining a militant leftist group until he had to work alongside immigrants from other countries and became a racist himself. I hope he is doing alright, the shitlord.

>> No.10125072

Sounds like an experience we all could have had

>> No.10125084
File: 365 KB, 524x479, 1539862652227.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's absolutely mortifying, doing something like that is basically my worst fear. At least it's a funny story to tell in retrospect!

>> No.10127216
File: 341 KB, 712x558, 1468443048798.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

a literal nightmare. i hate when non-lolitas lump us all in with the 'living doll' girls because some of them wear lolita-style clothes.

>> No.10127390

I farted in lolita once

I tried to make it silent

It wasn't.

It smelled really bad too

>> No.10127537

Nice, how did that interaction transpire?

>> No.10128307

I was at a con with my friends and it was my first time at a con not by myself. A cute girl was in a Luka cosplay and came over to greet us because my friend and I are cosplaying from Black Butler. My other friend went full autist and grabbed the girl's boobs because thats "what they do in the animes"
He got kicked out the con after that and we had to try to explain to the poor girl who just got assaulted he meant no harm but i knew the day was ruined then

>> No.10128354

Of course he meant harm. I hope you stopped talking to him after that

>> No.10128367

Wait... I just want to make sure I understand what's going on. You were a teacher at a middle school, so you were an adult, right? And you, as an adult, thought a child was cute and thought it would be appropriate to undress that child with the aim of humiliating him? Wtf? I'm surprised you didn't get jail time if that's the case.

>> No.10128373

Yikes, dude, chill. Nothing's perfect, but it doesn't have to be suffering. Just find someone you like who also likes you and get together.

>> No.10128374

It’s obviously a joke story, anon. The punchline is that you don’t know the narrator is an adult and a sub teacher until the last line.

>> No.10128684
File: 160 KB, 1002x647, 1551791678194.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't have a lot honestly, I do know that I was once doing a /k/osplay and someone bumped into me and actually stumbled a bit back, I lent a hand to try and grab them but ended up pulling a bit too hard and they bumped their face against my chest again. I don't know if it was a girl or a gay but he/she honestly looked scared after that second bump.

I kept saying sorry for like three times and gave some shitty excuse about having a shitty joint or something.

Hope it didn't hurt too much for the Anon.

>> No.10131241

went to a meet and told a girl in the bathroom "Oh good I'm so glad you're not wearing a bonnet with that, I fucking hate those things"
she had taken the bonnet off so she could fix her hair

>> No.10132365

God what a fuckin turn around Kekkk
Oh yeah my neighbour killed himself or whatever but I spilt butter beer on myself so I'd say he got off easy

>> No.10132381


Why would you say anything like that to anyone who isn't a close friend you can josh with? Wtf is wrong with you?

>> No.10134755

Same, except in cosplay.

>> No.10134781

nayrt, but if she wasn't wearing a bonnet at that moment, her reaction would probably just be "haha why?? i love them!" and theyd have a chat about personal differences. but oof, there's something way worse about her wearing one at that moment.

>> No.10135406
File: 397 KB, 878x767, rubypreg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I sneezed and my buttplug shot across the dealer room.

>> No.10135414

What character were you?

>> No.10135416

What the fuck kind cosplay were you wearing that involved a buttplug????

>> No.10135591

A good one.

>> No.10135729
File: 388 KB, 488x403, 1549181078424.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Strong sneeze.

>> No.10135935
File: 21 KB, 597x597, kms 3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I did a high kick as part of the lucky star dance in the corer of the con while on my period. I later discovered i had bled through my bloomers. People saw.

>> No.10138285

The Red Moon Shines

>> No.10141038

Sailor Venus

>> No.10141105 [DELETED] 
File: 51 KB, 627x257, quads.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

pic related but I went in as a boy wearing lolita expecting to run into other girls

>> No.10141108

God that's adorable.

>> No.10141241

Kek, I always grab my Batman cape when using escalators

>> No.10145720

I pee'd myself during a cosplay fashion show at the library. I was dressed as Johnny Test and a kid started heckling me.

>> No.10145741
File: 238 KB, 673x696, surely you jest.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10146802
File: 107 KB, 736x920, 6e4682fb82e7405c266b3aa4a5bf4e38--koroni-art-movies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wore sister's lolita because I really like fancy dresses and wanted something to wear for the con.
Ugly non-passing trannies frequently came up to me either saying I'm so brave or asking me wear I bought my shoes.

That fucking feel when you can't just cross dress for fun without being seen a tranny and getting lumped into that horrible group.

>> No.10146829

cross dressed and was asked where you got your shoes by other cross dressers. How horrible you poor baby.

>> No.10146860

He asked about convincing ones and other things about coming out.

Not that I'm looking for pity here, just felt like sharing; it's also the only type of story I could share.

>> No.10147002
File: 228 KB, 586x640, 9873434748210.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>got married to someone you started being with at 17
At least their marriage is going to last. Will yours? (if you are/plan to get married)

>> No.10147341

I've been with my husband since we were in 7th grade together, we just had our 10th wedding anniversary and still are quite happy and rarely fight.
It's not impossible, just rare. Some people just work well together

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