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cgl feels only please.

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I don't feel like I'm wearing lolita when I wear a skirt, even at full poof. Maybe it's just because I'm self-conscious about my waist, and jsks/OPs hide it under another layer.

Also the eternal feel:
tfw no lolita gf

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>Tfw cosplay and lolita GFs are on backorder.

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man i just really love cosplay

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I dont like how skirts sit. I'm pear shaped and things that accent my waist look best. But even then I prefer jsks. I like how they smooth things out while generally still drawing attention to the waist. Skirts look weird and bulky to me since the shirt is tucked in.

I've never owned one but I'd imagine those high waisted skirts would be flattering and give a similar effect of smoothing things out

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I lost my Pirate's Booty cheese snacks and my little sister spent half the con with her Junko skirt tucked into her thong.

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Moved to a new place and don't have any of my sewing supplies yet. Im so bored without something to craft on, and not knowing many people doesn't help either. I'm so frustrated

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>see Cammy White with fully exposed ass cheeks
>ask for pic
>older lady with her screams "She's twelve, sicko!"

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Sigh, tfw I will never progress financially.

>I work a decent job, can afford brand,
> go to college full time and I'm paying for it.
> Mom has been living with me all my life (21 now) because she hasn't been able to hold down a job.
> finally gets a job and is helping with bills
> can see the light on the other side
> coworkers are shitty to the point where she passed out at work from high blood pressure and having a melt down
> can't keep working there because shitty coworkers
> mfw she will never be able to hold down a job and I'll be forced to live with her forever and ever

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Why can't your mom hold down a job and what did she do before you were of working age?

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since we moved states she's been in and out of jobs due to it being part time, crappy coworkers, being let go, and just not being able to find anything. prior to that she had a boyfriend that helped her as she worked part time but she broke up with him because he was a shitty person. she's pretty much been in and out of jobs for the past two decades

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>Booty cheese

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What do you do for a job at 21 that you can afford to support another adult and brand? Wtf

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That's how you fail butthole inspection.

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Big rant incoming, sorry.

>Go to con with boyfriend
>Nitpicks my cosplays all weekend
>"Her ahoge is actually facing the other way, she holds her sword like this not that, is her dress supposed to be like that?" etc etc
>I appreciate his help, that he's interested, and his attention to detail but he's more of a perfectionist about my cosplays than I am
>Meanwhile I also want to do things and make the most of my weekend
>He does a rushed once-around the dealers room, goes to the game hall, gets lunch and then calls it a day
>He doesn't want to go to panels or events, and doesn't cosplay so he's not looking to get pictures taken or meet other people
>Gets frustrated with shitty weebs being shitty in public (which I get, but it's sort of inevitable and I'm more of a shrug-it-off sort of person), hates waiting in line, hates walking around
>I can't tell if he's even having fun, I want to go do stuff but don't want to ditch him
>Especially when he says the only thing he wants to do is spend time with me but he's so obviously disinterested in doing anything else and his attitude sucks the energy out of anything
>We go to the one group photoshoot I wanted to attend, when I walk back towards him after a group-callout he's shaking his head at me because I didn't do my character's pose correctly
>I storm off into a bathroom because I'm so exhausted and upset at trying to please him and having literally no fun
>We're both upset, we try to talk stuff out but we just end up going back to the hotel and falling asleep
>Mfw I bought cute clothes to wear at night to walk around in and maybe go to the dance and I didn't even get to wear them because I fell asleep at 10pm after crying
>Barely got to go around the convention center at all, got to see one person I knew
>Mfw each convention we've gone to together I have less and less fun because of above reasons, this being the worst yet


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Bloomers give me an itchy-witchy little bum-bum.

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I don't know what to do anons. Outside of cons and cosplay our relationship is perfect, genuinely. He's my best friend.
But when it comes to him helping me with cosplay, he gets overly obsessive and nitpicky.
And when it comes to cons, it doesn't even seem like he enjoys being there. We both went separately before we knew each other, I don't know why it's so different now that we're together?
The worst thing is that I lost my badge. I put my number on the back just in case and I actually got it returned to me by a really nice guy. That Saturday night he actually texted me and asked if I was going to the rave. I was already passed out, and it's not like I was going to go dance with some rando guy anyway.
But it made me imagine dating someone who actually wanted to go out and do stuff and how much fun I would have had instead of crying in the shower about how much of a waste of time and effort and money my weekend was.
I love my boyfriend so much but I just don't have a great time with him at cons and I don't know what the solution is. We talked about compromising but at the end of the day I'll still feel bad if I'm dragging him around to do stuff he doesn't want to do.
Do you guys attend cons with your SOs? Have you ever had conflictions like this? Maybe this wouldn't be a problem if either of us had any friends outside each other, lol.
I don't want to sound selfish or ungrateful, he's really a lovely guy and I know he loves spending time together, but I feel like he's miserable attending cons, even if he says he wants to go. And I want him to enjoy himself, but I also want to do all the stuff I've been doing at cons for years without feeling like I'm dragging him down.


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>wear jacket from a cosplay to a concert
>worry a little about looking like a doofus
>get several compliments from people throughout the night about how cool it looks
feels good man

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You can have hobbies and things outside of each other. Do you HAVE to go to cons together? do you HAVE to do everything at a con together? Maybe he can do his own thing and you can do your own hen, and meet up occasionally to go eat or something, etc.

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Not sure how useful my advice will be b/c I only have gone to cons with platonic friends but
I have several friends who go to cons - from buddies I've hoteled with to friends I convince to go to a local show every other year - but we tend to enjoy the cons in radically different ways:
>comic fan who collects autographs and chats with creators
>stoner who just wants to get roasted and slowly wander as they goggle at all the sights
>prioritize photo ops/autographs/panels with celebs to where that's all they'll do on a given day
>uninterested in cosplay, even if they own a costume or I offer to make something simple for them
>in different fandoms, no overlap in panels we want to see
>spends most of the day gaming
Sometimes hours - or even a whole day - will go by when I never see them, or we only catch up for a minute when we bump into each other. Other times we spend the whole day side-by-side, unless one of us is getting photographed or buying something.
I wouldn't say it's "ditching" someone if you don't spend all your time together, it could just be that he enjoys different aspects of the experience. Don't feel obligated to be joined at the hip.
Have you talked about what he did at cons before you got together? It might be that you'd be better off involving him more in the cosplay building and planning, but not the actual show since it sounds like neither of you enjoy that as much. Maybe you have breakfast and dinner together in the city the days of the convention but he does other things during the day while you're at the con.

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You need to make it clear that his obsessive mouthbreather attitude is stressing you out.
Tell him he doesn't have to go to cons with you if he doesn't really enjoy it there. They're few and far between so it would be unreasonable to believe that you're missing out on time together.
Above all, the cons are for YOU to enjoy. You're allowed to enjoy things on your own if it suits you.
It would do you both well to have just a little alone time each. It sounds like you're unnecessarily smothering each other.
Love has enough tensile strength to hold more than a few days of separation

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Jesus gull, that sucks. I have no advice besides helping her go job searching because I understand why you don't want to abandon her if you think she's raised you well.
Really though, you have my sympathies.

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Ask if going to cons separately would be alright or do your best to get him to stop being a nitpicking perfectionist and just enjoy things. The solution is talking things out.
If you do agree to go to cons separately just make sure you don't cheat on him

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I have gotten addicted to reading gossip forums, my soul is officially dead and gone.

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No nut november
>tfw no gf
Also here are your option
1 you tell him how you feel and talk like adults and find a solution
2 go from now on to con without him
3 break up with him

I had the same problem with my friend we talked and that person told me they just don't enjoy it. Now I go to cons alone create meet ups and hang out with strangers it's a hit or miss. Don't think many of them like me because of my weeb autism. But can't change who you are.

No, you have evolved, being confined in my four walls of my safety + being a socially autistic. I do too find pleasure in those things. Reason I'm here, to find the hidden gems.

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>Working on cosplay
>I needed more room to work and so I temporarily moved my bookshelf out into the living room
>little sister and her friends are over
>Didn't think they'd give a shit about manga, it's just nerd garbage after all.
>little sister somehow picks out Oreimo by chance because she got curious
>Shows all her friends
>They went through the entire series looking for the really siscon pages
>her friends now keep making comments that I want to fuck my little sister

My little sister is hot as fuck don't get me wrong but she's such a dropkick that there's not a chance in hell I'm sticking my dick in her.

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Woah what did my innocent eyes just read.

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Dude, I'd hope there's no chance of you sticking your dick in her solely because she's your sister.

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Why are you telling us that your sis is hot?!
What are we supposed to make out of it?!
Is that a power move?!
Are you telling me my sis is ugly?!
UWU what is this?

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Can I fuck your sister Anon?

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Maybe you both would benefit from having more space. You spend so much time together, but also you go for cons together as well. Sounds like overkill for me desu.

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>>her friends now keep making comments that I want to fuck my little sister
>My little sister is hot as fuck don't get me wrong but
Anon, come on now

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If it wasn't illegal, she wasn't brain dead, there was contraception involved and there were mutual feelings, I'd fuck my sister.

Go ahead. She's probably shit in bed. She does modelling and all the girls that I've had sex with who were model tier pretty (ie. Not many) were terrible because they can get away with being a limp corpse since they're pretty.

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Account Manager, pays well enough but I used to have a better paying job that I switched as it was too time consuming + shitty coworkers making my life hell. I didn't really pay for anything else for my mom though outside of bills and food, she made by with odd jobs.

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What the actual fuck anon

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Are you all just taking this bait because you're bored? Surely there's no way anyone finds this believable.

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Yeah, I don't think anyone on /cgl/ actually exists or cosplays!

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Man I just really love my sister

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Is this your first con? Underage thotties are a tradition.

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Tfw you go to a con and you swear you didn't spend all your money but your wallet is empty and your hotel bed is covered in figurines and other merch

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that's sweet, anon :3

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I wish AP would rerelease melty whip chocolate, no matter which cut or color. that design was sooo good. I. WANT. IT.

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>depressed, anxious, can't motivate myself to do anything
>this close to failing my degree that ADHD roomie has been trying to force me to illegally share her Ritalin prescription just to get me to work
>all I want to do is blow through all the savings from my summer job buying brand I can't afford
>half-heartedly wish I could just spunk all my yearly living expenses then die before I have to deal with the consequences

I know rationally that I need to graduate for future burando money but prospects aren't good even if I do and I just want to give up.

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Don't do this. I did this. I flunked out and racked up insane debts. I got sued twice and my wages are being garnished. I'm always two steps from blowing my brains out. My life sucks please please don't do this to yourself.

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remember that 2D=/=3D.

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>Be weeb
>All the girls I have been with were models

Bro you are on 4chan, quit dreaming we are all doomed to be forever virgins and autists. Now fuck of with your fantasies.

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Marry me and I will be your slave and work for your brando as you go ahead and enjoy life. As long as I am the only one in your life.

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>tfw no Jupiter gf
I'm honestly this close to ending it

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Same feels but for my husbando. Only reason I'm still here is because he would've wanted me to be stronger than this. Be strong for Jupiter, anon.

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Did anyone else feel called out after they implemented a special table at tea for girls with hairy vaginas? I'm thinking of writing to the district comm mother.

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you better make 6 figures

>> No.10027491

nah lmao, they did visual inspections only because the fbi is still keeping an eye on comm mom after the ageplay incident. my pubes are as white and thick as a wintry forest but theyll never know

>> No.10027498

I have my waxing appointment scheduled for this weekend. I've never gotten a Brazilian and I'm scared it's gonna hurt like a motherfucker, but goddamn was that embarrassing.

I just hope they do it at least once more, so the comm knows I fixed it on my end.

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>talks about oreimo
>My little sister is hot as fuck don't get me wrong but she's such a dropkick that there's not a chance in hell I'm sticking my dick in her.

I hope you actually mean it, anon.

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Nah 5 figures filed with loyalty and love

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Not good enough

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If it's under 65k you're literally a dime a dozen

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I hope this madness doesn't spread to other comms. Inspection day has always been about the butthole and the butthole only. If we start inspecting vulvas, what's next? Armpit inspections? Nipple hair tables?

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Speaking of husbands with money, I heard a story recently that has nothing to do with lolita but I wanted to share it anyways.
>aunt knows a woman who is married to a pilot
>he pays for house, food, etc
>she doesn't work
>she doesn't do shit exept spend money on basic-bitch designer stuff
>their child is at boarding school bc she doesn't want to deal with them
>in addition to expenses, she gets 5k of spending money each month
>she's still unhappy and wants more money from her husband
I'm low-key jealous of her situation but jesus, what a bitch. I would buy so much brand with that money.

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Bruh how the fuck can you even acknowledge that your sister is hot even if it's true? That's just, like...wrong, man.

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How to get nice pilot husbando?

>> No.10027572

Become a flight attendant?

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Do you know where we are?

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Come now, anon wants a pilot husbando, not to get pumped an dumped between NY and LA

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Cgl. Amazingly, this board isn't exactly known as an incestuous fuckhub

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Kek, said like a true redditfag troll

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>nipple hair
Is that real?? Do girls really have nipple hair??

>> No.10027591

stop helping your piece of shit dead-weight mom

>> No.10027592

>calling anyone else reddit when replying unironically to an obvious as fuck shitpost everyone but you didn't fall for on probably the most normalfag board on 4chan
Quite the achievement. Feel free to fuck off anytime, tourist

>> No.10027596

Aw, did it hit too close to home? I'm not the origional anon that responded. Nice try, though.

>> No.10027598

>reddit speaks

>> No.10027614

Wow what a sick burn.

>> No.10027616

>this is the height of newfag banter
Lurk and shut the fuck up

>> No.10027618

It's very rare for girls and usually means there's some kind of hormonal imbalance.

>> No.10027621

Oh no. However will I recover from this incredible barrage of wit and cunning.

>> No.10027625

Isn't it estimated that 30% of women have it though?

>> No.10027626

You can acknowledge someone's attractiveness without wanting to fuck them, you know. It's actually a pretty normal thing to do.

>> No.10027628

Thanks anon, the real-life warning actually kind of helps.

My partner and friends always tell me I'm going to fail and fuck up my life but it's doubly unhelpful as it (a) makes me anxious which makes me worse and (b) it's always at the back of my mind that I might actually be happier if I failed, since I enjoyed working the simple jobs I've had much more than my degree. I hate my degree and it's not even that employable but I'm only a few months from finishing so I know I should stick it out. I'm on meds that made me feel better but I still sleep like 12 hours a day, tired and forgetful and get sick often despite eating healthy and bloodwork coming back fine, so it's really hard to get stuff done.

I'm gonna try to submit this overdue essay in the next day, at least. sage for blog

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>and all the girls that I've had sex with who were model tier pretty (ie. Not many) were terrible because they can get away with being a limp corpse since they're pretty.
stop lying

>> No.10027659

I'm sorry you haven't had sex with pretty girls.

>> No.10027664

Move to a place like Colorado Springs, Annapolis, San Diego, or Norfolk.

>> No.10027670

>I'm on meds that made me feel better but I still sleep like 12 hours a day, tired and forgetful and get sick often despite eating healthy and bloodwork coming back fine

If all your bloodwork came back fine, it could be ME/CFS. It's a weird one because in most cases, bloodwork seems fine, and we're not sure what caused it, but usually it started after a viral infection some time in the past.

I also need to sleep 12 hours a day, am extremely forgetful and tired all the time. My doctor said it could be ME or fibromyalgia, but the one he's really putting money on is narcolepsy, since I have a history of falling asleep in bad situations, without necessarily remembering or being aware that I was asleep. All of these illnesses don't show up on general blood work, but there are some meds that can help. Most of them are off-label for ME though, so you will need a good doctor. Good luck, anon.

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What actually qualifies as nipple hair?
Because I've got like three or four coarse strands around, not on, each nipple which I pluck for obvious reasons. They're darker, but not all that much thicker, just like those discoloured bitches which grow on melanin spots.

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>friend goes
>spends hundreds on cosplay
>says money's tight and they're broke, they bum a room, alcohol, and food because people feel bad about it
>they buy a couple hundred in merch from the dealer's hall
I have a feeling we all know that person

>> No.10027676

>friend goes to con
>spends hundreds on cosplay
>says money's tight and they're broke, they bum a room, alcohol, and food because people feel bad about it
>they buy a couple hundred in merch from the dealer's hall
I have a feeling we all know that person

>> No.10027678

Oop, same anon, one google later I'm a wiser woman. Yep, those are nipple hairs.

Treat yourself to a fresh pair of tweezers, gull who's reading this. Dull tools are a bore, and no matter if it's an intimate secret or your everyday eyebrow you deserve to pull that shit off in one try.

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You guys do a hard bargain.
How about I give you brando for fwb option. We both win.

>> No.10027691

I considered ME because a relative got it young, but I'm nowhere near as bad as she was so I don't think I have it (she was sleeping 16+ hours a day every day, extremely weak, body reacts terribly to any more activity and needs days to recover from short trips out, had to drop out of everything). Constantly wanting to sleep is a depression side effect so I think it's probably that, and in summer I functioned well enough on 7 hours to do my menial job, I just can't sleep little and study because it fucks my focus and memory.

I was considering it could be IBS or some other intolerance (only got basic common things tested at the doc, so I don't know much more than I'm not coeliac and my iron and thyroid are fine) or just a shifty weak immune system but honestly I'm not sure.

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>tfw you're a lolita that's into death metal and everyone thinks you're weird

>> No.10027715

I've been up since 4 am it's ~8 pm should I go to sleep rn and wake up ~4 am or stay up til 12 am for this sock release?

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I feel you anon, I’m also a lolita that listens to death metal. People tend to double take when I’m head banging while wearing AP

>> No.10027718


>> No.10027720

you are also gay

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Well, I mean we are a board full of faggots

>> No.10027737

Let's be friends, anon.

>> No.10027740

You sound like me a couple years ago. If you really don't think you're going to find a decent job with your degree, I would suggest you stop going sooner rather than later. If school is stressing you out and making you rack up debt, honestly it would be best to just stop now and get the best job you can land. See if you can at least get a 2 year degree with your current credits. Higher education is mostly a racket unless we're talking a few very specific jobs, if you feel like you're wasting your time, it's probably true.

Don't spend all your money and/or give up on life.

>> No.10027755

I'm a hardcore Radiohead fan and wore sweet lolita to a concert. I was certainly eyeballed but I could swear Thom Yorke winked at me and I was dying of joy.

>> No.10027793

>tfw no beastie boys lolita gf who gets my engine running hotter than a boiling kettle and makes my job not a job but a damn good time

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>no gf whatsoever

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O-okay anon

>> No.10027823

Oh gull, I'm so sorry. That's a really tough situation. It's easy for us as outsiders to just say, 'fuck it! break up with him', but it's not really that simple, is it? I think that there's no need to go to that measure if you two are truly able to discuss your feelings and work towards a solution honestly - and that doesn't mean the compromise of doing nothing because you couldn't agree or going with the path of least resistance. You need to do something that will truly satisfy both of your needs. If you aren't able to do that, then this same problem is going to bleed into other aspects of your relationship and at that point, it's nearly terminal. I don't believe that you're actually thinking about cheating, but you long for that freedom to have fun and be yourself that you can idealize with this rando. When I found myself in the exact same situation, I realized how much I was cutting myself in to pieces to become more digestible for my boyfriend. In other words, I was changing parts of myself to become the more 'acceptable' version of a weeb in his eyes, a safe weeb. But that's not who I am. I didn't feel happy with who I was around him until I reminded myself that he's in a relationship with me because he loves me, not this idea of me. If we plan on being together long term, it would be wrong for me to keep a facade of myself up forever. Your boyfriend needs to know that these things make you happy and even if he doesn't want to participate, you need to be able to do the things that make you happy. At the time this problem was happening, I also didn't have any other friends to go with me to a con if he wasn't. And it's not like I was really allowed to go alone to the dubiously safe parts of LA where the convention is held. Luckily for me, my cousin is also a weeb and we have a close relationship so I was able to go. I hope that you can find someone in your life or that you find a friend to go with you too.


>> No.10027825

As for the nitpicking, you really just have to be straight up with him. It'd be one thing if you had asked for constructive criticism, but you didn't. His nitpickery isn't helping you become a better cosplayer, it's just making you feel bad. However, his attention for detail sounds like it would be very helpful during the construction process. If he could look over your pieces to ensure accuracy, then he would become an excellent resource. However, it's also important for him to understand that not everything has to be screen accurate. Cosplay is about taking your own twists and turns to bring your interpretation of a character to life and he's just gonna have to live with that.

(2/2) Woof, I didn't forsee myself typing so much but your story struck a chord with me. Please do update us on how things go. I'm rooting for you!

>> No.10027826

Did my lolita laundry today. It's disgusting to see how murky the water gets when washing some burando but damn is it satisfying to see how nice and clean it's getting.

>> No.10027829

please, i'm begging you. i cant hold my tongue anymore. i browse this board solely for cosplay, but this damn joke has been eating away at my soul. i cant take it any longer. what the fuck is butthole inspection day

>> No.10027833

Okay anon, we're gonna go through this veeeeery slowly.

What could those three words possibly mean when put together?

>> No.10027837
File: 51 KB, 616x616, 16c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>knowing that were was an over 50% chance of being normal
>still got fucked over by the generic lottery
there is no god

>> No.10027859

Embrace the nipple hair anon chan. There are far more unfortunate places to grow hair.

>> No.10027860

Eh, it takes like 1-2 minutes maybe 1-2 times a month to pluck em out. Chances are you have nice thick hair on your head, and long/thick eyelashes.

>> No.10027861

At least your not a man. I have to shave mine at least once a week.

>> No.10027863

Why get rid of them tho? Is it really that much of a dealbreaker in romantic partnerships?

>> No.10027864

I'm the male anon. If I'm getting rid of mine, she had to get rid of hers. I find body hair just looks and feels unclean. I shave everything including my arms.

>> No.10027865

Neither of those anons, but I've been single for years, but I still shave parts of my body because I think hair a lot of body hair is gross. Some is just fine, but being covered in thick hair would just make me feel uncomfortable.

>> No.10027866
File: 45 KB, 648x484, FB_IMG_1541128113995.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nani the fuck

>> No.10027867

Huh. Interesting. I guess shaved would be the norm, but I've always associated clean-shaven bodies with pornography or childish youth. No offence meant, I know that everyone has their preferences, but a man with so much shaved off would be... Strange to me.
I understand having the need to shave certain body parts tho, I think underarm hair is disgusting, man or woman.

>> No.10027869
File: 408 KB, 469x557, [HorribleSubs] Houseki no Kuni - 07 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_05.11_[2018.10.19_20.48.56].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw eating peanut butter right out of the tub
Wtf is wrong with me? I'm not even depressed or anythin

>> No.10027871

Welcome to cgl

>> No.10027872

Most girls don't mind. It's only if I stop shaving for a small amount of time and everything gets prickly that they mind. It's not so great for sex, cuddling or hugs because it just grates against them.

Shows off muscles and tan better.

>> No.10027873

Why lick peanut butter out of the tub when you can lick it off of mr yan's sexy body pollow

>> No.10027876

I let almost all my body hair grow naturally, only shave my face and trim my armpit and pubic areas. Hasn't been an issue for any of the gals or guys I've dated. That's just the male perspective though, I'm sure women face more pressure to be hairless.

>> No.10027878

>shows off muscles and tan better
Makes sense. I suppose I don't mind hair as much since I'm usually covered up. I used to shave everything obsessivly too, but I stopped caring so much since it was making me constantly miserable and uncomfortable. I respect your dedication and pain tolerance.

>> No.10027880

I like my little sister's miku pillow better

>> No.10027883

Why lick your little sister's pillow when you could lick your little sister

>> No.10027884

Damn I was about to type that

>> No.10027885
File: 213 KB, 276x730, [HorribleSubs] Houseki no Kuni - 03 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_03.41_[2018.09.22_20.52.45].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>have to purge all body hair with shaving powder biweekly in order to not fail butthole inspections
>stubbles start growing back extremely fast
>blow all of my money on shaving powder and butthole bleach pads
>can't afford new coords
>comm dad (now mom) tells me that I'm gonna have to start having more variety with my getup or she'll have to transfer me to the poor girls' table

>> No.10027887
File: 41 KB, 357x356, 1474044117033.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10027889

This would be a great idea for themed meet

>> No.10027890

You could extend your time spent hairless to 1.5 weeks if you plucked each hair individually like a man.

>> No.10027896

I say just hold out for now, honestly. It sounds like she's really trying and it'd be so shitty to throw out someone on the street who's genuinely trying to get one and help. If it were reversed, I'd definitely want my mom to not kick me out if I was desperately trying to get a job and had a literal breakdown from high blood pressure issues.

If it gets to be too much, help ease her into getting a roommate somewhere.

>> No.10027898

I haven't tried plucking them, but I usually shave them every 2-3 days. I'm a pussy for pain, so let's see how that goes
>Chances are you have nice thick hair on your head, and long/thick eyelashes
Thankfully this is true.

It definitely stems from our society's standards, but I also don't feel feminine and cute with coarse hair on my soft round titties.

>> No.10027899

tastes gud

>> No.10027905
File: 316 KB, 600x625, f0e.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>at the shops with some friends
>wearing toned down casual lavender coord
>fatigue easily due to an illness
>"its okay anon just take a rest" and friends go into a nearby shop
>browsing Instagram, keeping quality to myself for several minutes
>dude walks up
>too tired to try and make conversation. Say this but he doesnt seem to care
>havent looked up from my phone hoping he'll take the hint
>he starts trying harder to get my attention
>keeps saying cringe pick up lines, laughing at said pick up lines, carrying on a one sided conversation with himself
>finally had enough
>look at him to tell him to fuck off
>see his face
>He looks like a literal child
>Ask him his age
>hes 15
>"Did you think I was 15 too?"
>slow, confused nod
>mfw I'm 24

Sure I wanna be kawaii but I would also like to be an adult thanks
Baby face is a curse

>> No.10027906
File: 89 KB, 498x416, 1533715445396.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Have good friend through cgl
>We are very bffs
>Go to cons and stuff
>Help each other out in cosplay and lolita coords
>thinks everything going swell
>Bitch suddenly ghosts and blocks me
>Doesn't give reason
>Don't even know why

I am very sad and angry gulls. Why do I even try making friends when people will usually do you dirty like this. I just want good life long friends who share mutual likes and interests.

>> No.10027910

If you had an adult face 90% of the posters here would say you're "too old" for lolita or how it "doesn't suit you." It's a lose-lose situation.

>> No.10027915

They do. That's why I love high waist skirts. All the skirts I own are high-waisted. Another plus similar to JSK. They help tie the outfit more together because of the same fabric on my body as in my skirt. Jsks do it a bit more ofcourse, but normal skirts always feel a bit hard to tie into an outfit in a whole, meant to be together, kinda look.

>> No.10027919

That's probably true. I'd almost rather deal with cgl shitposting than be hit on by teen boys though...

>> No.10027925
File: 51 KB, 600x600, Gross.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>nipple hair

>> No.10027934

You have to tell your boyfriend that his nitpicking bothers you and that it isn't constructive (unless he is willing to help you actually change it ).

Also, I go to cons with my bf and I've always felt guilty because he hung around with me all day doing the things i wanted to do. This was especially boring for him when i helped out at stalls but, ever since he joined his own cosplay group (that he had never met before the con) he's been very happy at cons. He'd be taking photos and hanging out with his group while i'd be helping out at a stall and we'd meet up for food and at the end of the day to go home.

So maybe your bf needs to find something he really wants to do at a con, and if he can't figure that out what maybe its better for him not to go at all.

It might be daunting for him (and you) to make that first leap but it might work out.

>> No.10027938

Is this a humble brag?

>> No.10027951

Talk to him. Explain it. Go alone to cons.

I don't have this with cons, but I do with metal events and going to the bar. Sometimes maybe parties from the local chapters of biker clubs, or other similar things. I care for the music and the community, but my bf hates crowds, hates loud music, doesn't like most of my taste in music, etc. He tried to go with me a few times because I really wish to share my love for it with him, but he ends up grumpy trying to push himself trough it and we both aren't having fun.

You say your relationship is perfect outside of this. A perfect relation has two ways respect and you can talk in it. So just exain to him. Go alone next time. There is nothing wrong with being in a relationship without doing every single thing together. Sometimes it's nice to do stuff by yourself.

If he likes cons but not the same parts as you, perhaps do only stuff you both like together and split up for the rest. The one time I went with my bf to a con (it was a game con) he wanted to try this upcoming game, but I didn't care much, let alone enough to stand in line 2-5 hours (most popular game there). I wanted to go extensible trough the dealer room tho, and he hates shopping. We went seperated, and once one was done we send a text message to the other and meet up again. That way we could both do what we wanted in piece, without feeling like we dragged the other along.

>> No.10027957

We all love gossip anon. Those who try to deny tend to be the worst.

>> No.10027970

Nyart but he didn't say all girls he was with where models. He said that from the girls he had been with, the few who looked good like models where bad in bed. He even said not many he had been with looked that good.

Honestly, the way he said it, he could just have fucked one good looking but bitchy and selfish slut (the kind that fucks anyone there in a weekend if she could) that goes to cons in skimpy cosplay for attention and drew conclusions from that. I doubt he has an adequate view of what pretty woman are like in bed.

>> No.10027971

Normally not.

>> No.10027987

>in med school
>sleeping 12 hours a day
>sending in overdue essays tomorrow
What's your secret anon? I'm sleeping way to little, sometimes only 3 hours. But even when u sleep enough I'm so tired of private life shit I can't get enough done and am behind.

>> No.10027988

Great. Now I have one more thing to be insecure about.

>> No.10027989

Your nipple hair is fine

>> No.10027990

There are clearly a number of people in this thread alone who think otherwise.

>> No.10027991

Fuck em, own it

>> No.10027997

They only have a few months left, at this point they should just complete it so all their future jobs pay more.

>> No.10027998

The whole thing is just some joke started a while ago in regard to "overly strict com mods" or something. It stuck because of how ludicrous it is.

>> No.10028002
File: 292 KB, 1152x2048, 1540749341625.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Look on the bright side, you can hit on jailbait and get away with it.
Tons of girls want a boy they could emotionally manipulate to do their every whim that's cute at the same time, you can do it!

>> No.10028003

It's jokes

>> No.10028005

>tfw no lolita gf to tease by playing with her nipple hair

>> No.10028010

I know lots of anons have responded to this already and you should take their basic advice that you don't need to be together 100% of the time at a convention. However I think this is indicative of a bigger hidden problem. Is the nitpicking on costumes something he does to everyone or is it just you? It's possible that he may be passive-aggressively trying to get you to stop cosplaying. It's happened to many of my friends. Their boyfriend says they're cool with it but then become insecure because of all the attention they get from other guys at cons and rather than express their feelings, they'll find asinine ways to try to get them to quit (too expensive, you're getting too old, it takes too much time) Communication is the cornerstone of any good relationship. Breaking up with something over a small problem is stupid but if the behavior is caused by a bigger problem you need to find out rather than avoiding the issue. If you truly loves you he'll understand that he needs to keep his nitpicking comments to himself. If he continues to be hyper critical of everything you do even if he knows it bothers you, that's just plain abusive and you should get out. No one deserves that.

>> No.10028018

i would like to be your friend anon

>> No.10028025

tfw ywn motorboat your lolita gf's tiddies and feel how her nipple hair is tickling your nose

>> No.10028026

There's your answer

>> No.10028029

>tfw lolita gf won't let you braid her nipple hair

>> No.10028032

I'm an autistic weeb but you can easily get away with that if you're somewhat good looking.

People are forgiving and even enthusiastic about negative personality traits if you're good looking. You're not an autist, you're quirky. You're not a weeb, you're a nerd XDDDDDD.

>> No.10028035

It's not solely about looks; it's about charisma.

>> No.10028048

>tfw no bf

>> No.10028049
File: 32 KB, 113x112, prayforher.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>turning 30 next month
>mfw the last girl in my comm to turn 30 was forced onto an ice flume by the comm mother and floated out to sea
Guess I'll die.

>> No.10028050

Do you enjoy cosplaying or lolita, anon?

>> No.10028051

And clearly a number of people who don't give a shit

>> No.10028052


>> No.10028061

It honestly doesn't hurt even a little bit, oddly enough. Shaving them every 2-3 days sounds tiresome.

Same reason as the other anon. Plus it doesn't hurt at all and takes like 2 seconds, I can do it at home, and I only have to bother with it like every 3-4 weeks. Way less hassle then say, paying over $100 every 5 weeks to get my legs and arms waxed.

>> No.10028065

Does your comm meet exclusively on Alaskan cruises?

>> No.10028070

>not knowing about the arctic com
Wew lad

>> No.10028071

Christmas cake is the sweetest.

>> No.10028072


>> No.10028073

>had a sex dream where two guys fucked me while I was wearing lolita after getting home from a meet
>it was like they couldn't wait for me to undress because they wanted me so bad
>they kissed each other a lot
>it was really romantic
>tfw no cute bisexual boyfriends waiting for me at home after meets

>> No.10028074

I can see why you have no bf.

>> No.10028078

I don't care what my partner's body hair is like. Personally I shave my armpits every week and my undercarriage when I'm wearing a bikini or think I might get some. I don't do it for myself but because a lot of other people are squeamish about pubic hair.

>> No.10028080

Looks like most people don't care

>> No.10028084

please help

>> No.10028086

Any place where a tongue is likely to go must be shaved. Everything after that is just aesthetics.

>> No.10028088

Have fun pricking your tongue on the cacti boobs

>> No.10028089

I have that too. 3 hairs around one nipple and 2 hairs at my other nipple. They are thicker though. I often forget to remove them but my partner never said anything about it. They get like 2cm long.

>> No.10028091

Didn't Japanese metal guys used to model for GLB? Amost all lolitas I know listen to rock or metal

>> No.10028093

Ew, what did you do with it?

>> No.10028095

Dunno about metal but visual kei was very closely tied together to the fashion so being a lolita band girl was almost a given back then, even if you wore sweet lolita. I guess these days it's a lot more about ~*just fashion*~ so this connection is less common, at least among newbies.

>> No.10028111

a lot of visual kei bands back then made metal so the previous anon is technically right

>> No.10028118
File: 82 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The fuck kind of person would want to humble brag about being an adult woman and getting hit on my pubescent, acne faced underage boys?

Ah yes my very own pizza faced, axe body spray wearing, Fotnite playing, broke because hes in high school boyfriendo. I can do such fun activities like babysit him and help him with his homework. Such romance.
Thanks for pointing out this bright side, anon. This is truly the life for me.
Time to go hang out outside a high school and groom the cutest and most vulnerable one I see.
People only care when creepy old men do this to girls so I should be fine.

>> No.10028120

I've gone down on plenty of trimmed or hairy girls. It's still fun

>> No.10028121

No. No it's not.

>> No.10028122

I'm 25 and look like I'm 30. Some tween on a bike tried to flirt with me when I was waiting to cross the road yesterday. I am convinced that boys and most men are incapable of telling a woman's age unless she looks like a literal hag.

>> No.10028124

You must be a Neanderthal to think picking pubic hair out of your teeth is fun. Do you still have teeth?

>> No.10028126

Different strokes for different folks, anon

>> No.10028128

Would you consider cute bisexual girlfriend?

>> No.10028129

>plucking them out

Sorry to say anon but you might have trichotillomania.

>> No.10028130
File: 22 KB, 640x480, sweat5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10028135
File: 52 KB, 444x287, 1541139114039.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why would I chew someone's pubes? That's now how eating out works

>> No.10028137

Man I'm sorry anon. At least we're not alone in the adventures of being hit on by dumb teens though?

>> No.10028139

If you're not chewing the pubes, you're not eating the pussy right.

>> No.10028141

Well...WHO do you want to be hit on by?

>> No.10028142

Holy shit I'm dying

>> No.10028143
File: 19 KB, 419x427, FB_IMG_1512929311279.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Aww man so I've been going down wrong all these years? Fuck

>> No.10028146

No one unless it's another cute lolita.

>> No.10028147

You can learn a lot about a girl by how her pubes taste.

>> No.10028149

>another cute lolita

A bit generous to yourself no?

>> No.10028150

Maybe, but I think I look cute and that's what matters.

>> No.10028154

please share your valuable insight

>> No.10028157
File: 148 KB, 447x640, 1518990784052.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I totally would! We could have so much fun together

My sexy dream boys and the cute bisexual anon upthread

>> No.10028161

Ewww, you’re gross!

>> No.10028165

At least I'm not a furry

>> No.10028166

Not implying that you are a furry btw. I'm just genuinely thankful I'm not one.

>> No.10028167

Original babyfaced anon.
I'd rather get hit on by a lumber jack. Or a cute girl. Or some meathead gym dude. Or a rich old dude. Or a crazy cat lady. Or a lesbian alien from beyond the stars. Or a talking dog.

So long as I dont have to be hit on my someone that spends his afternoon doing basic algebra and cleaning his room cause mommy said it's too dirty I'm good.

>> No.10028171

You guys are weird. I'm undecided if that's good or bad.

>> No.10028172

Seconding. Teen boys are the least attractive thing in the world even though many of them grow up ok.
>lesbian alien from beyond the stars though, hell yeah

>> No.10028175

Are you saying the people you hang around DON'T talk about nipple hair, butthole inspections, fluffy $500 dresses, and alien lesbians?

>> No.10028179

>tfw no lesbian alien from beyond the stars gf
I didn't even know it was a feel until this thread but now I feel it so deeply

>> No.10028180

You make my friends sound so boring when you put it like that.

>> No.10028181

Lel I used to have the opposite problem. I was seemingly getting more attention from 30 year olds than girls my own age as a teenager, because I looked older than my true age

>> No.10028184

What about now, anon?

>> No.10028186

Sounds like you need new friends, friend

>> No.10028187

>the one type of gf less attainable than a cute lolita gf
>this thread got me wanting one anyway

>> No.10028192

Women in their 30s still seem to like me better than younger women. I seem to get hit on less now though, but I also live in a city with like 1/10 as many people

>> No.10028194

>cosplay friend introduces me to Feabie and shows me her profile
>not sure I'll ever be able to look at her the same again

>> No.10028196

>tfw no bf

>> No.10028198

>tfw no nipple hair space lolita gf

>> No.10028238
File: 27 KB, 592x336, s135.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be me
>normie bf finally googles "lolita"
>gets mad at me for the book "Lolita" even existing (like i'm somehow responsible for it lol) and insists that what i wear is intrinsically tied to it despite knowing nothing about the fashion and nothing about the book
>he's still assmad
>mfw even his mother pulls me aside and says she doesn't understand why women would "appeal to predators" and tells me i should wear it on his terms

this was like a month ago--i broke it off with him because he was controlling af--but my jimmies are still rustled. people who insist wearing lolita is a sex thing are nearly as creepy as the predators they cite.

>> No.10028241
File: 51 KB, 800x600, 584.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no lesbian alien from beyond the stars gf

>> No.10028242

Pls b my gf.

>> No.10028243

How do you even get into a relationship with an idiot like that? Do you have terrible shallow taste or what is it?

>> No.10028246

manipulative douchebags don't show their true colors until it's too late. that's how.

>> No.10028247

>tells me i should wear it on his terms
Not gonna lie, I laughed at this. Imagine being so self absorbed you think people should bend over backwards to please the failure of a human being you popped out of your cooch.
I'm glad you broke up with him, anon. Live your best frilly life.

>> No.10028253

I more meant why would you even get into any kind of relationship with a normalfaggot?

>> No.10028257

God you got out of that situation anon. You don't need that aggravation.

Why in earth some people insist that Lolita fashion is related to the book even after being told by Lolitas isnt is beyond me.
His mommy dearest getting involved is retarded though. Sounds like a crazy and controlling family to me.

>> No.10028259

Meant glad, not God. Sorry, I'm dumb I guess.

>> No.10028271

>why would anyone want a normalfag
Idk, that's pretty dumb.

Anyways, lonelylita here wanting to get together with a fitfag. Just putting that out there.

>> No.10028273

Stop teasing us.

>> No.10028277

I can be your voice of reason and maybe be a better judge of character for you before you get into a relationship.

>> No.10028288

I'm not entirely sure what you're offering but I'll take it

>> No.10028290

In the year of our lord and saviour mana? What kind of floozy do you take me for?

>> No.10028291

>nipple hair, butthole inspections, fluffy $500 dresses, and alien lesbians

finally some quality gayness over here

>> No.10028297
File: 17 KB, 500x302, voted.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Remember to vote today if you are in the US. Vote to legalize lolita

>> No.10028298

You are weak and must be purged

>> No.10028301

I'm a big black metal fan and I never had this issue. I'm weird by the norm, but not to lolitas or other metalheads. People in both groups tend to not give a shit if you keep very different hobbies that don't match because of the differences in culture seperated. Aka don't go to extreme metal concerts or to the cafe in lolita, or try to make a corpse paint metal lolita coord (you'll just look like you're trying too hard to be edgy). No one cares to what you listen and to on your headphones, or what you wear when headbanging at your day home. But I wouldn't take you serious if you feel the need to combine everything all the time either. There is a time and place for everything.

Most of the Japanese metal culture is very than Western metal culture. Beside maybe the underground culture, which has more similarities but also still has its clear differences.

>> No.10028303
File: 80 KB, 378x241, 1541131904567.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There is no room for weakness in lolita

>> No.10028304

>Most of the Japanese metal culture is very than Western metal culture. Beside maybe the underground culture, which has more similarities but also still has its clear differences.
You accidentallied a very important word in your statement.

>> No.10028305

I wouldn't call it counseling but we can at least talk about it if nothing else. It sometimes helps to get things out in the open.

>> No.10028306

I'm so proud of what cgl has become

>> No.10028308

>It's easy for us as outsiders to just say, 'fuck it! break up with him', but it's not really that simple, is it?
>easy for us to just say
>us say
What are you referring too? Did you read the replies? People where supportive and kind. There was only one person not, out of all the replies. Is this some "/cgl/ is full of meanies so I'm gonna assume this is said" kinda reaction?

>> No.10028310

I think you're confusing me with the anon that broke up with a normalfag. I'm just a virgin lolita slut that wants to chain a fitfag to a bed in my basement.

>> No.10028312
File: 354 KB, 1280x720, High Score Girl Episode 12-21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do you need counseling for that?

>> No.10028313

Remember you have to feed fitfags a metric ton of chicken breast and broccoli. Also make sure those chains are heavy for multiple reasons.

>> No.10028314


Me too anon. I've shaved between my legs, my legs, my arms, my armpits, and any other area I don't like hairs on every shower I take since far before I had a bf. And I don't even have very visible hairs. I just proever perfect smoothness. I'm a woman BTW.

Contrary, I love it when a men has a lot of body hair and a beard. Altrough armpits I still preffer shaved, same with between the legs. It's not a deal breaker if those aren't shaved as long as they actually take the effort to keep it clean for me.

>> No.10028315

The kind who tempts equally lonely, innocent men with the impossible.

>> No.10028319

>Shows off muscles and tan better.
I dislike a tan and visible muscles. Most men with very visible muscles just have trained purely for that, but don't know how to actually use them for anything not in the gym. I rather have an obvious strong body with a little bit of fat over it (not a fat person, mind you). Tans are just ugly imho. I don't care about natural skin colour, but tanning ages you and looks way worse than untanned.

I know I'm the odd one out with that preference tho. I rarely agree with other woman on what kind of men is hot. I like actually manly men, not show offs.

>> No.10028320


>> No.10028321
File: 51 KB, 299x352, m87165946423_1-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>heavy chains
But anon, hunting them through the forest after they escape is half the fun.

>> No.10028322

They need the chains heavy to use as battle ropes.

>> No.10028325

Heh, but I'm not kidding. Maybe we'll meet one day in the real world and hit it off. In the manwhile, I'll continue to hunt for a beefcake of my own.

>> No.10028336 [DELETED] 

Of course. I'll build my darling pet a fully stocked exersise room.

>> No.10028339

Of course, I'll have a fully stocked exersize room for my darling pet.

>> No.10028340

I don't like the odds, but I'll be sure to keep an eye out for a strange woman in a pretty dress.

>> No.10028349
File: 39 KB, 235x379, a1f45a6f-ffbb-47e7-b0e3-5fdabe027116-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Have faith, fitfriend, luck might be on our side.

>> No.10028365

I'll have to start praying to Mana for His divine providence.

>> No.10028387

get a room you two

>> No.10028402

What is it with the feels thread and starting couples? We already had pyramid head-kun and bubble nurse-chan, now we got kinky lolita and subby fitfag too? Who's next?

>> No.10028453

Well the thing about ME though is it can be more mlld or severe, it depends on the person.

But IBS or food intolerances are also a possibility, I just found out recently I'm lactose intolerant. I only found out because I stopped eating dairy for a while and my IBS got much better. So you could try that, or maybe an exclusion diet? Not having the shits every day and not having belly aches can really help with how you feel generally from day to day.

>> No.10028454

Also, I thought my symptoms were just depression as well, but then after a few years of meds and therapy I stopped feeling depressed, but still had physical symptoms.

>> No.10028470

>Tfw no lolita or cosplaying gf because live in bumfuck nowhere VA

None of my rl friends are into the culture. I'm only about 2.5 hrs from Animazement, but I feel like it would be awkward as fuck to cosplay and go solo.


I'm a jock-looking type of guy and most of my non-online friends are similar, so I ended up with a gf not that much into nerd culture. She did not like anime and openly mocked me for liking anime/cosplay. I can tell you that despite getting along with her in everything else and having similar values, this was a huge mistake, as I simply enjoy cons and watching/reading shows/manga too much to toss it aside.

You really only have two choices here. Either go to cons by yourself or with like-minded friends and you two do your own stuff outside of this. Or, if this is a very important hobby you'd like your partner to be included in, you're going to have to firmly convince him to stop his current behavior due to how it makes you feel (don't wait around for months and years for a positive result) or find someone else who isn't going to make you feel bad doing what you like. GL and hope you're happy regardless.


Marry me so I can stop third wheeling metal shows with my brother and conventions solo like an autist.

>> No.10028475

They're not even a real couple though

>> No.10028483

Not yet, anyway. :^)

>> No.10028497
File: 23 KB, 512x288, 48e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10028525

Lolita doesn't make me happy anymore but I can't bring myself to let go of the fashion. I feel like I've outgrown the people actively involved and gradually the distant association has really worn me down. I only wear it out of habit as I've been a daily lolita for nearly 15 years, but every day it feels more like a chore.

If I force myself to move on, will I regret it immediately after? How do I fill the gaping hole if I suddenly stop doing something I've been passionate about for the majority of my life? I wish I could talk to another lolita about this but I feel like people would only conspire to get me to sell them grail pieces.

>> No.10028528

You don't have to sell everything immediately. If you've been wearing lolita nonstop for 15 years, maybe take a break before you sell everything. Wear other things, wear the frills you have in non-lolita outfits, see if you feel differently then.
It feels like a huge hole to fill but passions come and go. If you truly want to let lolita go at this point, do it, at least partially at first. And if you drop it completely, that's okay too. Your happiness matters most in this life, remember that. You'll find something else to be passionate about, I have no doubt. Just keep your own happiness in mind above all else.

>> No.10028530

Yeah but it's young dick
Gulls here constantly pine after baby faced 19 year olds

>> No.10028531

Everyone has their own tastes. Most guys think I'm strange because I prefer very cute, short, flat chested girls rather than your big tiddy fit girls which most the people I hang out with tend to pursue. I wouldn't call myself a show off but I'm very proud of what I accomplished going from anorexic to what I am now. So I do like to be a prancing pony every now and then, it's nice to get attention for something you worked so hard for.

Yeah I'm no lumberjack or marine but that's okay, I'm stronger than the vast majority of men anyway.

>> No.10028535

Pyramid head reporting in
Fit doesn't have the worst image on this site and cgl isn't well known enough for r9k to constantly invade. This lends itself to an older Chan culture where it's easier to get along with people. Considering the gender balance is actually much more even and everyone here is generally more mature people are more willing to pursue serious relationships.

>> No.10028536

all the nogf posters ITT should fight over >>10028048
>thirsty anons get to exercise their frustrations on each other
>anonette gets a bf
It's a win-win

>> No.10028539

I legitimately thought a few of the nogf posters were girls?

>tfw oldfag that doesn't get along with crossboarders
You guys warm my bitter heart. One day I'll find the right oldfag for me.

>> No.10028547

>I legitimately thought a few of the nogf posters were girls?
bi/lesbian grils have better places to be lonely than a chinese cartoon forum for racist teenagers

>> No.10028550

33 year old virgin male here, been trying to fuck any girl at a con for almost 17 years now. No luck so far, there is no worse feel then this.

>> No.10028555

You're giving them too much credit
Shitposting is fun after all

>> No.10028560

>flat chested preference
Good on you anon. Studies say poor men generally favour big breasts while rich men favour smaller breasts.

>> No.10028573

Flat chess truly are justice.

>> No.10028579

us as outsiders in general, not specifically referring to any comment. It's a common response to tell someone with relationship problems to just break up with their s/o. And you're right, the comments are overwhelming positive and helpful. I didn't mean to generalize. Perhaps a different choice of words would've been appropriate.

>> No.10028589

>17 years
You can't have been trying that hard

>> No.10028592

Fuck a crossdresser

>> No.10028593

Me and my friends do post tfw no lolita gf
Hate to break it to you but we are indeed women
The gayness is real

>> No.10028597
File: 472 KB, 491x637, [HorribleSubs] Houseki no Kuni - 01 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_01.26_[2018.06.15_22.12.32].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Personally I enjoy the thick pungent smell armpit hair affords the man. Can't get enough of them pheromones

>> No.10028599

Shitposting is fun, but as a bi girl I truly feel
>tfw no lolita gf

>> No.10028601

you must be ugly then, all the cute bi/gay girls sadpost on IG and twitter

>> No.10028607

I have a boyfriend so if I sad post there people will think I'm a cheater when I'm actually just fantasizing

>> No.10028609

i'm learning so much

>> No.10028613

To me it sounds like the people you knew have tained it for you and you naturally healthily have changed over a decade and a half. Just get some other styles. Do a capsule wardrobe or three in whatever piques your interest. I did this. I admit I was where you are. My wardrobe is still intact, I still go after wishlist items. I have one of those 200 + piece wardrobes and I don't feel a bit of guilt or lack. I wear it if I feel like it. Be at peace anon

>> No.10028637

Pheromones don't come from the armpit hair.

>> No.10028640
File: 1.73 MB, 334x251, PhErOmOnEsSs.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10028645
File: 304 KB, 401x539, [HorribleSubs] Houseki no Kuni - 03 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_07.45_[2018.09.22_20.58.00].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You get me sis

>> No.10028653

>that fucking image

>> No.10028659

>have boyfriend
>fantasize about girls
nani the fuck?

>> No.10028662
File: 37 KB, 500x437, bis.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10028663

>have romantic partner
>fantasize about other people as romantic partners

>> No.10028670

Why would you fantasize about dating other people when you're already dating somebody? Either spend more time with your boyfriend to get over those fantasies or break up with him.

>> No.10028671

This might sound harsh, but your situation seems good overall? Seems like your relationship is literally perfect outside of the few days you go to cons each year. You two should just find 2 different group of friends to hang out with and meet at the end of the event.

Take it easy, you can figure out that one.

>> No.10028673

My fantasies aren't hurting anyone. I even share them with my boyfriend sometimes, it's no big deal. Next thing you're going to tell me I shouldn't masturbate unless he's involved too.

>> No.10028674

People experience sexual and romantic attraction differently my dude

>> No.10028675

Anon, we were mostly just playing around. To be serious for a moment, I am in no place for a relationship at present and I'm not really even a sub.

>> No.10028676

At least you're aware of it, anon. That suggests a level of emotional maturity. Good for you, forreal

>> No.10028680

>comparing masturbating to daydreaming about dating people who aren't your current romantic partner

>> No.10028682
File: 1.45 MB, 752x1132, Screenshot_2018-11-06-22-39-09-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And I'm not really much of a dom...
I am kinky, though.
As much as I love this board and most (some) of the people on it, I'm aware that there's little to no chance of any actual relationships, romantic or otherwise. But! it's nice to pretend for a while.

It was a pleasent experience nonetheless my dearest, may fate bring you happiness.

>> No.10028683
File: 176 KB, 500x534, 1512575125361.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>gulls think they know what guys want/need
And people wonder why us /fit/izens are gay lol

>> No.10028685

>free gym
>free food
>lolita gf
seems like win-win? what's the catch?

>> No.10028686
File: 2.36 MB, 1920x1080, I see the path to victory.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

not yet.

>> No.10028687
File: 494 KB, 975x699, p-peach theyre using the super crown.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no sex-positive cosplay gf

>> No.10028692

You'd have to put up with me and my hyperboles, unfortunately, as well as some truly tiring bedroom, um, sports.

>> No.10028694

Thank god

>> No.10028705

Ok, but will you punch me in the ribs?

>> No.10028718

>tfw christmas cake and not married yet
>tfw no bf
>tfw look ugly in pictures because my phone camera is a piece of shit and the distortion is like a circus mirror
>I can visibly SEE and pinpoint the ways it distorts the image, plus it's super blurry and pixellated no matter what like it's back in the flipphone days
>tfw shitty job and barely getting enough sleep
>tfw literally only time to eat one meal a day that takes 10 minutes of prep or less
>surviving on bananas I steal from work and eat at my desk
How can I be kawaii when I have to work for a living and use an ancient potato as a phone? I want a 6 hour workday and the latest iphone and door to door daily lyfts because bus hobos are not moe. I hate it...I hate it!

>> No.10028727

>break up with abusive, cheating gf who treated me like a toy rather than a human being
>she immediately starts crying about how hard it is being single
>complains to one of her friends about how bored she is not having sucked a dick in three days until he agrees to be her fwb
>everyone is sympathetic to her
>I'm seriously depressed and having trouble trusting anyone after all her lies
>everyone just tells me to get over it
Why is it so easy for women to be garbage human beings and get away with it with no consequences?

>> No.10028728

Why are you so poor anon?

Because women are treated like children in society. They aren't responsible for their own actions.

>> No.10028731
File: 451 KB, 640x600, 1539583536009.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Whew I never thought I would have a reason to post here. Well I was going to cosplay Kaworu Nagisa and Gwyndolin as a cool surprise to my ex. Well he cheated, and now I feel kind of weird about finishing up Gwyndolin. I can pull it off, I have the money for it. Its just.... awkward. I still am madly in love with him, and haven't heard anything from him.

I just hope I'm being healthy here and not doing this as some kind of hope that "he'll notice me again" or ect. Part of me does want to make him regret... it was such a nice romance.

>> No.10028733

But, my beloved, how could I ever find happiness without you?

>> No.10028734 [DELETED] 

I'd also like to know? Have you been living under extreme circumstances or did you just not ever get a job until last month?

>> No.10028735

I'd also like to know. Have you been living under extreme circumstances or did you just not ever get a job until last month?

>> No.10028737

I was in your situation once, only I'm a girl, and it sadly happens on both sides. Everyone supported my lying, cheating ex and shunned me basically... it sucked so hard. I'm sorry you have to deal with it too anon.

>> No.10028739

Yeah it sorta works like that. The abusive, lying party is the one that is gonna run around looking for sympathy, and badmouthing the one they abused. They are sociopaths with deep issues that's why they hurt you, its not like breaking up is going to stop their behavior. It will however free you from dealing with the behavior. Yeah you still feel bad about the whole situation, maybe you even feel bad for them. Its human nature that is why their behavior keeps going. These personality traits would have been weeded out along time ago if we didn't feel the need to be supportive, protective, and in relationships with these people.

>> No.10028740

>tfw no gf into the same kind of traps as I am

>> No.10028751

Fuck off back to twinkville the rest of the MEN here want a qtgf

>> No.10028752

Nayrt but I'm a man and I'd take any gender

>> No.10028753

Y’all are fucking nuts. You can’t blame for fantasies, first of all because you can’t tell people’s thoughts for sure, and also because fantasies aren’t real. Leaving actual parents because you were day dreaming about someone else? Are you fucking kidding me?

>> No.10028759

Stop using "Nayrt". We have never argued before, but I can tell who you are every time you start crap in a Feels thread.

Btw if your actually from /fit/ go to /soc/ and pound a trap like the rest of us. Its crazy over there during no fap/nut nov.

>> No.10028764

That's actually the first time I've used that acronym so you must be confusing me for someone else's posting style :)

>> No.10028767

>leaving actual parents
What a Freudian slip, my friend

Also desu, a lot of people can't let fantasies be and I've had relationships where they turned into infidelity, so I'd be wary at least

>> No.10028775

nayrt but I'm going to keep using it.

>> No.10028775,1 [INTERNAL] 

Can't you do meal prep throughout the week? I use my day off to prep my main grain for the week which is usually rice. And all I do is put it in the cooker, go do some housework, then section it out into meal portions to freeze. It's really easy and makes my cooking time fast. Then the next day I can prep a vegetable while cooking something special for dinner and heating up my rice. I cook a large dinner and use half as my lunch the next day. Try bringing a thermos to work but adding fruit to your water or tea or bringing miso soup with vegetables in the thermos. Meal plan on the bus.

Feed yourself>feel good and work hard>get promoted>buy a new phone>be kawaii.

>> No.10028835

i haven't had sex in over a year now

>> No.10028839

Congrats anon. Keep up the good work

>> No.10028889

>Why are you so poor anon?
My student debt is a second rent payment.
I'm not actually that poor, I have 10k in the bank and get paid mid 40's salary. But all the money goes to debt payments or bills or savings so I don't buy things for myself, usually.
Is there a better camera I could get? One with recording capabilities? I know gopro is used for that often but can it take good selfies?

>> No.10029584

What ARE your reasons for finishing? Is your heart in it or is it for a reason related to him? I'm sorry to say, but no matter how good you look in that costume, it's not going to make him feel sorry for cheating on you. It doesn't mean you're lesser than this other person, but he made the conscious decision to breach your trust and defile the relationship you had. Being the best you can be, without caring if he sees the better person you are, is how you grow from this. I don't blame you for having those types of feelings, I think that if I were in your shoes I would too. But, holistically, it's not healthy for you.

>> No.10029915

I just moved to VA(not bumfuck nowhere tho) and I have the same problem lmao, I feel you

>> No.10030825

Definitely finishing it more for myself of course. Its more like the cosplay is tainted a bit by the memory of him. So its hard to be nostalgic.

>> No.10031291

What's wrong with pepe? Don't tell me your so sensitive you can't use him anymore simply because pol does.

>> No.10031324


What area? I'm sitting in the Roanoke area, so if you aren't into college partying it can be hard to make friends irl.

>> No.10031549

I'll be friends with you

>> No.10036679

Only loose STD ridden tramps love gossip.

>> No.10037025

I feel like everyone interested in the things i'm into don't mesh well with me. Every time I find someone with my hobbies and interests, they are too autistic for a real relationship. When I find someone who is a normie they're nice but I don't find them exciting.I feel having someone that shares your interests is a big thing, but am I pushing too far for it?