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Revival edition

>post accounts you follow
>ask for/share advice
>keep it civil

>act like a retard
>insult other people

*don't self-post if you're going to shit up the thread trying to defend yourself

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Northeast NA photog here.
I'm booked for ANYC but send over a DM if you'd like to shoot anytime in the future with the exception of Katsu (not too sure if I want to start taking bookings right now). Am also open to location shoots if you're a reasonable distance away from me, I'm pretty close to NYC.
To any photogs lurking /cgl/ pls tell me what I need to work on.

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Whoops, forgot to put a link

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Tips for improving engagement? IG only shows to about 300-800 people while I have 2k followers. Out of those, 150-300 like. Back when I had 1k it was way higher with 300 likes regularly. I did take a big break at start of year.

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It seems to be a general problem. A lot of the larger accounts have noticed that less people see their posts than before. I only have like 5000 followers, but I too noticed that a few months ago I regularly had 500 likes while now it's more like 200-300. The quality of my posts has not changed, it really seems that they are not as visible as before. Apparently it's a change in the algorithm that is causing this.

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Self posting. I dont have a ton of feed content, but i post lots of progress on my story. Kind of slow right now though because of college, but planning on starting up again this weekend! @wayracosplay

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I like your color grading and compositions a lot! A lot better than most cosplay photogs I’ve seen lol

I’m not super deep into photography so take my advice with a grain of salt, but looking through your gallery you don’t seem very careful with some of your brush adjustments / masks. There’s some weird dodging / burning going on in some pics ( dark shadows that look obviously airbrushed / don’t follow the shape of the form, halos around figures ) as well as some excessive unnatural blurring in areas.

I’d refrain from relying too much on blur / the clarity slider to lessen wrinkles in clothing because it makes it look weirdly painterly and pushes it into the background. Instead I’d use the clone stamp or healing brush in PS (on lighten mode, so it doesn’t make more creases) to lessen wrinkles. Masks in Photoshop are a lot easier to do cleanly than in Lightroom imo
Same with skin— skin texture is completely lost in some pics and it’s pretty off-putting.

Sorry if I’m completely missing the mark on any of this! I’ll probably hit you up for cosplay pics in the future, your work is really pleasant otherwise and I can tell you put care into it.

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Thanks for the input!
I definitely think I go a bit too sloppily overboard with dodging, burning and frequency separation sometimes, and the thought of "wtf she looks like some sort of uncanny valley porcelain doll now" has passed through my mind a decent amount of times, lol.
I've legitimately never thought to simply clone out wrinkles in PS, will keep that in mind next time thanks! You were spot on with using clarity to try to remove those wrinkles, lol.

I've indeed been using Lightroom for most of my masking but I have been thinking about switching over to Photoshop for that and only using Lightroom for culling, color grading and fixing up exposure/highlights/shadows only using the sliders.

I'm thinking of trying to rely a loooot less on post production and go for a more natural approach next year, some of these shots out of camera are completely unuseable lel.
Definitely hit me up whenever we are at the same con! My experience with working with gulls has always been a chill positive time so I'll absolutely welcome more from this board.

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>don't self-post if you're going to shit up the thread trying to defend yourself
Why self post if anons are just going to shit on you and then you get no say in it because that "makes it worse"

>Inb4 you got posted

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Not op of this thread, but I'm the person who wrote that op originally. I guess it's not really clear but I meant those people who would defend themselves to death even after people stopped talking about them.

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The issue seems pretty widespread, my engagement rate is down to 17% (the lowest it’s been in a year) from a steady 30-45% 2 months ago according to igblade.
I think posting consistent WIP stories helps generate hype for costumes, and the more people reply to the progress, the more posts get boosted on feeds. Pretty sure the reason my engagement dropped so much is because I’m not currently making anything.

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I've read a lot of things about using different hashtags and not to use the same ones over and over, but that honestly doesn't seem to make any difference at all.

I don't live for likes on instagram, but the new algorithm really seems to favour a lot of shit posts. I don't mean itas or bad cosplays, I mean my explore page is full of those posts that consist of twitter screenshot "memes" or clickbait makeup tutorials. I keep selecting "show me fewer posts like this" but it doesn't seem to make a difference.

I used to get about 200-300 likes a post and now I'm barely scraping 150. Instagram is so money hungry, they really want people to spend to promote posts and it's weird. It's exactly what happened with pages on facebook.

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Anyone follow active lolitas with unique coords, preferably 800 or less followers. Looking for some new accounts to follow.

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Why do they have to have such a low amount of followers? Just ask for good accounts to follow suited to the style you like

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so they can get an excuse to self post lul

I've been seeing users who have been growing exponentially though so I'm just at a loss...

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nayrt but it's so that the same people who everyone follows don't keep getting recommended. It's nice to have some freshness in the mix.

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im into lolita and jfashion, what tags should i be using? i has great post engagement during October for using Halloween relevant tags but that’s over now and I feel lost. I already use the Japanese tags for kawaii, lolita, and lolita fashion.

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Because I probably already follow most high count lolitas lol.

Accounts I like:

I am mostly looking for lolitas that seem to have their own style and don't feel like a normie wearing a costume.

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egl, eglcommunity, selca, altfashion, whatever brands you are wearing.

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>I'm the person who wrote that op originally
so you made the first ever IG thread with that statement?

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What's a good rule of doing multiple posts of the same costume? Honestly I get so worried about spamming people that I end up posting 1 pic per cosplay which is really, really bad for being active.

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Yep. I was the one who wrote the first IG thread with that op. How is that doubtful? Not like these ops come out of nowhere.

I like it when people do several posts of the same costume that show off different parts of it or different shots from a photoshoot.
The spamming that gets boring is when there's a lot of repetition between posts (e.g. same costume in the same location with little to no variance in poses).

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I just make sure to never post the same costume more than once a week, and take care to get a lot of dynamic photos in shoots that all have different posing, moods, or background.

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That would mean you monitored the board all the time
Just shut up
You're not important

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frillyfix seems to be up and coming. I like the idea of experimenting with colorways on past releases.

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NAYRT but are you literally retarded? Anyone can post threads with whatever they want in the OP, anon just happened to make one that stuck.
You do realise that OP stickies aren’t handed down from god himself and anyone can make them right?
>getting this up in arms about the sticky

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>up and coming
>8 posts and 7 followers
It’s ok anon, selfposting is allowed

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What do you guys think I can do to improve my quality of content to achieve more follows? Any criticism welcome abuse me if you must!

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keep lifestyle / food / stuff to your stories, i never follow people that post a lot of unrelated things unless they’re friends.

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I actually like this. It's a unique take on a lolita account and I genuinely like some of the edits.

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@soloslumberparty, I consider myself a jfashion account that errs more to the side of personal (friend pics, nature, home decor, etc) but if you’re interested in making jfashion friends please follow! I have made some great friends from threads like these ! Also I’m moving to japan in less than a week jic anyone is interested in that.

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I'm trying to find the J fashion in this screencap. A close up shot of an AP print doesn't really count. This is just a normie account

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Don’t judge an account by its screenshot? Also I’m wearing a wig and seifuku in one pic and a vintage dress in another and a fint top in two others so..I def could’ve chosen a better screenshot I give you that but you’re being a bit of a hardass

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implying a vintage dress is jfash

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Fuck off anon. Anon already provided a screenshot that shows the j-fash side of her account.
Nitpicks like you are why no one wants to self-post anymore.

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ntayrt but that screenshot has no jfash either
stop getting butt blasted that people don't appreciate your normie posts

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ntayrt but that second screenshot has barely any jfash
stop getting butt blasted that people don't appreciate your normie posts

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Tysm for sticking up for me anon! but I’m down to bow out now lol if someone wants to follow me from here then they will if they don’t then they won’t! No need to defend the content of my account when my url is right there

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Agreeing with

I generally will not follow or unfollow people who post that sort of stuff.

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No Instagram was ever stickied. You're delusional.

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By the sticky, the anon meant the description of the thread. I've attached a screenshot to help you understand.

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@sleepyclaudie for idols n stuff

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I like how you stoped posting a cap of your insta. Nice to know you're a trippfag now.

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Get a load of this newfag

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these threads are such a mess

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welcome to cgl!! enjoy your stay.

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Go make a tik tok if you want to be so efamous.

>> No.10028745

you need to be 18 to use this site

>> No.10028937

That's not what stickied means on this site

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Great thread retards

>> No.10029105

I'm interested in seeing examples that feel like a normie wearing a costume

>> No.10029162

lol i love you

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So I was looking at who had viewed my Instagram stories and I noticed something weird. I currently have 3 photos up and it shows that a friend saw the most recent photo but not the other 2 that I posted before that one. How is that possible? I thought stories played in the order that they were posted. Is there an option that changes the order of my posts or is this more likely a glitch on Instagram’s end?

>> No.10030646

>is this more likely a glitch on Instagram’s end
Probably a glitch. I've had this happen with my stories, too.

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My user is @yowaseru
I know gyaru isn’t popular anymore but I still like interacting with other jfashion people, I like all fashions/communities

I’m trying to up my engagement a bit more, do you all have any tips for engaging captions or tags? Or perhaps content suggestions? I tend to stay away from reviews since I don’t like reading them.

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I died

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It may be hard for you to understand anon, but there's more than one meaning to a word.

>> No.10030821

I follow you already and I love your posts! I wish I could wear gyaru and pull it off like you do.

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Can someone give me recs on cute FEET @accoubts haha please

>> No.10036169

God, I love your outfits. Thanks for posting and for keeping gyaru alive. You actually got me interested in gyrau originally.

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Idk if this is for lolita only, but I figured I'd post some of my favourite cosplay accounts! Some are bigger and some are smaller, but they're some of the people I follow because I actually really admire and like what they put out (instead of obligation, or mutuals, or whatever).



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Too many assholes to have a good instagram thread. Go have an anal wax, still more productive than your stupid criticism

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I need more gay buff cosplayers in my feed. I'm already following Zayan, are there anyone else?

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Since there haven't been tumblr thread in ages: Are people returning there? I've gotten more followers (and notes) in past few weeks than whole past year. And the accounts seem legit. Or is it because no one goes there anymore and they find me easier?

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Anyone know of any good jfashion related pods? I dont really need one but honestly it's nice to have a little Instagram community to chat with about Japanese fashion/cosplay/general Instagram stuff.
If there are none, would anyone like to start one with me

>> No.10038381

I own a small alternative fashion pod hosted on Telegram but it's a very relaxed one. By cgl standards some of the people there wouldn't even classify as proper jfashion accounts. Still, everyone loves Japanese culture and fashion. We have two group chats: one for sharing pictures only and one for chatting. Lately the pod has been pretty quiet, we have 20+ members but like all pods people tend to get inactive over time. If you're okay with an easy going pod, feel free to contact me on IG (@aocchan). Oh and if you create one from zero and think my account is okay, I'd like to join (:

>> No.10038382

lol sorry it's morning and I'm sleepy, @aocchan is my nick on telegram, on instagram I'm @lofi_girl

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I made an account to catalog all my outfits, and follow others in all sorts of J-fashion communities. I mostly wear dolly kei, menhera, and goth-inspired fashion, and I don't really have one specific aesthetic. I'd love to make friends who are into any style.
I'm still pretty new to using IG, any advice on posting/concrit?

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Trying to find new lolita accounts to follow, who are the last three lolitas you followed on Instagram?

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I post cosplay WIPs primarily.

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What instas do you prefer, anon?

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Just some advice from my point of view, feel free to ignore if you don't agree:

Frame pictures better. If you're taking an outfit picture your figure should be clearly visible. Don't make 1/3 of the picture sky or background and cut your feet at the same time. Also, place the camera at your waist, otherwise your legs will look tiny while the head is bigger. If you're going for a long shot, place the camera far. If you want to make an aesthetic pic, close ups are usually better. I like your mirror selfies and the two pictures of the old building thingy.

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@ devilorns

i do wear lolita but at this point my ig is essentially cosplays and wips, and exclusively boring ootds.

>> No.10040252

your halloween pics are super cute i love the colors

>> No.10040253

Thanks, anon! I'll keep the photography tips in mind.

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>> No.10040261

Why? She's cute and very well-dressed for a bigger girl.

>> No.10040264

they just wanted to shit on this thread i guess

>> No.10040590

Thank you!!

>> No.10040974

Would you suggest removing it all in order to make it less cluttered?

>> No.10040984

>goblin slayer armor
Based and redpilled

>> No.10041509

Semirealbeing has a cute insta from my comm. She has a kind of sketchy reddit, but her Instagram account has been pretty cute so far. I’d say check her out.

>> No.10041516

>sketchy reddit

You can't just say that and leave us in the dark anon.

>> No.10041589

Who the hell uses the same account names when you add your legal name to one of them and post fetish shit to the other.

>> No.10041603

I get the feeling that you posted this just to get people to check out her sketchy Reddit rather than as a sincere recommendation

>> No.10041612

OH wow another ageplay lolita what a big fucking surprise ugh

>> No.10041679

I’m thinking that same thing... that or they’re trying to hide they’re a dd/lg follower as well and are too stupid to realize the anonymity of 4chan. I know so many people who cover their kinks by trying to get you to follow people also in their kinks for other reasons but then have to throw in “oh but just ignore that gross kink shit” but that’s their whole plan is to make you see the link shit in the hopes you’re into it too. Smh

>> No.10041681

They’re fuckin everywhere. Makes me sick. I won’t even wear sweet anymore because I’m sick of the comparisons I get to these creeps. They’ve literally ruined it for me.

>> No.10041687

Seriously? The only age player """lolitas""" I know of aren't really lolita. Are we talking about actual lolitas?

>> No.10041813

Yeah unfortunately I’ve met a handful of for real Lolita’s I later found out we’re ageplayers and used their same coords they used for meet ups as part of their kink in their everyday life. I won’t wear sweet anymore because the last time I wore OTT sweet I had a girl mistake me for another age player and thought it would be hilarious to joke about the stain on her skirt coming from “daddy’s cummies” while I was trying to just enjoy my tea. So nope. Never again.

>> No.10041898

Just followed you, your construction write-ups are really impressive! I especially love your Yasuho.

>> No.10041911

Followed you because of your Juliet! It's amazing!

>> No.10042394

anyone with better creativity can help me come up with a good instagram name for me?
I basically want to do (and did a couple times) ridiculous crossplays showing maximun gains and show off my autism.
I would go along the lines of max.gains.cosplay But i feel its too shitty

>> No.10042398


>> No.10042404


>> No.10042500

Is it weird to be into ageplay and then be cosplay bffs with underage (I'm talking 12-14) girls? Seems strange to me

>> No.10042506

>be cosplay bffs with underage (I'm talking 12
Hold up
What the fuck

>> No.10042511

I know she's good friends with a few cosplayers in my area who are literally in middle school and I know one just turned 13 recently. I'm also pretty sure that she's in a Love Live group with them as well (though some people in that group are late-highschool age, about half of them are in middle school. Semi is 19.)

>> No.10042544

She's recruiting for daddy's daycare

>> No.10042656

So an adult who wants to pretend she’s not an adult by surrounding herself with children? That just adds a whole new level of crazy into this. I’m concerned for those kids.

>> No.10042666

Uh yeah that seems more than just strange to me. Seems predatory.

>> No.10042668
File: 38 KB, 540x304, whatthefuck.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jesus fuck, this reminds of how I accidentally befriended an older guy when I was 17 who had a bunch of 13-14 girls always hanging around him at cons. He later admitted to me he was banned from some local con for sexually assaulting a 13 year old girl but told me he 'thought she was older' and 'consented to it at the time'.

>> No.10042670
File: 203 KB, 750x1259, AFC85345-C114-4B71-BB7B-4E1022C33CA9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>kind of sketchy
yea no this is full blown cringe.

>> No.10042673

V nice work anon, followed

anyone else have any cosplay WIP instas? I could use the motivation

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File: 256 KB, 749x1073, 2DA21F34-B00C-4152-B61B-4C741BC37078.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does she bring her princess potty to meets to shit in?

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>talk to some rando who doesn't seem to have any friends
>she follows my insta
>keeps sending me messages even though I give no or single word replies
>turns out she's 15 and I'm p sure she wants my cock

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File: 140 KB, 1240x1016, 91FCE3EC-9C4D-4B48-ACA5-86F20184CF51.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No pretty sure that’s what the Goodnights are for.

>> No.10042709

That’s disgusting omg.

>> No.10042712

She’s definitely predatory in a sense. No idea about any kids, but I have friends who told me of some really horrid things she did to them and others.

>> No.10042717

Hi :)) Haha just wondering if you shit in your pants in public just to feel that warm sensation :))) Just asking haha :)))))

>> No.10042747

LMAO i like this one I think i will use it

also yesterday was my 3rd con i cosplayed and some trannie put the photo he took with us as his profile pic.
Love it

>> No.10042793
File: 261 KB, 1474x982, FA54D68C-873D-4B4D-BAB0-E5FF03CDAD96.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do you know if this is her in the red and black? She looks really familiar but I didn’t want to assume the wrong person. I only ever had her on Facebook and didn’t want to drop names.

>> No.10042795
File: 2.40 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-11-25-05-30-56.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm pretty camerashy/potatogenic and don't post super often, but I'd like to start eventually posting coords. Most of my posts are just fun things I make. (Primarily got into the hobby for making lolita accessories)

>> No.10042796

I'd rather not go look, but are there any pictures of her actually doing any of this stuff on there? There's just something about the way that anon was like "oh totally don't go check out her Reddit guys it's sketchy" that makes me think that it might actually be someone pretending to be her. Also the part where she has the exact same username, I know a lot of people ARE stupid enough to do that, but I don't know. Something about this seems fishy to me. I might be wrong though.

>> No.10042819
File: 230 KB, 1147x1147, 4D233237-249A-436A-99B2-C54D43F59D6F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Her Instagram would say yes. She’s got this on there.

>> No.10042823

I don’t know her well, but I saw her reddit a while back when I followed her on Instagram. It was all pretty much just role play stuff at the time, though. I’d say it’s her. She’s tagged her boy on both accounts and he has the same usernames too and his account is old. I’d say it would be pretty hard to fake that.

>> No.10042835

What >>10042819 said, she has that exact same outfit on a post on her instagram. She also has what is presumably her full name on her insta, so I don't really think name dropping would be a problem here.

>> No.10042836

Care to elaborate? I'm the anon who knows her through the middle-school-idol-group thing, I'd like to warn those kids about what she's done in the past before something happens to them.

>> No.10042839

Normally I shit on people that try to shill their wares on 4chan like HBJ but you seem so humble and aloof that I can't hate you.
Please get a better quality camera though.

>> No.10042841

thanks for making this thread shitty I guess

>> No.10042844

I havent done that in insta threads

>> No.10042846

okay then, that's good

>> No.10042888

I really don’t want to go into a lot of details because I’m worried this would get back to my friends who are in therapy over the situations and I really don’t want to cause them extra grief than what’s already being suffered through. I’ll just leave a warning to not be alone with her. Things have been done to non-consenting adults that I wouldn’t want done to a child.

>> No.10042931

nayrt but I think you should make up your mind before you post a comment. If you're not going to tell the whole story or some proof what you say isn't totally made up, you should as well keep silent.

>> No.10042936
File: 3.18 MB, 750x1334, A1E5D5F3-9860-43ED-B9AC-DC676E179B75.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Self post. I’m thinking of transitioning my personal Instagram to either a strictly j-fashion one, or at least more Lolita focused one. Is it better to start a whole new one?

>> No.10042944

I’ll speak to them first and see if they’d be willing to let others know the whole story. I definitely spoke out of turn there. I just don’t want to cause more problems if she decides to retaliate against them because of the details. This whole thing has just been worrisome after seeing details I didn’t know about her.

>> No.10042961

No no this wasn’t what I wanted at all. I just really liked her Instagram and had had some previous friends come back at me about the reddit account so I didn’t want anyone to focus on that because her cosplays are still really good. I didn’t know there was any controversy with her and any real life kids. I’m sorry I even brought her up.

>> No.10042988

Holy shit! Is this for real?

>> No.10043036

It'll be fine anon, I just feel bad about shitting up the thread with this stuff since it's massively off topic.

As an apology, here are some cosplayers (controversial or not, I don't know) I happen to follow and find interesting (they're not necessarily the most talented)

@cowbuttcrunchies (actually really talented)

>> No.10043067

also kind of related to my first post and instagram

but how much stuff do you guys upload, lets say, monthly?
I feel nobody is going to become interested in following someone that uploads 3 pictures every 2-3 months at shitty cons

Even if i try to make mental gymnastics explaining how i do it for the lulz and the fun, i really want some attention (to at least feel i can get som puss puss and keep tfwnogf away)

>> No.10043068

Yeah I got too caught up, but thank you for the recommendations!

>> No.10043179

Not for my cosplay insta, but for my everyday one, I found I get more subscribers when I post about 5 times a week.

>> No.10043181

Yay you're back, I love you

>> No.10043226



>> No.10043306

does...does she want a baby potty to shit in?

>> No.10043336

5-7 times a week, any less than that and my growth slows down substantially, if I go a few days without posting I usually lose followers.

>> No.10043344


I'm a lolita and I find I get subscriber fatigue if I post any more than every 2-3 days. Any less though, and my engagement also dramatically drops with the next post and takes a while to build up again. It's all about consistency imo.

>> No.10043372

Oh dang, I'm one of the people in this list. I just came here to self post but now I just wanna say thank you so much!! The absolutely made my day and I'm extremely flattered anyone thinks of me so highly.

>> No.10043382

You have a cute face and I love you and I love your art so much.

>> No.10043427

Omg! That's so cool! I posted that, which one are you?

>> No.10043463

Maybe this is just my old age showing, but I REALLYdon't get this. Are people seriously obsessively monitoring everyone they follow, ready to drop them like a hot potato as soon as they don't deliver content for a few days? Kids these days.

>> No.10043480

So basically between twice and 5 times a week is the optimal range.
The problem is then what do you post? I dont have anything to upload unless its really shitty photos of myself with a skirt and flexing in front of a mirror doing whatever pose is now the meme.

btw thx for responses i know this is a slow board and im obv a newfag here

>> No.10043485

5-7 times a week, I double post monthly for things like photoshoot openings but daily is usually good.

>> No.10043486

spend 300 dollars on a basic camera and a 50mm 1.8 lens and go out and take pictures of your cord tbf

>> No.10043496

Most likely haha

>> No.10043500

Take different pics of your coord, take preview pictures showcasing specific pieces, random aesthetic pics. If you do one coord per week or so it can be very easy to hit the 5 pictures per week.

>> No.10043504

desu my friend isnt really muscular nor that interested, he just wanted to do funny things with a skirt for the fun of it.
Dont have much material to work and dont have close friends to take me pics. But i guess thats my problem, so i'll try to find someone and do what you guys say maybe in the long run.

>> No.10043725

It's more about the instagram algorithm. If you don't post a lot, instagram won't show your new posts to a lot of your followers, and you definitely won't get on any explore pages, so new people can't find you. The more you post, the more the instagram algorithm favours you. But if you post too much, your followers will get fatigued and your posts won't do as well. So it's all about finding the best balance between catering to the algorithm and to your followers, which in my experience is 3-6 times a week.

>> No.10043788

Yes. It's almost always better to cut the personal stuff from the jfashion if you're approaching it from a numbers perspective. It's a lot better aesthetically too.

>> No.10043970

Just an amateur Cosplayer (If you can even call me that)
Mostly at Los Angeles based conventions

>> No.10043973

>that sign


>> No.10044171

Ah I’m on this list too! I’m super flattered, thank you.

>> No.10044235

Oh wow!! Which one are you?

>> No.10044253


>> No.10044263

@bird__king !
O hi mutual

>> No.10044320

I'm not really that serious about ig and I just mainly post a coord when I feel like it but I still wonder why earlier in the Autumn when I posted regularly my engagement dropped to like 1/3 of the normal and now it's back to normal when I only post once every few weeks. I usually use the amount of likes as concrit if it makes sense but it's so inconsistent now I can't do that anymore really.

>> No.10044322

I can't believe stuff like this happens in public for real. I mean, we're on 4chan right? Only a fool would take stories posted here seriously.

>> No.10044361


>> No.10044421

Some cringy bitch in my comm made the "daddies cummies" joke just because I was wearing melty sky. The icing on the colorway I have isn't even white so clearly she was just looking for an excuse to make her shitty overplayed joke. Some people just can't hold back.

>> No.10044590

Not the worst desu since all of cgl called it that regardless of colourway when it came out. I wouldn't choose that reference in particular if I wanted to out myself as a gull tho.

>> No.10044734

Heya I've been working on my Instagram a lot lately but I haven't seen a lot of growth, if you guys have constructive pointers (don't be mean I'm sensitive) I'd appreciate hearing them! https://www.instagram.com/emissaryofwind/

>> No.10044741

I don't do cosplay so can't help you there but 1 remove dead/spam followers and 2 get into a comment pod

>> No.10044745

I've done both, though my comment pod is on the smaller side so maybe we need more people? But yeah I remove bot and spam followers every so often

>> No.10044755

>I’m thinking of transitioning
Stopped reading there. Don't do it, anon.

>> No.10045040

I love seeing WIP posts, but I think your backgrounds for them are a bit too cluttered, so it’s hard to browse at a glance when going through your feed. Jhart hasn’t posted in a long time (@joshuahartdesign), but I think his feed has nice examples of aesthetically pleasing WIP: white or uncluttered backgrounds, and cropped so the subject is the only focus.

>> No.10045060
File: 217 KB, 607x640, 18-11-07-12-14-41-953_deco.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine still being this salty after two years.

>> No.10045067

I see what you mean, and yeah he's a major role model of mine. I'll try! I can probably set up some kind of backdrop to take wip photos

>> No.10046292

>all of cgl called it that regardless of colourway when it came out.
Yeah and it was just as fucking stupid and virgin like then too. It was around the same time cause I got the dress not long after it came out. I don't think she cared about outing herself. Cgl is whatever to my comm actually but god that joke is just fucking dumb. Doesn't even make sense.

Just like all this dumb 3 wolf moon shit thats happening. There's only 2 wolves on the print for fucks sake.

>> No.10046303

I think its fine and I followed you - some of your descriptions are corny tho. Maybe dial it back a bit.

>> No.10046308

There are also timestamps which would take a lot of dedication if this was a troll

>> No.10046406

>being this salty about people liking a joke you don't

>> No.10046802

I love comedy, anon. Jim Norton and Norm MacDonald are fucking hilarious. But that's because their jokes make sense.

Jizz is never the color purple or dark blue. So the joke is fucking stupid unless you're uneducated jackass who has never seen semen.

And there are only 2 wolves on the dress. There were 3 on the shirt. People are literally saying "haha 3 wolf moon dress" - that's fucking wrong, stupid. Learn simple math.

>> No.10046907

With this level of nitpickery and the need for facts to be so exact for them to be "valid" as a joke, You may have autism. Just saying.

>> No.10047056

Anyone interested in a pod on discord (or somewhere else) for japanese fashion stuff or even cosplay?

>> No.10047151

I am! Let me know.

>> No.10047159
File: 1.08 MB, 1536x2048, CB7370D8-DC27-41B9-9057-B9D69B6D31A6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10047170
File: 20 KB, 194x240, rapetime.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Really? Shit. I made this a few years back for my OC from shopping his god tier joker cosplay. Who knew it'd be relevant someday.

>> No.10047340

That's not what autism is.

>> No.10047456

I am as well! Please post if you make it

>> No.10047459

How the fuck do y’all have interesting shit to post 5 times a week? Is it just a set of photos one posted each day or are y’all taking snaps of your cosplays and Lolita while grocery shopping and taking your morning dump?

>> No.10047496

I post once a day, it's not hard. I have photoshoots stockpiles and pictures from 2015 I've never posted anywhere, and I do a new shoot every other weekend or so. When I supplement all that cosplay content with my more casual jfashion stuff, it gives me a ridiculously large well to pull from, that's mostly pro quality instead of cell phone pics too. If you want to post more often I suggest focusing on getting a lot of content made marathon style and then just sitting on it until you have a day with nothing new planned. Just don't post from the same set more than once a week to keep it fresh.

>> No.10047622

If you don't mind me asking how do you manage gathering content for a photoshoot every other weekend? I'm struggling to create enough material to posts to my insta currently since I only do a handful of photoshoots a year.

>> No.10047644

I have my own dslr and lighting setup, so I'll generally meet with other cosplayer friends and we'll shoot each other to avoid photographer costs. I can edit my own stuff, and desu every cosplayer imo is at least an okay photographer because we know what we want. In terms of actual costumes, I have my fancy stuff and big builds for cons, of which I go to about 6 or 7 a year, but for my weekend shoots I just pull together easy thrifted cosplay items with nicely styled hair and makeup for normal clothes characters and for costests. I'm trying to make at least 1 post a week fashion so that'll make content even easier, since I can just take it with tripod and that'll be a day.

>> No.10048646

Is it recommend to start a different insta for Cosplay and J-fashion posting? I am deciding to do it on my personal insta but I see lot of people having a separate account.

What do you guys/girls think?

>> No.10048647

I think it's better to keep two separate ones, not everyone who likes cosplay also likes jfashion and viceversa. If it's too much of a bother though just keep one, in the end it doesn't really matter

>> No.10048649

Yeah that is true, I just started to do cosplay and J-fashion is more of a interested then a hobby so I think I make a cosplay account and keep my personal one for friends and family pictures!

Thanks for the advice <3

>> No.10048830

I am also wondering this, I have my personal Instagram I have been using for years mostly for pictures I took with friends and on Vacation!

Earlier this year I started to cosplay and made some nice pictures, should I post them on my Personal one or create a new one for all my cosplay and things related to it?

>> No.10048831 [DELETED] 

100% cosplaybaccount that recently started posting some ouji, and every ouji post I've made has randomly become one of my most liked posts. So I say combine them if your jfash and your cosplays are similar aesthetics (i do almost exclusively feminine male cosplays), otherwise I think seperate. Like if yoy do a lot of idols and magical girls and also sweet lolita ir fairy kei, your followers will probably lile that too. But probably not if you do big fantasy armor builds and also menhera or something.

>> No.10048835

Here’s some more cosplay accounts!


>> No.10048864

Small lolita accounts you like?

>> No.10049043

5 pics of the same coord in a week is too much. More than one is weird unless you're in a different environment or different people or something

>> No.10049049

Agree with 5 being too many but 2 or even 3 is okay, if you change something. For example, with the same coord you can do: outfit pic, outfit with coat pic, long distance shot with outfit and pretty place, selfie pic, outfit with other people.

>> No.10049424

I want to create a new Instagram for my Cosplay (To keep it separate from my Personal one),

Any recommendations how to attract people to visit my page or see my post? What kind of tags and how many uploads do you guys & girls do?

>> No.10049426

t.bh small accounts received a very bad hit with this new algorithm and it's extremely difficult to get popular or have followers now. i'd say remove inactive followers and take part into pods, as well as posting good content often (i know, not easy)

>> No.10049438

Yeah, I heard lot about the new algorithm. Why should you remove inactive followers? What I can understand of the algorithm is that mostly based on activity and like ratio or something?

>> No.10049443

imo because insta continues to grow in number of users and the browse time per per person is a set limit (you can only spend so much time on insta before you get bored of it) its naturally gonna get harder as time goes on.
just depends on what you want from Instagram.

If you want to use it as a launch point for eventual payed work or large fanbase social currency you gotta do a lot.

Best two ways to do it is to either socialize and network and exchange accounts with real people you meet to network/or keep as friends, ooooooor to curate your top 12 posts to look perfect, then follow and unfollow a buttload of people

Posting every day doesn't help unless you already have the traction, though commenting and liking stuff can help a bit (but not much). tags can help but they're only useful if you go to a con and use whatever hashtag they've got for it (so you can targeted a niche tag thats under used and semi popular) giant tags like #cosplay are pointless because anything you post gets drowned out due to how many people post on it

or you can decide your not about that gay shit and just follow shit you like and use it to keep in contact with friends and accept you'll never go above 400 followers without castrating yourself to the social media gods

>> No.10049447

How do you join a pod? Are there any jfashion/cosplay/Lolita specific groups?

>> No.10049455

You just have to find one and ask to join, check the Cosplay Marketing group on Facebook or the jfashion discord (link somewhere on this board, look in the catalog)

>> No.10049460

>Why should you remove inactive followers?
not officially confirmed bvut insta shows your new post to a fraction of your followers. if most of them like it it gets shown to more. if it doesn't get liked because all you have are inactive and spam followers it gets buried. i was to almost 2k, removed inactive followers until i reached 1k, likes remained the same.

good advice, i especially agree with
>tags can help but they're only useful if you go to a con and use whatever hashtag they've got for it
and about the follow unfollow method it works but is shitty just dont do it

>How do you join a pod? Are there any jfashion/cosplay/Lolita specific groups?
think one was posted in this or the previous thread, else make one yourself or follow >>10049455 advice

>> No.10049466


>> No.10049714

It's not allowed to discuss joining pods on cosplay marketing anymore

>> No.10050469

how do you find out who your inactive followers are?

>> No.10050525

>have their own style and don't feel like a normie wearing a costume

>> No.10050753

Any ouji account recs? I know there's probably not too many so ouji mixed with normie fashion or with cosplay/lolita is fine too.

>> No.10050830
File: 609 KB, 540x726, 47574639_210074686561378_2125093081542819840_n.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

@theredcrayonaristocrat Self-post. I sometimes do ouji and dandy coords, ocasionally upload normie photos. I also upload photos I take from lolita tea parties in my city, or from the Harajuku Walk from SDCC.

>> No.10050887

There's a bunch of apps to find "ghost followers", the one I like to use is called "Cleaner for Instagram"

>> No.10051142

starry_seiun and livlotte too. Anon likes mediocre accounts it seems

>> No.10051161

you sound pretty frustrated, might want to know

>> No.10051166

>ignores anon blasting someone in the previous comment
>gets upset at this anon for blasting these people
kek so which one are you?

>> No.10051176

none of those, i know it's hard to believe but i said you sound frustrated because you really do, not because i'm butthurt

>> No.10051215

I cosplay but I'm interested in following idols/odorites people who post dance covers if possible. Can anyone recommend a few?
So far I just know of Stellure and they're okay

>> No.10051351

What about these people do you not like?

>> No.10051353

beckero_, squishy dances, and pyon dance are some of my favorite ig odorite; they're all very talented and fun to watch, but usually post solo covers rather than group ones

>> No.10051375

Kurofrills obviously takes a little too much inspiration from MD. It's not a huge deal, but personally if I can see the obvious influence/replication of another girl's coord in someone else's then I'm pretty turned off by that. She also has horrible wigs and something about her coords just read as conlita or cosplay. I'm sure she's nice, but there are much better lesser known gothic lolitas.

>> No.10051376

>assuming someone calling out obvious butthurt is the same anon
selfposting confirmed

>> No.10051399

Can we stop with the tired "copying MD" meme? She didn't invent wearing gold with black or incorporating vintage items and her entire aesthetic is copied from things that already exist. I'm sure I've seen a good portion of her looks in vintage snapshots.
inb4 "hi kurofrills"
Not her, but it grinds my gears when I'm wearing gold with black or a belt and some bitch comments that I remind them of MD as if she fucking owned the concept.

>> No.10051454

I don't assume all black and gold coords are ripping from MD. kurofrills has taken inspiration from MD in various other ways. I stated it doesn't have to be a huge deal but it is my personal gripe. If it is not yours then that is fine and I accept that. That does not negate my other complaints about her coordination skills.
>a good portion of her looks in vintage snapshots
It is obvious MD takes a huge amount of time being inspired from or copying vintage photos
She is like the Ophelia equivalent of vintage and lolita

>> No.10052407

A similar app to instagram that is not instagram?

>inb4 "just get instagram"

I already have it and it doesn't work well with my phone

>> No.10052448

You're not going to find something similar with any kind of decent user base. What exactly are you interested in? As far as social media goes there's Amino I guess. If you really want something like Instagram I'm pretty sure there are apps to use Instagram without the official app, they might work better on your phone?

>> No.10053365
File: 594 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20181210-212648.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tips on making the layout more interesting? All of these were quick snaps before I left for work/uni. I don't own a tripod so this is the only way I can take outfit pics.
Insta @milky_penny

>> No.10053369

Maybe add frames to your pictures in an editing app? Or every other picture could be a mirror shot like you have, but in between there can be multi-pic posts where the first couple of slides are detail shots, and the last is your mirror pic.

>> No.10053376

Oh those are good ideas! Thank you anon
If the rest of my room wasn't too messy I'd take some ~aesthetic~ shots too but I've been so busy lately that there's clutter everywhere...

>> No.10053389

Shitty comment but just buy a tripod. They go for less than 5usd on amazon.

>> No.10053398

Nayrt but what do you guys do about backgrounds? I live with my bf's senpai in his childhood room and it doesn't match my feed aesthetic at all. All dark blue walls and the lighting is terrible. No idea how to go about taking nice photos, even though I have a tripod and a remote shutter. I have a really pretty mirror but feel like I can't even post mirror shots because of the room.

Also I see a lot of people posting that they don't like seeing accounts that post more than one type of thing - I really don't like my profile just to be the same pic over and over again so I post pics of flowers, the sky, art gallery pics, architecture and things in-between, is it really that off-putting? I try and keep it looking cohesive, most of it's pink.

>> No.10053404
File: 1.69 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181210-215106.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

In fact I'm just gonna post my profile

>> No.10053424

The cheap ones are pretty small though and not exactly usable for me. I'd have to depend on shelves that are high enough and that'd create the repetitive location pattern all over again except with maybe two more variations. I'd rather shell out for a nice tripod sometime in the future when I'm not too broke for that.

>> No.10053426
File: 9 KB, 182x300, 87819866-576b-4824-b960-09eabe909dca._SL300__.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



$15 and that's all I ever need. Only thing is that it's probably not great for outdoors shooting in windy days but it's decent for everything else. I haven't found the need for any other tripod because my photography skills are otherwise shitty.

Otherwise if you really don't want to spend the amount you can always just pile books and boxes. With the amount of stuff I get in the mail it's pretty easy to get a large amount of stuff I can pop a camera on top of.

>> No.10053428


>> No.10053518

Looks promising, though it'll need a smartphone adapter to be useful to me. Then again, the reviews seem to be mixed because it's so lightweight and unstable. I'll consider it as filler before I can afford something as nice as a Manfrotto tripod.

I'm honestly too lazy to pile up my books and arrange them in a way that'll make a somewhat nice composition for just one photo lmao

>> No.10053530
File: 942 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181211-113752.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

self post @miso.salty
Mostly Lolita, not much cosplay, little bit of gaming influence, and teacups.

>> No.10053554

Is the secret santa you mentioned in your story someone from the /cgl/ one?

>> No.10053556

Do you guys use your phones to take pictures or actual cameras and then just upload via an instagram posting application (later, gramblr, whatever)? what phones in your opinion have the best camera?

>> No.10053594


Eh, I've used mine for four years and it still works great with my DSLR. Unless you're trying to take wildlife photography, a cheap tripod is fine for a phone camera. It honestly sounds like you don't want to change. That's fine too, but it makes your reasoning even more idiosyncratic.

>> No.10053695

I use my phone and a point and shoot interchangeably. I've found that a point and shoot is better for detail photos and full body shots since it captures details that would be lost on my phone camera otherwise. My camera is also nice because I can transfer the photos from my camera directly to my phone via an app.
As far as phone cameras go, I personally don't particularly like iPhone cameras even though I have one. One of my friends has a Google Pixel and her camera is better than mine imo. I don't think it's worth getting a whole new phone just for the camera though, especially since some new phones can cost as much as/more than a decent beginner camera.

>> No.10053707

It is, actually!

>> No.10053843

> what do you guys do about backgrounds?
I take my pictures outside most of the time, trying to match the location to my outfit. It doesn't always work but at least I get nice/okay backgrounds and good light. Public gardens are my favourites, nature makes for a lovely background (but it depends on your look, too).

>Also I see a lot of people posting that they don't like seeing accounts that post more than one type of thing
Aesthetic is the most important thing for instagram. As long as your adhering to a precise aesthetic you will find your niche. It doesn't matter if sometimes you post outfits and other times you post other things, as long as everything looks coherent.

>> No.10054999

The ones I follow that haven't been mentioned here, some are pretty well known so sorry if I repeat stuff you've already got

>> No.10055318

Just caught up on this thread now, so how do you join cosplay pods if the cosplay market shut that down?

>> No.10055475

Followed for Drag Race and lolita!

>> No.10055680

If you want to start a cosplay pod, I'd be interested in joining. I just took a long break from cosplay and want to get back into it but my old friend group ditched me for taking a hiatus so I don't have a pod.

>> No.10056229

Do you guys find posting at roughly the same time with every post helps, or do you change it each time? I’ve only just started updating “properly” for lack of a better word and wasn’t sure if I should just experiment with different times to start with.

>> No.10056437

>I take my pictures outside most of the time, trying to match the location to my outfit. It doesn't always work but at least I get nice/okay backgrounds and good light. Public gardens are my favourites, nature makes for a lovely background (but it depends on your look, too).
This is a good idea for the summer. I live in the countryside and it would be so perfect for mori or even otome in the autumn and winter but I wear something close to larme and my shoes would get ruined the second I stepped into the woods.

>It doesn't matter if sometimes you post outfits and other times you post other things, as long as everything looks coherent.
Ah good, I try and keep things looking cohesive.

>> No.10056496

I don't find that having a set posting time benefits me in any way, but I am also a small account (under 5k followers) so it could be different depending on your following.

>> No.10056676

Aww thank you! I'll do my best to please you!

>> No.10056775

Good old school lolita instas? I'm looking to get back in the style but I'm tired of seeing meh-tier coords.

>> No.10057468
File: 184 KB, 750x1025, 33975FB9-FB76-4173-A692-E4E2C8FDF16E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

sorry if something like this is frowned upon, but i received an offer from this page that has 90-something thousand followers (mentioning because could easily be bought followers) and wanted to know if this is standard or if this is fishy/a bad deal? or if anyone even recognizes the page/brand. i’ve never really dealt with this before nor instagram other than a private account, so i don’t know what to look out for and what is legit/a decent deal


>> No.10057469
File: 155 KB, 750x815, 25CEF473-7921-4D23-AFAF-9946E2800D0E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10057470
File: 158 KB, 750x818, 9D2D0B0E-B99C-4A24-B205-6E39C8C5846F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10058373

these guys are kinda shit desu, they spam cosplay accounts all the time with offers to "promote" their generic-ass products. Can't say how they are to work with, I declined because they only offered me a discount on products to promote and I'm not paying to advertise somebody else's shit

>> No.10058378

This. Oh you're giving me 15% off your shitty overpriced probably resold stuff if I advertise you, how about NO. I once was even told I should have bought from them in order to be a promoter. LOLOL

>> No.10058465

ayrt, yeah the fact that they only send stuff AFTER people use your code is really obvious they're full of shit. maybe reading this at 3am wasn't smart but rereading, it sounds like a crock of shit. thanks for the advice, good to know they should be avoided
yeah pretty much what i told anon above, thanks for the heads up. definitely a super shitty deal

>> No.10061100

Are you already following cryptkasper?

>> No.10063000

I'm an old out of touch grandma and I tried googling.

How do you save a story template to use on your own story??

>> No.10063168


>> No.10063724

Looks gross and has the message box at the bottom
I had to edit mine in another app
What's the point if it's not actually convenient

>> No.10063740

Hold your finger on the screen and the message box and user name will go away. Then screen cap it

>> No.10063801

welcome to generic aliexpress reseller instagram. if youre a cosplay or jfashion account be prepared for literally hundreds of these as your account grows. Always a 10-20% off discount code "for your followers," always "get one small shitty free thing after xxx people use your code," and ALWAYS a better deal for them than you.
Refuse all of these until you get offers for free stuff off the bat

>> No.10064315

>being dumb enough to promo for a shitty $5 tshirt
god no wonder dumbfuck cosplayers with 15k followers get nothing but "free" clothing while normie/lifestylers are making bank at that amount.
fyi, if you don't charge per post you're an idiot

>> No.10064561

Someone on another thread mentioned using no more than 5 hashtags helps with visibility. It sounds dumb to me but they had a big following (or so they said). What does everyone think?

>> No.10064599

I have a bit over 10k and have experimented, in my experience hashtag amount makes literally no difference. I basically all the concept means is dont spam generic fast moviing tags like #kawaii or #pink or whatever because that doesn't do anything for you. Ive actually found that since I cosplay some pretty obscure stuff many specific hashtags help a lot, like there are tags where most of the top visible content is me, so if anyone DOES search that small tag I'm almost guarenteed a follow.

>> No.10064640

Adding onto the other person’s reply, I think the only possible benefit of larger tags is possibly showing up on the discover page more? Since other people use general tags like #cosplay and are liked by the user, insta would probably show them more posts with overlapping tags.

>> No.10065104

Is there actually a group out there mass reporting cosplayers Instagrams to get them banned? Or is it a new system / bots? Any ideas? People are getting even facial selfies removed, it seems

>> No.10065156

i use up to 10 hashtags and i have 300k with 10% ir so desu i doubt it actually matters

>> No.10067767

I created a pod for instagram on discord, it's for cosplay, j-fashion and Japanese stuff. Feel free to join, there's no welcoming message so you can look&leave if you don't like it.


>> No.10067785
File: 2.28 MB, 1242x1795, 958EC9CB-82A5-4752-8681-E94FDEF529F1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Self posting - @suji_plays_dress_up
- mostly Lolita coords with some resin crafting, sprinkled with a few normie pictures while traveling.

I’m about to start a wardrobe challenge for January and will be posting a new coord each day, if you want to come along for the ride

>> No.10067838 [DELETED] 

I would advise you to separate your resin crafting from your lolita and nix the normie pictures altogether if you're planning to make resin charms to sell. And also to take pictures in softer lighting of your charms.

>> No.10067840

I would advise you to separate your resin crafting from your lolita and nix the normie pictures altogether if you're planning to make resin charms to sell/gain followers. And also to take pictures in softer lighting of your charms.

>> No.10067907

Thanks for the tips! I’m mostly doing the crafting as a hobby for now (selling a few pieces but mostly just making gifts for friends) but I may go ahead and start a new insta for those pictures so isnt such a mishmash of stuff

>> No.10068054
File: 790 KB, 750x737, E776CCE0-2EB6-4F09-85BA-DCF12305518E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are there any accounts that post muted, vintage-inspired classic with an emphasis on MM and VM? I follow a lot of lolitas but only really like Fanny Rosie and Petit Piaf; would like some more coord ideas beyond them.

>> No.10068825

>if you don't charge per post you're an idiot
some of us have fulfilling careers and don't need to bank off of instagram.
"Normie" accounts can definitely make money off 15k followers, but generally not "BANK" amounts. I'm content right now at 20k to just go for free stuff, because honestly a lot of the companies I promo for are really small/new and don't have a great advertising budget. Getting free clothing is a nice perk and keep instagram on a hobby level which I'd reckon is fine with many people

>> No.10069026

Maybe not really the exact style you asked for, but I really like @dustmite_goddess.

>> No.10069028

Does anyone know of any more guys that wear lolita? I have a couple but I would like to see more

>> No.10069262

Nice I might join, although all the pod I joined died out after awhile.

>> No.10069267

ordovicienne is a dark palette twist on this style

I don't think her aesthetic is what that anon is looking for at all. Weird suggestion

I follow these brolitas:
sorgevinter does lolita rarely too

>> No.10069365

Anyone have recommendations for non-lolita Japanese fashion accounts? Menhera and yamikawaii in particular, also nanchatte and gyaru styles... just all of it actually

>> No.10069411

It's actually nimu_inugasuki, fyi!

>> No.10069414

Did she delete her insta? :( I can't find it now and I was so hype to see someone keeping gyaru alive.

>> No.10069415

for gyaru:

>> No.10069508

>implying not giving out free advertisement means you rely on instagram for money
At 15k you can make 100-200 per post depending on your interaction rate. If you hustle you can definitely make enough to live comfortably.
The clothing you’re getting isn’t “free”, you’re paying for it by giving out advertisement. Sorry kiddo, but you’re exactly the type of idiot mentioned. These taobao resell shops are truly saving their advertising budget by going to people like you, though. It seems you have some weird notion that you shouldn’t be able to make any easy money off a hobby, hopefully you realize soon that isn’t true.

>> No.10069546

I have no notion like that, but I don't care enough to make my hobby into a payed job or, as you say, "hustle." And it most definitely would be a hustle to try to make a noteworthy amount of money as a jfashion instagram user with a ~20k following, there are few companies willing to pay small influencers in that niche.
Obviously anyone who takes on a "free" clothing deal knows that they're paying by advertising, i'm honestly baffled that you thought you need to explain that. It's clothing that I genuinely enjoy and would wear and post anyways, so that's a non issue. I don't see why you're so insistent about this

>> No.10069814

>there are few companies willing to pay small influencers in that niche.
Talking out of your ass confirmed, yikes. This is completely untrue in the way you’re framing it, but in the first place we were talking about normie accounts, you must have gotten confused.
You seemed not to understand by how you we’re insisting. that “free” clothing was a great perk. Like if you want to take a $5 t-shirt as your payment and it makes you happy, good for you, but it doesn’t change that you’re an idiot for doing so when you could get that same shirt + $200 for the exact same situation.

>> No.10070047

Just to clarify, are you an Instagram user in this niche getting paid? How many followers and approximately how many paid posts do you get?

>> No.10070052


Wondering this too. >10070016 just stated she only started getting paid sponsorships at 90k. It feels even weirder that niche companies and cheapo taobao resellers would want to hand anybody more than 20 bucks for coverage that isn't high yield.

Sort of replying to >>10069508 though, I can sort of sense when an account is 'hustling' and it immediately deters me away. I'd rather not be that type of account.

>> No.10070074

Nayrt but I actually lost some good opportunities following this type of advice when I was <50k. If you demand payment from these stores they'll just say no and move on - what makes you think these taobao resellers are going to have the extra 200 to shill out to mid tier influencers?

>> No.10070086

Idk why you’d want to shill taobao resellers in the first place, desu

>> No.10070094

I’m >>10070016 and although I only started getting paid sponsorships at 90k, it was mainly because I didn’t actively seek any and I also rejected ones under my standards (like I rejected teeth whiteners, hair gummies, shitty apps, etc.). I got offers to collab around 50k (although they were trying to pay me less than I thought the work was worth), and I know people who look for collabs and they got ones as low as 25k.
It’s definitely easier to do sponsorships if you have a lifestyle account rather than a cosplay account, though.

>> No.10070103

Different anon - if you're okay with answering, what kinds of sponsorships did you accept? Did they fit your theme/style and were they good quality? I'm sick and tired of Fit Tea, Taobao resellers and cheapskate companies asking me to promote with them because it would be obvious I'm shilling for them. Free items are nice but followers wouldn't be fooled

>> No.10070118

I accepted paid sponsorships for some hair products (that could be used in styling wigs), snack companies (because I liked the snacks), etc. Ive also accepted ongoing sponsorships with some contact lens companies for product without payment because they send me like 20 pairs of whatever I want. However, I make sure if I’m receiving product only that I’m not obligated to make any posts and I’m not limited to only that company (some shitty companies like arda and honeycolor try to make it so you can’t accept sponsorships from any other wig/lens company, which is complete bullshit since they’re not paying you)
Basically I only accept sponsorships if I personally like or need the item being shilled because I really don’t need more shit cluttering my place. I pretty much reject all clothing requests unless I really love the design. It was nice getting free stuff at first, but it gets stressful after you start getting a ton of packages and there’s nowhere to put it all.

>> No.10070172

>why would you want to get free clothing that you enjoy and would buy and wear anyways

>> No.10070222
File: 1.29 MB, 640x1136, IMG_5635.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Self posting here. I'm @causticcries on IG, I cosplay but I'm pretty mediocre. I'm trying to get back into cosplaying again after taking a break but recently Instagram decided to ban all my accounts from using hashtags so it's been hard to get motivated.

>> No.10070300

you’re not getting free clothing, that’s the point dumbass.

>> No.10070307

Damn anon, you are getting concerningly worked up about this

>> No.10070320

>u-ur mad!!

>> No.10070331

I like your makeup anon

>> No.10070338

I don't see a problem with getting paid in clothes, if you're not doing it professionally and like the products. You're still getting paid, in products instead of money, but it's not like you're doing it for free.

>> No.10072928

Any lolita inspiration? My feed is dead. I like sweet or classic best but gothic is good too.

>> No.10073058

Are there any lolita pods? Doesn’t have to be a huge or competitive one, but it would be nice to support some fellow accounts’ growth.

>> No.10073063


If there aren't any other volunteers, would anyone be up for me making one with 5-10 other people? It will be my first time though so you'd have to bear with that.

>> No.10073372

I would anon, if you at least have a process in mind.

>> No.10073386

I’d post my insta but so many people have been bullying me here. So I’m a bit too scared to

>> No.10073409

I know that feel

>> No.10073532
File: 59 KB, 607x801, 49666883_2151869738182540_2109351712870367232_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Recently re-started my feed, but I'm still not happy with it, so I'm open to advices and suggestions !
Username is @truthfully.sincerely

I follow mainly yumekawaii, yamikawaii, fairy kei and menhera accounts !

>> No.10073555


>> No.10073579

just another meh acc but jfc censor your face

>> No.10073599


Not the girl above but what the fuck is wrong with you guys?

>> No.10073632

Lmao did you really fake insult yourself in order to try and gain sympathy?

Eh ignore it. This used to be a common tactic a couple years ago where girls would self-post and if they didn't get attention, they'd reply to their own post with something nasty to make it seem like they were being bullied to get sympathy from other anons.

>> No.10073664

Nope I didn't send those messages.

Thank you anon but I'll just ignore it !

>> No.10073669

Kek ok sure. I'm sure some random anon just decided to stop by and pick on you in a thread where the other self-posts barely have replies.

>> No.10073682

I've selfposted in these threads before and never had any bullying issues t b h. One comment about my nose but whatever. People here in general are far less catty than everyone thinks, for the most part.

>> No.10073689

Resident r9k shitposter, just ignore and report.

That's exactly what he does, in the ita thread and general too.

>> No.10073697

How does xmakalee have 4000 or so followers but about 60 likes on each photo?

>> No.10073704

Same. I've mostly gotten compliments when I've self-posted here. It seriously makes me think that >>10073632 is right and that a lot of these so-called "bullying" comments are anons replying to themselves, especially if they're a nobody.

They bought followers.

>> No.10073725

I am NOT replying to myself!!!!!

>> No.10073789

new thread: >>10073784

>> No.10073928

>r9k shitposter
incel men don't type like that but ok

>> No.10074061

get your vendetta or selfposting bullshit out of here, nobody cares either way

>> No.10074085

Claudie!! Its shadi nice to see ur cute self here

>> No.10074184

>incel men don't constantly call women whores
Do you live in a different dimension? Just look for deleted posts in the archive, it's the same attention starved shitposter.