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Mommy edition

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>tfw you're into younger girls but you always seem to attract older girls at cons

Do I just accept my fate?

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I have no “real” friends, or maybe I’m disillusioned on what “real” friends are.
I started my own business and I’m doing really fucking good but I have nobody to share my success with.
My mom thinking I’m bragging and refuses to hear about it, but since she refuses to hear about it she doesn’t know how well I’m doing—so she still thinks I need to get a “real” job.
Every time I want to tell my friends I know its basically just me bragging because in comparison, their lives look super shitty and hard and I also don’t want to devalue them by telling them about my success. I just want someone I can share all my updates with because I’ve never done something like this before! And I’m proud! And everything’s so exciting and scary, and I think bottling this all up is starting to take a negative toll on me. Recently I’ve become “...but what really is the point?” And it’s interfering with my work.
I go to the gym everyday since I have a sendentary job, but even now I’m like “why bother? No one gets to see how good I’m doing anyways”.

I think I’m isolating myself completely and I’m spiraling into a deeper depression.

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>want to try a coord with second hand fur headdress by some ny designer label
>very cheap, it cant be real fur
>it is indeed real fur
>can't wear it because it's against my ethics
>can't sell it because it feels like supporting/making money out of fur business
>can't throw it away because then an animal would've got skinned for nothing
I hate this.

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You can share it with me bbygull

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Just eat it. That way you're not wasting part of the animal.

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Can I be your friend? Also don’t share it with >>10023667 they’re nasty.

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What's your business?

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Naw, be my friend. Also ignore >>10023674 they're a faggot

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Just give it away for free so we don't have to listen to you be a pussy about fur

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Why is it against your ethics? The animal is already dead and wearing its fur is not going to change that. It's also not supporting the industry because you bought it second-hand.

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>it's that time of the year again when the spoiled neighborhood brats come in hordes and expect free candy from me and show their gratitude by throwing eggs on my window

Am I the only one who fucking hates Halloween? It's just another piece of shit foreign culture brought to my country that no one knows its roots about and everyone just takes it as an excuse to get drunk and act like huge piece of shit.

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Can't you just turn off your lights to show you're not home for them to bother? I always heard that was the rule. Didn't think people actually went out of their way to egg houses though.

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>being surprised that kids egg your house when you have a stick lodged this far up your ass about it

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>implying vandalism is justified if some one wants to be left alone

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>implying I said anywhere in my post it was justified
A gang of niglets stealing my car after I parked it out on the street instead of on my driveway with all the windows rolled down and unlocked aren't justified in stealing my property, but nobody's going to be surprised that it happened either. It's one day of the year and anon's salty ass post about Halloween obviously doesn't portray them as a little old lady who desperately just wants to be left alone

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What happened to good, old waterbombs?

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Halloween is about feeling comfy, but also spooky, I hate it when people are trying to ruin it pretending it’s something else.

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I tried that last year, it didn't work. They do this every year to several houseowners in my neighborhood where they have easy access to the windows and know they will go undetected. It's a known issue, but no one ever does anything about it, because of protective parents.

>implying you'd still be relaxed if that shit happened to you 3 years in a row, when you were nice to every single kid that rang your door and were still thanked with this

Ever tried to remove dried eggs from your windows the next morning in the freezing cold? I have my reason to have a stick lodged up my ass or whatever you want to call it

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If you knew it was going to happen, you should've set up a camera in advance.

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>when you were nice to every single kid that rang your door and were still thanked with this
Sure you were, Nancy

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Halloween seems fun for people with friends.

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Nayrt but I know the perpetrators already. It was a vampire, Frankenstein's monster, and a zombie all about the height of 4'11" that did it. Not exactly the best day to ID someone when everyone's in disguise.

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>It was a vampire, Frankenstein's monster, and a zombie all about the height of 4'11" that did it

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You’re just basically described Halloweens at my dorm when I was a student. People barely bother to make costumes, it’s sexy nurses or playboy bunnies for girls and bedsheet ghosts or topless something with facial paint for boys.

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>My mom thinking I’m bragging and refuses to hear about it
I had a friend like that and I hated it. My mom is the only one I can talk to about my success since my other friends are this
> their lives look super shitty and hard and I also don’t want to devalue them by telling them about my success.

List your email or whatever. You we can both talk about our business. I just broke a record on my etsy store this month and want to talk about it with someone.

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>Want to make something real good for halloween at college
>Make a Morticia and Gomez Addams with a friend
>Can’t wait to see what other people did
>They were ALL dressed as total sluts
>Even my friend who is rather touchy for these kind of things was dressed like she was on a porn set
What a shitshow that was.

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I'm really sad and lonely

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read >>10023726
It's exactly the reason why cameras won't work. Only thing I can hope for is that those kids will grow up and stop behaving like dorks some day.

>Sure you were, Nancy
You might be bait, so this is the last time I am replying to you. I usually like kids, and I gladly give the nice ones candy. BUT the costumes and dressing up gives them the opportunity to go incognito and abuse the good nature of people and this is were bad behavior is enabled in some of them. But god forbid I point that out or that I am upset about vandalism of my property.

Also please understand that Halloween doesn't have a long tradition in my country. Older people don't celebrate it, it's mostly a thing for millenials or younger generations. The revolving culture around is mostly young adults going to spooky partys getting drunk and kids dressing up and begging for candy. If it was more like a family thing were you got together, ate some pumpkin soup and were comfy I'd actually like it. But it's not like this overall. It might change in the future with more people growing up with it, but in its current state there are many aspects about it which I don't like and I could live without.

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I was under the impression you already knew who the kids were; hence, the comment about protective parents, who would surely recognise their childrens' costumes.

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I'm pretty sure I know who the kids are. I once brought it up to the parents and I am once other affected homeowners did as well but they brushed it off and kept covering their kids and just said it was someone else with the same costume. If you don't have the face as a proof you basically have no proof at all and the police won't bother either.

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>the opportunity to go incognito and abuse the good nature of people and this is were bad behavior is enabled in some of them
the irony of this being said by some catty person on an anon board.

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How has anon abused anyone's good nature?

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>being mad people are unaware of the roots of a holiday you consider 'piece of shit foreign culture'
Okay shitskin

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>tfw wanted to go out but bff has work and i have nobody else

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>Mommy edition

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Yikes. Also, they were calling Halloween a piece of shit brought over by a foreign culture, not "a piece of shit foreign culture."

Why are Europeans like this?

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>Americans trying to school people on anything concerning culture
Yikes indeed

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fucking hate it too. Especially since in my country there are two more holidays revolving about accumulating presents/candy before christmas. Go buy your own damn candy and leave me alone

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>hey let me hang out with you!
"ok but I have to be somewhere to go right after so show up on time"
>got it!
>hey I left half an hour late and now I'm stuck in traffic. Sorry!

Now I'm stuck here peepee in hand because I expected him to spot me. FFS

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Man I just really love cosplay

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Man I just really love Halloween

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Congrats on the good business gull! Running one on your own is really tough!!!

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Man I just really love spooky cosplayers

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Gulls I have $3k to spend on whatever. What cool new things should I buy? (Not Lolita)

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3D Printer
Drill Press and/or Bandsaw
Downpayment on motorcycle for ghost rider

>> No.10023888

What motorcycle? I already have the rest available at my makerspace.

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Boring answer: you really should think about your future, and asking how to spend 3 grand is not the right way to do it. At least save it up for an emergency. Even if you're already well off you really shouldn't be blowing it.

IDGAF answer: get a drone they're fuckin sweet and really fun to fly around and get cool footage with

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Drone is actually a really cool idea Anon, any other recommendations? I think the drone is great we're just getting close to winter.
Also this is half of what I got from my signing bonus, I'm saving the rest.

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>Tfw you're into girls but you always seem to attract nobody at cons

>> No.10023919

I attract nobodies all the time too.

>> No.10023920

A Harley V-Rod would be the closest fit but I'm guessing you'd want a bike that's actually good.

>> No.10023925

I've been recommended dual sports in the past. Do they have any models that pass?

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Europeans are exceedingly arrogant low key dumb as fuck, but they rarely get challenged

>> No.10023937

Take it to /int/, tards.

>> No.10023939

Honestly it's pretty hard to find a bad dual-sport as far as capability is concerned. The Kawasaki KLR is great for beginners due to it being a bit underpowered and fucking unkillable. They're also cheap as fuck used. That 3k will get you a fairly new one in good shape. Another good starter is a Ninja 500 for the same reasons. Just look at 500/650 twins and pick your favorite, they're all pretty good.

>> No.10023940

Thanks Anon

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I was correcting their grammar, esl-chan

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My friends invited me to the after-Halloween sales at Spirit tomorrow, but I'm planning to go to a twerking contest that day. What should I do??

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>It was a vampire, Frankenstein's monster, and a zombie
Maybe you should call Van Hellsing.

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>Graduating this year, have to worry about finding a job
>Beginning to purge my weeb shit from my main FB and moving it to an alternate weeb account
>Make status explaining the situation
>Tell people NOT to tag my main in pictures from an upcoming party con
>Have a few people complain that I’m “being mean” by “acting like being a cosplayer is something to be ashamed of”
>Tell me that “a good employer” won’t give a shit about a photo of me dressed as a sexy anime angel dabbing with an Akatsuki Shrek cosplayer
>Mfw everyone calling me a meanie is a fucking NEET

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They're probably right but it depends on the industry
Tech doesn't give a shit, it's why so many of us have tattoos

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I can't find my baby the stars shine bright beret anywhere. I've looked all day, I think i left it at my university. I liked that beret so much, I want to cry

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>in a costume that isnt remotely lolita (almost scene, really)
>it happens to use a petti

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You deserved worse

>> No.10024016

suck my knee high chucks

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>crossplay at Halloween party
>people kept asking me "haha are you trans anon?"

>> No.10024060

>expecting normies to under crossplay

Unless it's blatantly obvious that it's ironic like a Lady Beard sort of deal, people will think you are legitimately trans if you aimed to actually look like the opposite gender.

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go with your friends

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>throwing eggs on my window
Kek that was me back in high school. We even set fire to a bush once

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Just got back from the big Halloween party downtown.

The big $1000 prize went to a store-bought Game of Thrones guy. I'm trying not to be salty.

But more sadly, I chickened out when it came time to ask the beautiful Sabrina the Teenage Witch for her info.

I'm drunk and I want more friends so bad.

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You should've done it the opposite way. Since all of your weeb shit is already linked to your main, your secondary acct should be your business. It also doesn't put the burden on anyone to do something for you

>> No.10024178

Don't lose hope, keep looking! It's amazing how many items I found after years

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ive been so depressed for so long i no longer feel anything. i just feel like an emptiness within me, i don't feel joy, i don't feel excitement. i wish i could connect with someone but i really don't give a shit about anyone apart from myself. life is so boring

>> No.10024192

I feel you anon, I really do. I always thought people who said stuff like this were just melodramatic little bitches but going through it for myself has changed that completely.

The world is boring. People are boring. I hate myself. I hate everything. Every action I do and every interaction I have just feels empty and vapid. I just want something interesting to happen.

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>Be me
>Not really into social media
>If I take pictures of myself I just share with friends
>Especially boyfriend
>Everyone is supportive of me doing lolita
>Hell yeah, good friends, good feels
>The validation of them is enough
>Come yesterday
>Out hanging with a friend in a park
>Wearing normie clothes and low-effort hairstyle
>During day we take pictures of ducks doing weird stuff
>Sneak a picture of my friend
>Laughs are had
>I got snapped a little too
>Think nothing of it
>Later that evening
>Boyfriend sends me one of the pictures my friend took today
>Meaning friend sent to boyfriend
>He's enthusiastic and calls me cute
>The picture is literally shit
>Deny it
>He insists
>Try to prove I'm right by listing every unflattering thing about the photo
>He rebuttal that those details don't take away from my overall beauty
>Realise my total defeat

I-is this why people act like cringy tsunderes? By fighting his opinion I made him rub the compliments in way more than usual, and I feel really happy.

But I'm also painfully reminded of how self-critical I am, coupled with lopsided self-esteem. Maybe I am pretty, I just don't see it that clearly.

Inb4 bragpost, bite me, it's a feel.

>> No.10024231

no, that's just you having shit self esteem

>> No.10024232

If he compliments a bad photo so profusely, doesn't it make you question how sincere the compliments are for the rest of the photos?

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Shit self-esteem being proved wrong, dear anon. Thanks for agreeing it's just my image issue, because you are inadvertently calling me pretty too.

>> No.10024234

No, not at all. It became part of a tsun-tsun-banter, as much as I hate writing that out.

>> No.10024235

>be me
Glad you saved me the trouble of reading the rest

>> No.10024236

Then your self-esteem can't be that bad.

>> No.10024239

You actually got me thinking about it and it might be that the bad picture actually featured a full open-mouth smile. I never do that when taking selfies or controlled pictures because it feels so stiff and usually turns out "bad" according to myself. My self esteem isn't catastrophic, but neither is it all fine and dandy. Little things like smiling with my mouth closed for pictures might be the direct result. Well, he was probably happy to get an immortalised image of me looking truly happy as I do when no cameras are involved.

No worries Anon! Happy to hear you're not familiar with the genre conventions of a greetext.

>> No.10024239,1 [INTERNAL] 

My boyfriend does this too and I hate it. The only way I've countered him is by listing all the things I like about him. He usually gets flustered and stops. Even if other people think you're pretty, if you don't feel it yourself it feels like empty compliments.

>My feels
I forgot I had black wristcuffs which would work well with my Autumn and winter wardrobe, but I only found one.

>> No.10024245

It's because he's your boyfriend he loves you and how you look

>> No.10024266

what a completely boring and utterly trash feel

>> No.10024268

fuck i wish i had a bf/gf who thought i looked cute when i smile naturally

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Ask your comm mom to postpone the twerking contest

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>dress I want from IW is nearly sold out
>still waiting for invoice
>feeling unreasonably anxious
I just want my dress

>> No.10024285

How awful is your smile that you think that would be difficult?

>> No.10024286


Keeping it biblical, nice.

>> No.10024288

it's not, i'm just bad at sentence structure

the hard part is getting a bf/gf

>> No.10024300

What's so difficult about that? Lots of people manage it.

>> No.10024304

low self-esteem and social anxiety that make it difficult for me to meet people in general

and i said hard, not impossible. i've been in relationships before and i'm sure i'll have more in the future.

>> No.10024317

>genre conventions
I've been browsing 4chan for a decade. It's not a genre convention, you're just a retard

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This is so frustrating and annoying to deal with, I hate when people can't take compliment. You don't have to agree with it, but for fucks sake, take it with some grace. I get this shit from my crush and it's like, get it through your thick skull that someone appreciates you! It doesn't actually matter if you think differently, THEY find these things attractive and your twisted low self esteem can't change that just because your view of yourself is warped. You are your own worst critic, anon.

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>Also please understand that Halloween doesn't have a long tradition in my country
What country anon?

>> No.10024541

>woman comes into my workplace
>asks ‘if I (she) was an umbrella where would she be?
>automatically reply ‘in the boot of my car’
>she gets nervous and leaves

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>at dinner restaurant with parents and cute blonde waitress has been hovering all night
>as we leave she says “I hope you enjoyed your meal” side note there’s no tipping so it wasn’t that
>mum moves ahead while girl starts sayin random stuff, only dad and I hear what she says next.
“I live just across the road”
And how do I reply?
“Cool, you’ll never be late for work”
>then I practically run off, due to fear, awkwardness and pure, concentrated autism.

>in car and dad tells mum what happened, mum orders me to go back in and talk to her, I don’t want to because of said reasons.
>go back inside and wait in the lobby for 5 minutes while browsing fit on my phone.
>return to car, “she wasn’t there I couldn’t find her”

The look of sadness and disappointment they gave me still haunts me.

>> No.10024543

You did nothing wrong

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>“I live just across the road”
>And how do I reply?
>“Cool, you’ll never be late for work”
Holy fuck. Pure, undiluted concentrated with the strength of a laser beam. Thanks for the chuckle m8

>> No.10024555

This is solid advice and I second all of it.

>> No.10024561

Take it as a victory Anon, it means she was into you

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>be me, comm mom
>becoming more comfortable with evicting people after a bad butthole inspection day
>one long standing member has been slipping recently
>her butthole usually passes the test, but lately she's been going through some personal problems and it shows on her anus
>don't want to kick her out, but I've had a word with her and it's not got better
>can't keep her if it gets worse because we have a no favouritism rule
What do I do guys? This feels like putting your old dog down. She's been with us through so much, but I don't see much choice.

>> No.10024575

These kind of funposts are cool and all but the novelty kind of wears off when they're posted at least 5 times per thread

>> No.10024580

Well can you at least appreciate the seagull pic? I took it today, he was absolutely huge.

>> No.10024581
File: 72 KB, 250x333, 4709e75e-f658-5b64-939d-466ce8c0c72d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>too tall for like a third of my dream dresses
>can fix weight, can never fix height
>pic sadly related

>> No.10024583

>Well can you at least appreciate the seagull pic?
Yes. He's an absolute unit

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So what did you gab from the after-Halloween sales, gulls?

I got some cheap Overwatch stuff from Spirit, plus some props that might be fun to paint. I also got a Princess Peach crown, which I've been wearing all day.

>> No.10024590

Pants around those ankles NOW, Elsa McFunpost. You know the drill

>> No.10024592
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I would have reacted through exact same way

>> No.10024594

>a family thing were you got together, ate some pumpkin soup and were comfy
They some type of Scandi fosho

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File: 6 KB, 234x216, download (16).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You gotta do it, anon. It's the kindest thing to do
>holy mother of god that is a quality seagull

>> No.10024602

Honestly you probably saved yourself from being peer pressured by your parents into embarrassing yourself in public.

>> No.10024609
File: 485 KB, 1024x581, legosadfleck.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>go to haunted house
>have ghost girl fetish
>mfw they think they're scaring me

>> No.10024614
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Well shit thanks for the heads up, gull!

>> No.10024651

Man I just really love my best friend

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No prob. EVERYTHONG in store is half off, which is pretty sweet! Tomorrow I think is the last day for most Spirit stores, so go pick over what's left tomorrow!

>> No.10024662

Man I wish I could attract fujoshis at a convention.

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u gotta show em ur yaoi hamds

>> No.10024682

weird how fujoshis appear overwhelmingly attracted to other fujoshis

>> No.10024692

What's better: after halloween sales or black friday?

>> No.10024694
File: 430 KB, 1276x1432, [Anime-Koi] Sabagebu! OVA SPECIAL MISSION 3 [BD][h264-720p][022E6A92].mkv_snapshot_07.43_[2015.07.04_16.14.00].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Boxing day >> all

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there's so many fucking sale days. my brain hurts

>> No.10024697
File: 912 KB, 891x1023, [HorribleSubs] Houseki no Kuni - 04 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_08.15_[2018.09.22_21.18.32].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We live in a capitalist society after all

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>> No.10024702

Eyy its Jezza

>> No.10024705

I just want good deals without being paralyzed with fear that the same shit I buy will get a deeper discount at a later date

>> No.10024736
File: 122 KB, 1382x1553, daijoubu janai.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

con is 1 month and half away, haven't even chosen a character to cosplay yet. It's also on my last week of this semester on uni. fugg

You must tell her what a shithole it is.

>> No.10024743
File: 281 KB, 540x401, sweaty Jotaro.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>met some really cool people at a con recently
>share a lot of the same fandoms
>followed each other on twitter afterwards
>we live in the same city (well, major metropolitan area)
>I don't know any of their actual names
>I don't know how to slide into the DMs platonically
>the only way I know how to make friends IRL is to stand near a group of people until they start inviting me to things

man I just want more cosplay weeb friends, why is human interaction such a fukken hassle

>> No.10024798

- Spirit proton pack (though just my luck, all the homebrew upgrade things are sold out) which looks pretty damn good considering the price and source.
- Moving chainsaw to make into an Ash hand
Now I just need to remember to go to the gym so I don't look dyel with a half-torn-off shirt.

>> No.10024800

>I live just across the road
I don't get it. How does this signal she's into you?

>> No.10024811

just say "hey! how is it going"

>> No.10024846

This just confirms that I have weaponised autism. I don't get it. Okay, she lives across the road...and?

Maybe this is why I can never turn hookups into dates.

>> No.10024853

>tfw 6'1"
>size 7 feet
>hands the size of a 5'4" girl


>> No.10024890

Without context it's hard to tell but I'm guessing someone asked "Do you live around here?" or something similar and that was her reply. How that meant to his parents that she was implying "I live across the road, you should come see me sometime.." is beyond me though.

>> No.10024965

"hey, it was cool meeting you at x con. i dont think i ever gave you my real name, its y". Offer information before you ask them to go out on a limb so they feel secure. and then follow up with a meme or talk about one of the interests you discussed at the con

>> No.10024967

I'm disappointed boxing day is about retail sales, not the sport of boxing

>> No.10024997
File: 118 KB, 883x960, 44976694_1893589867421274_1536080892907225088_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Was Kim a good lolita?

>> No.10025007

Oldschool wannabe. Not quite ita but not quite up to standards

>> No.10025071
File: 79 KB, 306x286, notpoo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw I want to wash my cosplay, but it has iron-on decorations
Should I just pop it in the freezer and kill the bacteria that way?

>> No.10025092

cold wash it lol

>> No.10025102

Ita as fuck. The only reason it's hard to tell sometimes is that her dress wasn't drawn in enough detail.

>> No.10025109

Alternatively, you could hand wash it

>> No.10025113


Why would you ever randomly tell someone that unless you were interested? I mean I'm not saying I'm not the biggest sperglord ever and wouldn't have acted the same way but it's a pretty clear indication

>> No.10025136

Just sounds like small talk to me.

>Oh yeah do you work a lot?
>>Mmm, a little bit. I just live across the road so.

I don't know. I am actually diagnosed with high-functioning autism so the subtly of flirting is lost on me. Every girl who ever been with has practically just had to force herself on me because I'm more dense than lead and cannot pick up subtle signs at all.

>> No.10025164

I have had some problems with my boyfriend lately cause he's always busy with work. He recently took time off just to spend time with me and it meant a lot so I got deessed up.

At the end of the night he took photos of my coord and I remember looking at the photos right after and thinking, yes these are good. Not amazing or anything close to what I want to look like. But decent ya know??

I go back to resize for Instagram and go through the photos taken. They're all shit and I look stiff and uncomfortable in my own skin. I always get too tense in photos and I've read some of the poss tutorials online... but none of it helps me loosen up enough to not look like a scared stick. And my stupid un even smile just makes it worse.

It was so hard to tell my boyfriend I didn't really like the photos. But he understood that it wasn't his fault. He said he's gonna try and help me more when I want photos now. But I feel like I'm still going to fuck it up and look awkward and stiff.

>> No.10025172

I got:

- A katana base to use for Virtuous Contract
- Elf ears
- Spiked bracelets (x3)
- White tights for White Diamond (x2)
- Spiderweb tights
- Fangs
- Light up cigarette
- Syringe pen

I only paid $38 for all this! I got lucky and found the pen at the register while I was checking out, I plan to use it as Takemi soon.

>> No.10025174

What is wrong with you girls? My ex would do this all the time. She'd ask or I'd offer to take her picture. I'd get a nice frame, angle and lighting, take a picture and I thought she looked gorgeous.

But then she'd get mad because I didn't take like 20 from different positions and with her making different expressions. Like why? One quality picture is way better than 20 average pictures. Then she'd scroll through all 20 or however many I took and say she hates them all because she looks bad. They looked fine to me and I would have happily uploaded any of them.

Same with selfies. She loved her makeup and actually got featured on some decently large pages. But she'd spend literally hours walking around the house taking hundreds of selfies in different positions, in different rooms, with different faces and sometimes waiting for the sun to be in a different position in the sky. Then she'd use only one, edit the fuck out of it and then upload it and if it didn't get enough likes, she'd delete it.

I sort of understand it because I like to upload photos where I look nice but not to that level. If I look okay but the photo itself makes me happy it doesn't matter, it's about the memory.

>> No.10025176

Oh I feel this. Maybe try candids for a while? I look a lot more natural and relaxed in candid shots so it may be the same for you. Try it and see if you feel less tense in posed photos after a while.

>> No.10025183

Self esteem and body image issues do crazy shit to your mind. It's possible anon is just not photogenic because she doesn't know how to pose or smile, which can be solved with practice, but the issues I mentioned can fuck you up regardless and make you think you look like shit even when in reality you're fine.

>> No.10025195

Second for candids, those turn out surprisingly good and also unveil new nice angles you never used before.

>> No.10025198

>But then she'd get mad because I didn't take like 20 from different positions and with her making different expressions.
Hold up. I never said I was mad at my boyfriend. If anything I'm so greatful that he's willing to work with me. Like I'm so happy that he wants to help me take better photos.

I've never been in a magazine or featured on a site. Sounds like this girl was a typical model type.

But also... good photos are part of both lolita and cosplay. Hence all the photo judging on this board. If she was in either group, then it makes sense she wants good photos. It comes with the hobby.

If you don't get this... why are you on this board??

Yeah my bf was telling me about how we could try more candid shots, and he said he'll try to make me laugh so I look more natural. I also suggested he direct me more since the few times I got decent photos, it was because I was being told what to do cause I just don't know what to do with my body.

>> No.10025200

I feel you anon. I'm a bit awkward at posing as well and a lot of photos used to turn out bad because of this. My bf kind of hated having to take so many pictures of me, so we talked about it and I told him that firstly, it's important for the outfit to look neat and that he should have an eye on that (hair doesn't look messy, necklace isn't tangled, no weird bulk or wrinkles in the dress, hair accessory hits properly, no open shoe laces and stuff like that).
Next, I taught him that light is important and to avoid angles that produce harsh shadows, and that it's important that you can see the details of the dress etc.
As the last step I recommend that you both just go outside and practice a bit. Maybe show him some pictures of lolitas online and what poses generally look good on anyonse, and then reproduce these and see what suits you the best. Once you have found out a few angles/poses that look good on you, try to remember these and also tell your bf "this is what the picture should look like". At first all of this will be a bit awkward, but from my experience after 2-3 times of doing this you both automatically know what to do and how to guide each other. The whole process will also take maybe 2 minutes and you'll have a good photo in 2-3 shots. And with practice also comes the confidence and you'll feel better about yourself.

Really, communication is the key success. There is a good chance he doesn't really know what he is doing and since you are insecure about yourself you can't guide him either because you don't know how to look flattering. So talk to him and practice together and you will find success.

>> No.10025202

Starting with
>be me
is something that redditors/9gaggers use, or just new people who don't know any better.
Like, not even using those terms as buzzwords here, that's literally how their equivalent of greentext stories work.
When reddit first started appropriating rage comics they'd always start with *be me
No one did this shit 10 years ago on 4chan. There's no reason to point out that you're you, because no fucking shit, who else would you be.

>> No.10025203

Thanks anon! This is great advice and now I have more reasons to show him coords I like!

>> No.10025205


Are you me?
I have like 2k saved and yet I want to die.

>> No.10025206

But shouldn't the photos he took be more about remembering the time you shared together since that was why you got dressed up in the first place?

>> No.10025241

Think about it, if she leaves lolita of her own accord before inspection day you won't have to kick her out. So sneak into her house at night and take a dump on her brand.

>> No.10025242

I don't recall 2B having elf ears

>> No.10025289

Just start a blog, journal or something, that way you can eliminate those pent up emotions without risk. Validation and the feeling of expressing ones opinions can be found in this,which it sounds as though you truly desire. Eh, it might not even work, but it is a suggestion at the very least

>> No.10025305

Why do that when you can vent on an anonymous Fringe fashion board on an Uzbekistan metalworking forum?

>> No.10025321

Oh no, the ears aren’t for 2B! I might do Bowsette or Boosette in the future, everything I bought were for multiple cosplays.

>> No.10025327
File: 200 KB, 638x574, 1532894650593.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm so lonely and yet I can't keep in touch with anyone else than my bf and dresses. Everytime I manage to see someone I'm just an awkward idiot and regret leaving my hole. I wish my dresses could talk back to me when I feel lonely.

>> No.10025334

>I'm so lonely
>has a bf

>> No.10025336

>had great Halloween costume this year
>wasn't invited to any parties

>> No.10025337

that doesn't mean she can't be lonely. sorry you can't find a bf to put up with you though

>> No.10025338

nyart but this is me too
my bf is boring

>> No.10025341

I feel bad for my bf having to put up my life without other social contacts and believe me it's not a good feel. Somehow romantic relationships are the only ones I'm able to form and despite being open about my anti-social lifestyle they always start to tell me I need friends. And that makes me feel lonely and shit.

>> No.10025346

Whenever someone posts about being lonely AND having a bf, someone has to get pissy about it on here.

>> No.10025347

>I'm so lonely
>my bf

like complaining that you can't afford a 2nd yacht.

>> No.10025349
File: 72 KB, 800x450, 6uhghfhd65431209Y6k1e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

give him to me then
because it's like complaining about how you're starving when you already have years worth of food

>> No.10025352

>Somehow romantic relationships are the only ones I'm able to form
>boo hoo I'm able to form relationships but it's not the kind I want

>> No.10025356

>because it's like complaining about how you're starving when you already have years worth of food

I'd say it's like complaining about you're starving when you have only apples. Like they're tasty and you have a lot, but it still does not satisfy the actual needs.

>> No.10025359

Im the same exact way anon, and fuck all the salty gulls trying to take away from it, having a bf is great and it definitely helps, but its not the same as having a platonic friend.

When my bf and I first started dating he told me countless times how "Weird" it was for me to not have any friends, but now when I tell him Im thinking of trying to make friends he says "But you dont really do the friend thing, you seem happy as you are."

Hes not wrong, but damn it all I want ONE girl friend to gush to, just ONE!

>> No.10025364

Ayyy I'm the same except I'm a guy. Can't make friends worth a damn but girls seem to like me.

Weird feels.

>> No.10025371

Honestly you can have him, but he’s really attached to me. plus he’s not that great...
>inb4 coldhearted bitch
he knows this

>> No.10025372

I can see why people would get salty about it but most of the people don't feel comfortable being their partners only social contact so the situation isn't definitely as good as it might seem.

I feel the exact same way: I'm most of the time comoletely fine with me being just by myself because I can't bear the exhaustion of seeing someone regularly anyways. I'm happy your bf accepts you and mine have mostly given up too. I believe most of the time it's the pressure from society that make me feel like a abnormal weirdo and the need to get friends. One girlfriend would be lovely though, I would want to spoil someone and do fun stuff together if social contacts weren't so hard. And sometimes it would be nice to have someone. For example, bf announced he is going away for both Christmas and New Year's and occasions like these makes me sad.

It's a bit comforting to hear we have a small club already here.

>> No.10025378

If you're not a fatty-chan just ask for boyfriend applications in this thread, it's frequented by xboarders from /fit/.

>> No.10025379
File: 60 KB, 933x922, 1528449681615.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They're all thirsty as fuck too

>> No.10025383
File: 19 KB, 291x343, C978D0A5-3BB4-4059-AB42-5F02D8C7C500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Damn, are you me anon? I’m the same way. I have a boyfriend and “friends” (I use the term loosely; they are more like acquaintances I’ll have a drink with once in a blue moon). I’m incredibly asocial and hate being around people in general. I can’t function around others and being out in public drains me mentally. I want friends but my social anxiety keeps me from making any real effort.

>> No.10025384
File: 275 KB, 667x636, oceanwater.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

tfw girl in comm say n word

>> No.10025391

>tfw want a /fit/ bf
>too shy and scared to date someone off 4chan

>> No.10025393

>date someone off 4chin

>> No.10025395

S-shut up Anon I'm trying to do this right now

>> No.10025397

I won't, although admittedly I am tempted sometimes because some anons seem incredibly cute. Still too scared to though, which is why I'm in agony.

>> No.10025398

Just be careful (as in ensure your own physical safety) and also be mentally prepared. 4chan nowadays has a lot more socially adjusted people than it used to, but you still run into sketchy people often.
Speaking from personal experience, prepare yourself for possibly having to deal with a slew of mental issues. This all being said, I genuinely enjoyed spending time with most of the people I met from 4chan.

>> No.10025417

The deal with this is that sometimes it is a flirt, sometimes it isn't. The key is in knowing that the 'maybes' are just chances you have to jump at, and not beat yourself up if you were wrong. If someone's gonna use a somewhat vague turn of conversation to drop you a hint, then it's not entirely your fault for missing it, either. You can't get a feel for this kinda thing if you never interact with others based on your hunches. Gotta deal with that trial and error to learn how to figure it out.

>t. also a high functioning autist

>> No.10025440

I'm happy for you. A lot of people just want to tear down those that re doing better than them. I have a similar issue. I worked my butt off to go to uni for a decent major and got a good job. Now everyone acts like I abandoned them in trailer trash town in the middle of nowhere. They could have made the choice to not get high and live in there parents basement.

You should make sure these people, in your case probably mostly your Mom, have nothing over you. If you still live with parents move out, if you still use your parents car then get your own.

>> No.10025443

I took photos with him, so yeah, those photos would be that.

I was talking about photos of just myself.

>> No.10025462

I promise I'm cute. /soc/ rated me 7/10. I'm just a little weird.

>> No.10025478

Oh, honey, /soc/ rates everyone 7/10.

>> No.10025521
File: 45 KB, 373x332, 1540904455321.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's not true, I was rated a 3/10! Hahah... Hah...

>> No.10025540

You might be a 3/10 but at least you're not in fuckin' Bruges

>> No.10025549
File: 80 KB, 276x291, derpwoman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be male
>gf wants to do a dad/daughter cosplay
>mfw she wants ME to be the daughter

>> No.10025552

do it

>> No.10025557
File: 60 KB, 1412x718, Screenshot_20181102-230343.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Which one is that? I'd much rather be in Europe desu

>> No.10025566

Belgium in the movie

>> No.10025580

>not beat yourself up if you were wrong

That's the hard part. You look like such an obnoxious self-obsessed loser when you think someone is flirting with you when they're not. I've taken the default approach of "Everything is just friendly and people have different ways of showing friendliness. Nobody would ever flirt with me." because I don't want to be 'that guy' who thinks every girl who breathes the same air as him within a 10 metre radius is hitting on him.

>> No.10025582

Haha! Time to do make Delta Rune Lancer cosplay and solidify the sad truth that Undertale cosplayers aren't fucking going anywhere.

>> No.10025603

go where

>> No.10025627

Try taking more photos in average or normal clothing to get more accustomed to them before your anxiety over making the coord you spent so much time on shine through the photo. You could also...:
>Shake it out right before the photo is taken to loosen yourself up
>At the 3,2,1 countdown, start to exhale slowly through your nose at 2. It's like taking a deep breath and easing the tension on your shoulders at the same time.
>Don't hold your pose for too long. If you watch videos of how models take photos for shoots, you'll notice that they move quickly and then freeze for a just a second to take the photo. The fluidity of their motion keeps the picture looking not stiff.
>And take your mind off of your worries while the picture is being taken. Think about how thankful you are to have a boyfriend who cares this much about you, about puppies, about something funny. The ease in your heart is going to show on your face.
I sincerely hope that you reach the point where you like your pictures, anon. I've been in your shoes before (and still am sometimes) and I know how much you want to change. You can and you will, you just have to put your nose to the grindstone to get there. I believe in you!

>> No.10025628

I understand that feel, anon-chan. Imagine talking to the other person like you would want someone to talk to you. Everyone wants more friends. And even if they don't, they're not going to chastise you for trying.

>> No.10025630

Start inviting them over for game nights and movies. Change the social scene and hopefully you'll become closer as a result of it. You could even stick to alcohol themed events like beer tastings or Oktoberfest

>> No.10025631

using slurs isnt kawaii desu

>> No.10025632

>Everyone wants more friends.
Having more than 2 friends sounds exhausting.

>> No.10025637

There's degrees of friendship and the work that they require. For instance, work or school friends. You only see em in there and once you leave, you don't have to hang out - easy.

>> No.10025645

What can I say, your feels make for interesting reading.

>> No.10025662

lately I’ve noticed a couple girls in my comm begging for money for medical bills but turn around a couple weeks later and start buying themselves multiple dresses. I’m newer to my community and was really starting to like the girls in it but now I’m so disappointed. makes me afraid they are possibly scammers when selling stuff now and I don’t feel comfortable being around them anymore. no one has called them out or maybe I’m the only one who noticed it? the first time it happened I just told myself not to judge, I don’t know the situation but now it’s been the same girls doing it multiple times and always magically having the funds for dresses maybe 2 weeks after they get the money.

I’m afraid to say anything because they are mods or best friends with the mods but now I don’t even really want to go to meets anymore or be around them. the first time it happened I donated to help out because I felt bad. I was in similar situation before and it broke my heart to have to sell alot of my wardrobe especially because they have small wardrobes even now. now I’m angry and upset I may see them at another meet wearing dresses,wigs and accessories myself and other people paid for. our money we worked hard for on their bodies. I heard alot of bad things about alot of girls in this community from other ones and even from some girls in the same community but I kept thinking it was just gossip since lots of the members are early 20s and immature still. I’m thinking now of being a lonelita until I have to move again for work because I feel so used and like I shouldn’t be around such terrible people like this but Im afraid it will keep happening and more people’s donations will be used wrongly and scammed. I’m sorry for such a long post the situation has made me emotional and I’m not sure what I can or should do. so many bad people in this fashion make me start to hate it more and more but I love it too much to leave.

>> No.10025667

>Americans and Europeans actually believing either is shittier than the other
All your cracker culture is the same shit.

Halloween you hate so much originated from dumbass European Satanic bagpipe witches anyway. Americans just made it fat and sugar coated.

>> No.10025680

Some people have morals and make different choices anon.
Seems to work for normies, but my colleagues dont care about halloween
Are you me anon?

>> No.10025693

Imagine being this much of a seething nigger

>> No.10025730
File: 94 KB, 205x259, [HorribleSubs] Houseki no Kuni - 03 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_09.41_[2018.06.16_12.14.27].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>xboarders from /fit/.
Fuck off we're looking for bfs ourselves.

>> No.10025735 [DELETED] 
File: 107 KB, 815x960, 0c291d253294df880f1513fe5bcd16ad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can be your crossdresser bf

>> No.10025744


>> No.10025747

>tfw used to have a bff that I could dress up with and gush about weeb things and would cosplay with me
>tfw she turned extreme leftist
>tfw she accused me of being a racist because I agreed that learning the language of where you live is a good thing.
>tfw friendship sort of fell apart after that even after she sad sorry for it

Im fucking hurting. She just posted on FB that shes moving out of state at the end of the month and it hit me like a ton of bricks that she didnt even tell me personally.

She was my only friend.

>> No.10025753

Yikes, I’m a pretty hardcore liberal but even I understand that you need to learn the damn language of the country you reside in.

She’s not worth your time anon. She sounds like a holier-than-thou kind of bitch, the worst kind of person, whether they are on the right or left of the political spectrum. I’m sorry to hear that though.

>> No.10025755

Whats really funny is she went off on how im racist, culturally insensitive and what not, and we actually share many of the same views!

But I guess that one was enough. I wouldnt say im hardcore liberal but im certainly not very conservative. Just so strange.

She also did this at a Baby Metal Concert I took her to :(

Thanks though anon, I'm sorry too, mainly because I have no idea how to make another friend and im so anti social that I need a friend who is willing to understand that. I like to talk, I just dont like to go out often

>> No.10025757
File: 30 KB, 386x379, readytodie2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>bf takes pictures of his hemorrhoids, intended for a doctor
>he accidentally posts it to my cosplay Instagram
I lost 600 followers in a day, guys.

>> No.10025758
File: 134 KB, 355x347, [HorribleSubs] Houseki no Kuni - 04 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_03.30_[2018.06.16_13.28.55].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>she shares her insta with her bf
Sis why?

>> No.10025762

He used my phone because his has no camera.

>> No.10025763

Wow that's the stupidest excuse I've ever heard

>> No.10025766

I feel you anon. I don’t have any real friends myself and I’m pretty asocial. I can’t talk to people face to face without wanting to literally die. It’s why I have a mad case of RBF because if anyone gets too close I have the tendency to act super defensive and hostile. Not a healthy way to live life I’ll admit, but I have too many hang ups and I’m not really ready to confront them yet.

>> No.10025772


>> No.10025809

my best friend turned super liberal/feminist all of a sudden years and years ago and it ruined our friendship, too. It got to the point she was constantly trying to make everything political, or bringing up all sorts of dumb sjw stuff at every moment. It sucks, but what can you do. :/

>> No.10025814

Yes. Enjoy.

>> No.10025826
File: 3.44 MB, 4032x3024, 20181102_182024.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>saw this poster out and about last night
I can't think of anything more cringe

>> No.10025848
File: 21 KB, 270x201, 1535300452031.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I got into this fashion for the shoes. I fucking love me some shoes. Everything else about my outfits are just accessories to the shoes.

>> No.10025854

No dream dresses for you, huh?
Post your dream shoes Anon.

>> No.10025871

>things that never happened
Post pics for proof.

>> No.10025872

H-hey there, hot stuff.

>> No.10025905
File: 88 KB, 595x394, laughing lolita cruise.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My lungs are going to burst, holy shit

>> No.10025948
File: 241 KB, 253x253, tomokoscream.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be tall girl
>mfw everyloli thinks I'm a trap

>> No.10025950

>saying "everyloli"

>> No.10025954

It gets better.

>> No.10025958

Show them your penis.

>> No.10025986

>obnoxious self-obsessed loser when you think someone is flirting with you when they're not

If you can gracefully accept a no and move on without placing blame onto the other person, then you're not even close to this. If someone has a problem with it, and some will, it's their own insecurities reflecting this, not you. It has taken me a really long time to realize this. Sure, not EVERYONE who drops hints or is super friendly is into you, but you're not going to be approaching EVERYONE, either. Don't act thirsty, just try a return flirt once in a while, or outright ask if you are confused. "Hey, I could be wrong, but are you interested in getting together some time/ want to go out on a date?" "Oh, my bad, I misread" etc. Learn to swallow your embarrassment and take advice gracefully, and you'll pick up on things better with time. Fuck anybody who treats you like a loser for it, they aren't worth your time. Your attitude in being a decent person to others is the most important part here. Younger me used to think all men were just awful people trying to get into girls pants, but time around different kinds of people helped me stop projecting my social fears onto my interactions.

>> No.10026005

>constant spam about women over 25 being leftover women
>look young but am late twenties
>started getting worried about finding a husband, urgency rising
>intent on moving to foreign country, my handle on the language is shaky at best (although I'm studying every day so it will improve...slowly)
>really despise my home country though and want to move there
>wondering if I'm signing the ticket to eternal singleness and am making a mistake
>no idea how i'm going to find a suitable husband when I can barely speak
I'm attractive and young-looking, usually mistaken for a teenager, but I'm still getting nervous. tfw no qt husband to hold hands with
This stock dip. RIP portfolio

>> No.10026008

Which country

>> No.10026009

>tfw no tall lolita gf

>> No.10026013
File: 369 KB, 1448x1116, 1540752058484.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>feeling depressed these past few months
>retail therapy
>but the RPAxAH dress in lavender cause cats are my weakness.
>thought about getting the red, but I just sold a lavender dress so this is a good replacement.
>in love and go to the tag to get inspo.
>everyone has the lavender
>suddenly depressed again thinking about all the red ones no one bought.

I know some people have this weird empathy problem with feeling bad for inanimate objects. I just feel stupid for feeling bad about that when I have no headwear. That should be a priority.

>> No.10026015
File: 41 KB, 300x298, actuallyijustliketrains.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For weeb dreams, of course
Of course japanese guys supposedly are the most strict on age of women... And xenophobic... At least they have a nice forest to hang myself in.

>> No.10026016

Absolutely wew lass.
Moving to Japan is a meme and I can't believe people honestly fall for it- particularly when they don't know the fucking language.
Literally what are you doing.

>> No.10026018

Doesn't matter what everyone else has, as long as you like what you have and can wear it well. Do the red colorway justice, you can do it!

>> No.10026029

I'm not fluent but I can get my point across and read stuff. Why not? That "work yourself to death" culture doesn't apply to dancing monkeys, I hate cars, I hate my current job field, I like tiny apartments and walkable cities, and I'm already poor here so I may as well go be poor somewhere nicer.

>> No.10026052

Define "tall" because normally girls end up saying 5'9 or something when that doesn't even get you taller than most men.

>> No.10026058

>Stock dip
I don't think this downward trend is over yet...

>> No.10026062

5'9" is damn tall for a girl.

>> No.10026078

>bf love anime
>loves vidya
>loves japanese things
>HATES cons
god damnit. We connect on so much from our dork side but you seriously won't give one a chance? Whhhyyyy just this once lets both go to our first one together and if its bad we can look back, cringe and lol and if its good we have a new thing to do once or twice a year.

>> No.10026079

Being political does nothing but make you miserable, angry and bitter. I went full on Nazi for about 2 years. Did nothing but make me hate the world. I'm still generously right-wing today because I did learn a lot but I make a point to avoid politics and political discussion at all cost.

>> No.10026082


I want a girl who is 6'6" with H sized tits to use me as an arm rest.

>> No.10026090

Find yourself an ASL over there. I know a few guys in my Jap class who, for some reason, do not like asian girls. I'm so confused by this.

>but i dont like japanese girls

Like...good luck ever getting citizenship or having a fulfilling love life without marrying a japanese person who make up 99% of the population unless you're crazy rich.

>> No.10026094

I see this in the cosplay community and it's why I won't donate to anyone anymore. Bonus points when they outright just beg for a kofi donation to blatantly buy the thing, but at least they're being honest. Ditch those people and don't feel bad about it.

>> No.10026098

Thanks anon. This actually made me feel a bit better. Girls I've been with have told me after the fact that I'm very frustrating to hit on because I just seem completely oblivious to everything or playing hard to get. Whenever they'd offer me a compliment I'd just say thank you and not return one because I didn't want to come off as creepy.

>> No.10026116

Eh, it will go back up eventually. Unless you believe the entire US economy is insolvent.
By ASL you mean...? A white guy who moved there? I really like japanese guys, though. Which is why I'm nervous at whether a japanese guy will marry a cake or not. Even asian-american guys are iffy on age maximums for women.
It's really unfair.

>> No.10026119

If you're moving for love that sounds like a bad idea but if you've got stereotypical European features like blue eyes and blonde hair you might be popular over there. Just lie about your age.

>> No.10026126

>guy has yellow fever
>ew other people aren't your fetish
>guy doesn't have yellow feaver
>what's wrong with you don't you love japan

>> No.10026130

I don't have yellow fever. I like whites, east Asians and haafus. I'm just pointing out the realities. If you want to live in Japan for your life, you either have to be extremely rich, extremely skilled (aka not an ASL) or marry a Japanese person.

But one guy I know is just like "Nah dude, I'll make it work somehow." Thinking he's going to find his white European beauty waifu who is both a Japanese citizen and single and willing to take his ass, wandering out in the Japanese countryside which he so loves..

>> No.10026140

>This stock dip. RIP portfolio
All in AMD

>> No.10026146
File: 30 KB, 600x630, lolitasuffering.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

being Lolita is suffering...

>> No.10026149
File: 52 KB, 181x181, greenpubes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>remember last year
>new bf comes to parents' house
>dad asks him to lead the prayer
>we all join hands
>bf starts praying to MIKU
I'm still with him and they hate it.

>> No.10026156
File: 91 KB, 728x546, aid1399489-v4-728px-Get-a-Girlfriend-While-You're-a-Kid-Step-1-Version-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Being my lolita gf wouldn't be though

>> No.10026160

that's insanely tall though, most of the girls where I live are like 5'2''

>> No.10026182
File: 20 KB, 500x375, IMG_2957.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw i missed out on meta's raschel lace socks in black again

>> No.10026208

Thats generally how I feel, and up until that like single moment we had a good 3 years of barely any political talk, I was happy with that.

I tend to just never speak about it or post about it or do anything at all. I do a pretty good avoiding most.

Funny enough being treated like this by her has only pushed me further right.

>> No.10026219

>con announces amano as a guest
>my best friend has followed his work since the late 90’s and wants his autograph
>she doesn’t have anything for him to sign bcuz of her financial situation
>I suggest she just get a shikishi and he can sign that
>she gets a two-pack because we’re going to the signing together
>she tells me I’ll have to go ahead of her in line because she’s super nervous about meeting her hero
>I spend a week rehearsing in Japanese how I’m going to plead her case for him to draw her something, as a surprise
>we get to the signing
>I hand him my shikishi
>open my mouth to start to ask
>he starts furiously scribbling
>”wtf is he doing”
>it hits me he’s fucking drawing my cosplay
>I very quietly lose my fucking shit
>he hands it back and I manage to stammer out a polite arigatogozaimasu
>bestie goes next
>he furiously scribbles a mini-portrait of her cosplay too
>we both freak out for the rest of con

and that’s how I found out that yoshitaka amano is just a friendly old grandpa who fucking loves to draw and will scribble on any flat surface if you hand him a pen and has the time of his life while he does it.

>> No.10026245
File: 58 KB, 576x699, Dg8tRYCVMAEzgT9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Unless you believe the entire US economy is insolvent.
Dunno bout you but I'm keeping a tight eye on that interbank lending frequency

>> No.10026253

>moving for love
Not entirely. I have other reasons, mainly lifestyle related. It happens to coincide with my sudden marital urgency, is all. It just occurred to me that I'm running out of time to find a husband. Also asian guys are hot.
>stereotypical European features
That I do. And I'm not even fat, either.
I want to buy them just because I hate intel that much, but honestly they're losers. Not that I haven't made a profit off swinging them.
Too much money in it all to vanish. Worst case it goes sideways over longterm and I'm not out anything but time. Also didn't expect /cgl/ to be this /smg/.

>> No.10026287

This is so cute anon! I'm happy for you.

>> No.10026297

Same desu

Sure but it's not like it's taller than guys at that point. Are you worried about not looking cute or something?

>> No.10026309

It's taller than a lot of guys.

>> No.10026310

same i'm going to japan as soon as i graduate to find a nice nippon husband so i can claim citizenship

>> No.10026314
File: 92 KB, 608x719, 5D84181A-7FF9-47A6-B560-1FBCE637B85C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no emotionally abusive cosplay elistist gf who screams at you for hours because youre a worthless piece of shit but always follows it up with the best makeup sex youve ever had

>> No.10026317
File: 3.46 MB, 480x360, period.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just found out that if I eat one more macaroon I'll get diabeetys

>> No.10026318

wtf this is so cute post a pic pls T_T

>> No.10026325

wtf this is so cute post a pic pls T_T

>> No.10026326

Maybe if you live in a manlet country

>> No.10026336

Can we all agree tall girls are pretty?

>> No.10026341


>> No.10026342

I can agree that all girls are pretty

>> No.10026346

That's going a bit too far. Maybe if you exclude fatty-chans.

>> No.10026353

When you get a negative review on LM and it’s like... ok then. Fuuuk yooou.

How long do they last? Forever?

>> No.10026360

>How long do they last? Forever?
You would hope so. Prospective buyers need to know which sellers to avoid.

>> No.10026371

Fatty chans are not girls.

>> No.10026376

Sometimes my bf makes a joke about how I'm with him because I'm a filthy weeb and we have a good laugh; then I remember that anon who had a rant about how she hates k-pop for making Asian guys popular because she 'doesn't feel special' any more.

>Absolutely disgusting.

>> No.10026415

Bang him in a cosplay and see if he changes his mind

>> No.10026417

If you feel that it's undeserving you can dispute it by contacting the mods, but if you fucked up the transaction in some way to warrant negative feedback then don't bother, you'll waste their time and yours.

>> No.10026419

>Now everyone acts like I abandoned them in trailer trash town in the middle of nowhere.
It's on them if they can't be arsed to do anything with their lives.
Even if you didn't mean to leave them behind you really should have, letting others keep you down is just another way of giving up.

>> No.10026424

>tell mum I'm moving out
>I felt it was time, I'm 22, graduated, have money, have a car
>I am a little bit mental and have tried to kill myself a few years ago but I'm okayish now.
>she absolutely freaks
>>I feel like I'm losing my children
>>Woudnt it be nicer at home?
>>You'll be lonely
>>This isn't my fault is it?
>>I worry about you. I get so sad for you, I know you say you don't need friends but you should try
>>Maybe a girlfriend, your such a nice good looking young man, some girl would be so lucky to have you.
>>Please tell me you will visit
>>You have to come around once a week
>>Please keep the house key
>>You really should open yourself up to a girlfriend

I don't know how to feel.

>> No.10026425

Feel grateful your mam wants you to still stay at home in the first place and assure her you'll be around to visit on the regular/keep her up to date with the goings on in your life.

>> No.10026426

>cool cgl related feel
She's speaking out of her own fears. She worries about you and that's fine but it says nothing about you at the end of the day. Go out there, live your life, and if your mother isn't abusive or overbearing then stay in touch with her, call her every once in a while, maybe visit if you can, just to show her that you're doing okay. Remember that her fears aren't necessarily yours, don't take them upon yourself.

>> No.10026429

>get shy bf
>he ignores my existence whenever I try to fix our (his) relationship flaws

this gull is hurting. he's doing it right now too. just acknowledge me!!!!

>> No.10026430

>dates shy person
>expects them to be able to confront issues

I don't think you know how shy people act.

>> No.10026431

Being unable to deal with issues like this is a sign of immaturity and irresponsibility, not shyness.

>> No.10026432

What are your issues?

>> No.10026434

Shyness is an immature trait. The mature version of shyness is reserved or introverted.

Shy people shy away from things.

>> No.10026436

if he doesn't want to acknowledge or work on his issues, dump him

not worth wasting your time trying to help people who don't want to be helped

>> No.10026437
File: 850 KB, 1920x1080, 1539110524535.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>woman I've been speaking to for a few months and who I agreed to meet up with for casual sex suddenly completely flips her lid and blocks me on everything, informing me she can't deal with a selfish person like me in her life who's only interested in sex, even though it was the only reason we began talking in the first place
Why are women so irrational?

>> No.10026439

She was using the sex to get you to like her for more than sex.

>> No.10026440

She didn't want sex in the first place or felt ashamed.

>> No.10026442

Too bad she'd been ghosting me for the entire week beforehand and blocked me immediately before I could even give her a reply, because I did genuinely like her for more than that.
It's neither. She'd told me stories of her casually fucking other dudes over the last couple of months and has been regularly reblogging porn/answering asks on her Tumblr about how she'd totally love to have a threesome one of these days.

>> No.10026443

Could be as simple as she found a new person and is lying.

>> No.10026443,1 [INTERNAL] 

I was in your position and the men there didn't care about my age. It's a fun short-term experience if you like traveling, but as a foreign woman dating you're only the arm candy or mistress for guys with a lot of hatred towards Japanese women, which is weird because Japanese women aren't that different and I don't know why these guys can't see that. I don't date much because the men are strange, but even as a Christmas cake men in the 23-60 range are very enamored with me. I'm nothing special, just foreign. This usually ends in sexual harassment in my experience. Don't be surprised when all these men are interested in you, but do be cautious about working with or dating them. I ended up finding a partner, but he's foreign too and respects me.

>> No.10026458

For reference, the average male height in the US is just over 5'9''. Being the same height as a woman would make you taller than half of all men. It's not technically "most men" but it's still taller than a lot of them. I guess it might be different if you use other stats, but most posters here are American or at least western where heights are probably similar.

>> No.10026460

Americans have a lots of hispanics, asians and blacks who are shorter than the average northern, central or eastern European, which is not most western countries.

Also account for the fact that generally the younger generation is taller than the older generation.

>> No.10026466

I'm aware, but the US is still closer in height to say, Europe than it is to countries in South America or Asia. It's close enough in a relative sense. Basically, the point still stands that 5'9'' will make you taller than a large proportion of men, unless you're Dutch or something.

>> No.10026471

>not being Dutch

>> No.10026475

You've actually been talking to a dude who gets his rocks off stringing other dudes along on the interwebs

>> No.10026483

Why you care about guys who are under 6' anyway?

>> No.10026491

I’m actually the buyer and she warned other sellers to watch out for, even though ALL my other transactions where positive.

Will I have to dispute them personally? I don’t want gang up on her. It’s just silly. It’s my fault for backing out of the deal, I gave her plenty of warning of doing so. I was just being super retarded, and instead of buying the item on the spot, like I did all the other ones, I asked to put an item on hold. Oops. Well I hope it goes away eventually. It’s just an eyesore on my account, those big red number, kek.

>> No.10026497

Off-topic. Take it to /pol/, anon

>> No.10026499

I dread the day when I go a con and think to myself "I'm getting too old for this"

I'm 27.

>> No.10026501

Yes. Anyone who says no is weak

>> No.10026506

I’m 30 and I say the same thing. But I’m a girl. I think we’re allowed to be weebs forever and not look too sad. Unlike men...??? Prove me wrong.

>> No.10026572

I'm 23, and have always looked older. The past few years I've been going to cons alone and a lot of the time I've been asking myself "What the fuck am I doing here alone?" but never "Am I too old for this shit?"

Fuck what everyone else thinks, I love my god damn anime and video games. I'm gonna be in the retirement home watching this latest season's trash with the rest of these fucking weeaboos in VR and shit.

>> No.10026581

Even if you gave her warning, it doesn't matter because you backed out. That's basically one of the worst things you could do as a buyer. Feedback is permanent for a reason, I wouldn't ever want to sell to you either.

>> No.10026584

Meh. Lesson learned, I guess then.

>> No.10026690

Yeah, fuck em. Going to cons is one of those things I live for these days.

>> No.10026733

Empty nest syndrome. She's just freaking out because she's used to protecting her child. My mom was really bad about this and I had to cut contact breifly, but it was her own insecurities. In the end we are closer now, but you gotta live your own life and make a few mistakes to get out there on your own!

>> No.10026754
File: 88 KB, 1242x823, yzezcrqp36w11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Female 30 is male 50, anon.

>> No.10026812

>women only get until age 25 to get their shit together and start looking for a husband
>men have plenty more time
>men still complain endlessly
How is this fair? It took me a long time to get my shit together because I had an exceptionally bad childhood/teenagerhood/young adulthood. Now I get told I'm christmas cake... Nothing I could do about that. At least I'm healthy and together now, just in time to be single forever.
I hate being female so much, it's really not fair. A guy in my position would be just fine.

>> No.10026840

>Implying any man in the world wants to be Old Dad.
>Also implying that women have to bring literally anything to the table to be considered "wife material" anymore.
As long as you're not a sphere and are willing to have sex every now and again there will be somebody at least moderately desirable willing to marry you. You don't even have to know how to cook anymore.

>> No.10026869

The grass is always greener on the other side.

>> No.10026876

Wew lad. Everyday I wish I was born a girl. You have an incredible amount of freedom. Freedom in how you dress, how you act, what you can do, support and protection from the government.

Maybe it's your problem that you keep placing such a high value on getting married. I'm 22 and prefer girls in their late 20s because they're so worldly and you can see that in their eyes they just want to be a little girl again and I can make them feel that way. But they also have a sort of older sister/motherly vibe towards me which I really like.

So don't put such pressure on yourself. There are guys who don't care. Obviously within reason. Obey the rule Your Age +/- 7

>> No.10026893
File: 2.35 MB, 480x270, 3f17ef4d692254d5f82fdac5ae6027b0.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey /cgl/, I heard you've got some uhhh
cosplay/lolita gfs
in stock out back. How much you want for em? I got some...
that I think you might enjoy.

>> No.10026894

They're on national backorder. It'll be 3-6 months before we actually have one to give you.

>> No.10026954

Butthole inspections must be getting intense.

>> No.10027001

Rather than lashing out at her for expressing her insecurities, assure her that your relationship won't change just because you move out. Make time to hang out with her especially and call or text her once in a while to let her know that you were thinking about her. The things she's saying to you are uncalled for but it's obviously not ill-intended. She's your mom, just be honest with her.

>> No.10027004

You shouldn't be trying to fix your relationship flaws, you both should be working to fix them. You're completely right, ignoring you is denying your ability to come together as a couple and discuss your feelings and develop a compromise to your problems. If he's ignoring you, don't give him the satisfaction of seeing you writhe with pain. I've been on your end of the stick and it's agonizing.When you're angry at your partner, you don't do things to make them hurt. That's just unhealthy.

>> No.10027142
File: 632 KB, 850x956, 1541236098086.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Men complain because we don't have as many opportunities to start a relationship as women.
I just turned 21 and I have all my shit together but I still don't have a gf :(

>> No.10027804

Her lips in that second edit look like a puckered butthole

>> No.10028153

Where can I see your merch anon?